“4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W!”

The sounds of a familiar chant will the speakers of your television over a black screen. A bright green line goes across the screen, spiking in various spots as it were a pulse. An explosion goes off as the picture opens to a shot from inside of the Little Caesars Arena. Fireworks shoot from multiple spots at the top of the stage as “Adrenaline” plays over the speakers of the arena. Scanning the packed crowd from up above, the camera takes in the entire scenery, even focusing in to various signs held throughout the body of people in attendance here tonight.

Changing views to a shot from the top of the stage, the camera strolls down the ramp, focused on the ring in the center of its view. Blue and green lasers shoot from all directions as the lights dim. Once at ringside, another explosion goes off as pyro erupts from the ringposts! Circling the ring, the camera comes to the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa patiently await to kick things off here in Detroit, Michigan.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline Ninety-Seven! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and we’re coming to you live tonight from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan!”
VASSA: ”The Motor City baby and things are going to get a little wild here tonight. Vinny Vassa here but you already knew that. Unlike this old timer beside me, I don’t have to introduce myself each and every single time I’m in front of a camera for you folks to know just who the fuck I am!”
JOHNSON: ”That was quite the introduction, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Someone had to. You sure as shit weren’t doing me any favors.”
JOHNSON: ”So how are you tonight, pal?”
VASSA: ”I’m just lovely, Steve. We’re been sitting here chatting for half an hour. You know how I’m doing. Don’t even pretend, let’s just jump right into this shit and get on with the show! The fans came here to see some rasslin’, not listen to me putting you in your place here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Putting me in my place?”
VASSA: ”Checked.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh, alrighty then! Tonight we kick things off with round two of the Tag Team Into The Future tournament where we have four teams left in this thing.”
VASSA: ”Four teams but only two of them will get to advance to the finals two weeks from not at Adrenaline Ninety-Eight.”
JOHNSON: ”In the first tag match, we have the team of Persephone Marquis and Bryan Williams taking on the team of Kaelan and Bryan Laughlin.”
VASSA: ”The Sadboiz going head to head with Baelin Club. Two married couples duking it out for a chance to challenge for the Tag Team Championships in two weeks.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of the champion belts, in our second match we have the newly crowned champions, American Tommy and Mariano Fernandez, taki–“
VASSA: ”The American Mangs, or as I like to call them, The Foot Pegs.”
JOHNSON: ”Um, okay? As I was saying, we have the American Mangs squaring off with the team of Bianca Reed and AJ Morales, Reedvolution, with the 4CW Tag Team Championships on the line!”
VASSA: ”It’s their first defense here tonight. Some people say it’s easy to win a championship and the hard part is actually defending it. Manny and Feets are going to test out that theory here tonight after winning them just two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”The winners of these two matches will then advance to the finals in two weeks to win it all. I even heard there was going to be a cash prize involved to the winners?”
VASSA: ”Sign me up! To hell with that bracket, throw me and anyone from the back in this thing and get me paid!”
JOHNSON: ”The bracket… let’s take a quick look at that, shall we?”

VASSA: ”Not only do we have these two tournament matches lined up for the night but we have a ton more in store for all of you folks watching at home. We have Bronx returning to singles action tonight against Cyrus Riddle. We have Cartier’s beautiful behind going up against Eden Connors.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not forget about the big match we have in store for you all between Chris Madison and Elijah Carlson.”
VASSA: ”It’s a damn shame this match didn’t happen sooner. Why this match is placed so low on the card is beyond me. I thought Boston got shit canned.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s not that low, and I’m sure management didn’t want to overlook the tag tournament which is the big feature leading up to Retrograde.”
VASSA: ”Eli and Madison would have been one hell of a co main event to go along with Dakota and Viduus tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Ah yes, the champions showcase. We have the Pride Champion in one corner and the 4CW Champion in the other. I love when 4CW puts on these big pay-per-view quality matches on Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”Last time we saw one of these the North American Champion defeated the 4CW Champion. Will we see the 4CW Champion reign supreme here tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a damn good question. These two have a lot of history over the last year and I can guarantee neither of them aren’t going down without one hell of a fight.”
VASSA: ”So, you ready to get this thing kicked off, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”It would be my pleasure.”
VASSA: ”You heard the man, folks. Sit tight for a few, we’re going to cut backstage momentarily before returning with our opening match of the evening!”

We cut live to the parking lot outside the Little Caesars Arena here in Detroit as a black town car pulls up and Alicia Lukas steps out walking around to the back of the car to grab her bag. She turns and looks up to see a camera crew as she has a small smirk on her lips.
LUKAS: ”Well. Can’t say I’m too happy to be in Detroit. Drove from the airport straight to the building, didn’t bother to get a hotel room cause, I don’t really like the smell of decay getting in my lungs and this city reminds me too much of a dystopian future. Dystopia….that’s a shitty concept…why’d I bring that up?”
She raises an eyebrow throwing her backpack over her shoulder before making her way towards the arena as the camera follows.
LUKAS:”I’m really looking forward to this match tonight against Alexis. It’s funny but originally I was annoyed about it. As I said earlier this week Alexis is a lose-lose match for me. If she wins she gets to say she’s beaten a woman who has been a champion all around the world and someone who at least has a name, if I win what does that get me?. I get to say that I beat up a rookie?. How does that move me along the rankings in 4CW?. How does that get me to where I need to be in this company?. I know I haven’t had the best ride here, up and down and 50/50 records and all that. But I think I deserve better than this…”
She pulls the door open stepping into the backstage area picking up a bottle of water on the way past catering.
LUKAS: ”I deserve better than a match against someone who fell right into the usual bullshit that even others have had a class and poise not to bring up. You want to know why Eden Connors is the future of this business?. You want to know why she’s respected and is looked at as a future champ? Because she looks at someone and prefers to see the world professionally. She focuses on the ring, the accomplishments the accolaides and decides and thinks about how to overcome that. Alexis Kennedy didn’t do that. She brought up everything, EVERYTHING that I already did. She went right for the past relationships, the failures the bad parts of my life..and then?…THEN SHE RIPPED ME OFF….not that funeral ideas are anything new in pro wrestling….”
She shakes her head and sighs trying to calm down.
LUKAS: ”I thought my funeral for Salvation was much more entertaining…”
Alicia pushes the door of the locker room open and throws her bag down sitting on a bench before continuing.
LUKAS: ”But I get it, any way to get noticed right Alexis?. You’re not here to make friends and I can tell you right now, I’m not your friend. I won’t be your friend. But what I can do, is walk out to that ring and show you one of the greatest things that you can have as a professional wrestler. I can give you humility. I can beat the hell out of you and make you realise that without respect, without a focus on the wrestling part of wrestling, then you’re no better than the Sam Tolsons of this world. So, tonight Alexis….Alicia Lukas…is gonna kill you…”


Kreig is proving pretty hard to bring down due to his size but it doesn’t slow down the speedy Ally as she doesn’t back down and keeps on going at him even when he doesn’t go down. It just ups her drive and motivation to bring him to his knees while Kreig stares at her as if she’s worthless and a waste of his time. Minutes fly by and Ally continues serving Kreig those roaring elbows and those low kicks to the knee caps until finally, Kreig stumbles a bit when the constant attacking of his knees becomes a bit much. Ally charges Kreig again but this time he steps forward quickly to knock her off her feet with a strong clothesline, standing over her body and watching her in an eerie silence before he leans down to pull her to her feet. Each movement is slow as if he doesn’t need to rush while Ally is all systems go and quickly begins attacking with those elbows yet again.
Kreig tries to yolk her up with a sudden quick grab but Ally is out of the way and rushing away for those ropes, bouncing off and coming back fast with attacking his knees again but with a low dropkick this time. She’s swinging on him and when she attacks his knees again, Kreig leans over a bit to touch a knee and is greeted with mist in the face that has him staggering back and clawing at his face. Ally is definitely smirking over this, feeling as if she presented a blind spot with Kreig now having a weakness in the match. Ally takes full advantage and rushes towards Kreig with leaping high, those legs of hers wrapping around Kreig’s neck for a snap hurricanrana to bring the big man down. With Kreig on the mat, Ally begins stomping all over his body from shoulders all the way down to his knees with trying to drain as much of his power as she could.
She finally lets up and walks off with an even bigger smirk while Kreig is getting himself together. After a few seconds, Ally turns around and Kreig is standing on his feet and staring dead at Ally as if he was never on the mat to begin with. His face still a bit moist from the mist but his gaze is concentrated as he stands there, unmoving with an expressionless face. Ally makes the first move as Kreig just stands there and doesn’t move until Ally comes closer with her arm swinging into the air that Kreig quickly grabs when his hand grips her wrist suddenly to hold in place. Ally tries to yank her arm away but Kreig’s grip is far too strong and he even tightens his grip on her wrist as if he’d like to break it in two. He continues on with applying pressure until he finally just shoves Ally back, hard enough to where she stumbles back and falls on her ass. Kreig takes a step forward as Ally is getting to her feet and she’s already hitting him with a back heel kick before he can make his move.
Ally follows the kick up with two quick rising knees to the gut as she jumps into the air, slamming those knees into Kreig’s midsection before driving an elbow into his face. She’s on fire but Kreig quickly puts out those flames once he finally gets his hands on her and tries to break her with a backbreaker. As her body falls to the mat, Kreig gets down low enough to grab Ally’s head to lift it up slightly just to slam the back of it hard down onto the mat. He does this two more times before he rises to return those stomps to her body just like she had down to him earlier. Leaning down, he yanks her roughly onto her feet as she begins swinging her arms at him, her fists connecting with his face with good hits while he allows it to go on when he finally keeps hold onto her with that one hand and licks his taped fingers on his left. Kreig then attacks with Descent into Madness as Ally’s eyes widen when his taped fingers enter her mouth and she ends up struggle as he maintains a strong hold onto her, not relenting on his finisher at all as Ally continues struggling for a while until finally… her body goes limp. The referee checks on Ally, sees she’s unconscious and calls for the bell.
WINNER: Octavius Kreig via TKO (7:26)

The scene cuts to the back of the arena where we see Gabriel Hartman. He is standing there with a mic in his hand.
HARTMAN: “Well Four Corners, I am standing here with one of the newest, but oldest ,members of the roster. Shane Borderland.”
All of a sudden Shane Borderland steps in focus and looks at Gabriel Hartman.
HARTMAN: ”So Shane. How does it feel to be back?”
Shane looks at Gabriel.
BORDERLAND: “Four Corners and Four Years. Its been almost 4 years since I have even been inside an arena. Let me tell you the old feelings are about to start coming out.”
HARTMAN: “Well how do you feel about your first match back being a triple threat match?”
BORDERLAND: “Well you know for some reason my debut match here in Four Corners was a triple threat. I just think Perry Wallace gets off on putting newcomers in triple threat matches. I really dont know about him sometimes.
Shane begins shaking his head.
HARTMAN: ”Thats the man that runs this place Shane.”
Shane cocks an eyebrow towards Gabriel.
BORDERLAND: ”You getting smart with me? Keep your panties on Gab. Im just speaking the truth. Man your still like you was arent you? Your head so far up Wallaces ass I cant to well you end and he begins.”
Gabriel just stands there in shock of what Shane has just said to him.
BORDERLAND: “Look I dont care who or what I have to do. I really dont have to prove my worth around here. My name is well known throughout the wrestling industry. All I have to make sure is I still show everyone that I still have it.”
HARTMAN: “How do you feel about your opponents? Smith Jones and DeMarcus Gresham?”
Shane glares towards Gabriel before ripping the microphone out of his hand. He adjusts his shoulders and looks towards the camera, bringing the mic up to his mouth to speak.
BORDERLAND: “Listen Gab. I done told you I dont care who the hell Im put into that ring with. It doesnt matter if its Smith Jones, DeMarcus Gresham, or your little mouthy ass. Im going to walk out victorious. Its been some time since I have gotten to deal any punishment out on anyone. I have had a rough four years laying low and now its about time I explode and let the people see The Bad Boy once again. See him rise farther in Four Corners than he ever has. See last time I always worried about what others thought. Still being me and trying to be someone else for others, well lets just say that didnt work to great. I took a long time off to find myself. Go back to the roots of Shane Borderland. Find the man that worked so hard to make his name well known. After four long years, I finally came to conclusion. That man is only a pigment of my imagination. Yes he got me where I am today, there is no doubt about that. But that man is long gone and everyone will now see the new and improved Shane Borderland.”
Shane steps closer towards the camera.
BORDERLAND: ”It doesnt matter who, when, or where. I will rise to the top of Four Corners. No one can stop my path from prevailing. Let it be known that Four Corners is in for a rude awakening. If they only knew what was bound to happen.”
Shane moves in closer to the camera where his face is the only thing in plain view.
BORDERLAND: “If They Only Knew…”
Shane drops the mic and walks off from the cameras view.


