“Bad Company” begins to play as clips from Night One fill the screen. Sixteen teams entered Night One with only eight leaving Night One with a ticket to compete in Night Two here tonight. As the music picks up, the video feed transitions from the clips to an inside shot of the Well Fargo Center, live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Just like the night before, the house is packed here tonight, bodies as far as the eye can see from the view at the top of the entrance stage. Scanning over the crowd, the camera zooms into a few signs brought in by the local fans in attendance.

Cruising down the entrance ramp at a steady pace, the camera takes in the scenery and life in the crowd tonight. Circling the ring, pyro erupts from the ring posts, lighting up the surrounding area. Coming to a stop with the announcers booth straight ahead, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa come into view, ready to get things underway here for Night Two of Bad Company!

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Night Two of 4CW’s Bad Company! I’m your host, Steve Johnson!”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re coming to you all live tonight from the Wells Fargo Center right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!”

JOHNSON: ”Last night you joined us as we watched round one of Bad Company take place. Sixteen teams from all over met under this roof to compete in eight matches to decide who would advance here tonight.”

VASSA: ”It was an exciting night of tag team action and tonight should be just as fun!”

JOHNSON: ”Kicking things off Dark Side of the Moon will open the show against Kaven Drell and Toby Wagner!”

VASSA: ”Moving along to our second match of the evening, Ebony and Ivory will go head to head with The Conglomerate.”

JOHNSON: ”In our third match, 2HighKru will climb into the ring with Reedvolution.”

VASSA: ”And then wrapping things up for round one we a 4CW Tag Team Championship match as the American Mangs will put the belts on the line against the team of Elena DeDraca and Chris Madison!”

JOHNSON: ”That’s four round two matches for you right there! Then after that we have two round three matches followed by the big finale main event!”

VASSA: ”Who will we see in the last three matches of the night? That’s a very tough question to say the least. It could literally be any of these teams here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”Not only do we have some more tag team action on the books for you all, we also have a very special announcement from the man in charge himself, mister Perry Wallace.”

VASSA: ”Mister? Seriously, Steve?”

JOHNSON: ”What would you prefer I call him?”

VASSA: ”What about just Perry. Have you ever thought of that?”

JOHNSON: ”I was just showing a little respect, something you should take the time to learn for yourself.”

VASSA: ”I’d love to do that, Steve, but unfortunately we have a tournament to call and millions of people around the world depending on us. I’m going to have to take a raincheck on the respect lesson, okay?”

JOHNSON: ”Unbelievable. And on that note, we’re going to go ahead and jump right into our opening match of the event. Elena DeDraca and Chris Madison challenging the American Mangs for the 4CW Tag Team Championships!”

Before Vinny can respond, Johnson signals for the audio to cut off, preventing him from delaying the show with his arguing. The picture then cuts away from the booth momentarily, displaying the bracket for and progress thus far.

There is no bigger occasion in tag team wrestling.

With the field halved, the 4CW tag titles are in the balance and it remains anyone’s game. The 16 competitors involved all know this. Chief amongst them are Ebony & Ivory.

Surely the underdogs of Bad Company, Katya Djurdjevic and Zari Aliyah trade jokes as they complete the final touches to their ring gear, doing their best to dampen their nerves.

Rising from the bench, Zari sighs softly.

ALIYAH: ”Man, it’s crazy, Kit Kat. I know it’s the second day… but now that it’s the deciding day… it feels like things are really underway. It feels way tenser, Kinda getting goosebumps…”

She half smirks.

ALIYAH: ”… but the ride ain’t over yet.”

Her Russian partner nods, rising also.

DJURDJEVIC: ”Not yet. It’s all in our hands now. That’s what I like about tournaments. Everyone’s only expecting results out of The Conglomerate… but we’ve been picking fights with big guns from day one. Being the sleeper isn’t new to us. We sent a warning shot with Hammer & Saw, but now it’s time for the uppercut. Beating The Conglometate.”

Zari slowly licks her lower lip.

ALIYAH: “We could seriously be 4CW tag team champions in a couple of hours from now.”

The two good friends share a glance.

Katya smiles, sharing her partner’s enthusiasm.

DJURDJEVIC: ”You’re right. Just before the finals. Ooh, boy. I’m not getting ahead of myself, Z, but honestly, we have the toughest route to winning all this. First The Conglomerate, then the 4CW tag champs, then whoever the heck gets through the bracket on the other side. This is a really good test for us.”

ALIYAH: “But only if we get past The Conglomerate first… It’s not going to be easy to muscle our way into the semi-finals… But if we DO beat them…”

DJURDJEVIC: ”There’s no telling what will happen. Good thing we’re not planning to just beat them then”

ALIYAH: “Of course not. We’re gonna fuckin’–”

With a roar like thunder they shout–


Slapping hands and beating a hand to their chests, the tag team march off with determination in their young hearts.


Kaven Drell and Toby Wagner stand ominously in their corner staring at Cyrus Riddle who has had his fair share of dealings with men like these. Rebecca Dawson rolls her eyes at the rising spookiness and dares to walk up to the dastardly looking duo and flip her hair in their faces. They don’t move. Wagner blinks for the first time in a while and Drell chuckles silently. Riddle starts off the match with Drell and they start by trying to strike and chop each other down. Riddle grabs Drell’s arms to hit arm trap headbutts then pulls him in for a Short-Arm Clothesline. On the ground, Riddle wails on Drell with some kneed drops. Drell shows some aptitude on the ground too and grabs Riddle’s leg to trip him over and get some mounted punches. They grapple on the mat. They get close to Drell’s corner and Toby flies through the middle ropes to hit a low lariat on Riddle while Drell holds his legs. Drell and Toby proceed to stomp Riddle into the corner. The ref separates them and Drell sends Riddle flying into the neutral corner. Drell hits him with a Running Clothesline and Riddle crumples to the mat.

Drell distracts the ref and Toby pulls Riddle out of the ring onto the apron. He hits Riddle with a belly to back slam on the apron. Drell suddenly tries to smack Dawson off the apron but she sees him coming and grabs his arm to lock in an armbar over the ropes. She lets go as Riddle stumbles up into the ring and Drell holds his arm. Riddle jumps up and hits Drell with the Daydreamer. Drell is down after the lariat to the back of the head. Riddle goes to the corner and Drell inches towards his. They make their tags almost simultaneously and Dawson enters the ring first before Toby. She floors him with a flying clothesline and then catapults him into the turnbuckle. Dawson goes on a streak completely overwhelming Toby. Dawson throws him on the ropes and gets an Inverted Stomp Facebuster. As he gets up she is calling for the KOAB but Toby gets out of the way of the curb stomp and locks on a rear naked choke stopping her completely.

Before she goes out Toby lets go and throws Dawson with a Release German Suplex. He hangs her feet up on the ropes and hits the Go to Hell. When Dawson rolls to the side Riddle suddenly falls on him with an Elbow Drop. Drell runs into the ring and takes Riddle out with a Redacted. The four competitors brawl in the ring with Dark Side of the Moon getting the advantage until Wagner and Drell stop them with two Big Boots. Drell gets Dawson up into a powerbomb position and drops her down into the Tolling Bell right onto Wagner’s knees for a modified End. He covers and the match is over.

WINNERS: Kaven Drell & Toby Wagner via Pinfall (12:48)

We switch cameras to another backstage area. There’s nobody in the frame yet, but there is a large red white and blue flag hanging on the wall, which the history buffs in the audience might recognize as the one American troops flew at the Battle of Yorktown. We hear a few piano chords over handclaps, with the low end cut off, and after a few measures, it kicks into a full orchestral hip-hop beat right as A.J. Morales and Bianca Reed, wearing long wool coats over their entrance gear, step into the frame.

MORALES: “Mademoiselle Reed!”

REED: “Señor Morales!”

MORALES: “In Philly where we belong!”

REED: ¿Cómo se dice? No sweat!”

MORALES: “Time to take the field, we’ll make quite the run…”

REED: “Reedvolution—”

The two pivot and point at the camera right as the beat cuts out.


They high-five as we hear a vinyl record scratch, but then the needle abruptly pulls away as they break out of their rhythm and start taking the wool coats off. Clearly, those weren’t a good idea in this humid weather.

MORALES: “You think Manny still thinks we’re copying him?”

REED: “Doesn’t matter. We do Hamilton a million times better.”

The two back turn to the camera again.

MORALES: “Now, don’t get me wrong, last night was a blast. I mean, how could it not be? We starved The Hungry just like we said we would, we spoiled another Hall of Famer’s big 4CW comeback…”

REED: “It would’ve been perfect if Cashe hadn’t kept biting me…”

She clenches her fist and starts looking away from the camera, clearly unhappy about that part of last night, so A.J. keeps things rolling until she’s ready to talk again.

MORALES: “But that was just the prelude to what’s coming tonight. We’re getting into the gauntlet that’s defined Bad Company since the very first one in this very city: three rounds, one night, zero time to catch your breath.”

REED: “This is the kinda night where nobody’s safe, where champions drop like flies. And if somebody hasn’t already taken those 4CW Tag Team Championships from the American Mangs by the time the finals come around, then we are not throwing away our shot to do it.”

MORALES: “But we gotta get through a whole battalion of competition first, starting with 2HighKru—who, give ‘em credit, they’re talented, even if they kinda fall into that annoying adonó school of thought—”

Bianca taps A.J. on the shoulder, giving him a puzzled look.

REED: “What’s adonó?”

A.J. takes his eyes off the camera and turns to Bianca.

MORALES: “It’s when you can’t decide if you’re a rudo or a técnico, so whenever someone asks, you shrug and go ‘¡Adonó!’”

We hear a loud ba-dum-KSSSSSH! in the background as A.J. flashes Bianca a grin. She, on the other hand, gives the camera a look that can only be described as “Ugh, this bitch…”

REED: “…anyway, once that’s over with, it’ll be us against either Drell & Wagner or Dark Side of the Moon—either way, the chemistry’s there for now, but the whole spooky/not-spooky mismatch has to backfire at some point, right?”

MORALES: “Might as well be against us.”

REED: “And once we’re past that, it doesn’t matter how tired we are or who’s got the gold—we will get in that ring one last time, we will prove the doubters wrong, and we will be the only ones left standing!”

MORALES: “Tell ‘em, B!”

Bianca gets closer to the camera, feeding off her teammate’s hype.

