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Octane / Soul Searcher
« on: November 22, 2017, 04:59:11 AM »
”Redefining Brian Hollywood”

”What’s the most defining moment in your career?  I often found myself answering that question the most in my illustrious career. Lately, though, the questions stopped coming.  That defining moment was lost and now all people ask when they see me is what happened to you?  What happened to the methodical, egotistical, strategic, power hungry opportunist?  My answer?....what if he never left?”

”Soul Searcher”

Los Angeles, California

7:30 PM

The scene opens up inside the psychological office of Dr. Richard Weathersbee.  Richard had been assigned to Brian Hollywood a year after his head injury had caused abnormal side effects from a HOW match Hollywood had.  Across from Weathersbee, a very quiet and shaky Hollywood laid out on a couch as Weathersbee asked Hollywood some questions.

”First of all, I want to thank you for voluntarily coming in today, Brian.  This is a huge step.”  Weathersbee replied feeling surprised Hollywood willingly came in the way he did.  It was a surprise to Weathersbee because Hollywood never felt like he needed any help, but lately Hollywood couldn’t find any answers for the traumatic history he had been going through lately.

”Look doc, I only want answers.” Hollywood began to say as he wasn’t fully comfortable being in Weathersbee’s office to begin with.  ”I just want to be right again.  I’m not the same person I was a year ago.  I’ve changed and not for the better.  Something is blocking my ability to perform to the maximum capability that I’m able to put out.  I want to know why I have not only failed myself, but failed my legacy.”

Weathersbee didn’t really know how to react to that question.  Hollywood was genuine, but the doctor didn’t know how to approach the question because he hadn’t been around Hollywood for quite some time.

”I’m not a hundred percent sure, Brian, but this is why you’re here so I can help figure that out.  I want to take you back to your last match with Kimitsu Zombie.  To understand what’s going on in your head, I have to understand what went through your mind during the match.”

Hollywood begins to shake his head as he’s having difficulty recalling that particular event. He was obviously trying to block it out of his mind as that was one of the most embarrassing moments of his career.

”I can’t focus on it….it’s just…too much…” Hollywood says as he’s visibly shruggling to either recall the incident or trying not to recall the incident. ”I want to get right.  I want to get back to WHO I was.  I NEED to get back to who I was…it’s the only person I know how to be.”

Dr. Weathersbee could feel the trembling in Hollywood’s response.  All he could think about was saving himself, trying to find his footing again.  Hollywood was trying to save his career and his reputation…before it was too late.  ”Trying to get back to who you were is a big step, Brian.  This requires patience and you need to allow yourself patience in this process if you want to reestablish your identity.  If you go too fast, it could be a very dangerous thing.”

”You of all people by now should have figured out that I don’t have the patience, especially the time to reestablish my identity!”  Hollywood says frustrated as he pops up from the couch.  It was like the flip of a switch, again, that triggered Hollywood’s emotions. ”Don’t talk to me about dangerous!  You don’t even know the word!”

Dr. Weathersbee was treading on very thin ice and he knew he may have to take a few steps back for Hollywood.  At the same time, he knew if he didn’t adapt to Hollywood’s quick behavior changes, that there may not be a way to stop Hollywood from going down the path of destruction.  ”All I’m saying, Mr. Hollywood, is that there is a process!  Help me help you!  I realize that I can help you, but only if you allow me to do it my way!”

As if there was something the good doctor said by addressing Hollywood, Mr. Hollywood, it seems as if it had ignited a trigger memory in Hollywood’s head.

”You’re damn right you will address me by Mr. Hollywood!  You damn better be proud that you know who the fuck I am!  I’m the most conniving, manipulating, methodical money man to ever step foot into a ring!  I’m Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, and I will NOT be disrespected any longer!”

Hollywood hops up all of a sudden and lands an Executive Promise straight across the chin of the good doctor as the Executive side of Hollywood appears to have come back up, at least for now, to the surface as the Hollywood, looking all confident and full of rage once more, leaves the office and the good doctor behind unconscious as the scene fades out.

