To the sound of pyro and electric guitars, the picture comes to life as Adrenaline begins to air. Opening to an overhead shot, the camera takes in the entire landscape and crowd in attendance at the Talking Stick Resort Arena looking down from the rafters above. “Adrenaline” plays over the speakers, bringing the people in the sea of bodies below to life as things get revved up for tonight’s event.

Circling the ring from above, the camera view gets lower and lower to floor level. Circling the ring, even more pyro erupts from each ring post as the camera passes by. After making one full lap around the ring, the cameras motion comes to a stop, directly in front of the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit behind it ready to get things underway. After receiving their queue, Steve Johnson takes lead and opens the night.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline One Hundred and Four! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”… and I’m Vinny Vassa! We’re coming to you all live tonight from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona!”

JOHNSON: ”Kicking things off here tonight in 4CW’s second Adrenaline on the Battleground Network, we’re getting closer and closer to Fright Night closing the month.”

VASSA: ”Not a lot happened two weeks ago but then again, it was 4CW’s first Adrenaline after being on hiatus for months, the entire summer in fact.”

JOHNSON: ”One thing we do know for certain is that the main event will be the Warzone of Horrors where the 4CW Championship will be featured, dangling high above that steel structure where nightmares become reality.”

VASSA: ”And with that, the official first challenger was named as American Tommy gave up the now defunct, Octane Champion, to punch his ticket and get himself into the dance.”

JOHNSON: ”With him and Laughlin already set to be entered, and these two could put on one hell of a main event without the extra bodies and theatrics, we still have six spots to fill between tonight and Adrenaline One-O-Five in two weeks.”

VASSA: ”Considering where we are right now with being on ‘break’ for so long, it’s really anyone’s opportunity for the taking. Not only do we have six more spots to fill in the Warzone for the 4CW Championship, but we have two other championships that need challengers before the end of the month.”

JOHNSON: ”Both Mariano Fernandez and Elijah Carlson, 4CW’s Pride and North American champions, have yet to have challengers named for them. And if we want to throw the Tag Team Championships into the mix? Don’t even get me started!”

VASSA: ”As we discussed two weeks ago, this truly is a new era for 4CW and there’s opportunity available to anyone to step up and become the face, or faces, of this current landscape in 4CW.”

JOHNSON: ”I do have it on good authority that the matches tonight and in two weeks at Adrenaline will help management determine just who the six remaining challengers are to be entered into the Warzone of Horrors.”

VASSA: ”We have some exciting matches on the card tonight and there’s quite a few names that stick out as possible challengers in the bunch.”

JOHNSON: ”Who knows, we could even see some of these brand new faces step up and shoot up the rankings quickly with that word we keep coming back to, opportunity.”

VASSA: ”If you ever wanted to make a quick impact in 4CW, now is the time to do so. We’ve been at this point a few times over the years, newer faces come to the roster, win the fans over, and then become well known mainstays for years to follow.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m really excited to see the next chapter in 4CW play out and become one of many in a rich and long history.”

VASSA: ”Who knows who will show up tonight? We’ve seen some old faces as of late, as well as the new. We’ve also seen others fall off the face of the earth in a matter of days.”

JOHNSON: ”You never do know what the future holds. All we can do is take it one day at a time because no one is promised tomorrow.”

VASSA: ”Ain’t that the fucking truth! You’re pushing one hundred easy!”

JOHNSON: ”Not that close, but on that note! We’re going to take a short break and go backstage before we return here at ringside for our opening match.”

VASSA: ”Roman Novack versus Toby Wagner, right here in five minutes tops! Hang tight, folks.”

Before the cameras can transition backstage, a familiar voice calls out over the speakers.

? ? ?: ”Wait, wait, wait… hold up now!”

The camera shot changes to that of the entrance stage and out from the back is Perry Wallace walking through the curtain. He stops in the center of the stage, looking down to the ring and focusing mainly on the actual entrance ramp.

WALLACE: ”I’d like to have everyone’s attention please as I have an announcement regarding Fright Night at the end of the month.”

He backs away from the entrance ramp, positioning himself front and center on stage.

WALLACE: ”I’m just going to do so right here, where you all can see me, and also here me in the back! Now as you know, Fright Night is right around the corner. And as you also may know, up until two weeks ago Adrenaline and even 4CW had been on break, summer vacation, strike, whatever you want to call it! It goes without saying that we’ve been out of the loop for a few months and the landscape is entirely different now compared to before the break.”

Walking over to the left side of the stage, Perry keeps his eyes locked on the camera filming from in front of him.

WALLACE: ”A little different than what we’ve seen and come to expect over the years and to be honest with you. Different is good. Change is good. Without months prior to build off of that leaves quite a few questions as to who will challenge Eli or Manny for their titles. Or who will enter the Warzone other than Laughlin and Tommy. Will the Tag Team Championships be involved? There is a lot of opportunity to make a name for yourself in 4CW.”

Turning away and walking to the other side of the stage, Perry then faces the right side all while never once looking away from the camera as if talking specifically to the people watching.

WALLACE: ”So with all this, I have a couple announcements I would like to make. Tonight, I’m going to let our Pride and North American Champions name their challengers for Fright Night. I’m going to give them the opportunity to make one hell of a match that not only them, but everyone can be proud of. Now I know, the Warzone needs six other bodies. And you’re absolutely right! But there’s more bodies to choose from than just six so I’m letting the guys get first dibs on who they want to put on a show with in front of San Antonio.”

Stepping back away from the ledge, Perry then moves to the center of the stage, a few feet away from the ramp. His eyes then cut away from the camera and look out over the crowd.

WALLACE: ”And as for the\ Warzone, just two weeks ago we watched as Tommy was named the first challenger after giving up the Octane Championship. That leaves six other spots to be filled. Let me repeat, I understand there isn’t a huge body of work to base decisions off due to 4CW being out of action over the summer months. But tonight I’m going to be watching. Next Adrenaline I’m going to be watching. I’m going to hand select the next six people to enter the Warzone and your performance in that ring plays a huge factor.”

His eyes then slowly cut back down looking directly into the camera.

WALLACE: ”Yeah, I’m talking to you all in the back wondering what you’re going to be doing at Fright Night.”

Looking away from the camera, Perry then slowly begins back stepping towards the entrance curtain.

WALLACE: ”That’s really all I have for tonight. We’re going to see two championship matches lined up tonight. We’re going to see new faces added to the Warzone. Let’s not forget about what you’re all going to see right here in this ring! We got you covered. And with that announcement, I’m going to get out of your way and let tonight’s Adrenaline continue!”

Backing through the curtain, Perry then disappears to the back, leaving nothing but an empty stage in the picture.

The cameras head backstage to Toby Wagner standing in a hallway and leaning against the wall. He seems pretty bored. Grabbing his phone out of his pocket and hitting a button on the side to get the screen to light up. He looked at the time and rolled his eyes.

WAGNER: “This Shit can’t start soon enough. Kinda wish Roman would have punched me in the face for calling my a loser. Like Luke did. At least that gave me something to do.”

Toby wasn’t looking at the camera. He just seemed to be talking to himself. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes tempted to grab one. He seemed to think better of it and put it back in his jacket pocket. He looked at the camera finally.

WAGNER: “Careful planning. Preparations made. All going to amount to nothing. I win. You lose. No coin flip. No odds. No mercy.”

He smirked and strolled away from the camera heading towards the guerilla and ring area as his match was about to start.


The general distaste these two have for each other boils over as soon as the match starts. Novack starts to overwhelm Wagner with his practiced and targeted offense. Novack throws a few strikes at Wagner then goes for an easy takedown. Wagner scrambles to get to his feet using some unorthodox rolling but Novack gains control and rains some punches down. Wagner grabs Novack’s hand and kicks him off. Novack grins and lets Wagner get up beckoning him on.

The standup game gets going again and Wagner takes some kicks to the chest and returns them with a kick to Novack’s midsection and a surprise snap powerbomb just planting Novack on his back. Wagner quickly capitalizes with some mounted punches paying Novack back. Novack throws some back from the ground and they go nuts just wailing on each other. Wagner ends the exchange by getting up and stomping Nocack in the head. He picks Novack up and hits a Release German Suplex but Novack rolls up and comes firing back with a Running Knee that sends them both tumbling out of the ring.

After a few moments of recovery, they brawl on the outside. It gets ugly when they get into the audience and some fans run from the melee. Novack throws Wagner back into the ringside area and jumps off a seat to drop a Flying Elbow onto him. He goes to throw Wagner in, but Wagner rushes at him and slams him back first into the side of the ring. He puts Novack on the apron and slides him out. He hits the Go to Hell to Novack on the outside drilling his head onto the hard floor. Wagner goes in and Novack barely makes the count.

Wagner is on top of Novack from the jump. He gives him some more punishment but Novack rallies with a kick to the head that makes people go well ‘Ain’t that a kick in the head’. He picks Wagner up on his shoulders and goes for the Ace of Clubs but Wagner wears him down with some elbows. Wagner relentlessly keeps hitting the elbows then runs the ropes for a Lariat Takedown.

They both stay down as Novack keeps a hold onto Wagner after the blow and manages to transition into a Choke Hold. He keeps the hold on tight. Wagner doesn’t tap but tries to awkwardly get up. He manages the do so but instantly drops down on his ass. Novack let’s go of the hold and kicks Wagner hard with a Soccerball Kick. He covers but Wagner places his fingers in Novack’s mouth for the Mandible Claw. He picks Novack up with the hold still applied and pulls him into a headlock. Then it’s Toby Slays You as Wagner hits the headlock driver and pins for the win.

WINNER: Tony Wagner via Pinfall (9:38)

We cut backstage to find the catering area. Many other 4CW stars are around grabbing food and fueling up before their match. But sitting in the corner with a half-eaten plate of tuna and rice in front of her is Alicia Lukas. She has an eyebrow raised with one leg over the other as she flips through a book. The camera pans around to read the title Masque of the red death. By Edgar Allen Poe. Alicia rolls her eyes and sets it down before looking up.

LUKAS: ”Self indulgent, over worded, unfocused. A story of a man hiding from a plague, and under a mask. It’s funny isn’t it Eggbert?. You hid for so long that now you don’t even know the real you. You wanted to be some kind of badass slasher and when that didn’t work out you tried to take the mask off…only to reveal another one…”

Alicia pushes away from the chair and gets to her feet, she keeps the book in her hand as she turns and walks out of catering and down the hallway with the camera following.

LUKAS: ”And what a mask it is Enema. It’s the mask of a plain man, one who despite the tattoos looks like he could just be a normal everyday man and it’s strange that in your rush to discard the persona you had cultivated for 13 years you found one that is a million times more unnerving than your slasher look. See, normality is the new horror Evan. And you discovered it, but, the problem is that you’re not scary now, nor have you ever been.”

She comes to a stop near the women’s lockerroom folding her arms over her chest leaning against the wall near the door.

LUKAS: ”Thing is, bullshit just falls from your mouth, you spent the entirety, except for a few moments at the end, of a podcast talking about shit no one cares about while ignoring 4CW and me. And then, after I pointed that out, ran down your persona, personality, career, stupid wife and sister. You remedied it. By mentioning everything about me that I already said and then talking about a small part of my career that has been over for a year….you’re a fake…a fraud…and later tonight I am going to walk down to that ring and bitch slap you around for fun…and make you say my name…Edward…”

She kicks the door open and walks in as we cut to something else.

Backstage we once again find Perry Wallace walking the backstage halls of the Talking Stick Resort Arena. Exploring even further into the depths of the hall leading to the dressing rooms, the camera tags along Perry as he gets even more unneeded exercise for the evening.

WALLACE: “Jesus fucking Christ, they just had to stick him all the way in the back.”

