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Rate - Hate - Appreciate / Re: Adrenaline E90 Feedback
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:24:53 PM »
How dare you leave me off the list! Lol.  It's cool.  I know my segment was kinda last minute so it's all good bro.

Octane / Soul Searcher
« on: November 22, 2017, 04:59:11 AM »
”Redefining Brian Hollywood”

”What’s the most defining moment in your career?  I often found myself answering that question the most in my illustrious career. Lately, though, the questions stopped coming.  That defining moment was lost and now all people ask when they see me is what happened to you?  What happened to the methodical, egotistical, strategic, power hungry opportunist?  My answer?....what if he never left?”

”Soul Searcher”

Los Angeles, California

7:30 PM

The scene opens up inside the psychological office of Dr. Richard Weathersbee.  Richard had been assigned to Brian Hollywood a year after his head injury had caused abnormal side effects from a HOW match Hollywood had.  Across from Weathersbee, a very quiet and shaky Hollywood laid out on a couch as Weathersbee asked Hollywood some questions.

”First of all, I want to thank you for voluntarily coming in today, Brian.  This is a huge step.”  Weathersbee replied feeling surprised Hollywood willingly came in the way he did.  It was a surprise to Weathersbee because Hollywood never felt like he needed any help, but lately Hollywood couldn’t find any answers for the traumatic history he had been going through lately.

”Look doc, I only want answers.” Hollywood began to say as he wasn’t fully comfortable being in Weathersbee’s office to begin with.  ”I just want to be right again.  I’m not the same person I was a year ago.  I’ve changed and not for the better.  Something is blocking my ability to perform to the maximum capability that I’m able to put out.  I want to know why I have not only failed myself, but failed my legacy.”

Weathersbee didn’t really know how to react to that question.  Hollywood was genuine, but the doctor didn’t know how to approach the question because he hadn’t been around Hollywood for quite some time.

”I’m not a hundred percent sure, Brian, but this is why you’re here so I can help figure that out.  I want to take you back to your last match with Kimitsu Zombie.  To understand what’s going on in your head, I have to understand what went through your mind during the match.”

Hollywood begins to shake his head as he’s having difficulty recalling that particular event. He was obviously trying to block it out of his mind as that was one of the most embarrassing moments of his career.

”I can’t focus on it….it’s just…too much…” Hollywood says as he’s visibly shruggling to either recall the incident or trying not to recall the incident. ”I want to get right.  I want to get back to WHO I was.  I NEED to get back to who I was…it’s the only person I know how to be.”

Dr. Weathersbee could feel the trembling in Hollywood’s response.  All he could think about was saving himself, trying to find his footing again.  Hollywood was trying to save his career and his reputation…before it was too late.  ”Trying to get back to who you were is a big step, Brian.  This requires patience and you need to allow yourself patience in this process if you want to reestablish your identity.  If you go too fast, it could be a very dangerous thing.”

”You of all people by now should have figured out that I don’t have the patience, especially the time to reestablish my identity!”  Hollywood says frustrated as he pops up from the couch.  It was like the flip of a switch, again, that triggered Hollywood’s emotions. ”Don’t talk to me about dangerous!  You don’t even know the word!”

Dr. Weathersbee was treading on very thin ice and he knew he may have to take a few steps back for Hollywood.  At the same time, he knew if he didn’t adapt to Hollywood’s quick behavior changes, that there may not be a way to stop Hollywood from going down the path of destruction.  ”All I’m saying, Mr. Hollywood, is that there is a process!  Help me help you!  I realize that I can help you, but only if you allow me to do it my way!”

As if there was something the good doctor said by addressing Hollywood, Mr. Hollywood, it seems as if it had ignited a trigger memory in Hollywood’s head.

”You’re damn right you will address me by Mr. Hollywood!  You damn better be proud that you know who the fuck I am!  I’m the most conniving, manipulating, methodical money man to ever step foot into a ring!  I’m Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, and I will NOT be disrespected any longer!”

Hollywood hops up all of a sudden and lands an Executive Promise straight across the chin of the good doctor as the Executive side of Hollywood appears to have come back up, at least for now, to the surface as the Hollywood, looking all confident and full of rage once more, leaves the office and the good doctor behind unconscious as the scene fades out.

”The Return of Mr. Executive”

Cabarrus Arena, the sight of Friday’s Octane

I’m fortunate I know the owner of the arena, which is why I stand before you in the middle of this ring.  You see, if your me, you can have the perks to go anywhere you want.  I figured, why not just get a head start on my opponent this week, Kaz Bonham.

Take note and listen up kid, this is why no one is more ahead or more strategic than yours truly, Mr. Executive, Brian Hollywood!  I figured if you want to play up our encounter, I’d take it one step ahead of you and actually be the first one to show up in this ring!

This was definitely a step up for Hollywood considering he’d be showing up to shows very late as of late.  It was ironic that he was the actual first one to show up to the arena.

Anyways, from what I can tell, you just showed up to 4CW.  If you only knew what the environment was here, kid, maybe you would have reconsidered where you signed.  First off, this isn’t the friendliest place you can come.  The people in the back are assholes, management feels like reruns of Darkwing Duck and the most important is that you have to face ME!

You see, I may not have the greatest track record here as of late, but I’m the last guy you want to be stepping into that ring with.  Kaz, I don’t think your aware of this, but you’re not just in a match with yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, but you’re in a ten minutes of mayhem match with yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood!  That means I have ten minutes…TEN MINUTES to show you your mistake in facing yours truly!  This is a match that will help me reestablish my dominance in getting back to who I was.  That’s bad news for everyone, but mostly you, Kaz!

Hollywood pauses and laughs as he looks around the for now, empty arena.

Not a lot of people know this…actually, nobody knows this…but I actually ASKED for this!  I ASKED to be moved to Octane so I can prove I still have what it takes in this ring!  I also wanted to prove that I can still outthink everyone in this business and that’s exactly what I did to Perry!  See, really, he sent me here to destroy Octane and take everything that everyone has!  We all know who should be running this show and that’s ME!

So Kaz, I want you to understand what is going to happen when you get into the ring with me this week.  I am going to hurt you.  I am going to make an example out of you and you will merely be a footnote in my whole grand scheme here on Octane!  I am going to use the whole ten minutes to not only bring myself back to relevance, but use it to stomp you from the very place you came from!  I will have you reassessing your decision to come here and after I get finished with you, you’ll be regretting coming to Octane.  This isn’t a safe place for you here, and EVERYONE in Octane is about to find that out.

It’s time for the reemergence of yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood!  It’s time to reclaim my honor and my reputation!  I will seize Octane for myself and reignite that once thought lost identity!

You are just the first, Kaz, but you most certainly won’t be the last!  I will show everyone in our ten minute mayhem match that yours truly still got it!  EVERYONE in Octane has officially been put under notice and that first pink slip starts with YOUR DEFEAT, Kaz!  Brian Hollywood is MOTHERFUCKING BACK, FUCKERS, and I’m coming for what’s rightfully mine and never was lost…my legacy and the legacy I will build when I take OCTANE. BY. STORM!  Hollywood is back and I will seal it officially with you first, Kaz, and you can bet that as an Executive Promise!

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E74 Production Script
« on: October 06, 2017, 03:14:54 PM »
I'll take Backstage 13

Adrenaline / The Best Short Ever Written
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:42:18 AM »
.....Let's be honest here...you didn't expect some guy with a name you can hardly spell without looking at it a million times who wears a mask to really show up against a high caliber star like me. At least....I used to be high caliber...

Hollywood says into the camera as he gives his little time he was very gracious about for a guy he knew he was going to bury

Hollywood: That's the thing here...I'm still not a hundred percent ok with just letting out what happened to me. It is the most ungracious of falls and you wouldn't expect yours truly, Mr Executive l, Brian Hollywood, to really be classified under such a banner but let's be honest here...I'm not viewed like the star I once was....that changes this week on Adrenaline. Because I'm going to make an example out of guardian del Inferior to me. I'm going to humiliate him and I'm going to do to him what he has seen countless others of him happen to him. I'm going to rip his identity away from him as I begin to reclaim mine. It will be the likes that none of you have seen. Your going to see a side of Hollywood long thought to be dormant..extinct. The only problem with that is I'm not...far from it.

Hollywood shakes his head in disbelief as he doesn't even have to think about the outcome of his match.

