“4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W!”

The sounds of a familiar chant can be heard over a blank screen. A green pulse line shoots across the screen as “Adrenaline” begins playing. The pulse grows faster and faster before finally flatlining. An explosion can then be heard as the picture comes to life. Fireworks and pyro shoot from the main Adrenaline entrance stage. The camera then heads down the ramp, headed towards the ring in the center of it all. Looking from left to right, the camera focuses on various signs held throughout the packed crowd in attendance.






As the camera makes it down to the ringside area, green pyro shoots from the ring posts. Circling the ring, the camera heads straight for the announcers booth where we find Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline!”

VASSA: ”Evening folks and welcome to the Spectrum Center, where I’m sure a lot of former 4CW talents would feel right at home.”

JOHNSON: ”Just two weeks ago we had Retrograde where a few remained champions and a few left as new champions.”

VASSA: ”For those who didn’t see it. American Tommy is still your Octane Champion, which I’m probably certain he hasn’t shut up about ever since.”

JOHNSON: ”Alicia Lukas almost had him but in the end he was able to put her away and retain.”

VASSA: ”Unfortunately.”

JOHNSON: ”We do have a new Pride Champion!”


JOHNSON: ”Can you please refer to him by his actual name?”

VASSA: ”I did.”

JOHNSON: ”In a tough matchup against 4CW’s only grand slam champion Dakota Smith, Mariano took it all away from him to become the new Pride Champion.”

VASSA: ”Sending Dakota on his way to be a stay at home dad.”

JOHNSON: ”You seem a little sad about that.”

VASSA: ”I’ll admit, I’m terrified of him but it’s sad to see him go after being here for four years.”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not but the landscape in 4CW is changing.”

VASSA: ”It is and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just sad to see the last 4CW OG hang up the boots.”

JOHNSON: ”Want me to change the subject?”

VASSA: ”That would be great!”

JOHNSON: ”Your favorite person retained the North American Championship.”

VASSA: ”Oh here we go! Not only did nasty Eli defeat Eden in a very respectable match, he took it upon himself to attack her after the match was over. I swear he’s the nastiest person on the roster and the sole reason that Raab is sending bots from Germany to knock the website offline!”

JOHNSON: ”Love him or hate him, he’s still the North American Champion and building a solid reputation for himself as a champion.”

VASSA: ”I can’t argue that. Other than Tommy, he’s the most consistent champion we have. As nasty as he is and as much as I despise his attitude, he’s my choice over the foot lover any day of the week.”

JOHNSON: ”No. No. No. We’re not getting into this discussion about Tommy’s fetishes.”

VASSA: ”There ain’t no kink shaming at the booth, Steve!”

JOHNSON: ”Damn right there isn’t because I’m jumping ahead to the main event of Retrograde, where a new 4CW Champion was crowned yet again.”

VASSA: ”Bryan Laughlin ladies and gentlemen! Mister Broken McLaughlin himself! The wife killer!”

JOHNSON: ”She’s not dead.”

VASSA: ”Yo?”

JOHNSON: ”What?”

VASSA: ”Nothing. “

JOHNSON: ”Back to what I was saying! In a brutal caged ladder match, Viduus Morta and Bryan Laughlin nearly killed each other to claim the belt hanging above the ring.”

VASSA: ”Oh, no doubt. They beat the shit out of each other. I thought Viduus was literally going to murder him with that ladder.”

JOHNSON: ”You and me both! In the end though, Laughlin was able to put him down with his Good Morning American from the top of the ladder.”

VASSA: ”He’s lucky he didn’t take himself out of the match with that high risk move.”

JOHNSON: ”High risk, high reward.”

VASSA: ”The highest reward of all.”

JOHNSON: ”And speaking of our newly crowned 4CW Champion, things don’t ease up for him at all just two weeks following his big win at Retrograde.”

VASSA: ”Not if he plans on sweeping.”

JOHNSON: ”Tonight we kick off the annual South Beach Brawl Cup right here in Charlotte, North Carolina!”

VASSA: ”The South Beach Brawl Cup, THE only tournament in this company worth a fuck.”

JOHNSON: ”Tonight we start with sixteen individuals for the first round as we make our way to South Beach Brawl in April.”

VASSA: ”I’m ready to run down the list when you are.”

JOHNSON: ”There’s no need to do that! Let’s just pull the tournament bracket up and let the viewers see for themselves.”

VASSA: ”Laughlin has a tough road ahead of him if wants to dement himself as a great 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”He knows what’s at stake. If being the 4CW Champion were easy, he wouldn’t have fought for so long to earn that title.”

VASSA: ”He’s come a long way since first walking through that curtain years ago.”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed he has.”

VASSA: ”Alright! So there’s the tournament bracket. Not only do we have eight first round matches in the lineup tonight with one being a 4CW Championship match, we also have some more action for you mixed in along the way.”

JOHNSON: ”The road to South Beach Brawl begins here tonight. Anything can happen in this tournament and we have three Adrenaline’s including tonight to decide who will face off in the finals for not only the 4CW Championship, but also two hundred fifty thousand dollars!”

VASSA: ”That’s a good pay day for running through four rounds of a tournament.”

JOHNSON: ”A damn good pay day and only one person gets to walk away with it all.”

VASSA: ”ENOUGH! Let’s quit talking about it and official kick this thing off, shall we?”


The fans have ushered into the Spectrum Center tonight, filling the seats with passion for their 4CW Adrenaline in Charlotte. Backstage, Logan Traeger is inside of the locker room, having just placed his bag down on the floor, only to take off his suit jacket, he is removing his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt while looking to his wife, Natalie.

L. TRAEGER: “It all begins, babe. Lifetime opportunity and reward await.”

N. TRAEGER: “I love the determination.”

Natalie smiles at her husband as she reaches up with one hand to smooth down her long platinum blonde hair that’s pulled back in a high ponytail. Her eyes taking in the sight of Logan as he is in the stages of getting himself ready for his match.

N. TRAEGER: “There’s no chance for failure here tonight with the way your mind has been focused ever since this match was announced.”

L. TRAEGER: “Nobody can lose or win this but me. We control our own fate. With everything to gain, I’m going to that ring to collect.

Logan moves his neck around in stretches, loosening up his upper body afterward.

L. TRAEGER: “Is everyone here and watching?”

N. TRAEGER: “Your own personal cheering section.”

Natalie laughs a little bit as she shakes her head.

N. TRAEGER: “I missed out on the opportunity to get some shirts made for your fan club, I could have charged them all to make myself some money out of it.”

L. TRAEGER: “They are creative, they make their own.”

Smirking, Logan winks at Natalie before digging into his bag again.

L. TRAEGER: “You’ve been listening to me for almost two weeks. How are you feeling about this?”

He looks to her expression and waits for her words, ensuring she is okay with all the changes even as she currently carries their child. Natalie offers him another reassuring smile as she crosses her arms in front of her chest.

N. TRAEGER: “You know that you’re always going to have my support when it comes to your career. It’s important to you and that makes it important to me too, we’re a team after all, which means that I’m going to be right there by your side for as long as I can be before I’ll be forced to stay at home to get ready to have our little girl.”

Logan takes her arms down and moves in to hug her before pressing his forehead against hers.

L. TRAEGER: “You and I got this far in our careers. Ever since you came along, reality and expectation have been good to me. I’ll never look back or have a reason to, because the now and the future are what we build. You’re amazing.”

N. TRAEGER: “This is so typical of you to somehow make tonight about me when it should be all about you.”

Natalie wraps her arms around her husband’s waist as she shakes her head.

N. TRAEGER: “This is your night Logan. I didn’t unlock anything inside of you that wasn’t already there before. I’m just happy to be part of the adventure.”

L. TRAEGER: “It’s going to be a wild ride… but, all eyes… are on me. Nobody in this world will question who I am or what we are about.”

Picking up the flag from his promo and holding it up to the sides of himself and Natalie, he smiles.

L. TRAEGER: “In Traeger We Trust. That’s not messianic, that’s just truth.”



As Shane and Moxie circle up, his size advantage is painfully obvious. But Moxie doesn’t seem to care, and as soon as the bell rings, she rushes in and—BOOM! Hits him with a shotgun dropkick! Borderland stumbles, taken aback by the shot, and Moxie gets right back up to keep the pressure on, throwing forearm shots to drive him into the corner until Shane finally shoves her away to get some space.

At first, Shane goes for a running clothesline, but when Moxie ducks under it, he pivots, grabs her from behind, and nails her with a belly-to-back slam for a 1-count. When he tries to follow it with an elbow drop, she rolls to the side to dodge it, then gets about halfway up before tumbling at him and hooking in a cross-armbreaker. Shane struggles against it for a bit, then uses his long legs to his advantage and starts kicking at her until her grip loosens and he can pull himself free.

Once they’re both on their feet, Moxie and the Bad Boy both start throwing elbows, more to keep each other’s positioning in check than anything else. Moxie eventually gets past it and, for some reason, starts trying to lift Shane up, which just leaves her wide open for Borderland to lift her up and…SLAM! A vertical suplex for just shy of a two-count there. Shane slowly starts to rise, feeling in contro—BAM! Moxie pops up and gives him a low-angle DDT! She doesn’t even bother covering him; instead, she gets up and starts stomping him savagely, pouring out her frustrations that Bianca Reed got called up into the South Beach Brawl Cup, leaving Moxie stuck with this meathead.

After a few seconds, Moxie looks up, realizes one of the corners is close by, and starts dragging Shane over to it. It takes some effort, given the weight difference, but she gets him in range, grabs the top rope with both hands, pulls herself up and…WHOA! A split-legged corkscrew moonsault! Shane looks as lost as a Dubai stowaway! Moxie takes a second to hype up the crowd, then covers him for ONE!…TWO!…KICKOUT!

Again, Moxie keeps the heat on, pulling Shane up to his feet and…wait…seriously? She’s trying to get him up into a pumphandle? She gets closer than she has any right to, but he’s still heavy enough that all he has to do is lean forward until Moxie falls back, putting her right in the cover…ONE!…T—oh, thank God, she got the shoulder up, that would have been embarassing. But Shane grabs onto her again, pulling her up like a sack of potatoes as he reaches his feet, gets her high up in the air and…SLAAAAAM! SPINAL TAP! RIGHT INTO THE COVER! ONE!…TWO!…THR—NOOOOO! She kicks out!

By this point, Moxie is really winning the crowd over, and it doesn’t help Shane’s case that he decides to start playing with his food. He pulls her up to her feet and smacks her right across the face, angering the fans, but Shane doesn’t care. He’s a 4CW veteran, and yet Moxie’s been treating him like an inferior replacement for some purple-haired loudmouth. So if it’s disrespect she wants, it’s disrespect she’ll get, and he keeps that up by lumbering towards the ropes and coming back with a spinning laria—wait, what—OH MY GOD! Moxie grabs Shane from behind and turns his momentum against him to hit What These Bitches Want!

Shane lands on his neck and sprawls out on the canvas, while Moxie lays there, too exhausted to make the cover. Even with Borderland’s momentum helping her, he wasn’t remotely easy to suplex. When they finally get back up, Moxie once again starts drilling Shane with forearms. Realizing he needs to put this away, Shane grabs Moxie and lifts her up, looking to send her to the Borderlands…NO! Moxie uses the ropes to counter into a shiranui! Shane lays there, feeling like the whole arena’s spinning around him, and Moxie can feel her moment coming on. As fast as her aching muscles will allow, she climbs up to the top turnbuckle and takes a few seconds to hype up the crowd. She waits patiently for the Bad Boy to get up, gives him a little salute, and…SLAUGHTARAMAAAAAA! She doesn’t even hook the leg! She just stays where she is, spreads her arms wide for a mocking variation of Shane’s pose, and the ref counts ONE!…TWO!…THREE!

WINNER: Moxie James via Pinfall (8:50)

The cameras head backstage where we join Gabriel Hartman standing by with Ruby Richards. The South Beach hopeful is decked out in her ring gear; a blue version of her Phoenix ring attire as promised, with her hair up tight in a high ponytail to show off the hardened expression on her usually perky demeanor.

HARTMAN: I’m standing by with guest talent Ruby Richards who will be facing off with Cartier later tonight in the first-round of the South Beach Brawl Cup. Now, Ruby, Cartier had some very harsh words for you earlier in-“

RICHARDS: ”Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Ruby waves a hand about as she interrupts Hartman in mid-sentence, surprising him. He thrusts the microphone in her direction, ready to catch whatever is on her mind.

RICHARDS: ”Here’s the thing, Gabriel. Cartier had a lot to say earlier this week. And you’re right, it was some very harsh words. She had all the right things to say to try and tear me down. But you know what she didn’t have to say?”

Gabriel does what any good interviewer would do in this predicament. He stays silent because he doesn’t get asked questions. He asks them. But after a moment he realizes that Ruby is looking directly at him, arms crossed as she almost accuses him of not having an answer.

HARTMAN: ”Uhhh… did you want me to answer that?”

Ruby holds a hand up for just a moment before re-crossing her arms.

RICHARDS: ”She didn’t have anything to say about me. Yeah, she may have done a little research. Sure, she knows that I’m married but I made that one easy for her, didn’t I? She knows I’m working on a project outside of 4CW. Of course, she was clueless to the fact it’s yet to air and is still in production, but whatever. I’m impressed she bothered to learn anything about me. After all, she seems to think that she already knows all about me, doesn’t she?”

This interview has grown a bit uncomfortable for Gabriel, who doesn’t like questions being flung in his direction. He still isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be answering them.

RICHARDS: ”You see, Cartier can’t see past my skin color and my hair. She takes one look at me and she just assumes she knows everything about me because I guess that’s the way she views the world… in black and white.”

Ruby shrugs her shoulders with an amused laugh.

RICHARDS: ”That’s fine. It’s perfectly fine if that’s the way she wants to go about things. I mean, why not? The way she goes about things is working out so well for her, isn’t it?”

Gabriel winces at that comment and shrugs his shoulders. Even if that were a question for him to answer, he ain’t touching it.

RICHARDS: ”She thinks I’m someone just using 4CW as a launching pad? Why? Because I’m a guest talent? Because I’m not on the roster page yet? Well, newsflash! I’m here to earn a spot on this roster. I don’t think I deserve anything. But you wouldn’t know that because that would involve you seeing beyond the surface.”

