Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Golden 1 Center, as we are live from Sacramento, California. The fans here have filled out the Golden 1 Center, as they’re ready for another night of King’s Road action. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, we see Zac Read and Amy Maynard sitting at ringside! They both look happy to be there, as we get right into the show.
READ: ”It’s a new era in King’s Road! If you’re not familiar who we are, I’m Zac Read everyone! I will be your new play-by-play commentator for King’s Road, but as I mentioned before I am not alone here! Joining me as the other newbie in the booth is Amy Maynard!”
MAYNARD: ”Thanks Zac, we’re the new blood here in King’s Road. I guess Vassa and Johnson were getting a bit too old to travel every week to do a show.”
READ: ”It’s okay, a way to separate the brands are important. We needed a way to distinguish ourselves, so here we are!”
MAYNARD: ”Talk for yourself, Zac. I’m here to make this show look even better!”
READ: ”Well, we’ve picked a good time to start. Tonight is going to be an interesting one, as you may know we’re without a King’s Road champion.”
MAYNARD: ”It only took a few weeks, but Kaelan Laughlin is out of the company! In her place a title match was made, Lisa Seldon will now be taking on Jett Wilder!”
READ: ”This is a big match for both, as this could determine the course of the company for the next year! There’s a power vacuum open with Kaelan leaving, it’ll be up to the new champion to take her spot as the face of this company.”
MAYNARD: ”Well, many could argue that Jett Wilder was already that man. I don’t know about all that, but tonight would be a very good reason to say so. IF he wins, that is.”
READ: ”Well, I think there’s going to be a lot of people out there who would want to see him win.”
MAYNARD: ”Maybe so, but with this and the Openweight Tournament, Lisa Seldon has a good chance at becoming the face for King’s Road. A face I would much rather enjoy.”
READ: ”Either way, it’s going to be a special night! We’ve got the Internet Championship on the line as well. Lauryn Wolfe ready to defend her championship yet again, this time against Aokigahara Zombie.”
MAYNARD: ”One of the most dangerous competitors in King’s Road, no doubt about it.”
READ: ”We all saw what he did to Truck Turner at Chapter Thirty-One, Lauryn is going to be in for a tough time tonight.”
MAYNARD: ”If anyone can make it through this, I know Lauryn can. She’s tough, and she’s a defending champion. I see no reason why she couldn’t be the face of King’s Road.”
READ: ”You make a very good point, one that I will agree with.”
MAYNARD: ”Don’t forget about all of the tag team action. Malik Fox and Brad Golding get a second chance at Alexis Kennedy and Chris Constantine Jr.”
READ: ”You know that the both of them would love to get their revenge on the last show. Especially with the former King’s Road champion getting back into action.”
MAYNARD: ”A win tonight would be huge for them-”
Amy is quickly interrupted by the sound of “Fox on the Run” beginning to play again. Zac and Amy look confused, as they don’t seem to see anything in their notes about something happening right now. In fact, most people in the audience seem to be confused about what’s going on. A few people think that the opening is starting again, by accident. Zachary quickly scrambles to try and explain the issue.
READ: ”Uh, sorry there folks. I have no clue what’s happening right now. Just our luck, I suppose, first day and bad shit is already happening!”
MAYNARD: ”No Zac, look at the ramp!”
The crowd cheers loudly, as the camera switches to the ramp area to reveal GARETH PRESCOTT STANDING THERE.
MAYNARD: ”What’s he doing here?! Is he even allowed to be out of the hospital?! Last I heard he was in a coma!”
The crowd quickly breaks into a “Gareth” chant, welcoming him back after being away for a little bit of time. He had been attacked by Hudson Hughes several shows again, leaving him in a bad way and out of the company. Gareth wastes no time, rushing down to the ring with a microphone in his hand.
Gareth quickly gets to the middle of the ring, trying to get the crowd to calm down. It takes a moment, but they soon hush up so Gareth can speak up.
PRESCOTT: ”I am sure that many of you are wondering exactly what is happening right now…”
The audience seems to be in unison with this remark, as they are definitely very confused to what is happening right now. Gareth stands out there, a big dumb grin on his face as he’s back in a King’s Road ring.
PRESCOTT: ”It’s been a hectic few days for King’s Road, but if that isn’t the way that we are then I don’t know what else we’d be.”
The crowd cheers, for some reason, as Gareth continues to speak.
PRESCOTT: ”It seems a lot of bad things have happened, since I’ve been gone. We’ve all seen the man responsible for this, Hudson Hughes-”
At the prompt of his name, the crowd begins to immediately boo.
PRESCOTT: ”Hudson had an idea from the start to take this company, and mold it into his image. He knew that with me in the way he couldn’t get exactly what he wanted. And so, he decided to attack me and leave me for dead.”
The crowd begins to boo again, Gareth nods his head in agreement.
PRESCOTT: ”Definitely a dick move, but one that would not go unnoticed. You see, actions have consequences and it seems that the higher ups in 4CW did not tolerate this very well. They didn’t seem to enjoy the whole Kaelan situation either, so somebody had to go. Somebody had to be made an example of, and with me out of action… Hudson was the only choice left.”
The crowd begins to cheer, knowing what’s happening next.
PRESCOTT: ”So with that, it seems that Hudson Hughes’ time in King’s Road has come to an end.”
With that announcement, an eruption of applause and cheers from the crowd. You’d think their city had just won the NBA Finals or something, with that kind of reaction.
PRESCOTT: ”So with that, we start a new era in King’s Road. We move on, and tonight we will crown a NEW King’s Road champion!”
The crowd cheers, as “Fox on the Run” begins to play again. Unfortunately, it’s not because Gareth is about to leave the ring. Hudson comes out from the back, looking at the crowd as they begin to boo him. He raises his hands, like he comes in peace or something. Gareth looks on, unsure of what’s happening here. He makes the quick decision to leave the ring, as Hudson gets a microphone to speak. He enters the ring, and the crowd won’t let him say a word.
They boo him relentlessly, to the point of where it gets kind of annoying. Hudson just stands there, waiting for them to stop. Standing in the center of the ring filled with a lot of nervous energy. The entire arena is letting him have it. All of them furious with what occurred the past few weeks. Some mad he screwed Jett Wilder. Others mad that now the champ he chose had been stripped of her belt as well. Either way the people here in the arena were booing him hard enough that he couldn’t even get a word in.
HUDSON: ”Let me explain.”
This is only met with more boos the fans not letting him go any further. Hudson is about to lift the mic once more but “Blessings” by Big Sean hits to a ruckus amount of cheers. The glass may as well have shattered as out from the back comes Jett Wilder the former champ. Flanking him is his new manager Jasmine both of them looking like they mean business. Hudson can only sigh as they start to approach the ring.
HUDSON: ”Jett calm down.”
Wilder slides under the ropes wasting no time hopping up into Hudson’s face. The crowd ready to see him eat crow. As Jett seems to debate what he is going to do, the crowd only gets more hot trying to urge him on.
HUDSON: ”Don’t forget you have a title match later tonight…”
Throwing this out there as a last ditch threat to save himself. But while Jett stares him down Jasmine, grabs a handful of his underwear from behind ripping them up giving this nerd a wedgie from hell to a huge pop.
Wilder takes a few steps back enjoying the pain on Hudson’s face. He turns and takes a few steps at Jasmine angrily.
During this time Jett rears back as Hudson turns to perhaps say something about the title match but Jett is coming forward smacking him with a running leg lariat sending Hud to the mat to a loud roar. Hopping back to his feet Jett has a moment of thought that maybe that wasn’t a good idea. But it leaves quickly as he starts to parade around the ring motioning the belt around his waist shouting “I am the real champion!” As the crowd goes wild happy to see Hudson get what was coming. Gareth looks on in shock, shrugging as he heads to the back to start our show!