Hollywood: This isn't only going to be a win for me but it's going to be a statement of the pent up frustration and anger that has been bottled up within me. Come time for Adrensline I get back on track and I can personally guarantee all of you that I will pick up where I last left off when I was riding the waves of success. Like I said before I don't even have to reveal or talk to any of you this long to show you what my intentions are. Clearly put I knew I didn't have to do much in the way of work because I already know what I'm going to do with the guardian of nothing. I'm going to END him and I'm going to do it in a way that I prove a point about how serious I am in righting the wrongs of my embarrassments. It's time that all of you feel the wrath of yours truly, Mr Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, and witness my first act of my resurgence. Because like it or not, I'm going to get what I want around here just like I always have everywhere else. One way or another I will get it because Mr. Executive ALWAYS gets what he wants...one way or another! It's fucking inevitable and the inevitable part about all of this is that I won't be stopped in achieving my greatness once again! We're fucking done here!

Hollywood stands up and walks away in frustration as it seems we are starting to see signs of the former Brian Hollywood returning to the surface of identity he was once famous for as the camera slowly fades to black.

The Sports Bar / Re: Fantasy League Draft Day & Time
« on: September 01, 2017, 06:39:18 PM »
I work Monday night at 10pm CST but if it's Monday I'll be able to do it at the start but may not finish depending how quick we start it. But Saturday or even Sunday would be more preferable but Saturday would be the best time.

Adrenaline / Lights, Camera....ACTION!
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:43:07 AM »
”After all this time, after all this re-self discovery, there is an element that is currently rising…one that hasn’t risen since the likes of the glory days when things weren’t as complex and certain ones weren’t lost in their own self achieving conquests.  However, as this new, but old tradition sees the light gleaming brighter of years past, this time there is more to fix than just the soul of a man who was trying to pick up the pieces of a broken path.  This time, there was actually a major piece of his self stuck on the other side of the mirror wondering why it’s been blocked off from reconnecting.  This is his reemerging story….”


Los Angeles, California

Hollywood’s Mansion

”Is his suitcase packed and ready?” Hollywood asks Niles as Niles walks into Hollywood’s room.  Hollywood looked content and calm, which was a surprise given everything he’s been through the last few months, including the last couple days.

”Everything’s ready.” Niles replies to Hollywood as he shakes his head completely at a loss of thought to Hollywood’s logic in what he was doing.  ”Zion’s shit is all ready.  I really don’t see why you’re going through all the trouble in helping him.  He’s a complete fucking nutcase and if you want my honest opinion, you’re wasting your time on even teaming with him in this wrestling tournament.”

Niles had a reason for concern, though, as Hollywood just shrugged off his comments.  There was a lot of things that needed to be fixed with Zion, but the crazier thing was the fact that Hollywood was teaming with Zion, reuniting a Hollywood Boyz team that was much different since the last time they were together.  Not only that, but Niles was also concerned with Hollywood’s wellbeing as well.  Hollywood had been through a lot the last several months, even going through his own traumatic experience that affected his wrestling career greatly. 

Hollywood smiles and pats Niles on the shoulder.  ”I know you care, man, but this is something that I’ve got to figure out myself.”  Hollywood started to say as he prepared to go talk with Zion.  ”This trip to Sydney, Australia might exactly be what I need to get my mind right.  I appreciate all the help you’ve done for me over the last few months, Niles.  I’ll call you when we get to Sydney.”

Niles nods but doesn’t say another word as he leaves the room.  Hollywood slowly follows him out before making his way down the corridor of his long Mansion.  Hollywood arrives to the room he let Zion borrow as he takes a small sigh before going inside.

”You ready to go brother?”  Hollywood says as he sees a very restless and tired Zion just waiting in the room.

Zion looks up and seems content at the time being.  Maybe it was because he was in a surrounding of comfort and that he was with his best friend, which was oddly comforting, but cautious.  ”I suppose.  Why does this tournament have to start in Sydney?  Don’t they know how unstable I am?  I’m actually nervous to fly!”

”A nice flight might actually be good for you.  Besides, I’ve been itching to get out of this city for awhile now.  This is something that we BOTH can take advantage of!”

Zion just nods his head slowly but without saying much of anything.  He was still not fully there after Hollywood checked him out of his mental ward.  There was even part of Zion that was still trying to process if this was all still real.  The Hollywood Boyz being back together was weird for both, not just Zion.  But Hollywood knew that if he wanted to get back to the level of intensity he was at before his traumatic accident, this was actually therapeutic for him.

”Think of this back to our Battle Arena days…remember our very first tag team win?  Think of X Rated and Hated like that very same tag team.  This is a process, man, but it isn’t something that isn’t familiar.  It’s time that we both got right and that’s something that our opponents are going to have the misfortune of dealing with!  Believe it or not, Zion, I actually do want to help you.  This tournament will help us both but I’m tired of seeing you down in the gutter.  With me helping you, I’m going to get you back to prominence soon enough!”

Zion starts to shake a bit.  Perhaps it was the medicine he was on or perhaps it was figuring out what was real and what was not.  He still wasn’t sure how sincere Hollywood was but it was all he had.  What Zion wasn’t aware of, however, was just how much Hollywood was counting on him.  They both needed each other, and when united on the same front, they were damn near impossible to beat.

”Come on, brother…I’ll make sure you get a window seat on my jet!  I hear Sydney looks pretty good from the sky…just like our victory is going to be when we defeat those nobodies like Zoe Chaos and Mistah Jay!”

As if he finally could separate reality from fantasy, at least right now, Zion smiles lightly almost like it was just like old times with his best friend.  ”Those fake ass bitches won’t know what hit them!”

Hollywood smiles as if he was starting to get through to Zion even if it was only a small step as they headed towards the door.  ”Absolutely man!  It’s Lights, Camera, Action time!”  Hollywood replies as he takes a moment to conceal his own recent personal hurdles that has been plaguing him. He sighs momentarily but then forces himself to not think about his own personal traumatic experience as the doors open and shut before silence fills the halls of Hollywood’s Mansion once more for days to come…


”Ah…arriving in Sydney, Australia for the Bad Company qualifying tournament.  It feels nice to get out of the states, it really does.  However, it’s weird and just fucking awkward that I find myself in a QUALIFYER just to advance to the night to fight for the 4CW Tag Team Championships.  Then again, I haven’t exactly been myself, have I?  I’ve been away for awhile and while it feels good to be back in 4CW and back wrestling, there just seems to be something missing that I can’t quite grasp.”

Hollywood sighs and shakes his head as he doesn’t think about his missing aura at the current time.

”I really shouldn’t have to introduce myself to the tag team world of 4CW, but there are obviously a few who don’t know who I am.  While I could spout off my accomplishments as a singles star alone as a multiple World Champion in a couple of my previous destinations, I’ll stick to what people should be worried about as I go over what I’ve ALREADY DONE here in 4CW in the tag team division.

My name is Brian Hollywood, and I’m a two time former 4CW Tag Team Champion!  There isn’t anyone in 4CW, well hardly, that can say they’ve been that…let alone that I once held the record for LONGEST reigning 4CW Tag Team Champion!  But alas, what are people gonna do?  That’s WHO THE FUCK I AM!”

Hollywood lets out a sigh as he calm’s himself down a bit.  It angered him that he had to re-preach is history to everyone. However, he didn’t seem to be bothered by his opponents viewpoint of who he was.

”Heh, who am I to get angry at two nobodies in 4CW?  Zoe Chaos and Mistah Jay aren’t exactly two people that impress me with their core thought process.  I mean, just looking at the two fuckers makes me want to go put Suicide Squad on my blocked list of movies never to watch again!

Here’s the thing, X-Rated and Hated, you guys have never stepped into the ring with me and you sure as hell have never stepped into the ring with Darin Zion and myself, together.  The Hollywood Boyz have ALWAYS been a force to be reckoned with no matter where we’ve been!  Battle Arena, KCW, TCW, PWX and even HOW, we’ve always taken down the very best that those promotions had to offer!  That’s simply what we do.  We team up, scale the competition and just go FUCK THIS SHIT and topple any and all empires of tag teams that claim their better than us.”

Hollywood pauses briefly as he reminisces at his and Zion’s tag team historical past.

”We might be complete fucking crazy and piss people off the wrong way, authority or no authority, but when it comes time for business in the ring, we always take care of business because that’s what serious.  The Hollywood Boyz should honestly be a Mt Rushmore because we’re simply one of the very best tag teams to ever grace the gift of wrestling!  Perhaps that’s why it was best to return to the roots of where it began.  That’s why come time for Wednesday, X Rated and Hated, the two of you will find yourselves on the wrong side of some Lights, Camera, Action!  Cause once that bell rings and once those cameras start to roll, there’s no stopping the DNA magnitude of the Gods of Tag Team Wrestling!

