The picture comes to life with an explosion of blue and green pyro from the entrance stage for tonight’s event. “Adrenaline” plays over the speakers of the Colonial Life Arena. The lighting is dark, green and blue lasers motion wildly throughout the entire scene. The lights in the building slowly begin to brighten as the camera overlooks the crowd from the top of the stage, focusing on various signs held throughout sea of people.





The camera then slowly begins to move down the ramp, heading straight for the ring. Blue and green pyro shoot from the ring posts as the camera stops at the bottom of the ramp for just a moment to take it all in. Traveling to the other side of the ring, the announcers booth comes into view where we find Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa ready to get tonight’s historic event underway.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline One Hundred! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re coming to you live tonight from the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina.”

JOHNSON: ”Not only are we jumping into the second round of the South Beach Brawl Cup but we’re also celebrating one hundred episodes of Adrenaline.”

VASSA: ”I’d say it seems like only yesterday we were at the first Adrenaline in Redwood City, California back in April Twenty-Fourteen, but I’d be lying. That shit was years ago.”

JOHNSON: ”It does seem like it was only yesterday when we called the very first Adrenaline in 4CW.”

VASSA: ”For you maybe! You’ve been walking this earth for like one hundred years! What’s five years in your old miserable life?”

JOHNSON: ”Only thing miserable about is having to put up with your attitude here at the booth every two weeks.”

VASSA: ”No worries! Your time will come eventually.”

JOHNSON: ”Hey! Don’t say that!”

VASSA: ”But not soon enough!”

JOHNSON: ”Alright, before things get out of hand and we waste our entire time bickering back and forth, we have a card to rundown.”

VASSA: ”We do! We have the second round of the South Beach Brawl taking place right here tonight!”

JOHNSON: ”What started out as sixteen competitors just two weeks ago has led us here tonight with only eight competitors still in the mix.”

VASSA: ”First up we’ll see Logan Traeger and Cartier mixing things up. Logan isn’t that pretty on the eyes, but Cartier has curves in all the right places and I can’t wait to see them giggling around in that ring tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m just going to ignore that comment before you get us both in trouble. Moving on! In our second tournament match of the evening, we have Alicia Lukas and the former two time 4CW Champion, Viduus Morta.”

VASSA: ”That’s another one that I can sit back and just watch bou–“

JOHNSON: ”I’m going to cut you off right there.”


JOHNSON: ”You know what!”

VASSA: ”I’m just saying that I’m looking forward to seeing those two in the ring as well.”

JOHNSON: ”Tell us about our third tournament match of the evening?”

VASSA: ”Oi?”

JOHNSON: ”What?”

VASSA: ”Football?”

JOHNSON: ”No, wrestling.”

VASSA: ”Weed?”

JOHNSON: ”Ohhh, I see what you’re doing.”

VASSA: ”Good because later tonight we have Kaelan Laughlin and Brennan Devlin stepping in that ring tonight for the biggest WEED FOOIITBALL match of the century!”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know about all that but it’s going to be one to watch, that’s for sure!”

VASSA: ”Then we’re going to kip over the clash of the #PegGuy and the nastiest son of a bitch to ever grace a 4CW ring.”

JOHNSON: ”Hold on now, that’s our Champions Showcase headline match of the night!”

VASSA: ”I know, I know, but we’re running out of time here at ringside and have one more tournament match to go over before we kick things off officially.”

JOHNSON: ”You mean our main event 4CW Championship match?”


JOHNSON: ”You heard the man, folks! Tonight we have Bryan Laughlin once again putting the 4CW Championship on the line in the main event against another individual who has never challenged for the belt.”

VASSA: ”I don’t know how? He’s been in 4CW longer than the majority of the roster. It’s our former Co-GM slash Boston babysitter… Bryan Williams!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s crazy how a 4CW Championship match has eluded him throughout his entire time in 4CW.”

VASSA: ”Even if he had one, or twelve, I doubt he’d remember it with that mushed up brain of his.”

JOHNSON: ”He hasn’t had twelve though. Tonight is Bryan Williams’ first ever opportunity at the 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”I heard you the first time, Steve. Can we move along?”

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it. That was literally the main event of the evening.”

VASSA: ”Great! Now we can continue on to our opening match of the night?”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed we can.”

VASSA: ”Great!”

JOHNSON: ”Folks, Vinny seems to be tapped out here so we’re goi–“

VASSA: ”Can’t hear you, going through a tunnel, here’s the bracket!”

The picture cuts backstage to the back entrance of the arena where we find no one other than the HNIC himself, Perry Wallace. He’s coming from the parking lot, knowing that the show has officially begun. He stops in his tracks, hesitant to proceed any further.

WALLACE: “Where the fuck did that come from? It wasn’t there when I walked out here.”

Looking straight ahead, his eyes are locked on a metal detector at the entrance. He scratches his head for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and walking forward. Throwing a piece of gum in his mouth, he slowly approaches the metal detector where an unknown security type personnel steps in front of him.

SECURITY: “Mister Wallace, I’m going to have to ask you to step through the metal detector.”

WALLACE: “Excuse me?”

Perry glances at the metal detector once more before cutting his eyes back to the security guard.

WALLACE: “What is this? I just walked outside not even ten minutes ago and this setup was nowhere to be seen.”

SECURITY: “That’s none of your concern, Mister Wallace. It’s a safety precaution for the venue tonight and 4CW’s big one hundredth event.”

WALLACE: “I didn’t arra–”

The security guard raises his hand, silencing Perry before he can even finish his sentence.

SECURITY: “I’m going to need you to empty your pockets and place everything in this tray before stepping through. If you’re wearing belt, can you please remove that for me as well?”

Shaking his head in disbelief, Perry looks to the security guard in anger.

WALLACE: “You want me to go ahead and take my pants off too?!”

SECURITY: “That won’t be necessary, sir. Just place all items in your pockets in this tray and proceed through the metal detector.”

Grunting, Perry obliges and begins emptying his pockets. He places everything in the tray, even removing his belt and handing it to the security guard. Walking through the metal detector, he doesn’t have a single worry in the world. Once on the other side, he holds his arms out to his sides, turning in a circle in place in front of another member of the security team.

WALLACE: “Now, can I have my belt back? These pants are a little loose.”

The other security guard who took all of Perry’s items walks over and hands him the belt. As Perry puts it back on, the security guard searches through the tray. He looks to the other security guard before looking back to the tray as if signaling the other security guard to come look in the tray. Not paying attention to the security team, Perry finishes putting his belt back on before speaking with his back turned to them.

WALLACE: “Now, can I please have my shit back. I have a show to get to.”

SECURITY: “Mister Wallace, what is this?”

WALLACE: “What now?!”

Perry spins around in place to face them. Looking back at him are the security members, one holding up a bag of what appears to be marijuana.

WALLACE: “That’s not mine!”

The two members of security look to one another like they’ve heard this story a time or two in their careers.

SECURITY: “You can’t enter the building with this and we’re going to have to contact the local authorities.”

WALLACE: “What the fuck!?”

Perry quickly snatches his phone and wallet from the tray, immediately putting the phone in his pocket. He then opens his wallet and looks at the security guards.

WALLACE: “Come on guys, I’m sure there’s something we can work out here.”

SECURITY: “Are you bribing us?”

WALLACE: “No! I’m just asking if there’s anything I can do for you two hard working gentlemen.”

A different voice is then heard from a person not in the cameras view.

? ? ?: “Pardon me fellas, Did I just see Perry Wallace bribe a member of security? Perry Wallace? Ring leader of the sadistic and certainly the most violent show on television today, Perry Wallace? You would think a man of that stature would be aware that there are certain repercussions that come with such an act.”

Perry slowly turns around to face the voice. As soon as he sets his eyes on the man, Perry shakes his head.

WALLACE: “Oh, Jesus Christ. What are you going to do, block me again on twitter?”

? ? ?: “Allow me to properly introduce myself. I’m Tedmund Montgomery. Showtime’s Athletic Entertainment Consultant and Founder of The Code Corp”

Perry waves off Tedmund and then looks back at the security team and waves them off.

WALLACE: “I don’t have time for this shit. If you came here to censor anything you can fuck right off. We are one hundred episodes strong, asshole!”

Perry then storms off, leaving everyone behind, even his confiscated bag that could or could not have been planted. That’s a mystery to solve for another time.

MONTGOMERY: “Good work gentleman, now if you’ll excuse me I have a wrestling event to spectate.”

That being said Tedmund shakes the hands of both security men as he heads inside through the metal detector.

As the crowd in the Colonial Life Arena hits a frenzied pace and their excited cheers reach a crescendo following the explosive opening montage of 4CW’s Adrenaline, they stop momentarily to catch a much needed breath. That is, until the four-paneled screen above the entrance ramp shows a close-up of the face of none other than Cartier, the self-proclaimed Ratchet Royalty, as she chills outside her dressing room.

There’s an annoying sucking sound as she finishes the last few drops of her Bojangles fruit punch, draining every bit of sweet red goodness out of the styrofoam cup with the thick plastic straw. She shakes the remaining ice within the cup and frowns, then tosses the trash into a can nearby and stares the camera down.

CARTIER: “I still can’t believe this is the 100th episode of Adrenaline. Straight up, I remember watching the first one back in the day wit’ my boy. That’s when we promised each other that someday we’d be here, together, turnin’ heads an’ gettin’ three counts show after show just like them OG 4CW people was back in 2014. Five years feel like a lifetime, y’all. Like, that’s back before I had gave up school, before I had started dancin’, before I ever even had been outside of New York City. Now here I am in Columbia, South Carolina…”

The crowd amps up its applause for the cheap local pandering. Wrestling fans are a lot of things, and predictable is definitely one of them.

CARTIER: “After travellin’ all over the United States this past year makin’ my name known. To think, it might be 100 episodes of Adrenaline that separate teenage wannabe rapper, wannabe wrestler, wannabe fashion designer Cartier to 4CW Champion Cartier. Because if I get past Logan traeger here tonight, an’ I plan to, then next time when we roll down into my boy SILK’s hometown of Atlanta for episode 101 it’ll be me versus the champ, whether that’s Bryan Laughlin like it is today or Bryan Williams. Two caucasians so eye-roll worthy that they both spell ‘Brian’ wit’ a Y.”

The audience laughs at the level of caucasity shown, other than a few inbred MAGA types who start chanting All Lives Matter. Everyone rightfully ignores them.

CARTIER: “Look… make no mistake… I respect both them Bryans. I do. An’ I respect my opponent tonight, Logan Traeger, as well. But bottom line? I gotta get in my zone, get up in that mindset that that 4CW Championship is MINE for the takin’. I ain’t let Ruby stop me, I ain’t gonna let Logan stop me, and God willin’, next Adrenaline I ain’t gonna let whichever one of them white boys got the strap to stop me. 100 episodes later, this a new 4CW, a new Cartier, a new America… an’ next Adrenaline? A new champion. Bet.”

Cartier throws up the deuces and turns to her dressing room door, opening it and disappearing inside before slamming it shut while the scene fades away and the music for Alessandro versus Zeel fires up.


Good ol Alessandro. Finally back after ghosting out to who knows where every now and then. As a billionaire, did he really need to explain where he had been? He could have been traveling the world with needing a much sought after vacation or he could had simply locked himself in his walk in pantry by accident. When it comes to Alessandro, you never really know with him. But what we do know is that the man had alot of rust he needed to dust off in the ring and it didn’t seem as if the ring rust was coming off that easily. Zeel was getting the best of Alessandro but made sure to watch out for that forehead of his because Alessandro could get quite impulsive, might think of himself as a bull and ram that juicy forehead right at Zeel and possibly take his life. The speedy Zeel dashes off as Alessandro gives chase, maybe because he wanted to attack him from behind or mistakes this as a game of tag. Either way, Alessandro was catching up to Zeel and as soon as he lunges for him, Zeel dives out of the way and Alessandro goes crashing into the turnbuckle.

Alessandro spins around with heavy irritation and impulsively jerks Zeel towards him, causing Zeel to swing his arms with trying to take Alessandro’s head off while Alessandro just took a few steps and even did a half spin with Zeel in his arms before finally going for a belly to belly suplex. Zeel is then on his feet from Alessandro yanking him up with a quickness and he looks to be going for another belly to belly when Zeel cracks him in face with his elbow to force Alessandro to give him some room. Alessandro rushes him and Zeel uses Alessandro’s shoulders as a crutch when he leaps into the air, spooking Alessandro a bit from being so surprised as he didn’t understand what was going on until that jumping headscissors had him on the mat, giving him time to process it in full. Zeel’s female fans start screaming out his name as he focuses on Alessandro, giving Alessandro only 2 seconds to get up on his own until he’s pulling the heavy man onto his feet with most of the weight being in the italian’s forehead.

Alessandro suddenly throws his head forehead as Zeel jumps back in surprise and luckily that he did because that forehead was coming with a vengeance and missed Zeel’s face by a half an inch. Zeel wasn’t appreciating Alessandro just trying to take his life like that and started to shove Alessandro’s head down so his knee could smash into Alessandro’s face but he thought about the possibilities of accidentally hitting his forehead and his knee was way too precious to end up fucked up so he changed his mind. It didn’t stop him from deciding against using his knee though, instead kneeing Alessandro in the gut to force him to double over. He knew he didnt have much time though so he hurries to climb up the turnbuckle and steadies himself as he waits for Alessandro to stand up straight and when he finally does? Brick Out!! Zeel quickly hooks Alessandro’s leg as the referee goes for the count and gets to three with the bell signaling for the ending of the match.

WINNER: Zeel Park via Pinfall (4:46)

The cameras head backstage to find Ruby Richards nearly ready for her confrontation with Bianca Reed just moments away on the one-hundredth episode of Adrenaline. She finishes getting her knee pads situated just right when she notices the camera.

RICHARDS: ”Hey there! Ruby here. Apparently, I need to believe in myself more. You know, not be so humble.”

Ruby nods along with herself as she lets us know these important facts.

RICHARDS: ”I mean, it must be true because Bianca said it… over, and over, and over… and over again. Maybe one more over, I’m not sure.”