We head backstage where Angelo Sands is warming up for his match later on tonight. Johnny Amazing shows up after a few moments and, upon being sighted by Angelo, immediately holds his hands up in mock surrender.
AMAZING: ”I come in peace. I promise.”
Johnny makes a motion of crossing his heart with his finger and cracks a grin at his tag team partner.
AMAZING: ”Seriously. I want to apologize. I watched the footage back from our match and I realize it was just a terrible case of miscommunication and I’m sorry for coming at you hard afterwards. I hope you can forgive me.”
Sands lets out a sigh before he nods.
SANDS: ”I’m sorry too. I didn’t exactly act 100% mature about it either. That’s on me. But….we’ve got a chance to kind of turn things around tonight. We may have lost to Neo Tokyo, but we can beat Jason and Jae tonight. I used to work with Jason before we both got here, so I do have him somewhat scouted.”
Angelo seems to say this almost a little too cockily, but then stops when his mind switches to Mentez’s partner.
SANDS: ”Haven’t seen enough of Jae though. Though he gave us some lip the other day so I wouldn’t mind putting him in some great pain tonight.”
Johnny nods along with Angelo before shrugging his shoulders.
AMAZING: ”I try not to let wrestlers giving me lip rile me up. If I did, I’d never be any other way with how these guys like to trash talk.”
He chuckles and gives Angelo a friendly slap on the back.
AMAZING: ”But still. You are right. We have a chance to turn everything around tonight. We just have to work as a team and not as individuals. The thing that Jason and Jae have over us, is that they know each other. We made the mistake of thinking that just because we’ve been successful in tag competition in the past, that we would be again. But… we don’t have that connection yet.”
Johnny sighs and brings his hands together in front of him.
AMAZING: ”I was thinking, we should confess something to one another. Something that we don’t share with a lot of people, maybe something embarrassing. Something that could connect us a little. What do you say? You wanna go first, buddy?”
Angelo squints as he stares at Johnny.
SANDS: ”Nah….I think you should go first if we’re gonna do all of this girly sleepover stuff. Then maybe we can braid each other’s hair.”
Sands looks up at the top of Amazing’s head.
SANDS: ”Uh….never mind.”
Johnny looks annoyed for about half a second before letting it go with a chuckle.
AMAZING: ”That cuts me deep, man. There’s my confession.”
With a huge grin on his face, he crosses his arms over his chest and waits patiently before motioning for Angelo to come out with it.
SANDS: ”Despite being part Italian, I don’t really fuck with Italian food like that. Oh god, I’m so ashamed.”
Angelo pretends to fake cry before laughing it off and slapping Johnny in the back.
SANDS: ”Man, let’s go out there and kick some ass. We’ll talk more later.”
He shakes his head as he walks out of the shot. Johnny lingers behind for a moment, which becomes two moments, and then three. He’s deep in thought.
AMAZING: ”Hey man! Italian food is awesome! We’re definitely going to Olive Garden after we win tonight! Gonna make you a believer!”
Johnny shouts after Angelo before hurrying to catch up.


Cherry Lovejoy had every intention of making Eddy Poe quite aware of who she was. The start of the match came quickly, as Cherry laid into Eddy with everything she had. Forearms, Chops, Eddy Poe stood there as Cherry Lovejoy threw everything she had into all of her strikes. A Forearm Shot knocked Eddy down to a knee, as Cherry looked to connect with a Running Knee Strike. Eddy went down to the mat, but Cherry wasn’t done there as she connected with a Running Baseball Slide to his ribs. Cherry quickly covered him, but Eddy kicked out even quicker. It was his turn to attack, now that Cherry had exhausted herself and spent her energy. Eddy laid into her with several Knife Chops to her chest, the thudding sound echoing throughout the arena. Cherry was walloped with another chop, sending her crashing down to the mat as Eddy loomed over her. A Running Senton soon followed, as Eddy’s body crashed heavily onto Cherry’s. She held in there, though, doing her best to take whatever punishment was coming her way. Eddy seemed to be holding back though, as he toyed with Cherry. The match continued, as Cherry looked to find the energy to attack again. Eddy connected with a Big Boot, but it only got him the two count. He tried for another one, but Cherry was able to slide under the attempt. With Eddy’s back to her, she quickly jumped on him and attempted to put him down with a Rear Naked Choke. The hold wouldn’t last long, as Eddy would toss Cherry off of him. She wouldn’t be denied though, quickly springing up to the turnbuckle and connecting with a Diving Hurricanrana! Eddy rolled to the outside, as Cherry quickly followed up with a Diving Crossbody to the outside! Both competitors would hit the ground hard, but it was Cherry who had found herself back in control.
Not wanting to tire herself out, Cherry quickly waited for Eddy to get back into the ring. He took his time, carefully getting up to the apron as Cherry watched. She faked him out with a Running Dropkick attempt, as Eddy blocked she quickly changed directions and connected with a Springboard Dropkick instead! Eddy hit the apron hard, falling to the outside. Cherry had done her best to inflict damage, but she needed to go high-risk if she wanted a shot at ending this match. With Eddy down, Cherry looked to the turnbuckle again. The crowd watched, as Cherry took to the top and waited for Eddy. With her opponent finally starting to stir, Cherry tried for a Diving Moonsault to the outside! Unfortunately, Eddy was able to catch her out of the air! With Cherry on his shoulder, Eddy wasted no time driving her headfirst into the nearby turnbuckle post! Cherry fell to the floor, allowing Eddy to easily push her back into the ring. With Cherry down on the mat, Eddy would easily set her up for the Demonmania! The Implant DDT spiking her hard into the mat, as Eddy stands there tilting his head. It seems that Cherry had finally met her match, in King’s Road, dealing with the “Slasher” Eddy Poe. However, it seems that we have a final girl situation here, as Cherry Lovejoy was not done yet. Eddy had taken his time with her, and the damage was done but he had given her room to recover. As Eddy attempts to pin her, Cherry quickly pulls him into an Inside Cradle Pin! Eddy is quick to kick out, but Cherry is able to get back to her feet. With Eddy on his knees, Cherry connects with a Superkick that stuns him! She charges at Eddy, and connects with a Yoshi-Tonic, but he still kicks out at two! Eddy is getting annoyed, knowing that he had Cherry Lovejoy beaten. She taunts him, blowing him a kiss as he charges at her. Cherry moves out of the way, and Eddy smashes into the turnbuckle chest first! This allows Cherry to connect with a Slingshot Spear! Eddy isn’t down quite yet, but Cherry has an idea in mind. Again she climbs to the top, looking to connect with Just Dessert! The Diving Meteora catches Eddy, as Cherry tries again for the pin!


Unfortunately for her Eddy was able to kick out in time! Cherry knows she needs to end this now, as she climbs back up to the top once again. With Eddy getting to his feet, Cherry leaps off and tries the Just Dessert one more time! Eddy catches her in mid-air, once again! He easily drops her to her feet, connecting with a Package Piledriver! Cherry lays there, as Eddy taunts her again with a head tilt. He doesn’t make the same mistake as last time, covering Cherry for the pin!


Winner: Eddy Poe via Pinfall (10:11)

Backstage! I’m never good at this bit. It’s backstage in an arena. They’re all largely the same.
On this occasion we’re with Lisa Seldon and Gabriel Hartman. They’ve clearly been waiting for you.
HARTMAN: ”Lisa, tonight you’re in the main event against former champion Jett Wilder. And earlier this week it was announced your match would now also be for the King’s Road top title. What are your thoughts ahead of tonight?”
It’s a fairly standard lead, but she’s ready for it and moves to respond. However before she can even say a word she finds her attention snatched away by some commotion off to her right. The camera pans with it and catches Astro Clyde trying and failing to work a coffee machine with his ludicrous great hands. Lisa is rightly indignant.
SELDON: ”Look at this fucking freak! How is anyone meant to concentrate with this mess hanging around.”
Clyde doesn’t hear, because he’s busy mangianthandling the machine like he’s the Hulk off his cycle.
HARTMAN: ”I mean, that is partly your fault. You bullied him in to it.”
Lisa turns it on him now, holding her hand to her chest, adding both shocked and appalled to her growing list of moods.
SELDON: ”How very dare you put this on me! I have done nothing!”
The nonsense behind them ends as Clyde struts away with half a beaten up cup of coffee. Everything in his wake is now a garbage pile. The camera swings back into place but the flow is clearly broken.
SELDON: ”Fucking… whatever! What are we talking about?”
HARTMAN: ”Jett.”
SELDON: ”Jett? Jett is a mess. Twenty years old, former champion, career under him and he still lives and eats like a homeless person. I mean I didn’t even know he was a wrestler until he turned up here. I thought Perry’s kid or something and they were forced to hire him if they wanted to use the 4CW name.”
HARTMAN: ”Not a fan then?”
Lisa gives him the side-eye.
SELDON: ”The best thing this company ever did was let Hudson bash his head in with a stick. He’s also too short. We’re practically the same height. It’s weird and I don’t like it.”
She huffs at the man and then walks away. Apparently we’re done. Hartman looks at the camera and shrugs it off.