We have Shane fresh in his comeback, wrestling intelligent DeMarcus and the tactical Smith all in the ring and putting on a match that has the fans cheering them on. DeMarcus has Smith trapped against the turnbuckle as he works him over with a few punches while Shane makes strides towards him to diffuse the situation with an arm smash to the back of DeMarcus head before irish whipping him away so Shane could get in on the action with now attacking Smith. Then DeMarcus returns to clobber Shane in the back and shove him out of the way to return to his assault on Smith. It seemed as if Smith was the punching bag tonight from how it looked in the first half of the match as he tries to hold his own against his two opponents. Once Smith falls to the mat, DeMarcus goes to pull him to his feet when he sees Shane nearing him out of his peripheral and quickly turns to block Shane’s incoming punch. DeMarcus swings, Shane counters and when Smith comes rushing his opponents, both DeMarcus and Shane stop their fight to elbow Smith in the face to send him stumbling back into the turnbuckle before returning back to their fight. Shane gets the better of DeMarcus and goes for a belly to back slam, popping back up as he glances over at Shane before looking back at DeMarcus rising to his feet. Shane sprints towards DeMarcus as DeMarcus moves at the last second and Shane runs by as DeMarcus grabs the back of Shane’s head to shove forward, causing Shane to go over the ropes and fall to the ground below.
DeMarcus turns around and ends up taking a few steps back as Smith surprises him with a punch to the fast, doubling up for a second punch with trying to finally get his licks in after being knocked around the past few minutes by his opponents. Smith thinks he’s got this until DeMarcus finds an opening and gets him with a fisherman neckbreaker. DeMarcus pulls Smith to his feet just as Shane is returning to the ring and stays out of view as he watches DeMarcus toss Smith across the ring as if he’s nothing but a sack of potatoes. Realizing now was his chance, Shane is racing forward to hurriedly leap into the air and bulldogs DeMarcus before DeMarcus can turn around. Shane grabs one of DeMarcus’ legs before he can get up but Smith attacks Shane from behind before a figure four leglock could be performed, knocking him to the mat and begins stomping on Shane before turning to also stomp DeMarcus. Smith alternates for a while between stomping DeMarcus and Smith while deciding which would he go for first, deciding on DeMarcus as he pulls the bigger man onto his feet and begins yelling at the booing crowd and their anti-Smith chants. He then returns his attention to DeMarcus but ends up stumbling into DeMarcus when Shane surprises Smith with a clothesline from behind. Smith returns to being pummeled by both men as Shane gets a few shots in on Smith, hitting him hard enough to stumble to the side and near DeMarcus which now gives DeMarcus the opportunity to get some hits.
After Shane puts Smith down with a vertical suplex, the focus turns to DeMarcus as the two men collide and go at it while Smith is no longer their problem for the moment. DeMarcus hits Shane with some nicely placed jabs and Shane runs forward with a clothesline that has DeMarcus going down but not staying down for long as he makes his way to his feet. Shane goes for another clothesline, DeMarcus ducks and shakes his head at how predictable he finds Shane to be before he spears him to the mat before Shane can even take one step forward. DeMarcus has mounted Shane and now Shane’s face is the new punching bag of the match instead of Smith until Shane elbows the hell out of DeMarcus a few times to the point that DeMarcus finally gets off of him and reaches up to touch his nose. DeMarcus sees no blood and right as he’s rising to his feet, Shane has already beaten him there and knees him hard in the face before helping DeMarcus to his feet. Right when he’s pulling DeMarcus close, DeMarcus swings and has Shane taking a step back once the punch connects to the face and when DeMarcus tries to take advantage, Shane lets off a round of punches before DeMarcus ends up walking into The Borderlands. Smith rushes Shane out of nowhere and Shane quickly clotheslines Smith before dropping on top of DeMarcus for the pin.
WINNER: Shane Borderland via Pinfall (8:22)

KENNEDY: “Well, Fuck.”
The camera panned in on Alexis as she stood there backstage, an unlit cigarette in her hand. Eyes on the cancer stick as she really weighed the options of ending her not smoking streak an’ just choking down that sweet, sweet, nicotine filled smoke like a casting couch first timer choked down… Well, somethin’ that wasn’t a cigarette, to say the least.
KENNEDY: “I really want of these. Hell, I always want of these when I’m stressed out. What’s the saying? A smoker’s a smoker, especially when the chips are down? Yeah, that’s real shit.”
Alexis released a heavy sigh, eyes on the cancer stick in her hands as she rolled it around only to just… sit it down, patting it as if the thing was sentient and needed reassurance. Finally, she was looking back up at the camera.
KENNEDY: “I’m outgunned. Everyone who knows me, knows that. That’s my style. Run in headlong into fire and let it fucking baptize me. That’s what I’m doing here. Baptism by fire. Alicia Lukas’ll either torch me, or reforge me into a weapon. That’s the battle plan. I’m coming at Blondie with everything I’ve got. If I lose, it’s not because I didn’t give it my all, or I held back, or some bullshit like that. No excuses, if she beat me then she absolutely beat me and I’ve got no one to blame but myself, you dig that? This isn’t me confessing this to praise her or some dumb shit like that. This is a reminder, to me, to everyone. No matter who I fight, no matter who I face, no matter where I am, I’m coming at the person I fight with everything I fuckin’ got.”
A shrug, a sheepish look, she seemed strangely at a loss for words at the moment, which was either a post christmas miracle or a sign of the fucking end times, take your pick. Still, it was only temporary, just a moment’s set back before she looked back up at the camera, aimin’ a finger gun right at the camera sideways.
KENNEDY: “Consider this a notice. I don’t care if this shit puts me back at square one with my ass beat like I was a redheaded step child. I’m still coming out swinging at every one they set me up against until either this place straight up murders me, or I manage to claw my way to the top. So, take notice of me now, look at me. I don’t have titles, I don’t have accolades, I don’t come from a legacy of ass kickers. I’m the dumb bitch who came swinging at the best in the world with empty fists until people started to notice that those punches hurt.”
Making a kissy face at the camera, she nudged it askew with her finger gun, the screen fading out to black.


Alexis Kennedy immediately rushes Alicia Lukas after the bell rings to overwhelm her with elbows, jabs, and hooks. Lukas does her best to cover up and guard. She blocks a few blows then grabs Kennedy in the clinch and hits some knees to her midsection. Kennedy hits some knees herself then they separate and take turns kicking each other in the midsection to see which one crumbles first. They are both starting to feel the damage until Kennedy hits a low kick and then a rolling wheel kick to take Lukas down. Kennedy then stomps Lukas into the mat with wild abandon. Kennedy bounces off the ropes to hit a Basement Dropkick on a rising Lukas. Kennedy taunts Lukas with a crotch chop while she stands right over her causing the fans to chant something very rude at Lukas. As they proceed to tell Lukas to Suck Kennedy’s proverbial dick, Kennedy bounces off the ropes once more. Lukas trips her up as she gets close and sprints up herself to hit a Running Leg Drop. Lukas hits a Jumping Elbow Drop and kips up to slap her butt in Kennedy’s general direction. The fans start chanting for Kennedy to Kiss their Asses and she gets up and charges at Lukas to hit some elbows then a Snap Suplex. Lukas rolls up after that one and Kennedy hits a Jumping DDT. Kennedy rolls over to cover Lukas

Lukas kicks out! Kennedy tries to end Lukas with a Package Piledriver but Lukas manages to get out of her grasp. Lukas hits a Blonde Ambition to stun Kennedy. Then she picks Kennedy up to put her on her shoulders. Kennedy squirms which causes Lukas to move around the ring trying to hold her up. Kennedy manages to grab the top ropes and then she hits Lukas with a few elbows. When Lukas has enough of it she dumps Kennedy over the top ropes to the outside. Kennedy falls hard. Lukas runs across the ring to bounce off the ropes looking to dive with a Suicide Tope but Kennedy stops her at the ropes with a JSH! The spinning heel kick leaves Lukas drapes on the ropes and lying on the apron. Kennedy removes something from her ankle and slips it under the ring. She then drags Lukas into the ring. She goes up top and goes for a Diving Stomp. Kennedy picks Lukas up and puts her in the powerbomb position. She picks Lukas up looking to end it all, but Lukas punches Kennedy repeatedly on the head. Kennedy falls back onto the corner. Lukas climbs onto the ropes and kicks Kennedy back. She hits Kennedy with a Missile Dropkick. She runs to the ropes and comes back with a Penalty Kick to Kennedy’s chest.
Lukas is on a roll and keeps running to the corner to scramble up to the top ropes. She jumps off to try a Frog Splash, but Kennedy brings her knees up. Lukas crashes down onto Kennedy’s knees. Kennedy waits for Lukas to get up and points at her with a Finger Gun. She goes for the Fuck You Molly, Kick! Lukas swats the kick down with her elbows and picks Kennedy up onto her shoulders. She throws Kennedy down to knee her with the Georgia Drop. Lukas pins.

And Alicia Lukas gets the win.
WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Pinfall (10:25)

As the cameras fade back into live action in the ring, Cartier is already standing between the ropes with a mic in hand as her entrance music fades away. Blinged out like a Soundcloud rapper with an advance for a new album to burn through, Cartier shakes her arm back and forth to loosen the bangle bracelets from her wrist so they drop to her elbow, then brings the microphone to her lips.
CARTIER: “Whass good Detroit?”
The crowd pops like the homer marks they are. Nothing wrong with cheap heat, it’s wrestling 101. Cartier flashes a smile before getting down to business and walking toward the hard cam-facing ropes, leaning over the top and resting her forearms across it.
CARTIER: “You know… I been in 4CW for a minute now, ever since I joined up wit’ King’s Road back last year. In all that time I ain’t never once come out in front of the crowd like this to tell y’all what was up. Ain’t that somethin’? Wit’ all the talkin’ goes on in this company, you figure everyone woulda been out here jus’ like this about ten times already in 2019, but nope, this the first time for me. An’ honestly? I ain’t never been more happy or more positive about my direction in this company. Y’all, a lotta people think I ain’t ever gonna be shit, but I don’t let the haters get in my way an’ I proved that shit in Minneapolis. Got things back on the right track. Sometimes that’s all it takes, y’all, just one thing, ONE thing can turn it all around an’ get things goin’ in the right direction. That’s why they always say it ain’t about how many times you go down, it’s how many times you get back up. Sometimes all it take is that one more time.”
Cartier pauses as the crowd cheers. She looks around and finds a little girl in the front wearing her merch, then smiles right at her.
CARTIER: “I ain’t gonna lie, y’all, I was down. I got knocked flat on my big ass a couple times. Genie, Kat, Alicia… but I got back up. I got back up because I got people like this little girl right here who need to see that good things can happen to good people who try hard. They too used to seein’ assholes get all the paydays. Things is changin’ though. People like me an’ Manny Fernandez an’ even my opponent here tonight, Eden Connors, we provin’ that the good guys ain’t always gotta come up short. Y’all gonna see. Tonight, me an’ Eden gonna put on a clinic that’s most likely gonna make a difference as to who gets some chances in the near future. I hope it’s me, but you know what? If it ain’t me, if I get knocked on my ass again, I’ll get up again. An’ I’ll cheer Eden on wit’ whatever she do next because I’ll know she earned it the right way.”
The crowd pops again, surprised by the sportsmanship they are witnessing.
CARTIER: “I got mad respect for Eden. I got mad respect for 4CW. I got mad respect for y’all out there in the crowd, spendin’ y’all money to come see us do what we do. An’ unlike some of these people in the locker room, I ain’t gonna repay that dedication from y’all wit’ disrespect by bein’ a ass or cheatin’ to win. Y’all come to see real winners and real losers, not some bullshit. So let’s get hype an’ get ready to do the damn thing here tonight… thank you everybody!”
Cartier drops the mic and laughs, waving to the crowd as she exits the ring. Before heading to theback she stops by where the young girl is in the front row, then hands over her blingy sunglasses to the toddler. The little girl squeals with delight and Cartier gives her a hug, then walks down the ramp as the camera switches backstage.