HARTMAN: ”So, the intention is to become a regular talent on Adrenaline? Regardless of how you fare against Cartier, tonight?”

RICHARDS: ”Cartier might not have a clue who I am, but she’s going to find out tonight. Her ignorance might be my best weapon out there. Regardless, whether I win tonight or whether I lose, if I’m offered a spot on Adrenaline you can count on me taking it. Unlike the disrespect from Cartier. Because my name’s not Becky. I’m not a Barbie doll. I’m not in a sorority. And my hair?”

She grabs a strand of hair from her ponytail and shrugs her shoulders.

RICHARDS: ”The pink isn’t natural, that’s for sure, but the rest is.”

Ruby flings the strand of hair back over her shoulder.

RICHARDS: ”But I’m going to leave you with this. There’s two places Cartier shouldn’t go if she doesn’t like the idea of being buried under a pretty blonde with blue eyes. One is apparently the toy aisle. Two… is that ring tonight.”

Ruby ends the interview abruptly by walking off the set, leaving Gabriel with that news.


It’s the big man against the nimble woman, but Logan Traeger’s menacing size and strength isn’t enough to make the Princess of the Reed Family flinch. As Logan runs his hand across his throat, a ferocious glare in his eyes, Bianca mouths something off with a clear defiance written in her face. Not wasting any time and looking to get the element of surprise, Bianca rushes the bigger Logan from the turnbuckle with a flying clothesline! As Traeger goes down, Bianca attempts to capitalize by putting him in a Boston Crab – but true to the strength part of this strength versus speed contest, Logan puts some serious force in his legs to send her tumbling back. Bianca is spinned around for the big man to grab her from the waist and drop her in a huge German Suplex! Pin attempt by Traeger, but Bianca kicks out at two! Undeterred, Traeger gets up as Bianca is making it to her feet, and hoists her up for a powerbomb – NO! Head-scissors reversal by the Killer B! Logan is sent rolling to the mat and as he goes to stand up, Bianca drops him with a Pelè kick right to the back of the head! Cover by Reed, but the big man kicks out! With Traeger still down, Bianca takes off running and bounces off the turnbuckle, she comes off the rebound right as Logan makes to his feet… but unfortunately, she flies right into his arms for a tremendous Spinebuster! Logan with the cover, but one more time Bianca kicks out!

Logan drops onto a knee for a much-needed breather after that huge high-impact move, while Bianca attempts to pick herself up off the floor. Logan has the Princess of the Reed family right where he wants her as she makes it to her feet – DISCUS CLOTHESL-NO! BIANCA DUCKS FROM UNDERNEATH AND BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH A JUMPING NECKBREAKER! As both of them lay on the floor after the powerful moves they sustained, the referee begins a count to ten. At the count of five, Bianca gets up, and Logan follows suit one second after. The two of them lock up, with Logan pressing the advantage of his strength as he rams her back first into the turnbuckle! As he charges forward once more, Bianca steps out of the way, and Logan’s jumping knee hits nothing but the ringpost! Logan staggers from the missed kick, and Bianca bounces off the bottom rope with a Jumpin’ Jack springboard sidekick! Down goes Logan once again, and Bianca sees her opening. Leaping to the top rope again, she gestures to the crowd as Traeger gets up in a daze, and launches in the FALLING STAR – BUT LOGAN CATCHES HER MID-AIR AND SLAMS HER DOWN WITH A THUNDEROUS EXPLODER SUPLEX! DOWNFALL CONNECTS! Logan covers Bianca, but she’s got her feet on the bottom rope!

Noticeably annoyed after his huge effort to take Bianca down, Logan forcefully drags her away from the ropes, and tries the cover again, but this time the valiant Reed kicks out at two. Traeger picks her up and turns around in a military press… but Bianca wiggles herself free! Logan turns around for another Discus Clothesline, but AGAIN Reed dodges, and goes for a front kick – NO! Logan catches the leg… ENZUIGIRI BY BIANCA RIGHT TO LOGAN’S TEMPLE! The big man drops one more time, and Bianca isn’t going for the cover – instead, she takes off to the ropes, rolls forward and backflips – ROLLING THUNDER! She tries hooking his leg one more time, but Traeger just won’t go down! Interested in keeping her momentum going, she runs back to the ropes, and as Logan goes up, she goes for another flying clothesline, and down he goes again! Bianca is ready for this match to end, and motions to take flight one more time! Climbing to the top turnbuckle again, she dives once more as Logan barely makes it – CRACKER JACKER!… WAIT! LOGAN CATCHES HER FROM BEHIND AS SHE LANDS, AND FLINGS HER BACK WITH A MIGHTY GERMAN SUPLEX! The Killer B is laid down flat! Logan has had enough, and signals for the end. Flipping Bianca’s lifeless body upside down, he wraps her arms around his legs, and brings her down with a definitive REVELATION! Evidently spent after this tremendous strength versus speed contest, Logan covers Bianca for the final three-count, and barely manages to stay standing as the ref raises his hand in victory.

WINNER: Logan Traeger via Pinfall (9:42)

Cameras are backstage catching Bryan and Kaelan Laughlin walking towards the guerilla area. Bryan has his 4CW Championship draped across his shoulder. The couple seems to be laughing and talking. Bryan casually stepping slightly behind Kaelan and making sure to check over their shoulders that nobody was behind them.

K. LAUGHLIN: “Thanks for walking with me. You didn’t have to.”

B. LAUGHLIN: “Better safe than sorry.”

Kaelan nodded her head as they stopped just outside the backstage area. Kaelan turned around and leaned against the wall for a second before wrapping her arms around Bryan’s neck and embracing him for a moment before pulling away and taking a look at the 4CW Championship and then up at him.

K. LAUGHLIN: “Let’s get to the end of this tournament and for once have a friendly competition match where we aren’t trying to kill each other, yeah?”

Bryan smirked a bit before giving his wife a kiss and a push in the direction towards the ring. She walked up to the stairs getting ready to come out of the curtain and she turned back to look at him.

B. LAUGHLIN: “I’ll be right here waiting for you when you win and come back through that curtain.”

Kaelan grinned and nodded her head before disappearing out of Bryan’s sight as the scene faded to black.


Kaelan Laughlin and Angelo Sands both start off very determined to make an impact tonight. They lock up and Sands immediately shifts into a wrist lock. He twists Kaelan’s arm as she tries to kick at him but doesn’t get enough force behind her strikes. Kealan reaches for the ropes and uses them to flip over and reverse the hold only to rock Sands in the jaw with an elbow. Sands takes a few steps back then kicks Kaelan repeatedly on the side. Kaelan tries to block only to realize that Sands is targeting her arm specifically. Kaelan switches stances and tries to get some distance. Sands rushes at her with some chops as the fans quiet down to hear every single punishing skin rending strike. Ow. Sands hits her with some European Uppercuts only for Kaelan to bounce off the ropes and go for a Running Knee Lift. Sands sidesteps this and grabs the back of Kaelan’s head to hit a European Uppercut to the back of her head.

Sand continues to work on a dazed Kaelan’s arm. Kaelan tries to beat him off only for Sands to get back on the attack like a rabid dog. This focus backfires on him when Kaelan baits him with a lariat and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker when he grabs her arm. Kaelan proceeds to stomp Sands all over his body. She takes great care to stomp on his fingers to pay him back. Sands gets on his knees to hold his hands up in pain then laughs and shoes Kaelan the thumbs down. He goes for her leg to trip her and locks in the Durham Death Trap. Kealan has nowhere to go but she refuses to quit. She manages to scoot out from under Sands to position his arm flat on the mat neutralizing the move. Kaelan grabs on his thumb and pulls to get his grip off. The stomps to his hand seemed to have an effect after all.

Kaelan knocks Sands to the side and hits him with some mounted punches with her good arm. Sands tries to block as best he can but a few hits get through. Sands then manages to grab onto Kaelan’s arm for an armbar but she is having none of that and scrambles to safety. When Sands gets up, Kaelan sends him loopy with a kick From Belfast WIth Love. She yells out getting the crowd riled up as Sands drops down. Kaelan goes to the top and hits a Diving Headbutt. Sands gets up immediately but is still stunned as he throws his fists to hit nothing but air. Kaelan gets him down with some Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. From here on out it’s all Kaelan as she dominates the match.

The end comes when Kaelan goes for another aerial attack but Sands hits a Running Crossbody and they both go down. They get to each other and slowly rise up with anger in their eyes. Sands hits Kaelan with chops but Kaelan answers each one with an elbow until she hits a kick to his midsection and a Snap Suplex. Kaelan keeps her hold on Sand’s head and runs with him to the corner. UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START! Kaelan runs up, flips over him, and sends him crashing to the mat to hit The Flying Fox! She pins him for the three count!

WINNER: Kaelan Laughlin via Pinfall (8:50)

Backstage of the Spectrum Center, the raucous applause and chants from the 4CW fans in attendance is humming through the walls, vibrating the bricks in their moorings like a low flying jet was passing overhead.

Cartier stands in the middle of the hallway, waiting for her cue to head to the ring. She looks anxious, but not in a nervous, fearful way. Just like someone excited and amped up. Her body is full of potential energy that she is letting out with minor tics and movements, stepping back and forth, stretching, shadowboxing… she seems to sense Gabe Hartman approaching her from behind rather than seeing or hearing him.

CARTIER: “Get it over with, Gabe. Whatta you want?”

HARTMAN: “Oh! Hey Cartier! Didn’t mean to scare you…”

CARTIER: “You ain’t never scared nobody but whoever had to use the toilet after you. What. Do. You. Want?”

HARTMAN: “Did you happen to see what Ruby had to say earlier?”

CARTIER: “NOPE. Ain’t seen shit an’ don’t care, either. What the fuck I care about what Ruby got to say? She suddenly got a brain that ain’t soakin’ in bleach? She start usin’ words that’s on a fifth grade level or above? No? I ain’t thought so. She can go out there an’ say whatever she wanna say, it don’t change tonight’s result… me, standin’ in the middle of the ring, hand held high, movin’ on up like George Jefferson to round two of the South Beach Brawl tournament. Ready to make a move on to Adrenaline 100.”

HARTMAN: “Are you looking past her?”

CARTIER: “Bitch I’m lookin’ THROUGH her. I’mma do what any heavy hitter do when you toss a softball at ‘em… I’m a swing for the fuckin’ fences an’ knock it out the park. Go sit in the cheap seats, Hartman, maybe you can catch Becky’s fake eyebrows when they fly off her face.”

HARTMAN: “Jesus, Cartier… you’re not usually this pissed off…”

CARTIER: “Who’s mad? I ain’t mad. This is focus. This is readiness. This is determination. I ain’t never seen as clearly as I have since I signed up for this opportunity, an’ the way to the finals is clear as clear can be. I’m gearin’ myself up to run the table, to take the 4CW Title off of Bryan Laughlin. You think I’m gonna let Skipper step in my way way? Child, please.”

HARTMAN: “This is what I’m talking about… you’re thinking about Laughlin and the title when you should be thinking about the challenge in front of you right here tonight. Haven’t you learned not to underestimate people after the way your career has been stuck in a rut?”

Cartier turns on Hartman fast, grabbing him up by his lapels and shoving back up against a wall. A set of conveniently placed and seemingly useless metal poles is knocked loudly onto the concrete floor, giving a clamorous echo that muffles the sound of Hartman’s feminine squeal of fear.

CARTIER: “The fuck you said? You think I needa learn my lesson? You think I need you out here virtue signaling, out here whitesplaining to me what I NEED to do? I’m about sick of you an’ anyone else who think it’s they place to tell me what I SHOULD do, what I NEED to do, or what I GOT to do. All I GOT to do is DO ME. I look out for number one like we playin’ a game of Uno. I recommend you start doin’ the same thing, boy, before next time I have to put you through a wall instead of just up against one. Feel me?”

HARTMAN: “Yy-y-y-y-y-y”


HARTMAN: “YES! Okay? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean any disrespect, I just… I want you to win.”

Cartier lets go of Hartman, and he slides down onto his butt with his back against the wall. Cartier then kneels down just as music hits out in the ringside area and the crowd comes alive again.

CARTIER: “You hear them people? You wanna be a fan, buy a ticket. You wanna be a journalist, then you treat me with respect. Now get the fuck up off the floor you look like a dumbass.”

Hartman stands slowly, smoothing out the wrinkles from his Men’s Wearhouse suit jacket with a defeated frown on his face.

CARTIER: “And buy a better suit. People gonna think you on the way to the witness stand if you run around wit’ a suit two sizes too big. I guarantee it.”

Cartier turns and heads for Gorilla, becoming a dark silhouette surrounded by the bright light at the end of the entrance tunnel.

HARTMAN: “I like this suit…”

The camera fades out.


Only one will qualify for round two of South Beach Brawl Cup and Ruby was showing Cartier why she was the better choice as she explodes with energy as soon as the bell rings for the match to begin. Ruby wanted to waste no time from the way she speeds towards Cartier and already has her on the mat when Cartier wasnt ready for that flipping neckbreaker. The spirited shorter wrestler dusts her shoulders off as Cartier is getting back onto her feet, clashing almost immediately after Cartier makes a grab for Ruby as the two women square off to the sound of the cheering crowd egging them on. Cartier is quick with it but Ruby is even quicker as that snap suplex comes into play out of nowhere and the blonde is on her feet, bouncing from foot to foot and ready to go. Cartier is back onto her feet with a quickness but this time refuses to play into Ruby’s hands as Ruby lunges for her but Cartier is dropping down to her knees so that Ruby can go over her. Cartier assists with that with flipping Ruby over her shoulders and smiles once she feels Ruby’s head hit the side of Cartier’s shoe on the way down. Back on her feet, Cartier doesn’t give Ruby the chance to get up as she lands on Ruby split legged and sticks her tongue out in victory at the men in the audience cat calling her. She doesn’t allow herself to get too distracted though, staying ready for Ruby as she lifts up and gives Ruby the advantage for a school girl roll up out of nowhere. The referee gets to one and Cartier is already furiously kicking out to end the pin.

