A familiar green pulse travels across a black screen, spiking little by little before eventually going off the charts as “Adrenaline” begins playing in the background. Piking higher and higher, the pulse line then explodes as the scene transitions to a shot from the top of the entrance stage where pyro erupts to kick things off for the evening. The lights throughout the building slowly begin to dim as neon green and blue lasers shout out from the top lighting in no particular pattern. The camera then begins to travel down the ramp where it looks to the left and right, taking in the scenery of the Cleveland crowd as well as focusing on random signs held throughout the enormous body of people in attendance.

Approaching the ring, the cameras are then greeted as even more pyro shoots up from the ring posts, illuminating everything in the vicinity. The camera circles the ring, overlooking the crowd in the first few rows. Coming completely around to the other side of the ramp, Hudson Hughes and Vinny Vassa then come into view. Sitting behind the booth, the two quickly finish their conversation before turning to the camera and awaiting their queue.

HUGHES: “LADIES and GENTLEMAN… WE. ARE. LIVE! Coming to you from Cleveland, Ohio! I’m Hudson Hughes accompanied as always by Vinny Vassa!”

VASSA: “Did you check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Today?”

HUGHES: “Sure didn’t. They put NWA in before Motorhead, that building is a disgrace.”

VASSA: “Not even one full minute in and Hudson is ready to say IT.”

HUGHES: “If I wanted to do that Vin, I’d save it for tonight’s headliner.”

VASSA: “Jesus Christ.”

HUGHES: “Right?”

VASSA: “What Hudson MEANT to say was tonight we got another possible show stealing tag team match when Thot Chocolate take on 2HighKru.”

HUGHES: “….who?”

VASSA: “2HighKru.”

HUGHES: “….is this a fucking joke? The guys that I saw trying to sell weed to kids outside the arena are wrestlers? I thought 2HighKRu was their gang or something.”

VASSA: “No, sir. They’re a legitimate tag team.”

HUGHES: “You think they’ll try to sell Thot Chocolate weed too?”

VASSA: “I don’t think they can, honestly.”

HUGHES: ”The Battleground network won’t care.”

VASSA: “No, I mean I bought the rest of what they were holding.”

HUGHES: “How about that folks?! Confessions on a live broadcast, ya gotta love it. While Vinny stares at the camera like a deer in headlights it reminds me that we’ll see Johnny Violence and Dakota Smith try to turn each other into roadkill.”

VASSA: “Johnny’s no joke and Dakota doesn’t show any signs of slowing up soon so I’m sure that one is going to be a bloodbath.”

HUGHES: “Do you think it says Violence on his driver’s license?”

VASSA: “I don’t fucking know Hudson, why don’t you ask him?”

HUGHES: “You’re right. It’s not worth it. BUT watching coke boy Toby get his head kicked in by the savior of 4CW will be enough to wash that garbage away.”

VASSA: “You’re a big Eli fan all of a sudden?”

HUGHES: “I LOVE The Carlsons.”

VASSA: “…..Oh I get it. Violet is hanging with Gen.”

HUGHES: “……”

VASSA: “Blink twice if you’re a hostage.”

HUGHES: “……”

VASSA: “I can call the police.”

HUGHES: “HA HA, What?! No?! Our families are friends.”

VASSA: “…..okay.”

HUGHES: “ANYWAYS we’ll also see Moon Child Becca roll solo tonight against Maxx Bennett. That’s right. Two Xs. Two Ns. and Two Ts.”

VASSA: “Two Ns huh?!?”

HUGHES: “Nope. Not doin it.”

VASSA: “Fair enough, but did you give your son a pep talk for tonight?”

HUGHES: “Son?”

VASSA: “Eddy. The on again off again psychopath clown jason buzzsaw tattoo picture posting guy.”

HUGHES: “Don’t do twitter bits on commentary.”

VASSA: “I’m just saying he’s got a tall task tonight up against Cross Recoba.”

HUGHES: “….good for him.”

VASSA: “Good Speech.”

HUGHES: “Can we just get to the part where we say the main event?”

VASSA: “You mean the Champions Showcase?!”

HUGHES: “I’m not calling it that, it’s a main event.”

VASSA: “Perry is yelling in the headset for you to call it the champions showcase.”

HUGHES: “Folks, this is a huge main event. Manny has the possibly opportunity to hit a holy trinity of victories if he beats Ana. I mean. First Bronx. Then BL? Now tonight, maybe Ana?”

VASSA: “Manny is a legitimate threat every time he steps into that ring, Hudson. People underestimate him because he’s…. Well.. you know…”

HUGHES: “Retarded?”

VASSA: “No, Jesus Christ.”

HUGHES: “He’s not retarded?”

VASSA: “Stop saying retarded.”

HUGHES: “You just said it.”

VASSA: “God damnit.”

HUGHES: “Anyways, I’m not giving him a hall of fame plaque yet.”

VASSA: “Good, because his speech would probably get cut from the show and then posted a week afterwards.”

HUGHES: “Regardless, tonight has the makings of a classic but I still think Thot Chocolate steals the show.”

VASSA: “Rebecca can steal my heart over and over.”

HUGHES: “I wish someone would steal your oxygen.”

VASSA: “Like take my breath away?”

HUGHES: “Sure, but forever.”

VASSA: “I could go back and forth like this all day, but I ordered a pizza from Angelo’s so we gotta go backstage.”

Following the sounds of crackling cigarette being smoke, the camera immediately cuts to what appears to be the rooftop of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Standing in front of the camera dressed in his ring gear as well as a black wife beater, is Dakota Smith. Wrapped around his shoulder is the Union Battleground championship, and pressed between his lips is a cigarette that was about down to the filter. The Butcher plucks the cigarette from his lips and flicks it at the ground, before stepping on it – smearing it in the pavement. The lighting atop the Fieldhouse wasn’t the best most of it radiating up from beyond the edges.

SMITH: “And so… Like every Adrenaline before it, I walk into a fire fight with nothing but the skin on my back and hunger in my gut. Like every Adrenaline before it I step into that ring against a man who wants to test the legend of Dakota Smith… Johnny Violence, he’s just a name… What he brings to the table, is nothing more than scraps you wouldn’t even feed to mangiest of mutts. I am not afraid of Johnny Violence, I do not feel nervous about stepping into my ring with him… No Holds Barred, it doesn’t even matter! I’ve never needed stipulations to be who I am, my two hands are mechanism of war, tools of violence – blessed by all of those who have felt their grip around their necks as the world drifted away around them.”

Taking in a deep breath through his nostrils, Dakota walks forward closer to the camera, but also more into the light. His callous eyes narrowed into the lens, as he moved his jaw left and right before continuing.

SMITH: “There’s a sea of body in my mind, blacker than night and endless. And Johnny Violence, you will be just another man added to garbage barge of human flesh that floats behind my every move. Another number in my body count, a chalk outline whatever you want to call it, Johnny!… You will be another victim in my crusade against professional wrestling as we know, another casualty to the cause.”

Dakota let’s The Union Battleground championship slink down his shoulder and into his grip. He then ties it off around one his belt loops, before letting it hang below his waist like the trophy it was. Stepping closer to the edge, the butcher looks past the camera and down onto the audience that had grown below. He watched them as they squirmed like rats, some still trying to make it to the buildings, others just there for the experience – all of them knowing that they were being stalked by a killer.

SMITH: “See how they swarm, Johnny? Like flies to a dead body, they just wanna’ leave a part of themselves in this night. They want to experience everything that 4CW has to offer, that professional wrestling has to offer! Some of them don’t even realize that they are about to see the autopsy of Johnny Violence, they don’t even understand that this night will change them forever! Just like it’s going to change you forever my child, because what are you really? But just a fan.”

Slowly, a malformed grin spreads apart the Butcher’s face as he lets out a few low, growling chuckles.

SMITH: “And I don’t mean just as a wrestler, but in identity as well. You see Johnny, you act like everything I actually am… You say shallow words, hoping that it makes you and I the same thing. You idolize people like me! But you’ll never be me, we will never be the same thing. Because this… All of this is just a game to you, it’s an act, a mask that you hold over your face so the world thinks you’re something more… Violent than you actually are. But it ends tonight Johnny, it’s time to wake up and smell the massacre. Professional wrestling is dying, and you’re just feeding the machine that’s killing it.”

The camera quickly cuts to static as Dakota says those few words, it takes a few moments but finally it cuts to ringside.

Michelle Wong walks down the hall thinking out loud and recording a memo on her phone.

WONG: “So Girls Next Door got some sweets and plushies on their list and also remember some… ‘lotions and shit’ for Thot Chocolate. Manny wants some games. What did Dakota Smith want… Oh. No, I’m not getting those he can just-”

She walks by and takes a look at Perry’s door and puts her phone away. She tries to listen in. Sitting behind the desk of his temporary office for the evening, Perry sat comfortably with a drink in hand. The sound of the door opening startled him, forcing him to lean up instantly from his laid back position, spilling his drink on his leg in the process.

WALLACE: “Jesus fucking christ…”

Perry looked down at his pants leg, similar to the feeling he had just two weeks ago when he was talking with 2HighKru and had a similar accident. With an irritated look on his face, Perry slowly looked up Michelle.

WALLACE: “I take it that you don’t know the meaning of knock before entering either, huh? I swear, I might as well start locking the door between you, Feets, and everyone else who doesn’t know how to knock. You scared the shit out of me! I thought Madison had come for me yet again!”

WONG: “Uh, g’day? I came over to try and get a raise. Dealing with these people directly is much harder than hiding at my desk and hoping things run smoothly. But wow, you are shaken, aren’t ya?”

Michelle maintains stern eye contact with Perry for a while until he finally looks away.and she scoffs.

WONG: “Alright, boss. I think I got a way we can deal with this. Madison thinks you’re messing with him, then let’s give him his wish. We bend over backward giving these people a platform to perform and they repay us by laying hands on us? That’s not gonna fly. How about you let me handle him?”

The suggestion from Michelle grabs Perry’s attention as he raises an eyebrow looking to her.

WALLACE: “Handle him? How exactly do you plan on doing that? I’ve seen this man break people down three times your size. What do you think you can do to this man that will keep him from sucker punching me again?!”

WONG: “We have all the means in the world to deal with this. Imagine the message you send if you force him into a corner and make him see the errors of his ways. These people need consequences. I’m not a fighter anymore, I was bad at it, but I am good at dealing with people. Put me in the match as a ref and I will make sure he gets the message. It’s either something like that or straight up firing him.”

Perry thinks over what she said for a few moments before finally responding.

WALLACE: “No, I’m not going to go that far and fire the man. Not the first time I’ve been attacked by someone on the roster and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

Pacing the office, Perry thinks to himself for a moment before his eyes light up as if an idea popped in his head.

WALLACE: “Despite the attack, he’s still a valuable asset to have in 4CW. He’s a hall of famer for crying out loud and there’s only been one of those who I’ve actually fired. He’s far from a Jason Cashe kind of problem. He’s even went as far as saying that I’ve booked the match he’s in tonight to get back on his good side. What if we threw an official in the match that would make it even easier for him?! He’d have to forgive me then, right?”

Michelle stares at him only being able to blink at his reaction then she beams up a fake grin.

WONG: “Exactly what I was getting at, sir. If I get into that match I can control it in such a way that it would end in the most ideal outcome for the company and for Madison so that there are no more complaints and nobody can punch you in the face anymore.”

Nodding his head in approval, Perry’s entire attitude seems to shift to more of a pleasant one.

WALLACE: “Let’s give the man what he wants! He thinks I’m trying to gift wrap this match for him then let’s give him the most inexperienced official that we can find! No offense. I’ll even throw in a twenty five hundred dollar bonus for you from the money he tossed at me two weeks ago but only if you break down the count so technical that you actually count two point five when someone is covered for the pin!”

Michelle looks impressed at how well this is going and starts to back out of the office while the going is good.

WONG: “That would be excellent. Very generous of ya, boss. You can trust that I will be the most fair judge of character and official that I can be. That is what our man, Madison deserves, right? You leave him to me and he’ll be shaking your hand by the night’s end. If not it’ll at least take the focus off of ya. How’s that sound?”

It didn’t take long at all for Perry to run over those scenarios in his head before he happily began nodding his head.

WALLACE: “That actually sounds perfect. Just do me one favor. Just a small one. Please don’t do anything out there that’s going to make him gun for my head again? I’m getting too old to be getting into fights and I don’t want to have to show anyone who’s really boss around here.”

He says with a sort of confidence to it, knowing damn well he wouldn’t do anything if physically confronted by anyone on the roster, not even the smallest jobber who only gets booked against someone as a pity.

WALLACE: “Can you do that for me, Michelle?”

Michelle slowly brings her two thumbs up with a huge grin on her face.

WONG: “You got it, boss. Back in Australia, I was known as the most fair person in wrestling. I would like to keep this reputation going. You’re safe as long as I’m around. See you on the other side.”

She starts to laugh as she leaves the makeshift office and saunters down the halls.



Kat Jones captivates the audience with the way she evades the hell out of Jacob Sol’s attempts at trying to make a grab for her, failing each time as it seems that she keeps slipping through his fingers every time he feels he’s finally got her in his clutches. He finally gets his arms around her and he’s ready for snap suplex city to dizzy her out with hitting the move back to back but he doesn’t even get to hit it once with Kat fighting back to remove herself from his arms. She works him for a bit with a few rotating elbows to the face until finally a gut kick to the midsection sends him doubling over and she brings that arm around him and takes off running with a bulldog that has her fanboys cheering loudly from the audience.

