It’s hard to ignore the various accoutrements to the newly crowned Death Crown champion’s apparel; some light stitching, a few wraps peeking from either a sleeve or her collar. In a lot of ways the summer has been kind to her, putting another reign under her, finally breaking that Deathmatch tournament drought And now poised on the verge of another. It has given a lot, but it has taken its toll.

Lisa Seldon

“So here we are. After a ridiculous summer of Deathmatch wrestling, there’s just one show left. Over the last few weeks I’ve chairs smashed in my face, light tubes broken over my back, needles jammed in my cheeks. In return I’ve smashed someone with a disco ball, set a man on fire, attacked someone with a flaming chair… there’s always a lot of fire at these things.”

Lisa quietly shrugs that one off. Tonight she’s pacing back and forth in a corridor somewhere deep in the arena. One of the finest in the world, filled to capacity to see seven people get torn to shreds. Who would have thought it.

Lisa Seldon

“I’ve had a good time. I mean physically I’m destroyed. Never felt worse. Wounds upon wounds that I’ll be walking around with until the day I die, but that’s tomorrow’s problem. Today I’m a champion, a Deathmatch Demolition winner and all that pain is going to fade into nothingness when I’ve got two trophies to hold above my head.

I have run the gamut from dangerous outsiders to deathmatch royalty. I have weathered the storm and come through it bleeding and undeniable. Ahead of me are just two more matches, a final against the hungry and wild unknowns and shootout with one of the most dangerous men in the world.”

She smiles at that one. Tenses her knuckles. Barely weeks out from Laughlin digging away at him with a mess of power tools. Neither were showing up with their best.

Lisa Seldon

“I have chased Aoki all over the world; fighting until neither of us could stand anymore and with the stakes so high I don’t expect anything different tonight. I will gladly take that again to get where I want. I will survive Aoki and drag myself through however comes after.

I am a wreck. I am walking in hurt and I will leave worse for it. But however I leave I will leave a winner, because pain means nothing, injuries heal and the only thing that hurts forever is losing.”

She turns and takes a step. In the background you can hear music flaring. Someone is about to get fed to the lions and the Roman’s are ecstatic.

Lisa Seldon

“You can take from me whatever you want. Strip my flesh, tear open my wounds. I will take it all back in gold. I will make this tournament my own.”

She takes a deep breath, savours the moment and then steps out of shot. It’s been a good run, but there’s still work to be done.

Aokigahara Zombie stands in front of a wall with two circles of small blood splatters on either side of him. He stares into the camera with an intense smirk then he looks around and lights himself a cigarette. When he does we see that his hands are partially taped and his knuckles and fingers are a little swollen and covered in red. He lets out some smoke with closed eyes.

Aokigahara Zombie

“Please excuse the indulgence, I know how you people view this but really… I don’t think there are many left that care. Not those that are true connoisseurs of this thing we do. We are at the end folks. I need to calm down before I get too carried away. I need to save myself for the action!”

He takes a deep breath of clean air then another drag.

Aokigahara Zombie

“Tonight is the culmination of a few weeks of violence. We have celebrated, cringed, and laughed through some of the most painful matches on this side of the earth. This is the night where we decide the end. You have seen some barbaric things and tonight, my friends it’s going to get better. It’s all about the fight. All about this!”

Aokigahara turns around and slaps one of the spots on the wall where he was punching as he gets a little more excited.

Aokigahara Zombie

“Do you know what I love about fighting? It’s where you are truly one. Mind and body. Flesh and blood. Bone and sinew. All of yourself working together to overcome another human being in the ultimate contest. And with the rules a little bit relaxed we can go and reveal who we really are. The deathmatch is where arrogance goes to die. When you get hurt you feel the pain deep down in your soul. There is no denying that your skill plays a part, but all gameplans go out the window when your skin gets broken with a jagged edge. Then it’s all about who can become the better gladiator. The freedom we’ll get is in living to fight another day!

“We all suffered for the sport through the garbage monikers, through the people that want to put you into a stereotype, through the mastermind tourist, and the surviving reluctant tourist, through cursing your way out of all expectations, through taking over the whole damn wrestling world- Hi, Lisa!… we just suffer, in order to fight, in order to live, in order to die gracefully.”

He puts a bloodied hand on his heart and it looks like he is almost about to cry.

Aokigahara Zombie

“For that is what most of us can hopefully get in the end. Especially if I have anything to say about it.”

He laughs and it grows until he can’t control it anymore and he walks off bellowing and howling ready for action.

The big man digs up his nose while he sits on the mat and watches Lisa outside rummaging through weapons. It had been a fast paced start for both of them with Lisa getting the first shots in to Aoki’s face with a few high kicks and managing to avoid being thrown down below from outside the ring when she grabbed onto the ropes after Aoki tossed her. Now he was seeing what she would bring into the ring and was willing to allow her to get some hits in with whatever weapon she grabs. The audience had wondered if Aoki had another bomb with him like he had for Round 2 against Viduus. The ones drunk enough to not use logic hoped that he did while others would hope Aoki wouldn’t try to blow up the STAPLES Center. Lisa slides in the ring with shovel and Aoki decides to get to his feet upon seeing her enter the ring. He says something to her and then wipes his finger down her face, causing her to become confused… until she wipes at her face and sees a huge booger. Aoki shrugs as if he didn’t think he did anything wrong and earns a huge crack to the face by the shovel from an angry Lisa. She continues clobbering him with the shovel while making sure she’s not standing near any of his hands to thwart any surprise attacks from Aoki suddenly deciding to grab for her. Aoki’s hand suddenly shoots out to try to grab for one of Lisa’s ankles just like she predicted and she easily stomps on that hand several times while clapping his back with that shove. Our Lisa was a multi tasker and she was a relentless one too.