REED: “There’s a reason our names were in most of these teams’ mouths when they cut their promos. They know we’re the biggest threat that doesn’t have the gold yet. They know we put in the work they never did to be a real tag team and make it last like we have instead of being yet another one-and-done failed experiment. They can keep talking. We’ll just do everything they never could.”

A.J. steps up right behind his partner, more low-key, but clearly still feeling the fire.

MORALES: “And when it’s all said and done, we’ll be the ones with the Tag Team Championships around our waists. We’ll be the ones taking home over a million dollars in bonus checks. This is our Yorktown, this is where we end the war. And when our flag goes up at the end of the night…”

Reedvolution each take a step to the side and half-turn so they can point back at the flag on the wall.

MORALES: “…they’ll know we turned the world upside down.”

On that last note, the two give the camera a salute and walk out of the frame.


Zari Seymour and Katya Djurdjevic bring the Ebony and Ivory energy to the ring trying to overtake the Conglomerate of arrogance that is Nikolas Thoreau and Frederick Jameson. Fred starts off with Zari and he doesn’t let her catch a breath as he smothers her with knees and hard forearms. Zari braces and covers up as best she can. Fred drives her into the corner but before she can reach it she puts a foot on the bottom turnbuckle and pushes off for a forearm smash of her own. She drops down to put all her weight on his leg and gets him down to hit some mounted elbows. Zari turns and goes for his leg. Fred kicks her off into the corner and stands to grab her and hit a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. He holds her on his knee and pushes her chin and knee down stretching her back on his own knee. Nik pulls Katya from the outside and she hits her head on the apron. Nik then goes up to the ropes and hits a flying leg drop on Zari. Fred pins looking to end it early but Zari kicks out.

Zari reverses the momentum after a few moments of punishment by flipping out of a German Suplex and hitting a Roundhouse Kick followed by a Cravate Cutter on Fred. She tags Katya in who immediately goes on the attack. Katya hits a Running Single Leg Dropkick on Fred and then kicks him in the spine. Zari runs up and kicks him in the spine as well. Fred gets up angry and in pain and tries to hit them both with lariats. They duck down and bounce off the opposite ropes to hit Discus Elbow and Discus Clothesline. Katya pins as Fred falls but Zari is unable to stop Nik from breaking up the pin. Nik is beaten back and Katya focuses on Fred. He picks her up onto his shoulders but she elbows him in the head and spins around into a Hurricanrana. Nik tags himself in. He runs out to dodge a forearm and fires back with a Conglomerate Kick. He backs up to hit Zari with one as well.

Nik picks Katya up and throws her into the corner with a One Hit Wonder making her crash into the turnbuckles after his running powerbomb. Fred follows up by cartwheeling onto Katya with a back elbow. Zari surprises Nik during this with a Running STO. Fred finishes his FG2KY with the Crossface. Zari gets Nik in an Arm Trap Crossface of her own. The ref panics in confusion as Zari and Fred scream at each other not wanting to let go of the legal opponents in the match. They finally do and Fred hits a lariat on Zari that sends them both over the top rope tumbling to the ground.

Nik and Katya are slow to stand and meet up in the center of the ring. Katya ducks a Conglomerate Kick and hits a Backdrop Suplex. She goes to his legs to lock on the Dragon’s nest bending them way back. Before she can get the knee on the back of Nik’s head, he gets up on this arms and manages to roll back. He grabs her leg and gets her in the Natural Lock. Zari gets up on the apron to stop him, but Fred comes up behind her. He dodges an Eastern Caribbean Kick and hits Zari with an Exploder to the corner. Katya struggles to get to the ropes but is finally forced to tap out.

WINNERS: The Conglomerate via Submission (16:24)

Night two of 4CW’s Bad Company Tournament cuts backstage to the loading docks. With the show up and running, the massive trucks that transport 4CW’s production equipment are unmanned. Tucked away behind stacks of large equipment cases, Chris Madison and Elena DeDraca isolate themselves. Madison paces back and forth, a stone cold look on his face, as Elena begins stretching. Not a word is being said between the two as they seem to be focusing on the task at hand. Suddenly, their attention turns to a shadowy figure approaching.

MORRISON: “There you are.”

He stopped, placing his hands on his hips as he pushes the bottom of his jacket off to the side. For a moment, they froze, expecting their long time manager to break the ice.

MORRISON: “This is it… In just a few moments you two are going to go out to that ring and challenge for the 4CW Tag Team Championships. A daunting task for sure – but a task that I know the two of you are ready for.”

Elena stepped forward, standing next to her partner, shoulder to shoulder, seemingly hypnotized by Morrison’s spoken words. Madison bowed his head, slightly nodding as if there was a melody playing.

MORRISON: “You know that no one is giving you a chance to win this. The American Mangs, they’re great! No one can deny that. Together, Manny and Tommy might be the best tag team in this business today. They lure their opponents into a false sense of confidence with their goofy social media personas. A grown man with an infatuation for video games and fast rising star who’d rather have you believe that he’s worthless and would rather all of this come to an end. That’s all a show. Tag Team Champions… Pride Champion… Octane Champion… These are two highly decorated competitors that you are about to face. And as if that’s not enough motivation for you to go out there and make them regret doubting the two of you…”

Morrison reaches up into the breast pocket of his jacket and pulls out some papers that are rolled up. He hands them to Elena. Unrolling them, she begins to shuffle through the material her manager handed her: a flyer and two different programs which had been sold to the fans. Her eyes are drawn to her name on all of them which had been circled in red marker.

MORRISON: “I have nothing but respect for Perry… He and I go way back. But even he didn’t take you guys serious enough to spell El’s name right!”

Madison looks over at the papers Elena is holding and sees the misprint…

MADISON: “DreDraca…”

Madison rolled his shoulders and snapped his head from side to side, forcing his neck to crack.

MADISON: “This is no longer about winning the tag team championships, the prize money, or Bad Company. We go out there and make sure that not a single person in this arena forgets who we are and what we’re about!”

DEDRACA: “The fans know who I am. Maybe the tons of illegal substances confused Perry a little. But then again, it’s just a name. I am certain people tend to forget, but not how my fist feels like.”

She laughed out for a moment, handing back the papers. After a brief shrug she once more seemed fully concentrated.

DEDRACA: “American Mangs. The team that made Manny a man, right? No offense but as of late it seems like you keep talking yourself into a hole. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not on bad terms – but I’m not sure what he’s trying to prove. We never did encounter each other inside a ring, but from the way you talk you’ve beaten me plenty of times. Huh? Yeah, folks I was just as confused. I told you before that I have no time for wild egos or heroic speeches. You know what they say, I didn’t make it so far by listening to other people. Come tonight you will realize where you went wrong, there will be no mercy shown.”

She looked over at Chris, looking for his reaction. Although she knew his thoughts exactly. With her head turned and her eyes affixed to her partner, Madison spoke.

MADISON: “We’re relentless. Unlike anythin’ the two of you have ever been in the ring before. I’ll never take credit away from you. That’s not who I am. You guys came together, won Tag Team Into The Future, and became an elite tag team. But the higher up you are on that ladder, the longer the fall down is! I will not stop comin’ for the two of you until I’m standin’ over your broken bodies holdin’ the 4CW Tag Team Championships high above my head. That is my declaration to you. We will not be disrespected without consequence. Prepare for the fight of your life boys because we have a point to prove to every single person inside this arena tonight!”

Elena laid her hand on Frankie’s shoulder, squeezing.

DEDRACA: “We have had a long road to reach this point. Together or separated. But there is a time for everything, boys. A time for silly talk on social media, bravo, and a time to put faces into mats. You might be the big thing of last season, but things change. Fact is, you’re really that damn good. But we are simply another breed.

Frankie Morrison grins as his two clients appear to be fired up for the remainder of the tournament. He steps passed them and places his arms around their shoulders. He leans forward and lowers his voice to nearly a whisper.

MORRISON: “A breed that’s destined for greatness…”

The production cuts as the trio begins to move away from the loading docks.


Moving on to the next round Reedvolution and 2HighKru meet up. AJ Morales starts off this match as Flash Kennedy. Morales locks up with Kassidy and they engage in a series of wristlocks. They each roll out of each one and flip out trying to outdo the other. Morales starts climbing up and down the ropes before flipping back but Flash just pushes him making land on the apron. Flash throws a punch, but Morales stops the arm and hits a few knife edge chops on the side of Flash’s neck. Flash backs up and Morales jumps up on the ropes to hit a springboard high knee, but no, Flash sidesteps this and gets Morales in a Dragon Sleeper pulling him to the mat. Morales struggles to get to the ropes before he goes out. He puts a leg on it and Flash lets go only to step on his face as he goes to tag Jay Sinclair. Jay keeps the pressure on Morales with some arm trap elbows. He picks up and throws Morales to his corner to get a little bit of Reed in his life.

Reed tags herself in and tries to stay away from Sinclair’s grasp. She goes for a Headscissors Takedown only for Jay to spin with her to cancel out her momentum and put her up on his shoulders. He picks her up on his shoulders for High Times. He spins her around and around before Flash comes into the ring to hit Bianca with a Yakuza Kick making her fall hard from Jay’s shoulders.Jay pins but Bianca kicks out.

The big man starts mocking Reedvolution by getting airborne and hitting sentons. Bianca rolls out of the way of one and when she catches a Clothesline she flips up across Jay’s back and they spin until Bianca hits a Tornado DDT. Flash enters the ring but Morales is quick to cut him off with a Leg Lariat. Flash and Jay roll out of the ring and Reedvolution look at each other and dive out of the ring in tandem to hit Bay to the A. Reedvolution bring Jay into the ring after the Suicide dives but Flash grabs a hold of Morales’ leg and they brawl on the outside. The ref is distracted and Jay removes the top turnbuckle pad of his corner. Reed rushes at him and he hits the IDGAF making Bianca fall face-first into the exposed turnbuckle. He covers but Morales is able to get away from Flash and make the save. Morales fights off both Jay and Flash as Bianca recovers.

Morales picks her up in a military press and throws her at the two high crew members and yells YEET! Making her crash into them. Bianca isolates Jay and hits a Falling Star on him as he gets up. She sets up his legs for the Cry Little Sister but as she bridges up in the figure four, Flash hits the Hippie Grenade landing on top of her with a springboard swanton bomb. He gets up to a Meteora from Morales. Morales then hits the Liberator on Jay. He is dazed and backs up right into a Cracker Jacker from Bianca and she pins for the win.