Perry walks, and walks, and walks even more before finally reaching the very last door at the end of the hall. He looks at the nameplate on the door and as if a lightbulb went off in his head, an idea comes to mind. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a sharpie and marks out the “jah” at the end of Elijah. He then begins to add his own very small letters in front of it, barely able to fit them in but manages to do so. “BullEli” was the final product of his hard work and by the looks of it, he seemed rather pleased with the craftsmanship.

WALLACE: “They should have made the nameplate like this to begin with!”

Perry then goes to knock but before his knuckles tap the wooden door, he stops it just inches before making contact. Reaching down for the handle, Perry wraps his hand around it. He then slams his shoulder into the door while turning the door handle which doesn’t turn, sending a loud thud echoing throughout the hall from the door being locked.


He rubs his shoulder for just a short moment before balling up his fist and slamming it against the door as hard as he can.


WALLACE: “Police, open up!”

Opening the door, Elijah Carlson poked his head out and rolled his eyes when he saw Perry Wallace there. For whatever reason Wallace, in spite of being married, was still so lonely that he couldn’t seem to help but to bother his top stars every waking moment.

CARLSON: “The password is Paw Patrol is better than Puppy Dog Pals. You have to say it if you want to speak to me.”

Folding his arms across his chest, the North American champion waited patiently.

WALLACE: “You know what?”

Without a care in the world, Perry just stands in the hall and shrugs his shoulders.

WALLACE: “I don’t even care that much. I’ll just stand right here. I won’t take up much of your time anyway. I just have to run something by you real quick and I don’t see your name on the card so it ain’t like you got shit else to do anyway.”

CARLSON: “Sorry, I can’t hear you. The password is Paw Patrol is better than Puppy Dog Pals. You have to say it if you want to speak to me.”

WALLACE: “But it’s not.”

He stands firm, even crossing his arms.

WALLACE: “Why would I want to lie to you, and everyone else watching?”

Rolling his eyes, Eli turned to walk away from the 4CW minority owner.

CARLSON: “Bye, bitch. Keep your extra chromosomes away from me..”

WALLACE: “WAIT! This is about real work, not that geometry bullshit you’ve been into lately. Don’t even get me started on the cheerleading.”

CARLSON: “Don’t get ME started on you starring in Desiree Drakes likes OR the fact that you’re Peckerman’s photographer.”

WALLACE: “Eat my shit mother fucker. I come here all civil and this is how you treat me?!”

Only because he wanted to be left alone, Eli finally gave in.

CARLSON: “Listen. Perry. I make you a lot of money and because of that it means you leave me the fuck alone. So what do you want? I’m not here to bullshit with you like I’m a former member of Unstable or Omerta. I’m not here to share pictures of my wifes ass with you like I’m JPD pre-kidney transplant or whatever the fuck happened to him. I’m sure as shit not here to make dick and fart jokes with you like a retard with a short bus. So what the fuck do you want?”

Tapping his foot impatiently, Eli stared at him.

WALLACE: “I come with good news and all I hear is blah, blah, blah my name is BullEli. Raab was right about you. Anyways! Vacation is over. At the end of the month there’s Fright Night coming up. Before last Adrenaline, there hadn’t been one since May. Needless to say there isn’t really much to go off of in terms of contenders having been on summer break. So, I was going to do something a little different and let the champs not in the Warzone pick who they want to go up against before selections even start being made. Is that really a reason to be a dick?”

CARLSON: “So… basically you want me to do your job for you? You came here to say hey, champ. I’m too lazy to figure shit out myself so why don’t you just go ahead and book yourself? Alright. Fine. I’ll take care of it. You just go sip whatever wine coolers you’ve got stashed away and I’ll continue to carry this company for you like I have every second I’ve been here.”

Holding both hands up and out to his sides, Perry’s speechless, but only for a short moment.

WALLACE: “That’s exactly what I want you to do. Straight to the point. I need you to choose someone because I haven’t been paying much attention since we went on break and I don’t even know where to begin. Make it a contest even! You and Manny head to head to see who can set up the better match.”

CARLSON: “If all you’ve got to offer me is people I’ve already beaten countless times then I’ll just hand my belt over right now and go home.”

WALLACE: “Look it, you can go wild with this,. Even set someone up to get killed I don’t give a fuck it’s Halloween. Spooky shit blah blah blah.”

CARLSON: “Calm down Sativa.”

WALLACE: “Okay, sweetie. Have fun with it because I’m sure you’ll pick something better than I would.”

CARLSON: “Good. Are we done now?”

WALLACE: “Yeah, we’re done here. Don’t disappoint, champ.”

Before Perry’s voice goes silent, the door to the dressing room slams shut, leaving Perry out in the hallway all by himself.


As the bell rings Logan taunts to the audience, telling them exactly what it is they are about to witness. Luke on the other hand is focused, more so than in the past. He doesn’t take to kindly to Logan’s taunting and rushes him with a clothesline! One which Logan ducks, when Luke turns back around he is met with a step-up enziguri! Logan has a wicked grin on his face, pointing to the side of his head as if to say this was his plan all along. As Luke tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head, Logan grabs him, pulling him up to his feet before delivering a few stiff kicks directly to Luke’s gut. Traeger continues his onslaught of strikes, backing Luke up into the ropes before whipping him across the ring. As Luke rebounds back Logan leaps into the air, looking to knee Luke’s head clear off! But Luke goes down on one knee, dodging it! And in one swift motion he twists around and grabs Logan by the waist – squeezing the man’s ribs with some force before lifting him off his feet with a snapping german suplex. Logan rolls backwards to his knees, but Luke is already to his feet! Luke charges forward snapping off a shining wizard that ripples Logan’s entire body as flops to the mat.

As Luke’s confidence starts to grow he makes way back over to the downed Logan, stomping on him a few times before jumping up and flipping backwards with a standing shooting star press! Luke goes to hook the leg but only gets a two count! This doesn’t defer Luke however as locks a headlock onto Logan, who tries to fight out of it but someone ends up giving up his back. Luke locks in a really deep looking rear naked choke – flexing his arms hard against Logan’s windpipe. Logan knows he’s in trouble and with all of his strength he rolls onto his stomach and pushes himself up. Luke doesn’t let go however, keeping the lock stuck in deep as he hangs onto Logan’s back. Logan as one last ditch effort throws himself backwards onto the ground, slamming Luke against the mat and breaking his hold. Traeger rolls to the side of the ring, catching his breath as Luke does the same. After a few moments both men get back to their feet.

The tension in the air was thick as the two men circle around each other, before locking up in the middle of the ring in a test of strength. Logan seems to be getting the better of Luke, before he slips out of the hold and knee’s Jones in the gut. He follows this up with a big hip toss directly onto his knee! Luke’s back torques in a very disturbing looking way as he lets out a howl of pain – grabbing at his back and rolling around the mat. As Logan gets up to his feet, chilling grin washes over his face, his eyes glaring at the down Luke. Logan runs his thumb across his throat before reaching down and locking Luke up in a pumphandle position. Logan lifts him up into the air, spinning him around and landing a sickening Pumphandle Reverse STO (SECOND CITY SACRIFICE). Logan pushes his forearm into the face of Luke as he goes for the pin… BUT LUKE KICKS THE FUCK OUT! Getting his shoulder up just a millisecond before the three count.

You could see the usual very calculated composure of Logan start to crack as he pushes himself up, grabbing ahold of the back of Luke’s head as he does so. Logan slaps Luke a few times, before lifting him up into the air for a military press slam. But Luke struggles through it! Managing to knee Logan in the side of the skull, Luke drops to the mat and follows up this moment with a wicked headbutt aimed directly to Logan’s nose! Luke begins to sound off with a series of forearms, one after another directly to Logan’s forehead. Luke gives Logan one more headbutt just for good measure before quickly kicking him in the gut and lifting him up! He then bolts towards the corner, launching Logan into with a powerbomb directly into the turnbuckle (KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES)! But Luke is unable to capitalize as he painstakingly grasps at his back, maybe having tweaked it further on the attack.

After a few moments, Luke finally crawls over to Logan and drapes his arm over him. As Logan kicks out at two, he uses this momentum to grab ahold of Luke, sending a few well placed downward elbows to his back before rolling on top of him sinking in his patented Anaconda Vice (SOUND OF SILENCE) Logan torques the hold in, and Luke has no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: Logan Traeger via Submission (8:11)

Tommy is walking the halls backstage at Adrenaline carrying an assortment of random things between his arms as the camera pans out a bit more to reveal a girl walking with him as they continue down the hall talking. As Tommy readjusts some things in his arms you can see that there is a soup can, some string, duct tape and a stick. Why a stick? Why any of it to be honest?

TOMMY: “I’m telling you this will work. Perry won’t even know what is coming and it will be the only thing worth remembering from this Adrenaline.”

Ronni turns her head just slightly to give him a reproached look.

RONNI: ”I think you’ve been watching too many cartoons… I KNOW you’ve been watching too many cartoons. But even if it doesn’t work it’s gonna be funny so, lead the way.”

TOMMY: “Oh, it’ll work and we’ll laugh and Perry will cry and everybody’s day will be made.”

They walk up to Perry Wallace’s office and Tommy adjusts the things in his arms and knocks on the door to which nobody yells. He looks to his right and sees a step ladder and he nods towards it.

TOMMY: “You wanna grab that? It’ll make it easier to do this otherwise I’m gonna have to put you on my shoulders.”

Ronni’s cheeks flash bright red and she immediately makes to swat his arm before realizing it’ll make him drop the items he’s holding. Instead she’s half stamps her foot in some mini sign of embarrassed defiance.

RONNI: ”I don’t remember signing up for any physical labour…”

TOMMY: “Neither did I, but then I mastered the hip toss and became one of the best wrestlers in the world. Shit just happens. Gotta roll with the punches!”

Tommy’s eyebrows raise and his mouth looks like he is trying to catch flies. He laughs and nods at the ladder and Ronni goes over and picks it up. Tommy opens the door and they both walk in. Tommy pushes everything off Perry’s desk even though it wasn’t necessary and drops his things on it. He turns around and looks at Ronni and smiles.

TOMMY: “About right there with that step ladder should work.”

Ronni sets the ladder down and looks over her shoulder at Tommy.

TOMMY: “Nah, a little to the right.”

She picks up the ladder and moves it a bit.

TOMMY: “A little bit to the left.”

She moves it to the left a bit.

TOMMY: “Pick it up and spin around in a circle.”

RONNI: ”What… okay there’s no way I need to do that, I’m not doing that.”

She lets go of the ladder and turns on her heels to give him what is supposed to be a semi annoyed glare.

TOMMY: “It’s absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t be having you do anything that wasn’t. I’m a gentleman!”

RONNI: ”You’re something.”

Tommy laughs and turns towards the desk and grabs the duct tape, string and the soup can and walks towards the ladder. He turns to Ronni and gives her a smirk and hands her a pair of scissors. Tommy steps up onto the top step of the ladder and glances at the door judging the distance from where he is and the amount of string that is needed. Real math genius shit, I’m telling you. He’s a prodigy. Anyways, he takes one end of the string and duct tapes it to the soup can and unreals some more.

TOMMY: “Scissors please.”

Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door and it opens as Tommy shakes his head and sighs loudly. Manny pops his head in and sees Perry’s desk belongings on the floor and Tommy standing on a ladder.

MANNY: ”Tommy what are you…”

Manny notices the beautiful girl next to Tommy and the charm kicks in.

MANNY: ”Well, hello there I…”

TOMMY: “Mind ya business, Nerd!”

Manny shakes his head and shuts the door.

RONNI: ”He is SO weird and if I’m saying that? Then, you know he’s like, really weird… He’s your ex tag partner though, right?”

Tommy scratches the back of his head and answers a bit uneasily.

TOMMY: “Yeah, he’s not a bad lad at all though. A bit misunderstood. And then his Mom. Well, we won’t get into that.. Scissors?

