Over a black screen a green pulse flatlines across it in silence. After nearly half a minute, it begins to spike at a slow pace, growing faster and faster as each spike passes. “Adrenaline” then begins to play over the speakers as the picture comes to life showing various clips from Adrenaline from over the years.

The picture then changes to a live shot from within the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Looking over the crowd from the top of the entrance stage, the camera takes in the entire scene, even welcomed by an explosion of pyro as the music blasts over the arena. Looking over the crowd, the camera zooms into various signs held throughout the body of people.

Changing views, the camera begins to slowly proceed down the entrance ramp, heading straight for the ring. Looking from left to right, the camera continues to take in the crowd, revealing a full house for tonight’s long awaited return of Adrenaline. Once at ringside, more pyro explodes from the ring posts, lighting up the entire vicinity. Circling the ring, the camera approaches the booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa patiently await to get things underway.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and we’re back!”

VASSA: ”Adrenaline has returned once and for all!”

JOHNSON: ”I know it’s been a while but I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and we’re coming to you live tonight from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California!”

VASSA: ”It has been nearly five months since Adrenaline was live on the air and boy does it feel good to be back.”

JOHNSON: ”A lot has changed over five months. One big change you all may have noticed is you can now catch all your 4CW Adrenaline action live on the Battleground Network.”

VASSA: ”That’s right! We’re no longer on Showtime anymore after a dispute between Perry Wallace and the network. It all worked out in the end I suppose, being on a network full of all kinds of combat sports.”

JOHNSON: ”The change definitely does showcase our product a little better, but it’s going to take some time to get used to this change. We had been on Showtime for nearly three years before the hiatus.”

VASSA: ”Things always happen for a reason they say and I like to think that whatever the reason for this change may be, it will indeed be a good one.”

JOHNSON: ”Only time will tell. We’ve been off for a while. Sure, there was Snuff Fest and Bad Company not too long ago but the bi-weekly wrestling you all grew to love watching hasn’t been around in quite some time.”

VASSA: ”I know over the years people have made comments about a change of era and whatnot but nothing screams that louder than what we have on our hands right now. Things look a tad different since you last saw us.”

JOHNSON: ”You’re right, tonight really does begin a new era in 4CW and for Adrenaline. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m really looking forward to see what the future holds with this new era.”

VASSA: ”It isn’t going to take long for us to see what this roster is made of, especially those who weren’t around before the break. Next month we’ll be heading into our next pay-per-view, Fright Night, and we all know what that means.”

JOHNSON: ”Yes we do! It’s the Warzone of Horrors and I can’t think of a bigger and better challenge to test the roster in this new era of 4CW.”

VASSA: ”Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We still have three Adrenaline’s until then, tonight included.”

JOHNSON: ”As far as tonight goes, we have a Champions Showcase match between the Octane Champion and the 4CW Champion, between American Tommy and Bryan Laughlin!”

VASSA: ”That’s going to close our night in the main event but we have plenty more lined up before then to keep you all entertained and on the edge of your seats.”

JOHNSON: ”In our opening match, we have Luke Jones returning to a 4CW ring to take on Toby Wagner in his first Adrenaline match.”

VASSA: ”Rebecca Dawson will also make her Adrenaline debut here tonight against Cartier and all that ass!”

JOHNSON: ”Returning to a 4CW ring after nearly a year, Jeb Fisher comes back after suffering two broken arms. He has his hands full with his return tonight as he’ll be taking on Alicia Lukas.”

VASSA: ”And all that ass…”

JOHNSON: ”Eddy Poe debuts tonight on Adrenaline as he takes on our Pride Champion, Mariano Fernandez.”

VASSA: ”Then we have a former two time 4CW Champion, Viduus Morta, taking on one half of the newly crowned 4CW Tag Team Champions, A.J. Morales!”

JOHNSON: ”Logan Traeger’s back as well and he doesn’t have an easy one by any means as he’ll be facing a former Pride and 4CW Champion, a 4CW Hall of Famer in Chris Madison!”

VASSA: ”Then we have the other half of the newly crowned Tag Team Champions taking on the reigning and defending, NASTY Elijah Carlson in our headline match of the evening.”

JOHNSON: ”We already covered the main event for tonight’s event so that just about covers everything in the lineup for tonight.”

VASSA: ”Tonight is the beginning, Steve. It’s the beginning of something new so to speak, sort of like a fresh start.”

JOHNSON: ”It had only been five months.”

VASSA: ”Do you have any idea how many places opened and closed during that timespan after booking their first cards in the largest venues imaginable?”

JOHNSON: ”I’m sure there’s been quite a bit.”

VASSA: ”It’s time to be that standard that we once were. You down, Steve?”

JOHNSON: ”You know I am.”

VASSA: ”Then let’s fucking get to it!”

The camera cuts to the backstage area and we are following closely behind one of the new signings to 4CW, Rebecca Dawson – now Thoreau, as she is making her way down along the hallway. The camera pans back slightly revealing that she is dressed in her ring gear in full preparation for her debut singles match coming up soon. However Rebecca has made the extra addition of wearing her wedding veil fastened upon the top of her head. Rebecca pauses for a moment, taking the time to run both of her hands through the veil, making sure it’s well in place.

THOREAU: ”As a newlywed, I should be planning my honeymoon with my husband, but instead I’m here tonight in Oakland more than ready to kick Cartier’s cheaply filled silicone ass until she remembers her place within 4CW. Isn’t it sad that someone who’s just starting out her career within 4CW needs to be a wake up call for someone who claims that this is her territory? I would be embarrassed if I was Cartier.”

The corners of her lips turn upwards into a slight smirk, one filled with smug satisfaction, making sure to show off the new deep shade of red she has picked out for her lipstick tonight.

THOREAU: ”Honestly I can’t think of a better wedding present to myself. At the very least she was right at the beginning when she started to flap her lips like she had any idea what she was talking about. It is the beginning of a new era in 4CW, but not for her, that’s where it all started going downhill for those big plans she was trying to make. Spare me the ‘mutual respect’ line, I doubt people have much to spare where you’re concerned, even someone like Manny must have some limits. Charity can only go so far.”

As she is speaking, Rebecca begins to walk once more, ensuring that the camera resumes with following her every single moment. Each step she takes is deliberate, almost as if this was the same walk she had made down the aisle, especially now that she feels satisfied that her veil is well in place.

THOREAU: ”You talk a good game Cartier, no one can take that away from you, but there comes a point where the bullshit needs to stop. We are well past that point. I consider it my personal duty to be the one to make you taste enough of the leather from my boot here tonight that you’ll start thinking twice before the urge strikes you to go hyping yourself up like it isn’t all nothing more than cheap costume jewelry. We’ve heard it all by now, haven’t we? None of the information you had to share prior to tonight was anything groundbreaking or enough to make me start shaking in fear at the thought of your threats.”

Rebecca pauses once again, coming to a full stop right there in the middle of the hallway, she taps her index finger up against her chin. As if she was attempting to run through everything Cartier had to say and was searching for something worth any relevance.

THOREAU: ”I’m starting to think you simply enjoy getting embarrassed inside of the ring, that way you can work that pity angle, you know the one where you go on about how everyone thinks you’re such a joke. We can only work with what’s obvious and each failure only serves as a reminder that Cartier is resting her merits upon an extremely flimsy pedestal. We’re only three seconds away from me making it all crumble.”

Rebecca snapped her fingers after she makes her remarks about three seconds as if she was further trying to emphasize her point. Her attention becomes distracted from speaking to the camera when she notices her best friend, Julie Miri, approaching closer to where she stands. The expression on Rebecca’s face making it clear that she was expecting for Julie to not be walking up to her empty handed like she was at the moment.

THOREAU: ”Didn’t you grab some of my clothes like I asked for you to do? I want to make a quick exit after I beat Cartier.”

Julie shrugs her shoulders slightly before she furrows her brow looking confused.

MIRI: ”I couldn’t find them in your bag, are you sure that you packed them when we were leaving the hotel?”

THOREAU: ”Of course I’m sure that I packed them.”

Rebecca appears to be confused herself by the question Julie is asking and she quickly shakes her head.

THOREAU: ”That’s just great. You’re telling me that some perv broke into my dressing room to steal my clothes? On my Adrenaline debut?”

Rebecca’s voice begins to rise several octaves after each question which prompts Julie to cover both of her ears with a noticeable wince upon her face. Rebecca pays no mind to this, instead grabbing onto Julie’s arm, to lead her back to her dressing room with a groan of frustration.

THOREAU: ”This is the last thing that I need right now.”

The scene begins to fade out upon both women making their way back to Rebecca’s dressing room as she tries to get to the bottom of what happened to her clothes before she needs to be out there in the ring for her big debut.

After things shift away from Bex Dawson, camera crews notice a clamor coming from a unisex bathroom door. It sounds like someone is struggling in there, really putting in some effort and exertion.

As the camera jostles from the operator walking up to the door, a hand reaches out from behind it and knocks on the bathroom door.

CAMERAMAN: “Everything okay in there? Are you hurt?”

CARTIER: “Hol’ on!”

The camera takes a step backward as the door swings open. Inside the bathroom we see a barefoot Cartier, her Gucci flip flops sitting on the sink, as she leans back on the handicap rail next to the commode. A duffel bag is sitting on the toilet tank, unzipped, with a lacy bra sticking out of the top. On the side, clear as day in block letters, reads ‘B. DAWSON.’

CARTIER: “Wassup? This the only bathroom in the buildin’ or some shit? I’m busy in here.”

Grabbing the bra from the bag, Cartier crumples it into a ball in her hands and then tosses it into the toilet, then flushes. The water level raises precariously as the bra struggles to get down the drain, overflowing just a little before emptying slowly.

CARTIER: “Damn it.”

CAMERAMAN: “Is that… is that Rebecca Dawson’s missing bag? She was just asking…”

CARTIER: “No I stole this shit off Santa Claus sleigh. What the fuck kinda question is that? You can read, can’t you? Shit, you as stupid as those women who let R. Kelly take they daughters home wit’ him.”

Quickly grabbing the duffel again, Cartier grabs a handful of garments. A couple pairs of panties, another bra, and what looks like a garter belt.

CARTIER: “Look like she think she gonna be celebratin’ tonight wit’ Nik. Not anymore, hoe!”

She stuffs the underthings into the toilet, cramming them down into the nearly empty bowl so that they are jammed into the drain. She flushes repeatedly and watches as the clothing stops up the water’s egress, then overflows like waterfalls all around the rim of the bowl.

CARTIER: “Finally. Damn that seemed a lot easier on Orange is the New Black when Sophia did it to get outta solitary.”

CAMERAMAN: “Never seen it…”

CARTIER: “Issa good ass show! I hadda take a break after they killed Poussey though that shit hit close to home. God damn white ass cops always makin’ black people choke to death. Bullshit.”

The water continues to flow as Cartier hits the flusher over and over again. She picks her feet up and rests them on the top of a trash bin as the floor starts to completely fill with water.

CARTIER: “See, I thought I’d have me a little fun before I go out to the ring. Give Becky Dawson a little welcome to a real 4CW locker room. Bad Company everyone seemed like they was on they best behaviour and whatnot, which was real weird wit’ Cashe there an’ all. You’d a figured he’d a been the one you’d find fuckin’ wit’ a toilet, but here we are. You might wanna look out, this about to start headin’ for the door.”

The cameraman stumbles back as the water indeed starts to reach his feet. He turns away from the door and as he does so, the camera catches a glimpse of the locker room door right across the hall. The one with a paper attached to it reading REBECCA DAWSON.

CARTIER: “This oughtta interrupt whatever pre-match ritual she got goin’ on huh? Just jokes. A little rib for the new girl, no big deal, right? Fuck it. She probably gonna call the cops. White women got the local PD on speed dial at all times. I don’t care. We gonna get it all out our systems out there in the ring in just a few minutes. All I gotta do is get my boots on an’ it’s go time. Been waitin’ for this day for months. The first Adrenaline since April. I wasn’t even booked on that one, didn’t get to properly celebrate my first pay per view win in this company. I’mma go out there tonight an’ try to put together a little win streak, startin’ wit’ a literal Becky.”

She flushes, then cackles as the water cascades over the bowl again. It moves out across the hallway now like an incoming tide, inching closer to the bottom of Dawson’s dressing room door.

CARTIER: “Shit she still got like three bras in this bitch, she goin’ on vacation? Girl how many you needed for one show? Damn!”

