The show isn’t starting off with President Phoenix doing any draggings or cracking jokes, oh no! Want to know why? Because she isn’t even at the arena right now…. neither is Laughlin. The titantron lights up as the audience views it to see what’s about to happen next… how about the first match taking place outside of the arena… and not on STAPLES Center grounds? But first….


From somewhere outside the arena lights began to flash as if there were hundreds of cameras taking pictures of the lush trees that are being spotlights from the flashing.


“While this may not be the actual death forest, today it serves a purpose for me, as a symbol.”

The flashing suddenly stopped. Viduus Morta, dressed for battle in his black boots and long black pants that still display the markings of an ancient language that had never been explained, stalks closer and closer to the screen.
His smile is big and bright, his eyes hallow and dark, and the background is seems to pull it all together. The trees are thick, tall and swaying in the wind.


“The world is watching Aokighara. I’ve been to the Forrest that is your namesake. I have felt the icy, cruel touch that is death from within. The forest tried to claim my mind so that the body would be weakened but it was not meant to be.”

Viduus shook his head slowly from side to side.


“This is you. You put on a show of bravado and let the Snuff Fest followers know that you have tasted your own blood. You let those who are ignorant to your existence that this is what you do…you do deathmatches.”

Viduus, in a show of a very human emotion, rolled his eyes in annoyance or perhaps even disrespect.


“Whilst you are riding around doing deathmatches, weakening your body, I was learning to be more. You see, it takes a certain type of person to be a deathmatch wrestler but at the same time it takes a better person to be more than just that.


You Zombie are defined by your own constraints. You are defined by blood. You are defined by violence. Me? I am undefined. I am not constricted. You remain in a tree in a vast Forrest of trees while I am the unknown within.


After tonight, you will know and respect who I am. You, just like Barkley are an intruder in my land. This is my home and I just protect my house.”

Viduus slung that smile back across his face.


“The world is watching Aoki and I will not disappoint them nor Her.”

Viduus throws his head back in laughter and walks off leaving nothing but the wind in the trees.



In an undisclosed location, you have Phoenix and Laughlin pulling double duty as not just commentators but as the camera crew as well as they film Viduus and Aoki rush each other as soon as Phoenix rings the bell while aiming the camera on the brawling men. The referee is staying out of the way, not even liking that he has to be out here for this match where he knows it might get a bit crazy. Weapons are scattered all over the dry, bare land as Viduus manages to toss Aoki into a pile of weapons and the commentators do well with keeping up with the very active men who are all over the place with this match. With no ropes surrounding them to contain them in a certain area, they are more free flowing with their movements and it causes their adrenaline to build up a lot faster. Aoki sees the cactus and chuckles at that being provided as a weapon as he picks up the pot and wields the cactus at Viduus’ face. Aoki laughs as Viduus curses from the thorny blow, especially the thorns that cling to his skin and jumps back to avoid Aoki going for a second swing. Viduus wasn’t sure how much Phoenix paid for this area but he was going to make use of it with donating a Zombie’s body to the land. Feeling as if Aoki should get a taste of his own medicine, Viduus decides to go for a dropkick towards the cactus that slams right into Aoki’s face as Aoki now has thorns sticking out of his flesh. But a cactus though? Like it really caused any real pain to these men who have felt worse and with that realization, they are ready to turn it up a notch.
Aoki doesn’t move as fast because he wants Viduus to get his first since Aoki isn’t greedy and wants his opponents to get off first. The women really must love him, right? His hands go behind his back as he nods his head for Viduus to come with it with the blows. He definitely doesn’t have to ask twice as Viduus takes a few rushed steps forward to make sure that Aoki isn’t bullshitting him and begins rocking Aoki’s body with body shots with wanting to start low until he works his way up with quickly bending down to pick up a big ass rock to crack Aoki’s jaw with. Aoki moves… only from the impact of the hit but makes no motions of attacking so Viduus shrugs and cracks Aoki in the same spot again with that rock until Aoki spits out blood. Aoki nods and claps at Viduus for actually coming strong and not disappointing him with weak shots. But now it’s Aoki’s turn and Viduus as no idea until Aoki suddenly spins Viduus around to lift him from the back before dropping him hard on his knee with an Atomic Drop, Viduus feeling it all in his tailbone especially from the steel knee pad Aoki is wearing. Viduus didn’t even see the man slip that on while Aoki grins at Viduus pressing his hand against his throbbing tailbone. Viduus says he is ready to spill Aoki’s blood on the canvas and paint the land with it and Aoki snorts with saying that Viduus doesn’t even paint his face anymore.
They go back and forth with the retorts while Phoenix and Laughlin just film, waiting for someone to make a move before Viduus suddenly takes off running and Aoki realizes he isn’t going for a weapon and gives chase. Aoki sees Viduus duck behind the abandoned dumpster and quickly whips out his shiv, not falling for any of Viduus’ tricks if he has found a weapon back there. Viduus would do well with being careful before Aoki guts him like a fish as he creeps closer and closer to the dumpster, halting for a second before suddenly rounding the corner and taking a huge step forward to att- YIKES! Aoki has stepped right into a massive bear trap and a grinning Viduus admires the sight before his face goes blank, his eyes return cold and he gets his easy shots in with his fists targeting all over his opponent’s body with Aoki trapped for the moment. Oh he wasn’t stupid, he knew that sooner or later Aoki would escape from the trap but until then….. Viduus finds a burlap sack of weapons and rummages through it like a kid digging through Santa’s gift bag. A hammer? Not interested. A scalpel? What was he, a doctor? He pulls out a bottle of off red liquid and is instantly intrigued by it. What is it? How harmful is it to the skin but better yet, to someone’s organs? He decides Aoki will be his guinea pig and he will find out. Aoki notices what’s in Viduus’ hand as Viduus creeps closer, causing Aoki to swing his fists to keep Viduus at bay.
Viduus glides to the left and big boots Aoki right in the throat as the man gags and Viduus takes his small window of opening to quickly uncork the bottle and pour the liquid down Aoki’s throat. Laughlin remarks, ‘Oh shit’ while the commentators watch on in curiosity to what happens to Aoki. Aoki stops coughing long enough to begin spitting out the remainder of the liquid, saying he hates red huggies before bursting out into laughter. Huggies? As in the Little Hug Fruit Barrels juice? Who the hell was in this bag, the Skull Kids? Viduus is extremely disappointed and Laughlin cant help but to laugh at Viduus’ expression. Irritated, Viduus stalks off to go find a weapon to bash Aoki’s skull in to make him stop laughing as Aoki takes the chance to use his strength to try to pry the trap off of his bloody ankle so he can break free. He has something for Viduus… he was happy as hell he had decided to bring his own special weapon to this match. You see, he had requested Phoenix to make this match an outdoors one and to let them fight in an open area where he could cause as much damage as he possibly could. With what, you say? After Aoki finally pries the teeth of the bear trap open and pulls his bloody ankle out of there, he reaches into this fanny pack that he wore specifically for this match and takes out the bomb he had resting inside. It was a small bomb… not powerful enough to take out a building but powerful enough to blow a body to smithereens if it’s inside it.
The same bomb that Aoki had taken out of Zeel from when Phoenix had secretly placed it inside of Zeel’s chest a week ago that no one really knows about (Here’s looking at you, handler of Chang). But anywho. Aoki limps around the dumpster as he sees Viduus rising up from leaning down to grab a flamethrower. These wacky kids and their penchant for wanting to cause as much harm to a person that they possibly could with these power weapons. Aoki chucks that bomb towards the back of Viduus’ bald head and Viduus seems to sense something coming his way and quickly ducks as the bomb flies over him and hits the cactus way ahead of him. The bomb explodes from the hard contact, blowing up the cactus as well and causing Aoki to curse under his breath that he missed. Viduus can’t believe that Aoki was trying to really wipe him out and Aoki couldn’t believe that he missed as both are upset and go look for something to beat the other with as a solution to how they are feeling. Aoki with a kanabo tetsubo club in hand while Viduus grips a lead pipe, these two attack and begin beating on the other as if this is a fight to the death. Of course the commentators don’t mind, keeping those cameras directly on the wrestlers as they try to bludgeon the other. The stubbornness that both men have in them right now with not wanting to stop swinging until their arm falls off helps intensify the moment since they are also refusing to block the other’s blows. The blows become harder as they target new limbs and areas on the other, wanting to switch up where their weapon is hitting.
The club smashes into Viduus’ left eye and that lead pipe hits Aoki smack in the mouth. Viduus aims low while Aoki continues to aim high, Phoenix and Laughlin deciding to set the cameras on the tripods to continue shooting the men so they could take a Bang break since these two weren’t going to stop beating the others with their weapons anytime soon. The referee decides to stop watching from the distance when he realizes that Aoki probably doesn’t have anymore bombs and begins heading over to the men who won’t stop hitting one another. They could probably do this all night… even though they didn’t have all night. Aoki finally begins getting the better of Viduus when he starts aiming for the side of Viduus’ head before swinging upward from below to slam that club into Viduus’ chin. The blow startles Viduus who legs buckle after staggering backward, Aoki this time aiming low for Viduus kneecaps to have him falling to his knees before he falls down on all fours to stop himself from falling face first into the ground. Aoki targets Viduus’ back, slamming that club down repeatedly until Viduus’ body finally falls down fully onto the ground. But… Aoki doesn’t stop hitting Viduus’ body and the referee refuses to come close until Aoki has finally ceased the assault, tossing the club away to roll Viduus’ body over to pin him for the three count.
Aoki applauds his victory…. before remembering that the audience isn’t physically present and although they are seeing him right now and clapping in the stands back in the STAPLES Center… he can not hear them.


Santana Mentez
“You know? I had alotta shit I wanted to say about last night but I was like, fuck it. Why use twitter to speak my mind on this when I’m about to be the ring announcer all night? And since the next match isn’t happening for a lil bit, Ima say what I have to say. Everyone knows I go hard for my husband espesh when the loose gooses and punk ass pussies wanna try to gang up on him. Even tho he can handle himself, I was defendin him and had his back since the very fuckin beginning. He wanna continue to wrestle and I support that cause my baby be doin the damn thing. Do I interfere in his matches? Nah. Wanna know why? Because he can handle his own shit. Only time he REALLY needed my help is when he could barely walk after his car accident back in ’16. Hell, his momma the fuckin co-owner of 4CW and you don’t see her getting involved in his matches to help him win.”

