The following content is pre-recorded and has finally been released publicly following the dispute between 4CW and the former network.


What started out as a triple threat match quickly turned to a handicap match as Alessandro and Jace double teamed Johnny at the very start of the match. Connecting with a combination of boxing style jabs, Jace then followed up with a vicious European uppercut that forced Johnny to look up at the lights. Locking onto his wrist, Jace then whipped Johnny to the ropes but upon Johnny’s return, Alessandro rushed in beside him, knocking him over to his side with a shoulder block out of nowhere. Just in time for Johnny’s return, Alessandro lifted him into the air with ease, instantly slamming him back to the canvas with a spinebuster!

Alessandro focused solely on Johnny most of the match, until he had no other choice but to give Jace his undivided attention as Jace knocked him into the corner with a spinning heel kick! Unloading with another boxing combination, Jace pounded away at Alessandro’s ribs with lefts and rights, finishing off the nasty combination with a hook that dropped Alessandro to his knees. Before Jace could finish Alessandro off, Johnny attacked him from behind, more so in a pestering way. Jace fired at will with right hands, backing Johnny to the ropes with nowhere to go. Rushing in from behind, Alessandro connects with his Zidane Headbutt (running headbutt) driving his forehead to the back of Jace’s and sending him crashing into the ropes, going up and over before spilling to the outside floor.

With Jace on the outside, Alessandro quickly grabbed ahold of Johnny, wrapping both arms around him and lifting him off his feet in a bearhug. Walking to the center of the ring while holding Johnny, Alessandro continued to squeeze the life out of him before finally releasing him. Dropping to one knee, Johnny was out of breathe and when he finally stood back to his feet, it was lights out as Alessandro rushed in and connected with another Zidane Headbutt, this time direct to Johnny’s forehead, leveling him instantly. With Jace still on the outside, Alessandro was able to secure the three count with no interruptions.

WINNER: Alessandro Quagliaterre via Pinfall (9:12)


Getting off to an early start, Kaelan quickly took control of the match, locking up with Alexis and pulling her head down to a side headlock, which then led to a bulldog in the center of the ring. Kaelan then kept the match on the canvas, keeping Alexis off her feet and slowly working away at her with various submission holds. Going for a Texas Cloverleaf, Kaelan was unable to secure the maneuver before being kicked away by Alexis, who was then able to pop up to her feet before Kaelan could react. The two then collided in the center of the ring in an exchange of wild punches, lefts and rights flying in from all different directions.

Ducking a right hook to the head from Kaelan, Alexis countered with a swift knee to her ribs, forcing Kaelan to double over from the impact. Backing up to the ropes, Alexis then bounced off and exploded straight for Kaelan. Jumping into the air, Alexis wrapped an arm around Kaelan’s head before gravity pulled her down, and in turn Alexis executing a jumping DDT to Kaelan in the center of the ring! The DDT wasn’t enough to keep Kaelan grounded for long, but what came afterwards is a different story. First Alexis hit Kaelan with a fisherman’s suplex, followed up with a running knee drop to the shoulder before Kaelan even thought about getting back to her feet. Lifting Kaelan up from the mat, Alexis then lifted her upside down into the air before dropping her flat on her head with a piledriver!

Alexis went for the pinfall but was only able to score a two count before Kaelan launched her shoulder up from the canvas. Pulling Kaelan to her feet, Alexis whipped her to the far corner, taking off behind her as soon as she released. Smacking the corner back first, Kaelan bounced forward, looking ahead just in time to duck and dodge an incoming running clothesline from Alexis. Stepping in behind Alexis, Kaelan readied herself as Alexis spun around instantly to face her. Connecting with a swift kick to Alexis’ stomach, Kaelan quickly wrapped an arm around her head and went for a snap suplex. Locking her leg with Kaelan’s, Alexis was able to maintain her footing, while also delivering numerous right hand blows to Kaelan’s ribs.

