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Adrenaline / Once A Failure, Always A Failure
« on: November 12, 2018, 04:19:25 AM »
She emerged. After months of hibernation, Kat Jones posted a vlog to the website to let people know she was alive. This wasn't the best method to drive home a message that she was ready to be taken seriously. You felt that Kat wasnít prepared for putting herself out there like everything youíve been doing after losing to Mariano Fernandez. Arriving in Baltimore pieces of the sky were colored in an array of perfect orange, purple and red spread across the Fort McHenry National Monument. To you, the war was never over from what took place in Mexico City. If anything things are just getting started. Cameras pan to the left scanning this vast open space as a series of greyish blue industrial cannons lined up along the bottom of a grassy mound within inches from each other pointed outward.

They remained stationed on the bottom of that mound waiting for another chance to serve and protect. A sweet smell of nearby jasmine being prepared for winter carries over throughout the late afternoon. Baltimore was the next city that 4CW Adrenaline was coming to visit after leaving memories of what happened in Mexico behind. Baltimore was a new day. A new chance for people on the roster to get noticed and start building toward the last pay-per-view of the season. Winter Wasteland. The sound of someone clapping in an unknown location could be heard getting louder and louder as the sound got closer. It was you that was clapping as you came into the frame slowly still limping a bit from the fall you took off the Warzone of Horrors match. The camera wraps around, giving the video feed a motion blur effect. You looked at the camera lens with your hand is placed on a cannon.

ďIím so glad you could finally join us, Kat.Ē

You acknowledged your once silent opponent with a smile. It appears the emo girl from Cincinnati had a voice after all. She is a brave one to be speaking up after everything that has happened since Warzone. Maybe she should have shut her mouth and accepted her fate. Kat really was not ready for the storm heading her way. How could she survive this fight? It was different.

ďI was beginning to think this was going to be another disappointment on your part. However, youíre used to being a disappointment because like you admitted, youíre the black sheep of the family. That is your whole life, right? Despite being this rough and tough woman from that survived the streets you could never be a champion here. Even I found minor success capturing the Fate Championship. Lackluster as the reign might have been at least I won something. Now I hear you make the claim you let me win.Ē

Your mouth scrunched up as your eyes dart across to the ground before they lifted up again.

ďThatís adorable, KitKat. Downplaying 101 by Kat Jones. Further, into this vlog, you mention that you never forgot me beating you. But wasnít that under your control? Didnít you allow me to beat you? That was your whole point before. I guess anything to shift focus away from you not getting the job done. Anything to wipe away the egg from your face after I damn near controlled everything in our last encounter. I owned you. Sure, you tried but by no means does that mean you let me win anything. Youíre just afraid to admit that I beat your sorry ass in the middle of the ring where it mattered, and you were out cold.Ē

It was Adrenaline Eighty-Two. You were still recovering after losing to Anastasia Hayden in the South Beach Brawl qualifying. Kat Jones was also recovering from getting the L from Rorie Steele. You both were on the even ground heading into the match. The Colonial Life Arena lights were beaming that night but only one would shine leaving the other flat on their back. You rose the victor after ending Kat with a Forever Night. Now you wanted that bitch to scream in pain while Kat Jones goes back to obscurity.

ďWhile you can talk about changing all you want. About how you have changed from that fateful night in the Colonial Life Arena. I have changed more so than anything you managed to do since popping back to life. I represent change a lot more than what you have done since waking up this morning and deciding to finally give a damn about what you have. A job. Iíve shown over the past few weeks Iím willing to be focused on the task at hand. I beat Bronx Valescence when people all over the world said I wouldnít. I beat the man that you couldnít beat, Finn Whelan, to qualified in the Warzone of Horrors match. And even though I didnít walk out of Mexico City holding my precious championship I will get there. All I feel from your vlog appearance is pleading to a webcam out of sheer obligation.Ē

ďYou just donít seem to be wanting the victory bad enough because if you really did, Kitty Kat. You would have done proper research and went back to what I actually said instead of making up shit. I was never obsessed with your fucking family. Iím not Sarah. Say hello to your fictional deadbeat sister, Sarah.Ē Suddenly, the camera turns around to see an extreme close-up of Sarah Jones.

ďFuck you, bitch.Ē

Sarah switches everything back around to you just as youíre pushing off the cannon. You grunt as your hand letís go from the industrial weapon. Your right arm extends out as you wiggle your finger.

ďI donít know what promo you were researching before speaking, but it certainly wasnít mine. I never once called you a princess. Maybe you should have your ears and eyes checked. I did, however, mention your shitty WWH World Championship claim to fame back in March, which is where youíre basing this shit on. You canít even cut a good promo in truths. I tore your ass on that one. I also mentioned how Perry Wallace was a cuck and doesnít give two shits about you because youíre not Bronx and never will be in your entire existence on this motherfucking earth. So, in that regard, I do pay attention. Just like I know you were glancing over shit when trying to come up with something to say when talking about me. All youíre doing is going through the paces, Kat.Ē

You brought your finger back to your side.

ďYou arenít looking to really change anything. Do you even have a roadmap to where you're wanting to go beyond our match? No. No Katnip, You donít. See, Iím willing to bet you have no current plans other than beating me. That's all fun and games but what about the end goal. The reason that you decided to come out of non-existence. You MIGHT be looking to getting by after this little dance of ours next Wednesday. Me, however, Iím tired of just getting by in any of my matches now. You MIGHT like having no direction, but as Iíve stated I want that championship from Artemis Keiser. I need that championship, Kat.Ē

It was the object of your eyes. Of course, you wanted the championship.

ďThe only things stopping me from reaching that goal is myself. Iíve spent far too much time going around being everyoneís fool. Iíve spent too much wasting around getting my ass beat every other week, You act like youíre the only one that has dealt with people trying to mold them into someone they didnít want to be. Iíve got a long list of people that had the exact same experience growing up. Your story is nothing special. There are a million of them, take your pick. I donít need to be hindered by my past anymore, because I got my eyes focused on the future of where I want to go after I lay your ass down screaming in pain. Watching your vlog was like watching a goddamn public speech, only with the person pausing every few minutes acting like you have some kind of fucking problem. What if I started talking like this.. would you understand my promos now that Iím talking slower.. does this work better if I talk like I have down syndrome..Ē

You were not holding back your words. They were filled with venom and other poisonous acids. You did not care about hurting someoneís feelings in todayís society. They either deal with it or get out. Kat Jones didnít have what it takes to be vicious anymore. You began taking a few small steps forward before stopping to look up at the sky with all its beauty.

ďYou talk about how a loss doesnít phase you. I guess youíre right in that respect because you canít let something phase you if youíre losing matches left and right. The last time you won anything was back in twenty-fifteen. Then you try coming at me with some fucking bullshit about youíre only as good as your next fight. Bitch, you stole that line from mine and my step-sisterís promo against Bronx in that handicap match. Anyway, arenít you supposed to be this big, bad bitch around wrestling? Youíre not supposed to be saying losing doesnít matter. Youíre supposed to care about winning and proving your dominance. Iím expecting some form of respect coming out of your pie hole next. And then, I expect some talk about how you really want to be everyoneís friend at the playground. I mean, youíre already saying how you want me at best when you really should be hoping Iím still beat up from that Warzone match. No happy thoughts. No wishful thinking. You should be as brutal as you were back in the day against Jair Hopkins.Ē

You turn, looking back at the camera and then slowly took a breather.

ďSee, Iíve come to understand beating your fucking ass at the Royal Farm Arena isnít nothing to write home about. Iím not even bragging about what happened in our match a few months ago here. Youíre nothing special, Kitty Kat. You never were special. Beating you does nothing for me because that victory is a waste of breath around here. You want to wake up from slumber thinking you can beat me. You wonít. Not when Iíve been out there taking on more dangerous people than some former Drew Stevenson bitch. Or, getting my ass handed to me by a girl dressed like a cast member of the Twilight Saga garbage. You can talk about youíre okay about losing and getting back up all you would like, but I have come to Baltimore to win and move on.Ē

The camera starts panning across the valley.

ďNothing that you can do is going to stop the level of pain that will be coming your way at Adrenaline. You are right about one thing Kat Jones. We are nowhere near friends. I have no friends. Even if I did, I certainly wouldnít be friends with someone like you. Honestly, the way things are looking I find youíre more the enemy than someone I would consider a friend. Youíre someone I wouldnít mind making them bleed if given the chance because they would just annoy the fuck out of me every single day. You would be someone I would rather throw their lifeless body into a ditch after having my fun while missing poster of you gets passed around, and thrown in the trash. Special stipulations, you say? Oh, honey, I donít think you would want any of that. While I may look like a joke, a hurdle as you would like to say. I can get scary violent beyond your wildest dreams. Do you want to know what I would love doing to you, friend?Ē

You bend down. Your eyes shift back and forth as you move for the camera to get closer. Your breath starts almost getting picked up by the cameras built-in microphone. It was haunting toward ears.

ďIím going to need you to listen because this is very important. Are you listening, Kat? I know you love your painful matches. So, what I would love doing in our match is do more than leave you a bloody mess. Thatís childís play. I would break every bone inside your body if I ever lock in my Bloody Tears, I would apply my hold and never let go until I say you had enough. Until I see blood coming out from your eyes as the pressure starts building around your head as I tighten the hold. Everyone in the arena will hear a different kind of scream pouring out of your mouth as you can do nothing but... Scream. Scream. Scream.Ē

After speaking you lean away from the camera. Out of nowhere, you flash a friendly smile.

ďDonít worry, Kitty Kat. I wonít be giving you my pity. Youíll be getting my boot as I make you go back to being irrelevant and going back to disappearing off 4 Corners Wrestling just as before after I made you my bitch.Ē

ďAnd back to when nobody knew where you were.Ē

With that being said, everything fades to black as you continue smiling away at the camera.

Adrenaline / Wanting Evolution
« on: November 08, 2018, 03:24:08 AM »
ďIím still HERE!!!Ē You raised your voice.

ďItís going to take more than a fall through three tables to end me. Itís going to take more than a worthless cunt to end my journey to become the new 4CW Champion. Oh, I will get there whether anyone likes it or not. I will be the one to get the last laugh. I give Genie some credit the bitch tried ending my career but I always find a way to get back up to continue, unlike Kat. She would be lucky if I donít permanently injure her the way I feel right now. Though maybe that will be an improvement for her. Kat Jones can go doing nothing at home while mooching off the government for disability. Itís no different than what Kat does in 4 Corners Wrestling now.Ē
Pain. It coursed through your body even though you couldnít feel anything. Some small part of you acknowledged it was there. The memories about falling off the Warzone of Horrors match were still fresh on your mind. How could they not be? Time for you stopped the moment Genieve decided to finally do something. Fading in. Our view presents us to a hotel as the camera footage appears different. It appears homemade with shaky movement every now and again.

You turn your head to their guiding light shimmering against the darkness of a long hallway. While the rest of the company were well on their way to arriving in Baltimore. You are sitting in Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel at three in the morning days after Fright Night. You limp into the light holding the wall as the operator dials back on the zoom, adjusting to a medium shot.

ďI thought I ran you off, Katnip. Much like my quest to become World Champion, I guess I should try harder. I guess the water wasnít enough to scare the cheerful cat away. Iím going to have to resort to drowning the little fur ball under it stops moving. I told them, I told the world what would happen if I didnít capture the championship at Fright Night and here you are at my doorstep. People like you who think they're ready to become something in the 4 Corners Wrestling, but donít have the guts to do something about it. I was just in the fight of my whole career. What have you been doing lately other than it on the sidelines waiting to be released while tweeting on social media about relaxing. I donít give a shit about relaxing. Thereís no relaxing for me after I gotten a taste of what itís like to be in the main event, going for something I was told that was beyond my reach. Iím not stopping like others wish I would.Ē

You were not there reflecting on what went wrong. Rather, your thoughts circled on how they stop you. In your mind, pitting you against Kat Jones wasnít going to do the trick no matter how it was received.

ďIím not going to become complacent after losing the Warzone of Horrors like so many others are willing to do, waiting idly for their next opportunity to roll around. Thatís not me, fam. Just because I didnít walk out as champion a few days ago doesnít mean Iím accepting defeat. My dad always said I was persistent when I had something in my sight.Ē 

There is no evolution. Everyone involved in the Warzone of Horrors seemed happy going back to their normal ways. It was stupid you thought because all this chatter about wanting to champion appeared to fizzle out. Everyone seemed happy to go back to what they were doing before Warzone. At least until the next opportunity, and then they will talk. The company had little faith in you as their top star. They have you going against Kat Jones of all people. It showed what 4CW thought about you. Nothing.

ďYou once said that you like bending and twisting others bigger and better than me into a pretzel. See, what Iím going to do to you has no relation to food. I see you as merely a flimsy little branch standing in my way. You havenít attempted to get placed onto anything since our last encounter when I laid your fucking ass out. Your name and face taking up space while Iíve been putting in work to change where I am in this company. I encouraged my step-sister up and together, together we beat your supposed fatherís baby boy leaving him so distort, so embarrassed that he couldnít even beat a stupid Salvation member.Ē

A smirk appeared as your tongue slid across your mouth.

ďOh well. Heís too busy fishing with Anastasia now to give a shit about 4 Corners Wrestling. Who knows maybe youíll go join him after everything that will happen to you when I make your ass scream out loud begging for someone to stop the match. If getting beat once by me wasnít enough then surely getting beat a second time should send make you question your worth here. I mean fucking look at yourself, Kitty Kat. You dress as if the gothic stage is still screaming edgy. Itís nothing but a relic. You're just an average bitch from Cincinnati looking for a reason to call someone daddy. Kat Jones, Kat Wallace, doesnít matter. You are still the same piece of shit using a popularized wrestling move as a finisher. I bet because you thought it looked cool. The Scorpion Crosslock, huh?Ē

The Wildkat was a submission that you remember studying last time. The submission was already a famous one well before Kat Jones adopted it into her moveset. It had been used for years by legends. It was a move designed to have no escape once the hold was locked on the opponents tightly they had no option but tap. It was effective much like Bloody Tears, you thought.

ďYou think thatís going to scare me after the shit Iíve been through this past week inside that fucking Warzone match? You think thatís going to scare off me just as others thought I would be long gone from here after not winning the world championship, Katnip? I donít scare off easily. Iím more determined than ever. Basically, everything about you is genetic from your looks to your moves. Itís as if you ran down the list of what was popular and mashed it together to see what works. Hell, I went through three goddamn tables and yet Iím still standing here. Iím not worried about you attempting any fucking size-based move, because you wonít be locking it on me, Kitty Kat. All youíll do is lay flat on your back just as last time, broken and motionless youíll still be.Ē

Suddenly, you push away from the hotel wall thinking you can get back to a vertical base. You struggle. Your bones pop a little after being hunched over for a few minutes. Your head looks straight up before lowering your head to the camera.

ďIím finished playing around with losers that are on their way out of the door. Iím meant to be along the main event scene, but someone in control felt you needed another chance after you praised what everyone went through in that fucker at Fright Night. It was as if you rose back from the dead reminding everyone youíre still employed. Not for long. See, Perry might get a kick out of jerking you around making you think heís your daddy. He might find humor having your fucking ass travel with 4 Corners Wrestling again after being removed from this company for so damn long. I donít, Kat. When I look at you being here. I donít laugh.Ē

Rooms are on both sides. You stand in the middle looking down the hallway.

ďSee Kat, whatever you had, believing you could return and be a massive success is over now. The Kat Jones name is being tossed around like a goddamn joke backstage. I know what you must have thought sitting in WWH before signing over to the company. You wanted to come back and be this great superstar much like Bronx Valescence, much like Jason Cashe used to be before packed up his ball and went somewhere else. However, somewhere along the way, you didnít care whether you were being handed. You showed less interest in your career returning to 4 Corners Wrestling after being gone for so long. I donít know about you, but Iíve had it up to here being stuck in this endless loop of facing off against a woman that doesnít seem to want to be here. A woman that would rather make food for a Scotsman than be wrestling for a company months ago she was over the moon excited to be back.Ē

You attempt breath but it becomes hard.

ďLetís hope it wasnít cat food.Ē You say adding another smirk. ďI know I hurt your feelings last time because you didnít bother saying a fucking word. You accepted your fate just as you will accept your now and nothing you do is going to change that, Kat. You being here is just another body that will eventually get thrown to the waste side, if you haven't been turned to another Freedom.Ē

Everything that came out of your mouth is brutal. You did not care about anything or anyone but getting back up that mountain again. It was like a sweet that you couldnít get enough tasting. You were on a sugar high. You knew going on this journey wasnít good for your body, but when have you for giving a damn. If management wanted to be sent a message. You are planning on giving them one by way of Kat Jones beaten worse than anything she had been through before. The camera switched to a close up of your head.

ďYou went from being highly regarded in WWH as their World Champion to being my personal bitch in a matter of months. I guess what could I have expected coming from that shit hole. Even if you were to ask people that know you. Many would be in my favor heading into our match in two weeks. Our match wonít be pretty for you, Kat. It wonít be pretty for you at all. I know you always said you enjoy violence. You welcome the thought of entering a match to hurt another person. For your sake, I really do hope thereís still that fighting spirit left when I enter that ring for Adrenaline. I hope thereís still a piece of that violent Kat Jones that you told everyone about, thatís if she even exists at all because last time was a fucking goddamn joke. See, Iím going to take the violent side that I showed at Fright Night and I will be bringing some of that into our match in two weeks time.Ē

ďIím going to take everything that the Warzone of Horrors has taught me, and Iíll bring it to Baltimore. It will be my parting gift to you as everything that you know starts fading away. Your happy feelings of being back. The considered look on your supposed father. Every moment you had been a top wrestler. All those things will be gone. Youíre nothing but another waste of space sucking up too much air while Iíve been spending the past month finally waking up trying to change my imagine. Iím not sitting around with my fingers in my ass waiting for someone to give me something to do. Honestly, Kat, being inside the ring against you is like being in there with a fucking blow up doll that people keep sending on social media to others. You both look silly as hell doing anything in any capacity. You canít be taken seriously by anyone in real competition outside that circus in WWH. You both get passed around a lot - and you both blow.Ē

You look at the camera.

ďGo back to posing photos online while youíre still able to stand. After Wednesday, Iím going to make sure this match is going to be your final appearance inside a 4 Corners Wrestling event. There wonít be any third chances against me. I am simply better.Ē

With that being said, the look that you give the camera is a focused one. Nothing was keeping you from walking away from Adrenaline with the victory under your belt. It did not matter if Kat Jones showed up or not, because this was your time to show everyone just how violent you can be. The camera fades.

Fright Night V / Waited Enough
« on: October 21, 2018, 06:59:39 PM »
Ancient stones roast against the unforgiving power of the sun. Plants and leaves shook while monkeyís traverse from tree to tree without a care. Off in the distances came echoes of mammal calling, and the chirps and hums from birds and insects, as they would tour through the Mexico jungle, remaining you that it is alive and well. Resting amidst the fence primeval wilderness and undergrowth plants and vegetation is where skeletal stone remains of an advanced and powerful civilization once laid claim over the land. Temples still intact. The rest is found crumbled in the ground miles away from where it was originally placed centuries ago. Abandoned the Mayan Empire stood. You are there kneeling down on a stretch of land, where warriors sacrificed themselves in a deadly game of Pok-A-Tok. Cameras start to pan your way from right to life noticing you were wearing a light grey Calvin Klein sweatshirt, acid wash blue jeans, and white sneakers. Your hand hovers over sparse grass while twisting a small piece of rubble. You can feel it be rough and sharp in your hands.

ďAncient ruins like these were found in every Mayan city. And for thousands of years, these fields housed as a war zone between players in a challenging sport called Pok-A-Tok. To Mayans throwing a rubber ball through giant stone hoops wasnít for fun. Pok-A-Tok was the embodiment of life over death, where players werenít just people who volunteered, they werenít just people selected by random. They were sometimes prisoners. Winning wasnít only important. It was part of survival.Ē

Cameras switch to another camera that already had a close-up, watching you pick yourself up off the squatted position. You look around at the small hoops still hanging on stone walls of the ball field. You imagine what these prisoners had to go through.

ďLosing in a game of Pok-A-Tok meant you would be offered as sacrifice to the gods. Much like Pok-A-Tok. Fright Night has itís own sports game, where the loses have to get sacrificed down to the lower levels on the card. For some losing in the Warzone could actually kill career once stepping inside the steel structure. Some might enjoy being at the bottom. Iím not one of them. Not anymore Iím not.Ē

Your voice speaks with more conviction this time around. It had more aggressive than before. Maybe because Warzone was all or nothing for you, to finally get up and do something with your career, those words come out of desperation as you try to get away from where you labeled and placed. Opener. Mid-Carder. Never Main Eventer. You held the piece of stone in your grip until arching back and throwing the small stone through one of the individual loops high above. You look back at the cameraman filming.

ďIím through being sacrificed so that anyone like Genevie, Viduus, Anastasia, or Dakota can get whatever they want. If I desire to be 4CW Champion, if I have any dream of getting out of this shitty place I have been in, I have to unhook that 4CW Championship. If I donít win you would have Anastasia taking the 4CW Championship to other parts of the world where 4CW wasnít being advertised being apart of just to add to her fame instead of having a champion thatís here, exclusively. You would have Genevie bragging about it over Twitter reminding us all that she finally managed to have the biggest accomplishment of her life. Not getting married to Eli.Ē

Cameras get an extreme close up while said that briefly, then they go back to a medium shot. 

ďNot adopting that older man chasing tweener. Not even having her own zoo. Nope. Itís being 4CW Champion. You would have Dakota likely murdering somebody wearing the championship while cradling baby Peyton one day. That belt is going to the evidence locker and that Peyton will be taken by DHR for further investigation. It would be even more bad press than what they say about us on Twitter. As for the champion, Viduus will do what he also does. Play witch doctor in the modern world. The others might think they want the title, but I want it more than they do. Sure, I might be a control freak. Who doesnít like a little control now and again? After all, it is all I have until I seize control by winning Warzone as the new 4CW Champion.Ē

Those two words carried weight. Not since the days of Mariano has the championship meant nothing. It had gone from being carried by one of the longest reigns in 4 Corners Wrestling to getting practically gifted to ended up in the hands of a voodoo witch doctor. Now, this is your opportunity to be something other than what people expect of you. A 4CW Champion.

ďWell, I should have known you wouldnít show around yet. You disappointed me much like Iím sure the Mayans were when they had to sit down and watch morons like you tuning yourself out during the Pok-A-Tok, Cyrus. You go looking for others to get where you need to be at. It is almost as if you want to go on failing. Itís like you want your career to die meaningless and nothing noteworthy. You talked all that stuff about how you were going to be top of the mountain. You would be giving no false hope and yet you have already managed to give me false hope again, Riddle. You had me right in there to prove me and everyone that you could be more than just Dakotaís side bitch, that you could end up finally being the man in charge of Omerta, and youíve let the world down again. You will forever be branded as a fucking pussy that had a chance to be free then decided to not show what you were made of.Ē

You rolled your eyes.

ďThe Has-Been. Bryan Laughlin. You think youíre special because youíre a leader to a cult. I used to belong to a cult when I was just starting to understand the business. I had brothers and sisters who welcomed me in with open arms and swore they would be there for me when I needed guidance. I prayed to their Gods. I drunk their kool-aid for years. I listened when something was asked of me to do in the name of the order. Over time I found myself breaking free from their grip and then I started to think for myself. I started being myself. You said I have left behind all the success to fall back when I get beat at Fright Night, but you would be wrong. You are making the same mistake Anastasia made. She said the same thing, I donít care about what success Iíve managed to pick up over the years Iíve been doing this. See, I donít care, Bryan, because none of those accomplishments do anything for me in the Warzone match. It doesnít help me get the 4CW Championship. I have to do that on my own.Ē

You look at the ground before shortly looking back up.

ďInside, I thought I would be in deep shit when you qualified for the Warzone match, Artemis. Everyone was hyping you up like you were some kind of Final Girl trope. The type who will go through some terrible murders of your friends and family to meet face to face with the killer. It happened in Friday the 13th with Alice Hardy, Nightmare on Elm Street with Nancy Thompson, and in Halloween with Laurie Strode to name a few since thereís been many. You might have Dakota Smith and Viduus Morta play into that, I wonít. I expected you to come out guns blazing because you wanted to show off. What I got is a little cunt afraid to show themselves in front of the camera. I donít know if you were sleeping in late or you were daydreaming in the shower. If you were daydreaming that kind of shit might have got you somewhere in a place like HKW. It doesnít do shit here in 4 Corner Wrestling.Ē

ďIt doesnít prepare your body for what is really going to happen to you inside a match where everything is on the line. The Warzone gives zero fucks about your dreams. No wonder youíve never been a top champion you had one fucking job and you just blew it for yourself. Congratulations, Artemis. Now you have Dakota really licking his chops ready to add victim number two to the list of people heís hung in this company. I was almost bought into that hype bullshit. I was going easy on you and this is what you do in return. RIP bitch. Youíre not surviving this Warzone, because this isnít a horror movie and this sure as hell isnít A Christmas Story. Youíll shoot your eye out, kid.Ē

Artemis was not just a threat to any championship. You knew that if she really pulled herself together. She would be someone that you consider dangerous if given the option and means to sneak away with both championships. You needed to watch her.

ďWhen I first arrived in 4CW at the start of last year. Your name was one of the first ones people pointed and told me I should stay away from you, Dakota. You were considered bad news to anyone that dared so much as sneeze in your direction. Dakota Smith used to mean something to this place at one time. People used to scream. It used to strike fear, but now that name being screamed is you to pick up the baby formula. Youíre nothing like you once were a few years back, Dakota. Youíre a broken record that keeps repeating. When I look into your eyes. I donít see the lunatic that survived being put inside a casket and set on fire. I see a demented soul trying to keep his name relevant in the minds of everyone before he slowly turns to dust. I know the Mayans they probably had a prisoner just like your fucking ass that murdered and raped. But those days chasing after what you once had is gone, their dead and gone Dakota.Ē

ďYou tried once before to capture an opportunity at the championship and when that plan went south. You decided to go after Genie and the XTV Championship, and even that failed. I donít give a shit anymore if you want to acknowledge me. The only reason you want to try to Omertaís sole purpose isnít just to hold gold. It was to try and band-aid the fact youíre just a one-hit wonder. Everyone used to be afraid of you when your music played throughout the arena because the Butcher had arrived to take care business, he didnít need any motherfucker by his side, he didnít need to go change a baby's diaper. Now, you are nothing but a body I will put down.Ē

With each passing second, you could feel yourself getting stronger, and a little piece of you turned dark.

ďEver since we first met you were always displaying arrogance, always wanting all the fame, and hog the spotlight without doing anything. Did you even watch my promo, Anastasia? You should have. You are already starting to fall off the wagon, and it isnít even match time. Everything I heard from your mouth has been spitting things out and seeing what sticks. None of what I said last time was about my legacy. It wasnít about what I did years ago. It was about bettering my place amongst the pecking order here on 4 Championship Wrestling in the here and now, Ana. You must have been smoking some of that good shit with sweetie while youíre in that constant state of depression you try forcing yourself through, Anastasia. I donít care what people thought of the handicap match. My winning did what I wanted it to do. Shut all you fuckers up. Thatís what happened. It wasnít about impressing either. I know that will never happen.Ē

ďHonestly, I donít care even if it did. What I really donít care about is seeing your fucking prep talk sessions every other two weeks being shown everywhere. If it isnít with Bronx youíre talking to, then itís with someone else. You always seem to need someone to give you advice and pick your dead ass up. You always want someone telling you everything will be okay. Itís always the same. Every single two weeks you would do this. Itís no wonder Viduus kicked your ass. You lack confidence when youíre not on arrogant mode. You try to hide that depression behind every eye roll, every scoff escaping from your mouth. All because Anastasia is not the center of attention. Ana canít go around the world showing off how amazing she is. Even though youíve has been handed every championship you ever got in 4 Corners Wrestling, and you still couldnít make it work for the top championship. You are pathetic.Ē

You said with a crooked smile toward cameras.