Jacob is back on his feet and being served chops right to the chest… that doesn’t seem to affect him by the blank expression on his face which has Kat shrugging, taking a step back before surprising him with a superkick to the face. That sends him down on the mat with a bewildered expression at first… until his hands begin to feel up and down his face after he finally registers the pain that he’s feeling.

Kat has the look on her face that this is easy work to her but she knows better than to get ahead of herself, not wanting to underestimate her opponent to the point that he surprises her and pulls a huge upset tonight when she already had the upper at the moment. She feeds him a couple of bitchslaps when he tries to lunge at her, the slaps not forcing him back as well as she had hoped so she opted for another approach with springing up for a dropkick to his chest. He stumbles a good few steps backwards, enough to trip over his own foot and fall back with the ropes catching him.

A strong charge forward like a ram as Kat plans to collide with Jacob to get him over the ropes but he quickly moves out of the way and Kat almost goes over the top rope herself. Taking advantage, Jacob yanks her back with full force to the point that her head jerks around and then he bodyslams her, leaving her on the mat once he rose up to his feet. Kat doesn’t give him time to try to get her up as she gives a quick roll away before sitting up, needing to catch her breath before standing to her feet. Kat almost trips as she sidesteps out of the way fast enough to avoid Jacob charging at her, dropkicking him in his shins as soon as he had passed her.

Kat rises up but Jacob helps her to her feet much faster when he yanks her upward and pulls her into him as if he’s trying to attempt a headlock. All Kat knew was that she wasnt with whatever he had in mind as she put the elbow closest to his body to work with driving it into his chest as many times as she could with as much power she could muster up to try to get untangled from his determined hold. The hold breaks and Kat’s right hand sails through the air to slap the taste out of Jacob’s mouth, maybe to catch him off guard so she could go for DEAD-END before Jacob could blink. Wanting to try her odds out with seeing if this could be it, Kat covers Jacob’s body with her fingers crossed as the referee begins the count until he reached three and the bell rings to end the match.

WINNER: Kat Jones via Pinfall

Maxx Bennett is chilling backstage, nose buried in her phone and probably cyber stalking Toby a little as she passes the time before her match. His promise not to hide from her this time around emboldening her just a little as sits on the production crate and swings her legs, occasionally checking her shorts and ensuring that the double sided tape she’s using as a ‘no more malfunction’ fix is still in place. She amuses herself for a few more seconds before looking up at the camera and shrugging.

BENNETT: “In case y’all ain’t noticed I ain’t exactly go in for the whole, talk shit moments before the match, kinda deal. I mean, all I hadda say already been said so I still ain’t sure I get anything close to the point in any of this but here I am anyway so…”

Shrugging again she looks down at her phone and pulls up whatever she was looking at, which actually IS a picture of Toby because honestly why the fuck not? Takes a few more seconds to consider her options and if she feels like going full psycho tonight before putting her phone away.

BENNETT: “Look, Bex, at this point all that is really left is to wrestle and we ain’t exactly said anything to each other outside them tapes. I ain’t like or dislike you, I honestly got no feelings on you whatsoever. So you can make yourself better with lil barbed shots and prop yourself up using a damn baby and what the fuck ever else you gonna pull, good for you, go nuts.”

She waves her hands about a little in a mock crazy way and rolls her eyes.

BENNETT: “Imma go ahead and enjoy myself out there. Cause if I win well then you just all up showed your ass to these people and if I lose ain’t anybody gonna pretend to be surprised are they? This right here is another win win, I get experience, I get exposure and I get airtime. So.. Good luck? Or something cause really; this about as much effort as I got left for someone as tired as you.”

With that she waves the camera away, far more interested in fishing her phone back out of her pocket.

Cutting elsewhere in the back, we come across Anastasia Hayden getting right for her main event match later on in the night. Her gear is on early with a DeAndre Johnson shirt on overneath as she’s applying the last bit of tape around her wrists and hands with the 4CW Championship resting on a production crate by her side. Ana bites off a piece of black tape and looks up to the camera as she starts to wrap her right hand up.

HAYDEN: ”An important night I suppose. Champions showcase. But that isn’t my sole focus tonight. It’s no secret what Mariano thinks of me or how he feels. He’s a very angry man. One that holds onto these grudges with no true way to express himself, so instead he harbors these feelings of ill-will toward those who tried to help him. But Manny’s too stubborn to ever listen.”

There’s an almost eerie calmness to her voice. In her eyes are traces of the wrestler that took down the Monster King, but she’s keeping her cards close to her chest for the time being.

HAYDEN: ”In a way, losing tonight wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen. If beating me is what would allow Mariano to heal, so be it. I want 4CW to be stronger than ever. And we can’t have our champions doubting themselves. If Mariano brought the same fire he brought against me every week, he’d be one of the best, but he can’t get over these mental hurdles. Maybe tonight, you can learn to let go.”

Ana pauses what she’s doing to look into the camera with a touch of sincerity in her voice. Maybe it’s bullshit. Maybe not.

HAYDEN: “Or maybe, win or lose, you’ll continue to be the same Mariano Fernandez. The same one barking about being overlooked while also claiming to be one of the main players in 4CW. Playing the victim card is so beneath you. Accept your faults like I did and you’ll be better for it. When I tell others that they need this match with me? I’m never wrong.”

And there’s the arrogance in full force. Ana shrugs as if in an argument with someone over her status in 4CW. A small smirk cracked the sternness on her face and would remain as she started to speak again.

HAYDEN: ”I bring the best out of everyone because I don’t half-ass anything. I’m determined to be on every episode of Adrenaline this year. I will be at every pay-per-view. Whether I’m wrestling or not, I’m still working to instill the culture we so desperately need in 4CW. I will be the champion that 4CW needs. I win tonight, it’s just another step toward greatness as a collective. I lose tonight? I pick myself right back up and continue where I left off.”

Finishing up the tape job, Anastasia looks at her hand for a second in a brief reflection of her past failures. She soon snaps out of it and looks back up at the camera.

HAYDEN: ”There is no stopping. We’ve started this new era and we’ve got to keep our pace up. No disappointments allowed from anyone. Give everything you’ve got, Mariano, or don’t give anything at all. And that goes to the rest of the roster too. I’ll stand up when everyone else falls. I will lead this company into new heights. And I will be the right champion to do so.”

On cue, Anastasia lifts up the 4CW Championship for the camera to see before putting it on her shoulder. The champ gives a silent nod to the audience before walking off to continue getting ready for the main event.



As Edgar Malcovich waits eagerly already in the ring, Cross Recoba comes down wearing a T-shirt depicting himself and his wife Dakota Jennings standing over a defeated Zombie Clan. He takes it off slowly and calculatedly, as if wanting Ed to watch it well. For all response, Malcovich drags his thumb to his throat, and then the referee sounds the bell!Malcovich is raring to go, and he takes off towards Cross with a jaw-jacking European Uppercut! Cross is rocked and Malcovich goes for a forearm shot, but he’s stopped right there by a reflex counter elbow by Recoba!

Malcovich is reeling and Recoba goes on the offensive with a series of knife-edge chops, before picking him up and laying him down with a snap suplex! Cover by Recoba, but Malcovich kicks out at one! Cross decides to go to the ground. He launches off the ropes for running elbow drop… but Malcovich kicks out of the way and Cross hits nothing but canvas! Malcovich capitalizes on the missed move with a series of mounted punches! He forces Cross to his feet and brings him down with a snap DDT! He goes for the pin but Cross kicks out as well!

Eddy decides to go to the air. He makes his way to the turnbuckle as the downed Cross gets up, and once Recoba is up, Malcovich launches with a Moonsault… BUT CROSS CATCHES HIM MID-AIR WITH A COUNTER POWERSLAM! Cross with the pin but Malcovich kicks out! He cannot believe it, but undeterred, he decides to inflict pain on Malcovich with a Crossface! Malcovich feels the pressure but he drags himself to escape Recoba’s hold… and he makes it to the bottom rope! The referee admonishes Recoba to release the hold, which he does, right on the verge of disqualification!

Cross makes his way to the standing Malcovich and launches a roundhouse… NO! Malcovich has ducked underneath and answered with a front kick! Cross doubles over, and Malcovich finishes it with a deadly Muay Thai knee to his stomach! As the Man Worth A Thousand Bullets goes down, Malcovich gets a running start to the ropes, and once Cross stands up groggily, he’s instantly brought down again by Malcovich’s decapitating Clothesline From Hell! Cover by Malcovich, but Cross kicks out right before the referee’s hand hits the mat for the third time!

Cross is still down, and Malcovich decides to pay evil unto evil with a submission of his own. He goes for a Triangle Choke, and locks Recoba’s head right between his legs! Cross goes red-faced under Malcovich’s pressure, and putting every ounce of force into his body, he manages to tumble on his side to the mat, leaving his elbow free, which he uses to wrench himself free of the hold! Both wrestlers make it to their feet after the tremendous ground showdown, and they charge towards each other!

Cross Recoba goes for a spinning back kick, but Malcovich delivers a high kick! He goes for another one but Cross catches him with an elbow smash! Recoba goes for a grapple, but Malcovich flings him to the ropes with an Irish Whip! As Cross comes on the rebound, Malcovich goes for another Clothesline from Hell… NO! Cross Recoba has evaded it! He spins from behind Malcovich and brings him down with the Sicilian Typewriter (Standing Sit-Out Shiranui)! Cover by Recoba, but again Malcovich kicks out!

Recoba pounds the mat in frustration, but makes his way towards the downed Malcovich again. He picks him up from the side for a Saito Suplex, but Malcovich with a back elbow! Cross tumbles back and Eddy turns around with a forearm shot to his face! Eddy gains his momentum and goes for a grapple – counter Irish Whip by Cross! NO! Eddy comes back from the rebound and catches him with a Cross Body Block! Down goes Recoba and Malcovich springboards from the bottom rope with a Lionsault! Cover by Malcovich, but one more time Recoba kicks out!

Eddy decides it’s finally time to end this. After dragging his thumb across his throat once more, he picks up the downed Cross and hoists him up on his shoulders for the Penance Stare… BUT CROSS RECOBA BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH A COUNTER NECK-BREAKER IN THE AIR! Both wrestlers drop down to the mat and the referee begins a ten-count! Cross Recoba gets up, not without a measure of difficulty, at the count of five! He picks up the rising Malcovich upside down, and leaps for the Up All Night In Dakota (Jump Spinning Tombstone Piledriver!)! Eddy’s lifeless body spreads out in the mat, and Cross Recoba picks up the T-shirt he came to the ring with, and thrusts it in Malcovich’s mouth as he covers him for the one-two-three!

WINNER: Cross Recoba via Pinfall

The camera cuts to the office of Perry Wallace… though the man himself is absent. That isn’t to say that the space is vacant, however. Leaning back against the edge of the desk is a petite blond wrapped in a black dress which leaves little to the imagination. Kohl-lined eyes pierce the lens, the faint sound of boos rising from those who recognize her from her exploits elsewhere rising to meet her smirk.

? ? ?: ”Hello, 4CW. You may call me Kestrel. I’m sure that my reputation would have preceded me before certain, ah, issues forced me into the shadows for a time… but that’s alright. While many would fret over the particulars of restoring that which was loss, I have no reason to. Not when what brought me success is as natural to me as breathing.”

Her smirk grows, sharp in its appeal and cutting in its superiority.

KESTREL: ”Over the years, many have claimed that me saying that is arrogance when such could not be further from the truth. Arrogance suggests the possibility that my viciousness in the ring, my bone-deep drive to not only survive, but thrive in the face of adversity… that all of that is nothing but an illusion, something I pretend at when if it were? I wouldn’t be standing here today. Persistence, it seems, only means something positive if it’s paired with a willingness to kiss the asses of those who came before or if it carries a heartwarming story to justify it.”

A scoff.

KESTREL: ”I’d say I’m sorry that you’re not going to find either of those things here, but I’m not. I’m not here to give you what you’re willing to admit that you want. I’m not here to entertain you, to make you escape the mediocre reality of your lives. Rather, I’m here to spoil that for you. I’m here to remind you that, no matter how much you hope and dream, that there is no escaping the simple fact that your heroes are just as human as you are, just as flawed and imperfect… and capable of failing just as often as you do, if not more often. If anything, their driving need to please you, to get your approval is what undoes them in the end… not that you’d take responsibility for that.”

There’s another smattering of boos, slightly louder this time around… though if she hears them, she pays them no mind.

KESTREL: ”But it’s okay that you won’t own your role in their failure–it’s not like they will. As a matter of fact, most people lack the courage to look in the mirror and admit their flaws, much less be able to face them head-on. There was a time in my life where I was left with no choice but to face that reflection and all it represented, and instead of shying away from the hard truths I saw there, I swore, then and there, to turn what I saw into a weapon… and when I set foot in the ring for the first time in front of you all?”

A pause; she licks her lips to moisten them, or perhaps out of.

KESTREL: ”You’ll see just how deadly reality can be.”

With that, the blond saunters her way out of the frame–and out of Perry’s office. About five seconds later, the man himself returns with a Starbucks coffee that has probably been spiked with liquor of some sort. Pausing, Wallace sniffs the air in rather exaggerated fashion.