Cartier tosses another bra into the toilet and flushes again, grinning with satisfaction as the water spreads further.

CARTIER: “You know, even though I been in this company for damn near a solid year an’ done everythin’ a bitch can to promote an’ advertise, I still get looked at like I don’t belong. I seen how people cut in line here if you ain’t careful, an’ I seen the way connections works in peoples’ favor. Becky Dawson got good connections. People in the Conglomerate, people adjacent to the title scene, etc. Someone like me ain’t who they want reppin’ 4CW… nah, they want a cover girl like Dawson who look like she walked off a perfume commercial to come to the ring. She eye candy, that’s fine… because I’m soul food.”

Cartier cackles louder and flushes again, clapping her hands as the water finally laps up against Dawson’s door. She then grabs the duffel bag and turns it upside down, shaking out the final two or three things inside until the flop into the overfilled bowl and soak through with water. She flushes again, then stands up and walks out of the bathroom, grabbing her flops. Her feet splash on the flooded floor as she heads out and starts walking away, leaving wet footprints behind her.

CARTIER: “Once Becky realize her room’s flooded out, go on an’ let her know I said hey. Then tell her I’m out in the ring, waitin’ like the welcome wagon to hand her a basket fulla bitchslaps. Tell it to her jus’ like that, too, don’t puss out. She’s gonna find out way or another anyways. An’ if she mad about it? Tell her to come eat this ass.”

Cartier laughs and sprints down the hall toward her own dressing area as the cameraman is left to watch the water spreading in the hallway.

The camera follows Gabriel Hartman as he traverses the hallways of Oracle Arena, it’s unsure what he’s looking for but after looking both ways he seems to have spotted who he was looking for.

HARTMAN: ”There he is!”

Hartman hurriedly walks over to Luke Jones readying himself near the entrance ramp before his match.

HARTMAN: ”Luke I was hoping I could ask you a couple of questions before your match tonight?”

JONES: ”Sure go ahead Gabriel.”

He says continuing to stretch.

HARTMAN: ”How does it feel to be back in a 4CW ring after your hiatus?”

JONES: ”It’s a great feeling, the fans have been overly welcoming and I’m excited to start fresh here tonight in Oakland, California.”

HARTMAN: ”I’m sure you are Luke. What can you tell me about your opponent tonight?”

JONES: ”Well, I-“

Out of nowhere Toby Wagner appears from off Camera slamming into the back of Luke Jones causing him to run into the production crews equipment before landing hard on the concrete floor. Toby follows him over and begins stomping onto Luke before turning some of the crates over on top of Luke before admiring his dirty work. He has a smirk on his face as he bends down towards Luke.

WAGNER: “You think I would forget? You’ve had that coming for too long. Now do the smart thing and stay down like the PATHETIC LOSER you are.”

Toby picks up one more crate and throws it on the pile of things on Luke before he cockily begins to walk away. He hears crashing behind him and as he turns around a look of shock crosses his face as Luke is standing up from the assault that Toby just committed on him. Toby rolls his eyes and waves his hand dismissively towards Luke.

WAGNER: “Fine. I guess I’ll see you out in the ring.”

Wagner turns his back to Luke and in an instant Luke begins sprinting towards him before hitting him in the back. He lands forearm after forearm into his back before Toby turns around and returns the blows back. They work their way towards the curtain before Luke throws Toby through and follows after him.

VASSA: ”What the hell?!”

JOHNSON: ”It looks like Luke Jones and Toby Wagner couldn’t wait for their match to start before going after each other!”

The camera cuts to the entrance ramp where Toby is on his hands and knees crawling towards the ring before Luke appears and throws his jacket off into the crowd before grabbing Toby by the hair and lifts him up landing a couple of punches before leading him towards the ring. He goes to toss Toby into the ring steps before Toby reverses and throws Luke into them himself. A loud thud is echoes throughout the arena as Luke holds onto his shoulder tightly as Toby leans against the apron catching his breath. The crowd boos Toby as he waves them off. He goes to pick Luke up before Luke drives him back first into the barricade.

JOHNSON: ”Someone needs to get out here and stop this or we aren’t going to have an opening match!”

VASSA: ”It’s fine Steve, this is better than a match anyway.”


Punches are traded back and forth between the two before finally a 4CW official runs down the ramp and tries to separate the two. He manages to hold Luke back for a moment, giving Toby just enough time to slip under the bottom rope. Luke throws the ref off of him and gives chase. He runs in and the two begin trading blows again and the ref gives up, sliding into the ring and signaling for the bell.


The brawl that began backstage has now found its way to the ring where Toby and Luke are literally beating the hell out of one another. Just as one connects with a punch to the head, the other throws one and connects as well. Back and forth, the two exchange lefts and rights wildly with no concern for their own safety it seems. Ducking underneath a right from Luke, Toby then kicked him in the stomach quickly, forcing him to double over. Grabbing him by the head with both hands, Toby then jumped up and as gravity pulled him down, he pulled Luke’s head down along with him, slamming him face first to the mat with a facebuster!

Luke’s head bounced off the mat and with the momentum he popped back up to his feet. Toby was second to get back up but with Luke’s vision blurry from the impact to the head, Toby had plenty of time to make his next move before Luke came to his senses. Moving in beside him, Toby grabbed onto him and in the blink of an eye, took him to his back with a Russian leg sweep! Rolling over and mounting himself on top of Luke, Toby then unloaded with rapid fire mounted punches to Luke’s head, connecting two for every three thrown.

Going for the knockout blow, Toby drew his arm back are far as he could before swinging straight down with all his strength. As Toby’s fist came within inches of smashing Luke’s face, it came to an abrupt stop as Luke locked onto his forearm with both hands, preventing Toby from following through. Reaching up and grabbing Toby by the head, Luke then pulled it down as he popped his up from the mat, hitting Toby directly in the forehead with a headbutt. Luke then rolled Toby off of him and over to his side before pushing himself back to his feet.

Toby was slow to even begin pushing himself up from the mat. Standing back, Luke patiently looked on, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. With Toby now up to both knees, Luke then moved in, catching him completely off guard with a step-up enzuiguri! Pulling Toby up from the mat, Luke then whipped him to the corner as hard as he could. Just when Toby crashed into the corner, Luke was right there one step behind to ring his bell with a running corner clothesline. Stepping back, Luke gave Toby just enough room to fall forward into his arms where he then lifted him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Backing away from the corner, Luke then dropped him to the canvas with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker!

Popping up to his feet, Luke stood beside Toby as he remained on his back. Jumping and flipping backwards in the air, Luke landed onto Toby with his standing shooting star press. Immediately pushing himself up, Luke then rushed to the corner and shot up straight to the top. Wasting no time at all, Luke then leaped as high as he could in the air, coming down with a diving headbutt–NO!!! Rolling out of the way just in time, Toby left nothing to break Luke’s fall except for the canvas as he headbutt it. Holding both hands over his head, Luke curled up onto his elbows and knees as Toby slowly climbed back to his feet with a smirk on his face.

Finally Luke pushed himself up to his knees and as he looked up, Toby was right there, running in and kicking his foot into the air, connecting with a big boot! Pulling Luke up from the mat, Toby held him in place with his left, swinging with his right and clocking him upside the head with back to back punches. The second punch spun Luke around in place and without any delay whatsoever, Toby wrapped him up around the waist and then lifted him off his feet. Falling backwards, Toby slammed Luke to the mat with a German suplex! Keeping his hold around Luke’s waist, he even bridged it for the pin but was only able to score a near two count.

Toby didn’t waste any time to complain about the count, or get down on himself, he went right back to work. Positioning himself at Luke’s head, Toby grabbed him by the arm and neck, holding him in place as he began ramming multiple knees onto Luke’s shoulder. After three, Luke managed to reach up grab Toby by the head again, pulling him down as he popped up, connecting with a second headbutt from the mat. It wasn’t enough to lay Toby out, but more than enough to give Luke plenty of time to get back to his feet. Crawling in the opposite direction, Toby headed towards the corner where he then used the ropes to pull himself up before turning around to rest his back against the corner in a seated position.

With a smile on his face, Luke then charged the corner and as he closed in, he jumped slightly off the ground, kicking both legs out and planting his feet onto Toby’s chest with a running dropkick. Pulling Toby to his feet, Luke then dragged him away from the corner before hitting him with a two punch combo to the head and body. Spinning in place, Luke then swung at Toby’s head with his Lexington Smash (discus elbow), missing as Toby ducked underneath it and stepped in behind him. Luke quickly spun back around to face Toby but as he finally did, Toby greeted him with a kick to the gut, forcing him to buckle over. Wrapping an arm around Luke’s head, Toby then fell back, pulling Luke down and planting his head to the canvas with a DDT!

Toby pulled Luke from the mat, pounding away at his head with rapid right hands as if the two were still fighting backstage. Dragging him over to the corner, Toby then slammed him face down onto the top turnbuckle. Throwing his arm back, Luke rammed his elbow into Toby’s face, knocking him back a couple of steps. Spinning in place, Luke swung his arm around, connecting with a solid forearm strike to Toby’s head. He then swung with another, this time missing his target as Toby side stepped him. Kicking his leg up and swinging it around, Toby drove his foot into Luke’s stomach, forcing him to double over as his breath was knocked out. Stepping in beside him, Toby then wrapped an arm around his head before taking him down to the mat head first with his Toby Slays You (headlock driver)! Making the cover, Toby had Luke shoulders to the mat as the official swept in beside them with the one, two, and three!

WINNER: Toby Wagner via Pinfall (8:37)

? ? ?: “OOOOH-WEE!”

The rough almost, sarcastic tone of Bob Fisher cuts through whatever else was going on before. As the camera cuts to the parking lot area of the Oracle Arena. Standing in front of one of the parking structures walls, is Bob Fisher – dressed in a rather expensive looking white suit with black trim. Standing behind him, facing the wall was Jeb Fisher – he was dressed in his ring gear, and appeared to be shadow boxing with the wall. Bob licks his licks as he stares into the camera, getting his old mouth moisturized up as he began to speak.

B. FISHER: “Lookie, lookie here folks! We got ourselves one hard ass crowd! They say Oakland is one of the most dangerous cities in the world! But that ain’t been true for a long time, hasn’t it? Well see me and my step-son Jeb here… We plan to bring this city back to what it once was. We are bringing the danger back to Oakland folks! For one night only, not far from now… Jeb is gonna’ fuck the pupils off that girl they got him facing. See we have been gone for a long time now, It’s been too long since Jeb and myself has graced this 4CW screen! So y’all should feel privileged! Feel special! That you are getting to witness the begining of what will be a bloody fucking warpath to the 4CW championship. There will be rivals, there will be triumph! The mat will be colored crimson by the time my boy is done with this roster! “

You can hear Jeb’s strikes start to connect with the wall, thuds echoing throughout the parking structure.

B. FISHER: “This little tadpole Jeb’s facing tonight, ain’t nothin’ but a stepping’ a stepping stong for things to come! See I had a vision, a vision that saw my step-son atop of the 4CW mountain. A slayer of men and women, and just anything that was lesser! That dream comes into focus tonight… You are all going to see a new Jeb Fisher, a better Jeb Fisher, a more focused Jeb Fisher! Y’all thought he was violent before, well you ain’t see nothin’ yet! I call yell you all that right now! We ain’t gonna stop until my boy is placed firmly atop the totem pole! Laughlin, Elijah, Lukas! Ain’t none of y’all have what the desire, have the fire that my boy has…”

With a loud thud, Jeb throws a full punch at the wall, before turning around and pushing Bob out of his way. He raises his finger and points it towards the camera, blood dripping down his knuckles. He then starts to speak in a rather intimidating, confronting tone.

J. FISHER: “I’m fucking coming for you tonight Alicia, Holding no punches! I came here to rip your fucking head off and piss down your neck! That’s it! Fuck respect, fuck sportsmanship, fuck every other match on display… I’m only here for you lil girl… You got the shit that I like, that I wanna’ taste! And oh I’ll fuckin’ taste it, ill leave you laying in that ring looking like a mangled cumdumpster of a cunt! I don’t give a shit what you think, what anyone thinks! Because I know… That I’m going to fucking destroy you later on tonight. I’m going to dominate that pretty little ass, before I force you to be nothin’ but my little bitch! And why? Because i’m doing this shit for me… Been locked up, been inside, this is my freedom! Fucking your face beyond recognition…. That’s what I live for.“

Jeb grins a sadistic grin, before licking the blood off of his own knuckle and socking himself in the jaw. This only makes his grin grow wider, as the camera slowly fades out into what’s next.