After making a big, elaborate entrance, Brooklyn Light and Iota Psi circle the ring and grab a pair of microphones. They climb into the ring, wait for the crowd to die down and their theme music to end… and then begin to speak.
LIGHT: “S’funny. To me, anyway. We got beef with #Trendsetters over in another fed, and then we got #NowTrending tonight…”
Brooklyn gives a dramatic pause, leaning on the ropes as she looks out into the audience.
LIGHT: “…Here in beautiful Sacramento.”
Cheap pop. She fights back a smirk as she waits for the roar to subside, casting a glance back to her partner. Iota grins, just shaking her head.
LIGHT: “It’s a runnin’ gag at this point but maybe that’s the thing now, I dunno. S’like when every band was The Something. The Strokes. The White Stripes.”
PSI: “The Killers. The Hives.”
Brooklyn stands back up, looking at Iota more curiously.
LIGHT: “Was it Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or were they The Yeah Yeah Yeahs?”
Iota shrugs, and leans back against one of the turnbuckles.
PSI: “I’m… not sure, actually. I think it was just Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”
Brooklyn shakes her head, and shrugs as well.
LIGHT: “Point is, maybe we’re behind th’ curve on this. Maybe we oughta be like… #NeoTrending. #CyberTrends.”
PSI: “#AtWorldsTrend. #TrendMeYourEars. #TrenderBenders.”
LIGHT: “Not really feelin’ it, TBH. #Honesty.”
PSI: “We’re not a hashtag team, we’re a real tag team. We don’t chase trends. We chase gold, and tonight we face one of two teams that failed to capture the King’s Road Tag Team Championships at King’s Road 30.”
LIGHT: “Which… y’know, beatin’ the losers don’t make us the winners, but it proves we’re better than th’ losers, and that’s… that much closer to… whatever, you guys get what I’m sayin’. #Math.”
PSI: “We have to work our way up just like anyone else, and if that means taking out every tag team in this company on our way to the Valentines, then so be it. We’re confident that we can win those belts. We’re confident that we can carry them, proudly–that we can earn them, and deserve them.”
Brooklyn brings the mic to her lips but hesitates, casting a quick look around before she continues.
LIGHT: “Couldn’t help but notice neither o’ the current tag champs are workin’ tonight, too, but that’s none o’ my business. #KermitMeme. Hashtag’s one o’ those words where like, the more you say it, the less it sounds like a real word…?”
PSI: “What you’re describing is semantic satiation. It has its own Wikipedia article! I highly recommend it, it’s a fun read.”
LIGHT: “Everything you need to know about my partner you could get from hearin’ that one sentence. Anyway, that’s #Enough, get #Twincest out here and let’s get this show on the road. #Hashtag.”
Neo Tokyo pass the microphones back off to the staff at ringside, and wait for their match to commence.


Neo Tokyo is looking to move up in the rankings, as they come face to face with Now Trending. Chad doesn’t seem keen on losing multiple shows in a row, so he comes out first to face off with Brooklyn Light. Brooklyn has some more words for the two, again making fun of their tag team name. Chad strikes first, connecting with a Superkick that stuns Brooklyn! She stumbles backwards, allowing Chad to take control of the match. He rushes forward, using the corner to trap Brooklyn in the onslaught that soon follows. Punches come seemingly out of nowhere, as Chad swarms her with a serious combination. Brooklyn tries fighting her way out of it, but Chad stops that with a Rising Knee Strike. Brooklyn goes limp, falling in the corner as Chad connects with a Running Dropkick! Brad soon finds his way into the ring, as Chad helps him with a Double Suplex to Brooklyn! Iota Psi watches, wanting to be tagged into the match. Brooklyn tries her best to fight back, landing a Pendulum Backbreaker on Brad to stop their momentum for the moment. She’s tired though, and isn’t able to get back up in time to tag her partner. Instead, Brad tags back out as Chad gets into the match. The two beat up on Brooklyn some more, a Backbreaker into a Flipping Neckbreaker combo soon follows. Brad does his best to interfere with Iota getting involved, as he pulls her from the apron. The two begin to fight on the outside, as Brooklyn is having trouble with Chad. She notices her partner being attacked, and quickly moves into action. With the little energy she has left, Brooklyn rushes forward and connects with a Suicide Dive to Brad on the outside! Chad soon follows, he bounces up to the top rope and connects with a Tope that takes out everyone! There is carnage on the outside, as Brooklyn and Iota Psi are down on the ground. Brad and Chad look to inflict more damage, connecting with a Double Superkick to Brooklyn Light! Iota Psi tries to fight back, as she gets to her feet, but also falls victim to a Double Superkick! Brad and Chad are celebrating this moral victory, when the crowd suddenly begins to cheer. From the back, Ana Valentine and Tommy Knox rush out towards the ring! Now Trending has no time to recover, or fight back, as Tommy and Ana attack them! Unfortunately, the referee is completely aware of what’s happening. He calls for the bell, as Tommy Knox sends Brad into the nearby guardrail! Chad gets Powerbombed onto the outside, thanks to Ana Valentine! Brooklyn Light and Iota Psi look on, as the tag champions stand over their former opponents. The champs quickly notice Neo Tokyo, giving them a full view of the top team in King’s Road!
Winners: #NowTrending via Disqualification (06:11)

KENNEDY: “What’s poppin’ King’s Road?”
Standin’ pretty, her back up against the wall, arms crossed against her chest, beneath her bust. She looked tired, annoyed, with her lips screwed up in that “not impressed” face that McKayla Maroney made famous. Her brows furrowed, the black bags beneath her eyes evident. She looked like someone that hadn’t slept in weeks, but still, she also seemed like someone far from ready to give up.
KENNEDY: “Between King’s Road and Adrenaline, your girl’s been busy. Fighting multiple time decorated champs, murdering reality t.v stars and putting in dirt work against …again, former champions. I mean, i even got a guy’s tiddy sweat in my mouth, and that shit’s not cool, especially when he’s three times my size and frog splashed my ass in the corner turnbuckle.”
A heavy sigh left the woman, waving her hand as if that was that, just brushing off the notion. It was funny, it made her grin sheepishly, but something was clearly bothering her.
KENNEDY: “See, i got a creepy, freaky ass jason bitch threatening my daughter. I’ve got an adrenaline match coming up, and now I gotta tag with the blonde haired Donald Trump against two tons of fun and a guy who, like everyone else, wants to eat my lunch. Still, I’m here. Ya girl ain’t backin’ down. I haven’t had a cigarette, I’m fueled by nothin’ more than fuckin’ coffee and spite, but I’m here. I’m comin’ with Chrissy C to kick the shit out of these guys, one of which is the size of five of me, but I’m here to do it ‘cause that’s what’s expected of me. ”
Her smile faltered, for just a moment.
KENNEDY: “I’m a Kennedy, it’s what expected of us. We go out there against overwhelming odds and we win, right? That’s what you guys want, for us to nearly die snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, that’s what we’re here to do. What we have to do.”
She… shook her head, walking off camera without another word, looking perturbed.

The lights begin to flicker as “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar blares over the speakers. Bryan Ford runs out with a black sleeveless shirt with the words ‘#2-0’ on the chest area. He twirls the microphone making his way down the ramp.
FORD: “And there it is… the shirt says it all… I am Two… and Zero… Two wins… Zero Losses and boy does it feel good to be a Top Tier Talent. Ladies and Gentlemen… Welcome to the Bryan Ford Show… I am The Most Charismatic man in King’s Road. Mr. 24/7… The Innovator of Greatness. Bryan Ford… and as I literally just stated… I have acquired Two… AND I REPEAT… TWOOOOO Victories in this new company.
Braggadocious I am not… but the facts don’t lie my friends… and my last match was against your precious MLC. And don’t get me wrong… she put up a fight and has made me become more cautious when dealing with her in this ring. But tonight we face each other again to move up in the Openweight title tournament.
I know she has been studying me to better prepare and I have been doing the same… my game has turned up with what is on the line tonight… so… bring her out here.”
With this he tosses the mic and heads towards his corner waiting for his opponent.