She finally halts the assault on Aoki and is actually nice enough to stand off from any attacks to allow him to get onto his feet. He finally rises to his feet…. just to get knocked back down with a roundhouse kick to the face. Aoki is tired of playing into Lisa’s hands and ends up rolling away from her at lightening speed until he’s rolling underneath the ropes and crashing down to the ground below. The audience eagerly waits to see what Aoki gets his hands on and it’s…… a large rock?? ‘Are you fucking serious?!’ someone in the crowd shouts out angrily, hoping Aoki gets pulverized by Lisa now. Lisa even appears surprised by the choice as Aoki emerges from the outside, holding that rock tightly in his hand. The audience begins taunting Aoki with calling him all kinds of names as Lisa grins and charges at Aoki… who quickly moves out of the way while swinging that rock to crack her really hard in the back of her head. The taunts from the audience begin to cease as the fans start thinking about how much it would hurt to get hit with a big ass rock in the head and realizes that it definitely won’t feel any good. Aoki tries to hit Lisa again as she’s holding the back of her head but she ducks and elbows him in the stomach before sliding out of the ring. But Aoki has became a madman with that rock in his hand, almost as if he’s possessed as he slides out of the ring and charges Lisa, stopping right in front of her suddenly as she ducks with thinking he was going to come any closer.

But Lisa is right where Aoki wants her, the rock not being the main weapon he had planned for her as he suddenly grabs her by the back of her head and shoves her face into a tank full of fire ants! He holds her head down in the tank as he smiles at the camera, sticking his tongue out with glee while Lisa struggles furiously to try to break free as the ants sting her face. He finally yanks her head back from the tank and shoves her roughly away while Phoenix watches the tank to make sure it doesn’t fall because she nor Laughlin wanted to deal with no damn fire ants getting loose or near them. Lisa was really feeling those stings and she kept telling herself, mind over matter, because she knew that she couldn’t let this get in the way of beating Aoki. A grinning Aoki steps closer to her, asking her if she’s okay and ends up stumbling back in a shriek after Lisa decides to grab the lidless pot sitting on a hot plate to throw at him, the contents inside turning out to be hot tea. She slips oven mitts on, grabs that hot plate and begins wacking Aoki on the back of his head and his back in anger while trying to ignore the pain and discomfort she’s feeling on her face. An atomic bomb helps Aoki with the favor swinging his way as he waits for Lisa to start to rise from the power move before he drops to his knees behind her and sinks his teeth into her left shoulder. Lisa screams out in pain as Aoki lets go… only to bite her right next to the huge fresh bite mark.

Lisa sees the shovel within reaching distance and she picks it up, using the handle to stab back at him unsuccessfully until Aoki lets go after the handle pops him hard in the eye. Aoki rushes out of the ring with climbing through the middle and top ropes and Lisa is right behind him with a sliding dropkick to help assist him to the outside. After a while when Lisa decides to walk to the ropes to see what is taking Aoki so long, he makes his presence known as he rises with a chainsaw in hand. Lisa’s eyes widened and Aoki grins as he tries to rev it up…. but to no avail. Lisa isn’t going to give him anytime to get the thing going as she jumps onto the top rope and The Horror Pop comes fast as Lisa’s knees slam into Aoki’s face on the way down. He drops the chainsaw, Lisa kicks it away from him and she notices someone off camera trying to get her attention as they point at something near a cooler. She smiles as she nods, walking over to pick up the bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce while thanking Jian for pointing it out to her. She then sees Aoki getting up to his knees and she takes advantage, dashing forward for a beautiful Killacanrana that puts Aoki back down. Making sure he was flat out his back, she pours that entire bottle of hot sauce on his face and watches with a smirk as Aoki rolls around, clawing at his face from the hot sauce getting in his eyes and some even going up his nose.

An enraged Aoki grabs the nearest object and swings it blindly, managing to catch Lisa on the side of her face with the kendo stick. She stumbles into the steel steps and the temporarily blind Aoki is able to follow the sound as he uses that kendo stick to viciously slice it through the air with trying to hit his opponent. The steel stairs definitely aren’t on Lisa’s side since she isn’t able to get out of the way and catches a great many blows to the shoulder blades and to the side of her arms by the determined Aoki wanting to get his hits in even though he couldn’t see right now. Lisa falls to the ground but ends up rolling away as Aoki beats the hell out of the steel stairs with that kendo stick. Lisa dropkicks him from behind to get him to drop his weapon and then irish whips him towards the ring. He mistakes that she’s gotten into the ring after that and after feeling on the apron to figure out where he’s at, he begins sliding into the ring while Lisa watches him for a second before she slides in herself and waits for him to sit up on his knees for him to get that solid opening with The Man Opener, wasting no time as Aoki goes down and Lisa is right on top of him with the cover.





Santana Mentez

“And hereeeee is your winner, LIIIIIISA SELDOOON!”

The Skull Kids’ momma did it! The audience goes nuts, Jian puts that throat to use with how loud he’s screaming and Lisa gets her hand raised by the referee before heading over to the turnbuckle to jump on it, extending her arms into the air in victory. Lisa was glad for the win but she knew that it was far from over with this marking her one of the three finalists that will compete in the main event to be crowned the 2019 Snuff Fest Winner.


That wild pitch and yaw as the camera snaps on, somewhere near the Staples Center. Cars already filling the parking lot in the middle distance, before the frame is filled by the erstwhile ‘Redneck Hulk’ himself. Pacing again, much more manic now. Like a caged, starving animal, every movement full of raw, intense anger. Natural, for a man who subsists entirely on hate.

Dexter Jacobs
“I told that motherfucker. I TOLD him. ‘Finish what you start’, I said. Made it plain as fuckin’ day. An’ what’d he do? Pop off the same sorry ass bullshit findin’ the most roundabout way t’ call me a cocksucker possible…but when it came throat cuttin’ time?”