Somwhere in the backstage area we heard loud talking, obviously coming from someone with a thick accent. With the cameras switching angles they found Eden Connors standing in the hallway, not too far from the catering area. Next to her rested a coffee and there was still some powdered sugar covering her lips.
CONNORS: “No you can’t. Because it is physically impossible… stop having stupid discussions with me, Edan…”
When noticing the cameras she muted the call, giving her brightest smile. She quickly put her phone in her pocket, shifting her weight. Her cheeks slightly red and her hair somewhat of a mess.
CONNORS: “Did we have something set up?”
She asked towards the camera guy who shook his head but still held the focus on her.
CONNORS: “I have nothing prepared. Damn it. Preparation is half of the rent, but I guess I will improvise from here on. Isn’t that what most competitors do?”
Eden straightened her shoulders and tried a more serious look.
CONNORS: “Cartier. Sweetheart. Warrior. Why did you have to go down this path, again? I have given you a platform to show the world that you are more than this, but you jump right into it again. You think this match has anything to do with politics or titles? Or disrespecting someone like Graham, my wrestling dad? You couldn’t be more wrong. But I think deep inside you have realized that ignorance is truly not bliss. Different than most opponents you had I put the focus on the match. I broke down to you, and the audience, what I think of you as a fighter. Because, my love, that is what professionals do. But instead of listening you came up with a bunch of pointless phrases and twisted thoughts. Ratings of any kind are just numbers on a screen to prop up small egos. Doesn’t it exhaust you to always be wrong?”
There was a small break which Eden used to take a deep breath.
CONNORS: “You call someone like Graham a Nazi? You do realize where I am from, yes? I am from Scotland, darling. I am not American and yet I have been treated perfectly fine. I think it is time you get your head out of your ass and stop playing that card. You are African American, congratulations. What does that matter for your career? Or even more important, what does it matter for our match? Get your history lessons right, or stop pointing fingers constantly. Maybe it is your self defense mechanism that pushes you into that direction, but it doesn’t matter to me. You seem to lose focus as on why we get together come Adrenaline. This is not Amnesty International, Cartier. We are not going to fight for human rights and there won’t be any sad songs written about you. I will be a hundred percent honest with you, it starts to get boring. Not only for me, but for everyone that goes up against you.
A few staff workers were walking by but stopped, listening to the young fighter.
CONNORS: “You know why racism is still a case? Because there are people that get offended about everything. You think it is about your skin colour? No. I think it is about your attitude. Do you see every overweight girl marching because someone calls them fat? Or you see Kimitsu Zombie flipping her shit whenever someone makes a joke towards Asians? I tell you girl, life’s too short. And if you keep spending it being butthurt it will be miserable too. Our match is exactly that, a match. It has nothing to do with your views or mine, just two people entertaining a crowd of all nationalities. I said I like you. I said that you can be a bigger influence if you really tried. But just like always you throw it back in peoples faces. You face me, Cartier. Not anybody else but me. And that is the one thing you have to understand. Come Adrenaline you will see the real Eden Connors. The one that doesn’t crack jokes or offer you guidance. You will feel what a person like me, a newcomer, can do with the audience.”
For a moment the smile returned to her face while running her fingers through her hair.
CONNORS: “I don’t owe you anything. If we are honest with each other, no one does. I made clear that I have no problem with you. Hell, I even said that I do like you. But if you keep being that broken record, I am not sure I wanna listen. I don’t care what treatment everyone else has given you, I was going my own route. I was being patient and kind, just mentioning in case you didn’t notice. Get your head straight, girl. Come to terms with your own shit and stop being that passive aggressive victim. It gets old quick and gives you wrinkles in the end. From one woman to another, being bitter is not very attractive.”
Instantly she began to walk with the camera still filming. After a few steps she looked over her shoulder.
CONNORS: “And if you don’t get it the friendly way… I assume I must find another way to get the message across. Don’t be a hater, Cartier.”


They lock up and Moxie James overpowers Kat Jones into the ropes. Moxie lets go of Kat at the referee’s behest, but Kat gives her a stiff bitchslap. Kat gets into Moxie’s face and seemingly talks all of that good shit. Moxie moves to hit Kat with a forearm smash but Kat hits her with another bitchslap. Kat chops Moxie back to the middle of the ring and whips her off the ropes. Moxie comes back and spins around Kat and hits a running arm drag. Kat pops up and hits an arm drag of her own. Kat jumps over Moxie and tries to roll her up. Moxie reverses and pulls Kat onto her head and shoulders. Kat kicks out jumps over Moxie for another roll up. Moxie rolls through and tries to go for a low dropkick. Kat rolls to the side and tries to land a headlock on Moxie on the ground. Moxie dodges her. They get up and Moxie hits a headscissors. Kat rolls through and hits a headscissors takedown herself. They both flip forwards and stare at each other as the audience claps.
They lock up again and Kat goes for the Headlock Driver, but Moxie flips out of it and grabs Kat by the hair. Moxie hits Kat with multiple headbutts. Then she goes for a big boot before dropping Kat with a neckbreaker. Moxie pins but only gets a two count. Kat pulls Moxie’s hair before they get up and slamps her down on the mat. Kat gets her in a headlock and goes for a bulldog only for Moxie to push Kat off. Kat bounces off the ropes facing forward. Moxie follows and bounces off the ropes herself to hit her Bakatare Sliding Kick. Kat rolls to the outside to take a breather. Moxie rallies the audience and runs to the ropes. She steps onto the second rope and over the rop to twirl through the air to land on Kat with a Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em. Moxie throws Kat back into the ring.
Moxie climbs the ropes and goes for a diving neckbreaker but Kat moves out of the way and hits a Superkick at the last second. Kat immediately locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock to try and ground Moxie. Moxie screams in pain but manages to inch towards the ropes. She rolls to her stomach but Kat uses the momentum to keep rolling and the move is back on. Moxie rises and slaps Kat. Kat slaps her back and jerks her legs tighter so that the pain increases. Moxie almost taps but makes it over to the ropes instead. Kat releases the hold and props Moxie up on the corner. Kat sends Moxie crashing into the opposite corner and goes for a Handspring elbow after flipping her way across the ring.
Moxie moves out of the way and runs across the ring to come back with a Shotgun dropkick as Kat bounces off the turnbuckles to send her slamming into them again. Kat falls as Moxie goes out onto the apron. Kat gets up and looks around for Moxie. Moxie comes flying at her as she lets Kat Talk To God. Moxie covers Kat after the 720 DDT for the win.
WINNER: Moxie James via Pinfall (9:49)


Cartier reaches out for a handshake and Eden Connors hesitantly takes it. Instead of hitting her as everyone expects, Cartier pulls Eden in and they exchange some words in the middle of the ring before breaking off and starting the match. They circle each other then Cartier turns her back on Eden and plays to the audience by slapping her phat ass and twerking. She then points at Eden and tries to get her to twerk as well. Eden shakes her head looking almost scared and tries to get the fans to quiet down. The audience gets behind this and Eden is just about to try it when Cartier attacks with some forearms and elbows to her back. Cartier hits a backdrop, then mounts Eden’s back to hit her with some punches as Eden tries to block them. Cartier gets up and stomps on Eden’s head. Eden does her best to cover her head up. Cartier goes for a Splits Legdrop. Eden raises her head at the last second and rolls away. Cartier twerks some while in the split and laughs at Eden.
They lock up and Eden hits Cartier with a European Uppercut. She hits a few more then hits Cartier with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Cartier gets up to get hit with a Leaping Clothesline. Eden continues running and hits another. When Eden comes back for the third Cartier puts a stop to it with a Spear. Cartier tackles Eden into the corner. She runs to the opposite ropes and hits a Cannonball into the corner onto Eden. Cartier steps on top of Eden and pushes her neck down into the bottom turnbuckle as she trades words with some people in the front row. She lets Eden up and then springboards off the ropes to hit a Meteora. She crashes onto Eden with her knees and stays on top of her for the count, but Eden kicks out.
Eden holds on to Cartier’s legs and flips her forwards. When Cartier is on her stomach, Eden jumps up and stomps on her back. Cartier turns onto her back and Eden stomps on her chest. Eden picks Cartier up and locks in the 22 Seconds submission. She is wrapped all around Cartier in the middle of the ring. Cartier falls to a knee in pain. She is about to tap when she suddenly gets up and runs through the ropes. They both crash to the outside but Cartier is free. They get up and Cartier sticks her tongue out at Eden. Eden does the same but in a more innocently childish way and they rush at each other exchanging lefts and rights.
This brawling favors Cartier until Eden starts kicking her. Cartier backs up as she takes those stiff kicks. She ducks and Eden hits the post hard with her leg. Cartier scoops her up to hit her with the Staten Island Slam on the outside. Cartier jumps into the ring as the ref starts counting Eden out. Eden is barely able to make it up when Cartier gets an idea. She climbs up to the top rope. She turns to face Eden when Eden suddenly gets up and rushes at Cartier. They both step on the second ropes as they exchange punches. Eden hits some huge European Uppercuts as Cartier returns them with headbutts. Then Eden punches Cartier in the stomach. Cartier bowls over and Eden climbs onto the top rope and flips over Cartier to hit the Bang! Boom! Bonbon! Cartier lands on her head from the front flip piledriver from the second rope. Eden covers and wins.
WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (12:36)

CARLSON: “Disappointment is just part of this business, you know?”
Backstage Eli sits with his wife and looks as relaxed as he ever has, though there’s certainly no charades like there had been the previous Adrenaline with Bronx. The comment wasn’t really to her but he knew she understood immediately what he was talking about.
CARLSON: “I know that people look at me like I’m this old curmudgeon in a twenty six year olds body. And maybe I am. But there’s a reason for that. There’s a reason I don’t fuck with very many people. There’s a reason the list of people I trust can be counted on one hand. And the reason is because of the disappointment that this business brings about, you know?”
Again, Genie remains quiet, knowing her husband well enough to know that at times there we just some things that he needed to get off of his chest.
CARLSON: “I feel it at the core of who I am right now, because I know that Bronx and I both have the talent and the ability to have waltzed through this tournament with relative ease. And yet we didn’t. We weren’t on the same page. And maybe I underestimated our opponent. Or maybe I overestimated our ability to just rely on our talent to get us by the fact that we’ve never worked together in any way, shape or form. That’s on me. I own that. And it is what it is. But do you know what is even more disappointing than that?
Again, the dark haired woman with him just lets him rant.
CARLSON: “It’s that people like Chris Madison get to waltz through this business without ACTUALLY devoting themselves to anything. They lack substance and yet somehow they skate by without anyone calling them on it. They spend their time doing nothing but regurgitating what their opponent says and then act like they’ve reinvented the wheel. And then have the audacity to behave like there’s any noticeable difference between Molly Reid and Annie Zellor. It’s like going to Lowes and thinking there’s anything of importance in the difference between a black and a silver garbage can. Paint them a different color, but at the end of the day they’re empty and only good for holding the shit that everyone else is done with.”
Reaching over, Genie squeezed his hand sensing that the annoyance that had reverberated through his own promotional work. Eli smiled at her appreciatively and returned the gesture with a squeeze of his own.
CARLSON: “That’s fine, Chris. You can be a mockingbird on camera, but you don’t have the talent to mimic me in the ring. And in just a little while, you’re going to find that out first hand and quickly. Go ahead and teach history, I teach my lessons in the ring.”
Without another word the camera faded somewhere else because lets be honest nobody is reading segment scene description anyway.


