Over a black screen, “Bad Company” begins to playing lightly in the background, growing louder and louder as each second passes. Various clips are shown from previous Bad Company events throughout the years. At a minute in, the pace of the song picks up and the guitars begin to sound, bringing the scene to life with an explosion of fireworks. Looking out over the Philadelphia crowd, the camera takes in the scenery of the Wells Fargo Center, home of tonight’s event! While scanning over the entire crowd, the camera zooms in for a closer view of some signs held throughout the body of people.

At a slow pace, the camera begins heading down the entrance ramp and straight for the ring. Upon arrival to ringside, more fireworks and pyro light up the area as explode from the ring posts. Making its way to each of the four corners, the camera outlines the perimeter of the ring, all while looking over the crowd and taking in the scenery at each side. Stopping at the announcers booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa comes into view, both dressed for the occasion with smiles on their faces ready for their queue.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we’re back in business and coming to you live tonight for Bad Company right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and this young man beside me is the one and only, Vinny Vassa!”

VASSA: ”We’re back, baby! It’s been months since you’ve all seen us in live action but wait no more! We’ve traveled all the way here to the Wells Fargo Center for the fifth annual Bad Company!”

JOHNSON: ”The last you saw us was at South Beach Brawl where Bryan Laughlin retained the 4CW Championship, becoming the first person in history to defend the championship throughout the entirety of the South Beach Brawl Cup.”

VASSA: ”We also saw Elijah Carlson successfully defend the North American Championship against Eden Connors who came up short unfortunately. I just hope after all this time from being away that Eli isn’t the same nasty S.O.B. that he built himself up to be before the break.”

JOHNSON: ”Also at South Beach Brawl, Reedvolution challenged for the Tag Team Championships, falling just short as the American Mangs retained. Fast forward four months later and here we are, Bad Company just moments away from night one and both of those teams lined up on opposite sides of the bracket.”

VASSA: ”We have quite a few teams in the mix this year, coming in from all over to represent their promotion and compete for the chance to win not only the 4CW Tag Team Championships, but also one million dollars!”

JOHNSON: ”While we may have had teams rolling in to enlist, we’ve also witnessed recently the departure of a few individuals caught in their feelings over the registration of one team, one team member in particular to be precise.”

VASSA: ”Has there ever been a time where we didn’t see Bryan Williams get in his feels over a girl and pull this same exact stunt? Hello Twenty-Sixteen, I didn’t notice you over there.”

JOHNSON: ”It wouldn’t be a proper 4CW return without a little controversy, yeah?”

VASSA: ”Speaking of returns! I’m pretty sure all the folks sitting at home are wondering what we’ve been doing for the last four months since Perry Wallace and Showtime went head to head.”

JOHNSON: ”As you all may remember, the tension was rising between Showtime and Perry over the content of 4CW programming. Needless to say, Perry didn’t give and Adrenaline went off the air, just moments before going live for Adrenaline one hundred and two.”

VASSA: ”There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that’s above our paygrade here at the booth, but I believe Perry will be addressing the Showtime – 4CW beef either tonight or tomorrow, as well as what I believe is a resolution.”

JOHNSON: ”That is correct. Perry Wallace will be making an appearance at ringside one of these two nights to address the current state of 4CW and what’s to come following Bad Company’s two night event.”

VASSA: ”I’ve also been told that after months of negotiating or arguing, whatever you want to call it, Showtime has finally released the footage from Adrenaline one hundred and two – the unaired episode!”

JOHNSON: ”It appears that the 4CW holdout is coming to an end and 4CW will be back to normal routine in no time following Bad Company. But under what network if not Showtime?”

VASSA: ”That’s a very good question and after the troubles leading to the holdout, I would bet my entire salary that Perry makes sure to protect himself and 4CW from this type of dilemma happening ever again.”

JOHNSON: ”Now enough with all that. We’ll leave the details to Perry for whenever he decides to make his appearance in the ring. Tonight is all about round one of Bad Company, eight matches to decide which eight teams will advance to night two tomorrow.”

VASSA: ”That’s right, we have round one taking place tonight with eight matches. Tomorrow, we have round two, round three, and the finals taking place in the same night with seven matches. By the time this is all said and done? There will only be one team left standing with the gold and a lot of cash!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s cash without the ‘e’ before anyone else is ran off as this thing officially kicks off momentarily.”

VASSA: ”Let’s run down the left side of this bracket, shall we?”

JOHNSON: ”We have Reedvolution, representing 4CW, taking on the team of The Hungry, representing SCUM.”

VASSA: ”Next up we have 2HighKru, representing Union Battleground, facing off against Daydream Nation.”

JOHNSON: ”Then we have Kaven Drell and Toby Wagner, representing Union Battleground, climbing into the ring with Sky Force, a team representing Sakura Shoujo Stampede.”

VASSA: ”Excuse me?”

JOHNSON: ”Sakura Shouja Stampede.”

VASSA: ”…”

JOHNSON: ”Representing High Octane Wrestling, we have The Benchwarmers taking on Dark Side of the Moon, representing a mixture of 4CW and also Southside Wrestling.”

VASSA: ”Not to be confused with that little crybaby at-live-from-the-moon on twitter-dot-com!”

JOHNSON: ”That is the left side of the bracket, eight team and four matches. It’s a long road ahead for those eight teams, especially the one that makes it all the way to the finals tomorrow night.”

VASSA: ”In the right side of the bracket, we have the 4CW Tag Team Championships! “

JOHNSON: ”We’ll get to those in just a moment! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Starting from the top, we have Hammer and Saw taking on the team of Ebony and Ivory, representing Valor Prom Wrestling.”

VASSA: ”Our second match of the right side bracket we will see The Conglomerate, representing the universe, butting heads with a team representing Elysium Pro, Southside Wrestling, and even 4CW… Thot Chocolate!”

JOHNSON: ”They get around quite a bit, don’t they?”

VASSA: ”Who, Cartier? Take your shot, Steve!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s not what I meant! I wa–“

VASSA: ”NEXT MATCH! We have a 4CW hall of famer, Chris Madison, teaming up with Elena DeDraca as they will line up across the ring from Duce Jones and Krayzie, who were at one time representing OCW which is no longer operational.”

JOHNSON: ”Closing out the night, we have the first 4CW Tag Team Championship match of Bad Company! In one corner, we have another team representing SCUM in The Grav3digg3rs!”

VASSA: ”And in the other corner, we have the reigning and defending 4CW Tag Team Champions! He is the current 4CW Pride Champion… Mariano Fernandez! And his partner, the current 4CW Octane Champion… American Tommy!”


VASSA: ”There’s the other eight team making up four matches for round one, giving us a total of sixteen teams all competing here tonight in eight round one matches.”

JOHNSON: ”We have teams from all over meeting under one roof tonight to see who the better tag team of Twenty-Nineteen is.”

VASSA: ”Tonight is only the beginning. After our first eight matches here tonight, we will return tomorrow night to conclude with rounds two through four, declaring the winner. I’ve already made the rounds earlier, speaking to each and every team.”

JOHNSON: ”For what?”

VASSA: ”To have insider information to bring to the booth here tonight!”

JOHNSON: ”You’re just trying to make nice which a potential million dollar team in hopes of scoring a few bucks yourself.”


JOHNSON: ”Yeah, sure you’re not.”

VASSA: ”You couldn’t prove it anyway!”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t need to. I’m just calling it right now. Come Monday morning, I guarantee you’ll be banging on the winner’s hotel doors looking for a handout.”

VASSA: ”I swear I’m not! One team even offered me a bottle of body wash to smell like them for bias commentary at the booth and I respectfully declined!”

JOHNSON: ”If it were anything other than hygiene related items I wouldn’t believe you. But I can totally see you turning down an offer of body wash.”

VASSA: ”You know what they say. If you can’t sme–nevermind.”

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it for our round one rundown for tonight folks. We’re just moments away from kicking things off. We’re going to go backstage for a moment but when we return, we will officially kick things off with our opening match of the evening!”

Before the camera even cuts away from the booth, Vassa pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels from under the booth and slams an empty glass onto the top of it. He pours himself a drink, wasting no time at all before chugging it. Meanwhile, Johnson just shakes his head, looking back and forth between Vassa and the camera still rolling. He then finally waves his hand, signaling for the camera to leave which it does, fading out and transitioning to a feed from within the arena.

It’s dark with soft candlelight flickering a short distance away illuminating the corner that the candelabra rests in. In the back of the viewing audiences mind chimes some rather eerie, haunting music. Not quite one flew over the cuckoo’s nest but spooky enough to raise goosebumps on the average wrestling fans arms. Suddenly, the candle is extinguished and silence falls over the scene. The passage of time is marked by the feeling of ones heart beating within their chest, its pace quickening in spite of the attempt to fight back the fight or flight response that comes natural to most human beings. Adrenaline pulses through the veins of the viewer, ironic given that it was rumored to be returning soon enough.

And then a bright light flashes and Kaven Drell is spotted, briefly, sitting in the center of the room before everything is plunged into darkness once more. Seconds pass and the light flashes again, this time with Drell’s gaze focused directly on the camera pointed at him, a sinister sneer painted on his face. Heavy, crushing darkness fills the room once more and moments pass, feeling as though they take forever. When the light bursts again, Drell is inches from the camera lens, his heavy breathing picked up by the microphone on the camera. The screen shakes with the nervousness of the man holding onto the camera, unsure of what the hell it is that he’s been asked to broadcast to the world.

It’s then that Drell’s voice cuts through the silence.

DRELL: ”In the middle of the night. In your dreams. You’ve seen the things that I am going to do to you. Sky Force, I’m waiting. Come to the shepherd. The bell tolls. The end of your time draws near.”

The light bursts forth again and Drell is nowhere to be found. Darkness fills the scene again as soft whispers, familiar to fans of Union Battleground, bounce off of the walls.

”Kill. Drell. Kill.”

A moment later the door that leads into the room opens and light illuminates everything. Toby wagner peeks his head in cautiously.

WAGNER: ”Kaven…? Ugh… you’re so fucking weird.”

And with a roll of his eyes he shuts the door behind him, going off in search of his tag team partner who was nowhere to be seen inside the room he had just occupied.


Katya is ducking the hell out of Hammerstein’s many clotheslines that are basically like a man trying to get his wife pregnant with the shots continuing to come while aimed at their target but repeatedly missing their mark. Zari watches a bit nervously from the apron because from the look of Hammerstein’s face, he was determined to knock Katya’s head off. Katya is winging it with continuing to be evasive while Hammerstein refuses to get up, following after Katya whenever she side steps to try to drop her with that clothesline that just seems to never connect. Finally giving up, Hammerstein decides to just hem Katya up and lifts her high into the air as Katya begins to struggle to get free. She wraps her legs around his neck and it’s looking like a counter is about to occur when Hammerstein slams his fist into Katya’s back, causing her legs to unravel from around his neck. With her sitting on his shoulders, Hammerstein gets an idea and wraps his arms around Katya’s thighs as he brings her down fast with a sitout powerbomb. Poe is pleased while Zari is far from it as she hopes Katya is okay while Hammerstein is already pulling her to her feet without a care in the world. The audience’s mind is still on that sitout powerbomb with some of them chattering away about how they could almost feel Katya’s back slamming into the mat from how powerful the slam was.

