“I’ll Cut You Down” by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats begins to play over a black screen that slowly begins to fade into a shot of inside the AT&T Center. The picture is blood red, stretched as far as the eye can see inside. Down at the entrance stage, a line of fire ignites in front of the ramp, followed by dark red pyro that brings the entire arena to life.

Overlooking the crowd from the top of the ramp, the camera takes in the entire scenery. Slowly heading down the ramp, the camera moves towards the two rings separated in the center of it all, one sectioned off and secluded, the other the main focal point as flames begins to shoot from the ring posts. Looking from side to side, the camera zooms into various signs held throughout the large body of people..

Circling the ring, fire shoots from each ring post as the camera passes by. After making one full revolution around the ring and taking in even more of tonight’s atmosphere, the camera finally stops dead ahead from the announcers booth. Behind the booth we find Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa eager to get things underway for tonight event. Right on queue, the lights then begin to brighten to normal as our commentary duo takes lead.

JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to 4CW’s Fright Night!”


Vassa says in a lame attempt at trying to sound spooky.

JOHNSON: ”We’re coming to you live tonight from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas! I’m your host, Steve Johnson!”

VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Boy oh boy, do we have quite the night in store for you all joining us here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”That’s right we do. While there may not be very many individual matches listed on tonight’s card, there’s more than enough to keep you glued to your seats for the next few hours to follow.”

VASSA: ”Kicking things off we have our second match in the best of seven series between two 4CW Hall of Famers, Jason Cashe and Chris Madison!”

JOHNSON: ”Chris Madison leads the series with one win to Cashe’s zero and per the agreement between the two, because Chris won the last match, he gets to choose the specific stipulation in which it will be contested.”

VASSA: ”And did he pick a good one because tonight we get to see these two go head to head in a parking lot brawl right outside the arena!”

JOHNSON: ”Following that up we have the 4CW Pride Championship match between the defending champion, Mariano Fernandez, and the challenger, Cartier.”

VASSA: ”I just hope we get to see them actually wrestle here tonight and not see who can twerk better. Which by the way Cartier had him beat hands down and she can do that on my face anyt–“

JOHNSON: ”WOAH!!! Calm down there, Vinny! Let’s not lose sight of what’s at stake between these two tonight. Tonight will be Mariano’s first championship match since returning from the summer break. He’s made quite a name for himself over the last year but can he keep that same momentum going against a challenger hungry like Cartier?”

VASSA: ”That’s a damn good question. I know one thing’s for sure. I can guarantee you that she won’t look for the easy way out like Jett did when he challenged Manny for the title.”

JOHNSON: ”Then our second title match of the evening will feature the 4CW North American Champion, Elijah Carlson, putting the belt on the line against an opponent he chose specifically in Edgar Malcovich.”

VASSA: ”Of as we all remember his as… Eddy Poe!”

JOHNSON: ”Eli has grown quite the ego since winning the North American Championship. First he was targeting Eden Connors leading up to South Beach Brawl. Now he’s locked his sights on Edgar.”

VASSA: ”Eli should be really careful with Eddy. The man is crazy in the head and has had quite his share of violent matches throughout his career. I know that this isn’t an extreme or hardcore rules type of match, but that doesn’t mean Eddy won’t revert back to his old ways and sneaks in some weapons when the officials back is turned.”

JOHNSON: ”There’s a time and place for weapons and this North American Championship match is not it. However, the main event that follows will be full of weapons and all types of goodies to punish another person with.”

VASSA: ”You mean punish like Sadie used to do Laughlin and Logan back in her sex dungeon type punish?”

JOHNSON: ”Well… I hope we don’t see anything like that if I’m being completely honest with you.”

VASSA: ”I’m sure we will with some of the things we’re likely to see inside of that cage hanging high above the ring when it finally lowers.”

JOHNSON: ”This year’s Warzone of Horrors is a bit different from year’s past. Instead of the traditional eight people including the champ, now we have the champion defending against practically anyone since Perry opened this thing up to anyone on the roster. I already know of nine confirmed challengers.”

VASSA: ”Nine?”

JOHNSON: ”That’s what I said.”

VASSA: ”Bryan Laughlin has at least nine people that you know of coming for his title?”

JOHNSON: ”Correct.”

VASSA: ”Well fuck me, he has a lot on his plate tonight. We saw what he did back in the South Beach Brawl Cup. Can we see that same type of magic here tonight with the Warzone of Horrors?”

JOHNSON: ”That’s a very good question in which we won’t have to wait that much longer to find out.”

VASSA: ”Tonight will be the toughest challenge that Bryan Laughlin has had during his entire 4CW Championship reign.”

JOHNSON: ”I can’t argue with you there. The South Beach Brawl Cup was tough, but we’ve seen this match in question change people’s lives.”

VASSA: ”Hell, it’s changed mine over the years just watching it.”

JOHNSON: ”I can tell.”

VASSA: ”What’s that supposed to mean?”

JOHNSON: ”Don’t worry about it. We’re out of time as it is and need to move on with the show!”

VASSA: ”Come on, tell me what that’s supposed to mean.”

JOHNSON: ”Don’t sweat it! Just sit tight just like our viewers joining us here tonight and we’ll be right back in a few moments with our opening contest live from the parking lot.”

The camera cuts to a tight shot of a pair of hands. Slowly the feed widens as the person in the picture begins to wrap his right hand in white athletic tape. Shortly after it is revealed to be Chris Madison standing near the exit to the parking lot of the AT&T Center. Madison rips off the roll of tape and slams it to the floor.

MADISON: “I hope that tonight you’re able to put your focus solely on me!”

Madison turns one of his hands inwards and points at himself.

MADISON: “After Adrenaline, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was gettin’ your undivided attention. As badly as you wanted this best of seven series, it seemed as if you were more invested in comments made over social media than the person who was goin’ to stand across from you in that ring. Needless to say, I don’t think anyone was surprised when I dropped you on your head and picked up the first win. You picked this fight and came out of the gates limpin’.”

Madison’s eyes shift off to the side as he shakes his head.

MADISON: “I knew that wasn’t your best effort. So how do I suck you into this series? My hope was that givin’ you a type of match that you should thrive in would do the trick. You act as if my name alone on that lineup card is the ultimate motivator. Yet, it seems as if we’re dealin’ with the seems dilemma. Another couple of weeks which we saw your attention go about six different directions.”

Madison pushes his arms outwards, extending them horizontally.

MADISON: “I’m right here Cashe. From bell to bell, our frienship, our bond, means absolutely nothin’ to me. I’d tell you to check your bullshit at the door but there’s no point since you won’t even need to step foot in the buildin’. By the night’s end you’re goin’ to be overcome by regret and self doubt. You’re goin’ to realize that these dream matches of yours are goin’ to come at a price. Broken, bruised, and bloody, you’ll be kickin’ yourself for not devotin’ yourself to this series; for allowin’ those distractions handicap you against a man that you hold in such high regard.”

Madison takes a step forward and places the palm of his hand on the door, pausing for a moment before pushing it open and exiting to the parking lot.

MADISON: “If you survive this and make it to a third match, just know it’s only goin’ to get harder. That doubt will fester and cripple you as we progress through this series. Ultimately exposin’ you as bein’ nothin more than a product of your surroundings. This isn’t the 4CW that you succeeded in. The fact of the matter is that you can’t live off of your resume any longer. If you can’t cut it, save yourself the embarrassment and stick to the minor leagues!”

Madison pushes the door open and exits the arena to the parking lot as the feed cuts away.

The eve before the spookiest night of the year or what have you. Lot of buzz and noise in the backstage as everyone gets ready for the first match of the night. Among those people is Anastasia Hayden, not one for theatrics, as she greets the camera with a fake smile to help get the night rolling. Still dressed in her street attire, taking as much time as possible to get ready for the daunting Warzone of Horrors match that awaits her at the end of the night.

HAYDEN: ”The last show I competed on for 4CW was Fright Night last year in the Warzone of Horrors. And now here I am nearly a year to the day later. Competing for the same prize; chasing after a belt that I never should’ve lost in the first place. Time’s a flat circle, I suppose. And what a night it will be. Bodies being beaten, bloodied, battered, broken, and whatever other word with B you can think of. Borrifying.”

A word that perhaps sounded better in her head. Eh, whatever. It’s a scary night.

HAYDEN: ”I never pictured me coming back in a situation like this. It’s almost too perfect and it makes me uneasy to be perfectly honest. But like I said before, I know nothing’s going to go according to plan tonight, so I don’t have one. The only thing I’m going to try and do tonight is win. Everyone else is going to make their last minute case as to why they’ll win or as to why everyone else doesn’t stand a chance. It’s predictable, but common practice.”

She shrugs.

HAYDEN: ”They’ll lie to themselves to mentally prepare themselves for what’s coming next, but for many, they have no idea. Laughlin has an idea. I have an idea. But even then, it doesn’t matter. Every year it changes. The dangerous inclusion of fools who believe they stand a chance; who think they’re willing to do what’s necessary to win, but in reality, they’re just as scared as anyone. I’m not here to lie to myself or anyone else nor am I here to bore you with an hour long sermon that details why I’m the special one in the Warzone of Horrors.”

Of course as she says that, Ana pauses to pad out the time in her segment.

HAYDEN: ”You’ve watched people bathe themselves in horror movie references and cliches long enough; they’re all as fake as they come. Sheep. I’ll be real with you. I’ll tell you that regardless of what these clowns say tonight, no one knows what’s going to happen once that bell rings. You can’t prepare yourself for a war. You can train, you can take whatever steps you think are needed, but that bell sounding off is like the first bullet flying over your head and the adrenaline kicks in. All that training gets tossed right out the window.”

Introductory level metaphor aside, Ana offers a smirk; proud of her comment or much like the adrenaline, her arrogance is starting to kick in.

HAYDEN: ”And while it would be great to hold the belt above every tryhard’s head tonight just to toss it to the side, I don’t really care what happens. I’ve watched so many people dress themselves up and hold their weapons ominously that I can’t help, but laugh. So many dorks trying so hard to believe that they’ll be the ones to dethrone Laughlin. If it happens tonight for me, great, if not, I know I’ll be back here anyways. This kind of match is for the birds. A crapshoot. Someone could win tonight and vanish in four months. Why should I care about one night?”

Once again, Ana shrugs for the camera.

HAYDEN: ”Maybe I’m 4CW Champion when the night’s over. Or maybe I’m just lucky to not go through another table. The only thing I can really guarantee is that I will be 4CW Champion again. Or that someone will probably die tonight and it’ll be a real shame, but that’s war. A small price to pay or something like that.”

She pauses, but this time it’s a genuine one. A moment of reflection, if you will.

HAYDEN: ”Actually, given some of you, it won’t be that much of a shame. So, that’s probably the only real advice I can give. Don’t die. Or do. I don’t care.”

A touching message to leave us with as well as a half-hearted thumbs up for the camera with another fake smile before Anastasia walks off the scene and the camera cuts elsewhere in the arena.



The audience is going crazy in the arena at being hyped up over this match as the cameras leave from ringside to go to the back where this opening match is set to take place. The bell rings as soon as the cameras focus on Cashe and Madison as the grinning Cashe beckons for the intensely staring Madison to make his move. The referee looks between the men before deciding it would be best at that point to move out of the way and he had thought right because suddenly, both men had decided to go for the other as they rushed to the middle but Cashe got the first hit with Bell Clap. The hit catches Madison off guard only for a slight second before Madison’s response is a sharp right fist drilling into Cashe’s nose before following it up with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly.

Cashe’s back onto his feet with a quickness and Madison strikes Cashe in the face repeatedly to get him to back up into the black Lincoln Town Car so that he can trap him against it and his heavy fists. The referee keeps a close eye on the brawl while also staying out of the way so that he didn’t catch the brunt of this intense fight. Cashe knees the hell out of Madison’s midsection to force Madison to back up off of him with those fists of fury before he grabs the back of Madison’s neck while he’s crouching down and slams an elbow into Madison’s back over and over again until Madison is on his knees.

Filled with humor, Cashe smirks and says “that position ain’t getting you no trick or treat candy from me” before slamming his knee into Madison’s face with a laugh to put him on the ground. While Madison starts trying to get up, Cashe decides to pull open the backdoor of the Lincoln Town Car curiously and sees buckets of those old McDonald’s Halloween trick or treat buckets filled with candy. Grabbing a bucket, he begins rummaging his hand around in the bucket to see what kind of candy it has in it, rooting around in the bottom of the bucket until he pulls out…. candy corn. He immediately begins tossing it at Madison’s head, deciding that none of the candy was good enough before dumping the candy on Madison. He doesn’t make another move on Madison though as Madison ignores the pieces of candy falling on him and stands to his feet… just to get bashed in the face with the bucket by a too eager Cashe.

You can’t say that Cashe doesn’t make for entertainment especially in wrestling matches as he looks around for more stuff and sees a huge candy cane leaning against a 1991 white Volkswagen Jetta TD. He wasn’t sure what was up with the vintage cars and why the hell a candy cane was back here especially since it was for this season’s holiday but he says fuck it and heads over to it to pick up. He then uses it as a pimp cane to walk back over to Madison as he’s finally getting to his feet and swings it at Madison’s head, missing his head by a couple of seconds when Madison quickly ducks and runs towards Cashe to spear him into the nearest car with all his power.

Judging by Cashe not getting up from being against the car right away, Madison can tell that he felt that as he yanks Cashe to his feet while he opened the backdoor of that car. He leans down to pick Cashe up, slowly lifting his body up into the air before forcefully pushing up so that Cashe’s body went up into the air a little and came down onto the car door. The way his midsection hit the top of that door had the audience ooooohing out loud dramatically as Cashe’s body finally finds the ground as he curls up in pain. Even the referee touches his stomach in a reflex as if his body was the one that had connected with that door, his eyes on Madison while watching him pull Cashe to his feet but is quickly driven back by a sudden elbow to the face by Cashe as that elbow catches Madison in the eye. Madison goes stumbling off while holding his eye as Cashe leans against a gray Toyota Camry with his hand still pressed against his midsection.

But that tough son of a gun fought through the pain as he gave himself a few more seconds before finally pushing himself up from the car and headed towards Madison. Madison blinks a few good times to try to get his right eye to stop being blurry as he sees Cashe approaching him with his good eye. He steels up with trying to ignore his eye, seeing Cashe good enough with his other as he counters Cashe’s flying arm that was trying to knock his head off his shoulders. Cashe bites the hell out of Madison’s bicep and then headbutts the side of Madison’s head. He watches Madison stumble a few steps away from the impact of the headbutt before charging towards him like a linebacker on a football field.

Once he’s within grabbing distance, Cashe gets a hold of Madison and snap powerslams him on the canvas of the Toyota Camry’s hood. Cashe has to catch his breath for a moment, still feeling the effects of his body on that car door earlier as his eyes intently remain on Madison who lays on the hood, conscious but breathing heavily as the pain shoots throughout his back. He finally rolls off the hood as his body thuds to the ground, barely moving as Cashe feels that now is his chance. He slowly makes his way over to the downed Madison as he rolls his body over but is surprised by Madison suddenly kicking him hard in his left knee cap before Madison scoots back only slightly so that he has enough space to use both of his legs to shoot towards Cashe to send Cashe stumbling back into the car.

Slowly moving and wincing while he does, he watches as Cashe is bent over the hood of the car and is slowly raising up. Madison crawls towards Cashe as he puts his head between Cashe’s legs so that he can hoist Cashe up on his shoulders. Madison’s tries to stiffen his body out a bit with feeling slightly fatigued from this match with gathering all the strength he has to keep Cashe on his shoulders while dropping him. Madison falls back with End Game and holds that position with as much strength as he has left as the referee goes for the count, granting Madison the three count to pick up the win for the night.

WINNER: Chris Madison via Pinfall (15:49)

The camera cuts backstage, where 4CW Pride Champion Mariano Fernandez, already in his wrestling gear, and the leather jacket that he always wears slung on his back, is adjusting the gloves on his hands, sitting on an equipment crate in a darkened hallway. When he notices the camera, he smirks a bitter smile, and his eyes give no wrong impression as to their cold steel hardness.

FERNANDEZ: “Desperate, are we Cartier?”

DA #TROLL GUY gives a small chuckle, trying his best to contain his laughter.

FERNANDEZ: “I mean, you had to go through ALL my 4CW history after all. Three years of hard work as compared to your one where you achieved nothing of import, and only got to this title shot because I decided to accept a challenge. Every time I was given one, it was because I EARNED it, or made the most of an open opportunity. But hell, that’s how this challenge came about, didn’t it? After failing to do anything of worth time after time after time, you decided ‘okay, let’s start doing the MONEY MOVES. Since I can’t get into a title match for myself, I’ll call someone out who will give it to me.’. But let’s try to lecture me about hard times, shall we?”

The ironic note in his voice is evident, as is the sarcasm in his looking up and throwing his hands.

FERNANDEZ: “Sure, let’s try to lecture the guy that made a constant progress from 2016 to 2019. Let’s try to school the guy who has proven not once but SEVERAL times that he’s among the best in 4CW and the entire god damned world. I mean, it’s not like the 4CW Champion I beat two weeks ago has a similar record to mine, right mang?”

His head, and his gaze, fall to look directly at the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “I mean, seriously, Cartier. What did I say about the records? I specifically MENTIONED you’d bring them up, didn’t I? I specifically told you when and where exactly I lost JUST so you’d have SOMETHING to say. Let alone the fact that I have a larger count of wins – and TITLE WINS, at that – has it ever crossed your mind every loss I had was against people better than you? Of course you begrudgingly admit that I do what you CAN’T do, but THEN you have to go talk about other people in other places… where I STILL did better than you. #QuagCup, anyone?”

He raises his eyebrows, with the same Trollface grin in his mouth.

FERNANDEZ: “Forget the fact that that shit is probably still going, I’m among the last remaining four? Semi-finalist, going against the SAME guy that took you out that you decided to bring up in that second message of yours? It’s ALMOST like I didn’t SAY you try to live off other people’s accomplishments because you have none of your god damned own! It’s almost like you’re pinning your hopes on OTHER people beating me, JUST like I’ve been saying BEFORE this shit, because you KNOW you fucking can’t! Because you KNOW that even if Brennan Devlin beat me, I’m still better than you have ever been in your time here – even when I was at my very WORST. Because newsflash, mang – that’s when you came into the scene at SAP last year. And THAT’s where I was when I gave you your first loss.“
Mariano nods at the memory.

