The picture comes to life to an explosion of pyro as “Adrenaline” begins playing. From the main entrance stage, the camera looks out over the State Farm Arena for tonight’s Adrenaline. People everywhere as to be expected for a packed crowd. Looking out over the arena, the camera focuses onto various signs held by the fans while slowly heading down the ramp towards the ring.

2 0 1 9





Approaching the ring, green and blue pyro burst from the ring posts. Just on the other side of the ring we find our announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa Patiently await their queue.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline One Hundred and One! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and you’re at the booth with me and Vinna Vassa.”

VASSA: ”Evening, folks! We’re coming to you all live tonight from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, where we jump right into the third round of the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

JOHNSON: ”Getting right down to business for once, I like it. Tonight we have two round three matches for the cup in the lineup for you. First up we have Brennan Devlin and Viduus Morta fighting it out for a spot in the finals at South Beach Brawl.”

VASSA: ”This is a real good one here that I’m looking forward to. First we have Devlin who returned to 4CW out of nowhere and has been shocking folks ever since. Then we have a former Pride Champion and former two time 4CW Champion looking to make it three time 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”Viduus Morta and Brennan Devlin only make up two of our final four. Moving along to the main event of the evening, we have Bryan Laughlin, the reigning and defending 4CW Champion. Tonight will be his third match since winning the belt in February that the championship has been on the line. He’s already successfully defended twice.”

VASSA: ”He’ll get his chance to make it three defenses going into the ring with Logan Traeger, a new face to Adrenaline whose stock has been rising quickly since fighting his way to the third round of the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

JOHNSON: ”These are two big guys who want nothing more than to leave here tonight with the 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”Logan dived right into Sadie after Laughlin did, it makes since for Logan to want the 4CW Championship after him as well.”

JOHNSON: ”Of course it makes since for him to want the 4CW Championship after Laughlin. That’s the man he has to take it from here tonight.”

VASSA: ”That’s not the reaction I was hoping for with that joke but okay, Steve.”

JOHNSON: ”I didn’t realize that you were making a joke.”

VASSA: ”Obviously.”

JOHNSON: ”No need to waste anytime over it. And with that! we have our final four matches for the cup tonight. Now let’s move along to this headline match.”

VASSA: ”The faggot is finally coming back to Adrenaline!”

JOHNSON: ”Woah, Vinny! You can’t just be saying that! What if Ted heard you?”

VASSA: ”Fuck him if he did. That’s Jett’s nickname. He’s the future amazing great something something something. I didn’t give him the nickname, Steve!”

JOHNSON: ”Whatever it is you can’t be saying that! That’s the King’s Road Champion you’re talking about.”

VASSA: ”Yeah, it’s Jett. He’s finally come home after getting tired of playing in the kiddie pool again.”

JOHNSON: ”He’s actually here tonight to not only defend the King’s Road Championship against Mariano Fernandez, but to also challenge for the Pride Championship.”

VASSA: ”Belt for belt, King’s Road taking on Adrenaline. About goddamn time.”

JOHNSON: ”Not only that, but we have plenty more in store for you all watching tonight. We’re one step closer to South Beach Brawl.”

VASSA: ”Two weeks away from the highlight of my year.”

JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage for a few moments ladies and gents. We’ll be right back here at ringside shortly to kick things off with our opening match.”

VASSA: ”The highlight of my year.”

Backstage, Cartier and SILK walk down a hallway with SILK carrying Cartier’s bags for her like the true gentleman he is. You can always tell the ones whose mommas raised them right.

As they walk, they discuss the show and the daily mess of disrespect each of them is forced to deal with 24/7.

CARTIER: “You know, Bryan Williams told a lie in front of the whole world this week. He tried to lie on me an’ lie on you to, SILK. He wanna make a fool out hisself sayin’ I’m followin’ you to all these companies, that I’m just on ya nuts, gettin’ lifted up by you because I ain’t shit on my own… but what I’ve been up to these last few days? I went to King’s Road by myself an’ beat they Alfalfa-ass champion. I’m the rightful champion but do I got that belt? Nah. I gotta sit here an’ watch that skinny white boy put it up against his friend from the suburbs Manny Fernandez instead.”

SILK: “Like cocoa needs to be mixed with milk to make hot chocolate, neither one of us would work without the other in Thot Chocolate. Manny gon’ whoop Jett, so you’ll get your shot cause he won’t dodge like a viper like how Wilder lives his life.”

CARTIER: “Then what else I did? I went to Liberty, beat a former champion an’ extended my win streak there, then chilled in the back an’ watched while the worst fake accent this side of Elizabeth Holmes got beat against a man I beat LAST time I was there. Y’all needa watch that Theranos documentary for real, y’all, it’s crazy how much basic-ass mediocre-ass plain jane lookin’-ass white bitches can get away wit’ just because they lack melanin an’ got straight hair. But I did all that on my own no matter what Bryan Williams wanna say. Who he is anyway? Ain’t nobody know him by any other name but Mister Marquis anyway, who the fuck he is to be tryin’ me like that? You an’ me we stick together because we on the same level, we stay on that same mindset. We make decisions as a team, go places as a team, ain’t nobody followin’ nobody an’ what’s even more important is ain’t nobody beat us yet. We can come gobble up these Adrenaline Tag Titles any time we want, ain’t that right Silky?”

SILK: “It’s not like we’d have much competition in the tag division to get our shot anyways. There’s one team; a dude who can’t decide which hair color he wants to run with and another who can’t comprehend that once news is on on social media, the whole world knows it like we livin’ in 1996 or some shit. Once we get these King’s Road Tag Titles taken care of, then we’ll worry ‘bout the American Mangs like we told Manny and ‘em when they holla‘d at us for some REAL competition out here.”

CARTIER: “We can cut a path through all of ‘em, boy, I know it. Put AJ an’ Bianca ass up against us an’ watch ‘em get dropped. Whoever y’all got. Tell Androgyny Marquis to quit bein’ a sadbitch an’ get in that ring wit’ her mans after I whoop him tonight, we can whoop ‘em both at the same time. Manny an’ Tommy too. Me an’ SILK we damn near unstoppable.”

SILK: “Like ya boi always says; Caution – Thot Chocolate is hot and delicious! I will say though, I respect Manny, known him for a long time and got my first tag titles in this business with him and Trixie, so I know the man brings beautiful hair and a tough fight. Don’t let those other fools even get to you though girl, a queen like yourself doesn’t concern herself with those other peasants, smell me?”

The pair reach Cartier’s dressing room. They stop and Cartier turns to SILK, nodding her head and accepting the wisdom her partner has given to her.

CARTIER: “You right, you right, SILK, my bad… you know I get heated an’ all… that’s for another time… tonight’s all about me an’ Williams an’ startin’ this show off like they flipped it upside down an’ put the main event first. Me an’ him got business to settle goin’ back a ways, an’ we gonna put that shit under the shovel tonight one way or another. I’m just glad we got to do it here in the ATL so my boy Silky could be here to see me an’ still get to be home after. SILK where we hittin’ up after this show off the air?”

SILK: “You now ya boi is one with these ATL streets, we got a few spots poppin’ for the afterparty and we gon’ be rollin’ a few hundred deep. Hope we see some of these fools who like to talk though, watch their jaw drop at the sight of our numbers while they huddled in the corner of their club with their fuckin’ margaritas.”

CARTIER: “First bottle on you.”

SILK: “Deal, girl.”

Cartier and SILK then pound each other’s fist before she enters into her dressing room. SILK hands her bags off to her one at a time and she sets them inside the doorway then smiles as the man starts to walk off. After he takes a few steps, she calls to him.


SILK: “Yeah girl?”

CARTIER: “I better see you out there cheerin’ me on.”

SILK: “You know it.”

SILK winks and pulls up his glasses, then turns and walks off as Cartier closes her dressing room door.


There was an eerie feeling of eagerness between the two, as the match started. Neither Bryan or Cartier wasted any time to test their opponent out. Bryan struck first, launching into his opponent with a series of Forearm Shots. Cartier held fast, standing her ground as she quickly returned fire with several shots of her own. Bryan backed up a little, but dodged a Cartier attempt at a Clothesline. Bryan sent her back to the ropes, catching her on the rebound with a Bicycle Kick! Cartier quickly got to her feet, ducking a Clothesline attempt from Bryan to deliver a Bicycle Kick of her own! These two were suddenly trading attack for attack, as the match continued on. Bryan flipped out of a Hip Toss attempt by Cartier, landing on his feet and nailing her with a Superkick! Cartier dropped to a knee, but was able to dodge a Shining Wizard attempt from Bryan. Cartier landed a Headbutt to his chest, staggering Bryan backwards to the ropes. A front kick quickly knocked him out of the ring, as Cartier launched herself through the air with a Suicide Dive! The crowd was pleasantly surprised to see Cartier already taking such risks. On the outside Cartier continues to attack, catching Bryan with an Overhand Right, followed up with a Knife-Edge Chop! The chop echoes throughout the arena, as Bryan hunches over near the barricade.However the good times wouldn’t last for Cartier, Bryan connecting with a European Uppercut to Cartier! Cartier stumbles backwards, as Bryan catches her with a Forearm Smash that knocks her to the ground! With his opponent down, Bryan rushes back into the ring with only one thing on his mind. It’s payback time, as he runs forwards to the ropes. Cartier gets back up, looking up as she soon found herself on the receiving end of a Suicide Dive from Bryan! Bryan looks to be fired up, grabbing Cartier up off of the mat on the outside. He rams her back first into the ring apron, as Cartier drops back down to the mat. Bryan quickly follows that up with a kick to her side, just for good measure. Cartier was pushed back into the ring, but a pinfall attempt by Bryan only got a one count.

Bryan continued to push the pacing, opting not to wear his opponent down with rest holds. He clubbed away at the lower back of Cartier, driving her into the mat with a Backdrop Driver. Not to be outdone, Cartier attempted one of her own. She was unable to lift Bryan off of the mat, his wide base making it impossible. Quickly she went for his right knee, going low with a Dropkick to send him to the mat! Cartier quickly followed that up with a Running Senton, and a Running Knee to the side of Bryan’s ribs! Cartier was picking her shots, the crowd cheering on as Bryan left to the outside. A smart move, as Cartier soon followed. Bryan quickly grabbed her, sending her head first unto the ring barricade! The brutality of this match was certainly up to the fans expectations, as they continued to cheer along both competitors. Cartier, now back in the ring, attempted to reverse an Irish Whip attempt. However, she soon fell victim to a Blue Thunder Bomb from Bryan! Cartier is able to kick out, after a two count, and gets back up to her feet. Bryan works her over with a series of kicks, but Cartier is able to grab his last quick and whip him to the mat with a Dragon Screw! Bryan falls to the mat, clutching at his right knee. It seems that Cartier’s attacks have proved effective. Her scouting beforehand is paying off, as Bryan tries to get back up to his feet. Cartier attacks him, booting him in the side of his head as he crawls towards the ropes. Bryan gets to a knee, trying to work out his leg so he can stand back up. Cartier rushes to the ropes, rebounding back with a Running Knee Attack that catches Bryan on the back of his head! Cartier isn’t playing any games here, she knows that her only opportunity to hurt Bryan is now! Bryan falls to the mat, as Cartier again rushes to the ropes. Using her momentum, she runs forward with a Baseball Slide right into the face of Bryan Williams! Bryan rolls out of the ring, falling to the ground below as Cartier hypes herself up in the ring! The crowd cannot deny her current surge, giving her a round of applause for taking Bryan down.

Cartier manages to get Bryan back into the ring, opting to work over his injured right leg some more. She cuts him down with a Chop Block to his leg, quickly slapping on a Single Leg Lock. Bryan has no choice but to try and fight his way out of it, as Cartier grapevines his legs. It almost looks like a Heel Hook attempt, as Cartier begins to twist and turn his leg into an awkward angle. Bryan yells out in pain, but does not tap! He continues to fight, pulling himself forward as he inches closer towards the ropes. Cartier quickly sees what is happening, and let’s go of the hold. Bryan looks around, but soon enough sees that Cartier is flying through the air with another Running Senton to Bryan! She quickly covers him for the pin, but Bryan is able to kick out again at two! Bryan tries getting to his feet, as Cartier decides what she wants to do next. His leg still looks bad, as Bryan limps back up to his feet. Cartier keeps her distance, as Bryan slowly moves towards her. He’s looking for a fight, but Cartier only answers with a leg kick to Bryan’s right leg! Bryan falls to a knee, looking to be in pain. Cartier rushes forward, but Bryan stands up and grabs her! It was a trap, but before Bryan can do anything Cartier decks him with a Forearm Shot! Bryan, stunned, watches as Cartier climbs up to the top rope. She leaps forward, trying to catch him with a Meteora! Bryan moves out of the way in time, as Cartier crashes to the mat knee first! Bryan looks on, as Cartier tries getting back up to her feet. He quickly catches her with a kick to her chest. Cartier falls back to the mat, as Bryan lands another kick to her side! The thudding blows look to take all the air out of Cartier, as she desperately tries to get back up to her feet. Bryan winces in pain, looking to work out that damaged knee of his. This gives Cartier enough time to get back up, as she charges forward toward Bryan. Bryan ducks her attempt, sending her over the top rope and onto the apron! Cartier manages to land on her feet, catching Bryan with a right hand. Cartier begins to pull Bryan out, making sure he’s perched on the apron with her. The crowd watches, unsure of what Cartier has planned next. She unloads on Bryan, a series of right hands to ensure that he stays stunned. Bryan watches, as Cartier pulls him in for a DDT! However, before Cartier can do anything Bryan breaks free! He catches Cartier with a Forearm Shot, moving behind her as he lifts her up and drops her onto the apron with a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Cartier and Bryan both fall to the outside, Cartier completely wiped out from the move! Bryan knows he has to get her back into the ring, before she recovers from the move. It takes him a second, but he is able to get to his feet and push Cartier back inside of the ring. Bryan quickly covers her, but Cartier is able to kick out at TWO! The fans cannot believe it, having thought that Cartier was surely done for! Bryan stays focused, getting his opponent back up off of the ground. As he lifts her up, she springs to life! Cartier catches Bryan with a Headbutt, allowing her to run to the ropes and connect with the Eat This Ass! Bryan is caught fully, he’s dropped to the canvas! Cartier knows not to waste any time, she needs to put him away now. She sets herself up in the corner, looking to connect with the Empire State of Mind! Bryan slowly gets to a knee, as Cartier rushes forward! Bryan ducks the attempt, as Cartier goes flying past him! She scurries back up to her feet, but is caught with a Superkick! Cartier stumbles backwards, but presses forward anyway only to be caught with a Spinning Backfist, followed by a Bicycle Knee! Raging Demon connects, as Cartier only stands up because of the ropes holding her up! Bryan grabs her, attempting to lift her up for the CTE! Cartier floats through, landing behind Bryan as she puts him into a Rear Naked Choke! Bryan grabs her hair, flipping her over him and onto the canvas! Cartier gets back up, but Bryan catches her with a Shotgun Mouthwash! The Pop Up Knee Strike to Roaring Elbow does it’s job, as Cartier looks to be out cold! Bryan picks Cartier up off the ground, the crowd completely behind him as he moves his thumb across her throat. Setting her up, Bryan connects with the Mantra! The Ripcord Lariat knocking Cartier down to the mat, as Bryan covers her for the pinfall and gets the victory!

WINNER: Bryan Williams via Pinfall (13:09)

Sleek, shiny black dress shoes appeared on the screen. The camera slowly panned up and zoomed out slightly to reveal black, dress slacks, a buttoned crimson sport coat and a white shirt underneath unbutton a few buttons. The face was bare. His head was balder and smoother than a baby’s ass. Viduus Morta took a deep breath in through his nose, exhaled and gave a wide eye smile to the camera.

MORTA: “Atlanta, Georgia. Home to the site of a Civil War battles, Marion Meinart, the Pope Walton house, Rhodes Hall but most importantly, tonight, Adrenaline 101.”

Viduus looked down at his clothes and back to the camera, eyebrows raised, grin still smattered across his face.