Perhaps that’s where the lesson needs to be for the rest of 4CW as a whole, but more on that later.  X-Rated and Hated, you two are facing a legendary team in its own right in all of wrestling.  You’re nothing more than a bad catchphrase.  X-Rated and Hated?  More like G-Rated and Faded!  That’s exactly what’s going to happen when that bell rings because The Hollywood Boyz don’t fuck that shit that don’t fly with them!”

Hollywood smiles once more as he pauses briefly to take in the fresh air of Sydney, the sight of their qualifier for the Bad Company Tournament.  Hollywood stares dead straight ahead of him with that look of intensity he used to have what seemed like a year ago.

”Come time for Adrenaline, I’m going to get my career BACK on fucking track and that’s bad news for you two as that’s HOW my career began…TAG TEAM WRESTLING!  The Hollywood Boyz are BACK and it’s time for Light….Camera…..ACTION!”


Is the sound the camera makes as it blacks out from an Executive Promise superkick from Hollywood as silence follows straight after….

The Sports Bar / Re: 4CW Fantasy Football League 2017
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:33:02 AM »
Count me back in once again this year.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E71 Match Writing
« on: August 03, 2017, 06:12:50 PM »
Put me down for any tag match you'd like. I'll even write 2 matches if need be. I write good tag matches.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E71 Production Thread
« on: August 03, 2017, 06:11:19 PM »
Backstage 3 please.

Adrenaline / The Resurgence
« on: June 01, 2017, 04:59:01 AM »
”It isn’t what we require ourselves to do, but rather what we do that others require.  Success is measured more than just what you accomplish.  It’s HOW you succeed, how you go about your career by making it successful and memorable.  There will be trap doors without that net to protect high risk entertainers that will simply fail to be there.  Throughout all of recorded risk, something like this, being similar minus my monstrous injuries, has played a part in all of our history.  They say that three is a lucky number, but this guy doesn’t also think of the power of three, but rather, the power that he can control.  Will Hollywood fall under this new threat, especially after recovering from his head trauma incident, is at it again as he tries to rise back up in the proverbial rankings, this is his story…”


Los Angeles, California

Hollywood’s Mansion

April 5,2017

The scene opens up inside the living quarters of Brian Hollywood’s mansion.  The mansion was all spotty and clean compared to we saw it the last time as Hollywood wasn’t home much as he dealt with some pretty serious stuff with the Chair and the Men In SUITS.  Hollywood finally emerges from the kitchen with a couple shot glasses filled with Wild Turkey.  Hollywood hands Buck,who had brought Hollywood back home cause of his state, and proceeds to sit in his chair.  There was a brief pause before Buck breaks the silence as he can see that Hollywood is distracted.  That wasn’t the only thing, however, as Hollywood sensed there was something up with Buck that he absolutely must fill out.  Holding out, Hollywood had finally had enough and what that means is to hits full potential as Buck speaks.

”Is everything alright, Bri?  You’ve been pretty quiet since we got back to yer mansion.”

”Uh?...oh right…yea, I’m just thinking at the present time.”  Hollywood says in a calm, collected voice.  “I might have a bigger problem on my hands that I didn’t need to accumulate.  So now I’m stuck trying to figure out everything and how to keep this a secret.”

Buck sighs before giving his thoughts on what Hollywood was talking about.  ”You don’t have to tell me anymore, Bri.  I’ve very aware of the situation and your status outside of Hollywood Enterprises.  I just gotta ask ya one question, Bri.  Why didn’t ye just come to me in the first place?  I recon I would have found a way to help ya out.  You can’t just keep yourself off by yerself and expect to not be meant and threatened.  It just doesn’t work like that, Bri.”

Hollywood was actually pretty surprised that Buck took that the way he did.  Hollywood always knew Buck to be the straightforward guy and the tell it like it is in the group he hangs out with.  Perhaps because he was so happy to not only see Buck, but the fact that he forgets everything that happened to him briefly.  Hollywood bends down on one knee and starts to pet the dog.  Hollywood used to be able to utilize all his body, but since a serious injury occurred in Hollywood’s quad, it’s definitely rendered him to the point where he felt useless.  Hollywood wasn’t in a chair, but he walked very slow, no thanks to the opponent from last week, Mattheas Barrows.

”We still have a long way to go…or at least I do.  But since you already know about everything, I minus well educate you to do the best you can to understand what my problem is next week.  I’ll be fighting in the Main Event for a spot in the Ante up 4CW Championship match.  Jett Wilder, Dakota Smith and Johnny Evil are all three that are supposed to be in that match with me.”

”Who in hell’s feces are these three guys?” 
Buck says as he tries so hard not to laugh at what happened several months ago.
”I don’t know about 4CW, Bri.  To find out that your other hobby is wrestling, it definitely took me off guard.  So with that being said, I think it’s time to talk to the rest of your employees.  We’ll try to get you out of here fast considering you do have a match coming up in the next few days.

A door can be heard squeezing open before it shuts once more as Buck heads out of sight.

”So now what?...”

It’s going to be a cold day in hell when Adrenaline rolls into town next week.  I’ve worked hard to get back into 4CW and all that hard work is finally working out.  You all should have seen me being in the Main Event coming for a shot at the 4CW Championship at Ante Up.  If you all forgot, I came close to taking Madison’s streak.  That’s no easy task even if it was so close to call.  This week on Adrenaline, I will make sure to expose the three of you, Dakota Smith, Jett Wilder and Johnny Evil.  Mark my fucking words, I am nearing a point in this company where you do NOT want to fuck with me. 

You all should already know by now just what I’m capable of doing.  So come time this Adrenaline, I’ll get back on track and pull out the surprising comeback return in all of 4CW.  I’ve broken records before…and I can fucking do it again…

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E67 Production Script
« on: May 30, 2017, 01:13:32 AM »
In Ring 1

”All greats truly make a stand at the right time.  It is within these bounds that, once staged for a return, do they tap into the unlimited power of energy.  It’s the atmosphere, the unknown of what you’re dealing with that truly harnesses the power of what your capable of doing, what your capable of accomplishing.  It’s within the confines of these walls that truly set you up to be able to knock those walls down and to be able to tap into the unlimited resources of the unknown.  One man knows the unknown all too well and this one man looks to the power of the mysterious to capitalize on the forces of the very power he’s always been naturally able to control.  How does one get up and return after an anomaly of his nature?  This is his story!”


Los Angeles, California

Cedars Sinai Hospital

April 3, 2017

The scene opens back up inside the hospital room of Brian Hollywood.  When last we left him, Hollywood was in a heightened state of disillusion and we once again find ourselves in that scenario as Hollywood takes a more serious tone with the doctor.  ”Bones, I’ll have you know that this isn’t fucking Halloween, and it’s not vacation on the holodeck!”  Hollywood says as the doctor just looks at Hollywood with a confused look.  However, after knowing just exactly what Hollywood was referencing, the doctor decides to play into Hollywood’s disillusion, as such with some fun delight.

”I’m sorry Jim, it’s just that that green blooded Vulcan has me by the proverbial nerve balls and I needed some time to get away and simply do what all of us humans do very easily….breathe!”

Hollywood raises an eyebrow as he turns his attention briefly to Niles, who just shrugs his shoulders and says nothing as Hollywood just stares at him for a brief moment.  Niles isn’t safe out of this conversation, either, and Hollywood made sure of that.  ”Don’t think your excluded from this conversation, Scotty!”  Hollywood started to say as Niles shakes his head but doesn’t say anything and simply plays along with the doctor.  ”I still can’t believe you threw the first punch!  All you had to do was take a few insults from the Klingons and protect a few worthless pieces of grain!”

”Jim, if I may…”  The doctor chimes in as Hollywood’s attention is redirected towards him.  ”I’ve seen you’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I have you down here to evaluate you.  Now you can argue with me and list off regulations, or you can accept the fact that I’ve deemed it my responsibility to look after you and get this evaluation out of the way.  Either way, this is a good excuse to keep me way from Mr. Spock right now!”

Hollywood sighs and shakes his head towards the doctor.  As he’s about to say something, Hollywood all of a sudden thinks about it for a moment before reconsidering his thought process.  After a few more moments, Hollywood shrugs his shoulders and acknowledges the doctors good point.  ”I see your point, Bones. Spock’s logic can give me a headache sometimes..”

Niles looks at the doctor confused as he continues to try and figure out what’s going on.  ”Spock, what are you—“  The doctor quickly interrupts Niles so that Hollywood doesn’t act out of impulse, giving Niles a hint at who he’s talking about as he continues to play along. 

”It’s ok, Mr. Scott!  I’m willing to bet a BUCK that the Captain won’t give you too harsh of a punishment for starting a fight against the Klingons!”