FERNANDEZ: “I mean, since you can’t even use 4CW against me, you HAD to mention SAP and the #QuagCup, you TOO have to take it to other places, because you want to believe you are of any importance outside of 4CW. I mean, seriously – if we’re going to talk about elsewhere, shall I talk about how even THERE I’ve done more, and better than you’ve ever had?”

However, he raises a hand, and closing his eyes, shakes his head no.

FERNANDEZ: “I mean, I could, but I CHOOSE not to, because I’m the god damned 4CW PRIDE Champion, and that’s the god damned place I’m representing – and IN here, I’ve TOO proven myself. Hell, you may want to say I’ve just been in the right place at the right time, because THAT’s the only explanation you can resort to when you know you’re completely outmatched, but even THEN I did better than you. I mean, I won the Frenzy, you got kicked out of the Snuff Fest. I got approached by Tommy to go to Tag Team Into the Future, we win the titles at the first round, and you get kicked out of that too! And speaking of that for all that SILK is reviled, at least he HAS some accomplishments of his own – where you have all HIS talent and more, but you aren’t SHIT without Thot Chocolate.”

Mariano doesn’t stop shaking his head, but his motion is much, much slower.

FERNANDEZ: “The worst part of this all, Cartier, is your claim to have improved. Don’t get me wrong, to some extent, you have. You tried to go hard. You tried to be desperate, but in THAT blind desperation of yours, you had the BRILLIANT idea of speaking of things that happened before you ever came into being, and want to compare YOUR time in 4CW to mine – and to be honest? That’s the worst mistake you could have done.”

His head motion comes to a halt, and DA #TROLL GUY looks at the camera with an anger just about to blow.

FERNANDEZ: “Because the worst part of this shit, is that you want to PRETEND that you aren’t still the same out-of-depth, excuses-slinging whiner that you are every time you fail to face someone that has ANY real value, because in the end, at this point, that’s all you’ve proven you are. But I look past that, Cartier. I look past that, because I see the worth in you despite it all, because THAT worth is what makes me think you would be another defense, a BETTER defense, than Jett was. Because THAT’s how I’m coming to take it, mang – and I’m gonna make god damned CERTAIN that you KNOW, once you wake up to see me being heralded as STIIIIIIIILLLLLL the Pride Champion, that the leaps and bounds you have improved are still no match against the improvement that I have made throughout this time, and just this year ALONE.”

With that, he leaps off the crate, and leans into the camera for one final time.

FERNANDEZ: “Because you may be a black diamond, but I am the gold – and gold has the value that matters.”

And his final message said, DA #TROLL GUY walks away, the last sight of the camera of the leather jacket at his back, before the feed cuts back to the ring.

The sound of heavy, times breaths echo throughout the parking structure of the AT&T arena. As the camera pans around to the side of a white ford bronco we find Jeb Fisher shadow boxing, getting ready for his match. He has some weighted chains around his neck, and is already dressed for his match – orange and brown boxing shorts, black wrestling boots, and taped fingers. He had his back to the camera, focusing on his strikes and breathing – he throws a front kick and follows it up with an upper cut before posturing up. Jeb bounces back and forth on his feet, dodging invisible blows and throwing what looks to be a few headbutts. Finally he smacks the side of his cheek a few times and turns around, Seemingly getting into the Halloween spirit, Jeb has taken what looks to be coal ash and smeared it down both of his eyes – in an almost vikingesue way. He grinned in a rather intimidating way, showing off his mouthguard, which is stylized to look like prison bars. Letting out a cocky, almost menacing chuckle he removes his mouth guard and begins to speak.

FISHER: ”Told Bob to stay at home tonight, told Bob that I didn’t need him here! Not tonight, because tonight is the night that I escape the cage, climb the ladder and my place as top dog in this motherfucker. Tonights the night that I make every single bitch on this roster hold my god damn pocket. The time is Jeb Fisher, the time is mine and I ain’t holding back! Hell nawh! Not tonight! Tonight? Is the night that I take my destiny into my own hands, that I shape out the future of not only 4CW… But of Jeb Fisher. Got the world in my hands, and i’m gonna drop it on it’s fuckin’ head.“

With a flick of his wrist Jeb’s grin turns into a smirk, as he starts to bounce back and forth foot to foot. His eyes shot daggers through the camera, just the amount of pure rage inside made each one of his movements more unsettling.

FISHER: ”Fright Night! FRIGHT NIGHT! This night has always been synonymous with 4CW, and the warzone? Well it’s pretty much the crown jewel of the company. Perry Wallace’s perverted little torture shack, that always gets these fuckin’ mongersl salvating at the bit! Always getting match of the year, always exceeding everyone’s expectations. And this one is mine! I’m callin’ boys, I’m taking home that 4CW championship,… Or fucking die trying right? That’s the goal, that’s the plan! That’s what every man and woman who is stepping inside that cage is planning. So many bodies, all thinkin’ the same thing but only can win, and that’s gonna’ be JEB. FUCKIN’. FISHER!“

Confidently chuckling to himself, Jeb grabs a pack of Marlboro Reds off the the hood of the bronco, flicking one in between his lips and lighting it. He looks up into the camera and snarls.

FISHER: ”What motherfucker? I done said all I had to say… Go fuck off to that one fly-tape twat or whatever the fuck her name is.“

And with that, the camera cuts to…

The AT&T Center. Things were real, now. The time for talk was in the past, and the moment of truth had arrived for Cartier.

For a year she’s had her ups and downs, finding success in some moments and embarrassing defeat in others. Tonight, 4CW’s annual Fright Night, she wasn’t going to allow herself to take her eye off the ball and leave any room for second guessing.

She was going out there for the 4CW Pride Championship, and she was as focused as she’d ever been. Although her outfit was adorned with a little Halloween flair – slight alterations to give her ring gear a “Thriller” type look along with makeup to make her usually vibrant face appear like that of a zombie – she wasn’t taking anything lightly. This wasn’t a game for her. This was do or die.

CARTIER: “This is it… this what I asked for.”

Cartier quietly says as she makes last minute adjustments to her gear, tightening some tape around her wrists, straightening the pads around her knees.

CARTIER: “People laughed when I laid this challenge out. I gotta go out there an’ prove ‘em all wrong. Prove I belong in this ring wit’ champions. Ain’t a day goes by in this company when you can rest… ain’t a single day you can you done enough, you always gotta keep raisin’ that bar, keep movin’ them goalposts for yourself. It’s the only way to constantly stay on top. Mariano Fernandez, I think he forgot that. He been real quick to settle an’ decide he already on top. He fine wit’ where he already been, but not me. I’mma always expect more, better, stronger, harder, faster… ain’t a single time this bell rung in my career that I ain’t walked into that ring wit’ respect in my heart for my opponent, because ain’t nobody know what it takes to be a 4CW performer like another 4CW performer. Ain’t no one here if they ain’t good enough. Manny? He good enough… but tonight? I’mma have to be that much better.”

The sounds of a fervent crowd hum through the arena walls, echoing like a tectonic vibration. Cartier’s own voice can be heard along with Fernandez’s as the… Four-Tron?… Cartier wasn’t sure what it was called, but she could tell it was keeping the crowd hot by showing clips of her and her opponents’ promos as well as matches leading up to tonight’s championship clash.

CARTIER: “I’ve always liked Manny as a person. I’ve always respected him as a performer. But tonight that shit’s gotta stay in the locker room. Tonight I gotta go out there an’ beat the brakes off this man, because I know it’s gonna take all I got to give in order to win this championship. That’s the way it goes in 4CW. That’s the way it SHOULD be… with success only comin’ to those who lay it all on the line. I worked too damn hard to get to tonight to go out there an’ fall flat. Win or lose, I’m givin’ one hundred percent out there, because I know that’s what I’m gettin’ from Manny. I been waitin’… I been WAITIN’… for a moment like this. For a opportunity. For a time I can say is MINE. Since February, it’s been Manny’s time.”

The volume of the sellout crowd’s thunderous roar reaches a new crescendo as Cartier’s music starts to play over the sound system. She smiles and nods, before crossing her hand over her heart and saying a silent prayer.

CARTIER: “But time’s up, Manny.”

Cartier’s brow furrows as she becomes even more focused on the task at hand. As the crowd continues to thrum, she heads toward the ring.



The bell rings and Manny and Cartier size each other up for what seems like an eternity. A bit of nervousness? Maybe a bit of sexual connection going on between the two competitors in the ring? Possibly, but I’d chalk it up more to Cartier showing off and pointing out her homage to the King of Pop and what has become a Halloween classic in “Thriller” with her get up tonight. While Manny? Well, surprisingly he’s just business as usual tonight and Cartier has already let him know that he’s a lame.

They both venture towards the middle of the ring slowly and the closer they get the higher their arms go until Manny shoots first and gets Cartier into a clinch that he quickly turns into a headlock. Grabbing his wrist that’s almost underneath her chin he pulls as tight as he can until Cartier gets on a bended knee. He slaps her in the side and lifts her up for a vertical suplex, but she reverses it and flips down to her feet! Manny’s veteran instincts quickly kick in and he sends a quick kick to the gut, but Cartier catches his foot! Cartier launches Manny up over end and Manny manages to land on his feet! Quickly, Manny lifts his leg around and swings for a roundhouse, but Cartier ducks at the last second and just as Manny is turned towards her back she dives towards the back of his knee, sending him to the ground. Manny holds his knee in pain as Cartier quickly gets up and runs against the ropes to gain some more momentum and baseball slides right into Manny’s face which sends him to the outside.

Cartier sticks out her tongue in enjoyment at not only the crowd, but Manny in general as he is trying to collect his thoughts and his bearings. As he gets to his knees, Cartier raises her hands high above her head and claps them together while taking a giant step to the side and gliding back to it with her other foot while mimicking the slithering of a snake with her body and head, not only mimicking a part of MJ’s dance, but taunting Manny. She quickly runs to the far ropes for momentum again, bouncing off them and running towards Manny she does a suicide dive through the ropes and catches Manny as he is standing up, sending him into the crowd barrier. Cartier flicks her hair back and howls at the moon, because it’s Halloween of course and the crowd responds with a few howls, but mostly boos. She brushes them off and grabs a chunk of Manny’s hair and lifts him to his feet. She grabs his arm and irishes whips him towards the ring steps, but he holds on and turns it around on her sending her knee first into the steps as she tumbles over them.

Manny leans against the ring for a brief second to catch his breath before making his way over towards Cartier. Manny sees her hand on the steel steps and gives it a quick stomp. Cartier yells in pain and braces her hand and as she does that Manny grabs her by the back of the head and slams her face first into the steps. As Cartier crumples to the ground you can see the diamond plated steel’s marks embedded shapes into the side of her cheek. Instead of picking her up and throwing her into the ring, Manny shows a bit of ruthless aggression and simply grabs her by the wrist and walks his way up the steps and through the ring ropes dragging her behind. Dragging her a bit behind a turnbuckle, Manny quickly hops up onto the second rope and springboards himself into a moonsault and connects, quickly covering, but only for Cartier to get a shoulder up after two. Rather than sitting and complaining, Manny quickly goes for the ankle of Cartier and locks an ankle lock that has Cartier writhing in pain.

The referee is closely watching for Cartier to tap, but she waves him off defiantley before she’s able to turn herself around and launches Manny with her foot back first into the turnbuckle. Manny comes right back a bit too eager and is easily dropped with a drop toe hold and Cartier is able to roll on top of him and lock him in a crossface. A rather unconventional one as instead of trying to lock it in further she with both hands, she’s using one to slap the shit out of Manny, who might be smiling at the moment? Or in a lot of pain? I’m not sure, we could be witnessing a Manny kink at the moment, but I doubt it. Either way, it’s effective as Manny has to crawl his way under the ropes in order to break the hold. Cartier waits till the four count in order to release and quickly steps out onto the apron and jumps as high as she can and lands ass first on the back of Manny’s neck and the size of that ass is enough to pull them both out of the ring again. Manny tumbling out and Cartier gracefully landing as graceful as Cartier can on her feet. Cartier drags Manny by the hair and leans him up against the far barrier next to the ring steps that haven’t been disturbed.

She quickly makes her way back and slaps her ass a few times before running at Manny and uses the steps as a launching pad, sending her ass first right into Manny’s face. Knowing the moment and the fact that she doesn’t have time to waste, she grabs Manny and tosses him into the ring. She climbs the top ropes and sizes up Manny a bit before jumping off and delivering a Senton! Quickly, she goes for the pin, but Manny ain’t gonna be defeated that easily and kicks out at two. Cartier quickly gets up and drags Manny up with her. She leans up against the turnbuckle with Manny still in her grasp and climbs up to the second ropes. She able to lift Manny up and turn himself around into a pile driver position, setting him up for the Ca$h You Out Cold. Manny squirms to try and free himself, but Cartier elbows him in the side of the gut a few times before she launches herself off the ropes and hits the second rope piledriver. She swipes her hands against each other and goes for the pin, sticking her tongue out and counting with her free hand every slap of the referee’s hand on the mat.


Manny is able to get the shoulder up and not only is Cartier in disbelief, but so is the crowd who starts chanting his name. Some even start chanting random video game titles in hopes that it will send some energy to their fallen man. Cartier claps her hands together quickly in the way of the referee, telling him to get his shit together and gets to her feet. She stomps up to her feet and delivers a few kicks to Manny’s head before backing off and going to the opposite corner. Manny slowly makes his way to his feet as Cartier is looking at him like prey. As he gets to his feet, Cartier runs at him in an attempt to deliver an Empire State of Mind (Kinshasa), but Manny is able to duck down at the very last second. Cartier lands on her feet and turns towards Manny who is waiting and connects with The Gadfly (Step-Up Enziguri). Manny’s feeling it and makes his way through the ropes and to the apron, stalking Cartier as she tries to gain her balance in order to make it to her feet. After a few moments she does, but with her back towards Manny. Manny yells “FOR THE EMPEROR” and hops up onto the top of the ropes and springboards himself towards Cartier as she turns delivering The Warhammer (Phenomenal Forearm). Manny scrambles towards Cartier and goes for the cover.


Cartier manages to kick out of Manny’s finisher move! Unbelievable! Manny swipes the hair out of his face and you can see the frustration starting to build on his face. He looks at the referee and shakes his head. A lot of hair pulling has been happening in this match, because Manny grabs a fistful of hair to help Cartier to her feet. Cartier goes for a desperation clothesline, but Manny is able to duck and grabs her by the waist and delivers a snap suplex. Cartier, has to be in a daze, because she somehow manages to make it to her feet almost as quick as what Manny does, maybe by instinct, and is just met with a jumping Manny only to be dropped as quickly as she got up with a DDT. Manny looks down at the fallen Cartier and smiles at her. He throws his hands out to the side and yells PROBLEM? Manny helps Cartier to his feet and lifts her up for a suplex, but spins her around into a piledriver position. Manny holds her a bit to let the blood rush to her head, but Cartier to move to the side a bit and hits the back of Manny’s knee, buckling it. He lets one hand go to grab at the knee to try and keep his balance and almost does, but Cartier is able to slither out of the hold and fall to the ground and Manny goes with her. Cartier rolls away from Manny and gets to her feet. As Manny is gets to a knee, Cartier runs at him and delivers an Empire State of Mind (Kinshasa) and goes for the cover.



WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (15:09)

That is some good looking potato salad.

That is some chunky good looking tasty potato salad being carried around in the backstage area of the AT&T Center here in San Antonio, Texas. The man carrying around that tasty looking potato salad is NOT the one who you think it is, rather the person carrying around that potato salad walks right past where Christopher Wrigley is sitting. Wrigley looks on as the person walks by with that plate with his best puppy dog eyes and sadness as it continues to head on down the hallway further and further away from his grasp.

The reason that he is unable to get up and follow that good looking potato salad moving away from him is that because he is surrounded by the Von Braun gang. Beau, Brian and sure enough Brady are all standing there going over last minute plans as Beau gets ready for his big chance later on tonight. Beau is in his ring gear, while his two brothers are wearing very nice looking vests and silk shirts underneath. Wrigley’s attention is pulled back towards the brothers as the potato salad perhaps has disappeared from his sight.

BEAU: “Tonight, we finally get what we want brothers. Tonight, we finally get our share of the American dream and tonight, we finally get to earn the respect of every single son of a bitch who has ever dared to look down upon us or our family.”

BEAU: “Tonight. I take the throne.”

This is met by some nods and smiles from his brothers. The trio of brothers begin to shove each other trying to hype each other up a but more for what is about to happen. One of the two twins turns towards where Wrigley is seated and gives him a quick punch in the arm to try and get Wrigley involved in this. Wrigley is having none of it.

WRIGLEY: “What the hell are you doing? Did you really just hit me? Did you just assault me?”

Wrigley stares down the one brother, not brother but brother as in Von Braun brother, who slowly backs away not knowing if Wrigley is screwing around or if he’s serious. Beau gets between Wrigley and his brother.

BEAU: “Whoa, whoa, whoa… we are all on the same side here Mr. Wrigley, there is no need for any of that. My brothers and I are just a little bit hyped tonight, we’re so close to finally turning the Von Braun name form a joke to something that people will have to say with respect. You probably don’t understand that, but we’ve lived with this disrespectful reality for our entire lives. We’re so close now.”

Wrigley adjusts his glasses as he stands up and adjusts his tie.

WRIGLEY: “Disrespect? I think I understand you loud and clear about the disrespect. You’re not the only ones around here looking for some damn respect. I’ve been so close a number of times, only to have clients disappear, suffer career ending injuries, become used car salesmen, and a whole other bucket of shit rather than get me to where I deserve to be. On the throne, on top of the wrestling world.”

WRIGLEY: “Just like you.”

Wrigley gives all three brothers a nod as he stares each of them down as well.

WRIGLEY: ”And tonight when you take that title belt, and you sit on that throne, well I’m going to get some fucking respect around here too. I’m going to walk around these back hallways and people are going to be forced to bow to the King of Legal and the moment when I snap my fingers… “

Wrigely snaps his fingers.

WRIGLEY: “…someone’s going to bring me some of that good looking chunky style potato salad!”

Wrigley looks around, there is nobody there to hand him a plate of potato salad.

WRIGLEY: “See!?”