WINNERS: Reedvolution via Pinfall (13:29)

One more time do the 4CW Tag Team Champions meet backstage, and DA #TROLL GUY looks concentrated – and about to burst with rage.

FERNANDEZ: “Of COURSE THOT Chocolate couldn’t get it done, mang. All that talk about calling us out. All that hot air and trash-talking by Cartier and SILK, and turns out like all the rest of the chaff, they get shown up at the first god damned round. PAH!”

He shakes his head, but waves the whole thing off. No use worrying about those who are gone now.

FERNANDEZ: “And speaking of wastes of time, don’t get me started on the Conglomerate. As if THOT Chocolate didn’t make themselves easy enough targets you HAD to harp on all of them, because YOU haven’t been shit since the god damned CWC. Speaking of that, before the Conglomerate was even a fucking thing, I was the first CWC Junior Heavyweight fucking Champion. And by the way, Nik – loved the fact that you HAD to bring up statistics like Danny Rizzo wanted to do at the #QuagCup. Go watch those Tag Team Into the Future replays and tell me who the fuck it was that scored the pin to WIN the titles we now hold, and pinned Williams to win the whole tournament. Tommy and I? We worked head to head for this shit, even if he went and fucked my mom. We have each pulled our share to get where we are now, and you and that retard Fred Jameson have done nothing in any place of fucking worth until you saw the chance to sign up here for some clout power, JUST as you accused THOT Chocolate of doing. But hey – at least you beat them, just like everybody knew you were gonna do. Pardon me for not being impressed.”

DA #TROLL GUY sighs again, and places his hand on his chin. He looks over at Tommy to begin talking and Tommy shrugs.

TOMMY: “I don’t know anything about the CWC or The Conglomerate for that matter. Not sure what you really want me to say about them?”

FERNANDEZ: “Who else we got? The 2HighKru. Because WEED, mang. Speaking of HARD shit to do like I said to #REEDVOLUTION. As if Sativa Nevaeh, Jason Cashe and Matthias fucking BARROWS didn’t do that shit before, and you see what happened to each one of them. Cashe is clutching at whatever relevance he had in the past, and the other two are best left forgotten. You? You ain’t even worth remembering. Only thing you have to your name is ALMOST coming close to the Union Battleground Battalion titles, and now they ain’t worth shit thanks to the holders escaping the fucking tournament. Don’t even THINK of pretending the 4CW Tag Team titles are REMOTELY the same. At least we’ve taken them seriously. At least we’ve done SOMETHING with them, more than every other team before us fucking has. And we are not ABOUT to let them fall to ANY of these pieces of shit that dared sign up.”

Tommy interrupts.

TOMMY: “Hey now, that’s still Lisa and Ana holding those belts. Now, I know I’ve beaten Ana at basically everything, but she ain’t someone to knock. And Lisa, well she just beat me a few weeks ago and not many people can say that.”

FERNANDEZ: “What about 2HighKru though, mang?”

TOMMY: “Fuck them. Fucking trash ass team. Not even going to waste my breath.”

After another sigh, Mariano settles down, and resumes his speech.

FERNANDEZ: “Katya Djurdjevic at least TRIED, mang. She gave this impassioned speech about how Zari Aaliyah and her were in this to break new limits, to explore new possibilities – and then the FINEST KILLA had to go fuck it up by parodying Jeopardy, mang, and not even getting the fucking things right. And this is coming from a team where one partner is claiming to have fucked the other’s mom-”

Tommy laughs at that, and Mariano facepalms.

TOMMY: “You know Jett and I were a tag team once upon a time?”

FERNANDEZ: “God DAMN IT TOMMY! But anyway – the fact that you took down a Hammerstein and an Eddy Poe that weren’t at ANYWHERE near their best does in no way make you fit to call it an accomplishment. Until you beat someone worth their salt – until you can stand here and PROVE you can above and beyond your limits and expand your horizons, you still don’t have what it takes to come get these straps off our shoulders. Should you come to us tonight – we’re going to show that Ebony and Ivory are no match for time-tested, battle-forged, golden-clad STEEL.”

Mariano bumps his fists together, the loud thud making waves throughout the area.

TOMMY: “You know, Poe ain’t even the worst Zombie in my opinion. That’s Kimi.”

FERNANDEZ: “And EVEN with this fucking my mom shit, we got each other’s back – which is more than can be said for the Dark Side of the Moon. Cyrus Riddle asks for Bexs Dawson’s help. Cyrus Riddle brings her over. When it’s time to talk… Cyrus Riddle goes it alone. What the fuck, mang? Did Bexs leave you for dead or did you tell her to wait her turn? How about you, Bexs? Did you want nothing to do with Riddle’s speech or did he only bring you in an attempt to look good? What kind of shit is going on here?”

TOMMY: “It was nice of Riddle to show up, wasn’t it?

DA #TROLL GUY raises an eyebrow.

TOMMY: “Yeah, hopefully the next thing he does is show a gun the way to his mouth.”

FERNANDEZ: “But don’t get me wrong, mang. You’ve got SOME tag team reputation preceding you, even if isn’t with each other. I’m even willing to believe that you two have even thought this through to throw people off balance. But while you get an easy road in taking down Scott “failure” Stevens and whatever nobody he brought with him this time, that ain’t gonna god damned cut it here. Not against any team worth their shit, and certainly not among us. As TAXING as it is for me to have Tommy saying-”


FERNANDEZ: “-thank you. At least I KNOW he’s my god damned partner. At least I KNOW where we lie. At least I KNOW I can count on him to defend the titles as he did against those walking corpses we took down yesterday. And unlike you, chicos – I choose to do my part. I choose to stand with him. I choose to do by him the same way he’s done by me, his mom aside. And I choose, should you come in front of us, to make an example out of that – and ultimately, out of you.”

A small pause as Mariano attempts to enumerate with his hand.

FERNANDEZ: “Next we have the OTHER dregs from Union Battleground – the guys that got brain cancer or some sort of severe mental retardation before coming to this tournament and making some Silence of the Lambs speech. Newsflash, you imbeciles- we already had these god damned stereotypes. They were called Viduus Morta and DAKOTA FUCKING SMITH. One of them is a 2x 4CW Champion, the other one is a Hall of Famer who had TWO belts at the beginning of this year. Guess WHO THE FUCK IT WAS THAT TOOK BOTH OF THEM IN TWO MONTHS!?”

Mariano lifts his belts, and delivers a hard stare to the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “Perhaps you CAN manage to watch your god damned words before you call us jokes, mang. Perhaps there’s SOMETHING inside those utterly decomposed heads of yours that we can get to, although it doesn’t matter. Like the rest of the remnant from the corpses that were once wrestling companies, we’re going to put you in the graveyard where you god damned deserve to be.”

TOMMY: “We need to hurry this up, mate. I got the poops.”

Manny makes a thumbs down sign, and talks for the final time.

FERNANDEZ: “And we are finally left with Elena and Madison, mang. That same Chris Madison that wants to revive what’s left of his dying career. That same Chris Madison that disappears when the going gets tough. Forget the poor choices in tag team partners – I tagged with god damned Vossler. I tagged with Bryan Williams. That SAME Chris Madison that has the god damned nerve to be talking about a comeback. As if he hadn’t tried that already. As if he hadn’t FAILED already. Now he wants one more time to come to 4CW, and do what Bryan Williams failed to do before, and only few before me have achieved – the Triple god damned Crown.”

TOMMY: “Please beat us, Madison.”

Mariano gives a hard stare at Tommy and then to the camera, and shakes his head no.

TOMMY: “I don’t really mean it Manny.”

Manny looks away and Tommy looks into the camera and shakes his head yes and mouths “Yes I do.” Without Manny noticing.

FERNANDEZ: “But what do we get? We get him getting on his god damned soapbox. We get on Elena playing her tough “I don’t give a fuck” act AND making the same old tired comments about videogames, Anime and the Smith clan, mang. And you know I love you, Elena, but WE are the reigning and defending 4CW Tag Team god damned Champions – the GREATEST in all of the HISTORY in this hell on earth that are the Corners Four. So I’m sorry, chica, but this ain’t about ego – this goes beyond you. This goes beyond you too, Madison. This goes beyond your team, this goes beyond #REEDVOLUTION, the fucking Conglomerate, the god damned Dark Side of the Moon, the Union Battleground terror act, the 2HighKru, and Ebony and Ivory. Because this is about the GOLD. This is about the crowning that awaits Tommy and I as the ONLY team that ever did something for the 4CW Tag Team Division, and the one that MADE these belts worth your interest. And tonight is where this all ends. Tonight, at 4CW’s Bad Company Tournament, we finish the road we’ve traveled since Tag Team Into The Future in January. Today, the American Mangs prove that they are the GREATEST god damned tag team… of ALL time.”

Mariano makes a final point towards the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “For in Bad Company, chicos, success is measured in blood – yours, or your enemies’.”

TOMMY: “No but for real, Jett and I tagged once before. Did you know that?”


TOMMY: “The night we tag teamed your mom.”

For all answer, Mariano makes an exasperated sigh and rolls his eyes, and with that, the American Mangs head out of camera sight.



Starting things off we have Elena DeDraca in one corner and Mariano Fernandez in the other corner while both Chris Madison and American Tommy look on from the apron in their corners. The two locked up in the center of the ring to start things off, Elena using her size and quickness to her advantage as she slips out of Manny’s arms and positions herself behind him. Grabbing ahold of Manny, she pulled him down backwards onto her knee with a backbreaker! Locking onto Manny’s leg with both hands, Elena held it in place as she rammed multiple knees into the side of his knee. Standing to her feet, she paced the ring as Manny slowly crawled towards the ropes. Running past him, she hit the ropes in front, only to come back on the rebound with a running knee to Manny’s face! Grabbing him by the legs, she then locked them around her own leg before rolling Manny over to his stomach and locking in a sharpshooter. Distracted by a fan in the front row yelling at him, Tommy didn’t see that Elena had Manny locked in the sharpshooter. On his own, Manny persevered, dragging the weight of not only himself, but also Elena as he crawled just far enough to extend his arm once more, grabbing ahold of the bottom rope which forced Elena to release the maneuver.