MORTA: “There has a been a shift. The winds of change have blown. The landscape in 4CW is ever evolving and with it, the men and women who vie for the 4CW Championship. Bryan Laughlin has survived thus far and proved himself a worthy champion although the path he has walked has been more of a gift than a challenge.”

MORTA: “Brennan Devlin is here and advancing through the ranks. He’s been making quite a bit of noise since his victory in the opening round. He asked for the classics…the man who beat Anastasia, the man who beat Artemis, the man who is a multiple champion in 4CW, a two time 4CW champion, the man who beat hall of famers, survived gauntlets, the spooky one.”

The smile never seemed to disappear from his face only shifted from big to small and back again.

MORTA: “Make no mistake about it Brennan, Bryan, 4CW….the makeup might be gone. The hair may be no more. The curtain may have been peeled back. This isn’t the end of my story though…this is only the next chapter. This is the next step in my evolution. I have shed my skin. I have decided to come out of my shell.”

MORTA: “I’m no longer bound by the strings that held me up and held me back. I am free. I am changed. Yet I remain…Viduus. Brennan Devlin…tonight….you’re going to learn exactly what that means.”

While the makeup was gone and the hair, the laugh remained. Viduus threw his head back in laughter until he suddenly stopped and just grinned at the camera.


Alessandro, Alessandro. Wherefore art thou, Alessandro? Gone was the legend, the hall of famer who used to risk his body just to destroy his opponents and here was a man who seems to have just given up to reaching those wrestling goals or re-accomplishing them. What had happened to him? The Corners Four fans had been curious to know ever since his most recent return but Bianca doesn’t care whether Alessandro is going or coming with staying focusing on making it out of this match with a W. There was no secret that Alessandro was crazy and was pretty wild and impulsive when it came to him being inside of the ring. He could change lanes on you faster than a drunk driver weaving on the rode as stares at Alessandro with an eerily silence and doesn’t even blink after he’s picked himself up from the mat from Bianca’s tornado DDT. Bianca wasn’t feeling this strange aura in the air but she wasn’t about to let Alessandro shake her out nor have her shook as she reminded herself that she was here to do a job and that wasn’t being psyched out by the eerie Alessandro.

Pushing it to the limits, Bianca brought that needed focus where it needed to be and brought the fight to Alessandro with a few windmill kicks. Alessandro didn’t budge, even when he saw Bianca heading his way with the look of intent when it came to attacking him. Perhaps he just didn’t care about this match or wrestling anymore. Bianca’s kicks has Alessandro stumbling back into the turnbuckle and when she rushes towards him with a flying elbow, Alessandro suddenly darts out of the way so that Bianca catches nothing but air at first before her front slams into the turnbuckle. But…. Alessandro doesn’t attack. He just stands there and even Bianca is wondering what the hell is going on when she doesn’t feel any hands on her to grab or hit her. She turns around and Alessandro quickly makes his move with wrapping his arms around her and falling back for a beautiful belly to belly to remind everyone that yes…. the man can wrestle. But the real question was, did he even want to anymore as far as continuing his career goes? All the fans knew at this moment was that Alessandro was straight fileting Bianca with handling her from one end of the ring to the other. Alessandro was building this momentum but could he keep it? Could he not let the fans down with putting his all into it just to not fall short? Irish whipped away from him, Bianca is able to catch her breath as she bounces from the ropes and makes her way back towards the ready Alessandro who is… maybe not as ready as he thought when Bianca suddenly dropkicks him out of nowhere.

Bianca moves to grab an arm while he’s on the mat and tries to avoid Alessandro’s free hand swinging at her as if he were swatting away a pesky mosquito. Bianca finally abandons the submission she had planned when she couldn’t avoid Alessandro’s swings and instead backs away from Alessandro. She allows him to get onto his feet good before she’s rushing forward and jumping into the air to feed her knees with his gut. Alessandro doubles over and Bianca goes for a snap DDT to avoid any sudden swings from the impulsive Alessandro. Alessandro is ready to take her head off but once he gets to his feet…. she’s nowhere in sight. Was she playing hide and seek? Alessandro was curious but that curiosity got peaked as soon as he turned around to meet a Reed ‘Em & Weep from the awaiting Bianca. She goes for the cover and gets the three count.

WINNER: Bianca Reed via Pinfall (8:46)

The cameras take us backstage to find Ruby Richards standing with her arms crossed and flat expression on her face. She’s shaking her head even before she bothers looking up at the camera staring her down.

RICHARDS: ”That was enlightening alright. Hearing what DeMarcus Gresham had to say about me really was informative in a lot of ways. The most important being that he sees me but doesn’t actually hear me.”

Ruby shrugs her shoulders, letting them drop dramatically.

RICHARDS: ”Let’s cover what DeMarcus knew about me, shall we? He knew I was blonde…”

She glances down at her blonde locks hanging over her shoulders, giving a roll of the eyes as she returns her attention to the camera.

RICHARDS: ”He knew that I call myself a Phoenix.”

Uncrossing her arms, she glances down at the Phoenix emblem on her ring attire that she wears out for every match in 4CW.

RICHARDS: ”And he knows that I lost to Cartier and beat Bianca.”

She brings her hands up and shakes her head before letting them fall back down at her sides with a hefty sigh.

RICHARDS: ”Congratulations, DeMarcus. You have eyes!”

Ruby squeals in delight as she announces the big reveal about what sits in Gresham’s skull and allows him to know exactly what he’s known about her.

RICHARDS: ”Let me fill you in on what you don’t have, which is a clue. You assume I’ll deny who you are and what you’re capable of, despite the fact I had long given you credit before you even decided to open your mouth. Despite the fact I recognize how Gifted you are. Despite the fact I acknowledge your capabilities to be a champion. Despite the fact I view you just as important as the men currently holding all the titles here in 4CW.”

Presenting an over-exaggerated look of surprise, Ruby drops it almost immediately and shakes her head in disappointment.

RICHARDS: ”And yet you suspect I won’t surprise you. Well, maybe if you had bothered to open your ears instead of just your eyes, buuuuuut…”

She holds her hands up to say that she’s giving up that subject because it pretty much speaks for itself.

RICHARDS: ”Of course, all of this is dependent on the fact that you actually bother listening to me now. Although, it’s no matter to me at this point. I’ve said what I had to say. I’m aware of more than just what’s on the surface when it comes to you. Pretty ironic, huh? That you speak so patronisingly about people’s inability to see beyond your surface and yet that’s exactly how you’ve treated me.”

Ruby can’t help but laugh as she shakes her head.

RICHARDS: ”There’s a word for people like you, DeMarcus. But I’m sure someone as Gifted as you can figure that out all on your own. After all, it is all about you and not me. So, I’m confident that you’ll spend the adequate time required to figure it out. Until then, I know who I’m getting in the ring with. It’s a shame you haven’t bothered to do the same.”

With a grim expression on her face, Ruby walks off as we fade out.


The speedy Ruby keeps up with her powerhouse of an opponent as she paid attention to his hands after he caught her slipping earlier in the match. Wanting to continue making her presence in 4CW known and be taken seriously, Ruby shows why she’s more than a pretty face as she makes the first move against the deciding DeMarcus with finding a safety net in a few forearm strikes and a dropkick to put the heavy thinking man off his focus. The dropkick causes DeMarcus to stumble backwards but he doesn’t go down while fixating on Ruby with that focused stare of his. The off kilter man combines his usual wrestling techniques with flashes of impulse to keep his opponents guessing and as he went from staring down at Ruby from a few steps away to hovering over her body seconds later after rushing her with a surprise clothesline that the taller man actually slid on his knees for to make sure that clothesline was delivered and showing Ruby there was nothing he would do tonight with taking her head off her shoulders, even meeting her down on her level just to take her out. The fans didn’t know how to think about that but I guess sliding clotheslines were okay since hip tosses weren’t going on as frequently as they used to be in the Corners Four.

Ruby is on her feet and she’s using kicks with aiming at DeMarcus’ shins to try to bring the man back down to her size once more so she can retaliate from that clothesline but ended up abandoning that strategy as soon as DeMarcus’ hand swipes for her and she evades swiftly with getting out of the way. Now it becomes a matter of seeing who would make the first move to come closer with both appearing to have something up their sleeves with the other not moving forward as swiftly as they had done in the beginning. Unable to wait any longer, Ruby just takes the plunge with taking a few rushed steps forward that baits DeMarcus into coming nearer just for Ruby to quickly jump on the nearest turnbuckle and take DeMarcus down with a diving dropkick with knowing it would get the job done. She could have pulled something else out of her aerial arsenal but she didn’t want to risk DeMarcus catching her in mid air and countering with something powerful enough that might deplete half of her energy, injury her to the point she would move slower in the match or maybe knock her out.

If DeMarcus was going to take her out then certainly she wouldn’t make it all the easier for him to do so. She had more than spunk and confidence; she also had heart and believed in herself enough to know that she will always go down swinging. But she shifted her mind to being more positive, with thinking of winning the match instead of already admitting defeat when she could do this. DeMarcus jerks her up and while Ruby’s in the air, she plants her feet into his chest and kicks off into a backflip, landing on her feet that had fans amazed and even more amazed at how much air Ruby took with jumping up high after a start off run to shotgun dropkick her advancing opponent. Some applause was heard near the ring from fans as Ruby smiled but didn’t allow that to pull her focus away from where it needed to be. DeMarcus watches her while Ruby watches him, wanting her to come closer again but Ruby was unsure if that was the smartest idea at this point.

She felt as if she were getting baited in and she didn’t want to take the bait nor chance it so she remained in position, refusing to move. DeMarcus nods his head with a chuckle at Ruby’s stubbornness and decides to just abandon his plan for the moment as he advances onto her. Ruby darts to the left and tries to go around DeMarcus but DeMarcus grabs a good grip of her hair to stop her in place. He doesn’t pull, he just shows her that he was smarter than she was playing him out to be. He finally lets go of her hair but that’s only because he suddenly hems her up and lifts her up in the air but Ruby ends up kneeing him in the face and gets dropped onto her feet. She turns to head for the ropes but DeMarcus quickly grabs her wrist to spin her around for the Black Diamond… but changes his mind and hits her with The Enlightenment instead. He drops on her body and doesn’t even lift a leg as the referee grants him a 3 count.

WINNER: DeMarcus Gresham via Pinfall (7:14)

We cut to a pre-taped scene at what looks to be a serene lake, surrounded by lush parkland. Alicia Lukas sits on an old wooden table. Her feet up on a seat while she tilts her head staring at the calm water.

LUKAS: “It’s weird being home. I mean home right now is actually a nice house in the outer suburbs of upstate New York, but I grew up here. Atlanta Georgia. I had a lot of firsts here. This is always where my heart leads me. In many ways, I’m the same girl. The same person from day one. But that’s the problem, isn’t it?”

Alicia chuckles to herself and slides from the table to the grass, her hands sliding into the pockets of her hooded sweatshirt.

LUKAS: ”I’ve tried. I really have. I have tried so hard to stay the same down to earth, kind girl with a hint of sarcasm that I always was. I tried to just sit back and take it all on the chin. Thing is, after months upon months of busting my ass in 4CW, of working so fucking hard to get just a little bit of respect, it’s come to my attention that it means nothing. Taking beating from people like Kimitsu Zombie and Tommy, smiling through bloody teeth and cuts and bruises to be able to say “hey I’m here, I arrived” has done nothing. NOTHING. Because everyone in this business can never see past the person you were or who they perceive you to be…”

She scoffs, shaking her head side to side

LUKAS: ”I tried being humble. I said over and over again that I wanted to earn my place here, that 4CW was where I needed to be and where I could really forge a legacy. And then the last month happened. It started off with Zeel Park running his stupid little mouth about me, digging up a past that barely anyone wanted to mention because it was low hanging fruit. I beat him and thought I could just move on. Then Riley Savell, RILEY FUCKING SAVELL. A woman whose claim to fame is having an umbrella fetish fuckstain of a brother and that she’s getting dicked down by Cosmo Cooper…WHOOPEDY FUCKING DO…she decided to bring up my past to, then Kaelan Laughlin went on the offensive, well gee whiz Kaelan, are we having a little personality crisis?”

LUKAS: ”I could have sworn you had turned over a new leaf and you were trying to be cheered by the fans and show respect, only to throw out some spiel about how you’re not a Bully but if you’re pushed you’ll push back. Tell me Kaelan, where the fuck did I push you?.”

Alicia pauses and grits her teeth.

LUKAS: ”Well?. Cause I showed you the utmost respect. Only for you to squat down and take a giant shit on my entire career. You know, kind of like how God took a giant shit off the side of England to create fucking Ireland?. You talked about how my career doesn’t mean shit and nothing I have ever done does. Well newsflash cunt, all your shit got handed to you. You want to play this little fucking game cupcake and pull your lady balls out of your fucking purse then fine, let’s do that. 4CW is a great company, filled with some of the best of the best but I’m going to burst Perry’s little bubble….”

LUKAS: ”It’s not the be all end all of wrestling.”

LUKAS: ”I have been successful other places and came here with the atttude of wanting to be humble and pay my dues, and now, I have. I paid them in sweat and blood and bowing my head and acting like a fucking cuck to all these others sidned to this place. But you, for you after all you did recently to look at me and say you “surprassed” me and wanting to bring up shit from two years ago and throw it in my face?…nah. I’m done with that. Tonight Kaelan, I’m unleashing hell…..and your pretty red hair is going to be a few shades darker…”

Alicia snarls as we cut back to the live broadcast.


Riley and Zeel start off with a rather awkward staredown as neither of them starts off. Riley then pushes Zeel back beckoning him to hit her but he looks away. She keeps pushing him to the corner but Zeel still doesn’t engage. Everything freezes for a moment after Riley smacks him hard in the face. They lock eyes and it is on. Zeel punches Riley in the gut and she reels back. She puts her arms up to guard against a wild barrage of punches from Zeel. A few of them get through until Riley backs up and kicks Zeel with a thrust kick to the chest. She runs after him and hits a dropkick but Zeel bounces off the ropes and goes for a kick of his own. Riley is quick to her feet to catch the kick and hits a Step-over Spinning Kick to knock Zeel down.

Riley tries to go for Zeel’s arm but he goes onto his back and powers her over and gets on top of her to hit her with some mounted punches. Riley braves the storm again and gets a hold of Zeel’s arm to shift into an armbar and get him off. Then she transitions into a God Lock. She pulls and Zeel fights at first, but then he suddenly stops. Riley pulls back until she feels no resistance. She pulls back to the point where Zeel’s arm is about to give and break and she feels no resistance. Riley looks down at Zeel surprised at this and lets his arm go. She grabs him by the back of his hair and kicks him in the head. Riley pulls him up pelting him with some probing kicks. Riley gets him up to his knees and screams in his face to fight her but Zeel doesn’t move.

Riley rears back for a Buzzsaw Kick but Zeel dodges it and gets her in a roll up. Riley kicks out at one and hits a standing double foot stomp on Zeel’s back. Riley bounces off the ropes and goes for a running shooting star press, but Zeel brings his legs up and monkey flips her over to the ropes. Riley hits the top rope and tumbles violently to the outside. Zeel rolls out from the opposite side of the ring and slowly walks around the ring as Riley collects herself. Zeel slowly grabs her by the head and picks her up. He sighs and throws her against the barricade.

The referee starts his count. Zeel runs at her and goes for a High Knee, but Riley gets out of the way and Zeel hits the steel. Riley jumps up and hits a Sling Blade and they tumble into the crowd. The audience gives them space. Zeel is getting up using an empty chair, but Riley hops up on the barricade and hits the Savell Stomp crushing his head against the chair. She throws Zeel back over the barricade and enters the ring. The ref keeps counting for Zeel and Riley watches him from the ring. Zeel sits up but just watches her. Zeel rises and gets to the apron, but doesn’t get in the ring. Riley goes through the middle ropes to grab Zeel and pull him up. Zeel again offers little resistance as Riley puts him in a headlock and hits The Crowning. Zeel stares up at her wide-eyed as she reluctantly pins him for the win.

WINNER: Riley Savell via Pinfall (7:58)

Brennan was seen hanging from a bar doing inverted squats, getting ready before his match this evening. He stopped, hanging from the bar upside down as if it hit him suddenly.