”The Return of Mr. Executive”

Cabarrus Arena, the sight of Friday’s Octane

I’m fortunate I know the owner of the arena, which is why I stand before you in the middle of this ring.  You see, if your me, you can have the perks to go anywhere you want.  I figured, why not just get a head start on my opponent this week, Kaz Bonham.

Take note and listen up kid, this is why no one is more ahead or more strategic than yours truly, Mr. Executive, Brian Hollywood!  I figured if you want to play up our encounter, I’d take it one step ahead of you and actually be the first one to show up in this ring!

This was definitely a step up for Hollywood considering he’d be showing up to shows very late as of late.  It was ironic that he was the actual first one to show up to the arena.

Anyways, from what I can tell, you just showed up to 4CW.  If you only knew what the environment was here, kid, maybe you would have reconsidered where you signed.  First off, this isn’t the friendliest place you can come.  The people in the back are assholes, management feels like reruns of Darkwing Duck and the most important is that you have to face ME!

You see, I may not have the greatest track record here as of late, but I’m the last guy you want to be stepping into that ring with.  Kaz, I don’t think your aware of this, but you’re not just in a match with yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, but you’re in a ten minutes of mayhem match with yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood!  That means I have ten minutes…TEN MINUTES to show you your mistake in facing yours truly!  This is a match that will help me reestablish my dominance in getting back to who I was.  That’s bad news for everyone, but mostly you, Kaz!

Hollywood pauses and laughs as he looks around the for now, empty arena.

Not a lot of people know this…actually, nobody knows this…but I actually ASKED for this!  I ASKED to be moved to Octane so I can prove I still have what it takes in this ring!  I also wanted to prove that I can still outthink everyone in this business and that’s exactly what I did to Perry!  See, really, he sent me here to destroy Octane and take everything that everyone has!  We all know who should be running this show and that’s ME!

So Kaz, I want you to understand what is going to happen when you get into the ring with me this week.  I am going to hurt you.  I am going to make an example out of you and you will merely be a footnote in my whole grand scheme here on Octane!  I am going to use the whole ten minutes to not only bring myself back to relevance, but use it to stomp you from the very place you came from!  I will have you reassessing your decision to come here and after I get finished with you, you’ll be regretting coming to Octane.  This isn’t a safe place for you here, and EVERYONE in Octane is about to find that out.

It’s time for the reemergence of yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood!  It’s time to reclaim my honor and my reputation!  I will seize Octane for myself and reignite that once thought lost identity!

You are just the first, Kaz, but you most certainly won’t be the last!  I will show everyone in our ten minute mayhem match that yours truly still got it!  EVERYONE in Octane has officially been put under notice and that first pink slip starts with YOUR DEFEAT, Kaz!  Brian Hollywood is MOTHERFUCKING BACK, FUCKERS, and I’m coming for what’s rightfully mine and never was lost…my legacy and the legacy I will build when I take OCTANE. BY. STORM!  Hollywood is back and I will seal it officially with you first, Kaz, and you can bet that as an Executive Promise!

Adrenaline / The Best Short Ever Written
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:42:18 AM »
.....Let's be honest didn't expect some guy with a name you can hardly spell without looking at it a million times who wears a mask to really show up against a high caliber star like me. At least....I used to be high caliber...

Hollywood says into the camera as he gives his little time he was very gracious about for a guy he knew he was going to bury

Hollywood: That's the thing here...I'm still not a hundred percent ok with just letting out what happened to me. It is the most ungracious of falls and you wouldn't expect yours truly, Mr Executive l, Brian Hollywood, to really be classified under such a banner but let's be honest here...I'm not viewed like the star I once was....that changes this week on Adrenaline. Because I'm going to make an example out of guardian del Inferior to me. I'm going to humiliate him and I'm going to do to him what he has seen countless others of him happen to him. I'm going to rip his identity away from him as I begin to reclaim mine. It will be the likes that none of you have seen. Your going to see a side of Hollywood long thought to be dormant..extinct. The only problem with that is I'm not...far from it.

Hollywood shakes his head in disbelief as he doesn't even have to think about the outcome of his match.