Cartier hypes up the crowd with firm smacks on her ass in celebration for putting Rebecca down with a nicely timed backdrop driver. Vassa says it’s so fat that you can see it from the front as the grinning Cartier stops playing it up for the crowd and refocuses her attention on the now standing Rebecca. Cartier tells Rebecca to pick her face up from the mat just like she just did her body and Rebecca is doesn’t find the comment funny at all. Cartier beckons for Rebecca to step to her if she’s a real one and Rebecca is on the go, moving back to bounce against the ropes before darting towards Cartier. The smug Cartier ducks Rebecca’s swinging arm but that’s okay because Rebecca immediately stops right behind Cartier instead of continuing to run, picking her moment to attack once Cartier turns around. The Discus Elbow Smash catches Cartier off guard but she doesn’t go down… until Rebecca quickly charges with a clothesline to do the trick. With Cartier on the mat, Rebecca mounts her to begin drilling her fists into her face, even slamming her elbows into the center of her face for good measure as Cartier tries to fight her off. Rebecca doesn’t relent as the blows get stronger and stronger until she’s finally satisfied and rises off of the pissed off Cartier.

Not caring about Cartier feeling a way, Rebecca snatches Cartier by the arm as soon as Cartier’s on her feet but gets backhanded by Cartier in an effort to make Rebecca loosen her tight grip on Cartier’s arm. The backhand only makes Rebecca stumble back one step but Cartier charging her with right and left handed blows forces Rebecca to take more steps back until her back hits the turnbuckle. Cartier steps off immediately to give Rebecca space…. proving to be a ploy for something else as she suddenly charges towards Rebecca and dips down a bit low so that her right shoulder can slam into Rebecca. No time to showboat when she sees the pained expression on Rebecca’s face because Cartier is on a mission to make her feel worse as she backs up slowly while Rebecca is leaning back against the turnbuckle while touching that sore spot when Cartier charges her a second time with that same shoulder. Not wanting to get greedy with a third and possibly set herself up for failure, Cartier chills out on the repeats and goes to irish whip Rebecca out of the corner when Rebecca steels her body so that she doesn’t go running towards the direction Cartier tries to pull her, instead pulling Cartier towards her in a counter attack of a flurry of punches to the face. Cartier tried to fight back and succeeded with getting some punches in of her own but in the end, Rebecca ended up dodging out of the way and Cartier ended up on the mat from a back suplex.

Things were looking up for Rebecca as she watches Cartier picking herself up from the mat. Rebecca keeps out of the way and waits until Cartier is on all fours before Rebecca suddenly drops down, sending her elbow into Cartier’s lower back. Cartier doesn’t go down… having caught her balance quickly but the second elbow drop that slams into Cartier’s back sends Cartier on her stomach. Cartier doesn’t lay there long as she tries to ignore the pain in her back to push herself up from the mat and Rebecca quickly gets an idea and takes long steps backwards to put alot of distance between herself and the struggling Cartier who is trying to get up. Rebecca is on the move as she sprints towards Cartier, ready to K.O.A.B. Cartier but Cartier has quickly dropped to the mat and rolled out of the way seconds before Rebecca’s foot makes it down. Rebecca is caught completely off guard because she thought she had Cartier, realizing now that it was a trick as Cartier laughs while lightly massaging her lower back from still feeling those elbow drops from earlier. She then quickly dropkicks Rebecca’s left leg when Rebecca looks like she’s about to charge her and take her head off. Using that opportunity to quickly take a few steps back, Cartier watches to see what Rebecca does with seeing how fast she’s going to get up from that one knee she’s down on. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Cartier takes off with a quickness and seems relieved when Empire State of Mind connects with no sudden counters. Rebecca goes down and Cartier quickly falls down on top of her as the referee starts the count and doesn’t stop until he reaches three.

WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (7:46)

Backstage, the camera shows the 4CW Pride Champion Mariano Fernandez, already in his wrestling gear, standing in front of a hallway, arm resting on the white brick wall on the side. He begins by letting out a heavy sigh and shaking his head.

FERNANDEZ: “Last time I spoke, mang, I said Eddy Poe hadn’t even bothered to listen.He didn’t care what I had to say. He didn’t even make the effort to pay the MINIMUM of attention to any word I have uttered, and now that this match is about to go down… it’s like he doesn’t even know where he is.”

He raises a hand, and nods his head.

FERNANDEZ: “Let me explain what I mean. Eddy Poe seems to be under the impression that I consider this an easy win. Those were his words, mang – he thinks I would do the same mistake that he’s done by coming into 4CW as if it were ANY other place – because apparently, his experiences in the Snuff Fest and Bad Company didn’t seem to drill the lesson into that thick skull of his. But I REMEMBER saying that this fight would be watched not because of me, but because of what HE could do. Because of the possibility that he MIGHT, in his singles debut in 4CW, get a surprise win against the Pride Champion. Because of the possibility that Tommy wants to face me, or Cartier follows up on her Twitter challenge and beats Bexs Dawson, and sees what’s in store for her NEXT once I’m done with Eddy.”

He shrugs, a visible expression of confusion on his face, and throws his hands as if he didn’t really know.

FERNANDEZ: “Were I in Eddy Poe’s place, I’d know I’d use that as my fuel, as if my VERY life depended on that shit, mang, because I know I HAVE – and that’s how I won the 4CW Title. That’s how Tommy and I won the 4CW Tag Team Titles, and that’s what made me beat Dakota Smith for the Pride Title and the Triple Crown. Motivation, Eddy. Things that your opponents say about you, thrown back at their god damned faces to their eternal regret. That’s how it’s done in the Corners Four, and THAT’s what, had you even bothered to do your research, you would have brought against me.”

This time, Mariano joins both hands together, and looks away for a brief moment, before gazing back at the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “But what do we get instead? We get the exact thing I said he should know better than doing! We get the “you’re 180 pounds, I can sling you over my shoulder and toss you onto the arena chairs” shit! We get the typical “I’m going to do whatever GRUESOME things I can think off the top of my mind because I’m a DEATHMATCH wrestler, and I don’t need no god damned rules to HURT you!”. You know, the same EXACT god damned thing I told him he should save the effort of trying to scare me with!”

He facepalms, almost as if he were embarrassed for himself.

FERNANDEZ: “Why do you think I TOLD you everything about how I won this title and who did I win it against, mang? Why do you think I bothered to look up what you’ve done in your attempts to get into 4CW prominence and your previous time in Japan? Because THAT is, I remember saying, the MINIMUM amount of effort you should try to put in in a place like 4CW. Hell, I even told you about Lord Raab – that same creepy monster wannabe that kept doing the same thing match in and match out for six years, and never ONCE got anything to show for it! Why do you THINK I make the effort of telling you all these things if not because I WANT you to be ANYTHING other than an easy win?”

Mariano taps his finger against his temple, and raises his eyebrows.

FERNANDEZ: “That’s what I meant when I said I treat people with the respect they deserve regardless of whether they’re worthy of it. Because I’m having the deference to tell you that you NEED to do better than this if you’re going against someone, ANYONE, in this company that’s willing to earn their place as I have done, as many of those above and below us in the card have done. This is not me acting like the 2nd coming of ANYTHING, Eddy, nor is it me being arrogant or a liar. This is me stating the truth. This is me presenting facts. This is me doing, behind the videogames and the Anime that you couldn’t help to bring up because you didn’t even decide to try to be original, exactly the same kind of thing that got me to where I am today – and in a few moments, you’re going to come see this, and EXPERIENCE this, face to face. That’s the lesson that’s in store for you today. It’s the third time you try coming into 4CW, and you still have to learn it. Make sure you do, mang.”

He slams his fist against his palm, with an echo that resounds around the hallway.

FERNANDEZ: “Because that’s what’s expecting you every time you decide to come to the Corners Four.”

And with that, DA #TROLL GUY walks away, the final shot of the camera of his back as the feed cuts back to the ring.


The deep grin on Fisher’s face was unmistakable, always ready for action as well as being about it while he baits Lukas into coming closer. Lukas had a great start to the match, opening it up with a few shoot kicks to start off with before full fledging trying to knock Fisher on his ass with roaring forearms and a few low dropkicks to the knee. Fisher refused to go down that easily, showing why he was rough around the edges by hanging tight and doing it right by not allowing Lukas to knock him down. But even in his defensive stance, Lukas was still getting alot of good shots as she aimed for Fisher’s face and continued to hit him until his face became a flushed pink and he finally halted the assault with suddenly grabbing her up and laying her out with a snap suplex. He comments on how big her ass is and even tilts his head to the side to catch a good angle of it while Lukas is getting up from the mat. She’s unimpressed while he’s amused, that grin never leaving his face… until she removes it with jumping on the top rope to assist her into getting higher in the air as she dropkicks Fisher right in the face. Unable to help herself, her serious expression shows alot more humor as she shows him who’s grinning now before her face blanks out and she stares at Fisher intently with not wanting to blink. Fisher gets tired of the two staring each other down and he’s more than happy to make the first move, advancing on her with quick steps until he switches gears immediately and ends up rushing forward with a shoulder tackle.

Lukas goes down, Fisher stands up and pulls Lukas to her feet while he’s getting steadily onto his. Fisher asks Lukas how are her flying skills, causing her to become confused…. until Fisher’s arms suddenly wrap around her and he goes back fast with a belly 2 belly suplex, releasing her before his back hits the mat. He’s proud of himself but the Lukas fans are far from pleased as they begin to heavily boo them as Fisher shrugs and shouts that they are all pussies before getting ready to tend to Lukas even more. Fisher smiles when Lukas still hasn’t gotten up from the mat so he walks over to cockily pull her to her feet… but Lukas grabs Fisher’s head to pull down roughly so that both of her knees connect to his face sharply. She then comes up fast from the mat with a European Uppercut that proves to be a good finish to finally getting Jeb on his back by her efforts and not his. He doesn’t get up right away though and she can tell he isn’t injured so she backs up a bit from his body, feeling as if he’s trying to trick her into coming closer so he can make some sudden move against her. Fisher realizes that Lukas sees right through him and shrugs as he easily gets up from the mat, knowing that there are other ways for her to play into his hands. Both make the lunge for one another and end up tied up with Fisher trying to yank and pull Lukas towards him and almost wins the tie up until Fisher gets a surprise when Lukas knees the hell out of his stomach and does it a second time before raising her right knee up to slam it into his face as hard as she could to make Jeb pop back and go down to the mat.

Fisher welcomed the roughness of Lukas, happy that he had a challenge on his hands because he didn’t come out here for a boring match where he could have just as easily won. But he also knew that he couldn’t allow Lukas to get a W over him so while he welcomed her fighting back, he declared that she wouldn’t be fighting him in this match for long. Lukas was tempted to go for a snap german suplex but she got second thoughts with thinking he’d counter that and probably put her in a position where he could knock her head off. Thinking smart and not moving impulsively, Lukas stuck to her guns and doesn’t rush in without knowing what to expect especially when Fisher keeps flashing her that grin as if he has something huge up his sleeve. She comes with it when Fisher pushes her to do something, making him eat those shoot kicks before those roaring forearms turn into full out right and left handed punches as she tests to see how strong that chin of his is. He decides to do that same as he elbows the hell out of Lukas’ face and does it again just because he felt as if he could. Pulling her close as if they were able to have a final dance at a party, Fisher makes a kissing gesture towards Lukas before he gets down to business with Abandon All Hope. He doesn’t rush to pin her as he takes his time, the referee keeping his eyes on the two from the other side of the ring before he jumps into action at the sight of the pin, beginning the count and finishing it at 3.

WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (8:35)

Eddy Poe stands in Guerilla with a towel over his head, wearing his wrestling gear. Strangely enough, this is wholly different gear than we’ve seen him in. Black trunks with a decal appearing to be 5 bloody claw marks, one black and one red knee pad, and black and red kick pads with the letters “E” and “D” on them respectively. He shook his hands, cracked his neck, and bounced lightly siking himself up next to his pupil (Well, more of an assistant) Dave The Dagger. Soon they were met by Interviewer Gabriel Hartman and a cameraman, Gabe holding a microphone to his own face.

HARTMAN: “Gabriel Hartman reporting from backstage with Mariano Fernandez’s opponent for the evening, debuting as a permanent member of the 4CW roster, Eddy P-”

? ? ?: “No.”