Whenever there is or has been an opportunity in the story to throw Niles under the bus, that’s usually what happens as the author of this writing doesn’t want to pass up the chance to do it if the writing presents itself.  Niles immediately picks up on the doctors hint and simply smiles and nods his head.  This prompts Hollywood to lash out towards Niles in a rather impulsive way.

”You heard the good doctor Scotty!  The doctor’s diagnosis is usually always right so I’ve got my own diagnosis for you since you obviously can’t keep a space station under control!  Therefore, your restricted from quarters at the time being!  Gives you a chance to catch up on those logs if you know what I mean!”  Hollywood says as he smiles at Niles who continues to remain lost at to what’s going on.  ”Alright Scotty, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a ridiculous evaluation to finish up here!  So if you’ll just wait outside for a moment this won’t take lo—“

Before Hollywood can finish, his eyes roll in the back of his head and he all of a sudden blacks out.  Niles looks surprised and watches in concern, but the doctor stops him in his tracks.

”No, it’s ok Niles.  Hollywood is completely alright.  He just needs more rest!”  The doctor says keeping Niles completely calm.

”Are you sure that’s normal?  What happened?  One moment he seems to be wide awake and in a state of disillusion, and then the next, he just passes completely out.  How the fuck is this normal, doctor?!”

”Have no fear, Niles, this is sometimes common with certain comatose patients.”  The doctor starts to say as Hollywood can now be heard snoring in the background.  ”Especially with Hollywood’s case with him dealing with a former personality disorder, or head trauma, Hollywood is going through is own process of what the mind is pertruting to him right now.  As I was stating earlier, Buck Wringley is going to take Hollywood back to Hollywood’s mansion.  It’s entirely possible that Hollywood will regain consciousness and return to his former self for a little bit.  This is going to be a process, but we all have to be patient in his progress.”

Niles sighs knowing this isn’t going to be easy to get through.  Hollywood truly has been through a lot and he knows that once he comes to, it’s not going to be easy to walk Hollywood through the trauma that he has gone through that led to his comatose in the first place.

”I still don’t know how we’re going to get all this through to Hollywood without him completely losing his shit.  But if anyone can help Hollywood through this process, it’s Buck.  The road to recovery is definitely going to be a long and challenging one.”

”Exactly.”  The doctor says as Hollywood’s snoring becomes annoyingly louder much to Niles annoyance.  Hoping to lighten the scene, the doctor smiles lightly and makes a small joke towards Niles.  ”God I would hate to be the woman that would have to put up with that obnoxious snoring….you can call Buck whenever you want, Niles.”

”Alright, I’ll make the proper arrangements.  Hopefully by the time Hollywood wakens, he’ll be able to process things on a more realistic level, but I guess we’ll see what happens.”

The road to recovery was surely going to be a long one and now that this new journey for Hollywood was about to start, there was no telling just where this story was going to land next as the scene slowly fades to black.

”Hate is a Strong Word….Literally and Figurelatively…It’s Used Way Too Much”

I’m still not completely sure what all has transpired since I woke up from my extended nap, but I really do hate sleeping longer than I need to.  There’s just too much work to be done and Brian Hollywood simply doesn’t waste his time laying in bed.  That being said, it did happen and it’s just fucking shitty, but what can you do?  However, after an extended period of time sleeping, I can definitely say that I’m all but rested up.  That’s not good for my opponent on Adrenaline this week.

Matthias Barrows is nothing but a man who can’t decide what he likes and what he doesn’t like.  It’s almost like the guy is dating himself.  He has arguments with himself and the only way he gets things done is by talking to himself.  It makes him feel better….seriously, that’s a condition but none of us here are judging you…

Barrows, you may have had championship gold in your possession, but since you’ve lost the Pride Championship, you’ve been nothing short of unimpressive.  You’ve gone on week in and week out talking about how you’ve been underlooked and underestimated.  I’m going to tell you right now, don’t you run that bullshit story with me!  That’s completely overdone in the wrestling industry and it’s completely unoriginal!

Just then, Brian Hollywood comes into frame in street clothes attire.  He isn’t wearing any dark attire like he had from just seven months ago and instead, is wearing the complete opposite.  Hollywood looks straight into the camera as he takes a seat in a rocking chair and pulls out a cigar.

Here’s the speal, Barrows.  You have way too much pent up Viagra anger within you.  You said it yourself, you are having a hard time hating me and don’t really know how to hate me.  For someone who doesn’t hate me, you sure as hell use the word so many god damn times!  If I got a dollar for how many times you’ve dropped the word “hate,” I would seriously own a second business enterprise.  But I digress, I honestly don’t even think you know the meaning of the word!

Hollywood takes out a cigar tip cutter and proceeds to chop off the end of his cigar as he kicks up his feet and rests them on his right now completely dusty desk.  Hollywood seems pretty relaxed right now and we really don’t know why he seems so relaxed.  He’s usually pretty enraged by this point in these promos, but for some reason, he’s completely chill this time around.

Barrows, let me give you some friendly advice that I have complete one hundred percent confidence in that you won’t take.  You have no idea who I am, and it’s safe to say I know that very well.  I mean, what kind of man drops the word hate so many times in a promo but doesn’t know exactly what to say to a man like me?  Your talking out of your ass and quite frankly, you’re really bad at it!  You’re no Ace Ventura, so you can just check off the “I can’t act” on the list of things you simply can’t do!

You want to know what makes me dangerous against former Champions like yourself?  I have the awfully bad habit of proving a very big point against them.  I haven’t needed a 4CW Championship belt to make me look good around here!  My popularity, along with my legitimacy to put asses in seats is all that really needs to be talked about here!

Hollywood smiles as he lights up his cigar and begins to smoke it.  He shakes his head from side to side as he enjoys blowing out the smoke from his cigar.

You want to know what makes me so great, Barrows?  It’s the simple fact that ring psychology is what makes me who I am.  It’s what I’ve made a living learning and knowing how to do.  You talk a really big game for a man who was only briefly allowed to have lightning strike for him.  Winning one championship isn’t going to solidify your legitimacy against someone like me!  I thrive off of making an example out of people like you, Barrows!  You are simply angry at yourself.  You’re angry at the situation and the illusion of being angry with your whole “hate” program against me. 

In all honesty, Barrows, my return match is going to be based off of more than just finding a way to hate someone.  I don’t need to channel that personality characteristic to be successful.  I have my own strategies and you haven’t faced a man like me in that ring!  I’ll have you knocked the fuck on the mat before you even know what hit you!  The truth is you don’t hate me because you don’t know how to hate a man you don’t know.  The fact that you don’t know me means big trouble for you because you don’t have a strategy against a man you don’t know what to expect from in that ring.  Come time for Adrenaline, you are going to find just what kind of man I really am!  You are going to witness a return that has been long in the making of happening and now that it is, you truly have no idea how to respond.

I am going to take that lead pipe of yours and smash it with my personal favorite, the Executive Branch, which is my beautiful barbed wire sledgehammer.  You really have no idea who you’re up against, Barrows, and at Adrenaline, I’m going to show you just who Brian Fucking Hollywood really is!  My return has been in the making for sometime now and now that you know what I’m going to do to you, you can now expect me to unleash everything I have at you.  But just remember, you asked for this and you are going to receive everything up front and personal.  Brian Hollywood is back in 4CW and you are just going to have to add another loss to your recent list of unfornate events.  I’m coming Barrows, and there’s nothing you’re going to do to stop me!

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I don't see anymore spots...anyway I can get a segment somewhere?

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I'll go ahead and grab saint vs nirvana.

Adrenaline / The Return
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”Time after time, history has always recorded the rise and fall, successes, failures and redemption of those that are recorded as the greats.  For one particular superstar, he has been met with trial and error, followed by extreme success and a prosperous career.  Now, after a major fall, one man looks for redemption after reports of his downfall, even death, has been recorded…this is his story…”[//b]


Los Angeles, California

Cedars Sinai Hospital

April 3, 2017

”What….what’s going on?” Hollywood says as he slowly opens up his eyes and looks around his hospital room looking dazed and confused.

To his left, Hollywood’s good friend, Niles Omega, can be seen looking on in great relief as he’s happy to see his friend awaken in the bed.

”Oh my god, Brian, it’s good to see you up and awake finally!” Niles says as Hollywood looks back at him still confused as he tries to figure out what’s going on.

”Niles?” Hollywood questions as he slowly sits up in his bed.  ”What…what am I doing here?  I have a huge headache and I have no idea why I’m hooked up to these damn monitors.”