DEVLIN: ”Riley Savell is so fucking fat.”

It was as if it just came to him, but he got down and wandered out of his locker room, slowly heading through the backstage.

DEVLIN: ”But that’s not relevant right now, what is? It’s that I came back and thus far, I’ve done everything I’ve said I was gonna do. I beat Tommy, I beat Kaelan, and I’ll beat Viduus just the same.”

He said in a matter of fact sort of tone.

DEVLIN: ”I am better than I was when I walked away, better than all of you. It took me a thousand something episodes to get back to this company, years, but coming soon… very soon…”

He happened to pass by a poster featuring the South Beach Brawl cup bracket, glancing up at it on the wall.

DEVLIN: ”When I’m finished with Viduus, it doesn’t matter who it is, Logan Traeger or Bryan Laughlin. I’m coming for whoever holds the gold at the end of the night.”

Brennan glared at the camera before continuing down the hall, leaving the cameraman behind.


Alicia Lukas goes full tilt right from the beginning by surprising Kaelan with grabbing her by the scruff of her neck and landing forearms to the side of her head. Alicia backs Kaelan up to the ropes and wraps her arms up against the ropes. Alicia then kicks Kaelan repeatedly on the chest. Alicia taps Kaelan on the forehead with Metal Horns and runs to the ropes to hit Kaelan with a Leaping Clothesline against the ropes. Kaelan crumples down and exits the ring. Alicia gloats in front of her. Kaelan gathers herself and suddenly pulls Alicia by her legs out of the ring and hits a Snap Suplex on the outside.

The two women brawl on the outside and the ref has a hard time containing them. He eventually gets into the ring and count before he is caught up in the melee while trying to separate the two. Kaelan gets into the ring first and Alicia follows. She doesn’t let up and runs right into Kaelan throwing her down with a Crossbody. Alicia holds Kaelan down by driving her knee into Kaelan’s neck. Kaelan shoves it off and grabs Alicia’s hair to roll her over and hits some Mounted Punches before getting up and just Stomping the heck out of her. Kaelan lets off to roar as the audience roars with her.

Kaelan goes up to the top and jumps off to his a Diving Headbutt, but Alicia gets off the mat at the last second and runs the ropes to hit a hurt Kaelan with a Hotlanta Kick. She puts a little exclamation point as Kaelan falls with a Leg Drop. Alicia tries for her Lioness Bite, but Kaelan scrambles out and kicks Alicia off. When Alicia runs back Kaelan sends her flying with a TIlt-A- Whirl Headscissors. But Alicia cartwheels through the move and goes for a Low Dropkick. Kaelan sidesteps this and tries to lock in her Irish Rose. Alicia immediately tries to roll Kaelan up, but Kaelan pushes over with her legs and gets Alicia’s shoulders on the mat. Kaelan doesn’t stop to pin and gets Alicia up to hit the Going Out In Style!

Kaelan takes her time getting up after that but calls for the finish. Kaelan grabs Alicia up locks her head up to position her at the corner. Alicia pushes her off and Kaelan bounces off the turnbuckles hard. Alicia turns her around and hits the Blonde Ambition. She pins but Kaelan kicks out at two. Alicia picks Kaelan up by the hair and picks her up onto her shoulders. Kaelan fights off by elbowing Alicia. Alicia stumbles but then runs to the corner to smash Kaelan against them as she drops her down. Alicia runs at Kaelan to hit a Leaping Clothesline in the corner but Kaelan rolls out of the way and hits her From Belfast With Love. Alicia drops down and Kaelan pulls her to the middle of the ring. She locks in the Irish Rose and Alicia taps.

WINNER: Kaelan Laughlin via Submission (12:10)

CARLSON: “Coddled.”
With his feet kicked up on a table, the North American champion rested comfortably in his locker room. In his hands is a book, the title obscured but judging by the imagery on the cover it’s a parenting guide for first time, or potential first time, parents.

CARLSON: “That’s what most of you want to be. You want to say and do dumb things without being called out for it. And when you do get called out for it you throw a tantrum like a toddler who got their toy taken away.”

From behind the book, Eli clicked his tongue dismissively.

CARLSON: “You want someone to hold your hand and tell you you’re the best without actually having to put the work in. You want to be accepted without having to sacrifice the things necessary to be accepted. Nothing changes. There’s so few who really grasp and understand what it takes to be here, and to be successful here. Some people want to say they’re about it but not actually be about it. Most of you, actually. There’s so few left who are the lifeblood of this company. The rest of you are parasites.”

Lowering the book, he shoots a nassssssty look at the camera. Battle with one A.J. Morales was on the horizon and truth be told, Eli looked as relaxed and ready to go as ever. Irritated, yes, but relaxed at the same time.

CARLSON: “You are that parasite, A.J. You. Eden. And basically all of you who signed contracts with this company around the same time. You want to be celebrated and recognized as prime time players, but you don’t want to put in what’s required. This company deserves better. I deserve better. And it’s why the likes of you will never… and I mean never… beat me. I’ve sacrifice more than just my own blood, sweat and tears to get to where I am today. Tonight, A.J., you’re going to realize just how stark a difference there is between the two of us. It’s a grand canyon sized gap. And when it’s all said and done, I hope you do the smart thing and walk away, and not leave me in the position of having to go one step farther than I’m already going to go tonight.”

Smirking, Eli continues to stare into the camera.

CARLSON: “And Eden. Don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Don’t slip. Don’t stumble. Don’t fall down tonight. Because if you do, there truly will be no hope for you come South Beach Brawl. Make this worth my time. I’m begging you.”

Waving one free hand, Eli brings his book back up with the other, dismissing the camera crew that was there filming him and going back to what he had been doing before.


Alexis Kennedy grabs Eden Connors by the hair and shakes her head around. Connors takes it all with no emotion on her face as Kennedy laughs at her and tells her some rather nasty things. Kennedy further mocks Connors with some light headbutt taps until Connors gets angry and rears back for a punch but Kennedy dodges it and hits Eden with a quick Rabbit Punch. Alexis goes on to be quite the aggressor as she pulls Connors up by the arm and chops her down again. Kennedy whips Connors to the ropes and hits a Flying Lariat that demolishes Connors. Kennedy kneels down next to Connors and watches with Glee as she tries to get up. Connors looks at her so Kennedy pulls up the sides of her lips into a smile with her fingers before stomping Connors down.

Connors still tries to rise after each kick. She gets up and Kennedy nods wildly at her. Connors yells and hits Kennedy with some forearms, then hits some palm strikes to her face, then runs the ropes and hits a Leaping Clothesline. To her surprise, Kennedy rises to her feet with a great big grin on her face. They scream at each other with Connors sticking her tongue out at Kennedy’s finger guns. They run and bounce off the ropes to collide into each other with Single Leg Dropkicks.

The ref counts as the audience roars in approval and they both get up at eight. Connors jumps at Kennedy to grab her up and hit an Inverted DDT. She hits a Double Leg Stomp before climbing up to the top. Kennedy recovers from the stomp to follow. She throws Connors down with a Snap Suplex from the top but keeps her feet hooked on to the top ropes. Kennedy gets up and hits a Diving Seated Senton. She hits Connors with low kicks them hits a Suplex Slam. She goes for a pin but Conners rises at two.

Connors gets the upper hand again by immediately hitting a Double Knee Backbreaker as Kennedy gets her up. Conners hits a number of Belly to Belly suplexes sending Alexis for a loop. Alexis stops the momentum with a quick knee to the gut and she throws Connors right at the ref. The ref stops Connors as Kennedy slips something into her hand from her pants. She cocks her arm and waits until Connors turns around and goes for TBSH aiming a Supergirl Punch right at Connors.

Connors catches the hand and locks in 22 Seconds. She holds up Kennedy’s hand and rips off the knuckle dusters to throw them out of the ring. Alexis elbows at Connors leg hooked around hers and runs into the turnbuckle to smash herself and Connors into the corner. It works as Connors releases the hold. Alexis stops Connors down into the corner. She drags Connors up and gets her in the powerbomb position. Alexis yells out and slaps her chest before she picks Connors up for The A Bomb, but Connors jumps with the giant momentum and shifts her weight to the side to drop Alexis with a modified leg drop.

Connors bounces off the ropes to hit The EC but Alexis rolls back and kips up. Connors bounces off the opposite ropes and dodges Kennedy’s FUM Kick. Alexis stumbles and Connors comes at her with the Bang! Boom! Bonbon! flipping Kennedy right on to her head with the front flip piledriver. Connors quickly pins and gets the win.

WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (14:16)

The scene cuts backstage to the halls of the State Farm Arena. Not a single person is in sight, just an empty hall. From a distance, voices can be heard. Right on queue, the camera moves down the hall as the voices grow louder and louder. Approaching an open door, the camera comes to a stop before slowly having a peak inside of what appears to be an office.

WALLACE: “Look it, I don’t care what you have to do. He just needs to go…”

In the back of the office, Perry Wallace sits behind a large desk. In front of him, an unknown man sits, his identity disguised for the time being with his back turned to the camera.

WALLACE: “Can you make it happen?”

Hands wrapped around a newspaper, yes some people read those, the man that Wallace is talking to finally drops the paper. The well groomed black face of Christopher J. Wrigley peers towards Wallace from behind his red rimmed glasses, he takes a moment to think about what is being asked of him and then pushes those glasses up to the top of his nose.

WRIGLEY: “Yeah, I can make him… go. I know a guy who can make anyone quote-unquote go. I mean, it will cost you some money but he’ll take care of whatever problems you got. Hell, for a couple of extra dollars they can make it look like good old Tedmund had a falling out with a transgendered hooker named Randy over a cocaine deal gone sideways. Happens all the time, espec–”

Wrigley looks up and notices the camera guy standing there which instantly causes him to change his tone.

WRIGLEY:“I was fooling y’all! Those was jokes…”

Wrigley tries to laugh it off even throwing in a ‘woo’ there for show. After a couple of deep breaths he brings himself down calmly.

WRIGLEY: “Of course you mean legally, I can file five injunctions by the end of the show tonight. I’ll have Ted swimming in paperwork that he’ll either drown by Thursday or drop whatever stick is up his ass.”

Rubbing his chin, Perry just looks at Wrigley for a short moment as his lips slowly begin to form a smile.

WALLACE: “You have quite an interesting way of thinking.”

Standing up from his seat, Perry walks over to the one thing he requests for each and every show. A lot of you guys are mean. You can’t blame the man for drinking and having access to a personal mini bar whenever he chooses. He kneels down in front of the bar, pulling out a key from his pocket.

WALLACE: “Can you believe this guy? I literally have to put a lock on this door to keep that son of a bitch from replacing everything in here with water.”

He unlocks the lock and opens the door, reaching in and grabbing a bottle of Scotch. Standing to his feet, he removes the top from the bottle and reaches for an empty glass. After pouring himself a glass, he takes a rather large sip before lowering the glass from his lips and glancing across the room at Wrigley.

WALLACE: “Care for a drink?”

Wallace must know that Wrigley was bound by the lawyer code to always drink whiskey when offered or saw the pathetic puppy dog eyes Wrigley was giving as he poured the drink. Wrigley, offering no actual response, holds out his hands as if he were Helen Keller at the end of the ‘Miracle Worker’ and waits as Wallace pours him a glass.

WRIGLEY: “Nectar of the gods right here. So, what are we drinking to?”

The pouring comes to a stop as Perry tilts the bottle back and looks across the room to Wrigley.

WALLACE: “You can drink to whatever you want to.”

He looks back down, finishing off the glass before setting the bottle on top of the bar. He carries Wrigley a glass before turning back to look at the bar once more. Shuffling across the room once more, Perry grabs the bottle and heads for the comfortable seat behind the desk.

WALLACE: “I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a special occasion to drink to. I drink to keep myself calm when someone wants to go full retard and fuck with my shit. We’re coming up on three years being with Showtime and not once has anyone there said anything to me about needing to tone things down, or needing to censor this or that. But now?”

Wrigley mumbles to himself.

WRIGLEY: “Shit, I canceled Showtime when they got rid of late night tiddies.”

Perry finally takes a seat, leaning back completely to get comfortable before tilting the glass back and finishing his drink poured not so long ago. Grabbing the bottle, he pours himself another as his eyes shift towards Wrigley.

WALLACE: “Now they want to send someone over to hold my fucking hand? Tell me, no bullshit, what can you really do to get Tedmund away from Adrenaline?”

Wrigley sips his drink and begins to pace in the office a bit, this helps him think because he’s awesome and that’s how awesome people think. Another sip, a push of the glasses up to the top of his nose.

WRIGLEY: “No bullshit? It depends on the television deal you made with Showtime. If that contract gives Showtime even an ounce of control over what is put on the air, then Ted might have to stay for a bit until we can renegotiate with Showtime. But, if nowhere in that contract does it say that… well, we can do whatever we want to poor Ted.”

Wrigley takes another sip of the whiskey and continues to pace back and forth.

WRIGLEY: “Or. You let me sick Krieg on him.”

WALLACE: “4CW has been on Showtime for nearly three years and not once has anyone from there said anything about what happens when the cameras are rolling.”

Taking a drink from his glass, Perry rubs his temple with his other hand.

WALLACE: “This is the same guy who blocked me on Twitter a while back. How do we even know he’s here on behalf of Showtime? You’re always talking about someone suing someone else. Can I sue here?”

The word ‘sue’ brings a smile from ear to ear on Wrigley’s face, his ears perk up and somewhere the bat signal lights up the sky.

WRIGLEY: ”Oh shit, you should have just started with that whole let’s sue him thing. Can I sue him? I don’t even need a reason for that.”

WALLACE: “I don’t know if he’s even worth anything but let’s come up with some sort of plan to make him sorry for coming here and fucking with me. We’ve had people on here eating ass and literally shitting in the ring and they’re going to send over someone now when things are calm? Sue this man for everything he’s got. I can drink to that.”

Tilting back his glass, Perry finishes his drink and slams the empty glass onto the desk. Grabbing the bottle, he pours himself another drink and raises it to Wrigley for a toast.

WALLACE: “Everything he’s got.”

Back in the arena, the sound of “Absolute Power” by Parkway Drive plays as Logan Traeger makes his way out and stands at the entrance. An uncharacteristic no nonsense expression becomes the focus as he confidently walks to the ring, looking around to take in the energy from the wild Atlanta crowd.

Once at the ring, he walks to the guardrail to greet his wife at ringside with a kiss, exchanging unheard sentiments afterward. Just before rolling into the ring he retrieves a microphone from Mike Powers and then stands firm in the center of the ring, running the microphone across his throat for his music to get cut.

He goes to speak, however the crowd halts any possibility for that as they begin dueling chants of “Bry-an Laughlin!” and “Let’s Go Traeger.” Clearly taking Logan by surprise, he looks around the State Farm Arena and allows a smirk to form, holding the mic out to the crowd until they finally settle and he steps back into the center of the ring, looking down at his black ITWT t-shirt with his cigar smoking face on it.

TRAEGER: “Nineteen. With a victory tonight, the 4CW Championship will have changed hands nineteen times since its inception. Held by Hall of Famers and ones who will be, fought for in the most gruelling of matches and won in the end of some of the most storied rivalries wrestling has ever seen. The title is an entity of it’s own, but after tonight, it will become the centerpiece to a movement I began only a month ago.”

TRAEGER: “Bryan Laughlin and I have said our words, we’ve exchanged our insults, and have staked our claims. But tonight is the war to settle it. The winner walks away with the title and walks into South Beach Brawl to defend, and I’ll be goddamned if that isn’t going to be me.”

Logan tugs at his shirt gently, looking to it and then back to the crowd, nodding at some of the signs he sees in favor of himself.

TRAEGER: “It’s clear to me that I’ve managed to reach some of you since my arrival. To the rest, you’ll turn in due time. See, when I signed my contract and entered this tournament, I knew the possibilities. I understood what would be expected of me if I wanted to make my mark, and I’ve done just that. I didn’t get to this title match by luck, it was by skill. I don’t need the validation from anyone in that locker room on whether I belong here or not, because my spot tonight speaks for itself.”

