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Title: Midnight in Paris
Post by: Rebecca Thoreau on February 10, 2020, 02:05:18 AM
It’s almost midnight in Paris, France  as Rebecca Thoreau is strolling down along the avenue des Champs-Elysees. She’s wearing a cream colored trench coat that she’s wrapped tightly around herself for protection from the wind that serves as a constant reminder that even in Europe winter can make its presence felt. With each step she takes, all of the lights that are found within Paris are guiding the way, bringing with them a sense of comfort.

Although she is far from home, Rebecca’s sense of purpose is never far within her mind, and that’s what she carries with her first and foremost on this evening stroll. Her heels clicking up against the old style pavement that Paris is famous for before she finally takes a moment to pause as if suddenly struck by inspiration. Her eyes blinking up against the lights before one hand reaches up to adjust the beret on her head in her favorite shade of red.

“The 4CW tag team division continues to thrive every single week and I’m beginning to feel like I’m nothing more than a spectator sitting back watching the other teams building their case for why they are more deserving of the tag team championship belts. It’s quite frustrating.”

Rebecca pauses for a brief moment as she clicks her tongue up against the inside of her cheek.

“On the last Adrenaline I did exactly what I said I was going to do against Maxx Bennett and that was proving to her how much she doesn’t belong inside of a 4CW ring. However was it really a proper use of my time? Is it going to amount to anything in the end? After all, Maxx is still going to be slutting her way around the inside of the ring proving to all that ignorance truly is bliss, and here I am once again being put to the task of acting as the 4CW welcoming committee for new talent.”

“This time the honor goes to Kestrel who was kind enough to give us a little bit of an introduction to herself during the last Adrenaline. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t paying too much attention, especially not to a girl who’s all doom and gloom. Ooooh so edgy. Ooooh so original. In this business girls like her are easily a dime a dozen, so what exactly makes Kestrel so special? There was some mention of being known before circumstances forced her to step back, but another thing about this business is that if you’re nowhere near the spotlight, you tend to fade out quite fast from people’s memories. Obviously Kestrel isn’t the kind of girl who’s going to reveal every single detail about herself right out of the gate, where’s the fun in that?”

As she is speaking, Rebecca is now rolling her eyes, making it clear that she has no patience for those kinds of games. She rolls her shoulders forward slightly before she resumes with her stroll down along the narrow street of Paris.

“There’s more to be gained from being mysterious if there’s an audience who is actually fully captivated by your every single move. I don’t think we’re anywhere close to that point Kestrel because none of us have any idea who you even are in the first place. In a place like 4CW? I have a feeling that most are going to have the same kind of feeling that I did and that’s one of simply not giving much of a damn about what your purpose is that brought you here. We know what brought you here after all, the reputation of 4CW, the level of talent being offered. What more can an edgy girl desire inside of her black heart? It’s smart thinking. There is no better direction to turn if what you want to do is make a statement in your career, it’s what brought myself here to 4CW in the first place, but there’s one major difference between us.”

Rebecca turns on her heels with a slight flourish, a smirk upon her red painted lips.

“Longevity. It didn’t take me very long to etch my name within the history of 4CW as a whole and that’s only the beginning of what I’m going to accomplish. There’s an entire division standing tall because of myself and my best friend, because of what we hold in our possession, and I won’t allow for any distractions to pull my focus from the most important goal. The elevation of the tag team division and what we’re building for the future is always top priority. You’re barely going to count as a footnote for me when the Children of the Moon will look back at their reign as the tag team champions in the future. A bump along the road that one needs to avoid.”

“I’ll stand across the ring from you and I won’t feel an ounce of fear. You can go ahead and try to expose any weaknesses that you want, but it won’t do you any good, try to dig deep below the surface like the spooky girl you think you are when you’re looking in the mirror. I’ve stepped in the ring against someone who’s a Voodoo Queen who goes around bringing people back from the dead, so by all means, tell me how you’re the spookiest of all the spooky girls when there’s much bigger demons lurking below the surface. I have a feeling that the biggest conflict of all when it comes to Kestrel is Kestrel herself.”

“Times have changed while you were on a hiatus. It doesn’t matter what you were doing, what matter is the present, and the unfortunate situation awaiting you at Adrenaline. All of that false bravado will have been for nothing, because we only get one chance to make a first impression in our lifetime. What first impression will you be making when we step foot inside of the ring?”

There is a slight raising of one eyebrow as Rebecca allows for the question to linger. There is a sigh which follows as the wind appears to carry the question further away in the night sky.

“Are you going to crumble and fall to pieces? Are you nothing more than big words that are easy enough to speak when there’s no threat standing in your path? We’ve all seen those before and they’re truly pitiful. Worst of all, are you washed up and beyond those days of glory that you’re hoping to recapture here in 4CW? I can imagine that you’re hoping to use me as an example, to make your first official statement for 4CW, but I’ve never been someone’s launching pad and I’m not about to start now. In fact, I think that even more important than not knowing who you are, that perhaps you might not be fully aware of who I am. That would be a real tragedy.”

“You might be comfortable in the darkness, lurking in the shadows, but I’ve always been very much at home in the spotlight. That’s exactly why I wasted no time in making a statement in 4CW. I didn’t need to be cryptic about things, I made them happen for me, and that’s how I intend to keep going about my business. So, I’ll give you the proper welcome to 4CW, make sure to give you an idea of what the future holds for you should you make the decision that being back in the ring was the right choice to make. If not? Well, slink back to the shadows.”

Rebecca uses her hand to make a quick dismissive wave as if she was shooing away an annoyance that had gotten in her path while she had been walking. A chuckle escaping from her lips before the now familiar smirk has returned looking almost devilish under the Paris lights.