ďFright Night Twenty-Eighteen. The place Genevie Carlson retires from Warzone. What, I bet you thought I was going to say from 4CW. I wish that were the case. I highly doubt it would be, though. Fright Night will be the destination that Genieís 4CW championship chase is finally extinguished, that dream as of four weeks ago will be dead and buried. I say as of four weeks ago because this motivation you had sounds very familiar. You want to take a stab at my disorder but youíre the one with the real problem here. You want to go tell the world what Warzone means to you and the name Carlson, then go grab a PBS special. I donít want to hear you gloat. Just like Tommy didnít want to hear you gloat about attempting to be a double champion. He stopped that trainwreck and Iíll stop your ass too.Ē

ďYou said you were going to beat him at Adrenaline Ninety in Tokyo. You said Iím going to beat Tommy because I donít fall for his games and trickery. I donít care for his dumb theatrics. Bitch, you lost in nine minutes a few seconds shy of when Manny beat me. Iím not ashamed to admit that Manny took me to school in that ring. He beat my ass, but he was right telling me what change do I want to see in this world and how would I plan to bring it to for wishing. It got me thinking long and hard about where I am. You already know what followed because you were part of the problem. I want to be better than reduced to a joke. I want to stare down that ladder after grabbing the championship to hear that faggot Powers announce my name as the NEW 4CW Champion. You want to bring up disorders, fine. You want to try telling me Iím trash, go ahead. Nothing is going to stop me from getting to that championship, Gen.Ē

ďI donít care how many roadblocks you put in front of me. I have proven I belong in the main event scene. You want to go around calling yourself a monster to act tough heading into your last appearance at Warzone? Stop kidding yourself. The only thing that I would consider being a monster around here is that baby-destroying cooter. You can try motivating yourself with all this talk about if you donít win, then you will go punish yourself by having children all you want. That championship is coming home with me. You can have second place for all I give a damn. That 4CW Championship is mine. I tell you what Genevie Iím going to grant you something you wanted. What I will do is send your fucking ass back down to Octane, where you can get another chance at being the successful woman in 4CW history.Ē

Wall paints from inside the main temple are shown to viewers. There is a medium size opening where light brushes across some of the ancient pictures. A bird perched on a stone rock turns its head and blinks its eyes. You are seen leaning against a wall. You push yourself away and take your hands out of your pockets. The camera goes into a full shot.

ďIt doesnít matter how hard I climb, or who I have to knock over to get through to you, Viduus. You see me as Dakota and Genie have, Iím barely mentioned despite the fact Iíve more than proved I can hang with you. There probably still more coming, too. Go ahead. Iíve shown Iím very serious about winning while those like you and them are given a free pass for not focusing on everybody, thatís a fatal mistake. A fatal mistake like that could lead to anyone going under the radar, and snatching your precious 4CW championship. Anyone like me. Though, I get it Viduus. You look at me as meaningless because I have nothing to offer. But up until a couple of months ago, thatís what everyone said about you winning your first 4CW championship out of nowhere. The difference being is I donít need your over the top Hollywood production promos to drive my message home I base mine in reality where there are no creepy whispers added to videos I do. While you were busy having a little joy ride down the river I was focused on what is important in the Warzone match, and thatís focusing on everyone. Because in these types of matches everyone is a goddamn a threat to me.Ē

ďWhen you lose defending your championship you might get a rematch clause - I donít. I have to start all the way back down to the bottom of every Adrenaline and every Pay-Per-View. There isnít a second chance for me. I have to hope to get this close to the championship again. I already know what my future is without that championship in my hands. Itís opening these shows with newcomers like Maddox Ayres and that walking HIV-positive Alicia Lukas every two weeks. Iím through with that way life, Viduus. At least you get another shot at wiping off that shit you always wear every day of your life and be a man worthy of the name 4CW champion. You proclaim yourself King while 4CW is your kingdom. Well King Viduus, look around us. This is like your kingdom. This looks like your empire.Ē

ďYou might have Salvation, but Nemesis and Deimos arenít going to be around inside the Warzone. Youíll be locked in there with seven other bodies, one of them is me. Warzone matches have always had an unpredictability to them. Youíre the bottom of the dominator going into this yearís edition. You said it yourself. The championship has only ever been defended once inside Warzone. It was an unsuccessful attempt to survive the beast we know as Warzone of Horrors. When you came back you came back strong. Beating Dakota. Winning the Pride championship. You will be the final person to go, because after those Gods were done sacrificing the prisoner. Time ran out for the Kings as a new era approached to replace the Mayan culture and hunger to take its spot. You will surely try some voodoo magic, Viduus, as you have always done, only realizing has forsaken you, freak. You will start to plunge down leaving your kingdom abandoned!Ē

With that, the cameras get a lengthy close up as you spoke the last sentence. Your tone continued to be very aggressive showing some meaning behind them. As Fright Night approached you could feel the cooling wind grace your hands as you walked.

ďAlright, thatís a wrap, Alexis. Say, AlexisÖĒ The cameraman touches your shoulder as you try exiting. You do not like that. Instinctively, your eyes dart to his hand being where you thought it should not be. You look back at him. He seems to get the hint by removing it. 

ďI thought you said you arenít into anything history that you found it boring.Ē

ďItís called History Channel Mexico, Bob. Make sure production gets this cause Iíve waited long enough to be 4CW Champion.Ē

Fright Night V / DŪa de los Muertos: Tormenta de Fuego
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ďItís taken me a long time.Ē It was the largest thing you have ever done, next to beating Bronx Valescence. It was certainly the last thing anyone expected from you being inside the Warzone match for the richest prize. Of course, there were going to still be naysayers trying to save face by moving the goal post. Still, you were going to encounter people gunning after you, because you donít belong in their 4CW championship picture, they all think they deserve to walk away champion with their various reasons that outweigh your own.

Some have entered the Warzone match grasping for their last chance before being forced into procreation. Others look at this as a way to get another opportunity at lost glory. You were seen on the edge of change. You could feel something beckoning to be unleashed.

ďEvery venue we have traveled since I debuted. I was met with the same ridicule match after match from people telling me I was a piece of shit not worthy of being in this spotlight. There were people readying their trigger finger whenever my name got mentioned next to who they thought was better than I was. Maybe it had something to do with it taking this fucking long before I did something worth a goddamn around here. I mean, here I am in a goddamn 4CW championship match. I was the person everyone attacked for being near the opening of almost every single Adrenaline and pay-per-view since Iíve been in this company while others took no time at all.Ē

Through a smudged coated window is the night and its many stars. The lower half is blocked by a large dark mass. Mountains.

ďWhen Elijah joined 4CW under the Uprising brand he started off wrestling in an opening match against Chris Mosh. And it only took him three months before he saw the main event spot on Adrenaline teaming with Genie, two months later had climbed to the pinnacle of this company as 4CW Champion after beating Jair Hopkins. With Jason Cashe, he only needed a few weeks after joining before he climbed to the top when he competed in the first ever ladder cage match to earn him a main event spot on the card.Ē

ďMe?Ē Your hand pushes this wooden door revealing the outside world. ďI admit I have been struggling with my direction in the past. Iíve been opening the Adrenaline events, and sometimes landing somewhere in between. Iím done.Ē An amber glow brightly shines from all around, as you walk out into the streets, they were littered with marigold flowers and food, a gust of wind picks up tiny lanterns hanging from building to building. Various skull-painted people are seen in shadows of buildings holding candles while you walked. You have read the marigold flower is used for the Day of the Dead in guiding spirits to their altars. You stop for a second. Then turn, glaring back at the cameraman following close before peeling away a plastic skull mask revealing your pissed off face hidden underneath.

Your eyes are shooting daggers. All that pent up anger for a year and a half flows through every inch of your face. Anger that is partly your fault for all those times you could have done something but didnít, or wouldnít. Every second your thoughts become soaked with rage, as you go into a very dark place inside your mind, you can hear the insults, people laughing, thinking you are worthless.

ďIím DONE with phoning it in every time I stepped inside a 4CW ring! Iím DONE being everyoneís punching bag. In previous Warzone matches before there have been those who didnít belong competing for a chance at a potential 4CW championship opportunity, much less having the title on the line. These Warzone matches, they tend to have a common trend that follows each of them. You had those who were the undeserving, the unwanted in every fucking match since twenty-fourteen. Hell, even the first set had Lord Raab, Roxi Johnson, and Dustin James Holt. Lord FUCKING Raab. Think about that for a second. It continued this tradition last year with Carmella Wilder, Johnny Evil, Erron Wilder, and Tiffani Michaels all believing that they deserved that contract. They didnít deserve shit.Ē

You continue down the street tossing the mask away. You don't need any mask anymore.

ďI have to break that fucking mold wide open.Ē Coming to the end of the street. A ladder is set up. The ladder was not alone as even more marigold flowers surround it along with some lit candles. Behind it looked like a piece of cage. This is your altar. You have been deceased inside for a long time.

ďI have to be the one standing tall holding the 4CW championship in my hands. Almost everyone in this match has put me down in 4CW, they have had something to say with my name under their breath, the rest are just bystanders as far as I am concerned in this Warzone match for the highest honor in 4 Championship Wrestling. Dakota Smith, Anastasia Hayden, Viduus Morta, Genevie Carlson, Cyrus Riddle, with Bryan Laughlin and Ignition Champ, Artemis Keiser as innocent little lambs.Ē

You get close to the ladder and place your elbow on a step before lifting your head, and close your eyes.

ďDakota. You have been in two of these fuckers until now. The first time you went into these is the one most would remember. Itís one Iím sure you want people to remember instead of Viduus powerbombing you through the cage in a bloody mess half dead last year. Iím sure you like rubbing one out every year around this time of the year thinking about the first time you stepped into Warzone, because it's one you wonít stop goddamn obsessing over since it happened, itís used in almost every promo as a way to threaten and send fear to people, itís certainly one youíre most famous for from twenty-fifteen when you took piano wire to Felicity Banksí throat hanging her. See, that shit wonít work with me. Iím through being at the mercy of fuckers like you thinking I donít belong. I didnít fear you when I faced you last time and I donít fear you right now going into this dangerous match for a chance to hold our top championship. I know that you want to reclaim the championship you loss after not scoring the final pinfall in that Fatal Fourway Sixty Minute Iron Man at Ante Up two years ago.Ē

ďLosing the championship to the newest member of UNStable. Jair Hopkins. A man you allegedly followed for weeks before your match together at South Beach Brawl. You were too stupid to see him turning and stealing what you once held dear. It was the championship you held for two hundred seventy-three days. Ever since then you wonít the same, Dakota. You could have climbed to the top again but instead, you settled for the XTV championship a few times. Ever since then you have been waving your tag team belt around, because thatís the only thing keeping you relevant right now, especially with the XTV Championship gone, itís all you got left. You remember what I told the world after Andre screwed our partnership when you were teaming with Viduus? I said I would come back to deal with you. I'm ready to dance with the devil with the championship up for grabs in the match that made you a 4CW Hall of Famer, motherfucker.Ē

Saying that made you open them, and then look almost through the lens.

ďLetís continue on with Genevie. I have fucking hated you and everything about you for a long time. We have had our wars in the past, with the last one ending in a DQ, but this match is on a larger scale. You have been in these matches since you came roaring from Uprising with aside Eli. Since defeating Jair Hopkins you have been touting to the world as if you already won long before this even happened. Just like you did last year and Iím sure the year before that. What makes this year any different? Because you threaten to retire and go have children as a means for motivation to not fail? What happened to the dream of having kids alongside Tara? The retirement part I could understand, but leave it up your fucking ass to make things even more dramatic measures like always.Ē

ďThatís always been the way you have handled things. You always try to plan ahead for the future until that doesnít pan out, and you have to revert back to the hole you crawled out of until the next opportunity comes knocking. This time youíve run out of holes to dig. Those ideas just arenít working. You have had opportunity after opportunity to grab the title and fucking failed. You pinned yourself into a corner that you donít want to fucking be in, so you created an escape route. A typical one for you using creating life as an escape goat out. I donít have that option, Gen. I donít have Make-A-Wish on fucking speed dial every time I want a miracle to be performed. I donít need a family as you do. All I need is hanging above two cages. You have ridiculed me.Ē

ďYou have laughed at me. You complained when the opportunity arose for me to finally pull my ass off of the ground I partly made for myself, and finally do something. You canít stop me now. All signs say that I should thank you for giving that push I very much needed to be where I am right now but instead, Iíll enjoy your retirement. And I just hope for the babies sake your insides are super strong when delivering this sweet bundle of joy. We wouldnít want another repeat of what happened the last time you tried this, Genevie.Ē

A panning shot of the marigold flowers are shown. Cameras return to find you are snuggle against the ladder now.

ďTo know that the only thing thatís made you relevant in over a year could be ripped away from you? Remember that line, Anastasia. You told me I should be scared you donít know what itís like to be irrelevant. How does it feel, bitch? You said that the night Genie ran in and assisted you in picking up the Fate Championship at Ante Up, and here we are. You are the root of this whole fucking thing. If you hadnít have choked in your first title defense against Viduus. You might have possibly would have a longer championship reign. It was everything that you fucking wanted and just like Bronxy you pissed it all away, but for you, itís to that walking Hollywood Trope. You fucked up after so many attempts, even when the fucker handed it to you willingly. You throw everything away. Youíre a transitional champion. The fact that you still think you can walk into the Warzone of Horrors expecting to be champion is fucking laughable. No one is going to give you any more handouts, Ana. Every championship you have had in 4CW has been particularly given to you.Ē

ďThe 4CW Championship is no longer Halloween candy. Itís no longer offering sweets for you to come over and take how many candies you could want. Go to the other house, bitch. Go ahead and pretend you aren't worried about not leaving holding the title. Go put on that tough, straight face as youíve always done before every promo. Make sure you tell the world how much you canít stand we are always facing a million times. Our history together has always been one-sided every time we fought. Each time youíve won. Not anymore. The Warzone match is where that all changes between the two of us. Iím claiming that 4CW Championship hanging above our heads. I will be the one looking down on the world that has thrown stones at me for a year and a half. You stay irrelevant. It looks good on you.Ē

You attempt a smile but couldn't.

ďViduus. The only reason you are even champion is that Anastasia was too goddamn stupid. Valescence practically handed that bitch the 4CW Championship, after wanting to be friends again, when he took himself out of another championship run allowing Anastasia to pick up the pieces of an already broken Madison. You didnít do a goddamn thing to earn your place wearing that title. She just couldnít handle being the top woman, and that weight crushed her. Your voodoo shit didnít do anything to give you the upper hand. You might have come back beating motherfuckers like Dakota and earned Dakotaís respect. You might have come back working your way from the bottom up again, but Iíve been hungry my entire career in this fucking company to prove assholes wrong. I have been hungry, Viduus, to prove I have what it takes to be 4CW Champion. I might not have a great win/loss record, I might not have done the most heinous acts inside Warzone, I might not even have a fucking family to go sobbing home to every time that I fail. But listen here you son-of-a-bitch, I will climb those fucking cages and I will step onto that ladder, leaving Mexico City as 4CW Champion. I stole your thunder once. I will do it again.Ē

ďSee Viduus, I donít need mystic parlor shit, shrunken heads, or dripping a dead chicken upside down across anything to take everything away from you in the Warzone. I donít need to talk about dismembering people to get attention. Iím over that part of my life now. This Warzone match inside Arena Mexico, Viduus, I advise to stop playing Halloween and accept defeat. Also, find a new gimmick, because Alvin and the Chipmunks called and they want their witch doctor back.Ē

You look up at the ladder. It seemed to go forever, but this is the final step in your journey and the reason you fought hard. You start climbing as the cameraman steps back far enough to get a better shot. Viewers can only watch as you scale this ladder. You stop to look at the camera below.

ďCyrus Riddle. Howís it been since the last time I kicked your ass, Baldie? You left me feeling disappointed when we fought in that triple threat match with Jolly Green Giant, Riddle. I wasnít expecting it to be that fucking easy. The entire match was as if you were bodies waiting for me to kick, waiting for me to shoot down faster than Bambiís mom head dropping dead. When I heard you were being in another Warzone Qualifier Cyrus, I couldnít fathom as to why you would care about the main championship. Youíre too busy riding off Dakotaís coattails being his side bitch in an old nostalgic act in the tag division. You had a great life. I guess itís better than having that abomination of a wrestling career in this company. People have shit on me, but goddamn. I have only had one lackluster title reign in the span of one year and a half years. Youíve been around 4CW on and off since twenty-fifteen. Your fucking ass has done nothing. You are worth nothing. Every championship reign you have held prior to allying with Dakota has lasted one month.Ē

ďYou want to run down others and act like youíre all powerful when youíre really worse. I had to fight from the bottom to get what itís like being on the main event of a pay-per-view. Whereas you have been in plenty since being in 4CW. You attached yourself to Rorie Steele to win the tag team championship, that crumbled. You tried for a solo career but that ended up being a wash. You tried going after the 4CW championship last year in the Warzone when it was only just a guaranteed contract, and you couldnít get the job done because your fucking ass was too busy wanting a piece of Dakota to care about winning. Me? Iím willing to fight to get where I needed to be. How about you, Cyrus, will you actually give a damn this time, too? Or, do I have to be the kicking your like last time?Ē

You take a few more steps.

ďArtemis Kaiser. Hereís a woman that has pretty much been everything I couldnít be after signing. Your record speaks for itself, having six victories and suffering only one loss is like a badge of honor here. Itís something that gets you noticed fast, especially when youíre only loss was to someone as high profile as Mark Storm. Still, having a great record like that doesnít make you invincible. It doesnít make you untouchable. Ask the few dozens who walked through here believing the same thing. Once reality hit them some couldnít stand the pressure and ended up broken, some ended up leaving. Go ask Persephone what happened when she was starting to return back to her former glory of kicking ass left and right before winning the Warzone match last year, and even she buckled getting a reality check by a fucking Valescence Victory off the stage into a table and left, only to crawl back starting from the bottom again.Ē
ďGo ask Felicity Banks. Whoís memorable moment isnít that she was dominant and beat Cashe to win the 4CW Champion being the first woman to do so, but she ended be remembered for being hung in this match. See, I donít give a fuck what kind of impressive number you have next to your name in the record books. Youíre standing between me and what I want. The 4CW championship. Sure, you could leave double champion. However, youíre begging to be the next in line for your own reality check, your own memorable moment.Ē

You swing your foot over to the other side, placing on the opposite step. You stand tall over everyone. The people with candles started coming out of the shadows forming a semi-circle around you. They look up, as you continue talking.

ďBryan Laughlin. Mr. 1 Man Revolution. Cult leader. You have worn many names throughout the years. Even before you stepped foot inside a 4CW ring you were known for your hardcore matches and death matches. It became a signature of yours that you enjoyed taking part of during those tinder wrestling beginnings. After being successful in other promotions you decided coming to 4CW to continue your trade. And for a while, that is exactly what happened leading you to pick up two XTV championship reigns under your belt. You felt accomplished as most people would in your shoes. That was when things went downhill for yourself. What was once a supposedly great hardcore wrestler turned into a shadow of your former self. The second XTV championship reign only lasted about three months before that which you held dear was gone in a snap by Sonny Lee. A rookie that hadnít been in the company for more than a year had beaten you in a match that showed off your trade.Ē

ďWhen you came back you thought you had everything. You gained a new persona. You ended up gaining a wife. You were a champion of a new brand in 4CW. Octane was supposed to be a whole new start and then major defeat would creep its ugly head back when Kaz Bonham put your ass to dream world inside a barbed-wire steel cage match. Since then Bryan, you have been spinning your wheels, again. Since then youíve been falling over on your shoelaces. The South Beach Brawl tournament. Bronx beating you in your very own deathmatch. The 4CW championship Fatal Four Way at Ante Up. This Warzone match might be seen as another variation on some of those hardcore matches from your past. You might see this as a sign for you. I assure you, youíll fail again at Fright Night. Bryan, Iím not looking to rekindle my past once I climb inside Warzone, because my past is meaningless when I step into those cages because my past isnít going to get me anywhere when Iím staring into my future. You might like to fall asleep at the wheel, but I refuse to go back to that life as you have been accustom. I want win. I want to etch my name onto the record books as your new champion.Ē

Cameras zoom for a last minute close up, and then we fade to black.

Adrenaline / Destination Fright Night.
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ďFinn. Where are you, Finny Boy?Ē

The sound of opening and shutting doors is heard mixing in with your disembodied voice. It carries over from the darkness as the camera slowly emerges to a kitchen setting, as you are coming into frame bending over looking inside cabinets, clearly mocking your opponent. You stop, turning your head, you looked back at the person operating the camera with this evil grin, the camera switches to a low angled medium long shot at this moment, showing you standing back up, closing the cabinet door with your head lowered. Your brain at this moment is thinking about this qualifying match for the Warzone. This is seen as a bigger step to you than it was to Finn. While you focused on what was important, Finn was probably off using social media to retweet other promotions.

ďHere I thought you wanted to step up. Come on, Callien O'Hanlon.Ē You said his birth name with a derisive laugh. ďI thought you wanted this. You clamored about this moment to people like Gresham just a few months ago, and here you are silent as a ghost. I could have sworn that you wanted a better placement here in 4CW to challenge yourself beyond Ignitionís small division. Honestly, I was left feeling disappointed. Disappointed because I picture waking up to you inside an asylum talking down to me like you have done to others.Ē

Your feet are heavy walking toward the camera. It was a slower pace than your normal walk as you got closer to the camera guy operating this device. You look the camera die in its lens with your piercing emerald rich eyes.

ďI imagined things being said about how Iíve had multiple chances, and Iíve failed every single one. Or, how about Iíve relied on others to get me where I am right now? Hell, letís throw in a classic Genevieve line about disorders are not gimmicks. That is a personal favorite of mine. When I pictured facing the great Finn Whelan I thought I was in for a fight given your drive to change direction.Ē

You stop for a second before pacing.

ďI mean, how could I not be excited when we both know we donít fit what the locker room thinks of as a champion. We both donít fit the bill as people that most would consider as marketable in other promotions. Iíve been told that a number of times regarding my look and my overaggressive choice of style. Most would think of us as an outcast to the rest of societies norms, man. However, it appears to me you have a problem being confident. Why else would you not show up for this important stage in your own wrestling career? This makes me think somehow youíre hiding behind your sisterís skirt because you canít deal with being in the real spotlight.Ē

There was a smirk that came out of that sentence.

ďOh. I got it now, Finn. You thought this was something to do with Octane division where it requires the bare minimum for appearances. Well, friend, Iím afraid you have been betrayed by your eyes. You see, I have nothing to do with that division anymore. I traded up to the bigger leagues just as many believed you would be doing right now instead of being a pussy. I understand Iím not what you would expect when you woke up to find you were in the qualifying match for the biggest match in October, that doesnít mean you couldnít have called the main desk to leave a message Or, send word via carrier pigeon to let me know you were too much of a pussy to even try.Ē

You turn, as your hair dangled over your face. 

ďLook. I realize Iím not a dashing muscle man like Gresham. Iím clearly not some cheap slut like Alicia Lukas that would offer free blowjobs everywhere I turn around. We are outcast. Two Irish warriors that like to fight. I expected more than this coming from you. All of those empty promises are going to be left unfulfilled. The next time you open your mouth about wanting to change. Just know that you had your goddamn moment to prove to 4 Corners Wrestling you are worth a damn. You had this time to show the entire world what you could do after having a damn good record of wins over your shoulders. A lot better than mine when I started. All that gone. Itís alright though I will be glad to take something away from you in a flash to make my own mark. I will be glad to take what you envisioned away because of your fuck up. When Iím sitting at the top of the mountain I don't want to hear crying from you.Ē

You continue to pace like a hungry caged animal picturing Finn Whelan as another meal being fed to you by zoo keepers. You start to lick your upper lip with the thought of this moment to qualify for the Warzone was drawing closer to realization.

ďYou had every opportunity that others had. You could have spent a few hours away from shopping at Hot Topic to do something, but you decided instead on this day to not put yourself in a better position. You choose not to live up to who Finn Whelan really is. You are just Callien O'Hanlon from Seattle that was trained to have respect and honor, but when a girl that many consider a joke comes along, all that training goes away and he becomes nothing but chicken shit. Donít worry Iíll make things go quick.Ē

You jump at the camera making the shot given an extreme close-up of your face.

ďAll you need to do is tap for me, Finn.Ē

- - - - -

ďAnd there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.Ē A loud slam is heard following your voice.

It had been the next day since your voice was heard on the streaming service. Cameras open the scene to a ground shot showing your long leg before the camera rides up noticing that your other foot was resting on top of a wooden box while you are hunched over it. In your hands was a black leather book with the words bible written in bold gold lettering across the front of this book. You wear a serious look on your face as you watch the camera start to pan back displaying you in a medium shot.

ďNice fairy tale from the Book of Revelation, Finn. I remember stories like these told to me by nuns when I was a wee little lass in Catholic school after teaching us science, history, and math. The basic fundamentals. They were used as ways to scare little children into believing that if they did something horrible, then the devil claim their souls, and would be thrown in the fires of Hell. Itís interesting you choose this as what your move is described as being called. Revelation 6:3. Is this going to be the move that tosses away my dreams of being closer to that change Iíve been craving in my life? Are you that horse who kills me Wednesday?Ē

A smirk appears. Your eyes look down at the book.

ďHonestly, I might as well just stop what Iím doing right now because thereís no way I could ever compete against the word of God. You putting that as your move. Man, that has me shaking in my boots. No wonder you were champion in those other promotions. I might even be struck down by lightning for even talking about his word. Well, if this is my last appearance on anything. I might as well go out with a bang and say I stopped believing these things a long time ago. I stopped believing these oldest forms of fiction. It doesnít cause me fear when Iím faced with a horse wielding some sword and empty promises of ridding the world of peace from a storybook.Ē

You walk around the room.

ďI am tired of being told what to be from the locker room. Iím sick of seeing freaks like Viduus become champion while Iím being struck at the bottom looking up wondering when I will get my opportunity. Itís time for 4 Corners Wrestling actually had a champion that deserves to be champion. Someone that wonít let friendship dictate throwing a championship reign away. Or, someone that pissed their opportunity to show people that they were more than some goddamn meme spawner. No, I wonít let some fucking name from some fucking book keep me away from the thing I am after. I donít need slasher talk to make myself look fearsome like some people. Finn, this qualifying might not mean a goddamn thing to you but to me, this is my everything.Ē

You look at a poster for Fright Night. It was the eyes of Viduus looking back. Your eyebrows narrow the longer you stare into those dark eyes of his. Fright Night is where everything needed to happen. It became do or die for you. Soon, you turn around.

ďI have been waiting for this moment for a long time  This qualifying match this coming Wednesday Night is the place I want to showcase why I should no longer be overlooked anymore. I want the world to see how serious I am about winning this. Because itís clear you donít want to be in that role anymore. You lose the second our match was announced. You would rather disappear than fight. You would rather be afraid than stand up and take what belongs to you. I guess this is best since out of the both of us Iíve pinned Viduus in an Extreme match. I didnít cheat to win that match. All I needed to do is climb up after booting him into thumbtacks and fly.Ē

You smiled.

ďI admit I have done stupid mistakes in the past. Thatís over. Up until the point, you joined the Adrenaline side of 4 Corners Wrestling. You werenít exactly being tested against what Adrenaline is all about. Youíve been locked away hidden on Octane. This marks your eleventh match being apart of this company. Up until now, you have havenít been in the spotlight like what this match does to people. You win Warzone. You are instantly shot into the main event spot of this company. Whether youíre victorious winning the championship. Or, standing first in line for a championship match at Winter Wasteland. It doesnít matter as long as you win. Thatís what I plan to do in our qualifying match at the Bell Centre for Adrenaline Ninety-Two. I plan to go somewhere I belong.Ē

An extreme close-up of the poster is shown. The pay-per-view name is front and center during this. A shadow of yourself falls over most of the poster before soon your hand comes into frame ripping half of the poster off. Qualifying was something that needed to happen for yourself after your name had been tossed around like a joke to people. This was your moment. This was your revenge.

Adrenaline / Destination
« on: October 04, 2018, 04:25:38 AM »
It was your big moment coming off the heels of defeating Bronx in, what has to be, one of the strangest bookings in 4 Corners Wrestling history made by a troublesome co-general manager. This was everything you wanted and now, it was in close reach. All you needed to do is eliminate ďThe Seattle SaintĒ from the Warzone Qualifier in the Bell Centre. All that you needed is for the referee was raise your hand in victory. Pinfall, or submission. It didnít matter as long as you got the Warzone match at Fright Night in your mind. You didnít beat Bronx to turn away now. It is full steam ahead from here on out. There was no turning back for you.

Everything transitioned from the darkness as soon as the red record button blinked next to the half remaining battery life just like any other promo. The opening presents a close-up shot everyone sees finds you laying down looking up into the sky while allowing the light and shadows to dance across your face as you inhale the very earthy, very metallic smell. The cameraman starts adjusting the focus ring to really bring you into the frame as the foreground focus while the trees beside you were blurred. Instantly, you bend your arms up bringing your previously lit cigarette closer to your awaiting mouth. Once there you take a long drag before releasing white smoke.
ďThey laughed when the handicap match was announced. They all brushed us off one by one. They said Cass Baumer should have been added as well to finish some kind of Holy Trinity of worthless gaping vaginas. I ask you now where are they? All their squawking over the past two weeks has vanished. Everyone is silent now. Tell me can you hear them?Ē

Silence. Not even chirping from birds. You take another hit from your cigarette. The camera blows up the zoom to a larger size while focusing on your lips. Just as words begin to form small trails of white smoke leaves your mouth. ďMe either.Ē

About that time, the cameraman starts widening the shot revealing the location was a railroad track that you were laying in between surrounded by trees and foliage on either side. Leaves started turning a dull green before their transformation to more traditional autumn colors most would think of when picturing the season. All separated into two halves with a long strip of industrial steel cutting across mother nature. Back then, this was seen revolutionary for transporting cargo and people from place to place. It still is. You were seen by your peers as stuck going nowhere between mediocrity and where you wanted to be. You face dangers all the time.

