Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the SAP Center, as we are live from San Jose, California. The fans here have filled out the SAP Center, as they’re ready for another night of King’s Road action. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.





Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, we see Zac Read and Amy Maynard sitting at ringside! They both look happy to be there, as we get right into the show.

READ: ”Welcome folks! We are here in the SAP Center, making our San Jose debut! How exciting!”

MAYNARD: ”There’s only two things I know about San Jose. They have the Sharks, and they’re about to get some badass wrestling here tonight!”

READ: ”Well I’d certainly say so, this card is pretty stacked. We’re about to crown a brand new Ignition Champion, can you feel the excitement in the air tonight? Amy, I feel like I’m going to EXPLODE.”

MAYNARD: ”Calm down, Zac. Take a breath, because we’re going to be going at full speed all night long.”

READ: ”We have TWO main event caliber tag team matches, along with a battle royal where the winner gets a title shot of their choosing. What?! This is insane, honestly.”

MAYNARD: ”Don’t forget Erik Holland versus Johnny Amazing, a match that could take everyone by surprise.”

READ: ”Olivia Wythe is looking for her first win in King’s Road, do you think she’s getting it tonight?”

MAYNARD: ”Against Alexis Kennedy? Unlikely. What do you think about Zeel Park and Trevor Miller?”

READ: ”What about them? No honestly, tonight is going to be super sweet. There’s a lot of good matches, and we’re all being set up for Chapter Thirty-Five. The King’s Road, I can’t wait!”

MAYNARD: ”No, I feel you on that one. I can’t wait either, we just have to make sure we get through tonight in one piece.”

READ: ”Well it feels like a lot of things are coming to ahead here tonight, I know Jett Wilder has been talking a lot of trash lately. Thot Chocolate can’t wait to get their hands on him.”

MAYNARD: ”Jett only does what he does best, and that’s talk. He can get under anyone’s skin, and that’s the reason why he’s our two-time King’s Road Champion.”

READ: ”Well, he’s going to have to worry about his partner tonight too. Seems to be that Jett has been getting on his nerves again too.”

MAYNARD: ”Well, Zac, I’m getting word that we’re about to hear from the champion in a few seconds.”

READ: ”Oh boy, this is going to be good!”

We head to the ring where “Blessings” by Big Sean hits over the speakers to a mostly positive pop from the crowd. Out from the back flanked by Jasmine, is the 4CW King’s Road Champion…Jett Wilder. Looking flashy as always, walking towards the ring with his usual swagger and confidence. Making sure to tap the belt around his waist at least ten times to show it off for the fans and anyone that wants to come get it as well. Jasmine walks past the fans paying them little attention but Jett high fives a few of them along the way.

READ:”We are here now with our champion. Who last week defeated Jason Mentez to defend his belt in a had fought match. But afterwards he received a message loud and clear from Thot Chocolate….”

MAYNARD:”They are coming for his belt!”

Wilder holds the rope for Jasmine than jumps over it himself, as usual filled with confidence and excitement. Jasmine walks across the ring, the ringside staff knowing to have the mic ready for her or risk an earful. She grabs it and heads back to Jett who is calling for the fans to stand up and get loud. Turning back to her he grabs the microphone and heads to the other side of the ropes.

WILDER: ”And STILL! Your champion!”

Flashing the belt high in the air, the last few shows having been filled with tough tests for him but coming through it.

WILDER: ”I told the world I was defending my belt, I told the world I’d be a defending champion. And here I am standing before you, as the champion. Right here in the best state in the world California. And I know that I got countless people coming after me around here. But this belt? This belt isn’t going anywhere! I don’t care if it’s Manny that wants a shot. I don’t care if it’s Lauryn Wolfe. I don’t care if it’s she who shall not be named Kaelin, and most of all? I don’t care if it is Thot Chocolate.”

Saying that last part with some disdain in his voice, having further gotten the fans on his side with the California pop. Jasmine holds up a thumbs down to Thot Chocolate as well.

WILDER: ”They came out after my title defense, trying to send me a message? The always message I received was that the two of you are the next names on the list. Lisa Seldon, Jason Mentez. I have no problem facing the leader Silk or the sidekick Cartier. I’ll face two of them at the same time. I don’t mind. But don’t think you’re intimidating me. Silk since you’re the leader I’ll address you. You think your a good talker? I am better. You think your good with the ladies? I am better. You think you are stylish? I am more stylish. You think your good in the ring? I am better! Everything you are good at. I am better. And Cartier that goes double for you. Tonight I may not love my tag partner but I could be tagging with anyone. It wouldn’t matter. Thot Chocolate, your going to lose. And as I said, I am a defending champion. You can get it. Any time!”

Hoisting up his belt high into the sky, getting a loud pop from the crowd. Seemingly unfazed by Thot Chocolate and the fact that his record in tag matches is about as bad as it gets. Clearly ready for any challenge that Thot Chocolate throws his way.

KENNEDY: ”People are starting to wonder what the hell I’m doing.”

The flash of a zippo lit up the blackness of the backstage area she was in, just a flash, before the lights came on. She quit smoking, and yet she carried her lighter, and her smokes, everywhere she went. Testing herself? Maybe, or just maybe she was just intent on some form of self torture. Who knew with her, right?

KENNEDY: ”Truth is? I don’t. I’ve been shown that, time and time again, but I’m starting to learn. Starting to figure it out. Starting to know myself better now than I ever have. You learn that kind of shit after you take some world class beatings, and believe me, I just took the kind of world class beating that could end a career last time I was in the ring, and now? Now i’m facing off with a chick who’s mouthed off to me as much as I’ve mouthed off to her..”

Pause. Beat. She looked at the camera and pantomimed shooting it with her finger gun.

KENNEDY: ”Lookin’ at you, Olivia. Specifically you. Truth be told, I wanted to fight Fox mano e mano, but you? Yeah, I’ll settle for dancing with you. You’re smart, you’re strong, and you know how to do this. Maybe I’ll find what I’m looking for, fighting you. Truth is, I’m piecing things together. What happened with Williams, well, that’s a story to be told on Adrenaline, this is King’s Road, and why my path interweaves between the two, the chapter’s point of view changes a little doesn’t it? Skews to the side. I want to show you who I am the only real way I know how to, Wythe..”

Finally stopping the fidgeting back and forth with her lighter, she snapped it shut and pocketed it.

KENNEDY: ”I’m going to show you who the real Alexis Kennedy is, who she’s becoming.. And it’s not the girl who can talk shit but not back it up..”

Wordlessly, she walked off camera, just like she always did..


Trevor Miller and Zeel Park certainly have tag team chemistry, but they don’t have what Bethany Ryan and Stacy DeVille have. And that’s romantic love, a kind of connection that you just can’t get with anyone. I doubt Trevor would even put his jacket on the ground for Zeel, if there was a puddle in front of him. Either way, these two teams are looking to create a foothold here in King’s Road. Trevor starts the match out with Bethany, he looks to get the advantage for his team by gaining an early advantage with a series of technical holds. Trevor uses throws and locks to keep Bethany trapped on the ground, much to her chagrin. She complains to the official, but he can’t seem to do much to help out. Trevor yells at her to shut up, which seems to fire up Stacy. Stacy calls for a tag, but Bethany is still unable to get away from Trevor Miller. Trevor knocks her down with a Running European Uppercut, and tags in Zeel Park. The two begin to work Bethany over, using a Double Suplex to send her crashing to the mat. A Spinning Heel Kick/ Leg Sweep combo takes Bethany out, but Zeel is unable to keep her shoulders pinned to the mat for a two count! Bethany hangs in there, doing her best to make sure that the match keeps going as she looks for a chance to tag out. Bethany takes a brutal Open Hand Strike from Zeel, staggering her backwards. Zeel rushes forward, but Bethany finally get her opportunity to strike. She levels Zeel with a brutal Big Boot, sending Zeel Park crashing to the mat! Trevor looks on, worried, as Zeel begins to receive a flurry of pain from Bethany Ryan. A Scoop Slam, and a Samoan Drop keep Zeel down long enough for Bethany to tag out! The crowd cheers as Stacy DeVille makes her King’s Road debut. She wastes no time, brutalizing Zeel with a series of low kicks, followed up by a Bicycle Knee Strike!