She stops to think about that, her lips moving as she recounts in her head. Eventually, she gives it up with a shrug.

RICHARDS: ”Anyway! She made a good case for her point that no one can out-talk her. I’m not sure there are many people in the world who can talk that long about one thing. But you pulled it off! Like a big star in the sky.”

Panning her hands out in front of her like the sky that Bianca is the big star in, Ruby gives her those props.

RICHARDS: ”I appreciate the words of advice, I really do. After all, I love getting advice from people who have been in his business longer than me. I’d be ridiculous to turn it down. It’s just… well… I don’t think a lot of people realize something about this business. Now, clearly, I’ve not been in the business as long as you have. I’ve not been in the business as long as most people, it seems. As you pointed out, I’m not even old enough to drink yet.”

Ruby gives a few more nods as she points out how accurate Bianca’s words were.

RICHARDS: ”And it’s true that I’ve been working on a side project. It’s not the reason I haven’t been wrestling. It’s just what I’ve used to fill my time. While I love wrestling, I’m just not the type to wrestle anywhere for the sake of it. When I started in this business, I made some mistakes in my choices. So I’ve been incredibly particular in all of my choices in life since then. Sometimes that has led to me not working, but it’s okay. I don’t feel the need to validate myself through constant work unless I feel passionate about it. It’s just me. Speaking of!”

She thrusts a finger into the air as she remembers her point that was recently lost.

RICHARDS: ”The thing that I don’t feel a lot of people in this business realize. Maybe it’s just me. Also, maybe I’m a fool. It’s not impossible. But I just feel like telling me that I should have the same attitude as everyone else… well, I just don’t think that advice is for me. Because, personally, I like to do my own thing. I like to be my own person. And I’ll do that even if it’s the last thing I do.”

Taking a deep breath, Ruby shrugs her shoulders and collects her ring vest from her locker.

RICHARDS: ”You’re a big star, Bianca. Absolutely. I believe in you. And whether you believe it or not, I do believe in myself. Maybe you think calling myself a Phoenix is silly, but… well, some people might think calling yourself Beyoncé is silly. But I think people should do what makes them happy. On Twitter and in the ring.”

Ruby slips her vest on and offers a smile for the camera.

RICHARDS: ”See you out there.”

She pushes her locker shut as she heads out of the locker room for her match.


Both Bianca Reed and Ruby Richards have proven themselves to be plenty talented in the wrestling world outside of the Corners Four. However, in singles competition the two both find themselves still seeking their first victory within the halls of the greatest wrestling promotion on the face of the earth today. It’s a woman that looks like a rat verses a woman that’s probably shorter than a rat. Or something. Either way the bell sounds and the action fires off immediately with both women moving quickly to the center of the ring. They tie up and, using her slight height and weight advantage, and the power of her hips that, thank heavens, never had to give birth to a child of Jason Jackson’s, Bianca shoves Ruby down to the canvas and smirks as Ruby skids to a halt. Back up to her feet quickly Richards takes off into a full sprint at Bianca, who swings and misses with Ruby ducking under a right from Bianca only to rocket into the opposite ropes, rebound and then be caught with an arm drag that slams Ruby down to the mat once more. Ruby pops up again and charges at Bianca only to be taken down a second time by an arm drag. Bouncing back up to her feet, Reed sprints toward the nearby ropes as Richards pushes herself back up to a vertical base. Just as she does so she’s caught by a springboard moonsault from Bianca. Who knew a rat could fly?

A quick cover gets Bianca a two count before Ruby fires her shoulder up off the mat. Not relenting, Bianca shoots a look at the referee thinking his count might have been a bit on the slow side as she hustles over to the ropes, stepping out onto the ring apron before ascending to the top turnbuckle nearby. Before she can take her leap, however, Ruby scurries over to the same corner and steps up quickly onto the middle turnbuckle, with the fans shocked that she was even able to get her leg up high enough to step on the bottom one. Either way, after trading blows back and forth, Richards executed a big superplex that swung momentum in her favor. Capitalizing on the swing in the action, Ruby mounts Bianca and begins to unload hard rights and lefts on her until the referee is forced to step in and begin counting toward five, reaching four before Richards finally stood up. Taking a step back, Ruby circled the fallen Bianca Reed before swooping back in and pulling her up by her hair to a seated position. Quickly, Richards ran toward the ropes once more, bouncing off of them before coming back and hitting a sliding dropkick to her opponent. Before she could go for the cover, however, Bianca intelligently rolled herself out of the ring to buy herself some time.

Unwilling to let Bianca have any room to breathe, Richards shuffled over to the ropes and stepped out onto the apron before dropping down to the floor. Reed, with her back to her opponent, at the last minute side steps a rushing Ruby Richards letting her slam shoulder first into the steel ringpost. Instinctively, Reed grabbed the dazed Richards by the back of the neck and spun her around, rolling her back into the ring as the referee already had begun working on a count and had managed to get to three. Taking a few more moments to collect herself, Bianca would eventually pull herself back up onto the ring apron. Her own instincts kicking in, Ruby quickly moved toward her opponent and tried to lower a shoulder to battering ram Bianca in the abdomen, but Reed smartly shifted her hips and brought her knee up to connect stiffly with Ruby’s jaw. The petite blonde, with stars swimming in her eye, brought her right hand up to her mouth to soothe the pain and she stumbled woozily backward. Reed, seeing an opportunity, used the top rope to help vault herself up, springboarding off the top rope which sent her flying toward Richards, aiming a side kick in her direction. Whether by sheer luck, or perfectly timed clarity of mind, no one would ever know but Ruby was able to just duck out of the way, leaving Bianca to land awkwardly on one leg. Expertly she rolled through, popping up to her feet and immediately shifting back to face Ruby. But Ruby timed her up perfectly with a high kick to the head that stunned Bianca only for Richards to nail her with an Endsong DDT before she could react. Crumbling to the mat, Reed falls flat and Richards swoops in, hooking the leg, and securing the three count and the victory.

WINNER: Ruby Richards via Pinfall (10:01)

Logan and Natalie are standing backstage. Just outside of his dressing room he looks to the opposite wall where a table is covered by a small cloth over what seems to be a moderately sized item underneath.

L. TRAEGER: “My darling wife, and all of you watching… this is the Logan Traeger presentation, special for Adrenaline 100. Now, babe, can you guess what it is?”

Stepping to the table, Logan holds his arms out in a gameshow style.

N. TRAEGER: “Knowing you? It could be just about anything.”

Natalie laughs a little bit as she also steps closer to the table while tapping one index finger up against her chin as if she was attempting to take a guess at what was hidden underneath of the cloth. She raises one eyebrow as she shifts her focus over towards her husband.

N. TRAEGER: “You are the master of surprises after all..”

L. TRAEGER: “That I am. But this… THIS… is a debut product that we will try for the first time. It’s said to be smooth, strong, and only served hot. Any guesses?”

N. TRAEGER: “I have a feeling this has a little something to do with your opponent here tonight…”

There is an amused expression on Natalie’s face as she waves her index finger back and forth in front of her husband.

N. TRAEGER: “Specifically something to do with her tag team name.”

With a look of excitement, Logan holds his index finger in the air.

L. TRAEGER: “Bingo! I present to you… Thot Chocolate!”

Pulling the cloth away, a coffee cup adorned with a Thot Chocolate sticker is shown, nestled inside of a less than flattering display with Cartier on it from a photoshoot where she apparently decided to drop it low for the camera, alluding to the beverage being shit.

L. TRAEGER: “Now, in the spirit of care, I’ll take the first sip and give my take, followed by you. Trust me on this.”

Logan picks the cup up and places the lid to his lips, tilting it back to take a drink. After a few pondering moments, he scratches his head.

L. TRAEGER: “Honestly, it is a perfect representation the namesake.”

Then he hands it off to his wife, smirking. Natalie takes the cup in one of her hands as she still appears to be amused by the current situation. She lifts the lid off from the cup briefly before shaking her head. She decides to make a big dramatic show out of taking a sip from the cup herself before handing it back to her husband.

N. TRAEGER: “It leaves a lot to be desired, not that I’m surprised.”

L. TRAEGER: “Leaves a lot to be desired, lacks any sensory activation, has no hit, and more importantly…”

Logan takes the cup and goes to throw the contents into the camera, only to reveal the cup is empty.

L. TRAEGER: “Nothing… nonexistent… empty. Just as void as Cartier’s chance at advancing over me tonight. It takes more than a Starbucks inspired logo and a pseudosexual tag affiliation to brand yourself a real star in this business. Just like naming yourself Cartier doesn’t make you valuable.”

L. TRAEGER: “I’ve clawed my way to this level of competition for years now. I’ve gone through trial and error, tested waters, suffered defeats, been held down, and even relegated while holding a top tier championship. But, after tonight, all that changes.”

Logan looks to the camera, full confidence in his eyes.

L. TRAEGER: “One hundred Adrenalines. Ninety nine was my genesis, one hundred becomes the new testament, and one hundred one will be the sounding of trumpets. I am the one, I am the next contender for the 4CW Championship. You need class, not loose ass. 4CW needs me, it needs this…”

Logan motions to his wife proudly.

L. TRAEGER: “It needs a face you can look to for inspiration, for strength… for higher standards. And that’s exactly what I bring. Second step, second completion, nothing will thwart my South Beach Brawl goals. That emptiness represents every word Cartier has spoken, every response to her attempts at humor, and quite frankly, it is an intimate glimpse into her future.”

L. TRAEGER: ““This is a match about skill, and I have the track record of possessing the most between us. Laughlin or Williams need a challenger worth their while. They need a wrestler who will take them to their limit, and you are looking at him.”

Natalie steps over towards her husband as she places one hand on his shoulder.

N. TRAEGER: “We didn’t come here to fail tonight, so why would we accept walking away empty handed without the victory, especially to someone like Cartier. It’s easy to be brash and flashy without being able to back it up, that’s why there’s so many imitations when it comes to jewelry, so many who get fooled into thinking they’ve bought a real diamond only to be faced with disappointment when they find out the truth. Cartier is just another cheap knockoff that’s going to have to deal with being a disappointment.”

As she is speaking, Natalie turns her attention over towards her husband, looking up at him with a smile on her face.

N. TRAEGER: “I’m right here by my husband’s side to support him every single step of the way as he sets his goal towards moving forward to face the 4CW champion. It’s about damn time that his talents go beyond what he’s had to deal with already and that he be recognized instead of forever pushed to the side. We make our own destiny after all.”

Nodding in full agreement, Logan inches closer into the camera, lowering his tone.

L. TRAEGER: “That’s one hundred percent correct. Our own destiny, our own gods, our own vision. This is a Traeger celebration, In Traeger We Trust. It’s what we eat, sleep, breathe, and thrive on. Cartier, I’m sending you back across the Brooklyn Bridge so you can shake your shit for ones and change. This is a high dollar buy in, no small money permitted at this table. LST reigns supreme here.”

And with that Logan takes Natalie’s hand, walking away from the camera as the scene fades.

Viduus was visibly angry. The Speaker tried calming him down even though Viduus was pacing back and forth like a caged animal.

SPEAKER: “I know brother. I know that you don’t deserve this. But perhaps it’s just that she has been a bit…”


Viduus slammed his hand down on the table in the middle of the room. Some of the food and drink on the table spilled over onto it harmlessly.

VIDUUS: “She does it with purpose. She does. I refuse to accept that she has no words for this. It has been over A MONTH since she found out. A MONTH. I don’t deserve some sort of response?”

The Speaker began to plead with Viduus.

SPEAKER: “Please brother…you must focus. You have to focus on round two tonight otherwise you’re doomed.”

Viduus scowled at his brother.

VIDUUS: “Lukas. What is it with these people lately? Everyone speaks of evolution as if they are trying to scrape any remnant of greatness they can from the words you and I deliver. Laughlin. Now Alicia. Trying to springboard her 4CW career off of MY back….her in crowd vocabulary and poor attempts at becoming one with that famed circle that everyone whispers about is the saddest thing I have seen here in quite some time. Pathetic…and yet…”

Without any warning whatsoever Viduus flipped the table sending food and drink flying onto the walls. He growled as he walked past the camera and kicked open the door disappearing to who knows where.


Only one will be making it out of this round… who will it be? The way Cartier is taking charge in this ring right now, it could very well be her. The Brooklyn Brawler puts her hand to great use and work against the powerhouse in front of her and shows him that he can tangle with the men in combat just as well as she tangles with women. No fear in the eyes of the bold woman as she takes Logan to task, those well placed punches to the face were by no means weak at all as she ducks his swing and comes up strong with an European Uppercut. The Legendary Muhammad Ali would be proud of Cartier from her fancy footwork as she tried to make sure she didn’t fall into a pattern that would have Logan picking up on it. But after a while, Logan ends up strong arming Cartier and stopping the blows she was throwing at him. Some of the fans oohed real loud from the way Logan put it down with that swinging side slam backbreaker. Logan knew what was at stake here and he didn’t come here tonight to advance onto the next round of the SBBC by taking it easy. He was going to give it to her just as good and not in the way she wanted it either. Many might say that Logan wasn’t a gentleman from how he refuses to give Cartier a break to rest as he finds his hands on her body with not staying away too long. As he pulls Cartier to her feet, she uses her weight against him to push herself forward with being gutsy and slamming her shoulder into his stomach. That gets him distracted for only a few seconds as he feels it in his abdomen but he wasn’t in any intense pain.

But a few seconds was all Cartier needed to hurry away and by the time he’s rising up from bending over, Cartier’s ass is in his face from Eat This Ass and then Logan is on his back. There was some booing from displeased male fans who wished that ass was in their face instead and felt that Logan was a lucky man…. until they remembered that this was a wrestling match and Cartier was trying to take the man out which led to them calming down a bit. Cartier gives her alot of distance away from Logan so that she can rush forward with a baseball slide as her feet connect roughly with the side of Logan’s face as he immediately grabs for it and rolls to his side with being in pain. Standing to her feet, she’s ready to wrap this match up but she reminds herself that she has to chill out and not rush it. Getting too eager could cause her everything and she was doing way too good right now to be trying to mess herself over. So instead of going for a pin, Cartier decides that it would be smart to just wait on it. Logan was still on the mat holding his face so Cartier saunters over to him with going for the splits leg drop when Logan’s free hand suddenly shoots up and grabs the back of Cartier’s right thigh just as she’s coming down and about to land on him, holding that leg in the air from coming down on him. Taking his hand away from the injured side of his face, he balls his fist and punches the hell out of the back of Cartier’s thigh once he removes the hand that was holding her in place.