Both of these men are coming off losses two weeks ago in the first round of the Tag Team Into The Future tournament. Bronx’s loss was a big one as it was his return to 4CW and the ring after being out of action for a few months. As for Cyrus’, his was even bigger as his team, Omerta, lost the Tag Team Championships after holding them since Bad Company at the end of August last year. Both of these men needed the win here tonight, but only one could walk away as the victor. Taking advantage of the situation of Bronx being out of action of a few months, Cyrus went straight for him as soon as the bell rang. Catching the former two time 4CW Champion off guard, Cyrus connected with a running forearm shot to the side of his head, knocking Bronx into the corner. Unloading with lefts and rights, Cyrus pounded away at Bronx’s stomach before latching onto his arm. Jerking Bronx out of the corner, Cyrus put him flat on his back with a short-arm clothesline.
Bronx didn’t stay down for long. He was back up to his feet in no time, only to walk straight into a European uppercut from Cyrus. Cyrus then hit him with a second. Drawing back for a third, Cyrus held back as Bronx swung at him with a right of his own. Side stepping Bronx, Cyrus positioned himself beside him before taking him down to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep. Holding onto Bronx from the side, Cyrus began ramming multiple knees into Bronx’s ribs, over and over as he held nothing back. Standing to his feet, he lifted Bronx up from the mat where he then lifted him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. With Bronx in place, Cyrus then went to drop him across his knee with a neckbreaker but before he could pull Bronx down, Bronx managed to slip out from his hold. Dropping to his feet before Cyrus, Bronx pushed him in the back as hard as he could, sending Cyrus to the ropes not far ahead of him. Cyrus hit the ropes chest first and bounced off, falling backwards into Bronx’s arms who was right there to wrap him up. Lifting Cyrus off his feet, Bronx dropped him flat on his head with a German suplex!
Cyrus was slow to get to his feet, taking his sweet time as Bronx eagerly awaited to get his hands on him. Not waiting any longer, Bronx then slip in, connecting with a superkick to the side of Cyrus’ head as he rose to one knee. Cyrus immediately fell over to his side and as his body smacked the canvas, Bronx turned to the ropes at his left and took off towards them. Coming back on the return, Bronx leaped through the air, coming down with a knee drop to Cyrus stomach before fluidly rolling forward and up to his feet. The impact from the knee to the gut forced Cyrus to bring his upper body up as he gasped for air. Rushing in behind Cyrus, Bronx jumped barely off the ground feet first, planting them both into the small of Cyrus’ back. Cyrus slowly began to push himself up as Bronx circled him. Just when Cyrus stood up, his body still slightly leaning forward, Bronx rushed in and jumped into the air. Hooking his arm around Cyrus’ head, Bronx fell to the mat but not without bringing Cyrus down with him and planting his head onto the mat with a jumping DDT!
With Cyrus face down to the mat, Bronx kicked him over and over in the ribs before eventually rolling him over to his back. Hopping over Cyrus, Bronx ran towards the ropes where he then leaped into the air once more. Planting both feet on the middle rope, Bronx springboarded off and flipped backwards through the air, landing across Cyrus as he came down with a moonsault. Cyrus still had some life in him as he began to slowly push himself back up from the mat. As he stood up, Bronx caught him off guard with a superkick to the chin, forcing Cyrus to look up at the lights as he stood in place. Taking a few steps back, Bronx immediately returned to Cyrus, this time planting his foot into Cyrus stomach with another superkick variation. The impact from the kick forced Cyrus to buckle over. Stepping in and wrapping an arm around Cyrus’s head, Bronx then hook a single leg before lifting Cyrus into the air and dropping him back to the mat with a Fisherman Buster! Cyrus body rolled forward upon the impact, stopping flat on his back not far from the corner. On his feet, Bronx looked down to Cyrus and then to the corner as a smile stretched across his face. Leaving his glasses on the apron, Bronx climbed to the top of the corner where he then pointed to Cyrus with the finger gun before firing a single shot. Looking out over the crowd, Bronx stretched his arms out to his sides as the entire arena cheered his name. Leaping away from the corner, Bronx flipped backwards through the air, twisting his body before landing across Cyrus with his True Light’s Flight (diving corkscrew moonsault)! Hooking a single leg, Bronx nodded his head along with the official as he began the count.

WINNER: Bronx Valescence via Pinfall (8:37)

The Adrenaline feed cuts backstage and Gabriel Hartman is standing in the halls of the Little Caesers Arena outside of one of the locker room doors. Moments after the feed begins, Hartman raises the microphone in his hand up towards his lips and begins to address the 4CW audience.
HARTMAN: “Ladies and gentlemen…”
Suddenly the door swings open wildly forcing Hartman to jump to the side in order to avoid being struck. Chris Madison steps through the doorway, dressed in his ring gear, ready for action. Hartman steps forward, hoping to get a word with 4CW’s most recent Hall of Famer.
HARTMAN: “Just the man I was looking for.”
MADISON: “Is that so?”
Madison stares intensely at Hartman as he nervously scratches at the back of his head.
HARTMAN: “Uh… Yeah… There’s been a little chatter back and forth between you and Eli Carlson prior to tonight’s match – mostly about you…”
MADISON: “Bein’ a coward…”
HARTMAN: “Uh… Yeah…”
Madison shakes his head as Hartman becomes visibly uncomfortable standing next to him.
MADISON: “You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But just because it’s your opinion, doesn’t make it the truth. When I left 4CW, vacatin’ the Pride Championship in the process, I did it because at the time, I felt there were challenges for me elsewhere to chase. And to this day I don’t regret it even for a second. I went on to earn another Pride Championship for a different company, provin’ that I am one of the best pure wrestlers to ever compete in this business. Just because my actions don’t fit into other people’s plans doesn’t make me a coward.”
Madison stared for a moment at Hartman who hesitantly nodded his head.
MADISON: “I came back to 4CW for the Bad Company tournament and lost in the first round in a tag team match with Mark Storm to Dakota Smith and Erron Wilder. A coward, havin’ now contractual ties to 4CW at the time, would have licked his wounds and walked away. But I came back for more. I came back to 4CW because it was apparent that the talent here had stepped up their game and became the most competitive company in the wrestlin’ industry. First night back, I get the man. Not the imposter holdin’ the championship… I get Bronx! And how’d that work out for me?”
HARTMAN: “You lost…”
MADISON: “I lost…”
Chris nodded his head.
MADISON: “And it didn’t end there… I lost to Williams, I lost to Riddle, I lost AQ. I became human to those who saw me otherwise. I never claimed to be unbeatable. I just always said that it would take your absolute best to get the job done. With these losses pilin’ up, a coward could have packed it in, called it quits. Instead I rallied, became 4CW Champion, and then defended it in a Last Man Standin’ match against the Butcher, Dakota Smith, winnin’ the South Beach Brawl Cup! But you could only fight with a torn ACL for so long. I dropped the championship at Ante Up and took the time needed to get right back here, for moments like this… Does that seem like somethin’ a coward would do? I could have easily let that be my final chapter, but I wouldn’t have been at ease with how the story ended.”
HARTMAN: “So now you’re back…”
MADISON: “Yeah, I’m back. I’m on a three fight losin’ streak in 4CW, and based on who’s in my path, that streak could easily be extended. A coward probably wouldn’t show up for this fight. A coward would probably search for any excuse under the sun not to compete… But I’m right fuckin’ here Eli; and in a few moments, I’m goin’ to be marchin’ down to that ring and you’ll get to see just how much of a coward I am…”
HARTMAN: “I think it’s safe to say that there’s a little bad blood between the two of you.”
MADISON: “But is there? You see, up until this match was announced, I had no idea that Eli and I had problems. When I left 4CW, Eli became the man around here while the legend of Bronx started to take form. And to this day, he continues to build on that legacy. I honest to god think, he’s next in line to become a 4CW Hall of Famer. But since I came back to 4CW after walkin’, how many times have we been in the same arena? How many times have we passed each other in these halls without a single word bein’ said. This could have been hashed out already… All he had to do is ask if he wanted this match that desperately. Instead, he chose to keep his mouth shut…”
HARTMAN: “Sounds like if you really wanted to, you could make a case that Eli is the cow…”
Before finishing his sentence, Hartman is cut off by Madison.
MADISON: “Now if you’ll excuse me, this coward has some respect to beat into the North American Champion…”
Madison brushes passed Hartman and begins making his way to the Gorilla position as the feed cuts back to ringside.


This is a match that should have happened a long time ago, but it didn’t. It’s happening tonight for the very first time on Adrenaline Ninety-Seven, live from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan! Things started out a little slow between the two. Of course a face to face stare has to start things off at the sound of the bell given the back and forth these two have had over the recent weeks. Chris Madison being the good guy that he is even extended his hand and offered it to Eli for a handshake. Denied! Eli smacked his hand away which then brought on a little back and forth exchange of words between the two. Words then turned to pushing and before you knew it, pushing turned to hands being thrown and blows being exchanged between the two. Blocking a right thrown at his head by Madison, Eli countered with a stinging kick to the side of Madison’s thigh. The kick caught Madison off guard, causing him to hesitate for just a slight moment which opened the door for Eli to continue kicking him at the legs from both sides. Finishing the kicking combination off with a boot to the stomach of Madison, Eli then shot in and took him down to the mat with a single leg takedown.
Eli tried to mount himself on top of Madison but quickly found himself lying on his back as Madison grabbed ahold of his arm and locked in an arm bar. Eli fought and fought to break himself from from the hold but it seemed that the more he fought, the more he found himself locked in Madison’s clutches with no where to go. Madison was trying to end it early, you could say he was even trying to rip Eli’s arm from the socket he was pulling at it so hard. Fighting through the pain, Eli walked his legs around until eventually managing to prop a foot on the bottom rope nearby. Having to release the hold, Madison did quickly and climbed to his feet. Slowly pushing himself up, Eli favored his shoulder a tad but he wasn’t going to back down from Madison. The two circled each other in the center of the ring, sizing one another up. Madison threw his arm forward, popping Eli in the forehead with his palm before shooting in for Eli’s leg with precision. Wrapping up a single leg, Madison lifted Eli into the air before taking a few steps forward and slamming him down to the mat. Positioning himself beside Eli, Madison hooked one of his legs and wrapped an arm around his head, holding Eli in place as he began ramming back to back knees into Eli’s ribs. Leaving Eli winded and buckled from the blow to the ribcage, Madison pushed himself back to his feet.
Circling Eli as he was down, Madison seemed a bit disappointed in the fight Eli had given him thus far. Not wasting too much time, Madison then pulled him to his feet by the arm. He went to whip Eli to the ropes but Eli reversed it and instead went to send Madison to the ropes. Planting his foot in place, Madison stopped himself and then pulled Eli into a shoulder block to the same shoulder Eli was favoring from the arm bar earlier. Unloading with lefts and rights, Madison hit Eli in the head and body from both sides, slowly backing him up step by step until there was nowhere else for Eli to go with his back to the ropes. Grabbing ahold of Eli with a muay thai clinch, Madison pressed Eli against the ropes as he began hitting him with rapid knee strikes to the body. Pulling Eli away from the ropes, Madison wrapped him up with both arms before lifting him off his feet and throwing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex! Eli hit the mat on his back and fluidly rolled up to an upright seated position before slowly pushing himself back up to his feet. Before he could get himself situated, Madison was there and on the attack once more. Attacking Eli with a series of low leg kicks, Madison backed him up a few steps before leaping into the air and connecting with a flying knee strike to Eli’s face. Stumbling backwards, Eli hit the ropes with his back before going up and over, smacking the canvas and bouncing down to the outside floor.
Eli was slow to get back to his feet as the official was counting him out. As soon as Eli stood, Madison was right there running straight for him. Diving through the ropes, Madison crashed into Eli with a suicide dive that sent Eli stumbling backwards and crashing into the ringside barricade. The officials count began once more with Eli laid out on the floor and Madison standing back to his feet. Walking over to Eli, Madison grabbed the top of the barricade with both hands and used it for leverage as he stomped down onto Eli at his feet. Pulling Eli up from the floor, Madison then went to whip him into the side of the ring but this time Eli countered it with a solid and sent Madison crashing back first into the side of the ring instead. Rushing straight for Madison, Eli went for a clothesline but Madison quickly ducked out of the way. Thinking on his feet in quick fashion, Eli then slid on his stomach under the ropes and back into the ring. With the official over half way to ten in his count, Madison grabbed the ropes from the outside and pulled himself up to the apron. As he dipped through the ropes halfway, Eli was right there attacking him with multiple forearms over the back. Kneeing Madison in the face, Eli knocked him out of the ropes and completely to the other side. Locking an arm around Madison’s head, Eli went to lift him up for a suplex back into the ring but Madison kicked his legs and eventually caused Eli to set him back down. Overpowering Eli, Madison then lifted him up into the air as if suplexing to the outside of the ring. Once he held Eli upside down in the air, Madison then dropped him to come straight down onto the top rope with his throat. Eli’s head bounced off the ropes and he stumbled back a few steps. Grabbing the top rope, Madison jumped and pulled himself up to land on the top rope before springboarding off. Flying towards Eli as he settled his feet, Madison wiped him off his feet with a flying knee to the face!
Pulling Eli up from the mat, Madison positioned himself behind Eli. Grabbing Eli in a rear waistlock, Madison trapped one of Eli’s arms, holding onto it by the wrist. Pulling Eli’s arm with all of his strength, Madison forced him to spin in place, completing a full three-sixty revolution. Meanwhile Madison spun in place also and once facing the back of Eli’s head he swung at it with a rolling elbow strike! SWING AND A MISS!!! Eli knew what was coming and managed to duck at the perfect time to avoid the devastating blow to the back of the head. Madison stumbled forward from all of his weight being thrown into that elbow strike. Now behind Madison, Eli lowered his shoulder and exploded forward, leaping and driving his shoulder into the back of Madison’s knee with a chop block. Madison stumbled forward a few steps before falling forward into the ropes. His upper body rested on the middle ropes as Eli pushed himself back to his feet. Rushing forward, Eli jumped over Madison’s back and through the ropes with a leapfrog body guillotine. Eli landed on his feet as Madison remained on the middle rope with his head hanging to the outside of the ring. Face to face with the front row, Eli was immediately welcomed with a roar of boos from the crowd. Holding his arms out to his sides, Eli played to the crowd a bit which only brought more boos, even louder boos than before. Turning back to the ring, Eli walked straight up to Madison and swung upwards with his right, punching Madison in the face with an uppercut and knocking him completely back into the ring.
Eli climbed back onto the apron and straight up the outside of the corner. Once standing at the top, he patiently waited for Madison to climb back to his feet and once he did and face him? Eli leaped through the air and leveled him with a flying crossbody. Landing on top of Madison, Eli even went for the pin which only resulted in a two before Madison managed to get a shoulder up from the mat. Popping back to his feet, Eli then began to stomp down onto Madison over and over, targeting his midsection and the knee he chop blocked earlier. Hopping over Madison, Eli raced to the ropes and upon his return, he flipped forward through the air, landing across Madison with a running senton. Rolling up to his feet fluidly, Eli ran to the opposite ropes and this time when he came back, he leaped as high as he could into the air before coming down with a double foot stomp to Madison’s chest! Pulling Madison up from the mat, Eli kicked for his stomach only to get caught by surprised as Madison caught his foot before impact. Pulling Eli in by the leg, Madison exploded forward, knocking Eli flat on his back with a powerful clothesline that even knocked Madison down to his knees as he connected.
The two were slow to get back to their feet, Madison standing tall first as Eli began to push himself up from one knee. Rushing in, Madison connected with a knee lift to Eli’s face, keeping him down to one knee. Positioning himself behind Eli, Madison pulled him up to his feet before setting him up in a pump-handle position. Lifting Eli into the air, Madison then threw him back to the mat with a forceful pump-handle slam! On one knee mounted over Eli, Madison held his head up from the mat with one hand behind it while swinging down with his other, driving his fist into Eli’s face over and over. Pulling Eli up from the mat as he stood tall, Madison then locked onto Eli’s arm and threw him to the ropes. Stepping to the center of the ring, Madison grabbed ahold of Eli as he returned, lifting him up into the air before planting him to the canvas with a spinning sit-out spinebuster! Rolling over Eli and hooking a leg, Madison went for the pinfall but barely managed a full two count before Eli kicked out to keep the match alive.
Pulling Eli up from the mat, Madison turned him to face the opposite direction before wrapping both arms around his waist. Lifting Eli off his feet for a German suplex, Madison went down to the mat empty handed as Eli managed to roll out from his hold and drop down to his feet. Madison immediately popped back up from the mat and lunged towards Eli. Side stepping him, Eli tripped him up with a drop-toe hold, bringing Madison face down to the mat. Madison’s face bounced off the mat as he pushed himself up fluidly. Grabbing ahold of Madison once again, Eli gave him a second helping of canvas as he slammed him down to the mat with a facebuster. Madison was slowly and groggy, but still managed to begin pushing himself up to his knees. The entire arena was silent. It was like the quiet before the storm as Madison stood on both knees. Rushing in, Eli connected with his Anointed (shining wizard)! Bursting to his feet, Eli rushed over to the corner and quickly shot up to the top. Standing at the top of the corner and looking out over the crowd, he was once again bombarded with waves of boos from the fans throughout the entire arena. Holding out both arms and extending his middle fingers, Eli looked over his shoulder once to check the position of Madison before leaping backwards away from the corner. Flipping and twisting through the air, Eli landed across Madison with his Ascension (Phoenix Splash)! Hooking a leg for good measure, Eli went for the pin as the official slid in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (14:55)