Zeel manages to tag back out, having taken too much damage in the last few minutes. Trevor Miller enters the ring, determined to put Stacy down for good. The two engage quickly in a series of strikes, each one trading blow for blow as Trevor eats a High Kick to the side of his head! Stacy looks for a Spinning Backfist, but Trevor ducks the attempt! He counters with one of his own, leveling Stacy with a quick flurry of open hand strikes! Stacy drops to a knee, but counters a Backdrop Driver attempt, flipping down onto her feet. Trevor turns, and is taken down with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! He can’t believe it, but before he can react Stacy knocks him down with a Shining Wizard! The crowd is fully behind Stacy and Bethany here, as Trevor Miller looks to be in trouble. Stacy grabs Trevor, trying to pull him in for that Snap Piledriver. Trevor quickly pushes her away, knowing the damage that it could cause. He rushes to the ropes, as Stacy quickly does the same. Trevor stops in place, as Stacy tries for a Running Hurricanrana. Trevor powers through it, holding onto Stacy as he drives her into the mat with a Sitout Powerbomb! Stacy is able to kick out at two, but Trevor quickly locks in the Miller’s Crossing! Stacy DeVille is in trouble, as the Kimura lock has her trapped in the middle of the ring. Bethany Ryan quickly gets involved, using a Running Senton to break the hold! Zeel Park enters the ring, as the official cannot seem to keep control in the ring now! He attacks Bethany, but Bethany turns the table on him with a PARTY STARTER! Zeel rolls out of the ring, as Bethany looks to connect with one on Trevor. He pushes her away, knocking her out with a Spinning Backfist! Stacy gets to her feet, as Trevor pushes her towards the ropes. He grabs her on the rebound, connecting with Through The Wire! The Release German Suplex seems to have done its damage, as Stacy is having trouble getting back up to her feet. Trevor looks to go for the Miller’s Crossing again, but Stacy rolls through and gets back to her feet! She ducks a Spinning Backfist attempt, and catches Trevor with a Headbutt! It stuns him long enough for her to connect with the DeVille Drop! The Snap Piledriver putting Trevor down, as Stacy covers him for the victory!

Winners: Stacy DeVille & Bethany Ryan via Pinfall (10:34)

The cameras head backstage into an empty locker room. Johnny Amazing sits on a folding chair in the middle of the darkened room. He’s leaning forward with his arms resting on his knees and his head lowered.

AMAZING: ”It’s been about 18 months since I’ve last seen Erik Holland.”

Johnny raises his head up, his expression showing the thought that he puts into that statement.

AMAZING: ”18 months since we’ve been booked at the same event, I believe. It’s been at least two years since we’ve been involved in the same match. I can’t even remember the last time we may or may not have been across the ring from each other, to be honest.”

He takes a deep breath, letting it slowly as a sigh.

AMAZING: ”I guess I’ll start from the beginning. Well, not the very beginning. We don’t have time for that story. However, I signed my first professional contract in 2014. End of the year 2014. I made my debut in a company called Full Intensity Wrestling on the very same night that Erik Holland made his return to the company. You can look that shit up. I have a link to it on YouTube. If you decide to check it out, you’ll notice a little something significant about tonight. Other than the fact I debuted on the night he returned. You’ll notice we both were involved in the same match. A battle royal to name the number one contender for the company’s world title. Now, neither of us won that match but!”

Johnny thrusts a finger into the air. As he holds for the dramatic pause, a smile creeps onto his face.

AMAZING: ”I eliminated Erik Holland from that battle royal. So maybe a moral victory or whatever you want to call it. The beginning of Johnny Amazing.”

He chokes out a laugh, shaking his head head.

AMAZING: ”God, that name is awful, isn’t it? I’m stuck with it now… I think. Is it too late to change it? Doesn’t matter. Back in the day I was a dumb kid looking for some pizzazz or whatever you want to call it. I had a ton of names on the independent scene, all equally terrible. They all had the same thing in common. They were easy to attach a catchphrase or move names to. Something to help people remember me. At least, hopefully they did.”

Taking a deep breath, he stands up from his seat and takes a short stroll around the immediate area in front of the camera.

AMAZING: ”Honestly, I haven’t gotten as many jokes about my name as I thought I would. I appreciate it, even if I’m surprised by it. It sort of took on a life of its own and I found a purpose for the name. I mean, there’s a hundred guys that will go out there and fly around the ring the way I do. I get that. But compared to who I was before wrestling… hey, I think my life is pretty Amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So for me, Johnny Blankenship… a.k.a. Johnny Blank… to transform into Johnny Amazing and have the time of my life out there? I’m okay with it.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he continues to pace back and forth in front of the camera.

AMAZING: ”But I’m not here to talk about that, I guess. I’m here because there’s some shit going down. Tonight I’ve got Erik Holland and he’s someone that I used to know. I don’t have any issues with the guy. I mean… not anymore…”

His pacing comes to a stop and he glances over at the camera as he drops that little tidbit of potential drama for us.

AMAZING: ”Let’s go back again. All the way back to March of 2015. It was a long time ago. I was set to put some issues to rest. My best friend became my biggest enemy… you all know how wrestling works so I won’t bore you with the details. The point is, this frenemy of mine was champion. He had a title around his waist that I grew up dreaming about wearing around my waist. It was all set. Then Erik Holland got in the way.”

There’s a slight grimace from Johnny as he recalls the memory from so long ago.

AMAZING: ”Holland made me a deal. I could drum up a link to this too if anyone is so interested. Anyway. Holland knew how badly I wanted that belt. He knew the issues with me and this other guy boiling over, but he offered me a deal. He asked me to keep out of it and he’d give me first crack at the belt when he won.”

Johnny can barely get through that last sentence before breaking up into laughter. He shakes his head and laughs a little bit harder until it’s out of his system.

AMAZING: ”I wasn’t going to interfere anyway. That’s not that kind of guy I am. The only thing I did was stop Holland from losing his shit after he won. You see, he’s always had a bloodlust issue. So after it was all said and done. After he was the champion. After this kid was unconscious on the mat, I stepped in and made sure it ended there. Not through any violent means. Again, not who I am. It’s all said and one, right?”

He shakes his head.

AMAZING: ”Wrong. Holland’s first title defense goes to someone else. It’s fine. I was dealing with my ex-friend. Holland’s next defense goes to someone else. And the next one, and the next one, and so on. Did I ever challenge Holland for the belt, you ask?”

Johnny continues to shake his head, his face void of any emotion.

AMAZING: ”Did Holland ever offer one?”

Still, he shakes his head.

AMAZING: ”But I’m over it. This isn’t a vengeance kick some four years later. Just a piece of history for you all. History that has lived with me for some four years later and the reason that I don’t stand for being disrespected or walked over. Angelo Sands.”

Johnny stares directly into the camera as he utters the name of the man he tagged with twice recently and even more recently got into it with backstage.

AMAZING: ”It’s no secret that Angelo and I just haven’t been able to get along with one another. It started with some miscommunication in the ring… twice. I’m willing to take equal blame on it. What I’m not willing to do is be insulted or disrespected by some guy who has too much pride to admit when he’s screwed up.”

He shrugs his shoulders and does his best to let it roll off of his back, but it’s obvious that it’s not.

AMAZING: ”It’s cool, though. Do you want to know why? Because tonight I’m putting a piece of history to rest. Then I’m moving on to advance in a little tournament that you may or may not have heard of. But more importantly, I’m moving on from Angelo Sands. Because you might do alright in the tournament, Angelo. You’re a pretty athletic guy. There’s a chance you’ll have a decent showing. I’m just not too convinced we’ll end up seeing each other again. I mean, you’re you but I’m… Amazing.”

Johnny shrugs, his only form of apology for that bit of insult at the end, and cracks a grin as we cut to ringside.