Ed cut him off before Gary could finish his name, stopping his mental preparation and standing very still. He lifted his hand to his head and grasped the towel, tearing it away from his face to reveal his unpainted face.

MALCOVICH: “My name is Edgar Malcovich. And This isn’t just a change of pace. It’s a whole new beginning. A fresh start.”

Eddy shoulder checks an absolutely shocked Gaabriel Hartman and walks past him towards the entrance ramp as the opening chords of “Out of The Black” By Royal Blood starts to play, signaling for Edgar to head to the ring.


Eddy Poe doesn’t waste any time trying to throw Manny off of his game. “The Slasher” moves with a horror movie villain’s quickness, getting inside of Fernandez’ reach before the Pride Champion can really get going, and Manny finds himself upended and dropped with a tackle. Poe throws wild punches all over the downed Fernandez, but Manny does a good job of protecting himself and takes minimal damage before hooking his legs around Poe’s arms and lipping him onto his back for a near fall. Poe doesn’t relent, however, as he attacks Manny once again with the viciousness of one of the many daedra of Nirn. Poe’s weight advantage gives him an easy method of pushing forward – he leans into Manny and closes the gap, keeping the more nimble Fernandez from using his speed and techniques.

After a moment of separation, Manny attempts a sudden flying clothesline but is caught in midair by a thunderous belly to belly from Poe. Rather than go for a quick pin, though, Eddy rolls out of the ring and reaches under, finding his trusty chainsaw! He rolls back in and muscles past the official, yanking on the starter cord over and over with no luck. This gives Manny enough time to attack with a spinning wheel kick that sends Poe staggering to the ropes and causes him to drop the power tool down to the floor.

Manny presses his momentum, hitting a high drop kick that takes Poe down. Manny then hits the ropes quickly and lands a crisp Asai moonsault. Manny hooks a leg for a pin but at the two count Poe bench presses the lighter Fernandez off of him. Manny lands on his feet though, thinking quick he drops a running senton onto Poe’s chest. Poe catches Manny completely off guard by grabbing him and rolling him into a pinning predicament, but Manny is able to kick out at two and a half. Both men get to their feet and Manny hits a striking combination that looks to be having an effect.

Poe then catches Manny’s arm under his own, then repeats the process on the other arm. With Manny trapped chest to chest with Eddy, Poe starts slamming his skull into Fernandez’ face with vicious headbutts. Manny’s knees buckle from the assault and he looks to be going LIMP (because his nuts are too heavy) but then something odd happens… as Manny claws at Poe, he rips Eddy’s shirt to reveal… THE INSIGNIA OF THE IMPERIALS??? Manny sees the sigil and shouts about Skyrim being for the Nords, and then he spews forth the mysterious trollface mist! Poe falls to a knee and Manny delivers a shining wizard. The crowd chants along with him – PROBLEM? And then Manny heads to the ropes, not wasting any time as Poe tries to get to his feet. Just as Eddy returns to a vertical base, Manny springboards off the ropes with the WARHAMMER! He lands it and drops into a cover for the win!

WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (9:42)

The picture cuts away from ringside and goes completely black. Silence fills the airwaves momentarily before screams and metal clanging together can be lightly heard. White letters then begin to form on the screen as the image of a steel cage appears in the background.

A pre-recorded piece then begins to play, bringing the screen to life. Various clips of previous Fright Night Warzone’s play over the screen, some more gruesome than others. The clips play on an old projector, low in quality and distorted in sound.

? ? ?: ”We couldn’t have returned at a better time!”

A voice fills the air, loud and clear, not distorted whatsoever. It’s a recognizable voice as well, belonging to Mike Powers.

POWERS: ”After five long months 4CW Adrenaline is back on the airwaves. Just a month and a half away from one of 4CW’s biggest event year in and year out. Fright Night is upon us!”

Various clips are shown of different people being thrown from the top of the cage and down to the floor, some even through tables and glass.

POWERS: ”The Warzone of Horrors is 4CW’s and one of the wrestling world’s most horrific matches for the most prestigious championship in the entire business.”

The clips transition to showing the 4CW Championship secured high above the steel structure enclosing two rings full of carnage.

POWERS: ”This year will be no different.”

Flashes of the current 4CW Champion comes across the screen.

POWERS: ”The only 4CW Champion to ever defend the championship throughout the entire South Beach Brawl Cup.”

Bryan Laughlin’s face then comes into full focus, front and center with the cage pictured in the background.

POWERS: ”Bryan Laughlin will step inside of the Warzone of Horrors with seven challengers all looking to take the Monster King’s crown.”

With the 4CW Championship over his shoulder, Laughlin’s entire body comes into view. A loud scream is heard, then followed by blood that splatters across the screen. The image of Laughlin slowly begins to fade away, but the blood remains. White letters then begin to form on the screen once more before slowly fading out.



Viduus opens the match cornering Morales and attacking him long before the official can even call for the opening bell. After Viduus landed half a dozen strikes to Morales, the bell finally made its presence to officially begin tonight’s match. Lifting Morales off his feet, Viduus quickly threw him back to the canvas with a body slam. Morales leaned forward to an upright seated position as he reached back with a single hand to rub his lower back. Backing up to the ropes, Viduus bounced off with a slight spring, running forward before closing in and connecting with a dropkick to the back of Morales’ head.

Pulling Morales up from the mat, Viduus then lifted him into the air, holding him sideway before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker. Still holding onto Morales, Viduus stood back tall and then took another step forward, dropping down to one knee and slamming Morales over his elevated knee with a second backbreaker! Rolling Morales off his knee, Viduus let him drop face down to the mat, smacking his head against it as it broke his fall. Mounting himself on Morales’ back, Viduus then began hitting him in the back with multiple forearm shots, each one knocking his face against the mat harder and harder.

Pulling Morales to his feet, Viduus then pulled his head down and wrapped an arm around it. Tossing Morales’ arm around his head as well, Viduus then lifted him upside down into the air for a brain buster. Slipping out of Viduus’ hold, Morales dropped down to his feet behind him before he could drop him on his head. Wrapping both arms around Viduus’ waist, Morales then lifted him up for a German suplex. As he reached his highest point, Viduus continues to roll his body, slipping out of Morales’ arms and landing to his feet. Morales smacked the mat empty handed as Viduus remained on his feet standing over his head.

Jumping straight up, Viduus then swung down as he came back down, aiming a punch straight for Morale’s head. Viduus’ fist punched the canvas just as Morales’ managed to roll out of the way just in the niche of time. In the blink of an eye, Morales popped back to his feet by way of kip up, and just when Viduus straightened up to face him, Morales unloaded with rapid knife-edge chops across his chest. Backing Viduus across the ring, Morales cornered him against the ropes with nowhere to go. Transitioning his attack to elbow smashes, Morales connected with a few before locking onto Viduus wrist and whipping him to the corner not far from where they stood.

Running towards the corner, Morales leaped into the air, connecting with a leg lariat to Viduus face while going over the top rope in the process. Morales grabbed the ropes to guide himself to landing on the apron. Pulling himself back to his feet as quickly as he could, Morales looked on as Viduus stumbled forward away from the corner in a daze. Patiently waiting for Viduus to turn around, Morales looked on until his moment finally came. With Viduus slowly turning around to face him, he then jumped and pulled himself up to the top rope. Springboarding off and into mid air, Morales landed on Viduus’ shoulders with a leg on each side of his head. Falling backwards, he lifted Viduus off his feet and flipped him back first into the corner upside down with a hurricanrana!

Viduus was slow to get back to his feet, a little too slow for Morales’ taste as he quickly grabbed ahold of him and helped him up from the mat. Pushing Viduus back into the corner, Morales unloaded with another rapid fire series of knife-edge chops across Viduus’ chest. Spinning in place, Morales then kicked him leg up, swinging around and connecting with a roundhouse kick to the side of Viduus’ head. Morales then took a few steps back, giving Viduus more than enough room to fall forward and into his arms. Lifting Viduus into the air, Morales spun in place before driving him down onto the canvas with a spinning spinebuster!

Pulling Viduus up from the mat, Morales squared him up for a quick boxing combination of punches. Connecting with a vicious uppercut, Morales forced Viduus to look up at the lights as his head whipped back. Turning to the ropes behind him, Morales then shot for them as quickly as he could and as he came back on the rebound, just when Viduus lowered his head to see what was incoming, Morales wiped him out with his 94 Blitz (striking spear)! Pushing himself up, Morales then slowly walked to the corner as Viduus rolled back and forth on the mat. Climbing to the top, Morales left Viduus to himself. Once there, Morales then waited patiently in a squatted position while Viduus finally began to push himself up. Viduus finally stood, but he had no idea what was coming at him. Leaping away from the corner, Morales grabbed ahold of Viduus head from the side, dropping him to the mat with his Prikasa! Rolling over and crawling over Viduus, Morales hooked the leg for good measure as the official counted one, two, and three!

WINNER: A.J. Morales via Pinfall (9:04)

The reigning 4CW Champion looks as relaxed as ever as a knowing smile greets the camera that is focused directly on him. Some might say this evening could be a challenge to him, after having essentially been out of the wrestling industry for months aside from a few matches here and there. But if there is any doubt within him, it certainly isn’t shown outwardly. It’s business as usual for the champ, as it has been within the halls of the corners four for nearly a year now. Giving his audience a nod, he speaks to them calmly.

CARLSON: ”Welcome back, 4CW fans. It’s good to see you again. Now, I know. You might want to talk about Kings Road and try and sell me on mathgate. I won’t take anything away from the work done by the competitors who functioned on that brand but lets be honest. It’s no Adrenaline. It never was. It never was going to be. Just like Octane, Fate and Uprising were never going to live up to the true 4CW billing. It’s the same as Bad Company. Yeah, it’s sponsored by 4CW but is it really? Rag tag teams from all over the place coming in for a two night event? That’s not the same as bleeding the blue week in and week out for months and years on end…”

Softly he brings his hand up to his mouth and leans toward the camera, as though he’s telling the crowd a secret.

CARLSON: ”Shhh. Don’t tell Bianca.”

He chuckles to himself at the joke before continuing on.

CARLSON: ”I know. I know. Some people are sensitive when they get told their championship doesn’t really mean a damn thing on the brand they so desperately want to be relevant on. But, really, it’s not me or anyone else who says that tag teams are meaningless in this company. Ascended Supremacy held the tag titles forever because nobody gave a shit about them, not even Perry and his band of extra chromosomes. That’s fine, though. You go ahead and tout your tag team championship. Tonight, you get a whole different perspective. You get to see what this company is really about and Bianca. You get to find out of you can swim with the big boys and girls.”

Another smirk as Eli brings his brief message to a close.

CARLSON: ”Stay tuned, fans, and you’ll get to see what a drowned rat looks like live and in living color.”

And with a slashing motion across his throat, the feed goes to static before shifting elsewhere.


This get underway following the bell as the two lock up in the center of the ring. Holding Madison in place with both hands, Logan then pulls him in to a knee straight to the gut. Grabbing him by the wrist, Logan then takes a step back before pulling Madison into a short-arm clothesline, knocking him flat on his back. Jumping into the air, Logan comes down with an elbow drop to Madison’s chest. Rolling over to his knees, Logan then grabs ahold of Madison, holding him in place before ramming multiple knees into his ribs. Back on his feet, Logan didn’t waste any time before pulling Madison up from the mat. Backing him against the ropes, Logan connects with back to back blows to Madison’s body before locking onto his wrist. Pushing Madison against the ropes even harder, he uses them to spring Madison off as he whips him across the ring. Just when Madison hits the ropes, Logan explodes from stand still and charges straight for him. Coming together in the center of the ring, Logan takes Madison off his feet, flipping him entirely over to his back with a kitchen sink.

Rolling Madison to his stomach, Logan then plants a foot to each side of his body. Squatting down, Logan digs his hands underneath Madison until locking them both together. With both arms around Madison’s waist, Logan then deadlifts him up from the mat, lifting him upright. Kicking his feet, Madison forced his weight forward, making Logan place him back to his feet instead of going backwards and executing a German suplex. Throwing his arm back, Madison drives his elbow to Logan’s face. He then does it again and again until Logan finally releases his hold around Madison’s waist. Bursting forward, Madison hits the ropes in front of him and comes back towards Logan with even more speed. Jumping into the air, Madison collides into Logan, knocking him backwards to the mat with a Lou Thesz Press. Mounting himself on top of Logan, Madison then unloads with nearly a dozen elbow strikes to Logan’s head!