Ronni makes an indiscernible face at the door and then at Tommy before shrugging and hands the scissors up to Tommy who cuts a piece of string off and hands the scissors back to her with the sharp end down because that’s what his mother always taught him!

TOMMY: “I think this will be long enough.”

Tommy bites off another piece of duct tape and sticks it to the other end of the string and presses it firmly on the ceiling above him. He smiles and holds the soup can out as far as he can and lets it go, sending the can down in an arching motion right into the door. Tommy nods in approval.

TOMMY: “Totally gonna hit him in the nuts. Can you grab me that stick there so I can set this up so when the door opens so far it’ll release the can?”

RONNI: ”This is turning into a lot of work, there better be some REALLY good popcorn in it for me.”

Ronni walks towards the desk to get the stick for Tommy as he reaches out wide again to judge the distance. Out of nowhere, the door swings open to Perry’s office and knocks into the step ladder Tommy is standing on. Tommy hops off the ladder before it tips over on him, releasing the can. Perry Wallace walks through the door frame and right into a nut shot from the falling can. Tommy lands on his feet, but comes up a bit hobbily and goes to the ground as Perry Wallace can be heard screaming and falling to the ground himself. Tommy is holding his ankle and groaning in pain.

WALLACE: “Mother fu–”

TOMMY: “I told you it would work. I knew it would!”

Ronni immediately rushes to his side, bending down to rest her hand to his shoulder, she swats at him with her other hand, a face a mix of concern for his well being and misguided annoyance that he wasn’t more careful.

RONNI: ”Oh my god, idiot, are you okay?”

His face was bright red, that feeling finally settling into his stomach. Huffing and puffing on the floor, Perry rolls back and forth, even kicking his feet like a hurt child. Finally able to speak, at least somewhat, Perry looks over at Tommy and picks up the soup can and throws it at him from the floor.


TOMMY: “Why’d you throw the can at me?!”

WALLACE: “Why the fuck wouldn’t I!? What the hell was that all about? I’m not the one that fingered your old girl!”

Wallace takes his eyes off Tommy and notices Ronni kneeling down next to Tommy checking on him.

WALLACE: “Who the hell is this?”

Ronni gives Wallace a long look and shakes her head.

RONNI: ”We did this bit already…”

Wallace looks at Tommy with pain in his face blah blah blah.

WALLACE: “Oh, the girl that made up Japanese cigarettes in Twitter and then said they were just like regular cigarettes. Hope you’re having a swell time! Nice to meet you.”

Tommy bracing his ankle grabs the soup can and throws it back at Wallace.

TOMMY: “That’s my girlfriend ya twat.”

WALLACE: “Only until I get Zeel on the phone and his fingers go deeper than your dick ever has you little fuck! What’s with the fucking can!?”

Tommy grabs around reaching for the soup can but realizes he already threw it at Perry. He groans and situations himself up on his butt resting on his hands, still favoring the ankle.

TOMMY: “I can’t help it the dude has extremely long fingers! If you were in my shoes I’d be saying the same thing about the Good Doctor and Zeel! Let’s not kid ourselves! And the can? We need better soup in catering and what better way to get your attention than to drop a can into your nuts?!”

WALLACE: “Soup?”

Perry kicks a leg out, kicking Tommy in the side of the leg. Tommy winces in pain some more, more than a kick of that nature should hurt.

WALLACE: “We have a full time chef now and not to mention, I even got Shoney’s to cater tonight! Fuck your chicken noodle soup!”

Finally, Perry manages to climb to his feet, still breathing heavily from the nut shot but not as heavily as before.

WALLACE: “This your idea of a joke?”

Tommy shakes his head up and down as he continues to hold his ankle.

TOMMY: “It worked, didn’t it? Don’t think I’m not laughing on the inside. ”

Pointing down to Tommy’s ankle, Perry cocks his head to the side, slowly looking back up to Tommy.

WALLACE: “The fuck you got going on there?”

Tommy looks at Perry and sees what he is pointing to and then at Ronni and then back to Perry.

TOMMY: “It’s fine. I got that dinosaur tonight so it’ll be easy work!”

Tommy tries to get to his feet, but the moment he puts any pressure on his ankle, a pain shoots through his foot that he sits back down immediately.

TOMMY: “Don’t you knock before you enter a room? Hand me that duct tape off the floor by your foot and I’ll just tape this up.”

WALLACE: “Knock?”

Looking back and forth between Tommy and the door, Perry slowly backs away and takes a nice long look at the nametag hanging on the front of the door. And yes, he’s still suffering from the nut shot upon his arrival to his temporary office for the evening, definitely not Tommy’s.

WALLACE: “Do you knock before entering your own room?”

Perry thinks to himself for a moment following that question and before Tommy can respond, Perry picks right back up.

WALLACE: “Forget I even asked. I’m sure every time you open a door at home now you worry someone might be on the other side playing hand puppets with your woman.”

TOMMY: “I have a no door closed policy in my house. Except for that time you tried to come over to my house. The front door always stays closed.”

Perry tilts his head back, a disgusted look coming over his face.

WALLACE: “You don’t close the door at home when you shit?”

TOMMY: “Are you trying to get descriptive with me right now?”

Holding both hands up, Perry keeps a good distance from Tommy as he slowly tip toes around the center of the office and over towards his desk.

WALLACE: “Typical.”

Perry says under his breath as he looks down at the mess in the floor.

WALLACE: “The good shit was in the corner.”

He says while tilting his head towards the minibar set up across the room.

TOMMY: “I haven’t drank since I fucked Manny’s mom.”

Perry nods and Tommy laughs, Ronni does not.

WALLACE: “What’s going on with that foot, Feets? You’re giving it a good bit of attention over there. Amanda stop letting you tickle hers?”

TOMMY: “Amanda and I have never been a thing. That was Andre Holmes and you know it.”

Tommy manages to fight through the pain and get to his feet with the help of Ronni and he plops down quickly in a chair.

TOMMY: “You fucked my ankle up, bro.”

WALLACE: “Me? I’m not the one playing on ladders in an attempt to play with these nuts mother fucker. I didn’ do shit! So, what’s really going on there? Is this another elaborate plan of yours to pretend that you want to stop wrestling?”

Tommy scoffs at Perry.

TOMMY: “I would never! I have never! I really did have WWH AIDS that one time and it’s not my fault you let me patient zero your entire roster.”

Tommy goes to stand up, but it’s obvious the pain is too much and he sits right back down.

TOMMY: “Seriously though, I think when you opened that door into the ladder I really hurt my ankle.”

WALLACE: “Now, I would come over there and take a look but one, I’m not making your night getting close to your feet, and two, do I even look like a fucking doctor? Maybe you just need to walk it off.”

Perry waits for a second, literally a second before waving his wants as if trying to shoo Tommy from where he was standing.

WALLACE: “Go on now! Walk it off. I’m sure it will be fine in no time! Just walk it right on off.”

Tommy looks at Perry and laughs and shakes his head.

TOMMY: “Quit being stupid and call one of your witch doctors.”

WALLACE: “Is it really that bad?”

They may cut up with each other quite a bit, but a look of concern was now beginning to show.

WALLACE: “It was a short fall. You’ve taken bigger ones inside of a ring and came out the winner. Man up, your girlfriend is watching.”

Walking over, Perry seems a bit unsure what to think of the situation.

WALLACE: “Fuck it, let’s get that thing looked at.”

Reaching into his pocket, Perry pulls out his cellphone and unlocks it before swiping his fingers across the screen a few times. Calling someone, he pulls the phone to his ear. While ringing, he looks over at the camera, which they knew was there the entire time and everyone can clearly see that Tommy is clumsy, Perry reaches towards it. He opens his hand, holding it over the lens as his last words were heard before the feed is terminated.

WALLACE: “It’s Wallace. Send a medic or trainer, I don’t fucking know just send someone by the office pronto!”

Backstage, Roman Novack is found in his locker room shuffling a deck of cards. He repeatedly cuts them, flips them around in his hand with the ease and sleight of hand of a street magician, then returns to his shuffling. He beats the cards against the grain of the bench he is straddling and continues his action.

NOVACK: ”You win some and you lose some. In the end, it’s all just a gamble, isn’t it–and the house, she always wins.”

Roman cuts the cards and pulls one from the top. He glances at it, shows it to the camera to reveal it as an eight of hearts then returns it to the deck.

NOVACK: ”An old Chinese proverb says, ‘If you must play,decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.’ ”

He cuts the deck again and draws a card. He glances at it before once again showing it to the camera to reveal a three of clubs. Novack smirks.

NOVACK: ”Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m a man of many vices–and high stakes gambling–”

He puts his fingers to his lips and kisses them as his fingers expand as if he was tossing the kiss to the screen with an audible Mwah.

NOVACK: ”–love it. The rules of this game are pretty simple–the stakes are always high–and baby–I don’t see me quitting anytime in the near future.”

Novack cuts the cards a last time and pulls from the top to reveal a Jack of diamonds. He laughs and shows it to the camera.
NOVACK: ”It might be a grand delusion–but I’m willing to take whatever odds you throw my way.
He flips the card around in his fingers and gives the camera a sly wink before returning to his shuffling busy work.

Straight to the back we see Brennan Devlin standing by with a smirk on his lips, microphone in hand as he waited patiently. Soon, when he realized the camera was there, he began to speak.

DEVLIN: ”So, tonight I’m getting Jeb and I’ve pretty much said everything I needed to say. I made some football and weed references, so, I feel like I’m pretty set. The crowd will surely be on my side since I placated them with drugs and sports references.”

He mocked as the crowd resorted to pure boos. He gleefully ignored, yet seemed to fully realize what he had done.

DEVLIN: ”I’m not going to pretend I can see the future or that I’m some kind of ‘god’, but I’m going to tell you right now I see the future… I see it, oh lordy I see it. Jeb Fishers getting accounts suspended on Twitter more than Genie… What else?”

He mockingly closed his eyes as if he were diving more things. He waited for what seemed like a reasonable time before continuing onward.

DEVLIN: ”I see me kicking your dumb ass, Jeb. I see me making you suffer. I see me standing over not just you, but each and every one of these people in this company. I see me… standing tall over Bryan Laughlin and ending his championship reign.”

He spoke in a more serious tone of voice, glaring into the camera.

DEVLIN: ”I want that championship, I want to finish what I fucking began, and that means getting rid of you to get that much closer, Jeb. There’s no future anyone could foresee where you succeed in what you’re undertaking, Jeb. So when I hit you with a Face Off.. Stay down, or I’ll put you down.”

Brennan glared into the camera as the scene slowly faded to black and we headed directly into the next available contest.


There is absolutely no love lost between Lukas and Malcovich as they start trading punches right as the bell rings with furry. Malcovich smartly uses his obvious size advantage and gets Lukas into a grapple and uses his strength to force her to the corner of the ring and into a turnbuckle where he delivers some vicious knees to her gut that have her double over and wincing in pain. Eddy goes to the well too many times and Alicia is counter his attack with ease and grab the knee and gives a quick quick to the inside knee of the other that sends Malcovich to the ground. Before Malcovich is able to get his bearings Lukas delivers a swift kick to the head that sends Malcovich to the mat. Alicia covers, but Malcovich is able to kick out after a quick one count by basically launching Lukas to her knees.

Malcovich tries to get to his feet, but as he gets to his knees Lukas delivers alternating muay thai knees to Malcovich’s ribs. Malcovich surprisingly fights through the pain and is able to force himself up from his knees with sheer power. Alicia runs in the opposite direction and bounces off the ropes and launches herself at Malcovich to deliver a flying clothesline, but is caught in mid air and slammed to the mat in an act of desperation from Malcovich. He goes for a quick pin, but you’re not going to be able to put Lukas away that quickly and she kicks out at one. Pull is the first one up to his feet and pulls Lukas the rest of the way up by her hair. He puts her arm behind his neck and delivers a suplex that sends her halfway across the ring with a smile on his face. He stalks Lukas and walks over to her man handles her throwing her across the ring again with another suplex. Malcovich delivers a few quick kicks to the downed Alicia and gloats a bit by standing over her body for a bit and runs his thumb across his throat. He leans down to pick Lukas up off the ground, but Lukas reverses it into a school boy for a quick two count.