Hammerstein was ready to count her out but Katya wasn’t going for that, ignoring the pain in her back to sprint towards Hammerstein, him being ready for her but she tricks him when she runs around him rather than into him so that she can get to his back. Wasting no time, her hands land on Hammerstein’s shoulder and she jumps high enough into the air to lift her knees, pulling Hammerstein’s body back for the backstabber as Zari cheers on enthusiastically. Trying to stay on top of things, Katya puts distance between herself and Hammerstein swiping at her ankles from the mat as she grabs his right leg and seems fixated on putting him in a leg lock but Hammerstein begins rolling around on the mat to try to thwart her attempts. Once Hammerstein begins trying to use his free leg to kick Katya in the face, she realizes it isn’t worth it and drops his leg…. but not before stomping down on it as soon as the leg had hit the mat. Ready to undermine him some more, Katya watches as Hammerstein begins getting up and once he reaches the all fours position, she’s on the go as she’s rushing forward and driving her knee right into the side of his head to make him go down to the mat again. By this point, Poe is ready for that tag but Katya doesn’t seem to be finished with Hammerstein just yet.

She’s wondering how many more ways she can own him while Hammerstein is taking his time getting to his feet, feigning being in a weakened state so he can catch Katya off guard. He’s moving too slow for her so Katya approaches him, not realizing until it was too late that she had been baited into coming closer. Once Hammerstein gets a hold of Katya, she’s trapped and has no choice but to eat that leg trap spinebuster that comes next. Hammerstein wants to see how fast it’ll take Katya to get up but instead, he’s surprised to see her rolling around on the mat as she holds her left knee in pain. Realizing she’s going to have to tag out, she begins scooting towards Zari as quickly as she can and slaps Zari’s hand just as Hammerstein has grabbed Katya’s ankle in an attempt to pull her away from making the tag. Being the legal one in the ring now, Zari quickly begins throwing punches at Hammerstein’s face with trying to make him let go of her partner’s leg. Once he drops Katya’s leg, Katya quickly uses the ropes to aide her to the apron while Zari keeps those punches going, ducking Hammerstein trying to return the favor but ends up tossed against the ropes.

Zari doesnt move from the ropes, leaning against them looking a bit out of it so Hammerstein charges her and gives her what she wants… which is her holding on the top rope to aide in her lifting her feet into the air so that Hammerstein’s chest slammed into her feet. Poe is wanting in and he starts shouting at Hammerstein to finally tag him in, having been itching to go all match. Hammerstein wants to deal with Zari but decides to give Poe his chance in the ring so cooling his urges to lunge at Zari, he beelines over to his partner instead to tag him in. Poe enters that ring ready as ever and beckons for Zari to come on over and get that first shot in. Zari rolls her eyes at his macho behavior, telling him that she’ll knock him out if he’s so easily presenting her with that chance. Poe beckons for her again to come get her free shot in and what she refuses, Poe takes it upon himself to suddenly attack with a spear. By the looks of Katya and Hammerstein’s faces, you can tell they definitely werent expecting that but Hammerstein definitely enjoys watching Poe deal with Zari as he tosses her across the ring next, smiling as her body hits the mat.

Stalking towards her, Poe keeps enough distance between them until he wants to attack, choosing to lunge at her just as Zari is swinging her arm in his direction. Her elbow catches his jaw and even though the contact was sloppy, it was strong enough to make Poe give Zari some space as he stumbled back two steps. On the go once more, Poe rushes towards Zari and Zari impulsively dropkicks Poe in the knees and when he falls down to his knees, it was enzuigiri time. Poe goes down, Zari goes up as she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arm in the arm to play up the cheers she’s receiving from the audience before she leaps off with a leg drop in mind. But Poe rolls out of the way and Zari’s ass lands hard on the mat as a consequence of the fleeing body. Poe gets to his feet and grabs Zari by the forearm to pull her to her feet, keeping an eye on Katya while wrapping his hand around Zari’s throat. Katya begins to shout at Poe who ignores her as he hoists Zari into the air…. before chokeslamming her back down onto the mat.

Zari wastes no time rolling away when Poe drops to his knees, ready to cover her as he furiously stands back to his feet and hurries after her. He grabs her right leg, she grabs onto the middle ropes and she holds onto them as he begins pulling her. The tug of war goes on before Zari uses her free left leg to swing into the air in an attempt to hit Poe in the face. She’s finally successful when she continues kicking him hard in the ear when she misses his targeted face and when she feels Poe’s grip on her leg loosen, she lets go of the ropes so her back to land on the mat and from there, she kicks up with her left leg to get Poe’s face this time. Poe goes down and Zari quickly gets to her feet as she runs towards Poe. He’s on his feet and ready to lay out Zari but Zari ducks underneath his arm and makes it to the back of him, quickly turning to face his back so she can hook her arm around him and go for a bulldog. Out of nowhere, Zari spins around and shoves her elbow into Hammerstein’s face really hard to knock him off the apron and then leaps onto the turnbuckle.

As soon as Poe is on his feet, Zari comes speeding through the air from the turnbuckle with a dropkick as both feet drive into Poe’s face and he goes down. Zari scrambles to cover Poe while Katya looks to see where Hammerstein is, seeing he’s getting up from the floor as the referee begins the count once Zari pins Poe. Poe kicks out a second too late just as Hammerstein has finally made it back into the ring in an attempt to break up the pin, being a few seconds late as the bell is rung for the three count.

WINNERS: Ebony & Ivory via Pinfall (8:58)

A sign appears as the camera cuts backstage. It reads: ‘Cashe’s Corner’ and as named, the far corner of the cafeteria was blocked off with tables and chairs. Only one opening to enter the area and there was security at the entrance.

SECURITY: ”Is your name on the list?”

SULLIVAN: ”Should be. Sullivan? Joseph Sullivan?”

SECURITY: ”Hmm.. Yup, there you are! Come on in…”

Two security guards with cow prods in hand step out of the way. Cashe knew he wasn’t welcome here. The owner didn’t like him, most of the roster didn’t either. He shared no love for most of them, so being here. He was tailgating in a sense, just a zone for him and people he fucks with. Better for everyone.

HARTMAN: ”May I have a word with the Host of this.. Gathering!?”

SECURITY: ”Your name?”

HARTMAN: ”Gabri–“


Shoving his way in between the two security guards. Jason Cashe emerges from within. Arms open as he stumbles in a jog motion at Gabriel Hartman. He forces a hug onto his old buddy.

CASHE: ”Best reporter I’ve ever employed. God.. That was what? 6-7 years back now? APW days! We have known each other too long not to have seen each other naked. Whaddya say?”

HARTMAN: ”What? No! Please stop touching me..”

CASHE: ”So you here for the shindig? Little bit of music, Redd is thumb wrestling people for change. Got the show playing on a TV! If I can get Chris Madison here, there WILL be a Twerk Competition! Come on in!”

HARTMAN: ”No. I must do my job. Why are you here?”

With all the noise surrounding them. The music, the laughs and conversation inside and out of the zoned off area. Cashe heard Hartman’s question even as 4CW’s Lead Interviewer lowered his voice to ask it. All that noise became white noise, faded in the background.

CASHE ”When a criminal goes to jail, or prison even. They do their time and are once again forced into civilization. Yet currently upon release, some of their rights get taken from them. They still pay taxes but cannot vote on who helps to determine what is paid in taxes. They cannot join the Military even though inside the Prison system, there are some of the most Patriotic people in this country. Military providing a discipline to what jail and prison otherwise doesn’t.”

CASHE ”To connect the dots and make sense, I served my time. I got fired and was pushed away just as much as I walked away. So now after time has passed, after wounds are healed. I felt right making a return to what I called home. Do you say I don’t belong as well? That everything is shit now because one person was allowed to return? That to me says y’all more hung up about shit than Christ was on a Cross. That’s a YOU problem, not a me problem because I am not the biggest offender out there. I have a LOT of me still etched in this company and you can discredit or ignore it but it remains. Eli, Bronx, Laughlin, Riddle, Hopkins, O’Donnell even, I have beaten some of the biggest names that have come here to either help build or borrow the fame that comes with 4-C-W.”

Even holding up four fingers as if it meant something more. Before Hartman can chime in, Cashe continues.

CASHE: ”So.. Hartman, why am I here? Because I god damn can be! Because I don’t see Hopkins, I don’t see Bronx, I don’t even see Dakota, I see Madison but time will tell if we see each other in this.”

HARTMAN: ”So what happens win or lose? With news of 4CW returning from it’s hiatus, will you return?”


A Thundering voice breaks through as a shadow is cast over both Cashe and Hartman.


He meant the midget chick Cashe brought to the show as his plus one.

CASHE: ”Yooo! I called dibs on the hot pocket! Dibs! She is Mine!!”

Hurrying back into the sealed off area he claimed as his own for night one. Cashe turns back momentarily and waves in Hartman.

CASHE: ”Invite is open. Come in if you want.. He can enter.”

Gabriel Hartman left standing, undecided if he would join the gathering or continue seeking interviews.

HARTMAN: ”I have a few minutes to kill..”

As the cameras get ready to switch back to ringside, Hartman is seen dancing some as he enters Cashe’s Corner.

As we shift backstage at the Wells Fargo Center we come across a wooden bench and we see a familiar face we haven’t seen in a very long time sitting on it.

STEVENS: ”Guess who’s back? Back again. Stevens’ back. Tell a friend.”

Stevens says as he points to his tag partner Jonny O’Dell who is screaming like a madman as he downs an entire Monster before smashing it against his forehead.


O’Dell shouts as Stevens rises from the bench.

STEVENS: ”Bet you didn’t expect to see me again did you?”

Stevens says with a smirk on his face.

STEVENS: ”You see, if 4CW is going to come back from an extended layoff you have to do it big and Perry Wallace doesn’t do anything small except when he makes love to his midget stripper named Candy Cane.”

Stevens says and O’Dell interrupts him.

O’DELL: ”I wonder how much money he pays her to go up on him mate?”

O’Dell asks and Stevens shakes his head.

STEVENS: ”Pardon my friend he’s on a sugar high he could have a heart attack any minute.”

Stevens says and O’Dell begins to check is heart and begins to freak out.


He screams and Stevens sighs once again.

STEVENS: ”Now before I was interrupted, I was sitting at home with my mind on my money and my money on my mind because that’s where High Octane Wrestling and the best idiots like to keep me.”

Stevens says and the crowd boos at the mention of the rival promotion.