As soon as Cartier gets to her feet, she practically yolks Ruby up and shows her why hiptosses are raved about alot (at least by American Tommy) and once Ruby’s body hits the mat, Cartier starts stomping her. I’m not talking about one of those stomp and grunts like someone is being ‘worked’ in a match, brother. But one of those street stomps that could possibly end in death if the assailant didn’t let up. Cartier’s momentum seems to build with each and every stomp while Ruby has no choice but to take it, unable to curl up to protect herself. Finally, Cartier chills out on the stomping and goes to grab Ruby by the arm to pull her to her feet when Ruby lets those forearms sing to Cartier’s face, delivering those blows while trying to get to her knees and then to her feet. As soon as Ruby is on her feet, she’s trying to make get a good grip on Cartier’s wrist but Cartier irish whips her. Ruby runs into the ropes, bounces off and comes rushing back with leaping into the air and takes Cartier to the mat with a hurricanrana. Making quite an impression tonight, the 4CW fans were giving Ruby their props even though they were always a bit leery when it came to the newbies given alot of people have a history of doing a match or two at the Corners Four before departing. But there was alot of faith in Ruby that she wouldn’t be one of the undearly departed and would be a mainstay in the company. Cartier didn’t care whether her opponent stayed in the company or not, she just knew that she wasn’t allowing her to drop an L on her tonight and take off with the W to stay in the SBBC tournament.

Cartier begins getting rougher with Ruby, hitting her with double or nothing and going from tagging her to throwing straight haymakers. Ruby held her own well but once Cartier fell into that pattern of rotating those punches on Ruby, Ruby had no choice but to try to fight through the series of punches coming hard down on her. She found an opening when she was able to take off with Cartier thinking she was escaping to put distance between them out of fear when Ruby was really trying to get away so she could come back hard with a shotgun dropkick. Then fans wondered was it over for Cartier as she sits up from the mat but didn’t have time to catch her breath before Ruby’s rolling neck snap on her out of nowhere. Pulling Cartier to her feet, Ruby is gearing up for something big but Cartier has other plans as she quickly throws those punches to force Ruby to back off of her. The punches get more vicious with forcing Ruby back until Ruby takes an extra step back and ends up out of reach from the punches but that doesn’t stop Cartier from charging towards him with Empire State Of Mind, quickly covering Ruby as the referee goes for the count that ends in a three.

WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (7:36)


The two competitors trade some words and taunts as the fans lean towards A.J. Morales. A.J. starts by raising his left fist to the crowd, and Alessandro, smirking, responds by dabbing. A.J. Passionate as ever, A.J. goes for the first strike against Alessandro Quagliaterre, catching him square in the face with a bicycle knee strike! Alessandro is staggered back, and A.J. moves in with an elbow – NO! Alessandro with a quick reaction for a backfist that sends A.J. tumbling! This time Alessandro goes for a heart punch as A.J. comes back to his senses, and the two wrestlers start trading blows – left by Alessandro, counter right by A.J., one more punch by Alessandro, one more by A.J.! Alessandro lands another punch and goes for a lariat, but the Revolution lands a faster series of knife-edge chops, and a clothesline that knocks Quagliaterre off his feet! A.J. presses forward and launches a tremendous axe kick that brings Alessandro down one more time! Cover by Morales, but Alessandro kicks out! A.J. approaches Alessandro as he makes it to a knee – NO! Rising clothesline by Alessandro, and A.J. goes down! Alessandro takes his advantage as he lands an elbow drop on the downed A.J., and forces him up, then hoists him up on his shoulders for a huge Yokosuka facebuster! Alessandro with the cover, but A.J. kicks out at two!

Visibly frustrated, Alessandro spins around in circles as A.J. rises, not without a certain sluggishness, to his knee. As Alessandro sees him and approaches, A.J. pops out with a jumping knee that gets him stunned! With Alessandro reeling back, Morales launches a left, and a right, and another left right to his head! Alessandro is now rocked from A.J.’s shots, and that gives the Revolution the chance to lift him up in a Fireman’s Carry… is he going to steal Quagliaterre’s finisher? No, he drops him with his ushigoroshi instead! Cover by Morales, but Alessandro kicks out. A.J., however, is undeterred. An idea appears in his head as he trades glances between the downed Alessandro and the nearest top turnbuckle. As he heads over and starts to climb, Alessandro is rising once more… DIVING ELBOW DROP BY A.J RIGHT INTO ALESSANDRO’S WAITING ARMS! Not about to go down again, Quagliaterre locks A.J. in a Torture Rack! The helpless Morales screams in pain as Alessandro applies more and more pressure into the hold, and eventually breaks free, landing behind him and launching a dropkick to Alessandro’s back! Alessandro tumbles to the ropes, and charges again – NO! GOLDEN GOAL! A.J.’s Pelè Kick lands flush on Alessandro’s temple!

A.J. drops into a knee after the tremendous amount of effort to escape the Torture Rack and hitting his signature move, and manages to drag himself over Alessandro, but the ref’s count ends short of slapping the mat for the third time, as Alessandro has his foot on the bottom rope! A.J. promptly yanks Alessandro off there, and attempts it again, but this time Quagliaterre powers out! Angry now, the bigger man lets out a jaw-jacking right punch that sends A.J. aside, and picks him up for a huge Belly-to-Belly suplex! Forcing A.J. to his feet, he goes for the Dreamcatcher bearhug – NO! Headbutt by A.J.! Alessandro is sent back, and A.J. bangs both palms against his head as a taunt, eliciting a huge cheer from the crowd. Raging at the thought of his own move used against him, Quagliaterre flattens Morales with a tremendous Lariat! Picking him up on his feet again, Alessandro hurls A.J. to the turnbuckle with a violent Irish Whip! A.J. is in trouble! Alessandro punches his head up for the end as the crowd boos, and charges forward head first… BUT A.J. SIDESTEPS, AND ALESSANDRO’S HEAD RAMS THE RING POST! Stunned and dazed after the huge hit, Alessandro can do little more than wander aimlessly in an attempt to find the ropes to hang on for balance, but A.J. knocks him off clean with the FUCKIN’ SLAYERRRRRRR Superkick, and climbs the top rope one more time – crane-stance, two kicks in the air, AND A PICTURE PERFECT SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM UP TOP! DIAMOND KILLER CONNECTS, AND ALESSANDRO HITS THE MAT ONE FINAL TIME!

And finally, after this grueling test for both competitors, it’s all A.J. can do to drag himself one more time to cover Alessandro, as the ref counts the one-two-three! As he gets his hand raised, A.J. morales is visibly exhausted, but manages to mouth off something to the camera as he gets his left fist in the air one final time.

WINNER: A.J. Morales via Pinfall (9:32)


Alicia Lukas is all business as she starts off this match but Zeel Park seems a bit disinterested. Park stays in the corner with the bell rings and Lukas advances. Lukas is determined to get through this match and advance but Park just does not want to engage. Every time Lukas goes to attack or lock up, Park moves out of the way and gets as far away from her as possible with a look of utter disgust on his face. Lukas eventually gets tired of this and stands in the middle of the ring with her hands behind her back to yell at Zeel to attack her. A free hit. Zeel rubs his eyes and seems to get emotionally prepared for this. He approaches Lukas and hits her with a light tap to the chest and recoils. Lukas shakes her head and gets angry. Zeel raises his hands to stop her and goes to fight in earnest.

They go to lock up but Zeel drops down to get behind Lukas and pin her with a Rollup. Lukas is surprised and kicks out at two. Lukas gets up and goes wild on Zeel. She hits him with a lot of kicks, knees, and forearms. Zeel blocks a forearm and fires back with a spinning backfist. They strike at each other wildly then go down to a knee but refuse to fall like in an anime. They roar in each other’s faces with plucky determination until they both go for a dropkick and hit air. Zeel sits up only to get a PK from Lukas on his back. He gets up in pain and goes for a backfist but Lukas dodges only to receive a kick to the spine from Zeel. He throws her into the corner then follows her with a Knee. He climbs up to her knees and sends her flying with a Monkey Flip.

Zeel spends some time trying to keep Lukas down with some quick offense. Lukas gets back into the match after a low dropkick to the knee. Zeel feels it as hard as one of his flings and leaves the ring under the bottom rope. He clutches at his knee in pain. The ref starts to count so he gets up. When he does Lukas goes flying onto him with a Suicide Tope. Zeel takes the hit but as is the nature with these high risk moves Lukas also gets some of the barricades. The ref restarts the count. Lukas gets up first and tries to go into the ring but Zeel holds her foot and tries to climb over her. Lukas gets on the apron and knocks him back with a bump from her tush. Zeel recoils in disgust and gags. Lukas enters the ring to beat the count. Zeel gets in at the very last second but he is so over this.

Lukas runs at Zeel to hit a Slingblade then she goes up to hit a Frog Splash. As she bounces up Zeel grabs onto her leg and head to roll over for a pin. He clutches on for dear life but Lukas manages to kick out. She gets up and kicks him repeatedly in the chest and stomps on him. Lukas calls for the finish but when she turns around Zeel hits her with a Lariat sending her crashing into the corner for My Bad. Zeel drags her to the middle of the ring by her hair He goes for the Brick Out but Luckas bends down and catches him on her shoulders. She stumbles a bit with him then stops to hit The Georgia Drop, driving her knee onto his head as she throws him over. She pins for the win.

WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Pinfall (10:26)

Tommy is seen walking the halls of whatever arena they are in for Adrenaline. He’s got a pair of headphones in and he’s probably jamming to the Jonas Brothers new single called “Sucker” cause it’s a fucking bop. He looks to be in a bitter mood and then Hartman shows up and it instantly gets worse. He motions to Tommy to take his earphone off and he does.

TOMMY: “What?”

HARTMAN: “Thought on facing Devlin tonight?”
Tommy shrugs and looks at Devlin.

TOMMY: “I don’t really have anything about him other than the fact that I can’t believe that mother fucker don’t like Pop Tarts. Who in their right fucking mind doesn’t want Pop Tarts? You give me a last supper it is gonna be a goddamn Pop Tart! I can’t even fathom this statement. Like WTF. You don’t like Pop Tarts? HOW?!”

Tommy shakes his head at Hartman who asks him another question.

HARTMAN: “You gonna win the match?”

TOMMY: “How in the fuck does he not like Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Hartman? WTF!”

Tommy walks away without answering any questions and hopefully down an elevator shaft so I never have to write a segment or RP again.

The 4 Corners Wrestling cameras have just returned to the ring, catching the last few notes of Eden Connors entrance song, “All Night” by Big Boi. The young woman had already made it inside the ring, asking for a microphone. Taking a closer look she is wearing a knee brace and the shiner surrounding her eye is still viewable. The audience is cheering her on like every other time.

When receiving the microphone there is no smile on her face. Eden tries to walk with a steady pace, but obviously, her knee is giving her troubles. When the music finally fades she brings the microphone to her lips, waiting. It takes a few more moments for the fans to settle down.

CONNORS: “Welcome to the biggest show of them all. Adrenaline. Just like the name says, it will push you over the edge and there is no way out. But as much as I love living in the here and now, I think I need to get back to another event. Retrograde. I am certain you have all seen it, either live or at home in front of your television. It was worth it, wasn’t it? Full of surprises. New champions. Old Champions. And the rise and fall of several competitors.”

She takes a small break while licking over her lips. The expression on her face is serious and somewhat troubled.

CONNORS: “I went out there and I gave it my very best. Unfortunately, my very best doesn’t seem to be enough. At least not in this company. But still, I would come here every show and do what I signed up for. I fight. I analyze my opponents and find the good in them. All of that worked till the bell rang after that title match. I am certain you have seen what Elijah Carlson had to say and what he felt was necessary to do.”

Immediately the audience starts to boo, expressing their emotions towards Mister Carlson. A small grin appears on Eden’s face, it is by no means friendly.

CONNORS: “No no, don’t you boo him. Obviously, we are the ones not getting it. We, and that includes me, are the people that have no room to speak here. It is all about Elijah Carlson and his heartache. Did he fool you guys too? I mean not that I heard everything since there was this ringing my ears, but his apology without really apologizing — Oscar worthy. How it broke him that his wife left the company and that his wrath is a result of that. If you don’t know who Elijah Carlson is, you would have bought every single word. I would have. But then again that is my biggest problem right? I am naive. I am not ready. I don’t belong.”

Eden clenches her free hand to a fist, her knuckles completely white. She is rolling her neck when raising her voice again.

CONNORS: “So congratulations, Elijah. You proved a point. You are without a doubt the biggest dick in this company. And now before you raise your title and run around doing flip flops, it doesn’t take much to be a dick. You had me beaten. I was down and you could have walked away. But not you. Not the badass of the century. I hope you are proud of yourself because, in the end, you proved nothing. I am a rookie in a company filled with the biggest talent possible. I wanted to learn from you. To a degree I even idolized you. But you wanted to break me, Elijah.”

She laughs.

CONNORS: “But here I am. Still standing. You didn’t quite finish the job, Eli. All you did was add to your already enormous ego. I applaud you for that. Although I must admit you taught me one lesson well. One that hurt more than you knocking me down. The people in this industry are indeed fickle. They only care for themselves, or whoever benefits them. When you struck me down, no one came. And please let’s not pretend it’s because everyone is scared of you. It’s way simpler than that: They just didn’t care. But that is no problem anymore. I know who I can count on. The same person that has brought me here and makes sure I remember who I am. Me. And now that leads to our standing, Elijah.”

She lowers the microphone once more with the audience chanting for people like Manny, wanting to prove her wrong so badly. But nothing happens. She shrugs her shoulders and continues.

CONNORS: “I am a nobody to you. Maybe I am even a nobody to management, but there will come a time when you will remember me, Elijah. Because I can assure you of one thing, I will come for you. I don’t care if you find that funny. I don’t care if you make it a social media scenario, but I will find you. And I will strike you down when you least expect it. I told you once and I will tell you again. Eden Connors is no longer anyone’s bitch. Someone crosses me the way you did, they will deal with the consequences.”

The fans go nuts listening to her speech. Eden doesn’t seem to care or notice, she is looking directly into one of the cameras.

