Rest In Peace Tim Jackson

NAME: Adrian Tanner Jr.
NICKNAME: The Arizona Assassin
DATE OF BIRTH: November 13th, 1988
HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 227 lbs
BILLED FROM: Tucson, Arizona
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Heel
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Heart of Fire” by Black Veil Brides

The easiest way to describe him as an asshole with a code of honor. He’s witty, charming, sarcastic as all hell, but will show respect where it’s given, or where it’s earned. He’s a good guy deep down but he doesn’t put up with other people’s bullshit and is prone to mock the hell out of people should he feel they deserve it. He loves the fans and he lives for the fan adoration, he strives to make every match he has be the show stealing attraction of the night, like only the ‘Best Light heavyweight in the Business’ should do.
He’s ring-smart, having spent almost his entire life around this business, first through his older brothers and then through his own travels around the world. He knows how the business works and he doesn’t take kindly to people abusing their own knowledge of the game for their own whims.

WRESTLING STYLE: Technical Aerialist
WELCOME TO THE DESERT: Double Underhook Canadian Facebreaker
DO A BARREL ROLL: Cartwheel Bomb – Opponent doubled over, Adrian bounces off the ropes and twists into a cartwheel, grabbing the opponent from behind as he does and taking them over with a powerbomb variation.
GONE, BABY, GONE: Adrian grabs opponent for a suplex, but grabs the other leg so that the legs are crossed when he lifts them up, then drops them down with a brainbuster.
THE SURESHOT: Spinning Wristclutch Fisherman’s Buster
THE REVOLVER: Reverse STO Facebuster
BAD NEWS: Rolling Top Rope Cravate Cutter
THE BEST DAMN SUPER RARE FINISHER, PERIOD (THE BDSRFP): A Variation of the “Styles Clash.” Basically a “Styles Clash Piledriver.” Adrian lifts his opponent up so that he is holding the opponent upside down by his legs. Adrian grabs the opponents arms and hooks them with his legs, then, holding onto his opponents legs, falls backwards, landing in a modified piledriver. Most of the time Adrian will stay in that position as it will land in a pinning predicament with the opponents arms already under Adrian’s legs when he lands, though some times he’ll opt to finish the opponent off in other ways.

SINGLES: 12-6-0
TAG TEAM: 4-1-1


OCTOBER 26TH, 2016: For the second year in a row, the XTV Championship was featured in the Warzone of Horrors at Fright Night. Winning his first championship in 4CW, Adrian Tanner Jr. scored the final pinfall over Scott Stevens.

MARCH 1ST, 2017: In a triple threat tag team match at All Or Nothing, Johnny Evil and Adrian Tanner Jr. defeated the teams of Lauryn Wolfe and Bronx Valescence, and also the defending champions, Genevie Carlson and Tara Davidson.

MATCH OF THE YEAR: Warzone of Horrors (Fright Night 2016)
FRIGHT NIGHT 2016: Mariano Fernandez Vs. Scott Stevens Vs. Lauryn Wolfe Vs. Tara Davidson Vs. Genevie Carlson Vs. Adrian Tanner Jr. Vs. Jason P. Davidson Vs. Elijah Carlson (4CW Championship Contract – XTV Championship – Warzone of Horrors)
ADRENALINE E55: Adrian Tanner Jr. Vs. Jair Hopkins
ADRENALINE E57: Matthias Barrows Vs. Mariano Fernandez Vs. Adrian Tanner Jr. Vs. Persephone Marquis
ADRENALINE E62: Bronx Valescence Vs. Adrian Tanner Jr.
ANTE UP 2017: Jason Cashe Vs. Adrian Tanner Jr. Vs. Dakota Smith Vs. Bronx Valescence (4CW Championship – Sixty Minute Fatal Fourway Iron Man Match)

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