Backstage, the camera shows the American Mangs, the team of American Tommy and DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez, as they stand in an equipment room, with crates, lighting, and several other implements scattered around the area, both already in their wrestling gear and their respective halves of the 4CW Tag Team Titles draped over their shoulders. Glancing at the camera, it’s Mariano who takes the first word.
FERNANDEZ: “We know, A.J., and Bianca. We god damned KNOW you’ve worked hard, double hard, hell, TRIPLE hard, to be here. It’s your go-to speech every SINGLE god damned time you appear on air, and we’re kind enough to believe it’s true. We know you ain’t the usual rejects who stumble into 4CW because they ran out of friends everywhere else and try to make themselves relevant just by saying the three magic initials. But so are we – so is every ONE of the people that count themselves a part of the roster, because it’s very simply what’s required, not just to survive, but also to THRIVE as Tommy and I do. Tell us something we don’t know already.”
He sighs heavily, but then glances back at the camera again.
FERNANDEZ: “But whatever you choose to say, PLEASE get some sense of what you do, and don’t inflate yourselves. This may come a hard blow, Bianca, sorry to burst your bubble, but when we saw you were pitted against Madison and Kat? It was god damned OBVIOUS what was gonna happen. The big talker that turns tail when he sees someone worth their name coming at him, and his ever-returning, never rising above level sidekick that got themselves in for another makeshift shot at glory. Two thoroughly unprepared, unmotivated shells of their former selves looking to get an easy win, that very unsurprisingly didn’t get. Don’t talk to me about upsets, mang. None of this was an upset. Neither was us beating Omertà – neither were the teams that came out of the other bracket.”
He raises his hands, however, somewhat conciliatorily.
FERNANDEZ: “Don’t get me wrong, though – we don’t doubt your skill, we don’t doubt your drive, and we don’t question your honest-”
He stops, abruptly, before he takes his hand to his chin, so as to think. When he speaks again, his voice cuts as sharply as a blade through the air around the room.
FERNANDEZ: “Actually, let’s question that last one, mang. Because you had the audacity to state, in front of thousands of viewers online, that EVEN should you defeat us tonight, you could lose the very next show, and you’d still have made it into the Hall of Champions. And honestly? That’s the worst show disrespect you could have done – to 4CW, to the titles and division you want to claim to elevate, and to every single other remaining team in the Tag Team Into The Future Tournament.”
With this he slashes both hands, a cut through the air as straight and true as the words that came before.
FERNANDEZ: “But most importantly, chicos, that’s the worst disrespect you could have done to ME. Because it means you SETTLE for the things I’m constantly reminded of and constantly derided – and losing to two people considering that as an honor is EXACTLY what I’ve signed up with Tommy to break out of. Dakota Smith himself told me right after we won – “should you not get to RetroGrade, you dishonor us all”. Those were his words. And even though the guy will bear the shame of losing in the first round, he’s dropped a greater weight on my partner and I’s shoulders.”
FERNANDEZ: ”One that Tommy and I will bear this time, against you, or Baelin Club, or the Sadboiz, or any other two people able and willing to come and take us on after this tournament is over, should we come to face to face once again.”
He leans against the camera, now with that shining gleam on his eyes that tells of something too serious, too important, to overlook.
FERNANDEZ: “But first, the road to redemption, and pride and honor, goes right through YOU – through your movement, through your Revolution.”
He motions for the camera to focus on him, as he raises his right leg up to his knee… then brings it down on the ground with a vicious, snapping stomp.
FERNANDEZ: “And Tommy and I, the American Mangs… we’re the rising empire that will stomp it back to the darkness from where it rose.”
Tommy walks into frame, with a bag of McDonald’s filled with McDonald’s. Well, maybe? You never actually know with this lad. But then he pulls out a few fries and eats them and offers Manny some, but he waves him off. Tommy shrugs and pulls out a cheeseburger, unwraps it and then takes a big bite of it. It’s almost like he’s oblivious to everything around him. Manny nudges him in the side with his elbow and Tommy looks at him while Manny points to the camera. Tommy glances, smiles and swallows the food in his mouth before he talks, because he ain’t rude.
TOMMY: “Yeah, man. I mean, there really isn’t much more I can say than that. American Mangs about the take the tag team division into heights that it’s never seen before! Keep doubting us and see what happens.”
Tommy pulls out a cheeseburger and holds it out towards Manny.
TOMMY: “You sure?”
Manny hesitates for a second, and shrugs, then takes it, a small smile on his face.
FERNANDEZ: “Can’t hurt, mang. Thanks a lot!”
After this, both head out of camera range as Mariano takes a bite of the cheeseburger Tommy offered him.



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The familiar guitar riff starts up, as“Mr. Brightside” begins to play. Tthe lights turn down in the arena, leaving only a spotlight centered on the entrance way.
“Coming out of my cage
And I’ve been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all
It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss…”

With the first lyrics out of the way the song is now in full swing, as the lights react to the beat. Bryan and Persephone emerge out from the back, the spotlight beaming down for the both of them. Marquis carries a rather large, and condescending smile on her face. Bryan, on the other hand has his head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, at a combined weight of three hundred and seventeen pounds, the team of BRYAN WILLIAMS AND PERSEPHONE MARQUIS… SSAADDBBOOIIZZ!!!!”
Persephone waits, a bit patiently, for Bryan to finish with his posing. Bryan doesn’t waste too much time, as the two walk down to the ring. They head down to the ring rather quickly, not wasting much time with anything else. Both slide under the bottom rope, entering the ring as they get prepared for the upcoming match.
JOHNSON: ”Coming off a huge win two weeks ago, the Sadboiz face off tonight against a fellow husband and wife duo in Baelin Club.”
VASSA: ”They shocked the world two weeks ago when they defeated Cucking Genie, the team of former 4CW Champions in Bronx Valescence and Elijah Carlson.”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t necessarily say that they shocked the world with that win.”
VASSA: ”Are you kidding me?! Bronx and Eli were pegged to win this whole thing and I don’t mean the type of pegging that Manny is into.”
JOHNSON: ”I have to disagree. I’d go as far as to say that the team they’re facing tonight is just as challenging as Eli and Bronx.”
VASSA: ”Maybe, when they’re not trying to kill each other!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

The music continues to play as Bryan stands at the top of the stage, as if waiting to be joined by his wife. He stares down the ramp and into the ring, never once removing his eyes from Persephone and Williams. His music then goes silent, the entire arena awaits in silence. “Warrior” by Dead by April then beings to play over the speakers. The sound of Kaelan’s music appears to lift Laughlin in spirit as he awaits the entrance of his wife.
VASSA: ”Here comes the one in the relationship who wears the pants!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve all seen what they wear in the ring. They both wear the pants in this relationship.”
VASSA: ”That’s not what I mean you putz!”
JOHNSON: ”Say what you want but that man standing at the top of the ramp is the number one contender to the 4CW Championship and will challenge Viduus at Retrograde in a few weeks.”
The music continues to play but there’s no sight of Kaelan. Laughlin stares back to the curtain, waiting for her to walk through it at any moment. He waits, and waits, and waits. Still, Kaelan doesn’t step through the curtain. After nearly a minutes passes, Laughlin shrugs his shoulders and turns back to the ring, heading straight down the ramp all by himself.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s Kaelan’s music folks, but she has yet to come out here and join Bryan.”
VASSA: ”Maybe she had some lady matters to attend to.”
JOHNSON: ”Jesus! I don’t want to even think about that right now.”
VASSA: ”What?! I’m just saying. There’s got to be a reason the King’s Road Champion isn’t out here right now. I mean think about it!”
JOHNSON: ”No thanks, I’m good.”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Still, Kaelan is nowhere to be found. Turning back to the ring, he slides in underneath the ropes and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes. He seems a bit worried by the look on his face. Obviously he expected Kaelan to join him at the top of the ramp but here he is his corner all by himself.
The show must go on! Kaelan’s music finally comes to an end and the official has no other choice but to proceed with the match. He checks in with both corners, instantly getting the okay from Persephone and Williams. The official then checks in with Laughlin. Realizing he has no other choice, he nods to the official that he is ready despite being by himself lined up against two opponents. Throwing his hand into the air, the official then calls for the bell, officially starting the match and round two of the Tag Team Into The Future tournament.