Wrigley balls up his fist and attempts to follow up the show of brotherhood by firing a punch into the shoulder of one of two twin brothers. The Von Braun brother doesn’t even react to the punch and Wrigley shakes his hand in some pain. The Von Braun brothers begin to laugh as we fade to black.

CARLSON: “When we’re done tonight, Eddy..”

Just a few moments away from making his way out to the ring for his championship defense, Eli finds himself back in his locker room with a lego X-Wing fighter and a lego TIE fighter in each of his hands. On the table behind him rests a carved pumpkin, and on the television is an episode of Paw Patrol, though the sound on the television is muted.

CARLSON: “And all the pomp and circumstance is over. You’re going to take a look back at what you said over the course of the last two weeks and realize just how foolish you truly are.”

Making noises that would have any Star Wars fanatic proud of his ability to mimic the sound of the familiar spacecraft, Eli seems to be quite enjoying himself.

CARLSON: “Not because you thought it cute to mock me for the things that I enjoy. And not because you failed to miss the point of those ‘subtle as a fucking brick through your window’ illustrations.”

Setting both of the lego fighters down, he finally glanced up to the camera to look his opponent directly in the eyes wherever it was that he was watching.

CARLSON: “But because in spite of every effort I made to open your eyes. In spite of the fact that I tried to get you to see the bigger picture and embrace your role in it. In spite of all of that you still bought into your own lies. You bought into your own hype. And the thing is, Poe…”

He lingered on the name, intentionally using the one that his opponent had chosen to discard.

CARLSON: “You could have spared yourself. You could have made this all quick. But now? Now it’s going to be about leaving you with a lasting, stinging memory that eats at the core of who you are for every waking moment of the rest of your life.”

Pushing himself up to his feet, Eli brushed by the camera crew, speaking as he exited the room.

CARLSON: “Your nightmare begins at Fright Night. How’s that imagery for you, bud?.”

And with that, Eli was gone, headed toward the ring to take one step closer to the destiny he was determined to make his own.

The cameras go around backstage. Looking as if they are searching for someone. They don’t take long before they find Toby Wagner standing talking with his family. His blonde sister, Antoinette who looks like she’s from the Stepford Wives waves to the camera and taps Toby on the shoulder and points towards the camera. Toby turns his head to look and instantly rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

WAGNER: “Jesus fuck. What do you people want?!”

Antoinette slaps Toby and he starts talking to her in a hushed tone as Harrison and his wife Nora just shake their head and laugh. Toby rakes his hands over his eyes in annoyance. Probably at everything. You know his usual. He turns back towards the camera.

WAGNER: “I said everything I wanted to say. In fact I said a lot more than I really wanted to say. I don’t care what anyone else said after that or about me. I walk in as a nobody and I walk out running this whole god damn show. If nothing else? I’m going to make sure a lot of you have a real bad day. Now leave me the fuck alone.”

Toby turned away from the camera to a glaring Antoinette and he just shrugged at her as the camera left the scene and headed somewhere else.



POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the 4CW North American Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…”

The Sudden Blare of Guitar shreds through the air as the opening chords to “Out of The Black” by Royal Blood plays, and when the song kicks into gear Edgar Malcovich enters the arena in his wrestling gear, plus a sleeveless pullover hoodie.

POWERS: “From Detroit Michigan, weighing in at two hundred forty-three pounds, he is ‘The Filthy Angel’ Edgar… MMAALLCCOOVVIICCHH!!!”

Walking in a straight line toward the ring, the look on his face says that he understands the gravity of the moment that’s before him, with the 4CW faithful’s cheers thrumming in his hears. Edgar Malcovich is all business on this night, circling the ring like a predator waiting to pounce on his prey before he slides in underneath the bottom rope. Instantly he pops to his feet and charges across to his corner before coming to a dead stop. The music continues to bump on as Eddy pulls down his hood, dragging his thumb across his throat as he leans forward against the top rope.

JOHNSON: “We’re just moments away from our headline match of the evening, folks, and the challenger to the North American crown has his eyes fixed on the prize”

VASSA: “And I for one hope he rips it from BullEli’s cold, dead hands.”

JOHNSON: “Retribution and revenge certainly has to be on the mind of Malcovich after having a victory stolen from him when Elijah Carlson interfered in his match against Alicia Lukas a few weeks back.”

VASSA: “And we all saw the smug bastard demand that Eddy do his job and count the pinfall when Eli defended the championship against Alicia at Adrenaline One-Oh-Five.”

JOHNSON: “Let’s be honest, though, Vinny. The task before Eddy is a monumental one. There are some who say that it’s Elijah Carlson that is the champion to beat in 4CW, and not the Monster King that lays claim to the 4CW Championship itself.”

VASSA: “You can’t forget that Eddy has been an underdog his entire life. He said it himself, these are the moments that he lives for. The moments that he thrives in. When everyone doubts and nobody believes. These are the moments when he shocks the world.”

JOHNSON: “Indeed, an Edgar Malcovich victory here this evening would send shockwaves throughout the entirety of this company and the wrestling wo-”

”Killing in the name of…”

The voice of Zack de la Rocha cuts Steve Johnson off and snaps the crowd to attention as they look to the top of the ramp while the lights dim down, shrouding the raucous crowd in a heavy shadow. On the big screen, the word “Nasty” flashes in all white capitals against a black background before fading into a stream of career highlights for the reigning North American champion. Moments later, as Rage Against The Machines “Killing in the Name Of” pulsates over the speakers, the champion emerges with the belt draped over a black leather clad shoulder. His pace is slow and he strolls to the top of the ramp, the boo’s from the massive crowd growing louder by the minute.

”And now you do what they told ya…”

Pausing once at the top of the ramp, Eli shakes the title from his shoulder and raises it high up into the air which draws an even louder negative response from the crowd who clearly are hoping to see the title change hands on this evening. As the volume heightens, his characteristically arrogant smirk widens into a full on grin as he uses his free hand to point toward the ring at his opponent, wagging that same index finger to tell them it was never going to happen as he started his walk down in her direction.

”Now you’re under control, and now you do what they told ya.”

Finally reaching the bottom of the ramp, Eli pulled himself up onto the ring apron and then quickly moved to the nearby corner, stepping up onto the middle turnbuckle where he raised the championship belt high into the air once more. Simultaneously, with his free hand, he extended it outward with his middle finger extended, gesturing to the crowd right on cue as the music hit a specific part of the song that he had been patiently biding his time for.

”Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.”

Slowly the singers voice lowered with Eli’s head bobbing to the beat. As it grew in volume he swung the weight of his body over the top rope and dropped his feet down to the canvas deftly. Quickly, he rushed toward his opponent as though looking to get the action started early but steps back with a smirk when the referee quickly intervenes Nodding his head, Eli moved to hand the belt over to the referee before returning to his corner, staring across the ring with a confident smile on his face, never breaking eye contact with his opponent.

POWERS: ”And his opponent, standing six feet, one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred ten pounds he is the reigning, defending 4CW North American Champion… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

JOHNSON: “He calls himself a pillar of 4CW and I don’t know that anyone could argue against that anymore. It was three years ago that the North American Champion turned the wrestling world on its head as he stood, contract in hand, looking out of a Louisiana crowd having just won the WarZone of Horrors.”

VASSA: “Pillar or not, the man is an absolute dick. The nastiest of the nasty. And until he apologizes for breaking my damn drink holder I’ll never say a nice thing about him.”

JOHNSON: “I’ll be honest with you, Vin, I don’t think he cares too much whether you say anything nice about him or not.”

VASSA: “Probably not, but the point still stands.”

JOHNSON: “Tonight, Elijah Carlson stands in the ring with one singular purpose. He wants to make an example out of the challenger for no other reason than he believes, quite simply, that he can.”

VASSA: “But listen to this crowd, Steve. They’re fully behind Malcovich. It has been a full year of tyranny. Even when Perry let us take summer vacation! A FULL YEAR!”

JOHNSON: “And perhaps the crowd will be enough. Perhaps it will fuel Eddy to soaring heights. But he’s going to have to beat a man who boasts the best winning percentage in singles action of any wrestler that has spent more than a cup of coffee with the company, with victories coming in at a nearly 85 percent success rate.”

VASSA: “Steve.”

JOHNSON: “He’s unbeaten in singles action in 4CW since September 12th of 2018.”

VASSA: “Steve….”

JOHNSON: “The longest reigning North American champion of all time and that’s if you include the old XTV history too.”

VASSA: “STEVE! SHUT UP FOR GODS SAKE WE GET IT ELI IS GOOD! Eddy doesn’t need to be better all the time. He just needs to be better tonight. One night only. That’s all Eddy needs. And I’m betting on him to make it happen.”

As the two commentators continue to discuss the match at hand, the champion moves to the center of the ring and extends his hand out to Eddy who leans against the turnbuckle pads in his corner. For a second he studies the man he was looking to unseat before finally shrugging and walking toward the center of the ring. He looks as though he’s going to reach out and shake Eli’s hand but before the usual prematch antics can unfold on the part of the North American Champion, Malcovich pulls his hand away and backhands the champion right across the face. Knowing that things are about to escalate quickly after what he just witnessed, referee Logan Whitby signals for the bell and the match begins officially.


His temper spiking, Eli swings hard with his right hand but Malcovich manages to bob his head to the side as the shot goes wide. Reacting quickly, Eddy brings his knee up hard into the abdomen of the North American champion. He then does it a second and a third time before Carlson drops to his knees, placing one hand on the ground to support his upper body as he heaves oxygen into his lungs, having just had it driven out of them. Eddy isn’t one to let early momentum slip through his fingers, however, and uses the ropes to rebound and give him a little extra burst of speed before he drives the same knee that had connected with Eli’s abdomen into the side of his temple this time, flattening the champion. Quickly, Eddy drops to his own knees and rolls the champion over, pressing his shoulders down to the mat.


JOHNSON: “A bit too early for the pinfall attempt on Eddy’s part for my taste but a message is being sent early on. This isn’t going to just be a walk in the park for the reigning champ.”

Eli tries to roll away and get back to his feet but Eddy is on him quickly, pulling him upward and sending him into the ropes. On the rebound Eli runs straight into a standing drop kick from the challenger that levels him. This time, instead of going for the pinfall, Malcovich swings one leg across the champions chest and begins blasting him over and over with grounded forearms. The champ doesn’t seem to be able to get away until Eddy pulls him back up and whips him over into the nearby corner, following it up by catching him with a big splash. Already in the early going Eli finds himself on the ropes and the situation only gets worse for him as Eddy brings his boot up into Eli’s abdomen over and over again until he’s stomped him down into a seated position in the corner.

Making a quick jog all the way to the opposite corner, Eddy lines up his opponent for half of a moment before taking off at a full sprint across the ring, shifting at the last second to drive his him and leg fully into Eli’s face and upper body. The impact causes the champions eyes to go crossed for half a second before he slouches over and comes to a resting place with his head just under the bottom rope. Bending down, Malcovich latches onto Carlson’s nearest arm and leg and pulls him back toward the middle of the ring. He then leaps into the air and drives his knee directly down into the sternum of his opponent.

Quickly, Malcovich rolls through and spins, bending down and pulling Eli back up to his feet. Right away he hoists him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position but Carlson quickly slips down from his shoulders and drops to the mat behind Eddy, shoving him forward. Malcovich stumbles a few steps in the direction he was shoved, catching both of his hands on the top rope. In the knick of time he turns just as the champion charges in his direction and Eddy is just able to drop down and pull the top rope down with him, leaving Eli to go flying over the top and crash all the way down to the floor.

JOHNSON: “Nothing going as planned for the North American Champion at all…”

VASSA: “It’s about time we see someone take the fight directly to Eli. Edgar isn’t phased by the mystique that Carlson has built around himself here at all.”

JOHNSON: “And maybe that’s what makes Eddy such a dangerous opponent for Eli. He hasn’t been here for the reign of terror that Eli has had as the North American champion. He doesn’t buy into the hype. And he certainly isn’t afraid.”

VASSA: “Even the worst villains have vulnerabilities and up to this point it seems Eddy has found Eli’s.”

On his hands and knees, Eli coughs and clutches at the side he landed directly on before slowly beginning to crawl to pull himself over toward the ring apron. Inside the ring Eddy spies the situation with Eli and decides to continue putting the pressure on him. Rolling out of the far side of the ring, the challenger finds his footing with ease and begins to circle the outside of the ring, picking up speed with each step. Meanwhile, Logan Whitby responsibly does his job and begins to count.


Malcovich rounds the corner just as Eli pulls himself up onto the ring apron and slouches his body weight against the steel ring steps. Lowering his shoulder, Eddy seeks to spear Eli straight through the steel steps but at the last moment Eli slumps to the side and out of harm’s way leaving Eddy with nowhere to go but head and shoulder first straight into the unforgiving steps.


JOHNSON: “Good God! Eddy tried to drive Eli through those steel steps and… and…”

VASSA: “He’s not moving, Steve. Boy that doesn’t look good at all. He sorta looks like those old chairs Perry used to have for us out here after I put on a few pounds that one winter. You remember the one’s right Steve?”

JOHNSON: “You mean the ones that collapsed like the North Tower under your weight?”


With neither men moving on the outside the referee continues his count.


Having narrowly avoided Eddy trying to kill him, Eli begins to move first again slowly crawling, this time to the security barrier. Reaching up he tries to latch onto the top of the barrier to pull himself upward but the fans in the front row pry his fingers off to keep him from getting back up as quickly. Shouts imploring Malcovich to get back up fall on lifeless ears for the time being as Eddy still remains slumped halfway across the stairs and is showing no signs of moving.


A heavy sigh escapes the North American champ as he pushes himself up to one knee. Instinctively he looks over his shoulder to check and make sure Eddy is still down and not moving and relief washes over his face when he sees that to be true. Putting all of his weight upon his thigh, Eli managed to force himself up to standing but unsteadily and he quickly slouches against the barrier for support. Another big deep breath heaves his shoulders upward and drops them back down as he moves pushes himself away from the barrier and moves toward the challenger. He throws a few week punches that slap off of Eddy’s back before he turns his attention upward toward the ring post.


Scowling at the referee, Eli shouts an obscenity at him that gets him a warning glare in return. The two then begin to argue more vehemently, with Eli telling the referee he can do whatever the hell he wants to and the referee threatens to disqualify him if he kept it up. In response, Eli knelt and tossed the apron up onto the canvas and began rummaging around underneath the ring where he soon plucked a steel chair out. Turning and lifting it high above his head, the champion was determined to bring it down across Eddy’s back and give the referee a reason to disqualify him but before he could swing it downward, the zebra striped official reached over the top rope and grabbed it, prying free from Eli’s grasp and tossing it out the other side of the ring. Once the chair had been taken care of the referee turned around and held up all five fingers on one hand and then shouted.


Stomping his feet, Eli shouts at Whitby to stop his count but it’s to no avail. And it’s then that a twitch of motion catches his eye. Turning fully, Eli takes in the previously lifeless body of Eddy Malcovich just as he starts to move. A loud “Fuck you, Eddy” rings out from the champions mouth as he rolls back into the ring and under the bottom rope to break the referee’s count. Immediately Eli then rolls back out onto the ring apron and pushes himself up, swiftly moving over the the ring post and ascending to the top rope.

JOHNSON: “Oh god, I don’t even want to know what Eli is thinking about doing here.”

VASSA: “He can’t be… ”

A brief moment in time passes as Eli steadies himself on the top rope just as Eddy begins to push himself upward onto his hands, still hunched over the steel ring steps. Flashbulbs from phone camera’s ignite all around the arena as, for a brief moment in time, the arena goes collectively quiet just as Eli springs off of the top turnbuckle. His body seems to hover in mid air for half of a moment, just enough time for him to tuck his legs under as he begins to fall downward. And then everything that had seemed to slow suddenly reaches its normal speed again.




JOHNSON: “I’m not sure I can believe what I’ve just seen although why we ever put anything past Elijah Carlson I don’t know.”

VASSA: “It’s like a trainwreck out here, Steve. A worse trainwreck than Madman Szalinski’s bowels.”

Sprawled out across the floor are the remnants of Edgar Malcovich and Elijah Carlson after Eli dropped a leg drop down across the back of Eddy’s neck and onto the steel steps. It was a moment that most fans in attendance would have captured on their smartphones. But it was the carnage after that likely did the most damage to both men as Eddy found himself squashed between the two hundred plus pounds of North American Champion and unyielding steel. Meanwhile, Eli had tumbled backward off of Eddy and cracked the back of his head off of the floor. Whether he had knocked himself unconscious or simply stunned himself quite nastily was yet to be seen.

VASSA: “Why the hell isn’t this dumbass referee counting now?! It’s his fault Eli did this after all.”

JOHNSON: “I would think you wouldn’t want him to count. The championship doesn’t change hands without a pinfall or a submission.”


Instead of counting, Whitby quickly slips out of the ring to check on both men to make sure that they were actually still alive. Upon being disturbed, Eddy slumps fully off of the steel steps and down onto the ground. Certain that the challenger could keep going, Whitby moved on to Eli who was clutching the back of his head with both hands and was slightly curled into a fetal position. When Whitby tried to make sure he was alright the champ kicked at him angrily with his right foot, just barely missing catching the ref.

Somehow, miraculously, it’s just as Whitby gets back into the ring that both men begin to work their way back up to their feet and toward the ring apron. Just as Whitby is about to begin his count, the two slip themselves under the bottom rope but it’s clear both of them are much worse for the wear than they had been just a few moments before. Digging deep they both find a way back to a vertical base. Trying to keep with his original plan, to keep the pressure on at all costs, Eddy moves to take the fight to Eli but almost on cue Eli drops back and throws his right foot overhead, cracking Eddy in the temple with a picturesque pele kick.

JOHNSON: “YOUR CORONATION! Oh, Eddy is dazed but he’s not gone down, somehow! I don’t know how he’s still standing.”

Looking back on this match years from this moment, Eli would likely wonder how Malcovich hadn’t gone down from a perfectly timed kick that had been his signature for so long. But it wouldn’t happen in that moment because his pride got the best of him and there wasn’t even the hint of a thought that Eddy hadn’t been dropped like a sack of potatoes. And so when Eli gets back up and dusts his hands off, a satisfied smirk crossing his face thinking that everything was sewn up, he turned right around into the most hellacious clothesline from hell that the world has ever seen. Upon contact Eli flips and is turned inside out as the force of the blow even brings Eddy down to a knee. Quickly, he pulls the fallen body of the champion closer and covers him for a pinfall attempt.


