The scene comes to life to the sights of a party taking place at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida. It isn’t the largest place to hold a wrestling event but has been home to 4CW’s South Beach Brawl since 2015. Just like each and every show at a larger venue, the place is packed as far as the eye can see with people in attendance. The camera makes its way through the crowd, taking in all of the scenery and energy surrounding the ring. Circling the ring, the camera then focuses on the announcers booth. As always, it sits on a small stage in the center of the crowd covered by rooftop. With the best view in the entire park, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa await behind the booth.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW’s South Beach Brawl! I’m your host, Steve Johnson!”

VASSA: ”And I’m the life of the party, Vinny Vassa. Speaking of parties, this one’s only getting started!”

JOHNSON: ”We are just now finally opening the show and I swear I’ve watched you down at least half a bottle of straight liquor.”

VASSA: ”What can I say? I like to party.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m all for having a good time. Just make sure to not fall out here at the booth like that one idiot we have that covers 4CW on the radio.”

VASSA: ”I don’t know what you’re referring to Steve but I can hold my liquor, little buddy. There’s no need for you to worry about me. You need to be worried about what’s lined up for tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”What’s lined up for tonight?”

VASSA: ”The final round of the South Beach Brawl Cup!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s one of many things we have in store for everyone tonight.”

VASSA: ”But it’s our main event and the finale to the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

JOHNSON: ”It is, I’m not disagreeing with you there. We also have a Tag Team Championship match and North American Championship match in the lineup.”

VASSA: ”In the first of our three championship matches, we have the team of Reedvolution taking on the reigning champions, the American Mangs!”

JOHNSON: ”Reedvolution has been determined to make something out of the tag division in 4CW.”

VASSA: ”Other than the champs, they’re the only team still around after Tag Team Into The Future tournament a few months ago.”

JOHNSON: ”Then in our North American Championship match, we have Eden Connors not only challenging the champion, but also looking for some payback.”

VASSA: ”Eli did her wrong after their match at Retrograde. That finally came back to bite him in the ass two weeks ago. He’s pushed Eden to her limits being the nasty son of a bitch that he is.”

JOHNSON: ”She’s not the same Eden we saw before Retrograde. Eli may have created a monster that he has to deal with here tonight.”


JOHNSON: ”Little impatient, yeah?”

VASSA: ”Maybe just a little but you did just interrupt me a couple of minutes ago when I tried talking about this.”

JOHNSON: ”The floor is all yours.”

VASSA: ”What?”

JOHNSON: ”Go ahead. Talk about the match since you want to so badly.”

VASSA: ”I already said what I wanted to say. It’s the last match of the Cup with the 4CW Championship and two hundred and fifty g’s up for grabs.”

JOHNSON: ”Who you got?”

VASSA: ”I don’t know. Who do you got?”

JOHNSON: ”I asked you first.”

VASSA: ”It’s hard to say.”

JOHNSON: ”Well don’t go blowing a fuse over there thinking too hard. Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

VASSA: ”I’m looking forward to the after party.”

JOHNSON: ”Good luck making it that far.”

VASSA: ”Don’t worry, I got this.”

JOHNSON: ”let’s not delay things even more. Folks! Not only do we have three championships on the line tonight but we also have so much more from all of your 4CW favorites. We’re going to go to the back for a short moment before returning here at ringside for our opening match.”

VASSA: ”Jesus Christ! You’re cutting things off so soon?”

JOHNSON: ”I’m just getting us caught up to your drinking pace if you plan on making the after party.”

VASSA: ”I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Backstage Kaelan bounces around and swings her fists to punch at the air a bit before laughing to herself and how ridiculous she is being. She turns to the camera with a smile on her face

LAUGHLIN: “Oh hey there. Yeah it’s me. Queen of Controversy herself. I say that because sometimes it seems like I don’t even really have to try and yet people get bothered by what I’m doing. I can be nice and people will find a way to make it something. I can be a cunt and rightfully so people will use it and blow it up. Heaven forbid anyone be flawed because somebody is gonna make sure you hear about it.”

Kaelan rolled her eyes and shook her head.

LAUGHLIN: “That’s okay though. We are allowed as human beings to have flaws. We are allowed to make mistakes and we are allowed to be ourselves. There are people out there who will accept us for exactly the way we are and that’s great! Just like tonight. Win or Lose? I’m gonna be okay. Wins. Losses. They don’t define me. I let my actions define me and right now my actions are all about rebuilding myself from the ground up.”

Kaelan shrugged.

LAUGHLIN: “They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and my empire will be no different. If I win here tonight? It’s not an ego trip or a power trip. It’s just another brick placed on the path on a long and treacherous road ahead. I gotta focus on what’s in front of me. Not behind me. Keep laying the foundation. Keep pressing forward. Even a bump in the road like a loss? It won’t shake me. I’ll be here and I’ll hammer through that stumble and I’ll come back and I’ll keep fighting with everything I have. Riley is a tough competitor I’m no fool. She’s gonna give it all she’s got. I’m ready for it. If she somehow manages to beat me? I sincerely hope she uses it as the confidence boost she needs to step up and be the title contender she will have earned her right to be and if she loses? I hope she picks herself up and keeps going. Just like I will. Push herself harder for the next time. The time for talking is over. It’s time for actions and I’m going to make sure my actions? Speak louder than my words.”

Kaelan grinned at the camera before waving and then walking off screen leaving the scene to fade to black.


Logan and Bryan have no plans on any kind of a gentlemen’s match. Both men get in each other’s face before the bell can begin. With neither one backing down from the other, the bell rings and unleashes a fury inside of both competitors. Bryan whips Logan to the ropes, who sidesteps Bryan’s attempt at a takedown. Bryan catches Logan with a stiff kick to his chest, and Logan responds with an elbow in kind. The two men don’t seem to tone anything down from there, as Bryan catches Logan with another high kick to his chest. Logan responds with a lightning quick chop, but Bryan knocks him down with a hard Forearm Shot. Logan is quick to get into Bryan’s face. Bryan, not in the mood for games, shoves Logan away. Logan steps forward and clocks Bryan with a right hand, as Bryan responds with a Bicycle Knee! Bryan is able to catch Logan, dropping him to the mat with a Backdrop Driver. Logan doesn’t stay down for long, slamming Bryan with a German Suplex.

It seems both men are keen on the idea of out doing the other. Eventually this leads them to the outside of the ring, where they continue to fight. Despite the official’s warnings, Logan and Bryan brawl around the ringside area. Logan tries to dump Bryan over the barricade, but Bryan fights back. Bryan soon finds himself tossed into the barricade. Logan tries getting back into the ring, but Bryan keeps him on the outside. Bryan slams Logan headfirst into the turnbuckle post, enraging Logan more. The two men continue to pummel on each other, even as the official continues his count. It seems like they don’t care, they continue to fight as the official counts to ten! The bell rings, but Logan and Bryan just keep fighting. Tossing one another, fists keep flying as the bell keeps ringing. This match is getting thrown out! Officials have to come out from the back to put a stop to this. They separate the two men, keeping them from attacking any longer. Both Logan and Bryan continue to have words for each other though, as this one is far from over.



PPV AQ. The fans were curious to see if he had what it took to defeat his pint sized, blonde haired idol that stared at him from the other side of the ring. The two had tied it up and Ruby’s small height had helped her be successful when it came to evading the impulsive, dangerous Alessandro who will stop at nothing to gain the victory. Alessandro felt as if he were wrestling with a puppy from how small Ruby was, although she wasn’t as small as a puppy but Alessandro’s mind loved to exaggerate things. Ruby’s fans cheer her on, wanting her to lay claim to the W tonight as she stays alert and remembers to be aware of her surroundings with even the turnbuckles behind her and how close she were to the ropes with being prepared for anything. She knew Alessandro’s mentality. He could launch her into the audience and claim that he wanted to see if she could fly like a rocket. She wasn’t taking any chances with this man tonight. Reliant on her speed with a much stronger opponent, Ruby takes off again towards Alessandro as he immediately makes a swipe for her with both hands and ends up hugging himself while Ruby slides underneath his open legs to end up behind him. Alessandro is confused but not for long when Ruby jumps back on the middle rope for an assist in her bulldog on Alessandro as he goes down to the mat, while still hugging himself. Laughter is heard out in the audience at the goofy Alessandro, Ruby appearing amused herself but not dwelling on the comical situation as she gets back to work.

Taking for the other side to the ropes, Ruby bounces off and sprints towards Alessandro before sliding towards him with a baseball slide that has her feet slamming into his face. Alessandro is rolling around on the mat like a madman while the AQ fan girls and boys shake their head at their idol getting his ass kicked by someone that’s practically half his size. Most of the audience found it funny while the ones who didn’t with cheering on Ruby were the ones who knew that Ruby never allowed her size to stop her from being successful when it came to wrestling matches. That size really meant nothing when you have the talent and passion for what you love to do. Alessandro is on his feet and ready for make Ruby pay as he looks around for her, even getting on his knees to look for her because in his mind, she’s “that small”. He then stands to his feet and starts to turn around to see if she’s near the turnbuckle just as Ruby dives from the turnbuckle and greets Alessandro with a hurricanrana. They both hit the mat with Ruby kipping up with a smile that quickly fades when Alessandro charges her like a bull that’s seen red with a low shoulder block, low enough to hit Ruby successfully and knock her down. As soon as her body hits the mat, Alessandro pulls Ruby to her feet and goes for a spinebuster.

He’s debating if he should hit Ruby with his forehead, knowing the possible damage it could bring. That forehead had caused so many concussions for others outside of the ring but he knew how much of a great asset it was to his wrestling career. Did he really want to chance hurting Ruby severely with that yet to be determined planet on his head? Then he remembers that anything goes in wrestling and if Ruby could kick him in the face with that baseball slide then anything was fair game at this point. Alessandro doesn’t realize that he just became lost in his thoughts while Ruby notices him thinking too hard and being distracted and decided to take advantage of that. She tries to attack him from the side but he saw something moving from the corner of his eye and gets spooked, jumping in surprise before grabbing Ruby to pull her to him. He picks her up and squeezes her with the Dreamcatcher as she struggles to break free but Alessandro is too strong. He decides not to use his forehead on her but seeing how this was affecting her, he ends up releasing her. AQ’s fans begin booing him with thinking that he was going easy on Ruby…. until he put her down for the count with Bedtime and went for the cover to get the 3 count.

WINNER: Alessandro Quagliaterre via Pinfall (6:36)

It seemed like Alexis was about to do her usual borderline stand up routine of a segment as she stood where she usually did, in a corner of the backstage area that she practically nested in, alone, with the camera crew before she suddenly looked from the camera to… someone obviously off camera! In full ring regalia, who whole posture shifted, eyes narrowing. Clearly, she spotted someone she wasn’t fond of.

KENNEDY: “Fuck are you doing here? We’re shooting.”

A loud scoff comes from just off camera, followed by a familiar voice.

SAVELL: “Is there ever an occasion when you’re not existing just to irritate me? The fuck you mean, fuck am I doing here… Fuck are you doing here? Shooting another bog standard segment set up where you go all finger guns at the camera and everyone darts for a piss break? Thrilling.”

You can hear the eye roll in Riley’s voice even though you can’t actually see her yet.

SAVELL: “K but seriously though, if you approach me like your fingers are coming near my face I’m going to put Aries’ favorite body part out of commission for months.”

The camera swung over to Riley, finally, especially since Alexis was all too happy to pop off from her stand to get closer to the woman who was nearly a half foot taller than her, not that Alexis was even slightly intimidated considering she’d had to fight considerably bigger opponents, near constantly.

KENNEDY: “First? You’d consider yourself fuckin’ honored if I finger popped your mouth. Second? I don’t fingerpop your mouth, that joke’s old hat and done with. Third? Fuck you, fuck your pointy ass nose, and fuck your pet Moxie that I’m about to go out there and slaughter. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got implications to make about how you ignored her for national pets day, and how this is me putting her down because she’s depressed, so if you don’t mind…”

She made the ‘shoo’ motion! Riley cracked a smile, obviously amused by the whole run off from Alexis, she looked around for a minute and then very slowly, extended her finger and booped Alexis on the nose.

SAVELL: “Boop. Anyway, I do mind actually. Not because of Moxie, she’s a big girl and can take care of herself. But what I mind is… wait what the fuck do you mean my pointy nose? See, why do you always have to do that Alexis?”

Riley sighs and shakes her head, looking down at Alexis purely because of the height difference and for no other reasons, obviously…

SAVELL: “We could have had a nice, playful conversation. But you had to go and get all insecurity driven like you always do. Don’t think I haven’t noticed hoe anytime someone with matched or bigger energy rolls around you amp up your bullshit to be the loudest person in the room. I just think it’s a waste I mean, we have pretty similar policies when it comes to the business… we could be on the same team and you won’t even have to entertain me stealing your bits like you did Kaelan. Why do you like her more? Is it because you can easily dominate her? do you just not like a challenge anymore?”

In response to the boop, Alexis immediately ‘rabbited’ her nose before listening to that diatribe from Riley’s mouth, but mid sentence, right around the word ‘anymore’ which was, in fact, not mid sentence but around the end, Alexis shoved a finger into Riley’s mouth, tapping her tongue before pulling it back, narrowly avoid those pristine teeth.

KENNEDY: “Again? Fuck you, fuck your friends, fuck you using my spot to insult someone. Annnnd fuck your .. I don’t know, but fuck it. In fact, fuck everything about you. I don’t like you, I don’t like the bullshit, educated ass way you talk and look down at people. I don’t think there’s a single fucking thing about you that I *do* like.”

Right as Alexis finished her fuck this and fuck that routine, Riley seemed to be laughing, nodding along with each fuck you, until the final sentence, looking around for a moment as though she was about to walk away, it turned out she was in fact spot checking for security, as quick as a flash she snapped her head back to Alexis and with a hand wrapped around her throat, shoved her back with the full force of her own weight behind that one arm.

The movement was quick enough to catch Alexis off guard, allowing Riley to shove her back and off balance, releasing her hand from around Alexis’ throat just in time to let her land on her ass, Riley followed the motion up by spitting the taste of Alexis out of her mouth and onto the floor beside Alexis.

SAVELL: “Fuck me? Fuck yourself.”

Running the back of her hand across her mouth as she backed up, the genuine disgust on Riley’s face was matched by a palpable tension in the air. Riley shook her head again, almost gagging from the single touch of her tongue.

Oh, she was down, but Alexis was getting back up and fast, rolling back before flipping back up to her feet! Landing on her haunches before quickly raising up with that deviant grin on her face.

KENNEDY: “Hey, how did Aries’s dick taste? Cause, y’know, I haven’t washed them fingers since I gave him a handy earlier…”

Taunting her, sneering as she got ready for what was about to be a backstage brawl.. Before Alexis can finish whatever it is she was about to say, the final taunt is enough to push Riley over the edge, leaning in and down towards Alexis her follow up spit to clear the taste from her mouth lands directly on Alexis’ left cheek.

SAVELL: “Oops… then again I’m sure that’s just foreplay for you, you fuckin deviant.”

Despite her earlier spot check, the spirited back and forth between the pair had drawn some attention and it wouldn’t be long before security was on the scene, despite her hands balled at her sides, Riley instead stepped back from Alexis again and regarded her with a renewed disgust.

SAVELL: “Don’t get too excited thinking about that later, will you?”

….That spit hitting her cheek. Before Riley could even clear those words the woman was LUNGING at her, practically spearing the girl into the jumbled up boxes to the side as security descended onto them to break it up, the feed going dark!