Alexis starts out by trash-talking the young rookie, who has yet to record a victory in King’s Road. Olivia seems to be aware of this situation, and after Chapter Thirty-Three is desperate to improve her standings in the company. Olivia strikes first, catching Alexis off guard with a series of Forearm Shots. It looks like Olivia is trying to shut Alexis up, as she continues to lay into her with shot after shot. Alexis eats them all though, and quickly fires back with a series of shots of her own. Alexis knocks Olivia down with a thunderous Right Hand Chop, echoing throughout the arena as she connects. Alexis begins to wear down Olivia, using dirty boxing to trap the rookie in the corner. Body shots land, hurting Olivia as the match continues on. Olivia does her best to cover up, but Alexis is just too much for her to handle at the moment. Olivia gets dropped with a Spinning Backfist, as it looks like Alexis is beginning to showboat for the crowd. She taunts the audience, who boo her in return. Alexis takes it out on Olivia, using a Face Wash to brutalize the rookie some more. Olivia hangs in there, though, as she kicks out of the pin attempt by Alexis. Alexis continues to put the pressure on Olivia, hurting her with a series of kicks as she tries to work her over. Alexis presses her boot into the throat of Olivia, choking the life from her as she keeps her trapped in the corner. Olivia looks for a way out, but after finding no escape has to have the official step in to break it up. Alexis looks over, as Olivia is struggling to get back up to her feet. Alexis again taunts Olivia, and the audience, proving that she isn’t taking this match very seriously.

Olivia watches as Alexis drags her back up to her feet, trying for a Tornado Suplex. Olivia blocks the attempt, as Alexis tries the move yet again. Olivia isn’t going anywhere, the crowd cheers as Olivia finally comes to life. She clobbers Alexis with another Forearm, giving her enough time to attempt a Gorilla Press Slam. Alexis is able to slip out of the attempt, but a third try of a Tornado Suplex proves to be harmful than helpful. Alexis is tossed with a German Suplex! She quickly falls victim to a second one, as Olivia looks to finally gain some momentum in the match. Alexis tries for a Hammerlock DDT, but Olivia counters with an elbow to her face. With her opponent stunned again, Olivia drills her with an Arm Trap STO! Alexis, now on the ropes, seems to be trying to find a way out of this situation. Olivia keeps Alexis grounded with a Dragon Screw, into a Boston Crab submission! The attempt is a good one, but Alexis is able to slip her way out and slide out of the ring. Much to Olivia’s chagrin, as she now has to give chase to Alexis. Olivia tries to pounce quickly, but is slammed into the steel steps with a Drop Toe Hold by Alexis! The crowd boos, as she has quickly taken the advantage right away from her opponent. Olivia looks hurt, as Alexis drags her back into the ring. Looking to capitalize, Alexis quickly drops Olivia with her Moonwalk DDT! The theatrics drawing more boos from the crowd, as Alexis begins to again taunt her opponent. With Olivia down on the mat, Alexis takes her time getting herself in position on the top turnbuckle. She waits, as Olivia rises back to her feet, pointing her finger guns at her opponent before connecting with the Cocked N’ Locked! The Missile Dropkick knocks Olivia backwards, sending her crashing into the nearby corner! Alexis looks to finish off Olivia with the FUM Kick, but Olivia is able to dodge the attempt! Olivia quickly turns it into A PRINCESS CUT OUT OF NOWHERE! The crowd cheers, but Olivia is unable to capitalize. It takes her too long to get back to her feet, and by this point Alexis is already there. Olivia tries for the Princess Cut again, but Alexis sees it coming. She dodges the attempt, and catches Olivia flush with the FUM Kick! It’s all she needed to keep Olivia down, pinning her for the victory!

Winner: Alexis Kennedy via Pinfall (10:15)

Backstage somewhere in the arena, the camera has snuck up on an otherwise empty hallway where the immense form of Erik Holland is taking up most of the space there. He’s punching a fist into a palm, rolling his neck, pacing back and forth, breathing. He reaches up, grabbing at his hat, pulling the brim up so that the mad eyes can be seen by the camera.

HOLLAND: ”Few times in life, you’ll come across a chance and an opportunity to make things right. Chapter 34 of King’s Road, and I go one on one with a man I haven’t seen in over a year. One Johnny Amazing.”

Holland can’t help but smile as he looks down, and then glances back up.

HOLLAND: ”I suppose that there are a few things that we got to get out of the way before we hook it up the right way, John. Yeah, I remember that you eliminated me from that battle royal the night you arrived, the night I came back, and the minute my feet hit that floor I wanted to know who this Johnny guy was. I guess I got pretty familiar with ya a little while later.”

Holland sucks another breath through his nose, the camera getting a good look at how fearsome a figure Wrestling’s Most Dangerous cuts. His gear is ready, he cannot wait to hear his music, he’s been dying to burst through that curtain since the minute he got there. He is the picture of intensity.

HOLLAND: ”I took somethin’ you wanted. I took somethin’ you wanted in a fashion that only I could do it. I dominated. I destroyed. And I ripped that championship from the bloody remains of your…what was he to you? An enemy? A friend? Didn’t matter to me back then I guess. All I wanted was a body count. Gold was kinda secondary. I guess keepin’ promises was, too..”

Erik shakes his head at himself.

HOLLAND: ”Way I treated you was fucked up, Johnny. I didn’t grant you the title shot I promised you for stayin’ out of the way. The one you EARNED. The one you dreamed of. And all I was thinking about was, I guess, somethin’ that’s followed me my entire career. Every scrap of success I’ve gotten, Johnny, I’ve had to hang onto with everything I have, as hard as I can muster. That match…boy, it would have been a fuckin’ barnburner, huh?”

Erik chuckles to himself.

HOLLAND: ”And don’t get it twisted, Amazing. I’da given you that shot no matter if you smacked me across the head with a chair or not. And, well, you did. Y’know, that loosened up a tooth that was really bothering me..”

More of that aggressive laughter from the monster. The way the camera is angled, he cuts a dark figure in the bright hallway.

HOLLAND: ”But maybe it was supposed to happen this way, man. Maybe we were supposed to part ways the way we did. So the both of us could evolve, build ourselves, grow up, figure out who we are. And now our paths intersect once again. I fucked up once before with someone that I’ve had a lot of personal and professional respect for; I ain’t doing that shit again.”

Erik folds his hands together tightly, now standing firm in the middle of the hallway. No more pacing.

HOLLAND: ”I will face you, straight up, as a man. No more disrespect. No more walking on top of you. Now we properly get to settle between us who the better man is out of two of the arguable hottest products in the industry. Nothing between us but the moves, the mat, the people. The way it ought to have been years ago. The way that it always should be between you and me. I don’t do this to people I care about anymore and THOSE type’a people in my life are few and DAMN far between.”

Erik looks up, sighing again.

HOLLAND: ”And the way that I can properly honor the wrestler you are, the man you are, is by throwing everything I got at you tonight and doing the absolute best I can to defeat you in the middle of that ring. No bullshit, no nothing. I do this the right way or I don’t get it done, and getting it done against you would prove I’m taking the next step in my career. I got to get to this level, Johnny. It hits different when you get to that level. And I think I’m ready for it. No no..”

Erik shakes his head fiercely.


Erik walks forward, past the camera and out of the scene as he heads to the ring for his upcoming match.


At the sound of the bell Holland charges Johnny but he uses his speed to side step Holland and hits him with a superkick and makes the quick pin, but Holland kicks out at two. Amazing keeps the pace up and hits the rope, coming back and hitting a seated dropkick to the face of Holland. Erik rolls out of the ring to regain his composure but Johnny hits the ropes again and springboards out with a corkscrew plancha that leaves both men on the floor. There is a frenetic pacing to this match, as both men look to be the first to put the other down for good. Erik catches Johnny in a Death Valley Driver attempt, but Johnny is able to flip out of the move. Johnny goes for a Pop-Up Spinebuster, but Erik reverses it into a DDT! Erik tries for a Half & Half Suplex, but Johnny reverses it into a Reverse Hurricanrana! Johnny is the first one up and he pulls Erik with him, pushing him against the ring apron and hitting a solid chop that echoes throughout the arena. Johnny is in control now, as he connects with a Snapmare Takedown, followed up with a Dropkick to the back of Erik’s head. Johnny goes to deadlift Erik into a Suplex, but Erik lands on his feet. He catches Johnny with a right hand, and drops him to the mat with a Sitout Powerbomb! Erik looks to be getting control back, but Johnny surprises him with a Shotgun Dropkick! Johnny goes for a slingshot senton but Holland puts up his knees, leaving Amazing holding his back in pain. Erik uses the ropes to get back to his feet and starts to stomp away on Johnny before giving dropping a big elbow to the chest of Amazing. Erik then pulls him to his feet and hits him with a series of elbows that back Johnny into the corner. Holland quickly grabs Johnny, pulling him away from the corner and placing him into Powerbomb position. He looks at the crowd for a moment, lifting Johnny up and delivering a Buckle Bomb! Johnny falls to his feet, as Erik spears him back into the corner for more punishment! Holland drives his shoulder into Johnny’s midsection a few times before lifting him up and setting him on the top turnbuckle.