CONNORS: “So thank you, Elijah Carlson. From the bottom of my heart and wherever else. You wanted to break me, but now you broke me free. I am done with being the only correct player surrounded by whiny bitches and egomaniacs. Mark my words and grow a pair of eyes on the back of your head.”

She drops the microphone and limps towards the ropes. When she gets down a painful expression covers her face. But on her way out she turns around once more screaming. ‘YOU ARE WELCOME.’ Leaving the audience puzzled and confused.

The cameras cut to the backstage area, where we see Bryan Williams getting prepared for his upcoming match.

Bryan stays quiet, focused on the wall in front of him. He dressed in his gear, as he shadowboxes for a moment. It’s brief, but it seems to focus him completely.

Bryan turns, finally facing the camera. There’s a look of determination, and desperation on his face.

WILLIAMS: ”Here we are. On the eve of Adrenaline One-Hundred.”

Bryan pauses, a bead of sweat falls down his forehead. He takes in a deep breath and continues.

WILLIAMS: ”Tonight is important, tonight paves the way not only for South Beach Brawl but for a show that will forever be embedded in 4CW history. A show that will define what the new generation of 4CW will be all about.”

Bryan smirks.

WILLIAMS: ”A generation now lead by Bryan Laughlin.”

He shakes his head, chuckling to himself.

WILLIAMS: ”You know, it would be foolish of me to stand here to talk about our current champion for the next few minutes. I have a whole opponent waiting for me, ready to just knock me out of the first round of this tournament. Alexis Kennedy wants to be the spoiler, just as much as she wants to be the center of attention in everything else.”

Bryan opens up his arms, a motion for Alexis to take center stage at that very moment. A facetious effort from Bryan, one meant for mockery.

WILLIAMS: ”So Alexis, this is your time to shine.”

He grimaces, his smirk turning to a frown.

WILLIAMS: ”This is your opportunity to prove everyone wrong, and take away the potential of a Bryan Laughlin versus Bryan Williams main event. This is the only chance you get, so I hope you do not waste this opportunity.”

Bryan says, with a bit of lightheartedness.

WILLIAMS: ”I know you’re just salivating at that thought, the idea of the spotlight being right on you. A main event match with the 4CW Championship on the line. This could be everything you ever thought of in your head. The moment you stepped through those doors that’s what you’d be fantasizing about for the rest of your career. Putting me down would do wonders for you, it would literally make you in 4CW.”

Bryan pauses, his face sneering with a sinister smile.

WILLIAMS: ”It’s too bad.”

A quick pause from Bryan, as he quickly follows up his point.

WILLIAMS: ”Too bad you’ll never get to experience that, it’s too bad you’ll never get as close as you are right now. Never again Alexis, because after tonight you head back to the bottom. I’ll make sure of that.”

Bryan says, pointing to himself.

WILLIAMS: ”Alexis, I’m going to be the one to take this opportunity away from you. I’m going to watch as you give it your all, hopelessly fighting a losing battle. I want to see that opportunity you’re going to fight so hard for always be out of reach. Tonight, no matter what you do you’ll never get to touch that chance. You’ll never know what it will feel like to be in my position.”

He wags his finger, very Mutombo-like.

WILLIAMS: ”I’m going to relish in a few things tonight, I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you realize that the match is over. You’re going to look up and see me standing there with my arm raised high into the air. I cannot wait to see the realization that your dreams are over, and your chance is forever over. I want to crush your hopes and dreams, because this is the only chance I’ll have at doing it. I finally have my opportunity, Alexis. The last time I was standing here I let Ana beat me for it. I saw how she wasted that chance. I’m not going to give you that, I’m not going to watch as another moment passes me by. I’m not going to watch the person who beat me lose to the champion in the next round. This is MY TIME NOW.”

The intensity ramps up as he speaks, and by the time Bryan has finished he’s yelling into the camera. He pauses, knowing how worked up he’s getting. That desperation is seeping through once again.

Bryan turns from the camera, frustration filling his body. He looks over to his right, just out of camera frame. Spotting something, it doesn’t take long for Bryan to reach out and grab it.

His wolf mask.

He immediately puts it on, and almost instantly we see the change come through. His body relaxes, the tensing in his muscle cease.

Bryan is at ease.

WILLIAMS: ”I deserve this chance, I deserve to be standing in the ring with the 4CW Champion at Adrenaline One-Hundred. Not you, never you Alexis.”

He points to the camera, pointing to his opponent.

WILLIAMS: ”You’re everything wrong with this business, and I intend on showing everyone just exactly where you belong tonight.”

Under the mask we can tell he’s grinning again.

WILLIAMS: ”Your delusions of grandeur come to an end, tonight.”

Bryan states, all while removing the mask. It looks to have worked, Bryan is calm now. There’s no sign of desperation in his face, Bryan is focused and ready now.

WILLIAMS: ”Reality is going to hit you in a big way, Alexis.”

Bryan stops.

WILLIAMS: ”The reality of it is, you’re looking at the next 4CW Champion.”

With that, there’s nothing left for him to say. Bryan pulls the mask back over his head, turning away from the camera as we cut away.


Octavius Kreig and Viduus Morta stand in the middle of the ring glaring at each other. Kreig is in a building cold rage while Morta seems at ease. All it takes is a smirk from Morta to kick things off and the two men trade vicious strikes. Kreig hacks away at Viduus’ midsection as Viduus pummels Kreig in the chest. It seems that Kreig is getting the eyyer of the exchange. Yes the big man is driving Viduus back and Kreig finally gets Viduus into the corner with a big haymaker. Kreig yells something monstrous but unintelligible in Viduus’ face and runs to the opposite corner, bounce off it with little care and drives his body into Viduus with a cannonball. Viduss goes down in the corner but rumbles in laughter. He looks up at Kreig and smiles.

Kreig looks at him in disbelief and yanks him up. He puts Viduus’ arms back and drives his knees into Viduus’ stomach. Then he send Viduus’ over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Kreig doesn’t let up and throws Viduus’ around the ring with various suplexes. Viduus’ leaves the ring and goes down but Kreig follows. Viduus’ walks around on the outside staying away from Kreig. Then he sprints full speed around losing Kreig and goes around the ring. Kreig stops waiting for a trick around the corner. He hears something behind him and turns into a viscious Spear from Viduus. Viduus kicks at Krriga back before lifting him up. Viduu sends Kreig flying back first into the barricades. He gets Kreig in a full Nelson then lifts him up as much as he is bable and drives him down onto his knee. Viduus throws Kreig back into the ring and follows him breaking the count. Viduus locks in a Boston Crab.

Viduus stretches Kreig back until he is able to put his foot on the back of Kreig’s head. Kreig tries to move his massive frame to the ropes but resorts to trying to power out. Viduus lets go making Kreig slam his legs down onto the mat. Viduus kicks Kreig down and keeps him on the mat with an elbow to his back. Viduus throws Kreig to the ropes and attempts the Soul Reaper slamming into Kreig hard. Kreig stumbles to the side but remains standing. Kreig raises his arms in a Holy pose for Viduus to try again. When Viduus goes for a shoulder tackle, Kreig lifts him up into a powerslam. Kreig takes Viduus’ head and slams it into the mat. He picks Viduus up. Kreig sends Viduus to the ropes to hit a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. Kreig looks down at the former champion and licks his taped fingers. Viduus grabs at Kreig’s hand and stops the Descent Into Madness attempt. Viduus kicks Kreig in the head repeatedly and throws him down into a crossface. Viduus stretches Kreig with all his might until Kreig yells in pain but he is able to get on his feet. Kreig powers up and grabs Viduus’ leg. Kreig gets up and slams Viduus down with a side slam.

Krieg goes to stick his fingers in Viduus again and he locks it in. He picks Viduus up by the mouth. Kreig looks out as he is about to end it all. He picks Viduus up, but Viduus jumps up with the momentum getting himself free. Before Kreig gets his bearings Viduus aims a Spear right at Kreig’s back. Viduus slashes at his throat and grabs the back of Kreig’s head. He lifts him up and manages to hit the Awakening! The ring shakes with the slam as Viduus covers for the victory.

WINNER: Viduus Morta via Pinfall (12:47)

Set up in that little area she seemed to call home in the backstage warrens was once again none other than everyone’s favorite hoodrat, Alexis Kennedy! A pair of wrap around headphones on her head, she was jammin’ to …something, bobbing her hand, letting her hands feel out the rhythm that only she could currently hear, her eyes close– yeah. It was an act, of course it fucking was.

KENNEDY: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to
I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast..”

Pause. Beat. She stopped for a moment. Tugging those headphones off of her and letting them hang from neck as she hit ‘stop’ on her playlist. Eyes ahead on the camera.

KENNEDY: “Normally what I’d say is directed to the audience or … kind of to myself, but this? This is to B-Dubz. Bryan Williams, B-2. Whatever the rooster mask wearing fuck wants to call himself. Yeah, that asshole.”

Grunting, she leaned back in her chair and kicked her feet up to prop them on the table, crossing at the ankle.

KENNEDY: “The guy who’s supposed to be inventive at rippin’ people apart but uses the same bullshit lines on me as everyone else. ‘Oooh, that Alexis is just a poser, she clings to her family name, and tries to be everyone’s friend!’. Yeah, okay Genderswapped Regina George. Ya fuckin’ got me.”

Rolling her eyes, she made a show of those ‘spirit fingers’ for just a moment! Spirit fingers, woo!

KENNEDY: “You told me to stick to the rivers, lakes, and ponds, that your ocean was too deep, too big for me, right? Using my lines of swimming with the sharks to try and act like you can chew this guppy up, right? Well, Bitch, call me Martin fuckin’ Brody because even if you wind up ragdolling me out there? I’m gonna make you fuckin’ choke on me to the point that you don’t do shit for the rest of this tournament.”

Cue Alexis getting up to her feet, less than happy as she brushed her clothing off, moving to walk out of frame, but not before grabbing her crotch, just for the camera.

KENNEDY: “Shoot on that, mother fucker.”

Exiting stage left, just to throw on the extra dose of maturity, she was flippin’ the bird over her shoulder.


Fans thought they would see a more focused Madison here tonight but it seemed a bit distracted. Was he still wondering where Kat was? Why did Kat pop up every so often like a groundhog just to end up disappearing again? The world may never know. All the fans knew that Madison seemed to be doing fine until Kat took him off his game and now they were wanting her head. As far as Riley went, Cosmo definitely seemed to be a motivator for her as she played everything close to her chest in dealing with Madison in the ring. She knew the HOFer could be a real piece of work in the ring, spanning accolades that fans were probably bragging about in the audience right now. He was a great wrestler, sure but as far as she was concerned? Tonight wouldn’t be his night. His movements seemed sloppy and it only made Riley motivated in making sure hers was precise. One slip up and she could lose it all and as far as she was concerned, she had came way too far to be counted out of the tournament so early. Madison was one of the OGs of the Corners Four remaining but so many were leaving the company for hiatuses so they wouldn’t be surprised if they didnt see Madison after this match. Maybe he needed to work on himself more… get himself together. All Riley knew was that she was in it to win it and she wasn’t going to slack off just because it seemed as if her opponent was. The audience is heavily on Madison’s side as they cheer for him, plead for him to win this match. That there was a chance that they would no longer be in clean arenas after tonight if the foreheaded President of the USA was serious about quitting as co owner of the company and if that was the case, at least they could see their hero accomplish something good tonight before the bad stuff rolled in.

Madison flexes that power a bit on itty bitty Riley, looking to demolish the woman with practically comparing his strength to hers in body slams with trying to break her during the middle of the match. Riley got smart on him though and begin working on evading him, knowing her body couldn’t take many more of those slams or it would be over for her. Because here in the Corners Four, bigger men don’t get power owned by thin womens, okay? Aint no crackhead strength here. But one thing about Riley was that the girl was about her speed. She plays to her strengths, taking to it with knowing what she had to do against opponents when it came to the way they moved. That’s why Riley was so slept on when it came to her in ring talent. So many were ready to count her out just because she posed in lingerie on twitter when the woman could really wrestle her ass off. Madison trying to charge her only rewarded him a dropkick to the face and from there, Riley made sure to find any way possible to make his body continually hit the mat because she knew she would try to pit his strength against hers if he got any closer to her. Riley didn’t want to take any chances, she knew it only took but one to fuck it all away just to end up staring up ahead from the mat while Madison got a successful pinfall over her. Riley felt as if she were racing against time because the look in Madison’s eyes told her that once he got her how he wanted her, it was going to be all over. So she had to think fast as she moves all around the ring while he beelines for her. Madison seems the victory up ahead… until Riley takes that all away when she works in The Crowning out of nowhere! She goes for the cover, hopes for the best and ends up with a successful pinfall!

WINNER: Riley Savell via Pinfall (8:29)

Backstage, Brennan stood in front of a monitor eating some popcorn as he watched the finish to the previous match of Riley Savell versus Chris Madison.

DEVLIN: ”You know, it’s empowering a fat bitch like Riley is allowed to wrestle on TV in front of such a wide audience. Not as wide as her, but a wide audience.”

He kept chomping on his popcorn, watching the celebration for the winner unfold as he shrugged.

DEVLIN: ”You hear what I did to her boyfriend’s grandma though?”

Brennan turned only to see no one was there. He glanced around in confusion, peeking under a nearby steel chair, behind a monitor, anywhere.

DEVLIN: ”Hello?”

He called out in confusion, tossing his popcorn aside as he took a seat on the chair and leaned back against it, sighing.

DEVLIN: ”You never really were here, were you?”

He spoke as if someone had been there, but no one was on the screen with him. He turned up his gaze into the camera, a smile appearing on his lips.

DEVLIN: ”No jokes this week, no pandering to the lowest common denominator with some ‘weed football’ rhetoric. I’m going to beat American Tommy tonight, then… then I’m going to beat Kaelan, Angelo, or whoever else ends up in my way. And then? I’m going to take the 4CW Championship and rub my massive cock all over it and have sex on it because I fucking can. And you will NEVER get the stank off that belt once I am done.”

Brennan smiled at the camera as the camera slowly cuts into another part of the program.