He sneers, that disgust palpable.

Dexter Jacobs

“He ain’t got no FUCKIN’ FOLLOW THROUGH.”

The words come almost as a curse, that manic pacing intensifying as Jacobs pushes his hair back, shaking his head.

Dexter Jacobs

“All y’all motherfuckers love to fuckin’ talk a good game. Y’all real good at flappin’ your fuckin’ cocksucker mouths, an’ Hell, y’all bring a fight, most times. But ain’t a single Goddamn ONE of you mealy mouthed peasants had the guts t’ finish the fuckin’ job. Ain’t ONE OF Y’ALL had the guts to pull the fuckin’ trigger. It’s fuckin’ PATHETIC.”

A pause, as he takes a deep, ragged breath.

Dexter Jacobs

“Don’t be like them, SHIDO. I saw what y’all did to that cunt Rollins. I know you got it in you. Spare me the fuckin’ theatrics. Save me the fuckin’ horseshit, tryin’ to get in my fuckin’ head, entertainin’ yourself however the fuck y’all like t’ do. You come at me, SHIDO, an’ you come ready to finish the job. You get your chance t’ pull the fuckin’ trigger, you sure as FUCK TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER. Don’t fuckin’ disappoint. Don’t waste my fuckin’ time, SHIDO. Don’t you be like the rest of these fuckin’ pisspots, SHIDO. You get your fuckin’ shot, you take that motherfucker. Otherwise…”

His tone drops low. Voice hard as slate, that guttural tone dripping with venom.

Dexter Jacobs

“Otherwise I’ll fuckin’ eat you alive. First chance I get..I ain’t gonna hesitate, an’ I’ll stack your miserable ass on the pile with the rest of ’em. On God, SHIDO. FINISH. WHAT. YOU. START.”

Another pause.

Dexter Jacobs

“Or I fuckin’ will.”

He grits his teeth, rubbing at the scar tissue along his jaw, then lower, over the fresher wounds left by Kawamata’s barbed wire.

Dexter Jacobs

“An’ that goes for the rest of y’all. He ain’t got the guts t’ do it…one of y’all better fuckin’ find ’em. I don’t give a rat fuck who it is. That mouthy little cocksucker Valero, or the mongoloid in the skull mask. The fuckin’ crazy bastard Zombie, or that cunt Seldon, or even ol’ fuckin’ Deathrow hisself. I don’t give a good GOD DAMN which of y’all does it, but one of you stupid motherfuckers better find the guts t’ finish the motherfuckin’ job. ONE OF Y’ALL better reach down real fuckin’ deep an’ be willin’ t’ pull the fuckin’ trigger.

Or I’ll just keep stackin’ fuckin’ bodies, til I take this precious ass tournament y’all been so fuckin’ hard up over…right out your grips.

One of y’all. I’m fuckin’ beggin’ you.

Finish. What. Y’all. Start.

Or I will.


Jacobs sneers, the camera yawns again, and we cut to black.

Jacobs shakes his head at SHIDO, hoping like hell he wouldn’t bring any of his theatrics into his match or he was going to treat him like a real show pony. No fear in the eyes of the handsome competitor as he smirks at Jacobs, ready to make yet another example out of someone in this tournament. They don’t jet out of the ring in search of weapons, nor do they tie up in the center of the ring. No… they both stand there as Jacobs blows his last puff of smoke from his cigarette and flicks off SHIDO. SHIDO shrugs, he isn’t bothered by that but when he sees Jacobs takes a few steps forward, so does SHIDO. Jacobs suddenly bursts out laughing for a bit as SHIDO looks at him with an eyebrow raised… until Jacobs slams his foot down on SHIDO’s to step on it to catch him off guard and then stabs his cigarette into SHIDO’s face to burn him! SHIDO immediately touches his face and takes a few steps backward to create distance between Jacobs and him, realizing what the laughing Jacobs did who now flicks his cigarette at as SHIDO realizes he doesn’t find this situation humorous at all.

Due his anger at the disrespect Jacobs has shown SHIDO, that helps kick SHIDO into quick gear with dominating the beginning of this match with SHIDO wishing Jacobs had his lighter on him so he could use it to set fire to him. SHIDO was bringing it without the theatrics, just straight violent rage as he grabs Jacobs head to shove down so that his right knee could pop up to smash right into Jacobs’ face. Jacobs doesn’t go down until SHIDO puts him down with a rolling wheel kick and then jumps onto a turnbuckle. Jacobs rises and SHIDO flips off the turnbuckle, his hands landing onto Jacobs’ shoulders as SHIDO does a handstand in the air with Jacobs’ shoulders at his crutch. The audience is impressed as SHIDO flips down and inward with his hands still on Jacobs’ shoulders, his knee goes into Jacob’s middle as SHIDO’s back hits the mat and Jacobs goes flying from that monkey flip. The uplifting cheers from the audience fuels SHIDO’s adrenaline but before he could make a grab for Jacobs to pull him to his feet, Jacobs is already rolling out of the ring and away from SHIDO’s grabby hands.

When Jacobs came back to the ring with a 2×4, SHIDO remarks that Jacobs is overcompensating while Jacobs sneers with a, ‘you wish’ before brandishing that big piece of wood towards SHIDO’s face. He gets a good hit in but SHIDO doesn’t allow him another as he drops and rolls out of the way to escape Jacobs trying to hit him with it again. After swinging a few more times, Jacobs says, ‘fuck it’ with dropping the wood and instead advances on SHIDO with his fists ready for action. SHIDO dips out of Jacobs’ incoming right fist but Jacobs knees SHIDO in the midsection to avoid him getting away and hems him up in the turnbuckle corner for some fun. SHIDO tries to fight Jacobs down with trying to get out of the corner but Jacobs counters most of SHIDO’s punches and with every punch that he counters, he punches SHIDO in the gut. Jacobs was beating SHIDO in that corner like a bully terrorizing his prey in high school trying to get that lunch money but it quickly came to a halt when SHIDO poked him dead in the eyes. SHIDO heads outside the ring and taps his chin, trying to choose a weapon.

