Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Staples Center, as we are live from Los Angeles, California. The fans here have filled out the Staples Center, as they’re ready for another night of King’s Road action. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, we see Vinny Vassa and Steve Johnson sitting at ringside! They both look happy to be there, as we get right into the show.
JOHNSON: ”Welcome everyone to another Chapter of King’s Road Wrestling! I’m Steve Johnson, with me as always is Vinny Vassa!”
VASSA: ”Howdy Folks!”
JOHNSON: ”Vinny, what a show Chapter Thirty was, and what a main event we had.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, I think Kaelan Laughlin shocked the world with that one. Coming in hurt, everybody thought that Jett Wilder had this match in the bag. Unfortunately for him, my boy didn’t see the swerve coming.”
JOHNSON: ”No he didn’t, Jett Wilder lost the 4CW King’s Road Championship due to outside interference from Hudson Hughes, and yes you heard that one correctly.”
VASSA: ”It seems that Hudson is taking a hands on approach with his company now, and yes I mean his. Gareth Prescott is out of the picture, this place is now ran by one man.”
JOHNSON: ”Things are definitely going to get interesting, as it seems Hudson has hand picked Kaelan to be the champion he wants representing the company this year. What that means for Jett, we don’t know. We do know that he will get his rematch, and hopefully his revenge.”
VASSA: ”I sure hope so too, Jett didn’t deserve any of that. But we’ve got a big show for you tonight. A lot of debuts, a lot of big matches.”
JOHNSON: ”Two big six-person tag team matches end our show tonight, and of course let’s not forget the start of the Openweight Championship Tournament!”
VASSA: ”I’m so excited! Two opening round matches tonight, two more at the next show. We’ve even got a preview of the next show, with Bryan Ford taking on Marilyn Lee Cross. They’ve got a match tonight, but at Chapter Thirty Two they’ll be competing to move onto the next round.”
JOHNSON: ”Certainly a nice preview of what’s to come. We’ve also got Truck Turner and Aokigahara Zombie in action tonight, and something tells me that this won’t be your typical wrestling match.”
VASSA: ”Nah, I don’t see either of these dudes as catch wrestlers. One likes to lift heavy shit, and the other likes to beat the shit out of people. Should be an interesting contest.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve also got tag team action, as Neo Tokyo goes up against the promising team of Johnny Amazing and Angelo Sands.”
VASSA: ”Don’t forget Brad Garrison taking on Ana Valentine.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, it’s going to be a full night of action folks!”
VASSA: ”We’ve got no time to waste, we’re going to cut backstage where I think Jason Mentez is standing by!”

The cameras open up to the still early start of 4CW Kings Road Chapter 31. Two of the pre show talents are walking side by side. Both are in their full gear but one due to the gorilla position in mere minutes gives a cocky smirk with his 2018 End of the Year Award hanging from his neck with a heavy link chain. Jae-Yun Sun moves his locks back and looks to his right where the crowd goes from the mixed boo and cheers to more dominant cheering with Jason Mentez’s face matching the smirk of Jae-Yun.
MENTEZ: “You know dey sell us both short out here fam rite?”
SUN: “I know.”
MENTEZ: “You know dey hatin hard on the fans coming thru for us rite?”
SUN: “I’m aware.”
MENTEZ: “You know dey think us on the pre show need to be laughed at rite?”
SUN: “Then we can show them what they get for thinking.”
Jason’s smirk grows into a full blown smile.
MENTEZ: “My man, handle it.”
They dap up at they reach the gorilla position. Jae Yun takes the award from his next to walk to the ring with.
SUN: Oh most certainly. You better do the same.”

We open to a hallway backstage, where Brooklyn Light and Iota Psi–collectively known as Neo Tokyo–are making their way through, likely getting ready for their match scheduled… well, soon. Brooklyn impatiently tugs on her jacket and tightens her gloves, while her partner seems fully composed. As they pass by, Brooklyn suddenly stops… and turns her attention straight toward the camera.
LIGHT: ”Hey. That thing on? We live?”
PSI: “Brooklyn, no–“
LIGHT: ”Brooklyn yes. I got somethin’ to say.”
She steps closer to the camera, straightening her shoulders before pointing an accusatory finger.
LIGHT: ”I’m sure most o’ you watched Adrenaline. For those that didn’t, here’s the tee el dee arr version–Neo Tokyo took on Baelin Club. That’s right, your local cyberpunks entered the Tag Team Into The Future tournament. I been gettin’ texts and phone calls all week, people askin’ me if we’re crazy, people wonderin’ what we were thinkin’. We tangoed with your King’s Road champion.”
PSI: “And her husband.”
LIGHT: ”–And her husband. Did we win? No. Hell no we didn’t win, we fought hard and we got our asses beat. But y’know what? We went out there and we did it. It was an open challenge and we took it. We knew full well we were in over our heads, and we took that plunge anyway, and y’know what else? We didn’t spot too many folks from outside 4CDub in that tournament. We didn’t see too many familiar faces from here, and we sure as HELL didn’t see any Valentines out there.”
Brooklyn pauses, taking a deep, uneven breath.
LIGHT: ”People wanna know what we were thinkin’, I’ll tell ya. We were thinkin’ we got a pair.”
PSI: ”Metaphorically. We’re both women. I mean, it’s 2019, you can be a woman and have a pair if that’s what–“
Brooklyn cuts her off and keeps going.
LIGHT: ”We were thinkin’ we’re gonna do anything and everything we can to get our names out there. We were thinkin’ there’s no challenge so steep that we won’t take it, and tonight? You don’t gotta be psychic to know what we’re thinkin’. Angelo Sands and Johnny Amazing are a couple o’ cool guys. Nice. Respectable. I like ’em. S’not gonna protect ’em, though, ‘cuz I got steam to blow off and Neo Tokyo? We got somethin’ to make real clear to every other tag team here in King’s Road.”
PSI: ”Our message is simple, really. We don’t wait for opportunities. We hunt them down. We make them. We’re dogs that neither know nor care how small they are, and we have no compunctions biting.”
LIGHT: ”An’ if you don’t want none? Y’might wanna step back, get the hell outta our way. We blew our shot at one set o’ tag team titles–but hey, 4CDub’s not even our company. King’s Road is. We’re here for the long haul, baby… and we got pretty psyched about havin’ gold on our shoulders. Might have to make ourselves another opportunity… real friggen soon.”
Brooklyn thumbs her nose, and inhales sharply. She turns, and she and Iota Psi march their way off camera.


It’s the start of the Openweight Tournament! Olivia Wythe gets a nice reception from the crowd, as they enjoyed her performance at Chapter Thirty. Astro Clyde gets a warmer reception, however, as the crowd seems to love the guy no matter what. He comes to the ring, hands firmly secured around his arms this time. Olivia looks a bit confused, curious as to why Astro has larger than normal hands. The bell rings and Astro tries to explain his situation, and why his hands are so massive at the moment. Olivia doesn’t waste a second, trying to roll Astro up for the pin! Luckily for him, he’s able to slip out of the hold, confused as to why Olivia would try and do something like that. She smirks, continuing to try and attack Astro as the match goes on. Astro is able to slip through her attempts, however, despite the massive hands attached to his forearms. Olivia tries for a Saito Suplex early, but Astro is able to flip out of the move and land on his feet. Olivia attempts a Fisherman Suplex, but again Astro is able to get out of the move. Olivia can’t seem to get a good grasp on Astro Clyde, who promptly explains to Olivia that he covered himself head to toe in baby oil before his match. Olivia tries to complain to the official, but he’s hearing none of it! It doesn’t matter, as Astro catches Olivia with a Spinning Backfist! The move stuns her long enough for Astro to connect with a Spinning Headscissors Takedown! The crowd is firmly behind Astro Clyde, as he continues to move around the ring with such grace. Olivia cannot stop him, as Astro connects with a Missile Dropkick and a Flying Shoulder Tackle! She looks to be in big trouble, as Astro sets himself up for the Out of Orbit. Astro launches through the air, landing on Olivia with a Moonsault Double Kneedrop! With the full weight of himself and his massive hands, landing on Olivia it’s no surprise that Astro comes away with the victory tonight!
Winner: Astro Clyde via Pinfall (4:37)