Hollywood: This isn't only going to be a win for me but it's going to be a statement of the pent up frustration and anger that has been bottled up within me. Come time for Adrensline I get back on track and I can personally guarantee all of you that I will pick up where I last left off when I was riding the waves of success. Like I said before I don't even have to reveal or talk to any of you this long to show you what my intentions are. Clearly put I knew I didn't have to do much in the way of work because I already know what I'm going to do with the guardian of nothing. I'm going to END him and I'm going to do it in a way that I prove a point about how serious I am in righting the wrongs of my embarrassments. It's time that all of you feel the wrath of yours truly, Mr Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, and witness my first act of my resurgence. Because like it or not, I'm going to get what I want around here just like I always have everywhere else. One way or another I will get it because Mr. Executive ALWAYS gets what he way or another! It's fucking inevitable and the inevitable part about all of this is that I won't be stopped in achieving my greatness once again! We're fucking done here!

Hollywood stands up and walks away in frustration as it seems we are starting to see signs of the former Brian Hollywood returning to the surface of identity he was once famous for as the camera slowly fades to black.

Adrenaline / Lights, Camera....ACTION!
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:43:07 AM »
”After all this time, after all this re-self discovery, there is an element that is currently rising…one that hasn’t risen since the likes of the glory days when things weren’t as complex and certain ones weren’t lost in their own self achieving conquests.  However, as this new, but old tradition sees the light gleaming brighter of years past, this time there is more to fix than just the soul of a man who was trying to pick up the pieces of a broken path.  This time, there was actually a major piece of his self stuck on the other side of the mirror wondering why it’s been blocked off from reconnecting.  This is his reemerging story….”


Los Angeles, California

Hollywood’s Mansion

”Is his suitcase packed and ready?” Hollywood asks Niles as Niles walks into Hollywood’s room.  Hollywood looked content and calm, which was a surprise given everything he’s been through the last few months, including the last couple days.

”Everything’s ready.” Niles replies to Hollywood as he shakes his head completely at a loss of thought to Hollywood’s logic in what he was doing.  ”Zion’s shit is all ready.  I really don’t see why you’re going through all the trouble in helping him.  He’s a complete fucking nutcase and if you want my honest opinion, you’re wasting your time on even teaming with him in this wrestling tournament.”

Niles had a reason for concern, though, as Hollywood just shrugged off his comments.  There was a lot of things that needed to be fixed with Zion, but the crazier thing was the fact that Hollywood was teaming with Zion, reuniting a Hollywood Boyz team that was much different since the last time they were together.  Not only that, but Niles was also concerned with Hollywood’s wellbeing as well.  Hollywood had been through a lot the last several months, even going through his own traumatic experience that affected his wrestling career greatly. 

Hollywood smiles and pats Niles on the shoulder.  ”I know you care, man, but this is something that I’ve got to figure out myself.”  Hollywood started to say as he prepared to go talk with Zion.  ”This trip to Sydney, Australia might exactly be what I need to get my mind right.  I appreciate all the help you’ve done for me over the last few months, Niles.  I’ll call you when we get to Sydney.”

Niles nods but doesn’t say another word as he leaves the room.  Hollywood slowly follows him out before making his way down the corridor of his long Mansion.  Hollywood arrives to the room he let Zion borrow as he takes a small sigh before going inside.

”You ready to go brother?”  Hollywood says as he sees a very restless and tired Zion just waiting in the room.

Zion looks up and seems content at the time being.  Maybe it was because he was in a surrounding of comfort and that he was with his best friend, which was oddly comforting, but cautious.  ”I suppose.  Why does this tournament have to start in Sydney?  Don’t they know how unstable I am?  I’m actually nervous to fly!”

”A nice flight might actually be good for you.  Besides, I’ve been itching to get out of this city for awhile now.  This is something that we BOTH can take advantage of!”

Zion just nods his head slowly but without saying much of anything.  He was still not fully there after Hollywood checked him out of his mental ward.  There was even part of Zion that was still trying to process if this was all still real.  The Hollywood Boyz being back together was weird for both, not just Zion.  But Hollywood knew that if he wanted to get back to the level of intensity he was at before his traumatic accident, this was actually therapeutic for him.

