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Adrenaline / Turning The Bad Into Good
« on: November 26, 2017, 10:36:09 PM »

Turning The Bad Into Good

Sitting alone in his backyard, having to really think long and hard about the terrible awful couple weeks that he has recently gone through. One that began with a loss to Bronx in one of the biggest matches of his career. Continued with pictures being leaked of a potential relationship Jett had behind his girlfriendís back. The ensuing breakup that came from those pictures. And after all that the drunken night that ended with him crashing a rental, losing his license and having to be bailed out from jail not long after that. To say it had been potentially the worst month of his life might be an understatement. Especially when you consider that going into that stretch he had been having more career success than he had ever had. Had found a girl that he seemingly loved. And was one win over Bronx away from finally getting the respect that he deserved. But now that was all gone, he lost that match. Every single person he had spoken to, had gotten to pile on him over the past few weeks. And now he was arguably public enemy number one for breaking the heart of a girl many considered a sweetheart. He had become the bad guy, he had become the guy that talks a lot. But never ends up backing it up. He had become the guy that cheats on his girlfriend. He had become the guy that goes to jail and shows the world what a poor role model he is. Something he had never really intended to be. Most might have considered Jett a annoying person but at least for kids he was the one wrestler that didnít go out there smoking weed, doing drugs. But being a role model? That was all gone now.

Instead as he sat in his backyard knowing that if he wanted to go anywhere heíd now need to call for a Uber or get his mother to drive him. Something that heíd done his entire life but now actually forced to do so, unless he planned to break the law. And he had to reflect on his many mistakes, oneís that he finally couldnít find a way to blame on anyone else. The match? Was his fault. He knew that on his best night he could beat Bronx. And whether he went in with too big of a head, whether he looked past the first match too much for the planned title shot he figured heíd earn, or whether he just slipped up in the moment. It was his fault. And even though it was not his fault his side piece got brought into the light, the fact he had given so many opportunities for it to. Was his fault as well. It was his fault he didnít tell Tiffani, it was his fault he let the fans and Marquis bring it to light. And at the end of the day it was all his fault that rather than dealing with these issues upfront. He chose to go get drunk, something he shouldnít have been doing at his age. And something given his frame of mind that he shouldnít have ever even thought to do. But alas he had done all that and now here he was sitting in his backyard having been turned on by almost everyone but a select few. The laughing stock of the company for how his life had spiraled out of control after seemingly being on top of the world just a few weeks ago.

Forced to finally evaluate his life, he had grown a lot in the past few months. Growing up before everyoneís eyes. But the one thing that many might have given him flack for was never learning from his mistakes. Never learning from his errors and instead finding others to place blame on. Now with his best friendís both in happy relationshipís, not around as much as he might want. His mother furious with him for his action and putting his own life in jeopardy. His girlfriend now his ex, never likely wanting to talk to him again. All while he heads into a match he had wanted since the very first day he stepped into 4CW. Versus one of the two men who would easily be on the Mount Rushmore of 4CW, Jair Hopkins.

JETT: ďItís been a pretty bad week to say the least..."

Talking to himself as well as the camera, not exactly seeming thrilled to have to do this but knowing that he still needed to promote the match. The fans most likely wanting to hear from him since his bad night.

JETT: ďI mean I ruined my relationship, I lost the biggest match of my career, I crashed a rental. And you know it really puts your life in perspective when you come that closer to throwing it all away. What if I had hit somebody? What if I had hurt myself? My career could have been over. I could have done a lot worse. But instead my health is intact, nobody was hurt. And the only thing Iíve had to deal with is people piling it on me for all the bad things I did this week. I didnít consider them all friends but you really learn who has your back in these kind of moments. I made a mistake, I made a couple. And now I am sitting in my backyard all alone. Because everyone else in my life is either mad at me, or has someone else they would rather be with. And you know, itís fine..."

Trying his best to reason through the situation, talking himself through it more than anything.

JETT: ďI could apologize to everyone, I could pretend I am really upset right now. But you know I got to admit I really donít care that much. I mean I am fine...I broke a girlís heart but at the end of the day we clearly werenít meant to be. And even though I had tried my best to be a good role model, to be the one person in 4CW that didnít promote murder, promote violence...the one that didnít walk out with weed bags tossing them to children. At the end of the day I never really wanted to be a role model either, who cares what kids think? The only oneís that matter in this world are the oneís that stuck with me when the going got tough. The very few that are still around for me even though I made some mistakes. They may be few but I donít need many...So Iím not sorry about what I did. Iím not some good guy like Jair Hopkins pretends to be..."

Seeming to have turned all of his anger to the next man in line. Having found a way to twist this all into rage to guide him into his next big test in 4CW.

JETT: ďYou see I am sure that Jair is going to come out here and run my name through the mud. Talk about how awful a person I am, how immature I am. And how that immaturity is what has held me back in my entire career. You see because that is what Jair has done to me the moment I stepped foot in this company, since the moment I walked into that locker room. You see Jair has never looked at me as an equal, heís never really wanted to help guide me. Heís never been that sage locker room leader that some might lead you to believe. You see heís NEVER been that guy. When he talks to me it has always been from a holier than thou point of view. Heís always looked down me as weaker than him, less talented, and less intelligent. While some in the back might have seen a young kid like me and accept me. He has always made it a point to criticize me, to drag my name through the mud. All because heís seen as some big shot, all because heís been the guy for a long time here in 4CW.. "

JETT: ďA win over Bronx? That would have been huge, but people around here? They all have this misguided respect for him."

ooc: Yo hate to do this with a big match Jair but just had some shit go down with my best friend in real life. Really took me out of the RPing mood. Donít think I was going to be able to finish it like I wanted.

Adrenaline / Age Doesnít Matter
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:45:48 PM »

Age Doesnít Matter

What a week, what a terrible awful week it had been. From losing Bronx to now watching one of his best friendís ruin his relationship by bringing up his ďpotentialĒ infidelity. There he sat now alone in the back seat of an Uber. The driver not talking mostly at his request, agreeing to pay even extra. Busy looking down at his phone watching the destruction on his timeline. The thought that he had back a few weeks ago to just walk away. To give up, now feeling even more appealing. He had made a fool of himself by failing to get the job done against Bronx, and now he had failed his girlfriend in their relationship. Watching as people piled it on. Realizing just who really had his back through it all, and who were the oneís that really didnít have his back. Knowing that if he was going to continue on, that he would need them more now than ever. Or he could forget all of them. Move out of his momís house, work else where, toss his so called friends to the side. A option that at this point sounded not so bad as he pulled up to the club that he had directed the Uber to.

JETT: ďScrew all the haters! I donít need none of them, I am fine. Going to go out here and party. I am going to enjoy myself. I donít need her, I donít need anyone. I am Jett Wilder, I have the fans. I have myself! Thatís all I need, I am still going to be a star."

The uber driver looks back at him, appreciating the extra tip enough to let him have his meltdown in his car. Pulling up to the side all too eager to get rid of Jett before he starts crying or some shit. Looking back, with a smile.

UBER: "Yeah you are fam! Go out and party it up, thanks for the tap...Jett!"

Looking down at his app before he clearly says it, but it pumps up Jett thinking he just knew his name from the wrestling business. Smirking now full of confidence as he hops out of the car, wearing his usual extra outfit. While turning around a light pole he grazes a person walking by who nudges him.

JERK: ĒWatch it fag."

Instead of realizing itís angry tone, Jett just smirks hearing in his head ďLook itís the F.A.G.Ē. As he walks towards the club, with all the fake swagger that he can muster. Seemingly walking up to a trap, until we realize that at the front door is Luiz Cavalcante moonlighting as a doorman for extra pay. Clearly all part of the plan.

LUIZ: "Oh wow, itís Jett Wilder. Go right in!"

Clearly having practiced that line in the mirror today Luiz delivers it flawlessly. Some of the girls in line get excited, others dig to their phones to try to look him up. Walking right in, you can tell that the amount of people that actually know him are few and far between. But word spreads quickly the few wrestling fans pointing it out to their friends as Jett walks over to the bar slamming his hand down to get the bartenderís attention.

JETT: ďBartender...I need a drink!"

The bartender busy getting someone else a drink, looks at him confused why he thinks heís special. Walking over after he finished as Jett demands his order.

JETT: ďGive me a double whiskey neat."

The bartender starts to pour it in, as Jett looks at it questioning.

JETT: ďYo I need ice..."

Shaking his head as he stops pouring it, asking for an ID.


No regret he takes out his fake ID, tossing it over to him as he looks at it questioning but puts the ice in and hands it over to Jett. He downs it like a pro only for his face to turn sour looking ready to throw up. But when a couple girlís approach he hides it all putting on his best game face.

JETT: ďLadies!"

GIRL #1: ďYour Jett Wilder right? Oh my God!"

Using his hand to cut at his neck for her to cut it out, hoping the bartender didnít just hear his real name. As he steps away with the ladies, putting his arm around two of them..

JETT: ďYes I am! You're talking to the former Pride Champion, the future 4CW Champion. And you can put it on the books, about to beat that old dude Jair Hopkins next week to. You in the presence of a star!"

GIRL #2: ďYou are awesome! You should buy us a bottle!"

Not even really knowing what that means Jett turns and smirks hopping onto the bar, the bartender wanting to stop him but itís too late as Jett yells out loud.

JETT: ďYO WE OUT HERE! Itís your boy Jett Wilder! Bottleís for everyone! ON ME!!! From your boy JETT!"

Wanting and needing some love in his life he yells it out, getting the exact response he wanted. Everyone going wild as he dances on the bar, the bartender the only one seemingly looking out for his best interest trying to explain what that means but Jett too busy listening to the Jett chants now started by people just happy for free drinks. Jett jumps off the bar back to the girl's, arms around them.

JETT: ĒLetís go to V.I.P.!"

Walking towards the blocked off area with them, they all seem pumped....


Only two hours have passed and now Jett Wilder is looking like he is struggling to just sit down. A couple empty bottleís in front of them, some white substance on the table as well unidentified. Next to him is Luiz whose shift apparently ended, and instead of babysitting like Carmella would have probably wanted. He looks to have partaken a bit as well, the girls now gone sick of perhaps hearing Jett talk about himself and wrestling, the one thing on his mind right now.

JETT: ďYo Luiz they donít even know! They donít even know how good I could be. I am the best wrestler in the world, that loss against Bronx? I slipped up. But he knows, I know. That I am better than all of them! Marquis, Bronx, fucking Jason Cashe. Fucking all of them man, I hate all of those fucks."

Quickly realizing that Jett has become quite a bit of a potty mouth, in this drunken state..

JETT: ďAnd you know...you know who else I am better than?"

Even though he really doesnít want an answer Jett forgets while drunk and waits on Luiz to answer. Luiz drunkenly mumbles who.

JETT: ďJair Hippityhoppitykins! That old piece of garbage!"

Letting out a minor burp that seems to threaten to bring up everything with it, Jettís glazed over eyes showing just how gone he is.

JETT: ďThis old man has been around forever around here. And you know what? He never gave me the respect I deserve. He constantly belittles me, acts like I ainít a threat. Acts like I wouldnít dominate him if we ever squared off. I am so much better than that dude he donít even realize it! He just makes his jokes, just like everyone else. They all love to talk about how heís Mr. Gold around here. Yeah, yeah he won like a million titles. But that was sooooo long ago, I was like eighteen back then."

Realizing enough about the law Luiz tries to keep him down about his age but Jett just continues to ramble.

JETT: ďThey all have their hierarchy! Jair is a hall of famer, Jason Cashe is. Bronx probably will be. You know what? I WILL BE TO. But they never give me any love, they never give me any respect. Jair treats me like a kid and not his equal...Oh heíll seeÖHeíll see all what I am about! Going to beat him so bad and I wonít even have to rip off a nipple to do it. Going to beat this man and make the world finally know where I am at. That Bronx match? Was a hiccup, but this Jair match? This will be what gets me back on track. Everyone respects this guy, for some reason...I beat him? I get all that to myself...These people respect me! They know!"

Standing up struggling just to do so, he raises his arms.

JETT: ďIím Jett Wilder!!!"

Turing a few of them start to Jett, a process that takes so quick you can tell Jettís already done this a few times.

JETT: ďSee that! They all know I am the future they all know that I am the now. Marquis is going to beat Bronx we all know that and when she does, Iíll beat her. Iíll take that belt for her doing this to me. You know what I am going to call Tiffani..."

Drunkenly changing the subject quickly, Jett reaches for his pocket looking for his phone. Having fallen onto the couch when he got up, Luiz does his job grabbing it and hiding it in a hurry..

JETT: ďWhere is my phone!? I need to tell her I am sorry..."

Only taking a second for his expression to turn from sad to angry again.

JETT: ďWait no! She said my dick was small, itís not...Itís not."

Realizing that Jett is about to stand up and yell that his member isnít small Luiz steps in.

LUIZ: "Na you shouldnít call her, until tomorrow."

JETT: ďYou are right, tomorrow is all that matters. Tomorrow and the day after that as I prepare for Jair Hopkins. This old dude needs to show me some respect. They all do. They all think that haha Bronx has hit his rock bottom. He lost to Bronx after talking all that mess. And now he got caught cheating...Jett has hit a low point like Bryan Williams. But I am not Bryan Williams, I am better than him...Just like I am better than Jair Hopkins."

Switching from one subject to the next drunkenly slurring his words like he was Brandon Banks.

JETT: ďThis day may have been crappy but I have so much to be thankful for. I got my mom, who people love to rub it in that she won a belt more recently than me...I got you Luiz...who doesnít even like me, you probably just like me cause my mom pays you."

Worried heís been caught and found out Luiz looks a bit worried ready to try to lie his way out of this.

JETT: ďIím just kidding you're my pal Luiz. Just like my buddy Bryan...who is off being the big champion of his show and doesnít hang out with me as much cause of Kae...I got Marquis who just ruined my relationship and gets to fight for the belt I want even though I beat her...I have so much to be thankful for. So many good friends! And I am not even a champion, not even in line. And If I lose to Jair Hopkins Iíll be back at the end of the line for everything..."

Seemingly now starting to hit the depression point of his alcoholic binge for the night. Reaching out and grabbing a empty bottle and trying to drink the final bit of drink in it tossing it carelessly back on the table.

JETT: ďBut I am not going to lose to Jair. I am not going to lose to some old guy, his time is up. Mine is now. I may be underage to drink but I ainít underage to beat his ass!"

Saying this as he nearly hurls chucks again catching himself from going overboard. Luiz knowing that if he stays much longer, heís going to have to literally carry him home.

LUIZ: "We should go Jett, itís late."

JETT: ďNo, no, no."

Even though he is saying no Jettís body seems to go into auto pilot as he gets up. Luiz grabbing him and dragging him towards the door, Jett seemingly trying to stop to say a few words to a few girls. But whether he just sees Tiffani in his head or actually just realizes the girl looks a bit like her it seems to shut him down. Instead turning to the exit, the girls having a laugh at him opening his mouth only to not say anything. Luiz dragging him along, towards the exit.


Trying to start up a chant, the drinkís now no longer coming only a couple drunk broís chant along with him as he walks outside. Out now towards the exit we watch as someone stands next to a little car as he walks over.

RENTAL GUY: "You must be Jett! Glad to assist you today, your rental is waiting."

The rental he had ordered drunkenly in the bathroom a hour prior now here. Before Luiz can talk him out of it, Jett pushes away and grabs the keys stumbling towards the car. The rental guy looking worried but unable to stop Jett in time as he hops in the car. Taking a seat and envisioning himself in a much nicer car as he smirks.

JETT: ďJair...I am coming for you..."

Saying a awesome one liner as he speeds off.


Now sitting in the car as red and blue lights flash, having only gone a block or two before turning into a curb crashing the rental. Sitting there waiting not really having any sort of clue what kind of trouble he is in. The officer now returning to his car...flashing his lights in Jettís eyes now 0-2 in his attempts to drive.

JETT: ďListen officer...My name is Gavin Grimes."

Reaching into his pocket for his fake ID now, as his already terrible night about to get a lot worse.

Adrenaline / Earning It
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:42:21 PM »

Earning It

Coming into the Wilder household we find ourselves panning across from Carmella Wilder in the living room. She is patched up from head to tow, out of her full body cast but still showing the effects of the match that ended her title reign as Extreme Champion. A bottle of water next to her with a gigantic straw in it, so that she doesnít have to move much to get to it. But as we pan away from her, to the patio outside we see even more damage done by that  match. Tiffani Michaels sitting on one of the chairs outside, her arm in a sling. As she stands across from Jett Wilder who is standing, pacing.

JETT: ĒThis is the one babe. This is the one that gets me everything I ever wanted. This is the one that will finally get the entire wrestling world to know that I am not that same kid that used to lose matches every other week...That I am not that same kid that lost and took his ball and went to Honor...That I am not a kid anymore, I am a man..."

TIFF: ĒYou are going to do great Jett. Youíve been on a roll lately! They all see that already."

Shaking his head as he continues to pace not seeming to agree with that sentiment at all.

JETT: ĒNo they donít. If they did I would have been wrestling at Fright Night. If they did I wouldnít have to beat two people to get my shot. If they did this talk of my win over Marquis being some type of fluke wouldnít be happening as well. They still see me as that same young kid as before, and not the guy I have become. I am a contender now, I am THE contender now. But when I ask for my shot? There was still some debate about it."

TIFF: ĒYou beat Bronx and there wonít be any debate anymore."

JETT: ĒItís not enough just to beat him, Iíve got to beat Marquis as well. Beating Bronx? Theyíll just say he was the guy that lost to Manny and was going to lose to Marquis anyways. Iíve got to beat one than the other...And maybe than theyíll finally show me some respect..Theyíll have no choice."

Nodding her head in agreement but mostly just letting Jett vent, as he plops down in the chair next to her.

JETT: ĒI want that belt bad...."

TIFF: ĒI know...I know.."

Using her one good hand to rub his shoulders as he lays back against her, looking forward towards his next match, one of the biggest of his career.


JETT: ĒShould I have ever really expected it to go any differently?"

Hearing Jettís very distinct voice right off the bat, one we have seen go from the high pitched voice of a young man child to a fully grown adult over the years.

JETT: ĒI mean what was I really expecting would happen...That I would ask for a title shot after beating the current champion of 4CW twice over the course of a month and a half. That I would ask that I be given a shot at the same time as a girl who I made tap a couple months ago after it. That I would be given an opportunity to fight for the top gold against Bronx after beating him...and after being the one that got him that title in the first place. Should I have expected that for the first time ever 4CW would actually make sense when they were giving out title shots? Rather than just being the company they are known for...For handing out title shotís to people not over longevity of success...but rather because they had one good night..."

Shaking his head, not really seeming to have ever expected that it would happen but still frustrated none the less.

JETT: ĒNope because in this company actually earning things is frowned upon. Even though I know most the wrestlerís agreed with me minus a few that had a vested interest in a certain party. I mean for months we have watched as rightful contenderís were tossed to the side for random one off title contenders. Should Manny have been fighting for the gold...Or should it have been Ana? The answer is what we all know. Buttttt because Perry loves him some random twenty people matches to decide a contender, Ana got tossed to the side. And Manny stepped in. And sure he beat Bronx but that says more about our champion than anything. The truth is he never should have been a champion and the fact that he quits the moment I beat him? Shows that he never really had the heart of a champion in the first place. But thatís how this company rolls, thatís what they are all about. Letís let the championship decided not by overall success, not by actually putting together a WINNING streak. But by just managing to win a match with Viduus, my mom, and Johnny Evil in a gender crisis..."