We head to the backstage area, where Gabe Hartman is standing by, seemingly ready to begin an interview.
HARTMAN: ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Angelo Sands and Johnny Amazing.”
Angelo enters from the right side of Hartman while Johnny comes in from the left. The interviewer looks at them both before Sands gives him a hard slap on the back, nearly sending him falling to the ground.
SANDS: ”What’s up, buddy? Long time no see!”
Hartman glares at him as he tries to gather his bearings after getting slapped.
HARTMAN: ”First off, ow! Secondly, it’s been two weeks since we last talked. Not really a long time.”
SANDS: ”Not really a long time?! If I don’t speak to my mother for two weeks, she assumes I’m dead. If I don’t call my sister anytime in the next two weeks, she assumes I’m dead too. If I don’t eat Chinese food in the next two weeks, I will probably die, not gonna lie to you. Two weeks is a long time, pal.”
Sands then looks over at Amazing and points to Hartman, mouthing “this guy” before Hartman gets to the questions.
HARTMAN: ”Whatever. We’re here for an interview, not small talk. Johnny, you team up with this guy tonight against an actual team. Worried he won’t hold up his half of the work? After all, his other tag match here saw Lauryn Wolfe, his partner, get beaten while he was still trying to pick himself up off the ground. You worried at all about?”
Johnny shoots Hartman a look as if what he just sprouted off doesn’t make a lick of sense.
AMAZING: ”Are you kidding me? You’re going to take a single tag team incident, albeit the most recent, but a single tag team incident from this guy and paint him as if he’s a terrible tag team wrestler? Is this some personal issue with you two? I’m sensing a little bit of tension here.”
Johnny motions between the two men, shooting his look back and forth between them. Angelo obviously shrugs his shoulders, completely oblivious to any possible tension, while Hartman isn’t going to speak up.
AMAZING: ”This guy is a four-time…. What’s that, Angelo?”
SANDS: ”Four time.”
AMAZING: ”Hartman? Your turn.”
HARTMAN: ”Uh… four time?”
AMAZING: ”FOUR TIME tag team champion. That’s impressive. That’s all I’m looking at when it comes to us being out in the ring tonight. I have a very experienced tag team wrestler on my side. So whether or not his last match was successful doesn’t negate that type of success. At least not until it becomes habitual!”
Hartman sighs before turning to Angelo.
HARTMAN: ”How do you feel about your opponents then?”
SANDS: ”Well, they’re coming in with a little chip on their shoulder, aren’t they? They just fell to Baelin Club a couple of days ago, so they really want to get back on the same page. As a tag team, you don’t want to be taking too many losses in a row. Hurts any momentum you might have. A win here tonight, even if it’s against a pair of guys who have never teamed together, is still big for them. So we gotta keep our head on a swivel out there and hope it leads to a big win for us and more momentum in both of our careers.”
Hartman turns to Johnny, but he’s silently watching Angelo and nodding along.
HARTMAN: ”Um, your thoughts?”
AMAZING: ”You kidding? I couldn’t have said it better myself. This man has a way with words, much like he has a way with tag team wrestling. I might have to look into making this a full time gig. Sure would make every show easier on me, eh?”
Johnny chuckles and nudges Hartman with his elbow.
HARTMAN: ”Sure, okay, whatever. This interview has officially gotten Tumblr shipping you both as a couple now. Congrats.”
Angelo begins laughing while Johnny just shakes his head.
SANDS: ”Won’t be the first or last time I was involved in one of those Tumblr ships.”
HARTMAN: ”How would you know that?”
SANDS: ”You go down a rabbit hole enough, you’ll find that the internet is a daaaaark and scary place. There’s people out there who roleplay as other people. It’s like that thing Robert Downey Jr said in Tropic Thunder.”
Sands clears his throat.
SANDS: ”’I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.’ Great movie, you should really watch it, Gabriel.”
Hartman lets out a sigh before he turns to Amazing.
HARTMAN: ”This interview has gone off the rails. Is there anything else you’d like to add, Johnny? Hopefully not a line from a cheesy comedy?”
Johnny opens his mouth to say something and raises a single finger into the air. He hesitates… longer he hesitates… nothing appears to be coming to mind. Hartman leans forward in anticipation and after long enough, he brings the microphone back to himself. As his mouth opens, Johnny throws his arm around his shoulders, startling him.
AMAZING: ”Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
HARTMAN: ”What? My name isn’t Louis? And that doesn’t have anything… I mean that’s not… it’s…”
AMAZING: ”…not a cheesy comedy.”
Johnny points out, almost literally by poking Hartman in the chest with a single finger. Hartman sighs.
HARTMAN: ”No. No, it’s not.”
SANDS: ”Alright, well, now you’re just wasting the time here, Gabe. We need to go now. We’ve got a tag match we gotta go out there and win.”
Angelo motions to Johnny and the two make their leave, beginning to go over a game plan with one another as they disappear from the shot. Hartman, on the other hand, just seems to be at the end of his rope as he lets out a sigh before we cut to ringside.


Neo Tokyo looked determined before the bell even rang, perhaps it was their sense of urgency after having lost to Baelin Club on Adrenaline that gave them purpose. Either way they were focused in as Johnny and Angelo tried to figure out some last second strategy including who was going to start the match as the bell rang. Brooklyn wasted little time working Angelo over in the corner with stiff strikes charging him immediately. She then climbs the corner and counts out ten punches as she plants them into Angelo’s face. She is however unaware that Johnny tagged himself in as he plays it slow and waits for Brooklyn to hop off of Angelo in the corner and bulldog him center ring. She tried a quick pin but couldn’t figure out why the referee wasn’t slapping his hand down until Johnny was crashing against her back with a springboard shooting star press. He tried a pinfall quickly but Brooklyn kicked out at 2. Johnny then hit a standing moonsault for another near fall, this time the pin broken up by PSI. Johnny tried to recover and get PSI out of the ring but Brooklyn hit a Russian leg sweep that she rolled through before popping up into a double foot stomp on Johnny, still only a near fall. Brooklyn brought Johnny into the corner where her and PSI applied a smart strategy of quick strikes accompanied with quick tags to try and keep Johnny off balance and ground him. PSI eventually remained the legal participant in the match and used the middle rope to crank Johnny’s leg while Brooklyn, illegally, pulled back on Johnny’s chin using the turnbuckle as a modified camel clutch. Angelo got into the ring to stop it, but PSI quickly brought that to the attention of the referee who turned to get him out. Brooklyn and PSI now both were in the ring and as Brooklyn hit a drop toe hold on a stumbling Johnny PSI nearly took his head off with a sliding baseball kick. Finally the referee turns around to count for PSI but it’s only a near fall.
PSI pops to her feet to hit her own standing moonsa-NO! Johnny gets the knees up! Psi doesn’t get the chance to recover as Johnny quickly rolled her into a cradle for a quick near fall. Johnny is up and on fire now. He backs into the corner and waits for Psi to get to her feet – he gives her the finger point gun with the wink which can only me-TAG! WHAT?! Angelo tagged himself in and Johnny is in shock. He turns to Angelo who can’t see anything wrong with what he did as he gets into the ring with a springboard leg drop and quick near fall. Johnny is still shocked on the apron, even asking fans front row if they saw that. Angelo lifts Psi up and chops her into the corner where his partner is sarcastically applauding. Angelo then lifts Psi up to sit on the top turnbuckle as he pumps up the crowd before hitting th-TAG! OH BOY. Johnny tags himself in now and tells Angelo to get out, now he’s angry and all but trash talking his own partner who hits a standing hurricanrana to Psi sitting on the turnbuckle! AMAZING VERTICAL! Johnny slaps his chest and looks at Angelo as the two of them share more unpleasant words. Johnny lifts Psi up, still locking eyes with Angelo an-Psi hits a forearm! AND ANOTHER! She’s taking advantage of the two men having a pissing contest and now kicks away at Johnny’s legs. Johnny whips her across the ring using his size an- TORNADO DDT FROM Psi! Johnny is down! Brooklyn is trying to WILLLLL Psi to make the tag and SHE DOES! BROOKLYN IS IN THE RING! She whips Johnny into the corner and Angelo grabs another blind tag as Brooklyn hits running double knees! She struggles to but eventually lifts Johnny to her shoulders hitting a flapjack! Now Brooklyn climbs the corner, pumping up the crowd- But Johnny kips up! Angelo tells him he’s the legal man in the middle of the ring and shoves Johnny to the side as Psi hits a headscissors out of nowhere and sends Johnny back into Angelo! HOPE RIDES ALONE! DOUBLE KNEES to Angelo! And the pin for the victory!
Winners: Neo Tokyo via Pinfall (10:02)