The hellish Alexis is treating this match as a First Blood match from her giving off the impression, with evident actions, of her wanting to make Moxie draw blood. Always wild and unhinged, Alexis attacks Moxie with well coordinated punches and tries to get into her rhythm of putting Moxie down with various DDTs when Moxie stopped that from coming into play with a sharp forearm smash to the face. Alexis takes a step back from the hard impact but Moxie feels that a second one would be better and slams her forearm into Alexis’ face again for good measure. This sparks Alexis to pounce on Moxie like a bobcat as the two end up on the mat and Alexis crawls off of Moxie, only to begin driving her knee repeatedly into Moxie’s rib with a vengeance. She sees Moxie’s pained expression but in Alexis’ head, she isn’t in enough pain so she works that knee into Moxie’s side even more relentlessly before rising to her feet with a sinister grin. She then grabs Moxie by her hair just so she could tug her onto her feet hard enough that Moxie felt it in her roots.

She attempts one of her DDTs again but Moxie elbows Alexis in the side of her face and once Alexis lets go of her, Moxie throws a hard punch that lands squarely on Alexis’ nose and causes Alexis to stumble back. She feels under her nose for the moisture running out of her nose. If she busted Alexis’ nose open, there would be hell to pay but Alexis was relieved to see that it was only snot and not blood. She kicks back into focusing on the match after dropping her hand from her face and charging at Moxie. Moxie ducks with thinking Alexis was going to lunge at her so that Alexis could go over Moxie instead but Alexis had simply tricked Moxie, stopping quickly before she could pounce. Seeing Moxie bent over like that, she almost smashed her knee into her face but thought against it as she finally was able to get in one of her DDTs, choosing the jumping DDT to send Moxie back to the mat with. Ever so chaotic, Alexis decided to have some fun. She grabbed Moxie by the ankles and slowly begin spinning her around, only getting her off the mat when she begin to pick up speed. She was going faster and faster as if they were a human merry go around with Alexis’ grip on Moxie’s ankles until finally, she lets go and Moxie goes flying. Alexis is curious to see where Moxie ends up as Moxie flies towards the ropes but only her upper half goes over causing Moxie to be bent over the top rope. Alexis is impressed, studying her handiwork and wondering with more power, she could have possibly launched Moxie into the audience or maybe near the barricade?

She snaps out of it to remind herself she’s currently in a wrestling match and goes to pull Moxie off of the ropes, not expecting such a quick attack from Moxie as soon as Alexis has pulled her off the top rope. Moxie begins throwing punches at Alexis and sneaks in a neckbreaker when Alexis was ready to counter the punches. Alexis hurries back onto her feet even though she was feeling that neckbreaker and Alexis was ready with a few jabs and a knee lift before working herself close to Alexis for a DDT. Moxie was feeling it and when Alexis rose up on all fours to start trying to get to her feet, Moxie dug the heel of her shoe into Alexis’ side before returning those kicks to the ribs that she had sustained earlier from Alexis. A yank to her feet because Moxie had no probably returning the treatment she had been receiving from Alexis, she starts to irish whip her when Alexis holds onto Moxie’s hand and puts all of her weight down so that she doesn’t get made to run, instead shoving Moxie back with all of her might before quickly activating the FUM Kick, smiling as she fell on top of Moxie’s fallen body to go for the pin, getting the 3 count.

WINNER: Alexis Kennedy via Pinfall (7:12)

Normally the cameras might find Cartier backstage at such a moment, but at 4CW’s annual South Beach Brawl, the woman known as Ratchet Royalty sits on a lounge chair on the grass surrounding Bayfront Park.

Clearly enjoying the amazing Miami weather and having had the opportunity to relax and soak up some Florida sun during the day while waiting for her match, Cartier reclines and sips a drink while wiggling her bare toes (Tommy isn’t around so she feels safe). Her boots sit next to the chair and she is otherwise completely prepared to hit the ring.

CARTIER: “Damn this show been crazy already. Alessandro Quaglaterre wit’ a win inside the ring in the year of our lord 2019? Alexis Kennedy lookin’ like a actual athlete for once? Kae Laughlin talkin’ out her ass? Oh wait, that last one ain’t nothin’ new.”

Cartier laughs and sips again. Is it alcohol or just fruit punch? Is Cartier planning on going into her match with a BAC above 0.0?

CARTIER: “One thing that is new is that this time around, Cartier ain’t leavin’ a 4CW pay per view wit’ a L. Ya girl got a good feelin’ about this one. I got my head screwed on straight since my little woe-is-me depression after droppin’ out the tournament against Traeger. Honestly, I feel like last Adrenaline my match wit’ Bryan Williams really got me back in a good spot. Yeah I ain’t won it, but I took that man to the limit… an’ if I can do that wit’ Williams then I know I can hang wit’ the rest of this roster too.”

Cartier finishes her drink and then turns her head as she hears her music start up. The crowd pops and she swings her feet off of the lounge chair and quickly grabs her boots to throw them on in a hurry.

CARTIER: “That’s my cue. Watch this one close, y’all. You gonna see the Cartier I been promised since day one. Bet.”

Cartier finishes getting her boots on and hops up, jogging down to the ringside area with an extra bounce to her step.


That Cartier chant was real tonight as she had at least half of the audience behind her for support as she collides with Octavius once more in the turnbuckle corner. The man had thrown her into the turnbuckle and had came at her like a freight train with a hard impact that had her rethinking life for a second. Afterwards, he backed up as she leans against the turnbuckle with trying to get back her oxygen from the air being knocked out of her body. But when Octavius had charged her again, Cartier swiftly moves out of the way and the turnbuckle is all his for the taken as his body collides into it. Cartier gets herself together with working on breathing in and out in a rhythm as the air returns to her body before she’s ready to face Octavius head on. Cartier wasn’t feeling Octavius just launching his heavy ass at her like a rocket with not bothering causing himself harm just to try to take her down. She knew that wrestling came with those risks of wrestlers not caring what damage they did to themselves in order to hurt their opponent but she wasn’t with it. She would rather hurt her opponent and avoid getting hurt as much as she could.

Not saying she wasn’t a risk taker though but she wasn’t about to do all that extra ish. She was channeling all of that energy into putting down her opponents and getting her hand raised at the end of the match with that W secured under her belt. She knew she had to be even quicker on her feet with this one especially with how he had been going about things in this match. She was doing pretty well for herself for someone who couldn’t go for alot of the attacks she wanted to go for due to his weight but Cartier was a brawler, you could catch these hands if it came down to it and that’s what she begin throwing for the next few moments, dodging Octavius heavy handed swings before popping up from ducking to laying those hands on him as if she were Rev when he’s praying over his congregation on Sunday mornings. A few more glides and slides to the left and right with that quick evasion, avoiding his hits as much as she was able to while making sure to get hers in was proving to be a great strategy for her but she knew eventually she would be having to look into hitting him with something much harder than those hands.

She slides to the left with that quick step out of the way after she had drilled her fists into his face but ended up snatched up from Octavius who had guessed she might go to the left instead of the right as he tries to break her body with a backbreaker that had Cartier’s fans wondering if it was all over for her. Was Cartier’s back really that strong to be able to continue this match after that sickening move? One of the drunk fans even held his back like he could feel the pain from how hard Octavius just did Cartier. Oh, Cartier was feeling it. Her hand presses into her back as she winces, muttering profanities under her breath while also trying to breathing clearly and stay focused on taking his big ass down and not over the fact she was in alot of pain when it came to her back. She pulls herself to her feet using the ropes but meets eyes with Octavius, letting him know he wasn’t about to win this match. She then heads over to the turnbuckle to lean back against it as if she were taking a break, Octavius taking that as Cartier being too injured to continue the match as he charges at her with the intent to inflict further harm. But Cartier has something for him as her hands stretch out for the ropes to grab onto to lift up and slam her knees into Octavius’ face with that blindside of an attack.

Octavius holds his face but tries to shake it off, looking for Cartier and finds her when her ass slams into his face from that sneak Eat This Ass that has his stumbling back like a drunkard trying to find their way home at 2 in the morning before she dropkicks his left knee to make him fall down on that knee. Could this be it or will Octavius end up with the upper once more? Octavius had already decided that if she got near him, he was going to European Uppercut her so hard, he was going to add inches to that neck of hers. But sadly for him, the speedy Cartier rushed in close enough for Empire State of Mind before falling on his body, smiling when the referee’s hand hit the mat three times successfully.

WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (7:28)

The screen comes on to a limo pulling up in the private parking lot behind the park. The limo comes to a stop, the driver gets out and rushes to open the back door. A man in a black Armani suit and sunglasses steps out.

VASSA: ”Is that…”

JOHNSON: ”Yes that is! That’s Jace Savage. Formally One half of NewGen Rising, two time 4CW Tag Team Champions.”

Buttoning his jacket up Jace looks into the camera.

SAVAGE: ”It feels good to be back here in Four…C…W. It’s been some time since I have walked through these halls. It has been some time since I have held the tag team titles. I will be looking for a new partner if I have to, but I will once again hold the gold around my waist. There will be no stopping me. The tag team division has fallen off since I have been gone and it’s my goal to bring it back to the glory it once was. Starting tonight I will be looking for a new partner and we will begin our reign of dominance. You’ve all been warned.”

Jace turns and walks away from the camera and heads towards Perry Wallace’s office – or whatever he has for the outside event.


Kaelan Laughlin and Riley Savell skip the feeling out process and go at each other from the ring of the bell. Riley kicks at Kaelan but Kaelan blocks it with a kick to the leg and a snapmare. Kaelan grabs Riley’s head and headbutts her then proceeds to stomp on her until she rolls Riley out of the ring. Kaelan gloats for a few moments as Riley collects herself and runs back in and tackles Kaelan. Kaelan tries to get Riley off of her with a flurry of kicks but Riley grabs her leg and rolls over onto her back to hit Kaelan with a Step-Over Spinning Kick or more like a rollover but still… it lands. Kaelan tries to move away but Riley grabs her arm and locks in the God Lock. Kaelan screams out in pain but manages to inch her way over to the ropes with Riley on top of her and gets out of the submission. Riley holds on glaring at the ref until he starts counting. Riley tries to pick Kaelan up but Kaelan darts up hitting Riley with her head. Riley backs up and Kaelan hits her with a few punches before going to the ropes and hitting a Running Double Axe Handle. Riley gets up and Kalan keeps running to bounce off the ropes and hit another one. Riley gets up again looking dazed and Kaelan sends her out of the ring with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors. Kaelan lets out a warrior cry for the fans. She goes to follow Riley out.

Kaelan goes out to the apron and jumps on the ropes but Riley dashes forwards at the last second to grabs her leg to stop her and pulls it to the side to make Kaelan fall on the apron hard. Riley gets up on the apron as well and Kaelan gets away from her to the corner post. Riley runs at her when Kaelan turns to hit her with a Shining Wizard against the post. Kaelan crumbles down to the floor. Riley enters the ring to wait for the count as she riles up the crowd by flipping them off. Kaelan makes it back to the ring before she is counted out.

Riley hits a snap suplex when Kaelan enters but Kaelan powers up and hits a snap suplex of her own. Riley pops up as well and hits Kaelan with a snap suplex. Kaelan repeats this and they go on until they are both down holding their backs in agony. They turn to each other with hate in their eyes and get on their knees to just punch wildly in the other one’s general direction. Kaelan pops up and hits a quick superkick From Belfast With Love. Riley is stunned backpeddaling to the ropes but runs back with a Hurricanrana Driver.

Riley uses the ropes to get back up and picks Kaelan up with evil intentions. She sets up The Crowning, but Kaelan comes to life and reverses this with Going Out In Style. After that arm trap exploder suplex, Kaelan goes for Riley’s legs to lock in the Irish Rose. Riley grabs Kaelans arms and pulls them while thrusting up with her knee making Kaelan fall right onto it. Riley then locks on the OTMT getting Kaelan in an omoplata and pulling her other arm back painfully by the wrist. Kaelan shakes her head when the ref asks if she gives up but then nods when Riley grabs her fingers and pulls back even more.

WINNER: Riley Savell via Submission (13:25)

Brennan napped on a couch in the backstage area, a magazine over his face as laid there. He snored for a moment before jumping up as if started.

DEVLIN: ”Riley Savell is fat, ahhh! Whew, okay, it was just a nightmare.”

He startled himself awake, sitting up as he glanced around him, then up at the camera.

DEVLIN: ”Hi, didn’t see you there.”

Brennan tossed the magazine aside and leaned over in his seat, glaring up into the camera before a smile began to appear.

DEVLIN: ”So we’ve come to this, it’s the biggest match of my 4 Corners career, I’m in the main event. I’m at the very end of the ladder and all I have to do is take a few more steps and I will be what I always should have been…”

DEVLIN: ”The 4CW Champion.”

He paused, glaring into the camera again before letting out a chuckle.

DEVLIN: ”You did good, Laughlin. Really good, everyone did good, everyone put in their all throughout South Beach Brawl but they weren’t good enough. There is no consolation prize, nothing to gain for second place… It’s everything or nothing. I could win the cup, you could win the cup…”

DEVLIN: ”But you’ll have to walk through hell, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced to even get close, Bryan. I’ve beaten better than you, I am better… than… you. In a few weeks, I have come within a hair of achieving what took you a whole career.”

Brennan stood up and dusted off his shirt, which stated something about Cosmo Cooper’s grandmother. It was vulgar, don’t worry about it. He did a thing to her to death.

DEVLIN: ”You called me an opportunist as if it was some bad thing, it isn’t. I take whatever I please, whenever I please it… and I will take your championship because let’s face it. It should have been mine a long time ago, but I gave up that future…”

DEVLIN: ”I’m here to take it back and then? Well, I’m going to milk this company dry.”

He shoved the cameraman on his ass, the camera slamming against the floor as the feed faded to black.


Viduus Morta advances to the middle of the ring as if in a trance as DeMarcus Gresham backs up being a little cautious. Viduus raises both of his arms and Gresham stops. He walks up, right to Viduus in his face, and pushes him back. Viduus still has no reaction and Gresham shakes his head. Gresham nods and gives Viduus what he wants with a few hooks to the body. Viduus braces for the blows and takes them. Gresham takes Viduus down with a Biel Throw and Viduus seems a bit surprised to be manhandled in this way but stays down. Gresham walks over to Viduus then runs up and hits a Leg Drop then goes over to Viduus to say something unintelligible in his face then hit some mounted punches. Gresham backs off as Viduus puts his hands to his face. He slowly gets up but keeps his back to Gresham not moving. Gresham screams at Viduss and when he turns around Gresham barrels into him with a shoulder block. Viduus bounces back. Gresham hits another and Viduus just absorbs the blow and steps back. Gresham bounces off the ropes again but this time drills Viduus down with a strong Spear.

Gresham looks down at a writhing Viduus and picks him up. There is little resistance as Gresham picks Viduus up and hits a Butterfly Suplex then pins. Viduus remarkably kicks out at two. Gresham immediately gets on top of him and hits some mounted punches thinking that the match is on, but when he lets off Viduus rolls out of the ring. Viduus makes for the ramp, but Gresham is not having it. He stops Viduus and rakes at his eyes discretely before throwing him back into the ring. Viduus rolls back and stands only to get hit with a Powerful Clothesline that spins him inside out.

Gresham wraps his arms around Viduus and picks him up. He stops and looks around at the crowd building up anticipation then nails Viduus into the mat with a K.O.S. He goes down and looks right at Viduus after the cobra clutch slam wondering what the heck is up and points to his temple. It seems like Gresham knows what is up. He gets on top of Viduus and pulls his head back into the Checkmate. Before the ref can ask Viduus if he submits while in the camel clutch, Gresham slams Viduus’ head on the mat. He pulls back again locking in Checkmate but slams Viduus’ down when the ref gets close. Gresham picks Viduus up and throws him to the ropes then hits The Enlightenment. He stays on top of Viduus and gets the win.