Malcovich looks shocked, but his taunting was all Lukas needed to get her second wind and she goes right back at Malcovich with some swift knees to the chest again that put Malcovich on his knees where she delivers a snapmare to send Malcovich to his back. Lukas is using her speed to her advantage and pops up quickly and runs against the ropes for momentum before delivering a rolling knee drop to the fallen Malcovich. She runs towards the turnbuckle and quickly jumps from the mat and finds herself at the top with ease. She turns around and looks and sees Malcovich still on his back and launches herself into the air and executes a phenomenal frog splash. She quickly gathers herself and goes for the pin, but Malcovich kicks out at two. Frustrated, that it’s taking this long, Lukas gets to her feet and pulls Malcovich up with her. In a sight that is just sheer determination, Alicia is able to get under Malcovich and lift him up onto her shoulders. I wouldn’t want to be the head between those legs! She’d squish your head like a watermelon! I’ve gotten myself off topic here, but anyways, Malcovich is stomach first up on Lukas’ shoulders as she prepares to hit The Georgia Drop. She moves her upper body and neck a bit so Malcovich slides off face first and sends her knee to Malcovich’s face, but he catches it! He catches her fucking knee!

Shaking his head no at Alicia, Malcovich jerks her toward him before hoisting Lukas up onto his shoulders into a firemans carry position. In one fluid motion he tosses her up into the air so that she rotates and then he brings her down back first squarely onto his knees. The Penance Stare! Frantically, Malcovich swings his body toward her, rolling her over and hooking the leg for the pinfall.



What the hell! The referee is suddenly jerked out of the ring and his face bounces off the floor incapacitating the striped official as the fans begin to recognize the man who had hopped the barrier out of nowhere and yanked the referee out of the ring. It’s the North American Champion, Elijah Carlson, who slips into the ring just as Malcovich is getting to his feet. Carlson its the ropes at a full sprint, rebounding off of them and rocketing back toward Malcovich. Red Light Special wipes the 4CW newcomer out completely and with one easy motion Eli grabs onto Alicia Lukas arm and drapes it across the suddenly fallen body of Eddy Malcovich. It doesn’t take much longer for Eli to slip out of the ring and retrieve the dazed official who has no idea what has happened. Rolling him into the ring, Eli shouts at him to count the pinfall and groggily the man does so.



As the bell sounds and Alicia Lukas is announced as the victor the cameras swirl and focus on the retreating North American Champion who looks quite happy with himself. Sneering into the camera he can be heard saying “I choose you, Eddy. I’ll see you at Fright Night,” before he disappears back through the curtain and into the backstage area.

WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Pinfall (10:43)

The scene cuts to the back where we find Perry Wallace roaming the backstage halls of the Talking Stick Resort Arena. He notices the camera but pays it no mind as he continues on his path to wherever it is that he’s going. Other than Perry, the hall is empty, just walls on both sides lined up with doors featuring name tags for various wrestlers in the building tonight. After his long, breathtaking journey, Perry finally comes to a stop and, in front of him, a door with the name “Mariano Fernandez” on the nameplate comes into view. Perry firsts reaches down for the handle, only to stop himself just before placing his hand on it. Pulling his hand away, he then decides to give it a good old fashioned knock, because who knows what Manny may be doing in there.

Knock! Knock!

The sound of his knuckles hitting the wooden door echoes down the empty hall.

WALLACE: “Hey, you in there, mang? It’s Perry!”

Shortly following, the door to the dressing room swings open and on the other side, Manny stands with a curious look on his face. He attempts to greet Perry but before he can, Perry holds his hand up, extending his index finger and cutting Manny off before he can even make a sound.

WALLACE: “Jesus Christ! What took you so long?! Please tell me that you weren’t rubbing one out in there.”

DA #TROLL GUY makes a disgusted face.


He takes a deep breath, and raises a hand in apology.

FERNANDEZ: “Was fixing some shit with a game that won’t work, but that can wait. What you need, mang?”

WALLACE: “I won’t keep you long, I know you have a big match on the books for later tonight so I won’t distract you too much.”

Still standing in the hall, Perry looks to his left and then his right before peaking over Manny’s shoulder and looking inside the empty dressing room.

WALLACE: “You going to let me in or do I have to stand out here like the pizza delivery driver? And before you ask, no mother fucker, there aren’t any pineapples on this pizza!”

Mariano clears out of the way and lets Perry pass.

FERNANDEZ: “Sorry, mang – just distracted on that shit. I don’t mind anyway – Emperor knows Trixie and her whole family like that shit.”

Walking right past Manny and into the dressing room, Perry’s steps are rather slow, maybe even cautious as to what just may be on the other side of the door. He scans the room, as if expecting to walk into a room full of video game characters but to his surprise, Manny was alone.

WALLACE: “I’ll keep it short, Manny. I’m sure you heard what I had to say in the ring earlier tonight.”

FERNANDEZ: “All I know is I got a title to defend, chico. Laughlin win or not, I ain’t letting the Pride Title go unacknowledged.”

WALLACE: “Tonight is all about getting things in motion for Fright Night and with us just returning from summer vacation, I wanted to do something a little different than we’ve done in the past. Up until Adrenaline two weeks ago, we haven’t had anything to build off of and declare outright contenders after being on vacation over the summer. So what I wanted to do was get with both you and Eli in allowing you guys to pick your challengers for Fright Night just around the corner, and I say this before names start getting called for the Warzone.”

The 4CW Pride Champion nods.

FERNANDEZ: “Picking our challengers is it? Must say I’ve never done that before, mang – but I know JUST the person to do so.”

After this, he rolls his eyes.

FERNANDEZ: “Plus I’d better go that way or I ain’t gonna hear the end of it, mang.”

At that point, what sounds like the Star Wars crawl theme blares in the back of the room.

FERNANDEZ: “Oh, NOW that shit chooses to work! Sorry about that, mang, I’ll go shut that thing off.”

Holding his hand up, Perry stops Manny before he races across the room.

WALLACE: “It’s all good, mang. I told you, straight to the point, short and sweet. You enjoy the rest of your evening and I’ll be looking out for the announcement from your end later tonight. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear catering calling my name.”

The camera cuts to the backstage area and the focus is upon Rebecca Thoreau who is dressed in her ring gear fully prepared for her match against Bianca Reed coming up next. Tonight having decided to go with the color purple for her ring gear rather than the black she had worn for her 4CW debut two weeks ago. Another thing which stands out is that Rebecca has decided to put on a blue wig which is clearly an ode to her opponent as she uses both of her hands to run her fingers through the long blue hair of the wig fitting quite well upon the top of her head.

THOREAU: ”Does this count as me walking a mile in your shoes so that I can properly know the struggle of your underdog story?”

The question is being asked with a serious tone, but clearly Rebecca is not expecting an answer, making a dismissive wave with one hand before she rolls her eyes.

THOREAU: ”I’ve been trying so hard to connect with Bianca before we step foot inside of the ring tonight, but I don’t want to be dragged down into that sinking place with her, so instead I’d much rather use her as a stepping stone to further elevate myself and my career here in 4CW. I did appreciate her little attempts to try and drive a wedge between myself and Julie all because I pointed out the fact she sinks further and further down each time she’s out there inside of the ring on her own. Yes, clearly my opinion of you reflects how I feel about all tag teams, well done with that line of logic. Are we that bitter when faced with the reality of what happens without AJ Morales to hold your hand? Are those tag team championship belts heavy knowing perhaps they aren’t the magical solution to making you belong here in 4CW? Is it all just going to keep stinging as badly as those bite marks on the inside of your thigh which probably resulted in you getting some form of rabies?”

As she asks even more questions, Rebecca sticks her bottom lip out into a pout, clearly mocking anything Bianca might have been feeling prior to tonight.

THOREAU: ”It looks like getting beat by Eli wasn’t enough for you to get the obvious memo that you don’t belong, so now I need to further emphasis it here tonight. How is that going to feel? To have someone who’s walking into her second 4CW match and who will beat one half of the tag team champions further proving what a joke your Cinderella Story was. Further pushing down any relevance you’re hoping to stake claim to with those tag team championship belts. How is it going to feel being in my shadow?”

Rebecca reaches up with one hand to remove the blue wig with a dramatic shake of her head so that her long raven black hair falls across her shoulders. There is a smug smirk of confidence upon her lips as she tosses the wig down onto the floor, making sure to step on it, grinding the heel of her boot against the wig before stepping further down the hall as the scene fades out.


Both women were so remarkable and had the audience paying close attention as they collided with a medium build to the match in the beginning that slowly began to pick up over the next few moments as the women got really into it. Rebecca was feeling it a bit after that superkick to the face from the speedy Bianca who looked at Rebecca as if she should keep up and pay better attention. Rebecca made as if she were going to rush her and stopped in place suddenly as Bianca ended up going for a dropkick towards what she thought was the incoming Rebecca and ended up hitting air and falling down onto the mat. Rebecca laughs as she makes the L gesture on her forehead to taunt Bianca before gesturing for her to get to her feet. as it had hit the mat Rebecca decided to show Bianca how to land a dropkick and went for one, something that Bianca seemed to foresee because Bianca suddenly attacked seconds before Rebecca could with a windmill kick, getting quick onto her feet once the kick connected.

They sprinted for each other soon as Rebecca got onto her feet and no they didn’t tie up in the middle of the ring but Rebecca caught Bianca’s elbow in her face before Bianca fell to her knees to thrust her shoulder into Rebecca’s mid section. Rebecca doubled over and Bianca came up strong with a european uppercut, out here laying combos like she was in a Mortal Kombat game but the crowd was feeling it. They were feeling the fire Bianca was on and looked to see what she would do next with interest. The huge smile on Bianca’s face told that she was extremely pleased with how this match was going and when Rebecca rose to her feet, Bianca shoved her backwards with full force to make her fall down onto her butt. Rebecca acted as if she was going to need time to get up to throw Bianca off when she suddenly shot up onto her feet and charged Bianca, colliding into her with her shoulder to knock Bianca down. Once Bianca’s body hits the mat, Rebecca is on her with a quickness and laying punishment to Bianca’s face with her fists.

Bianca fights back but Rebecca is doing all she can to try to block the hits Bianca tries to swing at her. Bianca gets too vicious with the punches to the point they are stopping Rebecca’s from landing on her face so Rebecca has no choice but to stop the assault and rise to her feet. While Bianca is scrambling to hers, Rebecca grabs a good fistful of the back of Bianca’s hair to yank to her feet, driving her free elbow into Bianca’s back whenever Bianca tries to fight her way out of Rebecca’s tight grasp. A back suplex puts Bianca down and Rebecca back to having the upper in the match. Bianca feels it in her back from those sharp elbow drives but she tries to ignore the pain to hurry to her feet as Rebecca grabs her wrist and irish whips her into the ropes. She gets ready for Bianca as she comes running back after she bounces against the ropes but wasnt ready enough when Bianca has taken to the air and goes for a tornado ddt.

She’s feeling herself but she doesn’t dare allow that to cloud her mind too much to the point where she gets too cocky and loses focus as Bianca keeps her focus with making sure that her hand is raised at the end of the match while Rebecca is the one taking the L. She doesn’t rush Rebecca with trying to chill out on that especially with having a feeling that Rebecca might have something up her sleeve. She was right in thinking that as Rebecca sprints towards Bianca who is quick to duck the incoming clothesline but makes her move with Get Spiked that comes out of nowhere. She could had went for the pin but she thought it would had been too easy and wasn’t enough to get the three count pinfall just yet. She sticks to her guns with not rushing herself as she bends down to begin pulling Rebecca to her feet when Rebecca catches her slipping with a hard right to the face that has Bianca stumbling backwards. The two women throw hands with their fists coming for the other pretty fast until Rebecca ends that brawl with a surprise knee to Bianca’s gut. When she saw the opportunity, Rebecca took it as Petty Driver was she wrote to lay Bianca out before Rebecca went for the pin, securing the 3 count.

