Adrenaline 102 was scheduled to take place May 8th live on Showtime, as Adrenaline has always been aired on Showtime over the years since signing on back in the summer of 2016. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last four months, it’s well known that Adrenaline 102 was never aired to the public due to a dispute between the Perry Wallace and the network.

After months of legal battles, the event (Adrenaline 102) footage was recently released, but not without some major editing from Showtime before 4CW could take into possession.

In the recent weeks leading up to today, Wallace has been in negotiations with two different networks, searching for the right fit for 4CW television. As of this morning, a deal has been officially agreed upon which will see Adrenaline air on its regular routine alternating Wednesday’s with the first event scheduled for September 18th.

Moving forward, you can see all of your 4CW Adrenaline action live on the Battleground Network!