He then hurriedly gets to his feet while she goes down, rolling around on the mat with both of her hands grabbing at the throbbing thigh while Logan hopes that her thigh was bruised from how hard her feet slammed into the side of his face. Not wasting anytime on wanting to mentally curse her from the baseball slide, he decided to just allow his actions to do the talking for him as he picks her up from the mat…. just to powerbomb her back down into that same spot he had just lifted her from. He does it a second time but making sure it was even harder from the first time before just letting her lay there. He finally leans down to pull her onto her feet but before he can attack, she’s already making moves with punching him repeatedly in the face with those sudden fast and impulsive swings. She gets a few good hits in until Logan puts a stop to that with grabbing the wrist of the fist she was using to drill into his face. Logan makes sure that he keeps a firm grip on her but knows that he can’t just stay like this for long because he knew that Cartier would find a way to force him to let go of her. So he decides to just try to end it all right here as Cartier begins to finally swing on him with her free hand and Logan ends up going for the Revelation and then the pin to get the 3 count.

WINNER: Logan Traeger via Pinfall (8:35)

In her own little corner of the backstage area yet again, we could find Alexis, sitting on wooden pallet reel, unlit cigarette in her hand. Of course, when the camera panned in on her? She crumbled up that Lucky Strike and tossed it to the side.

KENNEDY: “So, the former Ignition Champ thinks he’s gonna whoop my ass because I’m settling for just being Lil Miss Complacent, that I lack the ambition to be more than ‘just here’. Y’know, the usual bullshit that gets spewed, like the fact that Mr. Enlightenment’s Ass failed to notice that I actually quit smoking around the time I joined up with 4CW. Just, y’know, kept the pack on me ‘cause I like to torture myself.”

Snorting, the Brunette shook her head as she leaned back, crossing her legs at the knee.

KENNEDY: “He was right in some ways, when I first came here? I was ecstatic to win my first match by a gruesome fucking margin. When I got my first loss, I was happy that it didn’t kill me. Truth be told, I am kinda treadin’ water. It wasn’t until the tournament that it hit me. That I could do more than just sit around and survive. That I had a chance, a shot at making something of myself here. That, holy fuck, I could..”

She stopped herself, taking the time to take in a breath before continuing.

KENNEDY: “I want the belt. THE belt, not the one you somehow managed to get. I want the one that everyone aspires to get. You made it out like I had no aspirations. Yeah, at first, I didn’t. Now? Now I do. I’ve got nothing to lose in that ring and everything to fucking gain, DeMarcus. You’re gonna see that when you step in there with me. You’re gonna see just what I’m capable of.”

And like that, like always, she hopped off her seat, and moved to exit, stage left.


Those punches that were landing on DeMarcus’ chest did nothing but make the man chuckle in amusement. He couldn’t get over how overly hyped this woman was, 97 percent of the time by her own self and thought it was hilarious that she really believed in the rah rah praise she seemed to feed herself. But he decided that he would have to feed her humble pie tonight along with a stew of reality as he opened her eyes to what he felt people really thought of her. Josh Kennedy’s loudmouth sister who caused more eye rolls than smiles, DeMarcus really wasn’t bothered one bit because even the loudest noise could be quieted. A barking dog gets shushed with a muzzle, a cricket could easily get stepped on. But DeMarcus knew that a defeat wouldn’t shut Alexis up but he doubt she would be doing much talking for a while after he raises up off of her with his theme music blasting in her ears. Alexis doesn’t appreciate the look in DeMarcus’ eyes with him finding something funny and although DeMarcus was usually a serious person, you could notice the slight change in him as of late. One thing that didn’t change? His excellent in ring work as he reminded Alexis why he was called The Enlightened One. But it didn’t seem like Alexis really cared what anyone cared to call him as she quickly got on the defense with using her fists and feet to fight DeMarcus before he could use any of his power against her once again. When she finally got a bit of space between them, she attacks DeMarcus with a surprise Jumping DDT out of nowhere but DeMarcus is on the move as soon as his body hits the mat as he’s wrapping his hand around Alexis’ ankle and tugging with all of his might to get her to crash onto the mat.

Alexis definitely hadn’t been expecting that but do you think Alexis was about to lay there and think about what had just taken place?? Of course not! With a rush of energy, she kips up onto her feet and slams her foot down as hard as she can onto DeMarcus’ hand that was the closest to her. DeMarcus quickly pulls that hand back in a natural reaction from feeling the pain rush to his wrist and just wanting his hand out of the way in case the non sane woman decides to stomp down on it once again. Alexis allows him some recovery time but only because she enjoys the fact that he doesn’t get to his feet right away. She takes it as his hand being in alot of pain that she had initially expected it but not realizing that the always calculating DeMarcus was just allowing her to think that while he tried to come up with a few strategies. Once he rises to his feet, Alexis makes the first move but hadn’t seen it coming with DeMarcus suddenly wrapping his hands around her neck and squeezes the hell out of her throat. DeMarcus choking Alexis was just only a taste of how much DeMarcus was slowly changing. Sure, he had had his impulsive moments in the ring but to plan a strategy out only to completely push it out of his mind to go the impulsive route just wasn’t the usual DeMarcus way of doing things. But he had to admit, it felt good choking the mouthy girl but he finally lets up once he practically launches her away from him. Alexis’ back hits the ropes before her body hits the mat while DeMarcus seems pleased with himself.

But Alexis looks to wipe that positive expression off of his face with the back of her foot when she charges him and leaps into the air with a spinning back kick that elicited alot of surprised but pleased reactions from the kick that sent DeMarcus two stumbling backs from the impact of the kick. But he quickly pushed forward after stumbling back and had Alexis lifted up in the air with ready to slam her body into the mat so hard that she became embedded in it. But Alexis definitely wasnt for that and double kneed DeMarcus in the chin from hurriedly bringing her knees up in that quick attempt to halt the powerslam before it took place. Alexis lands agilely on her feet like a cat and taking three steps back, she gives herself some room from DeMarcus before hurrying forward with the FUM Kick as soon as DeMarcus lifted his head and she had that clear shot. He goes down, Alexis falls on top of him as her eyes watches the referee who quickly falls to begin the count that ends at 3.

WINNER: Alexis Kennedy via Pinfall (8:57)

The scene was busy with staff workers and superstars running around backstage. Eden Connors was spotted in the catering area while preparing some tea. Here and there other superstars were sitting at the tables, eating and talking. She didn’t pay any of them real attention until she spotted someone coming around the corner. Elijah Carlson.

Like always he had that highly satisfied grin on his face, his title resting over his shoulder. He didn’t bother greeting anyone when he came closer. He looked at her briefly with a dangerous grin forming on his face. Eden held on to her mug, the hot water almost burning her palm.

CARLSON: “How is your head?”

CONNORS: “How is your ego? Growing steadily?”

She replied not moving an inch.

CARLSON: “It’s not ego, Eden. It’s knowing my worth and my value. I’m assured of who I am and what I contribute, and have contributed, to this company. Even now when you look at me you know that’s the truth. In spite of what everyone else might tell you. In spite of all the well wishers, in spite of everyone telling you to keep your chin up and that everything is okay, you know that I’m the one out of all of those people who have been honest and straightforward with you. The only one.”

Clicking his tongue at her he rolled his eyes at her, so defensive from the get go.

CARLSON: “You act like every fight you enter into is the fight of your life. Like it all has the same meaning, because that’s what has been pounded into your head. Well, at least it was until MY North American Championship came crashing into it. Maybe now you finally see things for what they actually are. Every person isn’t the same. Every person doesn’t carry the same value. One match isn’t as important as any other. Maybe now you get that. If you do, you’re already doing better than my opponent tonight.”

The smile that had formed on his face faded for a moment and the look in his eye became much more serious than it had before.

CARLSON: “But make no mistake about it, Eden. Any dreams of glory you might have at my expense? Put them to bed. Because this championship? It’s staying right where it is until I decide it’s time to move on.”

Every inch of her body screamed to go into attacking mode, but she didn’t. Instead Eden put the tea down and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Her eyes serious, although there was a little grin on her face.

CONNORS: “I will give you credit, Elijah. Because I think you are a right about certain things, even though I don’t agree with your methods. You opened my eyes about people in this industry. You shown me, in your own way, how fickle this business really is. And how ego driven most of the players are. I also admit that you are right about my beliefs and morals. That I give respect to all kind of people, making every match my best match. Because the truth is this, everything gets better when it’s personal.”

Eden’s grin grew a little wider while she looked at him intensively. Observing him.

CONNORS: “But the more you think you are right, the more you seem to go wrong. Because at the end of the day you know nothing about me. You put a label on me, while you complain that people put a label on you. Yeah, I am still the new kid. Yeah, I still haven’t made it big. And yeah, I am everything that you are not. But my friend, I am also a fighter. Like it or not, I have shown that every fucking day since I signed with the company. And while you still look at me like I am nothing more than a bug, I will prove you wrong. This has nothing to do with your title, Elijah. It doesn’t even have to do with your attitude in the end.”

Her expression turned into a full smile.

CONNORS: “But everything with who I wanna be and what I wanna do. I know you don’t feel threatened, but I warned you. I will come the moment you least expect me. Not for your title. Not for your reputation. But for you.”

Sarcastically, Eli laughed in her face and waved his hand at her dismissively.

CARLSON: “The more things change, the more they stay the same. You had an opportunity to take what I did to you and learn from it. To become something better than the wide eyed, smile at everything, boring ass idiot. Everything about you that’s different now is just surface level nonsense. Underneath that scowl is still the same rah rah cheerleader bullshit.”

With a shrug he turned his back to her and began to walk away.

CARLSON: “You can come for me all you want. I can close my eyes, turn my back to you, and you still wouldn’t have what you need to do anything but fall short of your own overblown expectations for yourself. And that’s fine. That’s who you’ve decided to be. Who am I to stop you from selling yourself short?”

Laughing, he waved as he trounced off down the hallway, looking over his shoulder one last time in her direction.

CARLSON: “Good luck tonight, Eden. I’m sure you’ll need every ounce of it you can get.”

CONNORS: “What good did luck ever do anyone, Eli? I will be just fine. Have a good night, champion.”

She gave him a bright smile before grabbing her tea. Giving him a last look before walking past him.

The camera cuts backstage to the temporary office of the night belonging to Perry Wallace. The door is open as the camera can clearly see inside. Sitting behind the desk with his feet propped up on top, Perry has his cellphone held to his ear. His tone isn’t too pleasant. Something has him angry. Not like he had to deal with the hassle of a metal detector put in place to set him up earlier in the show.

WALLACE: ”I’m tired of holding! I’ve been on hold for the past twenty minutes!”

Rolling his eyes, he leans his head back against the backrest of the chair. A few moments of silence pass.


Still holding.

His eyes brighten as he quickly pulls his feet down from the desk and leans up to it, resting his elbows onto the top. Holding the phone to his ear with one hand, he massages his temple with his other hand.

WALLACE: ”Oh? You can finally connect me to someone over there who knows what the fuck is going on? Thank you so much!”

He says in a sarcastic tone. A soft cough is heard from the other side of the room. Perry glances over as if he’s in trouble. Shrugging his shoulders, he acts as if he’s clearly not in the wrong for his attitude.

WALLACE: ”Hold again?! Are you fucking serious right now!?”

He listens to whoever is on the other end for a short moment before cutting them off in mid sentence.

WALLACE: ”Look it. I don’t know who you need to talk to over there but someone in production or whoever oversees 4CW on Showtime needs to call me back ASAP! I needs answers!”

Listening to the other end, he grows angrier and angrier by the second.

WALLACE: ”I told you earlier what I need answers for! I need to know who over there thought it would be a great idea to bring Tedmund Montgomery over here to raise my fucking blood pressure!”

He listens to the other person on the phone call for a brief moment, clearly not pleased with the information he’s being told.

WALLACE: ”TEDMOND MONTGOMERY!!! If you guys want us to tone it down over here just come to me direct. Don’t send him over here to turn this into a goddamn Disney special!”

More listening. More being irritated at what’s being said to him.

WALLACE: ”Are you fuc–“

A dumbfounded look comes over his face as he pulls the phone away from his ear and looks at the screen.

WALLACE: ”They hung up on me! This is unbelievable! I need a drink.”

Tossing his phone on top of the desk, Perry pushes himself back in the chair before standing up to his feet. Still rubbing his temple, he walks over to the mini bar set up in the corner of the office, something which he personally requests for each and every show. He grabs a glass from the top and looks around in confusion.

WALLACE: ”What the fuck?”

No bottles are in sight on top of the mini bar. Just empty glasses and a bowl of fruit. Kneeling down, Perry opens the cabinet underneath only to be taken off guard as he falls backwards to a seated position on the floor.

WALLACE: ”I’m going to kill that man.”

Inside the cabinet is nothing but bottles of water, not a single drop of liquor in sight.

WALLACE: ”I thought Boston was bad. They’ve sent Tedmund here to ruin my life.”

Walking over beside him, his fiancé Antonia Patton places a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

PATTON: ”Maybe it’s just a coincidence? Everything is going to be okay.”

He reaches up and places his hand over hers.

WALLACE: ”That’s easy for you to say. The one thing that keeps me calm when people want to test my nerves has been taken away from me and it’s all because of Tedmund Montgomery.”

PATTON: ”Tonight is a huge night for 4CW. Just enjoy the moment for what it is, with a clear state of mind.”

He looks up to Antonia with a sad look on his face.

WALLACE: ”What would I do without you?”

Standing to his feet, Perry embraces Antonia with a hug, holding his face down onto her shoulder. It wasn’t that bad, not like it was the end of the world or anything. He was going to have to deal with Tedmund head on, unlike him that time he blocked Perry for being mean to him online.