He slides back in with a wooden cutting board and Jacobs laughs at him…. Until SHIDO begins smashing that board right into Jacobs’ face repeatedly until blood leaked from Jacobs’ nose. It was nothing to Jacobs… who wiped at the bloody display on his face and then beckoned for SHIDO to give him some more with feeding the beast but SHIDO rolls his eyes, pulling a plant out with gloved hands to show that wasn’t the only thing he had gotten from the outside. Jacobs still shrugs as SHIDO taunts him to come closer but Jacobs tells him to come closer. Jacobs eventually laughs his ass off that SHIDO really chose a plant for a weapon and walks over to SHIDO, unafraid while SHIDO just shrugs and dropkicks Jacobs in his knees. Jacobs goes down and SHIDO rubs that plant all over Jacobs face and neck.. revealing it to be poison ivy. Jacobs furiously backhands SHIDO and swings again at him while SHIDO is stepping out of the way, pulling a chain out whiling laughing. After a while, they both just charge at the other and Jacobs gets to SHIDO first, laying him out with a clothesline. SHIDO keeps that chain gripped tightly in his hand though and once he gets to his feet, he slaps the chain across Jacobs’ face, aiming for his eyes to temporarily blind him so he could easily take him down with two jumping knees to the chest. SHIDO is back onto his feet and beating Jacobs with that chain like he stole something. No place was off limits and he aimed wherever he felt like aiming, laying heat all over his body with that heavy steel.

Jacobs grabs SHIDO’s ankle to yank as hard as he could to make SHIDO crash to the mat as a glaring Jacobs is out of the ring and coming back with a…. cheese grater? Now isn’t the time to make homemade pizza but Jacobs definitely has plans of his own. SHIDO charges him, big boot to the face by the ready Jacobs who gets SHIDO on his stomach and sits his heavy ass on top of him to pin him down. Jacobs grabs SHIDO’s left arm to pull back as he drags that grater from under his elbow to his wrist. SHIDO screams out in pain as Jacobs watches the blood producing from his arm and becomes bored with the weapon, throwing it aside while yanking SHIDO up to his feet by that injured arm. He picks up SHIDO and dangles him upside down, keeping a strong hold on him as Jacobs’ fans knew what was coming next after Jacobs slashes his throat with his free hand. They wondered would SHIDO slip out of it or do something to escape but that Primal Concrete Sledge came and SHIDO’s on the mat while Jacobs’ is pinning him for what he hopes is the 3 count.





Santana Mentez

“And hereeeee is your winner, DEEEEXTER JACOBS!”

He grins deviously as his nose starts bleeding again and when he sees the referee hesitate to raise his hand up because he’s busy looking at SHIDO to see if he’s okay, he tells the referee to fuck off and raises his own hand in the air. A mixture of boos and cheers come in loud and proud but Jacobs doesn’t care. He has a tournament to win.

The echo of footsteps clattering against concrete materializes in the form of Ricky Valero as he paces the backstage area of the Staples Center. The roar of the crowd could be heard from ringside, but “The Franchise” is unfazed, deep in thought and lost in focus in the lead up to his massive triple-threat semi-final matchup in the 4CW Snuff Fest tournament.

Ricky Valero

“Matt Deathrow King. Skull Kid 1.”

He scoffs as he settles into his seat atop a set of empty storage cases nearby. Wearing a black ‘DO GOOD’ t-shirt over top his Lakers-inspired ring gear for this evening, his eyes set at his white wrestling boots hidden underneath a pair of purple and gold kickpads.

Ricky Valero

“As if the odds were not already daunting to begin with going this deep into the tournament, to have to overcome not one but two competitors in a deathmatch?”

Valero lets out a big breath of air and shakes his head as his eyes return forward.

Ricky Valero

“I’m not going to sit here in front of you and pretend it’s going to be easy. Hell, beating Mallory, beating Skull Kid 2…that wasn’t easy. This match. This match tonight could very well be the most difficult, most challenging, most life-threatening battle I’ve ever had in my nearly 19-year career in professional wrestling.”

He stretches his arms outward and cocks his head sideways.

Ricky Valero

“But I’m here. Here to fight. Here to scrap. Here to win. By any means necessary and at any cost. Because even with this 19 years to my name. Even with all the experience in the world. Entering this match? With my chances for victory cut in half? I’m at a severe disadvantage.”

He shrugs his shoulders.

Ricky Valero

“Matt, Skull Kid…this is their forray. There’s no denying that. Unfortunately for the two of them, I’ve done a pretty good job myself in this tournament proving that I adapt well in difficult situations, and I have no issue driving a stake straight through their chests if that’s what it takes to get through the third round and head into the final. Because I didn’t sign up for this tournament to get knocked out in the semis. I didn’t sign up for this thing just to have a decent showing that impressed some folks who didn’t expect me to perform particularly well at all. I signed up for this tournament to win and I will do ANYTHING it takes to make that happen.”

He throws his hands up in defense.

Ricky Valero

“I know, I know. Me and everybody else left standing. But these two tonight, Deathrow King and SK1…they have no clue what they have gotten themselves into. They think just like everybody else thinks. I’m just another loudmouthed, pretty boy douche bag resting on past laurels with no business in a tournament like this. They think I have a deathwish. They think there’s no way I’ll make it out of here alive.”

A sinister grin creeps across his face and he chuckles a little.