With Logan seeing stars, Madison repositions himself beside Logan. Cradling him with an arm around the head and a single leg hooked, Madison then begins driving repeated knee strikes to Logan’s ribs, returning the favor. Pulling Logan up from the mat, Madison locks up with him, pushing him backwards across the ring until his back is against the ropes. Locking in a Muay Thai clinch, Madison keeps Logan pressed against the ropes and then begins delivering rapid knee strikes to Logan’s body. Logan manages to push Madison away and then desperately takes a swing for Madison’s head, missing as he steps forward and Madison moves in behind him. Whipping around, Logan throws a blind forearm for Madison’s head and misses again as Madison leans back just enough to avoid it. Countering with low leg kicks, Madison goes on the attack, walking Logan backwards to the center of the ring before capitalizing and leveling him with a flying knee strike to the face!

Madison continues to work the ground game on Logan, mostly just strikes as he was unable to lock in any submission maneuvers. Taking the fight back to his feet, Madison pulls Logan up from the mat and holds him in place just long enough to connect with back to back rights. Ducking down, Madison wraps his arms around Logan’s thighs and goes to pick him up. Bringing his hands together, Logan quickly swings down, connecting with a double axe-handle to Madison’s back and knocking him to one knee. Grabbing Madison by the head with both hands, Logan then holds it before ramming two knees upward into his face. Wrapping both arms around Madison’s waist, Logan then lifts him off his feet before throwing him back down with a powerbomb that rattles the entire ring! Not leaving him down for long, Logan pulls Madison back to his feet and giving him a nasty headbutt right between the eyes. Lifting Madison up over his head with a military press, Logan paces the ring while holding him up momentarily before slamming him down to the mat as hard as he could.

Back on their feet, Madison wasn’t looking too good. Things got even worse when Logan tried to snap him in half with a swinging side slam backbreaker. Logan quickly made the cover but was only able to come away with a two count as Madison kicked out. On his feet, Logan stomped down onto Madison a few times before reaching down and grabbing him by the arm. Pulling him up to his feet, Logan kept a firm grip on Madison’s wrist, taking it a step further and pulling him into a knee to the stomach. Still holding onto his wrist, Logan then whipped Madison to the ropes with all of his strength. With Madison coming back at him, Logan took one step forward and then launched his foot into the air for a big boot. Ducking underneath the big boot, Madison continued to the ropes while swinging backwards and hitting Logan behind the knee to take his leg out from under him. Coming back on the rebound, Madison raced past Logan, hitting the ropes in front of him. Gaining even more speed, Madison then kicks up his foot when he closed in, connecting with a yakuza kick to Logan’s face and knocking him to his back.

Logan didn’t stay down for long, but neither did Madison! In a daze, Logan rushed Madison, only to get taken off his feet after missing a right punch. Turning Logan in mid air, Madison then slammed him across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Not letting Logan drop from his knee, Madison held onto him with both hands as he stood up, also standing Logan up as well. Locked onto him, Madison hit him with three knees to the ribs before wrapping both arms around his body. Lifting Logan off his feet, Madison threw him overhead with a belly to belly suplex. The maneuver still wasn’t enough to keep Logan grounded for long. The two were back on their feet, Madison now going in defense mode as Logan rushed in with the attack. He swung with a right, barely missing Madison’s head. Then he swung with a left, missing around as Madison counted with a swift punch to his abdomen. Swinging with a third punch, a right hook, Logan aimed to take Madison’s head off but only connected with air as Madison ducked underneath it and stepped in behind him. Reaching around Logan’s right side and grabbing his left wrist, Madison had him in a rear waist lock. Jerking Logan’s arm, Madison spun him around instantly. Madison then spins himself and as the two complete a full circle, he connects with a rolling elbow to the back of Logan’s head (Comatosed)! Rolling Logan over to his back, Madison then made the cover as the official dropped in beside them with the one, two, and three!

WINNER: Chris Madison via Pinfall (9:57)

“War Machine” by Kiss blares over the PA system as Chris Madison rolls under the ring ropes onto the apron. He looks over his shoulder, watching as the official tends to Logan Traeger following the conclusion of their match. The 4CW faithful applaud Madison as he signals for a microphone. One of the ring crew members passes him a microphone and he rises to his feet while his music cuts off. Madison keeps an eye on Logan Traeger who has rolled out of the ring on the other side and began to make his way backstage with the official. Madison steps back into the ring as the live audience begins to chant his name.

“Mad-i-son! … Mad-i-son! … Mad-i-son! … Mad-I-son! … Mad-I-son!”

MADISON: “Thank you!”

Madison stands in the center of the ring, places both hands down by his side and takes a bow.

MADISON: “I’m not goin’ to sugarcoat it… That felt good! Climbin’ back through these ropes, gettin’ the honor and privilege to compete in front of all of you…

Madison holds his arm out, parallel with the canvas, and stares at his forearm.

MADISON: “I’m gettin’ goosebumps just talkin’ about it! These last seven months, I have felt like a man without a purpose – a lost soul wanderin’ the earth without direction. No one is more upset with the way things ended than I am; and I had to live with that every day. Durin’ my career, especially in 4CW I have accomplished a lot. 4CW Pride Champion, 4CW Champion, South Beach Brawl Cup Winner, 4CW Hall of Famer… I could have just as easily kept my boots hung up and called it a career. But I wouldn’t have been satisfied with that, knowin’ that I still have so much to give, and so much that I owe to all of you…”

Chris steps forward and leans on the top ropes, looking out into the crowd.

MADISON: “My whole career I have been a fighter. Not in the sense that I step through these ropes and compete for a livin’. That’s obvious. But I have always tackled adversity head on. Over the years I’ve had my regrets, made decisions I’m not happy about. Yet, here I am, standin’ tall on my own two feet, ready to tackle whatever challenge comes my way next. I just hope that entire locker room is ready to go to war; because I am goin’ to be relentless on my road to redemption! I will not settle for mediocrity because all of you deserve better than that.”

“Go. Fuck. Yourself.”

The introduction of the song is sudden, we hear an ominous tone that follows the Eskimo Brethren line. The keys are dragged out, lingering in the air as the song gets to a slow start. Seconds pass, as a backing track is finally introduced along with the lengthy notes. Eventually, after a minute, the song really kicks into gear. Neon strobe lights flash along with the beat, a shadowy figure keeps in the darkness. Slowly, we see as a man methodically walks out from the back.

JOHNSON: ”Is that.. Is that really ‘The Leviathan?!”

He’s dressed for a fight, his jacket covering his torso and his baseball bat in hand. It rests comfortably on his shoulder as it keeps its dangerous message. The wolf mask on his head stays contrasted with the neon lights, and the darkness. Of course with all that is the Seattle Pro World Television Championship around his waist. The man keeps his head low, as the song continues to play along. The techno beat ramping up more and more, as the lights around him shimmer and dance.

The song continues to play, as the masked man stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, the man lets the baseball bat fall from his shoulder, the weight of the bat being pulled towards the ground and it slips out of his hand. The masked man stumbles to grab it but the bat rolls off the side of the ramp. His head drops in failure and he turns to pull out of the situation altogether.

Shoulders and head hung low, the man makes his way to the ring, keeping himself sluggish in his pace. Walking up the steel steps, slipping in through the middle and top rope. He heads towards the hard camera turnbuckle and slowly lifts the mask..

VASSA: ”It’s Cashe! Bad Company wasn’t the last of his unfinished business! Cashe is back in a 4CW Ring! I knew he wasn’t tall enough to be that other guy..”

JOHNSON: ”Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping.. Into the future and that future may have left Cashe in its past. What’s he doing out here?”

The two had a long history together. Unstable, 4CW Hall Of Fame but even before 4CW. The two for those that didn’t already know have been associates for many years. Now they stood half a ring apart and their eyes locked onto the other as the crowd quieted down and watched. Cashe steps forward first and extends a hand to greet Madison. A hesitation but Chris Madison takes the hand and the two shake. Madison offers the microphone to the “DiOGee”.

CASHE: “No, no, this ain’t an Unstable reunion..”

A portion of the audience laughs, more clap. None wanting to see that. Madison shakes his head, smiling at the mentioned disaster that both have regrets from.

CASHE: “Coming back to 4CW for me was filled with mixed emotions. Anger, regret, hesitation. I almost threw up being back for Bad Company because this company makes me sick..”

The deafening boos fill the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Cashe nods knowing his comments would draw some cheap heat.

CASHE: “And yes, I was invited to come back. The man who fired me after years of service offered me a spot to return. I said no. I did my bid here, I was there to begin Adrenaline and have watched the many eras of this place come and go. I have nothing left to prove or gain being here..”

Chants of “Get The Fuck Out” begin stirring in the crowd. Again, Cashe knew he’d get heat from it as well. He wasn’t here to make new friends or get people behind him. That was a pointless attempt. But just as the fans were growing irritated hearing Cashe ramble, Chris Madison was sharing those feelings. He snatches the microphone from his old buddy.

MADISON: ”So let me get this straight… You have nothin’ left to prove, right? This company makes you sick, right? Yet, here we are! IN a 4CW ring and carryin’ on like a cheesy cartoon Villain who’s about to reveal his master plan. I’ve known you a long time Cashe and one thing I know is that you HATE bein’ in this ring to talk…”

Holding a finger up to allow himself a moment to finish getting to his point. Cashe moves around Madison and walks to the ropes as Powers hands him another mic. Turning back to Madison, Cashe gets to the point.

CASHE: “I don’t have many friends in this business left but this isn’t the business of friend making. I’m not an actor, I’m not an ass kisser and as basic as it comes, I just want a good fight. Chris Madison, you and I, as long as we’ve known each other have been allies but we’ve never fought..”

MADISON: ”There was that one time that Wallace made us fight durin’ our Unstable days…”

CASHE: “Oh yeah! What a match..”

MADISON: “Hey… You put the first blemish on my 4CW record.”

The fans laughed. Anyone that remembered that laughed because the match was as sarcastic as them joking about it.

CASHE: “We have never had a real match then.. But one match can be a shortcoming waiting to happen. One match doesn’t really prove anything. I have beaten Jair Hopkins one on one, I’ve beaten Bronx one on one, Dakota one on one so the only fellow Hall of Famer I have not met one on one and beaten is you..”

Everything was becoming clear now. Cashe wasn’t here for some random thing, he had a plan. He had a purpose and didn’t care who sold it or who dragged it through the mud because most of them who did either wouldn’t come close to the legacy that Madison or even Cashe has left in this business.

CASHE: “Last time I wanted your attention, it was when my head started beating me. I attacked you with a chair right before you went and became Pride Champion. People said I wanted a Title. I very easily could have hit you from behind, followed you home and come in through the backdoor. I could have shown up slow clapping like Crooked Kingdom was getting a remix but no.. I wanted something more! I wanted an honest approach, I wanted something to not just give you respect where it is due but to lay this idea I have out in front of you. In front of these people for you to accept or decline..”

Letting the moment pause. Cashe looks at nothing other than Madison but Madison gives a glance to the live audience. Every promotion, every ring he has been in, he has been respected. 4CW was no different. People loved Chris Madison and most did not like Jason Cashe.

MADISON: “So? What’s the match Cashe? These people want to know and quite frankly, so do I.”

CASHE: “Best of Seven.. But more than just that, the one who wins the first match? They pick the stipulation for the next and so on and so forth..”

Nodding, Madison liked the idea.

MADISON: ”Best of Seven huh? You’re right, we’re long overdue for a little one on one time… What do you think 4CW? Do you want to se–“

CASHE: “It won’t just be 4CW. See Madison, I don’t want to be here. I am here because of you, because of this challenge and I am willing to be here to compete and be apart of that but it will NOT be the only company making money from it. SCUM will see profit because to accept this my friend? You will have to leave 4CW and come to another company located in Vegas! Consider this your home field advantage and I will damn sure have mine.. What do you say?”

No hesitation. Nothing to think about, Chris Madison nods to agree to the terms. The two shake hands again with an aggressive grip. Cashe drops his mic and begins to leave but as he sits in between the middle or top ropes, he reenters the ring. The fans grow in cheers thinking Cashe would attack Madison but he doesn’t. He snatches the microphone that Madison was holding instead of picking up the one he dropped.