WINNER: Rebecca Thoreau via Pinfall (8:03)

The picture quickly cuts backstage where Gabriel Hartman is on standby, awaiting outside of the dressing room with “American Tommy” written on the nameplate. A few security guards stand in front of the door as trainers and medics enter and exit freely.

HARTMAN: ”We’re back here outside the locker room of American Tommy who we all saw take a nasty fall earlier in the evening.”

Hartman tries to look inside of the room each time the door opens but fails to see exactly what’s going on.

HARTMAN: ”Right now the status of American Tommy is unclear at the moment. However, I was just informed that the match between him and Chris Madison has been postponed due to this injury.”

Although the camera is filming in the back, the sounds of the crowd booing can be heard loud and clear.

HARTMAN: ”Don’t shoot the messenger ladies and gentlemen. Apparently American Tommy injured his foot, or ankle, maybe it was a knew? Whatever it was, he has officially been ruled out for the evening and will be evaluated throughout the following days.”

The camera tries to catch a glimpse of what is behind the door as someone passes through but just like Hartman, it fails to do so. With nothing else to report and hardly any more details, Hartman stands in an awkward silence before the picture finally fades out.

HARTMAN: ”Hello my name is–”

B. FISHER: ” CUT THE SHIT HARTMAN! The fuck do you want with me and my boy? “

Quickly the camera cuts to the backstage area, where Gabriel Hartman has been surrounded by Bob and his step son Jeb. Bob’s on one side, more focused with the camera, and Jeb is on the other, breathing down Hartman’s neck. Gabe looks scared for his life as beads of sweat drip down his skin, his eyes batting back and forth between Bob and Jeb. Bob looks at Gabe like he was stupid, a doumbfounded expersion as he waited for Hartman to say something. And just as Hartman is about to, he stutters, leading to Bob cutting him off.

B. FISHER: ” Lemme’ guess… You want to ask us a few questions about our match with ol’ Purty Lips Brennan Devlin? You wanna’ inquire about just how it feels for the two of us to be back in a 4CW arena… Or maybe you want to get a little bit controversial and ask Jeb if he really needs to act the way he does. Is that it? “

Bob’s grin grows wide as Jeb flicks a strand of Gabe’s hair before chuckling to himself. Gabe slowly brings the microphone up to his lips and gulps.

HARTMAN: ”P-pretty much, yeah.”

Smacking Hartman on the back , Bob lets out a robust laugh.

B. FISHER: ” Well hell son! That’s all you had to say. We would be more than inclined to answer any questions you might have ah-brewin’ inside that little head of yours. “

Hartman nervously chuckles to himself as he tries to push through and speak.

HARTMAN: ”So uh, yeah… Brennan Devlin. Any game plan tonight fellas?”

Another chuckled from Hartman as he forces a smile on his face, looking in between the two trying his best to not be a scared little bitch. Bob places his hand on Hartman’s shoulder and begins to speak, as Jeb glares down on Gabe.

B. FISHER: ”My boy Jebediah Fisher, The Feral Jebediah Fisher, The Modern Day Monster Jebediah Fisher… Well he is gonna’ make a fool out of ol’ Brennan Devlin! That’s what the game plan is Gabe! Because you see Brennana can talk like he may respect my son! But truth be told we both know that don’t, and that… That ain’t the thing to do! Because if it’s one thing Jeb don’t like… It’s being disrespected, and that piece of dog piss Devlin just reeks of it! He fuckin’ filthy with the disrespect! He thinks that everything my boy has ever done is a lie, an act. But tonight… He is about to find out something that is all to real… That Jeb probably shouldn’t even be in this company, he should never be allowed inside that ring! My boy is a weapon of mass destruction! He ain’t right! And that leaves Brennan in a bad, bad position. That leaves Devlin open to a can of whoop that would be normally served to only those that have done their country wrong. Jeb’s a one man guantanamo bay! And Brennan, he’s looking pretty damn foriegn in my eyes. “

Bob aggressively rubs Hartmans shoulder, chuckling to himself. In Hartman’s awkwardness he also starts laughing. That’s when Bob stops laughing and snaps.


HARTMAN: ”Nothing! You were laughing! I was laughing! It just… Oh fuck… Please don’t hurt me.”

Again Bob starts to chuckle as the color starts to come back to Hartman’s skin.

B. FISHER: ”I’m just fuckin’ with you boy! Don’t go pissin’ your pants just yet! “

Letting go of Hartman’s shoulder, Bob looks at Jeb for a split-second, nodding at him.

B. FISHER: ” Now me and Jeb here, we have to go out in that ring, and show Brennan exactly why he should respect Jeb Fisher.

Bob exits first, but Jeb doesn’t – still just eyeing Hartman up and down. For the first time Jeb speaks, looking Hartman directly in the eyes.

J. FISHER: ” If I don’t fuck Brennan tonight… I’m coming back here and finding you.”

With a perverted, yet disturbing grin on his face, Jeb backs out the scene. Leaving Hartman in presumably a puddle of his own piss.


In opposite corners, the two stare across the ring at each other, one in silence and the other yelling the first thing to come to mind mixed with just about every word your parents used to tell you not to say when you were little. We’ll let you guess which one was loudest. Shrugging his shoulders, Devlin even laughed himself at some of the things shouted in his direction. The two slowly approached the center of the ring until stopping toe to toe, looking each other dead in the eye. Leaning closer, Jeb continued to run his mouth at Devlin, even butting his forehead against his. The official normally would have stepped in before the start of the match but considering who these two were, he thought it would be best to just take a step back and call for the bell.

In sync with the bell, Devlin swung with a quick right, smacking Jeb in the jaw with a solid punch. Like a natural instinct, Jeb swung his body around, returning the favor and connecting with a stiff punch to Devlin’s jaw. The two then went back and forth, pounding away at each other’s face as if not even being hit at all. Jeb catches Devlin with punch that knocks him off balance. Lunging forward with both hands, Dakota drives his fists into Devlin’s chest, knocking him backwards across the ring. Devlin’s back hits the ropes, springing him off and back towards Jeb. Swinging with a right hook, Jeb misses Devlin’s head as he ducks underneath it and continues in stride towards the ropes ahead. Bouncing off the ropes, Devlin then springs back towards Jeb in full stride just as he begins to turn around. Jumping forward in the air, Devlin draws his right hand back and as he begins to swing forward, Jeb turns around and eats a vicious flying forearm to the face!

Jeb stumbles back a few steps before dropping to one knee with his head in a daze. Backing up to the ropes, Devlin lightly bounces off of them before running full speed towards Jeb again. Closing in, Devlin connects with a running knee lift that knocks Jeb flat on his back! Devlin immediately begins to stomp down on Jeb’s right leg, slowly working his way up until it was Jeb’s abdomen. Catching Devlin’s foot between both hands, Jeb twists Devlin’s ankle. Devlin quickly pulls his foot away from Jeb’s grasp before jumping back and creating some distance between the two. It was more than enough for Jeb to shoot back to his feet before Devlin would lay another hand on him.

Jumping into the air, Devlin kicks both legs out at Jeb for a dropkick… only to barely miss as Jeb leans back just enough to avoid contact. Devlin crashes to the mat with a thud and before he can even think about pushing himself back to his feet, Jeb leaps into the air and down onto him. Mounting himself on top of Devlin, Jeb begins swinging down with punches, forearms, and elbows, showing off his MMA skills that he recently debuted to the world just a month and a half ago. Unlike MMA though, he could do more inside of this ring that he wouldn’t get away with. After connecting with nearly a dozen blows to Devlin’s head, Jeb then begins attacking him with headbutts. Just when Devlin would get his arms up in defense, Jeb would switch things up and deliver a punch to his ribcage. Ignoring the headshots, Jeb continues to pound away at Devlin’s ribs, knocking more and more of his breath away with each brutal blow.

Pulling Devlin off the mat and up to his feet, Jeb backed him across the ring before slamming him back first into the corner. Still clinching Devlin, Jeb keeps him close, popping his leg upward and driving knees into Devlin’s ribs. Ducking down, jeb then lifted Devlin up and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. With his hand by Devlin’s head, Jeb began to swing with it, pounding away at Devlin’s head even more! Turning in place, Jeb then tosses Devlin forward and down face first onto the top turnbuckle. Devlin’s head bounced off the turnbuckle, knocking him backwards and keeping him on his feet as he looked upward to the ceiling. Stepping in from behind, Jeb wraps both hands around Devlin’s waist before exploding with power and driving his feet down to the canvas. Lifting Devlin slowly off his feet, Jeb lifts him as high as he can before falling backwards and dropping him to the mat with an Everest German suplex!

Jeb rolls back over on top of Devlin and mounts himself in position once more to unload with bombs down onto Devlin’s head. Jeb doesn’t stay grounded for too long, quickly popping back to his feet after three consecutive strikes to Devlin’s head. Pulling Devlin up from the mat, Jeb locks onto his with both hands, slowly walking him backwards across the ring until pressing him against the ropes. The two struggle with one another for a moment before Devlin pulls Jeb in while side stepping him, throwing Jeb through the ropes and spilling out onto the apron. Jeb quickly begins to pull himself up with the ropes but before he can fully stand, Devlin is leaning over the top rope, raining down with forearms to Jeb’s back. Stopping Jeb’s climb, Devlin then reaches through the ropes and grabs Jeb by the head, holding it in place as he then kicks his knee through them, driving it into the side of Jeb’s head.

Pulling Jeb all the way up, Devlin then hooks an arm around Jeb’s head before grabbing him by the waist band and lifting him upside down, dropping him back inside of the ring with a suplex! Jeb doesn’t stay down for long, but he definitely doesn’t get up before Devlin who is immediately over him slamming more forearms over his back. Pulling Jeb to a upright position, Devlin then positions himself beside Jeb. With an STO, Devlin slams Jeb down onto his knee as he drops down to the other with an STO backbreaker! Still holding on to Jeb and not allowing him to fall to the canvas, Devlin then stands back to his feet, while he also pulls Jeb back up to his as well. Holding him into the same position as before, Devlin then falls backwards in the blink of an eye, pulling Jeb down with him and planting his face to the canvas with a reverse STO!

Back to his feet, Devlin paces the ring as Jeb crawls across the ring in the opposite direction on all fours. Jogging in behind Jeb, Devlin then jumps into the air and pulls his knee to his chest, raising his foot into the air as high as he could. Just as he gets over Jeb’s head, Devlin then kicks down with his Face Time, only to stomp his foot down to the mat as Jeb rolls out of the way in just the niche of time. Bursting back to his feet, Jeb then connects with two back to back swift kicks to Devlin’s shin. Changing things up, Jeb then swings high, cracking Devlin against the jaw with a powerful right hand. Lifting Devlin off his feet and holding him sideways, Jeb then drops down to one knee, slamming Devlin sideways down onto his elevated knee with a rib breaker! Over and over Jeb slams Devlin down onto his knee with rib breakers before eventually testing his strength and tossing him overhead with a fall away slam. Devlin rolls a couple of times before pushing himself up from the mat. Right there when he stands is Jeb, pulling him into a knee to the ribs.