Having a moment to laugh, still clearly upset about not being in that match. But even more upset that people he knows he would destroy were in it over him.

JETT: ĒStill though the company wants to see itís big Marquis versus Bronx match up. Sure it doesnít matter that it has no real backstory, sure it doesnít matter that it doesnít feel earned. She is my best friend but if I were in that match? I would have beaten her again. And having come off of beating the champion, going down to Octane and beating one of their top three. I would have deserved a shot. But instead we are supposed to get this match up. Get to have an entire month of lead up to the inevitable Bronx losing to Marquis..."

Shrugging his shoulders, pointing out what he finds to be the inevitable conclusion to that match if it were to happen.

JETT: ĒCause the secret to how I beat her was that I wasnít ever scared of Marquis. You walk in the backstage area and for some reason she has this aura about her. Nobody will talk a word to her. She made the biggest yappers like Genie, walk the other way down the hall to avoid her. Even won that match at Fright Night because in a match full of supposedly scary people like Evil, Viduus, Dakota, and Genie. The scariest one of them all was Marquis, and she made every single one of them step down. Genie was talking about that Extreme title the entire week, cause she made it up in her mind she wasnít actually going to win. But me? I was never scared of her. But Bronx? Iíve seen the way he interacts with her, I have seen the way he looks at her. Itís the same way the rest of the roster does, itís this sense of fear that overcomes them. She is a crazy person, I know that better than anyone. But I donít and never will fear her...But Bronx...He will and in a monthís time when she beats him. Weíll all watch a match with a man scared to lose his belt again. Scared to face Marquis. A man that gets trash talked so much he breaks mentally. And we are supposed to all care about that? Like we donít know thatís inevitable..."

Standing up against a blank backdrop having a lot to get off his chest, not wanting any distractions as he continues.

JETT: ĒSo did I try to insert myself in the match? Of course I did. In a roster full of people that are so content with losing and coasting by. I actually try to make things happen every once in awhile. And I get criticised for it. By the same people that swallow losing like itís a ice cold soda with no regrets. They criticise me for trying to get what I would deserve. If I beat Bronx? A month or so after beating Manny? To even suggest I donít deserve a shot is actually stupid. But what else did I expect from Perry Wallace? I donít know if heís actually just dumb or if he is protecting Bronx. Or maybe he is just like the rest of the roster and scared of Marquis as well? Could be a mixture of the three. But the same man that left me out of Fright Night altogether is now going to deny me even if I beat his son. I could cry foul all I want, fact is he has the power around here. So what can I change about it? I could leave again. How boring would this company be without me? But I wonít because even if Perry is showing that he has a bit of a bias towards his champion. It wonít change the fact that a win? Will leave him little choice but to put me up there next even if he doesnít want to. Which heís made abundantly clear he doesnít..."

Rubbing his chin, one that has started to grow a bit of facial hair now as well. Patchy as it may be, starting to come in.

JETT: ĒSo what does he want me to earn the shot? He states that I have to beat Bronx in the ring, than the very next Adrenaline go out and beat Marquis as well. Cause beating two champions isnít enough, Iíve got to beat the next one as well. And itís fine if that is how he wants it. I know that even if I do that, and beat both. Odds I get the shot are slim. Because does Marquis want me to take her shot? No and the fact that she doesnít want me in that match should be telling. Did Bronx stand up and fight for the fact that I should earn a shot at the belt with a win? Na he just stood down like he always does. So even if I get through all of this, I am sure itís doubtful Iíll even get what I deserve. But you know what thatís fine because if Perry doesnít want to give me respect. I know that a win over Bronx and a follow up win over Marquis...again. Will absolutely destroy any respect this company has earned. I mean 4CW has a reputation. Some of the best wrestlers from other companies have come to our company, and they end up washed out in a month. Scared of facing the top competition..."

Looking out at those very same wrestlerís many of which couldnít ever deliver the goods like they promised.

JETT: ĒWhich means that the 4CW title is sort of the grand prize at the center of this wrestling world. Which yes only makes the fact that Manny held it even worse. But none the less this belt is supposed to mean something, this belt is supposed to matter. And in a matter of two Adrenalineís I am going to make this belt and this company seem like a joke. Cause I am going to start by beating the champion himself in his first match since regaining the belt. And quickly Bronx will go from two time amazing champion to ďthat same old dude that lost to BronxĒ in a heartbeat. And the jokes will start from there ď4CWís champion is a loser. He has his number one contender fighting his battles for him.Ē And then Iíll go in there and beat Marquis as well. And than? When I am standing tall over both of them and Perry walks out to try to save face by maybe actually giving me the shot he thought Iíd never actually win? I might just spit in his face and tell him to buzz off so that I can leave this company in ruins. Maybe even let them have that Marquis and Bronx match they want so bad...Just so they can all watch a shallow main event without the true top dog like they all wanted. And I am sure this all seems like sour grapes, to some. I am sure this seems like Jett Wilder being anti establishment! But the fact is that I grew up in 4CW. Been here longer than everyone on the roster but old man Jair and Cashe. Iíve been earning my way up..."

Passion in his voice, hoping to really show everyone just how much this match really means to him during the lead up.

JETT: ĒSo the fact that my Boss, the only Boss I ever really considered one...is tossing me to the side during the best part of my career doesnít feel great. The fact that the company that I have grown up in, left me off Fright Night completely. After I beat their champion weeks prior. After I ended not just Barrows career but Mannyís as well. The fact that I have gone from the young kid who didnít know what he was doing in this business. To the man I have become today...And yet my company still doesnít see it? It sucks. And the fact that despite that all, they canít even show me the respect to give me a shot at the title after beating their guy? Says a lot as well. So if thatís the way they are going. If they are going to attach themselves to Bronx and put all their bets on him...Thatís fine. But Bronx has already let them down once. And now Bronx? I am going to walk into the ring and all that respect and that belt that you fought so hard for against Manny to get back? That belt that you made a miraculous come from behind win to retain months back? Itís all going away on Adrenaline. When I beat you I may not get my shot at the belt...But the damage will have been done. The ďchampĒ that couldn't get the job done against Manny now lost in the first match of his reign. I know you, you wonít feel like a champion anymore. And the roster? The fans? They wonít consider you a champion either. So maybe I wonít get to hold the belt. But Iíll make sure I take it away from you...I broke Manny by beating him when he got the belt. And now? Iíll break you as well."

Pointing right at Bronx a man that for awhile he never really had issues with, but has long had his eyes on. Only now feeling that he could actually unseat him at the top.

JETT: ĒAnd I know that nobody is expecting me to actually get through Bronx and Marquis. I am sure all this talk about what Iíll do AFTER I beat Bronx before itís even happened annoys some people. But I am that confident in myself right now. And If I got to beat Bronx...Iíll do it. If I got to beat Marquis...Iíll do it. If Perry breaks out a time machine and tells me I got to go back and face a prime Jason Cashe or Jair Hopkins? Iíll do it. Because I am not letting anyone stop me right now. That belt is the top belt in the wrestling world...And Itís the one that I want more than any other right now. I know a lot of losers in this company who are too afraid to admit they have goals, are too afraid to call their shot. Are too afraid to actually admit they want that spot. I am not one of them, I want it. And if I got to beat everyone to get it...So be it."

Tuning his attention one last time to the man that heíll be facing come Adrenaline.

JETT: ĒI know that you are shaking in your boots right now thinking about facing Marquis at Winter Wasteland. I know that you are counting down the days of your reign knowing that the monster that haunts your dreams Marquis is coming...And if you end up facing her? She IS going to wreck you. But I am up next for you...And just like I ended Mannyís reign long before he ever faced you. Your reign as champion comes to an end at Adrenaline. That belt? Thatíll just come my way later..."

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Toss me Backstage 5.

Adrenaline / Not For Nothing
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Not For Nothing

Coming into the scene we find ourselves watching as Jett Wilder sits in the backstage area. The show has come to a close, Fright Night now completely in the books. While most would expect him to be long gone by now. Given the fact that his girlfriend Tiffani broke her arm and his mother, Carmella had been savagely beaten in the same match. But instead as he sits there in the back, he watches as Bronx Valence is showered down upon with love and admiration. Now again taking his spot at the top of the company, now becoming a two time champion. Having had the chance to give leaving with his girl and his mom. Coming to the choice to stay and watch the final match, one that he felt he should have been involved with. Forced now to sit and watch as a man who he considers himself better than, regains his spot as the top dog in the company.

Realizing in his head that the right thing to do would be to go be with his loved ones. But at this point forced to have had to sit through the worst day of his career to date. A career that has included failures to defend his Pride Championship. Failures to get the job done in his first ever 4CW Championship shot. The difference now being that at that point, he didnít really feel like he should have been the champion. He didnít really feel like he belonged at the top. Beating the likes of Dakota Smith, Chris Madison, and Jair Hopkins seemed like unimaginable feats. But if he were matched up with any of them today, not only he would feel he had a chance he would think of himself as the favorite. And that is why sitting back there watching the show, a show that he felt he should have been on. A show that included the likes of Viduus Morta, Johnny Evil, and Erron Wilder getting a shot at becoming a number one contender. While he sat here in the back forced to watch as his mother and girlfriend both suffered injuries that would likely sideline them for months. And forced to watch as his best friend, climbed to the top as Number one contender.

That same best friend that he made tap out just a few months ago. Generally a cause for celebration, instead just adding to the pain that had already been a long night. And then it all ended with the golden boy, Perry Wallaceís favorite son, the companies face. Standing over the man and transitional champion, that Jett had broken mentally just a few weeks prior. Forced to sit there knowing full well that the Manny that Bronx was facing wasnít the same one that he beat. And that was because of Jett. But yet here he was alone in the backstage area, forgotten by the company. That same Boss, Perry that favored Bronx in every way. Choosing to leave him off the card despite having beaten the champion Manny, despite having gone to Octane and beaten the girl that Bronx was supposed to, despite ending Matthias career.

As he sat there debating in his head, he felt as though he was in the same situation that he was in years back. Feeling as though the company that had so strongly promoted their guys Jason Cashe and Chris Madison when he walked away. Was now in the same position, pushing this golden boy he was watching hold the belt over his head in the ring. The same reason he at one point left. Now only to realize that not only was he feeling wronged, he was now not even getting the opportunity to fail. He had beaten Marquis, he had no doubt that he could beat anyone else in that match. But he had to watch as Viduus...his own motherÖ.his girlfriend who just recently returned got the opportunity instead of him from his Boss. This company had left him out to dry, they had shown their hand. And that hand was the one that was going to try to get rid of him, silence him for all his words. At least now knowing where he stood he knew he had to make a choice, yet again.

He could leave, find another company. Go to some lower level company again, get treated like a hero. Maybe go find whatever little backyard trampoline that Eli Carlson was wrestling on and get that match. He had a choice to leave his girlfriend behind. Never go check on her, and chalk her off as a distraction. Make the choice to never accomplish the one thing that he set out to do from the very beginning of his career...Become the 4CW champion. Go from the underage kid who snuck into the guy at the top. He could throw it all away, give up. Admit that if he wasnít going to even get an opportunity why bother. As his phone rang, he saw Tiffaniís name appear on the screen. For a moment thinking about just letting it ring, to focused on watching Bronx celebrate with his dream. But he didnít...

JETT: ĒHey...Tiff...I am sorry, I am coming...Been a rough night..I am on my way...I love you."

Hanging up the phone he stood up, staring at the monitor. Glaring at the man on the screen, that man being everything that he hated. That man being where he wanted to be, and knowing that he helped him get back there. As he watched as Bronx, walked through the curtain a part of him wanted to go confront him. Demand a thank you, a thank you for helping him get his belt back. Try to get that match once and for all, but he knew that Perry wouldnít give him that title shot. In all reality, he knew that he was going to have to take itÖ

And he was prepared to do whatever it took.


Clapping his hands, he knew that it was a bit of a Joker rip off. And doing some sort of Health Ledger impersonation was something wrestlers in the Extreme title division would do. But as Jett Wilder stood looking into the camera, that was exactly what he felt was the ring thing to do as this point. Giving a very sarcastic clap, towards the man that he found out he was going to get his opportunity at a lot sooner than he expected. Not in the main event, not at a supershow, and not for the title. But he knew that was never going to be the case. He knew that Perry would never give him that opportunity.

JETT: ĒCongrats...You beat up a mentally broken Manny Fernandez. Congrats you are a two time champion because you screwed up the first time. Congratulations! You went into a match with a man that had already quit weeks prior..."

Clearly frustrated with the situation Jett canít help but let out an angry forced laugh.

JETT: ĒIn an I Quit Match..Real convenient for you wasnít it. I mean I can ask you for a thank you but I already know what narrative you and everyone else is going to drum up. Manny was a great champion, you know what he earned all of our respect in how he went out there and he fought and clawed with the ďrealĒ champion! He may have said he quit but it was after a real banger. What a match! What a great rivalry between these two...That is what it is going to be..."

Letting out an angry huff, gritting his teeth trying his best to get through this.

JETT: ĒBut I know that you know that isnít what really happened Bronx. You know what the story REALLY was. The story was that you became the guy around here, you faced a guy who was nothing more than a average talent who happened to claw his way through a match that rewarded luck, over talent. And despite it being a match that was seen as a huge joke, was seen as a farce. It was the lamb being led to slaughter. And maybe you took him lightly, maybe you just had a bad night...Either way you failed. And I know that loss is going to haunt you the rest of your career. Two time champion sounds nice but not when you have to explain that little month where you werenít champion because you lost to Manny...But congrats you are now the champion again, you regained your title. You beat Manny...You made him quit..."

Saying that last part with every bit of sarcasm needed to get across that he is being facetious.

JETT: ĒYou and I both know you didnít face the same man that night Bronx. I know that what you want to believe is that you beat a hard working, scrapper, and overcame that prior defeat. But you know that man had quit in him from the moment that match started, you know that Mariano had those words on the edge of his lips. From the start of that match. And you know why he did to, you knew that mentally he was no longer a champion the moment that I beat him. All that confidence he had gained from defeating you...Gone in an instant. He realized quickly that he wasnít some great like the Beatles...He was a one hit wonder. And all the words, all of MY talk. Was what ended his reign, I beat that man mentally and physically. And you got to show up a few weeks later and clean up the scraps."

Turning his attention to the side now to laugh, nobody there but just finding all of this very humorous.

JETT: ĒIsnít it convenient to. You got pinned when you two went at it in a singles match. But this match that had no business being an I Quit match, was exactly that. Was there some narrative reason for it to be an I Quit match. Or did someone think to themselves what if Manny lands the Dova...whatever the heck Driver again...What if Mariano spikes his head into the mat and puts him down for a three count again, what if he gets lucky and crawls on top? What if we take this mentally broken man and make it an I Quit match...Guess weíll never know what would have happened if you went at him again with a singles match...But thankfully somebody out there was looking out for you Bronx had a guardian angel that decided that youíd get to face the man that embarrassed you after he himself had no momentum...SOMEBODY was looking out for you."

Shaking his head, seeming to have to make a concerted effort to think about not pacing back and forth to stop himself from doing so.

JETT: ĒStill though I think I know you well enough Bronx. You are a guy that wants to achieve his goals, wants to feel a bit of self accomplishment. And I know that when you laid down your head that night after that title win. There was a part of you that wouldnít allow it to feel actually right...There was a part of you that thought about me. There was a part of you that wished that I had never gotten that match with Manny. That you could have had your rematch without anything between, so it could feel proper. But you didnít get that and you never will. You will always have to look back at your reign, wondering could you have done it....Oh and while we are at it I want a thank you for going down and beating Kae for you as well. I mean how great of a start to your second reign would it have been to have gone to Octane...And YET again fall short. Stopped you from making that a habit..."

Now for the first time getting a bit of a smile on his face, able to leave the worst night of his life in the rear view. Able to move on from Fright Night and look to the future which was his match with Bronx.

JETT: ĒStill though your second reign? Itís going to fail flat right out the gates. Because this company that just left me off the card at Fright Night. Decided to try to punish me, to try to silence me. You know they may try to twist the narrative but they knew that Manny was broke before that match. They knew I did that. They know I beat their current number one contender, and they knew I was going to be a shadow over their Winter Wasteland main event if they didnít try to put that away, right off the bat. So what match did they give you? Me Bronx. And why you ask? Because one win from you, and I am gone. Out of the picture for good, and they are counting on you to get the job done. Just like they were when you had to face Manny to avoid them a embarrassment of a champion. Most times getting a match with the champ? Itís an opportunity. But I get what they are doing here, I get that they are putting me in this match to shove me away. So that the match with you and Marquis can be what they want it to be historic."

Creating a headline with his hands, Marquis and Bronx a big match but one that he can really ruin with one win.

JETT: ĒPerry, the company. I donít care who it is. They left me out of that match at Fright Night. To try to say that I didnít deserve that more than every single one of them is laughable. To say I didnít deserve it more than the winner who I have a win over? Is a joke. And now they are going to start that build. They are already generating the posters now. You side by side with Marquis. The girl who strikes fear into every single wrestler in the backís heart but mine versus the Golden Boy. Miss anti establishment and the Bossís son. What a match right, one the company dreams of. But not if I am there reminding everyone that it shouldnít be happening. So you know? To hell with those posters, to hell with that match, to hell with me being tossed to the side!"

Standing there now, looking into the camera now wanting to make his message very clear to the champion...to his boss.

JETT: ĒYou know what I am not going to do? I am not going to break Manny for you so you get your belt back. I am not going to go and put a sock in the mouth of the girl on Octaneís mouth FOR you. I am not going to have a win over not one BUT two current 4CW Champions in a month and a half. I am not going to pretend that I didnít also beat the current number one contender. So here is the deal. This is an ultimatum, you have ignored me every single time. I could sit here and pry at Bronx to put his belt on the line but I am not an idiot. I know that the company isnít going to allow that even though a part of me thinks that Bronx actually might have the cajones...Though then again losing on Adrenaline to people he is supposed to defend the belt against, is sort of his thing so he may not... "

Shrugging his shoulders, trying to poke the bear as much as he can here.

JETT: ĒI am not naive. I wonít ask for that, but you know what I will ask for? Is that when I win this match, and when I beat your champion. That you look back at the fact that I beat Marquis...That I beat Manny...And that I beat Bronx. I ask that you put me in that main event at Winter Wasteland. BECAUSE if I donít get that news verbally from Perry Wallace himself within twenty four hours..."

Jett looks into the camera, walking forward to it.

JETT: ĒThen I wonít be there November Fifteenth."

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We want you back Raab!

Fright Night IV / Game Over
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Game Over

We come into the scene slowly panning down the side of the wall, until we at first see Carmela Wilderís face. One that is looking rather dreary right about now. As we see that she is slumped down against what appears to be her office wall, wearing sweats and a tank top not her usual done up look. Looking rather defeated right about now.