Fallon Lockhart sits on a production crate backstage, her legs swing from side to side as the tiny Skellicorn can’t quite reach the floor, the very tips of her sneakers just scraping along the floor as she swings her legs. Bright pink and purple hair sticks out from under the hood of her sweatshirt and a huge smile on her face gives off an excited and pleasant demeanour. Looking around she cranes her head back to look up at the ceiling and then up and down the hallway, she lets out an excited but long sigh and shakes her head almost in disbelief.
LOCKHART: “Ya know, if anyone had told me I’d be here a year ago, I prolly woulda thought they was on somethin… I mean, lil ole me, here n actually having a match? Even sayin it out loud right now it kinda sounds like insanity, just in a like, rly rly good way.”
She nods her head along with her words, adding all the more enthusiasm to her excited and cheery tone.
LOCKHART: “But I ain’t gonna sit back n act like I don’t got just as much reason to be here as anyone else. Sure, I got a whole lot to prove I mean, outside of here even, I’m still not exactly a household name… I got my fans n my followers n they’re honestly freakin awesome, but comin here? That’s something else n it’s gonna need a whole lot more from me… I guess that’s why I wanted this chance to introduce myself here tonight, cause I wanted an opportunity to give just a lil brief show of what u can come to expect. I ain’t the girl who’s gonna talk tough or get rowdy, that just ain’t my way… anyone who does know me knows one thing for sure, I’m all about doin things the right way.”
Another smile, with more enthusiastic head nods, she wobbled a little on the crate but steadies herself with a slightly embarrassed laugh.
LOCKHART: “n sure, some people are gonna scoff at that. They’re gonna tell me how I can’t get the job done with that attitude, that some time, one day, that’s gonna slip n I’m gonna break. But that just ain’t true, see… I’m gonna give it my all, every single time I step out there, because I can’t be matched in heart, knock me down n I’m gettin right back up, I know I ain’t gonna win every match n I know I ain’t gonna win everyone over but… The approval I want? The victories I’m gonna earn? They ain’t for the people I’m workin with, not at all. They’re for the fans, that’s who I wanna see get behind me, that’s who I wanna be heard by, cause everywhere I go, a big forum like this, or the smallest ring in the tiniest gym, the one thing I wanna be doin, is makin sure I’m heard, so those who don’t get heard? Can be too.”
With that, we cut away to the ringside area for another segment.

We jump back into the bowels of the building and catch Lisa marching toward her match with Gregg Peake.
So far she’s had a number of run ins with Gregg, dating back to Red State Revolver when he continually made a point of interrupting her matches or spoiling her matches. There’s also often been a strange, underlying feeling that he wants to kidnap and either marry her or wear her skin like a coat.
Gregg says he’s turned over a new leaf, but he’s always been a kinda creepy guy. None of that is on Lisa’s mind right now however, as she rounds the corner and passes by Astro Clyde, standing off to one side.
The spaceman doesn’t notice her and so she moves to carry on her way, but the sight brings her back. She stops for a moment and stares at Astro Clyde, flexing his giant hands and smiling at them with childish glee. She gives it a second before shaking her head.
SELDON: “ Freaky big hand weirdo.
Then she carries on, leaving him to it.


Gregg Peake came into this match with the biggest babyface energy you ever did see. He was everywhere, high-fiving the fans across the front row. This was unfortunate for Lisa, who didn’t seem to be prepared for this kind of behaviour. She figured Gregg would be crazy again, having to go through this situation all over again. Not too sure if she has before, but I kind of feel like she has so I’m going with it. Gregg strikes first, catching Lisa by surprise with a ravenous attack of Forearm Shots. These shots made room for a series of Chops, as Lisa did her best to just survive through it all. Gregg was certainly on a roll, tossing Lisa up into the air with a Rolling Release Suplex. It was certainly a sight to see, as Gregg took complete control of the match. He seemed to be firing on all cylinders, his pace just unrelenting from the moment the bell started. However, Lisa waited for the best time to strike, catching Gregg off guard as he took a moment to catch his breath. Didn’t take very long for this to happen, as Gregg quickly gassed out from his previous attack on Lisa. Gregg was quickly on the ropes, now he was the one facing a vicious onslaught from Lisa Seldon. Lisa swarmed all over him, connecting with a Spinning Back Elbow and a Spinning Legsweep. Gregg Peake was certainly in over his head, as the crowd firmly got behind Lisa as the match continued. Gregg tried to put her down with a Backbreaker, but it only side-tracked her for the moment. Lisa was soon back in the contest, connecting with a Spinning Heelkick that would knock Gregg down and out of the ring. Gregg would try to recover on the outside, but Lisa was right there waiting for him to do so. She launched herself towards her opponent, a Spaceman Plancha connecting on the outside! With Gregg down for the moment, it seemed that all of the momentum was going right towards Lisa.
Lisa kept control for a little while longer, catching Gregg in a Sitout Jawbreaker! The move put Gregg down, but not completely out as he was able to kick out of her pinning attempt. Gregg was starting to fight back as he got to his feet, Lisa knew she needed to end this match soon. She knew she would be in trouble otherwise, and connected with a X-Factor. The move wasn’t enough to keep Gregg down though, and soon enough he was making his comeback. Despite Lisa’s best efforts, she could not keep him down long enough to stop it. Gregg was fighting back, and regaining control of the match. He took her down with a Piledriver, spiking Lisa headfirst into the ring. It almost got him the victory, but Lisa was holding strong. She kicked out in time, leaving the fans breathless for a moment. Gregg tried for another Piledriver, but Lisa was able to slip out in time. She attempted another Running Yakuza Kick, but Gregg caught her in the attempt! Lifting Lisa up, Gregg quickly pulled her into The Snapback! The DDT putting Lisa down for the moment, allowing Gregg a chance to end this match. A furious display of action came forth, as Gregg soon took complete control of the match. A Release German Suplex, an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, and a Jumping Knee Strike all soon connected. Lisa was quickly in a bad way, having to overcome the comeback of Gregg Peake. A Lotus Lock kept the control in his favor, as Lisa tried to find a way out of the hold. She soon rolled out of it, connecting with a Back Brain Kick that put Gregg down for the moment. With Gregg down for the moment, Lisa sprung into action as she headed towards the top rope. Once on the top turnbuckle, however, Gregg popped up to his feet. He rushed towards the turnbuckle, but Lisa was able to fight him off. She attacked with a series of Forearms, knocking Gregg into a Tree of Woe! He tried to position himself out of it, but Lisa was able to use this and connect with the Horror Pop! The knees drove straight through Gregg, knocking him down to the canvas! There was no stopping Lisa now, with her opponent in a bad way she was quick to go for The Man Opener! The kick landed true, knocking Gregg down and out as Lisa quickly covered him for the victory!
Winner: Lisa Seldon via Pinfall (10:11)

Heading backstage, the crowd lets out an enthusiastic pop when they get a view of their former champion, Jett Wilder. While they may be happy to see him, Jett is not pleased with the current situation at King’s Road at all, having just been screwed by the acting authority of the brand. After storming into the arena flanked by his new manager Jasmine, Jett is looking around furiously.
WILDER: “We need to find that loser Hudson right now! I am going to rip him apart!”
Prepared to storm off and look for the small man, Jett is stopped by Jasmine before he can let his anger gui him. She places a hand on his chest, annoying him slightly and making him huff as he is determined to get back at the man who ripped the belt from his hands.
JASMINE: “Please, calm down, Jett. He is around here somewhere and can’t hide for long. We will find him, okay? Just think of it like a game of hide and seek.”
The mention of one of his favorite past times seems to momentarily calm Jett down. Nodding his head in agreement, that it would be kind of fun.
WILDER: “I mean, I would totally beat you to finding him, but either way when we do, he is mine.”
For the moment Jett is interested in playing a friendly game of hide and seek, though if he gets his way it will be anything but friendly when he finds his boss. Pointing away at a random wall, Jasmine goes for the oldest trick in the book.
JASMINE: “Look over there!”
Jasmine rushes off to win, as Jett takes way longer than he should to realize that it was all a ploy. Angrily storming off on his journey. Faced with the tough test of finding Hudson in a backstage area filled with Ana Valentine and all her forty kids. Lauryn Wolfe and her video game devices and various friends of Phe. And hopefully, for Jett, Hudson.