Holland goes up to go for a Superplex but Amazing fights back, not trying to die at the moment. Johnny delivers a Headbutt to Erik, knocking him for a loop as he starts throwing hard punches into the body of Holland. But Erik returns fire, punching back as the two stagger on the top ropes. Johnny hits two quick punches and Holland starts to fall backwards but he grabs onto Johnny and connects with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex in the middle of the ring. Both competitors lay flat on the canvas, with the crowd cheering them on for their performance. Both men aren’t ready to quit just yet, but both take a few seconds to get back up to their feet. Johnny lashes out, trying for a Blank Point but Erik counters it into a Plan 9 from Outer Space! Erik tries for a Brainscan, but Johnny catches him with a Pele Kick instead! Both men fall to the mat, as the crowd continues to cheer them on. Erik tries getting up to his feet, as Johnny isn’t too far after him, just getting to his hands and knees before Holland gives him a hard kick to the ribs. Holland picks up Johnny and looks to powerbomb him into the corner, but Johnny reverses it into a Hurricanrana that sends Erik face first into the turnbuckle. He staggers for a moment before Johnny drops him with a Blank Point! The kick sends Erik tumbling to the mat, as Johnny looks to connect with a Free Sail from the top! He launches, but Erik moves out of the way! Johnny is able to land on his feet though, countering a Human Harvest attempt with an Amazing Bomber! The Snapmare Driver puts Erik down, long enough for Johnny to connect with the Free Sail for the victory!

Winner: Johnny Amazing via Pinfall (08:11)

The crowd cheers for both men, as they just had an outstanding match here tonight. Erik is up to his feet, as Johnny gets back up as well. Erik holds his neck, but uses his free hand to extend out towards Johnny. A sure sign of respect here tonight, Johnny accepts as the two hug in the middle of the ring. The crowd continues to cheer for them both, as they celebrate a job well done in the ring.


With the twelve contestants in the ring, it was time to see who would get a title shot of their choosing. The bell rings and the action begins, as everyone seems to meet in the center of the ring! There’s chaos everywhere, as bodies begin to start colliding into each other en masse. Truck Turner and Angelo Sands quickly start fighting each other. Jeremy Warren goes face to face with Cherry Lovejoy, the two exchanging forearm shots with each other. Jeremy looks to get the better of Cherry, but Cherry connects with a spinning elbow that drops Jeremy to the mat. Jae-Yun Sun quickly rushes in, grabbing Cherry from behind and dumping her to the mat with a Snap German Suplex! Sun looks proud of his work, but almost gets tossed to the outside by Kenny Lovett! Kenny spins around, and levels Nate Anderson with a quick spinning heel kick! Tyson Gregory tries to rush in, a sneak attack on Lovett doesn’t work as he is leveled with a stiff lariat. Brad Golding finally gets into the mix, as he knocks down Kenny with a clothesline from behind. Blair Jackson goes to check on Nate Anderson, getting him back up to his feet. The two spin Brad around, taking him down with double dropkicks!

Turner and Sands break off from beating each other up, they look to turn their attention to Lovejoy but Turner attacks Sands from behind! Sands quickly gets tossed over the top rope, but Angelo lands feet first on the apron. Truck tries knocking Angelo down, as Fallon Lockhart and MLC seem to get into the mix of everything. Angelo lands with a high kick on Fallon, knocking her backwards. MLC grabs Angelo, trying to push him off of the apron. It doesn’t work, as Truck quickly gets involved and grabs MLC. Lifting her up he tosses her over the top rope, and onto the floor below!

Eliminated: MLC

Turner doesn’t have much time to celebrate his elimination, as he is swarmed by the other participants. We cut over to Jae-Yun Sun, who appears to be doing his best to fight Kenny Lovett on his side of the ring. Kenny drops Jae-Yun with a right hand, as Jeremy Warren quickly steps in to get involved. He clobbers Kenny with a Clothesline, as Fallon Lockhart jumps in to get involved as well. She jumps on Jeremy’s back, surprising him with a Rear Naked Choke attempt. He is able to get Fallon off of him, but not before Kenny and Jae-Yun can work together to knock him out of the ring!

Eliminated: Jeremy Warren

With Jae-Yun Sun feeling confident he clobbers Blair Jackson with a nasty clothesline! Sun is quickly pulled away from Blair by Tyson Gregory. He throws out a superkick, but Sun quickly ducks the attempt. Jae-Yun Sun instead levels him with a stiff lariat, as Tyson Gregory stumbles backwards. Blair Jackson gets back into the mix, attacking Jae-Yun Sun from behind. She begins to yell at Jae, saying something we can’t quite hear yet. Jae isn’t having any of it, he strikes out and lands with a SILENCE to the throat of Blair Jackson! She looks surprised, dropping to her knees. Jae-Yun Sun looks pretty pleased with himself, he goes to grab Blair Jackson as the fighting continues on behind him. Cherry Lovejoy is locked in a battle with Truck Turner, as Angelo Sands fights with Kenny Lovett and Brad Golding. Sun lifts Blair up onto his shoulders, but Nate Anderson is right there to pull her down! Sun turns around, and eats a superkick! Blair looks to thank Anderson, who quickly shrugs and levels her with a superkick! Blair stumbles backwards against the ropes, as Tyson Gregory quickly rushes forward. He clotheslines Blair, getting a cheap elimination in the ring. Tyson celebrates, but is quickly knocked out of the ring by a dropkick from Fallon Lockhart! Tyson looks up from the outside, complete shock on his face as Fallon waves goodbye to him.

Eliminated: Tyson Gregory & Blair Jackson

With four eliminations so far, the ring has gotten smaller in terms of competitors. Lovejoy levels Sands with a quick elbow show, she follows that up with a hard spinning back elbow that puts him on his ass. Brad Golding jumps into the mix, he goes to grab Lovejoy who levels him with a spinning backfist! Brad Golding stumbles backwards, as Cherry looks to connect with a Running Crossbody. Brad grabs Cherry in mid-air, catching her as he reverses the attempt into the XTC! Brad Golding isn’t going down without a fight, Kenny Lovett steps up and he eats a XTC for his troubles! Brad grabs hold of Truck Turner, and drills him into the mat with a Mary Jane! The crowd is going wild for Brad, completely backing him as he tries to stay in this competition. Out of nowhere Nate Anderson connects with a Superkick, as Cherry Lovejoy connects from the turnbuckle with a Just Dessert! Cherry barks something at Nate, who lifts Brad up to his feet. Cherry grabs Brad, and tosses him over the top to the outside below!

Eliminated: Brad Golding

The six competitors all look at each other, they quickly swarm into the middle of the ring as everybody starts to fight! Anderson levels Sun with a superkick! Turner tries to take Anderson down, but Anderon drops him with a superkick to his knee! Turner tries to get back up, but Cherry Lovejoy catches him flush with a running knee strike to the side of his face! Lovett and Sands square off, fighting each other into a corner. Kenny Lovett tries to dump Sands over the top, but Sands counters it into a T-Bone Suplex! Angelo Sands is now taking over in the ring, as Cherry Lovejoy quickly gets taken down by Angelo Sands. A European Uppercut knocks her for a loop, as Angelo takes her down with the Spear of Rome! Nate Anderson tries to get involved, but Angelo counters his attacks as well. Eventually Angelo nails Nate with a Spear of Rome, as Angelo sets his sights on Truck Turner. Truck tries his best to talk with Angelo, but bringing up the Beercules event seems to be all Angelo needs to hear. He snaps, unloading on Truck Turner in the middle of the ring. Angelo clobbers him with a European Uppercut, knocking Truck backwards into the ropes. He tries to attack Angelo, but it’s no use as Angelo knocks him out of the ring with another European Uppercut!