WALLACE: ”Huh…why does my office smell like the Hustler’s Club?”

Another moment’s pondering and he shrugs, going to sit back behind his desk. The camera cuts to…

THOREAU: ”It’s a shame that Julie can’t be here with us tonight…”

Rebecca Thoreau’s voice comes out clear and loud, her usual tone, as one half of the Children of the Moon stands in front of the camera dressed in her ring gear for the evening. She has also decided to wrap both of the 4CW tag team championship belts around her waist in a display of full on pride and an obvious grab for the attention of all the other teams within the current 4CW tag team division.

THOREAU: ”She sends her best regards along with well wishes for me as I go up against Maxx Bennett in what I’m sure will be the highlight of her short career to date. I’ll give her some wounds to lick before she goes sulking off to her little boy-toy desperate for some more of that much needed validation.”

There is a smirk upon the lips of Rebecca, she’s wearing one of her most favorite shades of deep red lipstick to compliment her choice of ring gear for the evening.

THOREAU: ”Bennett for me is only a small distraction, if we can call her that, from the bigger picture that is the vast interest of the tag team division and what I have in my possession.”

Rebecca raises one eyebrow slightly, almost as if she was making a challenge, before she uses both of her hands to point towards the championship belts around her waist.

THOREAU: ”It does appear like all three teams have their valid points as to why they should be the next in line for a 4CW tag team championship match. 2HighKru, The Girls Next Door, and Thot Chocolate… we’ve heard all that you have to say and the only thing we have to say is that we’re more than ready for whoever comes next. We want to be fighting champions after all, we’re not about to coast on our Winter Wasteland success, and we’re not going to allow for the tag team division to die like our previous champions did.”

An immediate scrunching of her nose to showcase her disgust makes it clear what Rebecca’s opinion is of Reedvolution and their reign as the tag team champions.

THOREAU: ”We also don’t live in the land of what ifs and might have beens, so Thot Chocolate can brag as much as they want, they didn’t walk away with our gold. We’re the champions of this division and we haven’t made any kind of statement giving them ammunition towards this notion that we don’t want to put our titles on the line against them in a match. We simply aren’t going to ignore the other teams who want in on this action.”

Rebecca shrugs her shoulders in a casual manner with a smirk upon her face.

THOREAU: ”Don’t be afraid because there’s some stacked competition at every single turn, we know that we aren’t, it’s why we even came here in the first place. Now it’s time for us to continue to cement our legacy in 4CW. As much as you want to drag us down in the mud, we keep getting back up, and we’re doing it as champions much to the displeasure of those who think they’re more entitled. Can’t imagine.”

Rebecca sticks her bottom lip out into a slight pout as she pats the front plate of both of the 4CW tag team championship belts with extra emphasis to further make her point.

THOREAU: ”The tag team division is alive and well after all, and we have the reason why wrapped around our waists. We’re also watching.”

The smirk has returned upon her lips as she makes a motion with two of her fingers, she points to her eyes before pointing directly to the camera, in a gesture to make it clear to the entire tag team division that the Children of the Moon are ever watchful. It is followed by a loud laugh from Rebecca who turns on her heels to walk away from the camera as the scene fades.



The match starts out with a bang and both competitors meet in the middle and exchange right and left hands before Maxx is able to gain control of the situation with a hard knee to Rebecca’s stomach. Rebecca begins to reel back but not before Maxx is able to drop her with a drop toe hold and quickly gets to her feet. As Bex is attempting to get up, Maxx stops on her hand, which Bex immediately grabs from her knee and Maxx delivers a quick boot to Bex’s face that sends Bex back down to the matt. Maxx covers, but only gets a quick one count.

Maxx grabs a handful of Bex’s hair and brings her to the feet before she slaps her into the corner and back first against the turnbuckle. Maxx walks to the other side of the ring taunting Bex a bit before running full steam at Bex and jumping ass first towards her. Bex, playing a bit of possum, moves out of the way at the last minute, sending Maxx back first into the corner turnbuckle and Bex delivers a tsunami of kicks and punches to Maxx as Maxx tries to cover up her pretty face. Bex delivers a strong right and folds Maxx against the middle turnbuckle.

Bex laughs and grabs under the chin of a weakened Maxx to help her upright before bending down and delivering a series of brutal shoulder thrusts that put Maxx on the ground, gasping for air. Bex grabs a foot of Maxx’s and pulls her away from the ropes and to the center of the ring where she proceeds to mount her and deliver a fury of punches with a few elbows for good measure. Bex goes for the knockout punch one to many times and Maxx is able to reverse and deliver a few mounted punches of her own, before Bex is able to barely grasp the rope forcing Maxx to let go.

Both opponents get to their feet at approximately the same time and have a few choice words for each other that can’t be repeated because this is a family show. They clinch up in the middle of the ring and Bex quickly delivers a forearm to the Maxx’s face which catches her completely off guard. Bex takes Maxx’s back and delivers a bridging belly to back suplex, which she only gets barely a two count for trouble. Bex quickly gets to her feet and brings a tired Maxwell with her and quickly puts her into a headlock like move before picking her up over her head and holding Maxx their a while before dropping her on her head with a devastating delayed vertical suplex. Bex quickly gets Maxx into a camel clutch, but before any real damage is done Maxx is able to barely be able to reach a foot under the rope and Bex releases.

With the match under control, Bex takes the moment to taunt her opponent with the loser sign and a few obscenities that would make Sativa blush. She reaches down to grab Maxx and Maxx is able to kick her legs out from beneath her and send Bex face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Maxx rolls Bex over and sits her up against the turnbuckle and delivers a Face Fuck to Bex. Maxx stalks Bex and waits for her to get on all fours before attempting to deliver a Wreck Me Daddy, but Bex is able to move out of the way at the last minute and Bex stomps nothing but the mat. Bex rolls her up in a school boy quickly, but only gets a two count. They both get to their feet and Maxx runs at Bex who is able to pick her up on her shoulders and hit her patented Petty Driver for the three count.

WINNER: Rebecca Thoreau via Pinfall

Flash Kassidy and Jay Sinclair, the two flyest men the room, the big balla’s, takin’ shots like they callers are somewhere within the backstage area. Jay is posted up with his back against the wall, a comically large cigar hanging from his lips as he stands with his arms crossed while Flash paces in front of him. Flash was rapidly hitting a joint, not taking calm and cool hits like he usually does, The burner seemed to be in a chaotic way, the way he ran his hand through his air and muttered slightly underneath his breath. When the weed just stops hitting right, Flash flicks it against the ground in a disgruntled fashion.

KASSIDY: “Yo this shit got me fuckin’ fiendin’ dog! I’m steamin’! I ain’t even know where my head at right now, it should be on them Thot Chocolates, and I guess part of it is… But man… I’m sorry bruh, I’m sorry I ain’t been able to hold up tha’ team like I promised I would! I should be that Warhorse champion right now, I ain’t suppose ta’ be on no got damn ma’ fuckin losing streak Jay! The fuck all this passion and talent fo’ if I can’t translate that shit in the ring… The fuck is my damn problem man.”

Flash stops in his tracks as he looks over to Jay, who returns a look of bewilderment toward Flash, clearly believing his tag partner is losing it.

SINCLAIR: “Need to stop lacing that shit. You know damn well how the business works man. Can’t win them all, but how you bounce back is what people pay attention to. Create moments that mufuckas won’t forget and you’ll be household. You stay in the defeatist mindset and you’ll never climb out of it”

Flash nods his head, as if he understands that Jay is right, but not sure if he is ready to accept it. The burner posts up on the wall next to Jay and shakes his head.

KASSIDY: “Man… Feel like all I fuckin’ do is climb… Ma’ fucka is ready ta’ leap ya’ hear me? Ready ta soar through these foo’s like they ain’t shit! Cause I know they ain’t! I fuckin’ know this maaaan! But shit ain’t right… That’s all i’m sayin’! And I’m ready ta’ get it back to right… Know what i’m sayin’? ”

Jay nods.

SINCLAIR: “I feel you. So you know what to do? Tonight, you fuckin put it down. Don’t just think it or tell yourself what you wanna do, just do the shit and don’t give a fuck who catches the fade.”

Smirking, Flash pushes himself off the wall, bouncing back and fourth between feet as he wilds up his hair.

KASSIDY: “Bruh, they all about ta’ catch this ma’ fuckin’ fade – ya’ feel me? Cartier, Silk, fuck even Wallace if that fuck gets in our way. We goin’ balls out tonight Jay Boy… This it, time ta’ get back to bein’ best tag-team in the ma’ fuckin world! You wit it my man?”

Jay throws his fist out for Flash to hit back.

SINCLAIR: “Goddamn right. We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life!”

And with that, The Kru head off towards their match – a reinstilled confidence and brotherhood between the two before the camera cuts to something else.

The feed cuts to an in tight shot of a pair of taped up hands, one hand rubbing at the opposite wrist. As the camera zooms out we see that it’s Chris Madison, dressed for action, sitting in a steel folding chair inside of his locker room.

MADISON: “Tonight is about rightin’ the ship.”

He pauses for a moment, allowing for the camera to focus on his serious nature.

MADISON: “I can’t stand here and dwell on the missteps. I’ll drive myself crazy thinkin’ about what I could have done differently. Ana and Eli, they’re at the top of their games right now, but I know that I can compete with anyone who steps through those ropes on any given night. Any doubts are on me, and tonight I start takin’ the steps towards changin’ those opinions.”

Madison pushes himself up to his feet and postures up, rolling his shoulders as he glares at the camera.

MADISON: “It would be easy for me to stand here…”

He quickly glances down at his feet before reconnecting with the camera lens.

MADISON: “…and completely dismiss any possibility of losin’ tonight to Willie Pete. But the fact of the matter is that on any given night, anythin’ can happen inside that ring. The sample size may be minimal, but the man got the job done two weeks ago in his debut match. It remains to be seen whether or not Willie Pete can make somethin’ of himself, but he started off on the right foot. Unfortunately for him, there’s a drastic difference between Jacob Sol and Chris Madison!”

The warning came with a devilish grin.

MADISON: “I promise, you have never had to endure anythin’ like what you’re up against tonight Willie. It’s all fun and games until that bell rings and you’re dealin’ with a relentless ferocity! I came so close to doin’ the unthinkable at Winter Wasteland, beatin’ Eli and winnin’ the North American Championship; honestly felt like it was within the grasp of my fingertips. My failure allows me to relive that chase, that hunt, once again. I’m goin’ to get another opportunity. I’m goin’ to earn my way to another championship opportunity. That starts tonight as I help you realize just exactly what you’re gettin’ yourself into Willie. The half assed psychobabble isn’t goin’ to save you. I’m one of the best in this company, the epitome of 4CW… You said so yourself! Tonight you get to experience it!”



After making his grand entrance, Johnny Violence stood in the ring, awaiting the arrival of his opponent for the evening, Dakota Smith. Coming down to the ring with the Union Battleground Championship draped over his shoulder, Dakota walked at a casual pace, in no particular hurry to get to the ring. Once standing at ringside, Dakota was then completely taken off guard as Violence rushed towards him, leaping through the ropes and crashing into Dakota with a suicide dive that sent the two crashing to the hard floor.

Grabbing the nearest thing he could get his hands on, Violence took them championship with both hands and smacked Dakota in the back of the head with it as he was pushing himself up from the floor. On his feet, Violence continued to swing down with the championship, repeatedly hitting Dakota over the head and back with it from behind, keeping The Butcher grounded. With one last swing of the championship, Violence put all his muscle behind it, cracking Dakota over the back of the head. The championship flew from his hands upon impact, knocking Dakota completely down to the floor.

Pulling Dakota up to his feet, Violence then laid into him with a quick one-two combo of punches to the stomach. Grabbing Dakota by the arm, he then whipped Dakota into the side of the ring, crashing against it back first. With his arms stretched along the top of the apron holding himself up, Dakota’s entire body was exposed with nothing to defend Johnny charging in and planting a knee straight to Dakota’s gut. Pulling Dakota away from the apron, Violence then turned him around, taking him by the back of the head and slamming him face down onto the apron before rolling him under the ropes and into the ring.

Dakota was slow to get to his feet, a lot slower than it took for Johnny to slide into the ring and rise to his. Stomping on Dakota with rapid right boots, Violence kept him down for as long as he wanted before finally reaching down and pulling him up from the mat. Locked onto Dakota’s arm, Violence then whipped him to the far corner of the ring where he took off behind in pursuit. Just as Dakota crashed into the corner, Violence leaped into the air, closing the gap with a splash! Stepping to the side, Violence then wrapped an arm around the back of Dakota’s head where he then took a few steps forward, pulling Dakota along with, before taking him face down to the mat with a bulldog.

Dakota’s head bounced up from the mat as he fluidly rolled over to his back. On his feet again, Violence then turned his back to Dakota and then jumped up to the middle rope where he then springboarded off, flipping backwards through the air and landing across Dakota with a moonsault! Hooking Dakota’s leg for the pin, Violence was only able to score a two count before The Butcher got a shoulder up from the mat to end the count right then and there. Back on his feet, Johnny kicked Dakota a couple of more times for good measure before pulling him up from the mat. Locking onto his wrist again, Johnny went to whip Dakota into the near corner but to his surprise, Dakota reversed and pulled Johnny into a drop-toe hold, face first onto the middle turnbuckle. Johnny’s head bounced off the turnbuckle and almost immediately he pushed himself up to his feet.