A dramatic pause… maybe because she’s getting steamed up all over again thinking about Olivia helping her husband, Chris Constantine Jr. win his match by distracting the referee, costing her husband the match.

Santana Mentez
“Dat lemur lookin bitch really knew my husband had it in the bag, aint trust her husband could handle his own shit so she had to give him some assistance. Now, I was cool not getting back involved in the wrestling life and doing my own thang. I’m the Captain of Savage, I’m main starring on Getting To The Money, I got the role of Mileena in Mortal Kombat Elysian and plenty more I got going on. But lemme tell you somethin doe. It ain’t NO-THING… and I mean NOTHING…. to lace up the Timbs, wrap up the hands and come stomp a bitch out dat look like she done escaped from Animal Planet.”

The audience is still stuck on the lemur part, chuckling at that while Santana is far from being in a laughing matter.

Santana Mentez
“It’s been a minute since I’ve choked a bitch out or had to put the paws on somebody. Best believe, I have no problem making it a reality either. Let me get involved when it comes to bullshit against my husband and watch me work. Cause honestly, it ain’t nothin for me to knock off the ring rust and come dust a bitch really quick.”

Santana pulls the mic from her lips, the cat calls begin almost immediately from her sashaying over to the ropes to exit the ring, her dress definitely doing nothing to hide her curves. The referee hurries to try to help her from the apron but she takes off her heels and jumps down to the ground while cuing the cameras to move along.



Everything gets slammed to life, pretty violently. The view pitches and yaws, until whoever is behind the camera gets their shit together and gets the frame around the subject in question: the hulking mass of one Dexter Jacobs. Now with a little more scar tissue, thanks to his latest war with Kevin Hardaway, the erstwhile “Redneck Hulk” looks just as surly as ever, that perpetual scowl still plastered on his face as he rubs the scarred side of his jaw, eyes flickering upward momentarily once the camera comes into focus.

Dexter Jacobs
“Got that rollin’, Beck?”

The barest hint of a nod, only perceptible because of the slight shift of the camera. Jacobs only sneers in response, eyes now fully focused forward.

Dexter Jacobs
“Ain’t gonna waste fuckin’ words talkin’ bout the last bit. Did exactly what I told each an’ every last one of you motherfuckers was gonna happen. Put that shit to fuckin’ rest.

You ever…EVER…mention that motherfucker in the same breath as me again, I’ll burn you down an’ bag the fuckin’ ashes. Simple as.”

A pause, so Jacobs can spit, almost as if to get the taste of that thought out of his mouth, before he refocuses.

Dexter Jacobs
“Masatake Kawamata. Mister King of fuckin’ Violence. We gonna see ‘bout that, ain’t we, Boss? Yeah…we gonna find out how deep that shit goes. Gonna see if you really everythin’ y’all say.”

A snort, shaking his head.

Dexter Jacobs
“‘Cause if you ain’t? If you ain’t everythin’ you claim t’ be, if what y’all did t’ol Hayden wasn’t just a Goddamn warm up…if’n you turn out to be just like that fuckin’ pisspot I left with his meager ass dick in the dirt? Then second verse, same as the fuckin’ first, motherfucker. I’ll drag you right down here into the shit an’ fuckin’ watch you drown, an move on t’ the next neck I gotta step on t’ make sure none of you motherfuckers EVER get what y’all want.
So come on, motherfucker. Bring all the battery acid ‘n broken glass y’all can get your hands on. Show me what REAL FUCKIN’ VIOLENCE looks like. Y’all ain’t got nothin’ to prove, whatever, I don’t give a fuck. Bring me EVERYTHIN’ you got, an’ put me outta my fuckin’ misery. Back it up. Bury the fuckin’ miserable ass “edge lord” an’ stake your fuckin’ claim t’ the next round. Y’all wanna bleed, let’s fuckin’ bleed, take everythin’ from me. PUT ME OUTTA MY FUCKIN’ MISERY, BOSS, I’M FUCKIN’ BEGGIN’ YOU. Ain’t a single one of these motherfuckers had the guts t’ fuckin’ do it yet, so c’mon, man. Let’s fuckin’ do this. You an’ me, we’re gonna go straight t’ fuckin’ Hell together, I promise your ass that. We’re gonna get neck deep in the shit an’ then go even deeper. We’re gonna find the deep fuckin’ water, and see who fuckin’ drowns first.


I don’t give a fuck ‘bout the rest of it. I meant what I said. Don’t fuckin’ disappoint me. Live up t’ your fuckin’ name. Show me the fuckin’ King of fuckin’ Violence. Show me that there’s somebody left on this fuckin’ planet who has the guts t’ fuckin’ play for blood. Add me t’ that pile of fuckin’ bodies y’all got pilin’ up in y’alls wake. Show me, for once, that there’s somebody who has the fuckin’ guts to FINISH WHAT THEY FUCKIN’ STARTED. King of Violence. Fuckin’ show me. Finish the fuckin’ job, and step on my fuckin’ neck an’ fuckin’ PUT ME DOWN like none of the rest of these limp-wristed cocksuckers got the guts t’ do..
Cause if y’all don’t?”

A half a second of pause, considering through gritted teeth. Voice hard as slate.

Dexter Jacobs
“I ain’t gonna hesitate one Goddamn second..doin’ it t’ you.”

Jacobs stops shifting as he shakes his head.

Dexter Jacobs
“Cut that shit off, Beck. We done here”

The camera yaws wildly for a moment once again…before the feed cuts to black.



We interrupt your deathmatch tournament to bring you something completely asinine. Turn back now, I would if I could. I guess scrolling by would work too if you’re trying to find out just if your character won their match or now. Can you believe that next match? Whew. It’s a doozy.
The Skull Kids are skulking around the back loading dock area because why wouldn’t they? A sense of preservation and common sense aren’t really things these two are equipped with. Can you imagine if a crate fell on them? Hilarious.
There’s a full body mirror in the middle of the loading dock because why wouldn’t there be one there? Skull Kid 2 is staring into and striking poses one might expect a supermodel to make rather than a burly pro-wrestler. Must be twitter’s brain rot getting to them. All those endless sea of twitter lesbian and twitter thot pictures warping his poor, already heavily fractured, sense of reality.
That’s not the weirdest part of it though of course. The rubber mask SK2 is wearing that’s been made to look like Devlin Brennan if he was thrown into a microwave is the weirdest and genuinely horrifying thing. That mask will haunt my dreams. I will be an old man, trying to be at peace in his final moments, surrounded by his dozens of ungrateful grandchildren that just want candy, and I will die screaming when I remember this mask.
It’s hideous. Okay?

Skull Kid 2

That’s what I think he’s saying. It’s hard to tell when they’re actually not shouting and half the time they make unintelligible chatter and noises. He could be saying kitty. City. Gritty. Pity. Witty. Maybe even shitty.

Skull Kid 2

Skull Kid 1 thankfully shows up with what can only be described as a very, very big rock. No. Really. I’m not kidding. It’s not far off from behind classified as a boulder. He gets a running start and he swings, and he demolishes the mirror! Not satisfied with knocking it over, Skull Kid 1 and Skull Kid 2 keep beating the shit out of it while hooting and howling.

Skull Kid 1

Dropping his precious rock to grab Skull Kid 2 by his mask, Skull Kid 2 grabs the other side of the mask to stretch it into deformity.

Skull Kid 1


Skull Kid 2

The Skull Kids do the only thing that comes natural to these little buttheads, they destroy. They rip the mask in two right off of Skull Kid 2’s…skull mask. The Skull Kids throw the two halves of the mask on top of the mirror and they start jumping up and down to stomp on both.

Skull Kid 1


Skull Kid 2

The Skull Kids garble out.

Skull Kid 1


Skull Kid 2

The Skull Kids say the line and they’re good with the destruction they’ve caused and mercifully this episode of stupidity is over.



Probably the only comical match that the tournament will have tonight and the audience seems to be looking forward to it with knowing there might not be any bloodshed but there will be plenty of hilarious actions taking place. SK1 wonders if Devlin has a surprise for him quite like when Devlin pulled a gun out on Chase Vega two weeks ago. Devlin reaches behind his back with both hands as if reaching for something and…. Uh oh, finger guns! SK1 becomes excited and draws his own finger guns, shooting them at Devlin before Devlin pulls out an imaginary bazooka that causes SK1’s eyes to widen. Devlin takes aim, he shoots and…. SK1 throws himself back from the imaginary blast as his weight has him making a loud thud on the mat. SK1 begins to panic as he feels around his chest for the large gaping hole…. when he remembers that these guns are imaginary, he’s okay and he’s hurrying back onto his feet and rolling out of the ring for some real weapons. Why not something that would produce a big boom and make Devlin fly off his feet for real? He isn’t sure if dynamite has been provided and after looking for it through all the assortment of weapons, he abandons the search and tries to think of something else before he spots a fire extinguisher.
A lot of stuff that’s off limits at home, he can possibly get away with playing with in a deathmatch…. right??? Right. The mask hides the huge smile he’s displaying as he slides back into the ring…. to no Devlin? While he had been on the weapon search, Devlin decided to go look for something else and rolls into the ring with a baseball bat. SK1 saw how Devlin grinned with that bat in his hand and wanted no parts of being hit with it. He started to take off but remembered the fire extinguisher in his hands and was ready to put his weapon to use. He pulls the pin, aims, squeezes the trigger and lets it rip! Devlin is on the mat as SK1 laughs at him being covered ‘in white stuff’ as he calls it in his head. As soon as the extinguisher is empty, he throws it at Devlin who is trying to crawl to the ropes to assist in helping to stand when the extinguisher hits him in the back of the head and causes his face to hit the mat. The odds were looking good in SK1’s favor as he becomes excited and tries to figure out what to do next as he listens to Devlin coughing uncontrollably on the mat. Maybe try for a pin since he’s on the mat? He thinks that… for a split second before wondering if it’s a trap.
Is Devlin fake coughing to draw him near in order to try to surprise him with an attack to get him back. He didn’t want to take any chances so dismisses the thought of pinning him now. He looks back over to Devlin and he’s gone. WOWWOW, DID HE MELT?!?! SK1 moves around the mat in a panic, wondering how can he win deathmatch if there is no opponent to pin. Does this count as a KO?? DQ?? SK1 grabs the referee by the arm and begins pointing towards where Devlin once was with wanting to know why the referee wasn’t raising his hand. He had to of won, no opponent definitely didn’t mean that SK1 lost. The referee is about to tell SK1 that Devlin left the ring when suddenly, SK1 feels something collide with the back of his head before his body hits the mat. Devlin had launched a basketball at the back of SK1’s head and was ready to launch more as he glares from that fire extinguisher attack. He begins chucking basketball balls from the apron and SK1 is crawling away like a soldier in a battlefield trying to avoid gunfire as he wants to take refuge outside of the ring. Devlin isn’t on that and he hurries into the ring, using the last two basketballs to launch towards SK1 just his head as made it underneath the bottom rope and those balls slam into his back.
Devlin goes to pull SK1’s ankles so that he doesn’t try to exit the ring as SK1 slowly rolls over on his sore back, wincing behind his mask. But he uses his feet to kick Devlin really hard in the face before he rolls out of the ring and grabs the first thing he can find, something hard but not caring what it is as he slowly enters the ring. Devlin charges towards SK1 who is sitting up and resting with his back against the ropes when suddenly SK1 suddenly swings the weapon in his hand up and it hits Devlin in the chest. The blow causes Devlin to stumble back and that’s when SK1 looks down and sees he has a ring bell in his hand. Using the ropes to steady himself on his feet, he sees Devlin headed his way with that baseball bat from earlier and SK1 quickly swings that ring bell that knocks Devlin off his feet and onto his back. Wasting no time, he drops the bell while also dropping to his knees as he crawls over to Devlin to cover him as the referee makes the count.



Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, SKUUULLLL KIIIIID 1!”

SK1 picks that bell back up that he had used as a weapon and begins celebrating with it like a trophy as he welcomes the loud audience’s cheers. He was very proud of himself and he wonders if he could take the bell home with him as a souvenir. Before he leaves though…. he shoots the unconscious Devlin with departing finger guns and hurries to the back so he can show SK2 his new toy.



In a ring surrounded entirely of barbed wire, Dexter and Masatake slowly circle one another, cautious of what the other person may do at any given moment considering the circumstances of the match. The ropes are wrapped in barbed wire. The corners and turnbuckles are wrapped in barbed wire. The side of the ring is wrapped in barbed wire. Rolls and rolls of barbed wire cover the entire ringside area of the floor. On the inside of the ring, light tubes upon light tubes are scattered across the canvas and propped against the corners. Inside of outside of the ring, it doesn’t matter. Both men are going to get ripped to shreds anyway.
Masatake makes the first move, lunging towards Dexter to grab a hold of him. Side stepping him, Dexter pops his knee up, ramming it into Masatake’s stomach as he closes in. Locking onto Masatake’s wrist, Dexter then pulls him in before releasing him, sending him crashing into the corner covered in barbed wire. Masatake’s back slams against the corner, the barbs digging into his flesh instantly as the light tubes shatter upon impact. Bouncing off, he takes a few steps forward before leaning completely over. Rushing in, Dexter connects with a running knee lift, popping Masatake off his feet and sending him flying backwards into the corner once more. Masatake’s arms drape over the top ropes at his sides as his back leans against the corner wrapped in barbed wire. Ignoring his own safety, Dexter uses his size to his advantage and rushes the corner, crashing into Masatake with a running clothesline! Dexter’s side rubs against the barbed wire, cutting into his flesh while Masatake slowly drops down to a seated position with his back against the corner.
Dexter continues to use his brute strength against Masatake and nothing else. Throwing Masatake to the canvas with various maneuvers, Dexter slowly wears him down as the impact from each and every move begns to take its toll. Dexter then throws Masatake to another corner, this time sending him crashing into the corner frontwards. A cloud of white dust and glass fills the air as Masatake slams against the light tubes and barbed wire corner. Pacing the ring after showing complete dominance, Dexter keeps his distance from Masatake in the corner who appears to be out of it. Masatake begins pulling at the barbed wire, unnoticed by Dexter behind him across the ring. Dexter then stops in his tracks before directing his attention to Masatake. He stares at the back of his head for just a moment before taking off and charging straight for him. His footsteps are loud, a little too loud as he runs from one side of the ring to the other. Masatake continues to pull at the barbed wire with both hands, hearing the foot steps behind him grow louder and louder. Dexter then lunges towards him, only to get taken by surprise as Masatake turns around to face him, spinning out of the way at the last possible second. Dexter slams against the corner, his stomach and chest absorbing the tiny punctures to his skin from the barbed wire. With Dexter stuck against the corner, Masatake then reaches for the same part of the corner he was messing with earlier. Pulling the barbed wire away from the corner, he begins unwrapping it from the ropes, giving himself just enough slack to take with both hands before wrapping around Dexter’s throat and strangling him with it. Dexter begins pulling at the barbed wire around his throat, you could even say he was panicking from the looks of it. With a good grip on the barbed wire, Masatake then begins slamming Dexter’s head down over and over again onto the top of the turnbuckle. Lucky for Dexter it was just unwrapped.
One after the another, Masatake swung across Dexter’s head and chest with multiple light tubes. The entire canvas was now covered in shattered glass. Masatake then grabs Dexter by the wrist and attempts to whip him to the ropes. Reversing it, Dexter then sends Masatake to the ropes instead. Masatake’s back hits the ropes and instantly he hooks his arms over the top despite the barbed wire digging into his skin. Charging right at him, Dexter approaches at a fast pace. Taking a swing for Masatake’s head, Dexter goes for a clothesline but misses as Masatake pulls his arms away from the ropes and ducks out of the way. Dexter hits the ropes stomach first before flipping up and over. He tries to grab the ropes to guide his landing but can’t seem to find them before spilling out onto the ringside floor area covered in rolls and rolls of barbed wire. Dexter lies on his back in a world of pain, but unable to move due to the barbed wire underneath him and everywhere around him that he looked. Inside the ring, Masatake went back to the corner where he pulled some of the barbed wire away. Unwrapping it from the top rope completely, he finally comes to the other end, completely separating it from the rest of the barbed wire. He then walks to the nearest corner to Dexter before taking the long section of barbed wire and wrapping it around his leg from top to bottom. Now with his leg wrapped in barbed wire, Masatake slowly climbs the corner until standing at the top, overlooking the entire crowd. They burst into chanting his name “MA-SA-TA-KE”, louder and louder as the energy level in the arena rises. The entire arena then goes completely silent as Masatake leaps away from the corner and takes flight. Flying through the air, Masatake extends his legs, coming down onto Dexter’s face with a leg drop wrapped in barbed wire!
The leg drop on Dexter looked cool and all, but it probably wasn’t the brightest idea for Masatake. While his leg came down onto Dexter’s face, the rest of Masatake’s body crashed onto the barbed wire, giving him nearly just as much damage as Dexter received. It takes a minute or two for them to climb out of the barbed wire but they eventually do, covered in not only their own, but each other’s blood as well. Masatake immediately begins searching for something to attack Dexter with and the first thing that comes into view is a steel chair. Before Dexter can get to both feet, Masatake rushes in and cracks him over the head with the chair. Stumbling back and forth, Dexter remains on his feet, only to eat another chair shot to the head as Masatake swings for the fences. Dexter drops to one knee as Masatake carefully climbs onto the steel barricade at ringside. Balancing himself, he slowly walks along the top of the rail, positioning the chair underneath his arm. Leaping from the top of the barricade, he aims for Dexter’s head with the chair but out of no where, Dexter explodes to his feet. Wrapping both arms around Masatake and catching him in mid air, Dexter bursts forward, driving Masatake backwards in the air before slamming him back first into the top of the barricade. Dexter releasing Masatake, allowing him to drop to the floor. Reaching down and wrapping both arms around his body, Dexter then deadlifted him off the floor before flipping him over in mid air and slamming his back down onto the rolls of barbed wire with a gut wrench suplex!
Masatake rolled back and forth on the barbed wire in pain, but really nowhere to go. Grabbing Masatake, Dexter pulled him away from the barbed wire, dragging his back across the barbs digging into his flesh before finally pulling him down to the bare floor. Pulling Masatake to his feet, Dexter held him in place with one hand while beating him wildly in the face with his other hand. Lifting Masatake into the air, Dexter then threw him back onto the barbed wire with a body slam. Under any other circumstances a body slam might not be that big of a deal but add barbed wire into the mix and anything is a big deal. Stepping onto the rolls of barbed wire, Dexter carefully walked over it to position himself beside Masatake. Lifting him up from the barbed wire, Dexter then lifted him even more, this time into the air as he turned him upside down. Holding Masatake in place over the barbed wire, Dexter looked over the crowd for a brief moment before dropping to his knees, dropping Masatake onto his head with a his Primal Concrete Sledge (Tombstone Piledriver) onto the barbed wire! Without a care in the world for the barbed wire and his own body, Dexter then laid over Masatake, covering him for the pin as the official cautiously counted from a safe distance.



Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, DEXTERRRRR JACOBS!”

What a bloody, brutal battle between these two and of course, Dexter loved every bit of that crazy shit as he flashes that infamous smile of his before coughing a bit as if he could taste that barbed wire that had been wrapped around his throat earlier. But he would never complain…. he lived, didn’t he? The referee goes on to check on Masatake, leaving Dexter be as he slowly, with a struggle, sits on the mat and finally is able to catch his breath.

We’re in Japan. There’s no obvious way to tell that so just take my word for it. We find ourselves alongside Lisa who glides through the city streets like a soft breeze, while all around people who don’t get to shout at people before fighting them pass at a wide berth.

Lisa Seldon
“I was hoping by the time I got to recording this I’d have some Yamashi Pro stuff to brag about, but it’s Japan. Time zones and all that. You know how it is.
So by the time you see this I might have already won over here. I could be walking in with another title to my name, a great big list of names I just ticked off and hell, I might even have finally scored that Deathmatch tournament win I’ve been crowing about ever since I got back.
I could have it all and it’ll change nothing of my intentions, because after well over a dozen years wanting and taking everything in this sport, I have had to accept that I’m never going to be satisfied with my lot.
Win or lose here, the only thing I’ll be bringing to Snuff Fest is legitimacy, something goofball opponent lacks in abundance.”

A Few curious looks come her way from the passing crowd as she presses on, blindly expecting them to part.

Lisa Seldon
“In the lead up to this match I had Eddy Poe moaning about how I wasn’t taking this seriously. He then went off to post a bunch of nonsense gifs and pick a fight with Cosmo Cooper because he’s he’s a ridiculous caricature of a thing who is only still allowed in polite society because Bryan Laughlin took pity on him.
He is a desperate man pulling himself in every different direction because he has to believe that he’s going to get lucky.