Ricky Valero

“I made my reputation silencing doubters like that. I became a star by giving my detractors no choice but to accept the fact that I was always as good as I said I was. I did it by putting down opponents regarded to be bigger than me, stronger than me, more talented than me, more experienced than me, better than me…I’ve risen to the occasion every single time I’ve ever stepped foot inside a wrestling ring. Yea, I’ve lost my fair share of matches. That’s part of the business. You just can’t win them all. But this tournament…this tournament is my motivation. This tournament is my sole focus. I have to win. I have to conquer this challenge. And whether that means beating Deathrow King and every goddamn member of the Skull Kid family, or running through a brick wall, I’m going to do it.”

He props up from a slouch and slides down to his feet.

Ricky Valero

“So no more talking. We all know actions speak louder than words, and tonight, I’m going to let my actions catapult me to the top where I belong. Nobody is going to stop me. Nobody is going to take this from me. I’ve earned this…It’s game time, baby.”

Finally, that trademark smirk returns to his face.

Ricky Valero

“Let’s get to work!”

And without another word, Valero cocks an eyebrow and exits the picture.

Ricky really just watches while MDK just lays into SK1, assaulting him like an inmate catching his enemy alone as he stomps out SK1. Leaning against the turnbuckle, Ricky is just happy it isn’t him and he doesn’t mind MDK using up most of his energy to make things easier on Ricky to get the drop on him. But when MDK turns around to look at Ricky, Ricky hurriedly shoots towards him to hit him in the face with his forearm to catch him off guard. MDK says Ricky hits like a pussy so that motivates Ricky to just hit him harder, this time with his elbow before alternating left and right punches to MDK’s smug face. SK1 is off the mat and pissed off at MDK for attacking him the way that he did. He would be damned if he lost his match and he scurries out of the ring while he allows MDK and Ricky to go at it hard with hitting each other back and forth. Pretty Ricky with the fancy footwork as boasts up with a few good right and left combo shots before attempting a swinging neckbreaker, succeeding with a huge smile. MDK sits up, Ricky bounces off the ropes and dives over MDK while grabbing MDK’s head for a rolling snap that makes Ricky’s smile continue to grow. SK1 is finally back into the ring and he’s holding a trash can with his eyes piercing through MDK.

He doesn’t even pay attention to Ricky, who doesn’t mind this as he steps off to relax against the ropes as SK1 now charges towards the seated MDK and puts the trash can over his head before he can turn his direction. SK1 takes the wooden spoon in his hand and begins banging n the trash can like he’s playing a drum, even singing off key along with the loud noises as Ricky bursts out into laughter at the sight. MDK finally is able to get the can off of him and tosses it at SK1, standing up ready to beat his ass again. SK1 slides out of the ring and MDK says fuck chasing him as he turns his attention to Ricky who is disappointed that SK1 left the ring too fast. Ricky reacts quickly with ducking MDK when he goes for a clothesline as he runs to the ropes, bounces off and gets hit in the face with the trash can that MDK had picked up after Ricky had ducked his swinging arm. MDK suddenly falls to his knees from SK1 hitting him in the back with a cookie sheet. He had chosen a cookie sheet because he thought about the delicious cookies his momma bakes him and SK2 and he wanted to beat MDK with the thought of her in mind. Ricky gets in on the fun as he wraps an arm around SK1 from behind and gets him in a choke hold while MDK rises to his feet and uses that opportunity to knee SK1 in the gut repeatedly until SK1 falls. He then clothesline the hell out of Ricky because fuck teamwork, this tournament has only one winner.

Ricky leaves the ring and when he turns, SK1 is out of the ring as well. MDK doesn’t mind killing any of them with his bare hands and actually taunts them from the ring with telling them they better find something good to stop him with. SK1 comes back with a lighter and MDK threatens to shove it so far up SK1’s ass that his momma would have to retrieve it. He taunts SK1 to come closer until SK1 stares at something behind MDK and before he could turn around to see for himself, Ricky tears into him with a barbed wire bat. You would have thought MDK was a pinata the way Ricky was hitting him and SK1 was making sure to stay out of the way because he wasn’t about to get scratched by the sharp wire. Ricky appreciated SK1 not trying to attack him as he moved freely around MDK to target other areas on his body. SK1 started thinking that Ricky was putting in a lot of work and he didn’t want to be outworked so he shoves Ricky out of the way to fall down on his knees. He studies the bottom of MDK’s pants leg before standing to his feet and walking away. Ricky is confused as hell… until he sees that the bottom of MDK’s pants is on fire as SK1 tosses the lighter in the air to catch before tossing it in the air again.

He tosses it too high the next time and it goes out of the ring, causing SK1 to go after it. Ricky shrugs and decides to wait until MDK finishes putting the fire out on the leg of his pants before Ricky gets behind MDK. MDK spins around and Ricky is quick with the kick to the gut, arms around MDK and an overhead belly to belly suplex that has Ricky punching the air with a huge grin. SK1 returns to the ring with a bong in his hand and he actually appears nervous with finding out what it was after he had gotten into the ring. He doesn’t want to get in trouble for having this but then remembers that it’s a deathmatch and he thinks the rules don’t apply here if it can be used as a weapon. He makes good use of it though as he manages to crack Ricky in the head with it and causes Ricky to fall back into the turnbuckle. MDK charges him with driving his shoulder deep into his chest before grabbing Ricky’s face to slam it into the turnbuckle. He shoves Ricky away, works on getting the turnbuckle cover off and grabs Ricky’s head to go back to slamming his face into the naked turnbuckle post. SK1 jumps on MDK’s back and wraps a slinky around his neck, trying to choke him with it until MDK turns around so that SK1’s back is facing Ricky and runs backwards to slam one opponent into the other.