STEVENS: ”Spending time with my family when I get the call from Perry Wallace.”

Stevens says as the crowd cheers for Perry.

STEVENS: ”Perry told me 4CW was returning and that the Bad Company Tag Tournament was returning and asked if I was interesting in competing in it. I told him as long as the check clears I’ll be there because where else can you win a championship and a million dollars for a few nights of work?”

Stevens asks with a shrug.

STEVENS: ”You see my last run in 4CW was a failure and I don’t want to be remembered like that.”

Stevens says as he shakes his head.

STEVENS: ”I want to be remembered as the guy who should’ve beaten Eli Carlson and became 4CW Champion. I don’t want to be remembered as that guy who can only win the XTV championship once a year.”

O’DELL: ”No we don’t!”

O’Dell says sternly as he stands next to his tag partner.

O’DELL: ”We want to be remembered as the no bodies who no one took seriously and became a million dollars richer! Oh, and those tag titles would be nice to own to mate.”

O’Dell says with a chuckle.

STEVENS: ”Cyrus Riddle. Rebecca Dawson. And anyone else who gets in our fucking way!”

Stevens says sternly as he motions to himself and his partner.

STEVENS: ”We are here to break necks and cash checks and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop us. We are going to win this tournament and it starts with beating the current tournament champion and the downgrade of the century, Cyrus Riddle and Rebecca Dawson.

Stevens says with a nod.

O’DELL: ”Riddle me this Cyrus? After I become an overnight millionaire, how much would it take for your girl to be up to shag with no johnnies?”

O’Dell asks with a Kodak grin as he mimics making it rain by tossing invisible money.

STEVENS: ”Dude, you don’t want none of that.”

Stevens says and O’Dell looks confused.

O’DELL: ”Why not mate? She looks like she would like my knob in her fanny.”

O’Dell answers and Stevens places his hand on his buddy’s shoulder.

STEVENS: ”Jon, she’s been bell-ended by everyone. If you don’t want that burning sensation in the morning I suggest you refrain.”

Stevens says and O’Dell agrees.

STEVENS: ”Riddle. Dawson. It begins with you…..see you out there.”

Stevens says as walks out of frame when O’Dell looks to see if he’s gone.

O’DELL: ”Becca, how much? Will it take a Washington or an Abe Lincoln to get Chlamydia with you?”

O’Dell asks when Stevens yells for him to come on and the Englishman shrugs before leaving.


The bell rings and it’ll be Toby Wagner starting the match against Rin Kubo. They lock up, and Kubo wrenches the arm. Wagner twists out and takes Kubo down. Wagner applies a front facelock and covers her for a one count. Drell tags in and takes Kubo down before applying a front facelock. Drell chops Kubo before tagging Wagner in. Kubo quickly backs Wagner in the corner and tags in Yamamoto. Yamamoto bounces Wagner on the turnbuckle and chops his chest. Yamamoto stomps and slaps Wagner in the corner. Wagner slingshots over her, avoids a strike, and hits a hurricanrana. Wagner then dropkicks Yamamoto out of the ring. Wagner hits a suicide dive on Yamamoto. Drell then big boots Yamamoto, Wagner superkicks him, and Drell sends her back into the ring.

Wagner re-enters the ring but is distracted by Kubo. Yamamoto takes advantage with snapmare, applying a chin lock. Wagner fight up from the chin lock, but Yamamoto knees him. Kubo tags in, but Wagner counters a double-team suplex. Wagner kicks Kubo while hitting Yamamoto with a tornado DDT!

Drell tags in and clubs Kubo down twice. Kubo reverses a whip, but she lowers her head and eats a kick. Drell kicks her before hitting a pair of German Suplexes. Yamamoto runs in, but Drell back body drops her over the top rope. Drell hits Kubo with a third German Suplex before kneeing her in the face for a near fall. Kubo elbows him in the face and tags Yamamoto in. Kubo hits a Spinning sit-down body slam before Yamamoto goes for a pin getting a near fall. Kubo tags back in and trades forearms with Drell. Kubo punches him and tags Yamamoto in. They send Drell into the ropes for Total Detonation, but he counters into a jackknife pin for a near fall. Wagner dropkicks Kubo out of the ring. Wagner tags in and hits a slingshot DDT on Yamamoto for a near fall. Kubo pulls Drell off the apron and sends him into the barricade. Wagner quickly kicks Kubo. Wagner and Yamamoto trade pins. Yamamoto superkicks Wagner out of mid-air trying another slingshot DDT. Kubo tags in, and SKY Force hits a SKY Factor… but Drell makes the save!

Drell sends Yamamoto out of the ring, and Kubo sends Drell out of the ring. Wagner twists out of a suplex and lands on the apron. Wagner kicks Yamamoto, but he eats a forearm from Kubo. Wagner catches her with a slingshot cutter and tags Drell in. Drell connects with the Tolling Bell (sit-out powerbomb) on Yamamoto for the win and securing their spot in the second round!

WINNERS: Kaven Drell & Toby Wagner via Pinfall (9:13)

Earlier today outside of the Wells Fargo Center, a 1978 Dodge 3700 GT painted entirely in purple and green trim rumbles its way through the deserted lot and toward the side entrance of the venue. The outside shot dissipates quickly and we are given a glimpse inside of the automobile by way of a front-seat camera operator as it idles.

Distinguishable by design, fans of the pre-film days of DC Comics likely recognize the Dodge as a mock-up of the vehicle driven by Batman’s arch nemesis. However, it seems that the Joker has fallen on difficult times recently. His earlier appearance at a Ross Dress for Less in Tennessee is now accompanied by his present appearance as an Uber driver coined by the sticker displayed on his front windshield.

JOKER: ”Well, boys, here we are. The city of Brother…”

Taking up the backseat of the hooptie are of course the team of Daydream Nation, both of whom have identical frowns plastered across their faces. As previously indicated a couple of days ago on Twitter, the Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas marks had apparently run into a little bit of car trouble during their incredible journey to the City of Brother…

Zack glares at the camera lens, as if he can hear the narration.

FANTANA: ”We get it.”

El Hijo del Señor Ass shoots an identical look in kind to the .

ASS: ”Talk about a bit backfiring. If I hear that phrase one more time, I am going to throw myself off the Walt Whitman Bridge.”

JOKER: ”Ah yes, the Joker’s Trick: when one collapses from beating their own dead horse.”

ASS: ”You’ve literally made everything we’ve said on this twelve-hour trip an analogy about it being the fucking ‘Joker’s Trick.’ It’s not the Joker’s Trick. That doesn’t even make sense.”

FANTANA: ”Well, to be fair, that one thing he said about the hand being quicker than the eye to reveal every card in the deck being a joker is quite literally the Joker’s Trick.”

ASS: ”I stand corrected. Sorry bud.”

FANTANA: ”Hey friend, no need to apologize. ‘Joker’s Trick’ is still stupid, regardless.”

Despite the misery of the long safari in getting to Philadelphia, it appears as though the toil and trouble has ultimately brought the pair much closer together. Zack offers a reassuring pat to El Hijo’s back.

FANTANA: ”What ultimately matters is that we’re here. Sure, we’ve ran into some speed bumps along the way, but now we can confidently set our sights on doing what we came here to do!”

A smile forms over the Son of Ass, as his spirits begin to lift.

JOKER: ”So, I’ll pick you guys up here around 10 or so tonight?”

ASS: ”Hell no! You’ve now officially had two cameos in Daydream Nation vignettes, you’re not getting a third!”

The Joker chuckles (evilly) and adjusts his rear view mirror, peering at Zack and Hijo through the reflection.

JOKER: ”You really think you’ll be here for Night Two?”

FANTANA: ”Of course we will. You should count your lucky stars that you just randomly happened to be the one who picked us up in Effingham, Illinois. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here at all. You’re camping on prime real estate here, Funnyman. Ass and I were like this close to having Ana Hayden dress up as Carmen Sandiego in that first interview.”

The Joker turns his neck abruptly and faces his two passengers. He sighs.

JOKER: ”See, that’s just it right there. I know you guys have this oddball sense of humor that you feel really works to elevate you into the top tier, but look. Since no one is going to come out and say it, I will. There are only like seven viewers who think your antics are amusing. And you guys are two of those seven.”

ASS: ”Huh.”

JOKER: ”Your strategic filming locations have been in a discount clothing store, a Nissan dealership, and this car. You literally spent an entire twenty minute promo thinking of team names. Aside from the occasional cheap shot, neither of you have bothered to do any type of training or research on your potential opponents!”

FANTANA: ”That’s not true at all! We watched HOURS of wrestling footage in an attempt to ignore you throughout this entire ride!”

JOKER: ”You spent those hours debating which Zombie had the cutest butt in ring gear. And none of them are even in the tournament.”

Zack lifts a finger to protest, but for the first time in his life has no clever rebuttal. El Hijo appears to be deep in some type of thought.

ASS: ”Which now that you mention it, Zack, you’re probably right: I think I am just giving Sibera bonus points because she’s way more attractive.”

FANTANA: ”I knew you’d see it my way. I’m just glad we’re in agreement that Kowloon’s shake just doesn’t quit.”

ASS: ”Both are still WAY better than Kimi’s though.”

FANTANA: ”I know, right? No wonder Tommy wouldn’t eat it.”

The two high five and share a hearty giggle. However, the Joker uses his palm to slap his alabaster forehead.

JOKER: ”SEE, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING! Look, you guys are here early. Maybe you two go and spend some quality time in the locker room plotting out a plan of attack on 2 Live Kru. Only then are you going to achieve what you’ve set out for.”

Zack and Ass both share a look, and shrug their shoulders simultaneously. Exiting from the same side of the car, the Joker pops the trunk and the two retrieve their bags from it. They watch as the Joker pulls away from the curb and out into the distance. Zack retrieves his phone from his back pocket and glances down at it as Ass surmises aloud.

ASS: ”Gee, Zack. Maybe he had a point.”

Fantana casually presses the Uber app to provide “Joker” with a one-star rating, then submits it accordingly as a last send off to the character.

FANTANA: ”I don’t know. I don’t think it’s wise to take wrestling advice from a guy who cosplays an evil comic book villain. Besides, he was dressed like Nicholson Joker. Who even cares about Nicholson Joker?”

A voice calls out from approximately thirty feet away in response. Disheveled, topless, and drinking wine out of a fancy glass is none other than Jack Nicholson, by way of a paid special guest appearance for some weird reason via Perry Wallace.


Ass and Fantana’s mouths simultaneously drop in surprise as they see the celebrity right before their very eyes and both begin to dart their way over to greet him.

ASS: ”Holy shit! It’s @dril! It’s the real @dril!”

With the apparent feeling that neither member of Daydream Nation had absorbed any of the Joker’s sound advice, we freeze-frame on the two in mid-sprint as we go into the next ring entrance.