I say has to, because if he sat down and examined the current state of his career, he’d put a gun to his head and blow his spooky brains across the wall.”

She mimes it out, probably a little too dramatically, mock wiping blood down the person who happened to be closest to her.

Lisa Seldon
“Poe can’t beat me and he knows. I’ve proven it over and over again. Triple Threat, Tag Team, Deathmatch, Ironman, any combination you sling together I have gotten the better of him. Right now he’s clinging to the slim hope that I’ve yet to beat him one on one. After Snuff Fest he won’t even have that.

I’ve gone all around the world and comeback a winner. I’ve put my name in the history books everywhere I’ve gone and hoarded their gold like a fucking dragon. Eddy has tried the same. He’s crossed the globe a hundred times, only to fall on his face about a hundred times more. Our match is going to be no different. I’m going to be standing over him, hand held high, moving on to the next round, while he tries to think of another angle to beg for Phe’s attention through whatever parts of his brain have not been turned to soup.


Post another chainsaw gif about that, you stupid needy bitch.”

A smile and a wink she pushes forward into the crowd and out of shot. We slow to let her.



Before the bell could even sound, Poe got an early jump on Lisa as she carefully entered through the barbed wire ropes. With a kendo stick in hand, he whacked her across the back before she could pull her second leg through, stopping her in place. Over and over, Poe whacked away at her back with the kendo stick until taking one final swing which snapped the stick in half. He hesitated for a moment, just a tiny moment, giving Lisa more than enough time to act quickly and attack out of nowhere. Pulling her leg through the ropes, she swung upward, connecting with a vicious uppercut that knocked Poe off balance. Stumbling backwards, Poe finally settled his feet, but it didn’t matter. He was seconds away from being taken off his feet anyway. Rushing in, Lisa connects with a Yakuza kick, sending Poe stumbling backwards and into the barbed wire ropes. Up and over, he flipped over the top rope, the barbs ripping his flesh open before spilling out onto the bare concrete floor of the ringside area.
As Poe climbed to his feet on the outside, Lisa scanned the ring for a weapon to take with her to the outside. Locking her eyes on one across the ring, she grinned devilishly before rushing towards it. It was her weapon of choice, a steel chair, but not just any steel chair, it was completely covered in barbed wire. She rushed towards the ropes, leaping through the barbed wire ropes without a single scratch. Flying through the air, she pulled the chair up in front of her as she crashed into Poe just as he stood tall. Lisa fell onto Poe, driving him backwards before his body came to a complete stop, his back smacking against the barricade. Lisa dropped to the flor and with her the barbed wire wrapped chair. Reaching down and grabbing it immediately, Poe began hammering away at her back with it. With each swing, the barbed wire did quite the number to Lisa’s back, opening her up and drawing more and more blood. Grabbing Lisa by the hair, Poe pulled her to her feet. Positioning the top of the chair underneath her chin, Poe then pulled her head down, slamming the legs of the chair to the ground as her chin drove down onto the top of it. She stumbled backwards in a daze and before she knew it, Poe was right there swinging for the fences.
With all of his strength, Poe connected with a chair shot to Lisa’s forehead, busting her wide open and spilling her blood before she even dropped to the floor. Walking over to the barricade, Poe climbed to the top of it and leaped away from  the fans as they cheered wildly behind him. Pulling his knees in, he held the chair underneath them just in time to connect with a double knee drop, the chair pounding straight down onto Lisa’s blood face. Throwing the chair down, Poe then grabbed a bottle of lighter fluid and walked back to her, kneeling down beside her. With the bottle in one hand and a lighter in the other, Poe taunted Lisa as she laid on the floor covered in her own blood. Playing to the crowd, mostly to Phe at the commentary booth, Poe went to get everyone behind him. With Poe wasting time, Lisa reached out to her side, feeling the steel chair at her finger tips. Rolling over in the blink of an eye, she grabbed the chair with both hands and swung around instantly in the opposite direction just as Poe noticed.
Lisa popped Poe in the side of the head with the chair, penetrating his skin in multiple spots with the barbed wire. Poe fell over to his side, giving Lisa time to climb back to her feet. She then grabbed the bottle of lighter fluid and lighter that Poe dropped. Biting down on the top of the bottle, she twisted it off and spat it into the crowd for someone to take home as a souvenir. Giving the bottle a good squeeze, she sprayed the lighter fluid in her mouth and patiently stood back as Poe slowly climbed back to his feet. Just when he turned to face her, Lisa ignited a flame with the flick of her thumb. Raising it to her mouth, she then spit the fluid out towards Poe, instantly catching flame and devouring him in a ball of fire. Swinging his arms wildly, Poe brushed the flames away as he stumbled backwards into the side of an empty shopping cart. Placing the lighter underneath the thumb of her hand holding the bottle of fluid, she grabbed the chair off the floor with her other hand. Running towards Poe as he continued swiping at himself as if he were actually on fire, Lisa drove the chair straight into the side of his head, taking him off his feet and knocking him into the shopping cart.
Taking the cart by the handle, Lisa then began pushing it towards the ringside steps. Faster and faster the cart traveled until eventually coming to a complete stop as it crashed into the steps. Poe was launched from the cart as it tipped over. Spilling out onto the top of the steps, Poe was in rough shape. Lisa pushed the cart out of the way, clearing a path to climb up onto the steps. Pulling Poe up from the top step, she quickly locked onto his wrist. Pulling his wrist down and hooking a leg of Poe’s she had him in position as if going for a wrist clutch fishermans suplex. Looking over Poe’s back, Lisa smiled at the sight laid across the floor. Lifting him upside down into the air, she then dropped down to a seated position, throwing him straight down onto a bed of nails with her Evil Dead III (Vertical Drop Wrist Clutch Fisherman’s Driver)! Poe’s body went limp as it crashed against the bed of nails, each and every one he laid over piercing into his back. Scooting off the side of the steps, Lisa then carefully laid over Poe, pinning him while laying on the bed of nails unconscious.



Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, LIIIIIISAAAA SELDON!!”

She did it! She beat Eddy and would be heading to round three of the tournament! Her superfan is screaming her name from the audience as he removes the merchandised Lisacanrana shirt he’s wearing and begins swinging it in the air like a helicopter while the referee raises Lisa’s hand high into the air. Eddy? Well he’s still out of it and can’t see the huge grin on Lisa’s celebrating face currently.

Backstage inside the Staples Center, we once again find Ricky Valero wearing a black ‘DO GOOD’ t-shirt as the camera pans in on him. He is standing in front of a concrete block wall painted in Lakers colors with portraits of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, and many other former stars hanging in the background. The so-called “Good Guy” sways in the camera light for a moment, biting at the inside of his bottom lip as he mulls over his words.

Ricky Valero
“We survived. Not unscathed, of course, no, I left this very arena with scars and bruises and memories I’m never going to forget. But when all was said and done that night, when that final bell rang…I was victorious.”

He takes a deep breath.

Ricky Valero
“And now we get to do it all again.”

This unsettling reality evokes a chuckle from Valero as he shakes his head.

Ricky Valero
“I must be a goddamn psychopath…we all must be to have put ourselves through what we went through in that first show and still came crawling back for more. Skull Kid number…2? This time, it’s me and you, buddy! Right here inside the legendary Staples Center…and I have a good feeling we’re going to tear the house down tonight.”

That trademark smirk creeps across his face and he rubs his hands together in anticipation.

Ricky Valero
“I know, I know. I’m doing this wrong. I should be standing here in front of you running my mouth about how I’m going to rip Skull Kid limb from limb, beat him to a bloody pulp with said limbs, and then knock his teeth so far down his throat with these aforementioned limbs that he’ll have to stick a toothbrush up his ass to brush them. I should be spewing venom at this camera, utilizing every dirty word found on Urban Dictionary because Lord knows there’s a correlation between the amount of times you can say fuck in two minutes and your ability to bludgeon your opponent to death inside that ring.”

He rolls his eyes.

Ricky Valero
“But I’m not going to waste my time doing that. Everyone doubted me going into my match with Mallory Bennett. Everyone doubts me now. I went out there and I proved I belong in this tournament, and I did it while putting on a goddamn show for everyone watching. I told you all that I did my best work when my back was against the wall, when I was my only source of support, when nobody believed I could achieve the unachievable. I told you all that just because I was out of my element didn’t mean I should be considered the underdog. Because the fact of the matter is whether it’s a straight up wrestling match, cage match, ladder match or goddamn deathmatch, when I’m out in that ring, I’m in MY domain. And when that bell sounds, it does not matter what I have to do, what I have to go through, I’m going to do everything it takes to ensure that I leave that ring a winner, with my arm held high, without a shadow of a doubt that I was the better competitor.”

Valero pauses. His blue eyes travel toward the floor for a second before returning to the camera with a fire inside them. He clenches his jaw as the nerves start to build.

Ricky Valero
“Skull Kid 2, you’re next in line. I would say it’s your misfortune, but I saw what you did to Will Neilson in your first round matchup. I know I’m in for some shit. I know what I’m entering out in that ring will be our equivalent of a warzone. As goofy as you and your brother can be, as much as we all love to laugh, between those ropes, you two are no joke. But Mallory Bennett has a dentist’s bill the size of California that says I’m not somebody you want to fuck with inside that ring under these conditions either. I still have work to do. I still have some things to prove to the people who don’t believe I have any business in this tournament and, I’m sorry Skull Kid, that’s all just going to have to come at your expense. So let’s get to it. Let’s tear each other to shreds. Let’s do whatever it takes to incapacitate the other and leave him in a pool of his own blood. And most importantly, let’s give all these idiots in attendance a show they’ll never forget! Leave your mother and your aunties in the back, kid. It’s game time.”

No more words. Still sporting that sly grin, Valero storms out of the picture and we fade to black.


Jett Wilder
He started as a child prodigy…
He took over wrestling…
Phoenix’s future husband…
Now he is ready to take over MMA.

Training Classes for the low price of $300.00 bucks an hour.
Women Train Free.