Niles didn’t exactly know what to say to his friend.  He didn’t know where to begin as he stands up and walks over to where he can have a more fluent conversation.  ”I really can’t divulge most of the details right now, but you’ve been in a coma the last month and a half.  The doctor should be back soon so you can find out more information from him.” Niles says as he didn’t want to overload Hollywood with too much information.  Hollywood had had a traumatic experience and had been through a lot and Niles didn’t want to take the chance of putting Hollywood through the stress of the events that he had gone through.

”I was in a coma?  For over a month?!  But…it hasn’t felt that long since I was asleep. It has felt like I’ve only been asleep for a night.”  Hollywood says as he obviously wasn’t comprehending the fact that he was indeed asleep for much, much longer than just one night.  ”Niles, you and I have known each other for a long time and you know that I can handle anything!  So how about you just drop the safety conversation and tell me what the fuck happened!”

Hollywood was already starting to get restless and impatient.  He had good reason to.  However, that didn’t stop Niles from budging and instead, Niles, like the good, often times ridiculous friend he is, changes the subject quickly.

”What the fuck happened was that you woke up and now I’m going to debrief you on what your currently going to be doing.”

What’s this?  Niles growing a set of balls and being more outspoken towards Hollywood?  Yes folks, the last time we even heard a story revolving Niles, he was always the concerned and tail tucked in between his legs type of friend towards Hollywood.  Hollywood raises his right eyebrow in surprise as he can’t believe Niles was boldly going where no man of his personality has gone before.

Hollywood was speechless…at first.  Hollywood tried to gather his thoughts, but due to the fact of the results of the coma, his thought process was still pretty hazy.  ”I’ll pretend you didn’t just try and talk back to me, let alone trying to change the subject.”  Hollywood starts to say as he redirects the conversation back to the mystery surrounding his hospital stay.  ”Now I don’t know what I’m doing here, but if it had anything to do with my “disillusions,” I’m going to get up from this hospital bed and dropkick you straight in the dick.”

Niles shakes his head not surprised to see Hollywood starting to return to somewhat of his former self.  But….which self was that?  Hollywood’s recent past was no secret.  He was a darker man and a man who raised a lot of eyebrows from people who actually thought he possessed the power to wield the forces of darkness.  Now who is he, though?  Was he the same Hollywood before the events that led him to his coma?  Or is he a man who returned to who he was before the darkness and corruption?  The answer to that thought process for all who are listening to this story, are interrupted as the doctor finally comes into the room.

….sorry folks, you really didn’t think you were going to find out this early, did you?

”Ah, Mr. Hollywood, it’s good to see you finally awoke!”  The doctor says as Hollywood’s attention turns towards the good doctor. 

Out of either a joking manner or sarcasticness, Hollywood responds to the doctor.  ”Bones?  Where’s your uniform?!  Your attire is very unprofessional and I’ll have you know you are not on shore leave!”

Both the doctor and Niles’ eyes widen in shock and bewilderment as they are surprised to hear Hollywood’s unorthodox reply and both become interestingly concerned that Hollywood was now acting like he was a character from a TV show.

”Oh boy….this can’t be good!”  Niles says slowly facepalming.

”Well this is certainly new….I better get my evaluation form because this is going to be a really long…..debriefing!” The doctor says as the scene slowly fades to black.

”The Return Everyone Was Already Expecting”

Well I’ll be!  Damn it feels great to be back in 4CW!  I gotta say, it has been awhile!  What has it been?  7 months?  That’s a really long time to be out of the business!

I’m sure you all are wondering what exactly happened to me.  I’ll be the first one to say, not even I can tell you all in one setting what happened to me.  The details are a little hazy but let’s be honest, who really cares about all that?  The only thing people care about is action and the present and I’m currently in the present ready for action.

This week, I meet a man by the name of Matthias Barrows in the ring.  I’m going to say first hand, I have no idea who this man is, at least from a detailed perspective.  I’ve been in this situation before and I’ve got to say, I’ve been able to win matches without knowing jack fucking squat!  That all won’t change and I intend to get business done in the middle of that ring come time for Denver, Colorado.

Did I mention that I hate Colorado?  Let me be frank…there is nothing awesome about Colorado.  It’s cold here, for the most part, the altitude sucks and the football team here is way overrated.  But what do I know?  I’m just here to walk into Adrenaline, beat a man in my return match and walk out.  You see, to me that’s simple.  Why complicate it?  I’ve always been a man with a plan, but sometimes the plan itself is perfect without detailing it.

Anyways, back to you, Barrows.  From what I can tell, you’ve managed to win a singles championship in 4CW.  Pride Champion?  Wow, things really have changed in 4CW.  The last time I remember, Chris Madison was holding the title hostage. No one could beat him and let’s be honest, I was the person who came closest to beating him. 

Impressive, Barrows, impressive.  I know you weren’t the one to beat Madison…you’re not THAT good enough.  But on paper, you held one championship so I guess you get a little pat on the back for that one.  However, if there’s one thing I’m best at, it’s not only beating former Pride Champions, but causing them a lot of grief and problems in the ring.  You are going to find that I’m not the man you think I am in that ring, Barrows.  You haven’t even been in 4CW long enough, or when I was around to know what I can do…

But I’m going to keep this short and sweet….for now.  Because why reveal all my secrets in my return match?  I’m going to say that you haven’t had a very good time since losing the title Barrows and I can assure you that your fortunes are not going to change against me.  But I promise you, I’m going to give 4CW the return they expect.  So right now, you just stay tuned and thirst for more out of me because it’s coming!

I’M BACK 4CW and I’m coming back for my glory!

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Sign me up.  Haven't done one of these Rumble things for years.

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I'll grab Keegan vs Alexis.

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I'll take the triple threat match.

Event Predictions / Re: South Beach Brawl
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Bronx has been impressive in tournaments it seems, but after Eli's last loss, which doesn't come very often, I don't see Eli losing again.  Gonna be a close match but I think Eli retains.


Since popping back up on the map, haven't really had a chance to read a lot of these guys work.  I'm familiar with Williams work more, though, so I'm gonna go with him.


Should be a good one but gonna go with marqueff.


Smith for the win.


Not familiar with Morta so going with Sativa.


Should be a good match, but Stevens pulls out the W.


Not really familiar with Morrison's work, but always hard to bet against Tara.  Period.  I should know that for a fact, lol.






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Give me Saint vs Ryan....Yes, this is not a typo.  I am exactly what name you are seeing.

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This sounds like fun, count me in.


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If you could put me down for backstage #4 as well, I will need that one too, thanks.

Adrenaline / The Anomalies of Perfection
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”Throughout all of written history, there has always been a course where perfection is written clearly on the proverbal wall, in all of its literal and metaphorical senses.  Whether it’s global domination, reaching the ranking of general in battle, or whether it’s professional wrestling, all perfection is exploited at some point.  Somewhere, someplace, no matter what historical viewpoint you are looking at, there are these things called mistakes, or that one Achilles heel that surfaces in some way.  In this sense, it’s in the mortal category.  Even gods themselves have eventually displayed that looming Achilles heel, whether they mean to, or even if they are even consciously aware of it.  It is ALWAYS exploited.  Sooner or later, it runs out.  If history is any indication, it is that inevitable force we all must face and that is a force that will strike whether you are ready or not.  It is UNAVOIDABLE.  The question then becomes, can you handle it?  Or rather, what is the aftermath of such the bitter taste of defeat?  Throughout all forces of history and the path all of us mortals take, it is just the evolution of life itself.  So really, what happens when your luck runs out?”

”St. Louis, Missouri
September 3rd, 2016

I’m just going to say it now, Chris Madison, your manager is a fucking idiot.  I honestly don’t know how long you’ve been able to last as long as you’ve had with a guy like Frankie Morrison.  Really, how is it your moral compass, or your esteem has been so high lately?  How have you lasted as long as you’ve had in 4CW with a guy like Frankie Morrison?  Frankie used to be a co-owner of 4CW until the stress, the work of the life was just too much for him to handle.  So what did he do?  He left because the shit in his life made him cave like a weak, little bitch who can't handle the everyday stresses of life.  More importantly, what was he even thinking he could handle a job like that?  So he goes out and decides that he is going to manage Chris fucking Madison, because why not?  It was a good idea at the time.  It was something fresh and it was something that he could profit from.  Then something happened…Chris Madison started winning match after match again in 4CW, beating some of the most irrelevant and relevant stars in 4CW.  Chris Madison was winning and then went on to win the Pride Championship.  You're reign as Pride Champion, hell your undefeated streak has been impressive, Madison, and I really do congratulate you on that.  It’s tough being perfect.  It’s tough remaining at the top of your game knowing that each and every week you put that streak on the line, it becomes more of a chore than an accomplishment.  It’s stressful because it paints an even bigger target on your back week in and week out.