Ignoring the officials request to let Manny get back to his feet with no interference, Elena rushed him just as he stood tall, connecting with a running dropkick that sent Manny flying backwards into the corner where Madison stood just on the other side of the ropes. Rushing in, Elena didn’t give Manny a chance to even catch his breath before nearly having his head taking off with a clothesline! Looking to her partner, Elena made a quick tag with Madison, introducing him to the match for the first time tonight. Dipping through the ropes, Madison wasted no time getting involved as he began laying into Manny’s knee with multiple kicks. After connecting with half a dozen, Madison then took a few quick steps backwards before bursting forward and leveling many with a jumping knee to the face! Manny dropped to his knees, giving Madison ample time to shoot up to the top of the corner where he took flight, something we don’t see often coming from the former 4CW and Pride Champion. Coming down with a double foot stomp, Madison’s feet pounded down onto the canvas as Manny was able to roll out of harms way in just the niche of time. Pushing himself up instantly with his back turned to Madison, Manny then flipped backwards in place, connecting with a Pelé kick to Madison’s forehead that knocked him off balance and sent him stumbling into his own corner.

Madison was in a daze following the blunt kick to the head, allowing Many to climb back to his feet with plenty of time to think his next move through. Running to the opposite corner across the ring, Manny then charged towards Madison at full speed. Closing in, Manny rolled his entire body forward, whipping his legs around and connecting with a rolling koppu kick! On his feet again, Manny pulled Madison up from the corner before whipping him to the opposite side of the ring. Madison crashed into the corner back first, leaving his entire front body exposed with Manny racing in from across the ring. Drawing his arm back, Manny took a swing for Madison’s head, missing The Warhammer as Madison was able to duck underneath it, stepping out of Manny’s path. Manny was able to catch himself before crashing horribly in the corner. Out of nowhere, Tommy reached over the top rope, swinging in from the side and slapping Manny upside the head for the tag. Immediately, Tommy began explaining that it was an accident and he missed his attempt to slap Manny’s hand for the tag. It took a bit to sell Manny on it, but Tommy seemed rather convincing. Meanwhile, Madison grabbed Manny from behind, forcing his head down as he bent him over before throwing him forward towards Tommy. Manny’s head went through the ropes, ramming straight to Tommy’s stomach and catching him off guard. With the official recognizing the prior slap as a tag, Madison then grabbed ahold of Tommy, pulling him up and over the top rope into the ring.

Dropping down to one knee beside Tommy, Madison unloaded with rapid rights to his face, connecting with each and every one of them as Tommy was unable to protect himself. Swinging harder than before, Madison drives his fist into Tommy’s face, knocking the back of his head against the mat and sending Tommy into a daze. Grabbing ahold of him, Madison held Tommy in place, ramming multiple knees into Tommy’s ribcage. Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Madison gave him no time to react whatsoever before positioning him for a pump-handle suplex and executing it flawlessly. Tommy isn’t a pushover by any means, and his record and accomplishments speaks for themselves. He fights through the pain, climbing back to his feet only to get wrapped up by Madison again, this time taken off his feet and slammed to the canvas with an Alabama Slam! Refusing to stay down, Tommy forced himself back to his feet, where Madison wasted no time before grabbing ahold him once more. Wrapping Tommy up with both arms, Madison exploded with energy as he lifted Tommy off his feet, throwing him over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Crashing hard to the mat, Tommy rolled a few times before coming to a step just feet away from Madison’s corner where Elena stood on the apron.

Quickly making the tag, Madison brought Elena back into the match as the legal person for their team. From the apron, she grabbed the top rope with both hands, using it as she jumped up to pull herself up to the top rope. Bouncing her feet off the top rope, Elena springboarded off, launching herself straight into the air before coming down onto Tommy’s throat with a leg drop! Her leg pinned his head to the mat, while his feet shot straight into the air following the impact. Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Elena locked onto his wrist before pulling him in and attempting to whip him to the ropes. Planting his foot, Tommy reversed the maneuver, sending Elena to the ropes instead. She bounced off, coming straight at him as he bent over for what one can only assume was a back body drop. Kicking her foot up, Elena planted it to Tommy’s face, forcing him to stand straight up as he looked directly to the lights. Kicking Tommy in the gut, she forced him to lower his head just enough to wrap both hands around it. Dropping to her knees, she then pulled his chin down onto the top of her head, executing a jawbreaker that shot Tommy off his feet and into his corner. Open palm, Manny swung as hard as he could, slapping Tommy in between his shoulders, sending a loud flesh on flesh sound cutting through the cheers from the crowd in attendance. Manny then pulled himself up to the top rope as he jumped. Springboarding off, he flew over Tommy’s head and straight for Elena. Wrapping both legs around her head, Manny took her off her feet, throwing her across the ring with a head scissors!

Elena was back to her feet in no time, but only seconds after Manny had shot back up to his. Rushing in, Manny went low, connecting with a dropkick to Elena’s knee, taking it out from under her as she dropped down to it. Running to the ropes behind him, Manny bounced off and came back headed straight for Elena. Jumping into the air as he closed in, he shouts “for the emperor” connecting with The Warhammer (flying forearm)! Elena dropped to the mat in place and not far behind was Manny dropping to his knees to make the cover. Madison immediately shot through the ropes but was met by Tommy as he rushed in between Madison and Manny going for the pin. Grabbing ahold of Madison, Tommy went for his patented YoYo Toss Salad, but a hiptoss wasn’t going to do the trick. Pulling himself away from Tommy, Madison had him in perfect position facing Tommy’s face. Locked onto Tommy’s wrist in front of them, Madison then jerked his arm as hard as he could, spinning Tommy in place as he spun around as well. Once the two faced, Madison connects with a rolling elbow, executing his Comatosed with perfection. Tommy instantly fell to the canvas and by the time Madison turned to Manny and Elena, it was too late, Manny had secured the victory as the officials hand slapped the canvas a third time!

WINNERS: American Mangs via Pinfall (13:27)

The camera cut backstage to the catering area where we find the one and only, Perry Wallace. Of course this is where we would find him. Out of all the different places he could be inside of this big arena, we find him circling the catering area like a shark circling its prey. When the coast is clear and no one is standing between him and the tables of food, Perry takes his first step forward. All it took was one step for the ringing of a cellphone to fill the air, bringing his short travel to an unexpected halt. He pulls his cell from his pocket, looking down at the screen which says “Wrigley” on the caller ID.


Perry’s eyes shift upwards, looking ahead of him at the food placed upon the catering tables. Then they shift back down, staring at the phone once more. The phone continues to ring before finally he presses his thumb to the screen and swipes to answer.

WALLACE: ”Talk to me, Wrigley.”

Wrigley’s voice can be heard coming from the cellphone in Perry’s hand, but nothing can be heard clearly to make anything out. On the other hand, Perry nods with a smile on his face, obvious that the call received was good news.

WALLACE: ”That’s it? They released the footage to you from Adrenaline one-oh-two?”

Perry pulls the phone away from his ear, holding it in front of him while his thumb slides across the screen. Wrigley’s voice is then heard in mid sentence as Perry puts him on speaker.

WRIGLEY: ”… didn’t know what hit them! I went in there and told those network executives that Hurricane Wrigley isn’t going to leave without that footage released or without tearing that entire building apart brick by brick!”

WALLACE: ”I’m sure you scared them real bad, Wrigley. So everything is straight? You really have the unaired footage from the Adrenaline that brought house down?”

WRIGLEY: ”I do indeed, or at least what’s left of it.”

WALLACE: ”What’s left of it?”

WRIGLEY: ”Well about that… after you stormed out of the building following the argument with Ted and Showtime, word spread throughout the locker room that she show was being cancelled, at least from a production standpoint. Some people left like yourself, and some stayed to give the fans what they paid for. As far as content between the matches? You’re fucked on that note, Perry!”

WALLACE: ”What do you mean I’m fucked? What happened?! I wasn’t even there!”

WRIGLEY: ”Well… nothing happened! At least that’s the story that Showtime is sticking to. “

WALLACE: ”God. Damn. It.”

WRIGLEY: ”Words like that definitely didn’t make the tape!”

Perry leans his head back, closing his eyes as he breathes in and out with slow, deep breathes before responding.

WALLACE: ”So you have it in your possession?”

WRIGLEY: ”I do! All five matches.”

WALLACE: ”That’s it?”

WRIGLEY: ”Counted each of them all on one hand.”

WALLACE: ”Did you deliver my message to Showtime as well?”

WRIGLEY: ”They weren’t too thrilled about being told to eat your asshole but the paperwork is done and you’re free to take 4CW to a network outside of Showtime.”

A look of relief comes over his face as he lowers his head.

WALLACE: ”That’s all that matters. Look it, I’m going to need you to rush that footage to the office and get the computer nerds working on it ASAP. The Show must go on and it’s on my Time now…”

Silence consumes the air following that last remark. Looking ahead, Perry eyes the catering tables once more before raising the phone in front of his mouth.

WALLACE: ”You did good, Wrigley. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an important meeting to attend to. In the meantime, let’s go ahead and proceed with suing Tedmund if at all possible. I’ll be in touch.”

Perry then presses his thumb to the screen, ending the call before Wrigley can answer back. Placing the phone in his pocket, Perry then adjusts the collar of his shirt before heading towards the catering table like a man on a mission.


Standing in one corner, Kaven Drell leans against the turnbuckles, Toby Wagner at his back standing upon the apron. Across from them, Reedvolution discuss things over privately, or as privately as they possibly can considering them standing in the center of the ring surrounded by thousands of people and millions watching from home. Stepping through the ropes, Bianca exits to the apron, leaving AJ in to start things off with Drell.

Following the bell, Drell keeps his distance away from Bianca, slowly circling the edge of the ring along the ropes. He watches her every movement, not in any hurry to strike. Growing impatient, Bianca comes right to him, somewhat blocking Drell in the corner with nowhere to go. The two go to lock up, but Drell catches Bianca by surprise as he sidesteps her, grabbing ahold of her and pulling her into a knee to the gut! With his back to the corner, he keeps a firm grip on her, turning his body and throwing her into the corner behind him as hard as he can. Swinging in and upward, Drell rocks Bianca’s jaw with a European uppercut, and then forcing her to look at the canvas as he kicks her in the stomach with a stiff right leg. Dropping to one knee, Drell lifts Bianca off the mat and onto his shoulders before throwing her back down to the canvas wi9th a fireman’s carry slam!