Wrapping both arms around Devlin, Jeb then lifts him off his feet, throwing him over his head and to the center of the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Devlin rolls backwards a few times before stopping in front of the corner. Refusing to stay down, Devlin pulls himself up using the ropes and just when he gets to his feet, Jeb bursts from stand still and charges straight for him. Jumping into the air, Jeb aims for Devlin’s head with a flying knee, The Sickness as he likes to call it. Catching it in the corner of his eye, Devlin immediately drops to the mat, leaving nothing in front of Jeb to break his fall as his knee crashes against the turnbuckle. Jeb touches down to the mat on one foot, barely even putting any pressure on his other leg. Swinging his body around from the mat, Devlin kicks Jeb’s other leg out from under him, completely taking him out and dropping him to the mat.

The two race to their feet, Devlin clearly leading by a mile as Jeb struggles to move around with his knee still bothering him. On his feet, Devlin stands back, rolling his shoulders and shaking his hands as he’s just so eager to attack Jeb. Catching everyone off guard, Jeb then explodes to his feet, lunging towards Devlin with both hands. Devlin side steps him and with no time to react, he has to jump back to avoid an incoming punch as Jeb swings his arm and entire body around. Jeb doesn’t let up. He continues his wild assault, swinging with everything he has at Devlin. Putting his entire body weight behind it, Jeb swung straight forward for Devlin’s head. Ducking underneath and stepping behind Jeb, Devlin avoided the contact as Jeb fell into the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, Jeb spun around to face Devlin but fell right into the last place he wanted to find himself, his head locked in a three-quarter facelock. Taking a step forward, Devlin then drops down to the mat, pulling Jeb down with him face first with his Face Off (diamond cutter)! Rolling Jeb over to his back, Devlin hooks a leg as he rolls across Jeb, laying over him with his back as the official drops in with the three count!

WINNER: Brennan Devlin via Pinfall (15:40)

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez, already in his wrestling gear, and his black leather jacket slung upon his back, sits upon a pile of equipment crates in a hallway.

FERNANDEZ: “Under any other circumstances, I would have a spider-sense tingling, mang. I would be alert for any dangers, thinking that at any given point an axe may fall upon my neck. I WOULD have felt that, had our esteemed 4CW Champion had what it took to say what he wanted to say before show time. Then MAYBE I would have taken the time to scrutinize his every statement in the way it deserved.”

Mariano rolls his eyes, and shakes his head, letting out a heavy sigh.

FERNANDEZ: “But tonight I don’t have that tingling, mang. Tonight I don’t feel any danger, because what I got from the KING, from the so-called best in the world, is a bunch of self-justifying excuses. As if I didn’t know he would go to 2017. As if I didn’t know he would go about the time I beat Bronx to become the 4CW Champion. As if I didn’t KNOW he ran the gauntlet to come out still the champion against the SAME people I beat before him, bar Brennan Devlin because he never stuck around 4CW for long. I expected all of that, and I’m pretty sure I made certain I made that clear when I first spoke.”

DA #TROLL GUY clasps both hands together, and wrings them as if lamenting.

FERNANDEZ: “What I DIDN’T expect, however, was the 4CW Champion talking about what he’s done OUTSIDE his own god damned company, you know? The one he’s meant to represent in THIS show, in THIS Champions Showcase match? No, he has to bring up that place over in Japan – the same place Eddy Poe claims to have come from, you know, my LAST opponent? Am I meant to be scared of a deathmatch fed overseas when I’m wrestling the TOP Champion of the toughest, most cut-throat company in the god damned world? For the Emperor’s sake, Laughlin, I know there’s pictures of you eating slippers, but you can’t be this god damned dumb.”

Another slow shake of the head, and Manny closes his eyes.

FERNANDEZ: “But fine. Whatever. I’ll do you the courtesy of addressing this point for what it is. Congratulations, you won a title in Japan over a member of the Zombie Clan. If you want to go that way, I’ll have you know that by the time of Retrograde I was holding SIX belts simultaneously.”

He raises his eyebrows, and throws his hands, in a nonchalant shrug.

FERNANDEZ: “And? So fucking what, mang? Is your claim to be the best in the industry not ENOUGH for 4CW that you have to prop yourself up elsewhere? Has the VERY 4CW Champion become so god damned insecure that he can’t hold up his own name inside these Corners Four, and these Corners Four alone? I mean, I WENT and bothered to learn that you held every other secondary title in this place BUT the ones I have held, mang. Or haven’t you heard?”

Mariano breaks his Trollface and starts Laughlin, and the echo of his sound rumbles along the hallway.

FERNANDEZ: “Haven’t you heard that Tommy and I ran the Tag Team Into the Future gauntlet before you finally got the 4CW Title? Haven’t you heard that we beat the people you were meant to face before Viduus kidnapped Kaelan? Haven’t you heard that Tommy and I have been the ONLY team inside this company that held simultaneous single and tag gold? Haven’t you heard that I won the god damned TRIPLE CROWN this year alone?”

The 4CW Pride Champion’s laughter abates, and he raises a hand, as if asking for patience.

FERNANDEZ: “Hell, tell you what. Let’s go back to 2017, you’re kinda hung up on that too. I know it’s rather hard to ask when the entire god damned world keeps bringing it up – that should tell you about the significance of that event and WHY people paid attention, and WHY I am what I am, and I’m SURE it eats through your god damned entrails, but do me a favor. Forget about me beating Bronx for a second. Haven’t you heard? I am to this day the sole winner of the ONLY 30-person-match in the history of 4CW, the match that gave me the shot to do that.”

His face turns serious now, and he leans into the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “I mean, any person who doesn’t have their head up their own ass OR a group of people propping him up to pretend he’s more than he’s ever fucking been – and that’s not just YOU, by the way, speaking of “gone fishing” – SHOULD know better than to paint me as a “peaked star fading down the mountain” when they know I’ve stayed relevant and have done nothing but rise throughout the last two years, but of course, not everyone is as smart as I am. Perhaps if you HAD looked into this shit in detail you would have known I have more merits to call myself the best in the company and in the god damned world than you have, so don’t worry, mang – after all, ain’t no shame losing to someone who can prove he’s better than you inside of the Corners Four.”

The Trollface smirk appears again on the corner of his mouth.

FERNANDEZ: “Any person who listens to this SHOULD get an idea of complexity, mang. Any person who’s been paying attention SHOULD know by now that I’ve never been stupid, I’ve never even PRETENDED to be, but since the regular, cookie-cutter pseudo-badasses full of piss and shit lack the most basic skill to form a thought pattern, they had to make up something to cover for their own lack of comprehension in their brains. And so, I’m said to be a retard, when reality shows I’m on a different mental plane than all of you combined. I suppose that’s why you had to go with the “you’re white and your last name is Fernandez” line too, because Emperor forbid white people being South American.”

DA #TROLL GUY waves that off, and looks into the camera again.

FERNANDEZ: “But let’s not go down that way, mang. Let’s instead talk about how I “don’t live for this business”. I suppose that’s why I haven’t promoted this match the way I should have, the way every other wrestler in this company should have – the way the VERY 4CW Champion has promo- oh wait.”

Mariano takes his hand to his chin, and makes another wave.

FERNANDEZ: “You know what? I can’t do this. I can’t keep talking because it’s obvious you came into this unprepared. It’s just mind-boggling to see the “hard work beats great talent when great talent doesn’t work hard” line thrown at me AFTER I explained why I have both in spades. It’s heart-breaking to see the “I’ll be your 15 minutes’ charity” shit when I’ve proven I don’t need it, never did in the first god damned place. So I just have one thing to say to you, Laughlin.”

DA #TROLL GUY points a finger at the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “Remember what happens AFTER I beat you tonight. You and the whole locker room, remember it well. Because it will be louder than any words I can speak. And much more than you deserve.”

And with that, he walks away, the final shot of the camera of his back, before the feed cuts back to the ring.


Once both are in the ring, Cartier’s voice fills the air as she begins running her mouth to Moxie. The bell sounds, and she’s still heard loud and clear over it. The words “Google this” rings out as Cartier then explodes from her position and rushes towards Moxie. Closing in on Moxie in the corner, Cartier jumps into the air, spinning around as she flies backwards towards Moxie with her jumping butt bump Eat This Ass! Moxie spins against the ropes, dodging her signature move as Cartier’s big ole behind smacks up against the turnbuckle. Before she can get her feet settled, Moxie quickly makes her move, swinging in as hard as she can and connecting with a brutal forearm smash to Cartier’s face!

Grabbing Cartier by the arm, Moxie then pulls her out of the corner and whips her to the opposite corner across the ring. Trailing behind her, Moxie follows Cartier as she runs across the ring. Crashing back first into the corner, Cartier leaves her body exposed as Moxie rushes in and jumps into the air, kicking both legs out and planting both feet into Cartier’s chest with a dropkick. Popping up from the mat immediately, Moxie then unloads across Cartier’s chest with rapid fire knife-edge chops. Grabbing Cartier by the head, she then pulls her away from the corner and turns her body around to face the corner, Moxie standing between her and it.

Kicking Cartier in the stomach, Moxie forces her to double over. Jumping as high as she can, Moxie lands on Cartier’s back with a leg on each side of her body. Just when Moxie goes to roll forward to execute a Yoshi tonic, Cartier then begins to back step across the ring with Cartier on her back. With Moxie hanging upside down on Cartier’s back, Cartier drives Moxie’s back against the corner, sandwiching Moxie against it. Cartier then steps away from the corner, leaving Moxie with nothing to prevent her from falling and crashing onto the top of her head!

With Moxie down in front of the corner, Cartier quickly spins around and begins stomping down onto her before she can even begin to push herself up. Pulling Moxie to her feet, Cartier slams her back first into the corner with all of her strength. Grabbing the top rope at her right, she then uses it for leverage as she then repeatedly kicks Moxie in the stomach, eventually breaking her down to a seated position with her back against the corner. Backing to the center of the ring, Cartier raises both arms out to her sides, holding up her middle fingers as she spins in a complete circle. She then takes off from stand still, rushing towards Moxie as quickly as she can. Jumping into the air, Cartier spins around, aiming her butt for Moxie’s face for another attempt at her Eat This Ass.

Some how, some way, Moxie manages to pulls herself out of the way using the ropes, leaving nothing but turnbuckle to eat it. Bouncing off the corner, Cartier turns to stomp down on Moxie but she’s too late, Moxie rolls underneath the bottom rope and exits the ring down to the outside floor. Turning her back to Moxie, Cartier then takes off for the ropes on the other side of the ring. Upon her return, she slides feet first to the mat, going underneath the bottom rope and connecting with a sliding dropkick to Moxie’s face just as she looks up. Stumbling backwards, Moxie trips over her own feet before falling and crashing into the steel barricade at ringside.

As the official counts to ten, Cartier exits the ring as well, forcing him to restart his count. Pulling Moxie up from the ground, Cartier locks onto her wrist and then goes to whip her into the side of the ring. Reversing the maneuver, Moxie plants a foot, pulling Cartier in and sending her into the side of the ring, her back slamming against the corner of the apron. Cartier holds herself up with both arms stretched out to her sides along the top of the apron. Running in, Moxie kicks her foot up, planting it into Cartier’s face with a running big boot! Turning Cartier around, she then rolls her back into the ring before climbing onto the apron herself.

Walking to the corner, Moxie climbs to the top as Cartier slowly begins to climb back to her feet. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, Moxie patiently looks on as Cartier is oblivious to it. Just when Cartier stands to her feet and turns to face the corner in which Moxie is standing on, Moxie leaps away from the corner and into the air as high as she can. Flipping backwards through the air while going forward, Moxie makes one complete revolution before locking her arm around Cartier’s head and pulling her head first to the mat with a shooting star DDT! Rolling Cartier to her back, Moxie immediately makes the cover but only comes away with a two count before Cartier forces a shoulder up from the mat.