SK1 falls to the mat and rolls out of the way as Ricky’s body falls down next. He kicks Ricky in the ribs and rolls him away with his foot as he focuses his attention on SK1, yanking him up as if he were a rag doll and hoisting him up into the air to bring down with a thunderous powerbomb. Ricky was thankful that SK1 getting dealt with was the focus of MDK’s attention because then Ricky wouldn’t had been able to slide back into the ring and secretly lean that pane of glass against the turnbuckle. Ricky watches as SK1 gets stomped on and kicked at for a little while longer before he makes his presence known with stepping between MDK and SK1, shoving MDK back as if protecting SK1. MDK shoves him back and Ricky looks to how far away MDK is away from that set up turnbuckle before he begins trading blows with him, trying to get him to take a few steps back. MDK blows are more powerful and Ricky has to dropkick MDK to get him to back up some. He quickly rushes forward for that second dropkick that sends MDK back and falling through that pane of glass. Ricky is over the moon and is ready to pin MDK but SK1 suddenly grabs Ricky by the arm and irishwhips him into the ropes to get him out of the way.

Ricky comes back with a hard forearm to the face and after a few steps back, SK1 charges Ricky with a loud battle cry as he shoves Ricky into the turnbuckle. Ricky fights off SK1’s wild punches and kicks and has no idea why SK1 is so riled up and feels he may be riled up at the wrong person. Ricky uses that trusty elbow to drill SK1 into the face and then starts climbing up the turnbuckle, turning around…. only to fall down and crash through the set up wooden table below due to SK1 shoving him. Ricky had set that table up and had became victim to his own scheme. SK1 turns around and gets a surprise when a lead pipe smashes into his face. He looks over the ropes and down below to see Ricky and ends up cracking up laughing, smiling deviously as he beats SK1 with that weapon and a lot of the fans in the audience are booing with anger at the sight. You think MDK gives a damn though? Of course not! He continues on without a care in the world, satisfied when he sees blood finally beginning to make its way from out of the mask as he covers the poor masked skull kid and cusses for the referee to make the count.





Santana Mentez

“And hereeeee is your winner, DEAAAAATHROW!”

The match is over and MDK is still fucking with SK1 with kicking at his body, taunting him with a lot of shit talk before the referee raises his arm in the air. Deathrow talks a lot of shit about how he’s going to fuck up Lisa and Dexter in the finals and prove to the world what real deathmatch is. His fans cheer for their deathmatch king, shouting all types of vulgarity as they cheer for him to kill the two finalists tonight. As he rolls out of the ring, he takes one last look at Ricky receiving assistance from the backstage medics with wanting to put him on the stretcher and shakes his head with a laugh, heading to the back with being more than ready for the finals.

We cut back to ringside to a far different sight from what we’ve seen throughout the entire tournament. Surrounding the ring, various wooden tables were placed, as well as homemade tables constructed of glass panes. Other notable features surround the ring such as a bed of nails, multiple ladders placed strategically in front of the glass and wooden tables, and blue kid pools full of alcohol. Scattered in between the larger objects at ringside, a buffet of various weapons cover the floor. The ring itself isn’t a safe spot. The ropes are wrapped with razor wire. Propped up against each corner is a pane of glass, making four total inside of the ring waiting to be destroyed by way of throwing an opponent through them. We see a few steel chairs and kendo sticks placed in the ring, as well as multiple staple guns.

What makes this different than just about any other match prior in the tournament?

Hanging above the ring, an open top steel cage comes into view as the camera looks upward. Zooming in, the camera displays to those viewing barbed wire and razor wire weaved through the small openings of the steel cage. Along the top of the cage, rolls and rolls of razor wire are wrapped, similar to what you would picture the fences surrounding a prison. With everyone inside of the ring, the cage slowly begins to lower until finally touching down and enclosing everyone inside of it. Standing back away from all of the pleasantries, the official looks on from a safe distance as he signals for the bell.


Somewhat working together, Lisa and MDK both focus on Dexter, closing in on him from both sides and leaving him nowhere to go. Lisa made the first move, rushing in as he looked over his shoulder at MDK. Running in as he was not paying attention, Lisa connected with a running elbow to the side of his head before Dexter could turn back to face her. Dexter stumbled backwards, falling right into MDK’s arms where he was lifted off his feet and slammed onto a chair wrapped in barbed wire with a German suplex! With Dexter being the larger of the three, Lisa and MDK kept him grounded, stomping on him in unison.

Stepping away from Dexter, Lisa left MDK to do the damage by himself as he continued stomping down onto Dexter. Grabbing a kendo stick, Lisa then rushed in unnoticed, cracking MDK upside the head with it and knocking him into the corner where he crashed against a table propped up against it. Taking the kendo stick with both hands, Lisa held it up, rushing in and crushing MDK’s throat with it as she closed in and collided into him.


Upon impact, Lisa knocked MDK’s body through the table, completely demolishing it before MDK’s back slammed against the barbed wire wrapped around the corner. With his arms draped over the top ropes at his sides, MDK didn’t seem to mind the barbs piercing his back. The same thing can’t be said for the shot to the face with the kendo stick that followed, knocking MDK off his feet and down to a seated position with his back to the corner. His back was covered in blood from the lacerations across his back as he slid down over the barbs.

From behind, Dexter grabbed ahold of Lisa, completely taking her by surprise. Wrapping her up, he lifted her off her feet before spinning around and slinging her across the ring. Lisa hit the mat hard and loud, or maybe it was the land mine placed not far from her that exploded as her body hit the canvas nearby. Debris flew across the ring, Lisa taking most of the damage as she was closest to the explosion. She crawled away from the charred area, appearing to still be fully in tact and not suffering much from the explosion as she had a little distance between herself and the affected area.

Grabbing Lisa by the hair, Dexter pulled her to her feet. Turning her around to face him, Dexter wrapped both hands around Lisa’s throat before lifting her into the air as high as he could. Taking a few steps towards another corner, Dexter launched her in the air, throwing her backwards into a glass pane propped against the corner.