WINNERS: DeMarcus Gresham via Pinfall (10:48)

Gresham leaves the ring but looks back at Viduus on the corner recovering from the match. Viduus raises his hand and shows Gresham the thumbs down while Gresham points at his temple and waves Viduus off before going to the back.

American Tommy is walking towards the bay of BayFront Park where South Beach Brawl is being held. He’s looking for a private place to gather his thoughts and just be left alone. Press week for SBB has been hell and Tommy is just done with people for the time being. He’s wearing his ring attire because he’s ready to fucking go. Manny and him are defending the tag team titles against Reedvolution in what should be a quick and easy match. At least Tommy hopes so because he’s been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy during his time away and he really wants to find out what happens to Jackson’s Mom. He’s carrying his cardboard Octane belt on one shoulder and the tag team title on the other. He’s carrying a trash bag in his right hand. He walks down to the the bay and onto the beach and stands and looks water, being mesmerized by the waves. It has a calming effect on him until he hears a couple clicks of a lighter not far from him and he turns to the right. It’s Perry Wallace. Are you fucking serious?

TOMMY: “What the fuck..”

Tommy’s voice startles Wallace as Tommy walks towards him. Wallace notices the cardboard belt still on his shoulders and shakes his head as he lights his joint, because you know. WEED.

WALLACE: “I told you what would happen, Tommy.”

TOMMY: “You must not have watched my promo but that doesn’t surprise anybody if we are being honest.”

WALLACE: “Believe it or not, it surprises me, Thomas.”

TOMMY: “Huh? What surprises you?”

Perry steps in closer to Tommy, placing his hand over his shoulder. It just so happened to be the same shoulder that the cardboard belt sat. Feeling the cardboard beneath his hand, Perry slowly turns to look at it. A disgusted look comes over his face as he quickly pulls his hand away from the cardboard belt.

WALLACE: “Do you really have to ask? You’re a goddamn champion, Tommy, and a damn fine one at that. How in the fuck do you continue to lose championships outside of actual matches?”

TOMMY: “Because I want to feel what it feels like to actually lose one. You and I both know nobody is going to beat me for the Octane Championship. 302 days, Perry. I’ve taken your best shots and I’m still standing.”

WALLACE: “You lost the Ignition Championship before. You know exactly how losing a championship feels. So, what? You think if you lose the actual belt that you won’t have to take a chance and lose it in a match?”

TOMMY: “You and I both fucking know I’ve never ran from a fight in my life.”

WALLACE: “I know. We all know. The only person that you run from is your brother, Eric. This is about a championship that’s supposed to mean something. You claim to love Octane so much? I haven’t seen you leading the search party for who set the Elysian building on fire last year, and I haven’t seen you take care of THE Octane Championship. I’m starting to wonder about you.”

TOMMY: “Have you ever looked at the Octane belt, Perry? When you put it up against all the other belts in this federation it looks like a child’s toy. Not an actual belt. You look at my cardboard belt with disgust? They’re practically the same league. Whoever gave approval for that to be made needs to be fired. I didn’t lose it. I threw it in the fucking trash.”

Nodding his head, Perry takes a drag from the joint before looking to Tommy and holding it out for him to take.

WALLACE: “You want some?”

He nods his head no and passes cause he’s not Sativa.

WALLACE: “Suit yourself. What did I tell you two weeks ago?”

TOMMY: “I honestly have no idea. You know how parents are able to tune out their children? Yeah, that happens to me whenever you speak.”

WALLACE: “Talk about a coincidence! I feel the same way about you. I’m sure everyone here feels the same way about you when you start talking about how great of a champion you are but you can’t even keep possession of a belt outside of a goddamn match!”

TOMMY: “If they got a problem with it maybe they should beat me for it.”

WALLACE: “Look it, Feets. This is the second championship belt you’ve lost. You hear me? THE SECOND! What the fuck am I supposed to do with you?!”

TOMMY: “I didn’t lose it.”

Tommy shakes his head and throws the trash bag towards Wallace. Wallace opens it and pulls out the mangled and stinky Octane Belt that Tommy found with his dildo metal detector in the Chicago Dump.

TOMMY: “It’s right there.”

WALLACE: “What in the fuck is this? You were better off either not handing me anything or filling this bag with shit. What have you done to this?!”

Tommy scratches his head and shrugs.

TOMMY: “Well, technically I didn’t do anything to it. The Chicago garbage truck and the sanitation engineer that picked up the trash and put it in there did it.”

WALLACE: “If you didn’t want the goddamn thing why didn’t you just forfeit it? Now nobody is going to want this smelly piece of shit.”

TOMMY: “Did you a favor. Have my mother get her design people on making a new one cause yours are shit”

Perry bursts into laughter at what Tommy last said. He takes another drag from the joint as he looks at the cardboard piece of shit on Tommy’s shoulder.

WALLACE: “And that’s better? You drew that on a Charmin box.”

TOMMY: “Yeah.”

WALLACE: “You had a better shot at drawing Drew Stevenson a pair of working legs that actually look real than you did at making this thing look even remotely like an actual championship belt.”

Tommy looks down at the belt and scoffs at what Perry just said. The fucking nerve of this man. It took him a whole twenty fucking minutes to make this originally and another five to tape with duct tape after Genie tore it up.

TOMMY: “Jealousy isn’t a good color on you.”

WALLACE: “And feet aren’t a good smell on you! As for getting someone to design a new belt? Why should I?”

Tommy shrugs

TOMMY: “Well, I mean. I’m obviously more talented than anybody you’d hire so I’ll take care of it.”

WALLACE: “Don’t even waste your time. I’m pretty sure I told you the first time this happened to not let it happen again. Yet here we are.”

Tommy takes a step towards Perry and looks him in the eyes. Well, almost. Tommy’s not very tall.

TOMMY: “So what’s the deal?”

WALLACE: “Nobody else is even going to want this mangled up, shit show of a belt you have. I refuse to have another one made on account of your stupidity. You can cry to your ‘mom’ when she’s feeling better, but you’ve left me with no other choice but to strip you of this championship and retire it right here and now.”

Tommy is furious. He grabs Perry’s joint and throws it to the ground.

TOMMY: “302 days? This is how it’s going to end?”

WALLACE: “302 before or after you lost it… TWICE!!!”

TOMMY: “I lost it once. I trashed it the second time.”

WALLACE: “I’ll even make you a deal. I’ll keep this piece of shit in this shitty bag that you have that probably had that same shitty cardboard belt in it at one time or another. I’m going to keep it and not officially ‘retire’ it. I’ll let you get it back when you can prove that you can be responsible and actually take care of it. Don’t worry. It will stay in this crappy bag you got for it because there isn’t a single person here who would even want it after what you’ve done to it.”

Tommy shakes his head in disagreement.

TOMMY: “I’m not racking up days holding that belt if I’m not going to defend it. That’s not what Octane was about.”

WALLACE: “Then fucking rack up days lost because that seems to be what you’re really good at.”

Tommy looks down at the bag and turns to walk away, but stops himself.

TOMMY: “Nah, we’re done here. And if I’m not defending the Tag Team Belts with Manny don’t waste my time by booking me on Adrenaline. If you have a problem with that? You can always strip me of that belt as well.”

Tommy begins to walk away, but Perry yells at him.

WALLACE: “What the fuck?!”

Perry takes a step towards him but stops in place.

WALLACE: “Don’t be like that. I’m just trying to teach you a lesson. You’ll thank me for it one day.”

Tommy just turns around and gives him a smirk and a shrug before walking up the shore to give Manny an update on what just happened and to go over some last minute things on Reedvolution.

WALLACE: “Run along then, faggot! Just don’t go and lose that other belt on our shoulder! And! And! Don’t cry to your ‘mom’ until after she’s feeling better and the pregnancy is over with.”

Tommy is heard yelling.

TOMMY: “I’m going to shit on whatever altar you use when you get married to Dr. Patton!”

WALLACE: “Fuck you, you’re not invited!”

Standing backstage with one of 4CW’s interviewers, Eden Connors. She was already in her ring gear, using slightly darker colours these days, her long hair caught in a ponytail. The expression on Eden’s face was serious, yet her cheeks seemed a little red. She was looking directly at the backstage reporter. Gabriel, something. Unfortunately she had already forgotten his name, but was paying close attention to his question.

CONNORS: ”Do I think that I have a chance tonight? If that wasn’t the case, why would I be here in the first place? I am fully aware that I am probably the only one believing so, so what? Standing alone is not a sign of weakness, darling. The time for cuddles and kisses is over. I get it. Elijah Carlson is one of the big stars. But in the end every star fades out. That’s what mother nature made sure of.”

HARTMAN: ”Watching footage from your last encounter, some would say you came very close. Of course not Elijah Carlson himself. What is different this time? You got a game plan?”

She rolled her neck several times and then took a deep breath.

CONNORS: ”I am not sure you fully understand how matches like this work. You can’t plan against someone like Elijah. Sure you can pretend to do this and that, but reality looks way different. I will do what I always do, give it my fucking best. Yeah, the thing that he likes to make fun of. Maybe I am the type of person that gives too much. The kind that will make every moment count. But at least I know who I am. Without anyone else praising my pale ass, rubbing all the parts that I can’t reach. Tonight is a big chance and I won’t let it go wasted. No matter the cost…”

Eden obviously wasn’t finished as a shadow appeared behind her. She didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. In a quick manner the reporter left the stage, as she slowly turned around.

CONNORS: ”It is a pleasure to see you, champion.”

CARLSON: ”At least you got that right.”

He looked at her with an expression hard to read. Some sort of amusement but there was something more. Disgust. He tapped against the North American title which was resting over his shoulder.

CARLSON: ”Unfortunately you didn’t learn anything else from our last encounter. The world might believes you have changed, Eden, but we both know better. You’re still that scared, little girl that craves for attention. Little pathetic to be honest.”

CONNORS: ”If anyone knows about pathetic then its you, right? You act as if you have it all figured out, Elijah. But what do you really know? As far as I am concerned you could lose it all tonight. Your title. Your reputation. A few teeth.”

She didn’t back down, instead she was smiling right into his face.

CARLSON: ”That’s quite cute. You really think that there is the slightest chance that you win tonight. Which proves what all is wrong with this industry. You are not half as good as you pretend, or as those people out there think. I gave you the chance to just step away, but you couldn’t. But don’t keep crying when tonight ends just like Retrograde. Not everyone is made to be a champion. It’s a damn shame that no one ever told you that, Connors. After tonight you will become what you always should have been. An afterthought.”

For what seemed like an eternity nothing happened. It almost felt as if the scene had frozen at this point, including her smile. Eden stepped closer, knocking against the belt herself. Quickly she moved away from him again, folding her arms in front of her chest.

CONNORS: ”It surprises me that you never get tired of your own, whiny voice. My deepest apologies but you have the charisma of a sloth. I have been saying the same thing the past weeks. You live off of the fear of your opponents. Maybe you are none of those spooky people, but you operate just the same. History won’t repeat itself, Elijah. You got me once. Well, actually you got me twice with the attack. But tonight everything is different. So share a few more moments with that title, because after our match…you will go home empty handed.”

Eden didn’t wait for his response, instead she walked past him. As she had almost reached the corner she was looking over her shoulder once more.

CONNORS: ”And Elijah, you’re welcome.”

CARLSON: ”Bitch.”

With Elijah shrugging his shoulders the scene went to black.


This match starts off with an intense contest of wills as American Tommy gets Bianca Reed in a wrist lock and she rolls and flips to reverse Tommy into an arm lock herself. Tommy yelps but nods as he has it all figured out. He does a cartwheel but then rolls back into position to put the pressure back on his arm. He twirls his body around but Reed spins with him and keeps the hold on. Tommy stomps on the ground in frustration then stomps on Reed’s foot. Reed let’s go and Tommy hits a Body Slam. He grabs Bianca’s arm and gets ready to do a super complicated submission move but them just sits on top of Bianca and messes with her face. Reed kicks him on the back and they get up glaring at each other and tag out.

AJ Morales and Mariano Fernandez get into the ring and it seems like a rivalry that is heating right up as they go move for move and reversal after reversal in an athletic acrobatic display that ends with Manny’s Running Clothesline hitting AJ’s Leg Lariat. Tommy tags himself in and assures Manny that he has got this. He does another cartwheel and calls Bianca back in the ring. Bianca enters like a storm with a Slingshot Legdrop. She runs the ropes and kicks him hard on the back, keeps running and kicks him in the chest. Bianca goes for the Boston Crab, but Tommy pills her into a roll-up. She instantly kicks out. Tommy picks her up into an Airplane Spin. As he spins, Bianca falls off and hooks her legs around Tommy’s head for a headscissors takedown. Tommy doesn’t go down but spins her back up into the airplane spin. Bianca spins out into the headscissors and they keep changing positions until they fall with Bianca putting Tommy in a Headscissors Neck Lock.

Tommy hits flails to get out of the hold but Bianca keeps it on tight. He manages to turn but he is fading. He gets on his knees and picks Bianca up and spins her into the corner. Tommy goes for the Broken Snitch but AJ comes over and hita a kick over the ropes on Tommy. He goes up to the top ropes and jumps onto Tommy with a Crossbody. Bianca tags out and AJ hits Tommy with a German Suplex. He hits a baseball slide and Tommy is thrown out of the ring. AJ runs the ropes and dives out with another Crossbody. Tommy holds him and Manny climbs up and hits a Moonsault onto AJ. Tommy and Manny celebrate missing Bianca entering the ring. She bounces off the ropes and hits Rocket Reed diving out like a dart hitting American Mangs with the suicide dive. AJ rolls Tommy back into the ring.

AJ goes for a Back Suplex but Tommy flips out and kicks AJ in the midsection. He turns and does a Backflip onto AJ for some high flying action of his own. AJ lies on the corner and Tommy tags Manny in before getting AJ in the tree of woe. Manny hits a rare high Arrow To The Knee on AJ. As AJ falls Manny pulls him to the middle of the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter. Bianca rushes in but Tommy stops her by pulling out his wand and yelling ‘Petrificus Totalus.’ Everyone freezes and Tommy looks at his wand amazed at the effect. Then Bianca sucks her teeth and kicks Manny off of AJ before hitting Tommy with a dropkick. AJ picks Manny up into a Vertical Suplex and holds it for a bit before slamming him down. He grabs Manny up into a ripcord. When he pulls, Manny spits some Asian Mist on him. He picks AJ up for the Dovahkiin Driver but Bianca hits a Springboard Dropkick to get him down. AJ tags out as Tommy tags himself in as Manny stumbles around the ring but pushes him back out. Reed gets AJ up and they hit Manny with Fuckin’ Slayerrrrs. AJ prepares the Liberator. Bianca throws Manny at him with the Monkey Flip but Tommy has taken AJ out with the Yoyo Hip Toss. Manny rallies and rushes at Bianca and hits her with an elbow then lifts her into the Dovahkiin Driver as Tommy goes up top. He hits Bianca with the devastating vertical Suplex piledriver then Tommy lands on her with the Mongolian Stomp. He pins for the win.

WINNERS: American Mangs via Pinfall (17:45)

The picture cuts away from the ring and to a different area of the park, away from the huge crowd surrounding the ring. A trailer sits in the parking lot, blocked off from everything else. The sign on the door reads “production”. The door then swings open, followed by a cloud of smoke escaping from within. Walking through the haze is Perry Wallace. His eyes are glazed and a smile stretched across his face from ear to ear.