VASSA: “OH COME ON! I thought he had him there, Steve!”

The crowd groans with Vinny as Eddy sits back on his shins, running a hand through his hair and glancing at Logan Whitby to check and make sure he hadn’t gotten the three. Whitby shakes his head and holds up two fingers, waving the action on. Nodding his head, Malcovich pushes himself back up and brings Eli with him. He looks to irish whip the champ into the ropes but Eli holds on and sends Eddy into them instead. Upon the rebound, Eli aims a low drop kick at Malcovich’s knee but the challenger leap frogs and continues his sprint into the opposite ropes. Eli shifts and twists, spinning back up to his feet.


A nasty single leg dropkick from the challenger flattens the champion and sprawls him out across the ring.

JOHNSON: “Did he just…”


Scrambling, Eddy again looks for the pinfall, this time even going to the extent of hooking the nearest leg. Whitby scrambles and slides in as the crowd erupts, counting along with him as his hand rises and falls.


A unified, disappointed groan of disappointment rumbles throughout the arena as Whitby halts his count mere centimeters before it would have fallen a third time and points to the rope nearby where the champ has managed to slip his foot up onto the bottom rope. Fans around the arena can be seen with their hands on their heads, jaws hanging down in shock having thought they were witnessing the end of the reign of Elijah Carlson as the North American champion in that moment. But it wasn’t to be. Eddy’s face is a mask of shock and disbelief as he pulls at his cheeks with both of his hands, shaking his head slightly and surely wondering what he has to do to put this thing away.

JOHNSON: “The tenacity of the champion, Vinny. You just can’t say enough about it. Somehow, someway, he seems to always find a way to hang on when all hope is lost.”

VASSA: “He’s a fucking cockroach. You stomp on him a hundred times and he still doesn’t fucking die.”

JOHNSON: “Eddy has thrown everything and the kitchen sink at him and still Eli just won’t stay down.”

VASSA: “Not everything… but it looks like he’s about to pull out the big guns. SLASH THAT THROAT EDDY!”

As he stands, Eddy stares down at the fallen Elijah Carlson and drags his thumb across his throat before reaching down and pulling him up to his feet. Once more Eddy hoists him up onto his shoulders into a firemans carry position and just as he goes to toss him up to bring him down onto his knees in the Penance Stare, the champ just manages to slip down his back and shove Eddy toward the ropes similar to how he had before. At the same time Eli bounces off the far set of ropes and springs back in Eddy’s direction. This time instead of pulling the rope down, Eddy turns and bends forward, lifting Eli up over his head in a back body drop that sends him up over the top rope.

JOHNSON: “Not ag-OH! Somehow Eli managed to catch the top rope and land on the apron. I don’t know how but it seems to have rattled him a bit.”

Malcovich notices that Eli has landed but jarred himself a bit and takes off toward the far ropes himself. On the rebound he comes running back toward the champion, lowering his shoulder and this time Eddy doesn’t miss with the spear but instead goes right through the middle and top ropes, driving Eli off of the apron and rocketing him into the security barrier with Eddy following suit. Once more the two men find themselves on the outside of ring in a broken heap.

It takes until a referees count of seven for either of the two men to start moving and it’s Eddy who does so first, beginning to creep back up to his hands and knees and then to a vertical base with the help of the nearby barrier just as Eli is starting to stir as well. It reaches an eight count just as Eddy manages grab Eli by the back of the neck and roll him into the ring. That’s enough to reset the referee’s count. Meanwhile, Eddy moves and climbs up to the top of the turnbuckles himself and has his eyes set on the champion. But he takes an extra moment to steady himself and that’s all Eli needs to dive toward the rope and catch the top, wobbling Eddy’s foundation and eventually causing him to slip and land split legged on the top turnbuckle. His expression tells the world all they need to know about the discomfort he’s feeling.

For the champion this has gone from making an example out of Eddy to simply surviving and it’s that survival instinct that kicks in and fuels him as he notices Eddy dazed by the precarious position he’s fallen into. Pushing himself back up onto an unsteady vertical base, Eli wobbles and catches himself, allowing himself a moment to find his bearings before risking it all. Dashing toward the challenger, Eli deftly steps onto the bottom rope, and then the middle rope, before stepping all the way up onto Eddy’s knee to throw himself up into the air and swipe his right shin violently towards Eddy’s face.


VASSA: “Look out Eddy!”

Malcovich, dazed by the nasty shining wizard on the top rope, slouches and slumps and begins to tumble toward the ring apron but manages to get a hand out and catch the top rope to spare himself the full force of the fall. Instead he more or less collapses onto the ring apron and rolls himself back into the ring. Meanwhile, Eli hasn’t exactly taken the most graceful tumble back down to the canvas and takes a moment to push himself back up onto his feet while Eddy reaches out and begins to pull himself up using the ropes.

Carlson charges and out of nowhere Eddy lifts him up into a fireman’s carry, again looking for the Penance Stare. This time instead of slipping down off of his back, Eli manages to grasp onto the top rope, keeping Eddy from launching him up and being able to finish the sequence of moves. Improvising quickly, Eddy drops Eli down face first toward the canvas while simultaneously bringing up a nasty kick to crack him right in the chest. Clutching his chest, Eli stands upright being able to bring his feet down underneath him. Malcovich takes a step back and then launches another clothesline from hell at the champion but Eli just ducks under it and goes sprinting toward the far ropes. He bounces off and rebounds and in the blink of an eye the whole crowd can feel disaster coming. Vassa expresses their sentiment perfectly from the commentary table.

VASSA: “Oh no….”

The impact reverberates around the arena as Eli catches Edgar Malcovich flush with a Red Light Special that lays him out perfectly in the middle of the ring. The hope that had existed throughout the majority of the match suddenly finds itself driven out of the building as Eli sits up with a smirk on his face next to the fallen body of Eddy Malcovich. The body of the champion is peppered with red welts and marks, signifying the battle that has ensued before the Fright Night fan base. Eli’s shoulders bounce up and down as he begins to laugh, looking over at Malcovich and shaking his head.

It doesn’t take long for Eli to stand back up, though the fans don’t seem to be quite certain right away what he’s doing but it becomes quite clear when Eli steps over the body of Malcovich and leans down, slapping him across the face and shouting that he will never belong in a 4CW ring. Though the final word is choked out in surprise as Malcovich reaches up and brings Eli down to the canvas, rolling him up into a small package pinning attempt as the crowd explodes from their seats, hope suddenly finding itself pulsating through their veins once more.


The two men quickly spin back to their feet after Eli manages to break the pinning attempt at the last second. As they do Malcovich lunges toward him but Eli is just half a step ahead of him. He hoists Eddy up onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry. Launches him up into the air, flipping him over, and bringing him down back first onto his knees. There’s no delay this time. Eli quickly transitions and hooks the leg of the fallen Malcovich once more as Whitby positions himself perfectly and slides in.



The sound of a headset being torn off of of Vassa’s head and slammed down onto the commentary table can be heard by those watching at home. At the sound of the bell Eli rolls off of his fallen opponent and simply lays there, staring up at the lights for a moment. The stunned crowd takes a moment to process what exactly has happened.

JOHNSON: “For those of you watching at home my compatriot Vinny Vassa is going to need just a moment.”

After another moment passes, Eli sits back up and smiles the worlds biggest smile as the sweet sounds of Mike Powers voice can suddenly be heard booming over the sound system while the referee retrieves the North American Championship from the time keeper.


Whitby tries to raise Eli’s hand in victory but he jerks it away and then yanks his title belt out of the man’s hands. Not wanting to spend any long in the ring, Eli rolls himself to the outside and then collapses against the security barrier, a tired sneer etched into his expression as he clutches the belt close to his chest once more. That shot remains for a few more seconds until the commentary duo of Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa can be seen once more, with Vinny just slipping his headset back on.

JOHNSON: “What a war. What an absolute war. Regardless of what the champion said to Eddy at the end there, I think tonight proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Edgar Malcovich does indeed belong in 4CW!”


JOHNSON: “And you know that’s going to sting for a while for Edgar but when he looks back on this he can say that he stood toe to toe on the biggest stage with one of the best that this company has ever seen. He has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.”

VASSA: “All I know is I better see some titties in the WarZone or this night is complete bullshit.”

JOHNSON: “And you just might, Vin, you just might. But for now the reign of Elijah Carlson as North American Champion continues and you have to wonder, at this point, if there’s anybody out there who can stop him.”

VASSA: “Maybe someone can make him stumble into traffic.”

JOHNSON: “We’re going to give my partner a chance to regroup and be right back, folks. We’ll see you again in a minute.”

He’s standing in the mirror staring at himself noticing the bright LED lights, that are strong enough to jar you awake if it’s the first thing you see upon waking up, still manage to accentuate his physique. His hands are grasped around his waist at the 4CW Championship as his eyes slowly travel down to acknowledge its beauty.

LAUGHLIN: “I start every morning off with the grinding sounds of peanut butter and whey protein being ground together by the metal blades on my blender.”

Bryan’s head tilts to the side as he returns to the lifeless eyelocked gaze he just had.

LAUGHLIN:“After consuming it I use a charcoal based shampoo to make sure my hair and mustache remain perfect while I moisturize and cleanse with a honey almond gel scrub.”

His hands travel up to his hair before running over the mustache pushing all the hairs in place.

LAUGHLIN: “And when you hear that you may realize Bryan Laughlin is like everyone else. I put my pants on one leg at a time. I drink water, sleep, and even breathe oxygen just like everyone else. When you meet me I’ll shake your hand, but you aren’t shaking hands with someone you can relate to. I’m more than you’ll ever be.”

Reaching onto the counter below him he picks up two leather gloves and slowly begins to pull them over each finger assuring their tightness.

LAUGHLIN: “There is an idea of Bryan Laughlin. A 4CW Champion. Some kind of unstoppable force, but there is no real definition of who I am. Not anymore. There used to be. There used to be labels that people slapped on me. Underachiever. Masochist. Has been. I was a guy who couldn’t be taken seriously.”

Each word that comes from his mouth is void of emotion. A monotone droning of sentences instead of the usual enthusiastic metaphor filled monologue.

LAUGHLIN: “And though I could hold my cold gaze across from you into the ring? And you can feel my skin against yours when you try to wrestle me? You may think for a second that we live in a comparable existence. Since the moment I’ve held this championship not one person has left the ring thinking they belong in a ring with me.”

Finally Bryan Laughlin turns towards the camera running his hands against one another and taking a long look into the camera.

LAUGHLIN: “But tonight you have all convinced yourselves that you belong. Whether it be the luck of existence. Or the chance that’s been given. Tonight there will be no moral victories or participation trophies. There will be human beings who thought they had what it takes to be champion. They’ve all given their reasons and not once did any of them mention passion or sacrifice. They never once said they wanted to elevate this championship. That’s because they know they can’t. They’ve lied to you. They’ve lied to themselves. And now they will suffer the endless reminder that their self created holiday is soon to be a self inflicted horror. A Warzone of Horrors.”

One last time he stares down at the 4CW Championship and runs his hands over it gently.



We come back to ringside where the two rings have now been joined side by side, the one used prior in the evening with regular ropes and now on display for the entire world, the second ring for the Warzone of Horrors surrounded by barbed wire ropes. Above the ring, the steel structure hangs, waiting to be lowered and contain the chaos that awaits.

VASSA: ”Welcome back to ringside, folks! It’s now time for our main event!”

JOHNSON: ”The annual Warzone of Horrors, this year’s featuring the 4CW Championship only!”

VASSA: ”In years past we’ve seen either the 4CW Championship or a contract for a guaranteed title shot hanging high above the cage, along with the XTV or Extreme Championship, or like last year we saw the Ignition Championship involved.”

JOHNSON: ”Every year since Twenty-Fifteen there has always been another championship at play but this year, just like the first Warzone ever back in Twenty-Fourteen, will only be for one title, the 4CW Championship!”

VASSA: ”We haven’t seen only one championship in this thing since the very first Warzone. We’ve also never seen more than eight people enter this match but this year’s will feature more all gunning for Bryan Laughlin and the 4CW Championship.”

JOHNSON: ”Judging by promotional videos leading up to tonight alone, I’ve counted nine individuals other than the champion entering that structure of destruction above.”

VASSA: ”Who knows if there will be more?! I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the entire roster and even Battleground Network affiliates fighting on top of the cage before the belt is retrieved from the top of the ladder attached to the cage roof.”

JOHNSON: ”And you know who has remained cool and has even welcomed this potential horde coming for the crown? Bryan Laughlin. He doesn’t seem fazed at all.”

VASSA: ”We saw what he did in the South Beach Brawl Cup. He’s the only champion to defend the championship for the entirety of the tournament. Will he be the only champion to ever enter the Warzone of Horrors with the 4CW Championship and leave still king of the mountain?”

JOHNSON: ”That’s going to be a tough one. We already know how gruesome this match can be and anyone can shock the entire world with a surprise win.”

VASSA: ”That’s what excites me the most about this match. Besides the violence inside of the cage which then leads to the cage top, it’s the fact that anyone can pull off an upset victory in this match just by being the one to climb that ladder to snatch that 4CW Championship awaiting its owner.”

JOHNSON: ”Well enough with that chit-chat. We have at least ten confirmed people entering tonight’s main event so let’s get on with the entrances so things can finally get underway for the Warzone of Horrors.”

Right on queue, the ring posts explode as pyro shoots into the air, stirring the entire crowd up in attendance at tonight’s event. Above the rings that are side by side, the steel structure slowly begins to lower as the sound of the bell fills the air.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen… are you ready?”

The crowd responds with cheers following the question from Mike Powers.


The crowd responds even louder than before, creating a rumble throughout the arena. The cage continues to lower, getting closer and closer to the rings below. Inside of the rings, various weapons are scattered across the canvas, as well as the surrounding area of the floor surrounding the ring. In the ring with the barbed wire ropes, the corners are also wrapped in barbed wire. On the outside, we see various items to be used such as light tubes, power tools, kendo sticks, metal trash cans full of goodies, and did we mention tables? YES, tables everywhere, tables stacked on tables, glass panes stacked to create even more tables, and yes again, the announcers booth can even be used as a table as it has many times in the past.

POWERS: ”The following Warzone of Horrors contest will be for the 4CW Championship in which the only way to win will be to climb the steel structure lowering before you all right now, and then climb the ladder attached to the top to retrieve the championship belt hanging high above it all.”

The cage then finally touches down to the ground, enclosing both rings and the assortment of weapons at ringside. Some tables managed to find themselves inside of the cage, as well as the outside of the cage where we find the majority of all stacked tables waiting to break someone’s fall. With everything in place, Mike Powers then exits the ring he’s in and cage, taking his place beside the booth where he begins announcing the entrants.

POWERS: ”Let’s the fun begin!”

The lights in the arena go black, the video board plays a black and white clip of Beau Von Braun lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag before the image turns completely into smoke.

“Oh, my God, please help me—”
“Knee-deep in the river tryin’ to get clean.”

Hit the heavy drum as ‘Bartholomew” by the Silent Comedy continues to echo out over the arena. The gospel sounding song brings out all three Von Braun brothers, lead by none other than Beau who is wearing a red jacket over his muscular chest and a matching pair of red tinted sunglasses. To his right is his brother Brady and to the left is his other brother Brian, or maybe that’s the other way around, hard to tell as they are twins. Brady and Brian sport silver and black silk vests over black collared shirts and silver ties, the sleeves of their shirts have been rolled up because they’re probably looking for a fight here tonight. The blonde haired Beau leads his two brothers towards the ring making sure not to give even the lightest acknowledgement to any member of the audience.

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring at this time, lead to the ring by his brothers Brady and Brian… standing in at six feet three inches and weighing in at two hundred and forty two pounds, he is the ‘LAST SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN’… BEAU VOOOOOOOOON BRAAAAAAAAAAUN!!!”

Just as soon as Mike says that last bit, Beau spits in disgust towards the crowd as he enters the cage and pulls himself up into the ring. He shoos away the referee and then carefully hands over his jacket and glasses to one of his two brothers as he starts in with a last minute pre-match stretching routine. Beau heads back over towards his two brothers who are up on the apron and the trio begin discussing strategy, and possibly passing each other weapons for this match.

Before the next entrant is announced, the official inside of the ring forces the two brothers to exit the cage. Once they exit, an outside official then forces them to leave the ringside area all together, but not without an argument first! Back and forth the brothers argue with the official before finally getting the hint and heading back up the ramp.

Once the brothers are gone, Mike Powers continues to coordinate the show.

The beginning beat of “Bow Down” by I Prevail begins to play as the entrance ramp fills up with smoke from smoke machines.


As soon as the words are screamed Toby Wagner bursts through the curtains to an echo of boos. He stands on the ramp for a minute and rolls his eyes. He looks back to the curtains as if he might actually walk back through before sighing and beginning to walk towards the ramp with minimum energy and enthusiasm.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Chicago, Illinois… TOBY WWAAGGNNEERR!!!”

The boos get louder upon his announcement and Toby smirks but doesn’t address a single one of them as he enters the cage, climbs the steps and steps inside the ring surrounded by barbed wire. He doesn’t pose he doesn’t do anything besides walk straight to his corner and wave his hand encouraging for them to get on with the match.

The lights dim in the arena as “Break the Rules” begins to play before Rebecca Thoreau steps out onto the stage. Rebecca looks out at the large crowd of people jeering in her direction before she makes a dramatic swishing motion with her robe. The smirk is obvious on her lips that are painted a deep shade of red as Rebecca begins to strut her way down along the ramp with her head held high barely acknowledging the fans as she walks. Each step she takes is filled with an air of superiority as she makes her way closer to the ring, at this point completely ignoring the fans reaching out in their attempts to even brush up against her while she makes her way past them.

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring… from Chicago, Illinois… she is REBECCA TTHHOORREEAAUU!!!”

After entering the cage, Rebecca makes her way up the steel steps, once again letting her cape fly back behind her with a flourish, before she steps onto the apron where she grabs onto the middle rope so she can slip through them to make her way inside of the ring as gracefully as possible. Once in the ring, Rebecca makes a ‘shoo, fly’ motion towards BVB making it clear she wants him out of the way for her to truly make her grand entrance. The lights in the arena come back on as Rebecca removes her robe, the music fading out, while she stares across the ring towards her opponent with a self confident smirk on her face.