Her body hit the glass, instantly shattering it into hundreds, if not thousands, of small razor sharp pieces. Lisa rolled back and forth over the shattered glass, slicing her own skin up with nowhere clear from glass to move to. Just when Dexter stepped in to grab Lisa, MDK rushed in from the side, connecting with a running shoulder blocked that knocked Dexter into the ropes. Hitting the ropes with his side, Dexter went up and over, spilling out onto the apron as he used the ropes to guide his landing. Pulling himself to his feet, Dexter’s eyes then lit up as he saw what was coming straight for him. Hitting the ropes across the ring, MDK ran as fast as he could towards Jacob. Leaping feet first into the air, MDK connects with a dropkick that launches Dexter from the apron. Flying through the air, Dexter landed on top of a wooden table wrapped in barbed wire.



Just as his body went through the table, completely breaking it in half, a loud explosion went off. Underneath the table as another land mine strategically placed and with nothing but an inch thick piece of wood between him and the explosion, Dexter took on a great deal of the blunt impact, the smoldering aftermath doing quite a number on his back. Grabbing a chair wrapped in barbed wire from inside the ring, MDK exited to the apron. Running along it, he then leaped through the air, coming down onto Dexter’s face with a leg drop, pulling the chair underneath his leg at the precise moment before impact.

MDK slowly climbed to his feet from the pile of burning debris. On the inside of the ring, Lisa rushed towards him, leaping through the ropes and crashing into his back with a suicide dive. MDK fell forward, slamming against the barbed wire covered cage. He was trapped in place, the barbs catching his clothing and some piercing his flesh, giving Lisa ample time to get backto her feet and on the attack. Grabbing MDK by the head, Lisa began slamming it backwards into the cage over and over before finally pulling him away from the cage. Turning MDK around, Lisa then slammed him face first into the cage, his forehead landing perfectly over a piece of razor wire that sliced him wide open!

Lisa pulled his head back but before she could slam it forward again, MDK jerked his head away from her hands, spinning around and delivering a swift punch to her stomach. The punchforced her to buckle over. Wrapping an arm around her head, MDK then lifted her upside down in the air for a suplex, falling backwards and pulling Lisa’s back against the cage. As he fell to the floor, he pulled Lisa down with him, dragging her back across the cage and cutting her flesh with each barb and razor that ran across it before she finally crashed to the floor.

MDK was slow to get to his feet, the blood from his forehead blinding him. From behind, Dexter connects with a lariat, knocking MDK flat on his stomach. Climbing over MDK, Dexter then unloaded with a series of rapid fire punches, connecting with every single one as MDK failed to protect himself. Back to his feet, Dexter pulled MDK up to his as well. Dragging MDK around to the adjacent side of the ring, he then threw him forward into two tables, one stacked on top of the other. Bouncing off, MDK fell to his knees and just as he looked up, Dexter lit him up with a running knee to the face. Pulling MDK up from the floor, dexter rolled him onto the bottom table.

Out of nowhere, Lisa popped back into the picture, attacking Dexter from behind with left and right forearm shots. Dexter immediately spun around, cracking Lisa in the mouth with a vicious spinning elbow. Locking onto her wrist, Dexter then whipped her into the side of the ring as hard as he could. She dropped to one knee as her back smacked the side of the ring. Grabbing her by the head, Dexter held it in place as he then began ramming multiple knees to her face. Rolling Lisa onto the apron, Dexter then pulled his massive body up to the apron as well. Lifting Lisa to her feet, Dexter then lifted her into the air before tossing her off the apron with a powerbomb. Rolling off the table at the last split second, MDK avoided the collision as Lisa’s back hit the first table, immediately breaking through it.


She then fell to the second table, breaking that one in half as well as soon as she hit it.


Pieces of wood flew everywhere as Lisa went through both tables, before finally crashing to the floor.


Just when she hit the ground, another land mine exploded underneath her. Luckily for Lisa, she has a couple layers of wood between her and the explosion. Smoke rolled from the scene as Lisa laid on top of the broken tables that were now beginning to catch fire. Crawling away, Lisa made her way to safety, preventing the flames from consuming her as well.

MDK ran around the debris, rushing straight for Dexter who was still standing on the apron. Leaping from the apron, Dexter intended to connect with a double axe-handle but instead, he was stopped in mid air as MDK connected with a drop kick to his stomach. Both men hit the floor with a thud, Dexter hitting harder than MDK. Popping to his feet, MDK reached underneath the bottom rope into the ring, grabbing the closest thing he could get his hands on. With a staple gun in hand, MDK then began stapling Dexter in the back over and over, covering his skin with shinny metal staples, drawing blood with each one that pierced his flesh.

After unloaded the entire staple gun to Dexter’s back, MDK then placed it against his forehead and pulled. Nothing happened. He pulled again, and the result was the same. Noticing the staple gun was empty, MDK then drew his arm back and swung with all of his might, clocking Dexter against the side of the head with it. Pulling Dexter up from the floor, MDK walked him around the corner of the ring to an area untouched. In front of them a bed of nails rested on the floor. Positioning himself in front of it with his back facing it, MDK then lifted Dexter up and over, dropping him back first onto the bed of nails!

Dexter yelled in agony as the pain took hold. Immediately, he rolled off, laying stomach to the floor revealing many holes in his back trickling blood. Did we mention that light tubes were also at ringside? No? Grabbing a light tube in each hand, MDK walked back over to Dexter who has now pushed himself up to all fours. Extending both arms to his sides, MDK then swung them in together, smashing both light tubes simultaneously against Dexter’s head. Climbing the apron, MDK patiently waited as Dexter slowly climbed back to his feet. Running along the apron as Dexter finally stood, MDK leaped into the air, wrapping both legs around Dexter’s head. Taking him off his feet, MDk flipped Dexter over onto the bed of nails once again!

unwrapping barbed wire from a steel chair, MDK then wrapped it around his right hand. Pulling Dexter off the bed of nails and up to his feet, MDK held him in place as he fired at will, connecting with rapid rights wrapped in barbed wire! Turning Dexter around, MDK then jumped on his back, wrapping his arm around the front of Dexter’s throat, pulling him down to a seated position. Swinging down as hard as he could, MDK pounded Dexter’s skull with even more right hands wrapped in barbed wire.


