Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Vivint Smart Home Arena, as we are live from Salt Lake City, Utah. The fans here have filled out the Vivint Smart Home Arena, as they’re ready for another night of King’s Road action. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, we see Zac Read and Amy Maynard sitting at ringside! They both look happy to be there, as we get right into the show.
READ: ”Welcome to Salt Lake City, everyone! King’s Road is LIVE from the Vivint Smart Home Arena!”
MAYNARD: ”Zac, are you ready for tonight?!”
READ: ”I’m telling you Amy, tonight is top loaded. I don’t remember a time where the headline and main event were this close in quality.”
MAYNARD: ”Two HUGE title matches tonight, as the Internet Championship and the King’s Road Championship are on the line. Zac, I know that Jett can rub people the wrong way… but do you think he honestly stands a chance here tonight?”
READ: ”Jett has become a fighting champion since getting his title back, but he’s got a tough matchup. That’s not what I want to talk about though, I want to talk about Lauryn Wolfe. I want to talk about the backbone of this company.”
MAYNARD: ”Lauryn Wolfe is the definition of a fighting champion, no complaints from her since becoming the Internet Champion. Lauryn has proven show after show that she is one of the best in this company.”
READ: ”We have two champions to really be proud of, and I’m hearing that they’ll both be defending on the Wrestle Nine-Nine II supershow in March.”
MAYNARD: ”What a great opportunity for them both!”
READ: ”Let’s not forget the tag team matches we have tonight, because that division seems to be blowing up lately.”
MAYNARD: ”All these signings, tonight we’ll see the team of Lisa Seldon and Astro Clyde take on Eddy Poe and Bryan Ford.”
READ: ”Four competitors in the newly named Ignition Title Tournament.”
MAYNARD: ”Yeah, this will be a nice preview for Chapter Thirty-Four. Somebody is walking away as the new Ignition Champion, tonight they’ll have to work together.”
READ: ”Don’t forget that we’ve got a title contenders match, Neo Tokyo get their chance against Chris Constantine Jr. and Alexis Kennedy!”
MAYNARD: ”I know the Valentines are waiting, hoping to see their next challengers.”
READ: ”We’ve got a lot of great matches on the undercard tonight, I’m looking forward to Fallon Lockhart and Tyson Gregory stepping into the ring for the first time!”
MAYNARD: ”Going to be a tough task for the both of them, but Tyson is really growing into his own lately.”
READ: ”Look, I don’t want to wait anymore. I don’t even think anyone is listening anymore! Let’s get to these matches!”
MAYNARD: ”You’ll hear no complaints from me, let’s go!”

JACKSON: ” I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone coming to King’s Road. I understand that it is a huge step up in competition but I want that and I need that. I want to test myself against the very best. I see this roster and I know that it will be a fight. But I’ll take it.”
She smiles a bit as she looks at the camera.
JACKSON: ” But I want to be here because of that. To become a legend you need to face the best, to create a legacy you need to get your name out there and that is what I need to do.”
A laugh came out of her mouth as she bit her bottom lip.
JACKSON: ” I want to create a legacy I want my name to be on peoples lips. I want people to think of me when they think of the best wrestlers in the world.”
She clasps her hands together and nods.
JACKSON: ” I know I’ve been going on and on about how I want 2019 to be my year and so far I’ve done that. King’s Road is another step in that direction and I will do whatever it takes to etch my name into the history books of King’s Road. So I sit here and I implore any of you in this company to step up against me. I’ll be here waiting.”
She smiles as the scene cuts away.

Cameras click on see the back of a black coat with ‘Jefe’ in white lettering across the back. The black/white NY Yankee fitted sitting backward on the head as the Salt Lake City crowd hypes up in cheers. The outside of the Vivint Smart Home Arena is obviously chilly the wind picking up as making the fitted move on his head. Jason Mentez keeps his view up with the camera keeping hold from his upper back. The crowd starts to calm knowing he’s soon to speak.
MENTEZ: “The boy Beanie Sigel…you can feel it in the air. Yall feel dat shit Salt Lake City?”
The crowd opens up in response to the shoutout.
MENTEZ: “I do too. Change of the guard. Influx a new talent in the King’s pool. Meanwhile, we got a Dennis the Menace lookin ass nigga calling himself running the show. I’ll admit the jokes be on point. Lil scrub funny than fuck. Thing is when it aint a laughin matter anymore you see what he really about. Just another spoiled white boy without the trust fund. Make you wonder how the delusions he on manifested.”
Mentez’s hand raises up feeling the wind slowing down but never stopping.
MENTEZ: “You know what doe young buck still got no idea what to get at the bar but he was on point bout one thing. A vato old…a vato old as fuck.”
A chuckle grows to a full laugh as the camera gets the view of his shoulders hopping up and down a bit. He calms with a ‘aahh’ before turning around and looking at the camera which gets Salt Lake to cheer a bit louder.
MENTEZ: “Got two little girls turning 4 tomorrow. Papa wants to bring em something dey aint seen in awhile. I aint displacing your talent. Take a lot to face what you have n come back on em strong. I know you think cause fans voted me in I aint got a horse in the race but fact is you call yourself a leader but aint raised the bar to a status worthy calling yourself that. While you out here on your comedy tour I’ve been on the build. The reason you see new blood dats hungry n wanting is cause I helped put the trash on the curb. I know you see dat as a job beneath you but think bout dat doe.”
Mentez walks forward past the camera view and the scene responds as the Vivint Smart Home Arena is shown with him walking into the backstage entrance. He nods at a couple stagehands along the way. Gives dap to Truck Turner as he walks by him. Then they start they ‘Swole’ only handshake between them.
TURNER: “Fuck him the fuck up Jay. Swole style!”
Jason nods ending their handshake before he continues walking. Adjusting his hat forward Mentez speaks louder.
MENTEZ: ”Taking out the trash. Looking at the roster from top to bottom wanting to see better challengers n making it each of yall responsibility to make sure dat happen. Putting it all on the line at each and every pass well shit, dat sounds like a leader. You gave me shit about starting at the bottom of the line. Here I am in a few months time. Shit, sound like a leader. The fact dat I can walk down dis hallway n get a nod of respect from every person dat I see while you have a whole title on yo shoulder n nobody can stand yo ‘Mr. Me Too’ bullshit? El Padrino in yo own mind.”
Mentez walks past a poster for tonights show seeing Jett Wilder holding the Kings Road Championship. All he can do is shake his head.
MENTEZ: ”Dats a damn shame. Caught the boy with his Randall Weems face on n everything.”
Jason looks down at the poster a little longer and chuckles before he moves on.
MENTEZ: ”You had yo brush wit Kaelan. I’ll admit I actually felt bad for you for like .3 seconds. Died out quick. I’m not here with help. I aint gon come with assistance. I don’t need it. Your toughest defense coming up tonite son. If you don’t believe dat you will definitely lose it. Dis old man got the lessons for you tonite your padre failed to teach you.”
He reaches toward his belt and starts to act like he’s going to take it off. Women start to screaming and all that mess.
MENTEZ: ”Aint no timeouts here Jett. Earn dat leadership.”
With that we cut away to ringside, for the opening contest of the night.


Before the bell can sound, Blair attacks Cherry with a double axe handle smash. The bell sounds and Blair continues her attack by pushing Cherry into the corner and driving a series of shoulders into her midsection. Blair follows up with a big chop that leaves Cherry breathless, allowing Blair to stalk Cherry and drive her down with a bulldog. She makes the quick cover but Cherry kicks out at two. Blair pulls Cherry back to her feet and back down again with a snap suplex, once on the ground, Blair transitions into a side headlock to keep Cherry down. The hold works for a bit until Cherry is able to fight back to her feet and gets free with a quick series of well placed elbows. She hits the ropes and levels Blair with a clothesline. She hits the ropes again, jumps over a ducking Blair, comes back and hits a dropkick that puts Blair onto the ground. Blair looks to get back up, but Cherry grabs onto her and spikes her down with a DDT. Cherry makes the cover but Blair kicks out at two. Cherry pulls Blair back to her feet and slams her back down with a bodyslam. Cherry follows up with a jumping elbow drop that hits the mark, she makes the cover again but only gets a near fall. Cherry looks to pull Blair back up but she kicks up and hits Cherry into the face. She staggers back, giving Balor space to get to her feet and then spear Cherry to the canvas. She starts to hammer down punches until the official pulls her back. Blair grabs Cherry and sends her into the corner again. Blair backs off a few steps and rushes in with a big corner body splash. She then takes Cherry over with a snapmare followed up with a stiff soccer kick to the base of Cherry’s back. She pulls Cherry to her feet before throwing her out of the ring. Blair follows out and starts to grab Cherry but is quickly hit with a back elbow that staggers Blair. Cherry bulrushes Blair and drives her back first into the guardrail. They both stay down for a moment as the referee starts to count them out. Cherry is the first up and sends Blair into the ring steps and ring post. Cherry lines up and leaps for a splash but Blair moves and Cherry hits the ring post. Blair is quick to rolls Cherry into the ring, climb to the top rope and connect with her Red White and Bruised (Frog Splash)! She makes the cover but somehow Cherry gets her shoulder up just before the three count! Blair is beside herself! She can’t believe the kick out and starts to slap the mat repeatedly before standing up and yells at the official saying his count was slow and terrible. The official defends his count which just makes Blair yell more. Cherry slowly starts to get to her feet but Blair is quick to rush her with a running big boot and stomp away on her before making a quick cover, but Cherry is able to get her foot on the bottom rope. She turns back to the referee and argues the count once again saying how he needs to learn how to count a pin. She keeps arguing while Cherry is able to get to her feet again. This time though, Blair goes for her America The Beautiful Superkick but Cherry is able to dodge it and roll up Blair and steals the win!
Winner: Cherry Lovejoy via Pinfall (08:11)