CARMELLA: "Itís not fair, none of them are falling for any of my tricks. None of them are taking my seriously...Itís not fair."

Though we stay up close to her we can only assume either Jett or Luiz is off in the chair next to her listening to her trials and tribulations.

CARMELLA: "I have tried my best. Tried to turn Viduus on Dakota, figuring the two weirdoís might hate each other...It didnít work. Maybe I could get one of the girls to watch my back? I mean Tiffani is my sonís girlfriend, Marquis is my sonís best friend, Genie calls my son Meeko...But none of them have given me any indication that they are out for anyone but themselves. Iíd try to talk to Johnny Evil but he is already so strange that I think heíd more likely just turn on his other half than me. I was even considering trying to look down my family tree and see if Erron really is on some stupid side of the family I have never met. But whatís the point? Heíd probably just dismiss me and call Dakota his family anyways."

Slouched down, a usually very vain individual seemingly not caring the slightest bit in the world that she looks like hell.

CARMELLA: "What am I supposed to do? When I won the match, I had a plan. Sneak in lay low and let all these other lunatics go to battle. And it worked like a charm, they all fought to the death. And when little Miss Johnny Evil was down on his back, I pinned him. Won the belt without breaking a sweat. When I went into the match with Viduus I knew full well that a one on one match was never going to work. So I led that man on a wild goose hunt, all around the backstage. Used everything at my disposal, had no shame. And in the end I watched as Perry got dumped on his head...As Luiz got beaten to a pulp. But I landed the fatal blow that allowed me to win that match...I did all those things, with great planning. And a resilience but itís not fair...It keeps getting harder and harder. First I get into a match with Ana and Amber in which they both CLEARLY had a vendetta against me. And now here I am, ready to walk the plank in the worst possible match in 4CW history..."

Laying her head back, just having to even think about the Warzone of Horrorís match up. One that will shorten careerís for sure no matter who wins.

CARMELLA: "Two rings, ladders, a cage? Who even thinks of something like this...Itís like I am living in a horror movie. And I am the beautiful, smart, damsel in distress. Forced to get chased by all these animals...Only I have nowhere to run. Cause they are locking us in a cage."

Pouting now, unable to accept the situation at all. Having thought she might be able to make this reign last even longer, knowing now odds are stacked against her.

CARMELLA: "I mean how fair is it to put me in this kind of a match? I tried to promote this belt as a fun one. Didnít need to be a belt for the misfit toys but here I am standing looking at another crew of even weirder group of people. Evil was there last time but now look at him...He has gone off the deep end. I canít help but feel partially responsible for it all either. I made him a laughing stock he was the guy that was pinned by Carmella..The big loser. I mean most men wouldnít mind me pinning them, but for him? It shattered his ego. And he hasnít ever really been able to bounce back. Floating in obscurity doing Lord knows what. I broke his manhood...I really did. He had to look at me every single time and know that this Extreme title was going to leave him...But then it didnít. And now I know that he is going to be even more off the rocker than ever. I am sure heíll see me and have Vietnam flashbacks. And than itíll be like Psycho or something. The pretty little girl, killed by the weird Grandma lady or something..."

Picturing herself trapped in that shower, only instead of a shower itís a gigantic cage.

CARMELLA: "Or maybe Mr. Mommy Issues himself will come back for revenge. After all Jason Vorhees and Viduus Morta just wonít seem to die. I beat him, I took him out and instead of leaving me alone? He acts like I am some camper having sex that he has to take out. Just cause he took one of my toys to the face. He makes me out to be some sex fiend that has to go. His mommy wonít be able to do the killing for him though. Still though Jason just is relentless it doesnít matter how much the damsel does, how far she runs. It seems that the poor little innocent girl always gets caught in the end. I am that innocent girl, sure I took your belt. Sure I embarrassed you beyond belief when I beat you. But just like Jason X we all have our misses...But I am sure heíll bounce back, and now I am the damsel with nowhere to run...Cause again I am caged!"

Continuing to come back to the same thing realizing that no matter how big or bad a situation she drums up. She in the end has nowhere to run.

CARMELLA: "You even have the one sucking the life out of my son..Dracula herself Tiffani Michaels. He is hardly ever at the house any more. Hardly ever asks me to order him food anymore. No more cartoons on the couch. All because Miss Dracula seems to have him under her spell, sucking the days out of him...."

As a mom not even realizing the poor word choice.

CARMELLA: "Would it really hurt the girl to get a tan? I could go with her. But I am sure she doesnít like me, I am sure she is going to just take him away from me than go for blood against me as well. Sheíll say that it was all for the gold, the title shot. But in reality she is going to go back to her coffin at night, laughing all the way about how she got rid of me for good...."

Reaching for a tension ball that she has on her desk, pulling it down with her to squeeze while she goes through all the horrors she is about to face.

CARMELLA: "Than you have Jack Torrance, the headcase herself Genevie Carlson. All I have ever done is try to be nice to the girl. I have always been really kind to her...and her great husband Eli. But how does she treat me? With nothing but disrespect...For no reason, itís really unexplainable. And now for some reason it seems she has some sort of vendetta against me. Trying to get rid of me once and for all, like I walked into her some possessed house of hers. Trying to explain Genie is impossible, she just seems to have issues. So I am sure sheíll coming busting out, yelling hereeeeeeís Genie as she chases me around both rings...Itís not fair..."

Squeezing the ball rather ridiculously now, not seeming to really relieve tension rather than just create more.

CARMELLA: "Then you have the two team mates, Omerta. Got Leatherface himself, stealing my last name and wearing at his own in Erron Wilder. Scary and intimidating, walking around with weapons and what not. But at the end of the day not quite as scary as Michael Myers, Dakota Smith...He seems almost like a super human at points. Stalking me for years now. I have been scared of Dakota for as long as I can remember! At least with Erron, he is the dumber of the two. Ugly as sin as well...He seems like the type that I might get lucky and he might trip into a meat grinder or something. Maybe fall on his own chainsaw, but Myers? He is unstoppable. I am sure Erron, born from some other worldly poor Wilder family. Out on some farm in the middle of nowhere. But lord can only imagine the kind of upbringing that Dakota Smith had... And now? They both have their sights on me. But...Maybe just maybe theyíll fight like Freddy versus Jason...Or theyíll probably just both team up to destroy me..."

Seeming fully having admitted defeat, only getting more down the more she has to go through the list of names involved.

CARMELLA: "Then the one that scares me the most of all...I could say she is like Freddy cause she haunts my dreams but that isnít right. I mean she surely, has haunted my dreams with thoughts of what path she might lead my son down. But at the same time? She lures you in with almost a false sense of adorableness...She and my son seem to have fun, almost seems like Childís Play. But than she reveals her true demonic like state when I am not looking. But even that doesnít feel quite right. She is too smart, too cunning. Almost has a charisma that lures you in...I mean I have gotten lured in...I mean youíd almost call her Hannibal...You almost want her to eat you...."

This time she catches her poor word choice, brushing it off quickly to continue.

CARMELLA: "Either way I have no idea her intentions. Canít tell what she has planned next, if sheíll come after me or not. I am trapped in a cage, with the scariest and hardest to predict people in the world. Not one single one of them seeming to be someone I can trust, not one that will see me as the nice, sweet, little thing that has no meaning in this match...I just want to survive, I just want to make it out alive..."

Tossing the ball away as she sits up just long enough to grab her Extreme title pulling it down with her on the floor, lying in the fetal position holding it.

CARMELLA: "But I quite like having this thing around...I have fought hard for this thing. I never thought Iíd achieve anything like this in my life. I like being the center of attention, I like that I was on set for a film a few weeks ago. As Milf #2. I like that I get to walk around and rub it in everyoneís faces. I am the Extreme Champion, and I got here by scheming and plotting. I lured people into traps, I tricked them, I used accomplices...I put together my plans like a jigsaw puzzle and walked each and everyone of them into it....I have been playing games with all of them...They think I am some frale little old lady but you know what canít be taught? Brains. And I may know that I may be on the chopping block that my time may be coming to an end soon. But if I am going out...I am going out with a bang. These people donít realize how good they have it being in 4CW. How nice it must be, to be young...To be talented amazing wrestlers...Iím sick of people that donít appreciate their blessings..."

Turning and rising to her feet, now slowly looking like itís a bit painful because she has been down there for a long while.

CARMELLA: "But I kind of find it fun having front row seats when I hatch these schemes..."

Standing to her feet now, we realize as she takes a few steps towards the door that she was alone this entire time turning to the camera.

CARMELLA: "Hello Marq, Morta, Genie, Tiff, Omerta, Doctor Evil..."

Gingerly walking towards the door now, clearly having been down for a bit.

CARMELLA: "Most people are so ungrateful to have these opportunities...but not you...Not anymore."

Having left the room she reaches back, turning the lights off first as she grabs the door handle.

CARMELLA: "Game over!"

Proceeding to close the door, into pitch darkness.

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Toss me a backstage any where.

Octane / Challenge Answered
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Challenge Answered

Coming into the scene we find ourselves, looking at Jett Wilder standing in front of a tanning salon. Out in the parking lot, we all brace ourselves for whatever hijinx Jett will get up to next. Could he be meeting Marquis here, to go out on a day full of fun. Did he convince Bryan Williams to finally get a tan? Was he and his girl going to get it in while getting a tan? The opportunities were endless, but instead he was in the parking lot dressed in some shorts and a tank top looking like he already had worked up a sweat.

JETT: ĒI guess this is the part where I am supposed to be off doing some dumb things? Sure you all see this, and think oh what is Jett doing out here on his own? Who gave him a ride, is the Uber driver about to be a part of a funny bit. There is no way that Jett Wilder is focused heading into the match that he has coming up..."

Looking around, also liking the feel that doing a promo out on the streets gives him. Like he is shooting a rap video aimed at his opponent.

JETT: ĒI mean how could I be right? The last two shows on Adrenaline I have been faced with two of the biggest tests of my life. Not talent wise. I have faced dudes way better than those two chumps. But for me? Those matches were big ones, why? Because I talked a big game. I talked a big game about what I would do if I ever faced Mariano and Barrows one on one. A loss to Manny? My career could be over. A loss to Barrows? I would have never lived it down. Those matches were the peak, of my career to date? Why because they were the big matches that I needed to prove that I could win. And I did just that when I beat the current 4CW Champion, Mariano Fernandez. When I made Barrows literally piss himself, at the site of meeting me in the ring. Those were huge big matches that I can say I was completely focused for. I needed those wins because if I couldnít beat those type of guys, with a hundred percent focus then why should I even continue to hang around?"

Shrugging his shoulders, having a hard time even wanting to imagine a world where Barrows or Manny could have bragging rights over him.

JETT: ĒAnd now you start to hear some murmurs around the locker room. Maybe, just maybe I could be next in line for the title. For the first time in my career, people are actually seeing me as a real contender. You see I have been in this spot before, I go my title shot in a big fatal four way, headlining a Supershow. But at that time? I was less focused than ever, I was complaining about everything. I lacked discipline. Even if people told me I was not prepping right, I didnít care because in my head I felt like I was ready to go. But now rather than winning some qualifier against a couple of nobodies to get my shot? I beat the current champion, I beat a former champion as well. But even I know that two wins, isnít enough to get me what I want. But I am sure everyone sees me as the guy that trashes Octane, that calls it the JV league..."

Shrugging his shoulder, perhaps regretting his choice now not to wear the lettermanís jacket that would have gone great with that line.

JETT: ĒSo I am sure everyone is thinking he isnít taking this main event opportunity on Octane seriously. He isnít taking his buddies girlfriend seriously. And a year ago...you know what six months ago? I would have probably been offended that I was even thrown on this show. In my mind? I am a main event star on Adrenaline. But you know what? I am looking forward to this chance. Because there has been a lot of talk about Adrenaline and Octane. And I know that this is going to have a lot of impact on how things are viewed around here. So I donít want Octane to get that feeling, I donít want Kaelan to have that feeling. That I let my roster down. But most importantly Kaelan you are standing in my way of getting the top spot. And that means way more than any sort of Adrenaline versus Octane beef, that means way more than the rest of the guys in the back. I want what I have been working towards for the past several years. And after beating Mariano..than Barrows...The chatter of a Jett title shot is getting up there. And all that crumbles if I lose to you Kaelan...Just like your title chances when Bryan beat you, theyíll be gone like that."

Snapping his fingers, while enjoying getting a little dig in at the same time.

JETT: ĒI donít hate you like I do Manny and Matthias. Your Bryanís girlfriend and from all I have seen? You seem like a good one. But I lose to Octaneís Kaelan? My shot? Itís gone. So I canít and wonít lose to you. That is why instead of coming over to Octane and making fun of it. I am going to give you the respect you deserve and say you are good Kaelan. And you going straight to who you think is the big dog? Bronx...That is admirable. I respect that you think you are going for the top spot. You want to test yourself against the best of Adrenaline. So I get that you're fighting for that shot at Bronx, you lose to me? That match with Bronx becomes some low card afterthought on Adrenaline or maybe a main event that they have a hard time selling on Octane. So you are fighting for that but I am fighting for much, much more. You see the difference between us right now Kaelan is that you are reaching for the stars trying to just compete with the best..."

Stopping for a moment, clearly a bit miffed.

JETT: ĒBut I AM one of the best. And you keep having Bronxís ame in your mouth. Thatís fine because you like everyone else, THINKS he is the best. I beat the man he couldnít. I am at a whole new level Kaelan. So you may think this match is your ticket to facing who you think is the best. But Kaelan you are facing the best. I am more focused, I am more talented, I am more ready than I have ever been. So this isnít your match to send a message to Bronx...Itís mine."

Turning his attention to the man that many are expecting to regain his title, and a man that does seem to loom over this Octane main event.

JETT: ĒFor a long time I was happy and content to be the humorous one. To think that my natural talent would get me by. The last few weeks? I have shown what I can do when I am locked in. And trust me Kaelan, I am more locked in than ever. And when I beat you...You know what name youíll be begging for? It wonít be Manny, it wonít be Bryan, it wonít be Bronx. Itís going to be me, because youíll realize it just like everyone else. I am here, and I am  going to be the champion. And soon you and everyone else will realize this company doesnít revolve around Bronx. It revolves around me. You wanted to face the best? You got it.Ē

Pushing away from the camera, Jett walks away from the tanning salon instead heading to the gym that was out of frame right next door. In preparation for a gigantic Octane main event.

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You are the best Raab.

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Toss me a backstage some where before my match.

Adrenaline / Ending This
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Ending This

Heading to the Wilder household, where we find ourselves with the entire gang. Luiz Cavalcante who still has some bruises along his face. Sitting off to the side, having returned the last week though still no where near a hundred percent from his injury. And than we have the current Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder looking as usual nervous while Jett Wilder is sitting draped across a recliner sideways, with a cell phone in hand.

CARMELLA: "I have to face Viduus again!? And there is a cage, Luiz you canít even get in if you wanted.."

Panicking, Jett seeming to hardly be paying any attention to his mother. While Luiz shakes his head no behind her back, not even considering stepping up to Viduus again.

CARMELLA: "And not just him! I mean Genie is a really good wrestler. And so is Marquis. I know she and I have been...close. But she is a hot head and who knows what I might do or say that will set her off. Erron Wilder is in this and he is friends with...Dakota Smith...."

Just saying Dakotaís name seems to make Carmella freeze up, having had a long standing fear of Dakota. Generally more so scared of what heíll do to Jett, now instead worried what he would do to her.

CARMELLA: "And I am what locked in a cage with all of these lunatics? I donít know what I can do. Maybe Iíll fake an injury during our next LFL game. Maybe do you think you can talk Marquis into watching my back? Maybe Iíll just hide in a corner..."

Looking over at her son Jett who seems too busy texting who we can only imagine to be his girlfriend Tiffani. In her bit of nerves Carmella raises her voice.

CARMELLA: "Get off your phone Jett! This is serious! I am sick of you always being focused on that girl. I am going to be in trouble!."

Even Luiz is shocked, as Carmella never known for being a disciplinary parent seems to also be a bit caught off guard on what she just did.

JETT: ĒYou know what, mom. Yeah I care about Tiffani. She is my girlfriend! And I love her. And you know what? I canít feel bad for you. You are a champion, you are getting a HUGE match. All while I sit on the sidelines. I just beat Manny the champion, and I am about to beat Matthias. But guess what? I am likely going to be let off of that card. Why? Because people still donít show me the respect I deserve."

Feeling as though she made a mistake and realizing it has set Jett off, she tries to apologize but he continues.

JETT: ĒAnd you know what? All the people laughing and repeating over and over again, how I am not a champion but my mom is can be a bit annoying. Obviously I am proud of you and you have done great, but I am sick of being on the sidelines. I am sick of being the guy who gets huge matches on Adrenaline but isnít in the picture come Supershows. I should be in the main event with Bronx and Mariano. I beat Mariano and you know what? I think I would beat Bronx as well right now. I am better than I have ever been in my career.I think I am FINALLY getting to my peak. And yet what am I doing now? I am in a match with Matthias on Adrenaline. And if I win? I am still not going to be in a big match at Fright Night."

Realizing she has set Jett off, his real emotions coming out now as he sits up in the chair forced to look at the Extreme title proudly shown on the living room middle table.

JETT: ĒAnd should a win over Mariano get me a shot? I think so but who knows if the Boss sees it that way. Cause all those people in that match? They have a shot at it. Genie could jump me in the line. Erron Wilder, the guy who stole our name could get a shot. Even Viduus who you beat could get a title shot before me...Marquis doesnít even want it and she could get a title shot before me. She knows how much that 4CW belt means to me. And she may jump me in line. Dakota could get title shot four hundred before...YOU could get a title shot before me."

Revealing his true frustrations on not knowing where he stands in the grand scheme of things in 4CW.

CARMELLA: "Jett, I am sorry I shouldnít have raised my voice at you. I am just nervous...I know how much that title shot means to you...If I win? Iíll see if I can give it to you."

In her efforts to try to make him feel better, her motherly effort to try to help her son misses. As Jett no longer a young boy wanting to skate by off help from others.

JETT: ĒI donít want to be gifted it! I want to earn it! And if that means I got to beat Mariano again. If that means I have to beat Bronx, Iíll ask for that match. If that means I have to make Matthias look like a chump so be it! I am coming for that top spot and I donít need anyoneís help to do it."

Getting up and closing the recliner with a slam, he gets up angrily walking out of the room frustrated but motivated. As Carmella looks over at Luiz who cringes a bit watching a rare Wilder family fight. As Jett looks forward to his next opportunity to prove himself against Matthias.


JETT: ĒWheaties? He really did a whole thing about cereal..."

Coming into the scene we find ourselves with Jett Wilder cringing a bit at what he saw earlier in the week from Matthias. Set up to talk some trash, but currently too busy talking to the cameraman.

JETT: ĒTheyíll have to call me Neil Armstrong because he is going to kick my butt to the moon...Calling himself the Duke of Disrespect...This guy really out here thinking he is some comic book villain. But not even a big one, heís like one of the ones at the start of the comic book that gets his butt kicked on the way to a bigger villain..."

Shaking his head, the hatred these two having run deep for a long time now.