TRAEGER: “The main event of SBB and the future of 4CW as a whole rest in the outcome of this match tonight. And while many of you believe that Bryan will put me down, I’m here to tell you this… he will have to make sure I stop breathing before he even contemplates leaving here with what I came for!”

Logan leans on the top rope, looking down at his wife briefly before fiercely gazing at the audience.

TRAEGER: “I didn’t decide to run a campaign so I can win the popular vote, I did it because I know I am the heir to the throne, and it was my obligation to get you used to seeing this handsome fucking face on your merchandise, your posters, and your advertisements, all while holding the greatest championship ever created.”

TRAEGER: “This woman in front of me believed in me when nobody did, I believed in me when nobody else has, and if you are waiting to see before you buy in, then tonight will be the ultimate sight to behold. From a piece of shit building in SoCal to Southside Miami, and now 4CW, I know what the climb to prominence is all about. The main event of Adrenaline 101 is the peak, and I have the flag ready to be placed!”

TRAEGER: “Every word I’ve spoken, every dream I’ve had, and every strategy I’ve explored will lead me to the grand prize tonight. I am the evolution of 4CW, and its greatest general to lead the charge in two thousand nineteen and beyond. Bryan Laughlin, this will be the greatest battle you’ve been involved in as champion… and sadly for you, it will be your last. Because in a world of liars, false prophets, and shortcomers, there’s only four words you can live and die by. In… Traeger… We… Trust!”

Logan quickly tosses the microphone back over to Powers and pulls his shirt off, tossing it into the crowd as his music plays again. Rolling back out of the ring, he walks to Natalie one more time, standing forehead to forehead with her before giving her a kiss and slapping a few fan’s hands as he makes his way to the curtain. Just before he disappears to the back, he points to the ring and yells out “New 4CW Champion.”

The camera cuts backstage, with the 4CW Pride Champion and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions Mariano Fernandez, standing on a hallway, leaning against a white brick wall, his leather jacket slung on his shoulders, and both title belts hanging on each shoulder respectively. He stares at the camera, with a thoughtful look on his face.


He throws his arms around, silently, then cocks his head to the side, as if there was something he didn’t understand.

FERNANDEZ: “What happened to you, Jett? No, seriously. What the hell happened? Cat got your tongue? Getting cold feet? Taking a page out of the Sadboiz playbook? Don’t get me wrong, I was going to defend the Pride Title one way or the other, but YOU wanted this shit, mang. It wasn’t me that waltzed in to King’s Road and say “Champion versus Champion, Title for Title. I gave you the god damned chance, Jett. I gave you the chance not once, but several god damned times to keep YOUR title out of this thing. Because there’s people in King’s Road that want it more than I, mang. There’s Lauryn, who’s been Internet Champion until just shortly. There’s Cartier, who just now had the best of you. There’s Lisa Seldon. There’s SILK, and Fallon Lockhart, and Cosmo Cooper, among several others. And now I find myself in THEIR way, because of YOUR actions, mang.”

Mariano shakes his head no, and at this point, there is a very metallic edge to this voice – that edge he brings when things start getting serious. He starts enumerating with his hands as his eyes roll to the ceiling.

FERNANDEZ: “Now I’ll have another belt to defend, another belt whose value I’ll have to attempt to raise. Now I’ll find myself holding gold in the ENTIRETY of the 4CW corporation, across all shows and territories the Four Corners now have, the only name in history to have done so. All because of you, mang. All because of your big mouth.”

Manny facepalms, one more time shaking his head, as if he just suffered a monumental embarrassment.

FERNANDEZ: “Speaking of which, from god damned JANUARY, Jett, have you run your mouth as you always do. “Please tell me Mariano isn’t holding gold again. Please tell me he isn’t Triple Crown Champion. Please tell me he isn’t still a champion. But all came crashing down, mang. All of those things? They’re all happened. You’ve seen them happen. You will come face to face with them next. But once I presented myself to the world with all the titles and accolades I now hold, you made the challenge. Beat me one on one, you said, when you indeed did so two years ago.”

This time, DA #TROLL GUY makes a grave nod.

FERNANDEZ: “You had to bring TWO YEARS AGO up, and I told you explicitly and clearly that I hadn’t forgotten. Then you challenged me to that match at Wrestle Nine-Nine, and were it not for Cartier, it would have all ended there, mang. Maybe you would have beaten me again. Maybe you would have even retained your King’s Road Title, the only one that was on the line. But you couldn’t settle for that, could you? You still wanted to come at me. You still wanted the Pride Title you once held, and figured “okay, here’s Manny again, I can beat him one more time!”

Mariano leans into the camera, his eyes almost penetrating the lens.

FERNANDEZ: “That’s what you thought, eh Jett? What at god damned return it would have been – beating Manny again, taking one of DA #TROLL GUY’s belts in his first defense, and coming back to being the Pride Champion you were for a month in your own time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”

Leaning back now, DA #TROLL GUY smirks his trademark Trollface – for a glimpse, a brief fraction of a second, before his face turns to stone, and his voice falls with the strength and sharpness of a headman’s axe meeting an unfortunate soul’s neck.

FERNANDEZ: “But you COULDN’T settle for that, could it, Jett? No, you had to up the ante. I’m going to end this man’s WHOLE CAREER, was your next statement. Are you willing to put your career on the line, mang? This is now a Career versus Career match! Of course nobody believed that shit, and I’m certain you least of all, but it don’t matter now, mang. Because for a match of this importance, the LEAST you could have done is send a message the way I did. The LEAST you could have done is at least represented King’s Road with some dignity. At the VERY FUCKING LEAST, chico, if you could have come out and died with honor – the way I did when I faced Bronx at Fright Night 2017. But there’s a silver lining to this thing, Jett. At least you now know what it feels like, and you didn’t have to endure the amount of scorn that I did, either from my lips, or from other people. Take that as a comfort, and be thankful for it, for you deserve none.”

He sighs, somewhat in barely contained annoyance, somewhat in genuine actual sorrow.

FERNANDEZ: “The worst part of it all, Jett, is the damage you have done to the company you’re in. Now the entirety of King’s Road will be up in god damned arms that their champion didn’t have the will to fight for his brand, the one he claimed to be superior. Now the entirety of King’s Road will be left with the knowledge that Jett Wilder did the title the worst disservice it could have possibly suffered, something worse happened to that than the time Kaelan Laughlin got stripped of it. They won’t have to worry though – they got someone better to elevate its value. But they will remember, Jett – they will remember than after talking ALLLLL of that trash, making the claim that you’d become a double champion and END my career in the process… Jett Wilder backed out. Jett Wilder lost his will. Jett Wilder did what no one in 4CW did since the time of fucking VOSSLER!”

This time his voice drops, almost to a whisper, as he throws his hands once more.

FERNANDEZ: “And you know what the overwhelming emotion out of all of this is? It ain’t anger, mang. I ain’t even mad. It’s just sadness. It’s all so sad. And nevertheless I will do it, because unlike you, I’m true to my words. Whether it was my actual career on the line or not, it wouldn’t have god damned mattered, because I’m going into this match as if it was. Because I refuse to lose the Pride Title without having at least defended it first. Because I refuse for it to be the god damned toy it was for Dakota Smith, and Andre Holmes before him. Because I REFUSE, Jett, to do what you’re doing with the title you decided to put on the line now. Because I refuse to be a Jett Wilder, when I can be a Mariano Fernandez – the Mariano Fernandez people now KNOW I can be – the one that was capable two years ago, and WILL tonight, of putting Jett Wilder down.”

To emphasize, Mariano drives his right fist against his left palm, its loud thud making a slight echo around the hallway.

FERNANDEZ: “So when this match is over, Jett, I don’t care what happens to your career. You’ll keep going, you won’t, either way it will be over, and it will have been nobody’s fault but your own. And when you see me hold your King’s Road Title over my head and the 4CW Pride Title STIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL strapped to my waist, the pain you’re going to feel won’t be because of me, but because you’ll know how the world will remember what went down here tonight.”

Mariano turns away, but looks over his back at the camera, for a final word.

FERNANDEZ: “For after this fight, chico, the world will know, that the one who ended Jett Wilder’s career… was none other than Jett fucking Wilder.”

And after this, he turns back again, and walks down the hallway, as the scene fades to black.


Things nearly get out of hand before A.J. even finishes his entrance, as Eli tries to sneak up from behind and whack A.J, in the back of the head with the North American Championship belt! But A.J. hears Eli running towards him, and in one quick motion, Morales turns around, holds up that world title belt from someplace else that we don’t recognize around here, and blocks the attack. The belts collide with a loud CLANK!, and the two stare each other down for a few seconds, Eli’s expression going cold while A.J. smirks and shakes his head “no,” and the crowd goes into a frenzy. The referee, meanwhile, forces both men back to their corners and orders them to put their title belts down and have an actual match.

When the bell rings, the two combatants meet in the center of the ring, where Eli does his usual early-match routine of offering A.J. a handshake. These fans aren’t fooled for a second; they keep booing Eli and his smug grin mercilessly. A.J. doesn’t seem to buy it either, as he looks right at the hardcam, mouths the word “Really?”, then turns his head back to Eli, slowly reaches to that still-outstretched hand, and—SMACK! A.J. fakes Eli out and slaps the North American Champion in the face! The crowd is loving this defiance, and they’re right there with A.J. as he forces a tie-up and starts grappling for control. But Eli isn’t rattled so easily, and he quickly takes the control back to pull A.J. into a side headlock, then brings A.J. to the mat with a takedown. But instead of following that up with an actual hold, Carlson just kips back up to his feet and spreads his arms wide for the crowd, provoking yet more boos and disdain.

“Don’t touch me!” yells Carlson as he turns back and yells down at A.J. Surely, the famously-agreeable Morales will go along with that suggestion—nope, A.J. grabs Eli by the wrist and uses that as leverage to get to his feet. With a little clever maneuvering, A.J. gets Eli set up for a ripcord, pushes him away, then nails him with a forearm. Morales maintains wrist control so he can keep hammering away like this, but Eli gets his free arm up for a counter as he reverses the grip with the other arm, which lets him pull A.J. in and slam him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. This time, Eli stays on top for the cover, only netting a 1-count.

From there, Eli goes to his ground game, using a series of working holds to maintain control and keep Morales on the ground. That works out for a minute or two, but once A.J. finds a way to convert one of those holds into a pin of his own, forcing Eli to make a quick kickout, the tide starts to change. A.J. throws a few elbows to get himself completely free from Eli’s grasp, then starts to run the ropes, hoping to speed up the tempo—not yet! Eli counters with a smooth drop toe hold, and he transitions just as fluidly into a crucifix armbar. A.J. yells out from the pain, and he immediately starts looking for ways to get to the ropes. He manages to get his legs out and hook a leg on the bottom rope, but Eli initially refuses to let go. The ref gives him a five-count to disqualification, and Eli waits until three to actually obey. He gets up after he lets go, initially putting his hands up defensively, but soon goes right back to A.J., pulling him up early and flinging him overhead with a vertical suplex.

Again, Eli passes up the chance to go for a cover, instead leaning over A.J. and—SMACK!—retaliating for that slap at the beginning with one of his own. Carlson starts belittling A.J., which gets no love from the crowd—one fan throws a soda cup at Eli, hitting Carlson in the head and doing more distraction than damage. But when Carlson goes back to work and tries to start stomping on A.J., A.J. doesn’t seem to be taking the intended damage. If anything, every stomp and mocking little kick only seems to encourage the Revolution to sit up a little more, then get closer to standing, then—POW! A.J. pops Eli right in the mouth! That stuns the North American Champion, and it gives Morales an opening to get into a kickboxing stance and start going for shoot kicks and backfists.

A.J. gets a decent combo going before tackling Eli to the ground and going for his first cover, getting a 1-count out of it. But when they both get up, Eli’s more prepared, and every time A.J. throws a shoot kick to the side of Eli’s ribs, Eli delivers one of his own to A.J.’s thighs. A.J. has to switch stances to Tae Kwon Do in order to regain control, which he does by throwing a roundhouse to Eli’s gut, then coming down hard with an axe kick to bring Eli face-down to the mat.

Seizing his chance at payback, A.J. grabs Eli’s right arm and goes into a kneeling Fujiwara armbar. Eli yells out from the pain, and he starts scrambling to get out from under A.J. as fast as possible; the last thing Carlson needs is a busted shoulder. A.J. tries to maintain control, but soon enough, Eli gets to the ropes, and while A.J. does break the hold when he’s told, he doesn’t do so without dropping a knee to Eli’s back.

A.J. keeps up that aggression once his opponent’s back to a standing position, going for punches and forearm strikes that Eli, for the most part, dodges and deflects until he finds one he can use to yank A.J. in and—BAM! Impaler DDT! That’s enough for a 2-count. But before Eli can reassert control, A.J. kips up right into a hurricanrana, traditional pin and all, forcing Eli to use his whole body to kick out at 2. From there, A.J. snatches Eli in again and throws him for an Irish whip, then—SLAM! Just plants the champ with a spinebuster! That’ll get him another 2-count!

A.J. stomps away at the right arm, weakening it before yanking Eli in for another Irish whip, but this time, Eli gets the jump on him and whirls around for the Prince’s Edict! That slingblade sends A.J. to the ground, and before A.J. knows it, Eli’s practically playing hopscotch across his chest, double-stomping Morales repeatedly as Carlson keeps going back and forth, then running the ropes and coming back with a senton! Cover fooooor…nope, 2-count again, but Eli’s getting A.J. closer to the almighty 3, and he knows it.

Eli tries to take things to the ground again, but A.J. refuses to play along, slipping out of the holds before Eli can cinch them in. Once they’re both standing, A.J. goes into a boxing stance and starts to pump-fake a few punches, baiting the defense-minded champion into trying to catch him and make the counter until Eli gets frustrated and tries for a roundhouse—nope, it goes clear over A.J.’s head and—BAM! Fuckin’ Slayerrrr! The superkick freezes Eli up as he falls back to the canvas! That gives A.J. an opening to step onto the apron, where he grabs hold of the top rope, then vaults himself over for a springboard crossbody just as Eli starts to get up! Cover!…2-count again!

But just like Eli, A.J.’s inching closer to the win, and he makes sure to keep the pressure up with a ground-and-pound. He then drags Eli to his feet early, yet again flings the champ along with an Irish whip, and when Carlson rebounds—DAMN! A MASSIVE taste of El DiaBlade, A.J.’s deadly leaping clothesline, and that’s enough for an even closer nearfall!

A.J. takes a moment to stop and play to the crowd, but that leaves him open for Eli, getting more desperate, to throw a chop block and take A.J. down to one knee. From there, Eli runs the ropes of his own volition this time, coming back with the—WHAM! His Anointed shining wizard connects! That gets Eli the closest nearfall he’s gotten all night! The toll is really starting to show for both men, but that just means Carlson has to kick it into a higher gear here. And he certainly does, dragging A.J. closer to the ropes before jumping to the second rope and going for a moonsault—NO! WAIT! A.J. blocks with both knees and rolls him up! One! Two! Thr—KICKOUT! But damn if that wasn’t a close call for the North American Champion!

A.J., sensing cracks in Carlson’s armor, gets a hold of Eli as fast as possible. He plants Eli with an exploder suplex, rolls through, tries for another…countered into a fisherman’s suplex! Perfect technique by Eli! That’s another nearfall! They get back up again, exchanging chops and kicks for a bit, before A.J. hoists Eli up into a fireman’s carry and lands a quick, nasty-looking ushigoroshi. A.J. stays low, watching as Eli tries to power through and get up as fast as possible, then—BOOM!—punishes it with a 94 Blitz! Morales immediately backs away to a corner, looking around as he feeds off the crowd’s energy.