”Think of this back to our Battle Arena days…remember our very first tag team win?  Think of X Rated and Hated like that very same tag team.  This is a process, man, but it isn’t something that isn’t familiar.  It’s time that we both got right and that’s something that our opponents are going to have the misfortune of dealing with!  Believe it or not, Zion, I actually do want to help you.  This tournament will help us both but I’m tired of seeing you down in the gutter.  With me helping you, I’m going to get you back to prominence soon enough!”

Zion starts to shake a bit.  Perhaps it was the medicine he was on or perhaps it was figuring out what was real and what was not.  He still wasn’t sure how sincere Hollywood was but it was all he had.  What Zion wasn’t aware of, however, was just how much Hollywood was counting on him.  They both needed each other, and when united on the same front, they were damn near impossible to beat.

”Come on, brother…I’ll make sure you get a window seat on my jet!  I hear Sydney looks pretty good from the sky…just like our victory is going to be when we defeat those nobodies like Zoe Chaos and Mistah Jay!”

As if he finally could separate reality from fantasy, at least right now, Zion smiles lightly almost like it was just like old times with his best friend.  ”Those fake ass bitches won’t know what hit them!”

Hollywood smiles as if he was starting to get through to Zion even if it was only a small step as they headed towards the door.  ”Absolutely man!  It’s Lights, Camera, Action time!”  Hollywood replies as he takes a moment to conceal his own recent personal hurdles that has been plaguing him. He sighs momentarily but then forces himself to not think about his own personal traumatic experience as the doors open and shut before silence fills the halls of Hollywood’s Mansion once more for days to come…


”Ah…arriving in Sydney, Australia for the Bad Company qualifying tournament.  It feels nice to get out of the states, it really does.  However, it’s weird and just fucking awkward that I find myself in a QUALIFYER just to advance to the night to fight for the 4CW Tag Team Championships.  Then again, I haven’t exactly been myself, have I?  I’ve been away for awhile and while it feels good to be back in 4CW and back wrestling, there just seems to be something missing that I can’t quite grasp.”

Hollywood sighs and shakes his head as he doesn’t think about his missing aura at the current time.

”I really shouldn’t have to introduce myself to the tag team world of 4CW, but there are obviously a few who don’t know who I am.  While I could spout off my accomplishments as a singles star alone as a multiple World Champion in a couple of my previous destinations, I’ll stick to what people should be worried about as I go over what I’ve ALREADY DONE here in 4CW in the tag team division.

My name is Brian Hollywood, and I’m a two time former 4CW Tag Team Champion!  There isn’t anyone in 4CW, well hardly, that can say they’ve been that…let alone that I once held the record for LONGEST reigning 4CW Tag Team Champion!  But alas, what are people gonna do?  That’s WHO THE FUCK I AM!”

Hollywood lets out a sigh as he calm’s himself down a bit.  It angered him that he had to re-preach is history to everyone. However, he didn’t seem to be bothered by his opponents viewpoint of who he was.

”Heh, who am I to get angry at two nobodies in 4CW?  Zoe Chaos and Mistah Jay aren’t exactly two people that impress me with their core thought process.  I mean, just looking at the two fuckers makes me want to go put Suicide Squad on my blocked list of movies never to watch again!

Here’s the thing, X-Rated and Hated, you guys have never stepped into the ring with me and you sure as hell have never stepped into the ring with Darin Zion and myself, together.  The Hollywood Boyz have ALWAYS been a force to be reckoned with no matter where we’ve been!  Battle Arena, KCW, TCW, PWX and even HOW, we’ve always taken down the very best that those promotions had to offer!  That’s simply what we do.  We team up, scale the competition and just go FUCK THIS SHIT and topple any and all empires of tag teams that claim their better than us.”

Hollywood pauses briefly as he reminisces at his and Zion’s tag team historical past.