ďEven if they were to come crawling back to defensive mode claiming we won because there were two of us in the match. Of course, weíd win. That wasnít the original point they were hammering down. Everyone thought regardless of the numbers gain that Bronx wouldnít have any trouble beating the two of us down, that somehow this was an embarrassment, that it was laughable to think their Golden Goose could be defeated by the likes of two unprivileged, the bottom of the barrel bonafide enhancement talent. It took close to fifteen minutes. We are talking a man who has withstood longer in the ring against more tougher opponents.Ē

You smirk.

ďNow was left blacked out in the middle of the ring in a pool of his own blood by two unprivileged, the bottom of the barrel bonafide enhancement talent. However, that was last weekís Adrenaline where nothing was on the line. Personally, as much as I would love milking beating Bronx Valescene every day, all day. It does nothing for me right now unless I use that fucker to launch myself higher in 4 Corners Wrestling. I see no better time and place than at the last Adrenaline before Fright Night.Ē

You continue puffing on the cigarette.

ďWhich brings me to the Seattle Saint himself. Finn Whelan. A dude trying to climb up the ranks in one of the strongest companies this world has ever seen before. 4CW. A man that has been met with attacks based on where he got his paycheck months ago. When you debuted, Finn, in 4 Corners Wrestling under their now-defunct Octane banner. You were already a buzzword in the company by affiliation with prior promotions you worked for before that ink dried up on the contract.Ē

Finn Whelan was the type of wrestler that didn't fit into any mold. He was always being different than the other guy. He was not the strongest, nor was he the best tall man in the game. Like you, Finn uses his intelligence and disregard for his own well-being.

ďYou couldnít get away from one of your opponents mentioning WWH. Take for insistence your first opponent on Octane. Gresham DeMarcus even said as much that 4 Corners Wrestling like to pluck worthwhile talents from WWH much like yourself, and would try testing the waters here with them before moving forward. And then, Gresham straight up called you a common thrill seeker for the methods you use in the ring before your first outing with the company. That didnít stop you from walking into the Prime F. Osborn Convention Center looking to prove that you didnít come here because they plucked you. That didnít stop you from leaving Jacksonville with the W as ring crew was still scraping Gresham off the mat. You came here on your own accord not because 4CW wanted you.Ē

SPWA, Combat Syndicate, So-Cal Ultraviolent, World Wrestling Headquarters, Union Battleground. Minor appearances here and there for other promotions. None of them mattered once the time keeper rung the bell. You were just a couple of outcast looking to prove you both have what it takes to be the next big star. In your mind, you wanted it to be you. Actually, you needed it to be you.

ďAnd after your quick disposal of Seth Daniels on the nineteenth episode of Octane. How could anyone argue that point? Even when you suffered your first loss at the hands of Tornado Desencadenado that didnít discourage you, that didnít cause you to buckle. You kept going Finn until that Ignition Championship Gauntlet match at the Staple Center when you won your first championship.Ē

You turn your head toward the camera.

ďSo far, Finn. You have quite an impressive run in 4 Corners Wrestling. You got to become Ignition Champion after facing three tough opponents and put an end to Jeb Fisher cleaning house and buttfucking the competition over on Octane. Not to mention, Finn, you have only lost four matches in your career in this company. And itís only been a few months since you arrived here in 4CW. Much better than me when I came up last year within the same time frame. My first opponent was too busy being out of it possibly from having too many Mollyís in her system, that Mary-Jane Braxton didnít understand she was in a match. It was as if she wasnít here. I didnít become a champion until I failed at getting passed Scott Stevens in the South Beach Brawl. Youíre way ahead of me.Ē

It was at this time that you sat straight up after placing the cigarette in your mouth. It dangled off to the side. This didn't bother you. Your hands are firmly placed on one of the wooden boards you are sitting on top of as a tremble is felt. The camera takes ground shots of small rocks bouncing every second. Another camera you told to wait miles down this strip sees a train roaring through.

ďNow, I realize to you, this qualifying is viewed as a blessing in disguise because in another fight against Gresham after already wrestling him in Octane prior. You said that this division and your placement doesnít do it for you anymore. It doesnít satisfy you. Honestly, You could have stepped up from Octane. You didnít have to stick to that fucking division if you didnít like your placement. For me, I donít have that excuse to fall back on like you do, Finn. I bet you think beating Alicia Lukas deserves some type of award after surviving that HIV-infected whore, who's been passed around by so many men, you were just the latest to beat that ass. I bet seeing this opportunity is wetting your mouth knowing you are so close getting what you want. Wrestling the real deal that a match like the Warzone can only bring because only the best can be found there. People like Jason Cashe, who won the very first Warzone match back when the 4CW Championship was just known as the 4CW South-West Heavyweight Championship.Ē 

You stood up. Your eyes locked onto the camera lens.

ďMaybe even cousins, Jason Cashe, and Dakota Smith, when they became the Extreme and 4CW Champions, respectfully. Or, Adrian Tanner Jr. winning his first championship and Elijah Carlson becoming the number one contender for the 4CW Title a year after that. Fuck Finn, look at just last year even. I may not like these two bitches. But even Genie Carlson and Persephone Marquis got to have their little moment disappearing on everyone. I understand you though, Finn. I understand you. Because thatís what I see when looking at this unholy destructive match. I want to add my name to that long list of winners.Ē

Wheels from the train screech.

ďYou want to talk about being determined, Finn? Iíve been waiting for an entire year and a half. Iíve been beaten down, demoted to the bottom of the barrel status, and got my social media account called out by three cunts who were all talk when two of those three cunts live in the same state as me. All they had to do was ring the doorbell. They were just too chickenshit to do something about it.Ē

A smile formed.

ďHell, come to think about it, Gen already tried and I sent her and her fake ass titties crashing to the ground. No one is more determined than I am. No one is more determined to move up in my placement than I am. I was considered the bottom of the roster that had no chance of beating anyoneís top talent four weeks ago, and then I did. Because I am this fucking close to getting somewhere that matters around here, Finn. Unlike you, I didnít beat a fucking DM slut to get your spot in this match. I actually beat the best this company has. It might not have been in his favor, but I donít make the matches I just wrestle in them. However, now because I wrestled him I took his motherfucking spot in case you havenít noticed. He isnít in this now -- I am. To be honest, you better be glad youíre facing me because at least on some peopleís mind you actually stand a goddamn chance. Still, youíre not going to win this.Ē

Your ears can hear the train getting closer.

ďPersonally though, I donít give a shit where you came from unlike most people. Iím not fixated on what championships you have held since signing with the company. Iím not triggered because you wrestled for a company like World Wrestling Headquarters. Because none of that shit compares to what this company offers in terms of tough competition goes. None of that affects what is going on in that ring on Wednesday. You can try to run me down by talking about my past mistakes here. How I loss both times in the South Beach Brawl first round matches last year and this year. You can refresh what type of person I am to those that arenít in the know. Hell Finn, you could take the route of explaining to the world beating Bronx is as high as I will ever go.Ē

ďSay whatever is on your goddamn mind, man. However, nothing is going to change the fact I am headed to Mexico City for the Warzone match, where I intend on shocking the world again. Iím winning the whole fucking thing.Ē

The train was getting closer. You can the see the locomotive charging your way now, but you did not care. This would what everyone wanted you to do since you got into wrestling. This was what most in the locker room wanted, really. Alexis Kathleen Mercer commits suicide a week before she her qualifying match because of pressure. Unlucky for them, that wasnít what you are doing. This was about showing Finn Whelan he really is not the only one focused, he was not the only one determined. Finn Whelan is not the only one willing to put their body on the line to get where they needed to be in 4 Corners Wrestling. Just as the train gets close. You hop off the tracks with a strong gust of wind blowing past you as your eyes stay on the camera.

ďI know which direction Iím headed. Do you, Finn?Ē

The scene fades with your stare.

- - - -

ďI know you thought I was rough with you, Sarah.Ē

A locomotive is parked at the end of the train station platform while its remaining passengers exchange with each other. One group goes inside while another group goes outside, stepping on the platform. After the cameras went off the airwaves. The clouds continue to shift along the Canadian sky from earlier in the day. It was the time most wrestlers were getting prepared for their matches as everyone was gearing up to impress more. You both walk along a railroad track. You were in front with Sarah following.

ďI understand how hard it must feel coming back to Canada knowing a few hundred kilometers was where your former life was, that you choose to drop everything to come travel with me again. It must have been difficult for you watching backstage in Cologne as myself and Trish beat Bronx Valescence. We made Bronx bleed. Look at the results though, no amount of editing could wipe the fact he passed out in the middle of that ring in front of the entire world. No amount result changing is going to change Bronx lost.Ē

ďIt didnít bother me as much, maíam. I knew going into that match you were both aiming to make a statement. Bronx pushed you by saying those terrible things and Iím sad to hear he might be taking time off.Ē

You spun around to hold her hand.

ďWell, Bronx wonít be gone forever. Heíll be back. Also, did you do what I asked about removing your Twitter account? We don't want anymore problems, right?Ē

ďYes, ma'am. You won't have any problems out of me.Ē

Followed that up with a smile. It seemed to ease her mind.

ďYouíre apart of this now, Sarah.Ē You conveyed, ďItís almost because of you joining me major things have been happening. Itís almost like a sign, if I were religious enough to believe that nonsense. Still, I canít argue with being in this qualifying match next Adrenaline.Ē

You had to make Sarah feel wanted. You had to make her feel special even though you never thought that about her.

ďThis feels different than your previous two attempts.Ē

ďThatís because things are different. I got tired of sitting around expecting things to fall into my lap. I went out and said I was going to start taking everything I deserved, and I did exactly that when I locked Bronx in Bloody Tears and with Trish locking in her No Regret. Fast forward to now. Iím sitting the edge of being entered into the most dangerous match in 4 Corners Wrestling. The Warzone Match. Iím not going to let a victory over Bronx Valescence go to waste like Manny did when he sat around playing champion for the month. I wanted to leave Cologne with a statement on hell or high water I am going to Fright Night and being apart of the Warzone match.Ē

You continue walking holding her hand. Soon, you both get onto the platform. It was so loud. Some seemed like they were all talking at once over each other. Others were too busy in their own little bubble. Adrenaline was where your career was going to start. 

ďThe only thing stopping me, Sarah, from getting there now is Finnegan Whelan. After I take care of him at Adrenaline, Iíll be heading to the pay-per-view to compete in a dangerous match. This Warzone Qualifier can make or break careers since the first ones were held back in twenty-fourteen. Finn isnít going to stop me from reaching that my goal. He better hope here makes it out.Ē

ďAre you scared?Ē 

ďNo. But everyone else should be if I get added. I'm going down a different direction than I showed before. I'm more aggressive. And I want this a little more.Ē

You said confidently to the cameras. In your mind, you were ready to take on Warzone match and become a last person standing. You knew that this might just be your only hope in making a real name for yourself. Nothing was holding you back. Nothing.

Story Development / Aftermatch in Germany.
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:58:43 AM »
Another 4 Corner Wrestling Adrenaline has closed its pages. You see and hear the Cologne crowd start to leave as your eyes watch, your ears listen to thousands make their way to their sections exit doors. It went as expected you thought to yourself, with Valescence left barely moving on top of his own blood, things looked to finally be going your way. A smile christened your lips as your hand lets go of the curtains while you descend backward in darkness, popping your hood over your head, you turn toward the right and walk through the Lanxess Arena while snatching an apple from catering on your way to the locker room.

Trish sits on the bench removing her wrestling boots just as you walk by midway into taking a bite from the apple. It was sweet tasting as juices escape from the corners of your mouth. You lean back against the doors frame crossing your arms. As she finishes up unlacing her boots the veteran looks over at you. You continue eating the apple. Meanwhile, Sarah is near the lockers reading a book.

ďYou really should throw those away after tonight.Ē

ďI dunno, I kinda like it. The blood gives the leggings more color, more character I think.Ē

You look down a brief moment at the large blood stain on your leggings. This returned that smile from earlier. It might be tasteful to other women but blood didnít seem to bother you. It was like this badge of accomplishment.

ďYou were great out there tonight. Are you sure you didnít enjoy driving Valescenceís head into the concrete floor? It was because of that, that poor Bronx ended up bleeding for the second time in two weeks. You were pretty savage with reverse frankensteiner after all. Tell me somewhere inside there isnít a part of you begging to go back to your former ways.Ē

ďNever. I left that part of me behind after the match I had with Mercedes Vargas years back.Ē

ďOh I donít know sure must have felt nice putting ĎStat Machineí Mercedes on the injured list for a while. I guess that cunt really missed her calculations when compiling everything together to not protect her knee. I know it felt really good kicking Bronx in the head.Ē

At this point, Trish puts down the remaining shoe to walk up to you.

ďBronx Valescence could be seriously hurt.Ē

ďYou didnít seem to care when you were celebrating with me after the match as Bronx was out cold for a short time. If it makes feel any better from what I gather Bronx will live just like he always will. It was just blood. This isnít like we achieved some Viduus over the top b-rated horror movie shit we did to him. Wallace doesnít pay anybody enough for that shitstorm. Bronx will be just fine. Anyway, I just thought I would stop by and say it was nice teaming with you, but I am going solo for the foreseeable future.Ē

She nods.

ďI canít be tied down anymore, Trish. Iím going to prove I belong inside that Warzone match. Iím going to prove that should be the one leaving Mexico City holding the 4CW Championship. Weíve beaten their Golden Boy. Now Iím doing the rest. Because Iím done with waiting for my turn wearing the championship someday if that day happens. Iím going to just take it.Ē

ďNo, I totally understand. You have people to prove wrong. We both do. I do not know what waits for me at the next Adrenaline, but if I want better things for myself I have to keep improving.Ē

You are about to leave. However, something felt missing to her.

ďSarah. Are you coming?Ē You softly asked peeking around to Sarah. ďWe have to start packing soon we have a flight to Canada. I donít want to miss this one. How would that look for a future 4 Corners Wrestling Champion?Ē

ďYes, ma'ma.Ē

Sarah gets up hugging the book against her chest. You start backing away into the halls again and then throw the apple core at Trish. She catches the core and just as swift, Trish throws the disgusting object into the garbage can wiping off her hands. You head your way outside not before extending your hand, touching the cold brick surface using your finger tips, as you once more fade further from the cameras. Hours later you watch a rising sun over the horizon in Germany turning the once blacken sky into array of bright colors as your mind focuses on getting into Fright Night. The future was bright. Getting into the Warzone was no longer an option.

It was a mission...

Adrenaline / Unexpected Mashup, Part II
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Adrenaline was a few days away from being live inside the Lanxess Arena. Reports on the radio suggest there were only a handful of seats left to fill before what you think will be the strangest episode of Adrenaline ever. It made you wonder who left this Boston guy near the booking decisions of a freakiní television. Was Perry out snorting coke from Pheís asscheeks for Boston to sneak in? This was just one of the many questions surrounding this whole event needing some answers. Meanwhile, Trishís hand lights a candle using a long match before blowing it out and shaking the long match. Your fingers flip to zoom on the film camera. With the camera in zoom, your hand migrates over to the zoom ring to adjust it so that you have a full shot on your viewfinder.

ďSometimes, Bronx. Sometimes I would come to places like these when I need to clear my head before big events in my life. I would always feel at peace because I wasnít viewed as wrestler. I was just another woman seeking answers. Iím sure you have the same type of ritual. I think itís just human nature we go to places that comfort us. Whether thatís listening to music, or exercising.Ē

Behind Trish was a church alter mixed with vases of flowers and a dozen or so candles all in rounds of three. The veteran wrestler looks back at the lens with eyes razor focused. She makes her move down the narrow path. You follow her keeping your camera steady adjusting the zoom accordingly. Trish sits down in one of the church pewís within the holy place, looks at her hands as she twiddles her fingers, before looking back up into the camera with a soft look. An honest look.

ďAnything that eases us really before something major like what is about to happen Wednesday. I did not choose to be in this battle against you, Bronx. I still think itís unfair for you. Like you, I have no choice but to go through with this to the bitter end. Personally, I think Alexis is the only one seems thrilled about this whole thing as if itís the next level in a video game, and somehow youíre this big baddie at the end of that level for her. Her mind has always been questionable. Honestly, if I want to improve and learn more we have to beat the best. Youíre the best around. You said it yourself that youíre the greatest of all time. Youíre the heartbeat of this company.Ē

She pauses.

ďHonestly, I can see why you would make that claim because itís true. Look at how many more eyes are following this company that otherwise wouldnít have. Who knows how long it would have been before we gotten the number of great talent working for us. They would have otherwise believed in the ugly rumors that this place wasnít worth another glance. I believe you helped change that.Ē

Trish has that loving face on lock as she continued to look at the lens.

ďYou can tell that you strive every day to keep making 4 Corners Wrestling something special separating the company from any other around the world. Every time you hit that ring you try giving your absolute best. Who knows I might not have signed if I did believe what everyone was saying around that time. Itís amazing to see all that hard work pay off. To anyone loyal enough to something, this is worth fighting for and keeping it alive beyond you being the ownerís son. 4CW is the home you always wanted. People that will pay attention to everything you have worked hard to accomplish, unlike your fake family you grew up having.Ē

Suddenly, the veteran wrestler gets to her feet and forces you to back up carefully, allowing Trish to slide out of the tight gap between the church pews, she walks over as you again follow shortly behind, as sheís close against the wall glancing at a crucified Jesus statue.

ďClearly though Bronx, I can understand feeling not being wanted by people you thought were your family. Iíve been through things with my mother who thought of me as her golden ticket to success she could never reach on her own. Heck, my mother gave up on my older sister Amelia when she was a baby because she wasnít perfect enough. She hated that I went off and got involved in wrestling. Now wrestling is my home and it is the only reason I choose to be away from my family. I respect you, Bronx. I know life has given you a crappy hand and that forced you to make hard decides. You donít have to tell me about how fortunate Alexis and myself are, I know Bronx, I know. Itís been on my mind since the moment I got word this was happening. We are fortunate. Iím still nowhere near the woman I was before I left wrestling. I keep dreaming that one day I will show fans I can be that woman once again.Ē

You twist the zoom ring to get a close-up.

ďWho knows this handicap match at the Lanxess Arena against the greatest of all time might be the thing I need to kick things up for myself and my career. Maybe pinning you will be the answer I need. However, you have your own troubles you are facing as you watch someone else take their reign as 4CW Champion that doesnít seem to be honorable. After being at the top of a competitive promotion like 4 Corner Wrestling. Having to fight your way back through obstacles and your own inner demons. Itís difficult for you. I am positive that you will find a way to where you want to be. If having to spend every bit of money you saved up didnít stop you.Ē

She smiled.

ďThis newer challenge should be a breeze. I promise you Iíll do my part in making this match up to the standards it needs to be. I will go out there to give out one of my best performance as if I were in the main event. Let's go out there to live our dream, leave no shame over who won over the other in that very ring, Bronx. Whoever wins. How about we shake their hand?Ē

Her hand extends out in respect. It is so humbling to see another wrestler show their respect thinking to yourself. You leave the scene with a focus on Trishís hand while everything around starts fading away just like a dream. A dream many wrestlers saw this event.

- - - -

ďI feel alive againÖĒ

Alexis repeated words Bronx said to them a few days ago. Those words were inspirational. You could feel the power from them being spoken again by the Irish woman. Your ears notice Alexis used the same tone as Bronx had during his promo. The rec button blinks letting you know the camera you are holding is working properly. The opening was presented in a medium shot showing Alexis sitting on a throne, it wasnít a simple chair like Bronx would use. Her head lowered. Her legs draped over the arms on the throne. She didnít back at you nor did she eye the camera. It appeared to you Alexis was collecting her inner thoughts.

ďIf youíre feeling alive again imagine what it must feel like to a couple of nobodies like us getting an opportunity to face one of the very best here because for us this is a MUCH bigger deal than you having another number added to your win/loss record. Itíd be like you earning your shot at against Elijah Carlson for the 4CW Championship when the tides were against you. That didnít stop you from turning the wrestling world on its ass. You want to be all tough, thatís fine. You to tell us we should hang up our boots.Ē

Her eyes dart to the camera.

ďI donít know about Trish, but I have heard this song and dance before. Iíll do you one better, Bronx. Iíve had people threaten with more than petty hanging up my boots. I think half those might have come from the locker room at some point while Iíve been here. Do you think that affects me, Bronx? Do you think I lose sleep over idle threats and broken promises devoted to removing me from this life of ours? Well, I guess that technically is better than leaving a promotion shortly after someone beats you. Isnít that right, Bronxy?Ē

Alexis winks.

ďOh, my bad. I forgot weíre talking about the new, improved Bronx, right? The only motherfucker thatís allowed to push himself into the spotlight around here. The only motherfucker to use an old team name when it suits him, and still manages to fail capturing tag team relevance in 4 Corners Wrestling. You tried to bring To The Wolves here. They didnít make a major impact. They tried their paws in the tag team championship tournament. Still, they arenít unable set the world on fire.Ē

Alexis swings her entire body around before getting up. Your fingers slide once more over to the switch turning on the zoom, your hands twisted the zoom lens, giving viewers a cowboy shot that shows Alexis mid-thighs in the frame. She looks at the camera. She takes her time forming up the words before talking. You start tracking her as she paced.

ďTo The Wolves got their noses buried in shit by Karate Kid and Feets McGee. A former Pride Champion and a former Ignition Champion are not supposed to beat two top-tier talented wrestlers such as yourself and Anastasia. It must stun knowing that they bested you when you should be more superior in every way, but the Octane Champion pinned you, Bronx. American Tommy made you look like a chump out there. American Tommy embarrassed you in Tokyo. Oh, but let me guess Golden Boy couldn't come out to play in his playground. I guess that was the old Bronx as of three weeks ago, right Bronx Valescence? However, that wasn't the only time you fucked up.Ē

You catch a smile from the woman.

ďIt proves anything can happen in this company. Anyone can beat anyone. Just like I am going to shock the wrestling world by beating you, I mean we are going to beat you at the Lanxess Arena. See Bronx, I understand why youíre pushing yourself so hard. You and I see a common goal, in that neither of us want to see Viduusí face plastered all over the website. The thought of the belt being used in blood rituals involving headless chickens as well as a bunch of that other voodoo shit. It sickens me deeply. It really does. Picturing that FREAK holding something that has been linked to a great competitors like Cashe, Dakota, Hopkins, and Elijah.Ē

The way Alexis said them seem to hold weight. She walked around this throne feeling the very shape around the throne. A throne fit for Bronx. It is what he wanted to sit in his throne and be worshiped for his incredible abilities.

ďIt must eat you inside as much as it does me. Thatís why I have to do everything in order to pick up the victory here in Cologne for me to climb the rankings, and maybe be given a shot to qualify for the Warzone of Horrors match. You think we wonít understand the pressure that youíre feeling after the tumble three weeks ago? You think we donít understand the amount of weight you made for yourself when instead of beating Anastasia in that Fatal Fourway Ironman match at Ante Up, you were too busy sending Bryan Laughlin over the ropes like a moron leaving whoeverís left in the ring open to steal the victory. You particularly handed Anastasia the championship. Now suddenly you feel guilty. Guilty because you set those wheels in motion for Viduus to be 4CW Champion of going the extra mile like you always do. You didnít even try to win the match. Maybe you just decided to help a good friend out.Ē

ďMaybe give Anastasia a second chance after fighting for so fucking long between the two of you. Hereís some advice, Bronx. Next time you want to call someone a bitch how about you turn around and look into the mirror because what I see is a bitch.Ē

She smiles.

ďYou might think of yourself as King around 4 Corners Wrestling, Bronx. You can gather all your loyal servants around. You can preach after every victory reading from your list of names telling people that means anything to you. Stop fooling yourself because they donít. All that ever mattered to you is you becoming the best. All that you care is being the guy in 4CW. Iím sick of people like you thinking youíll last forever because you wonít last Bronx. Look around you things have changed. A new breed is taking over. Elijah got beat by Tommy. Things have come to an end with your kind here. And Iím part of a rude awakening for you.Ē

Alexis looked intense in the camera.

ďI donít give goddamn whoís sperm you came from. At the Lanxess Arena, we are going to beat the greatest of all time at his best.Ē

You shut the lid from the camera and turned off the device...

- - - -
It is nine oíclock at night when you arrive. You found yourself at the local pub entrance looking inside the front door. It makes something special because Alexis has never invited you anywhere in the years youíve known each other. This would be the first. You are not alone in this. You look over your shoulder to find Trish was there. It was three girls. Three girls in a pub full of half-drunken strangers sounded like something you would find in a porno movie. Alexis opens the door and everyone walks inside. She approaches the bar and slams her hands against the thick wood trying to grab the attention of the guy doing his job.

ďYo barkeep I will have two beers andÖĒ

ďUm, I just have a club soda.Ē 

Alexis seems annoyed by this answer. She walks away rolling her eyes at that response. You could tell that was not the answer that she was looking for given the closing days before their big handicap match with Bronx Valescence. It seemed to you that Alexis wanted to live it up for the night, but Trish was literally killing it for her. Alexis moves around to the bar until she slides into an available seat. You and Trish slide in opposite sides beside her as she looks off to the distances.

ďWhatís wrong?Ē

She drinks her beer.

ďTrish, Iím going to level it with you. What you said on our first day in Cologne about how I could have had a match with Bronx at any point since being here. You were right. I could have applied myself harder and not end up as a joke. I didnít have to wait for someone in the corporate chain of command to make a stupid mistake. I was a former Fate Champion. I was a could have had it all. Everyone was right Iím nothing but a screw-up. Thatís why this match means a lot to me. I gotta clean this mess of a life.Ē

ďCanít be the Cleaner all the time.Ē

ďSounds like a bad nickname for a wrestler.Ē

Alexis chuckles.

ďSeriously Alexis, stop this, youíll get there soon enough. I wouldnít listen to people, even me. Have you got a chance to watch Bronxís promo? He seems dedicated man. I can see why you want to get into the ring with someone like that.Ē

ďYeah. I watched what he had to say. Thatís the Golden Boy. Son of Perry Wallace. You know he once wrote a letter to Santa asking for the 4CW Championship before splitting. Heís a treat. This handicap match going to be the highlight of my career. He knows what I can do and I know what he could do in the ring together. With you, by my side, I know we do this.Ē

Trish looks at Alexis with a confident look.


After sitting down for a few moments drinking and having a good time. You seem to forget about every worry that entered your mind once landing in Germany. Cologne was a beautiful city after all. Everyone that you met seem to treat you nice. Soon you were going to be watching three incredible athletes go all out in a few more days. Life was good. A pressure sensation hits your bladder. You put down the camcorder and excuse yourself from the table and head to the restroom. Once inside there were four stalls and a couple of sinks below a large mirror, with only one of those stalls door closes. It didnít look the best even for pub standards. Seemed dirty. 

A phone is dropped behind you. It is your phone. Scanning the device with just your eyes show a dm from Bronx. It said love you. No sooner than you read that Alexis grabs you and pushes your head against the hard glass. One of her feet bent giving her more leverage. It felt like your head was going to pop from the pressure. Alexis leans near your ear.

ďDonít worry Sarah, Iíll relay the message after I beat Bronx. Please, donít break your promise again.Ē

Soon Alexis letís go and pushes off you as you fall down holding your face. She goes over to wash her hands in a casual matter. Props up her hair in the mirror then Alexis kneels down beside you kissing your cheek and batting her eyes. She smiles at you before exiting the restroom softly singing Bronxís Starboy remix theme song. It is here in your worthless state that you remember something.

You are weakÖ

You are obviousÖ

And you are controlledÖ

Adrenaline / Unexpected Mashup
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Words like these you never pictured would be used to describe who you are. You thought the days of traveling beside her so openly like this was behind you. At least from the distances, you could resume a life without interruption. And when she would text you the files needed to be her messager you could hop into social media to spread her word. But yet there you are at a German airport instead of flying back home, tending to your somewhat normal life. After dealing with getting the last flight out of Tokyo, you made it to Cologne and though everyone else were hours ahead of you, it was a feeling of relief. You walk to the baggage carousel, wholeheartedly expecting to hear someone say they would help grab the extra luggage, only no one would come to your aid. Nonetheless, you reach down picking up the luggage and started on your way heading outside, where Alexis joins you halfway after returning from the womenís restroom.