Eli feels that shift in the air. He senses this slipping away, his plan falling apart. He knew A.J. would want to speed things up and get in his face, but he hadn’t quite realized how explosive A.J.’s offense could be. But he does know what it means when Morales is in that corner. Eli knows what it means when A.J. goes to kiss the ring knuckle of that right hand. If Eli doesn’t pick his next move wisely, this punk-ass outsider could end up putting a giant dent in the armor Eli’s been working all these months to create…

A.J., meanwhile, sees Eli shaking, vulnerable, slow to rise to his feet, and every instinct in him starts yelling “GO GO GO NOW NOW NOW” like his next flight is on the other side of the airport and he only has five minutes to get to the gate. If A.J. can’t stick this, he doesn’t know if he’ll get another shot. So as soon as A.J. thinks his opponent’s about to reach a vertical base, he rushes in, winding up his killshot, leaping into the air at just the right time aaaaaaand…OH MY GOD! Eli throws a Red Light Special to counter the Liberator at the last second, and his foot hits A.J.’s face at the same exact time A.J.’s fist lands between Eli’s eyes! Down goes Carlson! Down goes Morales! They’re out cold in the middle of the ring! The crowd is going bananas!

While the commentators get caught up in the moment and start screaming hyperboles about the resilience of these men and the history of our sport, the referee goes back and forth, checking on both men to see if he needs to call a double-knockout. After ten or fifteen seconds, Eli is the first to stir, and even though he can barely keep himself going in a straight line, he manages to crawl over and get an arm across A.J.’s chest…ONE!…TWO!…THRE—NOOOOOOOOO! All that recovery time plus the minimal effort to cover lets Morales get the shoulder up!

As the State Farm Arena fills with pro-A.J. chants, Morales and Carlson slowly get themselves to a kneel. Their heads are both spinning, they feel like the world’s flying off its axis, but they somehow have just enough focus to stay in the fight and keep trying to slap each other silly. Things stay even at first, but as A.J. gets closer to feeling normal, he starts switching from light slaps to crisp knife-edge chops, and those seem to both fire up the crowd and keep Eli under control. The exchange keeps going as they stagger back up to their feet, their technique getting better, the hits coming harder, as they seem to recover fast enough to outweigh their strikes chipping away at each other’s remaining energy. Finally, A.J. manages to pull Eli in for an armdrag, which looks sloppy as hell, but it’s enough to get Eli down on the canvas roughly where A.J. wants him. Morales leans over the North American Champion and starts taunting him in Spanish. Eli can’t understand most of it because A.J.’s talking too fast, but he catches the words “Smith Jones” in there, so it’s definitely an insult, and while A.J. climbs to the top rope, facing away, trying to steady himself, and playing to the crowd, Eli lets Morales take his time, a last rush of resolve powering the champion to his feet.

Morales launches himself off the top rope into his signature Lantern’s Flight moonsault, and it’s not until A.J. is upside-down in midair and unable to change source that he realizes Eli’s standing again and—POW! A second Red Light Special from Eli, and this time, that sick sadistic kick goes completely unchallenged. A.J. goes limp and tumbles through the air, landing face-up on the canvas, and Carlson drops to his knees, hooks the leg before A.J. can recover any stamina…ONE!…TWO!…THREE!

Once again, Eli Carlson dashes the people’s hopes and keeps his singles win streak alive. He’s still nowhere near 100%, but he laughs and continues to rub it in the Atlanta crowd’s faces, and they respond by pelting him with soda cups and half-eaten hot dogs from as soon as the ref raises his hand until well into the break.

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (15:38)

There was a strange atmosphere backstage, or at least it felt like that for her. She was taking a deep breath, getting mentally ready for what was going to happen next. Her eyes remained on the black curtain, trying to catch every movement. From inside the arena she heard his music play.

Another deep breath.

She was by no means a born predator, but hard times called for drastic methods. She had her hoodie put up, almost hiding her face. Inside her chest her heart was beating as if it was ready to jump out. And then everything happened rather quick. Elijah Carlson had just walked through the curtain, carrying his title over his shoulder. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry, with all the noise around him hardly noticing her strolling closer.

3, 2, 1!

Without any warning she jumped him from behind. Obviously caught off guard Elijah didn’t get the chance to react. She had bashed him right into the head, watching him fall onto the concrete floor. His title falling next to his body. The figure almost throned over him.

CONNORS: “I don’t know about ruthless aggression, right?”

The voice did sound familiar, yet a few notes darker than usually. With the hoodie still covering the face, the audience was left guessing. It was safe to say it was a female.

CONNORS: “You know nothing about me, Elijah Carlson. Just as little as you know about yourself. But you will learn, Elijah. One way or another.”

She was stalking him like an wild animal. Back and forth. It was then that the champion began to move again, cursing under his breath. The female stepped a few inches backwards, her hands clenched to fists. For the viewer it looked like as if the attacker was uncertain of the next step.

CARLSON: “You stupid bitch… ”

Just when his senses seemed to get back she was running at him full speed, kicking him once more. It was then that her hoodie fell back and the viewers looked into the face of Eden Connors. Dark shadows underneath her eyes, the hair wild. This wasn’t the bubbly girl that has walked the halls of 4 Corners Wrestling just weeks ago.

CONNORS: “Who is the bitch now, Elijah? You taught me to not trust anyone. I learned to strike first. No one to blame for this but yourself.”

She bent over slightly and grabbed the North American championship belt. For a long moment she looked at it, or maybe at her own reflection. Eden rolled her necks several times, kneeling down next to Elijah. Once more she looked at the title as if it was hard to part from it. In an almost gentle manner she laid the title on his back.

CONNORS: “Have a good night, champion. I will see you…soon.”

With EMT’s rushing to the scene Eden slowly made her exit from the scene. A weird grin on her face.


The Pinnacle of Penile Perfection, The Big Dog of Hog, The Grandma Killin’ Saint of Taint, versus the Voodoo Daddy Viduus! The pair had been waiting to get at eachother long before the bell sounded and the very moment that it did? The fight was on! Neither man wasted time with playing around or taunts, they were at eachother’s throats in a matter of moments, exchanging hard hitting blows left and right that would have waylaid lesser wrestlers! Both were approximately the same size, both were undeniably ferocious in their own ways, they had to be to be where they were in 4CW, after all. Viduus was more openly aggressive with his heavy handed blows while Brennan attempted to counter his viciousness with his more tactical movements, waiting for the right opening to fire back. Different, like two different winds combining to create the perfect maelstrom of violence!

Viduus held the initial advantage in the match up, hammering Devlin early with a German suplex that shook the entire ring the moment he had an opening, ramping up the crowd who were losing their minds over the exchange between the two wrestlers. Capitalizing, or trying to, Viduus did his best to keep Brennan on the ground, intent on trying to punish the blonde haired dynamo with submission attempt after submission attempt, as if trying to humble the man, but despite being dazed and on the defense, Brennan was managing to out wrestle Viduus, almost trapping him in an arm bar that Mortua countered by sitout powerbombing him in the middle of the ring to an explosive “OOOOH!” from the crowd, trying to cover Brennan for an early pin!


Devlin was having none of it! Pushing away from the man, and scrambling away, he just barely managed to avoid an oncoming clothesline from Viduus, stopping before actually touching his own butt to make a ‘sizzle’ noise, before waggling his finger at the other man as if telling him that he was just too damn hot for Viduus to touch! Honestly, that probably infuriated him more than it should have as Viduus went immediately for the spear instead of responding! Hammering into him like a bull, he drove Brennan right into the turnbuckle! Slamming him into that corner and driving his shoulder into his core muscles again, and again! It wasn’t until Brennan hammered him with a hard elbow into the shoulder that he backed off, slamming one of those stiff right hands into Viduus’s jaw to force him further back, Brennan was popping up on the second turnbuckle and leaping off of it with a drop kick! Hammering those feet into the other man, he knocked him right off his feet! Clamoring up to his own feet, he immediately hit a pelvic thrust into the air! Uh Oh, was the man signalling for the end? Was he about to take the match to its finale?

Nope, because while he was ramping up the crowd, Viduus was getting to his feet! By the time that Brennan turned around, he was greeted by a smiling Viduus who was soon laying into him with a hard hitting clothesline! Drawing a hard line across his throat, Viduus loomed over the blonde in pink, making his infamous cutthroat motion only to rear back and deliver a hard stomp to the other man’s ribs! Over, and over, as if trying to soften him up before dragging him to his feet, but not without a fight as Brennan exchanged blows with him on the up and up, trying to fend him off! Still, Viduus was undeterred, especially as he irish whipped him into the ropes, only to bounce off the other side. Oh no, he was going for it! He was about to try and end this match with the Soul Reaping! He was jettisoning right towards Brennan Devlin only to..


Right as Viduus was about to gore him like a wild rhino, Brennan popped up with a flying knee, using his momentum and Viduus’s own raw strength to collide into a focus point at the end of that knee, toppling them both to the ground, but with Viduus on the receiving end of all that carnage!

Still, this wasn’t over, especially as he got to his feet, Brennan on shaky legs as he looked over at the crowd who were watching with rapt attention, and then over to Viduus, Brennan threw his head back with a ‘WOO!’ before he went for Face Time! Hitting Viduus hard with that running curb stomp only to fall back immediately after, rolling him to his back as he grabbed a leg and went for the pin.


WINNER: Brennan Devlin via Pinfall (11:55)

Alexis was nursing her wounds post match, sitting pretty backstage as she was approached by fans. Five girls, ranging from teenagers to children, accompanied by their parents. Backstage passes, for the win! Still, Alexis was taking her booted feet off the table and moving to stand, a grin on her face as she saw them rocking her gear. Murder Fairy and Killer Kennedy shirts all around! Without pause, she mock drew her finger gun from its imaginary holster as the girls did before moving to ‘fire’ as the girls followed suit!

KENNEDY: “Oof! You.. You got me pardners.”

Clutching her chest, Alexis dramatically fell to the ground, closing her eyes with a flutter!

KENNEDY: “This is the end of ol’ One Shot Alexis Kennedy, the princess of pistoleers.”

With a deep sigh, she folded her hands on her chest before the youngest fan approached her and gently nudged her side with her foot, Alexis trying not to laugh.

KENNEDY: “C’mon kid, you just theoretically gunned me down and you’re gonna kick me too? What are you, 4CW Management?.”

Grinning as she sat up, she looked among her cadre of fans as she drew a few snickers from them.

KENNEDY: “C’mon, let’s go get you kids some fresh merch to sign and ice cream, it’s on me.”

With that said, she was clamoring to her feet, with her fans in tow. No matter happened, or would happen, she cemented her place here, and she clearly wasn’t about to run now.



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be for the King’s Road and Pride Championships!”

The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out, is Jett Wilder, holding the 4CW King’s Road Championship.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall! He is the 4CW King’s Road Champion, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”

Jett enters the ring and jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him.

The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.



POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida, he is one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions and also the 4CW Pride Champion… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”


The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, the Pride belt wrapped around his waist, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.

“In the days of kings and queens I was a jester
Treat me like a god or they treat me like a leper
They see me move back and forth between both
I’m trying to find a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!

“I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)”

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.


JOHNSON: ”Coming up next we have a double championship match, folks!”

VASSA: ”That’s right! We have both the King’s Road Championship and the Pride Championship on the line here tonight in the same match.”

JOHNSON: ”What started out as some back and forth between the two on social media has turned into our headline match of the evening.”

VASSA: ”Jett is always talking shit, like constantly. He’s been going at Manny pretty hard and challenged him straight up for the Pride Championship, a belt that he used to carry himself a few years back. Not only did he challenge Manny for the Pride! He also put his King’s Road Championship on the line. Both men are coming into this match tonight with everything to lose.”

JOHNSON: ”Not quite everything. Let’s just say that Jett did happen to beat Mariano for the Pride Championship. Mariano still has his half of the 4CW Tag Team Championships to fall back on.”

VASSA: ”Are you kidding me right now?! Jett has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. This isn’t the same Mariano he beat a year and a half ago. Mariano has been on fire for months. Despite finally losing, two weeks ago to Eli no less, Mariano has been unstoppable in that ring.”

JOHNSON: ”And you mean to tell me that Jett is the same wrestler he was back then when they faced off the first time?”

VASSA: ”I do as a matter of fact. He’s the same kid he was then, and the same kid he was back in Twenty-Fourteen when he first snuck into 4CW.”

JOHNSON: ”That’s absurd! Neither of these men are the same wrestlers they were back then. They’ve both grown and developed their craft over the years. What we have here is a pay-per-view main event quality match!”

VASSA: ”You can call it whatever you like! This is the headline match for Adrenaline One Hundred and One. You as well as everyone watching tonight should be happy that this match is taking place now, sooner than later at a pay-per-view months down the road.”

JOHNSON: ”Well, what are we waiting for?”

VASSA: ”For you to finally shut the hell up and let the official get on with the match!”

And with that, Vassa slowly raises his hand, extending a single finger and pointing towards the ring. Johnson cuts his eyes at Vassa before slowly shaking his head and turning to face the ring. Inside, the official stands in the center with both the King’s Road and Pride Championships in hand. Raising them together, he hoists them above his head, turning to each side of the ring to present them to the crowd in attendance. After handing the championships to a member of the ringside crew, the official checks in with each corner before finally throwing his hand into the air.


Jett has been teasing Manny for over a year after beating him in their first match. You’d think he would be taking this match seriously with what’s all at stake but no. Just like he does on social media, Jett was doing in the ring right now as he approached Manny running his mouth. Manny didn’t say anything back, he just listened as Jett went on and on. Finally running out of words to say, Jett then threw both arms forward, pounding his palms onto Manny’s chest and pushing him back a step. Manny looked down at Jett’s hands as he pulled them away. Returning the favor, Manny then lunged at Jett, shoving him backwards a couple of steps. Nodding his head slowly while looking away from Manny, Jett then swung and connected with a sucker punch to Manny’s jaw. It completely caught Manny off guard and in his short moment of panic, Jett struck again, slapping Manny across the chest with an open hand strike. Manny fired back with a punch of his own, swinging as hard as he could only to miss as Jett ducked out of the way. In a split second, Jett reacted and connected with a swift punch to Manny’s stomach. Popping back up, Jett swung upward, planting his fist underneath Manny’s chin with an uppercut. Manny stumbled backwards and crashed into the corner. Falling forward and away from the corner, Manny stumbled into a dropkick from Jett. The kick knocked Manny off his feet, sending him flying backwards through the air and crashing into the corner, his arms draped over the top ropes to keep himself upright.

Running towards the corner, Jett leaps into the air, planting both feet onto Manny’s stomach as he grabbed him by the shoulders. Falling back, Jett rolled to the mat, lifting Manny off his feet as he pulled him over and launching him across the ring with a monkey flip. Manny hit the mat and fluidly rolled up to his feet. Reaching around himself and rubbing his lower back, Manny slowly turned around to face Jett who was already back on his feet. Taking off from stand still, Manny charged straight for Jett. Lunging at Jett, Manny came up empty handed before being lifted off his feet, spun completely around, and dropped across Jett’s knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Climbing the nearest corner, Jett made his way to the top. Overlooking the entire ring showed off to the crowd for a moment, positioning himself perfectly before leaping away from the corner into the air. Coming down with the Swag Splash, Jett crashed straight to the canvas as Manny rolled out of the way. Jett’s face smacked the mat . Immediately back to his feet, Jett walked around the ring holding the side of his face and complaining to the official. Paying attention to no one, Jett was completely unaware that Manny had gotten back to his feet as well. Rushing towards Jett unnoticed, Manny flipped forward through the air, hitting Jett with a spinning wheel kick and sending him crashing into the corner. Popping up to his feet, Manny then took off once more, charging straight towards Jett as he leaned up against the corner. Closing in, Manny rolled forward, swinging his legs completely over and connecting with a rolling koppu kick!

Giving Jett no chance at all at getting up, Manny kept him cornered while he was down, stomping and kicking down onto him. Pulling Jett up from the mat, Manny threw him back into the corner. Unloading on Jett’s body, Manny fired away with punches and kicked, beating Jett as if he were a punching bag. Swinging in desperation, Jett aimed for Manny’s head as he threw all of his weight behind it. Ducking underneath the punch, Manny steps out of the way to allow Jett to step forward away from the corner. Stepping into the corner, Manny looked on as Jett slowly turned to face him. Planting his hands on the top ropes at his sides, Manny then jumped up and pushed himself up even further, kicking both legs out and planting them in Jett’s chest. The kick knocked Jett back a few steps before he finally regained his balance. Pushing himself up and standing on top of the corner, Manny then leaped into the air. Flying through the air, Manny wrapped his legs around Jett’s head, lifting him off his feet as he executed a head scissors takedown that sent Jett crashing in the center of the ring. Jett rolled up to his feet in a daze, slowly turning around to face Manny. Rushing in, Manny jumped feet first into the air, planting them onto Jett’s chest with a dropsault that knocked him off his feet. Refusing to stay down, Jett was back on his feet, yelling for Manny while stumbling back and forth. Calling Jett’s name and getting his attention, Manny kicked Jett in the stomach, forcing him to double over. Pulling Jett’s head between his legs and wrapping both arms around his waist, Manny lifted Jett upside down into the air before dropping him flat on his head with a piledriver.