Eliminated: Truck Turner

With only five in the ring now things are beginning to get more intense. Jae-Yun Sun, who’s been watching this whole time, attacks Angelo as he finishes up with Truck Turner. Sun catches him with a running boot, knocking him out onto the apron! Sun laughs, but is quickly dumped over onto the apron by Nate Anderson! Nate turns around, and gets taken out with a clothesline by Kenny Lovett! Kenny watches as Angelo and Jae scurry back into the ring. He focuses on Nate, grabbing him and bringing him back into the ring with a Suplex! Kenny has the backing of the crowd, he tries to get them to rally behind him but Angelo Sands is right there to try and dump him outside of the ring! Angelo fights with Kenny, but they don’t seem to notice that Fallon and Cherry are talking. Fallon, having kept away from most of the action, decides it is time to act. The two women march forward, each grabbing a leg as they lift the men up and dump them both over the top rope and to the outside! Cherry and Fallon quickly celebrate, but it doesn’t take long for Cherry to quickly turn on Fallon! She grabs hold of her, and quickly tosses her over the top rope and to the outside!

Eliminated: Fallon Lockhart, Angelo Sands & Kenny Lovett

Cherry looks on, with a smirk, as we’re down to just three contestants in this match tonight. Jae-Yun looks on, determined not to lose after making it this far. He looks over to Nate, and then to Cherry. Before he can do anything, Cherry steps forward and clobbers Jae with a right hand! Nate steps in, catching Cherry with a Forearm shot that stuns her for a moment. Jae sees a window of opportunity, and quickly picks up Cherry onto his shoulders. He lifts her up, trying his best to dump her over the top rope! Nate Anderson recovers, pulling Cherry down off of Jae’s shoulders. He clocks Jae with a Superkick, knocking him backwards and over the top rope! The fans gasp, but Jae holds on for dear life! Nate Anderson quickly focuses back to Cherry, helping her up. He asks if she’s okay, but Cherry quickly turns on him. She attempts to throw him out of the ring, but Nate stops dead in his track. He wags his finger to Cherry, and tosses her over the top rope in retaliation!

Eliminated: Cherry Lovejoy

Nate Anderson begins to celebrate, having thought he won the contest. Unfortunately, he forgot to check and see if Jae was still in the match! It doesn’t take long for Jae to see what’s happening, he quickly runs towards his opponent and tosses him over the top rope for the last elimination, and the victory here tonight!

Winner: Jae-Yun Sun via Elimination (17:11)

It’s a cacophony.
Little kids run around haphazardly as handfuls of haggard looking adults do their best to keep tabs on them. The lights and bells and whistles of an arcade fill the air, along with the sad, mechanical sounds of an old animatronic music band running low on batteries. Four robot mice sing about a FIESTA in sombreros and playing flamenco guitars, getting nailed in their faces from time to time by a rowdy kid’s errant pizza throws.

Down the aisles, we see SILK and Cartier, who seem to be looking through the different tunnels and game machines searching for someone.

CARTIER: ”Jett? Jett? You in here, little boy?”

SILK: ”Donde estas Jett?”

SILK says surprising even Cartier with his ability to speak Spanish.

CARTIER: ”Da fuq?!”

SILK: ”A long time client. She was a spicy chiquita mamacita.”

SILK winks playfully at Cartier as they continue looking for any sign of Jett Wilder.

CARTIER: ”Why we had to come all the way out to Carlos E. Queso’s to find this man? Why couldn’t we just wait ‘til King’s Road roll around an’ meet him in the ring? You know he only get one weekend a month wit’ his real daddy an’ he been savin’ up all his skee ball tickets for a new Barbie lunch box. We ain’t gotta come ruin’ it.”

Cartier notices SILK isn’t by her side anymore and turns around to find SILK standing with a beautiful mother, position behind her and helping her smash moles as they pop up from the whack-a-mole machine. Cartier clears her throat to get his attention and he smiles at the MILF whose collecting her tickets from the machine before he rejoins his partner.

SILK: ”My bad girl. You know why we had to come down to Carlos E. Queso’s cause Jason Mentez is Hispanic, so he prolly won’t support the white man’s Chuck E. Cheese’s and well, Jett isn’t old enough to hang out with his ass at a bar. Plus, it’s on sight for twitter fingers Jett Wilder when he sees us, that man ducks like McScrooge’s nephews fam.”

CARTIER: ”He been duckin’ me since day one, that’s the truth. An’ he always on Twitter talkin’ that trash tryina get up in our business an’ set us against each other like he don’t know. Thot Chocolate thick as thieves. Thick like my thighs an’ tight like this pussy.”

A young mother gasps and covers her kid’s ears as Cartier walks by spouting off at the mouth. Cartier sees the shocked look on her face and grimaces.

CARTIER: ”My bad, lady. You know how it do though. I keep my shit so tight it squeak when I walk.”

The woman drags her kid away while Cartier laughs and sticks her head inside a photo booth, tossing the curtain aside expecting to find her quarry but only finding an empty seat.

CARTIER: ”Damn… I really thought that little nigga would be in here tryina pout out some duck lip selfies. You see anything, Silky?”

SILK: ”Yo is that ‘lil Elroy Jettson huggin’ that fool in that rat lookin’ Carlos E. Queso get up?”

The camera shows some kid in similar attire to Jett’s casual everyday wear but the angle is only showing his back as he hugs some brown rat in a red shirt with a green C on it, for Carlos one would guess.

SILK: ”Look, he got a little crown and shit!”

The camera shows the kid also wearing a plastic crown like Jett’s twitter profile pic as SILK darts towards him. Cartier sees something off in ol the distance and takes off towards the eating area. SILK spins the kid around and it’s obviously not Jett.

KID: ”Que demonios?!?”

SILK sighs in frustration and turns around back towards where he came from to notice Cartier has taken off. SILK heads back and out of nowhere pops Cartier, returning from where she came.

SILK: ”Any luck? That kid in the crown ended up bein’ Jett three years ago.”

CARTIER: ”Well shit. All I found was this family havin’ a quinceanera. Make me wonder if Jason remember how his went. You think he still got the little dress an’ wear it for Jett after Wilder made him his bitch last show? I bet Jett beat that ass up like a pinata, whatchu think?”

SILK: ”Let’s be honest C, Jason prolly pulls seniority with his ol’ lame ass, meanin’ he stuffs Jett’s burrito ‘til Wilder starts mutterin’ yo quiero Taco Bell like that ‘lil chihuahua.”

CARTIER: ”Yeah… yeah you right, Jett definitely more the bottom type. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We just both know he’d get passed back an’ forth in the cell block like a latex glove fulla warm water. He shoulda changed his Twitter name to Altar Boy DeMarcus Gresham since we gonna make him hit his knees so quick.”

SILK: ”I heard King’s Road stopped askin’ him to speak at middle schools after the medical bills came in from that ass whoopin’ he took at the bike rack from that sixth grader. Elementary School DeMarcus Gresham.”

CARTIER: ”Or Pre-Pubescent DeMarcus Gresham? Professional Model For The Men’s Room Sign DeMarcus Gresham?”

SILK: ”Still Gotta Cross The Street With A Parent DeMarcus Gresham? For real though, that dude’s so skinny I’m worried that if I slap him like the bitch he is I’m gon’ get a paper cut. So Skinny His Nipples Touch DeMarcus Gresham.”

The young mother from earlier who was appalled by Cartier’s language once again hears them talking, this time being what SILK had to say as she darts them a dirty look, once again covering her kid’s ears who is confused as to why this is happening again.

SILK: ”You need the D to loosen you up Lady.”

SILK and Cartier walk past her and head towards the door. A server has a hot, fresh pizza that he’s carrying as SILK stops him. He grabs a few slices for himself and then hands a few to Cartier. Half the pizza is gone but they take it and keep on going as it seems they may be on their way out. SILK takes a bite.

SILK: ”This pie is fuego.”

He takes another bite as Cartier does the same.

CARTIER: ”For real, for real but right now, alls I know is those two can both call themselves Unconscious DeMarcus Gresham after King’s Road’s main event. You an’ me ain’t moved on up to the East Side to lose on our first day. Let’s head back an’ get ready.”