With the bell ringing another South Beach Brawl Cup match was underway. Alexis Kennedy tried to get control in the early going, using a bit of speed to catch Bryan off guard. Bryan couldn’t seem to get a grasp where she was headed, as she would pick her spots with quick combos of left and right hands. A Supergirl Punch caught Bryan flush, allowing Alexis to connect with a Diving DDT! Bryan wouldn’t stay down for long, as he got back up to his feet and continued to try and attack. Alexis shot in for a Single Leg Takedown, catching Bryan by surprise. She would be able to grab an Ankle Pick on him, but left herself wide open for a Sweep by Bryan. Alexis seemed to be surprised at Bryan’s ground abilities, as Bryan quickly pulled guard and locked Alexis into a Triangle Choke! The crowd was stunned, but Alexis wasn’t out of the match this early. She was able to hold onto the ropes, making the official step in to break the hold up. Bryan let go, taunting Alexis at the same time. This seemed to draw her ire, as she shot in for another Single Leg Takedown. Bryan was able to defend it this time, as he pushed Alexis away. Alexis used this momentum to bounce off of the ropes, and connect with a Hurricanrana that took Bryan down to the mat! Bryan was starting to get annoyed with his opponent, as she continued to hit and run as the match continued. A Running High Knee caught Bryan flush again, stunning him for a moment. Alexis used this time wisely, aiming for a Springboard Moonsault to take down Bryan with. However, he scouted the move ahead of time, and stepped out of the way as Alexis crashed to the mat! As she tried to get back up Bryan would capitalize, and connect with a Superkick that put her back down on the mat!

The crowd was certainly in favor of Bryan tonight, as Alexis quickly got back up to her feet. She attempted to engage in a kicking contest with Bryan, but he was having none of it. Bryan quickly locked her up, pulling her into a classic Elbow-Collar tie up. Alexis slipped out of his grasp, attempting a Hammerlock to pause the match for a moment. Bryan easily slipped through, moving behind Alexis as he locked her into a Side Headlock. Alexis tried to break free, using a series of Elbow shots to his ribs. But Bryan would not budge, instead using a Hip Toss to take Alexis down to the mat! From there Bryan continued to work the Side Headlock, wrenching away as Alexis looked for a way out. Alexis finally found a way to try and slip out, but Bryan quickly pulled her into a Guillotine Choke! Alexis tried to press forward, attempting to pin Bryan’s shoulders to the mat. Bryan let go of the choke, and instead attempted a Kimura Lock for good measure. Alexis was able to roll forward, getting out of the hold and latching onto Bryan’s arm with an Armbar. Bryan kept his composure, and was eventually able to stand up and power his way out of her grasp. Alexis looked annoyed, but not discouraged by the match as it continued. She attempted to attack his right leg, using her kicks to chop it over and over again. Bryan would continue to check the kicks, but eventually Alexis got him good with a kick to his thigh. Bryan staggered back, allowing Alexis to rush in. A Running European Uppercut put Bryan into the corner, as Alexis caught him with a Step Up Knee! With Bryan stunned Alexis looked to put him away quickly. A kick to his stomach doubled him over, as Alexis followed that up with a Moonwalk DDT!

The DDT wasn’t enough though, as Bryan was able to kick out of the pin attempt! Alexis wouldn’t be denied, continuing her best to try and put Bryan back down. She reversed a Straight Jacket Suplex attempt, and countered with a Running Flying Lariat! Alexis was even able to slip on a pair of Knuckle Dusters, catching Bryan with a Supergirl Punch as the official wasn’t paying attention! The punch dropped Bryan to the mat, but much to Alexis’ surprise he was still able to kick out! With Bryan still trying to get back up, Alexis would look to finish this match as quick as possible. In perfect position for the FUM Kick, Alexis would gear up and let it fly. However, Bryan scouted this again and dodged out of the way. He would connect with another Superkick of his own, dropping Alexis down to the mat! Alexis would try to fight back, but soon find herself on the end of a brutal series of move by Bryan. A Bicycle Kick connects, allowing Bryan to follow that up with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Alexis continued to try and fight, but Bryan reversed another DDT attempt with a Backdrop Driver! It was starting to become bad for Alexis, as she felt the momentum begin to slip away from her. Alexis tried another FUM Kick, only to have it dodged another time. Bryan used this opportunity to connect with the Raging Demon! A Spinning Backfist connects, as Bryan follows it up with a Bicycle Knee! Alexis stays standing, albeit on wobbly legs. Bryan finally puts her down with a Shotgun Mouthwash, a Pop Up Knee Strike into Roaring Elbow! The move isn’t quite enough to put Alexis away though, as she somehow gets her shoulder up in time! Bryan isn’t surprised, but he is ready to end this match now. With Alexis still trying to stand, Bryan appears to help her back up. He grabs hold of her, using a Ripcord Lariat to finally put her down, as MANTRA connects and covers her for the pin. One! Two! Three!

WINNER: Bryan Williams via Pinfall (14:12)

Backstage an unfamiliar face stands directly in front of a camera that is focused on him. He’s a young man with a shitty beard and one of those ugly little stick on name tags that reads “H3LLO MY NAME IS AIDEN COLLANS.” Unsurprisingly he looks completely incapable of stringing two sentences together on his own and, wearing a suit that he surely bought from T.J. Maxx, he holds up a piece of paper and clears his throat while sweat begins to run down his forehead and drip from his big stupid ass eyebrows.

COLLANS: ”Why… ehum… why yes. Hello 4CW! It is my absolute… um. Privilege to be here tonight. Let me begin by saying what a SWELL guy Elijah Carlson is. He gave me the phone number for a really famous Saudi prince and told me if I just called that number that they would transfer ten million dollars to my checking account. He said that’s even more than 4CW pays its employees now that Phoenix is around. Which is a good thing because all the dirt sheets say that employee pay before that… wow. I made more as a telemarketer.”

Clearing his throat again, Aiden shifts uncomfortably on his feet and nervously looks up at the camera once more before quickly averting his eyes to the paper.

COLLANS: ”Anyhow. I have a written statement from Mister Carlson. So, if you’ll just bear with me one moment…”

Once more he shifts and then finally begins to read.

COLLANS: ”Mister Carlson wishes to convey his heartfelt congratulations to all of those participating in ANOTHER tournament here in 4CW and states that, while he is certain you are all quite dedicated to performing at your utmost, these sorts of events are becoming more tedious and tiresome than fatal fourway matches on Octane. And even more tedious and tiresome than the constant deep throating of a golden boy who took his pot of gold and went to play with TheeJay.”

Aiden stares at the paper with a quizzical look and reads over the last sentence a few times to make sure he got it right.

COLLANS: ”He wishes to assure you all that he will return once again and continue to dispatch anyone who is set before him. Just like he has with Eden Connors, Dakota Smith, Chris Madison, Kimitsu Zombie, Artemis Kaiser, American Tommy, and especially that stupid Riley Savell cunt that can’t seem to figure out how to shut her fucking mouth about his currently unborn child.”

Wincing a moment, Aiden mouths a ‘sorry Riley’ to the camera before looking back down at the paper.

COLLANS: ”Mister Carlson also requests that Perriwinkle Wallace amends the history of the championship that he currently holds, reigning in all of his majestic glory as the champion of North America, and remove the filth of the Home Depot championship that came before. Should Perriwinkle choose not to do so this says that..”

Aiden’s face goes bright red as he blushes with embarassment.

COLLANS: ”Oh boy… he says that he will be forced to release documents that clearly show that Perry is the father of Eric Paisano.”

Once more Aiden and his shitty beard clear their throat.

COLLANS: ”Thank you, and may you all have a delightful evening!”

The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.



POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida, he is ONE HALF OF THE 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, AND 4CW PRIDE CHAMPION… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”


The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring, one belt on each shoulder.

JOHNSON: ”First he captured the 4CW Tag Team Titles with American Tommy, and as of Retrograde, he became the NEW 4CW Pride Champion! If there were any doubts about what this man could do in 4CW, they should have been more than dispelled by now!”

VASSA: ”Bronx Valescence is still the GOAT though!”

JOHNSON: ”But Bronx isn’t here now, is he?”

VASSA: ”Wallace needs to make up with his son so he can make Manny go away to get pegged again!”

“In the days of kings and queens I was a jester
Treat me like a god or they treat me like a leper
They see me move back and forth between both
I’m trying to find a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!

“I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)”

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers, staying quiet among the crowd’s murmur. Finally, Manny turns towards the camera, and giving his mischievous Trollface, he takes a deep breath, and then begins to talk.

FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo.”

The crowd responds with another huge pop!

FERNANDEZ: “How you doing, mang? Very unfortunately I ain’t booked in this card tonight, but there are a few things I’d like to say. As I hold these two belts, I would like to begin by thanking each and every one of you that gave me their support throughout all this time, and to extend an apology for the last time I was a champion in this company. I figure I’d try to make up for that, now that I made it to gold again, by being in this show even if I ain’t wrestling. Y’all don’t need me to waste your time and money by hearing me get too emotional, so, chicos, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all!”

One more round of applause for DA #TROLL GUY, but he raises his hand, then holds up his half of the 4CW Tag Team Titles in the air.

FERNANDEZ: “So here’s the important thing I needed to talk about, and it concerns the 4CW Tag Team Titles, and the division that one more time is being neglected thanks to the teams in the tournament splitting. For that I wanna call my partner and fellow DOUBLE Champion American Tommy down to the ring.”

The music then transitions into “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blaring throughout the arena, sending the audience into a hysteria of excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drop from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains and walks out and he raises that Octane Championship into the air with great pride with his 4CW Tag Title cinched around his waist.

POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for your Octane Champion and 4CW Tag Champion. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

JOHNSON: “And here comes the other, almost undefeated double champion! What else can we say about American Tommy that hasn’t been already said?”

VASSA: “He still eats Amanda Cortez’s feet.”

JOHNSON: “Oh shut up, Vinny.”

VASSA: “You wanna scrap!?”

A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as Tommy steps beside Mariano on the ring. He grabs a microphone and looks at Manny.

TOMMY: “Manny, what’s all this about? I had a very intense game of Mario Kart going on in the back!”

Mariano grimaces as if he’s just done a very grave faux pas, lifting his hands up.

FERNANDEZ: “Sorry ‘bout that, chico. Now here we are, the undefeated Tag Team Champions, but one more time, the tag division is dying again. And is that our fault? Is it OUR fault that Omertà is no more? Is it OUR fault that the Sadboiz decided to high tail it out as they always do when things don’t go their way? Is it OUR fault that Viduus kidnapped Kaelan Laughlin? Put all of the other names in the same question, and the answer is gonna be the same every god damned time.”

TOMMY: “Seems like people have a bit of a tendency to run when they see an actual challenge and flock to the easiest belt here in 4CW and that’s cool and all, but it’s not something I’ve ever done. Let people run while Manny and I stand our ground.”

Manny shakes his head, in a vigorous no.

FERNANDEZ: “So once again we’re left with the question, what are we gonna do with these belts, mang? Are we gonna sit on them until September for the Bad Company tournament as Dakota and Riddle did before us? Or are we gonna defend them as we’ve defended them, as they’re MEANT to be defended as every other belt in 4CW is once a month? Is that not what elevating is? Is that not what the value of these belts SHOULD be taken? Because THAT’s what we signed up, and won this tournament for, and that’s how WE American Mangs are gonna treat them, chicos!”

After this, both of the American Mangs hold their tag team belts in the air, to the crowd’s enormous reaction.

FERNANDEZ: “And since I had nothing to do this week, that got me thinking, mang. And I’m thinking that there’s only ONE team other than us that decided to step up, get in this company and treat these belts we now hold with the respect they deserve, and they happen to be our number one contenders, and rightly so. I’m talking, of course, of Bianca Reed and A.J. Morales of REEDVOLUTION, and we just so happen to have a proposition for them. So A.J., Bianca, come on down, mang.”

The beat for “Who’s Who” by Dilated Peoples hits as the lights dim and blue spotlights focus on the entrance ramp, lighting the place up like a club. A.J. Morales walks through the curtain nodding his head and playing air-guitar in time with the song, while Bianca Reed comes through dancing and hits a spin as the lyrics begin.

”She loves me not, she loves me loves me not
But I don’t let it bug me, the clubs be hot”

The team starts on their way down the entrance ramp, and as A.J. high-fives any fan that reaches towards him, Bianca throws her sunglasses into the crowd and follows close behind him, running her mouth at the camera in front of them.

POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, from the BayTL, at a combined weight of three hundred seven pounds…‘Killer B’ Bianca Reed! ’The Revolution’ A.J. Morales! REEEEEDVOOOOOLUTIOOOOOOON!!!”

The two climb onto the apron at the same time, and Bianca drops to a split and slides under the bottom rope into the ring, while A.J. somersaults over the top to get in. They each pick a corner on the far side of the ring relative to the hardcam, climb to the second turnbuckles, and throw up raised-fist salutes to the crowd. They climb back down, cross the ring diagonally, and do the same thing on the side facing the hardcam, hyping up the crowd as the music continues before gesturing to the ringside crew to pass them some mics. Once they get them, they convene with the champions at the center of the ring.

JOHNSON: “I have to say, A.J. Morales and Bianca Reed are still getting their hang of things in 4CW, but their run in the Tag Team Into the Future Tournament was nothing less than impressive, and I’m certain that once these two teams have their match, they will make another great showing!”

VASSA: “Tommy is still prettier than Bianca.”

JOHNSON: “Yes, Vinny, we know that’s how the poll went.”


After the American Mangs and REEDVOLUTION have exchanged handshakes, it’s Mariano who takes the mic once again.

FERNANDEZ: “Now A.J., Bianca, thank you for joining us tonight, and congrats on being our number one contenders again, mang. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, but in the meantime, look around you. You see any other teams able and willing to come take our belts? You see anyone around here with the purpose and dedication that you two had since signing up to 4CW?”

Bianca turns her head from side to side, shrugging her shoulders.

MORALES: “I mean…if they’re out there, they gotta get in line behind us, ‘cause after what we did to the Sadboiz…”

REED: “But they’re not out there, because apparently everyone else is too selfish and not trusting enough to form a tag team. So now we’re… basically back to where we started with Tag Team Into the Future, only now we’ve got different teams.”