“I told ya, baby
I told ya”

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

“Rocking these diamonds
I’m rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I’m rocking my fame”

POWERS: ”Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the ‘Princess of the Reed family’ and one half of the reigning 4CW Tag Team Champions… BIANCA RREEEEDD!!!”

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her Toby in the barbed wire ring and running him down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

The arena lights dim, beckoning the crowd’s attention to the entryway as the beginning riffs of “Absolute Power” by Parkway Drive lead into the lead singer’s roar, triggering an array of blues and strobe lights to engulf the area Logan Traeger stands in as he makes his way out, bottle of water in hand, which he pours over his hair before taking a drink of some just before discarding it and walking to the ring with a confident purpose.

“Your heart, your home, your voice, it’s got a price tag
Sign in blood, bury your rights in a body bag
They’re feeding fear through the fault lines
You heard it here first, they got your freedoms on the front line”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring, hailing from Miami, Florida. Standing at six foot, three inches, and weighing two hundred forty pounds, LOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAN TRAAAAAAAAEGERR!!!”

Logan stops at the immediate ringside area, gazing toward the steel structure and surveying the crowd. Making his way to the left he slides up onto the apron on one knee and proceeds to stand, playing to the raucous fans.

“Pay ’em off and play ’em off
Fear rolls like a reaper through the streets of the lost
Pay ’em off and play ’em off
But in the eyes of the storm
The truth drops like a bomb”

Stepping into the ring, Logan hits the ropes twice, flipping over the top rope on the opposite end of the ring the third time, feet landing on the apron, with his arms stretched out, palms facing the crowd.

“Hands in chains for a fist full of dollars
Who do we blame for the holes in our knowledge?
The past you know has been written by the victor
So I ask you now, who is it writing your future?
The butcher, the liar, the thief or the killer?
Your freedom died quiet in the halls of power
Starved for peace, we’ll eat war until it kills us
Six feet deep with a belly full of bullets”

Just before entering the ring, he climbs the outside middle turnbuckle and takes in the atmosphere of the night with a look of determination while mouthing the lyrics to the track. Afterwards, he grabs the top rope and jumps into the ring to stand in the center of the chaos with BVB and Rebecca on each side of him.

“Once had a shotgun to my head they said I wasn’t worth the bullets.
Now the world is my trigger and I’m here to fucking pull it.
Once had a shotgun to my head they said I wasn’t worth the bullets!
Now the world is my trigger and I’m here to fucking pull it!”

“Looking Down The Barrel of Today” begins to thrash over the speaker system, as Jeb wastes little time getting out to the stage. He glares around the arena, before daunting a cocky smirk – showing off mouth guard. He then begins to bounce back and fourth between both feet, whacking the side of his jaw with a closed fist as he does so. Jeb then lets out a very barbaric sounding roar before rushing forward. As he makes his way down to the ramp, his head twitches a little bit from side to side, as he spins his wrists in circles, getting them loosened up. There’s an arrogant smugness to his facial expressions as he makes his way down the ramp, not really giving the audience any attention. Before Jeb enters the cage he pauses, griping the outside of the cold steel he gets a feel for the structure.

Powers: ”Now making his way into the Warzone, Standing at six foot three inches, and weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds! He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. This is ‘THE FERAL!’… JEB FFIISSHHEERR!!!

As Powers finishes her introduction Jeb enters the Warzone, hopping up onto the apron with relative ease. He lets out a mocking laugh as he enters the ring, wasting no time to stalk around his environment with a shit-eating grin on his lips. He then goes to the center of the ropes and climbs up on the second, holding the top with one hand while he drives his other closed fist into the side of his jaw – looking rather intimidating. After a few moments of this he lets out another sinister cackle and hops down from the ropes, returning to his corner and staring down his opponents, as he bounces back and fourth between feet.



The familiar callout from “King of Amarillo” by Issues hits the P.A., but it switches immediately into Scooter’s “Fire.” As this new song’s intro riff plays, smoke pours out from the fog machines and clouds the entire stage. In time, “The Revolution” A.J. Morales emerges from the haze wearing a replica of his Smoke costume from Elysian’s new Mortal Kombat movie. He takes off his mask just in time to scream along with the music…


FWOOOSH! A few columns of fire go up right as the beat kicks in, and A.J. starts headbanging and playing along with the guitar on his 4CW tag title belt. He keeps this up until the first verse, at which point he slings the belt over his shoulder and starts walking down the ramp, high-fiving his many fans along the way.

POWERS: ”Next… from San Francisco, California, standing six feet tall, weighing in at one hundred eighty-seven pounds…he is one half of the 4 Corners Wrestling Tag Team Champions… ‘The Revolution!’… A! … J! … MMOORRAALLEESS!!!”

Morales hands over his title belt to a stagehand right in front of the Warzone gates, then steps inside, climbs to the top turnbuckle of one of the rings, and throws up a clenched-fist salute to the crowd. Once he climbs back down into the ring, he stays in that corner, taking in everything around him, steeling his nerves for the war to come…

“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains with her mouth guard hanging out. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she pops the mouth guard back in and starts making her way down to the ring.

”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota…weighing in at one hundred twenty-eight pounds…she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”

”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws out more boos toward Ana. She brushes them off as she enters the cage, leaps up to the apron and climbs through the barbed wire ropes into the ring. Ana finds a free corner in the ring and walks toward it, perching herself on the top turnbuckle, and popping her mouth guard out again as she waits for the match to begin.

“All I Wanna Do (Is Fuck Myself Tonight)” by Steel Panther blared throughout the arena as the lights went dim. Neon pink and blue lights began to flicker on the stage while a form became visible in the flashing lights…

“You’re gonna love it if you like it or not!”

A negative reaction erupting from the crowd. Brennan soaked it in as he stood on the stage, chewing his gum as he gave an unamused look to the audience as the lights began to brighten, revealing him standing on the stage.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, he hails from San Andreas, California, weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds and standing at six foot two inches tall… He has requested to be announced as the following… He is the Cornerstone of 4 Corners, the Sultan of Schlong… He is also known as the King Kong of Dong…”

Powers brandished a piece of paper, comically large and read off the nicknames. Devlin walked down the stage casually, ignoring the various hands reaching for him as he made it to the ringside area, Powers, as usual, having a hard time getting out all of his monikers. Brennan soon entered the cage and walked his way towards the steps to the ring with regular ropes, climbing up onto the apron and standing on it as he surveyed the crowd.

POWERS: ”He is the… Pinnacle of Penile Perfection, the Saint of the Taint, he is the World Class of Ass, and in some circles has been called the Big Dog of Hog, whatever that means. He is the Face of Professional Wrestling… This is… BRENNAN DDEEVVLLIINN!!!”

Brennan chuckled as he stood on the apron, then he stepped over the second rope and into the ring he went, removing his jacket and tossing it aside before throwing his arms into the air in the center of the ring. Once his music faded out, he walked to the corner, resting back against the turnbuckle with a smile on his lips as he awaited the match to begin.

“Ecstasy of Gold” begins to play throughout the arena as the lights darken almost completely. A white light shines from the curtain as the stage begins to fill with smoke. The song continues to play for a little bit, building up the anticipation for the entrance of the 4CW Champion.

The music then shifts to something a bit heavier as “Creeping Death” by Metallica begins blasting through the speakers. The fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the 4CW CHAMPION, this IS… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”

He looks at the cage with a smile across his face taking in all its glory. After entering the steel structure, he reaches the apron of the ring with barbed wire ropes he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the 4CW Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.

Laughlin is then greeted by the official who takes the championship away from him before passing it along to another official who then exits the cage with it. With the help of a scissor-lift, one official rises to the top of the cage with the championship, stepping down onto the structures roof. Holding the championship high above his head with both hands, the official then walks along the edge of the cage top, presenting the title to the crowd in attendance. Climbing the ladder bolted to the top of the cage, the official then hangs and secures the championship to a cage hanging over it all. With the belt now in place, the official steps back onto the scissor-lift before lowering to the floor.

A few moments pass as the machine is removed from ringside. With the champion, nine challengers, and an official inside of the cage, the single door to the structure is then closed. Chains are then used to secure the door to the rest of the structure, preventing it from being open. Locking the chain in place, the outside official then looks to the one inside the cage, giving him a slight nod.

VASSA: ”This is it! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.”

JOHNSON: ”Everything is in place. The championship hangs high above everything just over the top of the ladder. We have two rings inside the cage, one with regular ropes and one with barbed wire ropes. We have weapons upon weapons scattered inside and outside of the cage. And we have tables, oh boy do we have tables galore here at ringside!”

VASSA: ”And with ten competitors locked inside of the cage, there isn’t a single thing we need additional other than the sound of the bell.”

JOHNSON: ”We have five people in each ring all looking to rip each other apart and claim what hangs above it all.”

VASSA: ”There’s no going back from this point. The cage has been locked and for thirty minutes it will remain locked before a pair of bolt cutters are introduced to the mix to be used as an escape.”

JOHNSON: ”With everything inside of the cage, what’s going to be left of them after thirty minutes?”

VASSA: ”Blood… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

JOHNSON: ”And on that note I believe our official is ready for the spotlight.”

After checking in with each of the ten competitors for tonight’s Warzone of Horrors, the official on the inside of the ring then calls for the bell, officially getting tonight’s carnage underway!


And with the sound of the bell, the countdown begins.



In the ring surrounded by barbed wire, Jeb immediately rushes Laughlin, charging straight for him as he stands in the corner just seconds following the bell. He quickly takes notices, preparing himself for an exchange of fists as Jeb approaches. Out of nowhere, Toby blindsides him, jumping through the air and connecting with a stiff elbow strike to the side of Laughlin’s head. Laughlin falls into the barbed wire ropes, the cold metal piercing his skin as he presses against it. Shortly after, Jeb connects with a running forearm smash to Laughlin’s head, knocking him up and over the top barbed wire rope before spilling down to the outside floor below.

Jeb leans over the barbed wire rope, taunting Laughlin from inside the ring. What he didn’t notice was Toby within arms length and what was soon to follow. Reaching through the ropes, Toby grabs a light tube resting on the apron. Taking it in both hands, he then pulls back and swings for the fences, shattering it instantly against the side of Jeb’s head. A white cloud engulfs Jeb’s head as impact is made. He falls against the barbed wire ropes and when he tries to pull himself away, his pants are snagged, preventing him from doing so. He swings for Toby, missing by only inches as Toby steps backwards out of his reach. Out of nowhere, Ana silently creeps in before lighting him up with a superkick to the head that knocks Jeb into the corner wrapped in even more barbed wire.

Ana and Toby then begin attacking Jeb from both sides as he trapped in the corner. Joining in the fun, Bianca steps in between Ana and Toby, adding a third set of hands to the assault on Jeb. Jeb tries his best to fight them off, swinging wildly in all directions as someone hits him, only to swing a second too late before getting attacked from another direction. On the outside, Laughlin is back to his feet, looking on as the three corner Jeb with their attack. With another rumble taking place in the other ring, AJ manages to slip away unnoticed, exiting the ring. Spotting Laughlin on the outside, he slowly sneaks over to his side of the action.

Picking up a staple gun from the ground, he positions himself perfectly behind Laughlin before striking. Swinging as hard as he can, AJ slams the staple gun against the back of Laughlin’s head, instantly dropping him to his knees as he grabs onto the apron to keep himself from dropping to the floor completely. Pressing the staple gun against Laughlin’s back, AJ then begins squeezing it over and over, lodging staple after staple into Laughlin’s back. Meanwhile, Jeb remains on the receiving end of a brutal assault by Ana, Toby, and Bianca.

JOHNSON: ”They aren’t wasting any time in that ring are they?”

VASSA: ”Jeb’s fighting against a three on one situation right now and needless to say, he’s having a hard time fighting back against one, let alone three!”

JOHNSON: ”The 4CW Champion was targeted from the very start before getting knocked out of the ring. If he didn’t already know, I’m sure he’s well aware of the target painted on his back with nine others gunning for him.”

VASSA: ”Speaking of guns, AJ is going to work with that staple gun. Laughlin’s going to have a tough time getting through airport security after tonight is all said and done.”

Switching over to the other ring, the one without the barbed wire ropes, we see Devlin and Logan exchanging punches in the center of the ring while BVB has Rebecca cornered, kicking her repeatedly in the stomach with rapid right kicks. Throwing a massive right hook, Logan just barely misses Devlin’s head as he ducks underneath it and fires back with a quick punch to his stomach. The punch forces Logan to double over and as he does, Devlin pops straight up and grabs onto his head with both hands. Jumping into the air, Devlin then comes down, pulling Logan’s head with him before planting his face onto the canvas with a sit-out facebuster!

Beau eventually breaks Rebecca down to a seated position with her back against the corner. Taking half a dozen steps backwards, he then charges towards her at full speed. Jumping slightly off the ground, he kicks both legs straight out towards her face, only to miss and go halfway through the ropes as she manages to slide out of the way in just the niche of time. He hangs there with his legs through the ropes and his upper body inside of the ring. With nowhere to go, he helplessly tries to defend himself from Bex as she is back on her feet, kicking and stomping down onto him. She backs away from the corner, leaving him hanging from the ropes upside down. Bursting forward, she charges in, connecting with a dropkick of her down to his face!

Pulling Logan up from the mat, Devlin hits him with back to back right hands to the face before locking onto his arm and whipping him to the ropes behind him. Running to the opposite set of ropes, Devlin bounces off at the same moment Logan does. The two then collide in the center of the ring, Devlin aiming for Logan’s head but getting wiped off his feet as Logan tackles him to the mat. Mounting himself on top of Devlin, Logan begins unloading with powerful right hand punches to Devlin’s head. Knocking the back of Devlin’s head against the canvas, Logan stuns him just long enough to quickly climb back to his feet. Jumping straight up into the air, Logan then comes down crashing onto Devlin with an elbow drop to the chest!

With Beau still hanging upside down with his legs through the ropes, Bex places a foot onto his throat, using the ropes for leverage as she applies pressure to it, choking him. With no official rules in place other than climbing the ladder on top of the cage to retrieve the title, the nearby official stands back and watches. His instincts tell him to break up the chokehold in the corner but he looks on, unable to do anything about it. Dragging Beau back into the ring, she then pulls him to his feet before slamming his back against the corner. Lifting him off his feet, she sits him on top of the corner. Beau immediately goes to stand on the middle ropes but as he does, Bex kicks him in the side of the knee, forcing him to drop down to a seated position on the middle turnbuckle. She then grabs ahold of him, pulling him down from the corner as she falls backwards and connects with a rope hung codebreaker!

VASSA: ”Welcome to 4CW, Beau!”

JOHNSON: ”That was quite the warm welcome, wasn’t it? Just recently signed to 4CW, Beau threw his name in the hat when the announcement was made that anyone can enter the Warzone this year. As big and gruesome as this match can be, that to me says he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and jump right into the 4CW action that a lot of wrestlers wouldn’t dare do.”

VASSA: ”When the boss man makes a match like this for the 4CW Championship open to anyone on the roster, of course we’re going to see new faces jump at the chance to become a champion in their first 4CW match ever.”


Outside of the ring, AJ continues to keep Laughlin grounded, attacking him with anything he can get his hands on. While Ana and Toby continue double teaming Jeb, Bianca exits to the apron. AJ quickly sees her and tosses her an empty metal trash can. Slow to get to his feet, Laughlin begins to push himself up as AJ and Bianca patiently look on. With two light tubes in hand, AJ draws them back as if waiting for the perfect pitch to hit the game winning homerun to win the World Series. Laughlin finally pushes himself to his feet and immediately looks at AJ who at first appears to hesitate. Running along the apron, Bianca then leaps through the air, flying with the trash can in hand before slamming it against Laughlin’s back. Laughlin stumbles forward into AJ’s swing, eating two light tubes to the face that instantly explode upon impact into a cloud of white dust.

The champion drops to his knees in a daze, but still not completely down. Still holding the trash can, Bianca then places it over his head and shoulders, blinding him from everything else in the area as well as trapping his arms against his sides. The two 4CW Tag Team Champions then find even more toys to play with. Each grabbing a steel chair, they stand on opposite sides of Laughlin who remains on his knees with the metal trash can over his upper body. In unison, the two swing the chairs together, slamming them against opposite sides of the trash can over where Laughlin’s head would be. The sound of the impact is heard well over the noise level of the crowd. Wobbling back and forth, Laughlin then falls forward, crashing to the floor.

Inside the ring, Ana steps in and kicks her foot high into the air, a superkick aimed for Jeb’s head. Grabbing Toby, Jeb pulls him in front, using him as a shield to eat the superkick from Ana. She drives her foot into Toby’s face as a result and his body goes limp. Shoving him forward, Jeb throws Toby into Ana, nearly knocking her over as she’s knocked off balance upon the impact of his body. Ana pushes Toby to the side and when she looks up, Jeb is right there to deliver an elbow strike to her face! She stumbles backwards a few steps before finally settling her feet. Before she knows it, Jeb then lifts her off her feet and onto his shoulders in a firemans carry. Holding her on his shoulders, Jeb swings up with one hand, pounding away at her head with rapid right hands. Walking over to a corner with a glass pane propped up against it, Jeb then positions himself with his back to his. Falling backwards, Jeb puts Ana through the glass with a Samoan drop, even slamming her against the corner wrapped in barbed wire.

Covered in glass and barbed wire, Ana lays in front of the corner in a complete mess. Laughing, Jeb looks on at the site, amused by the position Ana is in. He then turns his attention to Toby who has finally started to come to his senses. Before he can push himself up from the mat, Jeb grabs ahold of him, jerking him up to his feet instantly. Holding him in place with both hands, Jeb then slams his head forward, hitting Toby across the bridge of his nose with a headbutt. Lifting Toby off his feet, Jeb then slams him down onto the pieces of glass surrounding the corner where Ana remains down. Toby rolls back and forth in pain as the glass shards pierce his flesh. Kicking him in the ribs, Jeb forces Toby over to his side. Pulling Toby to his feet, Jeb then places his head between his legs before wrapping him up with both arms. Lifting Toby into the air, Jeb then powerbombs him down onto the glass covered mat again!

VASSA: ”The odds were stacked against Jeb not too long ago but now he’s taken both Toby and Ana out, punishing them with the glass debris covering the mat after putting Ana through that glass pane.”