Wrapping Alexis up and keeping her held down in a bent over position, Kaelan then rammed her knee upward, driving it into Alexis’ chest before twisting around and slinging Alexis to the mat. Alexis pushed herself up to one knee, only to get knocked back down as Kaelan rushed in and connected with a running knee lift. Continuing in stride, Kaelan ran straight for the ropes ahead, leaping into the air just as she came within distance of them. Planting both feet to the ropes, Kaelan launched herself backwards, flipping through the air with a springboard moonsault. Just before Kaelan landed on her, Alexis rolled out of the way, avoiding contact as Kaelan crashed to the canvas. The two shot up from the mat, Alexis making it to her feet just in time to step in and connect with a superkick as Kaelan stood tall. Alexis’ FUM Kick took Kaelan off her feet, dropping her flat on her back in which Alexis was then able to secure the victory with a three count.

WINNER: Alexis Kennedy via Pinfall (10:57)


The result of Logan’s match with Bryan Williams ending in a draw at South Beach Brawl didn’t seem to sit well with him carrying over to Adrenaline two weeks later. He had always seemed to get along well with Manny on social media but his demeanor was completely different tonight. Skipping the pleasantries before the bell, Logan was determined to turn things around here tonight against the current 4CW Pride Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions. The two immediately locked up following the sound of the bell, Logan quickly overpowering Manny as he pushed him backwards until eventually pressing Manny’s back against the ropes. Using the ropes, Logan pushed Manny against them before using his momentum to pull him into a swift knee to the stomach. With Manny doubled over from the impact, Logan wrapped both arms around his waist, lifting him up into the air over his shoulder and punishing Manny with an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack drop! Pushing himself up to his feet instantly, Logan then jumped as high as he could, only to come back down with an elbow drop straight to Manny’s chest.

Things didn’t look too good for Manny early in the match as Logan overpowered him in every aspect. Slipping out of Logan’s hold, Manny shot to the ropes behind him, only to come back and go airborne, flipping upside down and locking his legs around Logan’s head. Refusing to let Manny execute a head scissors, Logan quickly wrapped both arms around his waist, pulling Manny back up only to take two steps forward before throwing him down with a vicious powerbomb! Going for the pin, Logan was only able to score a two count. Continuing on, Logan kept Manny grounded, targeting Manny’s legs with knee strikes before positioning himself behind Manny and locking in a chokehold. As Logan flexed, his bicep looked to grow larger than Manny’s head. Manny fought and fought, getting slower and slower as Logan refused to let go. The crowd began to chant Manny’s name and just when you thought Manny was out for good, the calls from the fans brought on a newfound energy in Manny. Fighting to his feet, Manny finally managed to stand with Logan still behind him with the choke hold in tact. Throwing his arm back, Manny hit him in the stomach with one elbow, but Logan didn’t let go. Manny then hit him with a second, and then a third, but Logan just wouldn’t ease up. Stomping down onto Logan’s foot as hard as he could, Manny then delivered one final elbow to Logan’s stomach, forcing him to release the chokehold. Bursting forward away from Logan, Manny hit the ropes ahead of him and came back, putting Logan on the mat with The Gadfly!

The Gadfly wasn’t enough to keep Logan down for long, but it was more than enough to completely shift the momentum of the match. Before Logan could get to both feet, Manny quickly moved in, connecting with a spinning wheel kick as Logan attempted to push himself up from one knee. Logan rolled a few times before stopping in front of the corner. Rushing in, Manny aimed for Logan’s head with a clothesline but found himself wrapped in Logan’s arms before he could connect. Struggling to break free, Manny finally pushed himself away from Logan, turning his back to his in the process. Flipping backwards, Manny the planted his foot to Logan’s forehead with a Pele kick! Popping back to his feet, Manny raced to the opposite corner before exploding forward and rushing straight for Logan. Closing in, Manny rolled forward, annihilating Logan in the corner with a rolling koppu kick. With Logan seeing stars, Manny looked on from a distance, catching his breath and planning his next attack. As Logan finally began pushing himself up to one knee, Manny screamed “FUS RO DAH!” before taking off towards Logan. Just as Logan stood tall, Manny leaped forward towards him, leveling him with The Warhammer! Not giving Logan any time to recover, Manny quickly made the cover, securing the pinfall with a three count!

WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (9:59)


Following the opening bell, Riley went straight to work, rushing Williams in the center of the ring and firing at will with rapid right kicks to his lower leg. Throwing a wild punch for her head, Williams missed as she stepped in behind him, wrapping him up and slamming him to the mat with a snap suplex. Williams immediately went to puch himself up, only to get taken off his feet again as Riley spun her body around, sweeping his legs out from under him. Popping up to her feet, she kicked him a few times while he was down before hopping over him and darting towards the ropes. Upon her return, she slid feet first to the mat, driving both into the side of Williams head! Keeping him grounded, Riley targeted his arms, driving multiple knee strikes into his right. Before Williams knew it, Riley had him locked in a seated fujiwara armbar! She cranked and cranked on his arm, eager for him to tap out but shocked when he finally managed to reach out with his other arm to grab the ropes, thus forcing her to break the hold.

The rope break allowed Williams to get back to his feet with no interference. As the official stepped out of the way, Riley rushed past him, heading towards Williams at full speed. She aimed high, kicking for Williams’ head. Leaning back just enough to dodge her incoming foot, Williams then stepped in, swinging upward and connecting with a European uppercut, whipping her head back. Wrapping her up with both arms, he then lifted her off her feet, slamming her to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Stomping down onto her, Williams eventually forced her to roll over to her back. From there, he stepped over her with a foot planted at each side. Reaching down and digging his hands underneath her body, he then deadlifted her from the mat, falling backwards and throwing her down with a powerful German suplex!

Williams remained in control of the match for the next few minutes, tossing Riley around the ring like a ragdoll. After connecting with a superkick to her chin that stood her entire body straight up, he then locked onto her wrist and whipped her to the corner. Just as Riley crashed hard into the corner, Williams took off and charged straight at her. Going for a clothesline, Williams missed and crashed into the corner as she spun out of his way. Spinning once more, she swung her leg around, kicking it straight into Williams’ stomach, instantly dropping him to a seated position with his back to the corner. Backing up to the opposite side of the ring, she then exploded towards him. Gaining speed with each step, Williams had nowhere to go as she closed in, ringing his bell with a shining wizard! Williams was seeing stars as he crawled away from the corner on all fours. As he made his way to the center of the ring, Riley steps in behind him, grabbing him by the head and pulling him up to his feet. Wrapping a single arm around his head, she kept him bent over for just a moment before leaning back and pulling his head up. Falling forward, she then pulled him down with her, planting his head to the canvas with The Crowning (headlock driver)! Rolling him over to his back, she then made the cover with ease to secure the pinfall!

WINNER: Riley Savell via Pinfall (8:48)


Making her long awaited return to a 4CW ring, Roxi Johnson didn’t have an easy match on her plate as she was set to go up against the reigning North American Champion, Elijah Carlson. The two stood across from each other in the center of the ring, prompting the official to call for the bell and get things underway in Adrenaline One Hundred and Two’s main event. Catching Roxi off guard, Eli extended his hand for a handshake. She looked at it for a short moment, then cutting her eyes to make eye contact with Eli. Extending her hand, she went to shake his, only for Eli to pull his hand back, shouting for her not to touch him while doing so. Eli then kicked for Roxi’s stomach, only to have his foot caught between both of her hands before he could connect with the kick. She swung his leg to the side, spinning Eli around and just when he faced her, she jumped into the air, grabbing his head and slamming him face down to the mat with a facebuster! Eli’s head bounced off the mat and with the momentum, he stood back to his feet on loose legs. Popping up to her feet, Roxi ran and hit the ropes behind Eli, bouncing off and coming in from behind him to wrap an arm around his head and drive him face down to the mat again, this time with a bulldog! Rolling Eli to his back, Roxi went for an early pin, only coming up with a near two count as Eli kicked out before the officials hand could slap the mat a second time.