Manny made the cover and went to put Jett away, only scoring a two count before Jett managed to get a shoulder up from the mat. While down, Manny delivered two elbows to Jett’s face, keeping him stunned as he climbed back to his feet. Pulling Jett up as well, Manny locked onto his arm and whipped him across the ring to the ropes. As Jett hit the ropes, Manny ran straight for him, meeting Jett in the center of the ring with a clothesline. Ducking underneath the attack, Jett stepped in behind Manny as he also came to a stop. Waiting a couple of seconds, Manny gave Jett plenty of time to turn around and face the back of his head and right on queue, Jett did. Flipping backwards, Manny swung his feet up and over with a pele kick just for Jett. Little did he know, Jett was already in the air with a dropkick that was intended for the back of Manny’s head. Jett couldn’t have timed it better if he tried. As his legs extended, Manny swung around at the perfect time for Jett to land a dropkick to Manny below the belt, or above it i9n this case. The two fell to the mat, Manny howling in pain from the low blow that went unnoticed by the official. Jett climbed back to his feet, amused at the sight of Manny rolling back and forth on the mat as he held both hands to his crotch.

A loud commotion is then heard from the entrance area. Coming out from the back is Cartier and Silk, both members of Thot Chocolate and a problem for Jett as of late. The sounds of the crowd immediately grab Jett’s attention as he looks up the ramp. His eyes light up at the sight of Thot Chocolate. Sliding out of the ring, Manny grabs the King’s Road Championship and holds it close to his body. He climbs back into the ring and walks towards the ropes facing the ramp where Thot Chocolate are half way down. Jett begins pointing to them and yelling at the official to do something but instead he gets an earful about having the belt in the ring during the match. He argues and argues with the official but nothing is done about our two guests coming down to the ring. Backing away from the ropes, Jett yells for the official to do something. Still, the official only pays attention to the belt in Jett’s hand, demanding him toss it out. Cartier and Silk part ways as they reach the ring, each going to a separate side of the ring. Slowly pushing himself up from the mat, Manny stands to his feet between the ramp and Jett who’s now in the center of the ring. Manny begins pointing to Jett and complaining to the official about the low kick. The official, not even listening to Manny as he continues to argue about the King’s Road belt in the match.

With Manny in front of him blocking the entrance ramp, the announcers booth behind him, and Thot Chocolate on each side, Jett began to get anxious. Maybe it was the official constantly yelling at him about the championship when all he wanted was some help with two intruders who came down to ringside. Maybe it was because he doubted himself even with having beating Manny a year and a half ago. Who knows what it was, but Jett reacted. Rushing forward, Jett caught Manny completely off guard as he leveled him with a shot to the head using the King’s Road Championship. Manny instantly dropped to the mat holding his head as Cartier and Silk moved in closer to the ring. The official quickly called for the bell, disqualifying Jett for the use of the belt. Silk and Cartier then enter the ring, causing Jett to instantly react by darting for the ropes. He drops to the mat and rolls under the ropes, dropping down to the outside floor. Cartier and Silk look at him for a few moments, making eye contact with Jett as he holds the King’s Road Championship close to his chest. Backing away from the ring slowly, Jett heads up the ramp as Thot Chocolate checks on Manny who is still laid out from the headshot. Although Manny wins by default, Jett manages to leave here tonight still the King’s Road Champion due to a technicality.

WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Disqualification

Tommy is seen roaming the halls backstage at Adrenaline 101 checking things out. He’s carrying the Tag Team title on one shoulder and HIS Octane Championship on the other. Basically, it’s typical Tommy, but he’s sporting a scowl on his face. He makes a beeline for Perry Wallace’s door and opens it without even knocking. Perry looks up from his desk and raises a finger telling him to wait as he’s on the phone. Tommy nods his head and continues to walk in anyways . He walks over to the desk and disconnects Perry from whatever male escort he was talking to on the phone. Perry slams the phone down and glares at Tommy angrily. Tommy sits down and shakes his head. He completely ignores Perry staring him down by grabbing some stale candy out of the candy dish on the desk, eating it and promptly spitting them out in the trash.

WALLACE: “What the fuck is this?”

TOMMY: “Don’t look at me like that. You are the one that texted me here. I was content on staying home since I wasn’t even booked, but no. The poster child for the mentally challenged hit my phone up with block texts of poop emojis and I was able to decipher through all of them that I was needed at Adrenaline. You know I’m missing MTV: The Challenge to be here?”

Perry takes a step back from Tommy and looks at the Octane Championship.

WALLACE: “This right here. What is this?”

Stepping in closer to Tommy, Perry continues looking at the Octane Championship before cutting his eyes upward to Tommy.

WALLACE: “What’s with the belt?I thought that thing was ancient history.”

Tommy looks down and smiles at his cardboard Octane Championship hanging from his shoulder taped together with duct tape. He looks back at Perry and just pats the title.

TOMMY: “It’s beautiful ain’t it. A classic like this can’t be left in the trash.”

Taking another step back Perry rubs his chin as he continues looking at the cardboard championship.

WALLACE: “Where’s the other one and why are you toting around this piece of shit?”

Tommy stands up in a hurry and glares at Perry.

TOMMY: “This ain’t no piece of shit. This right here took me like 4 hours to make and it is better than that piece of trash you had 10 people designing. Jesus Christ, your Octane belt looked like Raab fucking made it. I’d rather pay 10k and have a 16 bit micro made by those mini making retards. Just be happy that I brought this one back.”

WALLACE: “Well it’s actually 8 bit and fuck those retarded fucks. What do they have to do with the Octane Championship? I swear this cardboard one gets uglier and uglier every time I see the thing.”

TOMMY: “That’s just because your eyes are getting worse you old fuck. Pretty sure the DMV gonna take your license away the next time you have to visit.”

WALLACE: “My eyes are perfectly fine you foot loving cuck. Shit, do you even have a license?”

TOMMY: “Well, you see. I. It, uh.”

Tommy scratches his head and looks down to the floor quickly and wipes some dirt off his shoe.

TOMMY: “Mind your fucking business, Eric. What the fuck am I doing here?”

Moving closer, Perry extends his arm, lightly tapping his finger on the cardboard Octane Championship.

WALLACE: “Refresh my memory will you. At Adrenaline Ninety-Nine you didn’t have the actual Octane Championship with you in your match against Devlin. And now I’m seeing this cardboard cutout piece of shit on your shoulder again when I already tore it up once. Something isn’t adding up here. Don’t tell me that you lost the thing again, the replacement for the first belt you lost?”

TOMMY: “It’ll pop up. Eventually. But who cares when we can bring the cardboard back?”

WALLACE: “I thought I told you last time not to lose the new belt and you agreed.”

Tommy shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

TOMMY: “Yeah, well you tell me not to do a lot of things and how does that work out? Anyways, I don’t remember that conversation. I probably tuned you out when you were talking like I always do. When you talk,my mind takes me other places because I don’t like you.”

WALLACE: “Takes you other places like tickling Amanda’s feet and Kimitzu cucking you. You’re going to find that belt.”

TOMMY: “If I had to choose between that and listening to you talk. Then yes. Yes it does.”

WALLACE: “The belt…”

Perry lightly taps on the cardboard version again.

WALLACE: “It’s your responsibility to find. I know you and responsibility don’t really go hand in hand but you’re going to step up here and do the right thing.”

TOMMY: “This is laughable coming from the man that won’t even acknowledge his fucking son. ERIC LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU!”

WALLACE: “I acknowledge Bronx all the time and your childhood best friend Eric looks just like Eli.”

Tommy nods in agreement.

TOMMY: “You got me there. Man, Eli really tried to sweep that relation under the rug didn’t he?”

WALLACE: “He sure as hell did but let’s not change the subject here. Eli will look just like Eric tomorrow, next week, and even the month after. Let me ask you a question, Feets.”

TOMMY: “I mean, I can’t stop you from asking a question, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna answer a twat like you.”

Nodding his head slowly, Perry looks down to his watch for a brief moment before looking back up to Tommy.

WALLACE: “How are you with deadlines?”

Tommy scoffs at Perry and laughs.

TOMMY: “When have you ever worried about me showing?”

WALLACE: “In two weeks…”

Perry holds up his hand, extending his index and middle fingers.

WALLACE: “Two weeks we’re going to be in Miami for South Beach Brawl. You have a match that night with the Tag Team belts on the line. What you don’t have is a match with the Octane Championship on the line. Just like you don’t have the Octane Championship even with you right now. I’m giving you two weeks, Tommy. Two weeks to show up with the real Octane Championship.”

Tommy’s face goes serious and for once he might actually be serious.
TOMMY: “You’re loving this ain’t you? You’ve been looking for a way to get this title away from me, but every fucking person you put in my path I run the fuck over. The only way you will ever get the Octane Championship off me is by stripping me and you know it.”

Perry takes a step back, raising both hands to distance himself from Tommy.

WALLACE: “Woah now, I’m not stripping you of anything. If you’re looking for that you can probably hook up with your little girlfriend after the show. I’m just giving you till South Beach Brawl to find what you shouldn’t have misplaced to begin with. Can you handle that much, Tommy?”

TOMMY: ”I wouldn’t call the back of garbage truck misplacing something.”

WALLACE: “Keep it up and they’re going to find you there. Stop playing dumb and cut the shit. Can you do that for once in your life?”

TOMMY: “Playing dumb got me to become a double champ in 4CW. I wouldn’t be putting it down.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Perry nods his head in agreement with Tommy.

WALLACE: “Two weeks. Find the championship and if you run into this Tedmund Montgomery fella in the back, just be yourself and have a friendly conversation with him.”

TOMMY: “Is that man Autistic? He’s like the white AQ. You know, the AQ that acted retarded.”

WALLACE: “He’s on the spectrum no doubt and AQ didn’t act retarded. Maybe you can do me a favor and run him out of here with the dumb shit that comes out of your mouth.”

Tommy shakes his head no.

TOMMY: “Nah.”

WALLACE: “Fine then, don’t. Just worry about remembering where you last placed the championship. I don’t have time for this.”

Tommy looks at Perry and rolls his eyes. This mother fucker can go out to the ring and talk for an hour, but he don’t have time for this conversation? He walks over to his desk and grabs the bottom of it and looks at Perry.

TOMMY: “Do you have time…for this!”

Tommy lifts the desk up off the ground about four inches, which also happens to be the size of Perry’s dick I have it on good authority, and begins to struggle. He readjusts and puts his shoulder into it for some leverage, but he’s only able to lift it up about another two inches.

WALLACE: “What are you doing?”

Tommy is sweating profusely and talks in between his grunts.

TOMMY: “I’m trying to tip over your fucking desk for fuck sakes. How many pocket assholes do you got in these fucking drawers? Why is this thing so fucking heavy? Did you shit in your desk again?”

WALLACE: “I got into it with a desk just like this not too long ago. Good luck with that, it isn’t going to be an easy fight.”

Tommy drops the desk down to the ground and swats at everything on the desk he can, trying to knock shit over, but nothing moves. Tommy is furious and Perry is laughing at him.

TOMMY: “You really fucking glued everything? Really?”

Tommy shakes his head in disgust and walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him in embarrassment and frustration. Perry laughs and sits back down behind his desk reveling in this small little victory over American Tommy because he knows it will eat away at him. Just as Perry gets himself comfortable the door flies open and Tommy throws a basketball at Perry. Perry sees it at the last second and catches it above his head, but the force tips him back out of his chair and he crashes to the floor. Tommy smirks.

TOMMY: “Fuck you!”

Tommy walks away and his heard yelling profanities at Wallace as he walks down the hall.

We come back to the ringside area where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa are standing by. The crowd seems ready for the main event to start, as it is only moments away. The camera stays steady on Steve and Vinny, as they sit at their announce table.

JOHNSON: ”Folks, we are only minutes away from a big main event tonight. I know this crowd is ready, I can feel the excitement in the air!”

VASSA: ”It’s insane! Two shows, back to back, with killer main events! I know I’m going to be ready for this one.”

Almost on cue, “Tech Noir” begins to play as the camera cuts over to the ramp entrance. The crowd seems pleasantly surprised, surprised to see Bryan Williams show up so close to the main event.

JOHNSON: ”Well, he said on social media he had something to say! What better time than right before the main event? With all eyes watching!”

VASSA: ”I don’t get this, first Bryan takes the opening match and now he’s out here making it all about himself before the main event. Turning into somebody he hates, I can tell you that much.”

JOHNSON: ”Oh stop it! Bryan has this time reserved, he can’t help the placement of it on the show. Don’t be ridiculous here!”

VASSA: ”Hey, I’m just pointing stuff out. That’s all.”

“Tech Noir” continues to play as Bryan comes out from the back. He’s already dressed to leave, having opened the show much earlier in the night. Bryan limps slightly, a lingering side-effect from the match he had earlier with Cartier. The crowd continues to cheer for him, as he makes his way down to the ring. Wasting no time, Bryan rolls under the bottom rope as he gets up and grabs a nearby microphone.

VASSA: ”Go ahead, Bryan, make this all about you!”

JOHNSON: ”Would you be quiet, Vinny?!”

Bryan stands there in the ring, microphone still in hand as he looks out towards the crowd. They’ve calmed down on cheering for him somewhat, but as he pauses the crowd takes the initiative to start back up again. Bryan looks on, solemn and sad. The heavy look on his face seems to catch on with the audience. Soon enough they quickly begin to quiet down, wondering what Bryan could possibly have to say.

He steps forward, looking up towards the hard camera as he brings the microphone up. For a second, it seems like he isn’t going to say anything at all.

Finally, he breaks the silence.

WILLIAMS ”I’ve got to be honest with all of you, I am still coming to terms with what happened at the end of Adrenaline One-Hundred.”

There is a smattering of cheers, and some boos, due to the result of Bryan’s loss. It seems at this time the crowd is feeling sympathetic towards Bryan and his defeat.

WILLIAMS ”I knew that I was in for a test, and I knew that I had to push myself past whatever limits I had. I did all I could that night, and in the end it just wasn’t enough to beat Bryan Laughlin.”

Bryan pauses, the crowd taking a moment to applaud both Bryan’s hard work at the last Adrenaline. His break doesn’t last very long, soon enough Bryan is speaking again.

WILLIAMS ”While I am disappointed by the loss, I am proud that it took so much to beat me. It took so much energy to put me down, that I’m seriously considering Laughlin’s chances here in a few minutes.”

The crowd seems to enjoy the subtle jab towards the 4CW champion, and his upcoming match.

WILLIAMS ”Still, knowing that I won’t be the one in that match really sucks. But I’m not letting that get in my way.”

Bryan shakes his head, as the crowd applauds once again.

WILLIAMS ”Because we’ve all seen it before, haven’t we? That old story of Bryan Williams walking out of the company. I left my title here, and walked once already. I am not making the same mistakes here again. I’m too talented for that, I’m too damn good in this ring to allow that to happen. I am somebody that should have been 4CW champion at LEAST twice by now. But instead I got hurt, or I let myself get in the way. Not anymore.”

The crowd continues to cheer, as Bryan continues to ramp up his intensity.

WILLIAMS ”There’s been too many times where I got into my own head, and allowed myself to cool off. I let important moments slip away from me, and I’m not doing that again. I’m not letting myself sit on the sidelines anymore. Whether you see me at the start of this show, or at the end, I’m going to make sure that you always get a fantastic performance!”

His energy is picking up, and the audience begins to feed off of it. Bryan’s intensity is starting to shine through, more and more as he speaks.