Pushing herself up to both knees, Moxie lifts Cartier’s head up from the mat with one hand while pounding down onto her face with punches from the other. After connecting with half a dozen punches, Moxie then grabs onto her head with both hands, raising it even higher from the mat and holding it in place. Over and over she then begins to slam her head down, hitting Cartier with multiple headbutts with no restraint for her own well being. Dropping Cartier’s head to the mat, Moxie then stands to her feet and looks over to the corner at her left. She wastes no time and rushes over, shooting straight to the top as Cartier rolls back and forth on the mat in a world of pain.

Slowly, Cartier begins to push herself up as moxie readies herself for her next attack. Finally to her feet with her back turned to the corner, Cartier wobbles back and forth before slowly beginning to turn around. At the exact moment Cartier faces the corner, Moxie jumps away from the corner, flipping forward through the air in Cartier’s direction with her Slaughtarama, a diving somersault seated senton. NO!!! Catching Moxie as her legs go over her shoulders, Cartier wraps her arms over and takes a few steps forward, counting the maneuver with a powerbomb into the corner!

Moxie slowly pulls herself up from the corner in a daze and just when she stands and looks up, Cartier is right there, rushing in and finally connecting with her Eat This ass (jumping butt bump)! Moxie falls into the corner, crashing into it with a thud as her arms fly over the top ropes to hold herself up. Pulling Moxie away from the corner a bit, Cartier then climbs up to the second rope of the corner. Pulling Moxies’ head between her legs, Cartier then wraps up Moxie around the wait and lifts her off her feet, upside down in the air. Jumping down from the second ropes, Cartier drops Cartier head first to the mat with her Ca$h You Out Cold (piledriver from second rope)! Rolling Moxie to her back, Cartier hooks the leg for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the one, the two, and the three!

WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (13:29)

In the ring, an exhausted but motivated Cartier takes a moment to soak in the crowd giving her praise and adoration for a hard fought win. A smile comes over her face after a moment and rather than heading for the back as usual she asks for a microphone from the ringside crew.

After grabbing the mic, she moves back to the center of the ring and continues to catch her breath while cackling a little out of joy from the victory.

CARTIER: “Yo Phoenix wass poppin’?”

The crowd lights up again, giving Cartier the cheap heat she was looking for.

CARTIER: “Y’all out there lovin’ every minute of this 4CW action? I know I am… an’ everybody in the back just seen the same thing y’all seen. Me layin’ a beatdown on the competition, just like last time.”

Another decent pop in recognition of a job well done as Cartier pauses to allow it.

CARTIER: “Now a few weeks back all I heard was how I ain’t earned shit, I don’t deserve shit, I ain’t nowhere near in line for no title shots… but how y’all feel about that now that I dropped two bitches back to back? Y’all fans here in Phoenix think ya girl deserves a shot at Manny Fernandez an’ that Pride Title now?”

The audience goes off. Either they agree with her or they just like the sound of themselves on TV. You never know with wrestling fans.

CARTIER: “Way I see it… a lot of people got a chance wit’ a lot less to earn it. Yeah, I had a shaky start, I ain’t gonna lie. But I been doin’ pretty good lately, huh? Ain’t nobody in the back can tell me I ain’t been puttin’ in the hard work an’ makin’ the right moves an’ improvements in my 4CW career… I earned the recognition an’ I earned a shot! So DAMN! I want my shot, y’all!

She grins and dances a little as the crowd cheers, and then…


“Trying to Find a Balance” by Atmosphere hits, and out comes DA #TROLL GUY, Pride Title belt on his shoulder, and a microphone in hand. The crowd receives the Pride Champion with a huge pop, and when the noise dies down, he addresses the expecting Cartier.

FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. How you doing, mang?”

Another pop from the audience, but DA #TROLL GUY doesn’t let it go for long.

FERNANDEZ: “See Cartier, I know you set a goal for yourself, mang. You called me out for the Pride Title I hold before last show, and said if you beat Bexs Dawson you wanted a shot. True to your word you went and beat Bexs, and you’ll be expecting an answer now.”

The crowd begins a murmur of expectation, and the Pride Champion holds his belt to the air.

FERNANDEZ: “It’s funny, first Tommy wanted me because there was no one left to go for the Octane Title. But now that he’s finally out of the company like he wanted to be for so long, now I got you. And I know what drove you to do this, mang. You got tired of being overlooked. You decided this was your shot to the big time. The money moves, you called this. Well, chica, I celebrate your decision, and it’s a good thing you managed to come through something you said you would do in the end, because here is my answer.”

Pausing for the crowd to expect in excitement, DA #TROLL GUY takes the mic to his lips again.

FERNANDEZ: “Your challenge… is accepted.”

The crowd celebrates with a huge round of cheering, and DA #TROLL GUY puts the mic down.

The Adrenaline production cuts backstage and we are instantly met with Chris Madison, Frankie Morrison, and Gabriel Hartman standing together. Despite his scheduled match with American Tommy being just moments away, Chris Madison is amongst the group wearing his street clothes, a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He stands with his hands on his hips and a disappointed look on his face as his head shakes from side to side. Gabriel Hartman quickly attacks his body language head on.

HARTMAN: “Clearly tonight isn’t going as planned for you Chris. I think it’s safe to say that with tonight’s earlier events, this match between you and American Tommy won’t be happening.”

MADISON: “No it won’t be. And there’s no one more annoyed by the way this played out than me.”

Chris tilts his head back, looking up at the ceiling and lets out an exasperated sigh.

HARTMAN: “You’re definitely not alone. I think the 4CW fans were looking forward to seeing the two of you lock up one on one for the first time in your careers.”

MADISON: “It’s been a roller coaster since last Adrenaline. After beatin’ Logan Traeger, my long time friend, Jason Cashe, comes to the ring and announces to the world that he wants to face me in this cross promotional best of seven series. Fine… I’m not goin’ to deny him a match just because we’re friends. As long as it’s what he really wants. So acceptin’ Cashe’s challenge was a no brainer to me. I went back to that locker room, got my shit together, and flew home so that I can start preparin’ myself for a 4CW Hall of Famer because I figured there’s no way this opportunity gets passed on. First match has to be the next Adrenaline right?”

Madison pauses a moment, staring at Gabriel Hartman who nods his head.

MADISON: “Wrong!”

Frankie Morrison grins in disbelief, standing slightly behind his client.

MADISON: “I get the surprisin’ news that this match isn’t happenin’ and that I’m goin’ to be facin’ American Tommy. I could have been aggravated with 4CW for droppin’ the ball on this, but honestly, Tommy is a guy that I think very highly of. The kid has a bright future in this business, and goin’ up against him one on one would have been an honor and a privilege. But now here we are. No offense, standin’ here with you Gabe. No match against Cashe and no match against Tommy.”

HARTMAN: “Which makes the frustration completely understandable and a feeling that’s surely shared.”

MADISON: “Tommy, the second those doctors give you the green light and you’re good to go, just say the word. You and I, one on one is a match that 4CW fans deserve. But I don’t want to give them anythin’ less than a hundred percent. So once you’re up to it, let me know….”

With that Frankie Morrison takes a step forward, standing shoulder to shoulder with his client.

MORRISON: “As for this whole mix up with the best of seven series against Jason Cashe, I have been tirelessly working, in touch with execs from both 4CW and SCUM trying to hammer out the details. This series is going to start at the next 4CW Adrenaline! Two 4CW Hall of Famers going head to head in singles competition. The winner of that match will get to pick the match stipulation for match two.”

MADISON: “As much as Cashe might try to make it seem like he’s in enemy territory goin’ into this match, 4CW will always be his home. This company has always been very good to him. He’s carved out a nice little career here. Just because he’s testin’ the waters elsewhere doesn’t change that fact. That’s his advantage. I need to come out strong and get off on the right foot, because if match two is under a SCUM roof, I can’t be goin’ in there fightin’ his choice of match. So next Adrenaline, start of this series, you better believe that I’m goin’ to be marchin’ down to that ring and givin’ him the fight of his life; make him think twice about what he got himself involved in!”

Just as Gabriel lifted the microphone up towards his mouth, the visibly irritated Chris Madison and his manager Frankie Morrison walked off, leaving Hartman with his mouth agape before the feed cut away.


The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.



POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida, he is the 4CW PRIDE CHAMPION… THE GADFLY… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”


The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, the Pride championship belt wrapped around his waist, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.

“In the days of kings and queens I was a jester
Treat me like a god or they treat me like a leper
They see me move back and forth between both
I’m trying to find a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!

“I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)”

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.


VASSA: “We’re still doing this in 2019, huh? Fan-fucking-tastic. Awesome.”

JOHNSON: “Mariano Fernandez, your Pride Champion and Vinny’s favorite wrestler in the 4CW locker room.”

VASSA: “You take that back, you take that back right damn now.”

The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drowns him in mystery.

“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is THE 4CW CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

VASSA: “I want this man to start a murder spree tonight. We all know he’s capable of it, we all know that it’s probably the only way he’s dropping that title, so let’s do it. Let’s kill Manny.”

JOHNSON: “So, are you saying you want 4CW Champion Bryan Laughlin to lose here tonight.”

VASSA: “No, wait.. No. You know what I mean!”

JOHNSON: “No time for you to explain, here’s the bell and we are underway in this champions showcase match. The 4CW Champion going up against the Pride Champion. Here we go!”


The bell rings and neither man charges from their corner, rather the two champions slowly begin to circle around each other getting in some last moment stretches. The crowd here in Phoenix is getting pumped as the two top champions slowly begin to make their way closer and closer until they finally lock up right there in the middle of the ring. Manny quickly gets the upper hand dropping Laughlin to a knee showing off his strength. Laughlin, however, powers himself back up to both feet and is able to shove Manny up against the ring ropes backing the Pride champion between the top and middle ropes. The referee is forced to break up the collar and elbow tie-up between the two. Laughlin backs off with a smirk on his face as Manny, pulls down on the top ropes to stretch himself out some more. For a second time, the two champions lock up in collar and elbow tie-up in the center of the ring. Manny drops to a knee before he is able to return the favor to the 4CW Champion and shoves Laughlin between the top and middle ropes. Once again the referee is forced to break it up and Manny backs towards the center of the ring and throws his arms to the side and yells out “Problem?” towards Laughlin.

That, of course, pisses the 4CW Champion off and immediately Laughlin charges across towards Manny. Manny is able to side step the wild lariat attempt and counters and with a drop toe hold dropping the 4CW champ face first into the canvas. Manny follows that up with a dropkick to the side of Bryan’s head knocking him off of all fours and onto his side. Laughlin is able to get up to his feet, and backs up towards the ring corner as Manny charges across and connects with a rolling Koppu kick!! The shot rocks the champion into the corner and he bounces off right into a running clothesline by Manny.

JOHNSON: “Manny Fernandez taking it here to the 4CW champion. Of course, the champion stated that Manny had only fifteen minutes left and Manny’s doing his best to use those minutes.”

VASSA: “Yeah, but the champ wasn’t being serious, he’s just toying with Manny right now. Letting the Pride champion feel good about himself for a little bit.”

JOHNSON: “Well, let’s hope for the 4CW he doesn’t let that continue much longer, Vinny.”

Manny doesn’t follow that up with a cover, rather he waits for Laughlin to get back up and charges in and connects with a running headscissors sending the 4CW champion onto his back once again. Manny gets right back up to his feet, and charges into the ring ropes and runs towards where Laughlin is laying on his back leaping high into the air going for a running senton splash…


…but only hitting canvas!! Manny holds his back in some pain as Bryan Laughlin moves of the way at the last moment. Laughlin gets up quickly and hits a running European uppercut to the chin of Manny. He follows that up by throwing Manny into the ring ropes across the ring, and on the return connects with a vicious looking bicycle knee!! Manny damn near flips upside down from the impact of that and Laughlin quickly goes for a cover…


JOHNSON: “Manny gets the shoulder up at two and a half!”

VASSA: “That was a slow count, the champ had him. The champ had him. Where’s the replay?”