Fast forward, Roxi was still in control of the match over the North American Champion. Locking onto his wrist, she went to whip him to the ropes but Eli reversed the throw, sending her to the corner instead. Chasing behind her, Eli was going to strike the moment she crashed into corner. Leaping into the air, Roxi jumped up to the top of the corner, immediately springboarding off. Spinning her body in mid air, she landed on Eli’s shoulders for a hurricanrana, but what she didn’t expect was Eli to grab ahold of her and throw her back first into the corner with a powerbomb! With Roxi’s back against the corner, Eli stomped down onto her stomach, keeping her grounded and depleting her breath with each kick that knocked the air from her lungs. Backing up to the center of the ring, Eli then bursts forward, closing in and connecting with a running knee to Roxi’s face. Pulling her up from the mat, he dragged her away from the corner before locking onto her head with both hands and dropping her to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Turning to the corner at his right, Eli shot to the top where he overlooked the crowd who gave him a negative reaction in return due to his “Nasty Eli” status. Giving them the middle finger, Eli then jumped twice, bouncing off the ropes and taking flight as he flipped backwards through the air, coming down onto Roxi with a moonsault! Hooking her leg for the cover, Eli thought he had the match in the bag but couldn’t believe his eyes when Roxi kicked out following the two count.

On his feet, Eli circled Roxi as if she were prey and he were a shark. Pushing herself up to all fours, she could hear his footsteps getting closer before suddenly there were no more. Jumping into the air, Eli pulled his knee to his chest before kicking his foot down towards the back of Roxi’s head for a curb stomp. Rolling out of the way at the last split second, she avoided the potential match ending move as Eli’s foot stomped down to the canvas. Popping up to her feet, Roxi immediately went airborne, planting both feet to Eli’s chest with a dropkick. Eli stumbled backwards to the ropes and as he bounced off of them, Roxi quickly pushed herself up just in time kick him in the stomach, forcing Eli to double over. Stepping in, Roxi wrapped an arm around Eli’s head and just when she went to execute the DDT, Eli wrapped both arms around her waist and began driving her backwards across the ring. Just when Roxi’s back crashed against the corner, Eli’s shoulder drove into her stomach, taking her breath away from the impact. Eli lifted her into the air, sitting Roxi on top of the corner where he then climbed to the middle ropes. Wrapping an arm around Roxi’s head, Eli punched her in the ribs with his other hand, drawing a negative reaction from the crowd which caused him to delay his next move momentarily. Waving off the crowd, Eli then went to suplex Roxi from the top but found himself on the receiving end of a punch to the ribs from her. With both hands, she pushed him off the corner, sending him flying backwards before landing to his feet a few feet away from the corner. Leaping away from the corner, Roxi connected with a missile dropkick that sent Eli to the mat and rolling across the ring.

Running in as Eli stood to his feet, she lowered her head running into him. Wrapping both arms around her waist, Eli lifted her up as she also assisted by jumping herself into what appeared to be another incoming powerbomb. Using the momentum of her body, Roxi continued to roll forward, going over Eli’s back and taking him off his feet to execute a flawless Yoshi-tonic! With Eli’s shoulders to the mat, Roxi went for the pin, pushing his legs back, only to come up just short as Eli was able to kick out a split second before the three count. Eli remained on the mat, not in any rush to get back to his feet as he caught his breath. Dragging him over to the corner and setting him up in front of it, Roxi then climbed the corner. Giving the fans two thumbs up, she then jumped into the air, opening her legs in a splits and bouncing off the top ropes. Flipping backwards, she came down with a split-legged moonsault right onto Eli’s knees as he pulled them upward in defense. Roxi bounced off Eli’s knees, flipping over to her back. The two were both down, which made the official begin his ten count. As he reached seven, the two finally made it to their feet where Roxi made the first move. Jumping towards the ropes beside Eli, Roxi planted both feet to the middle rope where she then springboarded off. Spinning in the air, she kicked her leg out, trying to take off Eli’s head but missed as he ducked underneath it and stepped in behind her. With his back to Roxi, Eli waited for the exact moment Roxi turned to face him before flipping backwards and planting his foot in the center of her head with Your Coronation (Pele kick)! Roxi was slow to her feet but the second she stood, Eli then finished things off with his Red Light Special (sick kick), leveling Roxi and dropping her instantly. Making the cover, Eli hooked her leg and rolled across her body securing the one, two, and three!

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (13:37)