SILK and Cartier continue eating their pizza as they exit Carlos E. Queso’s, heading out into the parking lot as we fade out.


The match began with Malik Fox and Lauryn Wolfe squaring off. Malik was able to get the early upper hand with his brute strength by tossing Lauryn Wolfe like a ragdoll into the corner. He tried to follow up with a shoulder block into the corner but Wolfe was able to roll over and get an early, quick pin attempt in with the schoolboy!


Malik used all of his core strength to not only kick out but also launch Lauryn Wolfe off of him, sending her onto the mat back first. Malik got to his feet but Lauryn’s pace allowed her to get to him quickly and started throwing forearm smash after forearm smash to try and keep him off balance. Fox stumbled back, trying to shake it off and clear his head but Wolfe continued to her relentless assault by charging him and dropping the big man with a perfectly executed float-over neckbreaker. Wolfe ran in and dropped a knee drop, then mounted Fox. She started dropping stiff forearm shot after shot to Malik’s jaw as her much more nimble frame gave her a clear speed advantage that had Fox off of his game. Wolfe’s mistake came though when she went for the triangle choke after rolling onto her back from the mounted position to get it locked in. Although she did, Malik after a few moments used his strength to lift himself up to his feet and Lauryn Wolfe with him. Lauryn kept it locked in as best as she could until Malik Fox ran towards his corner and powerbombed the 130 lbs. Lauryn Wolfe with all of his might into the turnbuckle! Wolfe’s body folded up like an accordion upon impact and after taking a second to clear the cobwebs, Fox tagged in his partner Chris Constantine Jr.

Constantine came in and was quick to feed Wolfe with boot after quick boot to her midsection as she was slumped against the bottom turnbuckle from Fox’s powerbomb. Miri was making noise in their corner, smacking the top turnbuckle and reaching in for her to get over to him. Constantine looked over to Miri, kissing his hand and blowing it cockily towards Miri and then he turned right back to Wolfe and steamrolled her with a running knee to her head that caused her to whiplash back and then fall to the mat face first. CCJ rolled her over and attempts the pin.


Lauryn got her shoulder up as the crowd roared causing Constantine to shoot them all an evil look, then he told off a fan wearing her shirt in the first row. He positioned Wolfe so she was facing the fan wearing her shirt. Wolfe reached towards the bottom rope, even though one might have assumed she was reaching for the fan from the camera angle. CCJ then came in, kicking Wolfe so hard in the stomach he lifted her off of the mat and she landed on her back clutching at her ribs. CCJ then spat towards the fan in the first row and came back in on Wolfe, sliding to the mat on his knees and ravaging her with a fury of right and left fists that almost smother her. Constantine got off, up to his feet and taunted the crowd with one of his signature sinister smiles. He started yelling towards the Lauryn Wolfe fan in the first row again and while he did so, Wolfe got to her knees, beginning to slowly crawl to her corner where Miri was leaning over the top rope for the tag. CCJ noticed the fans eyes shift towards something going on behind him and he turned around to notice Wolfe is almost there! Constantine ran over and grabbed her boot. Wolfe turned over onto her back and started kicking at CCJ as he leaned in! She eventually got a good boot to his face that sent him back and down to the mat on his behind grabbing at his jaw. Wolfe turned around as Miri continued to reach out for the tag and she made the leap to tag him but as she did Miri jumps off of the apron! Wolfe stayed on her knees and put her hands out as if to ask Miri what he was doing.

She stood up and turned around as CCJ moved in, looking to square up while Miri slid into the ring from behind and hit Wolfe with a clothesline from behind! Both men proceeded to stomp away at the helpless Wolfe while Malik Fox looked on in shock from the apron. Miri brought Wolfe to her feet and then dropped her back down with the Conglomerate Kick! CCJ lifted her back up, set her up and dropped Wolfe on her head with his American Strong Pile Driver! CCJ made the cover.


Winners: Malik Fox & Chris Constantine Jr via Pinfall (16:13)

As the referee called for the bell Damien Miri and Chris Constantine Jr. begin to celebrate like they just won the Super Bowl, they exit the ring as Damien raises Chris’ arm high into the air. Malik looks on from the ring, confused and upset about what’s happened here tonight. The crowd boos Damien and Chris, as Lauryn is helped up by Malik Fox. The Internet Champion just stares forward, looking at Damien as he makes his way back up the ramp.

A huge smirk on his face.

The cameras cut to the backstage area, where we see Lisa Seldon sitting in her locker room. She says nothing, keeping silent as the crowd watches on in anticipation. She sat with her head in her hands. Not beaten, not gloomy, not downtrodden. Just sitting, taking the moment for her own.

She’d taken her lumps as of late. Fallen back in on herself. She’d put a lot of credence in being a hometown hero back in EW. Now the thought that she might never get another chance was starting to sink in.

She’d let that get to her, taken her time to mourn, but now it was time to get back on it. She put her head up, half smile creeping in.

She’d only ever known how to climb. One step, one day, one match at a time. This was the next. The way back to the top.


The bell rings with the match beginning with Jett and Cartier. The fans are a little confused about which team to root for in this one, but they mostly side with Thot Chocolate because at least they don’t have an insufferable asshole on their team. People generally don’t like those. Speaking of insufferable asshole, Jett points out to the fans and lets Thot Chocolate know that he needs a hearing aid sometime soon because he’s claiming they’re cheering him on. Okay. No one really believes that for a second. Even the one guy in a Jett Wilder t-shirt in the crowd is finding that one hard to swallow. Dude’s even got the jumbo sized event exclusive King’s Road cup filled with delicious Coke Cola™ to wash it down with. SILK gets ready to square up with Jett. The champ decides this is taking too long and he’s bored now, so he tags out. It goes over like a wet shart in church. There’s a guy in the front row that is absolutely furious about this and did not see this coming at all. He likely consumes no media outside of professional wrestling or has any concept of what a heel is. Only emerges from his hole for pizza bagels and doritos. He’s hollering at Jett and spit is flying, veins are popping, eyes are going bloodshot, guy looks like he’s ready to drop over dead from how offended this made him. Mentez is less furious and more skeptical, entering the ring with a sideways glance at his partner. Fans are happier to see Mentez at least. There’s some real support from the fans for him. Maybe some of them feel a bit sorry for him. Teaming with Jett and all. Thot Chocolate look like they feel for him. SILK and him look ready to square up when Jett U turns and decks SILK right in the mush, dropping him! Jett finds that shit hilarious though he’s about the only one, the referee getting cranky at him and pushes him out of the ring. Brave move from the guy that will be out for a decade after the lightest of shoves back. Mentez shows what kind of man he is when he allows SILK the time to make sure his teeth are all still there after that sucker punch and lets him get back up. The fans badger Jett about being a piece of fecal and he shushes them, ordering them to pay attention to the match going on in the ring. Mentez and SILK throw down and are on relative even keel with one another. It’s a bicycle knee strike that’s a momentum shifter and lets SILK tag in Cartier. She does her best impression of a squirrel the way she shoots up the turnbuckle and comes off of it with a senton onto Mentez. Jason looks for a tag but Jett takes a step back, telling him to wait a second he’s got to finish this tweet to his close personal friend Hugh Jackman. Where’d his phone even come from?

Mentez is punch drunk from the blows he takes from Cartier, and he doesn’t feel much better after Eat This Ass. Cartier goes for a pin but after a roll of the eyes and an extended sigh Jett breaks up the pin. It’s when he tries to get back onto the apron that Mentez tags out to him. Jett’s about as unhappy about it as the front row fan is happy about it, screaming at Jett to get fucked. Jett makes sure to say something to SILK as he takes the corner basically referring to how scared he is and dodging him before Cartier takes Jett’s attention knocking him down with a Lou Thesz press and following with vicious strikes to the head of Jett. Cartier fires off for quick sometime before letting up and getting to her feet and following with a Split Legdrop to Jett’s throat. Cartier pulls him up to add more punishment throwing Jett Wilder into the ropes, on the return Jett ducks and keeps the momentum to catch Cartier on the rebound with a springboard moonsault. The pin comes after that for a quick 1…before Cartier kicks out easily it’s far too early in the night. Jett gets up and points to SILK once again telling him he’s scared and then mouths off to Cartier which only gets him slapped. Jett is obviously used to this kind of abuse from women responding to Cartier’s slap with a slap right back to her. Cartier is shocked at first but then goes right back to Jett throwing fists and elbows at a rapid pace. Cartier backs Jett up into the neutral corner where Jett is still struggling with Cartier’s strikes. A clean one knocks him right on the temple and he drops to the mat leaning on the last turnbuckle. Cartier sees her moment to make this an easy night for her and SILK backing up to make Jett get ready to Eat This Ass. She comes full speed for Jett to wisely slide out to the side upon the ring apron allowing Cartier’s ass to meet the turnbuckles. The King’s Road Champion gets to his feet on the apron follows up smoothly springing off the ropes to missile dropkick Cartier clear across the ring. Jason yells out toward Jett letting him know it’s about that time while both he and Cartier struggle to find their feet. Jason extends his hand. SILK is doing the same thing with his hand which Cartier eventually moves to slap. Jett in the meantime gets to his feet and just puts his hands up toward Jason as if to say ‘I got it, I got it.’ Jason’s face says it all as SILK enters the ring and Jett turns from his tag partner to focus on the new man.