Jonny O’Dell starts against Rebecca Dawson. They lock up, and Dawson applies a side headlock. Dawson is whipped off, but she clotheslines him down. O’Dell soon comes back with a hip toss. O’Dell applies an arm bar, but Dawson fights up and hits a modified northern lights suplex. Cyrus Riddle tags in, but O’Dell takes him down and applies an arm bar. Riddle fights up, so O’Dell socks him across the jaw and takes him down. Riddle uppercuts O’Dell and punches Stevens. Stevens fights him and Dawson off before O’Dell wipes out The Dark Side of the Moon with a diving double clothesline. They then hit stereo back suplexes. O’Dell then hits them with a cannonball senton off the top rope to the floor.

The advantage doesn’t last long as soon Dawson is now legal and is clubbing Stevens. Riddle tags in, and Stevens fights them off. O’Dell tags in and punches Riddle down before hitting a dropkick. O’Dell then takes Dawson down. O’Dell punches Riddle in the corner before taking Dawson down. O’Dell hits Riddle with an inverted atomic drop before giving Dawson a belly-to-belly suplex. O’Dell soon catches Riddle with a German Suplex bridge for a two count. O’Dell counters a sunset flip into a roll-up for a two count. Stevens comes in and throws Dawson over the top rope. The Dark Side of the Moon snap O’Dell off the top rope for a near fall. They argue with the referee. Riddle takes O’Dell down before dropping Dawson on him for a two count. O’Dell fights off Dawson & Riddle and nearly tags in Stevens, but he’s stopped. O’Dell then takes Riddle down with a back suplex. Dawson pulls Stevens off the apron. Dawson tags in, and they hit O’Dell with a double-team spinebuster/backstabber combo for a two count. Riddle blind tags in while O’Dell hits Dawson with a back body drop. O’Dell then hits Riddle with a German Suplex…

Stevens get tagged in. Stevens takes them down and gives Dawson a front suplex onto Riddle. Stevens shoulders them in the corner and goes to the second rope. Dawson moves. Stevens throws Riddle out of the ring before catching Dawson with a Double ‘S’ Spinebuster for a near fall. Stevens tries for the Moral Compass, but Dawson rolls him up for a two count. Riddle tags in, and they hit a double-team russian leg sweep/discus elbow smash for a near fall. Stevens rolls Dawson up while O’Dell hits Riddle with a lariat. Stevens picks up a two count. They try for a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo, but Dawson gets out. They then hit a fireman’s carry flapjack/big boot combo, but Riddle breaks it up.

O’Dell takes Riddle out and rolls Dawson up for a two count. Dawson goes to the top rope, but O’Dell cuts him off. They hit a back suplex/diving clothesline, but Stevens knocks Dawson into Riddle to break it up. All four competitors are down. A light “This is awesome” chant picks up. They get Stevens out of the ring. O’Dell rolls Riddle up for a near fall. Dawson tags in, and catches O’Dell with the High Society onto Riddle’s knee for the win. Dark Side of the Moon advances to the second round!

WINNERS: Dark Side of the Moon via Pinfall (9:56)

The 4CW production crew once more found their way backstage, trying to give the audience a behind the scenes look. In the near distance several competitors were spotted, either getting ready for their matches or trying to relax.

Around the corner, the familiar sight of Frankie Morrison standing in one of his trademark pinstriped suits. Frankie held his smartphone to his ear, arguing with someone on the other end of the line. Split seconds later, a man and a woman appeared behind him, engaged in deep conversation. All three came to an abrupt stop as the camera crew blocked their way. With a smile on his face, Frankie Morrison broke the silence.

MORRISON: “I had expected you earlier, kid.”

His clients, Chris Madison and Elena DeDraca, stepped aside to stand right next to him. Elena had her arms folded in front of her chest, that unreadable expression on her face.

DEDRACA: “I think you scared the kid, Frankie. Either way, tonight is the night. Which sounds very pimp like, but then again nothing strange to some people in this tournament. You know, those that are more concerned about dick measuring contests, than actually giving Bad Company the respect it deserves. But that maybe is the moment it comes handy that I never gave a flying fuck about other peoples opinions or ongoing trends.”

Her eyes slowly scanned over the scene, looking at someone in the distance. But hearing Madison do a fake cough, brought her back to reality.

DEDRACA: “I am no poet, neither am I an artist. I will not sugarcoat the things I have to say. Sorry, not sorry. Truth is, neither Chris nor have been deaf to the things the other teams had to say. Sure we could have turned into keyboard warriors and brought the fight to social media. But then what? Words don’t win you matches. And obviously people like Manny have forgotten where they come from. Or maybe he has been hanging around with the Smith clan for too long, but boy – get your ego in check. There are no hard feelings, but the moment the chance arrives – I will slap the grin off of your face. I think it is time for a reality check, mang. But that ain’t tonight, right? We are supposed to get a little Krayzie? And call a truce…sorry, Duce was the name.”

Frankie patted her shoulder, almost proud. It was then that Chris took a step forward, making his presence known.

MADISON: “As temptin’ as that tag team title match in the second round is, we don’t get there if we can’t find our way passed Duce Jones and Krayzie. I commend you guys. It takes a lot to step out of the comfort of your home promotions and test the waters in a tournament like this. The success that you’ve had in OCW doesn’t guarantee to translate anywhere else, especially here in 4CW. I don’t think the two of you truly understand what this environment does to people. It will take some of the best in the industry, chew them up, and spit them out – only to go crawlin’ back to whatever hole they came from. You two need to get your heads on straight because tonight can go very, very bad for you. Duce, you’re oblivious and think the Union Battleground Tag Titles are still involved despite the fact that Lisa Seldon and Anastasia Hayden backed out of the commitment. Krayzie, you’ve got your mind set on gettin’ your own company off of the ground. That… That’s a recipe for disaster! Elena and I, we’re not takin’ this tournament lightly. And tonight, every other team is goin’ to realize that by the time we’re through with the two of you.

Frankie nods his head before interjecting, staring directly into the camera lens.

MORRISON: “These two…”

He paused for a moment as he pointed over his shoulders with his thumbs at his clients that he stood between.

MORRISON: “…are a pairing that is long overdue. They share a passion for this sport. They share a mindset; no nonsense and all business. Tonight, they have one goal.

Morrison raised his hand, holding his index finger up into the air.

MORRISON: “Earn that 4CW Tag Team Championship match on night two of the Bad Company tournament. Everything else is white noise. Nothing else matters!”

MADISON: “That’s because for us, there is nothin’ else. 4CW goin’ to be makin’ a comeback. El and I, we’re goin’ to be a mainstay of that tag team division regardless of how Bad Company turns out. In the past, my partners have been my Achilles’ heel – whether it was Mark Storm wearin’ himself out travelin’ across the globe to compete on a nightly basis or it was Kat Jones focusin’ more on our personal connection than in ring chemistry. The difference this time around Duce and Krayzie, I brought along a partner who just might be better than me!

Once more Elena looked at her partner and their agent, nodding. She moved to the other side, nudging Madison in the ribs. Harder than expected.

DEDRACA: “What you say, Chris, we show ‘em that the time for talking is over?”

She laughed before starting to walk off, knowing they would follow along.


Fantana and Kassidy start off the match first with some back and forth fist to face action as the thunderous roar of the cheering crowd is heard. While the crowd eggs on the brawling men, their respectable partners watch on from the sidelines while staying alert in case it was their time to be tagged into the battle. Fantana broke the cycle with stepping back quickly from Kassidy’s incoming punch, waiting for the swing to miss before rushing forward to serve Kassidy a discus elbow smash in the face. After the forearm sends Kassidy a step backwards, he takes two steps forward and Fantana is ready as he springs into action, literally, when he leaps into the air. Grabbing the sides of Kassidy’s head, Fantana forces Kassidy’s face down while Fantana’s knees raise to drive into Kassidy’s face. Fantana lands agilely back on his feet and Kassidy ends up falling back into the ropes. El Hijo is very pleased while Sinclair’s expression shows alot of faith in his tag team partner. Vassa throws around snide remarks like “Fantana Montana” and Johnson challenges Vassa to say it to Fantana’s face as the camera shoots back to the ring just in time to see Kassidy dropkick Fantana right in the chest. Fantana falls back and the back of his head hits the turnbuckle post while Sinclair grins at the sight. Sure, he thought it would had been a better impact if the turnbuckle post had been naked but seeing his partner in control of the match now was all that mattered to him at the moment. Kassidy assists Fantana onto his feet before shoving him into the turnbuckle, throwing jabs into his midsection as if it were lightwork before he begins to pack on the power with now hitting Fantana’s body as if it were a punching bag.

Kassidy was feeling it, those fists moving like lighting speed before he backs off of Fantana with a smile flashing to the captivated crowd who were enjoying the match thus far. Spinning around, Kassidy is ready to attack again but ends up catching a clothesline from Fantana who immediately heads over to his side of the ring right when Kassidy’s body drops. Tagging in El Hijo, Fantana heads for the outside just as El Hijo enters the ring, ready to get his off. He points at Kassidy and gestures for him to get ready as El Hijo jumps on the turnbuckle and extends his arms out dramatically. Kassidy mock applauds El Hijo while approaching the turnbuckle before suddenly yanking El Hijo off and quickly puts him down with a snap suplex. Kassidy ignores the hyped up crowd, he’s mind on winning the match and not on who is enjoying the match as he yanks El Hijo to his feet and swings at him but El Hijo quickly moves out of the way and tries to take off. Kassidy doesn’t allow him to get away as he quickly grabs El Hijo by the wrists and tightens his grip while El Hijo is attempting to run away but is being held in place. Giving up on the running away, El Hijo has another idea in mind as he suddenly flips forward while Kassidy has that firm grip on him and mule kicks Kassidy in order to be freed. Fantana is proud while Sinclair is ready to get inside of the ring and tear off El Hijo’s head. As Kassidy is getting to his feet and ready to clobber El Hijo, Sinclair taps the ropes and calls for Kassidy to tag him in so he can get his fill.

Heading over to Sinclair, the tag is made and a ready Sinclair enters the ring while El Hijo tries to think strategy when he sees the glare in Sinclair’s eyes. No fear in the eyes of the luche hero as he stares Sinclair down and braces himself for any sudden attack but receives none as Sinclair doesn’t rush him with feeling a great need not to. El Hijo shrugs and decides to take the fight to Sinclair since he won’t come any closer but that’s exactly what Sinclair wanted as El Hijo plays right into his hands and doesn’t realize it until Sinclair’s hands are on him. El Hijo is blinking like crazy as he picks himself up from the mat after Sinclair’s powerful spinning slam and El Hijo makes a mental note to just let Sinclair stand there next time so he doesn’t walk into any surprise attacks. Sinclair serves El Hijo some medium well mongolian chops before irish whipping El Hijo towards the ropes and then following behind him. Reaching the ropes, El Hijo quickly spins around to face the incoming Sinclair and jumps onto the middle rope to get some air but Sinclair catches El Hijo. It looked as if a powerslam was around the corner but El Hijo quickly begins punching Sinclair’s head constantly before he attempts a hurricanrana and successfully is able to perform it without any counters from Sinclair. Feeling confident, El Hijo doesn’t look worried at all but his alert eyes never leave Sinclair’s sight as they remain on him during his careful approaching of him. El Hijo pays attention to Sinclair’s face and doesn’t notice Sinclair winding up his right fist slightly on the low before Sinclair attacks with a power punch aimed at El Hijo’s abdomen, causing the man to double over in pain and quickly hurry away from Sinclair while holding his stomach.