Hollywood was seen in his all black attire and trench coat once again as this time, the darkness was more present with him as he stands on top of one of the buildings looking out towards the arch from a ways right above a dark and shadowy alleyway.

But that’s all it is.  It’s gotten to a point where people aren’t noticing Chris Madison climbing to the ranks of the best in 4CW anymore.  They aren’t mesmerized or even tuning it to see you become someone in 4CW anymore.  All they are tuning in now is to see is this the week, is this the match that Chris Madison finally loses?  It’s now become a case of seeing when it is that you’re going to lose.  That’s what your streak, your legacy in 4CW has become.  Even when your streak does come to an end, it will be the most talked about, the most memorable thing for Chris Madison long to come.  No one can take that away from you, no one, Madison.  However, now you’re in a situation to where you have to wonder what it is that you have to do to keep people talking and not about the streak.  But what is it that can make you stand out to the point that the streak is something you’ve gotten past?  What can Chris Madison do every week to keep people talking about him?  What a contract dispute?  Seriously?

Hollywood shakes his head as he lets out a slight laugh as he can feel the darkness from within, turn.  It was only a matter of time, but it now appears that the darkness within Hollywood has found a way to keep Hollywood’s head in check in his feelings on Chris Madison as a human being.

Contract disputes.  Classic.  You see Madison?  Morrison couldn’t even see the easiest thing right in front of him.  It was RIGHT in front of him.  Coming from a man who actually used to run people’s contracts and a former businessman who used to have EVERYTHING, the contract loophole should have been the most OBVIOUS part of the contract Morrison should have seen, but he didn’t.  Now why did he miss this?  It could be a number of things and we may never really know just exactly it is, but maybe, perhaps, it has something to do with your undefeated streak.  Perhaps you’ve become so great in 4CW, so great that there just isn't anyone in 4CW worth your time anymore because no one can beat you.  So Morrison, like the good little manager he is, has reached out elsewhere in an effort to get you to compete where you actually might find relevant competition.  But you see, it was because of that streak of yours, blinded by your so called perfection, that has added the pressure of Morrison unable to see those things that are too obvious to miss for any ordinary person.

Hollywood pauses as he looks up to the sky as the starry night it was a moment ago, has been filled up by more and more cloud cover as the moon starts to slowly vanish behind the clouds that are moving in.  Hollywood smiles as he starts to understand the symbolism of the situation.  There are sounds of sirens that are heard in the background that get Hollywood’s attention briefly as he starts to laugh devilishly.

Well isn't that interesting?  I might have done something earlier this afternoon that has warranted special interest in me.  What can I say?  My buttons were pushed.  You have to be careful when you push those buttons to because you never know what you’re going to get out of me.  Anyway…it doesn’t seem to matter what state of mind I’m in, the truth always has a way of getting through to us.  I thought for a moment that my match against you Madison, meant something special to me.  Truth is, there is something more special in place that was really absent to me and now that it has been brought to my attention, it’s become that much more special for me to act upon it.  You can actually thank Morrison for me, too.

Hollywood pauses once more before he sighs and shakes his head as he places his hand over his heart and closes his eyes to recognize the feelings surging through his soul.

Rare is it that I actually have an opportunity to play into the hands of the fates.  You can believe Perry Wallace is out to get you all you want, but the truth is I EARNED this match against you.  You see, Perry hates me enough to not give me what I DESERVE and that’s an opportunity to fight for the 4CW Championship.  I did beat Jair Hopkins, so surely that would warrant me a chance at the 4CW Championship.  Oh well…in time, I will get everything that is rightfully mine.  Truth is Perry Wallace is just a puppet of his own product.  He is weak and he is scared.  We all know this to be true.  I was handpicked because the fates know of the storm that is brewing in 4CW.  Lightning will not only strike you down, Chris Madison, but your streak will come to an end.  If history is ANY indication, this is to come to pass.  You may be built like a machine, but even YOU are mortal.  Your streak is symbolic in the rights that it will paint you as a true warrior of professional wrestling and you have played your part well, but all good things MUST come to an end.  So it has been written…so it shall come to pass.  It ALWAYS comes to pass and this perfect storm only comes around every other eon.  Your streak is fragile, Madison, and my rise in 4CW is simply only beginning.  Your story has played out in its entirety and now it’s time that my story evolve in 4CW.  The storm is coming, Madison, and so is the reality of your mortality.  Soon….Madison…..soon…



The scene opens up inside an office room as Brian Hollywood can be seen sitting in a chair and right across from him sits Dr. Richard WeathersBee, Hollywood’s psychiatric doctor appointed to him after he suffered his head injury back in HOW.  Hollywood looks down at the ground with a still, transed look as Dr. WeathersBee looks at his file with a concerned look.

”Your friend, Buck Wringley, told me about your recent behavior and I wanted to meet with you to discuss it with you.”  WeathersBee says softly trying to keep Hollywood in a calm state of mind.

Hollywood doesn’t say anything at first, continuing to look at the ground.  WeathersBee looks at him for a moment before trying to reach Hollywood again.  ”Brian?  Is everything alright?”

Finally, Hollywood looks to have a little life in him, but he tilts his head like he is talking to someone else.  ”You want me to do what?”  Hollywood remains silent for a few moments as he appears to be taking council somewhere as he nods his head slowly in reply.  ”Very well.”

”Is all of this really necessary?”  Hollywood says as he finally looks up at WeathersBee.

”Yes, it is, Brian.”  WeathersBee says firmly and concerned as he looks directly at Hollywood.  ”This is for your own good, Brian.  People are concerned that you have not only become a hazard to yourself, but to all of those around you.  This is how serious this has become.”

”Heh, I’m a hazard to people now?  Since when have I ever been a problem for someone?”  Hollywood says with a smile on his face.  ”Don’t you see?  I’m only a problem with people who pose a threat to me and what stands in my way of true serenity.”

”And what exactly is that, Brian?  Ever since your head injury months ago, your health, along with your mental health and behavior, have deteriorated.  Your friends are worried about you, Brian, and they want to help you.”

And there was that trigger word again, help, that caused Hollywood’s eyes to widen as he looks directly at WeathersBee and WeathersBee appears to have figured out that the word seemed to be a trigger.  He was on to something, and that was a start as Hollywood ripped into him as his threatening stance grew.

”Don’t you EVER say that again!  Do I look like a guy who needs help?!  If you haven’t noticed, I am completely FINE!  Do I fucking look like someone in distress?!”  Hollywood says as his voice picks up and echoes in the small room.

”I apologize, Brian, I shouldn’t have said that.”  WeathersBee says calmly, but nervously as he tries to keep Hollywood’s tensions from rising.  ”Alright, let’s talk about what's on your mind.  I have it under authority that you have a match this week, am I correct?  It appears to be a pretty big one as you’re taking on the undefeated, Pride Champion, Chris Madison.  Why don’t you tell me what's on your mind in that endeavor.”

”Finally, something that we BOTH can agree to discuss.”  Hollywood says with a smile on his face.  ”You wouldn’t understand it.  This match is being billed for all the wrong reasons.  What this match should be advertising is that inevitable hand of fate.  You see, throughout all of history, mighty generals, even mighty gods, have done battle, but you want to know what all those things have in common?  EVERY single one of them have fallen in battle.  EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM!  It is the natural cycle of life and my lord has foreseen this great event play out and the outcome it offers.  It will not only strengthen me, but it will solidify my whole message on the inevitable.”

There is a pause as WeathersBee’s eyes meet with Hollywood’s.  WeathersBee’s anxiety all of a sudden rises as he stares into the dark, cold eyes of Hollywood like something is directing him towards this feeling.  Through this fear, causes WeathersBee to ask a question that puts his curiosity in danger.  ”How do you know this?  Who were you talking to a moment ago before you were talking to me?”[/b]

Hollywood’s eyes light up momentarily and his head starts to shake.  Hollywood doesn’t answer immediately and it looks as if Hollywood is being distracted with the voices that he is hearing as his counseling continues to be coming from elsewhere.  Finally, in response, Hollywood lashes forward and grabs WeathersBee by the throat and takes him to the ground.  WeathersBee looks terrified as Hollywood starts to preach to him as he stares at him directly in the eyes.

”NO!!!  You don’t get that luxury!!  I could snap your fucking neck and choke you to death right here and now if my lord commanded it!  But you don’t get that treatment, not now.  Until his name is uttered do you get to know the consequences of the uttering of his name!”

Hollywood releases WeathersBee and proceeds to rise up as the room goes dark.  Hollywood leaves the room and disappears as a terrified WeathersBee hits a button in the room that sounds the alarm throughout the entire building as security rushes in the room.