JOHNSON: ”Both Ana and Toby are covered in not only glass, but their own blood as well. Jeb too. His back is ripped to shreds after being trapped against the corner with nowhere to go.”

VASSA: ”Although this isn’t a team type of match, our Tag Team Champions are working together on the outside against the 4CW Champion.”

JOHNSON: ”If they can keep him off his feet like they have been doing, that’s going to spell trouble for Laughlin.”

VASSA: ”Not necessarily. We still have just under twenty minutes before the bolt cutters are introduced to this match which will then lead to the fight going outside of the cage. In this environment, momentum can shift instantly and knowing all who is involved, damn near anything is possible. We’ve seen him come back from worse over the years.”


Back to the other ring, Logan and Devlin continue exchanging blows with one another until Logan connects with one that makes Devlin weak in the knees. Grabbing Devlin by the arm, Logan goes to whip himto the ropes nearby, only to get sent towards them instead as Devlin reverses the whip. Going through the ropes, Logan spills onto the apron. He quickly begins to push himself up and just as he stands, Devlin is right there, closing in with a clothesline that knocks Logan backwards from the apron. He flies backwards through the air for just a bit before landing on top of a wooden table set up at ringside. The weight and impact of his body alone doesn’t break the table, more so just providing a hard landing spot for him. Stepping out onto the apron, Devlin then backs to the far corner of the ring before taking off and running along it. Jumping away from the apron, he flies through the air, coming down onto Logan with an elbow drop that forces the table to break in half with both of their body weight.

Inside the ring, Bex attempts to take Beau down with a headlock takeover but as she does, he refuses to budge. Pulling his head away from her clutch, he then swings and connects with a forearm shot to the back of her head. Positioning her for a pump-handle, he then lifts her into the air before slamming her back down to the mat as hard as he could. Looking to the outside, he sees Devlin back on his feet standing over Logan and the pile of debris he’s on. Taking off from his position, Beau charges the ropes and once within range, he leaps up and over the top. Flying to the outside, Beau extends his arms and legs, closing in on Devlin just as he turns to face him and connecting with a flying crossbody drop. Falling backwards with Beau on top of him, Devlin lands on top of Logan. With both Devlin and Logan side by side underneath him, Beau then begins swinging with lefts and rights, alternating his target as he switches hands, pounding away at their heads.

Carefully climbing through the barbed wire ropes, Jeb enters the ring where Bex is the only one inside. He slowly stalks her as she begins pushing herself up from the mat, making sure to stay behind her and remained unnoticed while doing so. She rises to one knee and right when she does, Jeb races past her and hits the ropes in front of her. Upon his return, Bex rises to her feet and as Jeb lunges towards her, she side steps him, tripping him up and taking him face down to the mat with a drop-toe hold. Jeb’s head bounces off the mat and immediately he brings both hands over his face. Bex takes the opportunity to catch her breath and recoup while Jeb is down. Once he begins to push himself back to his feet, she quickly takes notice and positions herself behind him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Just when he rises to one knee and begins to stand up, she runs in from behind, jumping forward and wrapping an arm around the back of his head to take him back down to the mat face first again, but this time with a bulldog!


JOHNSON: ”Rebecca with the bulldog on Jeb who had no idea what hit him!”

VASSA: ”Before he changed rings, Jeb was in control of the other one with Toby and Ana both down in a bloody barbed wire and glass mess. and just like that, he entered the other ring and Bex completely shifted the momentum out of nowhere.”

JOHNSON: ”The wreckage is starting to build up between the shattered light tubes, destroyed pane of glass, and broken tables. We still have fifteen minutes before anyone can even think about exiting the cage and there’s still plenty left to be used inside.”

Outside the barbed wire ring, Bianca and AJ continue to work together against Laughlin. The trash can isn’t covering his upper body anymore, but the numbers are stacked against him with the 4CW Tag Team Champions. Together, they pull Laughlin up from the floor before AJ takes control and goes to whip him into the cage. Planting his foot before AJ could release him, Laughlin counters the maneuver and slings AJ face first into the cage instead! AJ stumbles backwards and into Laughlin who grabs ahold of him, pulling him backwards and down onto his knee with an STO backbreaker. Before he can get back to his feet, Bianca rushes him, attacking him from behind with forearms to the back. As if feeling nothing at all, Laughlin continues to rise to his feet as Bianca hits him over and over.

Spinning around, Laughlin throws his arm up, blocking a punch thrown for his head from Bianca. Swinging forward, he then hits her in the face with a forearm shot of his own, then another, and another, backing her up along the side of the ring. Grabbing her by the back of the head, Laughlin then pulls her towards the cage before slinging her forward into it face first as hard as he can. He head bounces backwards and into both of his hands. Holding her head tightly, Laughlin then slams it forward into the cage. Keeping her face pressed against the metal cage, he then begins dragging it back and forth with full pressure applied. Pulling her head back, he then slams it forward again and again, driving her face into the cage until be body somewhat goes limp. Positioning himself between her and the cage with his back to the fans, Laughlin then wraps her up with both arms before lifting her up and throwing her over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Bianca’s back crashes against the cage before she drops straight down onto the top of her head!

Inside the barbed wire ring, Ana and Toby are both on their feet and giving each other everything they have, beating each other senseless as they swing and kick with no concern for their own well being. Kicking his foot at Ana’s stomach, Toby finds himself in a bad position as Ana catches his foot before contact is made. Pulling him in by the leg with one hand, Ana then swings her arm straight forward, connecting with an open palm strike to Toby’s nose. She keeps his leg elevated and swings with a second, a third, and then a fourth palm strike to the nose. Lifting him off his feet, Ana then drops him with a side slam backbreaker in the center of the ring. Toby is slow to get to his feet and just as he rises to one knee, Ana moves in and levels him with a step-up enzuigiri! Toby head whips to the side, launching a mouthful of bloody spit into the air before crashing down to his side.

Pulling Toby up to his feet, Ana then sends him to the corner, crashing against it back first into the barbed wire. Toby instantly drops down to a seated position, the barbs digging into his back before finally sitting on the mat. Running towards him and picking up speed with each step, Ana closes in and leaps feet first into the air, extending both legs and driving her feet into Toby’s face with a seated corner dropkick. Instead of climbing to her feet, she then carefully rolls underneath the barbed wire ropes and exits to the outside. Not far from her, Laughlin continues holding his ground against the Tag Team Champions, remaining in complete control as he keeps at least one grounded at all times. She slowly moves in behind him before kicking her foot into the air and straight for his head. Holding AJ in both arms, Laughlin turns himself and AJ at just the right moment, moving AJ’s head into the line of fire where Ana’s foot collides into.

JOHNSON: ”Ana made sure to leave Toby in a bloody mess before exiting the ring and coming for the champ.”

VASSA: ”She may have been gunning for the champ but AJ is the one to eat that kick to the face as Laughlin pulled him into harms way.”

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin is starting to gain some momentum after coming back against the Tag Team Champions and gaining full control between the three of them.”

VASSA: ”Not only does he have two champions on his plate, he now has the attention of a former 4CW Champion in Anastasia.”


After dropping AJ to the floor, Laughlin then turns his entire focus to Ana. Holding nothing back, she strikes first, lunging in with both hands and catching him completely of guard with an eyerake. Laughlin quickly pulls his hand over his eyes, leaving his midsection exposed for Ana to follow up with a swift kick to the stomach. As he doubles over, she quickly wraps an arm around his head and before you know it, she falls backwards, pulling him down and planting his head to the floor with a DDT! Rolling him over to his stomach, Ana begins swinging down and hitting him with rapid right hands. From behind, Bianca rushes in with a chair in hand and swings it as hard as she can, kissing the back of Ana’s head with the backrest and knocking her off of the 4CW Champion. Holding the chair in both hands, Bianca walks over to the side of Ana before raising it in front of her and slamming it down, driving the top of the chair onto her stomach.

With both Laughlin and Ana down, Bianca then turns to assist AJ and help him back to his feet. Splitting between the two Tag Team Champions, Devlin steps onto the scene, taking both AJ and Bianca by the head and slamming them together. Bianca drops to her knees but AJ remains on his feet in a daze. Turning AJ around, Devlin then wraps him up around the waist before lifting him off his feet and slamming him into the cage with a German suplex! Devlin quickly races to his feet and turns his attention to Bianca who is still on her knees. After taking a few steps back, he then runs in and tries to take her head off with a running knee lift to the face! Bianca falls backwards to the floor as Devlin connects with the knee. He then turns to Laughlin and Ana but just when he takes his first step towards them, his attention is drawn back towards the ring. Racing towards the barbed wire ropes, Toby’s eyes are set on Devlin on the outside. Leaping forward, he dives through the barbed wire ropes and flies through the air to the outside before crashing into Devlin with a suicide dive.

On the adjacent side of the two rings, BVB and Logan are tied up with BVB’s back against the cage. Logan holds him against it as he rams multiple knees upward into Beau’s stomach. Pulling him away from the cage, Logan then slings him as hard as he can into the ring steps, knocking them over instantly upon impact. BVB crawls in the opposite direction to get away but doesn’t make it very far before Logan grabs him by the foot, stopping him in place. He rolls BVB over to his back and just as he leans in to grab him, BVB pulls the knee of his free leg to his chest before kicking it straight out and planting his foot to Logan’s face. The kick forces Logan to stumble back a step after releasing BVB’s other leg. Given just the right amount of time, BVB pops back up to his feet and charges straight for Logan. Lowering his head and shoulder, he attempts to tackle Logan but instead misses as Logan sidesteps him and gives him an extra push straight into the side of the cage head first. Spotting a table not far away, Logan walks over to it and pulls out the legs, setting the table up at ringside.

Pulling BVB up from the floor, Logan then drags him over to the table before rolling him onto it to look up at the ceiling. Before he can make his next move, a voice from inside the ring catches his ear as Jeb leans over the ropes, shouting as loudly as he can. Logan turns to face him and the two begin arguing back and forth. Jeb ducks down to exit the ring and stops halfway with one foot on the apron and one foot on the inside of the ring. The hesitation proved to be costly as Bex rushed in from behind him, hitting him in the back with a running drop kick that sent him crashing down to the outside floor. Jeb rushed to his feet but was stopped as Logan began swinging down onto him. Climbing the corner inside of the ring, Bex continued to watch for just a moment before making her move. She leaped from the corner, flying through the air and just as Logan looked up to her, it was too late. Landing with a leg over each of his shoulders and her crotch to his face, she took Logan off his feet, knocking him backwards before crashing down onto the table on top of BVB. The impact caused the table to snap in half, all three dropping to the floor with Bex on top of them all unharmed.

VASSA: ”There is just entirely too much going on inside of that cage to focus on one person alone, or even two people going at it.”

JOHNSON: ”This is the biggest Warzone of Horrors to date with a total of ten people entered. It’s nothing but chaos inside of that cage!”

VASSA: ”Just wait until the fight leaves the cage and people start climbing to the top of the cage. Then we get to see the bodies fly down crashing to their demise.”

JOHNSON: ”That’s really your favorite part about this match isn’t it?”

VASSA: ”Well… duh!”


Before Bex can push herself up from the pile of bodies and broken wood, Jeb grabs ahold of her and helps her out. Ripping her away and to her to her feet, he holds onto her tightly as he drags her towards the ring. She swings wildly trying to break free but Jeb continues despite the clawing attacks. Throwing her forward, he sends her crashing into the side of the ring where she then drops down to one knee. Keeping her on one knee, he holds her down and begins ramming multiple knees upward into her face. After stunning her briefly, he then wraps both arms around her body before powering down and lifting her off the floor. Lifting her as high as he can above his head, he then releases her, tossing her behind him only to crash hard to the floor with nothing to break her fall this time. he spots Logan slowly pushing himself up from on top of BVB, but it wasn’t long before Jeb was locked in on him. Coming in from behind just as Logan stood, Jeb quickly locked in a full nelson. Logan tried to overpower him but Jeb wouldn’t let up. Reaching up with both hands behind his own head, Logan locked onto Jeb’s before leaning slightly forward and lifting Jeb off his feet. Back stepping and gaining speed with each step, Logan then slams Jeb against the cage, sandwiching him between it and himself.

Jeb instantly releases his hold and as Logan steps away, Jeb drops back down to his feet before quickly favoring his back. Spinning around in place, Logan throws his arm up, aiming a punch straight for Jeb’s face. Just as the punch came within mere inches, Jeb lowered his head to avoid it, leaving nothing but a metal post of the cage to cushion Logan’s powerful punch. Swinging upward with all of his strength, Jeb connects with an uppercut to Logan’s chin, knocking him backwards a few steps before he trips over his own two feet and crashes to the floor. From behind, BVB jumps onto his back, wrapping an arm around Jeb’s throat and locking in a chokehold. Jeb pulls at BVB’s arm to free himself but struggles as BVB locks it in even tighter. Fighting to break free, Jeb quickly begins to wear himself down as BVB continues to choke him. Just like Logan before, Jeb begins to back step towards the cage as well, growing faster and faster with each step. Leaving himself just enough room for an out, BVB releases the chokehold and steps out of the way, leaving nothing to cushion the collision as Jeb’s back slams against the cage. Pulling Jeb away from the cage, BVB walks him over to the side of the ring where he then slams Jeb face down onto the apron before rolling him back inside.

On the other side of the rings, Toby and Devlin roll across the floor, fighting for position as they exchange blows in ground combat. Mounting himself on top of Devlin, Toby swings straight down as hard as he can, only to punch the floor as Devlin moves his head out of the way. Toby quickly pulls his hand back in pain and before he knows it, Devlin rolls him off and over to the side. Across from them, Ana and AJ exchange blows as Bianca cracks a kendo stick across Laughlin’s back. Laughlin’s body stiffens up as he releases a grunt from the blow to the back. Slowly turning around where he stands, he looks to Bianca who swings the kendo stick once more, this time completely breaking it in half over his head. Dropping the smaller half of the stick, Bianca then takes the larger half in both hands and races over to assist her partner, AJ. Ramming it against the back of Ana’s head, Bianca saves AJ as it appeared Ana was about to level him with a kick to the face. Bianca then steps in beside Ana, grabbing ahold of her and bringing the kendo stick across Ana’s throat before falling backwards and taking her down with a Russian leg sweep. The two Tag Team Champions then work together and begin stomping down onto Ana who lies on the ground with nothing to cover herself for protection.

Devlin walks over to the 4CW Champion, pulling him up from the floor as Reedvolution continue to double team Ana. Devlin pulls him around to another side of the ring that hasn’t seen any action yet, which just so happens to be on the side with the glass pane table. Throwing Laughlin forward, Devlin sends him crashing into the side of the table, nearly knocking it over. With an arm on top of the table, Laughlin uses it to hold himself up. From behind, Devlin grabs Laughlin by the head and slams it down as hard as he can, smashing Laughlin’s face against the top of the glass table. From one end to the other, Devlin drags Laughlin’s face along the top, knocking over any and everything in their path which included an array of weapons. At the other end of the table, a bag of thumbtacks sat unopened. Picking it up, Devlin quickly ripped the bag apart, spilling the thumbtacks at his feet. Turning back to Laughlin, he then pulls him away from the table before locking an arm around his head. With a quick up and over, Devlin then drops Laughlin down to his back onto the thumbtacks. The champ rolls back and forth before finally crawling to a clean part of the floor with no tacks.

Spotting a weed eater propped against the cage, a smile comes to Devlin’s face. Weed, but no football. Grabbing the weed eater, he hoists it high above his head as the crowd even shouts “WEED!” when he does it. After a few pulls of the string, he manages to finally get it fired up. Laying down on the throttle, the engine screams at full power. Walking back over to Laughlin, Devlin then begins jabbing the end against Laughlin’s back, the cord doing quite the number to his flesh and drawing blood. With the weed eater in use, Devlin then begins to swing down with it over and over, pounding away at Laughlin’s back and cutting him multiple times. Another idea then comes to Devlin’s mind as he takes a step back and looks at the weed eater. He then walks over to the side of Laughlin and raises it above his head with both hands before shouting. “Your ass is grass!” Devlin then rams the head of the weed eater against Laughlin’s butt while pulling the throttle. The cords begin to slapping Laughlin instantly at a very rapid rate, even beginning to rip the backside of his pants to shreds. Backing away with a smile on his face at his handiwork, Devlin turns off the weed eater before holding it with both hands at chest level. Out of nowhere, Jeb reaches through the ropes and around Devlin, taking the weed eater in both hands and pulling it back towards him. The neck of the weed eater rests against Devlin’s throat as Jeb pulls on it as hard as he could, choking him with it. Devlin fights to free himself but eventually Jeb pulls him up from the floor and through the barbed wire ropes, dragging him across them before finally spilling back inside of the ring.

VASSA: ”We’ve seen a lot of things over the years but a weed eater in the Warzone of Horrors?”

JOHNSON: ”It’s a first and Laughlin now knows all about it.”

VASSA: ”He’s going to need a new set of pants after this thing is all said and done. Devlin ripped them apart with that weed eater!”

JOHNSON: ”Let me ask you something.”

VASSA: ”Go ahead!”

JOHNSON: ”Have you ever seen someone choked at ringside with a weed eater?”

VASSA: ”I can honestly say I have not but I do hope we see it make it to the top of the cage.”

JOHNSON: ”Don’t wish so soon…”

As if right on queue, Jeb then breaks the weed eater in one full swing down onto Devlin’s head with the neck.


A loud buzzer then goes off as everyone’s attention is brought to a spotlight shining high above the cage which just so happens to be focused on a pair of bolt cutters hanging by a cable and being lowered down towards the cage.

JOHNSON: ”Just under twenty seconds before everyone can exit the cage and make their climb to the tip top.”

VASSA: ”Not quite. Someone still has to retrieve the bolt cutters and then break the chain securing the door.”

Lower and lower the bolt cutters drop, going through a small opening in the roof of the cage beneath where the ladder is bolted.







The bolt cutters are now hanging inside of the cage just out of reach from anyone normal sized person. Everyone quickly takes notice and begins to search the surrounding area for a ladder or something to climb up and grab them other than one of the few tables left still standing that could backfire on them if someone were to put them through it. After half a minute of searching, Bex then pulls out a ladder from underneath the ring with the regular ropes.

VASSA: ”Of course!”

JOHNSON: ”A ladder?”