CASHE: “We are friends but for this Series? We won’t be. After it’s over, we can hug, shake hands, trade jerseys and be friends once more bit during.. You will just be a target I take aim towards.”

Now he drops that mic leaving two of them on the canvas of the ring as he exits and heads back up the ramp. Chris Madison grinning with a slight nod watching Jason Cashe and knowing it would be a war.

? ? ?: “Where is Perry’s office?”

A familiar voice is heard and the camera pans to American Tommy as a backstage hand points down the hallway. Tommy nods his head and doesn’t seem to be in a pleasant mood. Probably has to do with the fact that he has to listen to Perry Wallace talk about something for 10 hours before his match. Dude, is trying to put him off his game. The last time he talked for hours on end before his match, Tommy lost. Tommy walks down the hallway with the Octane title on his shoulder and in his familiar YoYo Snitch shirt….well, hold on a second. There is a big red circle around the face of Kimi and a line through it. We can’t see his trucks, but we can imagine it’s the same thing. Tommy gets to Perry’s office and he walks in. Perry is talking on the phone about something nobody cares about and Tommy sits down. Perry keeps talking and Tommy grows impatient and grabs the phone.

TOMMY: “He’s going to have to call you back.”

Tommy hangs up the phone and sits back down in the chair. Perry looks up and shakes his head.

WALLACE: “What the fuck was that?! I was in the middle of a very important conversation.”

TOMMY: “Well then I just helped you. What did you want cause I’m obviously busy.”

Perry looks at Tommy for a short moment, shaking his head in frustration before taking a sip from his glass of scotch.

WALLACE: “How can I help you, Tommy? What’s on your mind?”

TOMMY: “I’m not giving up my title. How the fuck you gonna book a Champions Match and then take one of their titles? Are you stupid?”

WALLACE: “You found the title. If I remember correctly, and it’s been a while, but the last time we spoke about the Octane Championship was when it was MIA and you were toting around that ugly ass piece of cardboard shit.”

Tommy puts his hand on the breastplate of his title and is clearly getting irritated.

TOMMY: “How dare you. I bejeweled that belt with a glue gun and gemstones I got out of a quarter machine at a local gas station. I could have used that quarter for skittles, but I didn’t”

He scoffs, because how dare Perry. He spent a whole 5 minutes on that work of art. Perry is just jealous that Tommy’s looked better.

TOMMY: “I don’t need to give this up in order to get into the Warzone match at Fright Night. I’m punching my ticket through Laughlin tonight.”

Taking another drink, Perry leans back in his seat, eyeing the Octane Championship across from him.

WALLACE: “There are simply too many singles championships. A while back it was no big deal, But then we were running two shows with separate rosters. Now everything is all under one roof. Sorry bud, but you’re the bottom man on the totem pole in this particular situation. If you want to get into the Warzone coming up next month, you can punch your ticket right now and give it up. There won’t be any other championships in the match other than the 4CW Championship. You’ve defended successfully often before the network dilemma. Naming you as the first challenger is the least I can do for you giving up something you’re fought hard to secure possession of.”

Tommy blankly stares at Wallace. He realizes he doesn’t have much ground to stand on in this situation. As much as he claims he dislikes Perry, it doesn’t matter what Tommy thinks or says. He sighs and shakes his head.

TOMMY: “Your telling me that even if I beat Laughlin I’m only going to be allowed into the Warzone of Horrors match if I relinquish this title to you right now?”

WALLACE: “I believe I just said that, literally.”

TOMMY: “I tuned you out before you went on and talked for an hour right there.”

Tommy smirks as Wallace just shakes his head.

TOMMY: “Over a year, Wallace. Over a year and about three months I’ve held this belt and defended it against every challenger that you’ve set forth. And now you are using it as leverage in order to finally be able to strip the title off of me, because you know my main goal is to become 4CW Champion?”

WALLACE: “You don’t have a choice, Feets. The end of the road for the title is right here and right now. I’m giving you the opportunity you’ve always wanted in exchange for it. Not to mention freeing you from a title with history going all the way back to when your brother Vossler held it and ran with his tail tucked between his legs.”

TOMMY: “I warned you not to give that Pissbaby a shot cause all he does is run away when times get tough.”

Tommy stands up and turns his back to Wallace. He pulls the Octane Championship from his shoulder and holds it in his hands while looking down at it. He’s worked his ass off to take this title to heights that it’s never been before. Untouchable heights, that not even your current 4CW Champion could do, regardless if he wants to sit there and claim HE held the torch for Octane.

TOMMY: “I relinquish this and I’m in the Warzone match?”

WALLACE: “You have my word. Regardless if you agree or not, we have to trim things up a bit and four singles championships is just too much for the size of the roster we have at the moment.”

Tommy looks at the title in his hands again and stands in front of Perry’s desk. He looks down at the title and purses his lips. He lies the title flatly on Perry’s desk and leans in getting close to Perry’s face.

TOMMY: “The title is yours, mate. You just made your biggest mistake in 4CW. I’m going to walk out of Fright Night 4CW Champion just to spite you and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.”

Tommy touches the Octane belt one last time before quickly knocking the dish of candy off Perry’s desk, because it wouldn’t be a promo in Perry’s office if he didn’t. He laughs and nods at Perry before walking out the door and into the hallway not a champion for the first time in 449 days.

WALLACE: “Goddamn it, Tommy! You were in my wedding for christ sakes!”

If you expected a self serving soliloquy from the 4CW Champion upon the return of 4CW then you don’t know Laughlin. He came in through the back door of the Oracle where professional athletes normally enter from, but it wasn’t to separate himself from everyone else. He just wanted the spotlight on everyone, not just him. It’s about everyone coming back to 4CW who were there when they left and the new talent as well. He wanted them to have the pictures taken and the questions asked. Him? He snuck into his separate locker room, not the fake one others use for their vignettes. The Champion’s locker room. He snuck in and sat there with his headphones on for hours before the show began – in fact that’s where we meet him still. Taping his wrists before he puts his leather gloves over top of them wit his head still nodding to whatever it Laughlin listens to. A vicious monster who you’ve seen bleed and act like a savage in the ring; now nothing more than an athlete warming up – with a head nod to the camera of course when he realizes it’s live.

LAUGHLIN: ”Figured I would start picking up the slack when it comes to backstage interviews, where’s what’s his face?”

He knows damn well what his name is, he just always gives him a hard time. The cameraman presumably shrugs considering Bryan was asking him directly breaking down the fourth wall and the set scene moved erratically.

LAUGHLIN: ”Shame on him, probably watching Cartier matches in slow motion.”

The camera man popped to that one, as did the crowd.

LAUGHLIN: ”OAKLAND, what the fuck is UP?!”

Now the camera moves to the left and right, in a way shutting down his shout out, Bryan seems confused.

LAUGHLIN: ”What? This isn’t live?”

The camera shakes back and forth again.

LAUGHLIN: ”What’s the point then, really? So people on the battleground network can hear me in the background while they take a piss in-between matches? Fuck that, give me that thing.”

Laughlin puts the headset on and grabs the camera, now we have his point of view as he opens the door and begins walking down the hallway. We catch a glimpse of the camera man in absolute panic hoping that this won’t be the end of his job.

LAUGHLIN: ”Let’s head in here…”

Bryan turns towards to the women’s locker room.

LAUGHLIN: ”Hundred bucks says Manny has a hole drilled in the shower.”

The poor videographer’s face is half horrified and half laughing; but all together hoping to god he doesn’t open that door.

LAUGHLIN: ”Fine, fine. Here.”

Giving the camera and headset both back and calming the nerves of the kid who probably makes less than the camera costs, Bryan then lines himself up perfectly in the shot and makes sure his title looks shiny around his waist.

LAUGHLIN: ”Make sure you get the Hellcat shirt front and center.”

Predictably, knowing the mark he is, Bryan’s once again wearing the Hellcat Spangled Deathsquad shirt only available in Japan because they actually keep record of the march and don’t pocket most of the profits like Perry and Wrigley do.

LAUGHLIN: ”I couldn’t tell you where Tommy is, and to be honest I don’t care. He’s probably somewhere in the mirror of one of these rooms hyping himself up listening to ‘don’t kill yourself’ Tony Robbins books. Tony probably has him thinking he can walk across hot coals without being hurt as long as he believes in himself and sets his mind right.”

A large yawn escapes Bryan’s mouth, not an authentic one, but a large exaggerated playful yawn.

LAUGHLIN: ”Listen, Tom. I know you want to believe in yourself and that’s great man, really it is. I appreciate you wanting to be better for the brand and finally hoping you can step up and be the star you were supposed to be a year ago when the company had a brand that needed you. But you know what the company needs now? They need you to know your place. You don’t have to be the star anymore, Eli and I are here to hold that down for you. The top two winningest active stars in 4CW today. So, you can go back to being a wizard and playing grab ass with your other buddies who bury themselves in the purgatory of pissbreak mid-card monotony.”

He slaps his chest and winks into the camera.

LAUGHLIN: ”I got this, bud. That’s why I hold this championship and well – you don’t. Because I didn’t want to be the 4CW Champion to cement my legacy in this industry or this company. I’m world wide talent. Fighting all over the battleground network because my plan has always been larger than just this championship. It’s putting the brand on my chest and the company on my back like superman making sure the plane doesn’t crash into the ground. The legends are gone, but the throne is warm. There’s only room for one king in town, don’t worry. You can still be the court jester”

Bryan gives one more wink into the camera before slapping the gold plate of the 4CW Championship around his waist and walking back to his locker room.


“I told ya, baby
I told ya”

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

“Rocking these diamonds
I’m rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I’m rocking my fame”

POWERS: “Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family and one half of the reigning 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… BIANCA RREEEEDD!!!”

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

JOHNSON: “Bianca Reed, one half of the Reedvolution who successfully beat the American Mangs at Bad Company out here tonight to show the world that she can go toe to toe with the absolute best that 4CW has to offer.”

VASSA: “While it’s true that Reed got the win over the team of Tommy and Manny, it should be noted that those two were of course dealing with a bit of a distraction during that tournament. So maybe we’ll see tonight if she was just lucky enough to overcome the Mangs, or if there was actually skill involved.”

JOHNSON: “Ever the one to build up the talent here in 4CW, Vinny Vasssa.”

The lights around the arena go dim as the sound of a guitar riff begins to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing. As the video clips begin to play on, the opening lyrics of Alter Bridge’s “My Champion” begin.

”May this be your victory song
A song for you when I am gone
Reminding you of what you’re meant to be.
A gift to bring you clarity
To show you that your destiny
Is not defined by what you’ve failed to see

While Myles Kennedy’s voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as the 4CW Champion, Elijah Carlson, emerges from the backstage area. Over his right shoulder the glittering 4CW Championship hangs loosely, a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.

”May this lift you up
When you feel you’ll fall again
You cannot win, no
Hope these words are enough
For you to be strong, my friend”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is the 4CW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. After a moment of hesitation, Eli shrugged his shoulders and reached out to receive “five” from the kid before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope, raising the 4CW North American Championship high above his head as the chorus of boo’s and cheers once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at the title and then at his chest before hopping back down to the mat.

VASSA: “You talk about me not building up the talent here? Well, here’s the talent, Stevie. This man is one of the longest reigning champions we have ever had here in 4CW. That’s not luck. That’s skill.”

JOHNSON: “I don’t deny a single word of what you’re saying there Vinny, Eli Carlson has been one of the elite members of the 4CW roster and I don’t think he’s slowing down anytime soon. There’s the bell!”


Just as the bell sounds, the North American champion and one half of the tag team champions move from their corners towards the center of the ring where they have a bit of a face to face meeting. Eli, looking a bit cocky, shoves Bianca backwards in the ring and Eli goes to follow that up with a big right haymaker but the tag team champion is able to sidestep the right hand and she counters that with a quick snap kick to Eli’s stomach! This causes Eli to stagger some and gives Bianca a chance to unload with a couple of quick elbow smashes to the face of Carlson. In an instant, Bianca leaps up stepping on the middle ropes of the ring and swings her other leg connecting with a snap enziguri to the side of Eli’s face!! The North American champion hits the mat and rolls to the outside of the ring.