”We might be complete fucking crazy and piss people off the wrong way, authority or no authority, but when it comes time for business in the ring, we always take care of business because that’s what serious.  The Hollywood Boyz should honestly be a Mt Rushmore because we’re simply one of the very best tag teams to ever grace the gift of wrestling!  Perhaps that’s why it was best to return to the roots of where it began.  That’s why come time for Wednesday, X Rated and Hated, the two of you will find yourselves on the wrong side of some Lights, Camera, Action!  Cause once that bell rings and once those cameras start to roll, there’s no stopping the DNA magnitude of the Gods of Tag Team Wrestling!

Perhaps that’s where the lesson needs to be for the rest of 4CW as a whole, but more on that later.  X-Rated and Hated, you two are facing a legendary team in its own right in all of wrestling.  You’re nothing more than a bad catchphrase.  X-Rated and Hated?  More like G-Rated and Faded!  That’s exactly what’s going to happen when that bell rings because The Hollywood Boyz don’t fuck that shit that don’t fly with them!”

Hollywood smiles once more as he pauses briefly to take in the fresh air of Sydney, the sight of their qualifier for the Bad Company Tournament.  Hollywood stares dead straight ahead of him with that look of intensity he used to have what seemed like a year ago.

”Come time for Adrenaline, I’m going to get my career BACK on fucking track and that’s bad news for you two as that’s HOW my career began…TAG TEAM WRESTLING!  The Hollywood Boyz are BACK and it’s time for Light….Camera…..ACTION!”


Is the sound the camera makes as it blacks out from an Executive Promise superkick from Hollywood as silence follows straight after….

Adrenaline / The Resurgence
« on: June 01, 2017, 04:59:01 AM »
”It isn’t what we require ourselves to do, but rather what we do that others require.  Success is measured more than just what you accomplish.  It’s HOW you succeed, how you go about your career by making it successful and memorable.  There will be trap doors without that net to protect high risk entertainers that will simply fail to be there.  Throughout all of recorded risk, something like this, being similar minus my monstrous injuries, has played a part in all of our history.  They say that three is a lucky number, but this guy doesn’t also think of the power of three, but rather, the power that he can control.  Will Hollywood fall under this new threat, especially after recovering from his head trauma incident, is at it again as he tries to rise back up in the proverbial rankings, this is his story…”


Los Angeles, California

Hollywood’s Mansion

April 5,2017

The scene opens up inside the living quarters of Brian Hollywood’s mansion.  The mansion was all spotty and clean compared to we saw it the last time as Hollywood wasn’t home much as he dealt with some pretty serious stuff with the Chair and the Men In SUITS.  Hollywood finally emerges from the kitchen with a couple shot glasses filled with Wild Turkey.  Hollywood hands Buck,who had brought Hollywood back home cause of his state, and proceeds to sit in his chair.  There was a brief pause before Buck breaks the silence as he can see that Hollywood is distracted.  That wasn’t the only thing, however, as Hollywood sensed there was something up with Buck that he absolutely must fill out.  Holding out, Hollywood had finally had enough and what that means is to hits full potential as Buck speaks.

”Is everything alright, Bri?  You’ve been pretty quiet since we got back to yer mansion.”

”Uh?...oh right…yea, I’m just thinking at the present time.”  Hollywood says in a calm, collected voice.  “I might have a bigger problem on my hands that I didn’t need to accumulate.  So now I’m stuck trying to figure out everything and how to keep this a secret.”

Buck sighs before giving his thoughts on what Hollywood was talking about.  ”You don’t have to tell me anymore, Bri.  I’ve very aware of the situation and your status outside of Hollywood Enterprises.  I just gotta ask ya one question, Bri.  Why didn’t ye just come to me in the first place?  I recon I would have found a way to help ya out.  You can’t just keep yourself off by yerself and expect to not be meant and threatened.  It just doesn’t work like that, Bri.”

Hollywood was actually pretty surprised that Buck took that the way he did.  Hollywood always knew Buck to be the straightforward guy and the tell it like it is in the group he hangs out with.  Perhaps because he was so happy to not only see Buck, but the fact that he forgets everything that happened to him briefly.  Hollywood bends down on one knee and starts to pet the dog.  Hollywood used to be able to utilize all his body, but since a serious injury occurred in Hollywood’s quad, it’s definitely rendered him to the point where he felt useless.  Hollywood wasn’t in a chair, but he walked very slow, no thanks to the opponent from last week, Mattheas Barrows.