WALLACE: ”Who the fuck invited you guys?”

He looks directly into the camera.

WALLACE: ”Did Ted send you?”

Still looking directly into the camera.

WALLACE: ”Did the network send you?”

Still looking directly into the camera.

WALLACE: ”I don’t give a shit! I’m here to correct an error made by the network or Ted, whoever, that went unnoticed until just a few moments ago.”

He raises his hand up towards his mouth as if he were taking a drink. There’s a slight problem though. There’s no drink in his hands. There’s nothing at all. Perry looks down to it for a brief moment before turning his head and looking back inside the smoky trailer.

WALLACE: ”A drink would be great right about now.”

Slowly turning back to the camera, Perry points out over the crowd not far away from ringside.

WALLACE: ”They seem to be having a good time over there. Just about each and every one of them with a drink in their hands. I don’t see Ted out there taking everyone’s drinks away like he did to me!”

Pulling his hand back in, he begins rubbing his chin as he thinks to himself for a short moment.

WALLACE: ”You know what else I don’t see? I don’t see the goddamn match type on the fucking card!”

Reaching into his pocket, Perry pulls out a balled up piece of paper. He unravels it, holding it up in front of the camera while pointing to the main event.

WALLACE: ”Is it just me and I’m the only one not seeing it.”

Turning his head slightly, he looks at the piece of paper before cutting his eyes back towards the camera.

WALLACE: ”Where’s the Last Man Standing at?”

He cuts his eyes to the paper once more.

WALLACE: ”That’s the match that should go right here, in the FUCKING MAIN EVENT!!!”

Balling up the paper again, Perry throws it as hard as he can. Of course it didn’t travel too far.

WALLACE: ”I don’t see the correct main event that belongs at South Beach Brawl. Do you know why? I’ll tell you. It’s because Ted and the network want us to tone things down around here. They all of a sudden want to see a good old family program. They don’t want to see people beat the shit out of each other all over this park. They don’t want to see someone dumped on their head over the rocks at the shore. They don’t want to see someone put their life on the line and leap down from the top of the entrance stage onto someone laying on a table below them.”

WALLACE: ”They don’t want to see anything like that where someone could possibly injure themselves and entertain each and every single one of you watching out there! Normally, I’d have my lawyer take care of something like this but I can’t find him. HEY WRIGLEY!!! If you’re watching out there please do something about this and get him off of my show!”

Perry looks away from the camera and out to the crowd at ringside not far away. He watches as everyone enjoys themselves, partying underneath the stars in Miami.

WALLACE: ”These people came here to see a Last Man Standing match.”

Looking back to the camera, he stares into it as if looking face to face with the person on the other end watching.

WALLACE: ”You all out there watching tuned in to see a Last Man Standing match.”

Taking a step away from the camera, Perry adjusts his shirt a moment as he looks back into the smoky trailer.

WALLACE: ”We’re going to have a goddamn Last Man Standing match tonight! Fuck trying to tone down 4CW! If my lawyer can’t do it for me, then I’m going to fight back myself! Tonight in the main event, the finale of the South Beach Brawl Cup, we’re going to have the 4CW Championship and two hundred and fitty thousand dollars on the line in a LAST MAN STANDING match!”

Pointing to the camera, he leans in one last time.

WALLACE: ”If you don’t like it? Send Ted on down to the ring to keep things the way you want.”

Perry then walks away from the camera, leaving the area and just at the right moment. A trash can on fire flies out from inside of the trailer. It hits the ground and rolls towards the camera, stopping but a few feet in front of it. From inside, two men with headsets on walk out waving their hands in front of their faces from all of the smoke.

PRODUCTION STAFF #1: ”If that retard is the owner then I fucking quit!”

PRODUCTION STAFF #2: ”I’ve never seen someone set a trash can on fire just by trying to light a shot.”



POWERS: ”The following contest is a No Disqualification match and is for the North American Championship. Introducing first… the challenger.”

“If it’s all right
I wanna kick it with you all night, all night
Have a good time
Ain’t gotta worry ’cause it’s all right, it’s all right
All night, and all night, and all night, baby
Don’t be shy, don’t be shy, don’t be shy, baby
All night and all night
Ain’t gotta worry ’cause it’s all right, it’s all right”

The titantron glows with purple frenzy as the words “BANG BOOM BONBON” pops from the titantron, styled in bubbly characteristics with the font choice as “All Night” by Big Boi instantly entertains the crowd. Purple and white lights creates a neat wave as Eden appears on the stage, clapping to the beat briefly before showing her charismatic approach. Her bouncy, high-spirited personality looks to fill the venue as she stretches her arms and hands out, greeting the fans alongside the ramp on her way down.

POWERS: ”Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland by way of Aberdeen, Scotland, she stands at five feet, six inches tall. She is one Dynamite Bonbon…She is EDEN CCOONNNNOORRSS!!!”

Hearing her name from the one and only Mike Powers, she runs around the ring, slapping hands as the smile on her face is bright and with much joy. Not a worry in the world being she was about to enter her form of a Sanctuary which was the ring. She made her way onto the apron before entering the ring through the middle rope. Excitement had filled her body whole as she looked around, bouncing up and down, spinning just before dashing to one of the near corners, climbing it to nod at her fans. She dropped down and proceeded to calm herself for the match as music and the purple and white lighting came to a halt.

JOHNSON: ”For Eden Connors tonight is a night of destiny. It’s a night of revenge. It’s the culmination of months of hard work with one of the greatest prizes in the wrestling industry on the line.”

VASSA: ”It’s about payback, Steve. That Nasty Eli didn’t need to hit her with the championship after their match at Retrograde. It was unnecessary. Uncalled for. And personally, I’m looking forward to her kicking his ass tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”And she’ll have every opportunity to do just that, with no rules or regulations holding her back.”

VASSA: ”I hope sh-“

”Killing in the name of…”

The voice of Zack de la Rocha snaps the crowd to attention as they look to the top of the ramp as the lights dim down, shrouding the raucous crowd in a heavy shadow. On the big screen the word “Nasty” flashes in all white capitals against a black background before fading into a stream of career highlights for the reigning North American champion. Moments later, as Rage Against The Machines “Killing in the Name Of” pulsates over the speakers, the champion emerges with the belt draped over a black leather clad shoulder. His pace is slow and he strolls to the top of the ramp, the boo’s from the massive crowd growing louder by the minute.

”And now you do what they told ya…”

Pausing once at the top of the ramp, Eli shakes the title from his shoulder and raises it high up into the air which draws an even louder negative response from the crowd who clearly are hoping to see the title change hands on this evening. As the volume heightens, his characteristically arrogant smirk widens into a full on grin as he uses his free hand to point toward the ring at his opponent, wagging that same index finger to tell her it was never going to happen as he started his walk down in her direction.

”Now you’re under control, and now you do what they told ya.”

Finally reaching the bottom of the ramp, Eli pulled himself up onto the ring apron and then quickly moved to the nearby corner, stepping up onto the middle turnbuckle where he raised the championship belt high into the air once more. Simultaneously, with his free hand, he extended it outward with his middle finger extended, gesturing to the crowd right on cue as the music hit a specific part of the song that he had been patiently biding his time for.

”Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.”

Slowly the singers voice got down louder with Eli’s head bobbing to the beat. As it grew in volume he swung the weight of his body over the top rope and dropped his feet down to the canvas deftly. Quickly, he rushed toward Eden and to her credit she didn’t back down for a second, but instead swatted away his outstretched hand with his middle finger extended directly into her face. With the referee quickly stepping in between the two he forced Eli back to his designated corner while pointing at Eden to stay where she was. Nodding his head, Eli handed the belt over to the referee and then shed himself of the leather jacket he had been wearing, tossing it to the outside of the ring.

POWERS: ”And her opponent, hailing from New York City, New York standing six foot one and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds. He is the reigning North American Champion… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

JOHNSON: ”There he is. The Nasty Boy, and with each passing day he gets even nastier. He’s not hidden his distaste for the celebration of current Hall of Fame members and their importance to this company. You have to wonder if the change in entrance music is a direct shot at Perry Wallace, Phoenix Quagliaterre and our lovely general manager, Michelle Wong.”

VASSA: ”Or maybe he’s just the same bully he’s always been and that’s all there is to it, Steve. Either way.. Check out my shirt.”

Tugging down at the collar of his shirt, Vinny reveals that he’s wearing a BANG BOOM BONBON t-shirt underneath. Inside the ring the referee displays the North American championship to both competitors before passing it off to the timekeeper. Moments later after reminding the two that this would be held under no disqualification rules, he waved his hand in the air in a flourish and shortly after the bell sounded to get things underway.


Firing out of her corner, Eden rockets across the ring, throwing herself into the body of Elijah Carlson and catching him square across his jaw with an elbow that knocks him back into the corner. He hits with such force that he stumbles forward a few steps. With quickness, Eden hits a dropkick to Eli’s knee, dropping him to a kneeling position. With ease she sprung back up to her feet, stepped onto the bent leg of the North American champion, and then swiftly flattened him with a Shining Wizard!


JOHNSON: ”Not so fast, Vinny. There’s a reason that Eli is the champion and his ring awareness shines through in his decision, or instinct, to roll himself out of the ring.”

An absolutely dazed Elijah Carlson had done just that. Rolling out of the ring on instinct to avoid the pinning predicament, Eli crawled toward the steel steps and began to use them to help himself back up, shaking his head to try and rid himself of the stars that were spiraling rapidly in front of his eyes, disorienting him. From inside the ring, Connors eyes narrow and she soon rolls herself out of the ring, but around the corner from where Eli was. Her pace doesn’t slow as she quickly takes off toward the steel steps, throwing her feet out in front of her as soon as she’s close enough. They connect with the steel steps and blast them into the head and upper torso of the champion who was trying his best to get back to his feet.

Toppling over, Eli lies sprawled out across the floor with the fans reaching peak volume as Connors moves around the wreckage of the steel steps that she had just sent crashing into the champion. Once she gets close enough she bends down and pulls Eli up by his neck, following up with a few stiff forearms. A moment later she wraps her hand back around Eli’s neck and sends him flying into the security barrier that separates the fans from the performers, which he crashes into shoulder first, a sharp cry of pain erupting from him. Meanwhile, Eden hops up onto the ring apron and charges toward the turnbuckle, hoisting herself up to the top rope before leaping off, flying through the air toward her opponent.

But at the absolute death he manages to throw himself away and leave Eden to come crashing down onto the barrier herself, the high risk maneuver not paying off at the end of the day and giving Eli the chance he needed to catch his breath.

JOHNSON: ”Eden has come out firing on all cylinders and really has had Eli reeling, but now she’s just given him an opportunity to claw his way back into things.”

VASSA: ”Get up, Eden! Kick his nasty ass!”

For a few long moments everything slows down. Eden writhes on the ground, clutching both her wrist and abdomen which seemed to have absorbed the brunt of the impact of her fall. Eli, at the same time, continued to lean against the barrier grimacing until he finally pushed himself back up to a fully erect position. Glancing back at Eden, he waved both of his hands at her as if to say screw you, and then moved toward the timekeepers table where the North American championship was being looked after. Once there, Eli shoved the timekeeper over and snatched the title belt that belonged to him. In the process the camera crews that followed him caught him saying that all of the fans could fuck off and that they didn’t deserve to watch him wrestle.

With the belt in hand, Eli began to make his way the long way around the ring to avoid Eden while making his exit. The fans, clearly, were not happy about what was happening and those closest to where Eli was made their displeasure known. One little girl, holding up a sign in support of Eden Connors, shouted at Eli and managed to grab his attention. Annoyed, Eli reached out and grabbed her sign and tore it in half in front of her, tossing it to the ground before finishing his trip around the ring with his sights set on the ramp that would lead him backstage. What he didn’t notice was that Eden had recovered and was beginning to collect herself just as he started to head up the ramp. Seeing him, Eden charged in his direction.

At the last moment Eli caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and quickly shifted his weight, gripping the championship and spinning with it, swinging to blast Eden in the head. She, however, ducked under it and kept running, leaping and planting her feet onto the security barrier before throwing her weight overhead, flipping and crashing down into Eli with a beautiful moonsault, the North American championship belt sprawling out onto the floor nearby. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Eden notices the belt and moves to pick it up. Once it’s in her hands she looks back and forth between it and Eli before tossing it off to the side, mounting him quickly and blasting him in the face with punch after punch.

JOHNSON: ”Eli tried to high tail it out of here but Eden said No sir!”

VASSA: ”She’s bringing the nasty to him tonight!”

JOHNSON: ”She’s doing what?!”

VASSA: ”Shut up you know what I mean old man.”

Finally relenting, Eden spins back to her feet and immediately trounces off back toward the ring where she tosses the ring apron up and begins looking underneath it for something more to use besides her fists. After all, this is her chance for payback and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let him get away. Not tonight. Not without making sure he never forgot who he had the audacity to screw with. And after a few moments of searching she found what she was looking for in the form of a long, wooden table.

JOHNSON: ”I think the nicest girl on the block has bad intentions tonight, Vinny.”

It takes her a few moments to get the table set up, especially since here and there she was taking the time to go back and connect with a few more strikes for good measure on her downed opponent. But eventually the table gets set up the way she wants it and soon enough she’s got the champion laid out on top of it as well. Driving a few more well placed fists into his forehead, Eden finally seems content that she’s got him dazed enough that he won’t move. Slipping back into the ring under the bottom rope, Eden picks up a head of steam by running across the ring, rebounding off the far ropes, and then leaping and springboarding off of the top rope back to the outside of the ring. As she flies through the air she shifts her weight and lands a perfect leg drop across the torso of Elijah Carlson.



VASSA: ”Take that nasssssssty boy Eli. GET HIM BACK IN THE RING EDEN!”

JOHNSON: ”You know I seem to remember a certain someone favoring the current champion a lot more at Retrograde.”

VASSA: ”What can I say, Steve, I’m a man of mystery. It’s why the ladies like me so much.”

Both the champion and challenger slam through the table and down onto the floor where no movement from either party comes from either party.. From inside the ring the referee surveys the wreckage but there’s nothing that he can do. Given the rules of the match it’s pointless for him to start a ten count to try and get them back in the ring. And so he just shouts at them, trying to encourage them to get back up and bring their fight back within the four corners of the squared circle. And it’s Eden who begins to stir first, much to the delight of the fans. While she begins to use the ring apron to help pull herself back up, Eli rolls over onto his stomach and begins to crawl toward the championship belt that he has, through a daze, spotted lying a few feet away from him.

Eden manages to get back to a steady base and notices Eli once more pursuing the championship, getting to it just before he could get his hands to it. With a kick she knocked it away from him and then bent down to pull him back up to his feet. In response, Eli sprung upward and broke free of her grasp, catching her right in the jaw with a stiff forearm that sent her stepping back a few steps. Not backing down, Eden closed the distance between them and snapped Eli’s head to the right with a hard shot to the jaw. There the two of them stood, toe to toe, swinging back and forth. Neither making any attempt to block the other one’s shots.

JOHNSON: ”It’s an all out war right at the foot of the entrance ramp.”

VASSA: ”I don’t know how either of them are even standing after that bump they took through the table.”

As they continue to trade blows the fans erupted with cheers every time Eden connected with a shot, and then responded with a boo whenever Eli returned fire. Three cheers follow three consecutive strikes from Connors before Carlson blocks the fourth and brought a knee up into her abdomen, driving the wind straight out of her body. With a handful of her hair, Eli pulls her head back up and then drives his own forehead straight into hers, knocking her down to the floor flat on her back. Still, Connors begins to immediately climb back to her feet to which Eli shouts at her to “just stay down” before planting a hard kick to her ribs.