She keeps telling you how grateful she is that you accepted the offer in Tokyo. Her body language told you she was excited about stepping into the ring for this edition of Adrenaline. There is a lot more excitement from her than facing Mariano Fernandez. Alexis was getting another chance to be in the ring with Bronx Valescence. You understand this because while Mariano is top notch in this sport. No one compares to Bronx. Though, a voice whispers in your head telling you to go back. Or, be trapped deeper in her web. You cannot stop walking with her. At the same time, you both look at each other, adding a smile, extending her hand out Alexis holds your hand as you walk outside to warm rays hitting your body at once on this Autumn afternoon.

You feel its beam against the back of your neck as you approach the rental car that was parked in the shade. Tossing everything in the trunk, and then the engine turns over, the heavy sound of metal blast through the speakers, Alexis is the driver seat smiling your way. A smile curls across your face as a response before getting around to your side opening the door and getting inside. You drive off together knowing youíre about to meet a veteran in this business of whom the only interaction you had was playing Alexis on Twitter. You feel worrisome asking her will everything be okay with this meeting between the two step-sisters? She ensures you that everything is going to be fine, however, youíre not so confident. You have seen first hand the hatred that the two step-sisters have, but there was never full explanation, only snippets Alexis would have you say on Twitter to act as her. It was something you never questioned.

She tells you before they left the airport Alexis called her step-sister informing the all-around veteran they landed. After spending a few miles riding together in a rental car admiring the city again, the vehicle pulls over the side of the road to a patch of the dirt path. There was another car parked. You open the car door as does Alexis, and the both of you start walking toward the parked car. Your eyes watch as Trish steps out of the car. You could see that Alexis is smirking from the corner of your eye. 

You extend your hand calling her Trish because you donít know her well enough to be formal. The veteran looks at your hand and then, looks back at Alexis before crossing her arms. Instantly, a sense of guilt sets in, Trish knows your role in this game.

ďLook,Ē Trish says, as you stand by Alexis. ďI did not want to be involved in your messed up personal crusade. I was totally happy where I was not being linked to you. I was doing my own thing. Unlike you, I have got zero problems waiting for opportunities, and work my butt off to belong in 4 Corners Wrestling. However. because of a pill-popping, corrupt general manager throwing together random matches. I have no choice but to team with you at Adrenaline. I am not going to no-show.Ē

ďWell, I say we abuse this gift from God. You donít understand this is a big deal, Trish. If either of us pins or submits Bronx, that says something around here. It makes people really stop to take notice. I am determined to make that happen.Ē

ďDetermined? As of when? Bronx Valescence has always been here since you have been around at almost the same time. If you truly meant that, you would have started taking this seriously the moment you arrived. This isnít preschool, Alexis. You canít choose when you want to commit to something. You have to do it. Besides arenít you jumping the gun a little bit there? You havenít done anything. God, I listened to you against my better judgment hoping you would change.Ē

Alexis sighs.

ďOh Trish, if you only knew. Iím not jumping to anything. I know what he can do inside the ring. Hell, Trish, I got a win over Bronx before. Would have pinned him too if it werenít for a friend of ours stepping in, and stealing the moment. A certain 'Highlight of the Night' Calvin Harris. I canít help wanting what I think I deserve. Donít you want your kids to look up at you and be proud of what you accomplish one last time in the big leagues, instead of being remembered in their eyes as an indie darling?Ē

ďSince when have you really cared about my kids? It isn't about that. I know what it's like to have to fight outnumbering odds. I remember having to dig and claw to remain where I got. It's never easy. It certainly can be stressful.Ē

ďI forgot. Youíre all about kissing babies and maintaining your good image. Just like you heís considered a top classic talent. Heís traveled all over the world in different promotions living his dream. Trish, Bronx has been the NGW New Zealand Champion, NGW Unified Heavyweight Champion, the Fight One Vendetta Champion, and the 4CW Champion. Heís wrestled some of the best wrestlers in the world just like you have when you started in the independent scene. You might doubt yourself, but I don't.Ē

They continue talking as you listen. You stand off to the side watching them. The more you listen the more that they started sounding almost like a real family. Something you never really had growing up.

ďWho better to be teaming with than a tag team specialist.Ē

ďThat was a long time ago.Ē

ďThen, we better get started working on some five years, eight-month tag team rust. Speaking of rust, Sarah. I got a surprise for you in my bag. I didnít want you to feel left out of this so I talked to management and told them we didnít need a cameraman.Ē

Alexis walks to the trunk of her rental, opens it, and unzips her luggage. You look inside to find a camera as the woman grabs the device out, and hands it over to you. It felt a bit heavier than what you once used when you started this journey with her all those years ago. They look at you as you understood the reason Alexis wanted to have you come along. You turn on the camera.

ďHello Bronx. Let me introduce myself. My name is Trish.Ē

ďIt's been a while, Bronx. Sarah, aren't you going to say hey to Bronx before we both get started? He's a busy man after all going to church, helping old ladies across the street, and whatnot. We thought we would show us preparing for this little match of ours. We want to be at our best. We couldn't waste anymore time.Ē

You extend your hand out in front of the camera waving to the opposite side. It felt good to be acknowledged even though your mind is focused on the task Alexis has given a weakling like you. It made you feel even more important than your own life was. To you this was better because you were closer to the action instead of being stuck at home eating hot pockets. After pressing record, you pan across the landscape as the three of you walk off into a hiking trail. You zoom the camera onto Trish in front of you.

ďIt seems on the next Adrenaline we are going to be opponents. I hate that this is how we meet because you are a really nice guy from what I have seen and heard, too nice of a guy to be placed in a situation like this two against one handicap match. If you ask me that is truly unfair to someone as important as you are to this company, and to the wrestling fans. I feel for you having to sit back while one of our co-general managers tries his best to get under your skin, and under the skin of people who love and respect you.Ē

Alexis grabs the camera forcing it on her. She smirks looking back. The more and more deeper you venture into these dense woods, the more everything starts looking like a late 90s horror movie about three high school go missing while researching about a witch.

ďOnly this match will have nothing to do with love and respect. Itís about the two of us having something to prove. This match might as well have been booked by a monkey. It might as well been booked by a child with down syndrome. It doesnít mean either of us is wanting to be further looked at as glorified mid-carders for the rest of our time working here.Ē

ďI realize coming into this match. No one is going to put as much energy and heart into this match as you would. Youíre a high caliber athlete. Ready to go whenever they tell you. I bet right now youíre working out hard lifting weights and doing exercises, continuing to be in top condition regardless if youíre champion or not. Everyone wants a piece of you.Ē

ďRightful so. Heís the best thing going in wrestling right now.Ē

ďHe looks like it.Ē

You hear Trish's response. The sound of nature was pleasant to your ears as you followed them through the hike. It seems everywhere you looked there was some kind of wildlife coming out to see who was entering their patch of land.

ďThing is, no one expects us to walk into the arena and win the match. It doesnít matter if Bronx is outnumber. You never want to vote against him in any capacity. He always finds a way, donít you Bronxy V? Thatís motivation we can use.Ē

Panning the camera to the left. You manage to get a shot at the twin-spired Cologne Cathedral in the distance once passing less dense trees. You return to Trish. She looks into the camera whilst her breathing becomes heavy.

ďBronx. When I first learned I was facing another decorated champion like yourself I was surprised and curious. I didnít deserve to be placed in a match against the former 4CW World Champion. I didnít think I deserved a jump from losing last Adrenaline to Johnny Storm and furthermore I am not in the same division as you and Alexis. It just never made any sense to me. When I came back into the business of professional wrestling I wanted to start smaller, thatís why I signed with Gulf Coast Wrestling and then, Western Canada Championship Wrestling. Some problems occurred, and I ended up leaving to be full time on Octane.

I never made the leap over to a new division because I strongly believe in what Octane was doing. The project may be over but the passion still resides within these fans, and those championship belts. I understand youíre a big name in 4CW. I realize thereís a passion deep inside you since you were a young boy watching wrestling for the first time. You idolized what you saw because maybe there wasnít anything close to what your eyes gazed upon that made you a wrestler. I wished I grew up around wrestling. I didnít find my calling until I was eighteen. Now I can't picture myself doing any more than to make fans happy, and show you donít have to be mean to get things done. When you pursued that lifelong dream of yours. You wanted to be big things in the world.

You remind me of Achilles in that way. He was considered one of the greatest mythical warrior that came out of Homerís Iliad. He is remembered as the son of a mortal king and a sea nymph. Described as loyal, stouthearted, and a skillful warrior unlike no other. Characteristic you, yourself, share are similar. He fought armies and kings and regarded as being undefeated in battle. While you arenít invincible in battle, you are relentless in the ring until you come out the winner. Bronx, I have a small family back home that winning a high profiled match could do wonders for them as I compete here. Iím going to have to beat you.

You pan the camera over to Alexis. Her hand moves small branches away from her face.

ďSee, I donít know much about historical events, or mythical ones. I found them uninteresting learning about them in Catholic schools. However, I feel the meeting between us three is up there with the best of them because it finally happened. We are going to meet inside the ring one more time.  You have no idea how long Iíve been waiting for this moment. All the countless hours I spent trying to reach your level so I could be granted a chance to be anywhere near you. All it took was for some special needs man-child parodying himself as someone of power to organize a highlight in my career. Sure, I might have a partner like last time but she isnít a glory hog out to attack me out of nowhere. Sheís my step-sister and more importantly, Trish is pure of heart.

It doesnít matter if I impressed someone in management. Or, this match was simply a stupid decision from a coward hiding behind their position, the fact reminds itís done now and thereís nothing any of us can do about it, but see it through. I will not be denied anymore. We wonít be anymore. You understand that feeling. Youíve been where Iíve been where people, sometimes management like to think youíre not in the same league as the rest of them are. Before you got to be the pinnacle of being the 4CW Champion. Hardly anyone was kissing your ass.  You might have been a champion in other promotions around the world, but you were this unsung hero in many peopleís eyes, that was something that you werenít used to from the life you lived growing up. You werenít used to being defeated by opponents who had no business beating you like the way Chris Callum had back then, and now here he is plucking up readying his lips to kiss your asscheeks all over social media. He canít seem to help himself.

You, of all people, should understand this hunger living in the pit of my stomach determined to be satisfied. I was there when To The Wolves entered Monarchy Wrestling to stand against a corruption management who screwed talented folks from winning the championship just so they can raise the hand of their chosen few. I guess I was part of the problem. I dried my hair blonde and chopped it off because I couldnít be the rebel that you were. I lost my aggression to get where I wanted to be at in wrestling, but I found it.

Alexis stops, turns around and suddenly gets on her knees in front of you. Trish doesn't know what to think, and neither do you. She has never acted like this before. Alexis stares at the camera lens, and then starts to smile in the middle of the trail. 

ďHonestly, though, Iím done stumbling around as Manny put it event in, event out Bronx. Iím done being in the middle of the show. You always showed me respect. I still remember what you said after winning the world title. You thanked me. Let me thank you by putting on the best you've ever seen from me. Itís high time I got off my ass and start showing what I am really made of. This handicap match might seem like another piss break for people. They might see this and expect that we will automatically lose. But Bronx, to either of us this is the opportunity to shut doubters up. One of us will defeat you. Just like your dream. Thatís ours.Ē

ďUm, hope you have a wonderful day.Ē

ďSee you soon, Messiah.Ē

You remember something about Bronx. He likes to think he's Jesus in the modern day. You quickly zoom on Alexis looking deep into the camera. It would days before the day chance you would get to experience returning by her side on this crazy journey. Sometimes you really start to wonder what would have happened if you just turned back on that plane, and just said no.

Story Development / Trust & Loyalty
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ďWell what choice do I have? Trust is for fools! Fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear meĒ - Azula, Avatar: The Last Airbender
● ● ●


Stains covered spots on on dirty white walls. A roach crawled from the bedroom sink twitching its antennae around before retreating down the sink cabinet. It was already approaching mid-day across Tokyo as the tower fan blew in the autumn air through the open window. Audio from a television played as it was switched onto the last weather forecast going over tomorrowís partly cloudy day. For once this bit of news distracted Japan from the recent earthquake coverage that had happened. I lie, propped against the motel wall with my legs crossed on the worldís most shittiest bed fully clothed, mind you.

On floor there was a pile of the hotel bed sheets at the bottom of the bed. My face buried in my doodlings I had been drawing since yesterday when I returned from the convenience store just down the street. My hand only moved to reach a bottle of beer from the worn out nightstand beside me. I takes a quick swag but then, discarded the alcoholic beverage wiping the excess remains off my lips. Moans could be heard coming from the room next door. Sounds like someone was having fun catching STDs. Meanwhile, as I was busy drawing, Sarah was over by the open window beside her own bed peering out onto the world.

Once upon a time, Sarah was always the obedient one of my former associates by marriage, the fact the Brotherhood wanted to torture her and make her their mindless puppet if I hadnít stepped in making her my responsibility because I needed her more than they did. Fucking cult. I gave her freedom the moment I started wrestling because I didnít want to deal with the madness of social media. I see now maybe that was a mistake. Just one of many mistakes I needed to correct. It had been too long since I got my hands on that soccer haired mom pretending to be a ripped off Tony Montana, mang. Now it was all down to waiting for Adrenaline.

ďWant me to drag Manny by that soccer mom hair of his if it would keep you from moping around all damn day? I would have no problem doing that. Bet it wouldnít the first time he would be treated like that.Ē

ďNo maíam. I made a promise to you.Ē

ďYes, you did and Iím glad that youíve kept your word. That shows loyalty. Iím not blind I know you enjoy interacting with people on social media. I understand it must have been hard for you. I know that you never had friend because no one understood you different. When they plucked you away away from having to spending another minute in that orphanage I was there.Ē

It takes a moment before I stood up after placing my drawings aside. I walk over to her stopping within inches from where Sarah was standing. She looks down sad. If I had a soft heart I would have given her a hug.

ďFoster care was rough, yes. I spent my whole life growing up there wondering why my mom gave me up for adoption. And the kids used to be so mean there. The bruises I had from beatings I got for nothing. It made me want to die.Ē

Lost little lamb she was back then.

ďBut you didnít die. Friends like Manny come and go.Ē

I come closer.

ďReal family, Sarah. We last forever.Ē

Sarah looks up meeting my eyes nodding, swallowing hard.

ďI know you saw the video I cut about how much Mariano hurt me. He said some terrible things. He accused me of very bad things and I canít let him just walk away from that. He asked for this, Sarah. I am going into Adrenaline to do what I needed to do all along. I need to start giving a damn about my position in the Four Corners Wrestling locker room. Iím meant to be competing against the higher food chain. Iíve been here for a year, and I got nothing to show for it. Thatís my mistake there. Iím tired of sitting around for opportunities to come knock like Manny. People who wait for special matches before waking the fuck up to say Iím here now.Ē

I brushed her shoulder softly before touching her cheek with my hand. I let my hand sit there for a minute and then I moved away walking over to grab some change off the nightstand.

ďThose types of people doesnít deserve anyoneís time. I hope you understand why I said those things directed to him. I want you to consider coming back on the road with me again like old times, Sarah. Help your family. Help me achieve what I have to do to matter.Ē

I looked back at Sarah.

ďIím going to go grab a something to eat. Want anything?Ē

ďNo Mistress, Iím fine. Thank you.Ē

I lifted my shoulders up in that Ďwhateverí attitude as I walked out onto the streets of Tokyo. The aroma coming off from the city was very strong smelling like the food that was cooked here. The sun wasnít that bright due to clouds covering most of the rays. I continued down until stopping at a vending machine. Japan loves their vending machine. I inserted the coins one by one then picked my selection. When I turned around suddenly I bumped into a kid wearing a Kamikaze Pro shirt of Manny. I kneeled down to his level. I touch his shirt.

ďCute. I know you might not understand this, but it looks like you picked the wrong team to support. Heís got a few more days left until I make my statement, and show the locker room that their all going to be next.Ē

All of a sudden I smile at the kid before pushing him out of my way. I could feel his eyes looking back at me but I didnít care. With Adrenaline coming up I was prepared to come for blood. No one was going to stop me for reaching my highest point in this company. I was done being everyoneís punching bag. Trust was easy to manipulate. Fear takes hard work.

Adrenaline / Ghost To The World
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ďDeep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.Ē - Edgar Allan Poe
- - - - -


Edges of a empty street had accumulated small patches of water. The surface wet from an evening of Summer showers which plagued the western of Tokyo. Street lights glare down their bluish-tinted glow across nearby water puddles. In one of them, reflections of a bright grocery store sign glistened within the surrounding darkness that was brighter than the nearest star. A small few walk inside to grab last minute groceries before closing time. Sound of electric double doors separate. My eyes narrowed, eyebrows scrunched together, as I stood glaring down the last remnant of a dying media holding a box of crayons with twenty ounce bottle of Mountain Dew in my hand. A magazine. A 4CW High Times magazine in Japanese featuring many big names draped over the cover. I could feel an sadness inside the longer I looked at that magazine from the rack my eyes gravitate to one superstar in particular. Mariano Fernandez was the bastardís name. He was the guy trying to recreating the magic like what happened to Bronx going from being a zero to being a hero.

A classic role. Something anyone could relate to, being overlooked and counted out. Difference is, Manny didnít measure up as champion. He ended up being a paper champion next to me. Guess we both had that in common. he had the top prize, he had the 4CW Championship but yet he blew his chances of anyone taking him serious anymore. I couldnít think straight, because I was too focused on him to the point I couldnít see passed Marianoís face. After all this was the man that tried to out me in my early start here. My head turned, perhaps in shame, I kept trying to find reason as to how I failed when this was supposed to be my rise.

I should be the one making headway in Four Corners Wrestling like other places. Maybe I should come to grips with the reality I lost my edge. Thatís what people believe anyway. I wasnít what was promised and I wasnít what many expected when I entered the company last year after facing Mary-Jane. I clenched my fist tightly to the point that my nails started to digging into my skin. I then felt something else, something more physical touch. A warm hand pressed down on my shoulder followed by a voice.

ďAlexis? Are you okay?Ē They said softly speaking in English. I turned and looked, there standing with a considered expression across Sarahís face while holding onto her cell phone. Over the past few months before my leave I noticed Sarah was getting soft. She was slowly getting too independent for herself. Already Sarah had grown a friendships with some of my enemies.

Manny was one of them. I pushed Sarah away looking at my hands. They bloody from my nails. It appeared they did a lot more damage than I thought piercing my skin causing them to bleed. I looked over at the magazine again and then turned away.

ďIím sorry. Iím still feeling a little anxious since I got back into this company. I havenít been okay in a very long time, Sarah. It seems everything I do lately has been all for nothing. It all started with Manny. I lost a lot since then. And now here you are having fun and hanging out with your new friends, and I feel like Iím starting to lose you too. Weíve been through a lot, little duckling. Youíre out there and I have no one. I donít know who I am anymore Sarah. Just looking at that magazine and knowing Iím not there among them.Ē

I looked at Sarah with sadness. ďIt hurts.Ē

ďNo, you're right, Iím sorry. I should been more courteous. I wonít bring up their up names again while weíre here. You need all your focus to get back to being on top of the company like you wanted. I stopped social media like you asked, yeah? And I know youíve been struggling for awhile, but I also saw how youíve been pushing yourself lately. Manny isnít going to know what hit him at Adrenaline. Also, donít be silly.Ē

She starts walking away.

ďNo one will ever replace you, Mistress.Ē

As I watched Sarah leave I gave a smirk to myself before glancing at the magazine. I knew that I had full control over her that even someone like Manny couldnít take from me. It was almost time for Adrenaline. It was almost time for me to meet with my favorite chico and everyoneís favorite joke. I just needed to figure out how much will he bleed.


Slowly, Four Corner Wrestling would be reaching itís next milestone in production. Ninety episodes. It would continue where Bad Company left off in this yearís global tour taking us across the ocean into Tokyo. This would mark the second time Four Corners Wrestling would present an event for japanese wrestling purest. Two cultures colliding yet again. As you would imagine tickets were scarce almost selling out all available seating after being exposed to the Las Vegas promotion last year. The sound of waves clash together against a hard surface comes over the audio feed. The picture fades in with a scenery covering an orange milky sky just as the sun descends further beneath the horizon where just below was miles of endless ocean. The camera zoom back revealing the full picture including me at the bow of the boat taking in the rushing wind blowing in my face while people go about their vacation.

I was few miles from Japan just taking a cruise before my return. It was time to add the first encounter I would have in 4CW in months and to be fair I was hungry to show I wasnít sitting at home collecting a paycheck. I was ready to prove I still had what it took to call myself a member of this company. And I know I was ready to show I could beat that tag team robot loving motherfucker I was better than him. Once I opened my eyes, I hopped down from the bow with a thud from my boots as it collided with the hardwood flooring. I popped my leather jacket as I looked into the camera not saying a single word at first. I starting collecting my thoughts.

ďIt was at the Vivint Smart Home Arena on July eleventh when world last seen Alexis Mercer enter a Four Corners ring. Iíll be completely honest, I failed to win that night as I faced Eric Donavan and Jair Hopkins. I couldnít seal the deal after delivering a devastating reverse frankensteiner on Jair Hopkins that pretty much took him out of commission for the night. It saddens me that myself and Jair werenít all there for our match. I know for sure that weíll meet again soon for real fun. However, that isnít what everything is about today. Looks as if I have a match against a former 4CW Champion, mang. Mariano Fernandez.Ē

I said, adding a nod. ďThis match is the next chapter in our short history together. In almost two weeks, I will be unleashed upon the Japanese crowd once more for this company. The last time we met in anything was when me and Jett Wilder eliminated you from that battle royal match to determine who was going to go onto South Beach Brawl to challenge Tara for the Fate Championship.Ē

When I took a few steps forward my feet criss-crossed each other as I drew closer to the camera. And once I had reached where the exposed pillars hold the decks together I grabbed ahold of the thick of wood. Eventually, I would twirl around this pillar. Every step I took around this pillar I would casually look down at my feet, and then I glance up looking sad before lowering them again. My eyes would water. It was then I would speak once more to my rival this Wednesday as the sun continued melting into the sea.

ďDo you remember what you said, Mariano? Do you? Because I remember, Manny. You claimed that I could harm the man I have loved for so many years. You thought I could do something bad to the person I wanted to spend my life with, the man I could have beared children with. You labeled me, Manny, some heartless killer since the moment we met. I honestly thought you were one of the good ones who looked after the misunderstood. Here I was a simple little girl wanting to start over. I mean really start over. I saw all the good things I wanted to accomplish in Four Corners Wrestling. I got myself a new friend. I was building a great life before you slandered me, Mariano. I was living my best life, and you couldnít help yourself deepening the wound. No wonder Paige is missing.Ē

This time my voice had a slower tone. Tears would soon leave a trail running down my face. Emotionally inside everything simmered and I suddenly begun feeling nothing deep down. Cameras zoom to the wrinkles around my mouth. Curling up was a smile. I let go of the pillar and moved a little toward the lens view and started to put my arms wide open with a smile still on my face. You can hear more waves raging on the side of the ship while I stood tall as bystanders moved about around me.

ďSo here we are, Manny. The next chapter in our short interaction will continue. In about a few days, I will be unleashed upon the Japanese crowd once more. Iíve seen your rise casting all doubts about you aside after we both went our separate paths ending with both of us failing to live up to our worth. I lost my Fate Championship. You ended up losing your 4CW Championship back to Bronxy Boy back at Fright Night in your legendary I Quit Match. Since then, weíve attempted to reach that pinnacle in our careers again. Alas, we have never got back to where we once were granted. Weíve become stuck in limbo. With you having minor success here and there since returning this got me thinking. Itís my time to shine now and be better than even you did, Mariano.Ē

Thinking about the times Manny has been talking about this badder side of me. Yet, he has never fully experienced it because we drifted away. I wanted to savor the moment for every second that motherfucker outed me in the beginning. In the background behind me though, things started getting darker and then proceeded further with shadows forming around those edges of the ship I was on. No more was there an orange milky sky painted across the horizon, but an ever growing night falling over the Pacific Ocean.

ďSee, Tokyo holds a special place within my black, decayed heart. Iíve wrestled there in important matches throughout my career, and I always push myself to the limits in Tokyo. Just last year I stood toe-to-toe with the baddest woman on the roster, and we nearly damn near killed each other. Gen and I went to war until I took the risk launching myself onto her sending both of us onto the arena floor, and taking us both out. It was to the point the referee called the match off. You might think to yourself, Manny, that something like that was inhumane because you never want to go into a match looking to end everything. Taking all the risk of possibly not only ending my career, but possibly of ending the career of my opponent. Youíre too pure and loved to fully understand the feeling.Ē

I walked over to the railing bent over as I looked at Tokyo in thee far distance. Wind was blowing my hair around like crazy. It caused me to brush it back. After I was done I proceeded to lean on that steel railing and brought my hands together as I lifted a leg slightly.

ďUnless the opponent is a pineapple pizza,Ē I smirked. ďYou could never go into that thought process needed to end a rivalry. A place so dark you would have nightmares worse than the realization that Talos has betrayed you. However, for me Mariano, this was just a Wednesday. Understand that last time we had a singles match you came out the victor. You went through all the paces. You studied what you needed to know about me beforehand reading my entire biography. You know everything about me. At least you think you do.

After losing that match in July that was the point when I realized I needed to make some changes. I needed to make something more for myself than to be everyoneís punching bag. I decided to go back home and continue training so when I was ready to return. I would be a lot more violent, a lot more vicious and hella lot more determined to get what is rightful going to be mine. I could have stayed away like everyone would have wanted but you know just as much as I do that Four Corners Wrestling is a mean drug. You never truly stay away long before you come back for more. Iíve become an addict, Manny. Moreso than you could ever imagine possible. Moreso than you, Manny. I donít just want to harm you. Mariano, I want you to experience the true darkness that has been living inside me for years. I told you during our encounter in the battle royal I wasnít that savage, that I didnít plan for a sequel.

I pushed off the railing to a vertical base.

ďHowever, it would seem Fate has tied my hands, mang. Oh, donít worry. I donít have Jett Wilder looking around the corner so I can mold his mind to do what I want him to do anymore. Do you see the faggot anywhere around here? That is what he used to refer to himself as if I recall people saying. We wonít double team you anymore. Iím all alone now. Iím all alone and Iím coming after you because the way I see it if I want my time to happen Iím going to have to beat you in Tokyo. The only question is whether you survive long enough for your next robot partner to start picking up the pieces of a broken man that should maybe consider early retirement.Ē

It was at this time, I backed away from the camera just as a crowd started to migrate to the back of the ship. The final shot of me is standing still as I pretended that Mariano was here looking back at me. I extended my hands into the form of a gun and jerked my hands back according before being engulfed in the crowd and disappearing. Our cameras fade out hearing people partying.

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CHARACTER: Alexis Mercer & Trish Newborn
RETURNING: The following Adrenaline

Adrenaline / Kiwami
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Another two weeks. Another Adrenaline.

4CW was gearing up for the next Ante Up pay-per-view approaching. The audience of the Adrenaline was still coming off the heels of what happened two weeks ago when the everyone was stunned that I picked up the victory over two more older names in the company by beating Lord Raab, and Cyrus Riddle. That made it three in total. Three names that was I had been waiting to extend.

Blackness. Everything was pitch black. Something most viewers have become familiar with this common cinematic sequence. It fades off until opening once more across a bright moon. At this early hour of nightfall, the moon still remained to share the black-ish blue sky with thousands of extra sparkly tenants; the streets were bare at best with only a handful are taking the risk walking by a traditional Japanese restaurant before showing us transporting inside where I am surrounded by two bodies. Both men wearing business suits and had short black hair. Young in age. They had a dark complexion and one had fuzzy caterpillar-like eyebrows. I was dressed in a colorful kimono wrapping around my body while wearing an orange flower on the side of my head.

ďFighting through former household names around this company has made me realize how much 4CW needs a plague to wipe out the dinosaurs of the past, and make way for the future who will dominate this company. Iíve held myself back for far too long. Old fossils like Rorie Steele, Lord Raab, and Cyrus Riddle were just a small start to something on a larger scale. Honestly, this is what everyone in the back has made me everytime I get forced as the opening attraction. Lord Raab was never a name I cared about anyway. It seems like every other year Iím facing off against that families generic pool, the only real treat was when I pinned Cyrus.Ē 

I opened my eyes then carefully poured some tea. Steam rose into the air twisting and turning this white smoke. I took the porcelain cup closer to the edge of my mouth then blowing my mouth before sipping the hot beverage. After that, I put down the cup...