VASSA: ”Why wouldn’t there be a ladder under the ring? There’s always shit underneath the ring that doesn’t belong and is out of place.”

JOHNSON: ”Now all she, or anyone else, has to do is climb it to ge–“


Shooting up the side of the cage, Toby climbs to the very top where he then grabs onto the roof. As if on the monkey bars, he then begins to travel along the roof of the cage by his arms, heading straight for the bolt cutters. At that moment, everyone else climbs back into the ring, even Bex with the ladder though it appears she may not even need it at all. Making it to the bolt cutters, Toby struggles to undo them for a moment as he is forced to use one hand as he hangs by the other. Finally removing them from the cable, Toby screams in excitement but in the blink of an eye it turns into a scream of horror. Reaching up from under and behind him, Laughlin grabs him by the waist and pulls him down, forcing him to release the top of the cage. Wrapping both arms around his waist as he drops down even further, in a fluid motion Laughlin then slams Toby backwards as hard as he can to the mat with a German suplex!

The bolt cutters hit the canvas after Laughlin slams Toby down. As Laughlin rises to his feet with the bolt cutters right in front of him, AJ rushes him first. AJ ducks down to grab the bolt cutters but before he can lay a single finger on it, Laughlin grabs him by the head, pulling him into a knee to the face. Bianca charges him, only to get knocked flat on her back as he steps into her with a shoulder block. Then Logan charges him, then Devlin and Bex, then everyone else one by one until Laughlin is throwing hands with nearly everyone in the match in the center of the ring. Laughlin isn’t the only target in the mix, everyone is being attacked by the other people inside of the cage. Well, everyone except for BVB. With the other nine people inside of the cage fighting against each other, he snuck in under the radar, retrieving the bolt cutters from the canvas and slipping away unnoticed.

After exiting the ring and stepping down to the floor, Beau steps towards the cage door only to stop instantly. He pauses and thinks to himself for a short moment before slowly turning back around and looking straight at the ladder. Running over to the other side of the ring, he reaches in just barely enough to grab it and pull it to the outside as everyone continued fighting on the inside. Carrying the ladder over to the cage door, BVB then props it against the cage before taking the bolt cutters in both hands. With one squeeze of the cutters, he cuts one side of the chain link. He then squeezes again, this time cutting the other side and completely breaking the chain into two. Grabbing the ladder, Beau then uses it to ram the cage door, forcing it open in one loud bang which just so happens to grab everyone’s attention inside of the ring.

Everyone inside of the rings stop fighting each other instantly as they stare to Beau on the outside of the ring moments away from stepping to the outside of the cage. Stopping halfway through the door, Beau looks back over his shoulder after noticing the instant silence from inside the ring. His eyes lit up like a deer in the headlights at the sight of everyone now running towards him inside of the ring. He quickly hurries through the door , stepping through to the other side and then kicking his leg backwards to kick the door closed as it was. He goes to prop the ladder against the cage door to keep it from being opened but before he can set the ladder in place, the door bursts open as Devlin kicks it running in at full speed. The ladder goes falling to the ground as the door swings open, smacking BVB in the side of the head and knocking him to the ground. Following behind Devlin to the outside is everyone else.

VASSA: ”Beau could have snuck out and already started his climb if he would have been just a little bit quieter.”

JOHNSON: ”Everyone else was distracted inside of the ring. No one even realized he had exited the ring with the bolt cutters.”

VASSA: ”Now the toughest part of the match, at least in my opinion, is over. It’s surviving everything inside of the cage that I think takes the biggest toll on everyone moving forward with the main objective now climbing that cage first, and then the ladder to take possession of the 4CW Championship.”

JOHNSON: ”With a set requirement of time in the cage, it really does make the first portion of this match all about survival.”

VASSA: ”From the looks of it, I’d say everyone except for Beau who was just trampled to death survived the first portion enclosed in the cage.”

Bianca, AJ, and Bex break off from the stampede, going to the left of the door before beginning their climb up the cage. Laughlin, Toby, and Ana seem to break off in the opposite direction, turning the corner of the cage where they then begin their climb. Just to the right of the cage door, Devlin, Jeb, and Logan then begin their climb. In total, we have three clusters of three people climbing different parts of the cage just outside of the door. Still on the ground is BVB, finally coming to his senses after being trampled by the stampede bursting out of the cage.

Reedvolution climbs the cage with Bex in the middle. Working together, the two swing at Bex from opposite sides, attacking her with ease as she’s unable to protect both sides without falling from the cage. AJ kicks his foot at her, only to have it caught as she hooks an arm underneath it. Bex then pulls at AJ’s leg, forcing him to release the cage as his grip slips. AJ grabs for the cage, but can’t hang on before dropping feet first to the floor and then instantly dropping to his back. Bianca then moves in closer from her other side, only to eat an elbow to the face as Bex throws one back in her direction. Bianca’s hold slips, but she manages to catch herself with one hand. Hanging on with one hand, Bex then reaches for Bianca’s hand and one by one she begins peeling Bianca’s fingers from the cage. Pulling back her last finger barely keeping her up, Bex then waves goodbye to her with a grin from ear to ear as Bianca drops and falls down to the floor beside AJ.

Around the corner of the cage from them, Devlin, Logan, and Jeb climb up the side of the cage. As Devlin climbs slightly behind them in the middle of the pack, Jeb takes the opportunity to kick him while he has the upper hand on him so to speak. Kicking his right leg straight down, Jeb drives his foot into Devlin’s face, stopping him from climbing any further. Devlin doesn’t fall from the side, he keeps a firm grip on the cage. Kicking his foot down again and again, Jeb tries to knock him from the side of the cage until Devlin manages to grab him by the foot. Pulling at Jeb’s leg, Devlin manages to pull him down, just enough for one last pull that forces Jeb to release the side of the cage and fall to his crash landing on the hard outside floor.

On another section of the cage, Laughlin and Ana begin swinging at each other. Back and forth, the two connect with punches trying their best to knock the other from the side of the cage. Meanwhile, Toby manages to get a full body length above them. With Ana and Laughlin fighting with each other, he then positions himself directly above them, in the middle of the two before slowly climbing back down. Holding his legs up as high as he can with his knees to his chest, Toby practically hangs by just his arms over top of them. kicking his legs straight and pushing his body away from the cage while still holding onto it with extended arms, Toby pulls himself back in, swinging his legs back in towards the cage as he kicks them straight out. With both feet, Toby kicks them straight down onto Ana and Laughlin’s head simultaneously, catching them completely off guard as they fight with one another and knocking them down from the side of the cage.

Now with the five bodies that have just fallen and Beau who was still on the floor, that makes six people total still at ground level. The other four? They were now focused on one thing and one thing only, making it to the top of the cage. Bex, Toby, Logan, and Devlin continued their climb, not worried about throwing any more blows until they can settle their feet on the cage roof top.

JOHNSON: ”We have nine people climbing the side of the cage at once and within thirty seconds, we now have only four as the other five were knocked off.”

VASSA: ”It’s a race to the top. The sooner someone can make it up top with no one else the bigger their odds are of claiming the 4CW Championship.”

JOHNSON: ”Come on now, Vinny. Let me ask you. When’s the last time you remember their being only one person on top of the cage?”

VASSA: ”Never say never!”

AJ and Bianca don’t stay down for long as the two begin their climb again side by side. Noticing Laughlin and Ana climbing back to their feet around the corner of the cage, Jeb looks back and forth between them and the top of the cage. He then turns away from the cage and heads around the corner straight for them. Ana and Laughlin begin exchanging blows and before they can get too far into the heated blow, Jeb blindsides them both with a running double clothesline, knocking them both down to the floor. Pouncing back and forth between the two, Jeb attacks them both while they’re down, not giving either the slightest chance at getting up from the floor.

At least that was Jeb’s original plan, until he caught a glimpse of Beau in the corner of his eye propping the ladder up against the side of the cage. Instead of starting from the very bottom of the cage, Beau used the ladder to shoot close to half way up the cage in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise. Pushing himself up from Ana, Jeb moves in Beau’s direction, but not before giving Laughlin one last blow to the head with a closed fist. Jeb then pops to his feet and rushes over to the side of the ladder. Just as Beau goes to take his first step off the ladder, he stops with his leg halfway extended as he feels Jeb grab onto the lower portion of the ladder. Rocking it back and forth, Jeb tries to tip it over but Beau just won’t let go of the cage, keeping himself held close to it and the ladder from being tipped over.

With Jeb preoccupied, Ana sneaks in from behind and connects with a hard forearm shot to the back of his head. Jeb turns away from the ladder but only to eat another forearm shot, this one right square in the mouth. Ana then goes to work with kicks upon kicks upon kicks to Jeb who tries his best to defend against them but fails miserably at blocking her kicks coming in from all directions. Jeb drops down to one knee, allowing Ana to back up a few steps before coming back in with a superkick. She didn’t have to kick her foot too terribly high to make contact with Jeb’s face, but she did have to do it in a timely manner if she wanted no interference. Her foot plowed into Jeb’s face, knocking his head backwards and smacking it up against the side of the cage before he dropped completely to the floor.

From behind, Laughlin grabbed Ana by the head and slammed her face first into the side of the ladder. Slinging Ana down to the mat at his side, Laughlin then grabbed the ladder and began pulling at it as hard as he could. Beau held on for as long as he could but ultimately was unable to keep his grip as Laughlin finally managed to pull the ladder away from the cage so much that it broke Beau’s grip. Laughlin stood the ladder straight up and then began to push it over in the opposite direction of the cage. At the very top, Beau held onto the ladder for dear life as he began to fall backwards with it. Behind him were two wooden tables stacked on top of each other and within a matter of a second, maybe two, Beau went straight through them all, breaking through them one by one before finally crashing to the floor in a pile of debris.

With Ana down at one side of him, Jeb at the other, and Beau laid out on a pile of broken wood and covered with the ladder, Laughlin then looked up to the top of the cage before making his way over to it and beginning his climb once more. Finally making it to the top of the cage, both Toby and Bex pulled themselves up simultaneously at opposite sections of the roof. Shortly to follow was both Logan and Devlin pulling themselves up to the very top of the cage. Around the corner AJ and Bianca are now reaching the halfway point all while the 4CW Champion is just beginning his climb from the very bottom.

VASSA: ”I don’t know if Beau survived that fall if I’m being completely honest with you.”

JOHNSON: ”Why do you say that? It wasn’t even from the top!”

VASSA: ”After falling through two tables and having a ladder crash on top of him, he hasn’t moved at all since taking that nasty fall.”

JOHNSON: ”I just said it wasn’t even that high. I didn’t say he was falling onto a pile of pillows.”

Bex races for the ladder, only to get tackled from the side as Toby cuts her off. The two roll along the top of the cage a few times before coming to a stop with Toby mounted on top of her. Reaching up with both hands, she grabs him by the back of the head, pulling it down as she lifted her up from the cage roof, delivering a nasty headbutt to Toby’s nose. She then rolled him over to his side off of her before rolling him to his back and then climbing on top of him. Taking him by the head once more, Bex then begins lifting it and slamming it back down onto the cage top over and over.

Devlin and Logan stood up from their climb only a few feet away from each other. It didn’t take long before the two went at it again, trading blows back and forth at the edge of the cage rooftop. As the two exchange punches with one another, Jeb and Ana have now also begun their climb up the side of the cage after coming to their senses, and not far behind Laughlin who is nearing the top. Devlin swings for Logan’s head but misses as Logan ducks underneath it and steps in behind him. As Devlin turns to face him again, Logan catches him with a kick to the stomach, forcing him to buckle over from the impact. Grabbing ahold of Devlin, Logan then lifts him up before executing a perfect overhead exploder suplex, throwing Devlin over him and away from the cage tops edge.

Bex swings down at Toby wildly, missing more than she connects as Toby proves to be quite the handful for her. Reaching up blindly with both hands, Toby grabs Bex by the head and pulls it down. He then leans his upward before biting down onto the end of Bex’s nose. She immediately pulls her hands to her face allowing Toby the opportunity to roll her off and over to his side. Before Toby can get up, Logan rushes in, planting a knee to his face as he closes in. Pulling Toby up from the mat, Logan lifts the smaller man into the air before throwing him back down, face first to the cage. He then holds Toby in place before yelling to get Bex’s attention. Furious from the bite Toby had given her nose, Bex then begins slapping and clawing at Toby’s face, covering him with scratches all over as Logan holds him in place, laughing at the sight of it all.

Breaking up the party, AJ and Bianca bombard the scene, attacking Logan from behind and forcing him to release Toby. Squirming away from Logan, Toby then jumps towards Bex, tackling her to the cage top in a fury. Bianca and AJ take Logan down to the cage top, working together to wear the larger man down. Satisfied with the number they did on Logan, the two then look to Bex and Toby rolling across the top of the cage fighting for position over the other. Toby rips out a handful of Bex’s hair as he mounts himself on top of her. He holds it high above his head as if it were a trophy from battle, screaming as loudly as he could. Just when Reedvolution takes their first step towards Toby, they stop dead in their tracks as he pops up to his feet.

Seeing Logan pushing himself back up to his feet across the top of the cage, Toby locks his sights on him. With a look of anger in his eyes, it was obvious Toby wanted revenge for Logan holding him down while Bex clawed away at his face. Exploding from his position, Toby then ran across the top of the cage headed straight for Logan. Closing in, Toby lowered his head and shoulder, only being noticed just moments before impact. Logan freezes like a deer in the headlights, leaving his midsection unguarded as Toby drives a shoulder into it. Wrapping both arms around Logan’s waist, Toby then begins pushing the bigger man backwards towards the edge of the cage until the two eventually go over the side. Falling from the top of the cage, the two go straight down onto a stack of wooden tables with glass panes placed between each of them. Standing three tables high, it didn’t take long before Logan’s back hit the first table, instantly snapping it in half as the glass underneath it shattered into pieces. One by one, the two went through the tables and glass panes with Logan’s back leading the charge until the two finally came crashing to horribly to the hard floor below it all.


JOHNSON: ”From the top of the cage, those two just went through three separate wooden tables and at least three if not more panes of glass before making it to the finish line called the floor.”

VASSA: ”I think it’s safe to say that Toby didn’t quite appreciate Logan holding him in place and allowing Bex to do what she did to his face.”

JOHNSON: ”Whether he appreciated it or not, he basically just took not only Logan but also himself out of the match. And for what? A little payback? Is that really more important than the big picture here, the 4CW Championship?!”

VASSA: ”I’m not going to disagree with you there. I’m pretty sure he just took both of them out of the match completely after that nasty fall from the top. In fact, I think we may need to get a team of medics down here at ringside to make sure they’re not actually dead!”

Hanging from the side of the cage, Beau looks over his shoulder at the wreckage beneath him following the three table fall from the top of the cage. His face says it all as the camera zooms in, reading his lips as he says “oh shit.” He then shakes his head before looking back up to the top of the cage and continuing his climb. Making his way to the top of the cage, Laughlin finally pulls himself up over the edge, rolling over to his back to catch his breath from the long climb. Before he can even get to his feet, Reedvolution rushes him, kicking and stomping onto him. They prevent the 4CW Champion from getting up. They try their best to keep him at the edge of the cage top. Bianca drops down to her knees to give him a push, but she’s unable to roll him over due to his size.

To their left, Ana begins to pull herself over the edge of the cage and to their right, Jeb then appears pulling himself up and over as well. Reedvolution turns their attention away from Laughlin and then split in opposite directions, Bianca going for Ana and AJ going for Jeb. Ana rolls over onto the cage top only to get greeted with a stomp to the face from Bianca. AJ tries to do the same to Jeb but gets his foot caught as Jeb quickly defends himself. Holding onto AJ’s foot with one hand, Jeb then swings upward as hard as he can, delivering a brutal low blow to AJ that instantly brings him to his knees. Jeb quickly pops up to his feet before grabbing AJ by the head with both hands. Holding his head in place, Jeb then begins ramming multiple knees into AJ’s face, keeping a tight grip on him and preventing him from pulling away.

Pulling Ana up from the top of the cage, Bianca slaps her across the chest with back to back stinging open hand strikes. Going for a third, Bianca gets her hand caught by Ana before any contact is made. Pulling Bianca’s arm towards her, Ana forces her to slightly turn her body, opening up her ribs for a powerful kick. Bianca favors her ribs, hunching over as she gasps for air. Wrapping an arm around Bianca’s head, Ana then falls backwards, pulling Bianca down with her and planting her head to the top of the cage with a DDT. Before Ana can get back to her feet, Bex attacks her from behind, keeping her down on one knee as she rains down on her with lifts and rights.

With everyone preoccupied, Beau finally emerges, pulling himself up onto the top of the cage unnoticed. He quickly rolls past everyone fighting at the edge of the cage. Standing to his feet, Beau looks on at the six others nearby and as he turns to the ladder thinking he has a clear shot at it, he’s quickly brought back to reality as Devlin sucker punches him in the jaw. The punch to the face forces Beau to react in the blink of an eye, kicking his leg up and aiming for anything within reach which just so happened to be Devlin’s crotch. Devlin doubles over from the low blow and turns his back to Beau, heading back towards the center of the cage. Running in from behind, Beau grabs ahold of Devlin and gives him a hard push, sending him stumbling head first into the side of the ladder. Beau then goes to climb the ladder but after only making it up a few steps, he’s quickly brought to a screeching halt as Devlin returns the favor by swinging his arm upwards between Beau’s legs from behind. The crowd winces as Devlin connects with the low blow.

Beau leans against the ladder catching his breath as the pain settles in his stomach. Grabbing him from behind, Devlin then pulls him backwards off the ladder, throwing him down to his back on top of the cage. Devlin then jumps as high as he can into the air, only to come down with a knee drop to Beau’s face. Looking up to the ladder, Devlin then stands to his feet and places a single hand on it. Before he can take the first step, Laughlin rushes him from behind, crashing into him with a shoulder block that knocks Devlin face first into the side of the ladder. Laughlin then grabs Devlin and rips him away from the ladder, slinging him down to his side. Devlin rushes back to his feet just in time for Laughlin to take a swing for his face. Ducking underneath the punch, Devlin retaliates with an elbow strike to Laughlin’s stomach. Reaching up and grabbing Laughlin by the head with both hands, Devlin then drops down to his knees, pulling Laughlin’s chin down onto the top of his head with a jawbreaker!

VASSA: ”We now have eight people on top of the cage while Toby and Logan are still down and out after the crash landing through the three tables from the top of the cage.”