Sinclair follows El Hijo but when El Hijo takes off running as if he’s being chased by school bullies, Sinclair breaks out into laughter at the pitiful display of it seeming as if El Hijo is trying to flee him. The amusement quickly leaves Sinclair’s face though when he realizes that this might be a set up and he is proven to be right when El Hijo suddenly spins around and takes a few rushes steps towards Sinclair before jumping into the air. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors and the crowd is going nuts as they cheer on their lucha hero. Absolutely nothing could go wrong at this point and while Fantana kept his eyes on Kassidy to make sure that he didn’t try anything sneaky on his partner, El Hijo is pulling Sinclair to his feet when Sinclair comes up strong with a powerful uppercut that almost knocks El Hijo off his feet. Grinning at El Hijo’s back, Sinclair goes low to put his head between El Hijo’s legs so that he could lift him up onto his shoulders as the crowd has a feeling what’s coming next. Fantana is near the two and is stretching his hand up in hopes that El Hijo will reach down and tag Fantana so that he can enter the ring and make the save but Fantana is suddenly yanked off the apron by Kassidy while Sinclair executes Jaypocalypse, scans the area for any sign of Fantana and quickly goes for the pin to secure the 3 count!

WINNERS: 2HighKru via Pinfall (8:53)

Previously Recorded.

The scene fades into a front view of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As the camera fades in closer to the bottom of the “Rocky Steps” we are treated to the father-son duo who stand towards the right of the steps in front of the Rocky Statue.. The camera pans closer to see Krayzie and Duce Jones. Jones holds his designated OCW tag title which seems weird because Krayzie is not in possession of his. Krayzie looks focus as Jones smiles and adjusts his title on his shoulder.

D. JONES: ”4CDub! How tha hell are ya? Now unless ya been livin’ unda’a rock.. then y’all should kno’ by now just who tha two’a us are. But if not.. tonight y’all damn sho gettin’ introDuced.”

Duce chuckles.

D. JONES: ”See tonight. Right here in tha city’a Brotherly Love. History will be made.. tonight is just that beginnin’ in tha pure dominance dat’s gonna be on display as Pops an’ myself run tha tables an’ become tha first eva’ fatha-son duo ta win Bad Company.”

Krayzie now interjects.

KRAYZIE: ”Don’t mind my son, he has a real hang up on being overconfident. But you see, I don’t blame him. Tonight, it’s all about being confident in who you are and going into that ring and leaving it all inside. Tonight we face Chris Madison and Elena DreDraca. Two people who are no lightweights, but my question to the two of you is.. how bad do you want it? Are you willing to put it all on the line? Because my son and I will.. And by the end of this tournament, everything that’s at stake.. will end up.”

Both Krayzie and Duce laugh.

KRAYZIE: ”..with Bad Company.”

The father-son team begin to laugh maniacally as the scene fades out.

The Wells Fargo Center is alive with the rush of fans and the hurry of crew as 4CW’s fifth annual Bad Company. Everywhere you turn people are hurrying all over, whether to get to their seats before the next match or get to the merch stands before their favorites’ items are sold out. Backstage, the people who make 4CW tick from the inside like a well-oiled machine are scurrying like ants in a hill, everyone doing their part to keep the show running smooth.

Away from the hustle and bustle is Cartier. Her time in the ring isn’t here yet, and she tends to take a quiet moment when she can to center herself before putting on a show for the fans. A second to catch her breath. To decompress. When the lights were on, it was all glitz and glamour… but like anyone else, Cartier was only human. She needed the few seconds to find herself underneath the veneer of showmanship and circus that professional wrestling demanded.

She takes a long breath and holds it in. She closes her eyes. She counts the heartbeats as the pulse in her temple, the sound of it in her ears like coming up from underwater. When she lets the air out of her lungs, she does it slow. She counts to ten as she lets the hot air roll out over her tongue and through her pursed lips. The anxiety falls away. She’s ready.

She opens the door to her private dressing room, and her face lights up. Inside, from floor to ceiling, are purple roses and boxes of dark chocolate candy. Her favorites. And she knows who they have to be from.

She looks at the table and sees a bucket of ice with a bottle of Dom sticking out, and a folded card sitting next to them both. Opening it, she sees the hand written words within.

We got this.
Win or lose, we always got this.


She laughs lightly and takes a chocolate from the box next to the champagne, and pops it into her mouth. Her eyelids flutter closed with the ecstacy of sweetness in her mouth. After she enjoys the treat, she turns and smiles.

CARTIER: “SILK always got my back… always. Right or wrong, it don’t matter. He always got me. That’s that same as I am for him. A lotta people wanna judge, they wanna cut people off. That ain’t teamwork. That ain’t friendship. That ain’t enough to get through a tournament like Bad Company.”

She steps forward, licking her lips for whatever chocolate residue might linger.

CARTIER: “A lot of people thought there wasn’t even gonna be a show this year, honestly. They thought Bad Company was dead… shit, they thought 4CW was dead. It’s easy to see why… no shows since April, people splittin’ up in the ranks. King’s Road gettin’ rebranded and leavin’. People like Tommy out here tryina cash in they 4CW1K. Same as a lotta people ain’t expected me an’ SILK to still be alive an’ kickin’ as a team. But hey, here we both are. Not just alive, but THRIVIN’. Double champions. Singles an’ tag team gold all over us like we a pair of Christmas Trees. An’ like anyone who climbin’ the ladder of success, we each got plenty of haters. We got the fuckboys shook. All SILK had to do was toss up a dick gif an’ all these hardcore alleged top names just about shit theyselves over it. Why? Was they mad they ain’t packin’ like that, or was they just mad at they own selves for likin’ the show? It don’t really matter. Hate don’t phase me. Hate don’t stop Thot Chocolate.”

Cartier turns and grabs the Dom Perignon. She works through the wrappings around the top of the bottle and twists off the metal cage and the cork with a hiss. A small puff of vapor rises from the lip of the bottle as Cartier tosses the cork and cage aside, then pours a small sip of the wine into a glass.

CARTIER: “This is for a celebration if we win and move on in the tournament… but you know what? I’m celebratin’ just bein’ here at all. A lotta teams woulda folded already. A lotta teams wouldn’t have been able to stand the heat from these fools out here who wanna call us race baiters or whatever. Seems like no matter what we say we got the same people right there to run they mouths anyway, so let ‘em talk. If I say it’s hot in the Summertime these petty bitches wanna argue, so fuck ‘em. Ain’t nobody ever won a match by bein’ a wiseass on Twitter, that’s a fact.”

Cartier sips the wine from her glass. Nothing much, just enough to wet her lips and whet her appetite for the taste of celebration. Setting the glass aside she continues.

CARTIER: “Tonight, me an’ SILK gonna go out there and do what we do best. An’ just like he wrote on this sweet ass card he gave me… it don’t matter if we win or lose at the end of the day. No matter what the end result is, no matter who makes the next round or who makes the finals. No matter who wins Bad Company, nothin’ changes the fact that Thot Chocolate is here. We here an’ we turn heads like it’s goin’ outta style. We drop jaws an’ draws. We make waves like a fat kid at a pool party, y’all. So get used to it. An’ get ready for Bad Company… I know we are.”

Cartier sticks the bottle back into the ice and heads out of her locker room, ready to meet up with SILK and head to the ring.


As soon as the bell sounds, Bianca Reed rushes across the ring, catching Jason Cashe by surprise with a flying clothesline. They both go to the ground, and Bianca tries to go for a triangle choke, but Cashe is able to wrangle his way out of it. The two begin to grapple for position, climbing to their feet as they trade holds until Bianca gets the upper hand and yanks him down with a straitjacket neckbreaker. Cashe stumbles away, retreating to a neutral corner, but the Killer B charges right in after him, does a forward roll, and—WHOA! Pops up right into a monkey flip! Cashe goes flying a decent ways before he crash-lands flat on his back, and Bianca goes for the first cover of the night…ooh, that’ll only be a 1-count! Before Bianca can start up her next combo, Cashe decides to play as dirty as he looks and bites her on the shoulder. That sharp pain freezes her up long enough for him to take control, pinning her down to the mat for a ground-and-pound, which he keeps up until the referee makes him break it up. Cashe doesn’t stay away for long, though, quickly pulling her in again for a side headlock and maintaining it as he stands up, dragging her along the whole way. Once he’s got a steady vertical base, he starts giving Bianca a noogie, more to rile up the crowd than anything else. But it also riles up his opponents, who elbows her way free, half-turns, throws another elbow—no, he blocks it—ooh, he pops her right in the mouth! That sends her down to the mat, and Cashe dives in for a cover…she kicks out at 1!

Sensing an opportunity, Cashe drags Bianca by the wrist towards The Hungry’s corner and makes the tag to his possibly-undead partner Redd Thunder—who, despite being on Cashe’s side, the Philly crowd doesn’t seem to mind nearly as much. Bianca rises up, takes one good look at the behemoth in front of her, and does what any sane person would do: get back to her corner and tag in A.J. Morales. Morales approaches with caution—after all, he doesn’t even weigh half as much as Thunder—but the masked warrior manages to bait Morales into a test of strength…and to the crowd’s surprise, the two go into a fluid exchange of chain-wrestling, countering each other’s every hold with impeccable footwork and timing, putting their contrasting influences on full display and reminding everyone just how light on their feet both men are. Even Steve and Vinny stop snarking about Redd’s return from the dead for a minute, amazed at how well the big man can actually wrestle. Eventually, Redd manages to lock down the advantage and drive A.J. back to the ropes, keeping him trapped there until the ref finally forces the break. The Thunder obliges, and A.J. gives the hardcam a knowing smirk before giving Redd a sporting fist-bump. But let’s face it, being completely sporting isn’t gonna win you a match when you’re a middleweight against a 400-pound monster, and A.J. knows it. He catches Redd with a sucker-punch to the gut, doubling the Thunder over, then runs the ropes and comes back for a nasty-looking Famouser! Morales immediately goes for the cover…AND REDD JUST SITS UP OUT OF IT! Not even a one-count on that one! A.J. can’t believe it! But he doesn’t have time to collect himself, because Redd starts throwing hard elbows right to A.J.’s face, keeping them up the entire way as the Thunder stands again. Once again, Redd hooks the Revolution in for some grappling, this time in the form of a Muay Thai clinch, and while Morales has a more extensive background in that style, that doesn’t save him from the devastating knee to the gut Thunder gives him. Redd follows that receipt up with a belly-to-belly suplex, planting Morales on the mat, then runs the ropes, comes back, and…OOF! 390 pounds of #BigFatLucha come crashing down on Morales’s stomach in the form of a running senton! Thunder stays right where he is for the cover…1…2…NEARFALL! Morales gets one of his unburdened shoulders up off the mat!