FERNANDEZ: “And so we come to that point, chicos. The reason we called you here tonight is because this could be YOU. It may be you holding these belts and looking at nothing but a dying division because every other single person in this company decided to go after their own personal glory, and not ONE of them are stepping up to DO something about the Tag Team Championships their value they then choose to diminish. And I know, because you stated it, that you’re sick of this shit, as are the both of us. So here’s our proposition to you.”

Mariano raises his hand once again, and turns towards the cameras.

FERNANDEZ: “Regardless of what happens when we next face, and who it is that holds the belts, we want to make an open challenge, to ANY team, either in 4CW or out, as you once were, to come compete for these belts. Any two people, whoever you are, wherever you work, you feel you want a crack at the titles of the most vicious, the most brutal, the most COMPETITIVE company ever to grace the wrestling world, HERE IS YOUR SHOT, issued by the current champions AND their number one contenders.”

TOMMY: “Hold up a sec, I’m all for an open challenge, but you saw what happened when Laughlin literally opened it up to any fucking autistic piece of shit that wanted a shot at his Ignition belt. While this is going to be an open challenge only teams that are known to put in the work and actually show the fuck up will we be wrestling or this will be a bigger waste of time than the Ignition Open Challenge. Turned that belt into a fucking joke. I saw what Thot Chocolate said on King’s Road. Thinking anything they do in math class matters in 4CW. Step the fuck up to a real challenge before you start talking reckless shit.”

One more time he faces A.J. and Bianca.

FERNANDEZ: “That goes for Thot Chocolate, the rest of the teams in King’s Road, and anyone who gives an actual shit about tag team wrestling. So, whaddaya say, chicos? If the time comes when you become champions, will you hold to this? Will you endeavor to make the 4CW Tag Team Division what it DESERVES to be, as all of us have done so far? Will you be taking this responsibility IF your time comes?”

TOMMY: “It won’t come.”

A.J. thinks it over as the crowd murmurs all around them.

MORALES: “Chico…with all due respect, is that even a question?”

The crowd responds with cheering at A.J.’s courage.

MORALES: “No, seriously, dude, this isn’t the first time we’ve been on the same roster. You know what happens when I get my hands on a title. You’ve seen me elevate championships and make them main-event material in Japan, and Mexico, and everywhere else I’ve been. So knowing all that, knowing what kinda team me and B are, why the hell would 4CW be any different?”

As he pauses, one more time the crowd responds positively, but Tommy interjects.

TOMMY: “Because I’m holding one half of the tag team titles and nobody’s done more with championships in 4CW than I have, mate.”

MORALES: “So whenever, wherever this goes down, I can guarantee this: once those 4CW Tag Team Championships are in our hands, we’re not waiting for Bad Company to do something with ‘em.”

REED: “And y’all know I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t like. So if there are teams out there who want to do what no one else on this roster besides the four of us wants to and challenge for the 4CW tag titles? I say let them get in this ring and show what they’re made of.”

The crowd roar their approval, and the Tag Team Champions and their number one contenders exchange handshakes.

FERNANDEZ: “Then it’s settled, chicos. Be it the American Mangs or REEDVOLUTION, any and EVERY two people that wants to test their skill in the best promotion in the business is invited. Thus the 4CW Tag Team Division will rise once more!”

And with that, after a final pose for the cameras, both teams take their separate ways, among the cheering of the crowd.

JOHNSON: “And here we go! Open challenge to any teams by BOTH the 4CW Tag Team Champions and their number one contenders! That’s a huge bet both of them are doing to get the tag team division back to what it deserves to be!”

VASSA: “I hope the American Mangs lose them before Bad Company. And Reedvolution too.”

JOHNSON: “Whether they win or lose, defending them is the point, and these two teams will do exactly that!”

There’s nothing showing at first pure black. Darkness in the fullest form. No lights. No hint of hope. Pure pitch black to a slow sound of footsteps. The ‘tap-tap-tap’ of boots continues before a familiar deep voice ring out in the midst of black.

GRESHAM: “Sometimes you have to embrace that which makes you uncomfortable. Twitter doesn’t exactly make me uncomfortable it just annoys me. The hardship of my new place in life, slightly uncomfortable. Taking hold of this change in me, the aggression, anger, and overall darkness…many will lie to you and say they thrive in it. Many will lie to you and say they love it.

Finally, a door breaks open showing the large frame of DeMarcus Gresham reaching the regular well lit Spectrum Center backstage hallways. Gresham is fully dressed and fully ready with a cold stare in his eyes but yet there’s searching in his pupils as if he’s still wanting more. Needing more. 4CW personnel working their way around him he pays none of them any attention.

GRESHAM: “I’m not a liar. I’m still learning how to…come to terms but I assure you tonight will be the first example. The best example of what a Gifted man becomes when he embraces that darkness. Leaps into that hell and stands alone without regret. There’s nothing more that really needs to be said. It’s only what needs to be done now.”

His face finally turns toward the camera view Gresham acknowledging it for the first time.

GRESHAM: “I will become the epicenter I am meant to be or I will bleed to break trying. Bryan Laughlin, please give your all the pain available to a truly broken man. Please. I must learn. I will become enlightened in the realm you are known for.”

Gresham walks off the screen to black.


VASSA: ”I thought I’d never see this again but next up we have Brennan Devlin making his return to a 4CW ring.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen him in action in 4CW and then out of nowhere he surprises us all with his entry into the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

VASSA: ”Say what you want about Tommy, but Devlin’s jumping straight into the deep end in this first round match against the man who just can’t seem to lose a championship.”

JOHNSON: ”As much as he claims to hate it, he won’t let anyone who’s challenged him for the Octane Championship take it away from his waist.”

VASSA: ”He can say whatever he wants to about hating Perry and 4CW, but truth be told he fucking loves it and there’s nothing that he can say to convince me otherwise.”

JOHNSON: ”4CW maybe, but it’s pretty obvious that he hates Perry.”

VASSA: ”Can you really blame him?”

“Salvation Code (Makeup and Vanity Remix)” by Scandroid blared throughout the arena as the lights went dim. Neon pink and blue lights began to flicker on the stage while a form became visible in the flashing lights…

“I hold on to the notion that I just wasn’t born to die…”

A negative reaction erupting from the crowd. Brennan soaked it in as he stood on the stage, chewing his gum as he gave an unamused look to the audience as the lights began to brighten, revealing him standing on the stage.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from San Andreas, California… he is a former 4CW Pride Champion and the ‘Face of Wrestling’… BRENNAN DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”

Devlin walked down the stage casually, ignoring the various hands reaching for him as he made it to the ringside area. He soon walked his way towards the steps, climbing up onto the apron and standing on it as he surveyed the crowd. Then he stepped over the second rope and into the ring he went, removing his jacket and tossing it aside before throwing his arms into the air in the center of the ring. Once his music faded out, he walked to the corner, resting back against the turnbuckle with a smile on his lips as he awaited the match to begin.

JOHNSON: ”Seeing him in the ring tonight takes me back to Twenty-Fifteen.”

VASSA: ”Fast forward to the present and there he is. Without a doubt I’m certain we’re going to see a different Brennan Devlin than we did all those years ago.”

JOHNSON: ”He’s made quite the name for himself after his departure. The Octane Championship might not be on the line tonight but I guarantee this match is going to reach championship match heights.”

“High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blares from the arena speakers which sends the audience into a hysteria of excitement at the unique wrestler making his way out. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drop from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains and walks out and he raises the Tag Team Championship into the air with great pride. Underneath the Tag Team Championship, the edges of a cardboard cut-out belt are visible, although obviously in an attempt to hide it. A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as he starts down the ramp before he reaches the middle of it to stand there with a bright smile. He waves to the crowd and as he makes his way down to the ring, he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it. He’s happy, he’s in a great mood… and then that damn Powers takes it ALL away with those next set of words.

POWERS: “Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois! … AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers with the intent to harm, he begins pointing and yelling at the confused announcer who should KNOW better by now but seems to just want to fuck with Tommy. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from a 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again. He REFUSES to take another step until this is made right.

TOMMY: “Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right you autistic fuck.”

Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head, not believing this was a constant thing with them. Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs almost dramatically and starts speaking again.

POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for your Octane Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

American Tommy stands up and nods in approval. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises the Tag Team Championship and whatever is underneath it with one hand to the crowd as they raise their arms to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and goes to his corner, ready for the match to begin.

VASSA: ”What the hell is that?”

JOHNSON: ”What’s what?”

VASSA: ”Whatever he’s holding under that tag belt”

JOHNSON: ”I can only assume it’s the Octane Championship.”

VASSA: ”You’re blind as fuck, old man. That was definitely not the Octane Championship!”

JOHNSON: ”What was it then?”

VASSA: ”I’m not quite sure but it didn’t look like the Octane Championship.”

Tommy crawls underneath the ropes and carefully places the folded championships on the apron, making sure to keep the Tag Team Championship on top in plain view.


Shortly following was the sound of the bell as both wrestlers were ready to get things underway. Full of confidence, Tommy trotted to the center of the ring while running his mouth to Devlin. Shrugging his shoulders as if nothing Tommy said bothered him, Devlin slowly approached the center of the ring and stood toe to toe with Tommy. Although Devlin stood taller than him, Tommy continued to run his mouth, which only brought laughter from Devlin as he looked down to Tommy. Throwing his hands up, Tommy brought them to Devlin’s face, pressing his cheeks inward. Devlin immediately swung his arms around and swatted Tommy’s hands away from his face before following up with a quick right jab to Tommy’s face. Stumbling backwards a few steps, Tommy regained his footing before exploding forward, lunging towards Devlin. Popping his foot up from the mat, Devlin kicked Tommy in the stomach as he came in, forcing him to stop in his tracks and double over. Quickly stepping in, Devlin wrapped an arm around Tommy’s head before quickly lifting him off his feet and dropping him to the mat with a snap suplex.

On his feet, Devlin circled Tommy as he slowly climbed back to his feet. Shooting a look straight to Devlin, it was clearly visible that Tommy was angered which only brought a smirk to Devlin’s lips. As Tommy rose to one knee, Devlin then rushed straight for him, aiming for his head with a running knee lift. Dropping down to his stomach, Tommy avoided the attack as Devlin’s knee passed overhead. Continuing in stride, Devlin ran to the ropes as Tommy popped back to his feet. Coming back on the return, Devlin went at Tommy with a clothesline, only to miss as Tommy ducked at the last second. Hitting the ropes again, Devlin charged at Tommy even faster than before. Raising his arm just steps away, Devlin faked Tommy with a clothesline, causing him to duck down and as soon as he did, Devlin connected with a running knee lift to Tommy’s face! The impact forced Tommy to stand straight up as he turned the opposite direction in a daze. Shaking it off, Tommy slowly turned to face Devlin once more only to get taken completely off guard as Devlin connected with a dropkick that sent Tommy stumbling backwards and crashing into the corner.

After hitting the corner, Tommy dropped down to a seated position with his back against it. With Tommy in the perfect position, Devlin glanced down to the one thing that gave him the nickname of Grandma Killer. Looking back up to Tommy, he took off and ran straight for him. Closing in, Devlin jumped into the air, legs spread and his crotch aimed straight for Tommy’s face. Lifting his leg up from the mat, Tommy instantly stopped Devlin in mid air with a foot to the crotch, saving himself from a humiliating Bronco Buster. Rolling back and forth on the mat and holding himself, Devlin was in a tremendous amount of pain, giving Tommy ample time to pull himself back to his feet. Climbing backwards up the corner, Tommy made his way to the top before taking flight and connecting with an elbow drop to Devlin’s chest from the top rope. Laying on his side beside Devlin, Tommy propped himself up with his elbow on Devlin’s chest before unloading with rapid fire punches to his face. There was no defense from Devlin as it was clear he was more worried about the one body part that makes up the majority of all his nicknames. Putting his finger in his own mouth, Tommy covered it in saliva before sticking it into Devlin’s ear.

Back to his feet, Tommy walked over to Devlin’s legs, lifting them both up from the mat and spreading them. Jumping into the air, Tommy extended both of his legs, falling between Devlin’s and landing onto his crotch with a leg drop. Pulling Devlin to his feet, Tommy lifted him off his feet, hitting him with an inverted atomic drop. It was clear Tommy had his target set on one particular body part of Devlin’s, and for once it wasn’t feet. Holding his crotch, Devlin slowly back stepped away from Tommy before turning his back to his and looking in the opposite direction. Rushing in from behind, Tommy locked an arm around Devlin’s head before taking him face down to the mat with a running bulldog. As Tommy rose to his feet, Devlin crawled towards the corner where he then slowly began pulling himself back to his feet. Watching from across the ring, Tommy patiently waited for Devlin to stand back up and as soon as he turned around to face him, Tommy exploded from his position. Racing across the ring, Tommy closed in on Devlin who was cornered, connecting with his Octane Express (Ho Train)! Stepping out of the way, Tommy opened a path for Devlin to stumble forward a few steps before falling face down to the mat. Dropping down beside him, Tommy rolled Devlin over his back and covered him for the pin.


JOHNSON: ”Devlin isn’t going down just yet!”

VASSA: ”I don’t see how not! Tommy won’t leave the mans dick alone. I would lay down and take the pin instead of putting myself in the position that he’s been in.”

JOHNSON: ”Of course you would! But you aren’t Brennan. I seriously doubt he came back to the ring tonight to just lay down and let Tommy advance to the second round.”

VASSA: ”It’s his dick, Steve. The Grandma Killer. The Sultan of Schlong. The Pinnacle of Penile Perfection. The Big Dog of Hog. He isn’t going to be able to call himself any of those nicknames if Tommy keeps it up!”

JOHNSON: ”What’s the Grandma Killer nickname have to do with this and how did he get that?”

VASSA: ”That’s a story for another time, Steve. Maybe you can ask him yourself. Put a wig on and hopefully I can get someone with a little more youth to join me here at ringside.”