JOHNSON: ”Bex won’t let Ana get back to her feet. She’s giving her everything in the tank as Bianca is finally beginning to come back to her senses following the DDT from Ana.”

VASSA: ”That’s girl’s a firecracker, isn’t she? We saw earlier what she did to Toby’s face with those finger nails. Ana better hope she doesn’t meet the same fate!”

JOHNSON: ”Jeb and AJ aren’t holding anything back. These two are literally beating the crap out of each other looking for the surprise knockout blow to send the other one night night.”

VASSA: ”Jeb already delivered the knockout blow to AJ’s balls!”

JOHNSON: ”And now AJ’s returning the favor!”

Leaning back and dodging a punch thrown at his head, AJ then grabs ahold of Jeb, pulling him into a knee to the crotch! Jeb drops down to the cage top, curled up in a world of pain as he holds both hands to his crotch. Jumping over him, AJ then charges to the other side of the cage top, heading straight for Devlin as he pulls Beau up to his feet. Just when Devlin goes to pick Beau up, AJ interferes, striking him in the back of the head and forcing him to drop Beau down to all fours. Devlin quickly turns around to see who hit him only to catch another strike to the head, this one coming straight to the eye. The punch knocks Devlin back a couple steps, leaving just enough room for AJ to step in and connect with his Fuckin’ Slayerrrr, a superkick right under the chin, knocking him flat on his back.

Pulling Beau up from the cage top, AJ is quickly taken off his feet out of nowhere as Beau wraps him up around the legs before standing tall and pulling them out from under him. Beau then goes to run towards the ladder but after getting only one step away, he’s brought to a complete stop as Devlin reaches out and grabs him by the leg. Unable to move away, Beau’s then attacked from behind as AJ is now back to his feet. Devlin immediately races to his feet as AJ goes to town on Beau’s head with rapid fire lefts and rights. AJ then knocks Beau backwards into Devlin, sending them both falling down to the cage top once again.


Rushing in out of nowhere, Jeb blindsides AJ with a running dropkick to the shoulder, knocking him towards the edge of the cage top. AJ manages to settle his feet just on the edge before going over the side. Fighting to keep his balance, AJ waves his arms trying to keep himself upright as his entire body leans backwards nearly falling over the side. Standing in front of him, Jeb taunts AJ, waiting for him to tip over and fall to the floor. Jeb then notices AJ’s eyes shift over his shoulder. Jeb whips around in an instant, only to see Beau behind him. Then a little bit of magic happens. With nothing but his hands as far as we can tell, Beau then throws a fireball at Jeb’s face. Jeb quickly brings both hands over his face as flames engulf his head. Stumbling backwards, Jeb bumps into AJ, giving him that last little push needed to send him falling over the side of the cage and landing to his feet on another triple stack of tables and glass panes on the opposite side of the cage from the last three that were destroyed by Toby and Logan. Falling over the side as well, Jeb manages to grab the top of the cage before it gets out of reach, catching himself before going all the way down to the floor.



JOHNSON: ”The tables held up!”

VASSA: ”Talk about being lucky! I don’t know how he did it but AJ managed to land to his feet on the top table without it breaking in half.”

With the tables being so close to the cage, AJ is able to grab Jeb by the legs as he hangs from the side of the cage. AJ pulls and pulls at Jeb’s legs, trying his best to rip Jeb’s hands away from the top of the cage and send him straight down to the floor. Jeb then begins kicking his right leg back, connecting with stiff kicks to AJ’s face. After half a dozen kicks to the face, Jeb finally knocks AJ down to one knee, freeing him other leg from his grasp. Beau then begins stomping down onto Jeb’s fingers from the top of the cage. Not wanting to lose his grip and fall to the floor, Jeb then presses his feet against the side of the cage before pushing off. He releases the top of the cage and drops down onto the top of the table where AJ remains down on one knee. Before AJ can get back to his feet, Jeb hits him in the back of the head with an elbow strike as hard as he possibly could. The blow to the head stuns AJ, giving Jeb even more time to pull AJ’s head in between his legs. Wrapping AJ up around the waist, Jeb then lifts him upside down and holds him up for just a moment. A few seconds was all it took for Devlin to grab Beau from behind before slinging him forward off the side of the cage. Flying through the air, Beau closes in on Jeb and AJ just as Jeb’s jumping into the air while holding him. Coming down at the same exact moment as Jeb, Beau throws his arms over AJ’s feet, applying his body weight to AJ and making Jeb’s jumping piledriver have that much more kick!



Jeb, along with the help of Beau, drops AJ flat on his head, instantly breaking through the top table.

VASSA: ”Hold onto your dicks!”

The glass pane underneath the first table then shatters. All three men then sort of roll together as they crash down onto the second table, destroying it upon impact and breaking through the glass pane underneath. Hitting the third and bottom table, AJ goes through it first, crashing down on his back with Jeb and Beau falling on top of him before the table snaps in half. All three hit the floor, AJ somewhat as a landing pad for the other two as pieces of broken wood and glass fly around the vicinity.

JOHNSON: ”We have three more bodies down at cage side!”

VASSA: ”Three bodies, three tables, one for each!”

JOHNSON: ”I hope AJ is able to walk away from this after going through the first table with his head and then the other two one by one before crash landing to the floor with Jeb and Beau falling on top of him.”

Devlin looks down to the pile of bodies and debris in shock after witnessing it happen. He then looks back to the ladder only to spot Ana breaking away from Laughlin, Bex, and Bianca. Cutting her off, the two then begin throwing hands, kicking feet, using whatever they had in their arsenal against each other. On the other side of the cage, Bex and Bianca double team Laughlin, attacking him from both sides. Just when he reaches out for one, the other hits him with a blindside attack. Back and forth this continues before finally Laughlin manages to grab them both by the head. Slamming their heads together, Laughlin then wraps a hand around each of their throats. Putting that raw strength on display, Laughlin then lifts them both off their feet simultaneously, choking them in the process. He holds them both up for a few short moments before taking a couple steps forward and throwing them down together in unison with a double chokeslam! The two hit the cage at the same exact moment, the impact being just enough to cause the section of the cage roof to collapse. Bex and Bianca both fall down onto the section of cage as it lands with one end over the two sets of ropes where the two rings connect. The other end hits the mat, creating a ramp for Bex and Bianca to roll lifeless to the very bottom. The entire arena goes silent at the sight.

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin just chokeslammed Bianca and Bex through the roof of the cage at the same time!”

VASSA: ”Did you see him lift them up?! He made it look so easy!”

JOHNSON: ”For someone who’s always in the gym, what did you expect?”

VASSA: ”I didn’t expect him to bully those two poor girls like that.”

JOHNSON: ”Bully? He’s just fighting for what’s his.”

VASSA: ”No! What he did to both of them just now was uncalled for. He could have killed them!”

JOHNSON: ”This is the Warzone of Horrors after all…”


Laughlin stands at the edge of the opening in the roof of the cage, looking down at the fallen bodies below. Behind him, Ana and Devlin continue to duke it out. Laughlin quickly moves in on the two. As he lunges towards them, he catches a stray punch thrown by Devlin that Ana barely dodges, knocking him backwards as it was unexpected. Devlin then lunges at Ana, turning his back to her slightly while reaching back over his shoulder and grabbing her by the head. He went to put her down with his Face Off, a cutter, but Ana was lucky enough to pull her head away from his hold as he went forward. Pushing him in the back, Ana used Devlin’s momentum against him, sending him stumbling forward off balance. Nearing the opening in the roof, Devlin finally settles his feet just a foot away from it. A look of relief comes to his face as he looks down the hole at both Bex and Bianca still laid out underneath. From behind, Ana then rushed him, leaping feet first in the air before kicking out a single leg. She drives her foot onto the back of Devlin’s head, connecting with her famous She Was Only Seventeen. Devlin’s body then falls forward, going straight down the opening in the roof and crashing down onto Bex and Bianca.

JOHNSON: ”Down goes Devlin with Ana’s She Was Only Seventeen!”

VASSA: ”Seventeen is too young for someone to be a grandma that he can fuck to death.”

JOHNSON: ”I’m not even going to touch that comment.”

Looking on, Laughlin then turns his attention to the ladder. Racing to her feet, Ana pops back up immediately and begins running straight towards the ladder as well. With Laughlin only a few steps up the ladder, she jumps up into the air, grabbing him by the shoulders before falling back and ripping him away from the ladder. She pulls him down, curling her knees and just when her back hits the mat and stops her fall, Laughlin’s back smashes against her knees from the backstabber! She rolls Laughlin off of her before pushing herself away from him and slowly climbing to her feet. To her surprise, Laughlin doesn’t stay down for long before he begins to push himself up as well. Backing away from him, Ana watches closely as he does so. Just when he gets to a knee and begins to push himself up to his feet, Ana charges in, leveling him with a shining wizard!

With Laughlin laid out, Ana crawls over to the ladder and uses it to pull herself up to her feet. She then begins to slowly climb the ladder, clearly feeling everything that has happened so far tonight as it takes its toll on her body. Nearing the half way point, the crowd then begins to stir at the sight of Laughlin leaning to an upright position as if rising from the dead. Ana hears the noise level rise but doesn’t look over her shoulder, possibly thinking the fans were cheering for her as she pulled herself up closer and closer to the 4CW Championship hanging above her. Standing to his feet, Laughlin then creeps in behind Ana unnoticed. Before she gets too far and out of reach, he grabs her around the waist. Ana kicks at him wildly but is unable to knock him off of her. Pulling Ana down a few rungs of the ladder, he then reaches up with both hands and locks in a full nelson, pulling her down another step as her legs go through the steps. He tries to rip her away from the ladder for a full nelson suplex onto the cage, somewhat like his Dump’d in the corner of a ring. Ana’s legs hook one of the rungs, stopping her from being pulled away from the ladder. Her arms slip through Laughlin’s before he falls backwards to the cage top empty handed.

Hanging upside down with her legs folded over the ladder step, Ana then begins to pulls her upper body up. It doesn’t look easy, not by a long shot. In fact it’s a slow process but eventually she brings herself up just enough to reach out and grab the ladder to pull herself completely up. Pulling her legs out from the ladder, Ana then looks back up at the championship and begins to make her climb once again. Meanwhile, Laughlin is in the middle of pushing himself up with his eyes locked on Ana. He races to his feet, only to lose even more ground as Ana continues her climb. Realizing she’s too far up to make a move from below, Laughlin rushes around to the other side of the ladder and begins to climb as well. Working overtime and skipping a step at a time, Laughlin powers his way up the ladder, eventually catching up to Ana in height.

VASSA: ”We’re down to only two people left on top of the cage and it’s now a race to the very top of the ladder!”

JOHNSON: ”The bodies have fallen. The entire landscape looks as if a hurricane swept through here destroying everything in its path. And we still have a match on our hands!”

VASSA: ”Ana’s still got him by a step or two. If she can hurry up, she could get to the top and grab the championship before he gets there.”

JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t be so sure about that. He’s climbing the ladder at a pace nearly twice as fast as hers. Ana had a good lead on him but he closed the gap within a matter of seconds.”

Ana makes it to the top, extending her body completely as she reaches up for the championship. The tips of her fingers flirt with the edge of the belts strap. Just when she goes to take one last step upward, it’s all brought to an abrupt end as Laughlin takes advantage of her exposed midsection, swinging with everything in him. He pounds his forearm against her stomach, knocking the air from her lungs as she doubles over. Swinging with his left, Laughlin connects with a punch to the side of her head, whipping it to the side. Ana then turns back to face him, throwing her arm up and hitting him with a punch of her own. The two then exchange punches back and forth with no restraint.

Beating the life out of each other, their movements begin growing slower and slower as it’s obvious their bodies are drained of energy. Throwing one final punch with all his power behind it, Laughlin swings and misses as Ana ducks underneath it. Reaching up with both hands, she locks her fingers together behind his head before dropping down a couple steps, pulling his face down onto the top of the ladder! Laughlin lays his head on the top step with his arms hanging down by his sides. Looking up to the 4CW Championship once more, Ana then begins to pull herself back up the ladder step by step.

JOHNSON: ”Ana can win it right here if she can just grab the championship that’s only a few feet over her head.”

VASSA: ”If she’s going to do it now’s the time with Laughlin who appears to be knocked out?”

JOHNSON: ”He could very well be. That was a nasty blow he just took to the face.”

Climbing as high as she possibly could, Ana then stood straight up. She reached up and grabbed the 4CW Championship. It wasn’t held up by Velcro or anything, she had to undo it’s harness holding it up. Over the arena, a chant then begins to break out as it’s clear she’s about to win it all.

“Ana! … Ana! … Ana! … Ana! … An–“

And at that precise moment, the cheers turned to dead silence as Laughlin pushed himself up, pulling his head away from the top of the ladder. Focused on the championship, Ana didn’t see Laughlin’s movements, or even know he had regained his consciousness. Before she can pull the 4CW Championship away from the harness, Laughlin grabs ahold of her, pulling her down and her hands away from the 4CW Championship. He pulls her over his shoulders into a fireman’s carry hold. Swinging wildly with both arms, Ana punches Laughlin in the chest and back as she tries to escape. As if not even feeling her strikes at all, Laughlin then lifts her into the air, turning her body as he jumps backwards away from the ladder. Locking onto her shoulders, he then falls backwards to the cage top while pulling her down with him. Pulling his knees to his chest, Laughlin’s back then crashes against the cage top, instantly stopping him as he pulls Ana down into a double knee gut buster!



VASSA: ”Ana, NNNOOOOOO!!! How could a fellow Hellcat Spangled Death Squad Member do that to another!”

As if in slow motion, Laughlin rolled Ana off of him, rolling her to her back. He then pulled himself up, at an even slower rate. With Ana down and everyone else on ground level, Laughlin then begins to make his climb all by himself.

JOHNSON: ”There’s no one to stop him now.”

VASSA: ”Don’t count Ana out yet, or anyone for that matter. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings!”

But really it is. He finally reaches the top of the ladder. Barely able to stand on his own, Laughlin holds one arm against his ribs as if favoring them. With his other arm, he reaches are high as he can, extending it completely. Needing both hands, he then slowly pulls his other arm away from his side and reaches up with it. With Ana still out cold and everyone else out of commission, Laughlin is free to do as he pleases, finally unbuckling the 4CW Championship and pulling it down against his chest in both arms.

VASSA: ”Laughlin’s done it! He’s retained the 4CW Championship!”

JOHNSON: ”He’s made history here tonight ladies and gentlemen as the first person ever to walk into the Warzone of Horrors with the 4CW Championship and leave with it in his possession.”

VASSA: ”Hold on a second. Didn’t Jason Cashe retain in the very first ever Warzone?”

JOHNSON: ”He did, but that was a different match that never left the cage. The following year the Warzone of Horrors was introduced as the ladder on top of the cage was introduced ultimately making it a ladder match of epic proportions.”

VASSA: ”Whatever.”

And just like that, exhaustion took its toll on the reigning and defending 4CW Champion as he fell backwards from the ladder with the belt held tightly against his chest. The sound of the bell then fills the air as the entire arena stands to their feet.



The sound of Laughlin’s name rings throughout the arena. Sure, he probably hears it, but still remains down with the 4CW Championship against his chest.

VASSA: ”First he entered the South Beach Brawl Cup as champion and defending through its entirety. Tonight he’s entered the Warzone of Horrors and is still champion after the dust has settled.”

JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if the dust has settled quite yet. It’s a wreck down here at ringside and it’s going to take hours upon hours to clean this mess up.”

VASSA: ”Who cares about the mess! I’m talking about the 4CW Champion! There’s no more doubt in my mind that we’re looking at a future 4CW Hall of Famer.”

JOHNSON: ”I agree with you one hundred percent and his performance this year alone solidifies that statement.”

A familiar chant then breaks out in the crowd, growing louder and louder throughout the arena.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Despite having his name cheered as if he were a god of some sort, he still doesn’t budge from his place lying on the cage.

VASSA: ”Listen to this! Do you hear these people?”

JOHNSON: ”I hear them loud and clear, Vinny. I’m sure the people in the next town over can hear these people screaming his name as loudly as they can.”

VASSA: ”We’ve heard this same chant for weeks and months on end but I’ve never heard it reach the level it has here tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”Year in and year out this match gets voted as Match of the Year. It’s the biggest annual match in 4CW and tonight, Laughlin did the unthinkable as he retained the 4CW Championship against the biggest playing field to date with nine challengers.”

VASSA: ”The man’s been on fire this year and even though the odds were stacked against him here tonight, he pulled through and proved why he’s the best doing it in the world right now.”

JOHNSON: ”Still not getting any arguments from me about that statement.”

VASSA: ”Good because I will bury your dusty ass in a debate, old man!”

JOHNSON: ”If you think so but unfortunately for you it’s not going to happen tonight because the show has come to an end.”

VASSA: ”That’s even better! This match has went on entirely too long and because of it, I nearly pissed my pants seven times. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to book a bigger Warzone of Horrors than year’s past is a complete fucking retard, and for some reason I think that Wong chick is behind it!”

JOHNSON: ”We literally saw Perry make the official announcement in the ring two weeks ago.”

VASSA: ”Don’t you have a show to close?”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed I do! From 4CW and the booth, I want to thank each and every one of you watching tonight. This match took a little longer than anyone expected but you all stuck with us to the end and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

VASSA: ”Why the fuck are you apologizing? Tell everyone where we’ll be at in two weeks and let’s get the after party underway!”

JOHNSON: ”You heard the man! Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we travel to the United Center for Adrenaline One Hundred and Six, live from Chicago, Illinois!”

VASSA: ”Home of the shittiest NFL franchise in existence!”

JOHNSON: ”Again, no arguments from me!”

VASSA: ”It’s been a pleasure, folks! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a party to attend to and breaking TMZ news to be a part of.”

JOHNSON: ”Once again, thank you all for joining us here tonight and Happy Halloween!”

VASSA: ”He’s Steve, and I’m Vinny! Good fight and goodnight!”

The camera then looks back up to the top of the cage where Laughlin is barely showing signs of life as he slowly moves with the 4CW Championship in his clutches. The chanting continues on as the picture slowly begins to fade out, nothing but background noise left for those still watching.

“Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin! … Laugh-lin!”

Over a black screen, the 4CW logo then flashes before the background noise slowly turns to nothing but silence.