JETT: ĒWhich is sort of funny considering that is exactly what you are around here. You are just that small side villain that nobody really respects. You see I have been calling you out for a long time now Matthias. I have wanted you one on one pretty much since we met and I have called you out at every turn. And just like that little villain you have avoided me at each one of those turn. Why? Because you know what will happen when we eventually do go face to face. Thatís why you have always attacked me from behind, thatís why you have ducked every single one of my requests for the match. Itís cause you know that you are just that, a little side villain for me on my way to a much bigger challenge. So you can stay monologuing on my girlfriend, you can stay attacking me from behind, but at the end of the day? The good guy always wins. And you? You just get tossed to the side forgotten about just like you were all those days away from this company during your suspension."

Talking now to Matthias personally, these two having exchanged barbs for a long time now.

JETT: ĒAnd you know what? We do have a rivalry Matthias. I donít like you and you donít like me. But the difference between us? Is that you know your role around here. You know that beating me? Is the biggest achievement you can possibly get at this point. Your title reign? Long forgotten. But you know full well that youíll never be a 4CW Champion. You are smarter than that. So you look at me. And you see the chance to at least get some glimmer of respect, by beating me. But youíll never do that and after I beat you, youíll probably end up fighting Iceberg or Alioth Starre, or some low level talent like that. And youíll still be around, filling out the roster. Doing what you are good at doing. However for me? This match is about a lot more. I just beat the 4CW Champion, Mariano. You know...The guy you ate pizza with..."

Jett rolls his eyes, at that awful segment that took place after his match last show.

JETT: ĒI beat that guy. And beating the champion? Means something. But you know what it will mean if I beat Manny and the very next week lose to Matthias Barrows? It will all be for not. You see because there are a lot of guys on this roster who are considered the big dogs. You got the Bronxís, the Casheís, the Smithís of the world. And on any given Adrenaline they can beat each other. And I consider myself apart of that group now. But you Matthias? You are a step down from that. You are the guy that all of those guys should beat. So if I were to lose to you now, that would kill off all my momentum. So if you think the fact that I canít stand you, that I hate you isnít enough to want to beat you. Know that I am fighting for a lot more than just that. This match is all about proving that I have taken that next step that I am now a lot more than just the Future of this company. I am now the present. And I want them to know that when I win this match? That I am coming for that top spot. I want my name to hang over that main event at Fright Night. And that doesnít happen if I lose to you Mathias..."

Jett shakes his head, clearing the thought of any potential defeat at the hands of Barrows from his mind.

JETT: ĒSo I wonít lose to you. Because no matter how many random little goons you bring out to the match with you, they wonít be able to stop me. I donít care that you bring around a shaved gorilla. And I wonít pretend to know a thing about the rest of the group you roll around with. All I know is that I have to beat you Matthias. Because for some reason, you think you are a big deal around here. You were gone for months and nobody cared but you come back and expect people to be scared, to think wow he is back. But nobody thought that, they all just cringed as you tried your best to seem menacing and came up oh so short as you always do in that department. You just donít seem to realize that while you walk around with that big group of yours, saying the corniest lines that 4CW has ever heard. Nobody fears you. You think Tiffani was scared of you back at Adrenaline?"

Laughing at the notion that Tiffani the winner of the Queen of the Ring was actually even slightly scared of Barrows.

JETT: ĒShe didnít rough you up for one reason and one reason only. Because she knew how much, I wanted to be the one that did it. She could have dropped you at any point during your lame little speech. But she knew that I wanted you badly, that I had been calling you out for months. So she resisted the urge to shut you up. And now we get to go one on one. You finally stepped up to the plate, to take a match with me. It is a little humorous that you acted like you were the one that came up with all this. But I am happy that I can finally get this match with you. Because I can finally put you behind me Matthias. For you? I am the light at the end of the tunnel, the big win. For me? You are just another name on my path. I beat Manny and now I get you, back to back. That is like a dream come true for me. Do you have any idea how excited I am to get to put you in your place? To put you down for good?"

The thought of never having to hear from Barrows again, to have this win end their rivalry once and for all bringing a smile to his face.

JETT: ĒIt will be great. Because I donít like you Matthias and I never have. The rest of the roster? Everyone but maybe Manny. You know why they treated you like an outcast and made jokes on you? Because they donít see you as an equal, neither do I. You talk a big game, you think you are way better than you are. And the rest of the roster, we saw that. You know why they all joined me in making fun of you for the Frenzy match? Because you thought you were some hot shot for coming up with a battle royal. A match that has taken place a billion times before in wrestling. But while we all thought ďWell okĒ you thought just like all your other ideas that this is the one that was going to make you a star. But time and time again, you have failed to become that star that you seem to fantasize yourself to be. And now you see beating me as that chance but you are going to come short again. Because you may say you are desperate and have nothing to lose...But I am focused and have everything to lose."

Taking a deep breath knowing that he is the one coming into this with the momentum.

JETT: ĒItís time that I start to take that next step in my career. I was the young boy sneaking his way into the company. But now I am the young man who has gone through rivalries with some of the best wrestlers this company has ever seen. I was main eventing supershows against Chris Madison. I was competing for the 4CW title in a fatal four way. But at the time? I wasnít ready. I can admit that. But now? I am ready to take that next step. I want to be the guy around here, I have been around longer than everyone but Jair and Cashe old selves. And if I lose to you Matthias? That all goes away. So I wonít and canít lose to you Barrows. You see because if you had taken my challenge months and months ago? You might have faced a unfocused, care free, Jett Wilder who didnít have his sights set at the top..."

Now looking right into the camera, his focus very much on this match and what it could mean for him.

JETT: ĒInstead? You are facing the most focused Jett Wilder you will ever see. You will face the man who is coming off defeating Mariano Fernandez the 4CW Champion. You are facing the guy who is sick of being labeled as a prospect and a future star. Who is sick of being told I will never quite make it to the top. That my mom is the bigger star currently. You are facing the future 4CW Champion, Jett Wilder. So say all the corny lines you want. Say you are going to take me to hell, or send me to the moon. Whatever you want, but you are going to come short Matthias just like you always have."

Pausing for a moment.

JETT: ĒItís my time now."

Adrenaline / Face to Face
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Face to Face

Pacing back and forth holding his neck, in pain is Jett Wilder. Having had what was a great night for him, up until an attack from Matthias Barrows after the match. Having had what was a war with 4CW Champion, Mariano Fernandez before getting attacked from behind by Barrows again. Sitting next to him is Tiffani Michaels, the recent winner of the Queen of the Ring. Who just had to witness it all out in that ring.

JETT: ĒWhat a loser! Attacks me from behind again? You have got to be kidding me. I mean, he waited around for months just to do that? That?!"

Letting Jett vent knowing he isnít going to be happy about his moment, at least some what tarnished by the attack from behind.

JETT: ĒHe really going to bring out his whole crew with him to? I mean how is anyone going to take him seriously."

Continuing to pace back and forth, ignoring the fact that he does go to the ring with a security guard and his mother.

JETT: ĒI mean what did I do to deserve this Tiffani? I mean first I got to deal with a dude like Manny, than Matthias. Had to deal with Dare Clemmens back in the day. What about me attracts the lowest forms of life to think they can come get me. This was supposed to be my night, this was supposed to be a night of glory. And instead here I am pissed because that little baby held a grudge over what he thought was me saying I came up with the 4 Corners Frenzy. I never said anything like that, why would I take credit for creating the match that made Fernandez the champion? Why would I take credit for a terrible idea of a man who was looking to jump the line, by thinking he would actually be the last one standing. The thought alone that Barrows would be the last man standing, at anything in life is comedy enough. But we all know thatís what he made that match for, and he STILL wasnít close. Yet he thinks I cared about that match? Nobody did. Why do you think half of the great talent skipped it? Why do you think I tried to be on commentary for it, cause I was trying to bring life into what was always a terrible idea. And he held a what? Five month grudge over that?"

Still frustrated Jett forces a fake laugh, to try to pretend that he isnít fuming about what just happened out there. Tiffani being a nice girlfriend and letting her man vent.

JETT: ĒI mean this dude has really been jealous of my career since the get go. And why? Just cause he has become a laughing stock. Just because nobody even cares about him? I am sure heís back there eating pizza with Manny or something stupid. Wondering why nobody at all cares about him. The man just doesnít seem to understand that this jealousy thing? Itís a bad look for him...He wants so badly to be as funny as me, when not a single soul has ever laughed. He so badly wants to be as big of a deal as me. But nobody cares. The man just canít accept that he isnít one of the boys around here. That he will never be the guy. No matter what people say about me. I may not have always gotten the job done in the past. But lately? When the lights are on bright I get the job done. And thatís why I main event supershows. Thatís why my matches are always the biggest on a show by show basis. Whenís the last time anyone got really pumped about this chump? I call a lot of guys chump. But if I had to label one guy a chump so that the rest of the world could have a prime example. It would be this guy...God I canít believe he attacked me from behind again..."

Jett still mad that he let Matthias get the drop on him, even if it means that Barrows took the easy way out.

TIFF: ĒBabe, it was a lame move by him. But at least you got him in a match next Adrenaline right?"

JETT: ĒThatís true..."

Looking on the positive side of things, as he does nod his head. Tiffani jumping in to calm him down now, one of the more positive things sheís brought to him.

JETT: ĒAnd god am I going to mess him up! You know the type of dudes that attack people from behind? Losers. He knew that if he came at me face to face, what would have happened. He would have caught one of these left hooks, been face down. Looking like the loser he is, but instead? He gets to feel all happy inside. He gets to feel like he did something to really get me. But I am still walking. And instead of having that desired effect of looking like a bad ass that he so BADLY wants. He looks like a coward. He attacked me from behind in the Four Corners Battle Royal or whatever silly name he gave it. And now he does it again? Thatís a man that is a coward. And instead of looking so hardcore, he looks like a coward that needs the help of some polar bear to get back at me. I mean he has to realize that right? He has to realize just how little this really strikes fear in peopleís hearts. He was a joke before he was gone and now he returns? And just drives home that nail all the way. Screw this dude..."

Throwing out his arms in anger, reaching back for his neck in pain having forgotten what quick movements will do to it. As Tiffani stands up, one hand on both shoulders.

TIFF: ĒYou get him in two weeks, babe."

JETT: ĒYeah you are right..."

She leans around to the side of him, with a big smile on her face.

TIFF: ĒOh and you beat Mariano..."

This fact a bit lost in all this anger for Jett, as it does sort of set in that he really did beat Manny. A man who a loss to, would have completely wrecked his career.

JETT: Ē...Yeah you are right...I did beat Manny."

A confident smirk now coming across his face, showing just how much that match really meant to him.

JETT: ĒI beat the man who holds the 4CW champion, the man that beat Bronx. Even if Bronx comes back, and wins...Which he better. This win right here? This should put me right back in line for a shot at that belt. That one belt that I have dreamed about since I was seventeen year old sneaking around here, taking losses left and right. Canít say that beating the current champion, felt as good as I always thought it would. But if Manny beats Bronx or Bronx beats Manny? And I get that shot, it would feel legitimate. Thatís the next goal, thatís the next thing I want..."

Looking up at the ceiling as though he is shooting for the stars, Tiffani shakes her head.

JETT: ĒOh and babe? Sorry that Matthias was talking about our personal life like that...I would never want it out in public like that."

Stopping the massage Tiffani gives him a playful shove that makes him stumble forward a bit.

TIFF: ĒYou went out to the ring after our first time and got a stand ovation..."

Realizing he has been caught in a lie, he gives the classic ďIím caughtĒ Jett shrug.

JETT: ĒThat was a moment for the fans...Letís get out of here."

Reaching out for his bag, pretending his neck is hurt. Which prompts Tiffani to sigh and grab it for him. As he follows her out the door.

JETT: ĒOh and thanks for not beating him up out there. You know how badly I want to be the one..."

TIFF: ĒI know..."


We start watching as the number one appears on the screen, slowly moving up to ten than continuing up. Finally slowly reaching seventy, a slow count up stopping right at seventy seven which lights up in the signature light blue of Jett Wilder. Panning out we find ourselves looking at Jett Wilder, having either paid someone to do this cool little intro or having worked really hard on Powerpoint.

JETT: ĒSeventy seven days is a long time. Over two months, a lot can change. Thatís practically an entire NBA offseason. Thatís practically a quarter of a school year. Kids would be getting their first report cards so I am told. Seventy seven is the number of Ray Bourque, some good hockey player. I am not Canadian so I donít know him. But he is apparently a big deal. Seventy seven is a lot of things, Matthias. Itís also the amount of time that you were gone, the amount of time you had between appearances between Adrenalineís. You know what happened between that date? Bronx lost to Manny. Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins won a huge tag team tournament. My mom defended her Extreme Championship. And right at the end? I did something youíll never do, beat the current 4CW Champion. A lot happened, in that time. Several shows. But you know what didnít happen? Let me tell you a few things..."

Jett stops taking a breath to prepare for this.

JETT: ĒFirst off you want to know how many times I heard, ďWhere is MatthiasĒ in the back? Zero times. That includes your buddy Manny. That includes every single fan in the building. That includes every single member of the roster. That includes your Boss, Perry Wallace. You know if Dakota Smith up and left out of the blue? There would be panic, that guy is a maniac. And there would still be members of the roster that asked, where he was. The fans? Certainly wouldnít just be happy not having him on the show. And you know Perry would have been reaching out left and right to bring him back. You see because Dakota has done some vile things, things that your little brain canít even think of. And you know heís never had a seventy seven day suspension? There are rumors he was involved in a MURDER. And he didnít get seventy seven days. But you did...You know not everyone loves me back there, which is crazy. But if I up and left? People would want to check on my well being. You know what number is less than seventy seven? The amount of texts you got from anyone in the back. Did old veterans like Cashe and Hopkins reach out to set you straight? Nope. I bet even some of the weird people on the roster like Mariano and Alexis didnít even bother. You know why? Because you never really mattered around here. You are a decent talent, but you are replaceable. Kris, Dean Judas, Andre Holmes? They arenít top talents, but they fill out the roster just like you would. So you want to know how much people cared about you in those seventy seven days? Thatís a big fat zero."

Holding up a zero, his face really just in focus at this point.

JETT: ĒAnd I know you are Mr. Cool so you would never pretend to care that no matter cared when you were gone. Thatís fine but did you ever really wonder if that was really the reason it was seventy seven days? Cause I mean it does have to cross your mind, that maybe seventy seven days did seem a bit excessive right. I mean 4CW is known for having some of the most insane things happen. People have done all sorts of gross things to one another. And what you throwing a tantrum and attacking someone late? Was enough for seventy seven days? Was the frenzy really that bad of an idea that you deserved seventy seven days. You ever wonder that maybe just maybe the real reason it ended up being seventy seven days was that Perry didnít want you around? Cause part of me likes to think that he just meant to suspend you for like a show. And just sort of...forgot you existed. But letís face it you're a pest, I am sure you called him over and over again. At some point Perry probably just changed his voicemail to a message reiterating that you are still suspended. Until finally on call number seventy seven, he said...screw it let him back. But either way, you do have to realize it is one or the other right?"

Jett laughs, enjoying just how extreme the suspension was making little to no sense at all.

JETT: ĒOrrrr. Maybe it was a combination. Maybe you didnít call every single day of this suspension. Maybe you didnít call at all. Why would a man so dead set on thinking heís the best ever do that? Maybe because you realize that even before your suspension was ever announced, I asked for a match with you. And maybe just maybe you wanted to stall this off for as long as you possibly could. Because it was inevitable, I have been calling you out for a long time. Something about you has always annoyed me and the rest of the locker room. So as locker room leader? I always thought fit to cut down to size annoyances like you. And I do that one by one, last show it was Manny. And now you finally decided to show your face in my company again. And now we finally get to have this match. And you know what the difference is between us? I donít duck anybody, if the weakest link called me out right now? Iíd face him, same goes if itís the strongest. You should have been getting fan support for this on Twitter for months. Perry after all works for the fans, he would have had no choice. But instead you sat there for seventy seven days...Seventy SEVEN."

Popping up seven fingers, feeling the need to really drive home that number again and again.

JETT: ĒThat wasnít the length of days of your suspension Matthias. That wasnít the amount of time Perry felt you deserved for a small infraction. That was the amount of days it took you to sit there all by yourself, maybe with that polar bear off to one side. Just thinking, thinking about me. One day goes by...than the next. And you think to yourself, nope. Than another...then another. Same answer...And finally after seventy seven days you finally thought to yourself MAYBE I can come back and beat Jett WilderÖ."

Taking a long deep breath now, a big smirk on his face having to be at one of his most confident points in his career./B]

JETT: ĒI was ready back on July twelfth, I didnít need a single second to know I can beat you. Because this time there is no coming at me when my back is turned. We are going face to face...And that means that you are going to have waited seventy seven days, just to come back and lose."

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Hook me up with Backstage 6.

Adrenaline / Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom

The cameraís are rolling for footage that is not supposed to be shown. As we find ourselves in the very early morning out in the middle of a forest looking area. Perhaps waiting to see Dakota Smith out in a cabin in the woods, or maybe find Viduus feasting on raw deer meat for some sort of ritual. If you had to take a bet on who would be out here? The very last pick would be the one currently trudging through as it is Jett Wilder himself. Looking absolutely miserable in a camo jumpsuit looking like it might be Gucci brand. Alongside him is his girlfriend Tiffani Michaels, who looks more at ease out here. Looking cute in her little camo top and bottoms. As we also see an older gentleman with them, carrying a huge pack on his back..

JETT: ĒYo babe, itís cold out here! And I hardly got any sleep..."

Whining as they continue to trudge through the older man leading the way. As Jett walks along seeming annoyed by every part of this nature as Tiffani laughs.

TIFF: ĒI told you that this was a bad idea. I get you wanted the cool little back drop when you talked trash to Manny. And I get the theme but I told you, if you want to see anything it has to be early. And this guy is the best guide in the world."

JETT: ĒBut four am! I didnít even know that this time existed."

Angrily forced to duck under a tree branch to advance farther, Jett looks like he is working on maybe a couple hours of sleep.

TIFF: ĒItís too late now we are here, we already paid this guy. Weíll sleep when we get back home..."

Tiffani walks along carefully as Jett trips on a rock, cursing it under his breath as he manages to stay on his feet..

JETT: ĒI havenít even seen like one bear or nothing yet, you sure this guy is for real?"

Tiffani just rolls her eyes at Jett letting him know that she doesnít want to hear any more complaints for something that was his idea. Finally stopping as the older dude holds up a hand to keep them quiet. Jett not knowing what that means looks at Tiffani..

JETT: ĒYo what this dude stopping for?"

Before Tiffani can explain Jett walks forward as an animal of some sort can be heard scampering off. Jett rolls his eyes.

JETT: ĒThis dude sucks..."

The old guy seeming fed up with the complains snaps back.

RICKY: "You know what? I had a deer right there! And you scared him off."

JETT: ĒA deer? What about a pack of wolves or tigers like I wanted."

Ricky cause of course itís Ricky looks over at Tiffani to confirm Jett is for real. She just shakes her head, stepping in on Rickyís behalf.

TIFF: ĒLetís just do it here."