Williams steps out onto the apron, leaving Persephone in to start the match. She slowly walks to the center of the ring as she stares ahead at Laughlin. In his corner, Laughlin remains, his eyes bouncing back and forth between Persephone and the entrance stage. The lights throughout the area then begin to flicker as a static sound is heard over the speakers.
VASSA: ”What the fuck?!”
The lights continue to flicker before finally going completely dark.
JOHNSON: ”Oh no, this is never a good thing!”
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, hold me Steve! Erik Holland has come back for Laughlin!”
JOHNSON: ”Stop playing.”
The lights in the arena then come back to life. The static noise continues to be heard from the speakers.
VASSA: ”What’s up with the screens above the entrance stage?”
The camera focuses on the screens above the entrance which are completely filled with static. They flicker rapidly between fuzz and black. The flickering grows faster and faster until eventually it goes completely black.
JOHNSON: ”I think we may be having some technical difficulties here.”
VASSA: ”I know we always say that when something like this happens but this time I think it may in fact be true.”
A scream is then heard throughout the arena as the screen comes back to life. The video feed on the screens is distorted. What appears to be two bodies can be made out in the dark picture.
JOHNSON: ”You might want to take that back, Vinny.”
Slowly, the picture becomes clearer. On the screen a dark figure is dragging someone else in what appears to be a dark hall. Ahead of them is a light and as the two pass underneath it, Kaelan’s bright orange hair and face is clearly seen by everyone.
JOHNSON: ”That’s Kaelan!”
VASSA: ”Someone’s got her!”
JOHNSON: ”That explains why she isn’t out here with Bryan right now.”
Kaelan is the one being dragged by a figure that remains hidden in the shadows. The screens then begin to flicker once more before completely turning to fuzz. Static once again is heard from the speakers.
Laughlin doesn’t even look back to the official or Persephone. His back remains to them as he immediately dips through the ropes and drops down to the floor. Leaving it all behind, he races up the ramp and heads for the back.
VASSA: ”Laughlin’s coming to the rescue!”
JOHNSON: ”What about the match? The bell has sounded.”
VASSA: ”To hell with the match. I don’t think he gives a single fuck about the match.”
With the match having officially began, the official has no choice but to start his ten count with Laughlin not only outside of the ring, but gone from the ringside area. As the official reaches the midway point in his count, Williams joins Persephone at her side, looking up the ramp and scratching his head at what had just happened. After finally reaching ten, this match, if that’s what you want to call it, has come to an end. Without even breaking a sweat, Persephone and Williams both have their arms raised in the air by the official and will advance to the finals of the Tag Team Into The Future tournament.
WINNERS: Sadboiz via Countout (0:47)

? ? ?: “That’s what I don’t get what they say about revenge. It’s not cold. It’s like… you don’t want to be cold when you dole out revenge. You want them to feel it. It can’t be quick and without emotion. It has to be felt. No, I don’t get the saying. Revenge has to be served hot. It has to burn. Do you know what I mean?”
The young Asian woman with an Australian accent bounced in her chair as she sat in front of Phoenix behind her desk and Kimitsu Zombie lying against a bookcase next to her. She avoided Kimitsu’s expressionless gaze and smiled as she looked around the office. Phoenix reads some documents in front of her that could decide her whole future.
PHOENIX: “Ahhh yes… I definitely know what you mean. And I do agree with you there. When you have been wronged or double crossed in any fashion, you shouldn’t allow anyone to get away with it. I do have to say that I am quite surprised but pleasantly pleased to find you sitting in my office right now. When they said that Michelle Wong was here to see me, I thought they had been sadly mistaken indeed.”

WONG: “I am coming from very far away, aren’t I? Well, I want to be as far away from that place as possible. I wasn’t appreciated there. I try to do something positive and I get the boot. Horrible treatment. But look at me now? I am here in the biggest promotion in the world ready to lead. I’ve been every single thing in this business. I set up the ring, I did accounting, I organized ring crew, I was a referee… I even wrestled once. Do you know what all those jobs have in common? It was all grunt work. Well, now I am ready to take charge of my future. I’m up for this job and I promise to turn things around for ya. I can take this place into a bold new direction with lots of growth… if you’ll allow me, Miss Phoenix.”
Michelle Wong leans back completely confident that she has impressed.
PHOENIX: “Looking over your resume and watching you when it came to being hard at work, I do admire your determination to succeed and your willingness to do well at anything you put your mind to. As you can see, our last GM was a tattered mess. I was able to breathe when Bryan Co-GMed with him but once he stepped down to get back in the ring, it was like my nerves were shot all over again with Boston going back to being the only GM. Thankfully he’s gone now and no longer a splinter in our heels.”
A brief pause as she rolls her eyes when thinking about the ‘era’ of Boston.
PHOENIX: “And with Perry being newly engaged, I can imagine how distracted he may be this year with planning his wedding and I won’t be at shows as much until after my pregnancy. If there’s paperwork that needs to be done then that’s really the only reason I’ll come, especially when there’s deadlines that need to be met or I need to discuss business. I do ask though, tell me why do you think I should hire you as our new General Manager?”
Michelle puts her hand up to wave away any worries.
WONG: “It’s simple. I am a people person. I know what the audience wants most from our product. They want excitement, drama, and violence. I will do my best to make sure that the employees deliver that each and every week. I have heard of the reputation these lot have over here but I assure you that they can be controlled with a stern hand and some quick wit. I’ll have a few things up my sleeves if any of these monsters get out of hand. It’s like babysitting, really. You and Perry can leave everything to me most of the time. I assure you that I can have everything under control and have even more people watching.”
Michelle looks down at her hands for a second.
WONG: “I also have some guidance. See what I did at OWF if you need any examples of my skills. Or you can just take my word for it. It’s my bond and all that.”
PHOENIX: “I have no doubt in my mind that you will carry out your duties and responsibilities in the kind of fashion that is required. I just love to hear sales pitches… you can always tell the person in front of you just by how they sale their pitch. Well.. if you are as observant as I am, that is.”
Michelle pauses and stares at the woman in front of her with awe. She quickly laughs it off to hide her wonderment.
WONG: “Of course I know what you mean. I am an expert at reading people. I can know what a person wants almost as soon as I start talking to them. You? A woman like you is a boss. You want excellence. The people want that too. The workers? Well that’s a little harder since they are all crazy.”
Kimitsu scoffs loudly making Wong pause again. She sits up straight and continues avoiding Kimitsu’s gaze focusing on Phoenix instead.
WONG: “But I am good at keeping them happy as well! The one thing I’ve learned from my time in this business, aside from being observant, is that you need to stay fluid.”
PHOENIX: “I wholeheartedly agree. The thing about the world today is everyone wants to be kings and queens but yet, most are at the worker bee status. The go for quick ways to get attention that doesn’t last long and end up building on that fifteen minutes of heavy attention just to become known for that. I have seen good wrestlers being known more for their thirst traps on twitter or who they are sleeping with, which makes people start to believe… hmmm maybe they aren’t that good of a wrestler after all. Alot of people walk into this company, wanting to claim the name but don’t have the 4CW traits to do so. Boston? He was a pussy. He was a coward. Everything was about him and he could never admit to his wrongs. I want a General Manager whose focus is on this company in a positive manner as well as on the talent. Someone I can trust to make sure things are ran accordingly.”
WONG: “I’m your lady! I am one of the most positive people in the world. They used to call me Sunshine during the last tour. Do you know Cosmo Cooper? Love me, he does. I made sure employees like that, who appreciate where they are, are looked after. I respect the business and I like to think the business respects me back. If someone doesn’t then I show them how to fix it quickly, or else.”
Wong smiles after a moment like is just remembering that she has to as the scene fades.

Laughlin is running through the hallway, still head to toe in his wrestling attire. His head frantically jarring back and forth every which way as he leaves no stone unturned. He can’t for the life of him think of where Kaelan would be. She was right behind him as he made his entrance through the curtains and now she’s gone. Gone? How? A helpless stage hand wearing a headset and 4CW staff shirt is carrying a stack of papers as Bryan balls the middle of his shirt into his fist and pulls him in close. Before he could get any words out Bryan threw him aside and into the wall. He knows damn well that guy has nothing to do with this, but at this point can he really be sure? Laughlin then hears footsteps quickly moving through the hallway as a table is over turned in it’s way.
He shakes his head, she wouldn’t be running. For all he knows she’s being dragged lifelessly through the hall w-
His train of thought is cut short as a production crate on wheels slams into his side and traps him against the wall nearly sandwiching him between the brick. He falls flat to the tile floor as the backstage producers run to his aide and scream for help as an ominous laugh can be heard in the distance.



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a 4CW Tag Team Championship match!”
“A’right, stop, stop, hold on, hold on, hold on—”

After a brief interrupting voice clip, the opening riff to “Rolling Stone” by Falling in Reverse hits the PA. The lighting near the entrance turns gold, vapor starts hissing out of the fog machines, and a highlight reel of clips from A.J. Morales’s past matches starts to play. The Revolution himself emerges with his head down and his eyes closed, walking and headbanging in sync with the music as he plays air-guitar along with it on one of his championship belts, the other hanging around his waist. A.J. keeps this up until the first verse comes in, at which point he looks up, opens his eyes, and raises a clenched fist to the crowd, who cheer in response. He then starts walking to the ring, giving fist bumps and high-fives to anyone in the crowd who reaches towards him.
POWERS: ”From San Francisco, California, weighing in at 187 pounds…The Revolution! A! J! MMOORRAALLEESS!!!”
As the chorus hits, A.J. climbs onto the apron and vaults himself over the top rope with a somersault. He pops up to his feet and gives a clenched fist salute to the side of the crowd facing the entrance ramp. He repeats this salute on all four sides of the ring, ending with the side facing the hard cam. For this last one, he looks directly into the camera, and after he drops the salute, he mouths the chorus’s last line—”So let me tell you the truth”—before turning to his corner, taking off his leather entrance jacket, putting down his title belts, and limbering up for the match. The cameras cut back to the stage as his theme music fades and the lighting changes.
“I told ya, baby
I told ya”

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.
“Rocking these diamonds
I’m rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I’m rocking my fame”

POWERS: ”Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family………BIANCA RREEEEDD!!!”
Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, heading towards her tag partner with a huge smile while the cameras cut to the commentators’ table while Bianca’s theme continues to blast.
VASSA: ”Awww well won’t you like at that. Morales brought his toy belts out here for the match.”
JOHNSON: ”AJ has earned every title belt that he’s had in his career through hardwork, Vinny. You and I both know that.”
VASSA: ”You and I both know shit, those belts don’t hold up to any of the 4CW belts. Just because a kid wins a plastic medal at a spelling bee, doesn’t make it real gold if they go to a real spelling bee.”
JOHNSON: ”Aren’t all spelling bees real?”
VASSA: ”You get what I mean. And I hope his partner is actually going to focus on the match and not get distracted by twitter polls. I understand she doesn’t fully comprehend she’s in the big leagues now. This isn’t RISE or any other developmental place, it’s going to take more than a few flips to get some gold around here.”
JOHNSON: ”They have made it this far in the tournament, clearly Bianca has more than shown that she has talent with Reedvolution getting this far.”
VASSA: ”Ever heard of being carried in a tag team?”
While Johnson shakes his head at his rude partner, the arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.


POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida… He is one half of the 4CW Tag Champions… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”