ďOld fossils like Rorie Steele, Lord Raab, Cyrus Riddle are the dinosaurs that needed to die off. They needed to be put a thousand feet in the ground to rot as the worms and other natural delights. Itís my time to finally break out. Itís my time now. I get a qualifier match with the once shining little puppet of the locker room. Everyoneís favorite little engine who tries extra hard.Ē

I took a moment before I spoke again.

ďLook at yourself, Ichiko,Ē I said, as I sat wearing a traditional kimono in Indian style while the camera takes another look at the body next to me. That name was something I can assure you Kimistu has only heard because it was hers. I opened my eyes from meditation to stare into the camera lens, letting people see how calm and collective I was.

ďThis was supposed to be your big opportunity to step out of being known as the young girl that came from trash and talked about wanting to be more. You wanted to live up to your fatherís name. Zombie. A stupid name that sounds like a twelve-year-old came up with because it sounded cool. You talk about honor and justice when you lied to people every day about who you are. Are too ashamed to come into a place being billed as anything other than your persona. They say you're being a bully and delinquent before you found Tokyo Zombie and tamed that inner angry. No, thatís not what really happened. You cannot erase history like that, Ichiko.Ē

ďYou werenít bullying and causing mayhem in the streets. You didnít have a bellicose attitude. You were the one being bullied and were invisible trying so hard to be seen. Bet half of these idiots here knew that Kimistu isnít your name. Ichiko Mori is. I actually like that name better. It sounds more real than your trope about honor and justice, It makes you human as opposed to being this ultra bad ass karate chick who has a bad temperature every time something doesnít go her way like suddenly youíre a terminator.Ē

ďKimistu Zombie is an ideal person you wanted to become. A tough, fearless woman that became the bully in this version of yourself that showed the power to not be the victim. Someone who instead got saved just before the life consumed her. Oh, Iím sure that will for a better story than whatever went on in real life. Iím sure that fairy tale helps send a message to others who faced you in the past before getting beaten as you perform your martial arts style. However, I wonít be one of them. Donít get me wrong there, friend. I love martial arts. Iíve seen every movie starring Bruce Lee recently and think he was the very best in the world. I took that shit in when I was ten years old. Honestly, Iím surprised you didnít add something about the Yakuza getting involved somehow, someway within this story youíve been telling to everyone. There was supposed to be the moments the girl would become a rising star in Four Corners.Ē

I said in a demanding voice. It was meant to get Ichikoís attention as I looked staring, my mind was picturing my opponent standing in the middle of the ring while I beat them with a weapon. As I beat Ichiko within an inch of her life. I felt I needed to be tough because this was supposed to be a No Holds Barred Extreme Roulette Opening Qualifier for the Ante Up pay-per-view. It meant I could inflict as much pain as much as I wanted to in the match and there was nothing the referee could do but watch. Just like everyone else.

ďYou were supposed to be one of these rising stars within the company. The way people talked about you made it seem Kimistu Zombie was a World Champion in the making until you slipped. Most donít know, but we almost to worked for the same company. Epic Online Wrestling. I say almost because that place didnít last too long and honestly I wasnít surprised the way Ernie Parker ran that other brand, Livewire. His old ass was a lawsuit waiting to just happen. See, before I could get any hope of facing a Zombie somewhere down the line that places up and closed. I never got a chance until now.Ē

I get up to my feet, Iím walking over to the back kitchen area. I look at all the pans, pots, cooking sheets. All any fan of steel meeting flesh could possibly want. Before long, Iím starting to cherry picking off certain things and then they end up in the ground with a loud crashing sound that would have woke the neighbor, if they had any, ďNo, no...Ē

I stare for a second holding a sharp long knife. I turn, walking back into the main room.

ďYou can be a fan of positive thinking all day long. That crap isnít enough when youíre ass is getting pummeled to the ground and getting pinned to the mat for three seconds. It isnít enough to save whatever luck feels you had before getting stuck in a rut of repeated ass-kickings after the first major one happened. Weíve gotten a lot of attention when things started for us. Only everyone didnít treat me like they treated you. I was viewed as the redheaded stepchild. You and I, weíre both at the bottom. We both are having troubling times recapturing what we once had built up for ourselves long before we showed up in 4CW to become jokes.Ē

ďThis match between us has a chance to fix everything. It can do wonders for one of our careers and instead of you getting kissed by Cashe deadbeat looking ass and me losing when it really matters in this game, but all we have to do is unleash everything that has ever been said about us and walk into the Staples Center prepared to cause carnage in the City of Angels. I canít wait to cut you into tiny little bits and feed them to strays outside the arena. You better be fucking getting touch with Tokyo Zombie to get some special guidance because your old man ainít going to do jack shit but sit around scratching his balls and talking to healing.Ē

ďHoney, what you got coming to you isnít going to be healing. Iím sick and tired about being outsmarted by cunts like you who come around here doing whatever you want and get everyone to turn a blind eye. You come out talking in EOW about your tragic story and how you were beat the fuck up, only to change the story somewhere else. Only could come out looking like some fucking saint in all this after the fact that you lied to people that didnít know the whole truth. People call me a manipulative bitch. You take the fucking cake I could never top that level of coldness. Then again, you are a bully afterall, right? Thatís what you said back in EOW. Whoever you are isnít going to matter much after Iím done craving everything out of you. I miss your short hair.Ē   

The scene closes as I stab the long knife in the table.

Adrenaline / "Three's A Crowd"
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Three weeks had passed since Four Corners Wrestling had heard and seen Alexis Mercer. It wasnít like her to disappear shortly after beating an opponent like what had transpired at the pay-per-view. Momentum was hers to gain. Alexis had every tool to push herself up towards the goal of getting out of being stuck in the opening matches. Stuck being a glorified seat warmer for the major talent, some of which she has beaten before, yet Alexis remained forever stuck in this hell without being given a chance.

Everyone wondered could Alexis Mercer be gone from the company? Well, if you know this story than youíd know how the smallest dogs, Chihuahuas, they always get themselves out of corners. With that said, the cameras started stirring as we open a human skull looking at us with their bottom jaw missing. It was dark and damp as the crew travel down a stone spiral staircase centuries old, where the large size compartments house a vast array of bones. A distant chuckle is heard echoing through this confined space. We soon find Alexis standing with her back turned inside a large tomb as a soft amber glow illuminate.

Candles. Thatís what they were. They seemed to have been there for some time already the unlit ones appeared melted. Her hand lifts a candlestick to light another on this large rectangle slab made of stone carved. As Alexis moved along lighting more of these, our cameras could see pictures of Lord Raab and Cyrus Riddle in frames next to even more skulls. After the last candle was lit, Alexis picked up an old framed Lord Raab picture where he still had his mask.

ďDid you miss me?Ē She says, as her body contorted around to meet cameras.

ďLord Raab. It would seem we have found ourselves once again meeting inside the ring. Only this time it would fall onto your decision to return to 4 Corners Wrestling. You should have stayed gone. This used to be your world before you went and grown soft. Violence and anger were once considered the only friends that gave a damn about you. And now look at yourself. Youíre pussy. See, I read up on your updated bio and I saw the footage. Funny how I remember hearing stories back when I was working in WEW about the way you debuted in Four Corners. Jumping the guardrail with Cashe. You made a name for yourself as this big, bad monster.Ē

ďYou did nothing with that. You didnít achieve any sort goal. I sure as hell know this green slime never made you the incredible Hulk of professional wrestling. You werenít making yourself a threat to anyone here. Cashe gave you every opportunity to showcase what a true monster could do and Raab, you ended up doing jack shit with what was given. When times got rough for the Green Diseased Monster all you did was tuck your tail and left promotions high and dry in favor for other promotions and other missed chances.Ē

ďYeah. Iím a fuck up I admit I am, but at least I donít hop to another promotion when things donít go my way. Tell us what happened when you left your so called 4 Corners Wrestling home? You went to Carnage Wrestling in September. You didnít come back. You didnít write and send postcards through the mail. No, Markus. You fucking left the place you feel so strongly about to become another person from 4CW to up and leave. Bitches that hated me talking about how I donít belong. Theyíre all gone, Raab. Every single one. Donít believe me? Tara Michaels went off to hop on that Dakota dick for helping take care of Peyton.Ē

Shadows of mouse crawl through the open cracks casting their shadow on the wall. Alexis bends her arm as she lifts one hand up and looking sideways at the dirty ground, adding a side smirk before returning to the lens. We can barely see her in her dark clothing.

ďQueef is too busy making cutesy love faces with the reformed Williams to give a shit about 4CW. Genie. Well, Gen decided to wake up one day and decided sheíd rather stay home commenting on Twitter life. However, here you are, Markus, coming back like a lost little puppy now because suddenly things started booming again. Things are better for the Masked German Monster.Ē

ďNot only did you find someone capable of performing some crazy shit to reduce your height, but you got plastic surgery. Wished I had the number of that dude, I might get them to make me into a tall motherfucker so I can finally achieve more in my career here.Ē

ďInstead. Your girl has to resort to coloring her hair to a darker tone.Ē

Alexis flips her hair with some sass.

ďChange is great. It gives us an opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to the world. It allows us to start over. Only for you, Markus, I have a better chance of survival and actually doing something with the tools life gives me. I wonít leave for months and then pop up with a new personality and new guidance that will assist me in keeping on the straight and narrow path.Ē

While Markus needed Henry to keep the darkness at bay. Alexis was willing to let it in. She was ready to do whatever it took to get the job done and get back to holding a championship again. She looked on with both eyebrows scrunched.

ďUnlike you, Markus, I donít go around drenching myself with green slime looking like I just got done shooting a scene from a sequel to Ghostbusters II. Iím not in the business for all the spectacle. Iím in it for the pain I actually cause to people like Andre Holmes after I busted him open and spilled not just his blood, but toyed with his head for months. Iím the real monster here. Honestly, management isnít doing you any favors by adding your name next to mine again. If you thought what happened at the Fate Battle Royal was bad, when you got eliminated and went to the back knowing that was the closest youíll ever get to stiffing a 4CW Championship.Ē

ďJust wait until the triple threat match begins because there is no going to the back after being thrown over the top rope. I get to do whatever I want to the both of you once that bell rings. And if Henry Losak, your guidance counselor, wants in on the fun. Well, Iíd be happy to show him benefits that come with hatred and with anger. See, I can do all of that without the need for a stupid mask and a stupid sponsor deal with Monster Energy for wearing their logos on my outfits like you.Ē

ďIf anything Iíll give you one more reason to leave 4 Championship Wrestling for good. This was never going to be your place, Raab. It was never going to be where you would have your little sweet Cinderella story.Ē

ďYou can thank Perry Wallace for everything thatís coming your way at Adrenaline in our match. You can thank him for pushing you into running off to some other company where you can realize those dreams. You will have none here. I might be not as I used to be back in a place like WEW but Iíll adapt and will outlast even the mightiest of seasoned 4CW talent.Ē

Her eyes diverted down at the picture. Her fingertip traces circles inside the frame.

ďUnderstand this you bastard, I donít care that you decided to come back at last Adrenaline talking about how it feels to be back. Iím going to make you feel like all that plastic surgery was for nothing. Because Markus, Iím going to undo all that surgeon's hard work and leave your horse looking draining in your own blood just as I will do to Riddle. Speaking of Riddle...Ē

Alexis turns her head toward Riddleís picture.

ďWhat is there to say about Cyrus Riddle, hm? It would appear that our paths were bound to meet in this world. We were bound to come across each other at some point. It was just a matter of when and how. From what I gathered hearing the whispers and chattering backstage. You would love what I bring to 4CW because youíre just as sadistic as I am. You have done things and said things that would make people look at us and believe they're seeing double. Only I got better tits. Honestly though, Cyrus Riddle, you might have been something a long time ago but ever since Harlow fucked your dad. A piece of you was fucked alongside him.Ē

ďHell, it was Harlow that took the XTV Championship away from you in that No Holds Barred match. The same championship that you fought so hard to hold in the six-person Barbed Wire Ropes Over The Top Elimination marking your second title in the company. At Retrograde, Riddle, I watched as you face some of the toughest in the 4CW.Ē

Alexis paused, putting the picture of Raab back. She picks up the one with Cyrus. She looks at it.

ďPeople like Persephone Marquis, Aidan Carlisle, Kimitsu Zombie, and yes. The Good Nurse, too. You fought hard because it was the second championship that you won in the Corners Four. You were supposed to have no trouble beating Harlow again. Since that day you havenít been the same. Look Riddle. I know what it is like to meet that medical pincushion. Iíve done so multiple times. Iím sure I will face her again sometime in the future too. Youíve been successful all across the world snatching up championships left and right while becoming a 4CW Tag Team Champion with like I just stated previously a former XTV Champion.Ē

ďYou did something that I was never able to do. Beat Genie Carlson. Yet Riddle, everything went wrong once that belt was removed and it was that action which has lead you to be checked out. You allowed a fucking asshole like Andre Holmes away. Now the moron thinks that heís going to be in line for a future championship spot soon. Oh. Iím sure your girlfriend was devastated after coming home from school. You make bold claims that youíre infinite, that youíre the powers to be. No, my dude not while I stand in the ring.Ē

ďEverything that you describe yourself is all lie. How am I supposed to know you wonít check out on me, too? How do I know that come Adrenaline in a few days that I donít get the Impaler? Maybe you should let your girl step in for you because it seems sheís more active than you are, but then again I wouldnít want the little bitch to get boo-boos on her arms and face and get in trouble.Ē

ďOut of the three of us, I thought you would have been the one that provided a challenge. You are the one who has held nearly twenty-five championships in total. At least with you, I could have been wrestling against a real opponent.Ē

ďNot Slimy Green Ex-Monster Trash over there.Ē
Sure, if Alexis could knock off Cyrus Riddle. It might still do wonders for her career heading into Ante Up at a time when victories over big names still mean a goddamn. He still wasnít what many would think of as a jobber. It would prove that Alexis was serious and possibly more dangerous than ever. This could be the opening she needed to move to bigger things.

ďRaab and Riddle. I hope youíre ready for another loss in your belts. Because this will be your final resting place.Ē

With that Alexis turns around placing the picture of Cyrus next to Lord Raab's before leaving. This starts our cameras to zoom on to the picture frames with the dark shadow from nearby flames dance on top of the images. We close here and slowly fade.

South Beach Brawl IV / "Sex Tape Climax"
« on: April 22, 2018, 02:54:43 AM »
ďThere will be blood. An old catchphrase of yours dating back early days in wrestling.Ē

We open to a hotel room. It was average. Not too big and not too small, with a twin size bed that was made neatly and a pair of fresh mints are placed on tops of the pillows while hanging above is a local painting using pastel colors matching that of a perfect sunset overlooking the ocean, the tv nestled off to the right, Alexis sits in a chair between the tv and bed looking at the camcorder. Her hand controlled the remote welding the power of zooming in and Alexis did so wearing a long Megadeth shirt. Her hair drenched from taking a shower twenty minutes before but wanted to talk about her upcoming match against Rorie Steele.

ďLast year in this very event, at this very same Bayfront Park, I was had been placed to face Tara Davidson for the first championship I ever held for Four Corners Wrestling. The Fate Championship. It was a time when I was outnumbered by having Jason there trying to protect his wife and keep the belt around her waist. A struggle for Tara to get the job done when she was carrying an unborn brat waiting to be born weighing her down making her less than effective at doing her goddamn job and defend the belt instead of bumping uglies with a loser husband that wanted nothing to do with her or the pea shitting monster months later.Ē

Alexis adjusted herself on the chair.

ďI fought the odds to be crowned the new champion that night in Miami. Rorie, I basically beat the former Tag Team Champions in my first year in the company and won. Fast forward to today and Iím stuck having to deal with you. Another woman that likes to throw around her tits and showcase her ass for any attention that her daddy never gave her growing up.Ē

She added. ďWhat a change from last year, huh? Iím one step away from opening these things fighting off against toothless, wild-eyed Jason Cashe to warm up the audience before all that real action takes place. Life goal material right there.Ē

Before long Alexis leaned forward and plopped both elbows on the arms of the chair. You can see almost every strand of the dark-colored piece of clumped hair as they glued together, wet. Her eyebrows narrowed. Behind her was an open window observing the night sky outside, where dark clouds have overthrown the stars and the moon, leaving mostly darkness in Florida.

ďďYes, I read about your aggressive tendencies that you have. I know all about your days of getting into fights at school with other children to the point you picked up a reputation. I know about the times you used your body to get what you want from men. See, I used to know women like you in the locker room across various companies across the world. They would use their looks and their bodies to get them through in the sport because they lacked in wrestling. They needed that extra advantage when times got hard for them.Ē

ďThat was their fallout plan using their pussy. I guess you have them beat though, Rorie. Because half of them have dropped off the face of the earth by now after doing their tricks for two years. Itís no secret, Rorie. I used to stand against everything whores like you were. Itís how I got my name Anti-Starlet. There was a time when you couldnít walk five inches without seeing one of you walking around backstage compliant to forever assume your role as resident headboard tester.Ē

ďExcuse me, where are my manners, Rorie? I should welcome you back to Four Corners Wrestling after taking a short absence from this place, but Iím sure youíre feeling right at home in Perryís pants. Or, anyone with a dick. I bet you have made every one hard just from your showing up for another run in the company. I can see why Iím not blind or something. Hell, I might have thrown my name in the hat if I knew you were interested in girls and if I knew I wouldnít wake up the following day with some kind of STD. Iím surprised you lasted this long without corking yet if Iím to be completely honest.Ē

She looks over at the bed with this open mouth look, and Alexis gets up and then starts heading toward the side bed. Once there, Alexis puts both hands on the edge before crawling on all fours. She then decides to stop. Her hand pressed zoom.

ďLike the view?Ē She adds, ďI bet you enjoy being a dog. Being submissive and giving yourself to your random partners for the hour. Though the ring isnít some cheap hotel room despite Perry wishing it was. I know youíre a sex freak. I figured this would be the right setting for just the two of us to discuss our intimate encounter at the pay-per-view.Ē

Alexis sits up. Her free hand tugs down on her shirt.

ďSo, I understand youíre a former Tag Team Champion. Having only captured the titles with your partner. Like that matters anymore. Youíre just an old relic like me trying to climb out of this hell. Oh, I hope my appearance doesnít leave you with the impression Iím a piece of cake. Because I will fuck you up since you enjoy a good fight. Unlike you Rorie, I have a long history of being violent to not just women but everyone from young to old. I didnít start out wrestling women until I got to Las Vegas. I didnít go just beat up other children at school them being bad bullies, I was defending myself. But, that was then and this is now. The ring isnít some cheap hotel room, even though Perry would love the idea. A wrestling sex company. Heíd make millions easy.Ē

ďAt South Beach Brawl why donít you lay on your back. Iíll do all the work for you since you're used to that kind of stuff. In the end, though we both get what we want. You get fucked and I make people remember my name.Ē

Alexis bends down on camera. Her emerald eyes look at the camera lens deep as she remained there still. She didnít even breathe, holding the air inside her lungs while looking seductive.

ďHope youíre ready for the climax, baby.Ē

Saying that brought a sadistic smile from her face before Alexis lets her arm drop to her side. It is then that things got serious when the smile is removed and we are left with Alexis sitting up on the bed looking at the camera. Her other hand raises up, holding the remote and cocking her head from side to side before letting out a breath. A click sound is heard and then darkness followed. Alexis pressed the off button on the camera closing our scene at that point. South Beach Brawl awaited.

Adrenaline / "The Doctor Is Calling"
« on: April 09, 2018, 04:52:56 AM »
Alexis wakes up gasping for the slightest pocket of air from a deep slumber. Her eyes circle around attempting to collect her bearings only to discover pure darkness. She manages to pry her hands in the center and unzips herself free. Still, Alexis finds herself confined. She starts kicking below her until the hatchet on the outside snaps and lands on the ground as the Anti-Starlet wheels her body out of storage. Alexis sits herself up on the steel table which once housed her body looking around at a dark mortuary room and in her hand was that same needle she injected herself with a few days ago. A smile crept on that wicked woman.

Alexis wanted to enter Harlow Kinsleyís world.

When Alexis stands nothing covered her body. She was naked and judging by the toe tag. She was going to be examined any day now to find what exactly could have supposedly killed the former Fate Champion. Much like her career. It was dead and forgotten. Alexis strolled to a dead man laying in the open and she leans down to give the guy a gentle kiss on the forehead, whispering in his ear.

ďThank you for keeping me company.Ē

She rubs his face. Soon. Her eyes dart to another body that belonged to a woman. Alexis looks back, getting within inches from naked manís face, brushing the short dark hair from this corpse. She has this eerie look gazing into the dead person. Almost registering similar traits about her own personality being cold and emotionless. All that was inside her was deadness.

ďOh, Jimmy. Itís so good that youíve made new friends in your new journey. The world can be a scary place without friendship to yourself away from the dangers of drugs and violence. That kind of lifestyle ruins those it touches. That canít be helped by a girl like Harlow Kinsley. She will never stop using and abusing because her mind is too far gone.Ē

Alexis would know from experience about what drugs and violence could do to a person. Having wrestled Harlow Kinsley all over in matches that didnít always favor her. In fact, Alexis had known the struggle of defeat from this same woman in a solo match. It didnít to her that she pinned that fucking cuck Tony Savage to gain a victory. This time Alexis felt there was nowhere Kinsley could go other than the south territory of Red State Revolver and wrestle a bunch of toothless Goryís with brains of a lunch box. Harlow will fit right in with such people as Alabama Brooks and her ex-husband fighting over topics like who slept with whose cousin first.

ďHarlow keeps telling herself that Iím a lamer of herself as if all those pictures floating on the internet about me were some type of mass illusion to the entire wrestling world. When last I checked I was always this way since the very beginning of my wrestling career in Twenty-Twelve. Usually how claiming something works the older debut date is normally the correct one. Last I checked Harlow started this wrestling gig in Twenty-Fifteen. Frankenbitch canít claim I copied anything when all it takes is for someone to go throw my photos on that Twitter thing that my associate Sarah operates to see the real truth.Ē

Her right elbow sits on the dead manís rib cage. Her hand makes a comfortable place for Alexis to rest her chin against while continuing to speak to the dead. Hoping one would speak back to that creepy hard to understand Kinsley language.

ďOh Jimmy, you would love meeting Harlow. I can already tell that you both have a lot in common. Youíre both pale. Youíre both incredibly stiff as a board. You both got that whole after death smell. I just never liked the bitch. Sheís too much Halloween costume and creepy makeup central mixed in on bleaching her skin to get that right tone. As I mentioned before. Kinsley tries too hard. Iím pale because I have the Irish curse. I dye my hair a lot because I get bored. Itís a human condition. You wouldnít understand anymore.Ē

She shrugged half-assed.

ďYouíre already dead.Ē

He remains motionless laying on the embalming table.

ďYou are really easy to talk to, you know? Not at all like my ex-husband.Ē

Silence from the dead body happens again.

ďGood talk.Ē

There laying inside a hamper was a single gown. Alexis tried to find other pieces of clothing but nothing. It wasnít like Alexis was shy about her body or something so the search for anything else became worthless. She goes and puts the gown on after feeling the effects of having been stripped naked and locked away meat storage. Her bare ass caught a chilly breeze. Someone must have left the hospitalís always blistering air conditioner on. She leaned out looking in both directions to see no patients. No staff members.

Alexis decides to walk out through the hall roaming.

The scene opens with a surgical mask resting on a large crescent-shaped desk.  We see a pile of old medical files stacked in the corner of this massive centerpiece. The hallways remained dark and empty. Chairs sway back and forth casting a shadow against a checkered pattern flooring that shined when light brushes its polished surface. Alexis walks over from the east still with only this gown on looking like she had conquered death itself. Her eyes come across the surgical mask and a puppet. That was what this was all about. It was her beating Harlow Kinsley in singles competition outside cancer known as Extreme Wrestling Corporation.

ďLife is full of questions, isnít it Harlow? I always find myself questioning things that leave me puzzled and often times curious. Why is the sky blue? Why are cats and dogs instantly enemies? Why is the new XTV Champion having to face a loser like me? I havenít done anything but become a disappointment since the moment I came to Four Corners.Ē

She pauses. We can see her lung cavities move as Alexis takes a breath.

ďďI guess the important question should be why are you doing a puppet show again? I thought you would have moved on from this pattern after Extreme Wrestling Corporation. You tried that before, Good Nurse. I thought maybe that you would have moved on to something more challenging, something fresher. Playing with puppets is so twenty-fifteen of you. Yet here you are still believing somehow youíre in control of everything leading up to our match. I mean, that is the whole point of puppeteering, is it not?Ē

She said as Alexis walks up toward the mask and the cloth puppet. First, she lifts the puppet and brings it closer to the midsection as she recalls Harlow playing with puppets before against her. Alexis knew that Harlow was desperate. She needed to keep the winning streak going and prove herself against everyone that she meets in the ring. The Ohio nurse needed to keep motivation heading into the pay-per-view in Florida more than ever now to continue.

ďThe art of mentally having the power to control over something as tangible as fabric humanoids and creatures really seems mundane for someone that shares similar brutal characteristic traits as me. Weíve both had to deal with overbearing familiars that wanted to shield us for as long as they could against the justice arms of the world. We both started out super violent before stepping into a 4CW ring and got took down a peg by almost everyone we met. Mine came in the form of a Boston cunt first that couldnít shut up. Yours was to Alessandro when he went to Winter Wasteland and beat you down like all those times you laid on your back drugged out of that pretty little mind of yours from shooting up too many things into your veins.Ē

Control. That was Alexisí favorite game to play. She loved playing inside the heads of an opponent just to see how far she could push them before making them break under pressure. You could see it in the piercing eyes. It was the look of a desperate woman that wanted to destroy the confidence that was building within Harlow Kinsley. The 4CW XTV Champion.

ďI wouldnít be worried about this bonding session that you shared with Kimi when she assisted you in becoming the brand new XTV Champion. I would be more concerned with what I could do to you. Youíve made a notation when facing Riddle last Adrenaline about making men into monsters. Well, Harlow, as you already know, I ainít no man and Iím already a monster. Iíve been that way since I was a small babe being ripped from my momís dead vajayjay and turning up feeding worms. Iím looking to get right back to being that after losing my way and being tired of working undercard, Iím looking to take you out and make my way to the headline spot.

If I wanted to snitch the opportunity to face you for the XTV Championship at South Beach Brawl this year then all that needs to be done is beat you right here. What good would that do for me challenging for a title that isnít going to do me any favors other than piss off a bunch of people in the back that swore I was dead and buried. There are other ways I could drive that message home than holding a garbage championship designed for garbage talent like you, Harlow Kinsley.

She takes a breath, throwing the puppet aside.

ďThink holding some hillbilly strap makes you different. Like holding that thing suddenly removes you from being mentioned as nothing more than a garbage wrestler going around fighting people in backyards. You still have that mindset. You still have that stench coming out of your wannabe hot topic looking cootch. We arenít in Red State Revolver. Weíre not in Slaughterhouse. We damn sure arenít in Extreme Wrestling Corporation. President Mac isnít going to be there to make you look good. He isnít going to be there to hold your hand while you face off against softer opponents that he approved you of facing anymore.Ē

Those violent words flowed through Alexis. She cocked her head off to the side. Semi-short darker hair fell just where they were supposed to land on her shoulders.

ďWhatís wrong Harlow? Am I too hard for you? Would you like it if Perry hired Emma Louise? Or, how about Latoya Hixx to come to 4CW and be your little bitch again just like when you were in the Extreme Wrestling Corporation together? True. I lost to you in our cage match, but remember you said you were double booked. After you beat me then it was time for your big moment proving everyone that what they saw was exactly who lived inside. A World Champion. Not only were you unsuccessful. You showed that you couldnít beat Jaden ďXplodeĒ Hunter and were left flat on the campus. He told you exactly what Iím telling you right now. You are nothing without being attached to the hardcore wrestling lifestyle. The thumbnails. The tacks. The steel chairs.Ē

She holds the mask in her hand. Tossing it in the air and watching as the mask lands back in the Anti-Starlet's hand. She looks at the camera.

ďYou want to talk about being a living legend when you were being handed opponents that werenít the best wrestlers. If being fed lower talent by management makes you a living legend then I guess a bunch of WWH wrestlers have something to finally be proud about. And I take offense to that. You were never that high on the totem pole over in EWC. I guess if you were that name than what does that make superstars like Alicia Lukas? They lived by this code every day fearing the moment real competition hit them. Hell, by your standards half if not all of the wrestlers in Future Stars of Wrestling that enjoy circle jerking each other are living legends too. Are we starting to hand out these titles like Peckerman gives out free candy to children?

Does me fighting the same people during our time together in the same company qualify me to receive such an honorable name, I mean, I faced the same opponents night in and night out that you have, minus Jaden. I walked away with two undefeated streaks on both brands before going my separate way to being exclusive to 4CW while you were crying your eyes out about losing to Polly Pocket. Best decision I made since being involved with wrestling, to be honest. Kinsley, if thatís the type of club youíre looking for then consider me out and Iíll continue being happy just being called a nobody.