It’s still a mystery how this match was even booked to begin with. Two on one, two new best friends against a monster of a man with an infatuation for putting his fingers down people’s throats. Moxie has tasted them before, but with the help of Riley tonight hopefully she doesn’t taste them once again. The two women spread apart, going to opposite sides of Octavius but keeping a nice distance between them and him. Although it was two of them in the ring, his manager extraordinaire couldn’t get involved even if he wanted to without getting the match thrown. All he could do is stand on the outside yelling as loud as he could and enjoy the view of the two young ladies. Octavius went for Riley first, chasing her into the corner. It looked bad for her as she had nowhere to go with him closing in. From behind, Moxie rushed in unnoticed, smashing him over the back with a double axe-handle. If anything it annoyed him rather than hurt Octavius as he turned to face her with an irritated look on his face. Taking a slow step towards Moxie, he forced her to back off, leaving Riley unattended behind him which turned out to be a mistake as she climbed the corner and went to the skies. Flying through the air, she connected with a flying knee to the back of Octavius’ head, knocking him forward into forearm smash to the face as Moxie jumped to connect with the crucial blow. It wasn’t enough to knock him off his feet, but it stunned him briefly. Joining arms, Moxie and Riley charged straight for him, connecting with a double clothesline that finally put the big man down on his back.

It was clearly obvious that despite it being two on one, Octavius had a huge size advantage over the ladies. They knew if they were going to have a shot at beating the big man they had to keep him grounded where he could do the least amount of damage possible. Positioning Octavius to an upright seated position, Moxie kneel down behind him, locking in a rear choke hold. With Moxie holding him in place, Riley remained on her feet. Alternating feet, she kicked Octavius in the head multiple times as he sat helpless, losing air from Moxie choking him out. Taking a few steps back, Riley then rushed in, connecting with a buzzsaw kick that knocking his head away from Moxie’s hold as he completely went down to the mat. A loud howling scream was heard from the outside as Wrigley worried for his client and the double team assault he was victim to. Up to her feet, Moxie rushed to the corner, quickly climbing to the top. As she looked on from above, Riley hit the ropes across the ring and raced back towards Octavius, flipping forward through the air and connecting with a running senton. As she rolled off of him, Moxie leaped away from the corner into the air as high as she could, coming down with a brutal double foot stomp from the stop rope to Octavius’ chest. Dropping down to cover him, Moxie went for the pin but was immediately bench pressed and tossed aside before the official could even make a two count.

Octavius began to push himself up as the ladies gathered together and quickly began discussing a game plan. Once Octavius made it to one knee, Moxie broke away from Riley and charged right for him, connecting with a running big boot to the face that still didn’t put Octavius back down to the mat. He continued to push himself up completely and rushing in once more, Moxie came in from behind, jumping into the air and planting both feet to his back with a drop kick. Stumbling forward, Octavius fell straight into Riley as she jumped as high as she could, wrapping both legs around his head. She went backwards as if going for a hurricanrana but Octavius wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back up and holding her up for a few moments with her legs around his head. Taking a few steps forward, he planted her to the mat with all of his strength with a powerbomb! Riley rolled back and forth in pain as Octavius looked down at her in anger. From behind, Moxie snuck in, hitting him in the back of the head with a jumping forearm smash. Octavius slowly turned around to face her, leaving his head exposed as Moxie lit him up with another forearm smash to the face as he finally faced her. He was dizzy, struggling to see straight after the direct hit to the face from Moxie. Bursting forward, she jumped into the air, throwing her head forward and connecting with a headbutt that knocked him off balance. Waving his arms around, Octavius kept himself standing as he slowly regained his balance. Moxie began to grow frustrated that Octavius wouldn’t go down. Yelling as loud as she could, she charged him once more, this time hitting him with the hardest forearm smash yet! As she connected, Octavius stumbled backwards where Riley was in perfect position to pull him down with a quick roll up. Moxie even joined in to help Riley keep him down but Octavius kicked out at the two count, sending both ladies rolling to the mat away from him.

The three raced back to their feet, Octavius making it to his last. Before he could even get ready, Moxie and Riley rushed him, going for another double clothesline that was instantly broken up as Octavius exploded forward, wiping them out with a clothesline of his own that split the two apart. Riley took the blunt of the impact. Moxie quickly popped back to her feet as Octavius turned his attention to Riley as she remained down. She rushed in from the side, hitting Octavius over the shoulder with a double axe-handle. Reaching her arm over his head, she went to lock in another choke hold but was thrown back as Octavius threw her off with his arm. Now focused on Moxie, Octavius began to go after her, slowly chasing her around the ring and allowing Riley time to start pushing herself back up. Swinging at Moxie, Octavius missed as she ducked underneath and stepped in behind him. She quickly reached back to grab his head for a neckbreaker but before she could execute, Octavius reached over his shoulders with both hands to grab her. Holding onto her arm, he whipped his body around, slinging her around as well and sending her crashing into the corner. She hit the corner hard, stumbling out of it and into her worst nightmare! Shoving his fingers into Moxie’s mouth, Octavius had her in his Descent into Madness. She fought to break away from him but he forced his fingers as deep into her throat as he possible could. Kicking her legs and pulling at his arm, she continued to struggle to break free but he was useless. From the side, Riley rushed in to save her, attacking Octavius with fierce punches. He wouldn’t release Moxie though. Reaching out with his other hand, Octavius went for Riley’s mouth. She immediately closed her mouth as his hand spread over her face. Pulling at his arm and pulling her head back, Riley fought to break away from him. With Riley pulling back, Octavius pushed her head back, releasing her and sending her stumbling backwards to the ropes where she went up and over, spilling to the outside of the ring. In his other hand, Moxie’s struggle was barely existent as her legs seemed to give out from under her. Dropping to one knee, Octavius allowed her body to collapse to the mat and in a matter of seconds she was slapping his arm to finally submit.

WINNER: Octavius Kreig via Submission (10:51)

Brennan sat on the ground doing his meditation prior to the match, eyes closed as he seemed to drift off into an eerie calm. Only to open his eyes…

DEVLIN: ”Riley Savell, what a fat bitch…”

A fellow walking by stopped to look at him in confusion.

RANDOM GUY: “How did you know she was just on, there’s no TV here?”

DEVLIN: ”Oh? She was? Weird coincidence, her being fat just sort of came to me. Somehow I’ve always known.”

The gentleman seemed confused and wandered off, leaving Devlin sitting on the ground. He looked up into the camera, a smile appearing.

DEVLIN: ”Kaelan, I know we’re facing each other tonight and… I do legitimately feel for you. What I’m going to have to do, it’s not going to be great, sweetheart. It’s not, and I get it, you want this to be the big comeback, where you get up from everything that’s hit you and survive. It’s cute, it is.”

He dusted off his tights and stood up.

DEVLIN: ”But in my time away, I learned you don’t always get what you want. You have to take it. All you’ve done is talk about what you deserve because you’ve struggled lately, what you think you’ve earned because you had a hard time… You didn’t earn shit and when it’s all said and done? The only thing you’ll be able to say is you committed career suicide along with your other attempts in the past.”

Brennan pulled on his jacket as he walked down the hall, whistling a jaunty tune.

DEVLIN: ”Toodles, Kaelan. You’ll be dealt with, really, really soon…”

Soon, Brennan was out of sight as we fade into the next part of the show.

As we head back to the ring, an angry, worked up Freedumb is now in the ring, microphone in his hand and pacing back and forth with an angry look on his face.

JOHNSON: “What is all this, now?”

VASSA: “Apparently, someone gave Freedumb a microphone.”

FREEDUMB: “I’m sick of this!”


FREEDUMB: “It’s been 100 episodes and I can’t take any more of this bullshit!”


FREEDUMB: “I’m going to start changing making an impact around here, and it’s start’s tonight!”

More boos

FREEDUMB: “So tonight, give me ANYBODY! That’s right! I’m having an open challenge! Right here! Right now!”

Freedumb tosses the microphone down and eagerly begins to stretch and yell, motioning for someone to come down the entrance.

JOHNSON: “Freedumb has issued the open challenge”

VASSA: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it just goes unanswered.”


VASSA: “Because no one cares are Freedumb.”

JOHNSON: “Good Point.”

There is a long period of silence before “The Touch” begins over the PA system.


VASSA: “It can’t be…”

Soon enough, Roxi Johnson herself parts the curtain, a huge smile on her face as the fans erupt in cheers.


VASSA: “I can’t believe it!”

Roxi walks down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans and then climbing up on the apron, looking into the crowd who are very happy to see her.

JOHNSON: “She’s answering the challenge it looks like.”

Roxi does indeed enter the ring, squaring up to Freedumb who is angry and trying to quiet the crowd down.


“ROX-I!!! ROX-I!!! ROX-I!!!”

The music has cut out by this point and Freedumb is pacing and still quite upset.

FREEDUMB: “You want some of this?! Ring the bell!”

JOHNSON: “Is this a match?”

VASSA: “Looks like it!”


The bell does indeed sound, and Freedumb charges, swingingly wildly for a clothesline that Roxi ducks, and she hits the ropes, leaps back, and connects with the Ray Of Hope on Freedumb, sending him crashing to the mats.


Roxi shrugs, and makes the cover!


JOHNSON: “And Roxi wins!”

VASSA: “So much for making an impact there, Freedumb.”

Freedumb rolls from the ring as Roxi gets her hand raised. Her music starts again and she celebrates the easy win, but after a few moments, she asks for the microphone.

JOHNSON: “It’s… it’s good to be home.”



JOHNSON: “I figured I’d stop by and help celebrate 100 episodes of Adrenaline, and I figured, it’s only appropriate, since I was in the very first Adrenaline main event!”


JOHNSON: “It’s been a long time, and I wanted to say congratulations to Perry Wallace and everyone who helped make the 4CW journey a possibility. Now, I know there are some names you may not remember, and some names that I probably can’t drop right here, so I’ll just say, it took every single person who ever stepped foot in this ring to make it all happen.”


JOHNSON: “And you know, the last time I was here, was the Frenzy, and before that it was the two year anniversary. And I remember saying that I would pop in from time to time, because this in my life, were, and are different than they were back then. But you know, just coming out here, and being with you guys again, it’s a great feeling, and I missed it. And I don’t want to leave you guys waiting for another 100 shows before I showed back up again. In fact, I’m not sure I want to wait another show, period.”

Cheers at the hint dropped.

JOHNSON: “Is she…?”

JOHNSON: “So, having said that, there are some minor things that need to be worked out beforehand, but I WILL be in Miami soon, and I will be back in this ring, at South Beach Brawl!”

Wild cheers.

JOHNSON: “So as we celebrate 100 episodes of Adrenaline, I look forward to seeing many, many more, and all the new faces who are keeping 4CW the place to be. Thank you, and I’ll see you all in South Beach!”

With that, “The Touch” starts again, and Roxi hands the microphone over before waving to the fans and taking a home to kiss the canvas as sign of respect before departing.

JOHNSON: “Can you believe that?! Roxi is back in 4CW and she’s going to wrestle at South Beach Brawl!”

VASSA: “It’s Amazing! What else could happen tonight 100 episodes in?!”

The cameras are backstage and find Kaelan Laughlin leaning against a wall. She looks both ways down the hallway. Keeping her back firmly against the wall. She sees the camera and smiles.

LAUGHLIN: “Tonight is make or break for me. Either I win big or I go home empty handed. Either way? I’m going out there and giving this my all. I’m not going to make excuses if I lose. Brennan Devlin will have just proved he was the better wrestler on this night, but I’m not going out there with the thought of what’s going to happen when I lose, because I don’t believe I’m losing.”

Kaelan pushed herself off the wall and clapped her hands together as if she was dusting them off. Watching them for a moment before looking back up at the camera.

LAUGHLIN: “No tonight. I’m confident I’m walking out with the win, and I’m not looking towards the what if I lose. No I’m looking forward to what happens when I win. I’m going onwards and I will have only one obstacle left standing in my way from main eventing South Beach Brawl. Nothing would make me happier. To prove all the haters and the doubters wrong. You see. So many of you people want to see me fail, that it is more motivating than any other nasty thing anyone could ever say about me to make sure I am successful.”

Kaelan clenched her jaw and shook her head with a smirk.

LAUGHLIN: “So tonight Brennan Devlin. I believe faced with someone else you would be going on with another victory. I believe you have the talent to go the distance, but only if you face someone of weaker will than what I possess. You want to beat me because you’re greedy. So many people come into this company and let their greed consume them and I’ve watched as inevitably every single one of them gets humbled and brought down to earth real quick. I’m your wake up call, and when I’m done with you? I’m going to the next round to make an even bigger example of the next poor sap that has the unfortunate luck of standing in my way. The time for talking is done. I’m ready and Brennan if you aren’t? I suggest you pull your head out of your own ass and get ready, because I’m coming and I’m not stopping until you’re out for the three or tapping the mat and begging for mercy.”

Kaelan waved to the camera as she saw her husband Bryan start walking towards her. She waved the camera off as she headed in his direction letting the scene fade to black.


Alicia Lukas comes out swinging by rushing at the bigger Viduus Morta and feigning a kick but going with a low dropkick. Lukas makes him stumble but keeps attacking the leg with low muay thai styled kicks that seem to hurt Viduus. Lukas attacks his leg and hits another low dropkick to his other leg to bring Viduus to his knees. Lukas bounces off the ropes to deliver a Leaping Clothesline only for Viduus to stand up at the last moment to hit Lukas with a big scoop slam. Viduus keeps his hold on Lukas and picks her up off the ground to drop her onto his knee and pushes down on her neck and legs to stretch her back. He drops Lukas down to arrogantly pin her but she kicks out immediately.

Viduus keeps kicking Lukas down every time she gets up until she reaches the ropes. She holds onto them to deliver a kick to his knee. Viduus stumbles back and she jumps on the second rope and turns to finally drop him with a Crossbody. Lukas immediately runs the ropes to kick him in the back. She keeps running to deliver a PK to his face. Lukas jumps on him for the pin but Viduus throws her off of him after a two count.

