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Title: King's Road C21-C25 Feedback
Post by: Gareth Prescott on October 06, 2018, 07:58:05 AM
Doing something a little different from the standard Adrenaline feedback. I'd like to see what your thoughts are of the cycle as a whole. I want to thank everyone in King's Road for being apart of it, y'all really kept me going here these last few months. I would say that I'd like to see more segments, these segments really do help with setting feuds up. I was able to get a bunch together, but I'd like some more for those who don't really have anything going on.

If you have an idea or a feud you'd like to see or be apart of please feel free to contact me or BL on Twitter. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH US.

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Title: Re: King's Road C21-C25 Feedback
Post by: assman on October 15, 2018, 08:13:18 PM
Favorite Part about Results: I'm a fan of the summarized matches.  This opinion took me a while because there's nothing more I used to mark out for than witty commentary banter in a match.  That said, there's nothing more tedious and oft-ignored than match writing, and the quick and dirty format makes it a way easier read.  I know most people here are in other feds too, so it helps to be able to keep up on the results format.

Favorite Feud: I'll go with Johnny and the Conglomorate, as it definitely materialized throughout the arc.  I think a lot of the feuds kinda popped up in the latter half of the cycle, but this was one that materialized well throughout.

Biggest Surprise: Lisa Seldon winning a deathmatch by way of a gunpoint submission.  It was a big surprise because FINALLY, the most LOGICAL way to end a feud by a deathmatch is with a bullet and a barrel.

Complaint or Suggestion: Kinda adding to the above here, I think a heel-lean color commentator would be great addition for the opening and closing segs.  Just a smart ass eviscerating wrestlers with snappy comments.  That kind of thing makes it fun.  Also I am stupid so take it for what it's worth.

MVP: Cartier.  Showed the fuck out in consistently great segments, was a focal point of controversy at the end of the arc that was played off very well, and has the most intriguing set-up for next cycle in going after Lauryn for the Internet championship.