”Please, bring him back here!  He's a danger to everyone around him, but especially a danger to himself!  QUICK!  FIND HIM….NOW!”  WeathersBee says as security fly out of the room quickly as the chaotic scene fades to black.



St. Louis, Missouri
That Same Evening…

So you see, the answer is destined to be revealed.  Chris Madison, you have had a nice, long reign as Pride Champion, but it’s time for that reign to come to an end.  It’s time for you to taste the bitter taste of defeat.  The questions have been asked by everyone, but the answer is about to be given.  It must be stressful, burdensome to carry such a weight of being perfect.  But you see, there ALWAYS comes a price with perfection and it so happens that price is being dealt the blow of defeat.  Any man who carries such a spotless record is bound to lose sooner than later.  You yourself have even stated so.  You state that you are actually prepared for your first loss to be dealt to you but are you really ready for it?  In another time, another federation, you might have been able to accept it because that’s all that you knew.  Even if you’ve become this machine, it’s inevitable that you return to the roots of your past.  We all do.  We all must return to our former nature, back into the dirt of the sand where we came from.

Hollywood pauses once more as he looks up towards the night sky, now being completely covered in clouds as the darkness takes full effect on the scene.

You see, even my former self cannot maintain the sweet kindness that once was.  Don’t you see the darkness within me in inevitable and eternal?  I am not a kind Hollywood, I am not a generous Hollywood, I am a Hollywood looking to take charge of the hand that fate has dealt me.  I am fates new commander, I am the controller of destiny and I am here to smite history into its place!  You wanted a fight from me and that’s what you are to receive!  You aren’t facing a Hollywood who is looking to be just another guy who is trying to make waves in 4CW by taking a swing at your streak.  You are facing a Hollywood who understands that there is to be a balance instilled and one who needs to show you that there IS a price to your perfection!  I know of your past and your struggles to rise as a prominent threat in this business!  You have done that here, but there was a time in which you tried to be as great as you are now.

I am here to remind you of your own past because you MUST face it!  This isn't about fulfilling your contract obligations or because you think I have been handpicked by that feeble and weak ass piece of shit, Perry Wallace.  This isn't about continuing to prove there isn't anyone who can stand in your way of staying perfect, either.  In fact, this could very well be your last match in 4CW.  If your contract rumors are to be true and you are done with 4CW, it will be done at the reality that you are to be defeated.  You still stand in the light of the sins of Unstable’s past and you must pay for those sins.  The truth is that I am going to swing and deal the last fatal blow to Unstable because Unstable truly dies with your defeat.  This may not be about Unstable or The Order to you, Madison, but the truth is you are what's left of a representation that MUST answer for its crimes!  You will be given the fight you want, the fight you deserve but the truth is, the point I am making, is that your story in 4CW has reached its point.  There eventually comes a time where a new one shall rise and dominate in your place and that person is me!  Whether you truly think The Order has anything to do with this match is irrelevant!  The biggest of shockwaves, the biggest of events comes from the least likely of places in people’s minds.  That’s what I’m going to prove when I strike you your first loss and defeat in 4CW.  You’re right, though.  The Order isn't going to help me but the truth is that nothing is going to stop me from achieving what MUST be done!  The Unstable is no longer around and it won't save you.  Frankie Morrison won't save you, either!  You are all alone, Madison, and you will feel that truly after I’m done with you in that ring!  This is the reality you must face, Madison, and it IS the reality that will come to pass!  So it has been written….so it shall come to pass!

Hollywood smiles once more before he lets out a deep and loud laugh finally releases the joy from within as Hollywood falls to his knees and holds his arms up in the air as the camera slowly fades out.

Adrenaline / The 3 Year Anticipation No One was ever Aware Of
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”Throughout all of history, destiny and fate have taken their center stage, taking turns dominating and shining for the entire world to remember for the centuries long after its respective moment has been recorded.  However, there has never been a moment of injustice or untipping balance that has been allowed to be left uncounted for.  Even in the beginning of a new churning in fates atmospheres, as it’s resetting its cycle of happenstance, that moment in time, even in its almost forgotten form, always comes back full circle to allow the events to go down in recorded history as a vital historical centerpiece.”

St. Louis, Missouri

The scene opens up just outside of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as nightfall has descended upon the city.  Brian Hollywood can be seen staring intriguingly at the Arch from a lonely bench as a small brisk wind blows in the background.  From a side view, Hollywood’s face can be seen and there is nothing distorted or alarming of Hollywood’s presence tonight.  It was almost like Hollywood was just in his past tense form, just an ordinary human being with no dark forces seemingly at work tonight.

There is a great sense of pride, entitlement, opportunity and history all at work here.  Can you smell the sense in the air?  That is the smell of a former, old familiar scent that hasn’t graced my sense of awareness in what felt like an old time of the past.  It is a faint presence, an almost distant memory of the past that is trying its hardest to press through the timeline of the present.  It is eager to make its historical standpoint known and it is a piece of history that is not recognized in the realm of 4CW.  Yet the very moment is a moment that I have not forgotten through the years and I imagine my opponent this week hasn’t either.  For those of you unaware, there is history between Madison and myself that you all are obviously unaware of.

Hollywood shakes his head and closes his eyes almost like he's taken himself back to the exact day, the exact moment where fate set up an event that would go unchecked completely…at least that’s how it appeared.

It’s funny how our past has a way of being manipulated into the spotlight.  That moment in time, in another world, in another corner of the universe, two people who were looking to make an impact upon a company were pitted together.

Almost as if Hollywood is strangely being effected by a certain amount of emotions, which is supposedly supposed to be completely undetectable with this new dark character of Hollywood, closes his eyes once more and shakes his head yet again and surprisingly doesn’t avoid the events of what took place.

I didn’t forget about what happened that night.  I stumbled and I fell right into a finishing move that started us off on the wrong side of the tracks.  I won't deny that.  However, I wasn’t myself that night and I stand by that.  Do you honestly think I would be any better if that happened without any tainting?  You were naïve just as much as I was starting in a brand new promotion.  Who you are today, and who you’ve become, you wouldn’t think that Chris Madison would be anything like the Madison of past.  Yet it happened.   These feelings I am experiencing right now..they are strange to me and somehow I’m vulnerable to their play outs.  This whole match between you and I on Adrenaline, it has somehow unlocked a core event that the fates obviously have a plan for and they are BIG, Madison.  It’s strange to believe that such a small event of the past can be expected to come full circle and play out on a big stage, centerfold, right here in 4CW.  It’s almost ironic, being that our careers are more tied together than anyone else, including ourselves, can actually believe.  I am actually astounded that our paths haven’t crossed until now in 4CW.  I always knew it would come, though.  This is important to the both of us and we both have something to prove, something to complete that we started so long ago.

Hollywood starts to walk right outside of the arch.  The traffic was low due to it being so late at night as Hollywood stops for a split second before taking the journey to the other side of the arch.  With transitioning to the other side, Hollywood is overcome by a different feeling, and this one being on the side of the present day events now as Hollywood focuses on the upcoming battle with Madison.

Here we are, Madison, in the present and ready to fight.  No gimmicks, no bullshit, just you and me ready to finish what fate had started all those years ago.  You may be the current 4CW Pride Champion, you may currently be undefeated, but I know that you ARE beatable.  I’ve seen it, witnessed it, took NOTE of it.  There are not a whole lot of people here in 4CW who have seen the side of Chris Madison that I’ve seen.  You're old Unstable buddy, Jason Cashe, has seen it and besides him and I, no one else is aware that there is a defeated Madison that lies within you.  Erron Wilder couldn’t see it because he didn’t know about it.  NONE of your past 4CW opponents could possibly see it.  All they were concerned about was being the ONE to conquer the streak and become Pride Champion.  Every single one of those people had something in common and their hopes clouded their judgments.  Anyone here in 4CW who looks to conquer the streak of Chris fucking Madison asks too much of themselves.  They are looking for that career defining moment, the big moment that will catapult them to superstardom here in 4CW.  The thing is, though, they are looking in all of the wrong places.  With you and I, there is more than just a streak and a title that sets in our way.  It’s about closure and righting the wrongs of our mistakes of the past.  No matter what happens come time for Adrenaline, no matter the result in that ring, closure will find its way to the both of us.  Our match is bigger than people realize, Madison, and it’s supercard big, it’s match of the year big and people can't and won't comprehend that!

Hollywood walks to a bench on the far side of the arch and takes a seat.  Regardless of the big opportunity Hollywood has here, he remains absolutely calm and there is a certain stillness within Hollywood’s soul that keeps a level head on his shoulders.