But the punishment certainly doesn’t stop there, as Thunder Irish whips the vulnerable Morales all the way to The Hungry’s corner. The Revolution bounces off the turnbuckles in a daze, and Thunder follows him there to make the tag back to Cashe, prompting an immediate wave of boos. Thunder pulls Morales in for a high lifting bearhug, keeping him trapped as the Criminal Minded Hall of Famer climbs up for…THE MARK OF JASON! That classic Superman elbow completes the Thunder Bite combination, and as Redd steps out of the ring, Cashe scrambles after Morales, who rolls a fair ways away from the impact, to hook the leg for the cover…1…2…BIANCA SAVES THE MATCH WITH A SLINGSHOT LEGDROP! The Atlanta native rolls out under the bottom rope to get out of Cashe’s reach as fast as possible, but it’s Morales who takes the brunt of the attack, as Cashe flies into another ground-and-pounding rage. Again, the Philadelphia crowd boos Cashe, and once the boos upgrade to chants reminding him not to eat tuna, he gets actively distracted and starts arguing with the fans. He gets so carried away that he doesn’t realize Morales has recovered until the Revolution gets him from behind with—THUNK!—a crucifix bomb, holding him down for the cover…kickout at 2! Morales keeps the rally going, standing up to stomp all over Cashe’s shoulders and head until Cashe finally gets out of the way. Even that doesn’t save him for long, though, as Morales Irish whips Cashe back towards Reedvolution’s corner. Morales gives chase and tags in to Bianca, who gets in, puts Cashe in a one-handed European headlock, and uses the other hand to tag Morales back in again. From there, she runs up the turnbuckles, goes up and over…AVALANCHE! Morales is on the top turnbuckle before that shiranui even finishes…HE FOLLOWS WITH THE LANTERN’S FLIGHT! But will dropping these Bombs Over Baghdad be enough?…1…2…NO! Cashe grabs the bottom rope to stay alive!

Bianca decides she wants back in again, and Morales is happy to keep the rapid-fire tags going. Cashe doesn’t even get to his feet before Bianca takes him back down with a headscissors, and once they’re both on the mat, she traps him in a cross armbreaker. Cashe yells out in pain, refusing to submit, and out of desperation, he once again uses his jagged teeth as a weapon, biting Bianca on the thigh from an angle where the ref can’t see it so she’ll release the hold. Taking advantage of the opening, Cashe punches Bianca in the face again, then pulls her up with him as he prepares to hit…OOOOH, what a shoulder slam! He stands up and starts landing legdrop after legdrop, driving the air out of her lungs with every one, then backs away, letting her struggle her way to her feet so he can run back in for a—LARIATOOOOOO! Will that be enough?…1…2…KICKOUT!

With the Thunder calling for another tag, Cashe is more than happy to bring Bianca over and let the big man go to work. What follows is pretty much what you’d expect when a guy who weighs more than three of Bianca combined goes head-to-head with her—he picks her up like she’s nothing and hits the most effortless one-armed Samoan drop you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t go for the cover, but instead quickly sets up a waistlock from behind…and just FLINGS her overhead with a release German suplex! The Princess of House Reed goes rolling even farther from where she lands, only managing to stop herself near one of the neutral corners. She centers herself, trying to will herself back to her feet, but the Thunder just rolls in and yells “HYPER BEAM!” as he lays her out with a spinning backfist.

With Bianca seemingly down for the count, the Thunder steps over her Allen Iverson-style as he climbs up to the second rope. He flexes for the crowd, getting a mixed reception—after all, a win for the Thunder is also a win for the dirtbag in his corner—before he drops back for the PULVERIZING PANCAKE—NOOOOOO! Bianca rolls out of the way, and Thunder makes an agonizing landing on the canvas! As soon as that happens, every last person in the Wells Fargo Center can feel the shift in the air. Cashe and Morales both grab their respective tag ropes, reaching as far as they possibly can for their partners, trying to will them closer…closer…they make the tags at the same time! In come Morales and Cashe, and they rush the center of the ring and start hockey-punching like maniacs! The crowd is going wild! Morales eventually gets the upper hand, but he makes a surprising call and shoves Cashe out of the way before running to The Hungry’s corner and—LIBERATOR TO REDD THUNDER! The Superman punch connects right between the eyes! The Thunder falls off the apron and lands with a sickening THUD! on the padded floor below!

Cashe’s eyes go wide in panic, and before he can snap out of it, Morales runs back up and kicks him in the gut! The Revolution mimes holding a stack of papers in his hand, makes a tearing motion, and…BOOM! A picture-perfect stunner! But even though Cashe goes stumbling back, the adrenaline in him is kicking in, and he refuses to go down! A.J. steps up—BAM! FUCKIN’ SLAYERRRR! The kick lands right on the mouth, busting Cashe’s lip and sending him staggering even further, but the Hall of Famer still keeps his footing—in fact, he spits right in Morales’s face! A.J. looks around, unsure what to do next…and then A.J. realizes how close they are to Reedvolution’s corner. He makes a signal to Bianca, who rushes into the ring, right past her wobbling opponent. Morales bends down to pick Bianca up, raises her high over his head into a military press…lines up the shot…and with a loud “YEET!” from the both of them, Morales throws Bianca at Cashe, finally managing to bowl him over. Bianca’s not tagged in, so the ref doesn’t count the pinfall, but she soon rolls out to the apron, stands up, and makes the tag. The two halves of Reedvolution scale the same corner, standing side-by-side on the top rope. They each point a finger down at Cashe, raise their arms high until they’re pointing at the ceiling, and when he finally stands up, the duo leap off at the exact same time for…THE COLLISION COURSE! Cashe takes the full force of two meteoras, one on each shoulder, and his head bounces off the canvas! Morales and Reed inadvertently each hook a leg…1…2…3! Cue the Dilated Peoples, as Reedvolution advance to the next round!

WINNERS: Reedvolution via Pinfall (14:22)


You might be wondering when this segment is going to begin. To be honest I couldn’t tell you because Bad Company is a clusterfuck and nobody knows when their match is going to happen throughout the night. Time is relative, though, I suppose and what really matters is that Nik Thoreau, one half of the conglomerate, has a large pig lasso’d that is pulling him down the corridor of the backstage area. He’s adorned in his wrestling attire but along with his ring gear he has a cowboy hat gently resting on his head.

THOREAU: ”Fred. I’ve got the perfect idea.”

Like magic, Fred Jameson appear in camera shot as well and to be quite honest he’s looking a little but unsettled by the hog that’s pulling his tag team partner along.

THOREAU: ”We’re going to take this pig to the ring with us and then Cartier and SILK won’t be able to come out and wrestle. They’ll have to forfeit. And we move onto the next round. Easy as pie.”

Curiously, Fred cocks his head at Nik, not really sure what he’s getting at.

JAMESON: ”Why… would a pig keep them from coming to the ring?”

THOREAU: ”Someone told me they overheard SILK talking about being on the run from pigs because he’s, you know, involved in sex trafficking.”

Fred facepalms at Niks revalation, shaking his head in dismay.

JAMESON: ”Nik… they meant police officers. Pig is a term that people use for police officers.”

Niks face contorts in a mixture of confusion and annoyance, his brilliant plan unraveling at the seams right before his very eyes.

THOREAU: ”So… you don’t think they would run away from this pig?”

Fred shakes his head no.

THOREAU: ”Ugh, fuck it. I guess we’ll just have to beat them the old fashioned way then. What should I do with this Hamlet, though?”

JAMESON: ”You named him?!”

THOREAU: ”Well.. Yeah why wouldn’t I?”

Not wanting to deal with the trouble of what to do with a big ass pig, Fred just walks away shaking his head leaving his partner to figure it out on his own.


Elena DeDraca starts off the match with Duce Jones. DeDraca goes asks for a test of strength and Jones scoffs and obliges her. As soon as their hands touch DeDraca spins and twirls all around him getting him in all manner of lucha holds and locks. He wants no more of it when he stuffs a Lotus Lock attempt and jumps to stomp DeDraca in the back. Duce tags Krayzie in and they spend some time isolating DeDraca while the ref has a harder time keeping Madison in check. DeDraca gets some breathing room after she reverses on Jones to hit a Falling Inverted DDT on Jones but Krayzie hits her with a Yakuza Kick that sends her reeling into the corner. Jones gets up and scrapes his boot against her face then runs to the opposite corner and hits a running face wash. He pulls DeDraca to the middle of the ring and pins, but she kicks out!

Krayzie and Jones do not let up but do slip up when DeDraca flips off a backdrop suplex and lands a combination on punches making Krayzie back up into a corner. DeDraca lands some knees to the body as well ending with a knee to the head sending Krayzie down. Jones walks up but DeDraca ducks under a clothesline and gets a Belly to Back Suplex. She finally gets the tag and Madison enters like a freight train getting a double leg takedown on Jones. Krayzie comes up to help and Madison hits a drop toe hold to drop him on top of Jones. Madison gets on both their backs and grabs their arms and he pulls for Dual Fujiwara Armbars. Madison lets go and throws Jones outside. When he turns around, Krayzie hits a kick to the chest that sends Madison reeling to the corner. Krayzie picks him up and drops Madison with a German Suplex.

Madison rolls back and the two of them trade offense with Madison trying to keep the match on the ground as Krayzie resorts more to striking. It is a close one but Madison manages to always link his suplexes together with a submission weakening Krazyzie. Madison misses a tag and continues working on Krayzie so Jones comes up behind him to tag him with an elbow. Krayzie grabs Madison from behind and hits a Backdrop Suplex as Jones hits a jumping neckbreaker. Madison is slow to get up and Jones and Krayzie sign him up. They go for the CBD but as they go to hit the punk kick and d-trigger, DeDraca springboards off the ropes to hit a flying clothesline on Jones and Krayzie gets put into a flying armbar by Madison.

DeDraca keeps Jones at bay but Krayzie is able to reach the ropes. Madison tags out to DeDraca and grabs Krayzie by the arms. He pulls the ripcord and spins himself to hit him with the Comatosed. Krayzie reels from the elbow and falls right under DeDraca’s boot for the Revelation. She stomps his head down onto the mat. She pins and Madison keeps Jones at bey for the win.

WINNERS: Elena DeDraca & Chris Madison via Pinfall (12:55)

Backstage, the camera shows the 4CW Tag Team Champions, the American Mangs, meeting each other in a lounge. DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez is wearing his traditional black leather jacket over his wrestling gear, and American Tommy is wearing flannel pajama pants and a white t-shirt.