Alexis looked away.

ďI maybe true that I have never pinned you. I never made you submit to Bloody Tears. Youíve always been one step ahead of me every time we faced each other in the other promotion. Every single encounter that put our names beside each other have always never favored me too well. I look at you and someone looking for an escape from the life that was never perfect for her. Someone that never cared about anything in life outside fix. It didnít matter if the drug was something you stashed away. Or your fix ended up being the bodies you manage to collect in the wrestling world. Nothing will please you deep down. You want fictional characters thinking youíre some kind of superhero protecting everyone from harm. No cunt. Youíre Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers, Shredder in Ninja Turtles,  Megatron in Transformers, Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter. People like us are never the good guys.Ē

She says confidently.

ďPeople like us are always going to be looked down upon. You should know that by now Kinsley. Itís sad that you seem delusional believing all those things could you. In this showdown I will find a way to beat you in harsh fashion that will make these dead bodies locked away inside here look like Three Wise Men from the old trashy book I was forced to read. I will end you, Kinsley. Iíll become the doctor in our little slice of Hell and I will start carving your body until there is nothing left of you.Ē

At some point, Alexis is being to feel like she was placed in a zombie movie. You could make a bet that Harlow Kinsley, Riddle, and Dakota Smith all had hard onís during this whole thing. Alexis goes over to the front desk and reaches in to grab a discharge sheet attached to a brown clipboard. She signs the paper and disregards them seconds later by throwing the object to the ground. Alexis escapes from her tomb through the mechanical door.

Cameras are all thatís left alone inside the hospital now. We notice something in the corner. It had been knocked down and was hiding from clear sight by this fake plant standing in front of the tall thing. The lens gets a glance at this notice saying the hospital was hereby closing down and will no longer be of service. The date on the sign read yesterdayís date.

Fade to black.

Adrenaline / I'm Your Favorite Drug
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ďHello, Harlow.Ē

Cameras fade into the sound of Alexisí disembodied voice and a close-up of a ceramic jar with empty syringes. They were sitting on top of a dark cherry wood coffee table that looked more decayed than antique. Once the camera gets close enough we start to transition to another camera, where Alexis appeared sitting Indian style on top of this worn out table holding one of these syringes in a barely lit rundown waiting room wearing nothing but a plaid shirt and ripped white washed jeans.

She looked comfortable there holding something that medical staff sometimes use to injection things into their patients. It was surely meant as a callback to the Good Nurseís days as an active nurse before being caught. Forced to give up her medical licensing and be treated like a common criminal for crimes against her very practice. Ah, good nurse indeed. It was time for Adrenaline once more to be going on the Showtime airwaves. It was time for the last stop between here and South Beach Brawl coming to everyone from beautiful Miami, Florida. 4CW was returning to Bayfront Park for their annual pay-per-view bringing with them the finals of the South Beach Brawl and the last chance for anyone to grab hold of the 4CW World Championship.

Something that Alexis couldnít be apart of anymore after being eliminated by Anastasia a few weeks back. So much for her plans of stiffing the 4CW Championship any time soon. It was only two weeks ago that management gave her a little kitty to play with just before Alexis skinned her alive. Now, theyíve given her another gift in the form of an old friend from a shitty place. Alexis knew of this woman very well because she was her poser from Extreme Wrestling Corporation. Harlow Kinsley. The Anti-Starlet gives a slight smirk on her face as cameras take a second before zooming closer. Soon. That syringe was between her fingertips, as Alexis grinds the medical instrumental, rubbing its rounded body against her soft skin.

ďHowís my favorite good girl turned drug abusive ex-nurse, hmm? Are we still shooting up our own products? I bet you see these in this cup imagining them piercing into that unnatural pale skin of yours. If that is even real. You still look like you bathe yourself in bleach to keep from looking like everyone else. You are still trying too goddamn hard to be this scary abomination ripped from the pages a Clive Barker novel. The eerie make-up. The twisted contract eye lens. That creepy vibe people would feel from watching a typical Harlow Kinsley promo with all the creepiest tones in place. Everything was used just for shock value.Ē

The cameras follow her hand as Alexis put down the medical item gently beside her. The history between Alexis and Harlow were slowly starting as the words through her mouth and out to the audio picking it up.

ďYouíre still identifying yourself as a bonafide hardcore stunt devil that cannot function outside her element. I guess the fear of Xplode kicking your ass for the EWC Undisputed Championship really made you lower your worth to yourself. What would I know, right? I was never put into a higher spot on any promotion since two thousand and fifteen while in WEW. I mean I love matches where I could take another personís body and mangle them is nice, but sometimes you have to go outside the box and take chances.Ē

Harlow Marie Kinsley was always known for hardcore matches, even in Mexico where she got her start. It was always dangerous and it was almost always life-threatening because thatís everything Kinsley knew. How to be a perfect garbage wrestler. Meanwhile, Alexis was the exact opposite because she knew the tools to branch out and adapt to everything else.

ďHow many of these Ďanything goesí type championships are we at now? Four Ďanything goesí championships, right? Iíve only been associated with one. The rest had nothing to do with being hardcore. But Harlow, donít get me wrong baby girl. You were always the one that intrigued me the most. Having police escort you to the ring making you seem like some murderer on their way to death row. It made you seem legit. It caught my attention quick when you returned to good olí United States from Mexico. It made me interested in seeing what kind of person you were once you joined EWC a few months after I sent a stripper back to pole dancing.Ē

She looks to the cameras.

ďThese people in Four Corners, they donít know you the way I have gotten to know you, Harlow. They havenít seen when you were at your peak before you crashed and burned. Everyone doesnít know your past like I do.Ē

Alexis lowers her head and reached over to grab the ceramic mug with empty syringes. They jingle upon being lifted into the air and end up being placed right in front of her. She moves her hand inside making that sound of hard plastic hitting ceramic. Alexis knew that Mark Storm was only the first person from that other place she would have to face.

ďIt was your first match back on American soil. You taking on Jonathan Blade. Commentary were putting extra work making sure that your shit shine brightest against people that were pretty much enhancement talent. They knew no one on their shitty Future Stars of  Wrestling roster could have a chance at beating you. They needed a special attraction to hype. EWC fed you a ton of young talent and made you look unbeatable, undefeatable. Once done doing your routine you were back in a cell for the rest of the night. This happened every two weeks. Youíd walked down, destroy opponents -- and leave with officers.

President Mac ate that shit up, Future Stars of Wrestling ate that shit up. Every other week on their brand made you believe that you were this unstoppable and often times scary force to be reckoned with in our business handing you victory after victory. They just couldnít get enough of your living dead wannabe looking ass. All that numb emotion wasnít from someone who didnít care about the pain that she was receiving, but actually from the mixture of cocktail drugs pumped into your system at once.

You used to spend time in Mexico laying on beds blacking out as the result of your comatose state. You didnít care what happened to your body. You didnít care where you were at times. You were just out of it. Your mind was shot. In reality, Harlow Marie Kinsley wasnít some badass creepy girl that had the power to rip off limbs and beat you with them. She was just a drug dealer turned druggie that couldnít help taking cookies from the cookie jar. I bet right now, Harlow, youíre itching to reach through the lens and grab some of these empty syringes to fill with your personal favorite drugs to get another jolt again and feel like the goddamn Incredible Hulk.

She says looking at the cameras.

ďWhen you were done conquering the jobbers of the indie scene. You moved over to attempt your luck on the main brand of Monday Night Brawl. It worked for awhile and you ended up getting becoming the first X-Division Champion beating Jay Cee on the program and everything seemed to be going great. Your little Halloween dress up routine seemed to be working until once you got extra comfortable sitting on top of the world spewing that cryptic shit things got rough and you lost. You lost the only belt that has ever had your name spread across the nameplate and that showed you as mortal as everyone else. Of course, while this was all going on, I also moved over from another brand to be back being undefeated on the same show.

When we had a little interaction together. I was already going Rambo on my tag team partner and everyoneís favorite cupcake loving, delusional fairy, Polly Pocket. I insulted her cupcakes and threw them on the ground, dragged her lifeless body over to our side of the corner and made the tag to me. It was all a fun time. But when our team crossed paths with you and Tony Savage and I learned a very important lesson that night. Steel steps are your weakness. It makes perfect sense I would utilize this well-kept secret. Those assholes over on Future Stars of Wrestling couldnít find their head up their ass to know anything. Shows how great theyíre teaching down there in good olí FSW. The home of autistic dreams. Yeah, I took the pinfall from Tinkerbell. I was the legal woman, after all.

I pinned Tony Savage. I robbed you of having the victory. I showed the world that your creepy shit doesnít work against me and apparently none of that creepy shit works here in 4CW either. Your mystique is gone. Youíre a mixed bag just like I am. Youíre no longer the main attraction, but rather the sideshow dressed like a freak.

Alexis grabs the syringe from beside her. She held it up before taking the cap off and putting the needle into a glass vial containing medicine to prevent getting sick. It was the Spring season after all. Plus, Alexis was a pro at this stuff.
ďBefore we both left the shitty place there was one more match left that saw all of us together in the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship at Wrestlefest XIV. Inside the Philippine Arena in Ciudad de Victoria. Thatís right, folks. President Macís incredible genius at work, not like he stole any other company ideas, match or title. If it did, the place didnít make an Impact. Itís not like they were Total Nonstop in Action the department either. Losing your championship to Polly Pocket must have been rough though, Good Nurse. It must have made you rethink life. Look, Harlow, I lost too but I wasnít really the champion going into the match. We both fell down to the ring together leaving you belt-less and heartbroken so bad that you ended up leaving.Ē

She shrugs her shoulders.

ďWe both did, eventually. And here we are on Adrenaline doing this all over again for another company. I knew it would only be a matter of time before we crossed paths here in 4CW to write another chapter in our sega. Wallace knows the history of us being both having a past in Extreme Wrestling Corporation. This isnít going to be the same result that happened to me and Mark Storm because I know I can beat you. Iíve outsmarted you before once in the ring. I will do it again. Question is: when I beat your ass in the center of the ring on Wednesday donít go running off to Mexico. Because I donít need hardcore belts to define me.Ē

She pauses again.

ďClearly, you do.Ē

She starts filling the syringe with a vaccine. Alexis rolls up her sleeve and extends her arm before injecting herself with some kind of vaccine. She shoots the stuff into her system without feeling much pain. She pulls the needle out to throw it on the ground.

ďCanít be too careful these days.Ē

Adrenaline / "Curiosity Doesn't Kill The Kat, I Do..."
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:00:31 AM »
ďCuriosity is what killed the cat, right Kitty Kat? That is what they all say.Ē

Her voice is followed by the sound of barking and meowing. The scene opens into picture, the cameras pan across several animals in their individual steel cages looking helpless and more importantly, looking scared. There were animals on either side of this teal painted area located in the back. In the other room though, silence as there is a long table in the center where a cat lies after being euthanized. Half her body covered in a white sheet that draped her waist while this bright light shined from above the cat.

ďThereís nothing more curious than to reach for success that they never had but always wanted, Kat Jones. Itís the Ďwhat ifí syndrome which makes those gears started spinning, waiting for the right time to strike. Something that has eluded them for a very long time and would fear that if they wait too long than they would miss their opportunity.Ē

Alexis said from the dark void.

ďPoor Miss Evie. Never got a full life. She just couldnít survive the jaw of death coming to claim her. She couldnít defend herself against that rabid dog before it swung her body like a rag doll and ripping her apart.Ē

Quickly, Alexis dove into the frame from the darkness laying her body on top of this animal. Her face buried into the catís fur almost showing sign of life that had not been there before. Tears ran down her cheek. Her head lifted up and the Anti-Starlet wiped away the salty tears before standing back to her feet and looks down lifting the arm and letting the arm suddenly just drop.

ďIt amazes me that we have not got the pleasure of crossing paths with each other. I mean, we both enjoy the art of violence and dominating over every opponent we meet. Their careers donít matter when we have a bigger goal in mind to chase. Iím sure if we met in the ring, I would annihilate you from existence because there can be one climbing through the rankings here. Itís not going to be Kat Jones. Because this isnít World Wrestling Headquarters and Ana might have made me seem weak, but I am anything but weak. Unlike her, Iím not going to run away and hide from my problems. I donít need to crawl to a regurgitated fiasco like WWH that rips off other wrestling promotions events and tries to rewrite history like Wrestlemania, like having Andre The Giant inducted into their hall of fame because it would make their shitty hall of fame mean something, if they attach a dead guy to make it look legit.Ē

Alexis had lost her spot in the big South Beach Brawl Cup. She wasnít going to be getting one more step away from winning the 4CW Championship. There was no longer an excuse for her this time around. However, that wasnít going to stop Alexis shifting focus to the next best thing than beating Kat Jones. Alexis knew that she had to suck it up. She wasnít the kind who spent the time soaking in her misery and start crying in some bathroom like a little pussy.

ďAs legit as this dead corpse returning from the dead to successfully win the United States and World Tag Team Championship over there. I donít know perhaps there was some chemical that made the dead come back to life. Return of the Living Dead style. See, this is the same company that suddenly you want to climb their ranks to grab their shitty ass championship. You wanted to take the easy way out instead of putting in the hours because you know that this whole tough girl act is nothing but a joke to everyone. You talked about being anything but being a diva but yet if anyone would look closer at your moves, you have a trademark bitchslap. A move famous for women that didnít know any else in training. Iím surprised you donít have a traditional hair pull from the fifties.Ē

She reverts back up to cameras after petting the dead cat. Alexis then walks around the centered table just to prop herself leaning back as her hands dig into the edges of this steel table.

ďWell, I donít do the whole bitchslap if I wanted to get the message across. If I wanted to strike anyone I donít revert back to the fifties when I could psychically have a few knockout punches and break some teeth. I guess I shouldnít be surprised coming from the woman that decided to copy and paste someone else's finishers because youíre too lazy for you to get proper original ones.Ē

Alexis prodded, keeping her eyes forward. She knew how to really dig into someone good. It didnít matter if it was the smallest little thing if there was a way to exploit anything about a personís character then she would use everything. Alexis started moistening her lips running her tongue across before turning around and pointing at the carcass behind her. 

ďIf she had been properly trained not to wander outside of her own yard into dangerous trenches. She wouldnít have gotten destroyed by a catís common enemy on steroids. She would have been living her best life to chase butterflies and running around playing in the freshly cut grass. Instead, Miss Evie choose to play with death.Ē

Suddenly, Alexis lifts up the white sheet exposing the creatures crewed body.

ďThis is what happens when you get too curious.Ē

She takes a few steps forward.

ďThis match isnít going to be one as much for entertainment. What happened to Miss Evie over there is going to be far more humane than what is going to happen inside that ring with you. Iím going to unleash all the hatred, all the frustration waiting for my chance and my opportunities. You choose to run for the hills and go hide in your little precious World Wrestling Headquarters because competition wasnít easy enough for you to grab a hold of that brass ring. The WWH Championship.The fact you call yourself dangerous is a goddamn joke. Youíre just some emo looking whore who canít pick up wins unless they were easy because thatís all that place is. How long before I beat you will you run off again claiming everything is too hard here, Kitty Kat? How long before I plant you face first are you going to go crying back to your supposed daddy Perry about how I was too rough?Ē

ďDaddy isn't going to save you from me.Ē

The animals start to really go crazy in the other. The cameras get a glimpse of Alexis bends down and kisses the animal on the forehead. Her eyes look at the camera afterward for a few seconds before the entire scene goes dark once more.

ē ē ē

Our scene opens to Alexis kneeling down to a dog holding a rubber tennis ball. She rubs the animal across the fur and then the dog starts grabbing the ball and starts playing tug-of-war with the Anti-Starlet. Alexis stands up, throws the ball across the room as he ran. Suddenly cameras zoom in on the ball and the dog running after the rubber toy.

ďKatnip, huh? What a cute and interesting nickname that describes two reactions involving felines. A chemical compound mostly found in a special kind of plant which has the means to alter the little furry balls behavioral patterns. Itís like marijuana for cats. On one hand, the plant can calm cats down make them feel more relaxed, more peaceful if ingested by mouth. On the other, this powerful feline plant could send them into a frenzy just by smelling the scent. Iím afraid that you are going to need something like that to give you hope. Because Iím going to inflict pain upon you that you would make me wish I would put you to sleep forever so that you wonít feel anymore.Ē

She looks back crossing her arms.

ďYouíre going to need something to take the edge off being in a hospital bed. Maybe give Jason Cashe a call to hook you up on some of that really good shit. It doesnít matter because Iím going to inflict so much pain that you retire from wrestling. Iím going to do to you just as Aiden did in your first match after being signing. Iím not here fighting over your fictional daddy Perry Wallace. I could care less about what you and Sarah have against each other. Honesty, Perry Wallace is nothing more than a cuck. If you want to daydream then be my guest Iím sure that Perry really gives two shits about you but that attention reserved for anyone but Bronx.Ē

ďKat Jones. You can run away all you want. You can go back to WWH and have yourself the greatest career of your life after winning their world championship but nothing will come close to picking up the victory and winning our belt. At least ours isnít running the risk of being a replica stolen from another company. Iím sure youíll enjoy being champion there until they change the results. Next Wednesday Iíll make sure that youíll be getting the best sleep of your life that maybe you will never want to wake up from again.Ē 

Cameras get a close up. Our scene fades with Alexis holding a needle close to her face. Squirting out is a clear liquid as her eyes staring at us.

Story Development / Missing First Scene From RP (Thank You Microsoft)
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Our cameras open to find we were panning across a skate park from afar while children were doing insane tricks. Lightning from above clashes, as the thundercloud rolled through with dark clouds giving everything in sight a gloomy greyish color palette. Alexis appeared next to the camera crew as the cool wind started to blow into her face. She tries to tuck her hair back.

ďIsnít beautiful, Anastasia? I used to come to places like these as a child. They were my only escape from life before I found a purpose in wrestling. I want you to take one last look something beautiful and some would say inspiring. Take every bit of energy that can be found with these children, I want you to take the whole townís life force and use it for your own, Ana. You will need all the strength you can get because at Adrenaline Iím going to push you over your limit -- and I will break you.Ē

Alexis continued looking ahead.
'ďI will break you like no other person has ever had before. You would do the same if you were in my shoes. What you find as your obligation I see as a personal pleasure getting an opportunity not just to winning the world championship but to knock you out of the South Beach Brawl Cup. Losing to me wonít affect you as much as not being the best wrestler that you claim you are. Losing to me means you wonít get a chance at walking out of South Beach Brawl without the championship around your shoulder. Beating Bronx is just an extra bonus thrown in for you, Anastasia, because youíve already beaten him before and donít have anything to prove unless Bronxy is the 4CW Champion. Hurting him and take everything he has done.Ē

It was once again Anastasia and Alexis for the fourth time that they have crossed paths. It was a chance for redemption for one of these women as they battled to advance over to the second round of the South Beach Brawl Cup. Alexis turned, walking backward with the skate park in the backdrop while the camera followed her movement.

Inside Alexisí thoughts she was counting down to the night she would face Anastasia Hayden in the South Beach Brawl Cup Tournament for Twenty-Eighteen. An opportunity not only to pick up the large trophy, but the winner would also get a shot at the Four Corners Wrestlings Championship if they survived. They would be the new 4CW Champion. This year was different because the champion was having to be included in the tournament defending their championship. That meant each match Bronx was in he would be putting his belt on the line reaching all the way to the finals.

ďNot that I oppose the idea. Not at all. You see Anastasia, that is what I got in mind for you in the coming days. I want to hurt everything about you in this first round. I want you to finally realize that you messed with me one too many times. You can say that you arenít afraid of me and that you donít find me dangerous, but this is the time I end your luck with me. Iíll be honest, I barely donít get much pleasure these days.After Adrenaline in Raleigh though, I will take much pleasure in ending your attempt at getting to the 4CW Championship picture and keeping you away from Bronx. I will enjoy every second watching as you sit on the ramp with disbelief written across your face and tears running down your cheeks as you realize you were eliminated by me.

Iíve been waiting for a chance at once again being a world championship. Iím not letting this slide like last year. You will not be my Scott Stevens, Anastasia. But come Adrenaline I will be your Bronx and fuck you up.Ē

Our scene fades as clouds continue shifting.

Adrenaline / AKA Not Winning This Time, Cunt
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ďSeems I struck a nerve with you, Paisley. Oops, I meant to say, Anastasia.Ē

Alexis sat on top of a wooden picnic table with both feet on the bench itself holding her skateboard. The moonís rays peeked out through various tall trees while the ground remained wet, the dirt loose. She was a few miles away from the skating section of Marsh Creek Park behind her location currently. Her fingers spun the wheels of that skateboard. Alexis looked up, exhaling from a deep breath that was held in her lungs after that with a sigh. Cameras are at eye level.

ďWell, whoever you might be doesnít matter anymore because I know what youíre not. And thatís a world champion in this Russian roulette game of ours called professional wrestling. It shows. You lack experience in major championship battles like the one you shared with Bronx for the world championship. Those amateur tricks might have treated you well within the minor leagues being a mid-card superstar completing for mid-card championships. However, this is on next level shit.Ē

She knew from experience. Speaking from someone that was forced to change their game up to fight for a world championship opportunity, Alexis understood what it meant to hold the top championship for a company. Regardless if Alexis was wanted or not because that is how she won her first world championship three years. She took an opportunity and left wearing gold. This was no different considering this was an opportunity she didnít earn, Alexis would have to take it.

ďYou might have main-evented a pay-per-view, but did you make it matter? Did you walk away with your hand raised as the winner of the match and Bronx laying on his back regretting he messed with you, Anastasia? You can be in countless main events all you want but until you win those main events at pay-per-views. Youíll still be the little wannabe that lynched onto Bronx Valscence, your partner Terry McKenna and ex-lover boy Bryan Williamsí dicks because you know deep down you couldnít do things alone without support around you Ana, you canít take yourself to the next level without someone holding your hand telling you that youíre great.Ē

Her eyes looked forward.

ďSaying to you that youíre the biggest star.Ē

She continued.

ďI donít think youíre great. Iím not going to throw praises your way until you decide to throw me under the bus. Iím not like everyone that has ever been in contact with you after you were done with them. Underestimate me all you want. Throw countless threats about how you are always superior to me every time we have ever stepped into the ring. It doesnít matter what you have done to me in the past because as far as Iím concerned, none of those was for a world championship. You keep bragging about your pathetic wins over me. You keep talking about the only championship achievement you have ever had. The Fate Championship. Youíre just proving me right every time you talk about winning anything related to that fucking title, mid-carder. You always will be.Ē

Alexis laid back with her body on the wooden bench. Her clothes start stretching exposing her bare stomach while Alexis looked up into the stars, and then placed one arm over her stomach and turned to cameras. Every one of them stars shined a  brighter star than her cocky opponent Anastasia Hayden could ever dream of coming. She wanted every single word to hurt little miss princess giving Alexis the mental edge against an already broken Ana. An already torn Ana.

ďAnastasia. I thought the Fate Championship was garbage. I thought you didnít care the Fate Championship. Yet when you face me that seems to be the talking point you try to make clear. You beat me for the Fate Championship. This is twice that you believe that mentioning this is going to put me down because it shows you as superior, that you had me all figured out since the first time you pinned me on Adrenaline earning that first championship opportunity in 4CW. Iím so glad I could help the less fortunate. Just like most things surrounding life, my charitable days are over and your luck you hang over my head is done.Ē

Every word spoken was as if Alexis repeatedly was stabbing Anastasia in the chest with a blunt object. You could almost hear the last dying breath escape from the Grand Duchess. Alexis shrugged her shoulders. Not caring.

ďHey, at least you have To The Wolves, right?Ē

That blunt object was stabbed a little deeper.

ďYeah. At least youíll have that to fall back on when this world championship hunt is done. You canít even do a simple task of cutting a promo against this loser without needing your security blanket featured in some capacity. Getting a text from Bronx? How sweet. Let me guess, youíre buddy-buddy now and youíll be doing a podcast soon talking about how amazing your match at Retrograde turned out for both of you. You guys are going to go into detail how everything was set up, right?Ē

She puts down the skateboard and then leans forward with both elbows touching her thighs. Once more those soulless dead eyes were front and center staring at the camera lens as itís lights bounce off her face. We can still see the head bandage that now had a bloody stain leading to Alexis to just remove the dressing altogether. The stitching looked off like she did it herself.

ďCanít wait for that podcast to drop. You see, everything I have ever done in my career I did without the need of lynching onto my ex-husbandís coattails hoping that maybe his success would rub off on me. Unlike you, Ana, I actually have world championship experience with three reigns under my belt. Iíve been at the top of the mountain. Iím not the only one. There are several in this tournament series that are looking to recapture their former glory days. But, it will be me that with their hands raised. After proving that I can beat you and send you back to hotel bathrooms crying in tears possibly contemplating Williamsí old hangman routine, Iím going through any of the other six on our side of the bracket until thereís one left to beat. Whoever holds the championship.Ē

Alexis watched in the distance while one of many North Carolinaís nocturnal birds flew from the trees into the night sky catching her attention for a brief second. She darted her eyes back at the camera.

ďDoesnít matter if itís Bronx, Quagliaterre, Laughlin, or Genevieve. Iím beating them for that championship after I blow passed which one of those jerkoffs, Madison or Prince, who secure the victory in their first-round match. Because at this stage, it isnít going to be you facing anyone but the mat as I drop you face first. It has been two years, five months and twenty-seven days since I reigned top champion of anything. The company I used to work for is all but dead in the darkest abyss, and I was never given a shot at the EWC Undisputed Championship when I went there because felt the need to hold me down, despite the fact I was undefeated for a long time. Instead of giving me the chance to make my new reign of terror a reality but I was overlooked.Ē

Her palms pressed on the surface of the bench from behind letting her arms support her weight.

ďI was passed by for easier targets for their champion of champions and a corrupted ranking system that allowed repeated do-overs if management wanted to abuse like they have. You think I havenít thought about this opportunity living inside my head, Anastasia? You think I didnít want to show my true self the moment I walked through the doors? I could knock the fuck out of Genie the first time I met her in the ring. You must be stupider than you look. Then again I am talking to the same person who thinks AnaKicks is totally original and totally a cool catchphrase. Gordy has a better shot at becoming the 4CW Champion than you would. The way you fumbled the ball like that when for months weíve heard from your own mouth about being the greatest wrestler in the company. I havenít because the only matches you can compare me too involves the Fate Championship.

When it mattered most you fumbled and fall flat on your face crawling for someone, anyone to pick you back up like your name was Humpty Dumpty just having another fall. Do you want to talk about Lost in Translation? How about Yandere Simulator? Instead of clinging to a high school boy and murdering other girls that come in contact with him. Here you are clinging to the thought that you must be the one beating Bronx, humiliating him proving you are truly superior beating him for something he worked hard for reaching. Well, Iím going to have to show you what I do to those who used to think they were the top people in the business.

Her voice said calmly.

ďI break them, then I bury them so far in the darkness that they will sleep forever. Iíve waited two long years for my return to the main event across pay-per-views. Iím ending your big break into real stardom Anastasia and thereís nothing that you can say. Thereís nothing that you can do to stop me from getting what I deserve. The 4CW Championship.Ē

Alexis gets up from sitting.

ďHey, Bronx. I know your fucking ass is watching everything in Four Corners Wrestling right now while rubbing the championship over your shoulder eating at Dannyís. When I beat this pathetic looking bitch, do I get to be invited to join your exclusive club as her replacement after Wednesday? Iím a wolf that wears many sheep's clothing.Ē

She turns away, looking off to the side and then faces the camera again to flash a fake smile. The kind that makes a person question the meaning behind such a subtle action. Alexis parts her lips, as we zoom closer.

ďI promise I wonít lynch onto anything, Iíll just take your title.Ē

Adrenaline / Go Cry A River, Bitch
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ďHello, Anastasia. I knew we would meet again.Ē

Alexis stepped out of the darkness and then into the radius of a hanging light. She had a bloody head bandage wrapped around her skull from the violent match outcome of ĎRelentlessí Andre Holmes. Looking into Alexisí eyes were like looking into the eyes of someone dead inside. They were cold and emotionless. She blinked once and then slowly -- along with the camera -- looked across to Alexisí own bloody hand. She repeatedly opens and closes her palm. How lucky could the Anti-Starlet be getting to face Anastasia right after her main event failure with Bronx for the 4CW Championship at Retrograde. Her black heart skipped a beat.