Looking at Tiffani a bit shocked, which she seems confused by..

JETT: ĒUmmm babe, I mean that seems fun. But Ricky is here and I sort of came out here for another reason."

At first confused it takes Tiffani a moment to realize Jett took at a sexual advance..

TIFF: ĒNo I mean your video."

Realizing his mistake Jett nods his head looking over at the cameraman who also got drug into this. Most likely one of his worst career gigs.

JETT: ĒYeah you right, set up right there. Yo Rick you mind keeping perimeter donít want nothing to sneak up on me."

Directing traffic, Ricky seems eager to get out of there walking out of the screen along with Tiffani who goes to try to explain to him why Jett is so unfamiliar with this kind of situation. Taking a second to wipe some eye gunk out of his eyes before getting started.

JETT: ĒYou know Manny? This whole new attitude of yours? This whole braggy I am better than you now cause I have the belt style that you have adopted? I am not sure that I hate you more now or back before the title. Because at least before the title you knew your spot. You were the lovable weird loser. The fans? Some of the more awkward, strange ones felt like they could relate to you I am sure. Sure, to most normal people. You were just an annoying little loser. But at least you were an annoying little loser that knew his place. In Generation Old you were the extra. You had Bronx as the talent, Bryan as the leader, Lauryn as the good looks, Ganja as the hot head, and then you?Y You were the adorable little brother of the group. Nobody was scared of Gen Now to begin with, but the fact you were apart of it? Made it so theyíd never be considered a real intimidating stable. You guys were just a weird little group of people assembled for Lord knows what reason. I mean for Bronx and Bryan? It never made a ton of sense. But for you and Sativa? I mean it did make some sense. Nobody actually likes either of you, they put up with you. So when you found a guy like Bryan that was too nice, and let you into the group. It makes sense that you would attach yourself to that and ride with it...It makes sense. You finally had a little group to call your friends. Your pals, oneís that werenít in a video game."

Seeming to find an extra bit of energy when doing one of his favorite things, talking trash to Mariano Fernandez.

JETT: ĒSo now you had your little group. But when that came apart you want to know where you were heading? You were heading out the door. Video game death matches? Those were low point in our company's history. And even you had to realize that. But than you randomly won that atrocious little battle royal. And that sent you on the path you are now on. You liked calling yourself the troll guy. Yet were you ever really trolling anyone? No. You were just so weird that people hated you for it. If being repetitive about everything in your life is what you call trolling? So be it. But the rest of us never considered you a troll, I mean you werenít even a confident enough guy to ever really troll anyone. You were a weirdo that knew he was weird and to me? You seemed content with never doing anything truly memorable with your career. But one win in that battle royal? And suddenly you were number one contender. Sure you were a number one contender that nobody thought could win, but for the first time in your entire career...You mattered. And guess what Manny? Mr. repetitive himself finally started to change a bit. You started to actually think you mattered, you started to actually think you were good. And belonged at the top. You started to change than, but now? After winning the belt Manny you have finally taken that next stop. You went from being the loser to being full of yourself. Titles tend to change people and Manny it certainly changed you."

Walking along in the outdoors taking a careful glance over his shoulder for whatever animal he thinks will sneak up on him out here..

JETT: ĒBut you want to know what the funniest thing is Manny? You donít really get why your champion. You have it in your head that you earned it. That you're one of the boys now, you belong. But you havenít really caught onto what really is going on like the rest of us have."

Chuckling to himself.

JETT: ĒYou know Manny while you were constantly shut indoors playing countless hours of whatever loser game you were playing that day. I was home schooled and you know what that meant? It meant that each day my science class, was an hours worth of Animal Planet. Did you know that batís leg bones are so thin that is why none of them can walk? Did you know antís have no lungs and never sleep? I know all of this. I know a lot about animals Manny. And you know the animal kingdom has a lot in common with our little wrestling world. The gorillaís have a dominant alpha king at the top. And then new young gorillaís come along and overthrow that champion gorilla in a fight. Sounds a little bit like how people fight over the top spot in our company. But only the strongest gorilla makes it to the top. So you Manny? Youíd never be the champion in the animal kingdom. Thatís not the point though, the point is Manny that weaklings like you in the animal kingdom tend to latch on to a group...a pack."

Using all those hours of Animal Planet for home schooling to his best of abilities..

JETT: ĒIt all comes full circle back to that group. And you know what? You found that pack with Gen Now. You found a group that was willing to take you from being a irrelevant loner and at least bring you along for the ride. You were not alone, Sativa got brought along for the ride as well. And you used the big dogs in the pack Bryan and Bronx to carry you along. Why because it helped you survive, it gave you some reason to keep going when you really wouldnít have otherwise. Alone? Youíd have gotten picked to pieces. And that is exactly what happens in the animal kingdom. The weaklings get picked off at the back of the group. Because they are easy targets. You know what the biggest difference is though between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom?"

Stopping for a moment to let Manny answer back at home, as if this is some sort of exam.

JETT: ĒIn the animal kingdom the big dogs wouldnít care that the weaklings got taken out. Itís less food that needs to be spread amongst them. You can almost say they use those little losers as bait. But the difference in the human kingdom is that you were with Bronx and Bryan. And they can be jerks at times, but deep down? Both of them are nice guys. Itís why they let you in the group in the first place. It wasnít that they WANTED you to roll with them. Itís that unlike those animals, they would not have felt right letting you get killed all on your own. So they brought you along for the ride, they carried you to some attention that you NEVER should have had. And than when they got sick of carrying the extra baggage they broke up. Bryan and Bronx still hang out, sure Lauryn hangs out with them as well. Itís essentially still a team but they trimmed the fat. Bronx is a champion now. Bryan will likely be one again. But little did they know that in a match that was all about luck, you would find yourself going from prey to the hunter. Now youíd be facing one of the big docks in the pack..."

Really going all out with this, seeming a bit annoyed that he wasnít able to get a cool image of a pack of wolves in the background like he wanted..

JETT: ĒIn the animal kingdom that battle goes down without much of a hitch. The alpha takes out the omega, he kills off the weakling. And that is that. But this isnít that Manny. We live in the real world and the same reason that they let you hang out with them in the first place is the same reason that you ended up becoming the champion. You see you are not better than Bronx, we all know that. Deep down, I think you do to. But he felt bad for you back then when he let you in the pack. And though heíll never admit it. In this match up between the two of you. He didnít see you like that big alpha gorilla coming to knock him off his throne like he did with Cashe, Tanner and Dakota. He saw you as that weakling that he brought around with him in his pack. And instead of being ruthless like he should have been. And instead of putting away the little weakling that came for the crown. He faltered. And he failed. All because he couldnít bare to put you downÖĒ

Shaking his head seeming frustrated with Bronx for failing to do his job like he was supposed to.

JETT: ĒSo this brings us all the way back to this new attitude of yours youíve got. This new ďI am the top dogĒ attitude. You really seem to not be in on this like the rest of us. You arenít the champion because your the best. You're the champion because Bronx felt bad for you. So I really want you to hear this Manny and I know you will because I am sure you went through my entire first bit about you and gave a cliff notes response. I donít need to hear what you have to say to me, I donít care. But I want you to know what the rest of us know. He couldnít put you down when the time came and now? You are champion of the world. I want you to really get that through your head, you are champion...because an old member of your pack took pity on you."

Disgusted with the thought of the champion of his company, taking that spot..

JETT: ĒMaybe you're some genius that planned that all out. Maybe you realized Bronx is a top dog and you snuck in and became his little tag along buddy. Just so if maybe you got the chance to take him on? Youíd take advantage of him feeling sorry for you...Or more likely. You just happened to fall into this belt. With the perfect timing of a match that left up the contender to chance and a champion who deep down cared about you a little bit. And now you are champion...But you know those gorillas? They are coming for you now. They sense a weak king of the mountain and are now coming to knock you off the throne. And I get first dibs. Why? Because I asked for this match, you could say I begged for it. Because you're not the best, and we all know you arenít the best. And rather than you building momentum your first night as champion, I am going to end this little charade once and for all. Bronx may come back and actually put you down. But truthfully? This will be the start of your free fall. Because I know I am better than you, and the fact you won that belt before I did? It makes me mad..."

Never seeming more frustrated heading into a match than here and now.

JETT: ĒSo maybe just maybe you finally lived up to your name. You trolled me, you trolled us all by becoming the worst champion in 4CW history. But I donít care, all I care about is beating you and returning order to this world. I donít need that belt on the line, I donít consider you a championÖ.So winning it off you? Would feel shallow. However beating you and proving to everyone that what happened with you and Bronx was nothing more than him taking pity...Will be good enough for me. Cause I wonít feel bad showing the world what would happen in the animal kingdom...And that new attitude of yours? I am going to restore order to that as well..."

Jett looking around, at his environment. Even though itís the last place heíd like to be, it does bring a bit of the primal side out of him.

JETT: ĒI am not retiring because Bronx felt bad for you Manny. And  most of all, I am going to ensure that every fan knows that this reign of yours? Itís only temporary."

Adrenaline / Nightmare
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The sounds of ďYou Deserve ItĒ still ring through the air. As Jett Wilder walks through the curtain to the backstage area. A smile from ear to ear, happy as can be. Having just been in the ring getting showered with praise. Walking past some members of the roster a few of them tipping their cap. Others giving him a high five as he walks through the halls. Happier than he has ever been having taken that next step into manhood, having finally lost that card that every young man so badly wants to lose. Turning through the halls past every single member of the roster, all of them focused on the main event. Jett not having care in the world, too happy with life. Going all the way down the hall, talking to himself in his splendor.

JETT: ĒI have to say...today it was a good day."

Almost whistling at this point, as he walks through until he returns to the scene of the happy moment. Opening up the door where he meets up with Tiffani Michaels the lucky lady and the Queen of the Ring. Essentially you could say she finished off more than one man that day. As Jett grins ear to ear walking up on Tiffani who is looking at her phone.

JETT: ĒHey babe ready to get out of here?"

Nodding her head Tiffani turns, looking excited herself to see just how happy this has all made Jett. As she gets up turning and nodding her head, as she grabs her bags. But Jett quickly takes them off her hands, too eager.

JETT: ĒI got it, the Queen of the Ring donít carry her own bags."

TIFF: ĒWhatever, was just one match."

JETT: ĒBabe you beat Banks and Kris, that is a big deal. Plus I hate those dudes so itís even better. This is going to lead to big things, I told you that you were going to get to the top in no time. You are a star for a reason."

Jett actually passing some of the fame to someone else, rare for him. Even rarer not to be making it about himself. As she and Jett head on out now both walking with some excitement. As the two head towards the parking lot, you can see the Bronx versus Manny match on the monitors in the back not even looking up at them. Walking out to the parking lot now, an Escalade pulling up to the back of the arena to pick them up. Jett opens the door for Tiffani than waits for her to get in, before setting the bags inside as well. Stopping as a thought seems to come to mind.

JETT: ĒHey babe, I got to run in and check on my mom see if she is ok."

Tiffani gives him a nod of approval looking a bit tired from her long night. Jett starts to head back towards the arena, but as he goes he gets a phone call from his mother.

JETT: ĒHey mom, just coming back in. Are you doing all right? Canít believe that chick did that to you. They totally teamed up on you, I swear this always happens to me in triple threat matches as well. You are ok? Are you sure? Yeah Perry better give you the best doctors around."

Standing outside the door as you can almost hear the roars of the crowd, as something huge must have happened. Laughing Jett glances up, assuming that Bronx got the job done. As his mother speaks on the other line.

JETT: ĒAll right, Iíll see you later. Bye mom."

Hanging up the phone as he turns back to walk into the car, nearly skipping in joy. As he walks to the car opening the door as Tiffani looks ready to deliver the worst news imaginable. Looking like she is about to tell him his dog died or something.

TIFF: ĒJett I have some bad news..."

Looking excited instead of upset.

JETT: ĒYou are pregnant?"

Tiffani is caught off guard at first, but shakes it off realizing itís simply a Jett thing to say. Ignoring the fact he doesnít quite know how this works.

TIFF: ĒNo, no, no...Ummm Manny won."

Bracing herself for the worst as Jett at first seems ready to look distraught but shakes his head chuckling a bit.

JETT: ĒYou are too funny..."

TIFF: ĒNo...No Jett he actually won."

Figuring that he might not believe her she grabs her phone, picking up to show the most recent Twitter post. Fans blowing up about the Manny title victory. As now Jett really looks like he just got told his dog died, looking at the Twitter not seeming to believe it. Pushing the phone away like he canít read another Tweet. As he lays his head back, unable to believe it.


Shaking his head, the disbelief still seeming to plague him even days after the fact. Now standing in front of the wall in his backyard back home in Los Angeles still living in a world where Mariano Fernandez is the champion of the world. Pacing back and forth trying to reason the ways this could happen.

JETT: ĒI live in a world where tragedy is striking day after day. Hurricanes are hitting Florida, displacing lives. I am living in a world where terror attacks happen daily. And worst of all I am living in a world where Manny is the champion of the world. I am living in a world where the worst possible case scenario, happened....Manny is champion."

Saying it again, almost as if saying it for the third time will be the one that finally wakes him from this nightmare. But when it doesnít he continues to pace back and forth, shaking his head in increased anger.

JETT: ĒThe lead up? It was all fun and games, it was all laughs. Haha, Manny beating Bronx. How terrible would it be? I mean how bad would it be for my company, how bad would it be for wrestling as a whole? But it was just that a joke, a joke not like the terrible memes that he posts online. No it was a joke because that world was never a potential reality. Sure Bronx could get hurt, sure Bronx could show up having decided to go out on a all night bender the night before. But even still, that wouldnít be enough for him to actually lose to Mariano. It just couldnít happen. Sure it was fun to imagine McGregor beating Mayweather but it wasnít ever a reality. Sure it is fun to imagine the Tortoise really beat the Hare, that David beat Goliath. But those were just stories, folklore. Stories my mom told me so that I wouldnít pick on all the Davidís of the world. But it wasnít ever going to actually happen, Bronx was too good. This was the same man that conquered Eli Carlson who at the time seemed like an unbeatable champion. The same man that battled back from a deficit against former champion and Hall of Famer Dakota Smith, former champion and future Hall of Famer, Jason Cashe, and the late great Hall of Famer, Adrian Tanner. All to retain that belt, he beat some of the best of the best to both get and retain that belt..."

Still trying to reason with the possibility of this happening, debating if some act of God had to have been involved.

JETT: ĒAnd I stand here wondering if I am involved in the biggest prank of all time. Could it be possible that my girlfriend, my mom, are all in on it. Did they have the real match while I was back losing my V-Card? I mean it did feel like I was doing that forever. Is this some sort of Truman Show where they are trying to make me repent for all the jokes, where they are doing some sort of study on what would happen if the biggest loser became a champion. How it would affect the world around him, maybe there is a glitch in the Matrix. Whatever it is, could it really be that Manny Fernandez is the champion. Maybe itís all of that but the simple fact is that no matter what world I am living in, I have to look up at the top of my roster and I have to see his name."

Gritting his teeth shaking his head, seeming like for some reason his voice is even lower now.

JETT: ĒAnd you know what? That pisses me off. Because I came into this business a young seventeen year old kid. I snuck my way in here, I took beat down after beat down. And you know why I did that because I loved wrestling because I was a little kid getting home schooled that saw how big of stars these wrestlers were. How they were larger than life, I grew up watching Jason Cashe wrestle. I was just a little young pup. And you know what when I came into this company? That same man was wearing the top belt he was the top gun. And you know what? I never did like him much. But you know what? I could look at that top belt I thought ďThat is where I am striving to be.Ē And over the years I have watched this company go through great champion after great champion. I saw Jair Hopkins, resilient as ever get the job done before he faded off. I saw Dakota Smith as crazy as he is, win the gold. And you know what? He was a lunatic but he had my respect. I watched Eli Carlson soar through the ranks, zip up to the belt. And you know what? Everyone had a target on his back and it felt right. And I watched the belt go to Bronx who became the alpha dog, who every wrestler in every company looked at.as just that. And as a young man still finding my way, having held gold once and wanting to take that next step. I looked at all them and though I didnít like many of them, I respected them as the 4CW Champion. But now our champion? Is you."

Looking around trying to find something to punch to let off some steam, unable to find it so just continuing along.

JETT: ĒAnd you know what? That sucks. Do you inspire drive in our roster? Do you bring in fans to see who could ever knock off Mariano? Are you the champion that this company wants or needs? The answer is no. Now instead of a belt that felt like only the top of the class could get to? Now itís a belt that every person feels like they could have. I am sure Iceberg is sitting in the backstage thinking ďIf he can? So can I.Ē And I am sure that Octane is looking up at us. Having gone from being made to look like the JV team that they are. To feeling like they look pretty legit right now. And you know how you did it? You did it by winning that awful brain child of Matthias Barrows. A match that didnít reward who was the best, was rather who got the luckiest that night. I got thrown out by a guy who produced the whole thing, and you managed to somehow end up as the last man standing. Can you tell me that you are really better than Marquis one on one? Better than BW? Better than me? The answer is no. You were the victor of a match that should never have happened, a match and crappy idea that Perry Wallace still has yet to un-suspend Matthias for coming up with. But you know what? I guess you did beat Bronx so maybe you deserve the belt...Maybe Manny is the best wrestler in 4CW?"

Trying to reason with the reality that from the outside looking in, Manny now stands at the top of the company. That every wrestler in the world, every fan now must look at Mariano and have no choice but to consider him for the top spot.

JETT: ĒBut you know what I say to that notion? HELL NO. You are not the best wrestler in this company, you are not the top guy. You are the victor of circumstance. First by winning a match that didnít reward actually fighting. I tossed you out of a battle royal once, who's to say I wouldnít have done the same if we were in that ring at the same time? But the world will never know. And Bronx? I donít know if being that top champion got to him, I donít know if it was the pressure of being the guy that Manny beat that would get to him. I donít know if all the jokes and all the insults we all hurled at Manny gave him too much of a false sense of invulnerability. But I refuse to believe that you're better than Bronx. Maybe he just had a off night, maybe he just took you lightly. And if it was either of those? That is his fault. But donít for a second think this makes you the top wrestler in the company Manny. And if you even think to utter that statement, know that Iíll come for you. Because I look at this roster and you know what I see? "

Jett looks at his fingers preparing to do a count off.

JETT: ĒI see guys like Dakota Smith, Jason Cashe, Jair Hopkins, and Chris Madison guys that would rip you apart. I see champions and former champions like Bryan Williams, Marquis, and Ana Hayden. All of which would beat you ninety nine times out of a hundred. And maybe that one time happened to be Bronx, but that moment was the last moment for you. Because you know who else is better than you? ME! And the fact that you beat me to that belt makes me sick. You didnít grind your way like me. You didnít fight and claw for this company like me. You go around galavanting elsewhere. You didnít work your way through the ranks, you won a random happenstance match that led you to a match with Bronx where you miraculously won. And sure I said Iíd retire but I wonít retire until I make things right again. And making things right means proving that you arenít the guy that they are going to make you out to be. You arenít one of the gang, with the other great champions. You are a one hit wonder. That will be washed away in the record books and that starts right away. Next Adrenaline when you and I go ONE on ONE."