FERNANDEZ: “I dunno what this SCUM Underground place is, only that there’s Cashe, the THUNDER and our current opponents, but they haven’t even DARED come out on the airwaves, mang.”

TOMMY: “They too busy digging graves ya goof. Hopefully they dug one for me.”

Mariano shakes his head in disgust.

FERNANDEZ: “This is god damned BAD COMPANY. 4CW’s tournament of every year. They had the god damned 4CW Tag Team Titles shot at their FIRST try, and they couldn’t be bothered to say or DO anything about it. But here they were, the new tag team from SCUM or whatever, falling flat on their god damned faces without uttering a word. How do you THINK you made that place look, mang? At least Mike Best TRIED to make OCW somewhat credible, but what do you expect when you have a roster like Duce Jones and Krayzie and the colossal disappointment that Scott fucking Stevens always was, and they STILL did better than SCUM.”

DA #TROLL GUY scoffs again, in clearly visible irritation, then he sighs, throwing his hands.

FERNANDEZ: “But of course, I shouldn’t have expected anything different, since there’s Cashe and REDD talking about the SCUM movement – which, this being Jason Cashe, only movement I can imagine him leading is a bowel one. But no matter, mang. So much for that place being taken even REMOTELY seriously.”

TOMMY: “Well, you saw them get scared immediately on Twitter that they were facing us. So…I mean, we shouldn’t be surprised they didn’t show.”

FERNANDEZ: “And speaking of being taken seriously, mang.”

Mariano places his hands on his hips, looking away almost in incredulity, before facing the camera again.

FERNANDEZ: ”So Cartier and SILK, of ALL people, want to talk about challenges.”

So Mariano says, rolling his eyes as if he had heard enough.

TOMMY: “I challenge her to not say something stupid on Twitter for one day.”

FERNANDEZ: “Listen mang. I KNOW you like to run your mouth and that’s your bread and butter, but remember that self-awareness part we talked about? Once again you’ve proved us right. One more time did you show that you simply couldn’t give a shit about anything that goes on around you. YOU want to talk about challenges? We CAME to you when you WERE King’s Road Tag Team Champions, and you backed the fuck out. We MADE our open challenge when #REEDVOLUTION were the number one contenders. Only THEY did come to us, and they STILL did more in 4CW than you OR THOT Chocolate ever god damned did. Because when WE were doing the “pre-season” games, where the fuck were YOU?…”

Mariano waits for Tommy to answer, but the latter seems to be distracted by the table of food in the corner. In fact, he walks over to it in the middle of Manny talking.

FERNANDEZ: “Nowhere was where you’ve god damned been. Before you talk about Elysium, remember I was Trios Champion there before you made it to the tag team titles, and I only did it to help Azurine Vebbins. Before you talk about Southside, remember that I BEAT the then Excellence Champion in 4CW. And inside these Corners Four, YOU didn’t sign up to Tag Team Into The Future. YOU didn’t do any of this shit we did. YOU didn’t even play on what you called the “pre-season”, so don’t pretend because you have two belts elsewhere – one of which you JUST happened to lose, you are ANY better of a team than Tommy and I in 4CW. Hell – we’ve defended BOTH our individual AND tag team titles, so out goes your argument of focusing on one in detriment of the other. And by the way, before you send A.J. and Bianca a Thank You card for “running the Sadboiz out”, remember who the fuck it was that brought them down and humiliated them FIRST. Because you were rooting for US the entire god damned time since you and SILK lacked what you needed to take them head on.”

Tommy yells over at Manny from the food table.


Manny looks at Tommy and shakes his head with annoyance. Tommy shoots him back a look.

TOMMY: “What the fuck you want me to say? I really have no interest in talking about Thot Chocolate or any of these other teams anymore than I already have. It’s time for everybody to prove everything that they’ve said about us. They won’t and we’ll win Bad Company, but yeah.”

Tommy looks down at the table of food and then looks back at Manny.

TOMMY: “So,, I’m gonna be over here doing my thing at the food table while you do whatever you are doing over there.”

Manny tries to say something, but Tommy stops him.

TOMMY: “There is CHEESE, Manny. Mozzarella, provolone, sharp cheddar paired with some salami, prosciutto and some pepperoni.”



Tommy turns back towards the table and begins to stuff his face. Mariano looks at the table somewhat tempted, but tries to resist.

FERNANDEZ: “And speaking of the OTHER teams, what else do we have? The god damned disappointment that were SKYFORCE and Hammer and Saw, because none of them couldn’t give a shit about taking this tournament seriously in the first place. #REEDVOLUTION taking a page out of MY playbook and going full-on Hamilton again, as if it was HARD to do that kind of shit. Cyrus Riddle and Bexs Dawson getting divorced before they even wrestled their first tag team match. Zack Fantana and El Hijo del Señor Ass lamenting that Ana Hayden and Lisa Seldon backed out like a CERTAIN other idiot, but then again, it’s like we didn’t know everyone in Gen Now but Lauryn and I are cowards, and it wasn’t even her fault-”

Mariano raises his hand, anger visible in his eyes.

FERNANDEZ: “You know what? Fuck this. It’s clear none among all these people give a shit about the belts, they don’t give a shit about this tournament, and don’t even give a shit about themselves. We’ll simply win the main event tonight, make it past this round and THEN will we see who is left. Until then, none of you are worth talking about.”

Mariano turns towards Tommy, and gives a yell.

FERNANDEZ: “OI! TOMMY! Leave something for me, mang!

After that, he chases after Tommy still stuffing his face on the table…


There is a clear tension as this match starts up as both members of The Conglomerate and Thot Chocolate refuse to leave the ring to start the match instead of pushing and shoving as the ref tries to separate them. Cartier and Nikolas Thoreau start off, well sort of as Cartier plays to the crowd with some twerking. The horny devils cheer wildly and this gets Nikolas furious as he kicks her right in the bottom. This has NO effect because she is thicc and stuff. Nik runs the ropes, Cartier ducks a lariat and fires back with her butt making Nik Eat This Ass! Nikolas is disgusted and immediately tags out. Frederick Jameson runs in and overwhelms Cartier with clubbing blows. He takes out SILK from the apron and rallies Nik up as they double team Cartier.

Nik hits her with an elbow and she backs up into a German Suplex from Fred. Nik hits a Conglomerate Kick that sends her to the outside. SILK checks on her as Nik and Fred run to the ropes but just slow down and play to the crowd. SILK and Cartier take a moment to recover outside and face off. Against Nik and Fred. They look at each other and rush the ring and a brawl kicks off. This chaos works to Thos Chocolate’s advantage and they get the better of the Conglomerate. SILK and Fred remain the legal men in the ring and they trade offense until they start to tire and work for a tag. SILK hits Fred with a Bicycle Knee Strike and falls. He stands at the corner but before he can get the tag Fred grabs him from behind and picks him up to hit the Samoan Drop. SILK chops him in the mouth as Fred goes to collect him and kips up to hit a Spinning Backfist into a Bareback slamming him in an olympic style close to the corner. He gets Cartier in.

Cartier runs across the ring to take Nik out. She goes to SILK and they get up on the corner to set up the Elevated Legdrop. Cartier is up on SILK’s shoulders as he is on the second rope. She flies off and lands hard onto Fred. SILK is still up and joins the fans in counting with the ref, but Nik comes from behind and knocks SILK off making him land onto Cartier and Fred to break the pin. Nik goes on top and hits the Moonlight Dive onto SILK. Fred takes Cartier and picks her up into the Atomic Drop. SILK tries to get over to her but Nik grabs him up into the Natural Lock. Fred plants Cartier on the mat finishing up the YIKES! SILK kicks Nik off and gets a quick kneebar to release himself. The ref starts counting! SILK dives over to break it up but Nik tackles him down. The ref counts to three!

WINNERS: The Conglomerate via Pinfall (9:56)

The scene cuts backstage to a familiar sight we haven’t seen on 4CW programming in quite a while, the door to Perry Wallace’s makeshift office for the evening. The door in closed and inside, Perry’s voice is heard. It sounds as if he’s on the phone with someone as he is the only one heard, but it is unclear at the moment as the inside of the office has not yet come into view.

The cameraman’s hand reaches down and grabs the doorknob, attempting to give it a light turn only to find out the door is locked from the inside. Whatever is going on inside of the office has Perry sounding angry as his voice grows louder and louder, becoming easier to understand with each shouting word.

WALLACE: ”I don’t give a damn what you have to do! We’ve been going back and forth with those fucks for months, since the beginning of May! You told me earlier that you and them came to an agreement and they were releasing the content from Adrenaline One-oh-Two. What’s the problem now?!”

The inside goes silent, more than likely due to the person on the other end of the line speaking.

WALLACE: ”Goddamnit, Wrigley!”

So that’s who he’s talking to, his lawyer, Christopher Wrigley. Did Perry really reach out to Wrigley for assistance with the network issues? Is he retarded? Don’t answer that.

WALLACE: ”It’s Saturday night! We have Bad Company taking place both tonight and tomorrow night. I would love to release the unaired content from Adrenaline One-oh-Two tonight following night one, and well before the start of night two tomorrow. Make it happen, Wrigley!”

Silence once more from inside.

WALLACE: ”I don’t care what you have to do! It’s Saturday night, and you sure as shit aren’t going to church tomorrow morning. You better stay up all night and do whatever it takes with those Showtime execs to finalize what you told me you already had handled two weeks ago. Jesus fuc–“

Perry stops in mid sentence, followed by silence yet again.

WALLACE: ”Fuck that! You aren’t going to church in the morning, stop bullshitting me. What you’re going to do is this. You’re going to follow through on your promise to get my unreleased content so we can publish this stuff over night. And then you’re going to personally lodge your foot up Tedmund’s ass on behalf of me. You got that?”

This time the silence is one for a second, maybe two.


That shout was loud enough to make the cameraman even jump a little.

WALLACE: ”Yeah, I’m alright. I just kicked my toe on the corner of this goddamn chair.”

Footsteps are then heard getting closer and closer to the camera before coming to a stop. The camera slowly looks to the left and upward, bringing an unfamiliar person into view. He’s somewhat unfamiliar, but for those who recently watched 8 Corner’s first event, R!OT, you may remember him being behind the commentary booth at cage side.

? ? ?: ”Excuse me, I’m Russell Donovan and I’m here to see Perry Wallace.”

The camera then slowly turns to the nametag hanging on the door which reads “Perry Wallace”.

DONOVAN: ”Yeah, that’s why I’m here. You mind stepping back and giving me some room to knock on the door?”

The cameraman obliges, taking a few steps back and opening a space for Russell to approach the door before knocking against it. It takes a few moments before the door handle is heard twisting. The door then opens and on the other side if exactly who we heard on the phone. In fact, Perry still had the phone up to his ear as he backed away from the door, a slight limp in his step and not because his cawk is so goddamn heavy. His toe is killing him right now!