ďImagine what I thought about hearing your name across from mine. I told you the last time we spoke that I had no problem fighting you. In fact, I welcome the strong striking style that you learned over the years. This encounter is so much more different than anything weíve had before. This isnít about some low tier championship that has found its rightful place where it belongs. I understand my recent transgressions over these past few months might leave you feeling anxious. You fear that if I stop you from advancing further along in the tournament, that if I found a way to close that chapter, then youíre done. Thatís it.Ē

She returns to focus on the camera.

ďAll those endless hours slaving to attempt to overcome your inner personal demons, your own doubts about being the best wrestler in the entire world -- all become worthless. All these nights that you spent training constantly with Grace Gage will start to feel like a waste of time and energy that could have been used accepting your fate in some dead-end job in North Dakota. Perhaps you would have been better serving food as an underpaid waitress rather than sobbing like a little pussy bitch after not getting what you want. Are you going to find some bathroom to drain those tears after coming so close to beating Bronx? I can picture right now youíre having this mental breakdown trying to justify you losing a shot at becoming the chick that took the strap off Valscence.Ē

Lightning from outside lit up the right side of Alexisí face casting a shadow while simultaneously illuminating the brick wall across the left side of this massive room. She then cups her hands together and starts taking a few steps away from the camera crew. Her eyes look up at the high ceiling above seeing the countless spider webs, Alexis glances back.

ďLetís be honest. When I end your hunt for the world title. Thereís no other option for you to go on the Adrenaline roster. You might as well request to be transferred over to Octane and attempt your luck with defeating someone like Cosmo Copper. I highly doubt it, though. I heard Cosmo just as bad as Bronxy. But look on the bright side, Ana. You wouldnít be alone there. Your cocksucking ex Bryan Williams is on 4CW Octane alongside you. Happy times for you both.Ē

Rain starts dropping down on the roof. Small pea size droplets started falling from the various holes and cracks landing in a few plastic buckets spaced in parts of one of the theme park attractions.

ďYouíre not going to aim for the Pride Championship and play second fiddle under someone, especially since that is the role you have played throughout your career. You were always seen as a bonafide mid-carder. Thatís the truth, Anastasia. Youíre not even good enough to grab the NJFC World Championship. To me, having that Global Championship is like winning the Special Olympics gold medal for walking and pretending to be Elaine Thompson after she won gold medals in the one hundred and two hundred meter race. Both are seen by audiences, but who do you think people actually will remember more?Ē

Cameras zoom on that almost robotic face. Nothing pain related registered in her fleshy vessel, not even after having that brutal battle with Andre Holmes at Retrograde. She just looked turned toward the center camera. Alexis knew Anastasia Hayden very well since their long history between each other dating back to Monarchy Wrestling. Alexis knew that Ana losing an important match after proving she could beat Bronx in a non-title match had to send the twenty-eight-year-old into overdrive in emotions. Not that Alexis cared. She fed off that shit wanting to drive the knife deeper into the heart of Anastasia Hayden, Grand Duchess.

ďHow long have you been in the business? Since 2009? Eight years is a long time watching everyone around you bypass you while youíre stuck on being a B-Level talent trying to live in an A-Level world.  Ever since coming into the business of wrestling this ego about being the best means everything to you, Ana. This redemption of getting another shot at Bronx and the world title. That means more to you than most realize. You need this victory against me. Nothingís going to magically change if I suddenly beat you. Personally, I wouldnít have it any other way itís a lot more fun when I take something you worked hard for.Ē

She clenched her bloody fist.

ďThis South Beach Brawl Cup isnít about boyhood dreams like last year when Bronx won. This South Beach Brawl Cup isnít going to be your comeback story, this tournament is not going to be about you, Ana. Youíve had your chance and failed. This year marks something different Iím afraid. My raise to power in Four Corners Wrestling and my quest to do something you couldnít do. Iím going to be the one that if Bronx Valscence survives, he wonít against me and Bronx knows it.Ē

With that said, lightning flashed again through the windows as she took a deep breath. Her eyes closed for a minute as Alexis released the air out from her nose and slowly opened them once more looking straight into the camera. Scene fades.

ē ē ē

Alexis stands in front of a broken bathroom mirror with medical supplies on the side of the sink. She slowly starts undressing the bloodied up head bandage. Alexis discards the wrapping to the opposite of these medical supplies. Her hand reaches down to grab a cotton ball and dipped it into peroxide before cleaning the area on her head where the barbed-wire struck her making her bleed during that First Blood match. The pain never registers with her throughout this process. Her brain switched off neurons and nerve systems the moment that she born in Santa Monica. She didnít weep once as the peroxide cotton ball touched the area. 

ďWhile we have fought in championship situations in the past. None of them compare to the world title picture. None of them. Last year I competed in the same tournament only to be eliminated by Scott Stevens during the first round with ease. Mission complete, Ana. I gained a following that night. I planted the seeds into everybody backstage I couldnít win a title opportunity to save my life. I made them believe by not winning that first round I was somehow weak. We all know what happened to there.Ē

The blood-stained cotton ball lays on top of the used head bandage. Because the camera angle we are able to get a small glimpse of reflection that we zoom in on seeing the deep lacerations across the eyebrow and forehead.

ďThis time Iím not here to become everyoneís friendly sweetheart from next door. Iím not going into this tournament trying to rally audiences saying that I used to think I didnít belong in the title picture. Of course, I do. If I didnít then I wouldnít be in wrestling because I could continue going forward harming random victims if I loved violence as much as I have stated. The best part of that whole promo last year against Stevens wasnít even the bit where people to wear my merch and I pretended to care. I-It was.. I-It wasÖĒ

She turns her head. With a flip of a switch, the evilness of Alexis starts showing as she hyperventilates and starts shaking on cue perfectly like a method actress. It was a reminiscence of her appearance in the South Beach Brawl Cup Tournament of Twenty-Seventeen. Alexis stops everything. Weíre back to the emotionless Alexis Mercer from before. After her Oscar-winning performance, Alexis turns back to the broken mirror. She starts putting ointment on her battle wounds.

ďIím a far cry from the sweet girl act of months ago when we were reunited after I had won the Fate Championship. We were both coming out on some fucking weed next level high. You were going strong undefeated while I got the first championship after my short time being involved in the 4CW. Yet here we are, Anastasia Hayden. Here we both are. We get a match all to ourselves again this time without interruption from the outside world. No Genie to come give you the assist. You wonít be having to wrestle others before we manage to get to our important business to deal with inside the ring. I can be a very selfish cunt, yíknow?Ē

Winkling, Alexis then proceeds to re-dress her bandages making sure that everything was tight. All she could think about was showing up to the PNC Arena in Raleigh for Adrenaline fresh off the heels of Retrograde. She remembered the last time they fought and what impact Anastasia Haydenís kicks could be when they were in full force. Alexis understood this could be her last chance at winning a World Championship ever since holding three of them from back in the day, she was an expert in that regard.

ďI donít really care much about sharing. Not even as a little girl. You see, Ana, this was how I pictured our encounter to go if we were to ever go up against each other. I fantasized about this moment getting an opportunity to return to power. Thereís no distracts between us now and the entire match I wonít hesitate but return the favor that you did to me. I wonít hesitate but kick your head until the damn thing snaps back and youíre seeing only darkness. Iím done playing the overlooked against the other wrestlers while I see them reach newer heights in their careers. I've been waiting all year to finally start climbing the ladder and getting what is mine. I don't care who I have to destroy in this tournament I'm going to walk out being a plague that you can not stop. A plague that won't stop until it reaches the main event level that everyone thought wouldn't dare happen in a million years.Ē

She turns around after prepping her hair up with a bounce. Alexis slowly walks over to the camera lens carrying her things.

ďWhile youíre off wanting to hang yourself and feeling angry that you didnít get the job done. Iíll be the one kicking your goddamn teeth down your egotistic throat, you fucking bitch. See you later, Paisley.Ē

She winks before walking out of the bathroom after saying that and into abandoned theme park once more. Her hand throws away the bloody in the bin beside the restrooms. Our scene fades watching Alexis walking with purpose into the darkness of night.  

Retrograde I / Back to the Future
« on: February 14, 2018, 01:13:43 AM »
ďWe only see two things in people, what we want to see and what they want to show us.Ē

ďWhoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the image and information of the present determines how those same people will view the past.Ē



Eighteen days. Eighteen days before the wrestling world went retro. Retrograde to be exact. The newest pay-per-view in the lineup that featured matches which shaped Four Corners Wrestling what it is today. There was this undeniable big fight feeling surrounding Texas during this time, that even Mission Control could even find a hard time explaining the type of energy everything was. You had to be involved in the company to understand what it truly felt like around the locker room at that moment. Andre versus Alexis. Ally versus Genevieve. Viduus versus Dakota. Bronx taking on Anastasia. These were household names willing to do anything to win.

It was a foggy day. It was a dangerous day. A strong band of thick fog wrapped around almost everywhere during the wee hours of the morning as roosters sound and up above appeared another storm system sweeping through the streets of downtown Houston. Cameras open to see a sign up high on an old pole reading that this was a junkyard. Atop this blanket of cloud were stacked junk vehicles dating back as far as the earlier fifties. A large bullmastiff dog lays on the ground crewing on a big bone without a care in the world underneath these dated transportations of the past. Even noise from nearby doesnít seem to bother the creature as we venture to the source. A few feet into this metal graveyard our cameras come across a shopping cart full of very sharp objects.

Sharp objects that would make a person want to get a tetanus shot after handling them. Going inside this opening we also discovered thereís an old VHS sitting on top of this twenty-five-inch television. Alexis could be found sitting nearby in an old recliner watching production footage from her match against Andre Holmes at Winter Wasteland last December. Her legs were propped on the armrest, as the other half was sunk deeper into the chair as Alexis laid dressed plaid and baggy jeans.

ďI remember how you looked the first time we met each other on pay-per-view. You were an emotional wreck going into the biggest fight up until this point because you allowed me inside your head. Once I was there inside, the game was already over. There was no way I was going to be upstaged like I had before In Detroit for Adrenaline Seventy-Two. This time I wanted to have a bit of fun at your broken expense by hiring Hostel Takeover to do a little job for me. That job was so simple. All they had to do was go into the match and rough me up a little bit but make damn sure beat the hell out you. Bet youíre still pissed that you never stood a chance at winning the first team match we ever had against them because I took that win away from you. I took that victory from your hands.

I took that option of enjoyment knowing we could have beaten the former tag team champions away from you because I could and I did. It was a very fun experience. And the pain, Andre. The pain of having Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus beat me up a little inside our match, it was worth everything to watch as hope drained from your face as I dropped down the apron. It was the look of when they knew no one was going to save them, not even your own partner. The coup de gťnie came at the pay-per-view, though. Of course, youíre going to have people out there swear that you werenít one-hundred percent due in part to my involvement or should I say lack of involvement during that tag match prior that caused you to lose against me at Winter Wasteland.

Alexis said while lifting her head up to look at cameras before swinging her body around. Her feet hit the ground as dirt particulars start shooting from the sides of her sneakers showing the impact  She pulls herself up. Walking over to the shopping cart, Alexis picks up a sharp thin piece of metal that looks like a blade with electronic tape around the bottom and begins swinging the piece of metal.

ďOne could say that it was your nights drinking and playing in the sheets with your bar hookup, the seductress Gem. Who clearly isnít your current wife, the mother of your two little boys Kaitlyn and is for sure, I donít expect the government or Umbrella leaving any toxic liquids around for your suicide ex to be popping out from the ground. Gem seems to be a keeper until the next one comes along. Oh, Iím sure thatís an exercise all on its own, am I right Andre? Whatever the problem with your performance against me was, I care not. Because it still doesnít remove the fact I was ready to do things to you that you didnít expect and walk away the winner. I put on all stops to make sure that after you could hang on from tapping I was going to get my hands raised whether you liked it or not. Thatís the real difference between us. Iím willing to go the distance and do what I have to for survival. I am prepared every single night to die in that ring.

Like I mentioned before. You asking for this match to be held under First Blood rules. It was a mistake. Just like your belief that you have the upper hand because of what happened at Adrenaline.What you did Ďturning the tables on meí so to speak, that wasnít unexpected, especially after you running around screaming my name backstage. Youíre not that hard to read. Feeding me into Dakotaís Gorewhore and doing what I did to you a few months back as if I wouldnít know it was coming. It was purely laughable.

She continued swinging the blunt weapon.

ďHome. Houston might be where ďRelentlessĒ Andre Holmes has called home his entire life. It might have been where you saw your two wives giving birth to your four children in total by now Iím expecting that to double in two years. You canít help plowing away at the puss like your name were Bronx, I understand. You might see Houston as home field advantage heading into our match on the Twenty-Eighth but all Iíve seen is just like this graveyard full of junk. Everything is stuck in the past. Youíre stuck in the past. Think about everything I have done to you and ripping some paragraph is what set you over the deep end?

Itís a real shame that your parents couldnít be around today to support your actions and be your moral archer as I peel the flesh off your bones and make it rain like red kool-aid in the ring. Real tragic dying in a car crash. Seeing these crushed cars must really take you back to the moment when you were a little boy again. See, I never had such luxury. Both my parents died because of me. My mother died when she couldnít survive having me Iíve heard she was a wonderful woman that wanted nothing more than to love. My father. He died two years back being stupid interrupting an ugly robbery gone wrong. He wanted to be a hero like you are trying to be for your family's honor. However, that isnít how David Mercer came to meet his end Iím afraid. It was me plugging the support plug.

Want to know what I whispered to him as he met the reaper of death, Andre? I got up to his left ear and I told my loving dad of twenty-nine years that I wished I had known I would have grabbed the popcorn. I would have made it a celebration as the bullet pierced his body. I told him laying in that hospital bed wired. I wished I had been the one pulling the trigger because I donít need reminders of the past like you do Andre, I donít have things like love and family that are designed to make you vulnerable and weak. Thatís why youíre going to fail in the First Blood Match. Thatís how the ending to this storybook tale ends.

Me dragging your bloody body to reunite with your dead loved ones while I fade into the future.

She once more before dropping it and looking up at the cameras before they begin going dark and we are left with a black screen. One thing was for sure, Alexis was preparing for a fight to end with someone bleeding badly. Something she looked forward to.  
ē ē ē


ďWhere you at, Andre? The card for 4CW Retrograde has released a few days ago. I thought you were waiting to give me some revenge for what I did to your goddamn family, man. I thought you were going to make me bleed at the pay-per-view. Instead, you are a little bitch hiding in Callumís promotion whining about losing some Internet Championship. I bet you believed that you werenít going to hear from me so soon and I would be somewhere cowering; afraid to face you -- yet here I am, motherfucker. Front and center.Ē

It was already dark outside the Houston area. Nothing left but the sound of light rain. You could hear it making contact falling onto the ground and cemented structures. Cameras return a day later to find Alexis walking from underneath the Fred Hartman Bridge that separates Baytown and La Porte, she appeared inches from Trinity Bay out from behind one of the many support beams dressed in nothing but a leather jacket and a black mini skirt looking like Gem. Andreís íacquaintance.í

ďIíve been sitting here in your own backyard hoping that this passionate man devoted to defending his familyís name would make me pay for my crimes and pop up. Come on, Houston boy. I thought that Andre Holmes was a fighting man. Thatís what relentless means right, Andre? Keeping the fighting spirit alive. I see no goddamn fighting in your spirit only silence. Is this how youíre going to represent? I only see a man that knows his final days are upon him. I only see a man that realized at any moment I could crush everything he has worked so hard building. You didnít come out the gate swinging this time, did you motherfucker? All this talk about family and wanting to defend them. All these things were just for show making everyone feel sorry for the man who got their heart broken.

I thought you were getting revenge for me taking apart your family. I pictured you would be caring about getting justice for your family more than running off to Florida like a little pussy defending a meaningless belt compared to your family's honor. Seems to me, that weíve got priorities twisted, family man. Seems to me, that Iím the only one thatís prepared to end this blood feud and look forward to what the future holds for me after I bust you open so bad people are going to start calling me the new Scarface. Because this crime scene is going to be ten times worse than anything at the crime scene of the Saint Valentineís Day Massacre.

Cameras watched as a small ferry moves under the bridge. Alexisís words sounded vicious and confident. She had expected that surely Andre Holmes would show his face around at this point. He had to, right? Andre was supposed to be this relentless person yet somehow Alexis could smell fear coming from his direction. She took steps closer to the water picking up a small pebble, and threw it.

ďYou knew this day was coming. It wasnít a surprise locked away in Perryís office because you asked for this match. You knew what wraith hide behind this pretty face. Iím not like your wife, Kaitlyn, who would always be seen walking away without confronting your bullshit. While youíve been in Florida looking for another ass to mount and to further your marriage life into ruin Iíve been on the attack against everything that you are, Relentless Andre Holmes. I remember what you said during our first encounter after Genie Carlson played into my mind games that led to her assault. You asked to meet the beast within the beauty. You wanted to reveal what lies beyond this beauty. I answered your beckon call from the darkness. This beast is far more dangerous than anything you have ever been in the ring with in your entire career of fifteen years in wrestling. Iíve been waiting for my moment to start ascending to the higher places.

Donít go running off to Chris Callumís Gulf Coast Wrestling now that youíve discovered Iím standing here being very serious about wanting to not just make you bleed, I want to end your career, Andre. Donít go running away once you found out that evil exists. I admit that Iím not as merciless as Bronx is right now sitting on his atom bomb against Anastasia. Youíre not going to be lucky. Iím heading into this gathering of bloody thirsty millions looking to claim whatís left of you that remained from Winter Wasteland. The part of you that was clenching to my leg hoping I would show a hint of humanity in this fleshy vessel. You wanted everything you experienced from your shitty life to you to your time working match after match not getting closer to your goal to end. I am your end, Andre. I enjoyed hearing that scream as it took everything you had to fight through the pain of my Bloody Tears knowing thereís no escape from this nightmare.

She looked over her shoulder. That hair of hers bounces aside as Alexis looked into cameras and then turned to face the crew, she walked forward holding her hands together while the rain-drenched her body. Drips kept falling from her nose.

ďWhen Wallace agreed to the terms of this First Blood match at Retrograde you pitched, maybe it was wishful impulses, but there was a part of me that smiled inside knowing I get to inflict so much brutality on you. The best part of this match. Thereís no one that is going to stop me from the amount of torment I could do to you, Andre. Perry isnít going to bring his ass down to the ring waving for some medical team to rush down and stop the match. You are my personal little rabbit I get to tear into your flesh. Iíd be doing your soon-to-be ex-wife Kaitlyn a large favor once the screaming subsides and silence takes over, my hands drenched in your blood. You donít stand a chance. I want this more than you because for the first time in a long time I no longer have to hide who I am anymore.

There is no more mind games being played. I didnít come into Houston carrying another big bag of money in hopes of finding someone to fight my own battles for me. Itís time to step out of the goddamn covers and face your role. Itís time for you to put away that safety net you wear on your shoulders and face the destiny you were always meant to take part of. The destiny I was meant to play since the moment I first landed eyes on you out there looking so in control in our first match. I knew right then that I was to be the one that ended your career and maybe if Iím lucky I might end your life. Everyone knows that when you signed with 4 Corners Wrestling with the intent of this being your last. I say intent because once you found out you couldnít be that image you had of yourself being successful. You ran.

But youíre not running away from me so easily I still have a job to do. I still plan to end your career in wrestling. Iím going to end your career as a father and as a loving husband. I want this because this match will represent everything that follows after the lights go off and everyone closest to you are all leaving thinking about what a disappointment you are to them. Iím going to make management see me as a threat to everyone backstage that dares cross my path next after your bloody corpse is removed from the ring. This is my moment. Jason Cashe made a name for himself at the first pay-per-view grabbing the championship to be the first champion. Dakota Smith was known well before entering the company for his violent behavior before he pissed it all away for a diaper bag and dvds of Barney.

This is my time and my raise to a violent level that would make everyone afraid. This First Blood match against you is where everything starts for me in the Corners Four and thereís nothing you can do to stop me, you son-of-a-bitch.

About that time, we see a DeLorean pulling in to pick Alexis Mercer up. Doors opened up with smoke falling onto the rainy terrain underneath as Alexis places one foot in the futurist car and cameras get a close up of her looking back. 

ďNow if you excuse me. Where Iím going I donít need roads. My future awaits.Ē

Alexis enters the vehicle on the passenger side. The doors of the DeLorean slowly starts to descend before the engine is heard raving up and then, this futurist car takes off around the compound and going up the empty bridge. Once there it stops. It is here that this DeLorean then with no cars in sight, the vehicle races at high speeds then about halfway through. Blackness filled with sound from the movie.

Retrograde I / "Timeless Bloodshed"
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Cameras fade into a dark room. A pair of gloved hands dips a blank picture in a steel pan full of water while dozens more getting hung by simple clothespins waiting for their time to be fully developed. We start panning across a clothesline as we get glimpses into peopleís lives and getting a glimpse of old memories. Alexis takes off her gloves and disregards them to the side. She is dressed in 80s bright pink leggings and a black Retrograde t-shirt cut off at the waist with both her shoulders exposed.

ďIím sure by now youíre expecting me to be foaming at the mouth with hatred for your backstabbing. Actually, Iím feeling quite the opposite of the outcome of our little partnership. Sure. We could have beaten Dakota Smith and Viduus Morta. We almost did but of course, that didnít happen because you felt like I needed payback for screwing you over last time. Iím not going to attack you for doing what you felt was right against me when at any moment I could have done the same to you. Well played, Andre. Well played. Walk out as victors then meet at Retrograde. Thatís what you said. Thatís what you told the world, Andre, when you spoke out to your legion. You needed any excuse you could come up with to cover up your true intention. Sweet temporarily payback.

Iíve got you on the edge. Iíve got you far beyond the edge. Just a few months ago, Andre Holmes was another wash-up soul looking to rekindle what you once had and rekindle that fire inside. Now youíre reduced to threatening little girls that have no place in wrestling. Such a savage youíve become wanting to attack the innocent even if for a brief moment. Thatís not what your fans would want to see. Besides, Sarah knows her role. She knows that she means nothing to me like you undoubtedly hoped for Iím afraid. It doesnít make me seek revenge. Or, scream from the top of my lungs wanting justice. Bloody her up, I donít care. I might want to join in the fun right beside you I love a good head bashing. Bloody Sarah up and you shut down activity to my social media account which I donít care about. But swing a torn family portrait and you break down. Anxiety sets in. You think about the things that could happen to a paragraph.

You start feeling anger build up. A treasured memory. The only happy memory of your ex-wife that committed suicide recently and your two daughters that you two share together sitting on a beach. An ex-wife that was left behind because of your failure. Your failure to be patient and help her recover from that alcohol addiction. Every time you looked at that picture it reminded you of happier thoughts. Instead of worrying thoughts that they would end up like their mother. Dead and buried. They might as well be their drunk mother to you now. You canít even stand looking at them without thinking about your first love. Dead and gone. Each moment that you look at the last memory of that beach setting it might as well be Disney World to you. I burned your world down around you, devoured by my convictions leaving you lost and completely homeless. Left with what you stare back at the mirror. A monster. A monster just like me.

She looks directly at the camera.

ďA monster that canít help but see their beautiful world turn to ash. Everything that they once held dear to their hearts slips away into that fading darkness. Every person they ever loved dead in their arms because they wouldnít save them. How does it feel to see my world? I might not be a parent. I might not shower my loved ones with Kodak Moments. See, love doesnít exist in my vocabulary, but it does in yours. You would jump without hesitation to defend those you claim to love. Even after spending months on the road chasing after a man that doesnít reside in your body anymore over your own children. You would rather focus on your career than them. Suddenly, you start caring over an old photograph that no longer resembles the present anymore. You must not have cared too much though.

Because if you did, you would have invested in scanning everything over to digital. Itís twenty-eighteen, not nineteen ninety-nine. No one gives a shit about the old. Itís all about the future, Andre. Itís about future proofing your fucking keepsakes. Itís about instant memories that are taken with a snap. And in this world, I am the future of 4 Corners Wrestling. Youíve had your chance to be better than me before we officially met in the ring a few months back. You had your chance to slay your demons but couldnít. Or, should I say you wouldnít. Youíve been raving on about getting revenge on me since the moment I made you piss the bed after the last encounter.

I gave you nightmares to the point you couldnít handle your own personal problems at home. You mellowed about becoming nothing but a disappointment. You were the one claiming to take over the company and be their new champion. You were the one that told everyone this was your redemption. Iím sorry, but beating an old man and a Jett Wilder imposter isnít the same as facing me. Beating Jair Hopkins and Gavin Grimes isnít going to prepare you for me when I am far more violent. I am your plague, Andre. I infiltrated your mind and made you see things that you wouldnít admit to yourself. And just as any plague in the centuries before your time after the host faces reality, in those final moments of life, they accept death. They accept their time on this planet is over. Your career is over.

I am your death in that ring come Retrograde. You can deny the truth all you want but thatís the facts heading into our final encounter. I wanted this match with you, Andre. I wanted to take everything youíve held close to you. Everything that you once loved. Everything that you care about now has become mine and there is nothing you could do about it, except maybe go crying to Sarah over on Twitter. It's what you do best when things donít go your way. You start venting there, Andre. Instead of being like me holding everything back until the moment the cameras are rolling because I want visible proof that Iím going to end you and not have words drowned out by Twitter lesbians and other shit that everyone else thinks should be shared on there. I want my wraith to burn forever.

I donít share your sentiment to life, I admit. I wonít be seen embracing my lovers. I don't care what happens to my family. You can do whatever you want to photographs of them all you want. This is war and in war, there are casualties, even if yours are stuck on rewind. If I wanted to harm your family. I would and could do harm them. I donít give a fuck who I harm in this venture of hurting people. But youíre doing a better job of harming your own family than I could ever do. Your marriage is on a nuclear level, man. Another failure made possible by your fuckery again, Andre Holmes. You choose to enter that Brooklyn bar and interacted with that blonde girl named Gem. You choose to spend your time with a woman that wasnít your wife. You choose not to focus on me at Winter Wasteland while I was preparing. It wasnít my fault that you wanted another passionate night instead of beating me last time.

She said very matter of fact. Alexis knew that Andre was just like any other person in this business that couldnít help getting into these types of problems. She didnít give a damn about putting everything about Andre out in the open. Like she had said this was war. If he wasnít prepared to face his problems head on, then he should retire right now. Alexis was about to open Pandora's box on his ass. She was going to let leave Andre to being alone facing his choices for the rest of his life knowing he could have changed his paths while the Anti-Starlet was going to pass him by after Retrograde. She was going after what was destined to be her.

ďYou may not like what Iím doing but you have to agree it got your attention and your emotions all at attention. Itís your mistake thinking that I had a beat inside where my heart should be. I have no heart. Itís psychologically impossible for me to feel anything.Ē

Alexis looked at the photos hanging there. They dangled on the clothesline still damp as can be. She extended her hand and plucked a picture belonging to another family celebrating their time together. She looked at the image with no hint of feeling inside before putting it down. Truthfully, since she was a little girl. She had to pretend to feel things such as love to be considered normal.

ďItís impossible for me to care about anyone, including myself. Itís your fault for not taking things seriously with me. It was your fault for looking to end this between us. You could have left everything at Winter Wasteland. Did you think I donít pay attention to our product without knowing you were already gunning for me back all the way back to your match with Gavin? You once again played into what I wanted you to do, and now here we are. You knew how sick I was heading into this after everything that happened. You wanted this too Andre. You canít claim stupid when you dangle meat at a tiger and not expect it to mangle you into pieces.

Did you assume I would gift you flowers after our match at Winter Wasteland? Donít put me in the same category as your hookups. Iím not one of your Instagram model flings. Iím not one of your one night stands after getting too hammered from a night out on the town before a big match facing someone as dangerous as myself. I might not be a virtuous woman by nature, but I am not a hoe.

She had successfully led Andre to his breaking point. They two had been fighting on and off for a few months roughly after he joined the company competing in the Frenzy match, but nothing to this scale. Alexis made him more aggressive. More angry at the world. More angry at her. This was going to be his downfall as far as she was considered. Andre Holmes was considered the favorite no longer. She was done sitting in the back of the room while others moved forward. If eliminating a threat is what they wanted, Alexis was ready to plow through him and never look back. This was her revenge on the world. Her revenge on 4CW.

ďFirst blood. Have you ever been involved in something involving blood, Andre? Have you ever experienced anything like splitting open another person just to further your own career? I have. I have bleed before coming to Four Corners Wrestling. If you looked at my body underneath these rags. Iíve got markings and scars that have their own stories behind them about when I faced foes that also thought they were invincible like Dakota Smith. Foes that thought they were ready and prepared to face this beast inside me. A beast that hungers for this type of environment. Itís why I was always drawn to the dark underbelly of California as a child. Seeing dead bodies in crime scenes that ended the life of good people wanting a better life. I saw their bodies. I smelled their blood in the air.