Viduus goes on the attack now but Lukas avoids every attack hoping to tire Viduus out and make it to the next stage but Viduus catches her with a big boot after she tries her luck at a Slingblade. Viduus picks Lukas up for a Brainbuster and holds her upside down for almost twenty seconds before slamming her down. Lukas rolls out of the ring as Viduus smiles in the ring and gloats to the fans. He doesn’t seem to care how Lukas comes back into the ring beside him and hits a Missile Dropkick. Viduus takes it on the chest and backs up into the corner and smiles at her again.

This makes Lukas angry as she rushes him again and pummels him with forearms and elbows. Viduus pushes her back hard and she falls on the back of her neck but rolls back. Lukas runs at him again with another Missile Dropkick that makes Viduus bounce off the turnbuckle and Lukas hits Blonde Ambition. Viduus falls and Lukas goes to the top. She jumps off to hit the Frog Splash. With the momentum on her side, Lukas picks Viduus up for The Georgia Drop. Viduus comes to and shifts off her back while hooking her arms with his leg and arm to drop her on her head. Viduus hits the ropes and hits the Soul Reaper sending Lukas flying to the ropes. Lukas holds on to stay in the ring. She goes for a Roaring Elbow but there is too little behind it as Viduus dodges it and hits the Awakening. He falls onto her for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Viduus Morta via Pinfall (13:25)

We fade in on a close-up of a custom San Francisco 49ers jersey—“Adrenaline” in the namespace, 100 for the jersey number. The camera pulls back to reveal who’s wearing it, and—big shock here—it’s “The Revolution” A.J. Morales, standing just outside gorilla position. He pivots around for a 180 spin to face the camera.

MORALES: “What’s good, Columbia?”

As always, the crowd receives A.J. warmly.

MORALES: “This 100th episode’s living up to the hype so far, am I right?”

It’s a shameless cheap pop, and the crowd knows it, but they give it to him anyway.

MORALES: “Haha…well, hey, if y’all think it’s been good so far, just wait, ‘cause we’re gonna kick it to a whole ‘nother level. I’m talking contender versus contender, high-flyer versus high-flyer, A.J. Morales…versus Eden Connors.”

Morales stops for a second and turns to face someone off-camera, most likely his manager, who tosses him his black leather entrance jacket. A.J. puts it on as he keeps talking.

MORALES: “Now, Eden, I like some of what I saw from you earlier tonight. I like that you didn’t back down when Eli came around and started gloating. But let’s get one thing straight…I’ve never pretended like I’m the ultimate paragon of virtue. I’ve never asked anybody to worship me. All I’ve ever done is come down to that ring in a técnico state of mind—fight clean, fight hard, give people their money’s worth—and let the results speak for themselves. And if somebody thinks that means they can screw me over or get in some cheap shots, I don’t just talk about getting even—I actually do it.”

There’s a faint “Oooooh…” from the crowd as they recognize the shade in A.J.’s voice.

MORALES: “You can play the enlightened centrist wrestler all you want, you can pretend I’m just as bad as the people I tend to make enemies with, but no amount of skewed framing is gonna change the facts, and no amount of training in the forest is gonna prepare you for what’s about to happen in that ring. So you better brace yourself, ‘cause when you ask for a war with the Revolution…”

A.J. kisses his right ring knuckle.

MORALES: “…you get one.”

A.J. gives the camera a fist bump, then turns around again and walks through the curtains, ready for the fight to come…


AJ Morales starts off asking for a handshake. Eden Connors reluctantly shakes his hand but as Morales is about to break off she pulls him in for a staredown and lets fo. Morales nods and laughs it off. They circle each other and from the moment they tie up they engage in a flash sequence of wrist locks, flips, and arm drags. They finish up hitting simultaneous dropkicks and flipping to attention as the fans cheer.

Morales hits Conners with a few knife edge chops to bring her to the corner and throws her hard to the opposite corner that he falls and she crashes into the turnbuckles. She stumbles back and Morales hits a quick german suplex before flipping back over her and deadlifting her into another. He bridges for a quick pin attempt but Connors kicks out. Morales goes for a Fujiwara Armbar in the middle of the ring. Connors struggles to get to the ropes as the ref watches her closely for a tap. She inches closer and closer to the ropes. She gets a hold on them. Morales gets off but keeps a hold of her arm in a wrist lock. Connors uses the ropes to flip over releasing the pressure on her arm and falls dragging Morales out of the ring. Connors goes up to the top at the corner.

Connors turns as Morales gets up off the ground and hits a Diving Moonsault to the outside to land on a standing Morales. She shows him no mercy as she picks him up and locks in 22 Seconds. The ref goes out to get her to stop but she yells at him to go away. Morales has nowhere to go so the ref goes back into the ring and starts counting them out. At the five second mark, Morales gets up and throws them both into the barricades making Connors hit hard. Morales spills into the ring at 8. Connors follows soon after to save herself as well.

Morales ups the momentum seeing his opponents intensity and hits a Spinning Backfist to the back of Connor’s head as she gets up. He picks her up and hits an Exploder Suplex. He waits for Connors to rise and hits a Fuckin’ Slayerrrr kicking her on the back of the head again. Connors slumps down. Morales is feeling it and he looks at his fist and at Connors. He kisses his right ring knuckle as Connors uses the ropes to get up. He flies at her for the Liberator but Connors falls pulling the top rope down. Morales’ superman punch makes him fly over the top rope but he catches himself and lands on the apron. Connors screams and runs at the corner to hit a Springboard Missile Dropkick over the top ropes to send Morales crashing onto the floor. Connors flies at him from the apron to knock him down with a flying Single Leg Dropkick.

Connors throws Morales into the ring as he rolls in and tries to get his wits about him. Morales attempts to get up but Connors runs at him and hits The EC and wipes him out. She stays on top of him for the pin.

WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (13:45)

Backstage, DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez paces around in a hallway, nothing but the white brick walls around him, the occasional equipment crates set behind him, and the quiet murmur of the rest of the arena. Already in his wrestling gear with his leather jacket slung on his shoulders, its hood covering his head as he looks down, Mariano is shaking his head slowly, with a tired sigh. After his motion comes to a halt, he looks up, straight to the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “Yet again, I saw this coming. Yet again, after people having seeing all that they’ve seen, after having done all I said I would do, the same old excuses just keep appearing. It’s ALMOST like people are so complacent in their own worldview that everything that doesn’t fit in it fails to register. Like they simply can’t accept that a lot of things have changed. Unfortunately, our own North American Champion ain’t one of those things, right mang?”

Mariano nods this time, his visible sarcasm plastered on that mocking Trollface of his lips.

FERNANDEZ: “What have I been saying all this time, Eli? What have I said you would do? Not only have you had to go back to three, two YEARS ago, because you know that no matter how much you downplay the tag team tournament and Dakota you can’t take away anything I’ve done, no – now you have to take pages of other people’s books in an attempt to get in my head. Please regurgitate some more about my mental strength, please tell the world more about how I’m mentally fragile, how there’s not an OUNCE of force behind me, as Williams and Marquis did before they stopped caring – My GOD, Eli, it’s almost like you failed to see the irony in that! So hard did Tommy and I break the Sadboiz they didn’t even have the will to fight the next battle, but I’M the mentally fragile one!”

Mariano clasps both hands together, and takes them to the back of his head, as if he’d just made a grave mistake – though the loud, rumbling laughter that comes out of his lips makes the joke evident. However, his mirth doesn’t last long. As he pulls his hood back, letting his GLORIOUS soccer mom hair flutter, his face abruptly shows that hardened, ferocious scowl – the face of a crusader imbued by righteous fury.

FERNANDEZ: “For fuck’s sake, Elijah, how the FUCK do you think I got to where I am? How the fuck do you think I stayed in this company for longer than you have? Forty matches, Eli. Fucking FORTY, compared to your twenty-six, and that’s not counting tag ones. Lots of things happened in that period of time and now, at the 100th episode of Adrenaline, I’m able to stand here and tell the world I have got the credentials to show for all the time I’ve spent, all punishment I have endured, and I DARE any living man or woman to attempt to discredit that as anything but a testament to my mental strength.”

Mariano points to both belts draped upon each shoulder – his half of the 4CW Tag Team Titles on the left, and the 4CW Pride Title on the right.

FERNANDEZ: “I dare you to make a claim like that, Eli, especially after the year and a half you took off from 4CW after losing the 4CW Title. I may have felt the need to leave, but here’s the thing – I was only away for HALF your time. Before leaving, I had been in 4CW for a FULL year. And when I won the Pride Title, it became another FULL year that I’ve been with this company. So try again, Eli. Let’s see you try to call me a fraud again after knowing all of that. I dare you to call me a god damned scavenger again – because of course Bronx and you weren’t scavenging before losing to the god damned Sadboiz, oh no, Emperor forbid that. You both had that easy shot – that tournament was god damned yours, the world was fucking yours to take! But Bronx quickly fell into mediocrity, and now he’s fucking gone. You know what’s not gone? Tommy and I’s number one contenders. The open challenge all of us have made – for people to come try to take these titles as the both of you have failed to do. Look back on that, Eli. Look back on that and I DARE you once again to call me anything. Just try it, chico. Just give it a god damned TRY.”

Mariano’s stare hardens even more, and so does his voice – the voice of the executioner before letting the axe fall.

FERNANDEZ: “And try, most of all, saying AGAIN that I haven’t earned shit. Like the Sadboiz and Dakota before you that’s been thrown at me, and I was VERY quick to prove them wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt, wasn’t I? Same with the shit about Andre Holmes – we KNOW, Eli, god damned if I know, it was Fright Night god damned 2018. THAT’s how far you have to go, as has everyone before you, and to them all I say the same thing: that’s where the road to where I am now began. Not from copying anything or anyone before me, but from evolving in MY own way. Not yours. Not Bronx’s. Not anyone but my god damned own, and that’s why people come to watch me. Want me to name examples? Did they come to see Bronx retain, or me beat him? Did they come to see the Sadboiz win, or Tommy and I retain? Did they come to see Dakota retain, or me finally defeat him? Who do you THINK they come to see this match for, Eli? What do you IMAGINE they want to see happen here?”

Mariano throws his hands this time, cocking his head to the side for a second, letting the weight of the question fall.

FERNANDEZ: “Again, a rhetorical question, we all know the answer. They come to see ME beating you after all this time, and all the times we’ve faced before, either here in the Corners Four or elsewhere. They come to see you get what’s coming to you after everything you’ve done- and it JUST so happens that duty’s fallen to the person best suited to do that job – because, one more time, those victories? They weren’t just the titles. They weren’t just about proving myself. They were about vengeance. Justice. Retribution. All of those things, and more, and I have delivered them all. THAT’S what sets me apart from everyone else who’s faced you. That’s the answer to the question you asked. And now, my friend, it’s YOUR turn. Long have you managed to evade it, but the time is now come – for no war is more important, nor any more meaningful, than a righteous crusade. And now is finally the time to show you exactly what the god damned word means.”

After this, Manny motions to leave, but he turns around to the camera one more time.

FERNANDEZ: “Oh, and one more thing, Eli. Know that I don’t want your forgiveness, for I have no regrets. Before this moment I used to look back, and believe there were many things I should not have done – many sins for which I had to atone. And looking back from where I stand now? I should never have had. I’ve been exactly what I said I would be. Heroism and valor? They’re there. People see them. People have seen them before, and people will continue to see them until the time comes when I must hang up the boots and walk away from it all. And even then, I will have no regrets. Wait, scratch that. I do have one regret, after all.”

With one finger raised, Mariano makes another pause. He clenches his fist, and slams it against his palm.

FERNANDEZ: “After we’re done here tonight, I regret that your wife will not see her children’s father watch them grow. Because after you and I are done, you’re not even going to cry for forgiveness.”

Mariano leans into the camera, the tip of his nose almost touching the lens.

FERNANDEZ: “Once this Champions Showcase is on, Elijah Carlson, you’re gonna die SCREAMING.”

And finally, Mariano turns around and walks away, the last shot of the camera of the leather jacket on his back, as the camera cuts back to the ring.


Brennan Devlin sort of starts off the match as he locks up and disengages with Kaelan Laughlin over and over until Laughlin catches him with a few palm strikes and a Snap Suplex. Devlin leaves the ring and waves off the fans as he takes a breather. Kaelan screams at him to get into the ring. She loses her patience and goes out to get him. Devlin promptly gets back in the ring and hits a few stomps all over Kaelan when she tries to follow. Devlin works on Kaelan slowly and methodically attacks her back and neck with a few backbrakers and neckbreakers. He slows the pace down again with a facelock.

Kaelan gets back into the match by punching Devlin in the midsection before rolling out of the hold and hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex. She hits another one and stomps in Devlin in the same manner he did to her before turning to the fans and letting out a Warrior cry.

Devlin tries to stand but Kaelan runs at him to hit a knee lift. She tries to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf but Devlin squirms free and kicks her to the ropes. Devlin hits a German Suplex as she bounces back then bounces off himself to hit a running boot as Kaelan sits up. Devlin drags Kaelan up by the hair to the corner. He pulls her up by the hair to make her look at the fans. He smashes her head against the second turnbuckle and displays her again yelling at her to look at her adoring fans being concerned. He yells that she was letting them down before smashing her head against the turnbuckle again and again. Devlin throws her down into the corner and walks to the opposite corner.

Devlin thusts his pelvia at Kaelan then runs at her for a Bronco Buster. As he jumps, Kaelan rushes him and tackles him down. She rages and punishes him with some mounted punches. She leaves Devlin in ruins in the middle of the ring and goes to the top rope. Kaelan jumps off for a Diving Headbutt but Devlin avoids it by inches and scrambles over her to lock in the Face Turn!

Kaelan struggles to get out of the hold. She tries to reach the ropes with her legs but let’s Devlin pull as hard as he can so that she can knee him in the back. Devlin is stunned so she knees him a few more times. Devlin doesn’t let go but this allows her to roll him over on to his shoulders. The ref counts but Devlin kicks out.