Sitting in his locker room, Jeremy Warren is finishing wrapping black tape around his wrists. Cutting the tape with his teeth, he puts it back in his bag, finally looking up at the camera.
WARREN: “You know, it’s way too easy to look at this situation and see it as a defeat. When you debut in a new company, lose and end up in the pre-show on the following card?”
He lets out a chuckle, shaking his head.
WARREN: “That sounds like a nice way to tell you that you’re not good enough. That you failed, that management had expectations and you didn’t measure up.”
Standing up on his feet, Jeremy cracks his knuckles, moving his head in circles.
WARREN: “And honestly? That’s not entirely wrong. But I prefer looking at it and seeing it as an opportunity, a chance to prove that one bad night can happen, but I didn’t lost my touch. Bryan Ford was the better man at King’s Road 30, he beat me fair and square and I’m sure he’s going to have a great future here in this company, and I will be rooting for him in this the Openweight Title tournament… But make no mistake, Bryan, we’re going to meet again. I didn’t come to King’s Road to sit on the pre-show, I joined this company because I want to prove that I’m not a fluke, that I’m not a one hit wonder. Because I want to be the best. Two weeks ago, it was just a minor setback, and I’m sure I will meet more on my path. But no matter how many times I will fall, I will always stand up again. No matter how many teeth I’m gonna leave on that ring, I will keep picking myself up and smile. Because I know that glory awaits at the end of this road. And one day, one step at a time, I will get there.”
Now ready for his match, Jeremy leaves the locker room, as the camera cuts to ringside.


Ford and Cross circled each other in the ring sizing one another up after the bell before going right in with a tie up. Cross getting the advantage first with a side headlock but after her takedown Ford grabbed her head with a leg scissors before she kipped out. The second elbow collar would be just that, exact the opposite. Fords side headlock takedown her leg scissors and his kip up. Cross loved it, she went for a showing of sportsmanship and Ford couldn’t care less and slapped away her offer. Cross shrugged as the two went in again except this time Ford ducked under and wrenched her arm across her lower back but then Cross brilliantly reversed it! Ford displayed his technical abilities by pulling on Cross’ hair to get her over his shoulder and to the mat where he placed his knee into her shoulder blades and pulled back on her chin. Ford, clearly stronger than Cross, was relishing in the moment until Cross bridged and broke the hold with an open palm strike. This began an impressive display of back and forth attempts at strikes that were all reversed or dodged back and forth between the two competitors when we usually just see a slugfest this was a basically a class for self defense that went on long enough for the fans to climb in cheering an eventually end in a climax of cheers when Cross whipped Ford into the ropes and he moonsaults over her and landed on his feet and they had a stare down. Once again Cross tried to extend her hand in sportsmanship, last time was whatever but she wants him to listen to the crowd and Ford extends his han-OH! HE SLAPS CROSS in her face! Her eyebrows raise and whatever dark side erupted out of the usually bubbly woman even had the fans shook. Cross fired rapidfire open palm strikes followed by spinning backfist and European uppercut that put Ford into the corner. Cross hit a shining wizard while Ford tried to shake the cobwebs out and when he dropped to take a seat he ate a cannonball for his efforts! GOOD LORD! Cross is on fire and the fans LOVE IT! She goes back to the corner to follow up but Ford pulls her in and her shoulder hits in the ring post! He tries to roll her up but only gets a one count. Ford leaps up and hits an elbow drop but only gets another one count! Cross uses the ropes to get up but gets ABSOLUTELY LAUNCHED into the corner with a sprinting European uppercut from Ford! He walks around the ring and tells fans to watch how a real wrestler hits a cannonball-NOPE! CROSS MOVED!
Ford is wrapped in the ropes Cross waits for him to get up and superkicks his knee from under him. Ford drops but not before Cross is off the ropes and hits a running blockbuster for a near fall! Cross is feeding off the crowd energy as he lifts Ford again this time looking for a swinging neckbreaker but Ford swings himself right out of it and delivers a LOUD bicycle knee into a discus lariat nearing tearing MLC’s head off! BUT STILL only a near fall! Ford is growing frustrated and stands back stalking Cross, begging her to stand up. He tells the fans to shush up and listen to this. He sprints at Cross as she stands and hits an exploding dropkick that sends her back first into the corner suffering basic whiplash. She falls flat as Ford climbs the top and hits a 450 splash! BUT STILLLLL A NEARFALL!!!!! I mean we’re talking 2.9999 repeated. Ford is demanding the referee count change his mind to that being a three count. Meanwhile the fans are reviving MLC with an “M-L-C” chant. Ford tells them to shut the hell up as he grabs her by the hair slowly lifting her to her feet. He puts her on his shoulders and throws her in front of him looking for the SUDDEN SILENC-NO! MLC WIGGLES OFF HIS BACK! Ford turns back an- CATCH YOUR BREATH! MLC hits the spear. She’s trying to find the strength to get to her feet first to hit the rear yakuza kick JOHN WILKES BOO-NO! FORD DUCKS! Cross tries to pop back u-B FORD AND AFTER! THE SPRINTING BICYCLE KICK! FOR THE THREE COUNT AND THE WIN!
Winner: Bryan Ford via Pinfall (09:14)

We cut to the parking lot as Chris Constantine Jr. steps out of a Tesla Car and looks out at the beautiful California view in front of him. With a huge smile on his face he walks to the other side of the car and opens the driver side door to help his wife, Olivia Constantine, out. Pulling out a travel suitcase from the trunk, Chris walks with Olivia who has a plate full of cookies.
Chris Constantine Jr: ”Ladies And Gentlemen! We come bringing cookies like I said we would on my twitter handle @onepercentinc. Follow me and see what matches I’ll be performing in the near future. And buy my merch! We’re looking at building a new counter top at our house in Chicago. Now I know I promised cookies for Dave, who may or may not still be working for King’s Road, but we have enough for everyone. So come on in and take some boys.”
Chris grabs some cookies from the plate and starts to hand them out to the camera crew.
Chris Constantine Jr: ”Don’t think I forgot about you boom mic dude. You can have one but I don’t want that fuzz ball part falling on my face while you’re stuffing your face with a cookie.”
Standing next to his wife, Chris looks at the camera crew with a big smile as everyone chews on his wife’s cookies.
Chris Constantine Jr: ”Good right? I swear I could eat them all day but then I’d get fat and I wouldn’t be much of a wrestler then. So, I’m guessing you guys wanted to get a few words from me on my first ever King’s Road match, which I should add is the main event. Well first let’s get out of the sun and get some shade. It’ll make me feel better and I’m sure it’d make you all feel better to be under some shade.”
Grabbing his suitcase, Chris and Olivia make their way to the garage part of the arena so that they can get out of the sun. Finding a good area to continue the segment, Chris stops and looks back at the camera crew.
Chris Constantine Jr: ”We cool here? Video feed alright? Boom guy, you still hear me? Good. Now last Monday, I think it was the 7th over in Scotland for Evolution Wrestling, I had my first major wrestling show. It was a gimmick battle royal match where I was the fifth to last person eliminated. Uneventful I know but the point I’m trying to make is that even though I’m new to the industry, new to King’s Road, and I’ve barely showed anything to prove I’m worthy of anything yet to the wrestling world…..I’m in tonight’s Main Event. Do you know how many people in Kings Road can say that? That their first match in Kings Road is the Main Event. You got guys in the locker room who’ve been waiting their entire time in Kings Road to get that Main Event spot and yet they haven’t gotten it yet. Never even sniffed it. And they never will because they don’t have the brass balls to pick up that phone or knock on the door and have a civil conversation with management. That’s what I did. I didn’t break down the door to the bosses office and cuss and yell and demand to be in the main event. I didn’t put chapstick on my lips and kiss ass until my lips were blue. I told them the truth. That I was a Constantine, I would put eyeballs on their product and that I would make them money. And after a few glasses of whiskey and a cigar or two later, we had worked something out.”
Chris let’s a grin escape his lips.
Chris Constantine Jr: ”Now tonight I don’t plan on amazing you all with my strength or my speed or my athleticism. I’ll tell you right now I’m not the best wrestler on the roster. Probably the worse. But I can tell you right now, I’m going to be the best sports entertainer this company has ever had. And with Hudson Hughes being our good luck charm and my beautiful wife giving us inspiration with her beauty, The Kings Road Champion Kaelan Laughlin, Alexis Kennedy, and myself are going to win this match tonight in clean fashion. Speaking of my tag partners…..are they in the men’s locker room or the female? I read their tweets about who’s penis is bigger between the two, and in today’s society where men can be women and women can be men, I don’t know if they were joking or serious. So any of you guys know?…..No? Cool. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed the cookies. Now excuse me, I have to go find Dave who may or may not be fired. Good day Gentlemen.”
Grabbing his suitcase, Chris and Olivia walk off.