We cut to a backstage hallway, where Tyson Gregory is putting the final touches on getting match ready. He finishes lacing up his boots and starts to wrap athletic tape around his hands and wrists. His eyes stay focused on the task as he starts to speak.
GREGORY: ” Tonight… Tonight is an interesting match up for me. This is the first time Fallon and myself have shared the ring. Hell, it’s the first time we have been in the same company or even the same show. You see, she’s made a name for herself on the preshow since signing and hasn’t lost yet. She even sticks around to make sure she’s being seen once the actual cameras start rolling. And if I were a simpler man, I would see her as not a threat at all and see this as just another match to pad my stats so to say and add another win to my total here in King’s Road.”
He lets out a chuckle, still wrapping his hand.
GREGORY: ” But I’m not a simpler man… I’ve paid attention Fallon. I saw how despite the fact that you were teaming with a horrible partner in Valor, you still held your own against both Cosmo Cooper and Brendan Devlin. I saw how despite the beating Misha LeCavalier gave to you in NEO, you got right back up and kept going. I saw the horrible things Adam Webb did to you in Southside and you kept your ground and wits about you and bested him. I saw Aries beat the ever loving shit out of you in a hardcore match and you persevering. I know for a fact that despite how many people look at Fallon, she is anything but an underdog in anything anymore.”
Tyson finishes his first hand and makes a fist, flexing the tape that covers it. He then starts in on his other hand, wrapping the tape into place.
GREGORY: ” But that’s not what you want is it Fallon? I’m not saying all the dinosaurs and cutesy typing or the rainbows and playfulness is fake. I think it’s very genuine and apart of who you are. I also think it plays into the same setup that has has many people befallen to it. You don’t expect the sweet and cute ones to be the killers in the ring. You don’t look at them and think they have that competitive edge or that they are laser focused… but you are Fallon. I saw it clearly when you wanted to take my words on twitter and twist them to fit this exact thing. Again, do I think you were doing it on purpose? Not at all… But would doing what you did help give you a mindset to focus on this match? Absolutely.”
He finishes his second hand and flexes it just like the first. He turns and looks at the camera for the first time and offers up a smile.
GREGORY: ” You can say or think that I’m looking down on you, that I’m not treating you like I think you’re a challenge or that I’m not showing you respect. Just a few things that you accused me of on twitter. But the fact is, I know exactly who I am facing in this match and it’s not some baby shark like your last opponents wanted to label you. I’m bringing the fight to you Fallon and you know what? I think this is the first time your opponent actually saw you as the bigger threat.”
He offers up a smirk, arching his brow in an almost challenging manner.
GREGORY: ” See you out there, Fallon.”
He gives the camera a wink before walking down the hallway.


Olivia stares down Malik as the two stand in the ring, she’s the first to strike as the bell rings! Olivia comes out the gate, looking to take down the former King’s Road Champion! A Running Forearm Smash catches Malik in the jaw, almost dropping him to the mat! Olivia shoves Malik to the corner, using her speed to run at him full force as she connects with another Running Forearm Smash! Olivia uses a series of chops and forearm shots to keep Malik in the corner, stunning him for a moment in the violence party. Olivia looks to the crowd, who seem impressed with her intensity. Olivia turns back to her opponent, who LEVELS her with a Running Corner Kick! Malik has recovered, and he makes it known that Olivia is in deep trouble here tonight. Malik doesn’t seem to be playing any games, he positions Olivia for a Powerbomb, but she reverses it into a Poisonrana! The crowd cannot believe it, as Malik is dropped backwards onto his head! Before Malik can even get back up to his feet, his opponent is charging at him as she connects with the Shining Wythezard! This crowd is fully behind Olivia, as she has the former King’s Road Champion hurt! Olivia calls for him to get up to his feet, as she heads to the corner looking to finish this match! Olivia positions herself, ready to connect with the Wythebreaker! She leaps forward, just as Malik rises to his feet, but he CATCHES HER! Malik tosses Olivia back into the corner, as he connects with a Buckle Bomb! A Spinning Lariat catches Olivia fully, twisting her around as she tumbles to the mat! The crowd knows what’s next, as Malik checks his nose from the knee he took earlier. He looks at Olivia, giving her a slight nod, a sign of respect from the fight she’s showed tonight. However, Olivia’s time is now over as Malik connects with the BLACK MAGIC! The Lifting Backdrop Chokeslam is plenty enough to keep Olivia down on the mat, as Malik picks up the victory tonight!
Winner: Malik Fox via Pinfall (04:32)

We cut backstage to the locker room of Fallon Lockhart, there’s somewhat of a commotion coming from inside; the scene comes into view with Fallon sat on the floor of her locker room, already dressed in her ring gear, tongue poking out the corner of her mouth in deep concentration. Sitting opposite her on the floor is Josh Kennedy, Who looks considerably less serious; smiling at the competitive nature of Lockhart. Between them on the bench is the classic game, Rock em Sock em Robots. Fallon, playing as the red robot seems determined to win, her fingers working almost as quickly as she does in the ring, small squeaks coming from her each time her robot lands a blow to Josh’s blue one. He can’t help but chuckle as they battle.
KENNEDY: ”Don’t use up all your fight on me, there!”
Fallon doesn’t look away from the plastic yellow ring, her eyebrows lifting some as she shakes her head.
LOCKHART: ”No sir, mista Skelly boi I am onto u! Tryna distract me with match talk when I am sooooo totally whoopin ur robots butt right now!”
Almost lazily, he click the button on his robot and it lands a heavy blow against hers, rocking the little red robot and drawing an unhappy sound from Fallon.
LOCKHART: ”Besides, this is like, totally the best trainin for my match tonite. See Tyson don’t rly know me, he tried to play up like he does, but he don’t n rly that’s okay. I’m not some big name he can tally up Besides the ones he already beat n…”
She pauses to grunt softly as she leans into the game, hammering at the little button that makes her robot go. The blue robot rocks back this time and she lets out a gleeful giggle.
KENNEDY: ”And what?”
KENNEDY: ”You were saying why it’s okay that Tyson doesn’t know who you are Titch…”
Fallon takes her eyes away from the game for a moment to beam up at Josh, her smile distracts him and she nails the final blow with a wrinkle of her nose. The blue robots head pops off. With a clap she throws her hands up into the air.
She jiggles on the spot for a moment in a makeshift victory dance, drawing another chuckle from Josh as he rests the game for them.
LOCKHART: ”Right, right..l was sayin how it’s okays, so, it’s okays cause I’m not some big name n he’s a champion right now. Sooo yeah, I get it. Like, if he beats me? That’s prolly no big deal to him, I’m new here n I’m not in line for no belt, I’m not some big name. I’m just fallon n as much as that is cool for me n the fans n stuff, it prolly doesn’t rly mean a whole lot to someone as accomplished as Tyson…”
Josh frowns slightly at this assertion.
KENNEDY: ”I dunno about that. I mean, sure, maybe it ain’t some grand accomplishment for him at this point, but if you ain’t gonna take whoever’s across the ring from you seriously, that’s just a recipe for failure… If that’s his mindset, that’s somethin’ in your favor, y’know?”
She nods slightly, but pushes up on her knees, pressing her fingertips against the head of his robot and smiles.
LOCKHART: ”Mmm But see, not everyone thinks like we do ya know? Like, some people they are always more focused on the biiiiiiig ones. Maybe I’m wrong Hm? Maybe he’s rly takin me serious but it just ain’t seemed that way, n besides…”
She wiggles her finger against the robot, biting at her bottom lip in concentration for a moment.
LOCKHART: ”If I got all worried bout everyone who don’t take me serious?”
Pulling her finger away, the spring in the robots head is triggered and it pops up as though he’s taken an invisible hit.
LOCKHART: ”I’d lose my head!”
Josh laughs softly, that same crooked grin that often adorns his face coming through.
KENNEDY: ”Well, you ain’t wrong about that. It ain’t nothin’ for you to worry about either way. You know what you got in front of you, and that’s what matters.”
Another grin crosses her face as she gets to her feet with a nod, leaning over she whispers something in his ear, before pulling back and straightening out her gear with a more coy smile now.
LOCKHART: ”Every match counts for somethin, so long as I remember that, I’ll be all set.”