She doesn’t listen, however, and once more begins to pull herself back up to her feet. Frustrated and having taken the brunt of the assault so far, Eli grunts at her and then stumbles toward her, still not quite having regained his bearings from everything that had happened. Again, once he’s close enough, Eli grabs a handful of her hair and begins to drag her up the ramp. In an effort to halt him, Eden drives a fist into his stomach but he retaliates with an elbow to the back of her head that drops her to her knees once more. Not letting her rest, Eli again grabs her by the hair and starts tugging her up the ramp. When they finally reach the top, however, she manages to break free once more and drive a violent elbow straight to his temple, dazing him and causing him to stumble a few steps backward.

Yet again, Eden finds fire deep within her and this time charges him, aiming a dropkick for his knee once more that connects flush and buckles him to a kneeling position once more. Looking to catch him with The EC again, Eden steps up onto his knee but before she can swing her other foot around and catch him with the kick, both of Eli’s hands shove her foot off of his leg just as his head swings back to miss the wild kick. Landing awkwardly, Eden tries to steady herself but Eli springs into action, grabbing her by the back of the head and hurling her off the side of the stage and down to the floor.


JOHNSON: ”Eden just went flying off the side of the stage!”

VASSA: ”I’m having flashbacks to two years ago, Steve. I feel like we’ve seen this before and if that’s true the reign of the nasty boy is ending tonight.”

With his shoulders heaving up and down as his lungs tried to inhale as much oxygen into them and then exhale just as quickly, Eli is showing the signs of Eden’s assault. His back is bright red from the remnants of the table he had crashed through. A large welt can be clearly seen on his forehead where he had impacted with the steel steps. There’s no doubt that Eden Connors had already pushed him far beyond anything he had expected her to. Now, though, it was his turn to inflict pain. And as he looked down off of the edge of the stage at the fallen challenger, his gaze then turned upward to the top of the structure at the top of the ramp that held the video screens up.

JOHNSON: ”Deja Vu! The last time Elijah Carlson took a risk like the one he’s thinking about now, he was out of action for months and out of the company for over a year.”


The camera’s focus on him and everyone watching around the world can see the wheels turning in Eli’s head, trying to decide whether or not to take the same risk he had two years earlier. Moments later he can be heard saying “screw it” before moving to the structure and beginning to climb. He gets one foot up onto the structure and starts to pull himself up before stopping, his teeth gritting for a moment. After a long pause, Eli released his hold on the side of the structure, thinking better of it. The crowd, of course, sees this as a sign of weakness and starts to chant loudly at the North American champion.

”You’re a pussy! … You’re a pussy! … You’re a pussy!”

VASSA: ”Haha! No Nut Eli! No wonder he can’t get his wife pregnant!”

JOHNSON: ”For once I think it was actually a smart decision by the reigning champion.”

VASSA: ”I heard he’s having his best friend Tommy Knox step in for him since he can’t get the deed done himself.”

JOHNSON: ”For Christ sake, Vinny, the match! I don’t care about their pregnancy problems and neither does anyone else right now.”

VASSA: ”Just saying. I would be that best friend for you if you need me to take care of your wife.”

The chants of the fans annoy the champion and he begins to engage with the rowdy Miami fanbase, telling them that the Yankees legend Derek Jeter is fucking all of their wives. Or something along those lines. It doesn’t really matter what it is that he’s shouting at them, the point is is that it’s long enough for Eden to begin to recover and crawl over to a nearby equipment crate that was wide open. In it she manages to get her hands on something not yet in view of the crowd just as Eli turns his attention away from them, moving to the side of the stage and carefully dropping down to the floor below to continue pursuing her. When he gets close enough to her, though, Eden moves rapidly, her arms swinging in a baseball swing like motion.


A kendo stick, which nobody ever really knows why there are kendo sticks hidden around arenas at wrestling events but that’s beside the point, was the object that Eden had gotten her hands on and slammed into Eli’s side. Instinctively, Eli’s body adjusts to try and block another strike from hitting the same spot to which Eden adjusts and this time slams the kendo stick into his back three more consecutive times.




The force of the blows cause Eli’s shoulders to curl backwards, his back arching and his legs scooting him forward quickly in the same sort of motion that a child might make in an effort to get away from their parent hitting them with a switch or a belt or something else. Eden follows him closely, though a bit more gingerly than she had been moving earlier on, and again drives the kendo stick into his back, this time buckling Eli to his knees. Another strike collides with his back before the kendo stick finally breaks and becomes useless to Connors, as Eli falls forward catching himself with his hands. Knowing he needs to do everything he can to try and get away from her, a tired and battered Elijah Carlson crawls away from her.

Slowly, a smile forms on Edens lips and it’s obvious that she’s starting to really feel like she’s in control and that this is her night. Stalking him, she lets him crawl in the direction of the DJ booth that’s set up in the middle of the crowd a few rows back from ringside. Vassa and Johnson are seated there and the expressions on their faces indicate that they’ve both suddenly realized that the action is coming in their direction. Finally, Eli pushes himself back to his feet and as Eden approaches he catches her with a back elbow to the jaw, buying him a little bit of time and a few moments to climb up onto the booth and get face to face with the two commentators. His heavy, ragged breathing showing just how fatigued he truly was becoming but he still has it within him to extend his middle finger right into the face of Vinny Vassa before slapping the cup straight out of his hands.

VASSA: ”……..”

Eli laughs and turns back to see Eden closing in on him but before he can do anything he’s suddenly flung forward, having been shoved from behind, tumbling down the five or so feet that the booth was elevated up from the floor. At the commentary table, Vinny Vassa’s face is a mask of rage, the contents of his cup scattered everywhere, including on him. And in that rage it was he who shoved Eli down from the booth and into the waiting grasp of Eden Connors who hoisted the champ up onto her shoulders into a firemans carry position and then brought him down violently onto her shin.


VASSA: ”Don’t ever touch my damn cup again you nasty son of a bitch!”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think Eden is done yet either.”

VASSA: ”Here, let me clear off a place for you, Ms. Connors.”

With Eli laid out of the floor and not moving, Eden quickly had ascended to the booth herself as Vinny Vassa cleared off a spot on the table in front of him for her to get up onto. Sweetly, she planted a kiss on his cheek before hopping up onto the table and throwing herself off of it, her knees and elbows folding underneath her as she flew through the air, nearly touching, before extending back outward just before she landed flush across the body of the North American champion.

JOHNSON: ”Eden Connors has handed Elijah Carlson his ass all night long but now she needs to get him back into that ring. There’s no disqualifications, but the final decision must happen in the middle of that ring.”

VASSA: ”You leave her alone, Steve. She’s doing the Lord’s work right now. She’ll get him back there eventually.”

Connors, after the frog splash, sits up with a smile on her face that speaks volumes. Her confidence is soaring and she’s so close to adding the cherry to the top of a resounding, dominant victory over one of the best to ever do it inside of a 4CW ring. Looking back at the fallen Carlson, Eden rolls over and pushes herself up onto her knees, staring at him long and hard. She had told him she was going to take his championship from him, and now she was so close to doing it she could taste it. The fans were going wild, sensing the impending victory themselves, and with a grin she stuck her tongue out as she savored the moment for a few seconds. There was still work to be done, though, and after she took just those few moments to enjoy it, she pushed herself back up to her feet and moved to bring Elijah back up as well.

It was only a few rows of seats and fans to move through to get him back to the ring, but this was a man who wasn’t standing on steady legs as she pulled him up. Taking a little more effort than it might normally have, Eden began to drag Eli back toward the ring. It was only a few feet that they moved, however, before Eli dug deep within him and broke free of her grasp, spinning and then throwing his foot up over his head where he connected with a resounding thud.



Typically, Eli would have followed up the pele kick to the side of Edens head with the final finishing touches on the match but he’s been through hell at the hands of Eden Connors this night and he knows he needs to buy himself time. Scrambling away from her, Eli falls to a knee and then quickly pushes himself back up, catching himself along the side of the booth before glancing back to see if she was back up, again, and pursuing him. He heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t see her stirring right away but that feeling of relief only lasted for a moment as somehow, someway Eden started to get back up again. Staring at her incredulously, Eli shook his head and did the only thing he knew to do in a desperate situation.

He started to climb.

JOHNSON: ”Where the hell does he think he’s going?!”

The answer to that question become readily apparent as he began to climb higher than the commentators and the tables they were seated at. Higher than the musical equipment set up for Mike Powers to DJ after the main event had come to its conclusion and the after party began. Eden, spotting him, pushed herself back up to her feet fully and in a hurry rushed to the DJ Booth and began to climb up herself.

JOHNSON: ”No no. This never ends well for anyone. Someone tell them to stop. Someone get them back down here right now.”

It’s unlikely that they would have listened if they had even heard him. The champion made it to the top first without any clue that Eden was pursuing him upward. Once there, he heaved a heavy breath of air into his lungs and then doubled over, placing his hands on his knees trying to regain his composure and his bearings. That sense of relief and momentary freedom from the madness that this match had become for him faded when he glanced over seconds later and saw Eden hoist herself up onto the top of the DJ booth as well. Desperately he held his hands up, motioning with his hands in a T shape asking for a timeout before backing away.

And backing away some more.

And more.

And another step as she drew closer to him until he nearly backed himself off the edge. Jerking to a halt when he realized his feet were right on the edge, he looked down off of the side and saw the twenty five plus feet the fall would be and turned his gaze back to Connors, whose face told it all. She had him. And she moved toward him quickly. Desperately, Eli got his hand up just in time to block her punch and then side step her. The two turned parallel to the edge, trading strikes once again. Having endured more of the assault, though, Eli quickly recognizes he can’t get into a battle of strikes at this point and quickly ties her up. Using her skill, Eden shifts her weight slightly, turning and then using all of her strength to break free of Eli’s grasp and shove him back a few steps.

JOHNSON: ”Oh no….”


Looks of dread come across the faces of the two commentators as they watch the action on the screen and recognize, perhaps before anyone else, what was about to happen. Knocked back a few steps, Eli realizes that Eden, having shifted around when they were tied up, was now on the edge. That realization snaps into Edens brain a moment later but by that point Eli was already sprinting at her and shifting his weight, his legs coming out from underneath him, his patented sick kick aimed directly at her chest. And while she managed to get her hands up and side step it slightly, the force still catches her and there’s nothing for her to grab onto.

And she falls. In slow motion, with the flashbulbs of camera’s exploding around the audience and the hands of all of the fans in attendance raising slowly to cover their mouths as their eyes went wide. Eli’s back hit firmly on the top of the DJ booth and the a moment later a sickening sound echoes throughout the beach.


JOHNSON: ”Jesus Christ….”

An eerie silence falls across the beach as Eli sits up. Even his own eyes are a bit wide as he scoots to the edge of the booth and looks down off of the side. Mercifully, there were things scattered around the booth that had been there to pad her fall somewhat but even the champions hand comes to his mouth as he looks down, wondering if he had just killed a woman. All care for that was quickly gone, though, and he shifted himself to climb back down the way that he had come up. There was still a match to win, and she had to be in the ring in order for him to make that happen.

It only takes a few seconds for Eli to climb back down and drop to the floor safely. He takes a few moments once down on the floor to collect himself and catch his breath, staring at the wreckage as medical personnel flood the scene to check on the fallen Eden Connors. Calmly, Eli watches on from a few feet away, looking closely for any hint of movement as the paramedics do their thing.

JOHNSON: ”Would you look at that. I think the champion might have a tiny sliver of a soul left after all.”

VASSA: ”I wouldn’t be so quick on that just yet, Steve.”

The champions eyes narrow after long moments pass, and lock onto the challenger as she sit up on her own power and starts to roll herself back to her feet. Not letting her have the space to get fully back up, Eli barges through the paramedics and moves to attack her but the challenger is ready for it and catches the champion with a brutal chop to the chest before she gets fully back up. Again, she laces his chest with a chop and then brings a knee up into his stomach and just like that, once again, Eli is back on the defensive and trying to put distance between the two of them.

Of course the fans, as ever, are fully against him and as he tries to weave his way through the rows of fans and their seats, none of them are willing to make things easy on them. Most even move to try and block him and slow his escape down which buys Eden enough time to take a deep breath, to shake away the pain that continued to rack her body from her twenty five foot tumble from the top of the DJ booth, and then resume her pursuit of her opponent. He manages to get to the security barrier and lean against it for a moment’s respite. But that moment is chased away when Eden catches him with a clothesline that sends them both tumbling over it and back out onto the floor outside of the ring.

JOHNSON: ”It’s an all out brawl now folks! I don’t know how these two are still going. I don’t know how they’re both not dead. But it is an absolute war at ringside.”

VASSA: ”Someone hit him with a fucking nuke already.”

The scrum at ringside is little more than the two laying on the ground firing strikes and kicks at each other mixed in with rakes of nails and jabs of thumbs to eyes. Eli manages to get back to his feet and get away from Eden, rolling himself back into the ring and continuing to just fight for his life without ever really having a full foothold in the match. Eden, for her part, isn’t in great shape either having taken some major blows and also having endured the damage from some of her own high risk moves as well. She rolls herself into the ring a moment later and when Eli tries to meet her with a kick she catches it just in the knick of time and shakes her head no at him.

And then drops to her knees and brings her forearm up squarely between his legs, hitting a perfectly executed low blow that crosses the eyes of the champion and sends the air right out of his lungs. With a beat red face, Eli drops to a knee and again Eden goes in search of The EC!

JOHNSON: ”That’s i-! NO!”

VASSA: ”How did he get out of the way of that!?”

Eli just barely managed to get his head under Edens leg which wooshed over him, the breeze tickling the back of his neck. Eden, showing off her agility, manages to land deftly on her feet and with Eli slouched over, pulls his head down between her legs and then launches herself over the top of him, looking for her front flip piledriver. Eli, however, breaks free of her grasp at the last second and instead of being pulled over with her instead stands upright as she slams down onto the mat back first. As she rolls to get back to her feet, Eli turns and sprints towards the ropes, rebounding off of them before firing back in her direction just as she stood.




As Eden slams back down onto the mat, an exhausted Elijah Carlson falls on top of her, hooking the leg as the referee slides in for the first time in the entire match to count the pinfall.


Not waiting for an announcement or for his arm to be raised, Eli rolls himself out of the ring and down onto the floor at the bottom of the entrance ramp. He scrambles for the North American championship and quickly grabs it, clutching it to his chest as he rolls over and sits, one hand coming to his face to wipe the sweat away. His expression reads as plain as day. He knows he got away with one now, and that Eden Connors was every bit his equal at South Beach Brawl.

POWERS: ”The winner of the match… AND STILL 4CW North American Champion… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

Boo’s reign down but there not as heavy as they were throughout the match, with the fans recognizing and appreciating the battle that had unfolded before their very eyes. In the ring, Eden Connors comes to and, disappointed, pushes herself up to a seated position. Attention turns from the champion who retained his title to the challenger who had given him the fight of his life and while Eli sits and watches on, the fans began to chant for the woman who had given it her all that night on the beach in Miami.


JOHNSON: ”Somehow. Someway. The champ survives. But Eden Connors was more than his match this evening and the fans are showing their apprecation.”

VASSA: ”I don’t know how he continues to do it. That’s eleven straight singles victories for the nastiest of them all. It has to end sometime, doesn’t it?”

JOHNSON: ”Well, Eli has made no bones about what he’s pursuing now. He’s got his sights set on achievements that Madison and Dakota Smith have had their names stamped to for some time now.”