Seeming to wish there was a near by time machine where he could speed his way to that match now. Not wanting to spend another moment in this happy world of Mariano Fernandez, 4CW Champion.

JETT: ĒI probably havenít had the best couple of months. I hear all the jokes, about how my mom is doing bigger things than me. I know that I havenít exactly followed up my victory over Marquis as well as I should have. Tag team matches? Have never really been my thing. Maybe I have even lacked focus. But in this match? On this night? I can tell you that there are not going to be any more games. I am FOCUSED. And I am ready. Because I have faced guys like Chris Madison, Jason Cashe and wanted it bad. But I have never wanted it as bad as I do right here and now Mariano. So this happy time in your life? Itís time for me to take it all away from you. I am not retiring yet, at least not until I restore order in this world and end this nightmare once and for all. I am coming for you, Manny. And I wonít call you champion. Because you wonít be for long."

Giving it a moment of thought, to see if he wants to say anymore but eventually just getting fed up that he even has to think about Manny with the belt. Storming off the screen, ready for a fight.

Adrenaline / Champion's Confidence
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Champion's Confidence

Coming into the scene we find ourselves watching as Carmella Wilder positions her Extreme title next to her on the table between the two chairs set up. Looking like a million bucks she is dressed to the nines, looking more confident than she ever has before. Coming off of her first title defense, one in which most would have left a bit shamed. But for her, one that left her feeling more confident than ever now having walked into two separate matches leaving as champion both times. Currently on the phone ignoring the rest of the people on whatever production this is for 4CW.com.

CARMELLA: "Yeah, I am playing Quarterback. Yeah, I played a little volleyball in High School. So I think Iíll be fine, I have been working on my throwing motion a lot. I mean itís pretty amazing right, Extreme Champion. QB for the best team in the LFL. And I even heard they have me added to the new Adrenaline start up to the show. Featured heavily of course. You know this started, as a way to stop Jett from fighting a bunch of lunatics hurt. But honestly? Itís panned out amazingly. I was pretty popular as a Lawyer, I mean a girl with my looks doesnít walk into the courtroom often. But this? This all is making me a bigger star than I ever could have imagined. Yeah, itís pretty great. I think I can turn this into so many opportunities...."

Coming into the frame is Gabriel Hartman seeming to want to get this started, but seeing Carmella on the phone he again exits frame forced to wait on Carmella for now.

CARMELLA: "I mean who's to say this couldnít lead to a movie deal. I mean Wonder Woman is already booked but I am sure theyíll be casting for other big female leads as well soon. Modeling gigs? I have been booking them left and right now. At my age, no less. Something about the empowering mother, seems to be really killing it these days. And some execs I met with told me the MILF category is huge right now. Whatever that means. So I think itís only a matter of time. I can be like all the other great wrestlers that took this platform and turned it into something more. And I am already undefeated. If I can keep that up, itís only a matter of time before I make them have to pay me even more per appearance. I can admit I was pretty scared of Viduus. But I mean? I took him out. With one big shot, all by myself. So now they got me facing two, girls that are hardly any bigger than me. So, how hard could it really be?"

Off to the side Gabriel can be heard trying to cough to get her attention, and get her off the phone so that he and the camera crew forced to take time away from their families can get this over with.

CARMELLA: "I guess I just always thought this was going to be soooo much harder. But I mean so far? Itís not been bad. Undefeated, a title defense under my belt. Perry hasnít told what heís got planned next. But whatever it is, Iíll get the job done again. Because if there is one thing that I am, itís smart. So Iíll figure it out. Just feels so great two matches and Iíve only had like one scratch! I am sure itíll stay that way, I am going to try to pit Amber Ryan and Ana against each other. See if they can tear each other apart...You know then Iíll sneak in. They will never see it coming."

Generally her plans having been, pretty well thought out. This time though seeming a bit over confident, perhaps not seeing how transparent her plan is this time.

CARMELLA: "Ok, you have a good one. Bye!."

Hanging up, Carmella smiles not seeming to have a care in the world that she is delaying things as she fixes her title belt in front of her. Than looks over at Gabriel who is walking back into the frame.

CARMELLA: "You ready?"

Choosing to ignore the fact she just said that as he settles in next to her, Carmella continuing to exude a confidence we have really not yet seen from her.

HARTMAN: "Yup, letís roll it."

Starting quickly before another distraction can delay anything further, Carmella looks at the camera looking like she is ready for an interview with any possible future movie execs out there.

HARTMAN: "We are here sitting with the Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder. Something that I must admit very few people thought weíd be saying heading into Bad Company. But here we are."

CARMELLA: "Indeed we are. People have been doubting my son and I for a long time. But at this point can you really, say that I donít belong. Sure it may not always be pretty, well I mean past me of course. But I get the job done, I am an inspiration to all underdogs out there. I am a wealthy, good looking, smart talented woman. Who despite my obvious lack of braun have overcome such great challenges time and time again. Why because I am smart. And I prove that you donít need to be all about fighting or all about being the edgy woman to get by. I can just get the job done by being the most intelligent person in the ring or out of it at any time. I just feel like I am really someone that little girls can look up to."

Looking at the camera, like she is auditioning to be in some sort of commercial pitch.

HARTMAN: "I mean people did sort of think that Viduus was going to destroy you. At the very least it would be the last time weíd see you wrestling. But here we are heading into yet another match, where yet again youíll be the underdog."

CARMELLA: "I mean sure, to some. But I am sure that there are plenty of people that see this for what it really is. I mean Amber and Ana are two great women, and obviously neither are anyone that a company can look to and say ďthose are two marketableĒ girls. But I think people are also starting to see me for what I am, a capable wrestler who can get the job done when itís needed."

Gabriel never a huge fan of the Wilderís seems to have a hard time containing himself from displaying a questioning look.

HARTMAN: "Well actually an enormous sentiment growing online is the fact that Ana and Amber are not two types that are going to let you sneak in for a victory. Two times now you have let the anger of others lead you to victory. But most are giving you almost no shot at all, at besting either girl."

Seeming a bit offended that Gabriel is stepping on her current level of confidence. Gritting her teeth while trying to stay proper.

CARMELLA: "See, I just donít see it that way. I think I belong in this match every bit as much as these two. I mean what have they really done? I mean have any of them even defended their belts yet? I have, they havenít.."

HARTMAN: "While that is true, Anastasia Hayden has defeated the current champion Bronx. A win that many felt could arguably signal that she is the best wrestler in the entire company. And Amber Ryan defeated Bryan Williams one of the very best wrestlers in the company to become Pride Champion. Currently in singles competition both have only suffered one defeat. Both having honestly dominated thus far in their 4CW careers."

Caught off guard with this line of questioning, her current confidence being a bit hampered now having to hear all these facts about her opponents.

CARMELLA: "So they have both been beaten? I havenít in case you have forgotten Gabriel. But you know what they are both fantastic young women, who have bright futures ahead of them. Sure I mean she did beat Bronx and thatís great but one could argue that was just a fluke victory. I am sure that when she gets that shot at Bronx again, and I am sure that she likely will that sheíll do great. But at the end of the day I just donít think she really wants it more than Bronx. Iíve heard her talk, my son is a bit of a fan. But I guess I just have never seen what makes her so special. Her anti-caring attitude. My sonís baby sitter was doing, that ages before she came along and she was honestly doing it better. And now she probably sees me and Amber as some roadblocks back to Bronx. Because you know how many people will want to see you and Bronx again if you lose to me? The answer is zero sweetie. Same goes if Amber finds a way to come through all this. So I know youíll probably have some ďwho caresĒ about this match. But the more all of these people make me out to be a joke? The fall is only going to be THAT much bigger when I beat them. You think anyone is going to be walking around the back scared of Viduus any more? Even Johnny Evil who I pinned to win this belt hasnít bounced back. You want to know the kind of fall Ana would take if Jettís mom beat her? Long gone are the days of people caring to see Bronx vs Ana two. Keep building me into some after thought and when I beat you Ana? Youíll never be thought of again, just like your Fate championship."

Getting a bit feisty the more her happiness is taken apart. Snapping off at a girl that sheís honestly never even had an issue with just because people arenít as happy for her as she thought they would be.

HARTMAN: "Thatís one part of the equation. You and Amber Ryan havenít exactly been cordial online."

CARMELLA: "I tried being kind to her. You know that Gabriel. I see some of these girls and I canít help but at times feel like a mother. I see little Ana so scared of failure that she tries to not build up anything in her head. And I want to tell her, to just let that go and reach for the stars. Because she can achieve amazing things. I see Amber Ryan having her little goth stage in her life. And I want to help her. But at the end of the day thatís not what this is about, this is about me having to face them in the ring. And though I tried to be friendly with Amber Ryan, as equals. Two girls in a rare but accomplished company known as 4CW champion. She chose to kick me down, make it seem like I didnít belong. I offered a friendly wedding gown match, she turned it down. And chose to instead try to bully me around just like Viduus. Thatís what Amber is, a little bully. So thatís why I know that sheíll go after me in this match. I mean sure I am undefeated but she and Ana are two trained wrestlers...I shouldnít be able to compete so Amber will focus on me. Why because that is what bullies do..."

Wanting to paint herself as the good guy again, something the fans have yet to really agree with thus far.

CARMELLA: "In reality...Both these girls should be out to prove something. For Ana she wants that Bronx match up again, so a win is needed. But does a win over little olí me do anything for that? And for Amber Ryan the current holder of the least cared about champion in 4CW. Will beating Jettís mom as you all like to call me, really cement that fear that you so badly people want to feel about you Amber? I mean you turned on your partner in the middle of a tag team tournament to send some sort of message right. But does beating me really send a message? No. But you really desire to be at the top right Amber? Than why would you not just ignore me and go after Ana. Why wouldnít you go after the belle of the ball right now Ana Hayden. Little Miss I beat Bronx. Cause you know what happens if you pin me Amber? People will say, Ďyeah but you didnít actually real beat Anaí. But if you take out Ana? And you get that win? Goodbye Pride title hello 4CW Championship shot. Cause thatís all our goals at the end of the day right, whether we say it or not. So you can both pick on the weakling and get the victory. Or you can both try to go big game hunting and take out each other. A win could really cement yourselves at the top. I mean if I were to beat Ana and Amber...Where would you say that puts me Gabriel?"

Struggling to even imagine a scenario, Gabriel chuckles a bit before answering.

HARTMAN: "Well I mean, I guess it depends how..."

CARMELLA: "It doesnít matter how. It just matters that I win, and if I beat them? Well guess what Gabriel you and everyone else will have to admit that I am pretty good at this. Because I am sure theyíll want to destroy each other. And I am sure they are going to decide at some point that taking me out will be the easy way out. But I keep finding  way Gabriel. And Iíll do that again, because at some point theyíll all just realize this game has never been about being the toughest. Itís about being the smartest. And this belt? May be the crazy people division in the past. But right now? Itís the only belt thatís been defended around here. And if they say that being a champion is defined by defending? Than I guess this champions three way...only includes one of them. And champions, always find a way. I plan to show them both that."

Walking off the set, forced to return to grab her belt before storming off angered by Gabriel raining on her parade. As she heads into another seemingly impossible situation against two of 4CWís very best.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E72 Production Script
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I need one for early in the show, backstage.

Adrenaline / On My Own
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On My Own

We find ourselves in a hospital, hearing the loud sounds of a flatline. Depressing for anyone to hear as we find ourselves looking down at Luiz Cavalcante. Eyes closed, face battered. The flatline seemingly the end, until it further pans out to show a nurse slapping the side of the box. Only to kick it back into gear, showing a healthy heart beat.

NURSE: [color=166189]"Sorry about that noise, it should be better now."[/color]

Walking by Carmella Wilder who has a single cut under her eye. At least the only visible war wound from her first ever title defense earlier in the night. She has a hold of Luizís hand, gripping it sadly.

CARMELLA: "Luiz you have been a faithful security guard. You did what you were paid to do. And if you were awake right now, I would negotiate with you a pay raise. But that can wait for another time, I want to thank you for your many years of service. You have always been so loyal. I know that you have not always been a fan of Jett. But you have always been there for us, and it means the world that you were there for me against Viduus. He was a monster and together, we got rid of that monster for good. He is out of our lives forever, I just wish you were awake to celebrate this with me."

Reaching across to a nearby table where she grabs a single glass of champagne, to celebrate the occasion.

CARMELLA: "Here is to STILL being the champion."

Downing it, proudly as she finishes it and starts to pour herself another glass. The Extreme title now seen next to him on the bed.

CARMELLA: "I mean it may not have been the way we drew it up. I didnít exactly think that the entire world would have to see my breasts. I didnít think that they would have to see my little friend either. But you know what? Champions are not defined by how they do it, they are defined by the fact THAT they do it. And I did it, I defended this belt. The belt that everyone thought I was a joke for even putting my name in the hat for. And now I am tied for the most title defenses in the company. The plan was supposed to go a lot smoothly but at the end of the night, Viduus is out there somewhere crying off all his make up. And guess what? Mine is still flawless. All thanks to you Luiz. With help from Perry...Actually I mean...Really who did the damage?"

Thinking to herself, as she shrugs her shoulders. Forgetting that Perry and Luiz were the ones that took some of the damage for her. Instead thinking about the final blow that she herself landed to end it.

CARMELLA: "I mean I guess it was sort of me that landed the fire extinguisher shot. I mean it was me that pinned Johnny Evil to win the belt as well. I am sort of undefeated right now. Did Perry really help me? I mean he just took a Powerbomb. No offense Luiz but all you really did was take a few punches."

Looking over at Luiz whose face remains a bloody pulp, still unresponsive even as Carmella questions how much of an impact he had.

CARMELLA: "I mean how many people can really say they have had two matches and won both of them? I mean the list of people in that Extreme Roulette was impressive. And now Viduus? He struck terror in the hearts of everyone in the back. And now heís gone? I mean maybe I am pretty darn good. Maybe I can hang around here. They all saw me as a weakling. But I took advantage of all those other menís hate and need to be alpha to become the champion. And Viduus? I used his anger to get the best of him. And now heís in the rear view mirror. I mean what is really scarier than Viduus? Andre Holmes? Christy Chaos? Iceberg? I can beat any of them. Who is really that scary...Dakota Smith?"

At first laughing when she mentions the other names, she has a momentary fit of fear when she accidentally mentions one that actually has always frightened her to the core.

CARMELLA: "Whatever. They are all just people after all. And I have entered two of the craziest situations. Two seemingly unwinnable situations. And I have walked out with the Extreme Championship both times...I AM the Extreme Champion. And I deserve it. You know what Luiz. Team Wilder deserves this. You will get better, and you will get stronger. And the next time I am faced with a challenge? We will find a way yet again.Because that is what we do, we win when nobody else thinks that we can. That is what Wilderís do. And thatís what weíll continue to do."

Stopping as she toasts the air one more time swallowing down another big drink of the celebratory champagne. As the door opens and in walks Jett Wilder looking as though he has just returned from a bit of a cry. Looking over at him a bit confused as she sets her drink Carmella walks over.

CARMELLA: "There, there. He is going to be all right."

Leaning and pulling Jett into her, shoulder. As Jett shakes his head.

JETT: ĒThey are going to put him down arenít they mom."

At first pulling away, wanting to be shocked that her son just said that. She shakes her head, no.

CARMELLA: "No Jett thatís not how this works. Heíll be fine, heíll just be on vacation..,"

Turning towards Luiz now, forming a smile as if she is about to throw him a gift.

CARMELLA: "Paid vacation. For a few weeks.."

Carmella rubs Jettís head, as he breathes a sigh of relief. Realizing his fearís that the family security guard was not in fact going to be put down.

JETT: ĒOh thank God. Luiz you arenít getting put down!"

Rushing over to the side of the bed as Carmella now walks towards the exit, walking with a lot of pride for a girl whose breasts and private time toy were just exposed live on air. Grabbing out her phone as she walks to the corner of the room away from Jett who celebrates alongside Luiz.

CARMELLA: "Hey Perry, how you feeling...babe."

Checking over her shoulder to make sure that Jett is out of ear range for her to say this. As she waits for whatever unseen remark Perry made along with his complaint. Ignoring him in her current state of confidence.

CARMELLA: "Well you are doing better than Luiz. He may be gone for weeks. But you know what? I donít need any more security. I donít need a show off. I am ready to go, give me the best you got.."

Probably a little caught off guard by her sudden stream of confidence. Coming from coming through her worst nightmare only to remain the champion. As Perry responds with what can only be an ok, along with some sort of invite to face him as they continue to talk. As we pan across to Team Wilder now, one member short. But in the corner the Extreme title, still showing the name...Wilder.

Bad Company III / Fighting A Monster 2
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Fighting A Monster 2

Coming back from the cliffhanger that was from the first video. We find ourselves with a smirking Jett, having just pronounced himself a replacement for the Headline bout. But as we quickly pan to Carmella she does not seem exactly to go along with that idea. Shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

CARMELLA: "Jett I have tried talking to Perry. I have tried every excuse in the book but he is not going to let me out of this...Plus we already did that once I donít think itíll work again."

His smirk now gone as Jett rubs his chin, now on the opposite side of where his mom was heading into Extreme Roulette. Wanting to be able to help her out.

JETT: ĒWeíll figure something out mom, we always come up with something. Let me go brainstorm a bit, while I Facetime with Tiff."

Jett rolls out while getting on his phone, as Carmella leans back again realizing how deep she is into this now. Finally letting out a sigh, seeming to have accepted her face.

CARMELLA: "Letís do this."


We come into the scene, again looking like the surroundings of every past hardcore champions dreams. On one table we first find ourselves looking at a bat covered in barb wire. Than next to it a chain, wrapped into a noose. Than a pair of brass knuckles pre-covered in blood. As it pans out we see that across the way we can see another table full of itís assortment of weapons as well. Out from the shadows comes Carmella Wilder dressed in a long flowing black robe, doing her full best to look intimidating. Walking through the weapons, having realized that being scared is no longer going to benefit her. Realizing if she is going to go down, she may as well do so swinging.

CARMELLA: "Viduus, Viduus, Viduus."

Clearly having studied some tape, trying her best to seem scary. Complete with a darker shade of makeup than usual, to complete the full hardcore look.

CARMELLA: "You and everyone else seem to think this is a foregone conclusion. That little olí me doesnít stand a chance against a monster like you. I mean you won the belt for a reason right? You won the belt by being the most ruthless, savage, scary being that existed in 4CW. Thatís saying a lot considering the type of freaks that rule this show. The type of wildlings that walk the halls of the locker room. And than...You know this division it really suits you. You get to play with the fire that you like so much. You donít have to adhere to the rules that would generally hold you back in a normal match. A guy like you? You arenít a guy the company ever wants to hitch their wagon to. Why? Because you are unpredictable. You are not reliable. Because even though they pretend to all want violence, they donít want to see anyone really hurt. Thatís bad for business. Bronx versus Manny? That is safe. But you? You they can stash away in the freak division, the crazies division. And no longer, do they have to worry about you doing anything crazy. Cause after all, thatís what the Extreme division is."