The match begins with both competitors sizing each other up in the middle of the ring. After a tie up, Tyson gains the upper hand and arm drags Fallon to the mat hard. After following up with a running dropkick as Fallon was on both knees, Tyson mounts her and shows no mercy, delivering hard shot after shot to Fallon who’s trying desperately to protect herself by getting her arms up. Tyson eventually gets back to his feet and taunts toward the crowd while Fallon is trying now to shake the cobwebs out of her head. Gregory moves back in with stiff kicks as he’s clearly in control. After taking charge in the match, Tyson managed to keep Fallon down with a variation of suplexes as well as a nasty snap spinebuster at one point that looked to give Fallon a bad case of whiplash with her head snapping violently to the mat. The match ended up turning back into Lockhart’s favor as Gregory took to the top rope and came off with a diving double foot stomp that Lockhart managed to roll out of the way of. Still visibly worn out from the early onslaught, Lockhart mustered up enough to go on the offensive starting with an arm wrench into a leg drop. With Gregory grounded even further after he was picked up only be hit with a Russian Leg Sweep back to the mat, Lockhart does what Gregory couldn’t do earlier and takes to the top rope, landing her ambitious move, hers being a huge 450 senton that she follows up with a pin!


Lockhart keeps it going though as she got back to her feet, bringing Tyson with him and got him backed into the corner. After some stiff forearms, Fallon uses the ropes, climbing them at a quick pace only to lift a stiff right knee to the bottom of Tyson Gregory’s chin that causes him to collapse to the mat. He rolls away trying to avoid any further damage but instead Fallon checks behind her to mark her distance and comes off with a shooting star press but Gregory gets the knees up! Fallon rolls off clutching her ribs in pain from Tyson counter move. Tyson crawls over, throws a elbow into the ribs once more, slides behind Fallon Lockhart, grabbing her by the arms and locks her into a Rings of Saturn that has Fallon writhing in pain. The referee checks in on her and she keeps shaking her head, refusing to give up as she tries to stretch out her legs, hoping a toe will land on a rope to cause the break. With Lockhart still not giving up, Tyson manages to use his strength to rise up to his feet with Fallon’s arms still locked behind her, and then moves them up into a full nelson position. Once up, Tyson now flings Lockhart over his head with a dragon suplex that he keeps bridged for the pin!


After the kickout, Tyson takes his time to get up, trying to catch his breath and this ends up costing him as Fallon does the same. As they get up, Tyson throws a right that Fallon ducks and runs underneath. Lockhart bounces off the rope as Gregory turns around and nails him with a hurricanrana. Gregory hits the mat but tries to bounce up to his feet, a bit out of it. So Fallon runs in and nails a dropkick that sends him through the middle rope and onto the apron. Tyson gets up and Fallon moves in but Tyson grabs her and nails a jawbreaker using the top rope as he lets his weight fall to the outside. Fallon flies back on the mat from the force as Tyson turns around and taunts the fans once more on the outside before sliding in to follow up. Tyson grabs Fallon by the hair and starts bring her up but she throws a stiff elbow into his gut, followed up by another one and then another. He lets go and she pops up, flattening him with a DDT. She goes to cover but Tyson grabs her with a quick snap bodyslam from his back, landing on top of her near the ropes. The referee gets into the position to make the pin and Tyson takes advantage of the angle he’s at by putting his two feet on the middle rope for leverage on the pin while the referee has no idea!


With Fallon visibly struggling to get out from under him through the whole pin thanks to his unfair advantage, Tyson pops off of her and slides out of the ring raising his arm high almost immediately after the referee’s hand hits the mat for the third time knowing he barely escaped with a win he had to cheat to obtain. Fallon is on her knees, shocked and then turns to the referee pointing to the ropes, pleading her case but he shrugs with a reply that he didn’t see anything. Tyson leaves the match with a smirk, knowing that he was able to pull one over on Fallon here tonight.
Winner: Tyson Gregory via Pinfall (10:32)

Bryan Ford is seen walking backstage proudly rocking a black #3-0 sleeveless shirt. A smug smirk on his face seems almost glued on. He taps the shoulder of a production assistant.
FORD: ”Yo… uh Jerry is it?”
STAGEHAND: ”Um… it’s Anthony actually…”
FORD: ”Riiiight… anyways Timothy… have you happened to see Eddy Poe? Just looked at the card and we’re in tag team action.”
STAGEHAND: ”You… you’re actually looking for Eddy Poe? Uh… no I haven’t seen him.”
FORD: ”Wow… well thanks for the waste of time Sam.”
Ford storms off leaving the Assistant befuddled at all the wrong names he was apparently assigned to by Bryan.
Ford walks up and down the halls in constant search for his temporary partner for the evening.
FORD: ”Huh… if I were a strange man from out of a horror movie script where would I be… heh probably some Bloody Mary type of nonsense.”
Bryan chuckled to himself as he found a tall mirror leaned against the wall he stood in front of it playing along with his silly idea.
FORD: ”Eddy Poe… Eddy Poe… Eddy Poe.”
Ford shook his head then suddenly the lights went out then slowly flickered on and off.
When the lights turn back on, Eddy has his hand around the Assistant’s throat.
Bryan looks on somewhat horrified and spooked at the sudden appearance by Eddy.
FORD: ”Uh… well then… nice of you to show up… listen we’ve been thrown in together for this match… and as you may know… I’m hot with a streak of 3-0. Now… it would be shame if my good luck were to be ruined by miscommunication so I am not even considering a loss to affect my win loss record… however I still want to be on the winning side and I think our combined forces may just let us do that…”
POE: ”Glory? Victory? Your… Record… This is what you want?”
Ford blinked for a moment then nodded slowly.
FORD: ”Uh… yes? All these things lead to higher pay… bigger matches… main event spotlight. Everything that I am destined for really.”
Eddy chuckled to himself for a moment before looking back at Bryan.
POE: ”It’s quite possible after this match that you and I would face each other in the Openweight tournament. Who says I might not turn around and eliminate some of the competition early.”
Ford smirks a bit before responding.
FORD: ”I know your type Eddy… you want to weed out the weak and face the strong… and let’s face it… you and I have a chance to make it to the finals of this thing. Besides why not have some fun with those scrubs in the match tonight? You and I will have our moment surely.”
POE: ”Why don’t we… Make a little deal Ford?”
Ford tilted his head slightly with interest.
FORD: ”What kind of deal?”
POE: ”We take out the competition here tonight… And meet up in the finals.”
Eddy held out his hand for a devilish shake.
Ford smirked a bit before shaking Eddy’s hand.
FORD: ”Deal.”