Kaelan stays close and hits the Going Out In Style to bring Devlin down. They both lie on the mat trying to get it together to finish the match. Kaelan gets up first but Devlin is quick to follow. They trade elbows and chops. Devlin hits a dropkick but Kaelan bounces off the ropes and hits a running axe handle. Kaelan calls for Devlin to get back up. He does and turna. Kaelan lunges at him to hit From Belfast With Love but Devlin suddenly drops to one knee avoiding the superkick. Then he jumps up to hit Kaelan with the Face Time! Kaelan’s head bounces off the mat as he stomps it down and Devlin pins. He holds her legs up as the ref counts the win.

WINNER: Brennan Devlin via Pinfall (14:36)

The scene cuts back to ringside where we find Perry Wallace standing in the center of the ring with a mic in his hand. Joining him is his fiancé, Antonia Patton. For once he actually appears to be sober. Good thing for the viewers at home as he might not ramble on and on putting everyone to sleep. Tonight is a big night. One hundred episodes of Adrenaline. Some would say one hundred too many, even Perry, but here we are. Five years later and 4CW has reached yet another milestone in its history that most places don’t ever see a tenth of. He paces the ring, looking over the crowd in his custom tailored suit looking fly as fuck. Your mother’s probably watching at home now doing unmentionables to herself but that isn’t the point here. He has something else in mind for now that doesn’t involve burying his face between the legs of the woman standing in the ring with him. At least not yet anyway.

WALLACE: ”Good evening Columbia, South Carolina!”

Typically he would receive nothing but boos from the hometown crowd no matter where they were but tonight was different. They actually cheered at the recognition.

WALLACE: ”Tonight is a huge night for 4CW and I want to thank each and every one of you here tonight for helping make this possible. I want to thank those out there in TV land watching. Just like our five year anniversary, one hundred Adrenaline’s wouldn’t have been possible without you dedication to the product that 4CW produces week in and week out. Give yourselves a round of applause!”

The noise level in the arena grows louder as everyone in the building applauds. Well almost everyone. If there was one person Perry figured wasn’t clapping right now it was Tedmund Montgomery, but this piece wasn’t about him. Or was it?

WALLACE: ”Throughout the years and ninety-nine previous Adrenaline’s there has never been a need for censorship on Adrenaline or in 4CW. You all watching knew what you were getting yourselves into when you tuned in and you did it anyway. Well… now the man wants to try and turn us down a few notches. You know what I say to that?”

He pauses for a moment, looking over the crowd awaiting his answer.

WALLACE: ”I say fuck censorship! Let me get a fuck censorship from you guys in the crowd!”

“Fuck censorship!”

WALLACE: ”Let’s here another one even louder than before!”


WALLACE: ”You goddamn right! This ain’t no network television show that Nasty Boy Eli jerks himself to sleep over every night. This is 4CW! This is fucking Showtime! This is Adrenaline for fucks sake!”

Crossing her arms, Antonia cuts her eyes at Perry. He looks to her with an innocent look on his face. Speaking silently, he mouths to her “I’m almost finished.” Turning back to the crowd, Perry raises the microphone to his lips once more.

WALLACE: ”I know a lot of you are probably thinking to yourself that I’m completely wasted here in the ring tonight. And to that I say unfortunately not. I’m not going to name names but someone took it upon himself to turn by office into a dry county. Can’t drink. Can’t cuss. Where was this mother fucker at back in Twenty-Sixteen when we literally had Persephone pissing in the ring? Let me stop, let me stop. I’ve went on long enough about this. I actually came out here for a reason other than this tonight.”

He pauses for a short moment before shouting into the microphone again.

WALLACE: ”I say fuck, you say censorship! FUCK…”


WALLACE: ”Give yourselves another hand, folks.”

And they do, surprisingly entertained for once with him on the microphone.

WALLACE: ”Back to business. One hundred episodes of Adrenaline. This is a huge achievement for 4CW. I never imagined that this would have lasted for even half as long as it has. But here we are. Once again, thank you guys and gals, each and every one of you.”

Looking down to his watch, Perry clears his throat as he realizes he’s wasted enough of everyone’s time here tonight.

WALLACE: ”I wanted to make two announcements here tonight. One in regards to South Beach Brawl and the other in response to a request made to me via Twitter last week. Believe it or not, they actually relate to one another so bear with me for just a few more moments and we can get back on with the show.”

Walking to the opposite side of the ring, Perry leans against the ropes.

WALLACE: ”Just two weeks ago we witnessed the American Mangs lay out a challenge to any team willing to accept. One team answered the challenge immediately and that team being Reedvolution. We already have a couple matches lined up for South Beach Brawl. We have the finals to the South Beach Brawl Cup. Then we have another match in the works resulting from the terrible sportsmanship shown by our North American champion at Retrograde. For those of you who are oblivious to the ongoing feud between them, we’re going to see them in the ring one more time at South Beach Brawl.”

The crowd then begins chanting at the name of one individual in particular.

“Nas-ty Eli! … Nas-ty Eli! … Nas-ty Eli! … Nas-ty Eli! … Nas-ty Eli!”

Even Vassa is joining in on the chant from the announcers booth.

WALLACE: ”I said two announcements and here I am forgetting how to count. I’m not even finished yet! As you all saw earlier tonight, Roxi Johnson has returned to 4CW and will be competing at South Beach Brawl. Against who? That’s a very good question. The specifics are still being worked out but rest assure, 4CW’s lost hero has returned.”

Glancing at his watch once more, Perry clears his throat again before continuing.

WALLACE: ”Before I put you all to sleep, let’s get to the big announcement of the night that ties into the Tag Team Championship match announcement just a few moments ago. Last week, our King’s Road Champion issued a challenge to out Pride Champion. That’s right folks, Jett Wilder has called out Mariano Fernandez to a match on the following Adrenaline. He even went as far as saying belt for belt. So with the Tag Team Championship match taking place at South Beach Brawl, that leaves Mariano free for Adrenaline One Hundred and One and a title defense required by the pay-per-view unless he plans on competing twice in the same night. So let’s get right down to business! Jett Wilder, if you’re watching and I know goddamn well you are. If you want to challenge Manny with both the Pride and King’s Road Championships on the line, now’s your time to nut up and put your money where your mouth is.”

Walking to another set of ropes, Perry looks directly to the camera filming from the floor.

WALLACE: ”You have until tomorrow night to step up and accept this match for Adrenaline One Hundred and One. You called Mariano out for the belt, even putting yours up for grabs as well. If you don’t accept, then Mariano will just have to defend against someone else at South Beach Brawl and you’ll forever be known for ducking him right here on Adrenaline after talking all that shit!”

The crowd pops at the announcement, breaking into another chant.

“Man-ny! … Man-ny! … Man-ny! … Man-ny! … Man-ny!”

WALLACE: ”You hear that, Jett? I know you do. Holla at me tomorrow. I’m done here tonight!”

Extending his arm, Perry drops the microphone before walking over to Antonia. The two walk to the ropes where Perry steps on the bottom rope and pulls up the middle rope, opening them up for her to exit being the gentleman that he is. Helping her down the steps, the two then walk up the ramp to the back as the scene fades out.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following Champions Showcase match is scheduled for one fall!”

The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.



POWERS: ”And now, coming to the ring first, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida, he is the 4CW Pride Champion… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!”


The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, the Pride belt wrapped around his waist, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.

“In the days of kings and queens I was a jester
Treat me like a god or they treat me like a leper
They see me move back and forth between both
I’m trying to find a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!

“I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)”

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.


POWERS: ”And the opponent!”

The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing. As the video clips begin to play on, the opening lyrics of Alter Bridges “My Champion” begin.

”May this be your victory song
A song for you when I am gone
Reminding you of what you’re meant to be.
A gift to bring you clarity
To show you that your destiny
Is not defined by what you’ve failed to see

While Myles Kennedy’s voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as the North American Champion, Elijah Carlson, emerges from the backstage area. Over his right shoulder the glittering 4CW North American Championship hangs loosely, a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.

”May this lift you up
When you feel you’ll fall again
You cannot win, no
Hope these words are enough
For you to be strong, my friend”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is the 4CW North American Champion… He’s as nasty as he wants to be… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. After a moment of hesitation, Eli shrugged his shoulders and reached out to receive “five” from the kid before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope, raising the North American Championship high above his head as the chorus of boo’s and cheers once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at the title and then at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.

VASSA: ”You know, I thought Eli was Nasty but have you been paying attention to Manny’s social media lately, Steve?”

JOHNSON: ”I can’t say that I have.”

VASSA: ”He’s turned into an outright bully AND he even cheated on his girlfriend, Lauryn, with some skank that has lopsided titties.”

JOHNSON: ”Where do you come up with this stuff?”

VASSA: ”I didn’t come up with anything. It’s completely true. I didn’t think anyone could top Eli’s nasty attitude but Manny has been constantly going at autistic people and making fun of little babies pissing in their nappies.”

JOHNSON: ”Are you sure you’re not confusing Mariano with Eli?”

VASSA: ”I’m one hundred percent positive that I’m not. Just when everyone thought their kids could look up to Manny he goes and turns his back on everything he’s always stood for.”

JOHNSON: ”Pissing in their nappies you say?”

VASSA: ”I wish I could make this shit up like being raped by a woman but I just can’t. Manny is out of control.”

JOHNSON: ”Worse than ELi you say?”

VASSA: ”Eli is a mean son of a bitch but Manny has become nastier than even him.”

JOHNSON: ”Wow, dude.”

Both men have been on fire over the recent months leading up to tonight’s match. They both held 4CW championship gold, they’ve both been impressive in the ring no matter who the competition was standing across from them. Unfortunately for one of them, their momentum would come to a halt as only one person would be walking out tonight with their arm raised in victory.

Once the bell sounded, it didn’t take long for these two to find themselves tied up in the center of the ring. Manny quickly overpowered him, pulling Eli down into a headlock. Although his head was secured, Eli positioned his body to take Manny by surprise, dropping him face first to the mat with a drop-toe hold counter. Positioning himself on top of Manny, Eli locked in a step-over toe hold. Unfortunately for him the ropes were only an arms length away and he was quickly forced to release the hold as Manny latched onto the bottom rope. Back on their feet once more, they circled the center of the ring, sizing one another up. Lunging towards each other at the same time, they locked up again and just like before, Manny quickly gained leverage and pushed Eli backwards into the corner. Pulling his hands away from Manny, Eli then went for Manny’s eyes with an eye rake. Releasing Eli, Manny turned the opposite direction, holding a hand over his eye and walking away from the corner. Running in behind Manny, Eli dropped his shoulder and leaped forward, low to the ground, wiping Manny out from behind with a chop block to the back of the knee.

Popping up to his feet instantly, Eli targeted the same knee, stomping down onto it as Manny remained down on the mat. With Manny face down to the mat, Eli then grabbed his foot, lifting it into the air to elevate Manny’s entire leg before slamming his knee back down to the mat. He then pulled Manny up from the mat by the arm. Whipping him to the ropes, Eli sent Manny limping away (definitely not the result of a heavy cawk), and upon Manny’s return, Eli ran straight at him, taking flight as he leaped into the air. Going for a front kick to Manny’s body, Eli connected with nothing but air as Manny leaped into the air, going over Eli’s legs and connecting with a flying forearm! Eli crashed to the mat with a thud as Manny landed beside him, instantly popping back up to his feet. Eli was slow to get up, giving Manny ample time to attack him from above, raining down onto his head with rapid right hands. Holding onto Eli’s head with both hands as he was on one knee, Manny then pulled it in, popping his leg up and driving his knee into Eli’s face. Pulling Eli up to both feet, Manny then pulled Eli’s head between his head before wrapping him up. Lifting Eli upside down, Manny then fell to the mat, dropping Eli on his head with a piledriver!

With Eli down, Manny walked over to the corner, his limp barely even visible now. Climbing to the top, Manny positioning himself perfectly as Eli remained down. Before many could make his move, Eli popped up from the mat out of nowhere. Leaping from the corner, Manny flew through the air and towards Eli with a cross body. Quick to react, Eli took two steps forward before jumping into the air himself. Raising a single leg up as high as he could, he connected with a knee shot to Manny’s head while in mid air. Manny’s body went limp before falling to the mat like a sack of bricks. Pacing the ring, Eli held his arms out to his sides, drawing a negative reaction from the fans. Walking over to Manny, he stood over him, leaning down to slap Manny across the face as he yelled. What was he yelling? It wasn’t clear, but knowing Eli it was more than likely something nasty. Pulling Manny up from the mat, Eli then unloaded with a combination of body punches that caught Manny completely off guard. Just when Manny went to defend himself from Eli’s fists, Eli changed things up and transitioned his attack to kicks focused at Manny’s legs.

Eventually Manny found himself back into the corner and Eli wasn’t letting up. Not a single bit. Delivering a solid knee to Manny’s stomach, Eli forced him to buckle over from the impact. Wrapping his arm around Manny’s head, Eli grabbed him by the waistband with his other before lifting Manny off his feet for an implant DDT. Extending his legs, Manny managed to hook his feet over the top rope, preventing himself from going any further. With his arm still wrapped around Manny’s head, Eli held him in place with one arm as he then began pounding away at Manny’s ribs with his feet hand. After a breath taking blow to Manny’s ribs, Eli then grabbed him by the waistband once more, this time lifting him up and pulling him away from the ropes as he planted Manny’s head to the canvas with a DDT. Rolling Manny over to his back, Eli mad the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count.


Shaking his head, Eli yelled at Manny some more while still on top of him. He then slapped many across the face before pushing himself back up to his feet. Turning to the ropes, Eli took off and upon his return, he leaped into the air, flipping forward. Coming down with a running senton, Eli hit nothing but canvas as Manny rolled out of the way. Rolling up to his feet fluidly, Eli whipped around and charged Manny as he pushed himself up. Spinning in place as he rose, Manny swung his leg around, connecting with a perfectly timed spinning wheel kick to Eli’s head just as he came within range. The kick to the head didn’t knock Eli down, but it sent him stumbling backwards into the corner. Running straight for Eli in the corner, Manny rolled forward as he closed in, bringing his legs completely around and leveling Eli with a rolling koppu kick!