Tensions were high as Ana Valentine came to the ring with Tommy Knox, Brad Garrison was not to be outdone as his brother quickly joined him. Before the match could even start the two teams were at each other’s throats. Tommy made sure to send a message first, attacking Chad Garrison before the bell could even ring. Ana Valentine soon got into the mix, as Brad Garrison quickly jumped in. Before we knew it, and before the match even begun the two teams were brawling on the outside. Brad and Chad soon got the advantage, connecting with a Double Superkick to Ana Valentine on the outside! Tommy Knox soon got revenge, tossing Chad over into the audience and Brad headfirst into the steel steps! The officials quickly stepped in, kicking out Tommy and Chad from the ringside area. Ana and Brad soon enough were in the ring, and starting the match. Both were feeling the effects of the brawl on the outside, however. Ana looked to be out of it, as Brad quickly got the advantage in the beginning of the match. A Hurricanrana was followed by a Superkick, leaving Ana to fall outside of the ring. Brad Garrison kept the pressure on her, using a series of rest holds to wear her down. Ana wouldn’t be denied, however, as she fought back to get back into the ring. She drove Brad backwards, slamming him into the turnbuckle post. The move was effective, putting Brad down for the moment as Ana rolled back inside of the ring. Ana would follow this up with a series of moves, completely taking back control of the match. A Corner Slingshot Splash connected, followed by a surprising Shooting Star Press out of nowhere! Brad Garrison was not to be upstaged though, soon following up with a Springboard Tornado DDT, and a Shooting Star Press of his own! The two were trading moves, and high-spots. Neither would be denied, as Ana surprised the audience with a Phoenixrana out of nowhere! Brad Garrison was able to kick out of the move though, just in time before the three count! With her opponent down, Ana was ready to end this match quickly. A Cupid’s Kiss was followed up by a Valentine’s Bow, but Brad Garrison was still able to kick out! Ana Valentine was certainly surprised, but not deterred to give up. Brad would fight back, connecting with a Superkick and a 450 Splash! Ana kicked out of this pinning attempt too, leaving the fans completely surprised. These two were beating the hell out of each other, and somebody wouldn’t last long enough. Ana quickly caught Brad by surprise, locking him in a Broken Arrow! Somehow though he was able to escape, catching Ana with another Superkick! Brad again went for a 450 Splash, but Ana was able to roll out of the way! Brad saw this coming, and was able to land on his feet. Brad again would try for another Superkick, but Ana would duck and take Brad down into a Cupid’s Wings! The submission was on tight, and with no place to go Brad would have no choice but to give up!
Winner: Ana Valentine via Submission (7:31)

KENNEDY: “What do you fuckin’ know, I survived my first dance in the Corners Four.”
The camera was already panning in on her as she sat on a crate, her legs a danglin’, her feet kicking back and forth as she sat there, an unlit cigarette dangling between her lips, her sunglasses on top of her head. She was in the full tac gear that comprised her ring regalia, including the stuffed monkey hanging from her shoulder. She looked oddly at peace looking surprisingly ready.
KENNEDY: “First main event ever for me, and it’s my King’s Road debut. I get the distinct feeling that this isn’t about me though. This is about Kaelan and Jett, I’m just the chick they saddled Kaelan with, because they either wanna see what I can do, or they want Kae-Dawg to fail. Probably the latter, let’s be honest, no one counts on me to do shit here, but so far, they’ve had to eat their words.”
Inhaling for a moment, only to pop that cigarette from her lips, looking at the unlit cancer stick almost forlornly.
KENNEDY: “I’m not offended at what Kaelan said. She’s right. Multiple time champs and all she has to back her up is me, and Jack Tillman’s less impressive replacement. I mean, my feathers got ruffled at first but that’s to be fuckin’ expected, no one wants to be told that they’re not enough. I get what she’s sayin’, tho’. I’m not the cavalry. I’m not going to bestow confidence or bring much to the fight beyond what she’s bringin’.”
Pause. Beat. Alexis slid off the crates she was sittin’ on and landed on her feet with a thud, that cocky smirk soon blossoming across her face.
KENNEDY: “Surprise Bitch, that’s where you’re all wrong. I’m Alexis ‘Mother Fucker’ Kennedy. I’m the Princess of Pile Drivers, the Khaleesi of Shit Talking, The Daring Damsel of the DDT, Leia Smacktalker! I’m always out gunned, out classed, and out maneuvered, but I’m NEVER Out-Alexis’d and for you fucking fuckers not in the know? That’s a goddamn important part of ANY fight, y’dig? I’m gonna walk out to that ring tonight, massive cock in hand, and clear that whole fucking ring in this six man tag. I’m not going down like some drunk ass prom queen on her first real date, and I am SURE AS SHIT not gonna let the rest of you think ‘oh great, this bitch’ every time you see me on a card as being partnered with you.”
Rollin’ her shoulders she flicked the unlit cigarette at the camera.
KENNEDY: ”I got a six man tag disaster to prep for. It’s time to go make the chimi fucking changas.”
Finger gunning the camera, Alexis turned and walked off screen.


Aoki came to the ring and began throwing chairs from underneath the ring up over the ropes and onto the canvas before Truck even made his entrance. I guess Aoki took the deathmatch challenge from Truck to heart, more so when Truck’s music hit and Aoki met him in the aisle with a kendo stick ready to go. Truck, however, didn’t have his barbed wire bat that he was tossing around on social media and it didn’t go well for the Hoss. Aoki teed off on truck with the kendo stick over and over as the CLAPS of each strike echoed through the arena. Truck immediately ran down to the ring with Aoki in chase trying to even the odds. Truck did grab a chair from the ring and used it as a shield defending against the kendo stick strikes before tossing it at Aoki’s head and spearing him outside. Truck then mounted Aoki and drove fists into his head for an uncomfortable amount of time. Aoki’s forehead never has much time to heal from his weekly travels and it wont get a break now either as he bleeds all over Trucks hands. Truck takes time to wipe the blood across his chest as he makes his pecs bounce from flexing them for the fans before lifting Aoki off the ground and tossing him into the steps. Truck searches under the ring for something but takes a bit too much time as he is shoved into the ringpost head first and his nose immediately bleeds all over his face. Aoki points to his head to let us know how smart he is as he takes Trucks arm and smashes the bicep against the ringpost he just shoved him into. Aoki tells him to flex again before trying to dislocate Trucks arms using the ringpost by repeatedly smashing it into the steel over and over again. Leaving Truck to recover Aoki sets a table up on the apron and barrier and heads back toards Tru-TRUCK SCHOOL BOYS ZOMBIE! WAIT HES OH MY GOD LIFTING HIM!!!! PERSONAL BEST THROUGH THE TABLE! Truck can’t move but he’s screaming the word zombie over and over again. The two men lay there for quite some time as Truck rolls to look under the ring finding a trash can that he slides into the ring. He beckons Aoki to get to his feet and Aoki is struggling on the apron to hold o- WTFFF Truck put the trash can on Aoki as he stands on the apron. Aoki can’t see anythi-SUICIDE SPEARRRRR!!!! TRUCK SPEARED THE DAMN TRASH CAN!!!!
He’s rolling around in pain holding the arm Zombie tried to take off but Zombie isn’t moving. The trash can is practically formed around his upper body after the fall. Truck leans against the barrier laughing outloud and once again screaming Zombie. The fans are now starting a ‘Zom-bie-kill-er-“ chant and Truck is flexing, with his good arm s he tries to get to his fee-OH MY GOD! THE TRASH CAN SAT UP! Wait…. AOKI SAT UP! The fans are on their feet as the trash can slowly raises and eventually Aoki tosses it aside and we see his bloodied face laughing at Truck and smiling. Truck is shaking his head rapidly he wants no piece of this and tries to reach up and move out of the way but grabs his bad arm and Aoki hits a knee to Truck sandwiching his head into the ring post! Aoki lifts Truck up and fires off multiple elbows finished off with him spitting blood on Truck’s face and headbutting him spreading the broken nose damage. Truck is then rolled in, but only for Aoki to lift him up and drive him into the pile of chairs with the THUNDER FIRE POWERBOMB! He has no intentions of pinning Truck, and he makes that clear as he waved his finger to the crowd before going out to the ring for ANOTHER Table and sets it up in the corner. Truck is trying to crawl out of the chairs but it’s not going to well – Aoki helps dragging him to the canvas just to slap on a single leg boston crab – BUT with a twist! Aoki is sitting in a chair that he’s placed over top of Truck giving himself a platform for better leverage. Truck is shaking his head, refusing to tap. Aoki eventually lets go and Truck crawls from under the chair trying anything just to get away. Aoki sticks his tongue out to the crowd as he starts to open up the chairs and…. Oh god…..he’s turning them leg side up. He’s sitting them upside down so the four rigid legs of the chair are pointing up in the air and he’s creating a damn mortal kombat pit in the middle of the ring. After doing this with nine or ten chairs Aoki walks over to Truck who is trying to decide which hurts worse at this point his leg, arm, or nose and lifts Truck up slowl-NO TRUCK PLAYED POSSUM! Drop toe hold into the ropes! BICYCLE KICK to the back of Aoki’s head and OH GOD A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE CHAIR PIT!!! Aoki is dead god damnit, he must be. Truck is pointing to his head and telling Aoki to stay down.