Lisa looks annoyed to even have to share the same ring with Astro Clyde, so she forces Astro to step into the ring first to start this match off. Astro looks tense, standing across the ring from Eddy Poe. He works his way over to him, starting the match off with a series of chain-wrestling holds. Eddy holds his ground, eventually working out of the holds and taking Astro down with a Scoop Slam. Astro bounces back up to his feet, but Eddy is right there to keep him down. He plants Astro into the mat with a series of Stalling Suplexes, each one lasting longer than the other. Bryan Ford looks on, impressed with his partner. Lisa doesn’t look too pleased, as she yells at Astro to do something. Eddy Poe proves to be too much of a force for him to handle though, as Astro is knocked out of the air on a Moonsault attempt! A Headbutt causes Astro to stumble back into his corner, where Lisa looks to tag into the match. Astro tells her not to, waving her attempt away. She looks on, confused and angry, as Astro staggers back over to his opponent. Eddy quickly cuts him down with a Big Boot, putting Astro down on the mat for a moment. Bryan Ford is soon tagged in, looking pleased with how the match is going as Lisa looks on. She calls for Astro to tag out, but he just won’t. A Jumping Knee Strike stuns Astro Clyde, but a follow-up Enziguri Kick misses! Astro uses this chance to connect with a Spinning Headscissors Takedown, and follows that up with a Victory Roll! Bryan is able to kick out of the pinning attempt, though, as Lisa calls for Astro to tag back into the match. He tries, but Bryan grabs hold of his leg. Pulling Astro away from his corner, Bryan smirks at Astro as he seems to have him trapped. Astro proves otherwise, connecting with an Enziguri Kick of his own! Bryan crumbles to the mat in a heap, as Lisa calls again for Astro to tag out of the match! Astro looks on, seeing his opponent down on the mat. He thinks for a moment, as Lisa soon realizes that he’s not tagging out of the match. She curses loudly, as Astro goes to grab his opponent! Astro softens him up with a Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse attack, blinding Bryan Ford for the time being. Astro drops his opponent with a Running Canadian Destroyer, planting Bryan headfirst into the mat! With his opponent set up, Astro looks to the top turnbuckle to put this match away. Lisa looks on, incredulous to what she’s seeing right now. Astro climbs to the top, as he leaps off trying to connect with Out of Orbit! Bryan moves out of the way though, as Astro lands on the mat knees first! He cries out in pain, but Bryan silences him with a Shining Wizard! It’s not long before Astro is hit with a Sudden Silence, the knee slamming right into his jaw. Lisa can only look on, as Bryan easily covers Astro for the pin. She chooses not to do anything about it, instead leaving the apron and walking to the back as the referee counts to three.
Winner: Bryan Ford and Eddy Poe via Pinfall (07:02)

The show cuts to the backstage area, where we see Johnny Amazing seemingly talking with some of the backstage crew. He’s dressed in street clothes today as he isn’t scheduled for a match for tonight’s show, but like a good member of the roster, he’s still here.
The conversation seems to be friendly and Johnny tells a joke that gets the crew laughing before they all tense up. The members of the backstage crew look behind Johnny before they back away. Amazing is confused before he turns around and comes face to face with a seething Angelo Sands.
SANDS: ”What the hell was that last show? What the hell were you thinking? WE HAD THEM BEAT.”
Angelo is of course talking about the tag team match that involved him teaming with Amazing for the second straight show. The two had the win in their hands before a shoving match began that saw Angelo eat the pin in the end to Jae-Yun Sun.
AMAZING: ”Hmmm…”
Amazing taps his chin thoughtfully, almost deliberately trying to make Angelo even more angry than he already is.
AMAZING: ”So much has happened between now and then. Could you refresh my memory? Wait a minute! I know. Was this the match where you were being a raging tool? That’s ringing a bell with me.”
Despite the harsh words and insult, Johnny looks as cool as a cucumber as if he’s genuinely recalling their miscommunication last week as an innocent affair. Meanwhile, Angelo actually looks offended.
Sands stares at Amazing for a second before he seems to cool off for a bit.
SANDS: ”Maybe you thought I was trying to steal the spotlight or something by tagging myself in but that’s not the case. You see, I was trying to make sure that you didn’t screw things up this time.”
There’s a couple of “oooooh” reactions from the audience because they’re shit stirrers. Johnny throws his head back in a laugh, holding onto his stomach as he has a good chuckle only for it abruptly end.
AMAZING: ”Me? You thought I was going to screw up? That’s a good joke, man. Hilarious, actually. But it’s fine. I’m glad things went down the way they did because now there’s no excuse for this company to put you and me on the same side of the ring together. Proven failure. Best thing that could have happened to my career.”
Johnny shrugs his shoulders innocently, holding his hands up in what is meant to imply no offense despite the words coming out of his mouth.
AMAZING: ”In fact, I think it’s best if we completely move on from this situation altogether because I have more important things to worry about. Such as making the finals of the King’s Road tournament. Glad you were able to get a first-round bye along with the rest of us. I would have bet money you didn’t make it into the second round.”
The audience lets out another “oooh” as Angelo clenches his jaw…then turning it into a smirk.
SANDS: ”Well, if you wrestle in this tournament like you wrestled in our tag matches, that goal of making the finals gonna be a bigger uphill battle than the Phoenix Suns trying to win more than 20 games in a season.”
The audience knows what kind of burn that is, but Johnny’s face just scrunches up at it.
AMAZING: ”I don’t even follow football, so…”
Johnny shrugs his shoulders at the lack of burn, completely unaware that the Phoenix Suns are a basketball team.
AMAZING: ”Tell you what, though. I’ll stick to wrestling the way I wrestle and make it to the finals. You can stick to wrestling how you wrestle and… basically give everyone a good laugh before you have a seat and let the big dogs handle business.”
With a huge shit-eating grin on his face, Johnny has the gall to put his hands on Angelo. It’s just a pat on the shoulder but a slightly more aggressive one than is necessary. Sands takes a look at his shoulder before he takes a look back at Amazing. Offering up a small smirk at first, his positive reaction seems to quickly turn negative as he fires off with a headbutt that sends Johnny staggering!
Amazing quickly tackles Sands to the ground after that and the two roll around the floor for a second, trying to get the upper hand on one another. The two break apart and scramble to their feet before Johnny shoves Angelo hard into a wall, forcing him to groan out in pain! But before Amazing can go on the attack on the wounded Sands, security rushes in and breaks the two apart!
AMAZING: ”Let me go! GET OFF ME!”
Johnny spits out a little blood from his mouth, the result of that likely coming from the headbutt he received earlier. Meanwhile, Angelo is slow to get to his feet before he tries to break past the wall of security, only for them to be enough to hold the submission specialist back.
Angelo and Johnny begin shouting at one another as security holds them back before they take seemingly take Sands and Amazing to different directions, before you hear the head of security tells the rest of the guards to kick them out and make sure they stay out.


At the sound of the bell Truck and Holland go to lock up, Truck uses Hollands size advantage against him, offsetting the power to bully Holland into the far corner. The official clears both out of the corner after a Face Wash from Truck. They go to lock up again but this time, Holland side steps Truck and kicks his in the knee, buckling his down, before kicking his square in the face. He hits the ropes and comes back with a senton splash before making the cover but only getting a two count. Holland pulls Truck back to his feet and hits his with a series of forearm shots that stagger Truck into the corner. Holland runs across the ring and comes back with a body avalanche that knocks the air out of Truck. He keeps the pressure on by driving a quick shoulder into Truck’s midsection, followed by two more before pulling Truck’s head in and leaping off the middle ropes and spiking his with a tornado DDT. He makes the cover but Truck gets his foot on the bottom rope before the three count. Truck rolls out of the ring to try to collect his bearings for a moment but Holland sees his chance and climbs to the top ropes. He leaps out and uses the ropes as a springboard to crash into Truck with a rolling senton dive that leaves both of them down and out outside the ring. Both are slow moving outside the ring as the referee makes his count. Holland is first up and starts to get into the ring but Truck pulls him out again and drives his ribs first against the ring. he slams him against the ring once more before rolling him into the ring. he takes his time, still feeling the effects of his onslaught. Once back in the ring he starts to stomp away at his now tender ribs and then gives a solid punt kick that drives the air out of Holland. Truck lifts Holland up and drives a him down over his knee, working on his ribs some more. he pulls Erik up again and holds him in a clinch, driving repeated knees into his midsection and ribs. Truck hooks him by the waist and slams him down with a gutwrench suplex, before making the cover but only getting a two count. he locks his waist in a leg grapevine and starts to try to squeeze his ribs, adding more pressure to them. Holland tries to fight him off but the pressure on the ribs wears him down. Truck lets go of the hold, pulls him to his feet and back down with a backstabber before making the cover but still Holland kicks out at two. Truck drags Holland back to his feet and holds his face in his hands and berates him verbally before trying to strike him in the face but Holland ducks it and kicks Truck in the gut. He hits the far ropes, but he never comes back and hanging onto the ropes for a second, Truck dropkicks the legs out from under Holland. He jumps up and drives a knee to the base of Holland’s neck. Truck tries to cover him again, but Holland is forcing his way back into this match! Truck looks on, concerned that his offense isn’t working. He steadies himself, looking to connect with the Hardbody Karate! Holland gets to his feet, but ducks the kick from Truck! Truck turns around, as Holland connects with Plan 9 from Outer Space! The Superman Punch dazes Truck for a moment, allowing Holland to connect with the Human Harvest! Erik quickly covers him, getting the victory!
Winner: Erik Holland via Pinfall (09:43)