Pulling Devlin up from the mat, Tommy slapped him open palm across the face before locking onto his arm and whipping him to the ropes. Upon Devlin’s return, Tommy ducked down and lifted him off his feet, throwing him up into the air with a back body drop. Devlin’s body crashed hard to the canvas, but in a fluid motion he rolled upward to his feet. Before he could turn around, Tommy grabbed him by the shoulder and jerked him around himself. Slapping Devlin a second time, Tommy locked onto his wrist and whipped him to the ropes again. This time when Devlin cam within reach, Tommy lifted him up and over, slamming him to the mat with his YoYo Toss Salad (hip toss)! Devlin immediately popped back up to his feet. Turning to face Tommy, Devlin lunged towards him, reaching with both hands. Ducking down, Tommy lifted Devlin off the mat and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. With Devlin in place, Tommy then began to spin in circles. After a few revolutions of the airplane spin, Devlin managed to slip from Tommy’s hold, dropping to his feet but losing his balance immediately and stumbling backwards to the ropes. Hitting the ropes, Devlin went up and over, catching the top rope and using it to guide himself for a crash landing upon the apron.

Pulling himself up with the ropes, Devlin caught a glimpse of Tommy running straight for him. As Tommy reached over the top rope, Devlin pulled himself through the top and middle ropes, planting his shoulder into Tommy’s stomach and stopping him in his tracks. Standing tall, Devlin reached over the top rope and forced Tommy’s head down, placing him underneath the top rope and resting his body onto the middle rope with Tommy’s head sticking out over the apron. Backing up to the corner, Devlin then ran along the apron and hit Tommy with a running knee lift that sent him spilling back out into the ring. Rushing back to the corner, Devlin quickly climbed to the top and waited as Tommy slowly pushed himself back to his feet. With Tommy now standing and turning to his direction, Devlin leaped from the top rope, Kicking his legs forward and planting both feet to Tommy’s chest with a dropkick! Tommy fell backwards to the mat, landing hard and then rolling backwards before coming to a stop in the center of the ring.

Tommy didn’t stay down long before he was back to his feet. Rushing in from the side, Devlin crashed into Tommy with a shoulder block, knocking him off his feet and sending him to the ropes. Tommy bounced off the ropes and took a swing for Devlin’s head. Ducking underneath Tommy’s punch as it swung overhead, Devlin reached around Tommy’s body before slamming him down with an STO backbreaker across his knee. Still holding onto Tommy, Devlin stood back to both feet, pulling Tommy up with him. Pulling his arm away from Tommy, Devlin then stepped in behind him and dropped him to the mat with a neckbreaker! Crawling over Tommy, Devlin went for the pin as the official slid in beside them with the count.


VASSA: ”Tommy kicks out right before the three!”

JOHNSON: ”Devlin nearly had him right there but it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.”

VASSA: ”Your mother?”

JOHNSON: ”My mother’s no longer with us.”

VASSA: ”Devlin strikes again!”

Lifting Tommy up from the mat, Devlin clocked him with back to back rights, the second whipping Tommy around in place. Looking to the crowd and pointing, Devlin shouts.

DEVLIN: ”This one’s for Raab!”

Wrapping both arms around Tommy’s waist, Devlin then lifts him off his feet and slams him to the mat with a German suplex! On his feet, Devlin took a few steps back before running in and kicking Tommy in the ribs, forcing him to roll over to his stomach. Backing across the ring, Devlin patiently waited as Tommy began to push himself up from the mat. Just when he raised up to his hands and knee, Devlin charged in, leaping into the air and going for his Face Time curb stomp. Quickly rolling out of the way, Tommy bought himself some more time as Devlin’s foot stomped down to the canvas. Popping up to his feet, Tommy immediately had to jump back to avoid Devlin as he lunged forward to grab him. Spinning in place, Tommy swung his foot around and connected with a spinning wheel kick to Devlin’s head. Devlin turned completely around before stumbling forward. As he regained his footing, it was already too late. Rushing in behind Devlin, Tommy jumped into the air and connected with a dropkick to Devlin’s back, sending stumbling to the corner. Devlin crashed in the corner and bounced off, coming back towards Tommy as he quickly got back to his feet. Exploding forward, Tommy levels him with a lariat!

Devlin was slow to get back to his feet before Tommy came in and helped him. Connecting with back to back punches, Tommy then locked onto Devlin’s wrist and threw him to the corner as hard as he could. Just when Devlin slammed into the corner, Tommy took off straight for him. Going for the Octane Express once more, Tommy was caught completely off guard as Devlin kicked his foot up, planting it to Tommy’s face as he closed in. Tommy turned the other direction, slowly walking away from Devlin as he held a hand up to his face. Turning back to face Devlin, Tommy’s eyes lit up at the sight of Devlin charging straight at him. Quick on his feet, Tommy avoided Devlin’s grasp as he lifted him into the air and threw him flat to his back with yet another YoYo Toss Salad. Rushing over to the corner, Tommy shot up straight to the top. Standing tall, Tommy began waving his hands to get the crowd behind him as Devlin remained on his back. Leaping straight into the air, Tommy came down with his Dream Crusher (top rope double foot stomp)!

JOHNSON: ”There’s the Dream Crus–“


Rolling out of the way, Devlin escaped Tommy’s finishing move, leaving him nothing but canvas to land to. Tommy rushed to Devlin’s legs to grab ahold of them. Pulling his legs away from Tommy, Devlin curled them to his chest before kicking them both out and planting them to Tommy’s chest. Tommy was lifted off his feet, flying backwards before crashing into the corner. Rolling backwards, Devlin pushed himself up to his feet before bursting forward and running towards Tommy. With nowhere for Tommy to go, Devlin leaped into the air, connecting with a flying forearm to Tommy’s face! Stepping out of Tommy’s way, Devlin created a path for him to stumble forward away from the corner in a daze. Running in behind Tommy as he got to the center of the ring, Devlin grabbed ahold of his head with a three-quarter facelock before taking him to the mat with a front face bulldog!

VASSA: ”There it is!”


VASSA: ”I fucking love that movie!”

Rolling Tommy over to his back, Devlin hooked a leg as he rolled over top of him for the pin.


VASSA: ”Devlin’s done it! He’s beaten Tommy here tonight!”

JOHNSON: ”Not only has he beat Tommy in his return to a 4CW ring, but he’ll also be advancing to the second round of the South Beach Brawl Cup!”

“Salvation Code (Makeup and Vanity Remix)” hits the speakers as Devlin rises to his feet with a cocky smirk on his face. Stepping in beside him, the official hoists his arm into the air as the final bell sounds.


POWERS: ”Here is your winner… BRENNAN DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”

WINNER: Brennan Devlin via Pinfall (15:57)



JOHNSON: ”Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It’s now time for our main event of the evening.”

VASSA: ”We have one hell of a main event at that with the 4CW Championship on the line.”

JOHNSON: ”We already have seven people who will advance to the second round. This is our final first round match of the South Beach Brawl Cup where we see the champion put it all on the line.”

VASSA: ”Just two weeks ago we watched Laughlin put it all on the line against Viduus at Retrograde. I mean literally! He put his career on the line.”

JOHNSON: ”Well it isn’t on the line tonight but the 4CW Championship is and his first true test as the newly crowned champion.”

VASSA: ”Tonight he can make a big statement with a successful defense. If he wins the entire tournament? That would be a HUGE statement for him and his reign as 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. He has DeMarcus Gresham first up and that isn’t an easy match by any means. He’s a former Ignition Champion and a powerhouse just like Laughlin.”

VASSA: ”That’s two things these two have in common. If DeMarcus can pull off the win then we can bump that up to three!”


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following South Beach Brawl Cup 4CW Championship match is scheduled for one fall!”

The light dim to full darkness.

”They say form follows function….And if you just function properly then things will form themselves”

“Form Follows Function” by Lupe Fiasco begins to play. At that moment a spotlight hits the stage with DeMarcus Gresham there standing with his back to the crowd so the ‘Gifted’ along is black jacket is clear for all to see. He stands there for a moment allowing the spotlight to engulf him as the crowd boos to high heaven against him. With his head down he turns around staying on the stage for a moment before stepping forward. In every step the floorboard beneath him lights up in a Michael Jackson Billie Jean music video kind of way as well as the house lights lighting up a little more and more with each step. As he walks down he sneers at the people around him dissatisfied by their presence.

POWERS: ”Introducing to the ring first!”

By the time he reaches ringside all the lights are fully on and the spotlight and illuminating floors stop. He stands there for a moment rolling his shoulders before he jumps from the floor to the ring apron impressively.

POWERS: ”Coming to you from Seattle, Washington. Standing at six feet, six inches and weighing in at two hundred fifty-seven pounds of Enlightenment. Your beacon. Your epicenter. Your Gift. ‘Giiiiffffteeed’, DEMARCUS GGRREESSHHAAMM!!!”

He bends into the ring where he slowly takes off his jacket and in a ceremonious fashion lays the jacket on the nearest turnbuckle with the ‘Gifted’ laid out for all to see. Turning around he smirks before pointing at the jacket letting it be known exactly who he is with the chorus of boos and his theme music surrounding him.

POWERS: ”And the champion!”

The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.

“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the 4CW CHAMPION, this IS… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

VASSA: ”I can’t imagine what’s going through Laughlin’s mind after the brutal match he had just two weeks ago to win the 4CW Championship.”

JOHNSON: ”Viduus didn’t make it easy for him. Bryan took one hell of a beating and spilled a lot of blood in the ring at Retrograde.”

VASSA: ”That’s what I’m saying. I’d dread winning the championship only to know the South Beach Brawl Cup followed two weeks later where the belt is on the line in each and every round.”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think you need to worry about that much. You’d never win a championship in 4CW, let alone anywhere for that matter.”

VASSA: ”What exactly are you trying to say?”

JOHNSON: ”I think you know what I’m saying. Look at those two men in the ring. You’d never even come close to putting one of those men down for a three count. I’d go as far as to say even a one count.”

VASSA: ”I don’t think I like your tone right about now. I’m going to forget you even made that comment and get back to the match at hand. If I don’t have a chance, I know for a fact that DeMarcus has a chance of winning here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”He could very well leave here tonight with the 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”But I wouldn’t?”

JOHNSON: ”You aren’t DeMarcus Gresham.”

After retrieving the 4CW Championship from Laughlin, the official holds it up in the center of the ring, presenting it to all sides of the ring for the crowd in attendance. Handing it off to a member of the ringside crew, the official then checks in with each corner before signaling for the bell.


It isn’t often that Laughlin is standing across from someone in the ring larger than him. It doesn’t faze him though, just like every other opponent he’s faced in the past. DeMarcus was eager to get his hands on the champ, wasting no time at all before locking up with him in the center of the ring. Driving Laughlin backwards, DeMarcus pushed him across the ring and to the ropes. With nowhere for Laughlin to go, Gresham holds him against the ropes and delivers a swift knee to the stomach. Following up, Gresham connects with back to back forearms to Laughlin’s face before pulling him away from the ropes. Whipping Laughlin to the ropes across the ring, Gresham holds back until Laughlin bounces off the ropes. Bursting forward, Gresham meets Laughlin in the center of the ring, crashing into him with a shoulder block that puts Laughlin flat on his back.

Laughlin quickly pushes himself back up and just as he gets to his feet, Gresham is right there, charging in to knock him back to the mat with another shoulder block. Stomping down onto the 4CW Champion, Gresham targets his stomach before dropping down and mounting himself on top of Laughlin. With his right hand, Gresham begins swinging and connecting with multiple blows to Laughlin’s head. His last one throw is blocked by Laughlin, but no worries. Swinging with his other hand, Gresham connects with a punch from the other side before pushing himself back to his feet. Grabbing Laughlin by the head, Gresham pulls him up from the mat, standing him to his feet. Still holding onto Laughlin head with one hand, Gresham slams it down as he pops his knee up into the air, smashing Laughlin’s face with a knee lift. Lifting the champ off his feet, Gresham then holds him up sideways for a moment before lifting him up to his chest and then dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker.

Pulling Laughlin to his feet, Gresham keeps Laughlin’s head down and wraps an arm around it. With his other hand, he goes to hook Laughlin’s leg but is quickly stopped as Laughlin swings in from the side and delivers a vicious blow to Gresham’s ribs. Gresham doesn’t let go, he goes for Laughlin’s leg again and this time he actually hooks it. Swinging from the side with another hook, Laughlin drives his fist into Gresham’s ribs, forcing him to release his leg. Wrapping both arms around Gresham’s waist, Laughlin then lifts him off his feet and up over his head. Carrying him across the ring, Laughlin’s pace gets faster and faster before he slams Gresham’s back against the nearby corner. Still holding him up, Laughlin takes a step back and then explodes forward, slamming Gresham’s back into the corner once more and forcing him to pull his arm from around his head. Sitting Gresham on top of the corner, Laughlin then positions himself to lift Gresham off the corner, raising him high above his head before throwing him down to the canvas with a gorilla press slam.

JOHNSON: ”The strength from Laughlin is unreal!”

VASSA: ”There’s no way, no how you can convince me that he isn’t juicing.”

JOHNSON: ”Here you go again with these accusations.”

VASSA: ”I’m just saying, he lifted Gresham over his head like it was nothing and the man larger than him. AND LAUGHLIN AIN’T NO LITTLE BOY!”

JOHNSON: ”That comes from years of hard work.”

VASSA: ”I guess we’re just going to pretend he didn’t look way different when he was with that cunt locking him up in a dungeon.”

It didn’t take long for Gresham to push himself back up from the mat. Standing in the corner, Laughlin looked on, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. That time came rather quickly as Gresham turned to face him. Charging forward, Laughlin swung his right arm with all of his strength, connecting with a brutal lariat that took Gresham off his feet and down to his side. Dropping down to his knees beside Gresham, Laughlin hooked an arm around his head and a single leg to hold him in place before he unloaded with multiple powerful knee strikes to Gresham’s body. Dragging Gresham to the center of the ring, Laughlin stomped repeatedly onto his stomach. Raising his knee as high as he could, Laughlin then kicked straight down, delivering an even harder stomp to Gresham’s stomach which forced him to lean upward to a seated position. Running to the ropes in front of Gresham, Laughlin came back on the rebound, flipping over Gresham, grabbing his head and connecting with a blockbuster!