A white cloud filled the air as Lisa swung a light tube against the back of MDK’s head. In her other hand was another light tube. Swinging from the other direction, Lisa shattered the second light tube against MDK’s head. Jumping into the air, Lisa hit MDK in the back with a dropkick, sending him into Dexter. Tripping over Dexter, MDK flipped forward, landing back first onto the bed of nails. Stepping in front of Dexter, Lisa then wrapped an arm around his head before dropping to the floor, pulling Dexter’s head down to the concrete with a DDT!

MDK was back to his feet, leaving the other two behind as he turned the corner of the ring, entering the last side of the ring that hadn’t been used in the match. It was clean, there was no debris. There was only two glass top tables stacked on top of each other with a pull of alcohol lying beneath them. MDK looked up and down the structure, a grin slowly stretching across his face. Hearing something behind him, MDK turned away from the stacked glass tables, only to see Lisa charging straight for him. As she lunged forward, MDK ducked down, standing straight up and lifting her up as she ran into him. Going airborne, Lisa flew to the top of the stack before landing onto the glass table top.

Turning to the ring, MDK went to climb onto the apron only to catch a glimpse of what was rushing him in the corner of his eye. With the bed of nails in both hands, Dexter charged towards MDK, using it as if it were a battering ram of sorts. Side stepping Dexter, MDK took him down with a drop-toe hold, Dexter falling face first to the back smooth surface of the bed of nails. Rolling Dexter off the bed of nails, MDK reached down, rolling it over to where the nails were pointing upwards. Pulling Dexter to his feet, MDK then pulled his head between his legs before wrapping both arms around his waist. Lifting Dexter upside down into the air, MDK then dropped him flat on his head with a piledriver to the concrete!

MDK pulled Dexter to his feet once more before positioning them both beside the bed of nails. Just when MDK went to lift Dexter, he noticed Lisa showing signs of life on top of the stacked glass tables. Holding Dexter to face him, MDK then slammed his head forward, hitting Dexter right across the bridge of the nose with a headbutt. Turning Dexter around, MDK then shoved him down face first on top of the bed of nails. Looking over at Lisa for a short moment, MDK then rushed the apron, leaping up onto it.

MDK ran across the apron towards the stacked glass tables. Just when Lisa began pushing herself up, he leaped away from the apron and flew through the air. As MDK closed in, Lisa popped up to her feet, greeting him with a swift kick right between the legs. As soon as MDK’s feet touched down to the top of the glass table, he lunged over from the pain in his stomach after the low blow. With MDK bent over, Lisa looked over the crowd, feeling the energy they brought to the arena tonight. Not one to disappoint the fans, Lisa then positioned MDK in place before taking him through the table with her Evil Dead III Army of Darkness (vertical drop wrist clutch fisherman’s driver)!


The first table shattered.


The second table exploded into pieces upon impact.


MDK’s blood covered body landed in the center of the kiddie poll full of alcohol. MDK remained motionless after. Had he been conscious, the sight would be completely different from the alcohol to the open wounds. Lisa was slow to get up, taking a massive amount of damage herself from the high risk move. Just as she went to drop down for the cover, Dexter grabbed Lisa from behind. Lisa locked onto his arm before lunging over, pulling Dexter over her shoulder and slamming him on top of MDK. Dexter was conscious, now actually wide awake as the alcohol entered his open wounds. He quickly rolled out of the pool and just when he stood tall with his back turned to Lisa, she ran up from behind and locked an arm around his head, taking him face down onto an open cardboard case of light tubes.


Rolling Dexter over to his back, the crowd was shocked at the sight, his entire face covered in his own blood with pieces of glass dug into his flesh. Dropping to her knees, Lisa slowly crawled over him for the cover as the official cautiously dropped down beside them for the count.



Santana Mentez

“Hereeeee is your winner and THEE 1st Ever 2019 Snuff Fest Winner….. LIIIIIISA SELDOOON!”

The audience erupts into cheers at the world’s favorite heroine once again proving why she’s one of the best in the business. None of the competitors were moving in the ring as Phoenix is standing in front of the commentary table, all set to award Lisa with that beautiful trophy and her hard earned cash of 1.5 million dollars…. but it’s no surprise that Lisa isn’t conscious due to the night that she’s had. There’s a sudden commotion in the crowd that causes the cameramen to shoot at ongoing ruckus as the wild Riverdale fan is shouting enthusiastically that the Red Paladin has defeated the Gargoyle King. He begins a chant with trying to lead everyone in joining in but instead he gets booed and cussed out for his unnecessary bullshit. Jian makes his way over to the fan, shoving him with telling him that Lisa’s hair is blonde and he won’t ruin her moment with his fantasy land. The Riverdale Fan tries to hop the barricade, wishing to thank Lisa for her service and he ends up getting escorted away by security as the audience cheers.

The cameramen then focuses back to the ring where the cage is slowly being lifted while the medical team is inside, tending to the unconscious and semi-conscious wrestlers. Santana moves closer to get a good look while the audience also has simmered down to pay attention to what’s going on in the ring. The cameras then focus on Phoenix who gestures to the cameramen to pay attention to the real stars of the night as she slowly begins a clap that takes the audience a little bit to catch onto before they join in, the STAPLES Center filled with the clapping that soon turns into applause as respect is given to the three finalists that really gave it their all and put on one hell of a show. The winner was slowly coming to as Phoenix heads for the ring after being beckoned by the referee that Lisa was stirring as she goes to check on her winner, the feed closing out on the Snuff Fest logo.