These two are completely familiar with each other, having already faced at the last show. Bryan Ford makes sure to let MLC know this, as the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Cross gets the advantage again with a side headlock, but Bryan is able to reverse the hold into a Leg Scissors. MLC again kips up out of the hold, as she calls for another tie-up. The second elbow collar would be exactly the opposite again. A Side-Headlock from Ford, into a Leg Scissors from MLC, followed by the kip up from Bryan Ford. Bryan Ford BLASTS MLC with a Forearm though, taunting the crowd afterwards. Ford would quickly get back in control, using a series of holds to wear down MLC as the match continued. A Rear Chinlock kept Marilyn trapped for a moment, as Ford dug his knee into her lower back. Ford, clearly stronger than Cross, was relishing in the moment until Cross bridged and broke the hold with an open palm strike. Ford staggers to his feet, as MLC gets back up to hers. She lays into him with a Spinning Backfist, as Ford tries to answer back with an Enziguri. A Pump Kick connects, dropping Ford to his knee as MLC follows that up with a Step Up Enziguri! A European Uppercut would stagger Ford back into the corner, as Marilyn charges forward. Ford is able to get out of the way in time, as MLC hits the turnbuckle pads. She turns around, and it taken out with a Discus Lariat by Ford! Bryan Ford tries for a Jumping Knee Strike, but Marilyn is able to side step the move and connect with a POISONRANA! Ford tries getting back up, but MLC is right there with a Shining Wizard for good measure! GOOD LORD! Cross is on fire and the fans LOVE IT! Ford gets trapped in the corner again, as MLC connects with a Running Cannonball into the corner! MLC pulls Ford out to cover him for a pin, but he’s able to kick out at two! The crowd is certainly behind MLC, as the match continues on. She lifts Ford up to his feet, trying to connect with a Saito Suplex. Ford, too heavy to lift, is able to break free with an Elbow to MLC’s head! A Dropkick connects, staggering MLC backwards as Ford gets to his feet. Both charge forward, but Bryan Ford connects with a Bicycle Knee that drops MLC to the ground! She looks to be out of it, as Bryan Ford looks over to the nearby turnbuckle post. He steadies himself, as he climbs up to the top rope. MLC can only look on, as Ford turns his back to her. She smirks, as Ford readies himself for a Moonsault he can’t see that MLC is getting back up! She quickly charges at him, knocking him down off of the turnbuckle and into the ropes!
Ford is wrapped in the ropes, as MLC waits for him to get unstuck out of the ropes. MLC steadies herself, lining up the shot as she connects with a Superkick! Ford drops but not before Cross is off the ropes and hits a Running Blockbuster! Cross quickly covers Ford for the pin, but again he’s able to kick out at two! Cross is feeding off the crowd energy as she lifts Ford again, MLC is looking to connect with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Ford spins out of the attempt, catching MLC as she turns around with a Bicycle Knee! Ford drops over MLC BUT STILL only a near fall! Ford is growing frustrated and stands back stalking Cross, begging her to stand up. He tells the fans to shush up and listen to this. He sprints at Cross as she stands and hits his Exploding Dropkick, knocking her into the nearby turnbuckle. She falls flat as Ford climbs the top, taking his time to really taunt the crowd. Ford steadies himself, as he connects with a 450 SPLASH! MLC is crushed, as Bryan Ford quickly covers her for the pin, but again she kicks out at TWO! Ford is demanding the referee count change his mind to that being a three count. Meanwhile the fans are reviving MLC with an “M-L-C” chant. Ford tells them to shut the hell up as he grabs her by the hair slowly lifting her to her feet. He attempts for the Bford Bomb, but MLC reverses it into a pinning attempt! Bryan Ford quickly kicks out, as MLC catches him with another Superkick as he gets to a knee! He staggers up, MLC rushes to the ropes and lands a Catch Your Breath! The Spear knocks Ford down to the mat, as the fans are fully behind Cross now! She calls for Ford to get back up, and he does. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see the Spinning Big Boot coming, as Marilyn drills him with the Mary Go Round! The kick sends Bryan Ford stumbling into the corner, as MLC quickly follows that up with a John Wilkes Boot! The Yakuza Kick doesn’t land though, as Ford moves out of the way in time! He’s hurt, but he knows well enough to roll up his opponent for the pin! MLC tries fighting out of the pin attempt, but Ford gets his feet on the ropes as he steals this win!
Winner: Bryan Ford via Pinfall (10:32)

We cut backstage as Chris Constantine Jr. and Olivia Constantine stand in front of a King’s Road banner. Chris is all smiles as he has his arm around Olivia who’s smiling back at him.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Ladies And Gentlemen of Kings Road! I made such a name for myself on the last show that I was asked to come back for another match! It’s not a main event match and it’s not a title match, but it’s a match none the less and I’m more than happy to take this opportunity and run with it because ladies and gentlemen of Kings Road a door is open at this very moment.”
The smile on Chris’s face soon goes away as he continues to cut a promo.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”The former King’s Road Champion, Kaelan Laughlin, has been kidnapped….slash missing…..slash fired or quit or whatever you want to believe in these days. The point being is that there is a door open because of her absence and because of this, someone on the Kings Road roster has an opportunity to take her place…. and you better believe that I am the man to do so.”
Chris’s smile soon starts to creep back to his face.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Granted, this is only my second show and I haven’t been participating in the wrestling industry for that long. But look at everything that I’ve accomplished since committed to being a full time wrestler! Multiple main events in numerous promotions. International star over in England. And I have a handful of top name stars wanting to kill me.”
Chris looks over his shoulder, just Incase one of those individuals is behind him.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Now I know the higher ups of Kings Road have a lot on their plate these days and you have a lot of things to take under consideration. But I want you to keep an open mine while you’re watching my matches. Look at how I perform in that ring tonight as I team up with Alexis Kennedy to take on Malik and Golding. Look at how entertaining I am. Watch as I use my brain to outsmart my opponents. And watch as I make that pin for the three count. And as you see that ref slap the mat for the third time….I want you to imagine me…..getting up and being presented a title by the referee. I’m getting shivers just thinking about it.”
Suddenly, a sugar packet is seen hitting Chris in the face. Annoyed at who he sees throwing the packets off screen, Chris does his best to bite his tongue and not cuss the person out that’s throwing the packets at him.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”You want to add your two cents Kennedy?”
Another sugar packet hits Chris on the face.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Thanks for our insight Kennedy. Golding! Malik! Tonight you get handed another L by the likes of Chris Constantine Jr. and Alexis Kennedy. And to the higher ups of Kings Road….remember what I sAAIIDD!”
Chris shoves Olivia out of the way as a coffee maker is thrown in their direction. Thankfully Chris and Olivia move out of the way in time as the coffee maker hits the Kings Road banner.
The scene soon cuts as another sugar packet hits Chris on the head.

The cameras catch the backstage view where the newly formed Famigsun, Jae-Yun Sun and Jason Mentez, are shown to the King’s Road fans of Sacramento. The response is loud with a mix of cheers and boos. Jae-Yun Sun is completely silent sitting on the floor near the arena’s shipping entrance. Jason looks from the distance sitting in a folding chair near the same shipping dock. Jason just seems to be observing him more than anything. He can tell the attitude radiating off of him and he’s well aware for the reasons behind it.
MENTEZ: “I’ma need you to be focused on what’s ahead fam. I can see what you on rite now.”
Jae-Sun rolls his eyes looking to the side.
SUN: “I am focused.”
MENTEZ: “Fuck outta here…you more lit than Vegas.”
SUN: “More reason to get in the ring and take it out on Angelo and Amazing.”
MENTEZ: “It’ll be an L if you aint focused doe. Dat aint even me on some ‘hey I’ma vet at dis shit n know what the getdown is’ dats me on some real shit. I want to start dis shit off rite. I know you want to too.”
SUN: “We’ve been working at this ever since announced Jason. Even before this back in the dark VPW days. That stupid shit from early today is not taking me from that.”
Jason’s comes to a stand and walks over toward Jae-Yun.
MENTEZ: “Go out there wit your mind blank. Focus on dat ring the shit outside of it should never come into it unless the person you can handle in dere wit yo ass. Shape dat shit Sun. We handle dis cause we got dem opportunities ahead.”
Jae doesn’t look up as Jason. He just nods.
SUN: ”You are right. You are right. Ok. Alright.”
Jason reaches out and Jae-Yun grabs his hand to get up to his feet as the scene fades.