Holland bit the fuck out of Norcia’s shoulder as Norcia cusses out loud at wondering why in the hell Holland’s bite feels different from a normal bite. When Holland pulls back and smiles a blood stained smile, Norcia can see that Holland is wearing mouthguard with tiny needles on the ends that he had to of sneakily slipped in while in the ring. Holland goes for another bite but catches a swinging elbow in the nose instead that forces him back and makes him rethink having that guard in his mouth any longer when Norcia decks him right in the mouth. Holland quickly delivers a few chops that are targeted at Norcia’s neck to force some space between the two before Holland shifts his weight from foot to foot, bouncing as if trying to pep himself up while one hand slips behind him as he says a few things to Norcia. Norcia retorts back to Holland who looks pissed at Norcia’s response and like lightning, that hand swings from behind him, through the air, and something heavy slams against the side of Norcia’s face. Norcia goes down to his knees and Holland swings that heavy thing again that turns out to be a horseshoe, putting Norcia on the mat and Holland quickly moving to sit on him as he begins taking that steel horseshoe to Norcia’s face repeatedly. The grin on Holland’s face, the weighted weapon going to work, the blood decorating Norcia’s face as Holland feels that Christmas has came early.
He could keep up with the assault, possibly beat Norcia unconscious and then pin him for the win but then he wondered how long would the beating have to take to get to that point. Norcia was pretty resilient, he had shown that in their round one match but Holland also knew that this wasn’t no beauty pageant, that a lot of competitors that had signed up had the wear and tear of a deathmatch wrestler who didn’t mind bleeding while making their opponent gush out blood. Norcia finally throws his arms up to cover his bloody face, causing Holland to halt just a moment and that’s all Norcia needed to quickly reach up to grab the horseshoe from Holland and to crack him in the face with it. It only knocks Holland slightly to the side but not off of Norcia, causing Norcia to swing that horseshoe again to collide with the side of Holland’s face and is finally able to sit up after Holland is knocked off of him. Norcia wipes the blood away from his eyes nonchalantly and disappears from the ring as the audience eagerly looks on to see what Norcia is going to get his hands on. He produces…. a rake, something the audience wasn’t expected but with how pointy those ends were? They felt like he could make it work. Holland is waiting in the ring for Norcia with that horseshoe as he charges Norcia as soon as he’s entered through the ropes and almost goes over the ropes when Norcia moves out of the way.
But Norcia saves Holland from tumbling over the ropes…. so that he can drop him to his feet, whip him around and slam Holland face first onto the mat. Planting a foot on the back of Holland’s right thigh, Norcia takes that rake and slams it into the top of Holland’s shoulder blades and does nothing as Holland’s body slightly bends back from how deep those teeth from the rake go into him. Norcia savagely dragged the rake down Holland’s back, his grin appearing from the loud pained howls that sound out of Holland’s mouth as the bloody rows on his back causes Norcia’s grin to stretch even more. Norcia raises the rake slightly in the air to shake off the blood dripping from the ends as if he’s raking leaves in the Autumn and trying to shake off the leaves stuck on the rake before continuing his work. The nonchalance on his face, unfazed by this action spoke to Norcia’s comfortability in the deathmatch realm as he starts to rake down Holland’s back again, those ends digging and cutting through Holland’s flesh as his howls bring cheers from the crowd. He gets an idea, drops the bloody rake and drops down to the mat to roll out of the ring, quickly returning as fast as he had left as Phoenix points out the gallon he’s holding in his hand is lemon juice and gives a ‘Yikes’ when Norcia uncaps it and pours it all over Holland’s back. The sardonic smile that Norcia shows seems to go well with the bruises decorating his face as he tosses the empty gallon to the side and rolls Holland over for the pin.

Norcia: 1 Holland: 0

Norcia busts out some moves because lord forbid, deathmatch with no wrestling moves produces wah wahs from the uninvited as Norcia gets a good handle on Holland and its suplexes a plenty for the next few minutes. Pulling Holland on his feet, Norcia gets cracked in the temple by Holland’s incoming elbow and Holland quickly takes the lead in this bloody dance as he levels up with a release powerbomb and stomps the hell out of Norcia before disappearing to the outside. He sees the barbed wire wooden bat and grabs the handle to slide back into the ring to begin beating Norcia with it all over his body. Making sure the sharp wire tore into his skin, Holland refused to let up and was proud of the bloody mess he was making as the assault goes on for a while before Holland finally tosses the bat to the side and drops down onto Norcia for the pin.

Norcia: 1 Holland: 1

As soon as Holland rises off Norcia, Norcia begins rolling away until he’s able to make it to the ropes, slide his body out of the ring and fall down to the ground. He takes that time to recover only momentarily, knowing Holland is probably on his way to exiting the ring to head towards him and he refuses to allow Holland to get that second pinfall on him. He notices a bucket and begins crawling towards it just as Holland has rounded the ring and spotted him. With a devilish smile displaying on his face, Holland speed walks towards Norcia to grab the back of his neck and….. Is left spitting and choking like crazy when Norcia throws the flour from the bucket into Holland’s face. Norcia grabs something else before hurrying to the ring as quickly as his injured body would allow him to and then slowly slides into the ring, crawling away from the ropes before slowly getting onto his knees. Holland is angrily sliding into the ring with a powdered face and glaring eyes, ready to attack when Norcia grips something tightly into his hand and rises to spin around. Norcia attacks before Holland can, leaving Holland yelling out in a string of curses at the flying gaff digging deep into his flesh.
That cold hook penetrated Holland’s side as Holland drives his elbow into Norcia’s face before trying to hurry away from him, his movements mimicking the ones of a drunk before he collapses against the ropes with the hook sticking out from his side. Holland wasn’t sure if Norcia was trying to cosplay as Candyman or Ben Willis from ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, all he knew was that he wanted to yank that hook out but knew that wasn’t the best idea. It was lodged in real deep and it was causing him to coil to that side of the pain a bit as he leaned on those ropes. Norcia could have done more. He could have tortured him…. dragged this fight out even more to cause more blood to be spilled but Norcia decided to show Holland mercy….. in the form of God Send Death. Actually lets be honest here, Norcia wanted to finish up this match with the win so that’s what he did after his finisher, his eyes lighting up after the referee’s hand had hit the mat for the third time, signaling the bell to ring.

Norcia: 2 Holland: 1


Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, MICHAELLLL NORRRCIAAAA!”

Norcia lays on Holland for a few seconds longer before he rolls off of him to lay on his back, breathing heavily as he tries to relax his tense, injured body. The sea of cheers in his ears causes him to smile as he closes his eyes for a moment. He knew that his night wasn’t over yet and that he would have to yet again put his body on the line in order to fully make it through round two of the tournament. But for now… he would rest and relax. After all, he did earn it.



SK2 pledges to also win tonight like SK1 did as the look on Ricky’s face shows that he’s not allowing that to happen. SK2 wonders why Aoki and Viduus got to fight outside and he couldn’t. He would have picked a playground as a setting or somewhere fun because it might be cool to slam Ricky on a see saw. Deciding that he too will fight outside of the ring, SK2 suddenly slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Ricky watches in confusion, wondering if SK2 is trying to forfeit the match while SK2 beckons Ricky with an eager hand to follow him. At first, Ricky is like no way. He has no idea what SK2 has planned but he’s not walking into a trap. Then he changes his mind after a few moments of SK2 not returning and rolls out of the ring, grabbing a wooden paddle before heading around the ring and stepping onto the ramp. I mean, he could have gotten a better weapon but the ones he had his eye on were far too heavy and he wasn’t trying to tire himself out before he got to the back. He starts to walk through the curtains when he’s suddenly stumbling back from SK2 emerging from the curtains with a can of Sierra Mist in his hand that he hit Ricky in the head with. Ricky is pissed and since he hadn’t dropped the paddle, he charges towards SK2 to swing it at him as SK2 hurriedly moves out of the way and slams the can of soda to the back of Ricky’s head to the point that the can bursts open.
So long for being able to drink it when he needed to cool down, SK2 thought with disappointment before having to be quick on his feet to evade Ricky and his swinging paddle quickly forced him to focus. He realizes he should have brought some weapons up here since he wanted to fight on the stage and he sprints down the ramp with excitement, his inner Naruto coming out during that run as Ricky angrily jogs down the ramp and after SK2, feeling as if he’s being jerked around. SK2 has no idea what he wants to use on Ricky first and finds himself again distracted by the many weapons in front of him with seeing some new stuff he hadn’t seen two weeks ago. He hears Ricky’s footsteps which lets him know he’s getting closer and closer which causes SK2 to grab the first weapon his eyes lay on again and spins around to swing it towards Ricky’s direction. The guitar bashes right into Ricky’s face and SK2 becomes excited as he swings the broken instrument at Ricky again before wanting to take off out of the ring again… but Ricky grabs a hold of SK2’s wrist to halt him from going anywhere and SK2 gets the bright idea to spin around. He does cause Ricky to let go of SK2’s hand in confusion as he watches SK2 spin around and around and around… until Ricky has had enough and moves in to get a handle on SK2 for a swinging neckbreaker.
With his mind not on the weapons right now, Ricky is showing great athleticism and receives alot of cheers and screams from his fan base especially after the overhead belly-to-belly suplex when he stands to his feet and does a bit of showboating. The Ricky chants come in quick and he eats them up…. speaking of eating up. SK2 is suddenly hungry for a snack as he’s rolled out of the ring and went looking around for something to snack on. He sees a huge bucket, peeks inside and gets excited. He isn’t sure why this is considered a weapon but I guess he can kill two birds with one stone. Ricky makes it out of the ring and SK2 wastes no time throwing the contents of the bucket at Ricky as Ricky yelps out in shock before letting out a scream at the hot melted cheese burning him. SK2 ignores Ricky’s screams as he looks around and walks over to the commentator table. He asks Phoenix if he can have some of her nacho chips, she nods and he happily grabs a couple of chips before heading back over to Ricky who is furiously trying to get the cheese off of his face and chest. SK2 scoops a big gob of cheese off of Ricky’s shoulder wuth the chips, lifts his mask slightly and shoves the covered chips into his mouth to chew. He mmmms rather loudly, pleased with his snack before deciding to be helpful towards Ricky.
He grabs one of the bottles of water he sees next to a cooler, not bothering to read what the label on the bottle says and throws the water in Ricky’s face to help clean him off. Only…. Ricky starts screaming again and it confuses SK2 until he reads that the water has been mixed with toothpaste and that’s when he understands the eye irritation. He slides into the ring since he realizes that he’s doing more harm than help to his opponent… until he remembers that’s the point of this tournament. He starts to slide back out of the ring but Ricky has already slide back in and glares at him with one wide eye, the other one closed since it was irritating him badly. He lunges at SK2 like a madman as SK2 does well to evade, giving chase and is chased by the angry Ricky who is able to catch up to SK2 after they’ve lapped around the inside of the ring once and clotheslines him hard from the back. He stalks off to remove a turnbuckle cover, tossing it out of the ring and hurries back to SK2. He helps SK2 to his feet just so he can irish whip him over to that turnbuckle and starts to yank off SK2’s mask but decides against it, feeling that he can just get blood all over the inside of his mask as he slams SK2’s forehead into the naked post over and over again. He then spins the dizzy opponent around to face him, wraps SK2’s arm around his neck, leans down to hook that leg and goes for a fisherman suplex.
Fuck a weapon, Ricky puts those fists and feet to work as he works SK2 over with an assortment of punches and kicks. SK2 gets in the brawling mood and starts fighting back but Ricky begins relying on his speed a bit so he could evade SK2’s swings as much as he could, wanting to get the better of the situation by hitting SK2 the most while avoiding getting hit alot. He ends up kicking SK2 in the gut so he can slam his knee into the side of SK2’s head to force him to sink to the mat to his knees. Good position as Ricky immediately backs up and rushes forward with a shining wizard, his mind not even on entertaining his fan’s chants as he’s ready to make this round his. The Skull Kids’ fans begin trying to drown out Ricky’s fans with a loud, ongoing Skull Kids chant as Ricky ignores everyone at this point and begins to pull SK2 to his feet, going to stand to the back of him. The Skull Kids’ fans go from cheering on SK2 to chanting, ‘OH NO NO NO’ once they realize what’s about to come next as The Franchise Tag takes place and Ricky covers SK2 next. The referee is on the mat and to begin the count.



Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, RIIIIICKY VALERRROOOO!”

The referee is holding Ricky’s arm up as the victor and seconds later, Ricky is snatching his arm away from the referee and shooing him away from the flashing cameras that he knows wants only him in the pictures. He looks down at SK2 who is conscious but breathing heavily on the mat as he blows him a kiss and exits the ring, ready for a shower to wash that cheese off of him.




‘Ain’t found a way to kill me yet…’

The opening lyrics to Alice in Chain’s ‘Rooster’ passed through Michael Norcia’s lips as he leaned against the cold cinder block of a wall, backstage in the Staples Center. The words carried a certain rasp, a sense of exhaustion that can only come from wrestling a match. And yet, he hadn’t just wrestled any match. Two out of three falls had taken a toll upon the Neck Breaking Beast. A slowly healing scar that had been seen earlier in the night had been torn asunder, sending blood cascading down his face and staining it with a sickly combination of moist red and clotted, dried black. Beneath it all, swelling had started to deform the majority of his forehead and cheek, leaving one eye just barely visible compared to the other that stared blankly at the camera. Despite the grotesque nature of his face though, those sing-song words were colored with the slightest bit of mirth, a good humor that belied the clear and present Hell that he had been through. As the faintest chuckle carried beneath his breath, that crimson mess of a mask was split by a small grin-the stark white of his teeth a jarring juxtaposition in spite of everything else.

Michael Norcia
“And Lord knows, they’ve been trying. Since the day I stepped into this damn world back in 1998, they’ve been trying. Stabbed, sliced, burnt to a crisp-there isn’t a thing under the sun that hasn’t been used against me in the hopes of putting me down. There’s nothing new, nothing shocking…Nothing I haven’t seen before, dealt with before, fucking put down before. Just like the words dripping out of Erik Holland’s mouth, I’ve heard it all before.”

As he spoke, fingers idly went up to that swollen portion of cheek to scrape away a portion of caked on blood-his gaze shifting briefly to observe the mess staining his fingertips before he carelessly wiped it off on the floor below.

Michael Norcia
“…And that’s what I could say about you, Matt, and not a single person would blame me. After all, you’re an outright fucking stereotype of what comes to mind when someone says ‘Deathmatch’. Some dirty, grimy looking fuck who sounds like he’s had more concussions than paychecks. You’re garbage wrestling personified, the poster child of everything that the old fucking men who hold this sport in higher regard than their own families point to in disgust when they say we’ve lost our way. You’re a walking cliche. You’re the punchline to every fucking joke ever made about our ilk. You are Deathmatch wrestling.”

With what was being said, you’d expect a certain edge of disdain to bleed through into his words. Instead? There’s a clear and present respect glimmering in that lone, unsullied eye as he stares at the camera. Perhaps even a bit of pride in that grin.

Michael Norcia
“And yet for everything that I could look at you and hate? I can look past all of that and see the passion. The desire. The love for this violent little game of ours, no matter how it fucking ruins us all in the end. I can respect you…because for every difference we have? We’re willing to bleed ourselves dry for the love of this shit, even if it’ll never love us as much we love it.”

That grin grows a bit wider for a few moments before a faint wince from over-exertion has his expression falling. Grunting in irritation, he shakes his head briefly while his hands search for something off camera.

Michael Norcia
“…I’m not here to suck your dick though. Because you’ve made it clear that you’re thinking that this is an easy night at the office for you. What was it you said? That you’re here to put a stake through me? Cute. A meat hook would do better though; ask Erik Holland.”

A brief pause, his hands finding what he had been searching for.

Michael Norcia
“…Facts are though that everything is in your favor. You’re fresher, quicker, younger-you don’t have even a fraction of the mileage on your body that I do. You’ve got every right to write me off. But you’re in an inevitable position. You’ve got to do the one thing no one else has been able to do; you’ve got to put me down.”

A soft snap is heard as he speaks, but he doesn’t pay it much mind. He merely continues as he tosses something to the side.

Michael Norcia
“And let me tell you? As soon as you try to conceptualize that-everything gets tougher. Because then you’ve got to realize how much bigger than you I am. How much stronger than you I am. How many more years of experience when it comes to savagery that I’ve got on you. And most importantly? The last time I was in this exact fucking position? I won a Goddamn world title.”

Exhaling slowly through his nostrils, a moment is taken to simply breathe before he’s bringing that small object he had been toying with into view-the broken sliver of a razor blade. Turning it just so in his fingers, he considers it for a moment before continuing to speak.

Michael Norcia
“…You can talk about Deathrow, but tonight? We’re going to see if it’s just some stupid fucking moniker you slapped on yourself because you thought it sounded good or if it’s the real God damned thing. Because this isn’t just another match, Matt. This is a fucking education…and you’re going to learn from my experience the only way a man like you can.”

With that statement, another inhale is taken before that razor blade is being taken to the swollen flesh that threatens to block the vision in one eye; a sudden gout of blood bursting through the small incision. The jolt of pain has him gritting his teeth, but it’s quickly ignored compared to the bevy of other injuries that cover the rest of his battered frame.

Michael Norcia
“…With your blood.”

The scene cuts as he tosses the bloodied sliver of metal to the side, the tinny echo of steel bouncing off of concrete the last sound heard in the fade to black.

Glitz and glamour.
Bright lights.
The soft touch of a makeup brush.
SHIDO eyed his reflection as the makeup crew worked their magic. Then again, it wasn’t much for them to do. The Edge of Reality, the former undefeated World Champion, SHIDO always tends to his skin care. One couldn’t proclaim themselves to be something otherworldly if you looked like, well, if you looked like a green-haired swamp thing. SHIDO snickers as the female wielding the brush tickles his nose.

“I think I’m almost done.“

An affirmative nod from the artist, who began to reply. SHIDO shoots his hand up at her.

“No, no, none of that. No replies needed.“

The makeup artist looks taken back by his words but she swallows her original statement and continues her work.

“Brytain, Brytain, Brytain, as you see, I’m someone who dedicates my time to looking good. When the camera flashes on me, I like to make sure that they get my good side.“

He pauses.

“Then again, I don’t think I have a bad side. Well, maybe one. I do have one small bad side but it’s bad for you. But I won’t go on about that. Let’s just say that I’m a half-step away from being a serial killer, I guess.“

Despite him laughing, the makeup artist seems unsure if she should remain in SHIDO’s presence.

“You made a point to constantly bring up the deathmatch element. I guess you don’t think I’m ready for it because you have experience in it. Alongside that, you think that I’m not impressed by the track record you made for yourself.“

SHIDO stops the artist from continuing, checking his features.

“You don’t think I take you seriously.“

He chuckles and beckons for one more touch on his jawline.

“I think you’re misconceiving what I said.“

The makeup artist nervously adheres to his command. SHIDO doesn’t respond, so she calms down.

“Am I impressed by who Brytain Rollins is? No, I’m not. I don’t get starstruck nor do I look at anyone as my superior. But that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize what you have done or what you’re capable of.“

Shrugging, SHIDO checks his nails. He mumbles to himself about if he should have had them sharpened.

“I will never disregard anything that anyone has accomplished. But I will not sit here and praise you for competing in a match type that requires some sadistic thoughts and a lot of fortitude. Having experience in death matches doesn’t make you anymore ready than getting hit by a brick or something crazy like that. That’s why I’m not worried at all.“

Taking matters into his hands, SHIDO takes a small dab of foundation and applies to a small scar from an earlier battle.

“That’s why I’m so confident in myself. You can be a hall of fame member that outlasted the whole last generation of wrestlers. That doesn’t make you any better than me. If anything, it inspires me to hurt you until you have to retire, so you can join all your co-workers in retirement.“

The Edge of Reality chuckles.

“Don’t brag about things that don’t matter. Because you’re only a stiff punch or a chair shot away from being down for the three count.“

Alleviating the makeup artist of her duties, SHIDO gives himself a final check over before smiling.

“So don’t take the beating too seriously, okay?“
Brytain Rollins stood in front of the camera, pacing slightly. From her diminutive frame to her cotton candy pink hair… she’s not what you expect when you hear death match wrestler. She pulls on a pair of leather, fingerless gloves as she glances over at the camera.
Brytain Rollins
She said with a roll of her eyes.


Brytain Rollins
“It took me how long to figure out that if I’m gonna wrap my hands in barbed wire when I punch people that I should probably wear gloves. Let’s not talk about it.”

She turns and perches on a metal packing case, cross legged.

Brytain Rollins
“Blah blah death match blah. Honestly half of y’all bore me to tears and the other half makes me wonder if someone shook you as babies”

She flashes a smile that makes it hard to tell if she’s being serious or not.