WILLIAMS ”Tonight it was Cartier, the next show it could be Dan or Carnivore …whatever the fuck his stupid cuck name is. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m putting everyone down that stands in my way. I’m making it a point to show one person in the back that I belong in that title match. I’m not backing down from this position, I don’t take a SINGLE step backwards from here. I deserve to be in the main event, and these people deserve to have somebody that will work his ass off for them! I don’t care about the Pride title, or the North American title. I don’t care about the Tag Team titles, or the Octane title. My focus is entirely, one hundred percent on becoming the 4CW Champion!”

The crowd explodes in cheers for Bryan, but Bryan doesn’t seem to be done. He doesn’t wait for the crowd to die down. Instead, Bryan looks directly towards the ramp. He’s looking towards the back, as the camera stays focused on him.

WILLIAMS ”Perry Wallace, Phe, I know you’re both watching back there. I know you both know that I deserve another shot. I deserve another chance, and I want that chance. Sooner or later, I deserve to have another shot at the 4CW Championship! I don’t want to hear anything about earning it, because I’ve seen less talented people get more for absolutely NOTHING! No contributions to this company, nothing than feeding their already over-inflated ego. But we’ve got a new core here, we’ve gotten rid of shitstains like that from our company. So I’ll tell you this, I’m going to keep working. Whatever matches you put me in, I’m going to keep grinding and getting my wins. I’m going to continue to represent these fans, and I’m going to continue to bust my ass out here every night.”

Bryan pauses for a moment, as the crowd dies down in their cheering. They listen on, as Bryan turns back towards the hard camera.

WILLIAMS ”I want my shot, Wallace. I want my chance to become the 4CW champion. I don’t care if I have to wait until Ante Up. I don’t care if I have to wait until a random Adrenaline in September. I don’t care if you put me in the Warzone of Horrors, or wait all the way until Winter fucking Wasteland. I want what I deserve. I want what I’ve busted my ass over for the last four years in this company. You can’t pick and choose your champions anymore, Wallace. Those relics of the past are long gone, the guy who’s waited far too long is about to bust your damn door down. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to do the right thing here? Are you going to make it right by me, and recognize my hard work? Or are you just going to stand there, and make fun of me being hurt again? Whatever you do decide to do, I hope it’ll be the right thing. Because if not, I have plenty of patience and time to convince you otherwise. Think on it, buddy.”

With that, there’s nothing left to be said by Bryan. He drops the microphone, as “Tech Noir” begins to play. The crowd seems to be fully behind him, cheering him on as he leaves the ring. Bryan heads to the back, as the camera cuts back to Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa.

JOHNSON: ”Well, it doesn’t look like Bryan is wasting any time on his intentions. He wants back into the 4CW title hunt!”

VASSA: ”Well of course he does, so does everyone else on this roster! That doesn’t mean he can just come out here and whine about it!”

JOHNSON: ”I didn’t hear any whining tonight, I heard a man focused on one goal. I don’t think you can knock Bryan for that.”

VASSA: ”I can, I absolutely can! Perry Wallace should just ignore him completely, and let Bryan fuck this up like he always has.”

At the announcement of the main-event up next, the cameras go to ringside where Harley Torres is seen front and center in the crowd all holding up “TRAEGER SECTION” signs. Harley himself has his shirt off, showing the words “LOGAN TRAEGER’S BABY” painted on his chest with an arrow pointing down to his abs. In his hand, he holds a megaphone while joining the crowd in starting up a chant:


Unfortunately, for Logan Traeger the chant is followed up by Harley squeezing in a chant (with major help from the microphone):


The second part of the chant fails to really take off since most of the fans in attendance are men, but there are some women that are definitely on board with the idea. Of course, the Bryan Laughlin fans are very vocal in their efforts to drown them out with boos and work in their own chant:


The Traeger fans battle back with boos of their own while Harley rolls his eyes and shakes his head in contempt. He yells back “Unless he’s gonna fuck me I don’t care!“. At the looks from his Traeger Section, he grins and shrugs his shoulders.

With the 4CW Championship match moments away the scene opens to a pale locker room door with a sign that reads “THE LAUGHLINS” posted at eye level. From the inside we hear loud metal music playing and practically rattling the door from the inside when a hand extends from outside of the scene and knocks on the door lightly.

No answer as moments go by and this time the balled up fist on the end of what appears to be a nicely tailored suit knocks a little stiffer. Nothing again. Patience is clearly wearing thin with whoever is trying to get the champion’s attention in this moment and now it’s a hammerfist pound twice which quickly results in the music stopping from inside.

The door swings open violently and there stands the 4CW Champion with his title in hand ready to march towards the ring.

LAUGHLIN: “Main event time alread- What the hell do you want?”

The scene widens from showing just Bryan Laughlin practically blocking an entire door way to show the man who was previously knocking.

Showtime Content Consultant, Tedmund Montgomery.

MONTGOMERY: “Mr. Laughlin. It’s great to finally meet you.”

Ted extends his hand and Bryan snorts loudly before looking him up and down.

LAUGHLIN: “I don’t think we can shake hands.”

Tedmund looks confused as to what etiquette rules could possibly be in place backstage that prevent handshakes.

LAUGHLIN: “…something about the space time continuum ripping… look what did you come here for? Autograph? What?”

MONTGOMERY: “As Showtime’s lead consultant I meet the stars of all the television shows just to make sure we’re all on the same page as to what we can do together to help our brands and relationship grow.”

Bryan pauses for a moment and shakes his head.

LAUGHLIN: “What’s best for me is you keeping to yourself, Ted. I’ve been around here long enough to know that nobody is going to m-“

MONTGOMERY: “Make 4CW Great Again?”

Awkward. Bryan pauses for a moment then nods his head a bit in a ‘you got me’ kind of way.

LAUGHLIN: “I have a brand to represent. I have a company to carry. I have a championship to defend.”

MONTGOMERY: “…hopefully.”

An eyebrow raised on Bryan’s face, the smirk is gone.

LAUGHLIN: “Enjoy catering, Ted. And enjoy my victory.”

MONTGOMERY: “Either way we’ll have a great main event, I’m sure.”

You can see it in his eyes. He wants to kill Ted, but Bryan has a title defense to focus on.



JOHNSON: ”Welcome back to ringside ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for our main event!”

VASSA: ”Our second South Beach Brawl Cup third round match and it’s for the 4CW Championship.”

JOHNSON: ”You said it! For the third time in this tournament, Bryan Laughlin will be putting the title on the line here tonight. This will be his third defense since winning the 4CW Championship back in February at Retrograde.”

VASSA: ”He’s had some great title defenses so far since becoming the top dog around here. Tonight he’ll go up against Logan Traeger, someone new to Adrenaline but has made quite an impact in a very short amount of time.”

JOHNSON: ”The South Beach Brawl Cup has brought out the best in everyone who has competed this year. I’m sure tonight’s main event will be no different.”


The arena lights dim, beckoning the crowd’s attention to the entryway as the beginning riffs of “Absolute Power” by Parkway Drive lead into the lead singer’s roar, triggering an array of blues and strobe lights to engulf the area.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following South Beach Brawl Cup Round Three 4CW Championship contest is scheduled for one fall!”

Logan Traeger stands in as he makes his way out, bottle of water in hand, which he pours over his hair before taking a drink of some just before discarding it and walking to the ring with a confident purpose.

“Your heart, your home, your voice, it’s got a price tag
Sign in blood, bury your rights in a body bag
They’re feeding fear through the fault lines
You heard it here first, they got your freedoms on the front line”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring first, hailing from Miami, Florida. Standing at six foot, three inches, and weighing two hundred forty pounds, LOGAN TTRRAAEEGGEERR!!!”

Logan stops at the immediate ringside area, gazing toward the ring and surveying the crowd. Making his way to the left he slides up onto the apron on one knee and proceeds to stand, playing to the raucous fans.

“Pay ’em off and play ’em off
Fear rolls like a reaper through the streets of the lost
Pay ’em off and play ’em off
But in the eyes of the storm
The truth drops like a bomb”

Stepping into the ring, Logan hits the ropes twice, flipping over the top rope on the opposite end of the ring the third time, feet landing on the apron, with his arms stretched out, palms facing the crowd.

“Hands in chains for a fist full of dollars
Who do we blame for the holes in our knowledge?
The past you know has been written by the victor
So I ask you now, who is it writing your future?
The butcher, the liar, the thief or the killer?
Your freedom died quiet in the halls of power
Starved for peace, we’ll eat war until it kills us
Six feet deep with a belly full of bullets”

Just before entering the ring, he climbs the outside middle turnbuckle and takes in the atmosphere of the night with a look of determination while mouthing the lyrics to the track. Afterwards, he grabs the top rope and jumps into the ring to stand in the center of the chaos.

POWERS: ”And the champion!”

The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.

“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the 4CW CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

VASSA: ”Now that we have everyone in the ring for tonight’s main event, I’m even more excited knowing we’re just moments away from kicking things off.”

JOHNSON: ”It isn’t often that Laughlin has an opponent bigger than h–“

VASSA: ”And he’s big as shit, like super big!”

JOHNSON: ”As I was saying, it isn’t often that he has an opponent as big as he is but tonight he has one that is even bigger!”

VASSA: ”Logan isn’t that much bigger. He has an inch on him for sure, and maybe ten pounds or so. It isn’t a huge difference. DeMarcus Gresham is bigger than him and Laughlin moved on past the first round still the 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”Look, all I’m saying is that these two are very similar in size, nothing more. I expect this to be a heavy hitting match nonetheless.”

VASSA: ”Hitting so heavy they make Sadie walk with a limp afterwards?”


VASSA: ”Goddamnit, Steve. Do you know anything other than the technical stuff that happens within those ropes?”

JOHNSON: ”Believe it or not I do. I just don’t know anything about this Sadie person.”

VASSA: ”Probably a good thing unless you want your dick sucked in the DM’s.”

JOHNSON: ”How is that even possible?!”

VASSA: ”Insert eyes or smirking emojis here.”

JOHNSON: ”What’s that?”

VASSA: ”Just something that dumb bitch did instead of deep throating a shotgun and pulling the trigger.”


VASSA: ”It’s unfortunate to be honest.”

After retrieving the 4CW Championship from Laughlin, the official holds it high above his head in the center of the ring, presenting it to the crowd in attendance. As the official walks to the ropes to hand it off to a member of the ringside crew, the party starts without him. Colliding in the center of the ring, neither man wasted anytime before laying hands on the other, exchanging powerful punches behind the officials back.

VASSA: ”Forget about the bell! Let’s get it on!”

JOHNSON: ”They already are, Vinny. They aren’t waiting for the official!”

The official quickly spins around to see first hand the chaos taking place in the center of the ring. Logan blocks a punch thrown by Laughlin, firing back with one of his own and planting his fist to Laughlin’s jaw. The official quickly calls for the bell as he gets himself into position to call the match.


Laughlin throws another punch which Logan blocks again, this time hooking his arm underneath Laughlin’s. Popping his knee up, Logan drives it into Laughlin’s stomach, taking his breath away. Lifting him off his feet, Logan then throws him down across his own knee with a hiptoss. Laughlin falls to a seated position with his back to Logan. Still hooked onto Laughlin’s arm, Logan holds it up in the air and begins pounding away at the side of Laughlin’s head with his free hand.

JOHNSON: ”Logan is getting right down to business!”

VASSA: ”The Battle for Sadie was foretold in the Bible.”

JOHNSON: ”No it wasn’t.”

VASSA: ”Yes it was! That’s a true story.”

Pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Logan kept his upper body bent over. Holding Laughlin down, Logan then began to ram multiple knee shots to Laughlin’s chest. Connecting one to Laughlin’s face, Logan stood him straight up upon impact. Wrapping both arms around Laughlin, Logan went to lift him for a belly to belly suplex but received a headbutt to the face instead. Knocking Logan a few steps backwards, Laughlin then rushed in, firing at will with rapid forearms to Logan’s face. After connecting with a dozen or so, Laughlin then exploded forward, leveling Logan with a lariat that knocked him flat on his back.

Logan quickly began pushing himself back up from the mat. Before he could get to his feet, Laughlin closed in, raining down onto Logan’s head with lefts and rights. Pulling Logan by the arm, Laughlin pulled him to his feet. With his other hand, Laughlin connected with back to back rights. Lifting his leg into the air, Laughlin kicked Logan in the stomach as hard as he could, knocking Logan back a step and forcing him to double over. Taking a few steps back, Laughlin then came back in, connecting with a knee lift to Logan’s face. Logan stumbled backwards, the ropes stopping him from going any further. As Logan stood up, Laughlin charged straight for him. Aiming for Logan’s head, Laughlin swung with all his might, missing and going up and over the top rope as Logan ducked at the last split second. Grabbing the ropes as he went over, Laughlin pulled himself down to land on the apron before rolling off and stepping down to the outside floor.

Once again with this being a tournament and the title not changing hands via countout, the official didn’t bother with the ten count. Laughlin walked around to the other side of the ring, staring inside at Logan who was catching his breath from within the ropes. Laughlin slid back into the ring, unbothered by Logan as he looked on from a short distance. At least until Laughlin was back on his feet. Moving back in, Logan lunged towards Laughlin, grabbing ahold of him with some leverage as the two locked up. Pushing Laughlin backwards, Logan moved him across the ring until his back was touching the nearest corner. Exploding with energy, Laughlin then began driving Logan backwards. The two traveled across the entire ring, gaining speed with every step. Logan fought to overpower Laughlin but it was too late. With all of his strength and momentum behind it, Laughlin slammed Logan’s back into the corner, the impact forcing Logan to release him.

Dropping down, Laughlin grabbed the middle ropes at Logan’s sides, using them for leverage as he pulled himself in, ramming his shoulder into Logan’s stomach. The blow to the stomach knocked the air from Logan’s lungs. Over and over, Laughlin drove his shoulder into Logan’s stomach. Finally satisfied, Laughlin then lifted Logan off his feet and sat him on top of the corner. Swinging upward, Laughlin punched Logan nearly half a dozen times in the face. Laughlin then positioned his hands perfectly on Logan, lifting him up from the corner and pressing him above his head. The crowd went silent at the sight of Laughlin’s strength. Turning away from the corner while holding Logan over his head, Laughlin then stepped forward and dropped to one knee, pulling Logan down and dropping him onto his elevated knee with a gutbuster!

VASSA: ”Look at the raw power Laughlin possesses!”

JOHNSON: ”Like I was saying earlier, Laughlin is a big boy and Logan is even bigger. He just lifted him over his head with ease as if he were doing a workout.”

VASSA: ”What goes up must come down and Logan knows all about that after feeling that gutbuster from the champ.”

Logan wasn’t staying down long. In a matter of seconds he made it to both knees. Rushing over to him, Laughlin began hitting Logan over the back with powerful forearms. Logan continued to push himself to his feet while Laughlin held nothing back in his attack. Throwing a right elbow, Laughlin landed it to the side of Logan’s head, turning his entire body to the side. Moving in behind Logan, Laughlin wrapped him up with both arms. Laughlin then barely lifted him off his feet before eating an elbow to the face from Logan. He dropped Logan back down to his feet, receiving a second elbow to the face from Logan. Laughlin went to lift him again, but Logan stopped him instantly as he threw his arm back and connected with a third elbow, forcing Laughlin to release him.

Spinning in place, Logan threw his arm forward as he faced Laughlin, connecting with a discus elbow that sent Laughlin stumbling backwards into the corner. Running towards Laughlin, Logan jumped into the air as soon as he was close enough, hitting Laughlin with a jumping knee to the face, sending Laughlin’s head whipping backwards onto the turnbuckle. Grabbing the top rope at his right with both hands, Logan then used it for leverage as he began kicking Laughlin in the stomach over and over. Lifting his leg even higher into the air, Logan pressed his foot against Laughlin’s throat, choking him with it. The official then began his five count.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Logan pulled his foot away from Laughlin’s throat and backed away from the corner. He looked to the official for a warning but to his surprise there wasn’t one from the official, not even a single word. Shrugging his shoulders, Logan then looked back to Laughlin and charged the corner. Moving in at a quick pace, Logan extended his arm and connected with a clothesline, lifting Laughlin’s feet into the air upon impact. As Laughlin’s feet toughed back down to the mat, Logan then unloaded with rapid fire lefts and rights to Laughlin’s stomach. Grabbing ahold of Laughlin’s arm, Logan then ripped him away from the corner and pulled him into a knee lift to the stomach, taking him off his feet and flipping him over to his back.