The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, posing to the crowd going wild. The music then transitions into “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blaring throughout the arena, sending the audience into a hysteria of excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drop from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains and walks out and he raises that Octane Championship into the air with great pride with his 4CW Tag Title cinched around his waist. A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as he steps beside Mariano on the stage.
POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for your Octane Champion and 4CW Tag Champion. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
The two then head down the ramp and straight for the ring.
Reaching the ring, Tommy slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises the Octane Championship with one hand to the crowd as they raise their arms to him. Manny climbs the ringside steps and walks to the center of the apron before dipping through the ropes and entering the ring himself. As the music and lights come back to normal, Manny grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.
VASSA: ”I still can’t believe we have these two dodos as our tag team champions. Has the tag division really became deader than Kristen Stewart’s acting that this is who we have representing us and our company??”
JOHNSON: ”You have to admit that American Tommy has been on a long roll when it comes to winning streak and you’re acting as if Manny isn’t a-“
VASSA: ”-former 4CW Champion. I know, we know… you’d think he has that tattooed on his forehead from how much that gets thrown around.”
JOHNSON: ”Then you would see why I don’t follow when it comes to your disapproval of them holding the belts. They have the heart of a champion and you can’t turn away from their accomplishments.”
VASSA: ”Steve… this is AMERICAN TOMMY and MANNY we’re talking about here. When I hear those two names, champions and accomplishments dont quickly come to mind.”
Bianca and AJ are talking strategy in their corner while Tommy is fussing about something to Manny on their side. The referee stands in the middle and wonders why in the hell is this taking so long especially when AJ and Bianca face their opponents while Tommy is still fussing about something to Manny before he finally looks over at Reedvolution. Tommy then leans in to whisper to Manny, gesturing for him to step out of the ring and onto the apron before Tommy turns around to smirk at Bianca, gesturing for her to start the match off first. Possibly wanting revenge for losing the better looking twitter poll to Tommy, Bianca nods and tells AJ that she’s got this as he exits the ring while Manny keeps an eye on him from his corner as the bell rings for the match to finally begin. Tommy saunters up to Bianca with a bored expression while Bianca stands in front of him, ready to throw down while Tommy decides to taunt her for being upset over losing the twitter poll. This causes Bianca to kick Tommy in the gut, getting the first hit in the match. Tommy feels he deserves that, making fun of her in her face without being on guard but he makes up for it when he shoves Bianca hard as she comes rushing towards him. She falls on her ass and Tommy laughs, pointing down at her rather childishly with thinking this was the funniest thing in the world.
AJ is far from amused at this display as Bianca stands to her feet and is already tired of playing games with the playful Tommy. She’s taking off running out of nowhere and sailing through the air with a flying clothesline that causes Tommy to now fall on his ass after being caught off guard. Bianca thinks it’s funny how the tides have turned but that does nothing but only fuels Tommy as he lets out a battle roar and tackles Bianca to the mat. He actually sits on her and starts poking and picking at her face, calling her ugly and laughing in her face that she thought she had a chance in beating him in a beauty contest before mugging her in the face. Standing to his feet, he pulls her to hers and immediately goes for a back body drop to show her that playtime was over. Seeing as she acted as if she couldn’t take them that seriously, he was about to show her just how serious he could be and what he does to people not considered 4CW who ventures into the company trying to regulate.
JOHNSON: ”Tommy showing off all the energy he’s brought to this match and it’s never a dull moment when he steps into the ring.”
VASSA: ”He’s really doing an airplane spin on her but why am I even surprised?”
JOHNSON: ”I hope Tommy isn’t underestimating Bianca, she has the drive to really pull off an upset here tonight and I can see the sheer determination in her eyes-“
VASSA: ”And how is that? She’s being helicoptered. And the only upset she pulled tonight was turning down Bronx. After sleeping with Darryl, a guy named Silk and most of the losers on twitter… she turned down BRONX??”
JOHNSON: ”If I am not mistaken, I believe Bianca is in a relationship now, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”After conducting a sex service through curious cat until it dried up, maybe she got bored and took the first offer that came her way. Especially after her bang buddies let her down and didnt bother voting in that poll. Did you vote, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”Amazing work by Bianca with that headscissors takedown on a distracted Tommy.”
VASSA: ”You’re really ignoring me??”
Bianca was knocking the focus back into Tommy who had gotten caught up in needing to tie his shoe, wanting to make sure he didn’t trip in the ring during this match because well, safety first I guess. Bianca was taking great advantage of having gained the upper, using her speed against Tommy with wanting to lay hands on him before he could touch her, even going as far as to sneak in little surprising moves here and there when she tries to knock him off his feet. AJ is cheering her on while Manny watches closely, that tagging hand hanging over the ropes just in case Tommy gets nearer and wants to make a tag in. It wasn’t looking good for Tommy for a while until he counters Bianca when she rushes forward to swing on him and he savagely elbows her in the face. Smirking and elbowing her in the face again, Tommy counters another incoming hit from her and sneaks in that swinging neckbreaker when he made it seem as if he was about to go for something else. Tommy was on fire, Tommy felt as if he truly was the best wizard in the land… until that dropkick to the face by Bianca had him seeing stars for a moment. He shakes his head a few times, seeing tiny stars all around as Manny calls to be tagged in and Tommy follows his partner’s voice until Manny tags his hand and quickly enters the ring.
Tommy ends up finding his way out of the ring when he tries to dip underneath the ropes and ends up slipping and falling on the apron while Manny has long taken his eyes off his tag partner to hit Bianca with a flying elbow. Far from a joke inside of the ring, Manny worked the match with a confident heart as he went through a series of snap suplexes and jump swing DDTs to the point Bianca was rushing to tag out so that AJ could step in and take over. The two high flyers let it all loose in the middle of the ring as they traded punches back and forth until AJ got the better of Manny and had him taking a step back for each punch that he threw. Those punches transitioned into roundhouse kicks as AJ works Manny better than any version of the karate kid ever could. The audience watches intently, knowing that the titles are on the line and wanting to see if American Mangs will retain tonight or will Reedvolution end up throwing merit behind their words of them saying they will be the next tag team champions. AJ has taken the fight to the sky… well the turnbuckle as he’s leaped on top of the closest turnbuckle and is coming down with a crossbody that Manny…. decides not to dive out of the way but instead dropkick AJ as both men hit the mat. AJ curls up a bit with wincing from the pain shooting through his abdomen from when Manny’s feet had planted into him while Manny has gotten up to his feet with no problem.
VASSA: ”If I could really choose who I wanted to win the tournament, it wouldn’t be these two teams. After watching Reedvolution’s videos, it would be embarrassing to have them as our tag team champions. If the tag titles were going to be won by non 4CW blood then they would have been taken by an outside team in Bad Company. You really think the tag titles are going to fall in their hands in this out of the blue tournament? As much of a joke Manny is and as fucking annoying as that little shit Tommy is, I would rather them hold the belts then these two.”
JOHNSON: ”Both Bianca and AJ have signed to the company, I don’t see why you continue referring to them as a team that is outside of the company. They’ve rightfully so earned their way through the tournament and deserve to be in the position they are in now.”
VASSA: ”Bringing outside title belts that are worth a stick of gum here in 4CW wasn’t the smartest choice.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s not a crime to have achievements and accolades outside of the company.”
VASSA: ”But you see how things change once people get here. Where are all those fanboys and screaming girls now, Stevie? All the hype outside of the company seems to have died at the door. Just like i wish American Mangs’ tag team title reign will die.”
AJ is leading the match now as he secures his arms around Manny and is about to drop back for a german suplex when Manny’s elbow slams into the side of AJ’s head, causing AJ to let go of Manny. Manny uses that opportunity to try to grab onto AJ and lift him up but now it’s AJ elbowing Manny in the head to return the favor before dropping Manny with a sick spinebuster. Manny is definitely feeling it on the mat and AJ decides to go for the cover as a hopeful Bianca looks on.

AJ just shrugs it off and doesn’t take it to heart, realizing that it’s only a matter of time before he has Manny down long enough to secure a successful 3 count. But until then, he was going to work for it. AJ shows off that impressive talent that has him as being one of the most talked about outside of the company while Bianca feels as if they have it in the bag with how the match is going. AJ continues on with getting the best of Manny, getting a few more shots in before lifting him into the air… just for Manny to counter with a hurricanrana. As soon as AJ’s body hits the mat, Manny is scrambling to his feet to hurry over to AJ, targeting his feet as he goes for the sharpshooter as the audience erupts into loud cheers. Manny has that submission locked in and is looking to go for the tap out as he applies pressure while AJ fights through it and Bianca becomes worries. Tommy is hitting the ropes and yelling at Manny to break AJ’s legs as of course, Manny isn’t trying to do that. He just wants to win, he wasn’t looking for any bloodshed or serious broken limbs tonight… unless it came down to that. Bianca can’t take it any longer and ends up entering the ring to run towards Manny to dropkick him so that she could break the submission. A pissed off Tommy cusses Bianca out and threatens to get into the ring as the referee is telling Bianca to go back to the apron as she does so with a satisfied smile on her face.
Manny is a bit agitated because he felt he could have had AJ without the interference of Bianca but he tries to get his head back at the task at hand instead of being distracted by what could have beens. Both men go back and forth from tagging each other in the faces with their fists and taking every opportunity presented to them to have their feet touching the turnbuckle when they decide to go aerial after wanting to kick things up a notch. Manny ended up going for the Trollface out of nowhere and had AJ’s eyes stinging with that mist that hit his face, that shining wizard not making things any better either as AJ quickly rolled away from Manny before he could try to drop on him for the cover. Bianca is trying to coax AJ to calm down and to tag her in as he blindly waves his hand in the air trying to locate hers until they finally slap palms and she enters the ring. Manny has already tagged in Tommy who had demanded the tag, wanting to end this once and for all especially after Bianca had interfered during the sharpshooter. Tommy’s face was void of playfulness this time around as he charged at Bianca and she panics a bit, impulsively leaping into the air and going for a hurricanrana once her legs wrapped around Tommy’s neck. Proud of herself, that confidence returned and settled in as Bianca was definitely ready for anything.
She doesn’t give Tommy a chance to even breathe once he rises back to his feet as that superkick out of nowhere has Tommy taking a step backwards until he’s stumbling back completely. Refusing to stay in one spot, Bianca advances towards Tommy who decides to allow his feelings to really show through his actions. The electric chair facebuster had Tommy going for a second just to show Bianca how much this wasn’t a game. He aggressively slaps away and counters the punches and kicks that she comes at him with as he slides in close enough for a Yoyo Toss Salad, refusing to go for the pin as he has something else in mind. Tommy gets on the top rope, balancing himself really well as the audience comes alive once the Dream Crusher comes into play. Tommy stares down at Bianca on the mat with a cocky smile, taking his time because she wasn’t going to be quick to get up as Manny is yanking AJ from the apron before AJ can enter the ring to stop the pin while Tommy takes his time covering Bianca.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners and STILL the 4CW Tag Team Champions… American Tommy and Mariano Fernandez…. AMMMMMERRRIICAN MAAAAAAANGS!”
WINNERS: American Mangs via Pinfall (8:46)

He can barely get a scream out as he holds his ribs, they’ve clearly been damaged from the crate being wheeled into him earlier in the show. A heavy cough takes the place of the last half of his wife’s name.
LAUGHLIN: “Please… Where is my wife?”
Bryan looks at a group of women crowded around a mirror where the 4CW Women and Perry get their make up done. Two of them shrug as the last one darts her eyes towards the exit doors. It wasn’t a hint, she just didn’t want to make eye contact after hearing what he previously did to the last backstage team member. But even if the eyes weren’t a hint, they were more than he had. Bryan’s head turned towards the exit and the last thing he wanted was her to be taken from the arena without him saving her so he hustled to the door and swung it open. The first thing he saw was The Speaker. A large grin across his face to match the confident stature of his arms folded across his chest.
LAUGHLIN: “You… you mother fu-”
Before he could finish his sentence four men had him against the wall face first and he tried to struggle to break their grips. He got one down by thrusting his head backwards and spliting their nose open. The second? An elbow followed by an escorted faceplant into the concrete wall. It wasn’t until the third that he realized what was happening. They weren’t disciples of some darker being – they were the local police. How did he realize that? The volts that shot through his body and momentarily paralyzed him before he dropped to the cement and was handcuffed. He heard footsteps again approaching his head as he squinted in pain. The voice he had expected though? Slightly different.
HUGHES: “Thank you fellas, now get this piece of shit off of the property.”
OFFICER: “Bryan Laughlin you are under arrest for the disappearance of your wife Kaelan Laughlin…. You have the right to remain silent… anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.. You have the right to an attorney…”
As the officer continues reading him his rights a very confident Hudson Hughes can’t let it rest there.
HUGHES: “Tell them where my champion is and they’ll let you go. I won’t stand for this nonsense. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes”
As Bryan is hauled off he sees the speaker, once again, out of the corner of his eye leaned up against a car with the same grin on his face. Bryan tries to tell the police but he’s quickly shoved into the back of a police car.


JOHNSON: ”Welcome back to ringside for our main event, folks.”
VASSA: ”The time has come once more.”
JOHNSON: ”Once more for what?”
VASSA: ”A Champions Showcase! And tonight’s feature two men who have a long history with one another over.”
JOHNSON: ”A long history indeed. Dakota would even go as far as saying that he’s the reason Viduus had the year he did in Twenty-Eighteen.”
VASSA: ”You mean when Viduus nearly killed him?”
JOHNSON: ”Killed him? Who, Dakota? You can’t kill Dakota.”
VASSA: ”Ain’t that the damn truth. Many people have tried, and every single one of them have failed.”
“Welcome To Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light through out the arena. Dakota Smith makes his way from behind the curtain and looks around the theater, his 4CW Pride Championship tied through a loop in his belt.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
He moves his head to the right and then to the left taking a long deep breath, the strobe lights giving you glimpses at his imposing demeanor. Dakota then snorts his head back and spits down onto the ground, quickly wiping his nose off and making his way down to the ring.
“These voices in my head are telling me you have to die
I obeyed their every wish
I’ll fuck your body infront of your kids
Cannibalism, I serve you up to the cult
You’re my latest dish
Picking human meat out of my teeth like Albert Fish
I’m a sick fuck pissed at the fact that I still exist”

POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is ‘The Butcher’ and the 4CW Pride Champion, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
About half way down the ramp, closer to the ring than the stage, Dakota stops. He stands there and runs his hands up and down his (Insert Here) Championship. He then chuckles to himself before cracking his neck to the left and then to the right, letting out a monstrous war cry before continuing down to the ring.
“Telling me to end your suffering
I see red and feel death coming
I will purge the world with no following
Bloodshed, feeling like an animal, caged
I’m going for your throat
Bloodshed, dripping from my face, I’m hollow
Make your skin into a coat”

As he reaches the ring he undoes the championship from his belt and tosses it over the top rope before rolling in under the bottom rope himself. He then plants his fist into the ground and pushes himself up and off of the mat, his head twitching as he gets on his feet. He looks around the audience once more before tilting his head to the side and laughing to himself. Dakota then scoops his championship up and off of the mat before going over to his corner and taking a seat.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
“Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely, the 4CW Championship draped over his shoulder as he looks left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and licks the championship as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises, licking the title once more before holding high for all to see.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, why does he do that?!”
JOHNSON: ”Do what?”
VASSA: ”Lick the championship. It’s gross!”
JOHNSON: ”For all you know he could have cleaned it before coming out here tonight.”
VASSA: ”With everything else going on, cleaning the championship should be the last thing on his mind.”
JOHNSON: ”You know, it’s a damn shame both of their championships aren’t on the line here tonight.”
VASSA: ”That would make for one hell of a match if you ask me. I know for a fact the Detroit crowd here tonight would LOVE to see that as well.”
JOHNSON: ”Unfortunately this is a non-title match. Viduus already has his opponent lined up for Retrograde where he will be defending against Bryan Laughlin.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, that’s if Laughlin doesn’t kill him first.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not look too far ahead considering who’s standing across the ring from him.”
VASSA: ”I know the track record between these two, Steve.”
Standing in the center of the ring, the official checks in with each corner. With no hesitation from either man giving him the okay, the official then throws his hand in the air and signals for the bell.