Grabbing Johnny from behind, Dakota wrapped both arms around him but as he went to lift Johnny off his feet, Johnny locked his leg with Dakota’s to keep himself down. Throwing an elbow back, Johnny hit Dakota in the face with it. He then threw two more, both connecting but failing to make Dakota release his hold. Driving Johnny forward, Dakota slammed him chest first into the corner, sandwiching him against it. Throwing back his arm again, Johnny planted his elbow to Dakota’s forehead, instantly breaking his hold and knocking him back a couple of steps in a daze. Spinning around, Johnny threw his arm up with a fist aimed for Dakota’s face. Ducking underneath it, Dakota stepped in behind Johnny, wrapping him up with both arms around the waist again. Lifting Johnny off his feet, Dakota threw him up, releasing him over the top rope in a German suplex fashion. Johnny grabbed the top rope to guide himself to where he would land on his feet to the floor, but instead he ate nothing but apron as his face slammed down onto the apron.

Stumbling away from the apron, it was apparent that Johnny was feeling the blunt impact to the head from the fall over the ropes. He stumbled back and forth on the outside, not really paying attention to anything else going on around him. Climbing the corner on the inside, Dakota stood up top waiting for Johnny to turn around to face him. Finally getting what he had been waiting for, Dakota then leaped away from the corner and to the outside, flying through the air and leveling Johnny with a clothesline from above. Landing on the floor, Dakota rolled forward fluidly as he connected with the clothesline, flipping completely before rising back to his feet. Puling Johnny up from the floor, Dakota kept his head pushed down as he dragged him back towards the ring before slinging him forward, head first into the ringside steps!

Picking up Johnny from the floor, Dakota held him in place with one hand before delivering back to back forearm shots to the face with his other. Standing between Johnny and the steps, Dakota then wrapped an arm around Johnny’s head before lifting him up and dropping his back across the top of the steps with a suplex. Johnny’s body slid forward off the steps, landing to a seated position on the floor just on the other side of them. Stepping up onto the steps, Dakota looked down at Johnny as he slowly began pushing himself up from the floor. Once turned to face Dakota, Johnny had no clue that Dakota’s foot was closing in on his face as Dakota kicked down to him from the top of the steps. Eating a boot to the face, Johnny stumbled backwards a few steps before tripping over his own feet and crashing into the barricade at ringside.

Johnny pushed himself up from the floor as Dakota jumped down from the steps and charged straight towards him. Closing in, Dakota lunged towards Johnny, coming up empty handed as Johnny ducked down, driving a shoulder to Dakota’s stomach and lifting him up and over, tossing him over the barricade in back body drop like fashion. Crashing into the fans in the first two rows, Dakota took each of them down with him, using them to break his fall. It wasn’t on purpose, but those fans couldn’t have been in a better place than they were right then. Reaching over the barricade. Johnny grabbed ahold of Dakota, pulled him back towards the barricade and up to his feet. Turning Dakota around to face him, Johnny then wrapped both hands around his head before slamming it down, smashing Dakota’s face against the top of the barricade.

Wrapping an arm around Dakota’s head, Johnny then lifted him up in suplex fashion before dropping him straight back down, stomach first onto the barricade. Laying over the top of the barricade, Dakota wheezed for air as his breath was knocked from his lungs from the impact. Taking a few steps back, Johnny then rushed Dakota, hitting him in the face with a running knee lift that sent Dakota spilling out onto the floor on the other side of the barricade. Climbing over the barricade, Johnny slowly approached Dakota, grabbing food and drinks the fans were holding and throwing them down onto The Butcher. Pulling Dakota up from the floor, Johnny then dragged him to the nearest aisle where he then proceeded to pull Dakota further back into the seating area away from the ring. There was a small section roped off from the crowd due to visibility issues with seeing the ring. It seemed like the perfect spot to pull Dakota away from the fans so he could do as he pleased.

Throwing Dakota forward, Johnny sent him breaking through the ropes closing off that section of the floor. The cameras quickly raced to catch the action up close and personal. By the time a cameraman was on site, Johnny had mounted himself on top of Dakota, swinging wildly with lefts and rights, beating Dakota senseless. With one final swing, Johnny connected with an elbow to Dakota’s temple, sending his head back to smack against the floor. Standing tall, Johnny then rolled Dakota over to his back where he then positioned himself over Dakota. Digging his hands underneath Dakota’ body, Johnny locks them and then deadlifts Dakota up from the floor, bringing him up as high as he can before falling back and executing a German suplex, or as he likes to call it, a 5 Point German Suplex.

Pulling Dakota up from the floor, Johnny walked Dakota back through the crowd, headed for the ring. Along the way, Johnny grabbed whatever he could from the fans, using it as a weapon to hit Dakota in the back and head. It didn’t matter what it was, Johnny was hitting Dakota with it. Drinks, food, cell phones, he even knocked someone from their wheelchair to turn around and use it as a weapon to smash over Dakota’ back. Finally making it to the barricade, Johnny whipped Dakota into it as hard as he could, Dakota crashing into it stomach first and flipping up and over, spilling out onto the ringside floor.

Back on the other side close to the ring, Johnny pulled Dakota up from the floor. Lifting him upside down into the air, Johnny had a stalling brainbuster in mind but Dakota wasn’t having any of it. Fish hooking Johnny’s mouth with a single finger, Dakota forced him to let him back down to his feet. Holding onto Johnny with both hands, Dakota then pulled him into a stiff knee to the stomach, forcing Johnny to double over from the impact. Swinging upward, Dakota connected with a European uppercut that stood Johnny straight up. Lifting him off his feet and onto his shoulders, Dakota then dropped him to the floor with his Dovah Death Drop (Twisting Samoan Drop). Making the cover, Dakota thought he had this one in the bag but to his surprise, Johnny kicked out just at the two count.

In shock, Dakota looked down to Johnny, shaking his head at him kicking out from the Dovah Death Drop. Pushing himself up to his feet, Dakota then pulled Johnny up from the floor, this time with his back turned to him. Locking in a full nelson from behind, Dakota then lifted Johnny off his feet as high as he could, slamming him down into a knee to the back of the head with Dakota’s Gorewhore. Already on one knee, Dakota then laid over Johnny for the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count. As the officials hand came within inches of slapping the floor a third time, Johnny threw his arm into the air, getting a shoulder up from the mat to break up the count.

Dakota was still in shock from the sight of Johnny kicking out from both of those moves. Not only was he in shock, but he was also impressed with Johnny. Walking over to where the Union Battleground Championship rested on the floor, Dakota lifted it with one hand, holding it high above his head. Looking to the camera at his side, Dakota leaned in closely, looking to the viewers who were out there watching before yelling for someone from Union Battle Battleground to come and take it from him. He then turned back to Johnny who was slowly climbing to his feet. The camera switched views to a shot behind Johnny where another cameraman stood. Rushing towards Johnny, Dakota swung the championship for his head, only to miss as Johnny ducked out of the way. The feed from that camera then cut out as Dakota smacked the camera with the belt, knocking it to the floor and bringing nothing but static for those watching from home.

The camera feed switched back to the other one close by just in time to catch Dakota cracking Johnny in the back of the head with the belt, dropping him to his knees. Dropping the championship, Dakota then grabbed the cord from the camera in both hands, slowly walking up to Johnny from behind. Wrapping the cord around Johnny’s throat, Dakota then began to choke him with it. Johnny fought to break away but Dakota had the cord too tight around his throat held by an unbreakable grip with both hands. This struggle continued for a minute or so before Johnny’ movements began to slow down. With each passing second, Johnny’s actions grew slower and slower before there was no movement from him at all. Following this, the official then checked in with Johnny, raising his arm and then releasing it three times before finally calling for the bell and declaring Dakota the winner.

WINNER: Dakota Smith via Technical Knockout

The scene is set. Willie is standing behind a microphone, behind him are white candles, against a blue backdrop. Attached to the microphone, for some reason is a Jamaican flag. Willie begins singing, the lyrics are familiar.

PETE: ”Until the philosophy, Which hold one race superior and another, Inferior, Is finally, And permanently, Discredited, And abandoned, Everywhere is war, Me say war.

It’s as awkward as it is powerful, as it becomes clear that Willie is singing ‘War’ by Bob Marley. His gaze is locked on the camera, it’s a kind of wide eyed resentment. Every move of his lips hide sneers.

PETE: ”That until the basic human rights, Are equally guaranteed to all, Without regard to race, Dis a war”

Now he’s swaying a bit, but still glaring at the camera. It’s like ‘We are the World’ at gunpoint. The crowd watching is in a kind of shocked silence. They expected anything other than this. Even the haters can’t muster any boos. They’re all so quiet.

PETE: ”That until that day, The dream of lasting peace, World citizenship, Rule of international morality, Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, But never attained, Now everywhere is war – War”

Some of the ‘woke’ members of the crowd are now trying to sing along, but Willie’s unpredictable speech patterns are hard to follow. Still, those eyes. They stare. They burn holes through the lens. It’s brutal to watch – anyone who was masturbating before this segment aren’t now. And if they are, it’s a tough yank so far.

PETE: ”And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes, That hold our brothers in Four Corners Wrestling, In uhh, also Four Corners Wrestling, South Four Corners Wrestling? Sub-human bondage, Have been toppled, Utterly destroyed…”

Now Willie produces a picture. It’s a glossy photograph of Cross Recoba. He glares at the camera before he tears the picture in half. Then he tears it into quarters, before finally throwing the pieces of the photograph into the camera lens.

PETE: ”Fight the REAL ENEMY!!!”

And if you still don’t get the reference, smile, it means you’re young.

Fade away.

Cartier is sitting backstage looking impatient. She’s tapping her foot and sighing in that frustrated, obvious way that black women all have perfected. They way that translates to “do not fuck with her right now unless you want things to go left.”

Looking at her glittering watch for probably the tenth time in five minutes, Cartier slaps her thighs and stands up from her dressing room chair and heads for the door.

CARTIER: “Where the fuck my food at? This fuckin’ bitch right here need some damn crab rangoons.”

She slams her way out of the dressing room and stomps down the hall, her cell phone in her hand. Staring at the screen she shouts a voice prompt to redial the delivery place she’d called over an hour before.

“Thank you call Gonna China! You was gonna eat somewhere else, but now you Gonna China!

CARTIER: “Yo where my order at? I been back here at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, starvin’ like a bitch. I need my damn rangoons!”

”All delivery people very busy! No one come back to get food in hour. So sorry!”

CARTIER: “The fuck you mean? Where they at then? My shit just sittin’ there gettin’ cold???”

”So sorry!”

The speaker phone beeps and the screen reverts back to Cartier’s wallpaper of her and SILK holding champagne bottles and title belts. She scowls and then heads around a corner, where she comes to a sudden stop and her eyes widen.

Standing in front of her is a row of delivery men. All Asian. All holding identical little white boxes with Chinese symbols on them.

CARTIER: “What the…”

As Cartier stands there with her mouth hanging open, she turns her head to take in the whole scene. There have to be a dozen delivery men all lined up waiting in a line in front of a door… a door Cartier knows leads to the room 4CW General Manager Phoenix has taken as her own for the evening.

CARTIER: “This some bullshit… yo, ain’t all you people on the clock? Y’all got people waitin’ on they food, why y’all just cloggin’ up this hallway?”

One of the delivery men looks at Cartier and shrugs, the little box in his hand shaking like a Christmas ornament on a tree.

DELIVERY MAN: “Everyone know Queen Phoenix have yellow fever. I bring egg roll, make her want sex.”

CARTIER: “Oh damn. This is racist as hell.”

Cartier walks up the line of delivery men who each look to have some eager looks on their faces. About three people up, she spots what looks to be a familiar face.

CARTIER: “What the fuck? Ch’ang? Ain’t you Ch’ang Dong Geun? The former California Wrestlin’ champ?”

DONG-GEUN: “Young God not know who you mean. I am just humble delivery man, delivering pu pu platter.”

CARTIER: “Nah, hell nah, I know it’s you. What the fuck you doin’ over here?”

DONG-GEUN: “Queen Pheona have forehead of Empress. Young God give tribute. Young god still California Wrestling World Heavyweight Hollywood Wrestling Heritage Champion.”

CARTIER: “Okay this is straight ridiculous. Good luck though. I don’t get why all y’all waitin’ out here so long anyways… hold up… what’s goin’ on up front?”

Cartier nears the door, getting to the front of the line of chinese delivery men. In the number one spot, right by the door, she finds her partner Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy posted up in a folding chair like a Black Friday shopper waiting for the stores to open.

CARTIER: “SILK?!? What the fuck is this?”

SILK turns in his chair and looks up, seemingly distracted. When he sees his partner standing over him with her hands on her hips looking like she might yoke him up out of the chair, he pops up onto his feet like a little boy whose mama just told him to go get a switch.

As he stands, a small pile of heart shaped candy boxes slide off of his lap and onto the floor.

SILK: “Oh heyyyyy girl, I was just restin’ my feet. Been workin’ out all day…”

CARTIER: “You so fulla shit your eyes are browner than usual. You tryina make Phoenix your valentine again?”

SILK: “WHAT? No, girl, you trippin’! Why would I do that? This candy right here? This is for me, you know I got that sweet tooth. I’m just takin’ a break before we go roll up 2HighKru like a couple of spliffs.”