VASSA: ”Damn it, Steve. I really thought Eden had his number tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”You and me both, Vinny. But you’ve got to give it to the champion. The best have a knack for finding a way to survive when it seems like destiny is stacked against them.”

VASSA: ”And to think, we’ve still got more to come after this.”

JOHNSON: ”That’s right, Vinny. And I can only imagine the war that’s about to be had between Bryan Laughlin and Brennan Devlin. Words I never thought I would say in regards to a 4CW Championship Match at South Beach Brawl.”

VASSA: ”All I know is someone better fill my damn cup back up before this bullshit starts. And if EITHER OF THEM FUCK WITH IT THEY’RE GONNA GET THESE HANDS!”

As the fans chant Eden’s name in the ring it gets drowned out by the beginning beat to “Killing you Hoes” by Trina. The fans have a mixed reaction as Eli smiles and looks behind him to see Genevie Carlson walk out with a mic in her hand. She rolls her eyes at the crowd as the music dies down and she walks over to her husband and gives him a kiss before pulling away and grabbing his hand raising it up.

G. CARLSON: “Are y’all stupid? This man is the winner. This is the man you need to be cheering for.”

She drops Eli’s arm down and looks to Eden in the ring with a frown.

G. CARLSON: “Eden you fought hard but it just wasn’t enough. You’ve had your moment. Now it’s time for mine.”

Genie drops the mic down to her side and for a moment there is a long pause as people wonder what she means. She smirks before turning back around and giving Eli her attention again taking his hand.

G. CARLSON: “Elijah, you and me have been through so much together. 4CW is where we met and 4CW is the place where everything meant to tear us apart happened and yet seemed to only bring us closer together. We’ve shared so much together here. We’ve been through so much and you know everytime you walk through that curtain back there win or lose? You’re always a winner to me.”

She smiled at him and reached behind her in her back pocket and pulled out a single sheet of paper. He looked from the paper to her. The anticipation and excitement starting to show on his face.

G. CARLSON: “But tonight? Is extra special. I’ve been trying to think of the perfect way to tell you this and then it hit me that there was no better place then the company where we’ve grown so much together. So I’m not going to waste anymore time because I’m dying to tell you and everyone else watching and sitting here tonight… That finally after so long the wait was worth it…”

Genevie unfolded the paper and held it up letting Eli see it as his eyes started to scan it. Her face beaming.


Staring at the paper in silence for a few long moments, Eli’s face is completely unreadable. His body aching, showing the signs of the wear and tear of the war that he had just gone through with Eden. Slowly his eyes drift upward to his wifes and then back down at the paper that he held in his hands. Somewhere, Vinny Vassa could be heard bitching about the fact that his cup had been purposefully knocked out of his hands. Reaching out with one hand, he gently took the microphone from his wife, speaking.


For a moment he clenched his jaw, shaking his head slightly before bringing a hand up to wipe at his eyes. Someone must have been cutting onions nearby, he assumed. Clearing his throat, he brought the microphone back to speak.

E. CARLSON: ”I um…”

It took him another moment to collect himself, clearing his throat once more.

E. CARLSON: ”Usually… usually I would be one to say that we shouldn’t be out here Crooked Kingdoming the end of a match but…”

Through gritted teeth he fought back what was clearly an emotional moment for him, as he tried to think through a lot of things that were happening.

E. CARLSON: ”But right now I just don’t fucking care.”

Lowering the microphone, he stepped toward his wife and wrapped his arms around her before kissing her in a celebratory manner in front of an audience that wasn’t entirely certain how it should react. On one hand this was a man they despised and he was taking away from the moment that they had decided to give to Eden to celebrate her efforts on that night. But on the other hand the moment was undeniably sweet, if not perhaps a bit expected as it was no secret that she had stepped away from the wrestling business for that very purpose. When the two pulled away Genevie grinned taking the microphone from Eli and looking back to Eden.

G. CARLSON: ”I guess you can have your moment back now… we’re going to go celebrate. Better luck next time kiddo.”

Genevie blew Eden a kiss before dropping the mic on the stage and taking her husband’s hand as they headed backstage.

The camera opens on the 4CW Champion, Bryan Laughlin, sitting in a steel folding chair. The backdrop is simply a black steel sports locker with his name above the spot he sits in. He’s leaning forward with his forearms on his knees and in his hands is the 4CW Championship. With his eyes locked on the gold like a trance, he doesn’t look up at the camera but the audible inhale and exhale is enough for us to know that he’s aware we’re with him.

LAUGHLIN: “This is my championship….there are many championships out there….but this one is mine.”

Bryan’s tone is somber, very calm and collected as each sentence escapes his mouth.

LAUGHLIN: “This championship is the climax of my career, and I must defend it as I would my life. Without the climb to the top of this company I would have been useless. Another career lost in the crowd. Another name on a card. You, and I both know it is not the amount of championships you hold in a lifetime, but rather the meaning and purpose behind them. It doesn’t matter how many climbs you take or how many detours you travel to get to the top, as long as you can get to the top and stay there…”

His head finally tilts up, not for us to see his whole face, but his eyes peering up underneath his brow.

LAUGHLIN: “This company is my life. Twelve hundred and thirty eight days of my life invested into one simple journey. One simple path. And as I wear it across my waist it becomes more than an accessory. It becomes a part of me. The leather that has touched many before me along with the gold that has seen many reflections in it’s days. Tonight it will not show another. It will not belong to Brennan because this championship is not an accomplishment meant for selfish greed. It is a responsibility held by the standard that we hold ourselves to in 4CW.”

Bryan pushes himself up from the chair abrubtly and throws the championship over his shoulder staring first into the gold plates and then into the camera for an extended amount of silence.

LAUGHLIN: “Here I stand as the defender of our kingdom. The one that was built before us to harvest our honor and carry us to defend our creed. Tonight I will stand before you as the 4CW Champion who has defended this throne four times. In consecutive events. No rest between and no days off. This is the promise I keep, and the standard I uphold. So as long as there may be an enemy put before me, you will hear them chant my name. You don’t have to listen to me Brennan, they’ll tell you who the champion is. For we are the defenders of this throne.”

Finally something besides a seriousness breaks in Bryan’s face as his usual half smile perks in his lips.

LAUGHLIN:Tonight we write history. Tonight I plant my flag at the top of the mountain once again and reassure the industry that the South Beach Brawl wasn’t a golden ticket hand out for your chance to own a chocolate factory. A feat they said couldn’t be done until one man did it. Then they said it could never be duplicated. That no other man would ever run through an entire tournament and defend this championship because there is nobody else on earth like him. Unfortunately for the others, and certainly you, there is one man that took the same path he did. He watched what it meant to be a champion and he molded himself in that image. Tonight, once in a lifetime becomes two times ever. Becuase after me? There will never be another. Not as long as my heart beats. Not as long as I breathe. You are not a champion Brennan. You aren obstacle in the way of immortality.”

Bryan turns his back to the camera for a moment before slowly extending his arm and bringing it uncomfortably close to the camera lens. And as his arms becomes visible tense and the veins bulge from his forearms to his shoulders his index finger emerges. His hand in the shape of a gun. And his smile is accompanied by a wink.




POWERS: ”LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! The following South Beach Brawl Cup final contest will be for the 4CW Championship and contested under Last Man Standing rules!”

“Resurrection by Erection” by Powerwolf blared throughout the arena as the lights went dim. Neon pink and blue lights began to flicker on the stage while a form became visible in the flashing lights…

“Raise your phallus to the sky and you never die, it’s resurrection by erection!!”

A negative reaction erupting from the crowd. Brennan soaked it in as he stood on the stage, chewing his gum as he gave an unamused look to the audience as the lights began to brighten, revealing him standing on the stage.

POWERS: ”The challenger, making his way to the ring from San Andreas, California! He is the ‘Face of Wrestling’, BRENNAN DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”

Devlin walked down the stage casually, ignoring the various hands reaching for him as he made it to the ringside area. He soon walked his way towards the steps, climbing up onto the apron and standing on it as he surveyed the crowd. Then he stepped over the second rope and into the ring he went, removing his jacket and tossing it aside before throwing his arms into the air in the center of the ring. Once his music faded out, he walked to the corner, resting back against the turnbuckle with a smile on his lips as he awaited the match to begin.

“Ecstasy of Gold” hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to drown him in mystery.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

The sounds then transition to that of guitars and drums as the opening to “Creeping Death” by Metallica begins playing heavily. He stands at the entrance, overlooking the entire crowd in attendance, and more importantly his opponent already waiting for him in the ring.

Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh
To his every word, live in fear
Of the unknown one, the deliverer
Something must be done, four hundred years”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 4CW CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

“So let it be written
So let it be done
I’m sent here by the chosen one
So let it be written
So let it be done
To kill the first born pharaoh son
I’m creeping death”

As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped.

“Die! … Die! … Die! … Die! … Die!”

He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

“Die by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first born man

Die by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first born man”

JOHNSON: ”Here we go, ladies and gents! We’re just moments away from witnessing the final match of this year’s South Beach Brawl Cup.”

VASSA: ”It’s been a wild ride leading up to this point, Steve.”

JOHNSON: ”It truly has. In one corner we have a man who surprised everyone with his return to 4CW and he’s been on a hot streak ever since.”

VASSA: ”The cornerstone of 4CW himself, Brennan Devlin! I know a lot of people were excited to see him return and enter himself in this year’s tournament. In just his fourth match back, he’s main eventing South Beach Brawl with the 4CW Championship on the line. Like I said Steve, it’s been one hell of a ride getting to South Beach Brawl here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”Fourth matches? Let’s talk about fourth matches and jump over to the opposite corner where the 4CW Champion stands.”

VASSA: ”It’s been a wild ride for him too getting here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”After winning the 4CW Championship at Retrograde in February, tonight will be the fourth event in a row that the 4CW Championship is on the line. He’s retained three times already. Can Bryan Laughlin retain a fourth time and do what no other person has ever done before in the South Beach Brawl Cup?”

VASSA: ”A win here tonight would be huge for him, and for the record books. He’d be the only person to ever successfully defend the 4CW Championship throughout the entire tournament. Counting the night he won the championship, winning here tonight would be his fifth championship match in a row that he’s won.”

JOHNSON: ”There’s a lot at stake here tonight for Bryan Laughlin.”

VASSA: ”You’re telling me! With this much at stake you’d expect to see it on Ante Up but we’re two months away from that.”

JOHNSON: ”I’ll be honest with you, Vinny. Between the two, I can’t tell who wants it more than the other. Both men have their sights locked on that 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”It’s a good thing you don’t have to be the one to decide, Steve! That’s up to these two gentlemen and one of my favorite South Beach Brawl matches.”

JOHNSON: ”Last Man Standing.”

VASSA: ”We’ve seen people nearly crippled in this match each and every year. This Last Man Standing main event is one of my favorite yearly matches in 4CW.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s a toss up for me between the Warzone of Horrors at Fright Night or the Ante Up Fatal Four Way Sixty Minute Ironman Match.”

VASSA: ”It’s hard to choose between either of them now that I think about it. We’ve seen a lot of great matches over the years, Steve.”

JOHNSON: ”We really have. Just like you mentioned before with the tournament, it’s been one hell of a ride for us over the years getting to where we’re at tonight.”

VASSA: ”Calling it before anyone else does! We’re about to witness this year’s match of the year, folks!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s a bold prediction.”

VASSA: ”Care to make a bet?”

JOHNSON: ”Depends on the stakes.”

VASSA: ”I’m definitely down for winning some steaks.”

JOHNSON: ”Oh, really? We couldn’t tell.”

VASSA: ”Ha h–fuck you.”

With the 4CW Championship in hand, the official stands in the center of the ring. Raising it high above his head, he presents it to the crowd before passing it along to a member of the ringside crew. With both men ready to get things underway, the official wastes no time and quickly calls for the bell.


At the sound of the bell, both men slowly approach the center of the ring until standing toe to toe. They stare at one another for a few moments, not a single word said between the two. This continues a bit until Laughlin makes the first move, extending his hand out for a shake of sportsmanship. Devlin looks down at Laughlin’s hand for a short moment before looking back up to him with a smile on his face. He extends his hand and just as Laughlin goes to grab it, Devlin catches him off guard with a blow to the side of the head as he swings his other arm. Taking Laughlin by surprise, Devlin keeps swinging, now alternating arms and connecting with rapid rights and lefts to Laughlin’s head. He backs Laughlin across the ring as each punch lands perfectly and effectively.

Laughlin feels his back touch the ropes as Devlin has him with nowhere else to go. Bursting forward, Laughlin takes a swing for Devlin’s head, only to miss as Devlin side steps him. Laughlin’s body goes forward and with perfect timing, Devlin grabs ahold of him and drops him down to the canvas with a neck breaker! The two race to their feet, Devlin making it to his first. Once Laughlin finally pushes himself up, Devlin closes in on him once more, swinging wildly and connecting with rapid punches. Kicking Laughlin in the stomach, Devlin forces him to buckle over from the impact. Backing up to the ropes, Devlin then bounces off and rushes towards Devlin, taking him off his feet and dropping him flat on his back with a running knee lift to the face.

Laughlin goes to push himself back up but is quickly stopped when Devlin moves in and stomps down onto the fingers of the hand pushing himself up. Laughlin grunts loudly as he looks up to Devlin staring down at him with a smile on his face. He tries to pull his hand away from Devlin’s foot but struggles. With his other hand, Laughlin swings his arm around and aims it straight for Devlin’s stomach. One punch wasn’t enough to make him pull his foot away, but two? Two was just enough to get the job done. Pulling his hand out from underneath Devlin’s foot, Laughlin then explodes to his feet, wrapping both arms around Devlin’s waist and lifting him into the air. Holding Devlin up, Laughlin takes a few steps forward before throwing him back down to the mat with a spinebuster!

Mounting himself on top of Devlin, Laughlin then begins firing away with massive right punches to Devlin’s head. After connecting with half a dozen, his next one is blocked as Devlin catches his arm before the punch makes contact with his face. Rolling his body, Devlin pulls Laughlin off of his as he rolls him to his side. The two race once more to their feet, this time both standing up at the same time. They stand their ground, looking to one another in silence as the crowd awaits in silence, anticipating their next move.

JOHNSON: ”That was a bad place for Devlin to be but fortunately for him, he was able to free himself.”

VASSA: ”Underneath Laughlin swinging like a mad man is the last place I would ever want to be.”

JOHNSON: ”We’re only just getting started and already both men have had some offense in this little back and forth.”

The two men circle one another in the center of the ring. Their movements are slow as they study what the other is doing. Lunging in at the same time, the two lock up in the center of the ring. Using his strength to his advantage, Laughlin drives Devlin backwards across the ring and into the corner. He presses Devlin against the corner as Devlin pushes away from it as hard as he can. Easing up a bit, Laughlin allows Devlin to push forward, falling right into a knee to the gut! The knee forces Devlin to lunge over. With both hands, Laughlin pushes up underneath Devlin’s upper body, lifting him off his feet and throwing him right back into the corner.

Unloading with a fury of punches, Laughlin pounds away at Devlin’s body with powerful blows. Drawing his arm back, Laughlin then swings as hard as he can for Devlin’s head. Swing and a miss! Laughlin put all of his weight behind the punch, only to miss as Devlin ducked underneath it before contact. Laughlin’s stomach fell into Devlin’s shoulder and before he even knew it, Devlin lifted him into the air, sending him up and over the top rope. Laughlin grabbed the top rope, using it to guide himself to a smooth landing on the apron. He immediately reached over the top rope for Devlin, only to end up empty handed once more. Ducking down, Devlin grabbed the middle rope and used it to pull himself through the ropes, driving his shoulder into Laughlin’s stomach.