JOHNSON: “We don’t have replay, Vinny.”

Laughlin pulls Manny up to his feet and underhooks both of his arms trapping him in the middle of the ring. The 4CW champion then begins to unload with a series of headbutts right to the face of the Pride champion. Each headbutt makes Manny’s head rock backwards, as well as makes Laughlin get more and more excited with each shot. After five vicious headbutts, the 4CW champion lets go and shakes off the damage as Manny stumbles around in holding his head in some serious pain. Laughlin charges in at Manny and leaps up into the air catching the Pride champion around twisting him around.


…and slamming Manny into the mat with a tornado DDT!! Laughlin scrambles over once again and hooks the leg going for a second pin attempt already in the champions showcase.


VASSA: “Oh come on! That was three, that had to be three. Did you see the way Manny’s head hit that mat?”

JOHNSON: “All impact there, but somehow the Pride champion is able to throw that shoulder up at two and a half.”

VASSA: “I think Laughlin’s got him right where he wants him now. It’s only a matter of time.”

Laughlin rolls to a seated position and adjusts his gloves on each of his hands as he gets back up to his feet. He gives Manny a chance to recover as he begins to stalk around looking for the kill here in this match. Just as Manny spins around, Laughlin goes for the Best Superkick Ever but Manny is able to duck under that attempt and counters with a Pelé Kick catching Laughlin right between the eyes! Laughlin is stunned momentarily which allows for Manny to get back up to his feet and follows that first kick up with a second kick. This time it’s a spinning heel kick right to the jaw of the 4CW champion which sends Laughlin through the middle and bottom ropes…


…taking a nasty looking fall onto the floor below. The Phoenix crowd gets to their feet as the 4CW champion looks like he might have knocked his head rather viciously on the floor.

VASSA: “You can’t do that, that’s got to be illegal in some way or fashion.”

JOHNSON: “The Pride champion turning the tables on the man that said he only had about fifteen minutes of fame left in his 4CW career and that man is doing his best to make those fifteen minutes of him kicking the 4CW champ’s…”

VASSA: “Don’t you finish that statement, I’ll tell Laughlin himself after the show.”

Manny isn’t about to let up on the attack, he flips himself over the ropes and waits on the apron for the 4CW champ to get back up to his feet before he leaps up onto the middle ropes and flips up and over connecting with an asai moonsault! Manny takes out the champ once again on the outside of the ring. Manny screams “FUS RO DAH!” at the opponent and for the Phoenix crowd. The Pride champion pulls Laughlin back up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring. Manny leaps up onto the ring apron, and waits for the 4CW champion to recover before leaping up onto the top ropes and flinging himself off landing on the champion with a flying cross body block! Manny hooks the leg as the referee slides in for the count…


JOHNSON: “Manny Fernandez getting the near fall here after that incredible flying cross body block. He’s really got the champ on the ropes now.”

VASSA: “Something’s gotta be wrong with the champion, he just doesn’t seem to be on top of his game here tonight.”

Manny stands over the downed Laughlin and gives him a couple of kicks just to put him into position in the center of the ring. Manny looks down and smirks as he charges across the ring ropes leaping over the 4CW in the process before sliding into position for an elbow drop, Manny begins to yell out loudly “Skyrim for th–” but Laughlin uses that delay to counter with a kick to the midsection of the Pride champion. Laughlin then leaps up to both feet and in a sudden and swift motion leaps up and hooks Manny around the head…


…driving the Pride champion face first into the mat with another DDT! Laughlin is unable to follow that up with a pin, and instead begins to crawl his way towards the corner ropes. Slowly, the 4CW champion begins to ascend to the top ropes facing the Pride champion the whole time. Laughlin then sizes up his recovering opponent by making a square with his fingers perched atop the ring, you’ve probably seen the gif on Twitter before. Manny gets up and gets absolutely leveled by a missile dropkick from the champion!! He doesn’t stop with that, just as soon as he can Laughlin pulls Manny up into a full nelson hold from behind…


…and just tosses the Pride champion into the corner turnbuckle with a full nelson suplex!!! Manny is bent into many different directions by the various ring ropes as a result, looking like a crash test dummy before he finally falls to the canvas.

VASSA: “Manny gets Dump’d!! Best thing to happen all week long to Manny.”

JOHNSON:”How would you know that, Vinny?”

VASSA: “Have you seen the man’s Twitter feed? Christ.”

Laughlin goes to pull Manny out of the corner, but Manny holds onto the ring ropes which forces the 4CW champion to rear back and pull Manny with all of his strength flinging the Pride champion up into the air and slamming him back down onto the mat again. That brings a smile to Laughlin’s face. Slowly, the 4CW champion steps over the back of the Pride champion and adjusts his gloves as he hooks on a camel clutch right there in the ring. The Phoenix crowd begins to get to their feet as Manny Fernandez does his best to fight off the submission hold, Laughlin then hooks the second part of this hold as he wraps his massive arms around the head of the Pride champion with a dragon sleeper.

VASSA: “There it is, there it is! The old Stretchem here! Manny’s going to tap out, this one’s all over!”

JOHNSON: “Manny’s not giving up just yet!”

Manny doesn’t tap, even as the referee reaches in to check on him Manny just shakes it off. This causes the 4CW champion to wrench even harder back on the neck of his opponent, squeezing that sleeper hold in tighter. Manny’s face begins to turn shades of red and slowly he begins to fade from the hold, somehow though, Manny begins to crawl with Laughlin’s weight on top of him towards the ring ropes. The crowd senses that this one is over as Manny’s hand reaches out looking as if he’s going to tap…

VASSA: “Here it comes… here it comes!”

JOHNSON: “Manny’s right hand reaching out towards the ropes, maybe, or he’s going to give into the tremendous amount of pain that the 4CW champion is putting him through right now.”

…but instead, Manny’s fingers are able to reach the bottom ropes and the 4CW champion is forced to break the submission hold. Manny continues to grip the ropes tight as he just lays there nearly passed out from the hold. Laughlin deadlifts the Pride champion back up to his feet, and in a swift and sudden motion…


…slams Manny right onto his back again with a falling belly to back suplex slam! Manny hits the ring again hard and folds in half from the sheer impact of the move. The 4CW champion gets right back up to his feet and once again adjusts his leather gloves as he stalks his prey in the middle of the ring. Manny is slow to recover and Laughlin pounces lifting the Pride champion up onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry. The crowd here in Phoenix seems to know exactly where the 4CW champion is about to take this one and get to their feet once again.

VASSA: “Here it comes… Good Morning Amer–”

Just then Manny slips out of the fireman’s carry down the back of the 4CW champion, Laughlin stunned spins around only to catch a Pelé Kick right square in the jaw from the Pride champion. Laughlin stumbles backwards into the ring ropes and on the rebound walks right into Manny who connects with a step-up enzuigiri!! Laughlin crumbles to the mat and Manny dives in looking for the cover…


JOHNSON: “Manny Fernandez nearly ending this match with the Gadfly, he’s got the champion on the ropes now.”

VASSA: “That was too close, way too close. I’m not enjoying this match right now.”

The Pride champion gets back up to his feet quickly and heads to the outside of the ring where he stands ready on the outside of the ring as the 4CW champion begins to get back up to his feet once again Manny adjusts the pad on his elbow which gets the crowd going and as Laughlin turns around Manny leaps up onto the top ropes and flies across the ring with that forearm leading the charge…


…only to fly right into the Best Superkick Ever!! Laughlin is able to connect with the heel of his boot right to the face of the Pride champion causing him to hit the ground hard. Laughlin, however, is unable to follow this up with a pin attempt as the toll of the match causes him to stumble back into the corner and slump down. The crowd, however, seems to really love what’s going on right now.

VASSA: “Yes! Yes! I am loving this match right now! Manny might have lost his damn head and it’s perfectly legal for me to cheer about that!”

JOHNSON: “Bryan Laughlin with that incredible superkick out of nowhere was able to prevent getting knocked in the face with that warhammer elbow that the Pride champion loves to finish off matches. We’ve got ourselves one hell of a champions showcase going on right now. Both men are emptying the bag when it comes to moves right now.”

VASSA: “Manny’s about to run out of arrows, though. The 4CW champ is going to pull this one off.”

Manny slowly begins to stir once again, Laughlin pulls himself back to his feet with the use of the ropes and the two champions get back to their feet equally facing off once again across the ring. Laughlin charges at Manny going for a lariat, but Manny is able to duck under that attempt and sling himself off of the ropes. On the rebound, Manny goes for a clothesline of his own but Laughlin is able to duck under that one as well. Manny and Laughlin launch themselves off of opposite sides of the ring ropes and charge at towards each other…


…and the two champions collide in the center of the ring with a pair of cross body blocks in midair!! Both men hit the canvas and lay there in a tremendous amount of pain. Manny begins to roll towards the outside ring ropes as Laughlin begins to get back up to his feet holding his ribs in some serious pain. The Pride champion is able to pull himself up on the ring ropes on the outside ring apron as Laughlin charges towards him. Manny is able to catch the 4CW champion dropping Laughlin’s neck across the top ropes as he drops down onto the apron!

JOHNSON: “The 4CW champion is stunned in the ring. The Pride champion getting back up on the ring aprons… he’s going to take flight once again, this could do it, this could be it.”

VASSA: “This can’t be happening!”

Manny leaps up onto the ropes once again and flies across the ring leading with that forearm again…


…and this time he connects!!

JOHNSON: “The Warhammer connects! Manny Fernandez hits that flying forearm and the 4CW champion just collapses in the middle of the ring.”

Manny doesn’t waste a single moment as he hooks the leg of Bryan Laughlin in the ring as the referee dives in begins the count.



JOHNSON: “The Pride champion, Manny Fernandez, has won the showcase of champions here tonight in Phoenix, Arizona!!”

VASSA: ”Manny pulled it off! The 4CW Champion has finally been bested in that ring tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”This was a big one on the books for tonight and at first, a lot of people had their bets on Laughlin to walk away with the win here tonight, myself included.”

“Trying to Find a Balance” hits the speakers as Manny slowly climbs to his feet where he is then greeted by the official who hoists his arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, by pinfall… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”

The crowd erupts into cheers as Mariano’s name rings out over the speakers.

JOHNSON: ”Not only did he get to name his challenger for Fright night but he also scored a HUGE win here tonight over the reigning 4CW Champion.”

VASSA: ”This is a really big match for Manny. Laughlin has been tearing it up this year and up until tonight, he’s been racking up wins.”

JOHNSON: ”The momentum comes to a stop tonight for the 4CW Champion, but things are really heating up for our Pride Champion.”

VASSA: ”So that’s our event for the evening folks. We’ve heard some announcements, we’ve seen some challengers chosen. We only have one more Adrenaline until we throw down at Fright Night in San Antonio, Texas.”

JOHNSON: ”Speaking of the next Adrenaline, be sure tune in two weeks from now as we head over to The Pit, live from Albuquerque, New Mexico!”

VASSA: ”So it’s that time already?”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is.”

VASSA: ”Alrighty! You all heard the man!”

JOHNSON: ”From 4CW and the booth, wishing you all a safe evening and we’ll see you in two weeks. I’m Steve Johnson…”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera then locks on Manny in the center of the ring still celebrating with the 4CW Pride Championship in hand. He stands on the corner, overlooking the crowd in attendance. Mariano looks over to the rising Laughlin, and around at the murmuring crowd. Without sparing a glance, DA #TROLL GUY chants “Laugh-lin! Laugh-lin! Laugh-lin!”, and raises his hands for the crowd to join in. Slowly but steadily, the crowd’s chants engulf the entire arena.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Without sparing another moment, DA #TROLL GUY turns around and, a satisfied smile on his face, he leaves the ring, as the 4CW Champion basks in the crowd’s chant. Slowly but surely, the picture begins to fade out to only sound as the final credits hit the screen.