CARTIER: “SILK you know I don’t give a fuck if you wanna get in Phe’s draws. Shit, everybody wanna get in ‘em. Ain’t you seen all these Panda Express rejects behind you ready to serve up that cream of Sum Yung Guy? Phoenix get any more balls thrown at her she gonna have to learn how to juggle. You ain’t gotta hide it from me, bruh. All I care about is you bein’ ready to go out there an’ headline tonight an’ get this business done. We got two squash matches to watch an’ then we up. I think I seent Leela an’ Eden around here too for some reason so we can put a show on for our two biggest fans. They probably followin’ Perry around askin’ him to remember them every five minutes like they like to do. So you good? We gonna go get it done or are you gonna be feedin’ Miss Phe chocolate covered cherries an’ I’mma have to come get you by the ear an’ drag you to the ring?”

SILK:”I don’t know what you think ya boi’s intentions are but I’m out here tryin’ to get my sugar fix on and bein’ outside of Phe’s spot is just a mere coincidence. We good, I’m focused, ready to go and get this W.”

CARTIER: “That’s all I needed to hear. See you out there partner. Oh, and this one comin’ wit’ me.”

Cartier snatches up one of the boxes of chocolates, tucking it up under her arm as she spins around and walks off.

SILK: “Gurl, wait up! Snatcin’ all my chocolate to eat like a woman who just went through a break up!“

SILK starts folding up the chair and chases Cartier down, dropping one of the boxes of chocolate. The commotion causes the door to Phoenix’s room to open up. She looks around, just like last time and see the box of chocolates lying at her feet. The line full of Asian bachelors starts clambering but Phe ignores them, opens the box of chocolates, grabs a piece, takes a bite and shows a moment of indulgence before backing up into her room and shutting the door behind her as we fade out.



Chris Madison looks on as Michelle Wong checks Willie Pete to ask if he is ready and the two seem to share a few jokes and laughs. Before the bell rings Wong checks Madison thoroughly by giving him a full patdown on his gloves, boots, and shorts. She gives him a stern thumbs up. The bell rings and Madison seems to want to end it quickly as he sprints towards Willie. They crash in the center of the ring. They jostle for position and Madison immediately locks in a standing guillotine choke. He pulls Willie off his feet and proceeds to spin him around for the Helicopter Guillotine.

Willie tries to get a grip on Madison to get some of the pressure off his neck. They get to the ropes and Wong steps in cautiously presumably to check if Willie gives, but while stepping up she tries to get out of the way of his swinging body and kicks him away right into the ropes. Willie hooks the second rope with his leg. Wong yanks Madison’s arms off him and pushes Madison back. Willie takes a breather and when Madison comes in to attack Wong admonishes him and yells at him to go to the corner. She gives Willie as much time as he needs to recover.

When he does Madison keeps his gameplan of attacking swiftly to get this supposed farce over with, but Willie proves to be the sneaky Pete and evades his attacks. That is until Madison is able to grab a hold of his waist from behind. Willie keeps running pulling Madison with him. They bounce off the corner but Madison pulls him back rolling on his back then lifts Willie up into a Rolling German Suplex. Madison keeps the bridge for the pin. Wong puts a hand under each of Willie’s shoulders and counts. One! … Two! … NO!

And Willie kicks out after that questionably slow count. Madison stares at Wong in disbelief allowing for Willie to hit a Standing Double Foot Stomp right into Madison’s midsection. He picks Madison up to punish him with some knees into the same area then runs to the ropes to hit a Lifting Knee followed by a One Handed Bulldog. Madison gets up on the corner as Willie celebrates. Willie runs to the corner to hit a running knee strike that puts Madison down and Willie goes up top. Willie comes down with a hard Missile Dropkick and goes to cover Madison as soon as he lands. Wong jumps into action. One! … Two! … NO!

And Madison kicks out to the surprise of both Willie and Wong. Willie politely complains to Wong that the count could have been even faster and Madison lunges at him. He holds Willie’s arm out of the way by hooking it up towards his neck and pays him back with some repeated knee strikes to the ribs. He then yanks the arm and locks in an Omoplata. Willie tries to inch towards the corner, but Madison digs his elbow into Willies back as his legs are wrapped around Willie’s arm. Madison glares at Wong threatening to injure Willie and she asks Willie if he gives up.

They are close to the corner and she grabs Willie’s free arm as if he were in a choke and slightly pulls it in the direction of the ropes. Willie has a target now and refuses to give up. He keeps his trapped arm close to his body and Madison increases the angle on the Omoplata slightly. Willie is able to pull them both of them towards the ropes and grab onto it. Wong jumps towards Madison and almost bowls him over.

Madison gets up in anger and deadlifts Willie up to throw him away with a Gutwrench Suplex. He squares up with Wong and they argue with Wong not backing up towards the corner and firing back at Madison with unintelligible Australian curses. This allows for Willie to come in from the side and hit Madison with a jumping knee strike from the side for the Rise then he jumps up and pulls Madison back onto both of his knees for the Fall. Madison bounces back off of Willie in clear pain. Willie mocks him by holding his ribs and shares a laugh with Wong. Madison tries to rally back on his knees but Willie runs at him to kip up off his knee and lock in the triangle choke locking in You’re Dying!

Wong almost ends the match right there, but Madison is able to grab her pants with his free arm and trips her down. She slaps his arm away and emphatically asks if he gives up. Madison pulls Willie to the ropes and reaches for them but his arm wanes for a moment. It is at this moment that Wong grabs that arm to check if he is still conscious. She raises it ones and it falls. She raises it twice and Madison grabs onto her ref shirt. He pulls her away and in a wild motion rolls to the outside taking Willie with him. Wong goes to the outside to implore a surprised Willie to get back into the ring. She stops when he glares at her with Wild Eyes and slowly does so.

Wong hurries in and starts a fast count between the ropes as Madison recovers from the Triangle Choke on the outside. Suddenly Willie jumps over her to land on Madison with a Suicide Senton. A wild Willie then tries to lock Madison up in another triangle choke, but Madison fights it off and grabs his legs. Madison swings Willie around in the air to slam his body against the barricades. Wong counts slower now but Madison takes no chances and picks Willie up to throw him up on the apron.

Madison goes up the turnbuckles and jumps down onto Willie with a Double Foot Stomp. Madison holds onto Willie before he falls and pulls him into the ring with a front face lock. Willie anticipates what is coming and wiggles out of the hold. They get up and Willie shocks Madison with a knife edge chop and a forearm face rake. Madison turns away and Willie jumps on him to hit a Reverse Hurricanrana.

Madison is able to hold on to Willie’s legs. Willie pulls himself back up to Madison and slaps his head, but Madison throws him up into the air and gets a rear waist lock as Willie falls to slam him down into a bridged German suplex for the End Game. Wong looks on in disbelief then checks Willie’s shoulders carefully before having no recourse but to count the pin. One! … Two! … Two-point-Five! … Three!

Madison pushes Willie off and glares at Wong then forces her to lift his arm in victory.

WINNER: Chris Madison via Pinfall

The Scene fades in on Toby Wagner leaning against a wall. He’s typing away on his phone when Hartman walks up to him. Toby glances up at him for a second before his phone lights up in his hand and he smirks and goes to typing away and ignoring Hartman.

HARTMAN: “Hey Toby. Was wondering if I could get a few words from you in regards to your match later tonight?”

Toby doesn’t look up from his phone as he speaks.

WAGNER: “Yeah…Sure. Whatever.”

HARTMAN: “So tonight you got a pretty big match against Elijah Carlson. Do you really think you’re the one to beat his undefeated streak?”

Toby let out a laugh underneath his breath but he didn’t say anything to Hartman. Hartman seemed confused and looked at the camera for a moment but shrugged it off.

HARTMAN: “I guess we can take that as a yes? Do you have anything to say to Elijah heading into this match?”

Toby didn’t make a sound as he just smirked and looked at his phone. Now Hartman knew he was blatantly being ignored. So he tapped Toby on the shoulder until he got his attention. Toby glanced up and rolled his eyes.

WAGNER: “What the fuck do you want?”

HARTMAN: “Uhh..I just asked you a couple of questions about your match later tonight.”

Toby put his phone into his pocket for a second with a sigh.

WAGNER: “There’s nothing else to say. I’m going to win. Eli’s going to lose. Go find someone else who wants to jerk themselves off for an hour talking about themselves.”

With that Toby pushed past Hartman and took his phone back out of his pocket as he headed down the hallway leaving the scene to fade to black.



As the bell sounds, the reigning North American champion bounces lightly on his feet and smirks, stepping toward the center of the ring. Simultaneously Toby Wagner circles around the outer edge, forcing Eli to shift his body weight and adjust to keep him in his sights. Wagner takes a step to close in on Eli and pays for it right away as Eli snaps a kick off, connecting with Toby’s left knee buckling it and dropping him to a kneeling position.

Springing into action from there, Eli charged and slammed his right arm across Toby’s upper body, clotheslining him fully down to the canvas. Rolling over swiftly, Eli hooked the leg in a pinfall attempt that didn’t even manage a one count. Smiling and seeming to enjoy himself, Eli spins back up to his feet and then takes a few steps back, gesturing for Toby to take as long as he needs to get back up.

Wagner, for his part, puts his hands behind his head and pretends that boredom has put him to sleep but as soon as Eli rushes to take advantage of the moment, he springs up and pulls Eli down into a small package roll up. After a two count Eli manages to fire his way out and then the match truly commences as both men stand up at nearly identical times.

Wagner throws a punch that Eli ducks and sprints beyond, rebounding off the ropes. On his return course, the North American champ throws both feet out in front of him and aims them at the same knee he had connected with moments before, dropping Toby to a kneeling position again. Working his way back up to his feet right away, Eli once more used the ropes to rebound but when he returned this time Toby was ready for him and shot up violently, nearly taking Eli’s head off of his shoulders with a big boot to the face.

Not wasting any time, Toby quickly threw one leg over the fallen body of the North American champion and dropped down to his knees, slamming punch after punch into the side of Eli’s head over and over again until finally the referee intervened and forced him to take a step back. After checking on the newly crowned hall of famer, the referee allowed the match to resume but gave Toby a warning to listen to his instructions from here on out. Dismissively Toby waved his hand at him and then dragged Eli back up to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. When Eli bounced back and came back toward him Toby quickly scooped him up and drove him down into the canvas with a well executed sidewalk slam. Remaining with an arm draped across him, Toby hooked the leg and once again got a near fall with a two count before Eli managed to kick out.

Dragging Eli back up to a standing position once more, Toby aimed a punch directly to Carlson’s temple. Instinctively, Eli threw up his arm to block the punch and then stepped beside Wagner. Draping an arm around Toby’s neck, Eli quickly pulled him backward down to the canvas with a russian leg sweep, halting Wagner’s momentum in its tracks. Shooting a look at his opponent, Eli pushes himself back up to his feet and then exits to the ring apron nearby.

In the meantime Toby begins to roll over onto his hands and knees and start to get back up. The fans pop up to their feet as Eli moves and climbs up the turnbuckle and perches on the top rope. When Toby stands and turns toward him, Eli leaps and lands a diving cross body that flattens Wagner. Once more Eli pops back up to his feet, this time pumping his fists as the crowd begins to get behind him.

A bit more slowly than before, Toby works his way back up to his feet again and shifts to face Eli who is already running toward him. Leaping into the air, Eli wipes Toby out again, this time with a Prince’s Edict sling blade. A quick cover gets the North American champ a near fall but Toby kicks out forcefully. Grabbing a handfull of Toby’s hair, Eli begins to pull him back up to a standing position but once they’re there, Toby whips his arm up and breaks Eli’s grasp. Sharply, he then thrusts his hand forward and wraps it tightly around Eli’s throat, choking him while staring directly into his eyes. Somewhere backstage Maxx Bennett is probably overtaken with immense jealousy but that’s a story for another time.

In the ring the referee spots the choke and rushes over to Toby, beginning a five count. When he gets to four, Toby lets Eli go and then violently shoves the referee down to the canvas. In one smooth motion, Toby drops to a knee and brings his forearm up forcefully between Eli’s legs, connecting with a low blow to Carlson’s family jewels. What Toby didn’t expect, however, was for the referee he shoved down to have been shoved with such force that he did a full somersault and landed on his hands and knees, just in time to look up and catch Toby land the low blow. Right away the referee waves the match off, disqualifying Toby for the attack outside of the rules, bringing the match to an abrupt and awkward conclusion.

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Disqualification

After the conclusion of the match, Toby dips out of the ring shooting the referee a look that could kill. He begins his trek up the entrance ramp toward the backstage area as Eli slowly recovers. Eventually, Carlson manages to make his way over to the corner and reach out toward the time keeper for a microphone. It doesn’t take them long to bring it to him and he just manages to stand back up as Toby is about to exit fully from the scene to the backstage area. Clearing his throat, Eli attracts his attention and then places his hands on his knees and takes a few deep breaths, trying to chase that awful sensation away.

CARLSON: ”Hold up… I’m not done with you yet, Tobias.”

In spite of the pain, Eli smirks knowing that his retreating opponent doesn’t like to be called that name. While Toby waits, Eli stands up and stretches a bit, pacing around the ring for a few moments after before settling and bringing the microphone up to his mouth.