SILK cockily walks into the ring leaving some women ringside fanning in his walk. Jett wastes no time asking him if his prescription creams not working since he walking like that. And the tie-up begins. SILK being obviously the bigger man throws Jett down easily and taunts a bit with a wink toward him. Jason stands on the apron once again yelling for Jett’s attention and the tag. This time Jett gives no response and gets to his feet looking at SILK with a little more focus in his eyes. They have a good back and forth of standing strikes but what opens it up is Wilder’s kick to SILK’s midsection making him bend down and Jett keeps the motion going running up the turnbuckles timing it perfectly with SILK following him Jett drops SILK with a Tornado DDT and drops a senton after that catching SILK off guard.


Once again a lot more in store in this main event as SILK kicks out and rises to his feet wanting to keep on the attack. Jett keeps it moving using his quickness to his advantage and for a very good amount of time works on breaking SILK down and it’s showing to work as he gets slightly tired. Thing is SILK finally gets a hold of the KR champion as Jett tries for a Thesz Press himself. Probably wanting to outdo Cartier but SILK gets a grip on him adjusting the smaller Jett until he gets him up in the air a stalling brainbuster then drops Jett on his knee. It was not done with any goodwill in mind at all or the pin that follows.


Jason is caught halfway in between the ropes as it looks like he was ready to make a save for Jett. Jett kicks out in time and Jason heads back to his corner and now is slapping the top turnbuckle like a wild man. Both Jason and the crowd telling Jett Wilder it’s about that time to tag. In the ring although Jett is trying his best to fight off a Kneebar placed by SILK moving closer and closer to the ropes. Wilder finally grips the bottom rope getting the break and once again Jason goes off in the corner demanding that he bring his ‘malnourished orphan Annie ass’ over there. SILK is humored by the scene looks down at Jett and offers the opportunity for Jett to go tag his partner. Jett rises to his feet and looks at Jason and goes right back to SILK throwing hands wherever they can land. The crowd boos heavy at that with everyone in SAP Center seeing the blatant disregard from Jett toward Jason. SILK was caught off guard at Jett’s choice but he quickly battles back running at Jett looking for a bicycle knee strike that Jett rolls out of the way from. Jett takes full offense to that seeing what SILK tried to do and the quickness shows as SILK tries to turn around Gotcha!! Jett’s bicycle kick lands on SILK flush making SILK fold back to the mat. Jett smirks at the view of SILK being caught…

M TRAIN by Jason Mentez to…Jett?!

Everything comes to a pause before Cartier bumrushes Jason while Jett responds groggily to a rising SILK and all four of them are brawling inside the ring in complete chaos causing the ref to throw the match out.

Winners: No Contest (19:18)

Backstage, the door to the medical room swings open wildly as Lauryn Wolfe is in a fury. She’s hobbling about; her face practically searing with rage as she seems to be looking for Dame.

WOLFE: ”Where is that stupid son of a bitch?!”

Okay, not ‘seems’. She’s definitely looking for him. In the midst of her search, a few medical personnel rush to her, trying to get her to stop so that she can get proper medical attention. Of course, one would know that Lauryn has the least regard for that kind of stuff. She pushes one of them back that got a little too close to her. Gareth Prescott enters the scene, trying to calm things down so Lauryn can be looked at.

WOLFE: ”Back the fuck up! Don’t touch me!”

PRESCOTT: ”Lauryn, please! You shouldn’t be exerting all that energy. We gotta check you out.”

WOLFE: ”I said to back up! I swear to God if I don’t find Dame I’ll take you bitches out!”

Lauryn was looking to swing at a few of them – and it honestly would’ve looked like she would’ve utterly destroyed them – until a security guard managed to restrain her. Grabbing her arms, he subdued her right against the wall. Lauryn was kicking and squirming about, but to no avail.

SECURITY: ”You need to chill!”

WOLFE: ”Get off of me!”

The guard wasn’t letting up. Fighting was useless, and Lauryn realized this. Soon, her anger would cause her to break down; tears streaming down heavily her face.

WOLFE: ”Get off me. I need to find him. I need to find that piece of shit.”

One of the medical staff members comes in and assists the guard as they lead her back to the room. Gareth sighs, as Lauryn seems to be calming down.

WOLFE: ”I should’ve never trusted him. Should’ve known better…”

PRESCOTT: ”Look, I’ll let you settle this at Chapter Thirty-Five, just please calm down. Alright?”

Lauryn looks at Gareth, nodding. The burst of adrenaline she had was fading away; the pain finally catching up to her as she groaned. We get a last shot of a pained Lauryn being escorted before we move on to the next part of the show.



The three competitors signal the start of the bell by meeting in the middle of the ring. All three coming to blows with each other quickly, and very early. Eddy Poe connects with an Uppercut to Lisa, as Bryan Ford connects with a Leaping Enziguri Kick to Eddy Poe. It seems to be a back and forth battle between the three. Eddy tosses Bryan to the ropes, as Lisa rushes past him. She knocks Eddy down with a Sunset Flip, only for Bryan to catch her with a Dropkick to the back of her head! The fans are firmly behind Lisa, as she begins to get the early advantage. Lisa takes it to both Eddy and Bryan, not wanting to be trapped by either in this match. Lisa understands her disadvantage here, and quickly goes all out on both contestants. Lisa connects with a Spinning Back Elbow on Eddy, stunning him for a moment. Lisa quickly catches Bryan Ford with a X-Factor, driving him face-first into the mat. With Eddy still stunned, Lisa knocks him down with a Top Rope Missile Dropkick! Lisa looks to be on fire, as she targets Bryan Ford. She works him over in the corner, making sure to keep an eye on Eddy Poe. Eddy rises up, charging towards his opponents. Lisa moves, as Eddy splashes into the corner right onto Bryan Ford! With Bryan out of the way, Lisa focuses on putting Eddy Poe down for the count. She knows that winning this match means going right through him. Lisa lays into Eddy with a series of Muay-Thai Clinch Knee Strikes, stunning him for the moment. She quickly follows up with a Roundhouse Kick, dropping Eddy to his knee. With Eddy down, Lisa is able to connect with a Back Brain Kick, finally putting him down on the mat! The crowd cheers for Lisa, as she looks to go to the top rope. With Eddy down, Lisa looks for a Top Rope Leg Drop. Unfortunately, Eddy moves out of the way, sitting up just before Lisa can connect! She crashes hard, as Bryan Ford knocks her down with a Shining Wizard! Bryan taunts the crowd, having knocked Lisa for a loop as she rolls out of the ring.