Dakota and Viduus both slowly leave their corners and approach the center of the ring where they then circle one another with caution, knowing well what the other is capable of. At the same time, they lunge towards each other and lock up. Quickly, Dakota pops his knee up, ramming it into Viduus’ midsection over and over. Dakota then overpowers the 4CW Champion and backs him across the ring before bursting forward and slamming Viduus as hard as he can into the corner. Dakota slams his knee into Viduus’ stomach once more before grabbing ahold of the top rope to his left and using it for leverage as he begins repeatedly kicking Viduus in the stomach with his right foot. After nearly a dozen kicks to Viduus’ gut, Dakota then grabs him by the back of the head with his left hand to hold it in place before swinging with his right arm and connecting with a vicious forearm strike to Viduus’ face!
Dakota then pulls Viduus away from the corner and then steps behind him, between him and the corner. Wrapping his arms around Viduus waist, Dakota goes to lift him off his feet but Viduus begins pumping his legs and drives himself backwards, sandwiching Dakota against the corner. Throwing his arm back, Viduus connects with an elbow shot to Dakota’s nose, forcing Dakota to release him. Turning in place, Viduus swings his arm simultaneously and as he turns to face Dakota, he clocks him upside the head with a powerful right. The punch knocks Dakota off his feet as he goes over the top rope. Grabbing the ropes as he goes over, Dakota manages to guide himself for a crash landing on the apron.
Dakota begins to pulls himself up but before he can stand on his own, Viduus grabs ahold of him as he reaches over the top rope. Pulling Dakota to his feet, Viduus holds him in place before slamming his head forward and headbutting Dakota right between the eyes! Holding onto Dakota’s head now, Viduus then slams it down onto the top of the turnbuckle face first. Wrapping an arm around Dakota’s head, Viduus then lifts him up and over the top rope, dropping him back into the ring with a brainbuster! With Dakota on his back, Viduus rolls over and makes a quick cover as the official slides in beside them with the count.

JOHNSON: ”Dakota gets a shoulder up before the two!”
VASSA: ”It was a long shot for Viduus but the opportunity was there so he had to at least try.”
Viduus stands to his feet and not long after, he pulls Dakota up to his as well. Hitting Dakota with back to back rights, Viduus then locks onto his wrist and whips him to the ropes. Just as Dakota hits the ropes and bounces off, Viduus bursts forward and charges straight for him. Meeting Dakota near the center of the ring, Viduus nearly takes his head off with a running clothesline that takes Dakota off his feet and flips him in the air before he crashes to the mat. Dakota slowly rolls over to his stomach and begins to push himself up as Viduus watches from a distance. Rising to one knee, Dakota then looks up like a dear in the headlights at the sight of Viduus charging straight for him. Kicking his foot into the air, Viduus plants the bottom of it to Dakota’s face and sends him back down to the mat with a running big boot. With Dakota on his back, looking up at the lights, Viduus slowly jobs towards him before jumping straight into the air. Extending his legs, Viduus comes straight down over Dakota’s head with a leg drop.

Rolling out of the way at the last split second, Dakota escaped the leg drop from Viduus, leaving him nothing but empty canvas to break his fall. Viduus slowly begins to push himself up from the mat as Dakota does the same. Standing to his feet, Dakota then steps in and takes a swing for Viduus’ head, connecting with a stiff right. Viduus then takes a swing of his own and plants his fist to Dakota’s chin. The two then exchange punches back and forth a few times before Viduus swings and misses. Side stepping his strike, Dakota then levels Viduus with a lariat and knocks him down to all fours. Turning to the ropes behind him, Dakota takes off towards them and as he comes back on the return with even more speed, he drives his knee into Viduus’ head with a running knee lift. The impact to the head flips Viduus over to his back.
Leaping straight into the air, Dakota comes down with a double foot stomp to Viduus’ chest. Not stepping off of his, Dakota then squats down and begins swinging with lefts and rights to Viduus head. After landing around half a dozen punches, Dakota then steps down from Viduus’ chest and reaches down to wrap his hand around the 4CW Champions’ throat. Deadlifting Viduus up from the mat, Dakota then takes a few steps forward before throwing him back down to his back with a chokeslam! Dropping to his knees, Dakota then crawls over Viduus for the cover as the official drops in beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”Tw–“
JOHNSON: ”NO! Viduus kicks out!”
VASSA: ”Don’t you even disrupt me again you old buzzard.”
JOHNSON: ”You do it to me all the time?”
VASSA: ”I’m sorry but that isn’t the point. Now apologize!”
JOHNSON: ”Welp look at the time, Dakota is back on his feet.”
Pulling Viduus up from the mat, Dakota holds him in place with one hand as he swings with the other and connects with a European uppercut that spins Viduus in place to turn the opposite direction. Dakota then locks in a half nelson and goes to lift Viduus up for a suplex but Viduus quickly locks his leg with Dakota’s keeping himself grounded. Dakota then tries again but the same result follows. Pulling his arm away from Dakota, Viduus then throws it back, hitting Dakota in the face with an elbow. He throws a second, and then a third, each elbow crashing into Dakota’s face. Viduus then spins around Dakota and positions himself behind him. Wrapping both hands around Dakota’s waist, Viduus then lifts him off his feet before slamming him to the mat as hard as he could with a German suplex. Dakota rolls backwards to lay face down to the mat. He pushes himself up but not before Viduus can get back to his feet. With Dakota on his knees, Viduus grabs him by the back of the head with his left and begins swinging down with his right, driving his fist into Dakota’s face with multiple punches as the crowd counts along.
One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eight! … Nine! … Ten!”

Pulling Dakota up to his feet, Viduus then lifts him into the air before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker. Not releasing Dakota, Viduus stands tall once more and the drops Dakota across his knee with a second backbreaker. Still holding onto Dakota, Viduus then stands once more, lifting Dakota as high as he can to his chest before dropping him a third time across his knee with an even harder backbreaker. Viduus still doesn’t release Dakota after the third backbreaker. He stands back to his feet and positions Dakota on his feet. Pulling Dakota’s head between his legs, Viduus then wraps both arms around his waist to lift him up into the air. Holding Dakota up over his head, Viduus then walks towards the corner at a fast pace before throwing Dakota forward into the corner with a powerbomb! Dakota’s back slams against the corner before he drops to a seated position with his back resting against it.
Rushing in, Viduus connects with a running knee to Dakota’s face as he sits in the corner with nowhere to go. The back of Dakota’s head smacks the turnbuckle from the impact. Reaching down and wrapping his arm around Dakota’s throat, Viduus then pulls him up to his feet. Viduus then drags Dakota to the center of the ring where he then holds him in place and stares into Dakota’s eyes as he chokes him. Placing his other hand on Dakota’s back, Viduus then lifts him into the air as high as he can before throwing him back down to the canvas with a sit-out chokeslam! Laying over Dakota, Viduus then hooks a leg for the pin as the official races in with the count.

JOHNSON: ”Dakota’s still got some life in him!”
VASSA: ”It’s impossible to kill this guy. All you can do is hope to put him down for three seconds and Viduus is getting closer.”
JOHNSON: ”I have to agree with you on the impossible statement. Jair tried to end him but like every monster in a movie or book, he came back with a vengeance.”
Viduus mounts himself on top of Dakota and begins swinging down rapidly with both hands, punching Dakota from both sides with lefts and rights. He doesn’t let up either. Over and over, Viduus pounds his fists against Dakota’s face, even making Dakota bleed from his nose and mouth from the vicious attack. Pushing himself away from Dakota, Viduus stands to his feet. He paces the ring for a short moment before turning back to Dakota and walking over to his. Pulling Dakota up from the mat, Viduus positions himself behind him where he then wraps an arm around Dakota’s head and face.
JOHNSON: ”Viduus is going for his Awakening and that just may do the trick.”
VASSA: ”Let’s just hope that he doesn’t awaken Dakota.”
Viduus then lifts Dakota upside down into the air in a suplex like fashion. Using the weight of his body and momentum as he reaches his highest point, Dakota shifts his weight to make himself drop down behind Viduus as he pulls his head out from Viduus’ arm. Before Viduus can even react, Dakota quickly locks in a full nelson. Exploding with power, Dakota lifts him into the air before pulling him back down into a knee strike to the back of the head!
VASSA: ”Holy shit that came out of nowhere!”
JOHNSON: ”I thought it was going to be lights out for Dakota but he surprised not only us but Viduus as well.”
Viduus falls to mat. Dakota paces the ring with a newfound energy. In the corner of his eye he spots Viduus still showing signs of life as he slowly begins to push himself up. Stopping in his tracks, Dakota even does a double take when he realizes that Viduus isn’t out. Backing up to the ropes, Dakota waits impatiently as Viduus begins to push himself up in a groggy state. Once he gets to all fours, Dakota charges straight for him and levels him with a running knee to the head!
VASSA: ”Where’s WWH?!”
JOHNSON: ”No, that’s what Dakota calls that running knee to the head.”
VASSA: ”Yeah? Well, they’re still a bunch of sister fucking retards over there.”
Pulling Viduus up from the mat, Dakota locks an arm around his head and then hooks a single leg. Lifting Viduus into the air with a fisherman suplex, Dakota then transitions the move into a sit-out spinebuster!
Rolling over Viduus, Dakota hooks a leg with his back resting over Viduus as the official rushes in with the count.

“Welcome To Hell” begins playing over the arena as Dakota slowly rises to his feet. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction, more boos than cheers.
JOHNSON: ”Just when you think things are looking bad for Dakota, he shifts the momentum instantly and finishes off Viduus once and for all.”
VASSA: ”Viduus had him right where he needed him but just couldn’t capitalize to put Dakota down for the three count.”
JOHNSON: ”Those two have had quite a few battles throughout the years and I’m sure there will be even more in the future.”
VASSA: ”Eventually one of these guys are going to kill the other and I just hope I’m there to witness it.”
The official steps in beside Dakota and grabs him by the air to hoist it high above his head.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner… DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
Dakota paces the ring for a moment before climbing through the ropes and dropping down to the outside floor. He grabs the Pride Championship and takes it with him as he leaves ringside and heads up the ramp, never once looking back to the ring.
VASSA: ”I guess he isn’t in a celebrating mood?”
JOHNSON: ”Who knows, Vinny, but that’s it. That’s our show for the night.”
VASSA: ”And a fine one at that if I do say so myself.”
JOHNSON: ”Round two of the Tag Team Into The Future tournament is in the books and we’re down to two final teams who will face off in two weeks at Adrenaline Ninety-Eight.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of the next show. Where are we headed?”
JOHNSON: ”Next on the list is Indianapolis.”
VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ can we please go somewhere warm?”
JOHNSON: ”Before too long Retrograde will be behind us and we’ll be headed down to Miami for South Beach Brawl. Just be patient.”
VASSA: ”That can’t happen soon enough. I’m tired of this cold weather!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a chilly one here tonight in Detroit and I’m sure it will be the same in Indianapolis. Try to stay warm, Folks. From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight.”
The scene cuts to the top of the ramp where Dakota stops one final time to turn back and look to the ring. He then looks over the crowd once more before hoisting the Pride Championship high above his head. Lowering the title, he then turns his back to the crowd and disappears through the curtain. The camera looks over the crowd as it slowly begins to fade out and the closing credits begin to roll.