CARLSON: ”You said a lot of really stupid shit this week, you know that? And yet in spite of that I can’t help but find myself intrigued. Intrigued because in spite of everything that you said, you did make one good point. Someone is going to have to be the new North American Champion. Someone is going to have to take the reigns from me. And while I’m still the reigning, defending North American champion now. At Retrograde, in order to get what I want, I’m going to have to hand this championship belt back to Perry Wallace and let someone else try to build upon what I’ve spent the last fifteen months laying the foundation for.”

Taking another deep breath, Eli lifts his right foot off the ground and shakes his leg a little bit but afterward seems to finally be feeling a bit more comfortable.

CARLSON: ”For fifteen plus months I’ve done whatever it takes to build a legacy that will stand the test of time with this championship. And while I have to hand it over to Wallace eventually, it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to have a say in who I pass this torch onto. That’s where you come in, Toby. Because for all of your youth. For all of your indifference. For all of your laziness, there’s something unique about you. There’s a willingness, in this ring, to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost. I saw that in you tonight. You got caught, but you were willing to take the risk. And that’s what the North American championship is about. I’ve thrown myself off of ladders. Off of DJ booths. Off of anything I could think of. I’ve risked it all. And the person who carries this championship into the future needs to be willing to do the exact same. I think you’ve got that in you, Toby….”

He nods his head simply.

CARLSON: ”Which is why at Retrograde, you’ll be one of the competitors in a caged ladder battle royale. How many others will there be? Well that’s a surprise for me to know and for you to find out later on. But you and your opponents will battle it out in an elimination style match until only two of you remain. And from there the two of you will finish the battle in the 4CW Classic. Inside the steel cage. With the North American Championship hanging high above your heads. The opportunity is there, Tobias. Now, it’s on you to dig deep, risk it all. And take advantage of the chance I’m giving you.”

Without another word, Eli tosses the microphone aside and then waves his hand dismissively at Toby, letting him know he can run along to the back now as Eli takes to the ropes, lifting the 4CW North American Championship high above his head to a pop from an ever growing portion of the 4CW fan base.

The Cameras go backstage to find Leela Watts and Eden Connors sitting backstage in their own locker room. They have a nice set up of milkshakes, cupcakes and various sweets on the table. They lounge on the couch talking and laughing as they watch Adrenaline. Leela grabs a bowl of popcorn in front of her and pops a few pieces in her mouth as she passes the bowl to Eden chewing and swallowing in the process.

WATTS: “You know E? You were right. This was a great idea. After all the hard work we’ve been putting in to get things ready for our big Charity Meet and Greet in Paris this was the PERFECT way to relax and reward ourselves. Being here at Adrenaline and just enjoying the show!”

Leela smiles at her tag partner and best friend and Eden returns the smile. Eating some popcorn herself before placing the bowl back on the table.

CONNORS: “Now Le Le. Don’t forget. This can’t be just about the fun. We’re doing actual work too. Watching the competition of the Tag Division and making it clear that we are still here and not to be taken lightly. Since apparently if we aren’t booked it means we don’t care or that we don’t exist here. Even though in spite of having lost, we have won too.”

Leela nodded her head and sighed. She leaned forward and grabbed her milkshake off the table and took a sip. She savored the taste for a moment and allowed the smile to come back to her face.

WATTS: “We lose as a team and win as a team. Simple as that. We learn and move forward from our failures while other people pretend like their failures don’t exist at all. That’s what makes us a great team. That’s why we are here now. Relaxing and enjoying ourselves, watching and preparing for whatever gets put in front of us next. Whichever team it might be. We’ll work our way back to those 4CW Tag Team Championships.”

Eden leaned forward and picked up her own milkshake taking a sip before picking up a cupcake and handing it to Leela. She grabbed her own cupcake off the table as she held it up to Leela as if they were waiting to toast.

CONNORS: “And we’ll do it our own way. However long it takes. Whether we are in Three Matches or Ten Matches. It doesn’t matter. We’ll earn every opportunity and prove ourselves and we’ll do it together.”

WATTS: “Don’t forget. We’ll always make sure we have fun! The Girls Next Door. Drinking Milkshakes, Eating Cupcakes, and Kicking Butt Together!”

Leela and Eden clinked their milkshake glasses together followed by their cupcakes before they turned their attention back to the television and eating their cupcakes and drinking their milkshakes.



Before the bell even sounds, both teams begin talking trach back and forth as soon as all four wrestlers are inside of the ring. Things begin to get loud amongst them before the official eventually has to separate them and send them to their respective corners. Things heat up with SILK from Thot Chocolate and Jay Sinclair from 2HighKru starting things off for the evening. The two waste no time after the opening bell confronting each other in the center of it all where the fireworks go off as the two explode in an exchange of lefts and rights. Backing Jay across the ring, SILK connects with simultaneous overhand rights to Jay’s head, eventually backing him up completely to the ropes.

With nowhere else to go backwards, Jay bursts forward, hitting SILK with an unexpected left and then following it up with rapid right hands of his own, now backing SILK up across the ring. Now pressing SILK’s back to the ropes, Jay then locks onto his wrist and pulling him into a swift knee to the gut. Still holding SILK by the wrist, Jay then pushes him back against the ropes before using them to spring him forward as he pulled him in to whip across the ring. SILK hits the ropes and bounces off, just as Jay takes off from his position and charges towards him. Meeting in the center of the ring, Jay swings with a running clothesline but misses as SILK ducks underneath it and continues trucking forward. Bouncing off the ropes again, SILK sets his sights on Jay who is in the middle of turning around to face him. Leaping forward through the air, SILK wraps an arm around Jay’s head, pulling him down and slamming him to the mat with a slingblade!

The match continues in SILK’s favor for a minute or so with some ground work before SILK finally pulls him up to his feet. Lifting Jay upside down into the air for a suplex, SILK loses his grip, allowing Jay to slip out of his hold and drop down behind him. Grabbing SILK from behind, Jay then lifts him up as high as he can, dropping him down in a seated form onto the top rope to spring him back up into the air higher than before to execute a slingshot atomic drop. SILK falls down to a seated position on the mat, leaving his back exposed for Jay to run in and deliver a stinging kick to the lower back. Running past SILK, Jay hit the ropes and then returned with a basement dropkick to SILK’s face that laid him out!

After getting SILK up from the mat and over to the 2HighKru corner, Jay tags Flash in. Before exiting the ring, Jay begins choking SILK using the ropes and before you knew it, Flash was joining in on the fun with brutal jabs to SILK’s kidneys. Jay was eventually forced to leave the ring as the official nearly threw him out of the match for being in the ring too long as the illegal wrestling. Pulling SILK away from the corner, Flash then threw him towards the ropes and upon his return, Flash sent him flipping up and over with a back body drop. Turning to his side, Flash then hit the ropes hard and after a few steps towards where he came from, he leaped as high as he possibly could in the air before coming down with a leg drop that shot SILK’s legs into the air as his head was pinned to the canvas. Flash immediately goes for the pin after the damage dealt to SILK over the last few minutes and to his shock, he doesn’t even score a two count before SILK kicks out with ease.

Flash was able to maintain control of the match for a good bit before failing to connect with a corkscrew senton from the top rope. The costly mistake was the break Thot Chocolate was waiting for as it gave SILK plenty of time to crawl across the ring and introduce Cartier as the new legal person in the match. By the time Cartier had finally entered the ring, Flash was already halfway up to one knee as he pushed himself up from the mat. Chances are Flash didn’t plan on eating any ass during tonight’s match, but sometimes in the heat of the moment things happen. Rushing in, Cartier jumped towards Flash, spinning around in mid air and crashing into his face with her ass as if it were a battering ram knocking down a door. Her Eat This Ass drew a huge pop from the fans and she let each and every single one of them know that she appreciated them by her reaction.

She didn’t even go for a pin attempt after nailing Flash with her thunderous move. Instead, she let those all the way in the very back know that she wasn’t playing games as she swung and connected with multiple open hand slaps to Flash’s head that could be heard loud and clear. After picking him up and putting him down with back to back snap suplexes, Cartier then took to the skies herself as she launched herself off the top of the corner, flipping forward through the air before coming down and landing across Flash’s stomach with a senton. Cartier did go for the pin then but to her dismay, she was only able to score a two count before Flash was able to get a shoulder up.

Cartier continued her assault on Flash for only a short moment following the failed pin attempt before Flash managed to slip away and race to his corner before she could stop him. Leaping towards the ropes, Flash extended his entire body, reaching to make the tag with Jay. Cartier ran towards them but she was too late. With Cartier now within range, Jay shot up the corner straight to the top. Leaping away from the corner, he flew through the air, leveling Cartier with a crossbody. She fell backwards, crashing hard tot he mat with Jay sandwiching her against it. Already in position, Jay went for the pin but was then taken off guard as SILK rushes in from behind and kicked him in the back of the head.

The official immediately gained control of things before it escalated, sending SILK back to his corner and preventing Flash from getting involved illegally as well. Jay quickly got his hands on Cartier before she could full ready herself, slinging her into the corner and kicking her over and over in the stomach with right kicks. Pulling Cartier away from the corner, Jay dragged her to the center of the ring where he then positioned himself behind her and reached back to grab her head. Before he could execute a neckbreaker, Cartier shifted her hips forward as far as she could before slamming them back, plowing into the back of Jay with her ass.

The sudden impact sent Jay stumbling forward a few steps off balance, hitting the ropes head on. Bouncing backwards, Jay then falls into Cartier’s arms she then takes the bigger man down with a Russian leg sweep. She quickly goes for the cover but doesn’t even get a two count before Flash races onto the scene and leaps onto her back to break it up. This draws SILK into the ring where him and Flash then get into it, exchanging left and right punches. The two swing with everything they’ve got in the tank before Flash is completely ran over as if hit by a freight train from Cartier rushing in and hitting him with her Eat This Ass. Flash stumbles to the ropes where he then catches himself but before he even knows what’s coming, SILK closes in and sends him up and over to the outside with a clothesline.

Back in the ring, Cartier and SILK exchange a few words until Jay interrupts. Cartier quickly steps out of the way as Jay reaches for her from behind. Instead, Jay falls into SILK who then lifts him up into the air as if going for a back body drop. Beside them, Cartier locks her sights on Jay as she rushes in, reaching up as SILK drops him down and nailing Jay with a reverse cutter! With Flash on the outside still, SILK stands guard on one knee as Cartier covers Jay for the three count!

WINNERS: Thot Chocolate via Pinfall

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez paces around an empty hallway, already in his wrestling gear and the leather jacket draped on his back, as a caged animal waiting to let loose and hunt.

FERNANDEZ: “Are we done justifying ourselves, Ana? Are we done making excuses? Are we done trying to cover the fact you knew this was coming, you claim to have EXPECTED it, and yet you CHOSE to coast by!?”

Mariano shakes his head, breathing a heavy sigh of frustration.

FERNANDEZ: “It took you until I had brought the god damned fight to your gates to come at me like you would have at any other opponent if you weren’t already the Champion, and it’s a fucking embarrassment. Because while you came at this to “keep busy”, I came to fight a god damned war that was YEARS in the making. I came to get the justice I’ve deserved since god damned 2017, and you had nothing, Ana. Absolutely fucking NOTHING until you saw me say this was coming. And I don’t care what you have to say about me taking my time to talk here – I talk what the fuck I want with what time I want.”

The Pride Champion gives a straight hard stare to the camera, his face a wolfish snarl.

FERNANDEZ: “But you know the worst part of it all, mang? I know you think you’ve had some inspiration, some very original phrases to try and belittle the fact that I fight on when you choose to run away, but those words about choosing the past and my own narrative? That oh so emotionally poignant thing about how I’m sad inside and hold on to grudges forged for years? They’re not even fucking YOURS.”

No mistaking DA #TROLL GUY’s expression – unbridled, unchecked fury in his eyes and in his voice, ready to be let loose.

FERNANDEZ: “For someone that claims to remember what happened to the Sadboiz, you went and made the SAME excuses they did. The SAME exact lines about claiming a legacy – but hey, keep thinking having a minor reign and a footnote of a 4CW Title victory makes you the greatest female wrestler in 4CW – you don’t deserve. The same exact justifications about how it means shit you LEFT when other people stayed to fight on, because THAT’s what I did, and I got the numbers to prove it, and more than that. Because at least I did something with the titles I have held.”

This time, a swift but grave nod.

FERNANDEZ: “At least THOSE belts I held now enjoy some new god damned life and prestige. That’s what I MEANT by elevation, Ana – something you’ve so far proven you’re incapable of bringing. Something I prove I DO every single god damned time. Because this match? This meant nothing to you. You didn’t care. You didn’t give a literal shit until you SAW what I was bringing – and that is a literal insult. Not just to myself, but to every single person in the 4CW roster.”

This time, DA #TROLL GUY bumps his fists together, the snapping sound of the impact producing a slight echo through the empty hallway.

FERNANDEZ: “It’s fucking tragic, mang. The newly crowned 4CW Champion wants to appear in every show, but doesn’t have the will to fight. The 4CW Champion wants to throw praise my way even though it pains her to the core to have to do so, because she KNOWS the worth I bring, I don’t even need to bring it up. She KNOWS I’ve done more in the company than she’s ever did. She KNOWS I’ve brought more people to care about matches for the mere fact that the name of Mariano Fernandez is on the card, and thus she has to call it a circus novelty act.”