Walking along the other table, Carmella now finds herself looking at a kendo stick. Hoisting it up, looking at the camera doing her best to look truly intimidating by slowly sliding her hand up it. But rather than looking like some hardcore woman, she ends up looking like she is stroking the weapon. Before setting it down, without being any wiser.

CARMELLA: "But youíll never be up there with Bronx. Youíll never be THE guy. Thatís why you are after me, because you realize this is your home. This is your safety zone. Being part of the freak show that is the 4CW Extreme division. A division that has prided itself on being home to some of the bloodiest, most savage type of fights. Classics not because of how good at wrestling they are, but because of how good at tearing each other they are. There is a comfort for you in this and from what I hear? Comfort is something youíve needed a lot of ever since mommy left. So you found it in the pain of fighting, you found the flames to be what would never leave. They would never extinguish and go away, not like your mom. So long as you kept them lit. But after all that she did leave didnít she. And thatís why it must truly annoy you seeing me with my boy Jett. A loving mother stepping in to go to bat for him, when he was hurt. But where was your mommy Viduus? Where was your mommy to go to bat for you? Where was mommy when little Viduus needed to cry?"

While not at all seeming intimidating with her actions, her words coming out with vicious intent. As she now walks to the next item. This being a weedwacker, one she looks at confused. Clearly never having had to use one before.

CARMELLA: "Your mommy wasnít there for you. And hearing you say that? It made me realize that maybe it isnít about the belt. Maybe it isnít about the fact I am the champion. Maybe itís all just about getting back at your mom who never cared. But you know what wonít help you Viduus? Doing harm to me. Because no matter how much you try to imagine her I can only imagine, atrocious looking face on my beautiful one? Itís not really going to be her. Because you know that nurturing feeling of a motherís hug...That is long gone for you."

Seeming to be going fully burn all bridges at this point, Carmella seeming to have abandoned all hopes of keeping him calm and hoping to verbally beat him.

CARMELLA: "So I get how hard it must be every time you walk backstage, with your brother. Both of you forced to have to look at Jett and I. A loving happy mother and son duo who accomplished so much. I mean can you name a mom and son duo who won belts like we have? I bet you canít. And you know that must really hurt. Seeing all that we accomplished...TOGETHER. So I understand why you, refuse to admit that I am beautiful. You no longer can find the beauty in any other mother. And can I blame you? Not at all. If your mom mistreated you, you should hold it against her. But at least you have your brother, the Speaker as he likes to call himself. Little did we all know that every monster, has itís weak spots. And maybe momma is gone but your protective brother? Heís still around. And that means that this monster we all made you out to be? This monster with no love in his heart? That whole illusion is now gone, replaced with you...the little brother..."

Walking across from those table back to the other side, Carmella attempts to slide on the brass knuckles. But before she can form a fist they slide off, too big for her hand.

CARMELLA: "That little secret itís out now. And with it, comes a little chink in the armor. I went out of my way to try to help my son, and I know that you two will do the same for one another. But then again...That does show me that there is a heart in that tough exterior. You are just two little boys whose parents were not there for them when they needed them the most. And now what did you become? One of you the sidekick speaker the other a creepy, make up wearing wrestler who fights for a living. A guy that threatens the life of an innocent mother... I am sure deep down that you Viduus donít want to be this way. I am sure when you were a kid, you wanted to be a football player. Maybe you wanted to go to college. But you didnít have parents to lead you...You didnít intend to be the freak. It just happened along the way. Why? Because you were led by a big brother. A brother who was scorned by his parents. A brother who was forced into becoming an adult at way too young of an age. A young man who should have been finding a date to prom. Instead? He was raising another angry little boy. And together that anger sparked, flames growing. And now years later? You find yourself in love with these type of items..."

Carmella now holds up the chain, having troubles just hoisting it up probably not a good sign of things to come.

CARMELLA: "Cause you both decided that if you two were going to be in pain? So should everyone else. So you became what you are today and you found the perfect way to give out that pain. By becoming the Extreme Champion. Fighting in matches where anything goes...Where all these weapons are at your disposal. But you know what? That is not the Extreme Champion I am going to be..."

Shaking her head as she attempts to touch the barb wire to look cool, pulling it away when she realizes what barbwire feels like for the first time. Licking her finger of the blood that she accidently caused herself.

CARMELLA: "I am not going to become a savage just to fight with savages. I am going to use this little thing I call a brain. The same brain that led me into that Extreme Roulette match. And while you and all the other savages ripped each other apart. I waited in the wings watching it all. Unable to believe that all of you knew the same thing as me. That the main event? It meant the end. There was a timer. And that buzzer meant whoever had the belt last? Was champion. Yet rather than waiting what did you all do? You scratched and clawed. You took years off each other lives. And for what in the end? Nothing. Because I came into that match with a game plan. And that game plan? It led me to being able to pin Johnny Evil. And that is where I will manage to be a better champion than all of you. I donít need to be able to use a kendoll stick or whatever itís called. I donít need any of those cool light things that shatter. Nope all I need is this little thing called a brain. Something that the likes of past champions; Dakota, Sativa, and especially you Viduus. Have all lacked. This doesnít have to be the Extreme division, it can be the extremely smart division. So you know what? I can admit to you and everyone else I am scared heading into this match. These items around me? They are scary!"

Even just standing around them is enough to creep Carmella out, as she leaves them behind instead taking a few steps forward towards the camera.

CARMELLA: ĒBut I realized that being scared wasnít going to be the thing that saves me. And sure I could just exit the match and give up my belt. But you know what I realized Viduus? I kind of like being a champion. In the courtroom? I liked being on the winning side. But one match in? Being undefeated. I have to admit, I kind of liked that to. Matter of fact I really liked it. And it sort of made me realize something Viduus. I sort of see why you liked this thing..."

Saying this as she walks up the final table this a small one, with only the Extreme Championship sitting on top of it. She runs her hand across the top, knowing how much Viduus will surely hate seeing this.

CARMELLA: "There is a special feeling that comes with being the champion. And I get why my son loved it when he was Pride Champion. And I see why he was willing to fight injured before I stepped in for him. These belts? They have a funny allure to them that I canít quite explain. And I find myself enjoying itís touch, I like that when I check into a flight. And they scan my luggage I get to show them my pretty little belt. And instead of seeing me as a big pair of tits, they see me as a champion. Thatís a good feeling...I can see why you were willing to threaten my life to get it back. Am I that crazy? No. But you know what it made me crazy enough to decide that rather than abandoning ship and leaving this belt. I would enter this match with you. And even though it may mean some scars and some hurt...At least it will mean that I have a chance to defend my belt. And I want you to remember that Viduus...It is mine. And while I may be a gigantic underdog in this one, and I know most are going to expect a bloodbath. You know what they said when I stepped in that Extreme Roulette? They called me crazy. They called me stupid. But at the end of the night they called me a champion. Why? Because I had a plan. Because every situation has a way out. You see thatís the lawyer in me. I am used to monsters whether I be against them...or with them. And you know that every monster while scary from afar? When you get close to them. They all have weaknesses. And there is always a way...And you know what I found with a lot of time spent in the courtroom? Sometimes the scariest people, the worst types...They want to get caught."

Saying this as she now, touches the front portion of the belt. Enjoying taunting Viduus with every touch.

CARMELLA: "Thatís why they give little clues. And sometimes they just plain mess up and give away the one thing that you can hurt them with. The one thing they love...So maybe youíll tear me apart like you want. Or maybe, just maybe Iíll find a way to avoid that. And maybe just maybe Iíll have a plan that gets me from being a lamb led to slaughter. To being the champion...STILL. Because I already beat you once, and now you stand there alone. No belt with your brother by his side. And deep down he is a bit ashamed. But just imagine mommy seeing what you have become. Now imagine what she will think, what your brother will think? If the big bad Viduus loses to little olí me. What will they say than Viduus?"

Reaching down now wanting every word to sting hoping that will cause some sort of mistake from Viduus in the long run.

CARMELLA: "So you know how you been faced with abandonment? Your daddy left you. And thatís sad. Your brother if you lose? He might be next. But just think about this Viduus. If I win...You know what? When I win. Just know that your life of abandonment? It will continue. This time in the form of this Extreme Championship."

Holding it on her shoulder, proudly patting it a few times.

CARMELLA: "Because all that pain that set you down this path? Itís only going to get worse. Cause guess what? This belt isnít coming home either."

Bad Company III / Fighting A Monster 1
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Fighting A Monster 1

We find ourselves coming into a scene with a burning flame, center camera. Taking up the entirety of the screen. As one has to wonder what Viduus and his speaker will say next. Slowly though the camera pans out and one flame becomes two and we realize that it is a string of candles. Than even farther we pan out until we see that sitting in the middle of it all is Carmella Wilder wearing just a towel around her body. Laying face down in a tranquil candle lit room, having clearly just gotten a massage. Not exactly the extreme opening that one might expect.

CARMELLA: "Oh that was wonderful Nicole. You really are amazing at this."

Looking off camera at a Nicole a heavier set woman, who gives her a thumbs up.

NICOLE: ĒThank you, anything I can do to help. Best of luck with your match, I am pulling for you. That guy is scary though...Ē

Seeming to be a regular at this establishment, Carmella rolls off the table. The towel wrapped around her blocking everything from the fans at home. Seeming to be trying to stay relaxed the best she can.

CARMELLA: "You know I am really trying not to think about it too much. I mean itís kind of unfair that I should HAVE to defend it against Viduus in the first place. Heís not even the most recent champion. I mean I beat Johnny Evil for this belt, shouldnít he be the one getting his shot? Itís not fair, but you know what there is no reason to stress out about all of this now. I just got an amazing massage, I won a title in my very first ever match. My son is healthy again. Most importantly he didnít get involved with that Extreme Roulette in the first place. Things are good for me."

Having walked to the bathroom during this stretch. Talking to Nicole who waits outside, not seeming to really give a damn at all. Just forced to listen to this all, as she waits for her payment.

CARMELLA: "I mean how could life be any better? I have an amazing Boss. I am a great lawyer. And now I am even a champion...How could things be any better for me?"

After a few moments Carmella emerges having changed into a pair of sweats and a tank top. Clearly taking this relaxation thing to the fullest.

NICOLE: ĒYeah I donít usually watch the whole wrestling thing but since youíve become a client. I tuned in a few times. And that Viduus guy is horrifying, a real monster...I donít envy you..Ē

Annoyed by the constant reminders of the situation that Carmella has now gotten herself into. She makes a b-line for the cash on a nearby table. Leaving behind ten dollars that seemed to be part of the tip now that she is upset. She hands it off to Nicole and ushers her towards the door.

CARMELLA: "Iíll be fine."

Rushing her out the door as she hands her the money, waving goodbye as she quickly closes the door behind her before Nicole can finish saying goodbye. She stops taking a big deep sigh, and putting on a big smile.

CARMELLA: "Bad Company isnít for a week. I have so much time to come up with a plan, Iíll be fine."

Trying her best to give herself a pep talk as she turns the corner, down the hall of the Wilder household turning to Jettís room.

CARMELLA: "Hey Jett I am going to have a pizza delivered, do you want the usual cheesy crust with extra pepperoni."

As she is finished she comes to realize Jett isnít in the house, something that catches her off guard. As she trudges off to her phone looking down to read a text from her son reading ĎWent to dinner with Tiffí. As she continues to put on a smile, trying not  to let anything get her down as she has her meltdown.

CARMELLA: "I mean Viduus has lost matches before, he is not unbeatable. I mean sure he beat two fully grown men a few weeks ago. But that doesnít mean that he isnít beatable. Plenty of people have beaten him before. He isnít some huge man like he only has like eighty pounds on me. But girls like Marquis, Amber Ryan they overcome that all the time. Iíll be fine, I alway have a plan!"

Trying to really talk herself into all this but failing. As she plops down in the couch, setting her phone down in front of her. As she takes another big deep breath, before blowing out one of the candles. She seems to be just getting comfortable when, her phone goes off starting her. As she reaches to see the name on the caller ID. ĎPerr Bearí

CARMELLA: "About time you called me back! This is not fair. You have to change it, you have to. Viduus is a freak, he is not going to play fair. I tried to have a fun little make up challenge and he still can only talk about doing bad things. He threatened to tear my skin off. Do you even understand how long it took to get this perfect tan? It was not easy! This is not fair, this Bad Company is supposed to be about the tag team titles. Why should I have to defend?! This isnít right, you are mistreating me as one of your champions. I should be given special treatment, I am an older woman. All these young champions like Bronx can wrestle all the time but I need time to recharge. I want the match postponed! I want Viduus to have to earn his shot. Why does he just auto get a rematch? That isnít fair. I mean what about all the other hard working talent out there. That Iceberg guy looks promising, how about I fight him instead? I mean of all people, you should want to help me! What with what we have been doing lately. But instead you're tossing me to Viduus? If I didnít know any better you are trying to get rid of me. Is this why we havenít heard from Kaysie? What did you send her to whatever dungy hole Viduus lives in? And what is this about Falls Count Anywhere? You said when we talked it would be a match that benefited me! HOW DOES THAT BENEFIT ME?!"

Having a full on meltdown talking at a hundred miles per hour, with no real sense of direction. Perry most likely having set the phone down at some point mid-way though. Carmella only really stopping due to having to get a breath. Allowing Perry to reply, a reply that doesnít seem to calm her down.

CARMELLA: "A inferno match? A first blood match? I donít even know what those are Perry. But just allowing him to pin me anywhere doesnít seem any better. What if he takes me backstage? I mean do you have any idea how many random chairs there are backstage. For no good reason. And how do we know that the Speaker wonít get involved? Honestly he should be banned from the arena. I am sure you will at least get that done for me. Oh wait, I forgot you apparently donít care if Viduus takes me out! Apparently you donít care if Viduus tears me limb from limb. Cause this is all just a game for all of you. Wrestling isnít supposed to be some blood match, itís supposed to be fun.Why does the Extreme title HAVE to have some weird stipulation along with it. I am sure the Showtime execs wouldnít mind less violence and more pretty, hard working, motherly figures having fun. The Extremely fun Championship. What do you and everyone else have a problem with that for? Do we have to have such violence? That Extreme Roulette match probably took years of their lives. I am trying to save you having to pay medical bills Perry. How much did that roulette match cost you? I bet tons on insurance. We can get rid of all that, just fun pillow fight matches! Nobody has to get hurt, this body? This body doesnít have to get messed up."

Saying that clearly to imply something to him, as she shakes her head. Trying again to maintain her zen state, but a reply from Perry. One that we can only expect to be a poorly timed sexual reference from Perry sets her off.

CARMELLA: "There wonít be any of that until you figure something out! I am not going to go in there and risk my life for no reason. I won this belt, and I did it to help my son. Because he wanted the Wilder name on the belt. But you know what? He doesnít want to see my name on a casket. So MAYBE Iíll just hand this belt in. Maybe Iíll just walk away as the champion altogether. This whole company is a bunch of crazy people anyways. You know what people have held this belt before me? Sativa, Viduus, Jason Cashe, Dakota Smith, and the most offensive of all Sonny Lee. This belt finally is held by a person with some class, a real beauty. And you are in a hurry to throw me into some match where Viduus can drag me around an arena full of lord knows what. Maybe Iíll just throw this Extreme title in the trash. Maybe Iíll just take it and go wrestle in that CWC company. Maybe you wonít ever get to see me or my belt again. Than what are you all going to do? This belt will go from being the most prestigious itís ever been. To TRASH!Ē

Despite not really having much leverage, Carmella in her current state of fear as the days draw closer. Seeming ready to toss in the towel now, to get out of what many expect to be a brutal one sided beating. Before Perry can even realize she has stopped her ranting, she jumps right back in. Not seeming to really realize that everyone already finds the fact she is holding the belt to be a bit of a black eye on the titleís history already.

CARMELLA: "And you know what? I like being the star. I was born to be in front of an audience. Whether it be a court audience and the jury. Or in that ring in front of all of my fans. But you know why they boo every time I am out there? Because they are mad about my treatment as the champion, they want you to hear their disapproval. They want you to know exactly what they think about how you have not had my best interest in mind. They want the Extremely FUN division. But you wonít give it to them, you wonít give it to me."

Stopping for a moment to angrily push a pillow off the couch, as Perry responds seeming to be on the opposite end of that argument.

CARMELLA: "Whatever. Iíll figure it out. Bye."

Carmella hangs up on him throwing the phone next to her on the couch. Seeming to have a little bit of remorse with how she treated Perry. As she lays back in the chair again, trying to settle herself. Working through some breathing exercises, having to catch up after that long angry rant.

CARMELLA: "You can do this."

Once again closing her eyes, that relaxation from her massage now a thing of the past. Suddenly the sound of the front door crashing open, pops her to her feet. As she grabs a pillow, hiding behind it the best she can. Perhaps seeming to think that Viduus has come to get her early. Seeming to have accepted her fate.

JETT: ĒMom! How come you never told me about sushi!"

Her tenseness easing when she realizes that it isnít Viduus after all. As she tosses the camera back on the couch to avoid showing her fears to Jett.

JETT: ĒTiff took me to this place, had sushi. It was awesome."

Carmella seeming a bit caught off guard by this, having to go through this motherly losing time to her sonís girlfriend for the first time.

CARMELLA: "Iíve tried to get you to eat sushi before. But you were always worried it was Nemo and you wouldnít eat it..."

JETT: ĒYeah but Tiff said it wasnít, so I had some. Was awesome."

Jett tosses his keys to the house onto the counter, tossing his hat next to it. Both most likely to have to be picked up by someone else later. Carmella starting to ease up, taking another deep breath.

JETT: ĒYou ok mom? Itís not really Nemo was it? I would be so mad if she tricked me."

Shaking her head no as Carmella seeming to have accepted the fact that this is a no win situation seems to have accepted defeat.

CARMELLA: "Itís not that Jett, it wasnít Nemo. But listen itís about this match with Viduus. I have just been giving it some thought..."

Looking around and seeing the candles Jett speaks up before his mom can finish.

JETT: ĒWait have you been touching that fire to build up an immunity? Cause I was totally going to suggest this as one of our training methods. Start small with a candle like this and eventually work our way up..."

Ignoring her sonís ludacris idea, as she shakes her head just blurting it out.

CARMELLA: "I think I am going to pull out of the match. I mean Viduus is crazy. And I thought about just laying down, but he seems like the type that wouldnít let me get off that easy. And I did low blow him a few weeks back and he wonít forget that. So I donít think I can just like give up. I would try to run but I mean falls count anywhere...So that wonít really even help. I just think itís for the best."

Seeming to be devastated by the news that his mom was going to give up. After all they have gone through, he knew that the Wilderís always have a plan.

JETT: ĒBut, but you are a champion..."

CARMELLA: "I know and listen I see why you like all this. Itís fun being out there, and all that. And you know it does sort of feel nice being the headliner for this show. But I am not cut out for this, I am an older woman. I donít weigh much. I only took a few self defense classes. And Viduus? He is crazy. I think itís the best for all of us if I just hand this belt in to Perry. And I stay your manager. I was going to call Perry now..."

Seeming to have fully given up, in her own mind. Carmella waits for Jett to accept that fact but he shakes his head. Not willing to let it go.