Turning his back to Laughlin, Devlin then took off for the ropes across the ring. Upon his return at full speed, he leaped through the air, hitting Laughlin with a flying forearm to the face and knocking him off the apron. Flying backwards through the air, Laughlin managed to land on his feet, if only for a second, before stumbling backwards and crashing into the side of the small stage that the announcers booth sat on above the crowd. Dipping through the ropes, Devlin dropped down to the ground and went straight for Laughlin who was still down in a seated position with his back to the stage. Seeing Devlin coming for him, Laughlin quickly pushed himself up to his feet, but not before eating a right hand to the face from Devlin.

Grabbing ahold of Laughlin, Devlin dragged him away from the stage and threw him right into the side of the ring. Dropping to his hands and knees, Laughlin crawled away from Devlin, but not too far before Devlin had hands on him once more. Pulling Laughlin up to his feet, Devlin held him in place with one hand only to swing and connect with a punch from the other. Locking onto Laughlin’s wrist, Devlin went to whip him into the ring steps but out of nowhere, Laughlin countered it and sent him crashing into the steps instead!


Lowering his head and shoulder, Devlin then rolled forward to avoid the head on collision with the metal steps. His back slammed against the steps, knocking them over before he spilled out onto the ground.

JOHNSON: ”That’s what I’m talking about! We have the best seat in the house, Vinny.”

VASSA: ”We always have the best seat in the house.”

JOHNSON: ”But tonight we have an even better seat as we sit here higher than everyone else watching this match.”

VASSA: ”You mean while I sit here higher than everyone else watching this match.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m right here with you.”

VASSA: ”I’m talking about WEED FOOTBALL BAYBAY!!!”

Just like every other South Beach Brawl Cup match, there was no ten count to follow them exiting the ring. In fact, given the history of South Beach Brawl and this main event in particular, being outside of the ring was encouraged.

Devlin slowly pushed himself up from the wreckage of pieces used to assemble the steps. From behind, Laughlin closed in, grabbing him by the back of the head and walking him forward before throwing him into the barricade separating the ring and fans in attendance. The fans in the front row go nuts at the close action within an arms reach. Before Devlin can push himself back up, Laughlin is standing over him. In his ear, a familiar chant grows louder and louder.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

With Devlin’s back to the barricade, he looks up to Laughlin standing over him and braces himself. Swinging with all his might, Laughlin’s hand collides into Devlin’s jaw, whipping his head to the side as it smacks against the barricade. Grabbing ahold of Devlin with both hands, Laughlin pulls him up to his feet before slamming him back into the barricade. Lifting Devlin off his feet, Laughlin presses him overhead before releasing him to fall back to the ground. While in route to the ground, Devlin’s head slams straight down onto the top of the barricade, bouncing off as he stands straight up and turns away. Holding his head with one hand, Devlin walks away from Laughlin, paying him no mind with his back facing him.

Moving in from behind, Laughlin wraps an arm around Devlin’s head, securing it around his throat before locking in a sleeper hold. Devlin grabs Laughlin’s arm with both hands, prying to break it away from his throat. The harder he pulls, the tighter Laughlin squeezes. Devlin’s fight slowly begins to die down. His legs start going weak as Laughlin continues choking the life out of him. Pulling at Laughlin’s arm with both hands, Devlin then leaned forward, lifting Laughlin off his feet as he kept the sleeper hold secured. Devlin stumbled back and forth with all of Laughlin’s weight on his back. Finally finding his footing, he began back stepping. Step by step moving closer to the ring before everything came to a stop. Knowing his surroundings, Devlin picked up the pace in his movement, slamming Laughlin against the corner of the ring and sandwiching him against it.

It was just enough to force Laughlin to ease up on his sleeper, allowing Devlin to finally rip Laughlin’s arm away from his throat. Spinning around in place, Devlin swung with a haymaker aimed at Laughlin’s head.


Instead of Laughlin’s head, Devlin punched the ring post instead as Laughlin managed to move his head at the last split second. Firing back with a punch of his own, Laughlin drove his fist into Devlin’s ribs as his arm was still elevated. Grabbing Devlin by the head with both hands, Laughlin then pulled it in, smashing Devlin’s face against the ring post!


Still holding onto Devlin’s head, Laughlin then slammed it straight down onto the apron. Pressing Devlin’s face against the canvas of the apron, Laughlin then dragged him from one end to the other. Once at the other end, he raised Devlin’s head up from the apron before slamming it into another ring post!


Devlin dropped to his knees before falling over to his side. Walking away, Laughlin looked over the crowd as the official began his ten count.


VASSA: ”Laughlin can’t be doing that to Devlin’s handsome face!”


JOHNSON: ”So he’s handsome now?”


VASSA: ”I didn’t stutter.”


JOHNSON: ”It’s Twenty-Nineteen, Vinny. You can like whoever.”

VASSA: ”What the fuck?!”


The officials count then came to an end as Devlin began pushing himself up from the ground. Although his back was turned to him, Laughlin knew Devlin had risen to his feet as the officials count went silent. He stopped in place, slowly leaning his head back and looking up to the night sky. Finally turning around to the sight of Devlin now standing on both feet. He was still holding a hand to his head and seeing stars. Wasting no time, Laughlin went straight at him, picking up the pace with each step he took. Lunging in to grab ahold of Devlin, Laughlin was completely taken by surprises as Devlin side stepped him, grabbing ahold of him and pulling him into a knee to the gut.

Wrapping his arm over Laughlin’s chest, Devlin then pulled him straight down onto his knee with an STO backbreaker! Laughlin’s entire body flipped from Devlin’s knee to laying face down on the ground. With his right hand, Devlin swung down and began punching the back of Laughlin’s head over and over, each punch knocking Laughlin’s face into the ground. Grabbing him by the head with both hands, Devlin stood to his feet and pulled Laughlin up to his. Hooking an arm around Laughlin’s head, Devlin then lifted him up and over, dropping him to his back with a snap suplex. On his feet, Devlin then climbed up onto the apron and backed away to the corner. Running along the apron, Devlin then leaped into the air, flying from the apron and down onto Laughlin with an elbow drop to the chest!

Pulling Laughlin up from the ground, Devlin held him in place to deliver two punches to his face. The second punch turned Laughlin in place, forcing him to look in the opposite direction. Wrapping both arms around Laughlin from behind, Devlin then lifted him off his feet, slamming him into the side of the ring with a German suplex. Devlin was on his feet in no time. Standing over Laughlin, he leaned against the apron with both hands on it, stomping down onto Laughlin. Pulling him up from the ground, Devlin then rolled him back into the ring.

VASSA: ”Once again, Devlin has taken full control of this match.”

JOHNSON: ”Things weren’t looking so great for him at first on the outside of the ring but he’s completely turned things around.”

VASSA: ”Now we’re moving back to the ring, per Devlin’s request.”

JOHNSON: ”That’s the main focal point of tonight’s event. All of the bright lights are shining down onto that ring. Of course Devlin would want to do what he does best under the lights where everyone in the park can see him.”

VASSA: ”Wait a second! What’s Devlin doing?!”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but he’s coming this way.”

With Laughlin down in the ring, Devlin walked towards the announcers booth. Like always, the booth sat on top of a stage, which was also sheltered to protect those underneath from all of nature’s elements. Surrounding the small stage was a metal structure which was home to most of the lighting effects seen throughout the evening. Climbing the structure, Devlin eventually made his way up to the top, standing high above the entire park from the rooftop of the stage.
VASSA: ”And now he’s on top of the stage. Just above our heads!”

JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen this time and time again throughout the years.”

VASSA: ”We have and I can only wonder, what is Devlin up to while up there?”

JOHNSON: ”Check your monitor and see for yourself! He’s impatiently waiting for Devlin to get back to his feet.”

Pacing back and forth on top of the stage rooftop, Devlin kept his eyes locked on the ring below, more particularly the 4CW Champion who was now beginning to push himself up from the mat. Devlin bounced back and forth on his feet as he waited in position. Once Laughlin finally made it to all fours, Laughlin took off from the back of the rooftop. Running along the roof, he leaped into the air once at the edge. Flying down towards the ring, Devlin went for his curb stomp before Laughlin stood up.

JOHNSON: ”Here comes his Face Ti–“

VASSA: ”Too late! Laughlin isn’t answering the call!”

Just before Devlin’s foot landed perfectly on the back of Laughlin’s head, Laughlin rolled out of the way, avoiding the potential match ending maneuver. Devlin’s foot stomped down onto the canvas and as he looked up, Laughlin was right there pushing himself up just a few feet away. Exploding forward, Laughlin swung with all of his might, leveling Devlin with a lariat that knocked him completely off his feet.

JOHNSON: ”That was a close call. A little too close for someone looking to retain his championship here tonight if you ask me.”

Devlin slowly pushed himself up to all fours. Looking on from across the ring, Laughlin then charged right for him. Closing in, he hit Devlin with a running knee lift to the face that knocked him backwards to a seated position. Turning his back to Devlin, Laughlin then took off for the ropes and upon his return, he jumped forward through the air, flipping over Devlin as he grabbed him by the head to execute a running blockbuster! Devlin’s head bounced up from the mat after the impact and he fluidly stood up to his feet in a daze. Stumbling back and forth in the center of the ring, Devlin had no idea what was coming his way next. Stepping in behind Devlin, Laughlin lifted him off his feet. Holding him sideways, Laughlin them dropped down to one knee, slamming Devlin down onto his elevated knee with a backbreaker. Not releasing Devlin, Laughlin stood back to both feet, still holding Devlin up in the air. Rocking him back and forth, Laughlin then curled Devlin up over his head, throwing him over with a fallaway slam as he fell backwards to the mat.

VASSA: ”There’s that raw strength we’re used to seeing from Laughlin.”

JOHNSON: ”He has a lot of it. That should be clear given how easily he threw Devlin over his head.”

VASSA: ”That’s what a year of being trapped in a sex dungeon will do for you.”

JOHNSON: ”A sex dungeon?”

VASSA: ”I wish I could make this shit up, Steve.”

Laughlin was back on his feet in no time. He paced the ring as Devlin remained down on the mat but showing signs of life. Devlin pushed himself up and as he finally stood tall, Laughlin moved in to strike once more.

VASSA: ”Here it comes!”

JOHNSON: ”The Best Superkick Ever!”

Closing in on Devlin, Laughlin kicked his foot high into the air, aimed straight for Devlin’s face as he stood to his feet. Leaning back at just the right moment, Devlin avoided eating Laughlin’s foot as it missed making contact by only inches. As Laughlin lowered his leg, Devlin then stepped in and grabbed ahold of him. Catching Laughlin by surprise, Devlin then dropped him face first to the mat with a reverse STO before Laughlin could even react. Pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Devlin then walked him over towards the ropes before throwing him through the top and middle ropes, sending him crashing to the ground outside of the ring.
Climbing out onto the apron, Devlin stood over Laughlin and looked on as he slowly crawled away from him on all fours. Leaping from the apron, Devlin flew through the air before kicking his foot straight down and driving Laughlin’s face into the ground with his curb stomp!


VASSA: ”There it is! I knew he’d connect with it eventually!”

JOHNSON: ”It wasn’t quite as impressive as one from the top of the stage roof but effective nonetheless.”

Laughlin laid on the ground motionless as Devlin walked circles around him, never once losing the smile on his face. With Laughlin down and out of it, the official then began the ten count once more.

“One! … Two!”

VASSA: ”Is it going to be enough to keep the champ down for good?!”

JOHNSON: ”All we can do is sit back and watch at this point.”

“Three! … Four!”

JOHNSON: ”We’re nearly halfway there and there have been no signs of life from the champ.”

“Five! … Six!”

VASSA: ”Hold on just a second!”

Vassa shouted as Laughlin finally began to move on the ground.

“Seven! … Eight!”

Laughlin began pushing himself up as Devlin looked on, unsure of whether to stand back or strike while he had the high ground.


Cutting the official off before he could completely say nine, Laughlin stood tall. His vision wasn’t all that great, obviously still seeing stars from such an impactful move – one that would put most people down for a full three count. Unfortunately for Devlin, a three count wasn’t going to be nearly enough to finish off the 4CW Champion.

JOHNSON: ”I thought we were about to see a new 4CW Champion.”

VASSA: ”It was close, a little too close if you ask me.”

JOHNSON: ”He was able to keep Laughlin down for eight and a half seconds. If Devlin can put him down again, I don’t know if he’ll be able to get back up.”

VASSA: ”I guess Laughlin better make sure his face doesn’t get kicked into the ground again.”

JOHNSON: ”That may be easier said than done. I doubt he let Devlin hit him with his Face Time in the first place.”

Before Laughlin could shake the cobwebs, Devlin was on the attack once more. Moving in and ramming his knee into Laughlin’s stomach, Devlin forced him to double over. Wrapping his arm around the back of Laughlin’s head, Devlin then went forward, dragging Laughlin with him for a bulldog that was incoming. Just when Devlin went to jump into the air, Laughlin ripped his head away from Devlin’s arm, pushing him away and sending him crashing into the side of the stage in front of the announcers booth. Devlin immediately popped back to his feet and as he turned to face Laughlin, his head was nearly knocked off with a powerful right hook from Laughlin.

Pulling Devlin to his feet, Laughlin held onto him with both hands, keeping him bent over. Over and over, Laughlin slammed Devlin’s shoulder into the side of the stage. Grabbing Devlin by the head with both hands, Laughlin then raised it as high as he could before slamming it down with all of his strength.


Devlin’s face crashed against the floor of the stage the announcers booth sat upon. Pulling Devlin away from the stage, Laughlin dragged him towards the barricade where he then threw him into. Slamming against the barricade, Devlin went up and over, spilling out into the crowd as they separated and made an empty area on the ground for him to land. Climbing over the barricade, Laughlin was welcomed by the crowd as they began chanting his name once more.

Crawling on his hands and knees, Devlin made his way through the crowd, getting further and further away from the ring. Disappearing into the crowd, Devlin was nowhere to be seen, the majority of everyone in the crowd paying attention to the 4CW Champion. Walking through the sea of people, Laughlin searched left and right, scanning the entire area for Devlin.

VASSA: ”Where’d he go?!”

JOHNSON: ”Your guess is as good as mine, Vinny.”

VASSA: ”There’s so many people crowded around there it’s crazy how easily Devlin slipped away unnoticed.”

Getting further and further away from the ring, Laughlin continued searching for Devlin in the crowd.


The sound of a steel chair smacking flesh echoed through the air as Devlin appeared out of nowhere. Laughlin dropped to both knees as Devlin stood behind him with the chair still in both of his hands. He slowly walked around Laughlin, before finally standing in front of him. Holding the chair with both hands, Devlin slowly swung it back and forth, as it warming up to hit a homerun. Gently kissing Laughlin’s forehead with the chair, Devlin then drew the chair back as far as he could before swinging forward.


Popping up to his feet as Devlin swung down with the chair, Laughlin slammed both of his arms into the chair, knocking it back into Devlin’s face!

VASSA: ”Laughlin knocked it right out of the park!”

JOHNSON: ”Devlin had him dead to rights but somehow, some way, Laughlin made sure it was Devlin who ate the chair shot to the face!”