Lifting Gresham to his feet, Laughlin held him in place with one hand as he swung and connected with back to back forearm shots to Gresham’s face. Locking onto Gresham’s wrist, Laughlin pulled him in and threw him to the corner with all his might. Taking off from standstill, Laughlin charged Gresham as he crashed into the corner, nearly taking his head off with a running clothesline that lifted Gresham’s feet off the mat. When they touched back down, Laughlin fired at will with rapid fire forearms to Gresham’s face, connecting with nearly a dozen brutal blows. Eventually Laughlin broke Gresham down to a seated position with his back to the corner. Grabbing ahold of Gresham, Laughlin turned him around to face the corner, resting his head on the middle turnbuckle with his arms draped over the middle ropes. Backing up to the other side of the ring, Laughlin then charged forward, running at full speed before closing in and driving his foot to the back of Gresham’s head with a running big boot.

VASSA: ”He almost popped Gresham’s head like a balloon!”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin’s got some momentum behind him and things are starting to look bad for DeMarcus.”

Pulling Gresham up from the corner, Laughlin kept him facing it as he wrapped his arms around Gresham’s waist. As he went to lift Gresham up, Gresham threw his arm back, smashing his elbow into Laughlin’s face. Again and again Gresham threw elbows back into Laughlin’s face until he finally forced him to release his hold. Turning around in place, Gresham swung his arm around for Laughlin’s head. Throwing his arm up, Laughlin blocked the punch thrown by Gresham. Stepping in, Laughlin then wrapped him up once more and went to lift him up. Slamming his head forward, Gresham hit Laughlin right between the eyes with a headbutt, forcing him to release him yet again. Gresham then wrapped Laughlin up with both arms before his feet exploded to the canvas. Lifting Laughlin off his feet, Gresham threw Laughlin into the corner with a belly to belly suplex!

JOHNSON: ”That’s just the break that DeMarcus needed!”

VASSA: ”It took everything he had in the tank after being manhandled by Laughlin for most of the match.”

He was right. DeMarcus used every bit of energy he had in him at the moment to pull off that counter on Laughlin. With both men down, the official would have started a ten count by now but with the belt on the line for the entire tournament, a count out of any sorts wasn’t going to be a match decider. It took a while, but Gresham eventually climbed back to his feet as Laughlin remained rolled over after falling down to his head from that suplex into the corner. He took a moment to recover and catch his breath, keeping his eyes locked on Laughlin to make sure no surprises were to come his way. Grabbing onto the top rope with both hands, Gresham used it for leverage as he began stomping down onto Laughlin’s body. Finally pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Gresham slammed him against the corner. Laughlin’s arms draped over the top ropes at his sides, keeping him up as he was barely able to stand on his own after the impact to the head moments prior. In boxer fashion, Gresham unloaded with various punches to Laughlin. Most were aimed at the body, slowly pounding away at Laughlin before one last blow forced him to look up at the lights following an uppercut.

Grabbing Laughlin by the arm, Gresham pulled him away from the corner and into a knee to the gut. Laughlin immediately buckled over from the impact. Hooking both of Laughlin’s arms as he was bent over, Gresham then powered down and lifted him into the air, up and over, dropping him to the mat with a butterfly suplex. On his feet again, Gresham backed up to the ropes to Laughlin’s side and as he bounced off and rushed forward, Gresham jumped into the air and came down with a leg drop across Laughlin’s throat. His head was pinned to the mat, but his feet shot up into the air as Gresham connected with the maneuver. Pushing himself up, Gresham kicked Laughlin a few times while he was down before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Laughlin up and over his shoulder, Gresham held him up there for only a short moment before dropping him across his knee with a shoulder breaker! Laughlin’s body flipped over as he landed on his back to the mat. Gresham then laid over him with the cover as the official rushed in beside them with the count.



VASSA: ”Laughlin gets a shoulder up!”

Positioning his body close to Laughlin’s head, Gresham holds him in place as he begins ramming multiple knees into the side of Laughlin’s skull. Standing to his feet, Gresham pulls Laughlin up from the mat. Hooking an arm around Laughlin’s head and dropping him with a swift DDT! Laughlin stands up to his knees in a daze as Gresham pushes himself up from the mat. Walking over to Laughlin, Gresham wraps an arm around Laughlin’s head and pulls him up to both feet. With his other hand, he hooks a single leg and before Laughlin even knows what hits him, Gresham drops him with a fisherman’s neckbreaker! Crawling over Laughlin, Gresham makes the cover as the official races in with the count.


Laughlin kicks out just before the two, catching Gresham off guard as he shakes his head in disbelief. Gresham didn’t take long to get over it and continue as he stood tall. Pulling Laughlin up by the arm, Gresham whipped him to the ropes behind him. Upon Laughlin’s return, Gresham picked Laughlin up with ease before spiking him back to the canvas with a spinebuster!


VASSA: ”Whoooooo… Black Diamond! I didn’t know you were a fan of KISS, Steve.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m not.”

Gresham quickly makes the cover and hooks a leg as the official drops down beside them for the count.


VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, he kicked out again!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s three attempts in row and Laughlin is refusing to stay down.”

VASSA: ”He can’t keep this up for long, can he?”

JOHNSON: ”Not at this rate. If DeMarcus can connect with a few more solid moves and possibly one of his finishers I don’t see it. He should have had him right there.”

DeMarcus just stares down at Laughlin, shaking his head. Three attempts in a short span of time and the champ still managed to break free from each one. Knowing there’s still work to be done, Gresham shakes it off as he pushes himself up to his feet. Lifting Laughlin up to his feel as well, Gresham grabs him by the back of the head and quickly walks him to the edge of the ring before throwing him to the ropes. Laughlin hits the ropes head on, flipping over the top and spilling out onto the floor below. Dipping through the ropes, Gresham drops down to the floor and stands over Laughlin as he remains down and nearly out of it. Grabbing ahold of him and pulling him to his feet, Gresham walks him over to the announcers booth. Standing in front of the booth with Laughlin’s back to the commentary team, Gresham pulls his head down and between his legs.


VASSA: ”What’s happening right now?”

JOHNSON: ”If this is what I think it is then this booth is about to be destroyed.”

VASSA: ”Fuck that, I’m out of here!”

Vassa and Johnson both pop up from their seats and leave the booth.

JOHNSON: ”Come on now! We still have a match to call!”

VASSA: ”As long as they don’t destroy our seats I think we’ll be fine. I know I will at least.”

JOHNSON: ”What about that drink you left behind?”

VASSA: ”Oh shit!”

Vassa steps towards the booth but suddenly stops as DeMarcus wraps his arms around Laughlin’s waist and goes to pick him up.

JOHNSON: ”Don’t do it, Vinny!”


Vassa jumps back as he whips his head to the side to look at what’s happening.

Gresham lifts Laughlin’s feet off the floor, but only a foot before Laughlin begins kicking them, eventually causing Gresham to lower him back down. A loud yell is then heard as Laughlin wraps his arms around Gresham’s legs and powers him up. Lifting DeMarcus off his feet, Laughlin begins to stand tall before he finally stands fully straight, throwing Gresham up and over his head.


DeMarcus lands hard on the announcers booth, but not quite hard enough to break it into pieces. Leaning his head back, Laughlin looks up to the ceiling as he breathes heavily. Slowly, he turns to face Gresham who is still on his back across the booth. Grabbing ahold of Gresham, Laughlin drags him to one end of the booth, knocking anything over in his path. He then drags Gresham in the other direction, completely clearing everything off the booth, including Vassa’s drink.


Once at the end of the booth, Laughlin slings Gresham off, throwing him down to the floor at Vassa’s feet covered in the man’s drink. For those wondering about a count out, we covered that earlier. Pulling Gresham up from the floor, Laughlin then walks him closer to the fans and throws him towards the barricade. Gresham rolls forward, his back slamming against the barricade before dropping down and landing on his head. Lifting DeMarcus to his feet, Laughlin then pulls him away from the barricade an whips him straight into the corner of the ring. Gresham’s face smacks the ring post, sending him in a backwards stumble. Stepping in behind him, Laughlin then connects with a superkick to the back of his head!


DeMarcus falls forward, his head smacking the ring post once more. Leaning against the ring post, DeMarcus remains on his feet, at least until Laughlin spins him around and lifts him into the air, tossing him over his shoulder. Holding Gresham’s head in front of him and legs behind him, Laughlin backs away from the corner of the ring. He then charges forward, driving Gresham’s shoulder into the ring post like a battering ram!


Still holding him up, Laughlin carries him to the apron and rolls him back into the ring before crawling in himself. On his feet, Laughlin follows behind Gresham as he slowly crawls in the opposite direction, not very fast though due to favoring his shoulder. Grabbing ahold of Gresham, Laughlin stops him in his tracks and pulls him up to his feet. Hooking both of his arms, Laughlin looks him in the eyes before slamming his head forward and hitting DeMarcus with a headbutt. He doesn’t stop there, oh no. Over and over, Laughlin headbutts Gresham while holding him in place. Releasing Gresham’s arms, Laughlin pulls his head back further than before throwing it forward and hitting DeMarcus with one final headbutt. DeMarcus stumbles backwards to the ropes and as he bounces off and returns, Laughlin lays him out with another superkick!

VASSA: ”A second Best Damn Superkick Ever from Laughlin!”


Laughlin drops to his knees and covers DeMarcus for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the count.



VASSA: ”Now it’s Gresham’s turn to kick out of the unthinkable!”

Laughlin wastes no time and delivers a powerful forearm smash to Gresham’s face before pushing himself up. Circling Gresham, Laughlin stomps on him here and there before pulling him up from the mat. Holding him in place with one hand, Laughlin begins throwing rapid forearms once more, crushing Gresham’s face with every single blow as it connects. Spinning Gresham around, Laughlin then locks in a sleeper hold and lifts him up into the air off his feet, throwing him back down to the mat with a sideslam! Tightening his gloves, Laughlin rises to his feet. He reaches down and grabs DeMarcus to pull him up from the mat. Lifting DeMarcus onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Laughlin backs to the center of the ring.

JOHNSON: ” think I know what’s coming next.”

VASSA: ”We saw this two weeks ago from the top of a ladder against Viduus.”

Lifting Gresham off his shoulders and swinging his body around in mid air, Laughlin keeps a firm hold on Gresham’s shoulders. Falling backwards to the mat, Laughlin pulls him down and as his back hits the mat, he pulls DeMarcus down into a double knee gut buster!


VASSA: ”And goodnight DeMarcus.”

JOHNSON: ”This has to be it. He’s going for the pin!”

VASSA: ”If DeMarcus kicks out of this I don’t know what I’m going to do. My heart can’t take too many more of these surprises.”

Crawling over DeMarcus, Laughlin hooks a leg and rolls over him for the pin.


DeMarcus finally kicks out, but he’s a split second too late and this one is in the books.

JOHNSON: ”Bryan Laughlin retains the 4CW Championship and is headed to the second round of the South Beach Brawl Cup!”

VASSA: ”In a close one at that. If the official had started his count a split second later, DeMarcus would have kicked out.”

JOHNSON: ”Lucky for your heart he didn’t.”

VASSA: ”Ain’t that the damn truth!”

“Out of My Mind” hits the speakers as Laughlin slowly rises to his feet. Looking down to DeMarcus, he stands triumphantly as the official steps in beside him and presents him with the 4CW Championship. Laughlin takes the belt and hoists it above his head with one arm as the official takes his other arm and raises it in victory.


POWERS: ”Here is your winner and still 4CW Champion… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

Laughlin pulls his arm away from the official and slowly lowers it by his side. Keeping the 4CW Championship held high above his head, he slowly walks along the ropes, circling the entire ring as the crowd begins chanting his name.

““Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

JOHNSON: ”There’s that familiar chant we heard just two weeks ago when Laughlin captured the 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”

JOHNSON: ”After his first successful defense? It sure does.”

VASSA: ”Now we get to move onto round two of the Cup.”

JOHNSON: ”It all goes down in just two weeks at Adrenaline One Hundred!”

VASSA: ”One fucking hundred. Can you believe we’ve called that many Adrenaline’s?”

JOHNSON: ”I never thought we’d make it this far but here we are, heading into our one hundredth event.”

VASSA: ”We already have the bracket too so we know who’s going against who in the second round.”

JOHNSON: ”We sure do! Kaelan Laughlin will face off against Brennan Devlin.”

VASSA: ”Then we have Alicia Lukas taking on the former two time 4CW Champion, Viduus Morta.”

JOHNSON: ”On the other side of the bracket Logan Traeger will go head to head with Cartier.”

VASSA: ”And in the final match of the second round, we have a good one!”

JOHNSON: ”Heck yes we do. Getting his first opportunity at the 4CW Championship, Bryan Williams will challenge the reigning champion, Bryan Laughlin.”

VASSA: ”B-one and B-two?”

JOHNSON: ”Call them what you want, this match is going to be pay-per-view quality nonetheless.”

VASSA: ”Let’s just hope Laughlin doesn’t do what he did to Gresham out here tonight. I don’t know if he can sustain another concussion.”

JOHNSON: ”Oh stop it, you. What we’ve been seeing lately from him is a new Bryan Williams. I don’t know if Laughlin is aware of this but he’s going to be in for one hell of a fight.”

VASSA: ”Let’s just hope those fucks don’t decide to bring this match over to the booth and spill my goddamn drink!”

JOHNSON: ”Will you get over it?! The show is over. Pick up another in the back and drink yourself into a coma here tonight.”

VASSA: ”That sounds like an ideal scenario to be honest. Speaking of the show being over, where we headed in two weeks?”

JOHNSON: ”For our one hundredth Adrenaline we will be heading down to the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina.”

VASSA: ”One step closer to South Beach Brawl and beautiful Miami.”

JOHNSON: ”You said it!”

VASSA: ”Well if that’s the case, I suggest we pack it up and hit the old dusty trail.”

JOHNSON: ”My thoughts exactly. You heard the man folks! Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for a monumental achievement with Adrenaline One Hundred!”

VASSA: ”We keeping it one hundred just like me at the booth baby!”

JOHNSON: ”From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera cuts away from the booth and back to the inside of the ring where Laughlin is still pacing the ring with the championship held high above his head. He walks over to the corner and climbs up to the middle rope before hoisting it above his head once more for the entire world watching. Slowly, the picture begins to face out as the chanting can still be heard loud and clear.

““Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Fading to nothing but a black screen, the sound begins to fade out as the credits begin to roll.