Bryan focuses back on Eddy, as he’s still feeling the effects of Lisa’s attacks. Bryan lays into him with a Forearm Shot, and stuns him with a Dropkick. Eddy doesn’t fall, so Bryan connects with a second Dropkick. Still, Eddy doesn’t fall to the mat. He stumbles backwards, as Bryan races forward for another Dropkick attempt. Eddy dodges him, and quickly puts him down with a Big Boot! Bryan crashes to the mat, but doesn’t stay there for long. He reverses a Chokeslam attempt by Eddy, countering with a Jumping Knee Strike and an Enziguri! Lisa tries climbing back into the ring, but Bryan connects with a Dropkick that sends her crashing to the floor below! Bryan taunts her again, leaving the ring to get Lisa back in it. With Lisa hurt, the two clearly see that she has become the weak link. Bryan and Eddy stop fighting each other, and begin to work over Lisa. Lisa falls victim to a Backbreaker by Eddy Poe, as Bryan Ford connects with a Jumping Knee Strike! Bryan lifts Lisa up, looking for a Vertical Suplex. Eddy uses this to grab Lisa, pulling her into a Powerbomb that looks to have folded her in half! Lisa stays slumped on the mat, having been beaten down by these two. Eddy tries for a pinfall attempt on Lisa, but Bryan is quickly there to break it up. It seems the truce is already over, as Bryan connects with a right hand. Eddy eats another one, before taking Bryan down with a Headbutt! Bryan falls out of the ring, leaving Lisa alone with Eddy. She tries to fight back, but the damage done proves to be too much for the moment. Lisa is knocked down by Eddy, as he sends her flying with a Shoulder Tackle. Lisa tries for a Sitout Jawbreaker, but it only seems to keep Eddy stunned for the slightest of moments. Bryan Ford quickly gets back into the ring, Lisa charges Eddy as Ford does the same. Lisa goes high with an Enziguri, as Bryan Ford goes low with a Dropkick. Eddy finally goes down, but Bryan Ford pounces on Lisa before she can do anything. Lisa and Bryan fight it out, eventually spilling out onto the apron. Lisa tries to lift Bryan up, but he counters with a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ONTO THE RING APRON!! The crowd cannot believe it, as Lisa is laid out on the outside of the ring now.

Bryan Ford looks to be in complete control now, as Lisa Seldon is being tended to outside of the ring. Eddy Poe is finally back up to his feet, as he looks to destroy Bryan Ford. Bryan, however, has other plans for Eddy. He begins to use his speed, picking his shots on Eddy whenever he has a chance. Eddy tries for a Claymore Kick, but Bryan ducks under the attempt. A Discus Lariat doesn’t quite put Eddy Poe down, but Bryan makes sure to follow that up with a Running Bicycle Knee for good effort. Eddy finally goes down, allowing Bryan Ford to connect with a Springboard 450 Splash! The move is effective, but it isn’t enough to keep Eddy down as Bryan tries for the pinfall attempt. Eddy continues to push forward, as Bryan continues to give him everything he has. Eddy tries for a Chokeslam, but again Bryan is able to counter it into a DDT! Eddy looks to be in trouble, as Bryan Ford is taking control of the match. Without Lisa to worry about, Bryan Ford continues to make more calculated risks. The match goes on, as Bryan nails another Discus Lariat on Eddy Poe, this time knocking him down. Bryan lands a Moonsault on Eddy Poe, but again Eddy is able to kick out of his pinfall attempt. Bryan Ford knows that he has to step it up if he wants to win. With Eddy getting back to his feet, Bryan attempts for his High Impact DDT. Eddy blocks the attempt, and tosses Bryan to the mat face-first! Bryan again tries for it, but Eddy lifts him off of his feet! Eddy walks his opponent to the apron, dumping him to the outside. Bryan, not to be deterred, quickly gets onto the apron. He launches an Enziguri Kick that stuns Eddy for a moment. Unfortunately for Bryan, he doesn’t know that Lisa is back up on her feet! She’s taken her time to recover, as she grabs the leg of Bryan Ford. The distraction is enough for Eddy, as he reaches out and grabs Bryan by the throat. Eddy lifts Bryan up and CHOKESLAMS HIM TO THE MAT BELOW!

The crowd can’t believe it, as Bryan Ford lays on the outside. He doesn’t move a muscle, Lisa steps over him as she enters the ring. She’s healed up, and Eddy sees her coming. He attacks, trying to connect with a Claymore Kick. Lisa ducks, and continues to run towards the ropes. She bounces back, but Eddy catches her on the rebound with a Big Boot! The move doesn’t put Lisa down for good though, as she comes back with a Sitout Gordbuster and a Spinning Heelkick! Bryan Ford moves on the outside, trying to get back into the contest. Lisa seems to be figuring out Eddy, as the two exchange moves between each other. Lisa tries for a Spinning Legsweep, but Eddy jumps out of the way and connects with a Headbutt! Lisa doesn’t go down, but Eddy soon puts her down with an Axe Kick! Eddy quickly covers Lisa, but before the official can count to three he’s pulled out of the ring by Bryan Ford! Ford is warned, but Eddy leaps over the top rope to take Ford out with a Diving Plancha! Lisa isn’t far behind, as Bryan and Eddy fight on the outside. The two don’t seem to notice her, as she takes them both out with a Diving MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE!

Lisa looks on, as the crowd continues to chant her name. She takes a moment to get back into the ring, as Eddy and Bryan are slow to follow her. All three contestants are beat up, and ready to end this match now. Lisa lands the first blow, with a Killa-cana-rama to Bryan Ford! Bryan is spiked into the mat, but this allows Eddy to connect with a Machete Chop to Lisa! Lisa goes down, as Eddy quickly covers her for the pin!


Eddy can’t believe it, as Lisa was for sure done there. He tries lifting her up, but Bryan Ford is getting back to his feet. He tries for the Machete Chop to Bryan, but Bryan is able to move right out of the way. He catches Eddy with a Bford & After, the Bicycle Kick landing flush on the side of Eddy’s face! Eddy falls to a knee, allowing Bryan to connect with a Bicycle Knee that seems to finally put Eddy down for good! Bryan looks to finish him off for good, when Lisa strikes with a Wolfsbane! The mist attack blinds Bryan Ford, as Lisa looks ready to end this match! Eddy staggers up to his feet, Lisa catching him with a Wolfsbane as well! Both of her opponents are blinded, but seem to quickly find each other. Eddy grabs Bryan, quickly pulling him into a Demonmania! Lisa watches as Eddy gets back up, swinging blindly. She attacks, going low with a Spinning Legsweep. Eddy falls to the mat on all fours, as Lisa connects with The Man Opener! The kick sends Eddy crumbling to the mat, as Lisa quickly covers Bryan Ford for the pin!



Winner: Lisa Seldon via Pinfall (20:30)

Lisa Seldon reacts accordingly, jumping to her feet in celebration as the crowd explodes with cheers. She looks genuinely happy to have won, as the official hands her the King’s Road Ignition Championship. Lisa raises her championship up high, as she climbs the nearby turnbuckle in celebration.

READ: ”She’s done it! Lisa Seldon is the new Ignition Champion!”

MAYNARD: ”This is so cool! Lisa Seldon is a champion in 4CW!”

READ: ”She took so much punishment tonight, but in the end she was able to overcome it all!”

MAYNARD: ”Eddy Poe couldn’t stop her! Bryan Ford couldn’t stop her! Lisa Seldon is your NEW Ignition Champion.”

READ: ”This is a big moment for her, she’s come up short lately so much. Tonight is her redemption!”

Lisa continues to celebrate, as Eddy Poe leaves the ring. Not heartbroken, Eddy allows Lisa to have her moment. The camera catches a shot of him looking on, staring at Lisa. We know these two haven’t met for the last time.

READ: ”I doubt this will be the last we hear of Eddy Poe and the Ignition Championship.”

MAYNARD: ”I wouldn’t doubt that for a se- Wait a second! What’s going on?!”

Suddenly, the crowd’s cheers turn to boos as Damien Miri and Chris Constantine Jr come racing out from the back! They storm the ring, as Lisa arms herself with her new championship. She looks to hold Damien and Chris off, but Bryan Ford quickly enters the ring! The crowd cheers, as Bryan has seemingly evened the odds here tonight!

READ: ”Damien Miri and Chris Constantine Jr are here! They’re trying to surround Lisa but Bryan Ford has jumped into the mix!”

MAYNARD: ”He’s got her ba – OH NO!!”

Bryan turns and clobbers Lisa from behind! The crowd begins to boo, as Damien and Chris look on with pleasure. Lisa is clobbered by a Bford & After, as Bryan Ford stands over her triumphantly. Damien and Chris extend their hand out to Bryan, who accepts! It seems there is a NEW Conglomerate here tonight. The show ends with Bryan Ford standing over Lisa, looking at her Ignition Championship.