The crowd gives it a bit of a pop as Carlson walks around on the outside holding his jaw in some pain. Reed, however, isn’t about to give up on the gas and she climbs to the top ropes about as quickly possible and before Eli can turn around, Reed leaps to the outside connecting with a flying crossbody block to the outside!! The Oakland crowd loves it as one half of the tag team champions just laid out the North American champion on the outside. Bianca takes her time getting back up as the impact hurt her a bit too, she slides into the ring making sure that the referee doesn’t end this one due to a countout. After a brief return, she slides back to the outside of the ring and gives a recovering Eli Carlson a couple of quick forearm smashes across his back. With a handful of hair Bianca tosses Eli back into the ring making for sure that he doesn’t get counted out either.

Bianca doesn’t get right back into the ring right away, rather she sets up on the apron waiting for Eli to get back up to his feet before she slings herself up to the top ropes and leaps towards him soaring through the air…


…getting her head driven into the mat with a falling DDT out of nowhere by the North American champion!! The crowd gasps from the sheer impact that one has and in fact someone in the crowd yells out to check to see if she’s dead. Eil, however, does not check on her well being, rather he flips her over onto her back and hooks the leg going for a quick pin attempt.


JOHNSON: “Quick pin attempt and Eli nearly catches one half of the tag team champions by surprise there. You’ve got to always be on your toes out there in the ring.”

VASSA: “Yeah, in any moment Eli can hit you with a variety of punishing moves.”

Bianca is somehow able to get her shoulder up at the last moment and even actually manages to surprise Eli in the process. The North American champion makes sure with the referee that it was a fast enough count, but then drags himself back up to his feet pulling Bianca up to her feet with a handful of her hair. Eli tosses her into the nearest corner and follows that up with an elbow smash. He then whips her across the ring charging in and connects with a running version of that elbow smash slamming Bianca’s head into the top turnbuckle hard enough to knock her loopy. As Bianca stumbles out of the corner Eli charges again and drops her with a sling blade!! Eli goes in for the cover once again.

VASSA: “Eli with the Prince’s Edict and that should be that.”


JOHNSON: “Not so fast there Vinny, Bianca Reed gets the shoulder up at two and a half! Eli Carlson has a look of disbelief on his face, I think he thought the same thing as you there Vinny.”

VASSA: “Slow count, totally slow count there.”

Carlson slaps the mat in frustration as he gets back up to his feet, he walks behind where Bianca Reed is starting to get back up and crouches down stalking his victim as she rises. Just as Bianca turns around Eli charges in looking for that sick kick that’s put away just about everyone on the 4CW roster at some point, however, Bianca is able to duck out of the way at last moment and instead ends up landing on Genie’s favorite part across the top ropes!! Bianca uses this moment to recover long enough to charge in and connect with a bicycle kick…


…sending the North American champion to the outside of the ring with a heavy thud and sore testicles. Reed uses this chance to recover on the ring ropes trying to catch her breath and shake off the pain a bit. However, the moment that Eli gets back up to his feet on the outside of the ring, Bianca leaps up onto the top ropes and slingshots herself up and over to the outside taking out the 2016 Warzone of Horrors Winner.

JOHNSON: “Bianca Reed with the high risk moves here tonight. She’s really giving this Oakland crowd something to get behind.”

VASSA: “Wait, are we both checking out her behind?”

JOHNSON: “No, that’s not what I said at all Vinny.”

VASSA: “Shame.”

Reed rolls Carlson back into the ring, and learning from the last time, she follows him back into the ring this time not letting up on the attack and hits with a couple of vicious looking stomps. Eli is able to fight his way back to his feet under the attack, however, Bianca leaps up onto the middle ropes and connects with a side kick right to his jaw dropping him to the mat! She hooks both legs and flips over the top for an elevated pin attempt.


JOHNSON: “Another close call there and the North American champion slipped out of the three count.”

VASSA: “He’s not done…”

Eli doesn’t just kick out of the pin attempt, he rolls through the attempt and shoves Reed’s shoulders to the ground in the process, the referee is already in position and is able to count to two, but Reed kicks Eli in the face with her feet breaking up the count and rolls through getting back to her feet just as Carlson is able to do so. Both face off against each other once again, and Eli goes for a haymaker right but Reed is able to duck under it and looks to go for a backslide pin attempt. Eli is able to block that and in an impressive show of strength is able to flip the tag team champion up and over his back to his front holding onto her arms and goes for a ripcord elbow strike. But, Bianca is able to duck under that one once again and this time she doesn’t just go for a simple backslide…


…she drives Eli to the mat with it!

JOHNSON: “The North American champion just got spiked!! After an absolute incredible display of chain wrestling by both participants. Reed hooking the leg and going for another pinfall attempt…”


VASSA: “That there is no ordinary North American champion, that there is the longest reigning champion here in 4CW. You ain’t pinning him with a backslide.”

JOHNSON: “She had a little extra drive in that backslide, though.”

VASSA: “And she has a very nice backslide, if you ask me.”

Reed gets back up to her feet and makes her way towards the corner ring ropes, climbing to the top about as quick as possible as Eli continues to recover on the inside of the ring. Bianca stands perched just as Eli gets back up to his feet fully and turns around, Bianca leaps into the air and comes crashing down onto Eli Carlson with a meteora!! Bianca is unable to follow it up with a pin attempt as it looks like her knee might have caught the mat funny.

JOHNSON: “That might be a bad sign for the tag team champions here, as Bianca catches that canvas with her knee… the other knee hitting its mark and driving Eli Carlson to the mat. Slowly now, Bianca begins to crawl across the ring… she is able to lay her across the chest of Carlson, is the Falling Star enough to put him away here?”


The referee immediately throws up two fingers on each hand even though the Oakland crowd counted to three on that pin attempt and he signals for the match to continue here. Bianca rolls off of Eli as they both begin to slowly get back up to their feet. Once they are both at their vertical bases, Bianca charges in at Eli, but Eli is able to stop her in her tracks with a spinning back fist to the midsection! He then follows that up with a falling facebuster, driving Reed into the mat face first. Carlson is back up to his feet here and does his best to recover as he circles the ring and his opponent.

VASSA: “What’s he going to do here?!”

JOHNSON: “Bianca Reed has no idea where Eli is, and he charges in!!”


VASSA: “Oh sweet Jesus!!”

JOHNSON: “Shining Wizard from Eli Carlson!”


JOHNSON: “And somehow Bianca Reed is able to get her shoulder up once again.”

VASSA: “I don’t know how she’s doing this… after that shot I wouldn’t expect anyone to get up.”

Carlson pulls Reed back up to her feet once again and this time tosses her into the corner. He steps back and charges in going for an avalanche, but catches only the turnbuckle as somehow Reed is able to duck out of the way by bending under the ropes with her upper half. Eli is stunned a bit and that allows Reed to hit a follow kick to his face using the ropes for leverage! Eli drops to a knee and Reed climbs to the top ropes once again. Eli turns around as Bianca goes for her top rope corkscrew stunner…


…but instead Eli Carlson is able to move out of the way and in that split second he is able to gear up and unload with his sick kick catching Bianca Reed flush in the face with that one and knocking her to the mat. Eli is able fall on her as he hooks the leg for a pin attempt.



JOHNSON: “Red light special and Eli Carlson, the North American champion is able to put away Bianca Reed here tonight in Oakland.”

VASSA: “I’ve got admit, Bianca Reed’s got some skill… it wasn’t all luck that she won Bad Company. Maybe five percent.”

JOHNSON: “That’s a lot to admit there Vinny, good job. I’m proud of you.”

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, he is your 4CW North American Champion… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”


JOHNSON: ”Up next we have what originally was a Champions Showcase match but now that Tommy’s given up the Octane title to get into the Warzone, are we even calling it that anymore?”

VASSA: ”We saw the conversation earlier between him and Perry. The Octane title may not be active anymore following tonight, but I still and always will consider Tommy our Octane Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”It is what it is. Perry made a good point about there being too many singles titles given the size of the current roster coming back from a long hiatus. Tommy isn’t coming out of the deal empty handed. He’s the first of seven challengers named to step into the Warzone at Fright Night to compete for the 4CW Championship.”

VASSA: ”He’s going to get himself a little taste of the 4CW Champion tonight, a man that’s been slaying any and everything placed in front of him to defend what is his.”

JOHNSON: ”A one on one match and the Warzone of Horrors are two completely different things. Going up against the 4CW Champion is one thing, but going up against him with six other people to worry about is insane.”

VASSA: ”If Tommy technically isn’t a champion anymore, we can always call this match a Cucks Showcase.”


VASSA: ”We all know the story with Kaelan cucking Bryan and now that Kimi let some other dude fingerbang her, Tommy falls right into that category as well.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m not even going to touch that comment. Let’s just move ahead and get onto our main event of the evening!”

“High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blares from the arena speakers which sends the audience into a hysteria of excitement at the unique wrestler making his way out. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drop from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains and walks out. A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as he starts down the ramp before he reaches the middle of it to stand there with a bright smile. He waves to the crowd and as he makes his way down to the ring, he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it. He’s happy, he’s in a great mood… and then that damn Powers takes it ALL away with those next set of words.

POWERS: “Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois! … AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers with the intent to harm, he begins pointing and yelling at the confused announcer who should KNOW better by now but seems to just want to fuck with Tommy. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from a 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again. He REFUSES to take another step until this is made right.

TOMMY: “Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right you autistic fuck.”

Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head, not believing this was a constant thing with them. Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs almost dramatically and starts speaking again.

POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for your Octane Cham–wait a second. I mean one half of the Tag Te–goddamnit! Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a girlfriend even you can finger! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”

American Tommy stands up and shakes his head in disapproval. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle and begins jawing with someone at ringside. He hops off the turnbuckle and goes to his corner, ready for the match to begin, but still clearly irritated by Mike Powers.

VASSA: ”I can’t believe Mike just said that.”

JOHNSON: ”This is inappropriate, especially one our first night with the new network!”

The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.

“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the 4CW CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

JOHNSON: ”It’s been too long since we’ve seen this man in a 4CW ring!”

VASSA: ”Too long indeed but we’re back in business baby and we aren’t going anywhere! At least not until Perry goes head to head with the network again.”

As the official was checking in with both corners before calling for the bell, it didn’t take long for Tommy to make his way to the center of the ring with an earful for Laughlin. Tommy was cocky, talking all kinds of trash to the champ with the official standing between them halfway. Shrugging it off, Laughlin walked away from his corner, headed straight for Tommy and his big mouth. The official kept his ground between them, going back and forth with each of them to cover the basics. With caution, the official slowly raised his arm in the air and just when he signaled for the bell, he immediately jumped backwards to get out of the way.

Lunging forward, Laughlin threw a powerful right hand, driving his fist right into the side of Tommy’s head, cutting him off in mid sentence as he was still running his mouth. The punch caught Tommy by surprise, even knocking him back a few steps before finally settling his feet. Bursting towards him, Laughlin lunged in, this time with another even more powerful right hand aimed for Tommy’s head. Ducking underneath at the last split second, Tommy avoided the blow to the head, stepping in behind Laughlin. Tommy quickly wrapped an arm around the back of Laughlin’s head for a bulldog but after only one step forward, Laughlin planted his feet and stopped the momentum right then and there.

Pulling his head away from Tommy’s hold, Laughlin spun around quickly, grabbing Tommy by the shoulders and spinning back in the direction he was facing, but this time pulling Tommy along. Slinging Tommy with all of his might, Laughlin threw him into the corner. Crashing into the corner shoulder first, Tommy quickly reached up with his other hand to hold onto his shoulder. Rushing in, Laughlin aimed for Tommy’s head once more, this time damn near trying to take it off with a running clothesline. Noticing Laughlin closing in, Tommy spun out of the way, leaving nothing but an empty corner for Laughlin to fall into.

Laughlin quickly turned to face Tommy only to get caught by surprise as Tommy connects with a spinning heel kick, knocking Laughlin into the corner for good. With both arms draped over the top ropes, Laughlin’s body was exposed and Tommy took advantage, swinging with both lefts and rights, pounding away at the champ’s stomach. The punches didn’t seem to bother Laughlin as he took every single one of them barely even flinching. Pulling his arms away from the ropes, Laughlin then punched both forward as hard as he could, planting both fist to Tommy’s shoulders and knocking him backwards with the force alone. Tommy tripped over his own feet and just when he pushed himself up to one knee, Laughlin charges in, leveling him with a running knee to the face!

JOHNSON: ”Ouch!”

VASSA: ”I’d bet that’s the last thing Tommy was expecting! If anything I wouldn’t be surprised if he was praying for a boot to the face, more so the mouth specifically.”