Truck refuses to accept and gets up like the karate kid craned on one foot with his tongue out mocking Zombi- OH GOD AOKI LUNGED AT TRUCK! HES GUNNA BITE HIS DAMN NOSE OFF!!!! Truck is screaming out in pain before Aoki finally lets go and TO THE LOST! BACK DROP DRIVER INTO THE CHAIR PIT!


Winner: Aokigahara Zombie via Pinfall (10:10)

Later in the show now we find ourselves back in the backstage area where we find Jett Wilder sitting down against a wall pouting. You see, Jett is used to playing hide and seek with his best friend Marquis or his mom, who would both eventually just walk out so he could find them or find the most obvious place to hide. Jett sits there upset and looks ready to give up, until he sees Jasmine walking up toward him. Jett lights up, hoping for some good news on Hudson’s location.
JETT: “Did you find him!?”
He hops up ready to kick some butt, however Jasmine shakes her head no. Jett groans out and is about ready to call it quits before shaking his head.
JETT: “We’re finding him. I know he’s plain and the size of a naked mole rat and totally unnoticeable, but I will find him! we will find him! The game of hide and seek continue.”
Jasmine is sprurised by his outburst, but lets herself get dragged along as Jett grabs her hand and pulls her in a random location. His Hudson Senses tingling.

As the cameras roll on, we go backstage where Lauryn Wolfe and Damien Miri are seen conversing with one another. They’re both smiling and laughing, having a bit of a good time before their match.
WOLFE: “You know, I’m liking our chances tonight. We’ve got a solid talent in Tyson as our partner and I think our experience with these matches will definitely help.”
Damien has a questionable look on his face as he stares at Lauryn, raising an eyebrow at her as if he can’t believe what just came out of her mouth.
MIRI: “I don’t know about that whole Tyson Gregory gimmick but I’m pretty sure you and I are good to go. Not to toot my own horn or anything but.. I am Kind of a big deal when it comes to tag team matches. Some might even call me a Tag team legend. I dunno, I guess I’m good when it comes to these sorta things.”
WOLFE: “Haha. I won’t doubt that for a second.”
MIRI: “Please don’t ever doubt me.”
He playfully nudges her on the right shoulder before turning around to lace up his wrasslin boots.
MIRI: “Seriously though, I know we’ll be fine. You know why?”
Lauryn chuckles, folding her arms.
WOLFE: “I dunno. Why?”
MIRI:: “It’s because we’ve got you.”
He snickers at her, reaching over and effortlessly tossing her the Kings Road Internet Championship.
MIRI: “So as long as you’re you, we’ll be more then fine. We’ll be one hell of a team.”
She catches the title and straps it to her waist, flashing Damien a warm smile.
WOLFE: “Eh, I guess being a shitposting weirdo has gotten me this far, so I guess I don’t need to change a thing. But seriously, thanks.”
She sighs and looks down at the coveted gold that’s in her possession.
WOLFE: “I honestly never thought I’d find a partner that I could trust. Well, aside from the GenNow crew. But I’m glad you have my back. I’m pretty sure Graham would’ve made quick work of me if you hadn’t gotten yourself involved.”
MIRI: “Now I seriously though that you would’ve lost to Gosch but you’re most certainly welcome. I’ve always had your back, even when you thought it was some ploy to get that title. I don’t know, I guess I just thought that you needed someone around. Not only to watch your back but to just kick back with.”
Damien rubs his eyes whilst turning over to Lauryn, flashing a half-smile at the Internet champ.
MIRI: “So… I know you’ve got something that you want to accomplish this year, I mean besides carrying that thing for as long as you possibly can. Goals. Let’s get the mom and dad vibe going right now. Lauryn Wolfe, what are your goals for 2019?”
WOLFE: “Wait. Are you for real right now?”
She laughs and shakes her head.
WOLFE: “What a cheesy-ass questio-”
WOLFE: “Okay, Mr. Damien Hartman. Settle down.”
She nudges him on his shoulder and smirks.
MIRI: “Seriously, shithead. I know you don’t wanna be Internet Champion for 9 million days in a row.”
WOLFE: “Alright, alright! Sheesh. I guess one goal I have is to…. Oh, I don’t know, Dame. I’m really terrible at this kind of thing. I hardly ever think about shit like this.”
MIRI: “Jesus! Are you like this at media events and shit too? Okay, example. I’d probably like to be a champ in Kings Road by the end of the year. You know, beat one of the champs in this place and then hold it for as long as I possibly could. Another goal of mine would be to have a match against one of my favorite wrestlers out here today. Simple shit. Attainable shit. Not like ‘ I want to captain the Normandy’ or something I feel like you’re gonna say to make this thing a joke.”
Lauryn sighs and places her hands on her hips. She takes a few seconds to think about the topic at hand.
WOLFE: “I…guess I just want to be taken seriously. I know, that in itself is corny to say, but I just want to be someone that a lot of wrestlers can look up to and respect. Validation, I guess. I mean, I was associated with Bryan and Bronx. They’d always tell me how I had potential, but that was back when I was fucking up and choking when it mattered the most. I was nothing compared to them.”
She sighs once more, rubbing the back of her neck.
WOLFE: “In fact, that’s all people ever said about me. From the fans to the wrestlers, I was nothing more than wasted potential. And sure, I’ve done well for myself now. I came back and became a champion within a few months of my return, but there’s still a lot left to do. I just want to make sure that what I do will be enough for people to bring up my name constantly. Not just now, but for years to come.”
Damien wraps his arm around her shoulder and reassuringly pulls her in whilst messing with her hair.
MIRI: “What the F- Nevermind. Look, throw all the self doubt and the talks about choking away. You’re you. You’re good. Very good. So good in fact, that I think you’re already a name worth mentioning. People could throw the word GOAT around as a means to compliment someone, but it’s just lazy. I personally think that you’re amazing and in all honesty you’re probably already in talks as one of the greatest to do it. You’ll be fine.”
Letting go of her, Dame takes a few steps toward the locker room door nearby and brushes his hair back one last time before shrugging.
MIRI: “Let’s go out there and make some money, okay?”
He says, holding out a fist for her. Lauryn smiles and nods her head.
WOLFE: “Heh. Yeah. And get the win. That’s the most important thing.”
She brings her own fist out to meet his. Then the two walk out, getting ready for their match.