We cut backstage as Chris Constantine Jr. and Olivia Constantine stand in front of a King’s Road banner. Chris does his best to keep a smile on his face as he knows that his Tag Team partner hates him. His tag team partners boyfriend….or husband…..or fuck buddy….not sure and haven’t asked, but he hates him as well. Pretty sure half of the Kings Road roster hates him. But Chris has a smile on his face and does his best to sound confident as he starts to cut a promo.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Kings Road! Your favorite Tag Team of Chris Constantine and Alexis Kennedy is gracious enough to appear in front of you once again tonight. Now I know last week we lost to Malik and Brad Golding, but it’s ok. Not all Tag Teams can go undefeated in this industry. Alexis and I, we’re still a new team. We have some things we need to work out. Our communication is off and…”
Chris loses his concentration as he looks off screen.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Oh! Real mature Kennedy! Thanks for giving me the middle finger.”
The camera is about to turn around to get a glimpse of Kennedy but is stopped by Chris who brings the camera back on him.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”You don’t need to be filming that garbage. She lost her camera privilege with that gesture. Now tonight, Alexis and myself go one on one with Neo Tokyo in a Tag Team Contenders Match, and boy I’m…”
Chris stops again as he looks off screen and looks at Kennedy in disgust.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Why the hell are you humping a traffic cone, Kennedy?”
The camera tries to turn around to get a glimpse of Kennedy, but Chris stops the camera and directs it back to him.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”What did I tell you cameraman? Camera on me! Now Brooklyn Light thinks she’s tough but doesn’t know how to @ people on twitter. And the tweets she does put out are complete garbage. And her tag partner….well I don’t have a problem with her because she barely tweets. She brings nothing to this match. So congratulations you two for being such a superior Tag Team in Kings Road. It’s no wonder why the Kings Road top brass made Kennedy and myself a Tag Team, help spice up the division a little because teams like Neo Tokyo ain’t shit. Furthermore…”
Chris stops, once again, as a look of disgust consumes his face. He quickly covers the eyes of Olivia as he angrily yells at Kennedy!
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Pull your pants up! I don’t appreciate you mooning me and my wife!”
The camera quickly zooms over to get a quick glimpse of a pair of buttcheeks, but the camera is quickly wrestled back so that the video feed is back on him.
CONSTANTINE JR: ”Ok Mark! I’m sooo letting management know that you are an unprofessional camera man. Neo Tokyo! Get ready for an ass beating by Kings Roads favorite Tag Team! Chris Constantine Jr. and Alexis Kennedy!”
The scene cuts as Chris walks past the camera. Unfortunately, Olivia is still standing there as her hands cover her eyes.
CONSTANTINE: ” Chris? Chris, you still there?”


Brooklyn starts the match out with Alexis, who doesn’t look too keen on continuing to tag with Chris Constantine Jr. She starts out the match with a Collar and Elbow Tie-Up, using her strength to bully Brooklyn around the ring. Brooklyn is able to fight back, however, as she reverses an attempt by Alexis and traps her in the corner. Brooklyn uses her Forearm to press into Alexis’ neck, choking her as the referee steps in to break it up. Alexis looks impressed, Brooklyn doing whatever she can early to get this victory. Alexis charges at Brooklyn, as the two begin to cross paths in the ring. Brooklyn ducks under a Clothesline attempt, but Alexis quickly moves out of the way of a Dropkick attempt by Brooklyn. Brooklyn slides through Alexis’ legs, as Alexis rolls out of a Scoop Slam attempt by Brooklyn. With both competitors on their feet, they both try a series of Dropkicks. Neither one are able to connect, as they stand down and stare at each other across the ring. Brooklyn dodges a Superman Punch attempt by Alexis, and tosses her into the corner. She quickly climbs the second turnbuckle, and begins to punch her opponent over and over. The crowd counts along, but Chris Constantine Jr gets involved as he connects with a Leaping Kick to knock Brooklyn down. The referee issues him a warning, but the damage is already done. Alexis pounces on her opponent, dropping her to the ring with a Hammerlock DDT! Brooklyn is able to kick out, as Alexis takes control of the match. She brutalizes Brooklyn with a series of Leg Kicks, and Chops. Brooklyn fights back, connecting with a Back Elbow as she’s finally able to tag out. Iota Psi looks impressive at first, Hurricanrana and Falling Scissor Kick make quick work of Alexis in the ring. She’s able to tag out though, and soon enough Iota isn’t able to handle the strength of Chris Constantine Jr. He fights out of a Jumping Headlock Neckbreaker attempt, tossing Iota down to the mat. Knife Edge Chops connect, as Chris follows that up with a Scoop Slam! Iota begins to take more punishment, as Chris keeps her trapped in the corner. He works over her body with shots to her ribs, and another series of Knife Edge Chops for good measure. Brooklyn calls on her partner to tag out, but Alexis and Chris are actually beginning to work well together. A Double Stalling Suplex puts Iota down, as Alexis tries for the cover.
With Chris having done the heavy work, Alexis looks to wear her opponent down some more with a series of holds. Rear Chinlocks, Armbars, and a Triangle Choke all keep Iota Psi on her toes. She’s able to hang in there though, holding on and using the rope to break up the submission attempts. Iota connects with a Pele Kick to stop Alexis for the moment, but she’s eventually able to tag out before Iota can. Chris continues his attack, hitting Iota with the Constantines Revenge! It’s not enough to keep her down though, so Chris looks to work over the leg. He tries for Bald Eagle Leg Whip, but Iota is able to twist right out of the attempt. She lands on her feet, and goes for a Running Neckbreaker. Chris avoids the attempt too, but Iota jumps on his back with a Backpack Dragon Sleeper! The submission attempt catches him by surprise, but he doesn’t tap. He grabs a handful of Iota’s hair, and whips her hard to the mat. Iota uses this chance to scramble, tagging Brooklyn back into the match! Brooklyn storms into the ring, as Chris falls victim to her onslaught. A DDT, Back Elbow, and a Running Facebuster Knee Smash stagger Chris for the moment. Alexis is able to tag herself into the match, but she doesn’t fair much better. Brooklyn takes her down with a Tiger Suplex, and Running Double Knees while Alexis is in the corner. Chris tries to get involved into the match, but Iota takes him out with a Springboard Dropkick into the ring! Iota and Brooklyn work together, as they take out Alexis with a Spinning Heel Kick and a Leg Sweep combination! Chris tries to get back into the ring, but Iota launches herself over the top rope and takes him out! With Brooklyn and Alexis alone in the ring, it’s up to Alexis to protect herself. She avoids a Hank Henshaw Haymaker attempt from Brooklyn, and is able to catch her with a Cocked N Locked! The Missile Dropkick sends Brooklyn tumbling to the mat, but she rolls her way out of The A-Bomb! Alexis turns around, and walks right into the Future Imperfect from Brooklyn! With her opponent down, and Iota climbing back onto the apron, Brooklyn tags out! She launches herself over the top rope, crashing right back into Chris Constantine Jr and keeping him out of the match again. Iota climbs to the top rope, and lands a Senton Bomb right on Alexis Kennedy! Iota quickly covers her, as Chris is unable to get back into the ring to break up the pin!
Winner: Neo Tokyo via Pinfall (12:41)

Silence across the board outside of the mixture of males booing and blinding screams from women. Jae-Yun Sun sits Indian style on the floor of his locker room. Hands placed upon his knees taking deep breaths with his eyes closed. Breathing in and out. In and out. Tonight is his first title opportunity ever in his career. Others will play tough. People never want to show weakness. Emotions aren’t real. What is a human? We are machines.
Nope, not Jae-Yun. He was nervous the moment he saw the results of the poll. He was nervous when his match was momentarily delayed. Now tonight is the night. Lauryn Wolfe being the best champion in 4CW in his eyes. Yes, he was nervous and guess what ya fuck? He’s still is nervous.
Feeling the presence of the camera crew Jae-Yun Sun exhales one last time and opens his eyes. He’s fine now. He’s ready. Sun blinks a few times in silence and his right hand begins to tap rapidly along that knee. Yep, still nervous. Not fine.
SUN: “Leave. Please. Now.”
The camera view moves slightly but doesn’t leave as Jae-Yun’s head tilts slightly to the left.
SUN: “Lauryn deserves my best. That is she will get. I am meditating and it is disrespectful to interrupt. You will leave or I will use each of you as a warmup. Please?”
Camera view responds by backing up a little more but still not leaving. Jae-Yun springs up quicker than a hiccup rushing the camera.