Jason Mentez and Jae-Yun Sun look ready to start this match, despite Jae having doubts on social media. Meanwhile Johnny and Angelo figure out who’s going to start the match. There seems to be a small argument about it, but Angelo has won out. Angelo Sands heaves himself over the ropes, and Jason springs into action as soon as the bell rings, leaping toward his opponent in an attempt to knock him off his feet. Sands simply shoves him back towards his corner, moving out of the way as Jason crashes into the corner. Jason realizes he ought to take this slow, and challenges Angelo to an old school Test of Strength. The two lock hands, and as Angelo uses his technique to gain the advantage, Jason cuts his losses and goes for a Rising Knee Lift. While this clearly aggravates Sands, it’s not very effective. Sands just chops the fuck out of Jason, who hits the mat like a corpse. As Jason tries to return to his feet, Angelo is right on him with another hard shot to his chest. Jason looks like the wind was knocked out of him, but he responds with a European Uppercut that snaps Angelo’s head backwards! Jason steps forward, and Angelo responds with a hard Forearm Shot that knocks Jason backwards towards his corner! With Jason knocked for a loop, Jae-Yun Sun tags himself in. Angelo swings for a Clothesline but misses him as he rebounds off the ropes and ducks another attempt by Angelo! As he makes his second pass, though, Jae-Yun Sun collides right into Johnny Amazing, who uses a Knee to stop Jae in his tracks. Angelo collects him on the rebound, launching him overhead with a huge belly-to-belly suplex! He drags Jae-Yun Sun over and covers, but Jae-Yun Sun kicks out at two! Jae tries getting back up to his feet, but Angelo tags out to Johnny Amazing as they look to work him over. Angelo lifts Jae-Yun up high in a Suplex, as Johnny leaps up and connects with a Dropkick! The combination is a unique one, but again Jae-Yun is able to kick out of the pinning attempt. Johnny Amazing continues to press Jae-Yun, connecting with a Hurricanrana, Pop Up Spinebuster, and a Standing Moonsault! It’s an effective series of movies, but still Jae-Yun hangs in there. Johnny puts Jae into the corner, as he attempts a Handspring Back Elbow attack. Jae moves out of the way, allowing Johnny to crash into the corner! Johnny turns around, as Jae-Yun lands a series of his own moves. Spinning Back Elbow, Sitout Powerbomb, and a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker finally put a stop to Johnny Amazing.
Jason cheers on Jae-Yun, as Johnny quickly tags back out to Angelo Sands. Angelo looks annoyed that Johnny couldn’t hold his own, and quickly rushes into the ring. Angelo reverses a Fisherman Buster attempt from Jae-Yun. A European Uppercut, and a Grapevine Ankle Lock quickly keep Jae-Yun down on the mat. Angelo has taken back control, connecting with a Spear of Rome as Jae-Yun tries for a comeback! With his opponent down, Angelo quickly covers him but Jae again kicks out before the three count! Frustration beginning to seep in, Angelo snatches Jae-Yun Sun up in a tight headlock before he can collect himself, stopping his attempts to maneuver out of the hold. From the corner, Amazing asks if Angelo needs a hand, but Angelo easily dismisses him in annoyance… as Jae-Yun Sun snakes his legs away from Sands’s body, rising up with an impressive headstand! As Angelo looks in confusion, Jae-Yun Sun’s already reversed the hold into a headlock of his own! When struggling fails to free him, Angelo rises to his feet, dragging Jae-Yun Sun up with him, and looks to launch him up again with a Back Suplex—
—but Jae-Yun Sun lands feet first, and leaps back to his corner for the tag to Jason!
Just like before, Jason takes to the ring like a man possessed, laying in stiff chop after stiff chop into Sands’s chest, taking him by surprise. Jason just keeps throwing chops, working his opponent further and further into the corner but it’s not his team’s corner, as Johnny Amazing tags himself in, and the crowd goes audibly hushed. Jason looks up – quite literally – at Amazing, and he lays into him with a Forearm Shot! Johnny Amazing quickly follows up with a High Kick to Jason’s chest! Jason responds back with another Forearm Shot, crushing Amazing right in the jaw. Jason tries to fire back with another quick one, but Johnny Amazing ducks and levels him with a Lariat! Jason turns inside out, as Johnny Amazing is quick to show off to the crowd! They don’t seem to mind him, but Angelo has an issue with Johnny getting distracted. He calls for his partner to pay attention. Johnny turns back around, looking to see his opponent on the ground. He’s not there, though. Johnny, confused, turns back around to catch him with a STO! Jason fires up, pounding his chest and waiting for his opponent to get back up to his feet. Johnny quickly gets back up, but Jason rushes forward before he can move and brutalizes him with a Corner Clothesline! Johnny falls to the mat, as Angelo voices his frustrations. Jason tries pulling his opponent away from the corner, but Johnny has enough energy to land a Boot to the face of Jason! Both men lay on the mat, as their teammates call for them to tag out. Jason and Johnny both start to stir, doing their best to crawl towards their partner. Jason gets the advantage, though, as he’s able to tag out first!
With time of the essence and not much backup from his partner, Jae-Yun Sun charges the ring, going straight for Amazing, but he slides under his legs, emerging from the other side to kick him in the back of the knee! Jae-Yun Sun shoots off the ropes and with Amazing on his knees, he’s going for a Shining Wizard but Amazing shoves him away before he can connect! Jae-Yun Sun lands on unsteady feet, and turns around into a Blank Point! Amazing covers, hooking the leg… but Jae-Yun Sun is once again out at two! With the crowd getting behind the smaller underdog, Amazing looks to put away his opponent for good, lifting him up like a trash bag and trapping him in a Standing Dragon Sleeper! This could be Nap Time for Jae-Yun Sun! He struggles and flails, but looks to be fading fast…when Angelo Sands tags into the match! Johnny yells at Angelo, unaware that he had been pushed backwards towards his corner. Angelo says that Johnny was taking too long, and he’ll finish this now. Johnny lets go of Jae-Yun, as he keeps his attention towards his partner. Angelo again yells at Johnny, telling him to go back onto the apron. Johnny doesn’t move, and now the two look like they’re about to throw hands. Angelo pushes Johnny Amazing’s face with his open hand, causing Amazing to shove Angelo right into the clutches of Jae-Yun Sun! Jae quickly rolls him up into an Inside Cradle! Johnny stands there, watching as his partner is pinned!


Winners: Jae-Yun Sun & Jason Mentez via Pinfall (14:13)

The scene cuts to backstage just as Tyson Gregory cautiously walks into frame. He is dressed in his ring gear and a black shirt with the King’s Road logo on the chest. He pauses for a moment, not looking directly at the camera like he normally does.
GREGORY: “I’m not going to lie, I haven’t found my footing here in King’s Road yet. I came in with realistic expectations where I knew I was going to have to scratch and claw for everything I could get here… I guess, I thought I would be much further along by now. You see, you take someone who has had a large volume of success and then suddenly the bottom drops… It can be very jarring to say the least. It’s not like I’ve been puts in spots to succeed and flourish, I have! But end of the day, I still fail to hit remarkable.”
He now turns and locks eyes on the camera. The look on his face is one of still confidence but still taking thought in what his words are going to be.
GREGORY: “Tonight I hope is a turn of fortune for me, taking on not one, but two opponents. Both of them have had some recent success. Tommy more so with winning the tag belts with Ana but I need this one more. I’m more hungry for this. Like I said, Tommy has the tag belts and Jeremy? Well he is new here and aside from mumblings here and there, what has he really put forward? I want this win… I need this win. I need to get my feet out under me and sorry but not sorry, I’ll use Tommy and Jeremy to do so.”
He gives a small smile to the camera before turning and walking off.

WARREN: “This is kinda crazy…”
We find Jeremy Warren backstage, already dressed in his ring gear. The young wrestler is leaning against a wall, a smile on his face.
WARREN: “Two weeks ago, after losing in my debut match, I was relegated back to the pre-show. And now here I am, in a triple threat against two of the big names in King’s Road, Tyson Gregory and Tommy Knox.
He lets out a light chuckle.
WARREN: “I’ve been thinking about this match since the moment it was annonced. It goes without saying, I’m the underdog in this fight. Their resumes speak for themselves, you mention their names and everyone instantly recognize them, and will be able to list their accomplishments… Jeremy Warren on the other hand?”
Jeremy shakes his head.
WARREN: “Best case scenario, someone might remember me as a promising wrestler, champion in some developmental territory who failed to keep the promise, who lost his touch, who tried to swim with the sharks and got eaten alive. Someone forever bound to be a big fish in a small pond… Harsh, but fair.”
Pushing himself up off the wall, he now stands in front of the camera.
WARREN: “I’m the first to admit, they make a damn good point. I failed, I fell oh so many times. When I came back to FSW after the injury, when I moved to Rampage, during my short time in CCW… Even my first match here didn’t go quite as planned. But this won’t hold me down. If anything, this is my motivation to keep on going. I belong here, I know that. And soon enough, I will convince everyone else.”
A small pause.
WARREN: “If you look at this match, you see two big stars and an underdog. But beware…”
With a wink, he smiles at the camera, showing the missing tooth, memory of his King’s Road debut.
WARREN: “This underdog bites.”