In a seated position with his back against the corner, Eli was seeing stars, giving Manny more than enough time to get back to his feet. Grabbing Eli by the legs, Manny dragged him away from the corner, making sure the ropes weren’t within range. He then went to lock Eli’s legs for a sharpshooter but before he could, Eli kicked one straight up, planting his foot into Manny’s chest and knocking him away. Eli pushed himself up to his feet but was immediately rushed by Manny. Jumping into the air, Manny wrapped an arm around Eli’s head, swinging around and dropping him head first to the mat with a DDT. Eli went down to his knees before he head hit the mat and after it did, he leaned up in a daze. Doing a kip up to get back to his feet, Manny jumped towards the ropes, planting both of his feet onto the bottom one. Springboarding off, Manny swung his entire body around, connecting with a low-angle enguigiri.

Falling to his back after the blow to the head, Eli laid there with his arms stretched out to his sides. Crawling over him for the cover, Manny hooked a leg as the official dropped in beside them with the count.


Manny wasted no time and quickly climbed back to his feet. Pulling Eli up as well, Manny clocked him with back to back elbows before locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the ropes. As Eli bounced off the ropes, Manny took off towards him, jumping into the air. Wrapping his legs around Eli’s head, Manny took him off his feet, throwing him across the ring with a head scissors. Eli hit the mat and rolled up to one knee with his back turned to Manny. He slowly stood to his feet and once standing, he was completely taken off guard as Manny knocked him back down with a leg lariat to the back of the head. Pulling Eli back to his feet, Manny hooked an arm around his head before lifting him upside down into the air. The Dovahkiin Driver was next in Manny’s mind but Eli had something else in his. Slipping out of Manny’s hold, Eli dropped down to his feet behind him before he could execute his finisher.

Stepping in beside Manny, Eli then took him down tot he mat with a Russian leg sweep. Eli knew how close he had come to being beaten moments earlier. He wasted no time as he got back to his feet, pulling Manny up as well. With Manny bent over, Eli locked in a double underhook. Lifting Manny off his feet, he then dropped him on his head with a tiger driver! Manny was seeing stars after the blunt impact to his head. Pacing the ring, Eli gave Manny the time he needed to begin getting back to his feet. Once he was on one knee, Eli raced past him, hitting the ropes in front of Manny. Coming back on the rebound, Eli annihilated him with his Anointed (shinning wizard)! The entire arena booed Eli as he stood to his feet, stretching his arms out to his sides. Turning to the nearest corner, Eli climbed to the top. The boos continued to rain down on his as he overlooked the crowd. Shrugging his shoulders, Eli then leaped backwards away from the corner, twisting and turning in mid air before landing across Manny with his Ascension (phoenix splash)! Hooking Manny’s leg, Eli counted along with the official as he raced in with the count.



WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (14:49)

The camera opens tight on a beautiful black can with a bright B on displayed boldly in a dark red, that’s right folks. It’s a can of Black Cherry Vanilla Bang. Hands down the best Bang in town, but we digress. The scene pulls wider and we hear the grunting exhales of hard work as we find ourselves in fitness center of the Colonial Life arena as eighteen thousand strong begin to erupt in cheers as a reflection in the mirror shows us the 4CW Champion Bryan Laughlin. Obviously he’s taking a moment to get a quick pump so that he looks ridiculous walking to the ring tonight to defend his 4CW Championship against Bryan Williams. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that while he curls fairly large dumbells he’s actually wearing the belt.

The large dumbells bounce off the padded floors after one last grunted rep and Laughlin, refusing to make eye contact, chugs the remnants of his carbonated life source and crushes the can in his hands before looking at himself in the mirror.

LAUGHLIN: “I used to do this. Analyze myself and think about how much of a failure I am. I would stand here and wonder if anyone would miss me if I ever left. But then there was this Adrenaline where I nearly at my lowest point and I pulled off a victory. So I climbed. And then I rattled off one after another and I slipped a couple times climbing too, but I never fell off. I never gave up. I never again thought that I’d never be missed.”

Finally he turns from the mirror and looks into the camera, back to his belt, then into the camera again.

LAUGHLIN: “That’s what you’re chasing isn’t it Bryan. You don’t want to be forgotten. You want to wear this so that they’ll never forget your name. They’ll never forget the moment you won at the centennial celebration. You’re chasing it like the first high.”

Bryan unlatches the belt from his waist and holds it to the camera.

LAUGHLIN: “This is the closest you’ll ever get. That creeping fear that you’ll be forgotten, the one that wakes you up out of whatever irrelevant break you take when you burn out? It eats at you because its your reality. That’s just who you are now. That’s why you force yourself into everything, you’re too afraid to admit it.”

He laughs to himself throwing the championship over his shoulder.

LAUGHLIN: “You’re too afraid to admit that you’ll never get to look into the mirror and see what I see. You’ll never be the 4CW Champion. Not tonight. Not any time soon. That’s okay, bud. They’ll always remember you being everyone else’s plus one. But at least you got to come to the dance.”

Laughlin winks into the camera before brushing past it and into the hallway heading towards the entrance while the camera follows closely behind.

LAUGHLIN: ”These people, the ones back here?”

He points randomly to the stage hands and catering staff as he passes them in the hallway.

LAUGHLIN: ”They’ll never look at you the way they look at me. You’ll never get head nods and high fives and standing ovations backstage. You’ll never get these people on their feet chanting your name, because you pretend yo be better than them. You pretend that by some sort of association, that you’re better than everyone. But right here? Right now? As we’re seconds away from all this? I’m warning you.”

Bryan is near the entrance and can actually hear the music of Bryan Williams play through the arena.

LAUGHLIN: ”like the dog who chases the car as it goes down the street, he gets too excited and doesn’t realize when the car stops and…”

He slams his hand against the championship.

LAUGHLIN: ”…he comes too close…… and he ends up hurt….”

Mocking a somber tone Bryan shakes his head and turns away from the camera headed towards the entrance.



VASSA: ”Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We’re here ringside and up next is our main event of the evening.”

JOHNSON: ”We have the 4CW Championship match of the second round in the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

VASSA: ”B1 and B2, going head to head in what is Williams’ first ever 4CW Championship opportunity.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m still surprised that throughout all the years of his time spent in 4CW that he has yet to get a 4CW Championship match.”

VASSA: ”Blame it on the injuries, the concussions, and whatever else that miserable fuck had going on at the time. It’s all in the past now. Tonight is his shot at an opportunity that has bypassed him for years.”

JOHNSON: ”And it isn’t going to be an easy one, not by a long shot. Bryan Laughlin has been on a roll, even before claiming the 4CW Championship as his. He defended the Ignition Championship at every challenge met with, even destroying it in the end after a match that nearly killed his marriage.”

VASSA: ”For Laughlin’s sake, Williams won’t pull a Kaelan on him tonight and cuck him out of his time in the spotlight, as the face of 4CW!”

JOHNSON: ”You say that now, but you won’t even whisper it in his presence.”

VASSA: ”Well… I’m not stupid.”

“Ginger, this is Sarah. Pick up if you’re there. I’m at this place on Pico Boulevard called Tech Noir…”

The introduction of the song is sudden, we hear an ominous tone that follows the Terminator line. The keys are dragged out, lingering in the air as the song gets to a slow start. Seconds pass, as a backing track is finally introduced along with the lengthy notes.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following South Beach Brawl Cup Round Two 4CW Championship contest is scheduled for one fall!”

Eventually, after a minute, the song really kicks into gear. Neon strobe lights flash along with the beat, a shadowy figure keeps in the darkness. Slowly, we see as Bryan Williams methodically walks out from the back. He’s dressed for a fight, his jacket covering his torso and his baseball bat in hand. It rests comfortably on his shoulder as it keeps its dangerous message. The wolf mask on his head stays contrasted with the neon lights and the darkness. Bryan keeps his head low, as the song continues to play along. The techno beat ramping up more and more, as the lights around him shimmer and dance.

The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan lets the baseball bat fall from his shoulder, the weight of the bat being pulled towards the ground. His head snaps forward, as he slowly begins to make his way down towards the ring.

POWERS: ”The challenger, coming to the ring from New York, New York… BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”

Bryan makes his way to the ring, keeping himself at a brisk pace. He doesn’t waste any time, his attention fully on the ring in front of him. Bryan walks up the steel steps, slipping in through the middle and top rope. Bryan heads towards the hard camera turnbuckle, climbing it as he quickly removes his mask and jacket. After a few moments, Bryan settles himself in the ring, waiting for the match to start.

JOHNSON: ”There he is, and boy does he look ready to take this opportunity tonight head on.”

VASSA: ”Let’s hope not literally. If he does, at least let him put the mask back on to cushion the blow to his head so he doesn’t end up with his hundredth concussion.”

JOHNSON: ”Out of all the times we’ve seen him injure himself throughout the years, I’d bet money that he would fight through all of the pain here tonight to win the 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”Anyone would! I don’t know how much more the man can take, the six million dollar man, Bryan Williams.”

JOHNSON: ”He’s been on a good run since returning to the ring after babysitting Boston as Co-GM.”

VASSA: ”Those were fun times! I sure do hope Boston is dead in a ditch somewhere.”

The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain.

POWERS: ”And the champion!”

Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.

“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the 4CW CHAMPION! This IS… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

VASSA: ”The big man has entered the ring! The 4CW Champion is here!”

JOHNSON: ”He’s coming off his first defense two weeks ago against DeMarcus Gresham, after winning the championship two weeks prior at Retrograde.”

VASSA: ”He knew what he was getting himself into when he decided to climb that ladder at Retrograde and claim the championship as his own. There aren’t any shows off for him defending that belt if he wants to retain throughout the entire South Beach Brawl Cup.”

JOHNSON: ”The challenges are only going to get tougher and tougher for him as the rounds progress. Everyone in this tournament including Williams wants what that man carries on his shoulder with pride. And as each round passes, each person who advances is one step closer to having the opportunity to do just that!”

VASSA: ”This is no doubt a pay-per-view quality match up we have on our hands and this is only Adrenaline!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s the one hundredth episode of Adrenaline! This might as well be a pay-per-view to celebrate the historic milestone.”

VASSA: ”Just imagine these two out in the open, wrestling in that ring right off Biscayne Bay at South Beach Brawl.”

JOHNSON: ”It would be one hell of a sight to see, I’ll give you that. We have that dream match right in front of us now just moments away from kicking off. There’s no need to look to the future when these two are here in the present, ready to rip each other apart and leave here tonight with the 4CW Championship.”

After taking the 4CW Championship away from Laughlin, the official stands in the center of the ring with it. Raising it high above his head, he presents it to each side of the ring before eventually handing it off to a member of the ringside crew. He checks in with both corners and after getting the okay from Williams and Laughlin, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.


Shortly following the bell, both men found themselves in the center of the ring standing toe to toe, looking into each other’s eyes. There were no words, just silence between them. The arena on the other hand was anything but silent. This was a big match for both men, with high stakes and a mutual respect between them. Was there a mutual respect between them? Looking back at their promotional videos leading up to this match one would wonder if there actually was a mutual respect between the two men. Whatever it was, they were going to set it aside for the evening. The 4CW Championship was on the line and now wasn’t the time to let personal feelings get in the way of business.

Or was it?

The cold stare between the two abruptly came to an end as Williams struck first, connecting with a quick right to the side of Laughlin’s head. Firing away with a second, Williams knocked him off balance, just enough to follow up with a swift kick to Laughlin’s stomach. Locking onto Laughlin’s wrist, Williams went to throw him to the ropes but to his surprise, Laughlin reversed the maneuver and sent Williams racing to the ropes instead. Upon Williams’ return, Laughlin lunged towards him with a clothesline, only to miss as Williams ducked underneath it and kept trucking to the ropes in front of him. Bouncing off the ropes and rushing towards Laughlin as he turned around to face him, Williams swung with his right arm, connecting with a forearm smash to Laughlin’s face and dropping him to one knee.

Taking a few steps back, Williams then bursts forward, planting his foot into Laughlin’s face with a superkick of sorts and standing him straight up to his feet. Shooting in, Williams lifted Laughlin off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Backing up to the center of the ring, Williams then pulled him down from his shoulders and onto his knee with a neckbreaker! Mounting himself on top of Laughlin, Williams then unloaded with a series of rapid right hands to Laughlin’s head. After connecting with seven, Williams swung for an eighth, only to have his arm caught between Laughlin’s hands just inches before making contact with the punch. Pulling Williams down, Laughlin popped his head up from the mat, hitting Williams right between the eyes with a headbutt before rolling him off and over to the side.

Both men raced to their feet, Laughlin standing first as Williams was in a bit of a daze. Just when Williams rose to his feet, Laughlin exploded towards him, aiming for his head with a lariat as he swung his arm around. Avoiding the blow to the head, Williams ducked underneath the attack and stepped in behind Laughlin. Wrapping him up with both arms around the waist, Williams then powered down and lifted the big man off his feet, slamming him to the canvas with a German suplex.

JOHNSON: ”Williams is off to a good start, dodging a couple lethal blows from Laughlin and turning them to his advantage.”

VASSA: ”He just has to keep it up without getting himself hurt and he may just surprise us all here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”He looks healthy to me. I know you joke about that knee all the time but he just lifted Laughlin with ease before slamming him back down to the mat.”

Williams positioned himself beside Laughlin, holding him in place to deliver two knee strikes to the champs ribs. Pushing himself back to his feet, Williams circled Laughlin for a brief moment before targeting his legs, stomping down onto his knees. Pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Williams held him up with his left hand while swinging with his right, smashing his fist into Laughlin’s face over and over. Each punch backed Laughlin up a step until eventually his back was against the ropes. Grabbing Laughlin by the shoulders, Williams pulled him in as he popped his leg up from the mat, driving his knee into Laughlin’s stomach. Grabbing him by the arm as Laughlin fell back into the ropes, Williams then pulled him away and whipped him to the ropes across the ring. Just when Laughlin’s back hit the ropes, Williams took off straight for him. Meeting Laughlin in the center of the ring upon his return, Williams went airborne, leaping feet first into the air with a dropkick aimed for Laughlin’s chest. Side stepping Williams, Laughlin grabbed ahold of him while in mid air before dropping to his knees and slamming Williams onto his back.