Mariano gives his Trollface smirk, but his eyes, of course, tell a very different story.

FERNANDEZ: “Circus novelty act, but one that draws more than she’s ever fucking done. Circus novelty act when I won the Frenzy. Circus novelty act when I won the 4CW Title before she did. Circus novelty act when the American Mangs brought the 4CW Tag Team Titles back to life and the Hellcats ran away from Bad Company. Circus novelty fucking act when I was the first to beat 4CW Champion Bryan Laughlin. I get it must be VERY fucking hard than a “circus novelty act” has a legacy greater than the constant main-eventer whose only merit is getting the 4CW Title for a brief moment in time after Andraste knows how long, but I’ll tell you what’s going to be harder than that, Ana. It’s going to be MUCH harder when tonight, the newly crowned 4CW Champion gets beat by the circus novelty act. And THEN we’ll talk about god damned momentum.”

The smile vanishes, replaced by the look of a man about to go to war.

FERNANDEZ: “Because when Anastasia Hayden loses her momentum, she flails around and eventually leaves in shame. Then she’ll go sit out for a whole year like the man she loves but wants to distance herself from does. Then she’ll see the next easy fight and jump into it again like he did, and they’ll call this the god damned culture. It’s fucking pathetic, it’s god damned stagnant, and it’s in need of a fuckign change. A change that I’ve been bringing. A change that I’ve come to represent. Because I may have left for four months after a brutal match and having a literal cage crush my chest, but I’ve been back ever since, and I’ve held the fuck on for two god damned years now. But I’m tired of holding on. I’m tired of digging in only to see 4CW back to the same shit. And most importantly, I’m tired of Anastasia fucking Hayden.”

He stops his pacing and points forward to the camera.

FERNANDEZ: “Tonight, this shit ends. Tonight I prove why this Showcase match was made. Tonight I beat another 4CW Champion that chose to half-ass her way through this match, and get the justice, the vindication I’ve waited years to obtain. And when we’re done here, Ana, save your god damned words. Save the god damned excuses, save the justifications, and save any god damned apologies. I don’t need them. I don’t want them. And I won’t show you any mercy.”

Mariano leans forward, to deliver his final message.

FERNANDEZ: “For you deserve NONE.”

And with that, DA #TROLL GUY walks away, the last shot of the camera of the leather jacket on his back as the feed cuts back to the ring.

The cameras cut backstage where we find Dakota Smith limping to what he thought was a secluded area after his hard fought battle with Johnny Violence earlier in the evening.

? ? ?: “THERE HE IS!!!”

A familiar voice filled the air as a single hand is seen reaching out past the camera and pointing at Dakota. The cameraman headed straight for Dakota and before making it to him, it became obvious who that voice belonged to as Perry Wallace stepped out in front to lead the way.

WALLACE: “Dakota! Hold up right there!”

Perry’s pace picked up as he caught up to Dakota. Eyeing the Union Championship Dakota dragged behind him, Perry reached down and picked it up from the floor, taking it from Dakota’s possession as if The Butcher even noticed.

WALLACE: “Let me see this right here.”

The butcher cleared his nostrils and spit some blood onto the ground, not even looking back at Perry.

SMITH: “Can I help you Wallace?”

Holding the championship in both hands and looking down at it, Perry heard Dakota’s question, and without looking up, he answered.

WALLACE: “Can you help me?”

Perry’s head slowly rises, looking up to Dakota with an eyebrow raised.

WALLACE: “You’ve already done enough by bringing Union’s top prize here to 4CW. I’m fine, but I can think of a few things you can do to piss off the people over there? We both know there just has to be someone there who can bring you a better fight than Bryan ‘I’m in my twenty-seventh concussion protocol’ Williams! Fucking still running around with a chicken mask on looking like one big fucking dick head.”

Dakota stops in his tracks, and lets out a growly sounding chuckle underneath his breath before Perry runs into him, his eyes reverting back to the Union Battleground Championship. The butcher turns around and faces Perry, glancing down at his championship and then back at Wallace.

SMITH: “You just better remember my pigly friend, I didn’t do this for you… I did it for me, because it helps my mission in ending this fucking pathetic little world we call professional wrestling… You’re just a very important piece in my grand war machine.”

Dakota reached out and placed one hand of Perry’s shoulder, and then forces a smile that seems more frightening than friendly.

SMITH: “That and you’re my good friend… You know Williams better than anyone, you know this business almost better than anyone. All of these other maggots can take their shots at you, but I know who you really are Wallace. I see the value you bring to this business.”

Removing his hand from Perry’s shoulder, Dakota continues.

SMITH: “Byran shouted to the world that I was a threat only he could stop, Yet, all I would have to do is call up my dear ol’ cousin Cashe and we would watch him run for the hills. We would watch him sink before he even began to float…The man is a coward, the mask is fitting… But a mask is a mask, and under that mask… Is just Bryan Williams … Waiting to be filleted alive.”

WALLACE: “I don’t think Bryan would appreciate you talking about him on this fine Wedne—Thurs—wait a goddamn second! It’s Wednesday, we ain’t running on a tape delay!”

With a grin on his face, Perry glances to the camera in a breaking the fourth wall fashion, knowing damn well what he said and the shot it was directed at.

WALLACE: “What I meant was I don’t think Bryan would appreciate you talking about him like that! I’d hate to see him show up to 4CW unannounced and come for you.”

Again, Perry glances to the camera for only a brief moment, that sake grin still plastered on his face.

WALLACE: “I honestly thought there would be more people talking, more people crying, and more people complaining about me showing up to Union with you like I owned the goddamn joint but as far as I can tell, it’s been crickets! You, Dakota Smith, 4CW Hall of Famer, walked into their backyard and took the one title there considered the top of the food chain. I don’t see anyone on the roster over there jumping to dive in head first with the sharks over here to return the favor. And other than Williams? I don’t see anyone stepping up to the plate to take back what is theirs from the hands of a man who I know for a fact bleeds 4CW blue. So we have to take matters into our own hands and see if we can’t get the slow kids riled up to where you actually have a target painted on your back!”

Letting out a few more chuckles underneath his breath, Dakota stretches his arms out in front of him cracks his fingers. He then grabs the top of his head and the bottom of his chin, distorting his head to the left and then to the right as loud pops echo from his neck. Then before Perry can ever react, Dakota snatches his championship back from him and turns towards the camera. He slowly raises it up, so that it’s level with his head and grins.

SMITH: “This is a challenge, a calling to all those who hold Union Battleground dear in their hearts… I came into your company, I shit on your doorstep, I bledout countless whogivesafucks! And I stole your championship…. Now you have sent Bryan Williams to come and claim back what is yours… But I don’t think Bryan is going to have what it takes, in fact I’d pretty much fucking gaurentee it! I’m no stranger to Bryan, and he’s no stranger to me… But I ask you… Does he represent all of you? Are there none of you who have the fucking cock and balls to come face me in my home? Will none of you step up and redeem the honor of your company? I’m waiting… I’m ready… And i’m rock fucking hard. Come get some maggots…. Come… Fucking… Get some.”

Giggling like a child in the background, Perry steps forward into the focus of the camera.

WALLACE: “That’s all you got?”

Perry stares into the camera for a short moment before turning his head to look at Dakota beside him and than back towards the camera.

WALLACE: “We’ve already seen that here in a 4CW ring a time or two. Just like we’ve seen him walk in and out a time or two, or three, a dozen, I can’t fucking keep count. The point I’m trying to make is that the end result isn’t going to change and the Union Battleground Championship is still going to be in the possession of this man right here.”

Tilting his head in Dakota’s direction, Perry shifts the attention to the one man who has any say whatsoever to what happens to the championship in question. And just like that, Perry turned back to the camera.

WALLACE: “We walked right into your backyard and took a piss in the center of it. I want it to be known that this is only the beginning—well, a continuation of what we began last week in Union. A continuation of what this man did when he stepped into the unknown and robbed you all blind. Please tell me you have more to stand up for you Union other than THE chicken man.”

And with that, silence fills the air as Perry takes a step back, shifting the focus to Dakota once more as the feed slowly fades out.



HUGHES: “MAIN EVENT TIME, Vin. Here we go.”

VASSA: “What would this do for Manny’s stock here tonight, or more importantly the stock of the 4CW Pride Championship?”

HUGHES: “I think we’d all be shocked if he were to pull off a victory here.”

VASSA: “Let’s go to Powers.”

The arena lights suddenly go down.

POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following Champions Showcase is scheduled for one fall!”

A Trollface appears on the big screen.



POWERS: ”Coming to the ring first, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida, he is the 4CW PRIDE CHAMPION… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”


The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, the Pride Championship belt wrapped around his waist, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.


Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!


As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.


HUGHES: “What the fuck did he just say?”

VASSA: “Force. Balance. Push.”

HUGHES: “How in the fuck do you know what?”

VASSA: “Google.”

“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo.

POWERS: “And the opponent!”

As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains, holding her 4CW Championship by its strap. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she starts to make her way down to the ring.

”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota… weighing in at one hundred twenty-eight pounds… she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’ and the current 4CW CHAMPION… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”

”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws more hatred from the crowd as she tosses the 4CW Championship into the ring before leaping up to the apron and climbing through the ropes. Lifting her championship off the canvas, she holds it up high for a few seconds before dragging it over to a free corner in the ring and dropping it back on the mat before she perches herself onto the top turnbuckle.

VASSA: “There she is, the 4CW Champion!”

HUGHES: “Getting some boos here in the former champion’s hometown.”

VASSA: “These people are die hard loyal fans of Bryan Laughlin. I’m not surprised.”

HUGHES: “Ana loves this. They’re doing nothing but fueling her right now.”

VASSA: “The smirk says it all.”

Bouncing back and forth in his corner, eager to get things underway, Manny stares across the ring at Ana, the same fire in his eyes that we all saw last week in his promotional footage leading up to tonight’s event. There aren’t many times that we really see Manny angry and this was certainly one of them. Across from him, is Ana still on the top turnbuckle with a look of confidence to her as her eyes shoot back to Manny with a dead stare. As cool as ever, she slowly lowers herself down to the canvas before cracking her neck slightly.

In the center of the ring, the official checks in with each corner. First looking to Manny, it didn’t take long at all to get the nod from him as he politely thanked the official in the process. He may have a fire lit under his ass, but he still has manners! Looking to the other side at Ana, the official doesn’t get a signal right away. Ana continues to look past the official, her eyes locked on Manny still bouncing back and forth in his corner to stray loose. Breaking her concentration, the official shouts to Ana. She gives the official a nasty look but only for a second before giving him the thumbs up and signaling for him to get on with it.

With both wrestlers now locked and ready to go, the official throws his hand into the air at the pleasure of the crowd in attendance, calling for the bell!


Without any hesitation whatsoever, both shot from their corners and headed straight for the center of the ring. Once standing within feet of one another, the two slowly circled the ring, sizing the other up while going over last second strategy in their heads. Striking first, Manny lunged towards Ana with both arms stretched forward. Spinning out of the way, Ana kicked her leg up, planting her foot to manny’s stomach as she came up empty handed.

Doubled over from the shot to the gut, Manny held both arms over his stomach as he gasped for air. Placing a hand over the back of his head, Ana then pressed it down as she lifted her knee up, ramming it straight to Manny’s face, releasing him at just the right moment to allow his body to straighten as his head whipped back. Stepping in beside him, she wrapped Manny up before lifting him off his feet and slamming him down onto her knee with a side slam backbreaker!

Manny rolled back and forth on the mat in a world of pain as Ana climbed back to her feet at her own pace, in no particular hurry. Circling Manny, Ana smirked at the sight oh im rolling in pain and in the blink of an eye, the smirk vanished as she stepped in and kicking him in the ribs as hard as she could. The force of the kick rolled Manny over to his stomach as he gasped once more. Popping up to a handstand, she then swung her legs back downward, connecting with a high knee drop to Manny’s lower back.

HUGHES: “Ana working stiff tonight.”

VASSA: “She’s not the only one.”

HUGHES: “We normally see her use speed and agility but it seems like she’s out to prove that hoss is just a mindset.”

VASSA: “Each thing she does has a sting to it.”

Pulling Manny up from the mat, Ana then swung with one hand, hitting him across the chest with a stinging open hand slap. Manny quickly brought a hand up over his chest to soothe the pain and with his attention elsewhere, he had no idea Ana’s other hand was closing in towards his face with an open palm strike. The second hit knocked Manny backwards a step as he was caught off guard. Before he could react, Ana swung with a third, and then a fourth open palm strike, knocking Manny further back until his back was pressed against the ropes.

It was as if the ropes zapped Manny with electricity because from the exact moment his back touched them, he bursted forward, exploding with energy as he swung with an overhead right, clobbering Ana over the top of the head. He then swung with a left, catching Ana in the side of the head and knocking her backwards a couple steps. Swinging in with another right, this time Manny hit her directly in the face with a forearm smash. Ana was flustered but no matter which way she moved her head, Manny managed to connect with a solid blow. Throwing both arms up as Manny closed in to lock onto her, Ana clawed at his eyes, giving Manny a nasty eye rake and stopping him in his tracks.