Tommy was seeing stars after the impact to the head. With Tommy rocking back and forth on his back, Laughlin slowly walked over to the side of him, looking down at the man who made the first claim at challenging for the 4CW Championship in the upcoming Warzone next month. Motioning both hands around his waist as if he were wearing the 4CW Championship, Laughlin mouths off to Tommy while he’s down. He then begins to kick Tommy in the ribs over and over before taking flight and leaping straight into the air, only to come down directly onto Tommy’s chest with a double foot stomp!

Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Laughlin connects with back to back forearms to Tommy’s face before taking him by the wrist and whipping him to the ropes. Upon Tommy’s return, Laughlin rushes towards him, jumping into the air and pulling both knees up to level Tommy with a jumping double knee. Sliding to the mat feet first, Tommy goes underneath Laughlin as he’s in the air, clearing to the other side as Laughlin finally lands back down to both feet. Laughlin immediately turns around and reaches down for Tommy, only to get his bell rung as Tommy kicks his foot up, planting it right in the center of Laughlin’s forehead.

Popping back to his feet, Tommy braces himself as Laughlin lunges towards him. Dropping down to one knee, Tommy wraps him up around the thighs before lifting Laughlin into the air and dropping him with an inverted atomic drop. Laughlin’s body straightens as he takes baby steps backwards. Patiently waiting for the right amount of distance to be made between the two, Tommy then runs towards him before jumping up and connecting with a dropkick that sends Laughlin stumbling backwards into the nearby corner.

Laughlin bounces off the corner and explodes forward towards Tommy. He swings with all his might with a clothesline but misses as Tommy ducks underneath it. Continuing forward, Laughlin hits the ropes and comes back at Tommy with even more speed. Going for a second clothesline, Laughlin swings and misses as Tommy ducks and avoids another one! Laughlin continues to the ropes and this time when he returns, Tommy bends over forward to lift him up and over with a back body drop.


Stepping in, Laughlin pops his leg up, kicking Tommy in the mouth and forcing him to stand straight up and look upwards to the lights. Lifting Tommy off his feet, Laughlin holds him over his shoulder for just a moment before dropping down to one knee and slamming Tommy down onto his elevated knee with a shoulder breaker! Instead of releasing Tommy to fall to the mat, Laughlin stands back to both feet, with Tommy still over his shoulder. Holding him up, Laughlin then jogs across the ring while carrying him. Closing in on the corner, Laughlin then throws Tommy forward, launching him into the air only to crash face first onto the corners turnbuckle.

Turning Tommy around and leaning him against the corner, Laughlin then unloads with rapid forearms to Tommy’s face. Locking Tommy in a double underhook, he then begins slamming his head forward, connecting with multiple headbutts. Ramming his knee into Tommy’s stomach, Laughlin then lifts him up and sits him on top of the corner. Climbing up to the middle ropes, Laughlin then hooks an arm around Tommy’s head before reaching down with his other hand to lift Tommy for a superplex.

Feeling as if he were in danger, Tommy begins wildly swinging both arms and pounding away at Laughlin’s ribs before finally pulling his head away from Laughlin’s hold. With both hands, Tommy presses them against Laughlin’s chest as he stands up, pushing the big man down from the corner. Laughlin drops to his feet and just when he looks up at Tommy, his eyes light up like a deer in the headlights. Leaping through the air, Tommy turns his body, extending his leg and connecting with a leg lariat that knocks Laughlin off his feet with Tommy’s leg even coming down onto his head to smash it against the mat as it makes contact!

VASSA: ”Just when you think Laughlin’s going to murder Tommy with a superplex, Tommy surprises everyone!”

JOHNSON: ”Bryan thought he had him right where he wanted but just like he normally does, Tommy found a way to get himself out of a pickle and shift the momentum in his favor.”

VASSA: ”Tommy isn’t a big man by any means, way smaller than Laughlin, but with his momentum and weight coming down onto Laughlin’s head like that I think he really did a number on the larger, more powerful 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s not all about size and streng–“

VASSA: ”Speak for yourself!”

JOHNSON: ”I meant in terms of wrestling! Tommy’s proven time and time again that he doesn’t need to be the biggest or the strongest to get the job done in the ring.”

VASSA: ”As far as the bedroom goes I’m sure Kimi would disagree!”

Sitting on Laughlin’s lap, Tommy then begins messing with his face, poking at it and even pressing his cheeks together to smush it. Standing tall, Tommy then stomps down onto Laughlin’s stomach a few times before spinning around and racing to the ropes. Bouncing off and coming back on the return, Tommy flips forward through the air, coming down across Laughlin’ body with a senton! Rolling fluidly to his feet, Tommy continues to the ropes ahead of him. Coming back once again, this time Tommy slides feet first to the mat, driving both into the side of Laughlin’s head.

Pulling Laughlin up from the mat, Tommy fires away with a quick one-two combo to his midsection before following it up with a swift kick to Laughlin’s stomach that forces him to double over. Running to the ropes, Tommy bounces off and rushes in behind Laughlin, leaping forward and wrapping an arm around his head to take him face first to the mat with a bulldog! Laughlin’s face bounces off the mat and he immediately shorts up to his feet in a daze. On his feet as well, Tommy then kicks him in the stomach to bend him over a second time. Wrapping an arm around Laughlin’s head, Tommy then falls backwards, pulling Laughlin with him and driving his head into the canvas with a DDT!

Stomping down onto Laughlin’s legs, Tommy keeps the big man grounded just for a moment before he reaches down and pulls him up from the mat again. Locking onto Laughlin’s wrist, Tommy then whips him to the far corner and takes off behind him. Just when Laughlin slams against the corner, Tommy is right there behind him to execute his Octane Express!

VASSA: ”The Octane Express has arrived!”

JOHNSON: ”Tommy’s gaining quite a good bit of momentum now.”

Laughlin drops down to a seated position with his back to the corner. Backing up to the center of the ring, Tommy begins shouting insults at Laughlin before charging towards him. Leaping forward, Tommy spreads his legs and connects with a bronco buster and crotch to Laughlin’s face!

JOHNSON: ”Broken Snitch!”

VASSA: ”Oh man! Laughlin had his mouth open and everything!”

Grabbing Laughlin by the foot, Tommy pulled and dragged him away from the corner. Dropping down to his knees, Tommy then quickly made the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count.




JOHNSON: ”Laughlin just bench pressed Tommy and threw him off!”

Tommy quickly got back to his feet, shocked that Laughlin was able to throw him off with such ease after back to back big moves in his arsenal. Laughlin slowly pushed himself up but before he could get to his feet, Tommy rushed in and began pounding away at his back with left and right forearm clubs. Pressing forward through the attack, Laughlin continues to rise to his feet as if Tommy weren’t even attacking him. Tommy then locks onto him. Pulling his finger to his mouth real quick, Tommy licks it a few times before shoving it into Laughlin’s ear. Laughlin pulls his head back and Tommy pushes him, using his own momentum to send him crashing backwards into the corner.

Bouncing off the corner, Laughlin falls into Tommy’s hold as he goes to lift him off his feet with a hip toss. Keeping his feet grounded, Laughlin doesn’t budge as Tommy tries over and over to flip him over and execute his YoYo Toss Salad. Wrapping both arms around Tommy, Laughlin then lifts him into the air instead, falling backwards and slamming him into the corner with a suplex! Tommy drops down to his head and his legs just fold over his body, leaving him in a curled up state for the time being. With both men down, the official then begins his ten count as the crowd watches in suspense as to what may come next.

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five!”

The two finally start to show signs over movement as they begin to push themselves up from the mat.

“Six! … Seven! … Eight!”

Standing tall first, Laughlin makes it to his feet as Tommy appears to be having a hard time in the corner coming to his senses. Taking a step back, Laughlin looks on and catches his breath, using the time to recover some lost energy. Finally, Tommy makes it to his feet with his back turned to Laughlin. Slowly turning around, Tommy is then lifted off his feet as Laughlin steps in and connects with a vicious superkick!


Tommy flies backwards through the air and crashes into the corner back first. Bouncing off the corner, Tommy falls forward into Laughlin’s hold. Lifting Tommy off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Laughlin then back steps to the center of the ring.

VASSA: ”That’s a terrible position for Tommy to be in.”

JOHNSON: ”It’s not looking too good for him knowing what normally comes next when Laughlin’s opponents find themselves in this exact position.”

Lifting Tommy off his shoulders and spinning him in mid air, Laughlin grabs onto Tommy’s shoulders and pulls him down into a double knee gutbuster!

VASSA: ”There it is!”


VASSA: ”More like goodnight American Tommy!”

Tommy rolls over to his back beside Laughlin who remains on his for a short moment looking up at the lights. Slowly, Laughlin rolls over to all fours before climbing over Tommy, hooking his leg and rolling across his body to where his back is against Tommy for the pin.


VASSA: ”The 4CW Champ wins it!”

JOHNSON: ”Things were going so well for Tommy but all that changed in the blink of an eye.”

VASSA: ”This wasn’t an easy match for either of them. Both men brought it to the ring tonight but unfortunately only one is leaving with the win.”

JOHNSON: ”And that man is Bryan Laughlin, your 4CW Champion ladies and gentlemen!”

“Out of My Mind” hits the speakers as Laughlin slowly rises to his feet. The official goes to grab him by the arm but he snatches it away and walks back over to his corner. Shouting to the ringside crew for his title, Laughlin looks over the crowd who shows full support for him. After being handed the title, Laughlin then turns back to the official, even holding his arm out for him to raise in victory.


POWERS: ”Here is your winner, he is the 4CW Champion… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

Laughlin then signals for a mic and after being handed one, he slowly walks over to Tommy’s fallen body and leans over it, still holding the title in one hand and dangling it over Tommy’s head.

LAUGHLIN: ”You wanted to punch your ticket and come for this?”

Lowering the title, he lets the strap rub over Tommy’s face before lowering it even more and pressing the face plate against it.

LAUGHLIN: ”I hope you bring more than this to Fright Night.”

Standing tall, he then looks over the crowd with the mic still raised to his lips.

LAUGHLIN: ”And that goes for the other six people who find themselves penciled in to compete in the Warzone and come for the crown.”

He then drops the mic beside Tommy, the thud even echoing as it smacks the mat. Turning his back to Tommy who is still out of it, Laughlin then exits the ring and slowly makes his way up the ramp with the 4CW Championship over his shoulder.

JOHNSON: ”You heard the man! The champ isn’t backing down from anything and he knows what lies ahead for him at Fright Night.”

VASSA: ”He’s the only man to successfully defend the 4CW Championship throughout the entire South Beach Brawl Cup. The Warzone is his next big challenge to face head on.”

JOHNSON: ”Just imagine if he did successfully defend the title in the Warzone. That on top of this year’s South Beach Brawl Cup could make him arguably the best 4CW Champion in history.”

VASSA: ”there’s been some great ones over the years so he definitely has his work cut out for him. He’s on the right track and there’s no denying what he’s done up to this point.”

JOHNSON: ”We already have American Tommy as the first of seven challengers to enter the two ring cage. Who’s going to be next?”

VASSA: ”We still have plenty of time to figure that out before Fright Night arrives.”

JOHNSON: ”Well that’s it for our main event folks. It feels good to be back here at Adrenaline after being away for so long.”

VASSA: ”It’s only been a few months. We all needed a vacation!”

JOHNSON: ”And the wrestling world needed 4CW. I’m just happy to be back here at the booth on a regular basis.”

VASSA: ”Until Perry fucks up and pisses off the Battleground Network.”

JOHNSON: ”We’ll cross that bridge when we get there! As for right now, I think it’s time we call it a night here in Oakland.”

VASSA: ”But don’t worry folks! We’ll be back in two weeks for another Adrenaline live from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona!”

JOHNSON: ”You heard the man. In just two weeks we’ll be in Phoenix for Adrenaline One hundred and four!”

VASSA: ”I literally just said that.”

JOHNSON: ”Oh well! And I’m literally ending tonight’s show right here and now.”

VASSA: ”Go right ahead!”

JOHNSON: ”Thank you all for joining us tonight. We look forward to seeing you all in two weeks for another action packed Adrenaline. From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera zooms in on Tommy who is now finally starting to come back to life. Switching to a view at the top of the ramp, Laughlin looks over the crowd, hoisting the championship high above his head. In response, the crowd then begins chanting as the picture slowly begins to fade out.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Over a black screen, the crowd can still be heard chanting, slowly fading away as the Battleground Network and 4CW logo’s flash across the screen.