Drell circles Bianca as she remains down on the mat reaching behind her and rubbing her lower back. Grabbing her by the head, Drell pulls her to her feet. Holding her in place with one hand, he then swings with his other hand, slicing her across the chest with rapid knife edge chops. Each chop that lands against her flesh is louder than the previous one. He then wraps both arms around her, squeezing her tightly in a bearhug as he lifts her feet off the mat. Bianca fights to break free but Drell refuses to release her, in fact he squeezes even tighter! In desperation, Bianca then extends her arms out to her side and swings them in together, slapping both open palms over Drell’s ears! He immediately releases her, dropping her back down to his feet. Holding both hands over his ears, Drell takes a couple steps back, ignoring everything else in the vicinity. Undetected, Bianca then moves in, planting her foot underneath Drell’s chin with a superkick! He stumbles backwards across the ring before crashing into the corner where AJ Morales stands on the apron.

Bianca quickly tags AJ in before focusing back to Drell and targeting his midsection with swift kicks while using the ropes for leverage. Finally in the ring, AJ takes over for Bianca, but instead of kicks, he fires at will with rapid knife edge chops of his own. After connecting with half a dozen chops, AJ fakes another one, forcing Drell to cover his chest in defense. With his other arm, AJ swings it around, driving his elbow into the side of Drell’s jaw! AJ then grabs Drell by the arm, pulling him away from the corner and into a knee to the stomach. Drell immediately buckles over from the impact. Backing up to the ropes not far behind him, AJ bounce off and steps forward before jumping into the air and kicking his right leg straight up. As his leg travels over Drell, AJ then swings it down onto the back of Drell’s head with an axe kick, dropping Drell flat on his face! AJ rolls Drell over with his foot, kicking him gently to give him that extra nudge. He then turns to the corner at his fright and races straight to the top. Taking flight, AJ leaps into the air and flips forward, round and round before coming down with a 450 Splash onto Drell’s knees!

The two remain down on the mat which brings out the ten count from the official. Crawling in opposite directions, both wrestlers head for their corners, AJ being the slower of the two after having the air knocked from his lungs. Just as the official reaches seven, Drell manages to push himself up and leaps towards his corner, extending his arm and slapping hands with Toby for the tag. Toby quickly enters the ring and rushes to the other side. Catching up with AJ as he reaches forward to make the tag, Toby grabs him by the leg, pulling him back and making him miss as he and Bianca attempt to tag. Lifting AJ’s leg into the air, Tony then slams it down, driving AJ’s knee to the canvas! Leaping straight into the air, Toby pulls his knees upward as high as he can, traveling over AJ before coming down and kicking his legs straight down with a double foot stomp to AJ’s back. Stepping down from AJ’s back, Toby then pulls him up to his feet where he connects with a stiff right hand before latching onto AJ’s arm and whipping him to the ropes. Just as AJ bounces off and begins coming back towards him, Toby takes off from standstill, charging straight towards AJ and knocking him off his feet, dropping him flat on his back with a big boot!

Pulling AJ up from the mat, Toby walks him over to his corner where his partner, Kaven Drell, eagerly bounces back and forth on the apron ready to get back in the action. Throwing AJ back first into the corner, Toby then rushes in, rocking AJ’s jaw with an elbow strike! Looking to his partner, Toby tags him in. Pulling AJ away from the corner, Toby positions himself behind AJ and holds him in place. Using the top rope, Drell jumps over the top rope, launching himself inside of the ring and head to head with AJ, connecting with a diving headbutt of sorts that drops both men to the mat instantly. Although AJ appears to have received most of the damage, Drell is in no big hurry to climb back to his feet as he remains on his knees and elbows with his forehead resting in the palms of his hands. Toby stays in the ring, distracting the official to keep him from beginning his ten count and for some odd reason, it works and the official doesn’t even begin a five count for Toby to exit to the apron.

Meanwhile, AJ and Drell slowly climb to their feet, this time AJ standing first. Grabbing Drell from behind, AJ lifts him off his feet before falling backwards and slamming him to the canvas with a German suplex! He then drags Drell across the ring and over to the opposite corner where Bianca cheers on AJ. Keeping Drell on the mat in front of the corner, AJ quickly tags in Bianca before taking Drell by the arms and pulling them out over his head fully extending them. With Drell’s midsection exposed, Bianca quickly enters the ring and faces the corner with her back to them. Stepping up the corner, she pulls herself as she jumps up to the top, extending her legs in a split form before landing the bottoms of her legs on the top ropes. Bouncing off, she flips backwards, landing perfectly across Drell’s body with a split-legged moonsault! AJ quickly exits to the apron to beat the officials five count. Back on her feet, Bianca stands Drell up and positions herself beside him for a Russian leg sweep. Before she could execute, Drell throws his arm back, ramming his elbow into Bianca’s face and forcing her to release him. Running forward, Drell leaps towards his corner, extending his arm and making the tag with Toby before falling to the canvas.

Toby enters the ring once more, rushing straight towards Bianca as she continues to shake off the cobwebs from the elbow to the face. Going for another running big boot, this time Toby misses as Bianca sees it coming and ducks at the last possible split second. Reaching around Toby from behind, Bianca grabs his arms, pulling them back around him as she attempts a straight jacket neckbreaker. Pulling himself away, Toby runs forward, leaping up to the top of the corner as he gets close enough to do so. Instantly spinning in place at the top, he then leaps forward at Bianca as she rushes in for the attack. He goes for a meteora, but misses and crashes down to his knees as Bianca rolls forward out of the way. Popping back to her feet, she then quickly shoots to the top of the corner. Just as she turns around, Toby is back on his feet and in the process of turning around to face her. Leaping away from the corner, she connects with her Falling Star (meteora)!

Drell immediately enters the ring and races over to Toby’s defense. Cutting him off halfway to Bianca, AJ tackles Drell to the canvas. The two roll around on the mat getting their punches in here and there whenever possible. Across from them, Bianca pushes herself to her feet. She looks across the ring at AJ and Drell, tempted to go help her partner staying back and focusing on the opponent at her feet. Pulling Toby up from the mat, she pounds away at his head with back to back rights before turning to the side and stepping towards the corner. Stepping up to the middle turnbuckle, she then turns on a dime before leaping off towards Toby. Twisting her body in the air, she grabs ahold of Toby’s head, pulling him down to the canvas as she executes her Cracker Jacker (diving corkscrew stunner)! With AJ and Drell occupied across the ring pounding away at each other, Bianca rolls Toby over to his back to make the cover. One! … Two! … Three!

WINNERS: Reedvolution via Pinfall (14:02)



The Conglomerate had come a long way in this year’s Bad Company, living up to their hype as one of the premier tag teams in wrestling today. They would move on to their biggest match of the entire tournament, quite possibly their biggest match of the year as it was now their turn to challenge the American Mangs for the 4CW Tag Team Championships. Fred Jameson would start this round three match tonight, leaving Nik Thoreau to stand along the apron as a spectator for the time being. Across from them, the American Mangs appeared to be arguing over who would start the match off. After a heated discussion, Manny finally gave in, exiting to the apron and giving the floor to Tommy to open tonight’s second match for them.

It didn’t take long for Fred and Tommy to find themselves locked up with each other in the center of the ring. Hooking Tommy’s arm, Fred ducks under and steps in behind Tommy, pinning his arm behind his back. With his free arm, Tommy throws it back, clocking Fred with an elbow to the mouth. Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Fred then wraps his other arm around Tommy to lift him off his feet before slamming him face down to the mat. Tommy immediately broke free from Fred’s hold, squirming to freedom before racing Fred to see who can get to their feet first. Standing first, Fred steps in, hitting Tommy over the top of the head with a closed overhead punch. Ducking down, Fred then wraps both arms around Tommy, lifting him up only to drop him back down with an inverted atomic drop!

Bouncing off the ropes, Fred rushes Tommy at full speed, leaping into the air and wiping him out with a flying clothesline out of nowhere. After dragging Tommy to the corner, Fred tags in Nik who wastes no time getting inside the ring, or getting his hands dirty for that matter. Connecting with a one-two combo to Tommy’s stomach, Nik then grabs him by the arm, jerking him away from the corner and pulling him into a short-arm clothesline! Lifting Tommy up from the mat, Nik then connects with an elbow to the side of Tommy’s head, following up by stepping in beside him and dropping him to his back with a Russian leg sweep. On his feet again, Nik pulls Tommy to his feet and then lifts him up onto his shoulders in a firemans carry. Nik has his Cardiac Unrest on his mind but before he could execute, Tommy managed to slip from his hold, dropping down to his feet behind Nik.

Dropping his shoulder, Tommy drove it into Nik’s back, wrapping both arms around his waist before driving him forward. Pushing Nik across the ring, Tommy headed straight for the corner where Nick could only brace himself for what was guaranteed to be a crash landing. Nik pulled and pulled at Tommy’s hands, failing to rip them apart before it was too late. Closing his eye looking away, Nik was as ready as he possibly could before Tommy slammed him chest first into the corner. Still holding him by the waist, Tommy then lifted Nik off his feet, falling backwards and dropping him to his back with a belly to back suplex. Without even a warning, Tommy swung his arm around, slapping Manny in the face! Immediately Tommy began pleading that it was an accident as Manny listened, rubbing his cheek. The official then begins the five count, catching the American Mangs off guard. The moment the official shouted three, Manny’s eyes lit up as he smacked Tommy on the shoulder. The two raced to trade places, Tommy exiting the ring and Manny entering the ring all before the officials slow five count.

Pulling Nik up from the mat, Manny slapped him across the chest with back to back open palm strikes. Jumping into the air, Manny flipped backwards, kicking both legs out and connecting with the dropsault to Nik’s chest. The kick knocked Nik off balance as he fell backwards into the ropes, going up and over them from the momentum of his body. Nik slowly climbed to his feet, pulling himself up with the ropes before completely laying over the top rope and catching his breath. Shooting up the corner, Manny then leaped straight into the air as high as he could. As he came down, he turned his body in mid air, facing Nik and wrapping both legs around his head. Twisting his body and falling backwards, Manny pulled Nik up and over the top rope, launching him back into the ring with a head scissors! Hitting the mat hard, Nik rolled across the ring, eventually rolling up to his feet before stumbling backwards and falling into his corner. As soon as Nik’s back hit the corner, Fred took it upon himself to tag himself in, in a respectful manner unlike what we’ve seen from the American Mangs tonight.