As Manny rubbed both hands over his eyes, Ana only needed a second to readjust herself before locking ont her target once more and going back to work. Kicking her leg up, Ana swung her body around, connecting with a stiff kick to Manny’s shoulder, knocking him to the side. Throwing her other leg up, she swung her body around in the opposite direction, planting her foot to Manny’s other shoulder. Stepping in to grab ahold of him, Ana was then taken completely by surprise as Manny blindly reached for her, wrapping his hands around her head. Dropping down to both knees, Manny pulled Ana’s head down, slamming her jaw down onto the top of his head with a jawbreaker! Launching backwards through the air, Ana flew to the corner, crashing hard against it before smacking the canvas.

HUGHES: “AND JUST LIKE THAT, Manny puts himself back in the game.”

VASSA: “Like a hole in one, Hudson. All it takes is something like that to give you some momentum back.”

HUGHES: “He’s gunna have to get to his feet first.”

“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

VASSA: “Manny’s the only one showing life here, Ana is still holding her jaw in pain.”

HUGHES: “You think he broke it?”

“Five! … Six!”

VASSA: “Manny is using the ropes to try and get to his feet, here folks but you have to wonder if the damage has already been done”


On his feet first, Manny ends the officials double countout progress, and across the ring from him Ana is still down on the mat in front of the corner holding her jaw with both hands. Rushing over to her, Manny immediately begins kicking and stomping down onto Ana as she remains down in front of the corner. He then begins to target her knee specifically with his stomps, coming down on it harder and harder with rage in his eyes. Rolling Ana over to his stomach, Manny then grabs her by the ankle and lifts her foot as high as he can, elevating her entire leg before slamming it straight down and ramming her knee to the canvas.

Ana quickly rolls over to her back and reaches for her knee. She leans forward, only to get knocked back to the mat as Manny kicks her in the forehead, sending her on her way. Taking her by the legs, Manny then locks them with his before stepping over and rolling her over to her stomach to lock in a sharpshooter. Manny pulls back on her legs as hard as he possibly can, lowering himself to sitting on her lower back for added leverage. Manny cranks and cranks away at the maneuver as Ana yells and fights through the pain. Reaching forward, Ana stretches her arm completely, her finger tips just inches away from the ropes. With one final stretch, she finally grabs the ropes, which causes the official to immediately call for Manny to release the hold.

HUGHES: “He’s not breaking the hold here, Vin.”

VASSA: “He’s out to prove a damn point like I’ve been trying to explain to you. He wants the trifecta.”

HUGHES: “The referee is giving him the count of five, and Manny doesn’t seem to care.”

VASSA: “Oh he cares, Vin. That’s why he’s acting like this. He cares more than people give him credit for.”

HUGHES: “Well this won’t get him anywhere if he gets disqualified!”

Releasing Ana just before the official could even begin to say five, Manny stood tall and stepped away from her. He paced the ring as the official checked in with Ana briefly before cornering Manny and giving him a warning for obeying the rope break when first instructed to. As fired up as Manny may be for this match, he can’t help but apologize to the official. What’s done is done. Manny gets a warning and Ana gets time to climb back to her feet before the official even thinks about stepping out of Manny’s path to her.

Now that Ana had finally gotten backto her feet, Manny could wait no more. Instead of waiting for the officials queue, Manny brushed past him, charging straight scross the ring towards Ana. As he closed in, Ana threw a kick up for his head, only to miss contact as Manny threw his arms up to defend against it. Manny then kicked his foot up, aiming it straight for her stomach. Catching it between her hands, Ana managed to keep him from connecting with it. Swinging Manny’s leg around, Ana spun him around in place but just when Manny’s back was facing her, he jumped up with a back flip, kicking his foot up and kissing her forehead with a pele kick.

The kick to the forehead sent Ana stumbling into the corner off balance. She crashed hard against it, her arms draping over the top ropes at her sides, the only things holding her up on her feet. Popping back to his feet, Manny quickly spun around to face Ana and to his delight, she was easy pickings with her entire body exposed as her arms her locked with the ropes. With knife-edge chops, Manny swung at a rapid rate, hitting her across the chest one after the other before eventually breaking her down to a seated position with her back against the corner.


HUGHES: “I have never seen this side of him before, Vin. I have to say I’m impressed.”

VASSA: “He takes it to another level when it gets personal.”

Pulling Ana by the leg, Manny positioned her parallel with the ropes, leaving just enough room to stand in between them. With his back turned to Ana, Manny grabbed onto the top rope before jumping up and landing both feet down onto the middle ropes. Springboarding off, Manny flipped backwards through the air. Extending his arms, Manny came straight down with a springboard moonsault–right onto Ana’s knees! Bouncing off her knees, Manny flipped forward and crashed back down to the canvas. Bringing both arms to his midsection, Manny slowly rolled back and forth, the breath knocked from his lungs.

Once on her feet, Ana wasted no time to recover, attacking him as he remained down on the mat with various kicks and stomps. Satisfied with her attack and the pain Manny appeared to be in, Ana eased up on her attack. Pulling Manny up from the mat, she then swung upward as soon as he stood, connecting with a vicious European uppercut then sent Manny’s head flying back. With her other arm, she swung in from the side, delivering a brutal forearm shot to his head. Kicking Manny in the stomach, Ana forced him to buckle over and right when he did, Ana slapped him over the back of the head Locking onto his head with both hands, Ana then jumped up, bringing Manny down with a sit-out facebuster! Rolling Manny over to his back, Ana then made the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count.


Throwing his arm into the air, Manny popped a shoulder up before the official count even count to two. Leaning back to an upright position on one knee, Ana then swung down as hard as she could, hitting Manny with a forearm shot to the face and knocking the back of his head against the mat. She then lifted his head again and again, each time hitting Manny in the face with numerous forearm shots. With one final swing, she hits Manny harder than before, knocking his head back to smack the mat even harder. Rising to her feet, Ana then backed away from Manny as if planning something in her head.

HUGHES: “What’s she doing? She was basically beating on him like Ralphie from A Christmas Story! She could have bashed his skull in!”

VASSA: “She’s got that look in her eye, Hudson. Ana has something up her sleeve.”

Manny slowly pushed himself up to a seated position, somewhat in a daze from the trauma to the head moments prior. Sneaking in behind him, Ana then brought every single person to their feet as she connected with a stinging kick to Manny’s lower back. And in the blink of an eye, she kicked her other leg up, swinging it around and lighting Manny up with a kick to the dome. Back and forth, she kicked her legs, alternating blows between Manny’s back and head. As if growing bored, Ana delivered one final kick to the back of Manny’s head, but not too hard. She made sure to leave him upright with just enough power to not completely tip him over. Stepping past Manny, Ana went for the ropes at a quick pace and upon her return, she aimed for Manny’s head with an enziguri!


Rolling out of the way at the last split second, Manny dodged a bullet as Ana’s kick failed to connect. Manny began to show signs of life as he pushed himself up with Ana already rising up from one knee. On all fours, Manny went to push himself up but was quickly stopped as Ana hit him over the back with a right forearm club. Manny then went to push himself up again and just like before, he was stopped as Ana swung down with another forearm club. This went on a couple more times before Manny started showing even more signs of life as he shouted for Ana to do her worst. The crowd was even getting behind Manny as a chant broke out from the seats.

”Manny! … Manny! … Manny! … Manny! … Manny!”

HUGHES: “Laughlin would roll over in his fucking grave if he heard this in his hometown.”

VASSA: “What grave? He’s not dead.”

HUGHES: “Are you sure? Have we checked?”

VASSA: “Cleveland loves a good underdog, Hudson. They’re on their FEET screaming for Manny.”

The attacks from Ana seemed to bother Manny less and less before he finally pushed himself completely up with Ana still swinging at will. Ana then swung for Manny’s head, only to miss her shot as Manny swatted her arm away with on arm. Swinging back with his other, Manny then connected with a right to Ana’s head that knocked her back a few steps. Planting her feet, Ana regained her footing but by then it was too late, Manny was already in motion. Spinning in place and swinging her leg around, Manny drove his foot to the side of Ana’s head with a spinning wheel kick.

The kick to the head stunned Ana for only a second before she went towards Manny and kicked for his stomach. Catching her by the foot, Manny counted Ana’s kick with a dragon screw takedown. Instantly, the two popped up from the mat and coming in first, Ana kicked for Manny’s stomach a second time. Catching her foot again, Manny then took Ana down to the mat with a second dragon screw. Still not staying down, Ana instantly shot back to her feet, standing even before Manny. Moving in before he could stand up completely, Ana kicked for Manny’s stomach, only to have her foot caught for the third time! With Ana’s leg trapped, Manny then spun to the mat, taking Ana down with him with a third dragon screw.

On his feet first with plenty of time to spare, Manny now waited for Ana to climb back to her feet. She wasn’t as quick to get back up as she was moments before. The counters from Manny beginning to take their toll. Ana pushes herself up to one knee and just when she looks up, Manny is coming right for her. Closing in, Manny connects with a step-up enziguri!


HUGHES: “That echoed throughout the arena!”

Ana is slow to even begin getting up from the mat as Manny looks on from across the ring. With his sights locked solely on Ana, Manny leans forward with his hands on his knees, never once taking his eyes off of her. Manny knew that he had her right where he wanted her. She was wounded, and all he had to do now is put her down for good. It sounded easy, saying it at least. However, life always finds a way to pull the rug out from under you.

A loud commotion is heard from the ringside area as the Von Braun brothers burst onto the scene from the crowd. Brian and Brady are first to be spotted, their brother Beau nowhere to be seen. The two approach the ring from the opposite side where Manny stands. Climbing up onto the apron, the Von Braun brothers immediately attract the attention of the official who rushes over to prevent them from entering the ring.

VASSA: “Wha-what the fuck is this?!”

HUGHES: “Who the fuck is this?!”

Brady then tries to enter the ring, going in with one leg first. Before he can pull his second leg through, the official grabs ahold of him, keeping him from being able to enter the ring. The official stands his ground, demanding Brady exit the ring. This goes on for a few moments, probably longer than it should have but here we are. It was as if Brady were playing with the official letting him think he was overpowering him from entering the ring. Brian then got involved, reaching over the ropes and grabbing Brady and the official, acting as if he was trying to help them get untangled.

HUGHES: “Are they fans? Who the fuck are they?”

VASSA: “They don’t belong in this match either way!”

Things don’t seem to be quite right. At least that’s the impression we’re given as Manny begins to react to what’s going on, confused you could even say. And that’s when things completely take a turn for the worst.

Hopping the barricade from the crowd at Manny’s back, Beau Von Braun finally shows up to join his brothers. Sliding in the ring unnoticed, Beau then slides a pair of brass knuckles over his hand as he stands to his feet. Rushing in from behind, Beau then cracks Manny in the back of the head with a thunderous punch and some added lightning from the brass knuckles. Manny instantly drops to the mat, falling forward face first before crashing down.

VASSA: “Son of a bitch, that’s Beau Van Braun!”

HUGHES: “He unplugged Manny from the mainframe with that swing holy shit. That was a proud boy sucker punch if I’ve ever seen one.”

VASSA: “What he did was ruin the main event!”

HUGHES: “A 4CW tradition like no other!”

Rolling out of the ring, Beau then hops the barricade again, this time entering the crowd and heading in the opposite direction.Pulling himself to the apron, Brady removes himself from the ring and after the two brothers look to one another with a shrug, they then drop down from the apron.

Just in the niche of time, Ana begins to rise to her feet. She’s slow with her movements, giving the official all the time in the world to examine the ring and only assume why Manny is face down in a daze. Having not seen anything, the official isn’t even aware that Beau had come down to ringside. Maybe the brothers are smarter than they lead on? That’s one for you to decide.

HUGHES: “is Ana in on this?!”

VASSA: “The Van Braun punks aren’t hellcats.”

HUGHES: “It just seems a little convenient, don’t you think?”

VASSA: “Speak of the devil the Champ is getting to her feet.”

Finally on her feet, Ana regains her breath and focus as Manny pushes himself up to one knee. Looking ahead, Ana then charges straight for him, gaining speed with each step. Closing in, she then leaps feet forward into the air, driving her foot to Manny’s face with her running single leg dropkick.


HUGHES: “Not that it was necessary, really.”

VASSA: “Yet here we are.”

With Manny laid out on his back, Ana crawled over to him, hooking a single leg and making the cover as the official dropped in beside them with the count.


VASSA: “Well, regardless of if she knew or not Ana is celebrating as if she had no clue.”

HUGHES: “In the end, it’s best for business. Champ looks strong. Manny gets knocked out. Who really loses here?”

VASSA: “The fans had a main event stolen from them, Hudson.”

HUGHES: “They’re used to disappointment. It’s okay.”

“Shook Ones (Part II)” hits the speakers as Ana slowly pushes herself away from Manny. On her feet, Ana is then greeted by the official as he takes her by the arm and hoists it into the air in victory.


POWERS: “Here is your winner, ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”

HUGHES: “Love it or leave it, she’s the best think going.”

VASSA: “Congratulations to our champion either way here tonight.”

HUGHES: “Where are we going to be the next time the fine people see us, Vinny?”

VASSA: “Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

HUGHES: “Why the fuck are in the WORST winter states in the Winter? Like, why? Miami in July. Awful. Wisconsin in February?”

VASSA: “I can’t even argue that.”

HUGHES: “We will see you in Milwaukee, 4CW Fans. For VInny Vassa I’m Hudson Hughes signing off. I’m going to get to the bottom of the Von Dutch conspiracy.”

VASSA: “V- forget it. Good Fight, Good NIGHT!”