Triple Threats were always nasty, and this was no different, especially with three contenders in there that had murder in their eyes. Tyson Gregory was the first one to open things up while they all eyeballed each other, hitting Jay Dubs with a massive lariat that nailed him to the ground, the force of impact was enough to down most men, only to have Tyson absolutely eat a hard kick to his knee from Knox before that open handed SLAP catch him to his face like it was delivered from the right hand of one of the legendary warrior philosopher’s the Diaz Brothers. Nasty. The three were at it soon after the opening salvos, mixing it up in the ring as they alternated between who ate the worst of it. Tyson with his heavy blows, Warren with those absolutely nasty kicks, and Knox with a combination of everything he had. They were nothing short of vicious, a maelstrom of absolute violence between the three that defied logic. Were they men or animals at this point? It was like it was feeding time at the zoo and some asshole didn’t even have the good sense to lock the cages! Tommy Knox quickly got the match under his control, taking Jeremy Warren out with a Sit-Out Spinebuster. Tyson Gregory quickly fell victim to a STO Backbreaker into Neckbreaker, as Tommy Knox was starting to look dominate out in the ring. Tyson Gregory and Jeremy Warren quickly fought back though, connecting with a Double Suplex to Tommy Knox! The teamwork didn’t last long, as Tyson Gregory connected with a huge Lariat that knocked Jeremy Warren out of the ring! Tyson and Tommy quickly battled it out, as Tommy got the advantage with a German Suplex into the Corner! Tyson hit the turnbuckles, hard, falling back into the ring as Tommy Knox taunted his opponents. He looked confident, standing in the ring as he looked to continue this match with his advantage.
Then, out of nowhere? Cue “Mmm, Bop!” by Hanson as Too Bad Brad and So Rad Chad came down that ramp!
Confusion set in, mostly because of the song, as the pair approached the controlled carnage of the ring. Knox in particular was at the ring ropes, saying something that couldn’t be picked up before being nailed by Warren who was Irish whipped into him by Gregory! Out went Knox into the pair, colliding with them and leaving just Warren and Tyson in that squared circle alone. Down and out of the ring, with the Ref’s attention on the two inside, Now Trending led into a viciou two on one assault! They clearly planned on making a statement out of the man’s hide as they laid into him with their assault while Tyson and Warren laid into each other! It wasn’t until Tyson ducked under a high kick and grabbed his leg, hooking it and lifting the man up into a single leg takedown, stunning him before he just. Stalked around him like a lion observing its prey, gesturing for him to come on. Tyson had seized an opportunity in all this chaos, and now he was waiting..
The moment he got up? Tyson was swooping in with the lifting single underhook DDT, nailing him with “The End of Your Sorrows” before making the cover and the three count!
Winner: Tyson Gregory via Pinfall (08:11)

Backstage at the arena, Fallon Lockhart makes her way down the hall, skipping as she goes and humming happily to herself. When she reaches her destination she knocks briefly before opening the door, calling out as she enters the room.
KENNEDY: ”That or a transgender John Wayne.”
Snorting, the Brunette was leaned back in her chair, “Aries,” the stuffed monkey in her lap, fiddling with its paws. Fallon looked confused for a moment, closing the door behind her and rocking up onto her toes.
LOCKHART: ”How ya doin? All good?”
Moving over to where Alexis is sitting, Fallon drops down next to her one the floor and flashes a wide smile.
LOCKHART: ”No booby traps or nothin I gotta be careful of?”
She turned the Monkey to face Fallon for a moment, then faced it to look up at herself, before speaking in a whisper scream voice to talk as the monkey.
KENNEDY: ”Ahhhh! We forgot the freakin’ mines! She just sat on an explosive charge rigged with astrolite G! It’ll blow her tiny lil butt to smithereens, Captain Kennedy, and there’s no emergency butt surgeons for miles!”
Suddenly, Alexis got stoic!
KENNEDY: ”I’ll have to save her myself, Sergeant Aries, go! Save yourself.”
Tossing the monkey aside, Alexis immediately half fell on and half tackled Fallon! With a shriek, Fallon topples over, Alexis half on top of her. The young girl starts to giggle, poking at Alexis trying to get her ribs and tickle her.
LOCKHART: ”OHMYGOSH I thought u was gonna squish meeee!”
KENNEDY: ”Ssh! Get down! The mine!”
Lucky for her, most of her get up stopped the tickling, but still! She had to grab at her hands!
KENNEDY: ”Easy with your mini murder mittens, Fallonsaurus!”
LOCKHART: ”They not murder mittens, silly!”
Fallon suddenly looks really serious for a moment; staring back at Alexis with wide eyes.
Pausing, she had the strangest smile on her own wide eyed face.
KENNEDY: ”While I’m flattered that you think I could rig a shaped charge out astrolite G and make it indistinguishable enough to sit on… No. No, there’s no mines or IEDs in this room.”
Fallon wriggles out from under Alexis and giggles as she shakes her head, but then stops and drops her hands to her hips.
LOCKHART: ”waiiiiit, waddaya mean THIS room?”
KENNEDY: ”Thaaaaat there’s nothing to worry about in here. Now, c’mon, let’s get some nachos. Just remember to step where I step.”
And right on cue, she gently smacked her hip before making her exit! Fallon looks around cautiously for a moment before scrambling to catch up with Alexis, muttering to herself as she goes.
LOCKHART: ”Go say hi to Alexis I say, it’ll be fun I say… gonna get my freakin foot blown off or somethin…”


Constantine and Brad start off this match, Constantine shoots a cocky smile towards Brad as the two men lock up. Brad tries to press forward, but Chris is able to push him towards the ropes. Brad tries to turn it around, but Chris pushes him down and presses on him as the official steps in to break the two of them up. Chris doesn’t look like he’s going to break the hold, but eventually does. Not without giving Brad a quick forearm rub across the face, for good measure. Chris steps backwards, laughing at his opponent. Brad cracks his neck, and charges at Chris! He takes Chris down with a running dropkick, this sends Chris underneath the bottom rope and to the outside! He’s quick to his feet, grabbing his neck as he is unsure about what just happened. Chris Constantine Jr turns around, just as Brad Golding DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Both men go crashing to the ground, Constantine taking the brunt of the fall as Brad Golding gets back to his feet. Supercharged, he gets the crowd here at the Golden 1 Center solely behind him and Malik! Brad doesn’t want to waste any time spent on the outside, so he grabs Chris and tosses him back into the ring. Chris quickly shoots across the ring, tagging in Alexis just as Brad is able to slide back into the ring. Brad tries to get up to his feet quickly, but eats a running knee strike from Alexis! Brad stumbles forwards, allowing Alexis to quickly climb up the turnbuckle and drop Brad to the mat with a leaping Bulldog from behind! Brad crashes into the mat face first, as Alexis quickly goes for the cover.


Brad is able to kick out, shoving Alexis off of him as he gets back to his feet. A wristlock from Alexis catches him off guard, and the proximity to her corner allows her to tag Chris back into the ring. With his right arm extended, Chris hops into the ring and delivers a swift elbow to Brad’s arm! Brad quickly holds his arm in pain, but Chris doesn’t let up as he drops Brad with a stiff European Uppercut! Malik Fox calls out to his partner, which prompts Chris to charge across the other side of the ring, he leaps and knocks Malik down off of the apron! Chris changes his focus back to the downed Brad, as he sprawls him out and stomps directly on that right arm of his! Brad quickly retracts his arm, as Constantine gets him back up to his feet. With a spinning wristlock secured, Chris drives Brad to the nearest corner, propping him up onto the top turnbuckle. With Brad seated, Chris yanks and torques that right arm of Brad’s. Brad tries to fight back, a few punches to Chris’s head almost breaks the hold, but Chris drags him to the mat with a top rope arm drag! Smiling, Chris walks over to his partner and tags her back in, Alexis confidently walks over to the downed Brad and easily drops an elbow across his outstretched right arm! She quickly maneuvers into the Fujiwara Armbar, but it doesn’t seem to be putting him in danger. Alexis is buying her time, she slowly bends backwards to put ample amount of pressure on Brad’s right arm. Brad doesn’t budge, he slams his fist into the mat out of aggravation, and easily begins to scoot over towards the ropes.
Alexis tries to drag Brad back to the middle of the ring, but the weight advantage is too much for her. She wisely breaks the hold, just as Brad grabs onto the bottom rope. For added measure, Alexis stomps away at the right arm that is still out there. the official quickly intervenes, allowing Brad some reprieve from the attacks. As he lays there, almost out of the ring, he tries to catch his breath. Alexis stays busy with the official, which allows Chris a free shot at Brad, he tags him with a big running boot to the side of the head! Brad rolls back into the ring, and wisely rolls towards his corner. Alexis sees this, and tries to break conversation with the official, who is having none of it! Alexis watches as Malik Fox is able to tag himself into the match, she screeches out of frustration as Malik quickly rushes over towards her. The official, unaware of the tag, turns around to see Malik enter the ring. He quickly stops him, instructing him to get back into his corner, much to Malik’s protest! The referee didn’t see the tag, and Brad has no choice but to get back into this match! Alexis smiles, as Brad rolls back into the ring, his right arm being held close to his body. She throws out a kick towards Brad, who moves out of the way. It seems to be mocking, as Brad tries to figure out his next move. Alexis charges Brad, ducking under a clothesline attempt as she runs to the other side of the ropes. Chris is able to tag himself in, as Alexis shoots back towards Brad. Brad keeps his focus on Alexis, she ducks under another clothesline attempts and runs towards the opposite side. Chris quickly gets into the ring, behind the unaware Brad, as Alexis runs right into a superkick from Brad! Brad gets to his feet, and eats a superkick from Chris! Brad crashes to the mat, as Chris quickly covers him.