Heading backstage we find ourselves standing by with the 4CW King’s Road Champion, Jett Wilder and his manager Jasmine. Nearly forced off screen completely is Gabriel Hartman, trying to edge his way back into frame only to be met with zero movement from the champion.
HARTMAN: ”We are backstage here with Jett Wilder the current 4CW King’s Road Champion. Tonight he faces Jason Mentez, this will be nearly your third title match main event in a row. Any fatigue?”
Scoffing at the question, Jett shakes his head not at all feeling any level of a fatigue. If there has always been one thing that Jett does not lack, it’s energy.
WILDER: ”Fatigue? No fatigue here Hartman. I am the champion for a reason it’s because I don’t let things like fatigue get me down. I don’t let distractions get the best of me, I don’t have any other focus but this belt. The person who held my belt hostage for a week? She is full of distractions. Her focus was never on this belt, on this show. She’s off playing house with a dude my mom beat up. Lisa Seldon? She was talented, she put up a good fight. But she never had that champion mentality. She never saw herself as the top of the food chain and thus never put herself out there as the best. There are a lot of talented people on this roster but there is nobody that wants this belt more than me. This belt is going nowhere, I could defend every show until the end of the year it’s not going anywhere, staying right here..”
Jett has a very firm grip on the belt over his shoulder, adjusting it for a moment to show it off to all the people that are chasing it.
HARTMAN: ”That being said you are facing perhaps your toughest taste to date in a long time veteran Jason Mentez.”
Rolling her eyes next to Gabriel is Jasmine at the notion that Jason is some sort of test for Jett.
WILDER: ”He’s been around the block, he is a name a lot of people know. I have disliked him for a long time now, he’s never treated me with any respect. So I have to beat it into him. This show and this belt is the top prize in all of wrestling, so I expect a lot of big names to be floating around like this trying to take what is mine. But as I said, this belt it’s not going anywhere. I made a mistake a month or so. Now I have Jasmine to watch my back and make sure no funny business happens. But one on one in that ring? Nobody can stop me. I paid my dues as the loser kid who got his butt kicked on Adrenaline every show. I know that there is this thought that I am not on some of those top guys levels. But I have always big brothered Bryan Laughlin and if he couldn’t beat my mom? Viduus isn’t a threat either. So this belt is the top belt in the world and it’s mine. If people like Jason don’t respect that? Than they can try to take the crown but they’ll fail. Because I fight for this company, these fans and this belt. And as the King of King’s Road. I am going to make this place a thriving kingdom. They say that heavy lies the crown…Or whatever. I have no problem carrying the burden. So I will reign for a long, long time.”
Wilder stands there, instead of leaving himself like would be normal Jasmine glares at Gabriel until he scurries off screen until the next portion of the show continues.


The bell rings, and the two waste no time getting into it! Lauryn runs across the ring, as Jae meets her in the middle! The two immediately lock up, exchange forearm shots and elbows. Neither one wanting to back down, Lauryn lets out a roar and lays into Jae with a brutal elbow shot. Suddenly, Lauryn strikes out again and slaps Jae across the face, leaving him stunned. Lauryn reached back for another elbow, but Jae kicks her arm away. She spins around, as Jae connects with an elbow shot of his own! Lauryn staggers backwards, as Jae delivers a hard slap across her face!


The audible slap sends a chill throughout the audience, they react loudly as Jae grapples Lauryn. He wastes no time with rest holds, instead he wraps up Lauryn Wolfe and tosses her to the mat! Lauryn lands hard, on her neck and shoulders, quickly rolling out of the ring to escape from anymore punishment. She stays on the outside, catching her breath as Jae quickly follows. Jae drops down, rolling underneath the bottom rope as Lauryn catches him with a Hook Kick. Jae stumbles backwards, hitting the steel steps awkwardly.He holds the back of his head, as Lauryn moves in and kicks him hard in the ribs. She drives her heel into his throat, using the apron for support as she stands up. All of her body weight is being driven into Jae’s throat, who mLaurynges to wriggle free from the hold. Jae quickly scurries under the ring, being pulled out by Lauryn. She tries to pull him back out, but he connects with a kick that pushes her away! Jae scurries under the ring, while Lauryn recovers, popping up on the other side of the ring. He quickly slides into the ring, rushing across the ring to DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE! He collides into Lauryn, sending them both crashing into the barricade!
Lauryn crawls around on the outside, trying to get her bearings as Sun is back to his feet. A running kick to the side of Lauryn’s head stops her, momentarily. Jae tosses the apron curtain aside, Damien Miri calling for the two to get back into the ring. Jae ignores him, instead opting to get Lauryn back up to her feet. He hits her with a European Uppercut, before tossing her back into the ring. Lauryn does her best to get back up, but she’s still dazed from the spill on the outside. She stands up, only to be caught with a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker! Jae tosses her through the air, sending her crashing hard onto his knee! Lauryn doesn’t have a chance to recover, as Jae quickly covers her for the pin!


Lauryn staggers up, as Jae get to his feet. She ducks a right hand, catching Jae with an open hand slap to his chest. She grabs his right arm, putting her right foot under his chin. Throwing herself down towards the mat, her foot shoots into his jaw, causing him to fall backwards! Lauryn uses this moment to recover, she looks to get enough momentum for this next move. A Running Kick to the ribs of Jae sends him rolling back out of the ring. Jae stays on the outside for a moment, as Lauryn looks on. She shoots towards the opposite side of the ring, running at the ropes with full speed and fury. She bounces off, coming back towards her original side. Jae slowly gets up to his feet, as Lauryn Wolfe launches herself between the top and middle ropes. Jae looks up, and sees Lauryn crashing into him at full SPEED! The two crash back into the barricade yet again, Jae taking the brunt of the fall this time. He leans against the barricade, appearing to be in agony as Lauryn lays on the mat. Lauryn tries to get her bearings, wanting to get back up to her feet quickly. Jae hasn’t recovered yet though, as he falls down to the mat. Damien Miri again calls for him to move, giving him time before he starts another count. Lauryn looks on in disbelief as Jae gets back up to his feet, slowly sliding back into the ring. He looks across the ring at Lauryn, who’s waiting on him to make his move. The crowd is cheering, as these two begin to pace around the ring. One waiting for the other to do something. Lauryn rushes out towards Jae, attempting to take him down with a Headscissors. He stops the move completely, swinging Lauryn back around and into a Backbreaker! The backbreaker connects, flush, Jae wastes little time on getting Lauryn back up to her feet. He wraps her up, dropping her to the mat with a Sitout Powerbomb! Lauryn rolls in pain, but Jae is relentless, he picks Lauryn Wolfe up and tosses her to the mat with a Snap Suplex! The crowd is awed by Jae’s sudden conviction of violence towards his opponent. Lauryn looks up at the lights, completely dazed. Jae takes his time, walking back over to his downed opponent. Lauryn still seems a bit out of it, she turns to her stomach and tries to crawl back to her feet. Jae quickly wraps her up, his hands around her waist. He pulls her up and into a Fisherman Buster! Backing off, he decides instead to use this time to his advantage. With Lauryn still down on the mat, Jae takes a breather. It’s precious time he can use to recover, as his opponent is still dazed. After a few moments he looks over, seeing the Lauryn is getting back up to her feet. Jae moves over to her, just as Lauryn is back to her feet. Jae quickly settles that with a Superkick! The snap kick catches Lauryn fully, dropping her back down to the mat again. Jae looks on, as Lauryn lays there on the mat. Once again he drops to his knees, covering her for the pin!