Devlin stumbled backwards, dropping the chair instantly. Bursting to his feet, Laughlin charged towards him, dropping his shoulder and tackling Devlin to the ground. Climbing on top of him, Laughlin mounted himself into position to fire at will. With lefts and rights, Laughlin rained down onto Devlin’s head with rapid punches. With each punch thrown, his hands became more and more covered in blood. Across Devlin’s forehead, a laceration was then noticed from the chair shot to the head and from it, blood began to pour. His fists now red, Laughlin didn’t ease up one bit. He continued to swing away, landing every punch thrown.

Standing to his feet, Laughlin waved for the fans to clear a small area to their right. Pulling Laughlin up from the ground, Devlin then walked him towards a concession stand set up in the crowd. Throwing him forward, Laughlin send Devlin crashing into the concession stand, completely knocking it over upon impact and spilling out its contents all over the surrounding ground. Rolling over to his back, Devlin looked up at the night sky. Like a storm coming in, the stars above disappeared as Laughlin’s body was now the only thing in Devlin’s sights. Flying through the air, Laughlin came straight down onto Devlin’s chest with a double foot stomp!

Stepping down from Devlin, Laughlin inched closer to the concession stand that was tipped over beside them. Lifting it up from the ground, Laughlin stood it back upright before dragging it closer to Devlin. Holding onto it with both hands, Laughlin then began rocking it back and forth before eventually slamming it straight down onto Devlin!

JOHNSON: ”Oh my!”

VASSA: ”There goes my dinner.”

JOHNSON: ”We have an entire private grill in the parking lot.”

VASSA: ”But we don’t have those hotdogs on the menu!”

JOHNSON: ”If you want one that bad, then go get one!”

With Devlin down and trapped beneath the concession stand, the ten count from the official shortly followed.

“One! … Two!”

VASSA: ”Devlin’s down again and this time with a whole concession stand laying on top of him.”

“Three! … Four!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s one way to keep someone down.”

“Five! … Six!”

VASSA: ”Is that even legal?”

JOHNSON: ”What would you consider legal and illegal in this match? I was under the impression that anything goes.”

VASSA: ”But a concession stand?”

“Seven! … Eight!”

The concession stand then began rocking back and forth before Devlin eventually was able to free himself.


Hearing the official shout nine, Devlin quickly pushed himself back to his feet.

JOHNSON: ”Whether it was legal or illegal, it just wasn’t enough to keep Devlin down for ten seconds.”

Laughlin took off from stand still, charging right for Devlin. He lunged forward to grab him, only to get caught by surprise as Devlin side stepped him, tripping him up and taking him face first to the concession stand with a drop-toe hold. Standing over Laughlin, Devlin kicked him a few times in the ribs before reaching down and pulling him up from the ground. Keeping Laughlin bent over, Devlin hooked both of his arms before lifting him upside down into the air. Once reaching his highest point, Devlin then threw Laughlin straight down onto the concession stand instead of his knee with what would be considered a butterfly backbreaker?

Laughlin rolled over to his side, falling off the concession stand and hitting the ground with a thud as his head bounced against it. Crawling away from the concession stand, Laughlin continued to get further and further away from the ring as he went in the direction of the water. Following closely behind, Devlin trailed him, keeping his eyes locked on Laughlin each and every second. Placing a hand on the back of Laughlin’s head, Devlin stopped him in his tracks. Pulling Laughlin to his feet, Devlin then walked him towards a palm tree in the park, throwing him into it. Laughlin’s head smacked the tree before he leaned his body against it in exhaustion.

With Laughlin’s entire back exposed and unprotected, Devlin began ramming multiple forearm shots to Laughlin’s lower back. One after another, Devlin pounded away at his lower back before eventually breaking Laughlin down to both knees. Taking a few steps backwards, Devlin then exploded forward, kicking his leg into the air with his foot aimed at the back of Laughlin’s head.

VASSA: ”Face Time into the tr–“


Rolling over to his side, Laughlin barely escaped the boot to the back of the head as Devlin’s foot kicked the tree. Reaching down to grab Laughlin, Devlin wasn’t expecting to be pulled down as Laughlin reached up, grabbing him with both hands. Pulling Devlin down, Laughlin popped his head up from the ground, leaning into a headbutt as he rattled Devlin’s skull. Devlin stumbled backwards off balance, giving Laughlin just enough time to get back to his feet. When Devlin finally managed to settle his feet, it was too late. Laughlin was closing in with his foot rising higher and higher into the air.


VASSA: ”B-S-K-E!!!”


Connecting with his Best Superkick Ever, Laughlin sent Devlin flying backwards through the air before crashing hard against the Miami ground. Immediately, the official began his ten count following Devlin’s crash landing.

“One! … Two!”

Instead of waiting to see what Devlin would do, Laughlin quickly moved in and lifted him up from the ground. Picking him up off his feet, Laughlin secured Devlin in a fireman’s carry across his shoulders. Carrying Devlin, Laughlin went back towards the crowd, walking into them as he headed for the ring.

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin could end it right now if he wanted to.”

VASSA: ”How’s that?”

JOHNSON: ”He’s got Devlin in position for his Good Morning America.”

VASSA: ”I may be wrong here but, I think he’s bringing the action back to the ring before finishing this thing off once and for all.”

Laughlin finally made it through the crowd, stopping at the barricade separating the fans from ringside. Instead of attempting to climb over the barricade while holding Devlin on his shoulders, Laughlin leaned over the top and dumped him back into the ringside area. Devlin then crawled towards the ring, leaving Laughlin with no choice but to climb over the barricade and pursue him. Devlin began pulling himself to his feet using the side of the ring. Moving in from behind, Laughlin tried to sneak up on him but as he went to grab him, Devlin pushed himself away from the ring, throwing all of his weight behind an elbow strike to Laughlin’s stomach, knocking him to one knee.

Climbing up onto the apron, Devlin then entered the ring as Laughlin slowly stood straight back up on the outside. From inside the ring, Devlin began to taunt Laughlin. Pelvis thrust after pelvic thrust, the King Kong of Dong held nothing back as he taunted the 4CW Champion. Standing back away from the ropes, Devlin left plenty of room for Laughlin to climb back into the ring. He was hesitant at first, but finally Laughlin slid back into the ring. To his surprise and everyone else’s, Devlin just stood back and watched, as if allowing Laughlin to enter untouched. As soon as Laughlin went to push himself up, that’s when everything changed.

Rushing in, Devlin began stomping down onto Laughlin, keeping him grounded as he entered the ring. Laughlin fought to get back to his feet, but was unable to as Devlin’s just wouldn’t let him. The stomping transitioned into kicks as Devlin targeted Laughlin’s ribs, with one final kick rolling Laughlin over to his back. Laughlin pushed himself to an upright seated position only to regret it moments after. Running in, Devlin popped his leg up into the air, ramming his foot into Laughlin’s face with a running boot as if it were a bettering ram. Grabbing Laughlin, Devlin jerked him up to his feet before slinging him to the side and throwing him back down to the mat. Climbing the nearest corner, Devlin made his way to the top as Laughlin slowly climbed back to his feet with his back turned to the corner.

JOHNSON: ”Turn around Laughlin!”

VASSA: ”He has no idea what’s waiting for him on top of that corner.”

JOHNSON: ”He should have kept the match outside of the ring. HELL!!! He could have ended it with his Good Morning America!”

VASSA: ”He did have him in position, didn’t he?”

Just when Laughlin turned to face him, Devlin leaped from the corner, taking flight as high as he possibly could. Flying through the air, he kicked his legs forward, planting both feet into Laughlin’s chest with a dropkick. The kick didn’t put Laughlin down. Instead, it knocked him off balance as he stumbled backwards across the ring before finally hitting the ropes. Up and over, Laughlin went over the top rope before crashing down onto the apron and spilling down onto the outside ring area.

VASSA: ”Laughlin is down again!”

With Laughlin down on the outside of the ring, the officials count came soon after.

“One! … Two!”

VASSA: ”But was that enough to keep him down?”

JOHNSON: ”It was enough to send him flying across the ring and crashing to the outside.”

“Three! … Four!”

On the outside, Laughlin begins pulling himself up using the side of the ring. As he pulls himself up over the apron, his eyes light up like a deer in the headlights. Coming straight for him was Devlin. Sliding to the mat feet first, Devlin’s legs go underneath the bottom rope, plowing straight into Laughlin’s face with a sliding drop kick. Laughlin stumbles backwards before tripping over his own feet and falling head first into the barricade. Exiting the ring, Devlin drops down to his feet and slowly walks towards Laughlin who is on all fours by the barricade.

He grabs ahold of Laughlin, pulling him up to his feet. Keeping him bent over, Devlin pulls him in, popping his knee up and driving it into Laughlin’s chest, standing Laughlin straight up and knocking him backwards into the barricade. Swinging at a low level, Devlin pounded away at Laughlin’s body with left and right hooks. Swinging at Laughlin’s head, Devlin’s arm gets caught between the champ’s hands. Pulling Devlin in, Laughlin steps out of the way and throws him straight into the barricade. Pulling him away from the barricade, Laughlin then lifts him off his feet and presses him into the air above his head. Releasing Devlin, Laughlin drops him straight down onto the barricade.

Devlin’s body folded over each side of the barricade, his head on the side with the crowd. Reaching over Devlin’s back, Laughlin grabbed ahold of him to pull him back over to the ring side of the barricade and to his feet. Turning Devlin around, Laughlin kicked him in the stomach as soon as they made eye contact. With Devlin doubled over, Laughlin wraps an arm around his head and holds it by his side for a moment as he looks out over the crowd. Grabbing Devlin’s waistband, Laughlin goes to lift him up for what we can only assume is a variation of a suplex. Kicking his feet, Devlin causes Laughlin to drop his back down to his feet. Ripping his head away from Laughlin’s arm, Devlin then pops straight up and turns his body. Reaching back over his shoulder, Devlin grabs onto Laughlin’s head with a three-quarter front face lock.

VASSA: ”Here we go!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s Face Off time!”

Just when Devlin goes to move forward and execute his diamond cutter, Laughlin pulls his head away from his hold. Pushing Devlin away in the back with both hands, Laughlin sends him crashing stomach first into the barricade. Devlin’s breath is instantly knocked away from the impact. Grabbing Devlin by the hair at the back of his head, Laughlin pulls him away from the barricade before taking him by the shoulder and turning him around. Ducking down, Laughlin lifts Devlin off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

VASSA: ”Here we go again!”

JOHNSON: ”You just said that and were wrong!”

VASSA: ”I can’t predict Laughlin escaping that!”

JOHNSON: ”But you can predict him finishing this right now?”

With Devlin on his shoulders, Laughlin scans the ground of the surrounding area. The ringside steps across from the ones knocked over earlier grab his attention. Walking over to them, Laughlin climbs to the top while carrying Devlin on his shoulders. Stepping onto the apron, Laughlin walks to the center of it. Facing the inside of the ring, Laughlin holds Devlin while Devlin swings desperately at him with lefts and rights, none breaking the champion’s concentration. Lifting Devlin off his shoulders and spinning his body, Laughlin turns slightly to grab Devlin by the shoulders before falling back. Pulling Devlin down with him, Laughlin falls over the edge of the apron, falling to the ground as he pulls Devlin down onto his knees with a gut buster!



JOHNSON: ”Laughlin just took Devlin off the side of the apron and to the outside with his Good Morning America.”

VASSA: ”It’s a good thing Devlin didn’t eat before the match because if he did? Laughlin would be wearing it all over his face right now.”

Both men lay on the ground outside of the ring as the official begins the ten count.

“One! … Two!”

JOHNSON: ”We’re at the two count and both men are down ladies and gentlemen.”

VASSA: ”Why is the official counting?! There can’t be a double count out in this match.”

JOHNSON: ”If he gets to ten and both men are still down, I’m going to assume the first person that stands is the winner.”

“Three! … Four!”

VASSA: ”Laughlin’s showing signs of life.”

“Five! … Six!”

JOHNSON: ”He’s climbing to his feet.”

VASSA: ”And Devlin is still completely out of it.”

“Seven! … Eight!”

Finally standing to his feet, Laughlin leans against the side of the ring as he looks on, never taking his eyes off of Devlin.

“Nine! … Ten!”


VASSA: ”Laughlin’s the only one left standing!”

JOHNSON: ”He’s done it! He’s won it and retained here tonight.”

VASSA: ”This is history ladies and gentlemen. The only person in 4CW history to ever defend the 4CW Championship throughout the entire tournament.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s an amazing accomplishment and no one can take that away from him.”

The official then signals for the bell as Laughlin drops down to one knee beside Devlin.


“Creeping Death” begins playing over the speakers as the entire crowd in the park cheers as loudly as they can.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

With the 4CW Championship in hand, the official walks over to Laughlin. Handing him the strap, the official then takes Laughlin by the arm, raising it high into the air. With his other hand, Laughlin hoists the championship with pride.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner of the South Beach Brawl Cup AND STILL 4CW CHAMPION… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

Pulling his arm away from the official, Laughlin turns around to look over the crowd, eye level with the front row. He continues holding the championship over his head as his name rings throughout the entire park.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

JOHNSON: ”There you have it folks, that’s South Beach Brawl!”

VASSA: ”It’s been a hell of a night with some fantastic championship bouts.”

JOHNSON: ”Every champion coming into tonight will leave Miami still champion.”

VASSA: ”Except for Tommy. Let’s not forget about him getting the Octane Championship shelved.”

JOHNSON: ”Let me correct myself. Every champion with a belt on the line here tonight is leaving with the belt.”

VASSA: ”I know what you meant, Steve. I just wanted to have a good laugh about Tommy’s misfortune. HA!!!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s not very nice.”

VASSA: ”I wasn’t trying to be nice. I’ve been stuck at this booth all night while this party has surrounded us. Not to mention that nasty son of a bitch, Eli, knocking my drink from my hand.”

JOHNSON: ”You seem to be doing just fine with that drink in your hand.”

VASSA: ”It only took an hour to get to the booth after ordering it.”

JOHNSON: ”That’s because they know that you don’t tip.”

VASSA: ”It’s a party!”

JOHNSON: ”So get your own drinks then. This isn’t a restaurant.”

VASSA: ”You know what? I don’t have to sit here and take this. There’s a huge party about to go down and we just witnessed what I’m calling as the best match of Twenty-Nineteen.”

JOHNSON: ”Even after the match and knowing what’s ahead, you’re still sticking with that prediction?”

VASSA: ”Abso-fucking-lutely.”

JOHNSON: ”Let’s discuss details then. I’ll take that wager.”

VASSA: ”Of course you would! But you’re going to lose.”

JOHNSON: ”No risk no reward.”

VASSA: ”How about you take some risks and go shot for shot with me tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t want to put you to shame.”

VASSA: ”Now that sounds like a challenge.”

JOHNSON: ”It just may very well be. I’m feeling alive tonight. Let’s party.”

VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit! You heard the man, folks. We’re about to throw down with old man Steve Johnson here tonight at the South Beach Brawl after party.”

JOHNSON: ”Have no fear. In two weeks when we travel to Oklahoma City for Adrenaline One Hundred and Two, I’ll tell you all about how I made this man regret challenging me to a drinking contest. And with that, I bid you all farewell. Thank you all for joining us here tonight. From the booth and 4CW, I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and good-fucking-night!”

The camera cuts away from the booth and back to the ringside area where Laughlin is climbing the ringside steps with the championship over his shoulder. Once at the top, he then climbs the outside of the corner. Standing high over the ring, he hoists the championship high above his head once more as the entire crowd in attendance focuses on him.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Neon lights shines onto Laughlin as he stands at the top of the corner with the 4CW Championship. Slowly, the picture begins to fade as the chanting continues in the background.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Lower and lower the sound gets before complete silence. A flash of the 4CW logo appears briefly before our presentation comes to an end.