Malik quickly runs to his corner, the official not very happy with him, but this crowd certainly is. Chris doesn’t know what hit him, he lays there as Brad tries to collect himself. Malik Fox stands in the corner, reaching out for that hot tag as Brad slowly makes his way towards his partner. Chris is starting to collect himself as well, he sees Alexis back in their corner and makes his way towards her. It seems that Chris is going to get to his partner first, and does! Alexis leaps into the ring, but Brad makes the tag! Malik rushes in, and knocks Alexis down with a lariat! Chris tries to get back into the ring, but Malik knocks him out of the ring with a SUPERKICK! Alexis is back up to her feet, but she’s quickly taken down with a SUPERKICK AS WELL! The crowd is on fire, cheering loudly as Malik Fox quickly covers Alexis for the pinfall attempt!


Alexis easily kicks out, but Malik Fox isn’t going to be giving up right now. He picks Alexis back up to her feet, and drops her to the mat with a devastating neckbreaker! It seems she isn’t down for very long, as Malik follows that up with a Turbo Grafx 16! Alexis grabs the back of her head, as Malik once again covers for the pinfall attempt.


Another kickout from Alexis, and Malik is running on all cylinders now! He slaps down on the mat, getting the crowd fired up for what’s about to come next. He’s ready to end this match now, Malik Fox picks up his opponent and easily lifts her into a fireman’s carry position! Malik swings his opponent out, trying to connect for BLESSED, but Alexis backflips out and lands on her feet! A quick superkick to Malik’s right knee causes him to fall to his knees, and Alexis combos that with a quick shining wizard from out of nowhere! The move is only to get her a chance to recover, she takes a quick breather and goes to tag Chris back into this match. Alexis is suddenly stopped in her tracks, as Malik Fox has grabbed onto her ring gear! She looks around frantically, wondering exactly what is happening. Malik quickly pulls her into a German Suplex, the suplex dropping Alexis head first! Malik looks to his corner, ready to tag Brad Golding back into this match. He rushes over, and brings Brad back into the action! Brad’s arm is looking better than before, he rushes over to Alexis to get her back to her feet. Alexis suddenly strikes out, a throat trust catches Brad off guard and stumbles him backwards! This gives Alexis enough time to rush to her corner, bringing Chris back into the match! Brad turns around, and eats a Body Slam from Chris Constantine Jr! Chris stands there, stalking his opponent to finish this match, as Brad gets onto his hands and knees. Chris springs towards the ropes, but Brad pops up and catches Chris out of nowhere with the Mary Jane! Chris crumbles to the mat, Brad tagging Malik Fox back into this match to end things now!
Alexis jumps back into the ring, as Chris is still down on the mat. She jumps onto the back of Malik Fox, who looks more than annoyed to be having to deal with this right now. He grabs a handful of her hair, whipping her hard onto the mat! Brad gets back into the match, grabbing Alexis as he picks her up. Brad quickly puts her into position, Powerbombing her onto Chris Constantine Jr! With Alexis now out of the way, Brad calls for Malik to finish this match! Malik grabs Chris, lifting him up and connecting with BLESSED! The Backdrop Driver slams Chris Constantine Jr into the mat, as Brad Golding hangs around the ring to make sure Alexis doesn’t break up to pinfall attempt!


Winners: Malik Fox & Brad Golding via Pinfall (24:11)

A Kings Road staff member shows up to pick up Aokigahara Zombie to see if he is prepared. He stops the young production assistant in the area backstage he is using to prepare as he looks for his hand and feet wraps in his bag. As soon as the PA enters the room Aokigahara stabs a knife into the wall.
ZOMBIE: “Hey there. I’ll be out in a few seconds. Just looking for some equipment.”
He rummages in the large duffel bag and pulls out a few items. He takes out a pair of brass knuckles and some bicycle chain. He absentmindedly starts handing them off to the PA as she looks on getting more and more confused.
ZOMBIE: “You never know… Just like this match. It is fitting that the internet chose this. It chose me. I only guarantee one thing. It’s that this title? What it means? It will never be the same again.”
The PA looks at the various weapons in her hands and those that are strewn around the floor and tries to speak up but Aokigahara puts a finger up to her face to stop her.
ZOMBIE: “I know what you are thinking. ‘How can you, a man old enough to have been around before computers even know about this title?’ Well I know a lot. I have been studying all those sites. I know what these kids want. You are really simple if you think about it.”
He waits for the astonished PA to answer him but keeps talking when she just stares as he holds up a ball gag and matching collar.
ZOMBIE: “It’s all about the viruses! You love small flashes of violence that you can digest and pass around to your friends. Well that’s what I am all about. I might even show you something you’ve never seen before. Who knows with you hipsters?”
He scratches his head as he looks into the empty bag then palms the side pocket and laughs. He pulls out the wrapping tape he was looking for.
ZOMBIE: “The current champion Lauryn Wolfe is the perfect partner for this. She is hip and up on all the latest me me’s. It’s up to us to make this match memorable so I’ll hold her up to this challenge. It’ll be one for the star worlds.”
Aokigahara laughs heartily as he stashes a flask in his trunks. He takes up his belongings from the PA and puts them back in the bag then points to it.
ZOMBIE: “Don’t worry. I am not using any of this on Lauryn. This is just for fun. All I’ll need in this match are my hands and my mind. Those are, after all, man’s most important weapons. Did you know that you can create all manner of fun if you just think? Now it’s time to put that into practice… Let’s go!’
He grabs the PA by the shoulders and leads her away as he drags the bag behind him.


Lauryn Wolfe walks out to the center of the ring to begin the match but Aokigahara Zombie puts his hands behind his back and circles her. She gets tired of waiting and rushes at him to hit him with multiple backhand chops across the chest. Zombie takes a number of them as Wolfe pushes him back to the corner with her strikes. She brings his head down and hits him with some forearm smashes. Wolfe goes to run to the other corner but Zombie grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her down to kick her in the face multiple times in a flurry. He then runs with Wolfe’s head in his grasp and lands a Running Bulldog smashing her face into the mat. Zombie then gets on top and slams his palms into Wolfe’s face as she tries to cover up with her arms. Wolfe stretches and kicks him back to get enough distance to lock in a Triangle Choke. Zombie stays in the choke as the ref checks on him to see if he is out. Zombie is still in the hold for a few moments but then laughter comes out from him. Wolfe is confused until he gets on his feet and picks her up quickly to slam her down onto the mat to break the hold with a powerbomb. Wolfe rails in pain but Aokigahara doesn’t let up as he locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Wolfe tries to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Zombie puts a knee on her back just as she is about to get a hand on the ropes. He places both knees on her back and grabs her other leg. He puts a hand across her neck and pulls her up over his knees to transition into a Bow and Arrow Backbreaker. Wolfe screams in pain as he stretches her but manages to grab onto the ropes as she flails her arms. Zombie lets her down and backs off.
Wolfe collects herself as Zombie stands in the middle of the ring and puts his hands behind his back. Wolfe gets angry and runs at him to hit him with a Running Yakuza Kick. Zombie stumbles back but doesn’t fall. He spits blood onto the mat and nods at her to try again with a wide crimson grin. Wolfe goes for another Yakuza Kick, but Zombie steps slightly to the side and slams his head against hers to hit a headbutt. He lands a few elbows to Wolfe’s forehead trying to open her up, then locks on the Crossface Chickenwing. Aokigahara struggles to keep a squirming Wolfe in his grasp as he tries to lock his arms together. Wolfe goes for the ropes but she is too far away. She resorts to elbow him in the gut with her free arm. Zombie manages to lock his hands together to tighten the hold but Lauryn doesn’t give in. She elbows his gut with more force. He goes for the Crossface Chickenwing Suplex and slams Wolfe on her head. Wolfe rolls back onto her feet and runs at him to hit her bicycle kick for the EA, When Will Dragon Age 4 Come Out? They both go down and the ref checks on them before starting to count to ten. Wolfe puts her hands on her forehead to check how much she is bleeding and Zombie begins to nod as he gets up. He gets up first and pushes the ref back to stop the count. He picks a seated Lauryn up by the hair and bites into her head. The ref quickly goes to separate them. When Zombie lets go, Wolfe hits a knee strike then a Snap DDT. She goes to cover but Zombie kicks out at one. Wolfe goes to the apron and hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop on a rising Zombie. She covers again but gets a 2 count this time. She gets up and backs off from Zombie. When he gets up she puts her hands behind her back and yells for him to hit her. Zombie laughs and rushes at her. He tries to land some punches which Wolfe dodges. She then steps to the side and hits a Spinning Back Heel Kick to the back of his head. Zombie freezes but then turns to smash her with a Lariat.
Zombie goes for a Fujiwara Armbar. Wolfe manages to turn before he fully extends the arm and kicks him off. He flies through the bottom ropes to the outside. Wolfe runs off the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive. They both get up and exchange strikes on the outside. Wolfe kicks him into the corner of the barricades. She then runs off then runs back to hit him with a Cannonball Senton against the steel. She tries to get off but Zombie has grabbed her by the waist. He shuffles her off and picks her up onto his shoulders. Then he hits the Thunder Fire Powerbomb on the outside. He throws her back into the ring. Zombie climbs up onto the corner turnbuckle. He jumps off to hit a Crossbody, but Wolfe gets on her feet and hits a High-Angled Dropkick to his face. They are both down again. Wolfe wipes the blood off her forehead and crawls over for the cover. When she gets to him Zombie raises a hand and puts it in her mouth to lock in the Itai Claw. Lauryn scratches at his wrist to get him to let go but Zombie rises with her in his clutches. Lauryn bites into his fingers but that only gets a smile and he presses down harder. She goes to one knee and looks like she is about to fade. She suddenly rolls to the side but Zombie rolls with her to keep the hold. She does it again and he isn’t fast enough to keep up. Wolfe rips his hand out of her mouth and has a wrist lock on him. She then hits a rolling koppu kick to complete the Progression Volume II and knock Zombie down and out. Wolfe scrambles and covers him for the win.
Winner: Lauryn Wolfe via Pinfall (17:42)