Jae rolls off of Lauryn, almost expecting that she would kick out. Much to his surprise, and everyone else’s, Lauryn Wolfe is getting up. She stays on one knee, as Jae approaches her again. She lashes out, a kick catching Jae right in the stomach. He doubles over, giving Lauryn the few seconds she needs to get back up. Lauryn grins, as Jae eats a Running Knee from Lauryn. She took his punishment, now it seems that it is her turn to dish it out. Jae lays on the mat, as Lauryn starts walking around him in circles. Jae tries getting back up, pushing Lauryn away from him. He receives a boot to the side of his head from her. Dropping to the mat, Lauryn follows that up with a Sliding Dropkick to the side of Jae’s head. This causes Jae to roll back to the outside, yet again, clutching at his head. Lauryn looks on, wondering about her options for the moment. Jae doesn’t look to waste any time on the outside, as he grabs for the ring apron. Lauryn sees this, and quickly makes her move. Both competitors reach the apron, Lauryn pulling Jae right into an elbow shot. She lands another hard shot, before trying for a third. Jae ducks, pulling Lauryn into a DDT ONTO THE APRON!
Both competitors crash to the ground, Lauryn having taken the full brunt of the suplex. Jae lays on the outside, still feeling the effects of Lauryn’s attacks. Damien Miri moves to their side, checking on the both of them. Jae motions for him to move, as he gets back up to his feet. He wastes no time in picking up his opponent, shoving her back into the ring. Lauryn doesn’t move, but Jae doesn’t look to pin her just yet. Grabbing Lauryn, Jae quickly lifts her up onto her feet. He scoop slams her hard onto the canvas, lifting her back up again. Lifting Lauryn off of her feet, Jae drives his knee into her back, with a backbreaker! Lauryn looks to be in pain, as Jae keeps her bent in an awkward position over his knee! Using his arms to push down on her throat and legs, he creates a focal point for the pain. Damien Miri quickly steps in, checking on Lauryn. He asks her if she wants to give up, but Lauryn responds with a knee to the side of Jae’s head! The hold breaks, allowing Lauryn her freedom once again. Lauryn lays on the mat, clutching her lower back after that bit. Jae tries getting back up, but Lauryn beats him to it. She grabs Jae, pulling him right into a Snap DDT! The move plants Jae head first into the mat, allowing Lauryn another chance to catch her breath and recover. Jae isn’t looking well, the knee and DDT certainly stopping anything he was hoping to accomplish. He pulls himself to the nearest turnbuckle, as he tries to get back up to his feet. Lauryn easily lands an Enziguri, as Jae slumps back into the corner. Lauryn rushes forward, double knees connecting directly into her opponent! Lauryn doesn’t waste time, looking to do the most amount of damage she can. A High Angled Dropkick, and an Exploder Suplex all connect. Lauryn connects with a Discus Lariat that turns Jae inside out! The crowd is loving the intensity from the Internet Champion, as she connects with a Spinning Back Heel Kick! Jae slumps down to the mat, as Lauryn covers him for the pin!


The crowd “oohs” as they thought Lauryn had quickly taken this match. Jae is in a world of trouble now. Lauryn Wolfe takes a break, trying to collect herself as she decides on what to do next. Her opponent is stumbling now, doing his best to recover. Lauryn looks on, stepping in with a European Uppercut. She delivers another one, as Jae falls and lands on the ring ropes. He uses them to hold himself up, as he looks to be almost completely out of it at the moment. Lauryn bounces off of the ropes, and right into a Rolling Elbow from Jae! Lauryn, stunned, staggers around the ring for a moment as Jae looks on. Almost like he’s waiting for her to fall. Lauryn falls backwards into the nearby ropes, but it seems to have been an act! She springs off of the ropes with fury, catching Jae with a Running Yakuza Kick! The crowd reacts appropriately, as Lauryn quickly moves in for the cover!


Lauryn doesn’t seemed all that surprised, Jae doing what he can to kick out. Jae and Lauryn have taken a lot of damage in this match, both lay in the ring as they take a moment. Jae and Lauryn finally start to move, Lauryn slow to get back up to her feet. She lets out a roar, from anger and pain and charges her opponent. A forearm shot catches Jae, but he responds with one of his own! Lauryn and Jae go back and forth, forearm for forearm! Lauryn lunges at Jae, but he ducks and catches her with a Bicycle Kick! Lauryn stumbles back, but steps in with a Jumping Knee Strike! It catches Jae, just as he’s about to try another elbow shot! Jae stumbles forward, falling to one knee. Lauryn quickly latches onto him, pulling him into a Jumping Roundhouse Kick followed up with a bridging German Suplex! Jae kicks out before Damien Miri can begin his count, slowly rising up to his feet. He took all of the Territorial Mark, and asks for more. He yells, roaring at Lauryn, using his fighting spirit to keep himself in the match! Lauryn backs up, and delivers what he asked for. A running, high-impact bicycle kick lands right on the face of Jae Yun-Sun, but before he can drop to the mat Lauryn grabs him and pulls him into the Fiery Impulse! Jae is drilled into the mat, as Lauryn covers him for the pin!


Winner: Lauryn Wolfe via Pinfall (25:41)

We cut to the backstage area, where we see Gareth Prescott standing by in his makeshift office for the night. He looks pleased with himself, having finally gotten rid of Hudson Hughes just a few weeks ago. With the show back under his control, everything seems to be going smoothly tonight. Gareth leans against his desk, arms crossed as he looks into the camera.
PRESCOTT: ”Hello everyone! What a night it’s been, hasn’t it?”
He leans in towards the camera, chuckling a bit.
PRESCOTT: ”We’ve still got the main event too, bloody hell. Either way, I won’t try and keep you long. There’s some news I’ve got for you all, we’ve had to cut the roster down a bit again. Unfortunately, it seems that Max Cavanaugh never really signed his contract to King’s Road. So, he’s been let go again, but I’m sure he’s going to be just fine.”
Gareth pauses.
PRESCOTT: ”Also, we’ve had to let Logan Traeger go from the roster, leaving him as an open agent for Adrenaline! Along with Logan and Max, Nasir Moore has been let go from his contract.”
Thinking for a moment, Gareth stands up.
PRESCOTT: ”This leaves a couple of spots open in the upcoming King’s Road tournament. Now, with everything that has been happening lately I do believe that this show won’t be as big as advertised…”
Gareth looks a bit upset, as we can hear the audience is disappointed.
PRESCOTT: ”Fear not! This situation leaves for a lot of chance, chance for those to step up and take that spotlight. That’s what I expect everyone on the King’s Road roster to do. I want you all to step up, and take chances. I want you all to step out of the shadow, and be that new face for our brand. Our show is a good one, and we have the talent here.”
Gareth leans forward into the camera, grinning from ear to ear.
PRESCOTT: ”Who has the balls to come and be the Ace of King’s Road?”
With that, the camera cuts away to the ringside area as we get set for our main event match!



The bell rings, and this match is underway! Mentez and Wilder circle each other, both men locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Jason throws an elbow, knocking Wilder back. Mentez grabs him, pulling him into a quick side headlock. Wilder pushes Mentez to the ropes, and sends him running. Mentez rebounds, knocking Jett down with a Running Knee Lift! Jason looks down at his opponent. Jett Wilder pops up to his feet, and hits the ropes! The fans cheer, as Wilder ducks a Clothesline and knocks Jason Mentez down with a Running Knee Lift of his own! Jason Mentez pops up to his feet, a bit annoyed that Jett Wilder was able to knock him down like that. Jason Mentez shoots in, getting a waistlock on Jett Wilder. Wilder counters and and shoots behind Mentez’s waist, pulling him into a side headlock. Mentez ducks under and goes for a hammerlock, twisting Wilder’s arm up in an awkward angle. Wilder spins around, putting Jason Mentez into a hammerlock! Mentez backs up, trapping Jett Wilder in the corner. Mentez throws his free arm back, catching Jett Wilder with an elbow! Mentez breaks free, and CLOBBERS Jett with a STO! Jett lays on the mat, completely taken by surprise with the move. Jason looks to the crowd, as they look very impressed with him so far.
Wilder is slow to get up, as Mentez watches for his opponent to try something. Wilder looks to go for another lockup, but Mentez levels him with a High Knee! Wilder doubles over, and Mentez catches him with a Rising Knee! He quickly picks Wilder up, tossing him to the ropes! Wilder hits the ropes, but is able to duck a Clothesline attempt and hits a Running Crossbody! The crowd cheers on, as Wilder quickly covers Jason Mentez for the pin. Laroy Jones drops down for the count!


Wilder brutalizes Mentez with shots to his ribs, as he tries to pick him up for a Scoop Slam. Mentez uses his leverage to keep him on the mat, catching Wilder with an Elbow to the back of his neck. Wilder stumbles backwards, Mentez wraps him up and whips him into the corner. Mentez charges in, but Wilder catches him with a kick! Wilder backs up and clobbers Mentez with a huge Clothesline! Mentez falls to the mat, and rolls to the outside to collect himself. Wilder looks on, ready to continue this match on the outside of the ring. Both men meet on the outside, and Mentez levels Wilder with an Uppercut! Wilder stumbles backwards, and Mentez takes him down with a Clothesline on the outside. Laroy Jones calls for both men to get back into the ring. Mentez rolls into the ring, and immediately rolls back out to continue his assault. The crowd cheers, as Wilder catches Mentez with a knee lift to his stomach. Wilder backs up, waiting for Mentez to get back to his feet. He does, and Jett Wilder charges towards him! The crowd’s cheers quickly turn into shock and concern as Mentez tosses Wilder into the crowd! Wilder lands hard, and awkwardly, as Mentez gets back into the ring. Laroy finally begins his count, as Wilder tries to get back to his feet.

One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five!

Jett Wilder finally gets back to his feet, as he hops over the barricade. He tries to collect himself, but Mentez rolls back to the outside. Mentez catches Wilder with a Roundhouse Kick, as Wilder is halfway over the barricade. Wilder falls to the floor, Mentez picking him up and tossing him back into the ring. Mentez quickly slides into the ring, covering his opponent once again!