The first of two six-person tag matches tonight sees the Internet Champion pitted up against her current foe, Graham Gosch. Graham looks frustrated, having lost to Lauryn at Chapter Thirty for the Internet Championship. We can see his frustration as the match begins, as he begins to beat his anger into Tyson Gregory. Lauryn and Damien try to wish Tyson well, but it doesn’t seem to work very much. Graham keeps him dominated for the beginning of the match, slamming him to the mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Tyson tries his best to fight back, but Graham Gosch is a possessed man full of rage. He slams Tyson head first into the corner, using the turnbuckle pad in a very unique manner. Fortunately for Tyson, Graham finds himself tagged out of the match when he gets too close to his corner. Graham looks on, as Eddy Poe makes his way into the ring. Graham isn’t amused, but by this point Eddy is already tangled up with Tyson Gregory. The break was all Tyson needed, as he begins to fight back and get back into the contest. Tyson slams Eddy with a Forearm Shot that stuns him for the moment, allowing Tyson to connect with a beautiful Stalling Suplex. The move isn’t enough to keep Eddy down long enough for the three count, so Tyson makes his way out of the match by tagging out to Damien Miri. Damien and Lauryn hype each other up, as Damien begins to control the match. He uses a series of headlocks, and rest holds to weigh down on Eddy Poe. The size difference isn’t in his favor, and Eddy soon realizes this. He grabs Damien, slamming him to the mat with a Back Suplex! Damien looks to be in trouble, as Eddy connects with a ruthless Charging Clothesline. Damien lands hard, and awkwardly, leaving him in a bad position. Damien tries to recover, but Eddy connects with a Headbutt and follows that up with a Diving Crossbody from the top!
As the match goes on, it becomes clear that Damien is hurt and needs to tag out. Lauryn tries her best to reach out, and tag in. Eddy Poe quickly gets in the way, connecting with a Right Hand that knocks the Champion off of the apron. Tyson Gregory tries to get involved, but he gets blasted with a shot too! With Damien by himself, Eddy Poe tags in Logan Traeger to do some damage. Graham looks annoyed, having wanted to tag into the match. Logan and Eddy perform a few double-team moves to Damien, first connecting with a Double Suplex. Lauryn tries to get involved again, but Logan catches her with a Superkick! Eddy holds Damien into a Backbreaker, as Logan connects with a Knee Drop from the Second Rope! They prove to be an effective team, but Damien hangs in there as he kicks out of their pinning attempts! He’s in trouble, and needs to tag out soon. Logan connects with a Hip Toss onto his Knee, further injuring the already hurt Damien Miri. Damien again tries to tag out, but Logan is right there to stop him. He connects with a Downfall out of nowhere! Damien Miri is in trouble, but he is able to kick out again! Graham calls out to Logan, knowing that Damien is hurt. He wants into the match, and Logan doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter. He tags out, the crowd watching on as Damien gets back to his feet. Graham smirks, knowing he’s facing a hurt man in the ring. He chases Damien around, but Damien is able to keep away from him. Graham finally connects with a Shoulder Tackle, knocking Damien down to the ground. He picks him up, looking to finish him off with the Oh My Gosch! He lifts Damien up for a German Suplex, but Damien is able to slap his hands away from his waist. Getting down to his feet, Damien connects with a Leon’s .22! Graham and Damien fall to the mat, as both teams try to tag back into the match! The crowd soon cheers, as Lauryn Wolfe is finally tagged into this match!
Graham can only look on, as he’s pulled away from his corner. Lauryn begins to lay into him, punches and forearm shots beat Graham down into the opposite corner. Backhand Chops, European Uppercuts, and a Discus Clothesline make short work of an already hurt Graham Gosch. Lauryn waits for him to get back up, connecting with a Tornado DDT from the Second Turnbuckle! Graham rolls out of the ring, as Eddy and Logan make their way back into the match! Tyson quickly enters the ring, knocking Eddy Poe out of the ring with a Clothesline. Logan Traeger quickly dumps him out, over the top rope and to the outside. Damien Miri enters the ring, pushing Lauryn out of the way from a Logan Traeger attack! He avoids a Clothesline attempt, and connects with a Conglomerate Kick! Logan doesn’t fall, allowing Lauryn to connect with one as well! On the outside, Graham gets back up and back into the ring. He knocks Damien down, but Lauryn is right there. A high impact Bicycle Kick connects to the side of Graham’s head, knocking him down to the mat! Damien gets back up, and follows up with a Shining Wizard! Damien looks to the outside, seeing Eddy Poe and Logan Traeger on the outside. They beat down Tyson Gregory, so Damien rushes to that side of the ring and takes them both out with a Suicide Dive! It works, but Damien is once again hurt in the process. With everyone down, it’s up to Lauryn to win for her team. Graham gets to his feet and meets his fate with a Fiery Impulse from Lauryn!
Winners: Lauryn Wolfe, Tyson Gregory & Damien Miri via Pinfall (15:11)

The cameras take us backstage where at first sight the view seems to be that of an empty corridor, that is until the camera itself slightly pans over to see a fairly scruffy looking individual leaning against the wall. This man can be identified as one of the newest signings to King’s Road in Brad Golding and along with him being in his ring gear, he sports a plain black t-shirt with the sleeves poorly cut off. Brad has his eyes closed momentarily whilst staring down at the ground and only opens them after a few seconds of the camera actually being on him.
GOLDING: ”They all said that I wouldn’t make it in this business, yet here I am still standing.”
A smile comes to his face as he only seems to lean back further against the wall, it’s a surprise Brad isn’t even slipping down the wall by the way he’s standing.
GOLDING: ”I never knew that a place such at King’s Road could be out there in the world, but to say that signing pen to paper with this company was just a simple career move is an understatement. It’s the start of something great and clearly management thought that of me, because one look at the card and one of the six names you see in the main event is my name. Some people take offence to this as a rookie stealing the spotlight. I don’t care though, because in this world you take those opportunities and you do not look back. Cry me a river.”
Brad only shrugs his shoulders as he finally decides to stop leaning against the wall, looking straight in front of him at the camera and keeping that smile painted on his face.
GOLDING: ”I knew people like that all the time, jealous of the fact that the newest kid on the block could break their perfect rhythm. However, there seems to be a positive in my teammates for tonight’s match because they have one thing in common. Jett Wilder and Malix Fox. Both men are former King’s Road Champions. I’ll be standing alongside people who have been to the top and back before, so I only hope that they’ll know what they’re doing. Does it mean that I’ll instantly bow down? Not in the slightest. Perhaps I can take a few hints for if I ever end up in that position, it’s a climb to the top that I’m more than willing to take… by any means necessary.”
He moves forward slightly, face almost within inches of touching the camera as his right eye widens.
GOLDING: ”Constantine Jr, Laughlin and Kennedy. One of you falls tonight, it won’t matter though because the result is already envisioned. I win.”
And just like that, the camera fades out and cuts to elsewhere.

Nearing the end of the show now, we return to the back to find Jett Wilder back on his mission to find Hudson Hughes and inflict some damage. He turns the corner, walking around looking everywhere. Suddenly the men’s bathroom door springs open and Jasmine walks out yelling.
JASMINE: “I found the worm!”
Jett rushes towards her and into the bathroom, where Jasmine seemed to have no fear entering. Jett walks inside as you can vaguely see the outlines of Hudson Hughes, standing on the stall so his feet can’t be seen.
JETT: “Hudson get out here now! We can see you.”
HUDSON:”I am not Hudson, this is Dave. Sorry!”
Hudson is doing his best Dave impression, but Jasmine is not having it as shakes her head. She begins to kick the door in as Jett does his best Cheech and Chong voice; further bringing up questions on how Jett knows about them, perhaps Marquis.
JETT: “Dave’s not here, man!”
Finally the door is kicked in by Jasmine as Hudson walks out puffing up his chest trying to show no fear, but he is obviously way more scared of the wild card Jasmine than he is of Jett. Who – like a bully from a movie because Jett does nothing but watch movies from the early 2000s – walks up, grabbing Hudson by his sweater vest. Hudson, doesn’t seem too bothered by anything other than the wrinkles this grabbing might cause.
HUDSON:”Okay, watch your greasy hands unless you’re paying for my dry cleaning, seriously. This was cute and all, your little bodyguard girlfriend, but this shirt is expensive.”
Jett looks perplexed for a moment and Jasmine doesn’t look very impressed, not immediately recognizing the shirt as designer. Jett shakes his head, tightening his grip as he gives Hudson a little shake.
WILDER: “Listen! This is my manager Jasmine, she has clearance, kapeesh? Oh and that rematch? She’ll be there. And if you even try to get involved, she or I will hurt you.”
Hudson looks at Jett and then Jasmine.
HUDSON:”Okay, so you or her? 120 pounds soaking wet, she’s going to hurt me? You’re actually serious? Okay, well-”
Before Hudson can continue talking, Jett suddenly drops his grip, letting Hudson fall before he could continue talking. Hudson scrambles to his feet as Jett steps back to give him room once again in the stall. Jasmine beams at Jett, even as the boy dusts his hands off as if disgusted.
WILDER: “Now go clean up, you stink.”
Wilder smirks at his line as he walks off, leaving Hudson behind with Jasmine. Hudson stares down Jasmine as he edges toward the exit of the stall. She glares back at him. He stays reserved until the girl throws him a fake out punch that causes him to flinch slight;y before she laughs. She extends her hand out to him.
JASMINE: “No, but honestly, jokes aside, great to meet you. Looking forward to working with Jett on this brand. Do your best to not, you know, purposely make him too angry. You have a good day.
Hudson takes her hand and shakes it quickly, the whole situation surreal. In a way, how can one be afraid of such a small girl or even Jett himself, as he was a bit of a child. Really, though, Hudson wasn’t afraid of either of them. However, being caught with his pants down literally, He didn’t have much to say as Jasmine went off like a puppy to follow Jett.
Hudson scoffs and zips up.
HUDSON:”We’ll see who gets hurt in the end.”
The scene fades out as Hudson finally gets to the sink to wash his hands.