JETT: ĒWait, wait, wait. What if we tell Perry something else...What if we tell Perry that you got hurt. You got a concussion falling out of the bathtub."

Seeming to like the idea thus far Carmella seems to mull it over.

JETT: ĒAnd then weíll tell him that at Bad Company it will not be Carmella vs Viduus. It will be...JETT...WILDER! Versus Viduus for the Extreme Championship!"

Eyes wide with a big smirk on his face, as he throws out the old switcheroo idea yet again But before we can see what exactly happens next the following words appear in big font.

To Be Continued

Adrenaline / Love Games
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Love Games

Heading inside a gym somewhere in Australia, where Jett Wilder has found a way to avoid all the F.A.G. fans from down under. At least long enough to get some much needed training in before trying his hand at Bad Company the yearly tournament of tag teams in 4CW. Walking around as usual needing to be in a location where he can take a few looks at himself in the mirror. Looking up and down his outfit, to make sure he still looks fly.

JETT: ĒTag team wrestling, my old Achilles. You can do this, Jett. You can win this thing. Matter of fact you CAN win a tag match."

Mentioning his historic run of bad luck, or rather inability to ever win a tag team match in 4CW. Whether it be teaming with the likes of Bronx, Marquis, Luiz or anyone else. Though often mostly over confident heading into singles matches, finding himself having a hard time even hyping himself up on a tag match at this point.

JETT: ĒSureeeee! You havenít had the best of luck. Sure you even found a way to lose with your BFF, your bodyguard, and everyone else. But Japan still happened, you still wrecked that tourney with Bryan Laughlin. Sure he is not my partner. And sureeeeee DJ may have gone missing just to avoid being in a tag match with you. You know what? Na that dude couldnít hang. I told him from the start, I want my money back. Cookies ní Cream was a dumb idea anyways. He gone now, who cares...You got a much better partner. Your girlfriend..."

Jett nods his head, then closes his eyes rubbing his hands over his head stressing out.

JETT: ĒWhat if you let her down like Luiz and all my other tag team partners have let me down? Or how I let down Marquis? She is my girl, she is special. What if she gets hurt? What if she gets hurt and Tara blames it on me? Will I even end up being Godfather now that Eli is clearly too weak to do so. I canít let her down, what if she loses and is upset? Itís her debut. She needs this win."

Stressing himself, eyes covered by his hand which conveniently block him from seeing Tiffani Michaels behind him listening to all of this. Dressed as well to get some training in, listening to all this. Until Jett looks back up at the mirror seeing him behind, and smoothly goes into the arm swirls that everyone pretends helps them before a workout.

JETT: ĒTwo hundred and forty two, two hundred forty three, ohhh hey Tiff."

Doing his best to play it off, as she just chuckles and laughs. Even though in his head most likely thinking it would make him look cool, she takes it as him being playful most likely.

TIFF: ĒThat worried about little olí me?"

Tiffani walks around him, as he drops his arms having been caught in the act.

JETT: ĒListen I just haven't exactly had much success in tag matches. I donít really know why. Alone? I can kick butt. But put me with anyone and it seems like my tag team partners have had a history of letting me down. You can never let me down, but I just worry what if I let you down? I let Marquis down and she is my friend. And this is like couples night on Adrenaline. Feels like an episode of Fear Factor. Got you and I. Got Kae and Bry Laugh. Got Lyza and Brandon. And you got Bryan and Marquis. And there is always that sort of feel about Fear Factor where if your couple donít last till the end you ainít legit. Now listen, I know Lyza a girly girl. So she fitting to go out as soon as they drop them worms in the little basket. So they out first. No doubt. My boy Bry thrives in worms and the rest will cope. Than you got the eating challenge. Now I know they probably got some gross foods over in Ireland, so she good. Bry and I ate McDonaldís for ninety weeks straight in Japan. So he good. Marquis will power through by throwing it up. But BWill? He got a weak stomach can tell. He going to cost them. Than itís just us and Baelin. Stupid rip off name off Wildlin but I digress. We going to be in that final up in the air challenge. Always got some helicopter non-sense. I dig heights. Bry and Kae they going to fall apart. We going to win, no doubt about it but..."

Jett going on an extreme Fear Factor rant out of nowhere, Tiff being caught off guard by it a bit. Also finding out just how big a fan of Fear Factor Jett is.

JETT: ĒThere is always that couple that loses and you can just tell, Fear Factor just ended their relationship. What if that is us..."

Seeming like that is the worst possible scenario possible on Fear Factor as Tiffani walks over looking to comfort him holding his hand.

TIFF: ĒIt wonít be. Like you said, weíll be the winners. And you know I can hang in the ring right?"

She nudges his arm, flirtingly something itís clear Jett hasnít really mastered yet as he nods his head.

JETT: ĒBabe, I could tag team with Jesus and still have a chance to lose."
Seeming more worried than usual given that generally he didnít care about losing with his tag team partner. Tiffani walking over to him and spinning his arm behind his back in an instant cranking but softly.

TIFF: ĒSee? I am quick."

Jett laughing as he doesnít seem really phased, not pulling away yet.

JETT: ĒI know that we can beat them, I mean this Brandon Banks guy isnít even the best wrestler in his family. You know there are at least ten people that checked the website and saw Banks and got real excited until they realized it wasnít Felicity. And heís teaming with Ms. Sunshine and Rainbows herself. His girl. And sure he is a Hall of Famer, sure he has been a big deal else where. But he is unproven in 4CW and thatís all that really matters. He thinks heís going to come in here and have the same impact his sister did? Nope."

Jett attempts to spin out but Tiffani reacting quickly dives down rolling him up. Before a three count he bounces back to his feet now returning the favor with a choke hold probably tighter than he should in a play fight.

JETT: ĒHe and his girl arenít coming here and beating us on our ground. He may be on the roster now and he may want to make noise. But he ainít going to do it at our expense. We are the power couple around here, not any of them. And even though Bry and I are pals, we will beat them if needed. I may be pals with Felicity but not that close anymore she aint around anymore. Brandon will soon find out why, cause she may have gotten to the top but she couldnít maintain it. And she bailed. Weíll make him leave a lot quicker. Even if it means picking on the clear cut weak link of their team...Lyza. Just like his sister, Lyza found out the hard way how 4CW rolls, And she took her ball and went home as well. This tourney is ours for the taking cause guess we donít have a weak link. We the real deal...we are good company not bad company. And we are going to win this tourney."

Having exchanged a few small maneuvers, during the time Jett was talking. Out of nowhere he gets his foot swept and Tiffani ends up on top of him. Shutting him up, as the two share a moment now no longer about the match now looking at each other in the eyes. And either it is imagined or someone in the gym has picked a random song to pump iron to. As you can almost hear the faintest sounds of ďCan You Feel the Love Tonight.Ē

JETT: ĒTiff..."

The two looking like they are about to kiss until Jett sweeps her out of nowhere catching her off guard. As he holds her down for a moment before bouncing up to his feet.

JETT: ĒGot you!"

Not even seeming to realize the Simba moment he just ruined for himself. As he celebrates away, as she takes a second sitting up unable to believe he just did that. At this point likely used to it, and only having to get more used to it as they try their hand at a relationship and a tag tourney.

Non-Active Talent / Carmella Wilder
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NAME: Carmella Wilder
NICKNAME: Jett's Mom
DATE OF BIRTH:   April 28, 1978
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 115 Pounds
BILLED FROM: Los Angeles, CA
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Roar" by Katy Perry
PICBASE: Denise Milani
TWITTER HANDLE: @Carmella_Wilder

Loving mother of Jett Wilder, very high maintenance. Not a willing fighter.

Yoga Pants, Sports Bra.


  • Running
  • Closed Eyes Punch
  • Low Blow
  • DDT

  • Scooting Away on her butt
  • Crawling away in fear
  • Begging not to be hit

  • Most of the match

  • Over celebrating small moves

Did That Land?: A hook kick she learned in karate, eyes closed
Lawyer Up: Begs not to be hit than cheap shots with a slap

Swag Splash: Frog Splash from the top rope w/ taunting.
My Son Taught Me This: Running Lariat

The mother of former Pride Champion Jett Wilder. Was his long time manager however stepped up while he was injured to compete in the Extreme Roulette Frenzy. She ended up sneaking in right at the end to win the belt at the buzzer and now finds herself having to compete to defend the belt. Though enjoying all the attention it brings outside the ring, equally hating the attention it brings inside of it.

  • 4CW Extreme Championship (#x)

The sounds of Katy Perry's "Roar" hits as a song generally made to pump people up. Instead leads to some boos as from the back comes Carmella Wilder the mother of Jett Wilder. Wearing some yoga pants, a sports bra, and normal sneakers her workout gear from her spin classes. Now her in ring gear as she walks out, with tons of energy. Smiling as she walks from one side of the ring, waving to the other. Walking down towards the ring now with some pep in her step Luiz a ways behind her coming to ringside.

POWERS: "Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by  Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen five pounds and standing five feet, four inches tall! CARMELLA WWIILLDDEERR!!!""

Turning up the steel steps is where it seems to get real for her, as she starts to slow down. The smile now gone as she steps through the two bottom ropes. Trying to do her best acting job by throwing up both arms in the air to seem confident. But seeming less ready to roar, more ready to meow. As she backs into the corner figuratively and literally waiting on her opponent.

The sounds of Katy Perry's "Roar" hits as a song generally made to pump people up. Instead leads to some boos as from the back comes Carmella Wilder the mother of Jett Wilder. Wearing some yoga pants, a sports bra, and normal sneakers her workout gear from her spin classes. Now her in ring gear as she walks out, with tons of energy. Smiling as she walks from one side of the ring, waving to the other. Walking down towards the ring now with some pep in her step Luiz a ways behind her coming to ringside.

POWERS: "Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by  Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen five pounds and standing five feet, four inches tall! She is the 4CW Extreme Champion, CARMELLA WWIILLDDEERR!!!""

Turning up the steel steps is where it seems to get real for her, as she starts to slow down. The smile now gone as she steps through the two bottom ropes. Trying to do her best acting job by throwing up both arms in the air to seem confident. But seeming less ready to roar, more ready to meow. As she backs into the corner figuratively and literally waiting on her opponent.

Adrenaline / Survival
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JETT: ĒYou did it! That is awesome."

We come into the scene at a hotel room in one of the many big casinoís in Las Vegas. Jett is standing with his mother Carmella who is holding the Extreme title handing it over to her son as he hoists it over his shoulder feeling it out.

CARMELLA: "I know, it was a wild night. But just like I told you, we always know when to pick our spots. And that loser Johnny Evil that has talked so much trash? He got what he had coming to him. And Viduus? He left empty handed just like we both said he would. Told you he is not some big bad monster to be scared of, we can take him out. And just like you wanted, that belt has a Wilder name plate..."

Jett takes it off his shoulder, looking at the nameplate smirking as he hands it back to his mother.

JETT: ĒTold you all that prep, in the house. The Cashe gross homeless wig, the puppet, the candle. It all made you ready for what was to come. I couldnít be happier for you mom! Thanks for stepping in for me."

Jett leans in hugging his mother, the two now sharing a bond as champions in 4CW history. A bond that no mother and son ever have or will likely ever again feel.

JETT: ĒI just hope that people donít use this to pretend that I should be hurt by it. You are my mother. OF COURSE I am happy that you win. And who was it that asked you to step in? Me. I know that it is crazy to even assume that there are people that stupid, or that slow to think I am mad that you won. Or somehow jealous. I know that there are a lot of people that for some reason donít have good relationships with their family that find it odd we care about each other. But it was my idea for you to even step in for me. I just know that nobody's that dumb."

Jett laughs while stopping to look at the camera as if knowingly expecting that somehow there are people that are going to be that daft. Carmella continuing to hold her belt with pride, though looking like she was at a spa day the entire day with not a scratch on her.

CARMELLA: "I know that you would have done great if you were fit to compete. But now this belt? This is my belt. And I know that you and I are not going to compete over it anytime soon. Because you know that I never really wanted you in the Extreme division. Let me handle facing Evil, Viduus and the weirdoís of the roster. You? You are a former Pride champion. And while I think you would have no problem going after that Pride title again and taking out Amber Ryan. And if you wanted that Fate title? A win over that weird Ana girl? Totally obtainable. But I donít think you need to face anyone that Bryan has had a weird relationship with in the past. And while I think that you and DJ are going to make a fantastic team. And can take those Tag Team titles in that tournament. I know that right now is your moment. Right now is your time and we are both going to be champions. So that is why I think that it is your time to take out Bronx. Time to become the top champion you have always been destined to be. Tonight was my night. But a few weeks from now, itís going to be yours. I mean we are the Wilderís and we always find a way to be crafty and make things work. This Extreme title is one? In a month or so time. I think that not only could you be the 4CW Tag Team Champions you can also be the 4CW Champion..."

Jett smirks nodding his head, seeming to really like the idea in his head. Carmella tosses her title over to the bed.

JETT: ĒAll the gold..."

Jett smiles as we can almost see him holding the belts in his own head, as his mother now a champion herself watches on with hope.

CARMELLA: "Because what I saw in that main event? I saw a man that was in trouble. And I know that Dakota Smith, Jason Cashe may be past their prime. And Tanner? He has always been better as a tag team wrestler. But he was losing that entire match, and right at the end? He came back with a fluke couple of pins to win. And I know that Bronx and you are not on bad terms but you know that is the match that fans have always wanted. And the Doctor? He said you should be cleared to go in a week or so."

JETT: ĒI know Bronx is on the team and all. But he and I have known we were destined to end up in the ring eventually. Because there have been a lot of big matches in this company. But the fans have always seen one marquee at the top. Jett Wilder versus Bronx Valescence. Son of Perry Wallace versus the son of Frankie Morrison. That match sells itself and we both know that is where it is all going. You took my spot in this match? So that I could stay healthy. Because we all know what is on the horizon. The first ever...Four Corners Frenzy. My match."

Saying this Jett smiles as he thinks about the opportunity that lies ahead, a match that will give one wrestler the opportunity of a lifetime.

CARMELLA: "That is your chance! You know that this match is all about surviving. And who is better at that, than us. I proved it tonight. And you will prove it in that Frenzy match. These matches are made for Wilderís. We may not be the strongest. We may not be the fastest. We may not be the toughest. But we are the smartest. And that is why I know that you can get this done. This is yours for the taking, do you know how much history we could make in a few months here. First I become the oldest champion in 4CW history by defeating a slew of competitors. Than you beat twenty nine other people to win the frenzy. You and DJ? You win Bad Company and become Tag Team Champions. And than after all that? You face Bronx one on one. No big four ways. No big crazy match. Just a simple one on one which you thrive in. And you beat him and take that title! Two thousand and seventeen is our year."

Carmella formerly very nervous about the idea of even stepping up to the plate, now seeming to have all the confidence that would come with coming out of your first match with a title and no damage taken.

JETT: ĒYou are right! This fantasy in everyoneís head that Bronx is some unbeatable champion. He made the big come back, now everyone thinks he is some guy that canít be broken. Now they think that he is some clutch champion. They thought that about Eli. Now he sits on a couch, doing nothing all day. Jair Hopkins? He was the same way. And he ended up taking off months before coming back at Ante Up. These former champions are all unbeatable, until they get beaten. Time after time and now the most recent hype train is Bronx. Perryís baby boy. And I wonít mention how unfair that is from the outside looking in. He has earned that spot from all I have seen. But you know that when it comes to that belt and our eventual match? His dad canít save him. Itíll be man versus man. And there wonít be some big come back. Iíll break him just like I break his ankles in practice. Iíll eliminate him just like I do when we play knockout at the end of practice. You are right itís a Wilder year. In a few weeks? Iíll be healthy."

Jett points down to his injury that forced him out of tonightís Ante Up extreme roulette in the first place.

JETT: ĒAnd Iíll head into my match, not because itís really my match. Even though it is hilariously fun to taunt Barrows by calling it my creation. He did, he made it. But I have said it was my match because that is exactly what it has always been. You kept me from getting myself even more hurt tonight. So that I can be fully healthy come Frenzy time. And despite a list of big names and stars. They all know that none of them can survive like Jett Wilder. And Iíll survive to the end, just like you. And Iíll pick my spot...And I will win this whole thing. This will be the best several weeks of our careers. I just know it. Itís Wilder times. Now letís go order some room service and celebrate. You call Dad yet? He will be so pumped."

Carmella seems to take a second to even think about who exactly he means, but nods her head.

CARMELLA: "Yup Iíll order us some sundaes! And you can give Frankie a call. Let him know that he needs to be there at Adrenaline. His boy is about to become Number One Contender."

Jett whipping out his phone to excitedly give his father a call, stops to smirk looking ahead now from Ante Up a night where he got to witness his mother overcome the odds. As now he looks to do the same in a match, where survival is key.


Coming into the scene we find ourselves with Jett Wilder standing next to a big sheet of a couple papers. The first of which is blank, looking like he is about to give a lesson in whatever nice resort hotel meeting room he has taken over for the time being. Standing with a pointer stick in his hand he paces back and forth.

JETT: ĒHere we are in sweet, sweet Mexico! A land where the air is thin. And guy like Dexter? Are going to have trouble breathing let alone throwing people out after about fifteen minutes. Because despite how nice it is that we as a company are taking this global for the next few months. The thought of having a match where endurance is key, in the city of Mexico. Seems a bit strange. But alas, it is where we now find ourselves. And you know what? A high flyer known for his cardio? I couldnít be any happier. Love to see how Scott Stevens is handling this air during his workouts leading up to this Frenzy. A frenzy that I am going to walk away the victor...Why? Because I look at the competition and what I see? Is opportunity. I see the fact that in this field while anything can happen. There are a whoís who of people that donít scare me one bit. And thatís why my mom...You know the Extreme Champion and I decided it was best to game plan. Separate these people into different categories and work our way though."

Jett starts by flipping the first page one that at first is hard to make out until the camera pans a bit closer. In big font at the top reads JV Team with four pictures of American Tommy, Cecilworth Farthington, Kaelan Quinn, and Vossler under it none of which flattering.

JETT: ĒStarted out by filtering out a few of the Octane wrestlers. And I know fans love talking about how the ratings have see such a big spike. Not realizing that it is natural for a debuting show to beat an established one in ratings. Simply because that new show is getting all the advertisment money going towards it. But these couple people? Do they care anyone? Do their names stand out? Does anyoneís from Octane. Itís just a mosh pit full of randoms headlined by my boy Bryan Laughlin. And listen. His girlfriend is nice. But she canít hang. Neither can this Harry Potter dude. Or...the other two. That show may be the hot thing right now but so was Fate back in the day. And eventually it dwindled. Adrenaline never has. Couple have a chance to prove Octaneís worth in this one. But at the end of the day? Theyíll head back, to compete in whatever fatal four way they have been booked in next week. And get off my show permanently."

Ripping off that page and itís pictures tossing it, rather unsuccessfully to the side needing a extra kick. As the next page comes up this one reading ďThe WeirdoísĒ. This one featuring Konrad Raab, Mariano Fernandez, Nirvana, Redd Thunder, and Sativa Neveah.

JETT: ĒTo narrow down a weirdoís section in a match like this? Isnít easy. But I tried. This one looking like some sad circus act "


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In ring 2.

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