The contract disputes, they don’t matter.  The Order and The Unstable, they don’t matter.  The streak itself, even though it is the very importance of your career here in 4CW, it does not matter.  You are going to be facing a Hollywood who KNOWS Chris Madison more than anyone else here in 4CW does.  Despite our rare confrontations here in 4CW, you know that I’m right.  The fact that this match is about closing the history of our past, you should be worried more than losing your streak about what is going to happen when we meet in the middle of that ring.  We both know what we have to do and we both want our own justice for the crimes of our past.  If you ask me, that makes us both dangerous in ways that only the two of us understand.  This match will not be like the others and I know that neither of us will stop at nothing to get the justice that we want.  You want this win and I want this win.  This match is going to go down as one of the greatest matches in 4CW history and we know that, despite how little it may mean to the rest of the roster.  No matter what, though, the fates WILL bring a force the likes that 4CW has never seen all because of what started in APW that is bigger than anyone could possibly realize.  In a way, we seemingly know each other more than anyone else does and that’s what's going to push this match to legendary status.  Look how far the both of us have come since then, Madison.  While we may have taken different paths, you can't help but wonder what would have been had we gone down the same path.  What we could have done, what the fates would have recorded.  What could have been has such an important influence to the curiosity and perhaps if things were different, things in 4CW today would have been altered.  Who knows.  All I know is the past, our past, is what will be disputed when we clash in that ring.  You are a different person and so am I but to the both of us, neither of us will ever have a different perspective on the other despite what the rest of the roster may think.  That’s what makes this match so special and despite our current predicaments, I personally can't wait to clash in that ring with you and battle center stage for the fates to write us in history.  Either way, and I don’t say this or admit this often, but there is going to be that rare essence of respect when we meet.  We may want to tear each other apart and satisfy the end of our own past demons, but there is a personal joy in this personal match up.  So I say, enjoy it while the moment lasts, Madison, because these moments don’t come by very often….until Adrenaline, our fight of all fights shall commence….

A rare moment of personal identity and respect of Hollywood comes over him as we get a rare sight of Hollywood’s true nature, his past nature of what defined him, shines briefly deep within Hollywood, the part of him that was lost to the darkness, before the scene slowly fades to black.


Los Angeles, California

The scene opens up inside of the now abandoned former Warehouse of the operations of Hollywood and Savage as Brian Hollywood and Aamon can be seen center of the Warehouse.  There are a few changes to the Warehouse as it is being molded to the works and liking of Moldark Marek, the King of Darkness.  There appears to be an alter in construction in the background as Hollywood is seen on one of the steps facing Aamon.

”I know what you mean, trust me.  I know that you are excited for this moment as it’s an important event of opportunity for The Order.”  Hollywood says softly to Aamon as a dark undertone remains intact within him.  ”I know what I must do, but this match up means more to me than can be realized.”

”You have defeated the incompetent and false 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins last week.  You have already proven The Order’s relevance and true threat in 4CW.  You are the TRUE 4CW Champion, and you will strike fear and defeat within Chris Madison come time for Adrenaline and become the new Pride Champion of 4CW.”  Aamon says firmly with his few words.

Hollywood lets out a small smile towards Aamon as he knew he meant well but this match with Madison meant more to Hollywood than anyone could possibly understand.  Hollywood takes a seat at the edge of the step as he can hear the counseling of Moldark’s words, faint in the background.[/b]

”Fate is but a personal employee, a trusted advisor of my servitude and an ally of the nature of darkness, my apprentice.  Fate is on your side in this endeavor, my dark friend, and nothing will stop my will and the will of The Order’s dominance within the weak confines of 4CW.”

”Your will and your fear will continue to work through me, my Lord.”  Hollywood says confidently with a smile.  ”Jair Hopkins was an example of how truly powerful I am and what I can do in 4CW.  I have already proven that by beating the 4CW Champion, I have the power to control the very top of 4CW and can take it at will.  It all but proves that The Order is the true force in 4CW and that the Unstable is but a broken down system, a force that is no longer in control of 4CW.”

Hollywood pauses briefly, though, as what is on his mind currently means more than proving a point of dominance.  It is, in fact, establishing a point of the past, something that seems to be more important than anything else.  Hollywood is quick to realize that his thoughts are one with Moldark and that Moldark senses what's on his mind.

”I know what it is that engulfs your soul, my friend.  I know all too well of the past that faces you this week in your fight against the false prophet of reality that is Chris Madison.  Madison is merely human and humans will always display the same weaknesses.  Madison may think that he is high and mighty, but you know the truth and you are going to expose that truth soon and show how much of a fraud that Chris Madison really is!”  Moldark says as his words echo through the darkness with ease.

”This match with Madison is different, still.  I could care less about his streak.  I could take the Pride Championship with ease, but this match has awakened an old past time feeling that must be addressed.”  Hollywood says with a lesser tone of darkness in response.  ”Adrenaline is a chance to set the events of the past right.  However, there is a respect I have for Madison and regardless of the circumstances, I’m going to meet him in the ring and face him as such.  Perhaps if circumstances were different, we could get Madison on our side.  He could be a powerful ally to us.”

Aamon doesn’t say anything but ponders the thought of what Hollywood was potentially proprosing.  Meanwhile, a calm Moldark, who we still don’t see in the background, councils Hollywood on the thought.  ”Perhaps.  This Unstable force may already be dead, but I advise caution, my dark friend.  Madison may be a work, but his manager isn't exactly the work of confidence.”

As there is a lot of talk about what to do with Madison, Hollywood remains firm in his current standing with the match and facing the events of the past.  Hollywood shakes his head calmly and doesn’t appear to have a dark thought against Madison as he really contemplates the upcoming match and how important it is for him, win or lose, and how this match is different than the current quest he is on for power in 4CW.  Regardless, Hollywood continues to debate and wrestle with his old self deep down, a presence that was believed to be gone, and his current darkness that is powering his soul as he is left with a dilemma as the scene fades to black.

St. Louis, Missouri
The Following Evening


The scene once again transitions back to the Gateway of the Arch as a pondering Hollywood continues to sit and dwell on the upcoming match against Madison as the camera zooms closely on him.

Our match this coming Adrenaline is going to be one for the ages, Madison, and I continue to remain locked on what I said.  I truly believe our match is going to break barriers in 4CW that have never been broken before.  Regardless of the accomplishments you have achieved and everything you have and I have done in 4CW so far, is going to pale in comparison to what happens when we lock up in the middle of that ring.  This feeling I have, I don’t know….it’s strong.  You can point and laugh at it all you want but you can't deny that I’m truly onto something here.  This match is going to be special and regardless of all this pointless contract bantering between you and Perry Wallace and even Frankie Morrison, I know this is a match you’ve wanted for a long time.  Now you have the chance to actually come at this thing with all fucking cylinders.  No bullshit, no Order, No Unstable, just you and me.  No funny business, no power hungry attempts to conquer, just you and me with the singles match we’ve always wanted.

I know your back is against the wall with your decision to leave 4CW, but not until this match happens.  You need this and I fucking need this!  This match is GOING TO HAPPEN!  If this is to truly be your last match in 4CW, regardless of what is going on with your contract or that weak minded, useless Perry Wallace, why not make this the match that DEFINES the both of us in 4CW!  If this is truly your last act in 4CW, then I’m going to make the most of it.  I don’t care what happened with the past opponents you’ve faced and their so called failures at taking the streak, our match goes beyond that and the Pride Championship itself.  I mean, fucking hell, our own PRIDE is going to transcend the Pride Championship itself and I’m going to give you the fight you’ve always wanted, the fight that I’ve always wanted.  One way or another, this is going to be the best match you’ve ever had.  We are two very different people since we left APW, and we both have become great in our own right.  If anything, I’m going to show you just not only how much this match means to me in terms of closure, but just how far I’ve come personally since the days of APW.  I hope you’re ready for the fight of your career, Madison, because you’re not going to find this ANYWHERE ELSE, with ANYONE ElSE but ME!  So prepare for the showdown of all showdowns because people are going to be talking about this match long after the both of us have retired and have hung up the boots and if anything, this will be a fight you will NEVER forget after your days of 4CW are over.  That much I promise you, that much I owe you.  Not for 4CW, NOT FOR PERRY WALLACE, but for YOU AND ME!  The clash of the fates, a truly defining historical moment will take place, and fate itself will write it the way we tell it!

Looking into the camera one more time, Hollywood lets out a small, genuine smile, before slowly turning away and walking away from the arch and into the night as the camera fades out.

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Throw me backstage #6 if you will, please.  I may sign up for another one, but 6 for sure right now.

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