Brad, eager to earn his way in 4CW started this one out with Alexis who assured Chris and Kaelan both that “she’s got this little bitch” As the bell rang the two sprinted towards each other and just opened up with rights and lefts. A backhand chop to snap jab combo combination from Alexis combined with a European uppercut to forearm mix from Brad. These two wasted little time wanting 4CW to get to know their names. From there they back each other into neutral corners before each of them slipped up and allowed the other one to jump in. Alexis tried a discus lariat and missed long enough for Brad to get momentum off the opposite corner and try to hit a leaping forearm. They picked up the pace a bit after Alexis failed to land a knee to the ribs and Brad got a hold of her leg and threw her over his head . She’d reach out for the tag but Brad grabbed a hold of her leg and locked in a kneebar. Brad used his slight size advantage to slide them mid hold into the corner where he reaches out to tag Mali-NOPE JETT TAGS IN! Brad holds on long enough for Jet to get on the second rope and hit an elbow to her lower back. Jett then tries to tell Brad he could have made her tap if he would have just locked in the knee bar like hi-ALEXIS SCOOTS OUT AND LEAPS ACROSS THE RING TAGGING IN KAELAN!!!!

….but she only gets in the ring long enough to tag in Chris Constantine. Jett rolls his eyes HARD! He can’t believe it, yet he expected it too. Kaelan explains that she doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone because she’s the champion – Jett thinks she’s a chump. None the less Chris aggressively goes at Jett who does everything in his power not to actively engage with him, yet manages to still get the upper hand. Striking a moving like a world class boxer, then a slick baseball slide under the legs followed by a rope rebound tornado ddt had the fans lit. He was eating it up to-ROLL UP! NEAR FALL! Constantine tried but Jett kicked out and backed into the corner in disbelief. He was pointing at Christ like, really dude. You tried to roll up the Future Amazing Great! Chris charges again and Jett ducks between the ropes but he puts his foot there long enough to make contact with Constantine so he can slip to the apron for another springboard move, this time the dropkick! And he tries to roll Constantine up but only gets a two count. Jett is talking smack and Constantine shoves him with force into the corner where Malik aggressively tags himself in – which clearly angers the former Kings Road Champion. Jett then pretends to act like him and Malik are boys and he’s got his back but Malik turns and flinches at Jett who immediately gets through the ropes. Constantine uses this time to capitalize and hit n eye poke and forearm backing Malik up up whipping him across the ring into a returning chop! But Malik doesn’t budge. Constantine throws him into the ropes again and ANOTHER chop doesn’t do much to drop the big man. HOW BOUT A THIRD!?! NOPE! Malik tells Chris to try a shoulder block and be a man. Chris doesn’t like that and as he goes off the ropes and flies through the air with a shoulder block Malik catches him and overhead belly to belly tosses him back towards his corner as he reaches up to tag in Kaelan but she’s not interested.

Alexis tags herself in, refusing to let Kaelan bring down the team and she heads right for Malik with strikes, but again, Malik is a big dude and this shit aint doing much folks. He lifts Alexis above his head and tosses her into the corner before splashing her and I swear you would have sworn her soul came out. Malik tosses her into his teams corner this time and charges full steam ahead loking to cut her in half with a shoulder blo-NO! ALEXIS SLIDES OUT TO THE APRON! Next to Jett? Who asks her what’s up? Odd. She uses the ropes to slingshot through and hit a forearm to a seated Malik in the corner. Brad tags himself in and doesn’t tell anyone – of course he doesn’t need to because as Brad tried to play it cool Jett was making sure the referee knee Brad tagged in just in case he tries to pin someone. Brad, obviously not thrilled gets into the ring and tries to help Malik ou-TAG Jett’s the legal man now. Brad is a bit confused as to why he’d do that and Malik stands up wondering what’s going o-TBSH! THE BOYFRIEND SAYS HI! ALEXIS HAS THE KNUX ON AND JUST TOOK MALIK’S HEAD OFF! She takes them off and throws them to the outside but I don’t think she realizes Brad tagged in. Or that Jett tagged Brad. Regardless, Brad hits a SHOT OF SMIRNOFF superkick to the back of Alexis’ head before tucking her head and launching her into the adjacent corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb! Alexis falls to the seated position as Brad swings at Chris and then Kaelan on the apron but she drops to the floor and shakes her head refusing to even acknowledge his effort-CURTAIN CALL FROM CONSTANTINE! HE’S NOT EVEN LEGAL!?! It’s the CONSTANTINES REVENGE! The referee tries to make him leave the ring but he tosses him through the rop-BICYCLE KICK!!!!! Jett’s got em with a wink sayin GOTCHAAA. He pulls Alexis to the middle of the ring

ON- WAIT. The referee is out from Constantine tossing him through the ropes. Jett is livid and pounding the mat. He gets up to his feet and tries to drag the referee in who is laying on the apron. He gives up and eventually decides to climb the corner and deliver the move everyone’s been waiting for. SWAAAAAG SPLAAAAAASH. Jett hits the frog spla-OH MY GOD NOOOO!!! KAELAN MET HIM MID AIR WITH THE SUPERKICK FROM BELFAST WITH LOVE! Brad gets to the apron but Kaelan baseball slides underneath and pulls his legs out from under him. Alexis barely comes to and drapes an arm over Jett!


Winners: Kaelan Laughlin, Alexis Kennedy & Chris Constantine Jr. via Pinfall (14:12)
Kaelan Laughlin smirks on the outside, it seems that Alexis Kennedy and Chris Constantine Jr. have done their part tonight. Jasmine looks on, worried, as Jett is still down on the mat. Kaelan instructs the two to help her, as Kaelan grabs a chair to take back with her into the ring. Alexis keeps her knux on, as she stands over Jett Wilder. Kaelan slowly enters the ring, the crowd booing her as she looms over Jett Wilder. Jett stirs, trying to get to his feet as Kaelan presses the bottom of her boot on the back of his head. She raises the chair high above her head, lifting it up as Jett is helpless from any attack that’s about to come. Kaelan holds the chair up, and…
Doesn’t bring it down.
She smirks, knowing that she could end Jett Wilder right here. She pushes him back down to the mat, tossing the chair to the side. Malik Fox and Brad Golding quickly gather together, they storm into the ring with weapons of their own. Alexis and Chris quickly book it, scurrying from the ring as Kaelan looks on. She doesn’t seem bothered, she pushes past them both as she heads towards the time keeper’s table, grabbing her championship.
JOHNSON: ”My god, Kaelan had Jett dead to rights in the middle of that ring! She’s sending a message here, she can destroy Jett Wilder whenever she pleases!”
VASSA: ”This is bad, this is very bad!”
JOHNSON: ”Not only that, she doesn’t seem to care about the rest of the roster either. Did you see her push right through Malik and Brad like that?”
VASSA: ”This is a new era in King’s Road, Kaelan Laughlin is the authority around here. Tonight the message has been sent, and received loud and clear!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s going to happen now? I can’t imagine that Jett would press the issue, especially after a display like that!”
VASSA: ”Jett Wilder backs down for nobody! But Kaelan seems like she can get help whenever she pleases. I think Jett’s in some serious trouble here.”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, we’re out of time here! We’ll be back in two weeks for Chapter Thirty Two!”
VASSA: ”You can bet your ass that we’re going to get to the bottom of this!”