Wilder kicks out, much to Jason Mentez’ disapproval. Mentez kicks Wilder in the head, but that only seems to anger Jett Wilder! Wilder rises from the mat, as Mentez hammers into him with fist after fist. He tries a knee lift, but Wilder catches him and puts him down with a Tornado DDT! Jasmine approves of Jett’s current comeback, as she cheers him outside of the ring. Mentez gets to his feet, and Wilder jumps on him with a Thesz Press! Jett is fully locked into this match, completely taking control as he brutalizes Jason with a series of punches on the ground. Jason is able to shove Jett off of him, but Jett quickly follows that up with a Slingshot Somersault Senton with Jason on the ground! Jason looks a bit overwhelmed, underestimating Jett Wilder in this match so far. Jett doesn’t stop there, with his opponent hurting Jett looks to climb up to the top rope. He steadies himself, as Jason finally gets back up to his feet. Jason looks up, only to see Jett flying through the air with a Flying Crossbody as Jett connects with the Jett Plane! The crossbody connects, as Jett covers Jason for the pinfall attempt!


Jason is able to kick out, as both men waste no time getting back up to their feet. Jason Mentez eats a Forearm shot, and clobbers Wilder with a European Uppercut! He quickly ties Wilder up, the front chancery quickly turns into a big Vertical Suplex! Mentez keeps Wilder high up in the air, but Jett quickly falls back down to the mat onto his feet. He swings at Jason, who ducks and connects with a Lungblower! Jett stumbles around the ring, allowing Jason to hit Jett with a Jumping Armbreaker! The champion is down, as the challenger quickly covers him for the pinfall attempt!


Wilder kicks out again, both men getting back to their feet as they prepare for the upcoming brawl. Mentez goes for an overhand Right, but Wilder ducks and clobbers him with an elbow! Jett Wilder lays into him with several Forearms, he tries for a Discus Forearm but Mentez kicks him away. Jett spins around, as Jason clobbers him with a Running Lifting Knee Strike! Jett drops to a knee, as Jason hops up to the nearby second turnbuckle. He leaps off, looking to connect with a Diving European Uppercut, but Jett connects with a Rising Knee! It connects flush on Jason’s jaw, dropping him to a knee. Jett uses this to his advantage, connecting with a Diving Hurricanrana from the top rope! Jett quickly covers him for the pin!


Rolling out of the ring, Wilder watches as his opponent leaves yet again. Wilder follows, a kick to the side of Mentez’s ribs keeps him stunned. Wilder tries tossing him into the nearby barricade, but Mentez reverses and Wilder almost collides into the barricade! Wilder stops at the last moment, keeping himself from being hurt. It’s enough time for Jason Mentez to recover, LEVELING Wilder with a Spinning Forearm! Wilder slumps against the ring apron, as Jason Mentez pushes him back inside of the ring. Mentez is slow to enter, still feeling the previous encounter with Wilder. He quickly covers his opponent, as Laroy Jones makes the count!


Wilder doesn’t stay down for long, as he rises to a knee as Mentez smashes into his back with a Forearm. A quick kick to the side of Wilder’s head staggers him for the moment, allowing Mentez to hoist him up onto his shoulders. Mentez looks out to the crowd, intently looking on as he wants to end this match. He swings Jett Wilder out, lifting him up onto his shoulder. The Over Easy DDT attempt is blocked, as Jett fights out of the move! He sends an elbow into the side of Jason’s head, as he drops down to his feet. Jett recovers, and connects with a Leaping Enziguri Kick that drops Jason to the mat! Jett soon falls down, having taken a lot of damage in this matchup tonight! The crowd cheers, as both men lay in the middle of the ring. The champion had fought Jason off, but used the last bit of his energy to do so. Wilder and Mentez don’t move at all, as Laroy Jones watches them both. Realizing that both men aren’t getting up, he quickly begins to start his count!

One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five!

Wilder, a bit beat up now, is slow to get to his feet, as Jason Mentez tries getting up as well. Wilder grabs Mentez, trying to hit that Bicycle Kick, but Mentez shoves him out of the way! Wilder turns around, but Jason Mentez shoots past him on the ropes. Wilder snaps his head around, and is taken down with a Running Lariat! He pops back up, and Mentez knocks him down with another Lariat! Wilder, staggering to his feet, is absolutely KILLED by the M TRAIN from Jason Mentez! Jett slumps down to the mat, but Jason is still too tired to follow up on the move! The Elbow worked like a charm, as Jett doesn’t move an inch from where he fell. Jason looks on, frustrated that his body isn’t responding like it should. He crawls towards Jett, barely able to move inch by inch fast enough to make a pinfall cover. Jason slams his fist into the mat, out of rage, as he sees Jett finally stir. The crowd stays behind Jason though, cheering him on as he tries to get back up to his feet. He knows this match is his for the taking, he just needs to get back up. Jason grabs hold of the nearby middle rope, using all of his strength to pull himself back up. He struggles for a moment, but eventually he’s able to rise back up to his feet. Much to his surprise though, Jett has done the same! The challenger is shocked, as Jett Wilder stands before him. In defiance, the champion taunts his challenger in the middle of the ring! Jason roars, as he charges forward. Jett tries for the Gotcha, but Jason is able to move out of the way again! Jett turns, and Jason slaps the soul out of him! Jett slumps over, falling onto his opponent. The only thing keeping him up is Jason Mentez at this moment. This crowd is so invested in the match, as Jason looks to finish Jett off! Jason looks to pick Jett up for the QB Cripple, but Jett somehow falls back down to the mat. Jett stumbles up to his feet, collapsing in the nearby corner. Jason has his sights set on him, as he charges in for another Lifting Knee Strike! Jett moves at the last second, as Jason hits the turnbuckle hard! He staggers backwards, right into the WILDIN’ OUT FROM JETT! With Jason down, Jett doesn’t waste any time! He quickly climbs up to the top rope, leaping off as he connects with the SWAG SPLASH! Jett lands square on Jason’s chest, as he falls on top of him for the pin!


“Blessings” by Big Sean is playing, as the crowd is on their feet for what they’ve just seen here tonight! A spirited contest between both men, there doesn’t seem to be any favorites played here by the crowd. Jason is up to a knee, as Jett stands up to his feet. Jett raises his King’s Road Championship up high over his head, as Jason looks on. He looks disappointed, his body just not up to the task tonight.
READ: ”An impressive performance by Jason Mentez tonight, but it’s not enough to put the champion away!”
MAYNARD: ”Jett Wilder is taking his role as champion more seriously now, that was a tough challenge tonight though.”
READ: ”Fantastic showing by both men, Jason Mentez is improving in such a good way since coming to this company. I don’t think he can feel bad about this one, Jett was just the better man tonight.”
MAYNARD: ”Yeah, you’re right there. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see this match happening again down the road…”
As Jett Wilder and Jason Mentez gather themselves from the battle they both just endured, the arena goes pitch black. The rumblings and talk amongst the crowd stop the arena from falling into a dead silence as it’s clear anticipation has grown. Lights flash from handheld cameras and camera phones, attempting to break the complete blackness when a voice can be heard over the PA.
???: ”Imagine…4CW bein’ SILKY Smooth…”
The fans roar, getting an idea of who it is as now a very familiar female voice chimes in.
???: ”Imagine…shinin’ like a Diamond in King’s Road…”
The fans grow louder at the second hint, obviously they have begun to figure it out.
???: ”Imagine…a new era, one void of the same, stale ol’ Jett Wilder as Champ and where the tag division means somethin’ in 4CW…”
The crowds now get to the feet, sensing an appearance could happen at any moment as a camera flash shows Jett Wilder for a moment in the dark, looking nervously towards the ramp.
???: ”Imagine…servin’ 4CW up a pipin’ hot cup of Thot Chocolate!”
“Cream” by Prince & The New Power Generation hits the PA as purple and blue strobe lights begin to flash and smoke fills the entrance ramp. The curtain flies apart and out comes the WTC Destiny Crown Champion Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy crawling seductively towards the the top of the ramp with the shock returning Cartier strolling along side. They come to the top of the ramp as both Jett Wilder and Jason Mentez look on from their different positions in the ring. Cartier has a massive smug smile on her face while SILK lowers his round framed glasses down to the tip of his nose and points towards the King’s Road Championship while saying “We’re comin’ for that kid” causing Jett Wilder to clutch the title close to his body like a lost child he finally found after hours of searching in a Wal-Mart as the shows fades out.