Fred and Manny collided in the center of the ring in an exchange of punches. Lefts and rights flew in from all directions, pounding away at both Fred and Manny. Ducking a hook aimed for his head, Fred allowed Manny’s momentum to turn his entire body before standing up, lifting Manny in the process and then dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker! Stomping down onto Manny a few times, Fred then lifted him up to his feet, pulling him by the arm. Locking onto Manny’s wrist, Fred then whipped him as hard as he could to the corner where Nik stood on the apron. Just as Manny’s back smacked the corner, Fred took off and ran straight towards him. Doing a cartwheel halfway there, Fred then sprung backwards off his feet, flying through the air with an elbow aimed straight for Manny’s face! Rolling out of the way, Manny avoided the collision. Nik however, he wasn’t so lucky. Eating Fred’s elbow to the face, Nik was launched from the apron, flying backwards in fear before crashing hard. Rolling backwards across the floor, Nik’s movements came to an abrupt stop as he crashed into the barricade at ringside.

Fred looked to the outside worried for his partner. Behind him, Manny slowly stood to his feet and waited patiently. Just when Fred turned to face him, he exploded in the direction he thought Manny would be in, which happened to be the correct one. Throwing his arm up wildly, Fred missed a clothesline as Manny ducked underneath it. This time when Fred turned to face him, Manny made his move, connecting with The Gadfly (step-up enzuigiri)! Seeing stars, Fred was able to remain on his feet, but stumbled backwards before crashing into the corner where Tommy stood on the apron on the other side of the ropes. Racing across the ring, Manny charged straight for Fred. From behind, Tommy pushed Fred away from the corner, sending him into Manny’s forearm strike known as The Warhammer! Fred dropped to his back out cold. Just when Manny dropped to his knees to make the cover, Tommy leaned over the top rope as much as he could, extending his arm as far as he could, just enough to barely slap Manny over the back of his shoulder, executing a tag in the officials eyes. Tommy then dipped through the ropes in the blink of an eye, shooting straight down and laying over Fred before Manny even realized what happened. Making the cover, Tommy was able to score a three count, all while smiling face to face with Manny who was still thrown off by what happened.

WINNERS: American Mangs via Pinfall (13:41)

The camera cuts to ringside where Perry Wallace stands in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand. He paces the ring, looking over the Philadelphia crowd and taking in the warm welcome 4CW has received returning last night and this evening. He stops in the center of the ring, looking over the crowd opposite of the ramp side to the ring. Raising the microphone to his lips, Perry then finally addresses those watching worldwide.

WALLACE: ”Philadelphia!”

He calls out, drawing a “so so” reaction from the fans in attendance.

WALLACE: ”It’s been a long time coming but 4CW, the real 4CW, has finally returned to the ring after being gone for all this time. I know a lot of you are wondering what’s been going on. Not much has been officially said on the subject but that all ends tonight as I can finally tell Showtime and Tedmund Montgomery that they can kiss my entire ass!”

This time the reaction from the crowd is even louder.

WALLACE: ”For weeks Showtime had been trying to step on my toes and change what has been a successful formula for the most part over the last three years. Maybe I should have taken Ted a little more serious, but then again, maybe I shouldn’t have. 4CW isn’t going to change its attitude just because he gets his panties in a bunch and rallies a whole goddamn network behind him.”

Shaking his head from left to right, Perry’s lips read “no” over and over as he speaks quietly.

WALLACE: ”On the night of May Eighth, Showtime tried to strongarm me! They demanded that we follow a certain outline constructed by the one and only, Tedmund Montgomery. Do this, do that… don’t do this… oh no, you can’t do that! Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, fucking yap! Basically what it all boiled down to is you guys over in 4CW can’t have any more fun even though the viewers have been tuning in for years with great numbers.”

Shaking his head no once again, Perry places his hands on his hips for a moment while doing so.

WALLACE: ”You know what I said? I told them to shove it. I left the building and went about my business. I didn’t think Showtime would be sooooo stupid as to actually not air the show live but here we are! Four months later and no one has seen what Showtime apparently has butchered all to shit! I was ready to throw in the towel and seek different business opportunities. But then Twenty-Sixteen happened all over again.”

Knowing what was to follow, the crowd began throwing old 4CW King’s Road merchandise into the ring.

WALLACE: ”I was content at first with sitting back and letting King’s Road be the fulltime source of 4CW action. But then over the weeks, I saw a lot of things that outright made 4CW look like shit! Whether it was firing someone over Twitter all because of one dumb cunt, or crying and throwing a hissy fit because someone signed up for a tournament that has historically been open to any and everyone from wrestling promotions across the globe.”

Stepping towards the ropes, Perry leaned against them, resting his other forearm across the top.

WALLACE: ”If I wanted to deal with CJ two point oh and Uprising all over again I would have just hopped in my time traveling vehicle and warped myself back to Twenty-Sixteen! Yet here we fucking are! I have numerous messages from friends and colleagues telling me that the show I walked away from Adrenaline for is making the company I busted my ass for over five years look like a crock of shit! “

Turning away from the set of ropes, Perry goes to his left, approaching a different side of the ring.

WALLACE: ”But I digress. There will be plenty of time to speak my mind and deal with Uprising junior. The whole point of my visit out here tonight is to make an official announcement. I refuse to let that version of 4CW be the last thing people remember when it comes to this company. That’s ain’t what 4CW has been or ever will be about. I’m not going to smile in your face one second and then throw you out the next just because my woman is in her feels. No, no, not today, not in here.”

Waving his finger from side to side, Perry attempts his best Dikembe Mutombo impersonation.

WALLACE: ”So while you take your ball and go home, slowly sinking in the process, I want you to remember that if it wasn’t for 4CW, King’s Road would have come to a dead end long before CWC did. “

Backing away from the ropes, Perry pauses for a moment before turning to a new side of the ring.

WALLACE: ”And as far as Showtime and mister Tedmund Montgomery? 4CW doesn’t need you. And in a few days? The details for 4CW’s new network partnership will be announced. So until then? FUCK YOU SHOWTIME!!!”

Throwing both hands up, Perry points his middle fingers to the sky. Firing back, the crowd shouts in response to Perry.




Turning and walking towards the nearest camera, Perry leans over the ropes, getting as close to the lens as he possibly can.

WALLACE: ”4CW is back and we’re only getting started!”

Tossing the mic over his head, Perry pulls himself back away from the camera. He seems surprised, pleased in fact. Looking out over the energetic crowd, a smile creeps across Perry’s face as he watches the Philadelphia crowd stand behind him still chanting.




Brushing his hands together as it dusting them off, Perry then exits the ring and heads to the back, the smile still very visible on his face stretched from ear to ear.



JOHNSON: ”We’re back here at the booth for our main event and the finale to Bad Company!”

VASSA: ”Rounds two and three are now behind us for the evening and what’s left is the one match to take home all the glory, all the gold, and all them dollar, dollar, bills y’all!”

JOHNSON: ”The last team to challenge for the 4CW Tag Team Championships before Bad Company has fought their way through this entire tournament, finding themselves in the final match with not only the belts on the line, but one million dollars to boot!”

VASSA: ”Reedvolution has fought teams such as The Hungry, 2HighKru, and the team of Kaven Drell and Toby Wagner to get here to the last match of the tournament.”

JOHNSON: ”Just like the last time they challenged for the belts, they’re facing off against the same exact team they did at South Beach Brawl!”

VASSA: ”Four months ago these two teams met under the Miami sky and only one team walked away with the 4CW Teg Team Championships. That team my friend in none other than the reigning and defending Tag Team Champions of the World, The AMERICAN MANGS!”

JOHNSON: ”The champs haven’t had an easy road either to get to this point. They’ve stepped in the ring with teams such as The Grav3digg3rs, Chris Madison and Elena DeDraca, and even two of The Conglomerate’s best! Each match, they’ve walked away ‘and still’ 4CW Tag Team Champions!”

VASSA: ”These two teams are no stranger to one another. They first metearlier in the year back in the second round of Tag Team Into the Future, where the American Mangs successfully defended the championships for the first time ever against Reedvolution.”

JOHNSON: ”Needless to say they’ve had their share of championship matches against each other and tonight’s should be just as exciting, if not more exciting than all previous times.”

VASSA: ”If there’s one team that would be called the American Mangs’ greatest rival, I think I’d have to give that title to Reedvolution. It’s the one team that has challenged the American Mangs the most, the one team that has pushed the American Mangs harder than any other, and the one team who just may know have an answer for the unsolvable riddle of how to defeat American Tommy and Mariano Fernandez on a united front.”

JOHNSON: ”Speaking of united, the champs haven’t looked to be on the same page since the first round. They’ve been winning, but still, there seems to be a some sort of tension between the two.”

VASSA: ”I don’t know if I would call it tension, but then again I don’t know what I’d call it when a personal friend of mine were to fuck my mother.”


VASSA: ”True story! Feets banged Manny’s mom and now it seems to be finally catching up with him.”

JOHNSON: ”Shouldn’t that be the number one rule between two tag partners?”

VASSA: ”It is between friends when one particular friend has a MILF for a mother. I’m not quite sure how it works with tag team partners.”

JOHNSON: ”I would think the same rules apply since they’re teammates depending on one another.”

VASSA: ”I guess not because that didn’t stop Tommy from dicking down Manny’s mom!”


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen! The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! After three rounds, we have finally arrived to our final destination, round four and the finale of this year’s Bad Company!”

The beat for “Who’s Who” by Dilated Peoples hits as the lights dim and blue spotlights focus on the entrance ramp, lighting the place up like a club. A.J. Morales walks through the curtain nodding his head and playing air-guitar in time with the song, while Bianca Reed comes through dancing and hits a spin as the lyrics begin.

”She loves me not, she loves me loves me not /
But I don’t let it bug me, the clubs be hot”

The team starts on their way down the entrance ramp, and as A.J. high-fives any fan that reaches towards him, Bianca throws her sunglasses into the crowd and follows close behind him, running her mouth at the camera in front of them.

POWERS: “Coming to the ring from the BayTL, at a combined weight of three hundred seven pounds… The challengers… ‘Killer B’ Bianca Reed! … ’The Revolution’ A.J. Morales! … REEEEEDVOOOOOLUTIOOOOOOON!”

The two climb onto the apron at the same time, and Bianca drops to a split and slides under the bottom rope into the ring, while A.J. somersaults over the top to get in. They each pick a corner on the far side of the ring relative to the hardcam, climb to the second turnbuckles, and throw up raised-fist salutes to the crowd. They climb back down, cross the ring diagonally, and do the same thing on the side facing the hardcam, hyping up the crowd as the music continues before heading to their corner and discuss who’s going to start off the match.

POWERS: ”And the opponents!”