WALLACE: ”Wrigley, I’ll call you back. Handle it.”

Wrigley tries to get another word in but Perry immediately cuts him off.

WALLACE: ”No, no, no… no. Just handle it. I believe in you! Don’t let me down, for real don’t let me down. I’m about to go through a tunnel now so I’ll call you back if I lose reception.”

Before he could even finish the last word, he presses the red button on his screen to end the call. Looking up to Russell, Perry waves for him to enter.

WALLACE: ”Russell! Come on in. I didn’t think you were going to make it tonight.”

DONOVAN: ”You wanted to speak with me about a position on the Four Corners side.”

WALLACE: ”Hold shit, you flew all the way here for this? We could have talked over things on the phone.”

DONOVAN: ”I was under the impression that you wa–“

WALLACE: ”It’s all good! Come on in. Care for a drink?”

Perry turns and points to the fully stocked back in the back of the office. He then looks directly into the camera with a smile on his face.

WALLACE: ”Take a look at that, Tedmund! Get all up in your feels over this like your name is Bryan Williams getting mad over another girl online or something!”

Russell enters the office and before the cameraman even takes his first step towards entering, Perry reaches for the door and swings it shut, leaving the viewers outside in the hallway with the cameraman.



Things start off with Wolf Arano and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Mariano Fernandez, circling the center of the ring following the sound of the bell. Extending his hand into the air, Wolf waves his fingers, signaling for Mariano to lock hands with him. Just as Manny reaches up, Wolf immediately kicks him in the stomach with a swift right kick. Stepping in beside Manny, Wolf grabs ahold of him, pulling his body upright from a bent over position. Throwing his arm back, Manny plants his elbow to Wolf’s chin as he straightens his body. Bursting forward, Manny rushed the ropes ahead of him, leaping into the air just as he came within range. Planting both feet to the ropes, Manny springboards off, launching himself backwards through the air. Spinning in mid air, Manny swung his arm around with his Warhammer intended for Wolf. Dropping to the mat, Wolf dodges the forearm attack from Manny. Rolling his body forward, Manny hits the mat and rolls up to his feet fluidly. Behind him Wolf rushes in, already back to his feet and looking to strike. Manny turns around not knowing what exactly was behind him but the second he saw, his eyes lit up like a deer in the headlights. Leaping forward through the air, Wolf connects with a clothesline, knocking Manny flat on his back!

Pulling Manny up from the mat, Wolf pounds his head with back to back rights. Positioning himself beside Manny, Wolf quickly grabs ahold of him, instantly dropping him to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep. After lifting Manny to his feet once more, Wolf walks him over to his corner, throwing him into it and also back first into a knee to the kidney from Jay Slaughter on the apron. Manny stumbles forward, dropping down to one knee as bounces away from the corner. Running in at full speed, Wolf connects with another clothesline, putting Manny flat on his back seeing stars! Wolf quickly tags Jay in who wastes no time shooting up the outside of the corner and climbing to the top. Jumping off the corner, Jay drops straight down over Manny’s head swinging both arms downward from over his head. Popping his foot off the mat, Manny quickly pulls it inward and kicks straight up, planting his foot to the bottom as Jay’s chin as his feet touch the canvas. His head bounces off Manny’s foot, followed by his feet launching off the mat. Jay crashes backwards into the corner. Pushing himself up, Manny pops to his feet just as Jay explodes from the corner and rushes him. Side stepping Jay as he closed in, Manny interlocked his leg with Jay’s, taking Jay face first down to the mat!

Dragging Jay to the opposite side of the ring, Manny slings him into the corner where American Tommy stands on the apron just behind the ropes. He doesn’t ram his knee through the ropes like Jay did to Manny earlier. He doesn’t strike Jay whatsoever from the apron, but he’s up to something. The question is what exactly? Sticking both index fingers into his mouth, Tommy tries his very best to cover them with as much saliva as possible. Then just as expected, Tommy pulls both fingers from his mouth and then shoves them into Jay’s ears with a wet willie! Jay quickly pulls himself away from the corner and spins around, throwing a wild, blind punch that nearly takes Tommy out. Ducking at the last second, Tommy pulls himself through the ropes, driving his shoulder into Jay’s midsection, knocking the air from his lungs. From behind, Manny sneaks in unnoticed, jumping into the air and planting both feet to Jay’s back with a dropkick. Jay stumbles forward, crashing frontwards into the corner. Bouncing off, Jay then falls straight to his back. Manny positions himself beside Jay but before he can make his next move, the sound of Tommy’s hand slapping Manny’s shoulder cuts through the sounds of the crowd. Manny immediately looks to Tommy, extending his arms and asking Tommy about the slap tag. Climbing the corner slowly, Tommy takes his time to get to the top. Once there? He takes his time even more while waiting for Jay to climb back to his feet, all while ignoring Manny questioning the tag. Just when that moment finally comes, right when Jay stands tall, Tommy leaps away from the corner, flying through the air and leveling Jay with a diving seated senton!

The match continues on at a slow pace, mostly Tommy teasing Jay with insults and hand gestures. Pulling Jay up from the mat, Tommy then locks onto his wrist and goes to sling him towards the ropes. Planting his foot and countering, Jay reverses and whips Tommy to the corner where Wolf waits patiently at before chasing behind him. Jumping forward in the air, Tommy extends his arm, reaching for the ropes at each side of the corner. Grabbing ahold of them, he pushes his body upward, elevating himself even higher before pushing off from the corner. Jay rushes in but misses as Tommy shoots himself up and over his head. Reaching out, Jay grabs the corner, stopping his momentum before crashing into it or his partner on the apron. Landing to his feet, Tommy then bursts forward, connecting with a lariat to Jay from behind. The force of the lariat throws Jay forward, crashing into his partner on the outside corner. Jay’s arm goes over the ropes, causing his hand to slap Wolf’s shoulder and the official recognizing it as a tag. Grabbing Jay by the back of the head, Tommy wraps his arm around the back before slamming Jay face down onto the top turnbuckle. With the headlock still in tact, Tommy then turns Jay’s position before taking a few steps forward and dropping him face down with a bulldog.

As Jay rolls out of the ring, Wolf remains on the apron, clueless to the official recognizing the mishap as a tag just moments prior. Rushing over to him, Tommy steps in and pivots his body, reaching his arm back over the top rope and wrapping it around Wolf. Leaning forward, Tommy pulls Wolf over the ropes and back into the ring, flipping him over and slamming him to his back with his YoYo Toss Salad (hip toss)! Tommy shoots up to his feet in excitement, pumped up from the simple maneuver he just executed. Celebrating, Tommy’s attention is caught as Wolf is slowly getting back to his feet. Tommy quickly rushes in again, grabbing ahold of Wolf and flipping him over to his back with a second YoYo Toss Salad. Sliding into the ring, Jay catches Tommy by surprise with an elbow shot to the side of the head as he was climbing to get back to his feet. Manny quickly dips through the ropes, racing towards Jay and gaining speed with each step he takes across the ring. Leaping into the air, Manny swings for Jay’s head, connecting with his Warhammer (flying forearm)! Falling backwards into the ropes, Jay goes up and over, crashing down to the apron before spilling down to the outside floor. Tommy shakes off the blow to the head and then turns to the corner where he races up to the top. Beating Wolf before he could even climb to his feet, Tommy then leaped into the air, coming down and executing Wolf with his Dream Crusher (Mongolian stomp)! With Manny standing on guard for Jay on the outside of the ring, Tommy rolls Wolf to his back and lays over him with a nonchalant cover. One! … Two! … Three!

WINNERS: American Mangs via Pinfall (10:37)

At the sound of the three count, Tommy immediately shoots up to his feet in excitement. The official hands both American Mangs the titles before hoisting their arms high above their heads. Manny then draws his arm back, reaching behind Tommy before swinging as hand as he could, slapping Tommy across the back. Manny played it off as if patting Tommy on the back, congratulating his teammate. The look on Tommy’s face following the slap across the back was one of pain. You could tell Tommy was holding it back, but the pain was evident from the stinging slap from Manny. Tommy rolls his shoulder to shrug Manny off before stepping away and leaving his partner in the center of the ring alone as he approached the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it! Night one of this year’s Bad Company is in the books!”

VASSA: ”The American Mangs just added another successful defense to their reign, picking up right where they left off at South Beach Brawl before 4CW operations came to a screeching halt.”

JOHNSON: ”As you heard earlier, business is about to be picking back up and it all starts with Bad Company. Not only will the American Mangs advance, but seven other teams will advance to night two tomorrow night.”

VASSA: ”Reedvolution will face 2HighKru. Kaven Drell and Toby Wagner will square up with Dark Side of the Moon. That’s the left side of out bracket!”

JOHNSON: ”And on the right we have Ebony and Ivory stepping into the ring with The Conglomerate. Then in the championship round two matchup, we have Elena DeDraca and Chris Madison challenging the American Mangs for the 4CW Tag Team Championships!”

VASSA: ”And that’s only round two. Following those four matches, we have two round three matches and then the finals all tomorrow night under one roof!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s good to be back at the booth, Vinny.”

VASSA: ”That’s the damn truth! And I can’t think of a better way to come back than hosting Bad Company and seeing the fit Bryan Williams made over this whole tournament.”

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s all the time we have for tonight ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night and join us as we head into night two of Bad Company to see who wins it all, the championships and the cash!”

VASSA: ”I’ll be seeing each and every one of these team tonight for some insider information I can use at the booth.”

JOHNSON: ”Why are you lying? I know exactly what you’re up to!”

VASSA: ”You can’t prove that.”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t need to, but on that note, I think it’s best for us to end things here and press forward to night two. Thank you all for joining us here tonight as 4CW makes it’s return to action. From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”

The sound from their headsets goes silent as they continue to talk to one another behind the booth. Inside the ring, Tommy and Manny continue to celebrate their victory here tonight. With the title over his shoulder, Tommy sneaks in behind Manny, slapping him on the back with force, while also playing it off as him patting Manny on the back. The two look at each other in silence, not exactly sure what to think of the current situation. The crowd then breaks out into a chant, distracting them from each other as they turn to look at the crowd on opposite sides of the ring.

“Amer-i-can Mangs! … Amer-i-can Mangs! … Amer-i-can Mangs! … Amer-i-can Mangs!”

Playing to the crowd, both champions raises their titles in the air, presenting them to opposite ends of the arena but drawing the same reaction from both. Slowly, the picture begins to fade out, all while the chanting continues to be heard loud and clear.

“Amer-i-can Mangs! … Amer-i-can Mangs! … Amer-i-can Mangs! … Amer-i-can Mangs!”

Then the silence finally follows over a black screen. A light suddenly flashes across the screen, revealing the bracket for round two which will kick off in less than twenty-four hours.