It caused me to do what I had read in stories about an old queen that used to take her servants, and her own people. She would take them into her private quarters to drain their virgin blood into a tub. She did it for beauty. I took my knife to my skin to see that red liquid again and Andre the feeling gave me such an incredible high. I have always been prepared for this. Iíll leave you looking as lifeless as those dead bodies I found when I came across their beauty. Iíll leave you bleeding uncontrollable on the mat.

This is your crime scene, Andre. This will be the end of your life just like you wanted since joining. Instead of being remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers to live. The Houston Chronicle Newspaper will write about how another wrestler has left us. This isnít going to be like another scrape across your knee like when you were little. Iím not going to be merciful in this massacre. Making our last battle under the rules of First Blood will add to your growing mistakes you made in your life, Andre. You entered something I have more experience in than any other person because I was born in this. There is a reason I was the first original Blood Countess. This match was designed for people like me to do what I do best in all the world and that is making others bleed.

Alexis walked over to opposite side of the room. It was there that she lifted what seemed to be something red in a small clear jar from the bottom of a book bag she often carried around with her on trips. Often used for when she needed clothes. She grabbed something else before coming back and putting the jar on the counter beside her with a collection of photos.

ďRetrograde is defined as moving backward. Itís about going back to a time that we hold dear to us. Not this time. Not for me. Iím setting course to propel my career past Retrograde and not spending my entire focus on the past that you represent. I need to spread to bigger things, I donít need to be thinking about the old, I have my sights on a grand scale infection. It started with you, Andre. It ends with you failing once more at the hands of me while I move forward to other victims. Other opportunities. If you want a replacement photo, Iíve got several spares.Ē Alexis throws a pile of old photographs of post-mortem animals and random people at the camera.

ďTime to bleed for me, bitch. Time for you to be just another memory.Ē

A moment later she turned to the side to pick up a clear jar of blood. It appeared similar to the one Andreís picture had been dipped in because like that jarís contents. There was no mistaking this was real blood. Gently, Alexis began stirring the substance with a stirring rod that she had picked up beside her. After a few seconds, she stops, puts the rod down on the counter, lifts the jar and pours the blood into the water. A close up follows the blood swimming as itís being introduced. Alexis looks down in a trance. Our scene fades.

Adrenaline / "The Dead May Not Die"
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More scattered clouds passed the bright yellow bulb in the sky as everything started to get in the upper sixties. Not that most living in Albuquerque would notice after waking up this morning to a police investigation into a brutal convenience store robbery on Indian School Road. Emergency units race through the streets to Presbyterian Hospital. Dripping of water is heard before the cameras faded in from darkness to view the silhouette of a small rodent scouring around a dark sewer tower underneath the city seeking food. The rat stops after a while propping a paw on a small stone ramble to raise himself up extending his neck out smelling the air. The air to us was common for the mouse, a strong scent of fecal matter and decay, that linger in the nostrils.

It carried on walking along the narrow edge. Suddenly, the creature spots this raised platform where a piece of cheese was placed and made the rat to carefully start approaching the wooden plaque inch by inch. It smells this delectable treat and it was too tempting to ignore. One of the rodentís paws lifted onto the platform until something snaps trapping the rat as it twitched then nothing.

ďNothing like a fresh kill.Ē A familiar voice spoke.

Alexis picks up this dead carcass with one hand while the other was holding a homemade ice pack on her neck after what had happened last week against the match with Mark Storm and his German Suplexes. She wore a torn black tee that had been cut mid-waist and a pair of dirty white jeans. Alexis carries the rodent to a large brown bag that was full of other dead creatures just like this one before strolling over to a big barred up sewer drain. Alexis pulls herself up to the higher level and then reaches into her pocket. Seemed Alexis was living down here since the company settled for this to be their home for Adrenaline Eighty.

Inside everything was tunnels and large pipes. Must be some underground sewerage system that connected everything leading out to the Rio Grande river. Alexis Mercer props her left foot against the curve of the cemented sewer pipe, along the other leg to dangle over to the side. She reached over to her side feeling the murky water of New Mexico further soak the fabric of her jeans and the bottom of her ass. Her hands lifted. They held a wooden stake and a pocket knife. Alexis started chipping away as wooden pieces splashed down below in the small stream beneath her spot sitting high. 4CW Adrenaline was another week away from having themselves a massacre on their hands as the pay-per-view loomed in the corner of everyone's mind. A massacre that the world had yet to see from the Anti-Starlet after being dominated people began questioning could she take down anyone challenging at all.

Most people would stick to the past. Allow such thoughts to haunt them every day for the rest of their lives letting feelings consume her until she cracked inside. However, Alexis Mercer was a highly functional sociopath. Those type of trivial thoughts had no place in her advanced mind. She had to move forward and not dwell on past events. She always moved forward to the next target because Alexis Mercer doesnít like to dwell on past events. Facing men like Dakota and Viduus together you kinda have to anyway. They were dangerously separated but together they were they were deadly as a team. Besides, if one gets the reaction they wanted, though. Does that really count as a loss? Sure. The record books read that Mark Storm destroyed Alexis Mercer. It was well documented. However, the aftermath tells a different story about a broken mind penetrated of all thought; a slither of doubt sneaked inside the egotastic mind of everyoneís favorite hero. It almost worked - and thatís an award in itself given the confidence level of Mark Storm.
ďDakota Smith and Viduus versus Andre Holmes and Alexis Mercer,Ē Alexis said, continuing to chop away. ďAnother tag team match. Another tag team match that will end up becoming who wants to kill their partner first scenario. Itís another tag team match where trust can no longer apply. Dakota and Viduus are not going to be working out strategies together just like me and numbnuts wonít be training together to make sure everything is in-sync with each other like a normal team should.Ē

Both Dakota Smith and Viduus Morta were at odds with each other since Viduus cost him the one championship that Dakota had more experience in holding than anything else. He is violence Dakota Smith used to claim. He used to be the living embodiment of violence since the moment Dakota entered the wrestling world being thrown off a beer truck by family. Violence was his life. Viduus stole that from him by returning and costing him the match for the XTV Championship against Genie Carlson.

ďHaving two psychopaths on opposite teams carrying two zealous motherfuckers as partners. Well, I mean, let me correct that, we really arenít similar in any way. Iím more of a highly intelligent person that can control their violent impulses while Iím guessing as soon as you walked into kindergarten class you stabbed the first kid that pissed you off with a pencil because they wanted a crayon. Thatís okay though because people like all flavors of this dysfunctional chaotic family tree. I know all about the uncontrollable impulses speaking to you and wanting you to instantly kill anything on sight. It is almost unbearable to contain those urges.

Believe me, I know. I tested my violent outburst on a person when I was fourteen. How many times have you been arrested for some of your past crimes Dakota Jackson Smith? Sixty? Eighty? I wouldnít know about that life. Iíve only been caught once. I even got a certificate for anticipating. Now I love Genie and all given everything weíve been through in the past but if anyone has experience with the dead. Thereís no denying that we know exactly what to do with dead bodies. Their cold fleshy feeling is an addiction to people like us Dakota weíre not sick they just donít understand us. If thereís anything Iíve learned from horror movies and playing video games over the years. If you want to kill the undead, you need to chop their heads off then burn the remains.

Personally, I thought Michael Myers should have stayed dead after the second movie much like Jason Voorhees. It just becomes stupid after a while explaining how they come back whole like nothing happened. If you want my opinion I prefer Norman Bates. Once he died Norman Bates stayed dead. Thatís the thing about your kind. Your brains are always wired in attack mode. Always speaking about violence first. Thereís no art in that, Dakota. Thereís no fun in just murdering people. Whatever happened to winning the world championship off of Bronx Valescence? You were set to become the new holder before hopping over to try your hand at becoming the XTV Champion once more. Maybe something inside of you is telling you to wake the fuck up because that life of being world champion is done. Maybe itís telling you that you donít have the fucking balls to be world champion and beat Bronx when the title is on the line anymore. You have to revert back to your primal instinct. Violence. Which is fine by me, I have no problem slicing a few throats. We all know the only belt with that kind of rules is the XTV Championship. Itís the only thing that youíre good at besides surviving multiple deaths.

In fact, you havenít held a single title victory since March of last year. It was taken away from you by some cunt that isnít even employed in Four Corners Wrestling anymore. Iíve NEVER needed a hardcore championship to showcase my thrust for violence. I donít need some leather strap reminding others Iím not a nostalgia act. I can get violent anytime I want. Once revered as The Last Real Villain who made his name by having violent massacres and murdering bodies all over the country. Your body has been mangled and scarred from every battle that you've been a part of since those youthful days using rich girlfriends and molding others from your hometown to do your bidding. Now here you are years later wanting to remove yourself from being called the Butcher. Now you spend your days tweeting about music and talking about buying fucking homes because your fucking ass is tired of sleeping in the streets. I donít like to give anyone props but Kimi was right when she said you werenít the same Dakota. Hell, Iíll take things further and say if the Dakota of old were able to exist in the same parallel universe as you. Heíd chop your head off himself for sharing the same name.

The Dakota Iíve heard about surviving getting lynched and being put on fire would never let two bitches get away without their ovaries hanging out of their bodies. Ever since I heard the name, Dakota Smith. Everyoneís been talking about how youíre the Boogeyman. One of the scariest and nastiest motherfuckers to walk the planet. Someone so evil that no one could touch him. I actually feel ashamed to share a common interest with you over our love for dead bodies. Youíre nothing but a homeless man who happens to be named the same as Dakota. A goddamn fake impersonator like the many filling New York City wanting handouts. This was a match I would have loved back in the day when Dakota Smith wasnít playing house and growing soft to take care of Peyton and Tara because the two little bitches are without a male figure around them now that JPD is gone. Fuck Tara Michaels and fuck that little bitch daughter of hers. You exchanged any last bit of the person you once were on diaper duty and a whore that likes to take photos of herself. The woman I sent home forever beating both their asses. I killed Tara Michaels from active duty in 4CW.

I wonít hesitate to do the same for you, motherfucker. Consider that my housewarming gift, Dakota. How about you let me know if you reach a hundred and fifty so I can watch your final moments, Iíll be sure to bake you a special dish for your last meal as youíre on death row. Maybe Iíll sprinkle some aconite. Worked for Caesar. While youíre choking on yourself trying to grasp at fresh air, Iíll be walking out of prison free.

Her words burned through the cameras audio. Not because they were poisonous to hear but everything that Alexis Mercer had said on camera sitting there was true. It has been a while since the world saw the man known as Dakota Smith. She looked over at the crew before turning her head back around again tilting her head. She pressed her finger down as hard as she could piercing the flesh on the sharp end of the pocket knife and watched as her own blood started to run down her finger.

ďHow have you been Viduus Mortas and Speaker? Itís been awhile since we last encountered each otherís presence in a match together like this one weíve got coming up at The Pit. Itís been a long few months since I heard the whispers of broken promises of saving someone like myself. Congratulations on returning back stronger than ever. Pinning an already dazed Anastasia Hayden after she had been taken care of by our champion hitting Valescence Victory for you, Viduus, to pick up the pieces for your team. A win is clearly a won in the eyes of everyone here. Thereís no disputing that you pinned the number one contender after being removed from the company since last October at Fright Night IV when you were spewing about your kingdom.

Talking about how where you went you heard people talk down to you, Viduus, saying youíre a failure and how you were everyoneís punchline of a painted black man. At the event though everything was down to you to take on of the Warzone of Horror. The one chance to prove everyone back then wrong having not only the opportunity to reclaim your championship but walk away with a guaranteed contract for a world title shot at Winter Wasteland. This was the biggest moment you had. It doesnít get much bigger than facing Bronx at the last December pay-per-view of the old year. Everything was stacked against you with well-established names also in there like your Johnny Evilís, your Carmella Wilderís, the Dakota Smithís and Genie Carlsonís. Names that knew what might not have ever been in this clusterfuck but understood what they got themselves into heading to the caged Hell.

It was an event that saw you scratching and crawling to make your words seem real. It was your chance to make your kingdom a reality when last the entire match. It saw you break every bone in your body. At one point, you powerbomb your partner next week through the top of the cage crashing down to be covered in barbed-wire beaten and bloody. Iím sure Dakota has forgiven you for that transaction, right? You guys are a powerful team this week. Really must have been good to finally take revenge on assholes that used to think of you as some kind of joke at your expense. Beating Anastasia Hayden and Dakota Smith probably made every day you were gone for four long months worth it to your cause. You beat two of the very best in 4CW History. You did what even I have yet to get done because Iím seen as a lower talent by management. They view me as a gatekeeper to the newcomers and trash wrestlers who will never amount to anything more than the enhanced talent of the week. While you were somewhere reflecting on your career wondering if youíll ever sit on your throne to the world I have been making moves slowly. Iíve been planting things inside peopleís heads.

I told you once, motherfucker. Iíve lived your world. Iíve seen through your false prophets. Nothing that you can say will ever work against me going into this tag team match. This isnít about kingdoms more than it is about salvaging a broken manís twisted belief of a better world under his command. A better life for everyone that serves you. Is that still apart of your goal? Or, have you switched gears much like your partner likes to switch focus on what championships he wants this week? You were once seen as the toughest Extreme Champion coming off that bloody war over Sativa to get defeated by someone like Carmella Wilder. Someone that didnít belong wearing the strap much less defends it. People can talk about me losing that fucking Fate Championship but at least the person I lost it to was someone capable of winning battles instead of being known backstage of getting dicked by Perry. I understand that this is supposedly your revenge upon the world that saw you as the ass of the locker room.

All this talk about being a savior to everyone and as soon as you lost that ultimate opportunity to make your words ring true to every fucking body backstage you bolted. You went home crying about how everything was too much. The pressure got too much for the great savior and now suddenly like nothing happened. Like your whole career is set to rewind. To tell you the truth, you were a joke and just because you were smart enough to blind tag Bronx before he put Anastasia down so you could pick up the pieces doesnít make everything suddenly change about you to me. Youíre still the dickhead I made sure wasnít walking out of the Toyota Center after landing a springboard 630 splash onto your broken body. Youíre still the asshole I pinned after our extreme rules match at episode sixty-seven. Thirty-three 4CW produced shows later. Iím nothing like you remember. Iím far worse.

Alexis knew how to harm Viduus Morta. He was another man that believed he could bend the world to how things appeared inside his own mind. Another religious zealot motherfucker like those in television broadcast trying to conform people into believing their way because God told them it was right. She knew heading into this tag team match Alexis needed an ally. Too bad for her that ally happened to be the person that she screwed over multiple times before. Touche, Alexis Mercer thought in her mind. Alexis puts down the wooden stake and sat up straight from her position swinging her leg around. Soon, she jumped down to the ground.

ďLook, my dudes. I admit Iím not the best partner the world has ever seen. I lied to partners. Straight up assaulted teammates. A lot of which Andre Holmes can testify to. What happened before isn't going to happen this time. At The Pit, there will be no trickery to give you bastards the easy win. There will be no payout for taking out my dipshit partner for the second time on the roll. Myself and Andre are coming to the arena to kick your ass. Weíre going to do what needs to be done and maybe afterward murder each other just like you two will.Ē

She says to cameras as she swayed her way toward them. Within seconds Alexis approached the crew and suddenly stabbed a large brown box that had been there long before Alexis Mercer showed up. She looks up at the 4CW.

ďAre we done?Ē

ďYes, maíam. Thatís everything we needed.Ē

ďGood now get the fuck out. Iíve got a match coming and I need my beauty sleep.Ē

Alexis walks back to those dead rats and picks one up. She thinks about the upcoming match and how this could be big for herself if she could take out the Butcher and Viduus Morta. Our scene fades off into darkness once more as Adrenaline was looming near awaiting the massacre that was about to unfold once all four entered the ring. Wallace must be smiling somewhere at what he has done.

Adrenaline / Death of Mark Storm
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An owl soaring the night sky swaying from side to side flapping his wings against the current approaching him. He flies over cities lit up almost like Christmas trees in January and dense forest. He looks down seeing society and nature continue on their separate paths through living. Weight begins to beat the winged-creature down. It reaches Cemetery Road after flying for what seemed like days. Beyond where Blind Buck Stream and White Creek converge lies a scarce place which shares no secrets. It will never judge anything you do. It remains quiet and still throughout the rest of time. This was where I call home for most nights.

Our friend descends low enough to the ground landing on a tombstone a few inches closest to the iron grate to keep everyone from being around when the cemetery is closed for the night. It was open. Down the road was a car parked on the side of the road. It must have been two in the morning. We journey into the graveyard that was full of the dead dating back to the Revolutionary War. I appear laying on top of a poor bastardís granite tomb looking up into the stars thinking about the match with Mark Storm. A cigarette rests between my lips dangling while I reached for my beer beside me and then, removed the cigarette releasing poison into the air as I puffed out a white cloud. I took a deep breath after before downing the remaining bit of alcohol left. Suddenly, I looked down pulling up this straw scarecrow wearing skull face paint into my lap. It looked like Mark Storm from a twisted Wizard of Oz.

ďHere we are, Mark. It's the final stretch and bases are loaded.Ē I said in a flat tone, I remained seated on a tombstone as the straw body rested beside me, with his head pressing my shoulder like a child would. ďThe first match in 4CW and people already got eyes on you. Some are seeing you as their savior. Aren't you special. I hope that you and your ragtag sheep understand that this debut isnít going to be as easy as most would like to believe. Hell, itís not as easy as youíve tried to force it down peopleís throats. Everything oozing out of your mouth attempts to repress me, to keep me down just so I can be another body for your comeback tour.Ē

ďHearing your words about what you felt about me heading into our match didnít shake me to my core. It motivated me more to kick your ass at Adrenaline Seventy-Nine in Oklahoma. This would become the second biggest tragedy that fell onto the Sooner State since the bombings in April of Ninety-Five. People have always tried to predict my downfall, they always rub their crystal ball hoping maybe their words can harm me into running away like Erica Cambry. You haven't said anything different. Iíve been down this road before. Iíve played the underdog role in so many different stories across different promotions. Like Digital Underground used to say: Itís the same song. Itís another copy and paste routine or spin cycle however you want to phrase it. Iím not going to be another quo in someoneís record book just because they suddenly decided that it would be the perfect time to come into Four Corners Wrestling. I wanted to prove you wrong since the moment that Mark Storm became apart of our toxic wasteland, our paradise of mortal sin.

I wanted to kill this hype train. I felt almost sorry if such a feeling ever existed in my body. I feel to those twenty-something retweeters, who liked and shared his message on social media, include Mark Storm himself. They were all going to get an early access preview of Infinity War before the opening in theaters in May. They are all going to see their favorite hero fall in front of their eyes. Their tears will soak their shirts watching the Death of Mark Storm in a Four Corners Wrestling ring. I almost will feel like a terrorist inside the arena on that day. I might even get a lot of booing from the crowd if I havenít gotten them already. This is MY opportunity to show that Iím not going to allow someone independent wander into MY slaughterhouse. I am prepared to die to make sure that you wonít come out of that building wearing your trademark smirk with your hand raised in victory, Marky Boy.

Iíve sacrificed too much to be placed on the back burner while someone steps over my limp body getting opportunities I havenít even gotten chances for yet. Because sudden your Jesus Christ looking ass pops up from the dead away from the major leagues receiving all the praise. Itís like you already won, Mark. Backstage you have people getting on their knees praying to the fucking goddamn Lord himself wishing I donít beat you at Adrenaline Seventy-Nine. They pray knowing that if I knocked off you then everything I started with dating back to Andre Holmes wasnít a joke, that this is a newer, scarier version of me. While youíre boosting yourself up posting pictures of your cars and retweeting your own promos to make yourself seem important to the world, Iíve been planning every move that Iím going to make in stopping The Reckoning of Professional Wrestling from making his mark at my expense.

Not today, Mark. Not ever. Maybe youíll stop taking your medicine for schizophrenia and weíll have some real fun together. Allow those inner demons to come out and letís go on a killing sphere together. Maybe you already have. Thereís no medication for me. I am who I am. I canít take happy pills and wake up feeling just super the next morning. Thatís not how Iím wired. I donít need a happy pill to be responsible for putting a dead rat in someoneís babies present, I admit Iím a straight up cunt who will lie to your face. When I do something like telling Jett Wilder that I was a fan of his and would help that FAG by becoming his partner, who do you really think was behind the scenes pulling the strings along before letting go of his hand watching as he crashed to the ground? I sealed that fuckers 4CW career to the point mommy had to step up and take control of things. His Fate on that night was always in my hands.

I smirked at cameras. ďNow itís all gone for good because he trusted me. Iím willing to take responsibility for what I have done, Mark. Iím willing to say: Yeah my dude. Iíve done that shit to mess with peopleís mind just like Iíve messed with yours already.Ē

It was the match almost everyone was talking about heading into Wednesday. It wasnít the main event between Genevieve Carlson and Aiden Carlisle for the XTV Championship in a No Holds Barred. Everyone knows that Gen would fight tooth and nail to keep that championship around her waist. It wasnít Bronx and Viddus taking on Anastasia and Dakota. All eyes across promotions were looking at our match. Alexis Mercer versus Mark Storm. See, Mark likes to portray himself a hero. He liked everyone to have their eyes on him. Thatís what happens when you grow up too fast in the streets. You become less dependent on others but yourself because, in reality, no one is gonna save you from getting killed but yourself.

ďAlready I can tell youíre having doubts right now thinking that you might have made a mistake accepting. I already exposed you. I exposed when I called out the time you were supposed to sign with Monarchy Wrestling and get an opportunity to be in the same company as me, but everyoneís hero turned out to be a pussy and never had the balls to show up. Which Mark Storm has said in his recent promo in this company, that he thought we would never be inside a four-sided ring. We could have. You sacrificed your last world championship so that a jackass like Kevin Hunter would win. When I could beat Kevin Hunter in two seconds flat, and youíre coming into my territory claiming youíre better than me? Iím more reliable than you are. I have a higher chance of not flaking off on another promotion and get jobbed to lesser talent. However, somehow you think Iím not at your level at all.

By all accounts, I should be a shoe-in favorite to win our match since youíve been known to get beaten by lesser people. People that shouldnít be considered up to your level. Forget about not showing up for the Monarchy Wrestling battle royal, even though that was the easiest in the world. Already. Everyone was told about how we spent our final day in EWC. What they donít know is, this was on the same night and on the same brand. You like to talk a big game thinking youíre superior. However, I wasnít the one getting beat after getting knocked out with brass knuckles to Jack Tillman. I was too busy being in the main event and winning. I know what youíre probably saying that thatís the past. Twenty-Eighteen is Mark Stormís year. Itís his rebirth. He can beat Alexis any day of the week.

Losing to your HKW Championship to Kevin Hunter was bad. Not only did you lose your championship belt last year. Just a few days ago, Mark Storm. You were shown taking part in a FGA United States Championship Tournament. You came into the Xcel Energy Center looking to become the first ever FGA United States Champion. You said you wanted to elevate the new championship title to the top and instead of being focused on your opponents. You focused on Dan Herrera. Because you made it all the way through to the semi-finals before taking the ďLĒ and getting beaten by ĎLas Vegas Sirení Savannah Taylor. It seems the New Year hasnít started off well for ďEveryoneísĒ Favorite Hero. Whatís more interesting than getting beat by a one woman army is how you treated your legion of followers during that night. This wasnít the same Mark Storm from last two weeks on Adrenaline getting cheered and praised, the Frontier crowd must really hate that trademark smirk as much as I do. After all the self-promoting shit and telling the fans they were the scum of the earth, for shame on you. Why, you better take off that red kryptonite ring, Superman!

Slowly, I flashed my own smirk again started to show across the company cameras. It was brief but it was sweet. It was clear that Mark wasn't having a very good start. I knew that by me driving that knife into that wound deeper, I knew I could mess him up more than other women have. He seemed to really have an issue with women. I wanted to add my name to that growing list.

ďWe wouldnít want you to laser beam everyone that came into the Chesapeake Energy Arena to get a glimpse of their favorite newest member of the 4 Corners family. Besides, Marky Boy. If you wanted some decapitated bodies. How about you stop pretending that you actually care about everyone, and come ask a real pro on how things are done.Ē

As I spoke, I spread both arms out and by the very end, I felt something inside of me caused this maniacally laugh. At that moment, I gave the world a blink glimpse of insanity. A glimpse of morbid hilarity. Who knows if what I said were true. I wanted to make a point to Mark Storm that he couldnít hide behind his treatment forever. Not even his schizophrenia was safe. Truth be told, Mark Storm might have needed this match a lot more than me because he was fresh meat once that ink dried. He needed something to rub the sight of failure over and over again recently, but fuck him. He should have known I wasnít going to hold back.

ďSeriously though, if someone like Savannah Taylor was able to beat you just days ago. I am just as capable of fucking you up and really cause you damage mentally as well as physically. We both know how unpredictable things become when youíre staring down the opposite sides of the ring. You donít know if Iíll play by the rules or murder you. You said it yourself I could have the strength to beat anyone on this roster, but I just canít beat you. Itís clear that others have and that makes you not anything special to sneeze at. Youíre just some regular Joe who canít control his personality. He has to take meds to make him function. You can try blending into their laws and their social order all you want. Youíll never be accepted as one of them. Iíve known that ever since I was just a wee little girl looking around at the world without rose-colored glasses. Iíve seen the aftermath of shootings and stabbings.

Everyone tries telling you growing up that acceptance into society is one of the most important lessons you could ever learn. It gives you access to opportunities and a sense of power beyond your wildest dreams. All thatís needed is that you follow their way. Understand, people like us were never meant to travel into their world. It doesnít matter how many times you shift personalities and take your magic pills from rich pharmaceutical companies, Mark Storm is not the most powerful wrestler in the world. Heís not even a common hero. Rome was believed to be the most powerful of all the ancient world before Rome fell and burned to the ground. Who really knows. Maybe this recent loss over the United States Championship on FGA. It will make him see how heís mortal and thus Mark can bleed. Maybe losing to Savannah Taylor in such an important match will make yourself see how much danger really got yourself into going against me on Wednesday when I have been rolling heads since Winter Wasteland of last year. Iím not stopping this bloodbath.

So, I found it amusing when you consider and openly say we have any kind of friendship. Because I was unaware of this. I am in no way anyoneís friend. Iím not even Sarahís friend, and she does everything on social media for me. In fact, Sarah was the one that accepted the request on my behalf. My last couple of friendships werenít that great. They didnít end very well. One friend I had was a person dependable, someone, that you could really trust on to get things done in life. She met a glock to the forehead scared out of her mind and ran back home to hide under her parent's skirts just like Erica Cambry has done. My other got off easy by excommunicated. Iíve found out that over the passed for twenty years Iím just the worst friend on the planet, actually.

Now Marky Boy. You claim that you have been keeping tabs on me throughout my career like a little stalker would. Bet you were putting up posters and buying up all my merch coming out of whatever promotion I worked. Maybe perhaps seeing that finally there was someone else out there in wrestling who understands what youíre going through. We must be soul mates. You are the one person that clearly has all the answers regarding my life in this business, right? Well, if you actually have been keeping up than you would have seen I didnít change my last name to disguise and keep my distance from Extreme Wrestling Corporation. I didnít drop the last name because I missed opportunities. It was the fact I wanted a divorce. I didnít need to latch myself onto my failure of a ex-husband who is currently living his life as a bodyguard in Red State Revolver because he sucks. I wanted to make a name for myself on my own merit.

I said as the cameras zoomed in for a close shot. I looked dead in the center.

ďMark. Let me be completely honest. The way youíve been talking about me in your promos makes me think youíre another high school crush that desperately is trying to get my attention by showing brute force. All those recent losses have been getting to you lately. In fact, I dare say that you havenít been lucky facing women either. Your mind canít take it anymore. You start feeling like youíre about to snap just thinking about whatís happening. You thought you were in control but like I have already said it was illusion.

What isnít an illusion is what will go down when we finally get our match. Iím going to beat you down. Iím going to humiliate you in front of anyone left that came to see your fucking ass. This is my match to win! My match to destroy whatever is left of you Wednesday. I tell you what Mark. Before Wednesday try substituting your medicine with Tide Pods. I heard they're killer.

With that being said, I started running the switchblade across the chest while my eyes looked down so innocently, so gentle. If you didnít notice the sharp blade in my grip you would swear I was caressing that fucking thing like it was my prized doll. I stopped doing anything and repeatedly starting to stab the straw Mark a few dozen times with batches of his insides coming out.

The owl gives one last hoot before I scared the animal away with my outburst. Owls are among the most majestic birds in the world. Their ability to hunt their prey and carrying them back to their nest high above the ground is terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Native American tribes built stories as well as prophecies surrounding the creature. It is said by many tribes even to this today that whoever sees or hears an owl then someone was going to die. Most others symbolize them also standing for bad luck, and poor health. Whatever it meant I was sure of only one thing that night. Only one of us is going to survive while the other one falls.

It had to be me.

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