“High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blares from the arena speakers which sends the audience into a hysteria of excitement at the unique wrestler making his way out. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drop from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains and walks out and he raises that Octane Championship and Tag Team Championship into the air with great pride. A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as he starts down the ramp before he reaches the middle of it to stand there with a bright smile. He waves to the crowd and as he makes his way down to the ring, he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it. He’s happy, he’s in a great mood… and then that damn Powers takes it ALL away with those next set of words.

POWERS: “Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois! …AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers with the intent to harm, he begins pointing and yelling at the confused announcer who should KNOW better by now but seems to just want to fuck with Tommy. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from a 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again. He REFUSES to take another step until this is made right.

TOMMY: “Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right you autistic fuck.”

Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head, not believing this was a constant thing with them. Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs almost dramatically and starts speaking again.

POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for your Octane Champion and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions of the WWWOOOOOORRRLLLDDD!!! Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

American Tommy stands up and nods in approval. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises the title with one hand to the crowd as they raise their arms to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and goes to his corner, ready for the match to begin.

POWERS: ”His partner!”

The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.



POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida, he is the 4CW Pride Champion and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions of the WWWOOOOOORRRLLLDDD!!! ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”


The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, the Pride Championship belt wrapped around his waist and the Tag Team Championship resting upon his shoulder, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.

“In the days of kings and queens I was a jester
Treat me like a god or they treat me like a leper
They see me move back and forth between both
I’m trying to find a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!

“I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)”

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.


Looking at Manny with both hands placed on his hips, Tommy just shakes his head back and forth.

Tossing the microphone back to Powers’ Manny then approaches Tommy who is standing in their corner, staring back at him in return. As soon as the two stand side by side, Mike Powers shouts into the microphone once more.


The two teams converse amongst themselves respectively in their corners. After retrieving the championships from the champions, the official holds them high in the air above his head, presenting them to each side of the ring. With both teams decided on who will start the match, the official stands between American Tommy and AJ in the center of the ring, throwing his hand into the air and signaling for the opening bell!


JOHNSON: “This is for everything, to see which team can survive the grind to become the winners of Bad Company Five and of course more importantly, who will walk out of here tonight as the 4CW Tag Team Champions.”

VASSA: “Some of us are hoping that the American Mangs can finally be toppled, maybe even see American Tommy live up to his promises and end his life after tonight.”

JOHNSON: “Vinny!”

VASSA: “I didn’t say me.”

Tommy and AJ Morales are in to start this match, taking a couple of moments here the two do a little bit of a dance around the center of the ring before going for the collar and elbow tie-up. AJ is quick to switch right into a side headlock, and even gives a little bit of a noogie to the top of Tommy’s head for good measure as he backs up against the ropes. Tommy is able to push AJ off and sends Morales across the ropes, on the rebound Tommy is able to leap up and over. On the second rebound it’s Morales who is able to duck under a clothesline attempt by Tommy, off the ropes for a third time the shoulder of AJ Morales collides with the chest of American Tommy and that drops him to the mat back first!

Morales stands tall, but doesn’t hesitate that long as he then charges towards the ring ropes once again and leaps into the air over the body of American Tommy going for a leaping senton splash, but Tommy moves out of the way connecting with the mat!! Tommy rolls back towards his corner pulling himself up, and is met with a slap across the chest by his very own tag team partner, Manny Fernandez.

JOHNSON: “Rough tag in there by Manny Fernandez. We’ve seen the American Mangs do this in their first three matches, but have been able to hold it together throughout the match. Tommy looking a little ticked off at his partner as the former 4CW World Champion enters the ring.”

VASSA: “I don’t want to stir anything, but I mean, Tommy did plow Manny’s mom.”

JOHNSON: “Yes, we’re all aware of that by now.”

VASSA: “My question is did she come, though.”

JOHNSON: “I don’t think Tommy paid for a ticket here tonight, no.”

VASSA: “I… nevermind.”

Manny is in as Tommy exists the ring in a huff. Manny turns his attention towards AJ Morales, but not quick enough as AJ Morales scoops up Manny and spins him around and plants him into the middle of the ring with a spinebuster!! Morales is back up to his feet quickly, and heads over to his corner as the Reedvolution have a more together team tag Bianca Reed enters the ring. AJ scoops up Manny into a shoulder carry as Reed runs towards the ropes leaping up into the air…


…driving the face of Manny Fernandez into the mat with a DDT just as AJ drops down with a shoulder breaker at the same time! The crowd pops for the incredible double team move, while on the apron even American Tommy claps for that one. Manny is able to roll to his back as Bianca Reed gets back up to her feet.

JOHNSON: “Vicious double team move there by the Reedvolution! These two are showing themselves to be working together well, while the American Mangs… well, not so much.”

VASSA: “Kind of hard to make a team work when you nail your partner’s mom. Just ask LeBron James.”

Bianca Reed charges towards the corner of the ring where Manny Fernandez is still laying on his back in the ring, she leaps up onto the corner turnbuckle and does the splits which launches her off the top and over with a moonsault landing right onto Manny!! She follows up the split legged moonsault with a hook of the leg on the former 4CW World Champion.


VASSA: “I don’t think Tommy even flinched on the outside of the ring to help his partner. Either he knew Manny was going to kick out or just didn’t care, Stevie.”

JOHNSON: “I can’t imagine that he didn’t care about his tag team title gold going away just like that… at least I hope not.”

Reed pulls Fernandez back up to his feet with a handful of that amazing soccer mom hair and tosses him into the nearest neutral corner. She backs up and charges in looking to drive her foot into Manny’s face, but the current tag team champion is able to duck out of the way and Reed only hits the middle turnbuckle with her boot! As she turns around stunned, Manny leaps up into the air and connects with a hurricanrana flipping Reed onto her back with a quick impact move! Reed gets right back up to her feet, but Manny’s waiting and connects with a running clothesline!! As he spins around to head up towards the top ropes of his own corner he is met with a slap across the chest from Tommy.

VASSA: “Uh oh.”

JOHNSON: “Yeah, that was not a good sign there. Manny Fernandez was getting some momentum going there and American Tommy stopped him cold with a smack on the chest.”

VASSA: “You think he smacked Manny’s mom like that?”

JOHNSON: “Stop Vinny. Stop.”

Tommy is in and points right towards Manny making sure that he’s going to be leaving the ring so that he can be left alone. Manny reluctantly leaves the ring, looking for a double team move at least, but Tommy brushes that off right away and instead scoops Bianca Reed up onto his shoulders and begins to spin around like an airplane! After about six rotations, Tommy flings Reed off slamming her onto the mat with a heavy thud. Tommy doesn’t follow this up with a pin attempt, instead with a flick of the wrist he produces a wooden wand and begins to wave it around at the fallen Reed and then towards AJ Morales on the outside. No spells seem to have been cast at this point. Tommy then turns around towards his own tag team partner, and uses the wand to make an inappropriate gesture.

VASSA: “Ha! I got to admit, that’s pretty funny of Tommy to deep throat the wand towards Manny.”

JOHNSON: “They’re supposed to be a team.”

VASSA: “The tag team champions, no less.”

Both AJ and Manny are none too pleased about this, but Tommy tosses the wand to the side as Reed begins to get back up to her feet. Tommy waits for the perfect moment and unleashes the first of his world famous YoYo Toss Salad hip tosses onto Reed flinging her across the ring onto her back. She gets right back up and charges back towards Tommy who unleashes the second of his world famous YoYo Toss Salad hip tosses of the match! Tommy doesn’t let Reed get up fast enough for a third, but doesn’t go for a pin, but instead connects with a baseball slide right to her face. Tommy goes to scoop her up back into a fireman’s carry hold, but Reed is able to slip out and from behind double underhooks his arms…


…flipping over Harry Potter and slamming him on the back of his neck with backslide driver!! Reed chooses not to follow that up with a pinfall, but instead opts to make for her corner and gives the tag into her partner AJ Morales.

JOHNSON: “Reed connects with the Get Spiked and now here comes AJ Morales!”

VASSA: “Maybe that was a summon spell that Tommy cast. Backfire.”

Tommy gets up to his feet just in time to eat a running Yakuza kick!! From the impact Tommy hits the mat and rolls to the outside of the ring. Morales follows this up by hitting a spinning elbow right into the face of an unsuspecting Manny Fernandez dropping him off of the apron and to the floor below. It’s about at that time that Bianca Reed gets back into the ring as well. The Reedvolution give each other a simple nod and charge into the far side ropes at full speed…


…hitting suicide dives in unison onto the American Mangs on the outside of the ring!! Tommy and Manny are sent crashing into the guardrailing from the impact of their opponents.

JOHNSON: “What an incredible display by the team of Reedvolution! Fighting for the past two days through some amazing tag teams and now here they are looking like they’re going to dethrone the tag team champions here tonight.”

VASSA: “I’ve got to admit it, I’m thinking this might be it… this might be the night Tommy finally ends it all. Hopefully, there’s a hanging.”

AJ Morales is able to pull Tommy back to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Morales crawls back into the ring and just as Tommy gets back up to his feet, he charges in and connects with the 94 Blitz spear which folds American Tommy in half and drives him into the mat. Morales hooks the leg of Tommy and goes for the pin.


JOHNSON: “Manny Fernandez is able to break up the pin attempt at the last possible moment!! At least it seems like Manny cares about these tag team titles here tonight.”

VASSA: “That’s a total shame too. Imagine if he didn’t just do that, new champs, no more Mangs and one possible dead body.”

The referee does his best to push Manny back towards his corner, as he does that AJ tries to pull American Tommy back up to his feet only to be met with an uppercut right into his nuts! AJ doubles over in pain. Tommy gets back up to his feet and stumbles backwards into his corner and is slapped across the back by Manny Fernandez much to his shock. Manny leaps up onto the top ropes and flies across the ring connecting with a flying forearm right across the face of AJ Morales! Morales crumbles from the shot to the canvas. Fernandez gets up and charges across the ring and on the rebound does a little dance before dropping the elbow across AJ’s chest.

JOHNSON: “Manny with the Stormcloak Elbow! Manny not going for a pinfall here, but instead is looking to do a little more damage to his opponent.”

VASSA: “Might be a mistake here by Manny. Just like naming moves after Skyrim.”

AJ gets back up to his feet just as Manny leaps and twists in the air connecting with a spinning heel kick right to Morales’ face! With AJ on the mat, Manny charges towards the corner turnbuckle and begins to climb to the top with his back towards his opponent, he leaps off backwards high into the air going for a moonsault…


…connecting with that moonsault! Manny quickly hooks the leg of AJ looking to end this match.