Brytain Rollins
“I don’t bother a lot with twitter anymore because every time I log in someone is talking about training for a death match or how good of a wrestler they are like that’s going to help them in a deathmatch. I sometimes wonder if some of you have even been in a deathmatch before. They’re lawless. There’s no honor in a deathmatch… wow. That sounded kinda Game of Thrones-y. Better watch out or I’ll fuck around and wake up an edgelord.”

Brytain laughed.


Brytain Rollins
“My opponent compared me to a cockroach like I was going to cry into my money about it. Like I was gonna go curl up with the straps I’ve won and sob. Shit, I’ll take that comparison. It’s not the worst thing I’ve been called by far… and it’s not a totally inaccurate comparison. I’ve outlasted almost all of the people that I came up with. The big names when I was coming up, when I was making my name, they’re all gone. Retired or dead or just not on anybody’s mind anymore which is basically the same thing.”

Brytain shrugged.


Brytain Rollins
“Still here. Not just here: thriving. I’ve been lucky, I’ve had opportunities that the Brytain living in her car in the parking lot of a different Walmart every night a decade ago couldn’t have imagined. I fought deathmatches exclusively back then because there was just a little bit more money in it. The difference between having to choose between gas money and food. I’m 27 and I own my own business. I have a daughter that means more to me than anything I’ve ever done in wrestling which wasn’t something I ever thought I would say once. I’ve won top titles and everything in between. But if you’d asked me a decade ago if I’d keep doing deathmatches when I got to where I am now I probably would have told you fuck no.”
Brytain Rollins
“But here I am”

She laughed.


Brytain Rollins
“Because there’s something about these things that gets under your skin I guess. You can be the best fucking wrestler in the world but it doesn’t matter for shit in a deathmatch. You have to think in a whole different way, not just about where you can hit this wrestling move or that one but you’ve got to think about those spots while also not getting hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Kind of changes the scenery a little. You have to be thinking fast and moving faster. He’ll learn, we all did eventually.”

She shrugged and hopped down.

Brytain Rollins
“May the odds forever be in my favor, I guess.”
Responsible for injuring both of his last opponent’s hands in round one of his match, SHIDO wonders what he could do to Brytain while Brytain thinks about how she dropped Ruby in that dumpster fire. SHIDO is impressed that he’s going to actually get something more out of this opponent while Brytain knows she won’t have to dodge poison arrows in this match. The bell rings and both opponents don’t sprint for the ropes to exit the ring or lung for the other to result in a tie up…. they just stand there. Analyzing the other, wondering why do they have to rush when the weapons are all around the ring and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Was this an intimidation tactic or pure amusement of the other? Maybe even wonder or trying to figure the other out to adopt a good strategy to defeat the opponent’s strategy. After a while, SHIDO yawns mockingly before pulling out a white leather glove and smacking it across Brytain’s face. Brytain is stunned by the move but dares SHIDO to do it again… in which of course SHIDO obliges and smacks the other side of Brytain’s face before being taken down by a hard clothesline from the rushing Brytain. She then steps on his white glove and is able to get a kick at his body while he’s rising to his feet and brushing himself off but not because he felt the mat was dirty but Brytain looked unwashed in his cocky eyes. Brytain is tired of SHIDO already and wants to see how many different ways can she mess up his pretty face. She doesn’t even scan the environment, having had done a great job of that on her way to the ring as she and SHIDO begin to trade blows, increasing the speed before SHIDO knees her in the gut and drives his knee into her face while watching her body go down to the mat with a smile. He exits the ring, wanting to turn up the heat in the match but also making sure no dumpsters were on fire because he wasn’t on that shit at all after seeing Ruby’s fate two weeks ago while dusting himself off once more. SHIDO looks through the different weapons as if searching for the best color for the wallpaper in the kitchen when he happens to glance over his shoulder to look back to the ring, noticing only the referee is inside. Giving a few glances around for any sign of Brytain close by, perhaps to attack him, he returns to his weapon searching when he doesn’t see her anywhere near him. Brytain has already chosen something as she smiles at the pliers in her hand and thinks of the many ways she can use it on SHIDO. She then sees a small bottle of onion juice and pockets it before turning to slide back into the ring.
With her mind made up and pleasure written all over her face Brytain stands in the ring waiting for SHIDO to return from his search. Seeing the pliers in her hand he finally relents in getting something which is better than anything. Grabbing the metal pole near his feet he starts for the ring and Brytain rushes forward smiling cornering him. SHIDO nods at that and quickly moves toward another side of the ring and slides in. He gets in quick to his credit but Brytain catches up quick and before he can get to his feet. Stomps him out a bit to slow him down and kicks the metal pole from his hand. She grabs that with her free hand and goes to work on a face down SHIDO still trying to recover. His neck, his back, his spine, and his naps. Brytain goes wild swinging hitting from the head down. Finally after a few more well placed shots she drops the pole and looks to the pliers. SHIDO tries to steadily get onto his feet, swaying a bit from the pole assault, before lunging at Brytain who throws the onion juice in his eyes. SHIDO begins screaming out in pain at the juice burning his eyes, feeling as if something else had gotten added into the juice before he ends up on his back from Brytain dropkicking him in the chest. With SHIDO on the mat, Brytain faces his left arm while slamming her knees into his chest before settling there so that his right arm cant get to the left. Why would SHIDO want his left arm to try to get to his right arm? Well, because you see…. Brytain gets a firm grip on SHIDO’s wrist as she pulls his hand closer to her before steadying it. Taking that plier, she grips it down on the tip of SHIDO’s middle fingernail and begins PULLING it upwards with a strong yank. With determination, she continues doing so until a huge chunk of fingernail finally comes off as SHIDO’s yells fill the air. He is waving his hand while also using his arm behind Brytain to try to hit her but being temporarily blind is no fun at all. Brytain finally gets a hold of his wrist, ready for another chunk of fingernail to pull off.


The crowd winces and holds their own hands grateful they are not experiencing the pain themselves as SHIDO’s piercing scream is more than enough. There goes against piece of fingernail, the index this time. Blood starting at SHIDO’s nail bed while Brytain looks at the piece of SHIDO in the plier with a smirk. He’s attempting harder now to shift his weight and make it harder for her Brytain stalls all that action with a direct punch of the piler to the face. It slows SHIDO down and gives her enough time to examine that pinky. And the screaming continues as the raggedy pinky nail piece sits in the power of the plier. People are straight up turning around from their seats now this out of so many other things of the night hitting them different. Brytain looks down at SHIDO’s straining and pain enjoying the moment more than any normal compassionate human being should. The moment pleasure moment doesn’t last too long because it’s right back to work on the same hand…and apparently, the thumb is the worst because the scream out of SHIDO is definitely the highest-pitched one yet. Brytain holds the nail up and it makes more sense, she got all of that one. The whole thumbnail for the crowd to ‘EWWW’ and ‘OHHH’ at. SHIDO is going crazy with trying to take control of his captive hand while Brytain is having way too much fun with this. Just one more perfect fingernail left intact… just one. The ring finger that’s wiggling like it knows it’s next as Brytain ignores SHIDO yelling, ‘NO’ over and over again as if that one word would halt Brytain from this torture. Brytain’s pliers squeeze down on that final fingernail as she wonders if she can get a full one this time and the audience can’t take their eyes off this ordeal. SHIDO screams, Brytain smiles and she is proud that she’s gotten yet another full fingernail. She then releases SHIDO’s wrist and stands to her feet to exit the ring while SHIDO rolls around on the mat, gripping his bloody hand and ready to kill Brytain. Brytain returns as she stomps down on SHIDO’s chest and pins down the wrist to his bloody, injured hand with her boot. She then uncaps a round bottle that looks like it may be a perfume bottle… but after she dumps the purple liquid onto SHIDO’s hand and he begins screaming as if something is going on with his hand besides heavy irritation? Turns out it was acid instead. In a perfume bottle though…. how cruel is that? SHIDO feels as if he’s having a bad night and Brytain moves as if she’s getting started as she begins kicking him in his ribs, his chest, just anywhere on his body as SHIDO is more preoccupied with wanting to look at his hand that’s in intense pain.


SHIDO tries to roll away from Brytain but she follows along, kicking him along the way before yanking him to his feet and being driven back from him angrily poking her in the eyes with two of his fingers from his good hand. SHIDO uses that opportunity to exit the ring and trying his best to ignore how much pain his hand is in before he goes for one of the bottles of water, working fast to try to unscrew the cap with his uninjured hand as he pours the cold water over his hand, feeling a bit of relief from it and then looks for his white gloves that he took off upon first arriving to the ring. He only retrieves one glove and slips that onto his injured hand before going on the hunt to find something to punish Brytain with. Brytain has creeped up behind SHIDO and quickly thrusts a loud speaker to his ear and screams into it as loud as she can. SHIDO begins swings on Brytain in anger while also holding his ear and shaking his head several times. When Brytain tries to swing on SHIDO with a smile, SHIDO knees her as hard as she can in her gut and treats her to a right fist to the face that sends her spinning around to give him her back and him grabbing the back of her head. He then rushes towards the steel pole with his hand guiding Brytain’s face dead into the pole while SHIDO walks away after Brytain’s body has hit the ground. A few things catch his eye and he grabs them with his good hand, carrying the items towards the ring as he pushes them under the ropes before he begins to slide into the ring, crawling the rest of the way until he gets to his feet. Still no sign of Brytain but he can tell she’s starting to finally get onto her feet as he collapses dramatically in the center of the ring on his front side, laying still. Was he playing dead? Brytain enters the ring as she wipes her bloody nose, courtesy of the steel pole, and sees the motionless SHIDO. She notices the items far away from him and sees they aren’t within grabbing reach of him so maybe he really did pass out. She grins and heads over to SHIDO, leaning down so that she can roll his body onto his back to go for the pin when suddenly SHIDO springs up into a sitting position as soon as Brytain has rolled him onto his back. He wraps a chain around Brytain’s neck and begins trying to choke her out as Brytain’s hands go for the chain and try to pull it away from her skin. SHIDO is slowly rising even more until he’s on his knees, getting to his feet and pulling the chain from around Brytain’s neck… only to get behind her and wrap the chain around her neck again. He liked this position better… that way she couldn’t try to hit him in the face when he had been right in front of her.
He applies pressure with his good hand…. Which is definitely his strong hand right now as he takes out all of his frustration with choking Brytain, that chain digging into her skin so deeply to leave a tell tale mark that it had been there long after the match was over with. The chain broke skin? Good. SHIDO applies a little more pressure until he finally pulls the chain from around Brytain’s neck and walks over to one of the items he had gathered in his quest to retaliate against Brytain. A bottle of rubbing alcohol is picked up, uncapped and walked over to Brytain who is on her knees tending to her neck. SHIDO drives his foot into Brytain’s back to force her to bend down and then pours that alcohol on the back of Brytain’s neck with a smile as Brytain smartly gets out of the way, refusing to allow the shock of pain around her neck intensifying to freeze her into place. She breathes heavily with trying to ignore the pain and focus on getting even with SHIDO as she stands to her feet, turns around and is struck in the face with a hockey stick. He then realizes hitting her repeatedly with a hockey stick is no fun so he slinks off with his mind ticking with ideas, his eyes on the search outside of the ring. He returns to the ring empty handed but eager to help Brytain up onto her feet. He tells her there’s a bomb in the ring and she starts for the ropes immediately, stepping out onto the apron… before something makes her think for a moment. Why should she believe him? Instead of jumping down from the apron or looking down below, she turns around with thoughts of ducking back beneath the ropes to re-enter the ring. But SHIDO is already rushing forward and shoving her with his good hand off of the apron as Brytain falls and ends up going through a glass table that SHIDO had pushed to that spot. Is SHIDO done though? Of course not as he slides out of the ring and pulls one of Brytain’s legs with his good hand to pull her away from the broken glass display. He then grabs her arm and pulls really hard to get her onto her feet and has to use his other arm, minus that injured hand, to assist him with getting her to the ring and rolling her inside. He makes sure she’s laying on her back as she’s barely conscious while he goes to grab….. a needle and a spool of pink thread??? He sits by the top of Brytain’s head so he can begin to pull her head back to rest on his lap as he threads the needle without any issues to start his process. SHIDO pulls the needle through the delicate skin of Brytain, ignoring the trickle of blood after each fresh puncture as he sews her lips together as if this was his calling. His career. As if he had done this before. His knees add more weight onto her pinned down arms as her muffled noises causes him to smile. Shouldn’t had been so loud on that loudspeaker…. Shouldn’t had pushed him to the point of deciding to do something about it. Both of them are bloody but he’s the only one standing as he pulls her to her feet, his heavy breathing giving way to the slight fatigue he is under due to his own injuries but that doesn’t stop him as he wills himself to go for Outer Heaven, using a lot of the energy he had left for it. He lays on his back for a moment before rolling over to crawl over Brytain for the pin.


Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, SHIIIIIIDO!”

He waves his hand in the air to signal for his music to cease as he shoos the referee away before he snaps his fingers. A few seconds later, 2 meat hooks attached to wires drop down from above that has the audience looking up, wondering where the hell they came from. SHIDO grunts as he pulls Brytain’s unconscious body up to lift into the air high enough for those meat hooks to pierce into her flesh as he hoists her body onto them, stepping back to admire his handiwork. Brytain’s body hangs from the meat hooks as SHIDO gives a bow to his handiwork before rolling out the ring and heading to the back with a limp and a huge grin on his bloody, tired face.

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Barbed wire ropes surrounds the two men in the ring as the injured Norcia has his game face on and acts like his wounds are nothing more than minor cuts as his mind is on destroying Deathrow and boasting two wins tonight. The delight that dances in Deathrow’s eyes that it’s finally his turn tonight. Having had to wait all night to see which victim of his would be produced from the Norcia vs Holland bloody bout, knowing that while they might feel like a winner, they would be his prey tonight. Norcia didn’t fear Deathrow, not at all thinking his wounds from his prior match would be his downfall tonight. He lived for this. He could endure it. He was ready for whatever Deathrow felt that he would dish out to him and he promised to return the favor in full. And it comes fast with Deathrow keeping to his creed and representing well starting the match off with those ropes by drop kicking Norcia into them. Seems simple but there’s more, Deathrow takes quick flight sliding under the ropes and gathering what was on his mind long before the match started, a snowboard with large shards of glass, thumbtacks, and random sharp point blades. Norcia tries to work himself free of the barbwire mess but ends up taking some with him. Holding the safe edge Deathrow swings and the snowboard bladed edge digs into his already injured shoulder. Norcia feels that one immediately reaching right for his shoulder and bending forward. Deathrow sizes up moving back and boots Norcia dead (pun intended) in the face spilling the big man to the mat.
The crowd reacts as Norcia lands on the snowboard digging side of his body making the glass and blades dig deeper and deeper with the thumbtacks there just for kicks. Deathrow taking full advantage being the fresher wrestler. He’s only begun and he starts dragging Norcia further into the ring before hitting the ropes again heading out the ring. He looks under the apron and smiles to himself opening a styrofoam lid and looking inside. No one knows was it can be until he pulls out the entire styrofoam cooler and carefully pulls it from under the ring. He opens it once again and there’s gas emitting into the air. Deathrow picks it up and pushes it into the ring seeing Norcia is moving but not enough to defend him from what’s next. That is until Deathrow slides into the ring and Norcia starts to work ways toward his feet. Deathrow quickly grabs the cooler to pour all of its contents on Norcia, not today. Norcia grips the other side of the cooler keeping Deathrow from spilling. The push of war begins even with Norcia not exactly knowing what’s in the cooler. Before anyone can respond with a kick or anything the two strong men pushing in closer together causes the cooler to collapse and liquid nitrogen falls over both of them like a beautiful waterfall. The hair, face, and body covered in one of the coldest substances. The initial shock doesn’t hit them, its the prolonged after having this kind of liquid on the skin. More use it for good and this does not fall into that category.


Deathrow didn’t come out clean either as he rubs at his eyes screaming out and searching for clear vision. Meanwhile Norcia is feeling most of the substance in his open wounds and lays on his back seeing the snowboard still embedded in his shoulder. He pulls it out and gives a slight grimace. Some in the crowd dry heave due to the visual of his now demolished shoulder with liquid nitrogen covering most of his shoulder and head. Both wrestlers struggle on the ground in their own way digging deep to find a way to continue. Norcia pushes the bloody snowboard away from him looking at Deathrow coming about as well. Norcia grins at Deathrow while he returns the sentiment. They both look demented as shit by the way.


This time around though Norcia gets the better of Deathrow who is still trying to get full clearance of his vision. A fight he may end up losing when its all said and done because Norcia takes that same death snowboard and breaks it right on Deathrow’s noggin. The already damaged board splits and leaves a good amount of glass and tacts along Deathrow’s forehead. Fuck your vision basically as Deathrow howls walking away from Norcia. The blood pours easily masking Deathrow’s face while Norcia goes to follow up. Desperation becomes Deathrow as he headbutts Norcia basically digging the shards more into his own head while cutting up Norcia’s and it stalls the Hand of God. Another headbutt. And ANOTHER headbutt. The stall becomes a good pause for the worn-down Norica. Deathrow wipes his eyes the blood actually helping to provide some clarity but not by much. Deathrow rolls out of the ring taking the moment to regroup and Norcia comes to and starts after him. Deathrow back up a bit looking around and calculates while taking shards and tacts out of his forehead and throwing them at Norcia. This humors the elder man but then pisses him off considering they are here to fight so he bullrushes forward looking for that fight, which is what Deathrow wants. The fresher wrestler is quicker to the punch and Norcia runs right into a Drop Toe Hold into a fire hydrant…how the fuck is a fire hydrant at ringside? Why? Norcia’s head and body loses the match against the metal but the dented hydrant shows the battle was real with how much momentum the big man had.


Deathrow looks around seeing the end in sight and what better way to do it than with something wild. The chill comes off both bodies from the liquid nitrogen that fell upon both. His eye still a bother but adrenaline is a mfer. Still struggling to breathe he looks under the ring apron and his eyes light up. He pulls out three car batteries. Picking one up he places it on the apron, gets on the apron and stands with it over his head. The aim is obvious and the crowd yells ‘no, no, no’ and ‘yes, yes, yes’ all at the same time. Deathrow jumps and with all his might slams the car battery into the chest of an already out Norcia. Deathrow looks down at the damage and then looks back at the other two car batteries lying in wait.


‘No, No, No’
‘Yes, Yes, Yes’
Deathrow walks over and points at the next car battery. Should he? He already had his mind made up it was just him playing to the crowd. This time he pushes the battery into the ring slides in and picks up the battery while climbing to the top rope. Again, he measures making sure he doesn’t miss and Deathrow flies off the top rope with the battery at his side. OHHH SHIT!! What do you call this? A battery…elbow drop. Deathrow one again drops the battery full strength on Norcia’s chest with his elbow on the side keeping it secured. Deathrow demolishes his own elbow in the midst of killing Norcia’s chest. Please let this be the end. Deathrow clings to his elbow in pain, he definitely felt that. Norcia moved but it was only due to the impact. Finally, after Deathrow gets over that initial impact and thankfully goes for the pin over the chest of Norcia.


Santana Mentez
“And hereeeee is your winner, MAAAATT DEATHROW KIIIIING!”

DEATHROW WINS! DEATHROW WINS! The audience erupts into loud ass yells because of course, watching people try to kill each other in violent ways is just great, right? The camera cuts to Phoenix and Laughlin for only a split second as Phoenix is about to say something before they are looking behind them at the group of fans directly behind starting up a chant and clap for Norcia. It’s contagious as the people around them begin to also follow suit with clapping for Norcia while also chanting his name as loud as they could. Was he even conscious? Could he hear what was going on right now? The audience seems to respect the fact that Norcia fought two brutal matches tonight and- wait, whats this??? Some pissed off fan wearing a MDK shirt begins shoving the guy next to him that’s chanting Norcia’s name and cussing him out that he’s ruining the moment and it turns out it’s the crazed Riverdale fan from the round one show as he shoves the MDK fan back.


Crazed Riverdale Fan
“Your dude isn’t even a real king! He isn’t the Gargoyle King and if he likes deathrow so bad then he can go to prison!“
The MDK fan shoves the Riverdale fan before decking him straight in the eye as a brawl breaks out between the two with other people following along because why the hell not get into it with someone after getting pumped from watching deathmatches all night?? The cameras cut to the ring where Deathrow is telling his fan he better fuck that pussy up while the audience members that aren’t brawling are cheering the hell out of Deathrow who can’t even stand up straight but shit, least he has a smile on his face. The cameras cut to Phoenix who is busy shaking her head as she and Laughlin watch the security guards break up the huge ongoing brawl in the stands before she signals the camera to just cut with a roll of her eyes.