Williams immediately tried to push himself back up but couldn’t as Laughlin grabbed ahold of him, keeping him down to the mat. With nowhere to go, he could only brace himself for the incoming punch closing in on his head. Laughlin connected with a powerful right, knocking Williams’ head to the mat. Positioning himself beside Williams’ head, Laughlin held onto it with both hands, pinning it down as he began ramming multiple knees into the side of it. Standing to his feet, Laughlin pulled Williams away from the mat to an upright seated position. Still holding onto his head, Laughlin moved in closer and before Williams’ even knew what hit him, Laughlin was ramming even more knees into his head, this time more directed to his face. After half a dozen knees to Williams’ face, Laughlin released him. Dazed, Williams didn’t fall back to the mat. Taking off for the ropes, Laughlin came back straight at him, flipping forward through the air and connecting with a blockbuster!

Walking over to the side of Williams, Laughlin looked down at him with a smirk on his face. Jumping as high as he possibly could, Laughlin came straight down onto Williams’ chest with a double foot stomp. Not stepping down, Laughlin then jumped into the air once more, coming down with a second chest caving double foot stomp. Finally stepping down to the mat, Laughlin squatted beside Williams before grabbing ahold of him and lifting him up from the mat. Holding Williams horizontally, Laughlin curled him up to his chest, showing off his strength before slamming him back down across his knee with a backbreaker. Not releasing Williams, Laughlin stood back to both feet and carried him over by the corner. Turning his back to the corner, Laughlin then powered down once more, throwing Williams over his head and into the corner with a fallaway slam!

Williams hit the corner and dropped down onto his shoulder. On his feet again, Laughlin tightened his leather gloves as he turned to face Williams. Picking his up from the mat, Laughlin set him against the corner. Bending over, Laughlin grabbed the middle ropes on each side of the corner, using them to pull himself in as he drove his shoulder into Williams’ midsection. Over and over, Laughlin rammed his shoulder into Williams’ stomach before finally lifting him up to sit him on top of the corner. Climbing to the middle turnbuckle, Laughlin hooked an arm around Williams’ head as he pulled him up, forcing Williams’ to step up to the very top of the corner. Looking out over the crowd, Laughlin nodded his head to the fans before grabbing Williams’ with his other hand. He went to lift Williams’ into the air for a suplex but was immediately stopped as Williams hooked his foot underneath the top rope, keeping himself down.

Laughlin tried again, but it was the same result. Swinging with his right, Williams’ caught Laughlin off guard with a breath taking punch to the ribs. Pulling his head away from Laughlin’s hold, Williams then reached up and grabbed Laughlin by the head with both hands. Kicking his leg up, Williams’ hit him in the chest with a knee, knocking him off the corner. Jumping off the opposite side of the corner, Williams pulled Laughlin’s head down. Landing on the apron, Williams continued pulling Laughlin’s head down and over the top rope, slamming his throat across the top rope. Laughlin’s head bounced up from the rope as he then stumbled backwards a few steps. As Laughlin settled his feet, Williams shot up the corner. With no hesitation whatsoever, Williams then leaped from the corner, flying through the air towards Laughlin before wiping him out with a dropkick to the chest!

VASSA: ”Just when things were beginning to look bad for Williams, he completely shifted the entire momentum of this match with one simple maneuver.”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin was really putting a hurting on him and if he had connected with that superplex? I’d begin worrying how much longer Williams’ could go in this matchup.”

VASSA: ”It was a smart move on Williams’ part. Knocking him from the top of the corner and using his weight against him as gravity pulled him down over the top rope.”

JOHNSON: ”He just has to keep up the pace now. Laughlin is hurt, there’s no denying that. He isn’t going to be easy to put down for three seconds but thins is a good start on making sure that he does when the time comes.”

On his feet, Williams stood across the ring from where Laughlin rolled after being taken off his feet. Running towards him, Williams’ slid feet first to the mat, planting both of his feet into the side of Laughlin’s head. Pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Williams hit him in the face with an elbow smash before wrapping him up with both arms. Exploding with energy, Williams’ lifted Laughlin into the air, turning his position before slamming him to his back with a belly to belly suplex. Slamming his forearm into Laughlin’s face twice, Williams’ then climbed back to his feet. He pulled Laughlin up as well, but was quickly knocked backwards as Laughlin threw both of his arms forward to knock him away. Laughlin then lunged at Williams, falling straight into a superkick to the face. Williams then followed up with another superkick variation, this time to Laughlin’s stomach which forced him to buckle over.

Laughlin didn’t remain bent over for long. He exploded forward before Williams’ could follow up the kick to the stomach. He lunched towards Williams, reaching for him with both arms. Ducking down, Williams then lifted Laughlin off his feet, throwing him barely into the air, just enough for him to come back down onto a pop-up knee strike to the face, which stood him up completely. Spinning in place, Williams then swing with his right arm, connecting with a rolling elbow that sent Laughlin stumbling backwards into the corner.

JOHNSON: ”Shotgun Mouthwash!”

VASSA: ”Something I’m sure William’s has literally thought about tasting a time or two in his lifetime.”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin’s tasting it tonight!”

VASSA: ”Now he can be Twenty-Sixteen Bryan Williams!”

Laughlin stumbled away from the corner seeing stars. Moving in quickly, Williams kicked him in the gut before he could refocus, forcing him to bend over. Wrapping an arm around Laughlins’ head, Williams then picked him up into the air, holding him upside down. Dropping down to one knee, Williams then pulled Laughlin down onto his elevated knee with a brainbuster.


VASSA: ”Williams is really doing some damage to the champ now!”

JOHNSON: ”This just may be it right here, Vinny.”

VASSA: ”He’s going for the pin!”

Dropping to his knees beside Laughlin, Williams laid across him for the pin as the official raced in with the count.


VASSA: ”There it–“


VASSA: ”Holy shit!”

JOHNSON: ”It ain’t over with yet!”

Williams looks to the official in disbelief. He can’t believe it himself that Laughlin just escaped a near pinfall after his Shotgun Mouthwash and CTE back to back. It doesn’t take long for him to get over it as he stands to his feet. He kicks Laughlin while he’s down a few times before reaching down and pulling him up from the mat. Swinging with his right, Williams’ connects with a European uppercut that forces Laughlin to look straight up to the lights. Backing up to the ropes at a quick pace, Williams bounces off before exploding forward. Jumping into the air, he aims for Laughlin’s head with a leaping enziguri!

VASSA: ”Say goodni–“


Ducking out of the way, Laughlin avoids the potentially devastating kick to the head, leaving Williams to land to the mat. Williams quickly pushes himself up and just as he turns to face Laughlin, he doesn’t even see what’s coming.


Laughlin rattles his brain with The Best Superkick Ever!


Williams wobbles back and forth in place, still remaining on his feet. He up, but he isn’t aware of what’s going on around him by a long shot. Laughlin then strikes again!


Laughlin connects with an ever harder superkick than before, this one lifting Williams off his feet and sending him flying backwards into the corner. His back slams against the corner as his arms drape over the top ropes at his sides, keeping himself from falling down to the mat.

VASSA: ”And another one!”

Laughlin then charges in, connecting with a running clothesline that lifts Williams’ feet off the mat. Stepping out of the way, Laughlin opens a path for Williams to stumble forward, but not too far. Locking in a full nelson from behind, Laughlin then powers down as his feet drive into the mat, lifting Williams into the air and slamming him into the corner with a full nelson suplex!



VASSA: ”That’s three concussions in a matter of what? Like a minute?”

Dragging Williams away from the corner, Laughlin positions him on his back before laying over top of Williams for the pin.





VASSA: ”Jesus Christ that man just doesn’t know when to stop!”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin is shocked just as we are.”

Looking back and forth between Williams and the official, Laughlin’s eyes are wide open at the sight of Williams kicking out after what he just put him through. He finally snaps out of it, pushing himself back to his feet. Circling the ring, Laughlin takes a moment to rest himself as Williams remains down on the mat seeing stars. Moving in, Laughlin leaps into the air for another double foot stomp but before he can execute it, Williams’ rolls out of the way at the last split second. Landing to the mat, Laughlin quickly turns to Williams and reaches down to grab him. Kicking his foot in the air, Williams’ plants it to Laughlin’s face, stopping him dead in his tracks. As quickly as he can for a man who just had three concussions, Williams climbs back to his feet.

Before Williams can make a move, Laughlin is already on him, swinging down onto his back with left and right clubs. Wrapping his arms around Williams as he’s bent over, Laughlin holds him in place before ramming multiple knees upward into Williams’ chest. Wrapping an arm around Williams’ head, Laughlin then lifts him upside down into the air for a suplex. Slipping out of Laughlin’s hold, Williams drops down to his feet behind Laughlin. Wrapping his arms around Laughlin from behind, Williams traps Laughlin’s arms and lifts him off his feet, dropping him on his head with a straight jacket suplex! The two remain down on the mat for a brief moment which is the officials queue to begin the ten count, which he doesn’t since there must be a winner declared here tonight in order to advance in the tournament.

Moments pass before both men finally begin to climb back to their feet. Standing first, Laughlin rushes in to Williams who is up to one knee, connecting with a running knee lift. Pulling Williams up to his feet, Laughlin then traps both of his arms in a double underhook and unloads with rapid headbutts to Williams skull. After connecting with five, Laughlin then lifts Williams intot he air as he turns his body, slinging Williams across the ring and to the mat. Williams rolls to the corner where he then quickly pushes himself back up, Running straight at him, Laughlin leaps into the air, lifting both knees as high as he can aimed for Williams’ head. Dropping to the mat and rolling out of the way, Williams’ avoids the knees to the face as Laughlin crashes into the corner.

As Laughlin pulls himself up after falling to his back, Williams has already made it back to his feet. He stomps and kicks Laughlin as he rises up, keeping him grounded for a bit but not for long. Williams keeps Laughlin pressed against the corner with nowhere to go as he attacks Laughlin’s body with knee strikes. Backing away from the corner, Williams creates some distance between the two as he stands in the corner. Bursting out of the corner, Laughlin charges straight for Williams, lunging towards him to make a grab. Quick on his feet, Williams moves out of the way, tripping him up and taking Laughlin face down to the mat with a drop-toe hold.

Laughlin immediately pops back to his feet seeing stars as Williams stands up behind him. Moving in from behind, Williams’ reaches around Laughlin and locks onto his wrist. Jerking Laughlin by the arm, he forces Laughlin to spin around in place. Just as Laughlin faces him, Williams extends his other arm and takes a swing for Laughlin’s head with a lariat.

JOHNSON: ”Here comes his Mantra!”


Ducking underneath Williams’ arm, Laughlin steps in behind him. Williams instantly whips around to face him only to get taken off his feet as Laughlin lifts him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin dodged a bullet right there.”

VASSA: ”And now Williams’ has landed himself in a bad place.”

Showing off his strength, Laughlin then lifts Williams into the air even more and spins him in mid air. Still holding onto Williams’ shoulders, he pulls him down into a double knee gut buster!



VASSA: ”And it’s nighty night for Williams!”

Both men lay on the mat motionless for a short moment before Laughlin shows signs of life. he hooks a single leg and rolls over Williams, laying his back over him as the official slides in with the count.


JOHNSON: ”He’s done it! Laughlin retains again!”

VASSA: ”Just when you thought Williams was going to dethrone him, Laughlin does the unthinkable!”

JOHNSON: ”If Williams could have went for his Mantra a second sooner we could be looking at a different winner standing to their feet right now.”

Out of breath, Laughlin slowly climbs back to his feet as “Out of My Mind” plays throughout the arena. It took just about everything he had to put Williams down tonight for three seconds and he knew that. Everyone watching knew that as he was worn down and gasping for breath. He was then injected with a newfound energy as the official stepped in beside him, handing him the 4CW Championship. Taking Laughlin by the arm, the official then hoisted it high into the air as Laughlin raised the championship with his other.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, here is you winner AND STILL 4CW CHAMPION… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

Laughlin pulls his arm away from the official while keeping the championship raised with his other. He looks down to Williams’ who is still down and out on the mat, a smirk becoming visible before he finally looks away. Walking over to the corner, Laughlin climbs to the top, raising the championship over his head as a familiar chant begins.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Bryan Laughlin will advance to the third round of the South Beach Brawl Cup where Logan Traeger awaits as the next challenger.”

VASSA: ”We’re now down to only four people left in this tournament and South Beach Brawl is right around the corner.”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin just had a hell of a match tonight with Williams. At some point with these back to back defenses, you have to think they’re going to take a toll on him.”

VASSA: ”He hasn’t had a break since winning the championship at Retrograde. This is now three successful title matches in a row for him involving the 4CW Championship. Don’t even get me started on what he did before destroying the Ignition Championship.”

JOHNSON: ”In two weeks he’ll have his fourth 4CW Championship match in a matter of six weeks.”

VASSA: ”He’s halfway there, halfway to defending the championship throughout the entire tournament. That alone is something that no one can say they’ve done.”

JOHNSON: ”Let’s not forget about the other side of the bracket. We have Brennan Devlin taking on Viduus Morta for the South Beach Brawl championship match spot.”

VASSA: ”Take those two and Logan, the three people not holding the 4CW Championship left in this tournament pose a big threat to the champ.”

JOHNSON: ”Round three is just two weeks away where we will decide our final two who will advance to the main event at the pay-per-view. This tournament has brought nothing but the best out of everyone involved.”

VASSA: ”The SBBC has only gotten better and better as each year passes. I for one can’t wait to see who makes it to the finals.”

JOHNSON: ”Before we get there we only have one more pit stop along the way. Next on the list is the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.”

VASSA: ”Adrenaline One Hundred and One!”

JOHNSON: ”I would like to thank each and every one of you who joined us here tonight, and to everyone who has been with us every step of the way to one hundred Adrenaline’s. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for round three of the South Beach Brawl Cup. From the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera locks on Laughlin once more as he looks over the arena with the 4CW Championship in hand. Slowly, the picture begins to fade out as the chanting is still heard loud and clear.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Once the screen goes completely black, the adrenaline logo flashes before the credits begin to roll.