JOHNSON: “AJ Morales gets the shoulder up at the last possible moment there.”

VASSA: “Nearly had that pinfall there. Manny so close to winning this match nearly by himself.”

And with that, American Tommy holds out his hand towards Manny as he turns around. Manny gives his partner a long stare down before finally turning around and putting his attention back on his opponent. Unfortunately for Manny that stare down must have given AJ Morales too long of a chance to catch his breath because the moment that Manny turns around…


…he catches a superkick to the jaw from AJ Morales!! The smack echoes out over the arena as Manny falls to the mat. Morales scrambles and tags in his partner, Bianca Reed. Reed doesn’t enter the ring, but rather climbs up onto the top ropes and just as Manny gets up to his feet she leaps off the top ropes driving both of her knees right into the former 4CW champion’s chest!!

JOHNSON: “Falling Star from Bianca Reed!! Reed going for the cover here… “


JOHNSON: “…but it’s American Tommy who breaks up the pin attempt here!”

VASSA: “Returning the favor from a couple of moments ago when Manny broke up the pin attempt on him.”

JOHNSON: “Maybe the Mangs can get along long enough to retain the tag team titles.”

The referee ushers Tommy out of the ring. Reed pulls Fernandez up to his feet once again, she connects with a couple of quick uppercuts which backs Fernandez into the corner turnbuckle where AJ Morales is standing by. Reed tags to Morales and the two connect with a double knee strike at the same time to Manny. And just as quickly as AJ was tagged in, he tags back out. This time AJ lifts Manny up onto his shoulders as Bianca climbs to the top ropes. AJ lifts Manny into a gorilla press just as Bianca leaps from the top ropes…


…AJ connects with a rib breaker across his knee as Bianca connects with a top rope leg drop across the back of Manny’s skull!! Manny hits the canvas is seemingly lights out at this point.

JOHNSON: “Another incredible double team move by Reedvolution as they have been on the same page here tonight and of course, throughout the entire Bad Company tournament!”

VASSA: “Maybe the Mangs just don’t have enough here to win against these two.”

Bianca pulls Manny back up to his feet once again, this time she ties him up and goes for a rip cord elbow strike, but somehow Manny is able to duck under the attempt and counters by leaping up and over connecting with a Pele kick!! Reed stumbles backwards and crumbles to the mat as does Manny. The two lay down on the mat looking worse for wear. The crowd begins to roar in anticipation as the two slowly begin to crawl towards their respective corners. Bianca is able to score the tag first, and Manny scores the tag a split second later.

Tommy and AJ fly into the ring quickly, Tommy goes for a clothesline, but AJ is able to duck under the attempt on the rebound off the ropes AJ leaps up high into the air like Superman and connects with a punch equal to the strength of the Man of Steel! After hitting with the Liberator he looks for the pin attempt, but the moment he turns around Manny Fernandez is there and…


…connects with a step-up enzuigiri right to the side of AJ Morales’ head! The Gadfly sends AJ through the top and middle ropes to the ring apron on the outside.

JOHNSON: “Manny Fernandez out of nowhere possibly saving this match for the American Mangs once again.”

VASSA: “This is incredibly disappointing, Tommy might make it to see Halloween.”

Manny pulls his partner back up to his feet and points towards Bianca Reed for them to do a bit of a double team, however, Tommy doesn’t seem too interested and instead shoves his partner away. Manny looks a bit shocked by this, but counters by shoving his tag team partner as well. Just as it seems that the two members of the American Mangs are about to explode here in the middle of the ring, Bianca Reed flings herself off of the ring ropes and connects with a reverse frankensteiner flipping Tommy onto the back of his head. Manny looks on and laughs a little bit, but before he can do anything AJ Morales connects with a leaping clothesline that nearly takes off the head of the former 4CW world champion!!

JOHNSON: “Reedvolution has cleared the ring of the American Mangs, but not mere moments after the Mangs looked as if they were about implode here.”

VASSA: “This is getting good, this is getting really good. We’re about to see the end of the Mangs!”

Reedvolution turn their attention towards Manny Fernandez as they look to put this one away. The two of them begin to head to the outside of the ring and they begin to climb up and onto the same turnbuckle as the crowd begins to get to their feet here, ascending to the top they stand ready to strike as Manny gets back up to his feet unaware of what is coming his way. Just as he turns the duo flying from their perche…


…connecting with dual meteoras from the same turnbuckle!!!

JOHNSON: “Collision Course!! Reedvolution connects from the top ropes!! This one could be all over here…”

VASSA: “…but I don’t think Manny is the legal man, is he!?”

JOHNSON: “Reedvolution piles onto their opponent…”


JOHNSON: “American Tommy connects with his Dream Crusher breaking up the pin!!! He might have just saved the tag team titles for the American Mangs.”

Bianca Reed stumbles backwards as it appears that AJ Morales took most of the shot from Tommy. This gives Tommy an opening and he charges in at Bianca Reed into the corner with the Octane Express!! Bianca stumbles out of the corner and Tommy picks her up and gives a third of his world famous YoYo Toss Salad hip tosses! Tommy turns his attention back towards AJ Morales and dives in going for the pin here…


JOHNSON: “AJ Morales gets his shoulder up at the last possible second!! Incredible turn of events here as I don’t think I can remember anyone kicking out of the Dream Crusher ever before here in 4CW.”

VASSA: “Me neither, and I am so glad he did. So glad. We still can have a Tommy free future here in 4CW!”

Tommy looks shocked at the fact that Morales was able to kick out at the last second, but he gets back up to his feet as he finally comes face to face with Manny once again. The two have a stare down in the middle of the ring, just as it looks as if the two are going to put aside their differences they begin to once again shove each other. Manny pushes off Tommy one more time, but as they go to do it again, Manny ducks under Tommy and instead connects with a shining wizard to Bianca Reed! Tommy uses this opportunity and connects with lariat to AJ Morales that flips him inside out. Somehow, through all of it, the American Mangs have managed to clear the ring.

JOHNSON: “The Mangs are somehow still managing to survive in this match. I don’t know how they are capable of doing this, but it is amazing to see here tonight in the finals of Bad Company.”

VASSA: “Yeah, but now that they no longer have any opponents standing in the ring are they going to kill each other finally?”

JOHNSON: “It has certainly escalated throughout this tournament, but maybe they can hold off long enough to finish this thing off.”

VASSA: “Maybe the referee needs to get this shit under control first.”

Manny looks to leave the ring as the referee tries to get control of the match, Tommy turns his attention back towards AJ Morales who is still the other legal man. Bianca Reed rolls to the outside of the ring in pain. Tommy slams Morales’ head into the turnbuckle from behind and follows that up with a couple of more, rage fills his Tommy’s face flush as he continues to hammer away. As he stands up, he backs up he is again met by a slap across the back from Manny Fernandez. The two begin to once again jaw back and forth and trade insults, but Tommy relents and leaves the ring. Manny goes right to the attack with a series of forearm shots to the face of AJ Morales, Manny sends Morales into the ring ropes and connects with a running dropkick right to Morales’ knee!

JOHNSON: “Arrow to the knee! Manny has taken down AJ Morales with that surgical strike!”

VASSA: “They’re going to pull this off… I don’t believe it, they’re going to pull this off somehow and we have to live with another six months of the American Mangs. I think I’m going to be the one that ends it all tonight.”

Manny waits for Morales to pick himself up a little bit off of the mat and unloads with the mist!! He then charges towards the ropes to finish it off, but Tommy once again slaps his partner across the back stopping Manny against the ropes. The two once again have words as Tommy climbs to the top ropes and continue to jaw as Tommy leaps from the top ropes…


…hitting only the canvas with his Dream Crusher!! Morales is able to get out of the way at the last moment and Tommy hits the canvas with both feet hard. Manny is shocked by this as his partner falls to the mat face first, but as Manny goes to charge out, Bianca Reed flies from the top ropes and connects with her Cracker Jacker which sends the former 4CW world champion out of the ring. The crowd buzzes as AJ Morales slings himself off of the ropes once again and flies through the air hitting Tommy with his Liberator punch!!

JOHNSON: “Another Liberator to Tommy!! AJ Morales hooks the leg there in the center of the ring, we might have new champions…”



VASSA: “Yes! Yes!”

JOHNSON: “The Reedvolution has defeated the American Mangs here at Bad Company Five and have become the new 4CW Tag Team Champions!!!”

“Who’s Who” hits the speakers as Bianca and AJ come together in the center of the ring, embracing in celebration as the match has finally come to an end. Handing them the championships, the official then lifts their arms into the air, declaring them the official winners of this year’s Bad Company.

JOHNSON: ”Here are your winners of Bad Company, one million dollars, and new 4CW Tag Team Champions… BIANCA REED and A.J. MORALES… RREEEEDDVVOOLLUUTTIIOONN!!!”

The two continue to celebrate in the center of the ring, clutching the 4CW Tag Team Championships against their bodies.

JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Reedvolution has knocked off the champions in the final round, winning Bad Company and the cash prize of one million dollars!”

VASSA: ”I know exactly who I’m talking to after the show!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s been a long two nights but we have finally reached the end, the conclusion to Bad Company and apparently the return of regular 4CW programming.”

VASSA: ”Apparently?”

JOHNSON: ”You heard Perry earlier. Over the next few days a new network provider will be announced and Adrenaline will pick right back up where it left off, following the unaired Adrenaline One hundred and Two, which should also be releasing within the next few days.”

VASSA: ”The break was good while it lasted but like Perry said, it’s time to get back to work and repair the 4CW name that a few geometry teachers have tarnished.”

JOHNSON: ”Where will you see us at next? What city will Adrenaline first visit? Your guess is as good as ours! Nothing has been released yet but as soon as we find out, we’ll be sure to fill you all in. Until then, let’s sit back and let Reedvolution have this moment. Those two worked extremely hard to get to this point in their careers as a tag team and the hard work has finally paid off for them.”

VASSA: ”We watched them first come together at the beginning of the year and after a few run ins with the American Mangs, they were finally able to beat them here tonight with the belts on the line!”

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Thank you all for joining us here from the Wells Fargo Center. We’ll be seeing you all in no time as Adrenaline is returning to air! From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera displays the newly crowned champions one last as they celebrate in the center of the ring. Fading out, the picture transitions to a shot of the final bracket of this years Bad Company.