The bell rings, and these two quickly meet in the center of the ring! It’s a fight from the beginning, as Jett connects with several fast Forearm shots to Lisa. Lisa responds back with several of her own, these two want to be King’s Road Champion! Jett responds with a quick Japanese Armdrag. Lisa responds back with an Armdrag of her own, and a Switchblade Kick! Jett doesn’t stay down for very long, as he tries to take Lisa down to the mat. Lisa spins around, opting to grab Wilder from behind in a rear waist lock. Lisa tries to pop her hips and toss him backwards, but Jett is just too big to take down with a German Suplex. Jett connects with an elbow, breaking Lisa’s grasp as he connects with a Standing High Knee, quickly combining that into a Bulldog! Lisa tries to recover, attempting to roll out of the ring. Jett stops her, picking her back up to her feet. Jett tries for a forearm attempt, but Lisa ducks under and doubles him over with a kick to his stomach. Jett snaps forward, and Lisa connects with a Hook Kick followed into a DDT! Jett is laid out for the moment, allowing Lisa a moment to recover. Lisa quickly gets Jett back up to his feet, dropping him down to the mat with an Enziguri kick! Jett falls to the mat, as Lisa looks on. She takes a moment to recover, as Jett finally stirs.
Lisa tries to grab him, but Jett throws a side kick that sends her stumbling backwards towards the ropes. He quickly springs up to his feet, knocking Lisa over the top rope with a hard clothesline! Lisa tumbles hard to the mat, as Jett quickly leaves the ring to follow. Jett grabs Lisa by the head, bringing her up to her feet. He tries to toss her into the side of the ring, but Lisa blocks the attempt! She tries to slam him headfirst into the ring apron, but Jett also blocks that. Instead, Jett connects with a Short Arm Lariat, knocking Lisa down to the mat! Jett grabs Lisa yet again, pulling her back up to her feet. A quick knee strike loosens his grip, Lisa even knocks him down with a headbutt! Wilder falls down, as Lisa connects with a running knee to the side of Wilder’s head! He falls down to the mat, as Lisa rolls back into the ring and immediately rolls out. The official complains to her about starting the count, but she ignores him. Lisa doesn’t look completely recovered, as she tries to get Jett back up to his feet. She’s able to lift him up, pushing him back into the ring. Jett gets to a knee, as Lisa is quickly all over him. A switchblade kick connects, sending Jett Wilder stumbling across the ring. He props himself up into the nearby corner, as Lisa rushes in with a Running Enziguri! The kick sends Wilder crumbling to the mat, as Lisa quickly races up to the top rope. Jett doesn’t move, allowing Lisa to land a Double Foot Stomp to Jett’s midsection, from the top turnbuckle! He looks to be in pain, as Lisa quickly covers him for the pin!


Lisa looks to continue her attack, but Jett is ready for her. He pops up to his feet, decking Lisa with a kick to her stomach! Jett checks himself, before landing a hard boot to the side of Lisa’s head. He picks her back up, Lisa tries to fight back with a forearm shot, but Jett almost levels her with a quick European Uppercut! Lisa almost falls, but leaps right into Jett with a stiff forearm shot! It staggers him backwards, Jett pressing up against the corner behind him. Lisa throws out a bicycle kick, Jett moves out of the way and Lisa smashes into the turnbuckle corner! Lisa, stunned for the moment, looks as Jett rushes in with a Stinger Splash! Lisa doesn’t fall, as Jett steps back a bit. He rushes forward, and connects with another Splash into the corner! Lisa looks to be hurt, but she holds onto the top rope. Jett takes another step backwards, and lands a third Splash in the corner! Lisa eventually slumps down, falling down to the mat as Jett quickly covers her for the pin!


Lisa tries to get back to her feet, but Jett is quick to put the boots to her side. Jett tries to attack Lisa some more, but Lisa blocks his knee strike and shoves him into the nearby cornerl. She grabs the back of his head, slamming him face first into the top turnbuckle. Jett lands hard, doubling over as he crawls on the ground to regain his composure. Lisa immediately strikes, shoving Jett into the corner. Her boot rakes across his face, as Lisa quickly moves into the FACE WASH! BUT JETT GETS UP AND CONNECTS WITH A SUPERKICK! It was a desperation move, but it worked. Lisa is down for the count, as Jett struggles to get back up to his feet. He looks to the top rope, almost like he’s ready to end this match.The former King’s Road champion looks over at Lisa, who’s still recovering from the kick. She tries getting back up, but Jett is right there. He starts stomping the mat, as the crowd can tell what’s coming next. Jett picks Lisa up, a Scoop Slam sends her crashing to the canvas! Lisa looks hurt, as Jett puts himself in position near the corner. The crowd watches, as Jett quickly pulls himself up. In one fluid motion, Jett is able to plant his feet on the top turnbuckle and push off! He glides through the air, looking to connect with the Swag Splash. But Lisa has moved out of the way! Jett lands hard on his stomach, completely surprised. Lisa gets to her feet and connects with KILLA-CANA-RAMA OUT OF NOWHERE!
Lisa is all over Jett, as she smells blood in the water. Jett gets back up to his feet, and Lisa connects with a High Roundhouse Kick! Jett doesn’t crumble, as an Enziguri Kick sends him crashing down to the mat. He tries getting back up, but Lisa connects with The Man Opener! The kick drops Jett down to the mat, as Lisa looks ready to take this championship! She grabs Jett, lifting him up to his feet as she looks to set him up for The Evil Dead III! Lisa tries lifting Jett up, but he’s fighting back! He keeps his base wide, making it hard for Lisa to lift him up! She tries again, but Jett slips out and lands on his feet. He grabs Lisa’s wrist, pulling her forward into a LARIAT! Jett keeps the grasp on her wrist, as he pulls her up and delivers another LARIAT! Jett still holds on, not wanting to let go! He uses the last of his energy, pulling Lisa up to her feet. She can barely stand, but Jett doesn’t seem to care. ANOTHER LARIAT CONNECTS AS LISA TUMBLES TO THE MAT!! Jett slowly makes his way to the nearby corner, climbing up to the top rope as fast as he can. Lisa is trying her best to get back up, but Jett is already on the top! Without much taunting, he leaps forward and CONNECTS WITH THE SWAG SPLASH!! JETT COVERS LISA FOR THE PIN!!


Winner: Jett Wilder via Pinfall (21:14)
The Golden 1 Center quickly becomes unglued, as “Blessings” begins to play. Jett gets up to his feet, as the official hands him the King’s Road Championship for a second time! Lisa lays in the ring, disappointment shown on her face as she wasn’t able to kick out of the Swag Splash. Jett makes sure not to rub it in her face, as he helps her up to her feet. Jett is gracious in his victory, raising the title up high as he looks to celebrate with the front row “Wet for Jett” section! The show comes to an end, the camera lingering on Jett Wilder as he celebrates his championship win.