JOHNSON: ”Just when you thought Laughlin was only getting started with that gutbuster from earlier, Logan has completely turned things around here.”

VASSA: ”A smaller opponent probably would have stayed down a lot longer from that move but Logan was pushing himself up within a matter of seconds.”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin tried to capitalize with a German suplex but Logan wasn’t having any part of it. He fought to break free from Laughlin’s grip and now it’s paid off for him.”

VASSA: ”These guys aren’t holding anything back with these bombs they’re throwing!”

Laughlin quickly pushed himself up but was grabbed by Logan before he could make it to his feet. Holding Laughlin’s head down, Logan lifted him to his feet and popped his knee upward into his stomach. Keeping Laughlin’s head down, Logan then dragged him towards the far corner. As they got close, Logan picked up the pace before finally throwing Laughlin forward, sending him into the corner head first. Laughlin’s body went through the top and middle ropes, his shoulder crashing into the ring post. Behind him was Logan, grabbing lift legs from behind and lifted them up at his sides. With Laughlin by the legs, Logan pulled him back into the ring until he was unable to pull anymore. Grabbing onto the rope with a single hand, Laughlin began pulling himself back towards the corner. The two went back and forth in a game of tug of war. Using every ounce of energy he had, Logan finally managed to ripped Laughlin’s hand away from the rope securing him. As Laughlin’s hand broke loose, Logan pulled him backwards and up into the air. Spinning his body around, Logan swung Laughlin around as well, slinging him straight down to the mat face first!

VASSA: ”Holy shit!”

JOHNSON: ”Logan just threw Laughlin to the mat like a ragdoll!”

Before Laughlin could even attempt to push himself up from the mat, Logan was on him immediately. Jumping into the air, Logan came straight down onto Laughlin’s back with an elbow drop. Pushing himself up, Logan stood over Laughlin with a leg on each side of his body. Leaning over, Logan swung in with lefts and rights, pounding away at Laughlin’s ribs. Digging his hands underneath Laughlin’s body, Logan wrapped him in his arms. Deadlifting Laughlin up from the canvas, Logan lifted him up into the air. It wasn’t easy, but he did. It was if everything went in slow motion as Laughlin’s body swung upward. The higher Logan lifted Laughlin into the air, the harder it was on him. Laughlin reached forward, shifting his weight as best he could. Before Logan could begin falling backwards, his movement came to a stop. What was only a couple of seconds, felt like an eternity as Logan held Laughlin up who was trying to go the opposite direction.

Logan stalled, dropping Laughlin down to his feet. Throwing his head back, Laughlin hit Logan square in the face with a headbutt. Reaching down to Logan’s hands, Laughlin ripped them away from each other. Stepping out of Logan’s arms, Laughlin the swung his entire body around, lifting his arm into the air before connecting with a massive right to Logan’s face! The impact of the punch knocked Logan backwards off balance. Tripping over his own feet, Logan crashed to the mat. He pushed himself backwards to get up. Rushing in, Laughlin rolled forward like a freight train as he connected with a knee lift to Logan’s face that sent him crashing backwards to the mat, the back of his head smacking against the canvas. Leaping straight into the air as high as he could, Laughlin came down with a double foot stomp to Logan’s chest! Stepping down from Logan, Laughlin then stomped down onto his stomach with a single foot, forcing Logan to rise to an upward seated position. Turning to the ropes in front of Logan, Laughlin took off running straight for them. Upon his return, he flipped forward in the air, traveling over Logan and grabbing him just in time to execute a blockbuster!

JOHNSON: ”I thought Logan had him. I was sure he was going to connect with that deadlift German suplex attempt.”

VASSA: ”What Laughlin did, if that was even him, was unbelievable. Getting the person up to that point is the hardest part of that move and Laughlin somehow manages to get out at the easy part?!”

JOHNSON: ”He exerted so much energy to lift Laughlin that high from the mat and it was all for nothing.”

VASSA: ”Maybe for Logan but not for Laughlin. Logan wore himself out trying to do what he did and Laughlin knows it. Now we just have to see if he can cash in.”

Pulling Logan up from the mat, Laughlin walked him across the ring. Throwing Logan into the corner, Laughlin tightened his gloves and then stepped in, hitting Logan with a back elbow smash to the face! Ripping Logan away from the corner as hard as he could, Laughlin whipped him towards the opposite corner. Chasing behind Logan, Laughlin kept a short distance between them. Crashing into the corner, Logan bounced off and stumbled forward into a jumping double knee to the face from Laughlin. His feet left the mat as soon as he was hit, knocking him backwards through the air and slamming back into the corner. Logan’s arms draped over the top ropes at his sides. Rising back to his feet, Laughlin stood in front of Logan who could barely hold himself up in the corner. Grabbing ahold of Logan, Laughlin pulled him away from the corner and lifted him into the air. Holding Logan sideways, Laughlin then curled him up to his chest. Lowering Logan, Laughlin then rocked his body before bursting his feet to the mat and lifting Logan back up, throwing him over his head with a fallaway slam.

On his feet again, Laughlin walked to the corner closest to Logan. Climbing up to the top, Laughlin looked over the crowd who were chanting his name.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Another chant was then heard from ringside in the crowd blending perfectly with the Laughlin chant.

” ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D!”

Turning his head to the side, Laughlin looked down to the front row. He didn’t say anything, he just stared as if the anger was building inside of him. Looking to the crowd, Laughlin threw up the too sweet hand signal which drew a pop from the crowd. Laughlin then jumped twice on the ropes before lift off. Flipping backwards through the air, Laughlin stretched his body as he came down onto Logan and connected with the moonsault! With Laughlin in position for the pin, the official slid in beside them with the count.


Popping a shoulder up just after the two, Logan ended the officials count. Wasting no time, Laughlin pushed himself up to one arm and with his other, he swung and connected with a massive right to the side of Logan’s head. Swinging again and again, Laughlin hit Logan with multiple punches to the head. With Logan seeming to be in a daze, Laughlin then made the cover again.


Just like before, Logan ended the officials count after the two. And just like last time, Laughlin pushed himself up to deliver a vicious right hand to Logan’s head. Standing to his feet, Laughlin circled Logan once before going back on the attack. Stomping down onto Logan’s body, Laughlin didn’t target the same place twice to avoid Logan defending himself. Pulling Logan up from the mat, Laughlin was completely taken off guard as Logan latched onto him out of nowhere. Although in a daze, Logan pushed Laughlin backwards across the ring. Pulling himself away from Logan, Laughlin side stepped him, tripping Logan up and taking him face first to the mat with a drop-toe hold. Logan quickly pushed himself up and as soon as he got to all fours, Laughlin was right there with an attack from above with forearms to Logan’s back. Logan continued to pushed himself up as Laughlin didn’t hold back on his end either.

Once standing, Logan quickly grabbed ahold of Laughlin, wrapping him up with both arms. As Laughlin tried to overpower him and break free, Logan slammed his head forward with no restraint, hitting Laughlin right between the eyes with a headbutt. Logan didn’t release Laughlin as he felt the fight from him come to an ease. Throwing his head forward again, Logan hit Laughlin with a second headbutt, this one harder than the first. Pulling Laughlin along as he walked backwards towards the corner, Logan didn’t loosen his grip on Laughlin. However, whenever he felt any slight struggle from Laughlin to break free, he threw his head forward for another headbutt. By the time the two finally made it close to the corner Laughlin was seeing stars after four headbutts.

Holding Laughlin even tighter than before, Logan stared into the champ’s eyes. Moving his head backwards first, Logan then slammed it forward once more, ramming his forehead directly into Laughlin’s. As he pulled his head away from Laughlin’s the blood became visible from both ends as both men were now bleeding from their foreheads. With a smile on his face, Logan then lifted Laughlin off his feet, throwing him into the corner with a belly to belly suplex! Pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Logan then turned him to face the corner before lifting him up and sitting him on top.

JOHNSON: ”After two close counts from the official, Logan is smiling in the face of the champion.”

VASSA: ”Laughlin tried to put him away but couldn’t with two tries. Things weren’t looking too good for Logan either. Boy how things have changed now.”

JOHNSON: ”Headbutt after headbutt from Logan and what does he do when he finally draws blood?”

VASSA: ”He smiled?”

JOHNSON: ”Damn right he smiled just before slamming the champ into the corner with a belly to belly suplex!”

With Laughlin on top of the corner with his back to the ring, Logan positioned himself behind him with their backs together. Hooking Laughlin’s arms, Logan lifted him up from the corner and onto his shoulder. Dropping down to his knees while holding Laughlin up on his shoulder, Logan connected with the overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack drop! Picking Laughlin up from the mat, Logan positioned himself Laughlin and locked in a pump-handle. Lifting Laughlin into the air, Logan then brought him back down with a pump-handle reverse STO!


VASSA: ”I love LSD!”

JOHNSON: ”NO!!! L-S-T!!!”

VASSA: ”What’s what I sa–“

JOHNSON: ”And Logan’s going for the cover!”

Laying over Laughlin, Logan hooked a leg for good measure as the official dropped in beside them with the count.



VASSA: ”I thought we were about to have a new 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”You and me both! Logan came a lot closer with that single attempt compared to Laughlin’s.”

Not wasting any time, Logan climbed back to his feet. He stomped on Laughlin a few times before reaching down and pulling him up from the mat. Lifting him off his feet, Logan positioned him perfectly in front of the corner after dropping him down with a swinging side slam backbreaker. Looking to the corner, Logan rose to his feet and went for it. Climbing backwards to the middle rope, Logan leaped forward, coming down onto Laughlin’s chest with an elbow drop. He then got back up and went to the corner once more, this time climbing even slower as he made his way to the top. He stood over the entire ring, looking out on everything surrounding him from the crowd to Laughlin in the ring slowly beginning to push himself up. That grabbed his attention more than anything. Looking to Laughlin, Logan patiently waited for him to rise before making his move.


A chant heard earlier in the night was then heard loud and clear once more from the first few rows of the crowd. And just like earlier, another chant blended perfectly with it.

” ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D! … ‘S BIG-FAT-D!”

That part grabbed Logan’s attention even more, distracting him completely as he turned his head away from the ring. A small distraction is all Laughlin needed to get back up. Logan caught a glimpse of Laughlin in the corner of his eye, turning immediately to face him in the ring. As Laughlin stepped forward, Logan hesitated for just a short moment before leaping away from the corner. Diving towards Laughlin with a clothesline, Logan missed as Laughlin rolled to the mat and dodged the attack. Crashing hard to the mat, Logan quickly pushed himself back to his feet and just when he turned around to lay eyes on Laughlin, he was forced to look up at the lights. Stepping in, Laughlin kicked his leg into the air, planting his foot to Logan’s chin with a superkick that whipped his head back!

VASSA: ”B-S-K-E!!!”

JOHNSON: ”The Best Superkick Ever!”

VASSA: ”Like ever, ever?”


Logan wobbled back and forth on his feet as he slowly lowered his head. He was seeing stars after that superkick to the chin. Stepping in, Laughlin lifted Logan off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. The noise level throughout the arena shot through the roof at the sight of Laughlin holding Logan up on his shoulders.

JOHNSON: ”You hear that, Vinny?”

VASSA: ”How can you not?!”

In the blink of an eye, Laughlin lifted Logan up off his shoulders and spins his body around in mid air. Grabbing Logan by the shoulders, Laughlin then falls backwards to the mat, pulling Logan down with him into a double knee gutbuster!


VASSA: ”Logan’s down from a double knee gutbuster!”

JOHNSON: ”This just might be it.”

VASSA: ”Just listen to this place!”

The noise level continued to grow throughout the arena after Laughlin executed his Good Morning America. To the point that Johnson and Vassa could barely even be heard trying to yell over the crowd. Hooking a leg, Laughlin rolled over Logan, laying over him with his back pressed to Logan’s chest. Rushing in from the other side of the ring, the official slid in with the count.




VASSA: ”Two!”



VASSA: ”Laughlin’s won it! He’s won it here tonight in his third defense!”

JOHNSON: ”Four straight title matches since Retrograde and he’s won every single one of them.”

VASSA: ”There’s only one more round for him and that’s the finals at South Beach Brawl against Brennan Devlin.”

JOHNSON: ”If he happens to win that, he would have successfully defended the 4CW Championship throughout the entire tournament.”

VASSA: ”The main event at South Beach Brawl is the big match and his opponent isn’t going to be an easy one for him.”

JOHNSON: ”That I can agree with. He just defeated a former two time 4CW Champion to earn his way into the main event to challenge for the belt.”

“Out Of My Mind” hits the speakers as Laughlin slowly rises to his feet. He stares down at Logan for a few short moments before the official grabs his attention and presents him with the 4CW Championship. Taking the belt in one hand, Laughlin raises it above his head as the official raises his other arm in victory.



Laughlin looks over the crowd, focusing more importantly on the section of the front row that has now gone completely silent. He pulls his arm away from the official and paces the ring, holding the championship over his head with pride.

JOHNSON: ”There he is ladies and gentlemen, your reigning 4CW Champion.”

VASSA: ”The man’s been on a hot streak for a while now and I don’t see it dying out anytime soon. The amount of work he’s done to get to this point, it’s going to take a bullet to put him down for whoever plans to pry that title from his hands.”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think there will be any guns at South Beach Brawl but Brennan Devlin is going to get his shot.”

VASSA: ”I believe he knows exactly what he’s in for and will prepare accordingly. He shocked everyone when he returned and announced himself to be in the cup. He shocked them even more when he advanced to the finals with his win tonight earlier over Viduus.”

JOHNSON: ”Just imagine how shocked everyone would be if he were to defeat Laughlin at South Beach Brawl and claim the championship as his own.”

VASSA: ”There’s still plenty of time between now and South Beach Brawl. Trust me when I say that Laughlin isn’t taking Devlin lightly either. This main event we have on our hands is quite possibly my favorite of the year thus far.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s going to have some buzz leading up to the pay-per-view, that’s for sure.”

Climbing the corner, Laughlin stands on the middle ropes, looking out over the crowd as he raises the championship for everyone to see.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

There’s that familiar chant once again. It’s as if Laughlin were a gladiator in that ring defeating those who oppose him and they loved every moment of it.

VASSA: ”Do you hear that, Steve? They fucking love it!”

JOHNSON: ”The fans have been completely behind him since he defeated Viduus at Retrograde and became the 4CW Champion.”

VASSA: ”So far since that night he’s defended against DeMarcus Gresham in round one, Bryan Williams in round two, and Logan Traeger here tonight in round three.”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin’s made it known to everyone watching. He’s not giving up that championship without a fight and so far? No one has been able to take it away from him yet.”

VASSA: ”You hear that, Brennan? No one has been able to take it away from him… yet. In two weeks he’ll get his chance. Will Brennan be the one to dethrone the champ or will Laughlin continue to reign over 4CW?”

JOHNSON: ”Those are some damn good questions and to be honest with you, I don’t know who to favor in this upcoming match.”

VASSA: ”I’m in the same boat as you. Normally there’s someone I lean more towards but I’m completely puzzled as to who that one person should be going into South Beach Brawl.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s alright, you’ll have plenty of time to think about it before we hit Miami and host one of the hottest events in 4CW underneath the stars.”

VASSA: ”We’ve made it this far. What’s another two weeks, right?”

JOHNSON: ”It’ll go by in no time. And with that, I believe it’s time to call it a night, folks.”

VASSA: ”Now I can get two weeks of sleep in preparation for this party that awaits us at South Beach Brawl.”

JOHNSON: ”Thank you all for joining us here tonight. It’s been our pleasure. We’ll see you all in two weeks in Miami for South Beach Brawl. From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera cuts back to the ring where Laughlin is now standing on a different corner, holding the championship high above his head for the crowd.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

They continue chanting his name loud and clear. Slowly, the picture begins to fade out but the chanting still continues.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

The sound of the chant slowly dies down as the feed completely cuts out and the credits begin to roll.