”We still have a long way to go…or at least I do.  But since you already know about everything, I minus well educate you to do the best you can to understand what my problem is next week.  I’ll be fighting in the Main Event for a spot in the Ante up 4CW Championship match.  Jett Wilder, Dakota Smith and Johnny Evil are all three that are supposed to be in that match with me.”

”Who in hell’s feces are these three guys?” 
Buck says as he tries so hard not to laugh at what happened several months ago.
”I don’t know about 4CW, Bri.  To find out that your other hobby is wrestling, it definitely took me off guard.  So with that being said, I think it’s time to talk to the rest of your employees.  We’ll try to get you out of here fast considering you do have a match coming up in the next few days.

A door can be heard squeezing open before it shuts once more as Buck heads out of sight.

”So now what?...”

It’s going to be a cold day in hell when Adrenaline rolls into town next week.  I’ve worked hard to get back into 4CW and all that hard work is finally working out.  You all should have seen me being in the Main Event coming for a shot at the 4CW Championship at Ante Up.  If you all forgot, I came close to taking Madison’s streak.  That’s no easy task even if it was so close to call.  This week on Adrenaline, I will make sure to expose the three of you, Dakota Smith, Jett Wilder and Johnny Evil.  Mark my fucking words, I am nearing a point in this company where you do NOT want to fuck with me. 

You all should already know by now just what I’m capable of doing.  So come time this Adrenaline, I’ll get back on track and pull out the surprising comeback return in all of 4CW.  I’ve broken records before…and I can fucking do it again…

”All greats truly make a stand at the right time.  It is within these bounds that, once staged for a return, do they tap into the unlimited power of energy.  It’s the atmosphere, the unknown of what you’re dealing with that truly harnesses the power of what your capable of doing, what your capable of accomplishing.  It’s within the confines of these walls that truly set you up to be able to knock those walls down and to be able to tap into the unlimited resources of the unknown.  One man knows the unknown all too well and this one man looks to the power of the mysterious to capitalize on the forces of the very power he’s always been naturally able to control.  How does one get up and return after an anomaly of his nature?  This is his story!”


Los Angeles, California

Cedars Sinai Hospital

April 3, 2017

The scene opens back up inside the hospital room of Brian Hollywood.  When last we left him, Hollywood was in a heightened state of disillusion and we once again find ourselves in that scenario as Hollywood takes a more serious tone with the doctor.  ”Bones, I’ll have you know that this isn’t fucking Halloween, and it’s not vacation on the holodeck!”  Hollywood says as the doctor just looks at Hollywood with a confused look.  However, after knowing just exactly what Hollywood was referencing, the doctor decides to play into Hollywood’s disillusion, as such with some fun delight.

”I’m sorry Jim, it’s just that that green blooded Vulcan has me by the proverbial nerve balls and I needed some time to get away and simply do what all of us humans do very easily….breathe!”

Hollywood raises an eyebrow as he turns his attention briefly to Niles, who just shrugs his shoulders and says nothing as Hollywood just stares at him for a brief moment.  Niles isn’t safe out of this conversation, either, and Hollywood made sure of that.  ”Don’t think your excluded from this conversation, Scotty!”  Hollywood started to say as Niles shakes his head but doesn’t say anything and simply plays along with the doctor.  ”I still can’t believe you threw the first punch!  All you had to do was take a few insults from the Klingons and protect a few worthless pieces of grain!”

”Jim, if I may…”  The doctor chimes in as Hollywood’s attention is redirected towards him.  ”I’ve seen you’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I have you down here to evaluate you.  Now you can argue with me and list off regulations, or you can accept the fact that I’ve deemed it my responsibility to look after you and get this evaluation out of the way.  Either way, this is a good excuse to keep me way from Mr. Spock right now!”

Hollywood sighs and shakes his head towards the doctor.  As he’s about to say something, Hollywood all of a sudden thinks about it for a moment before reconsidering his thought process.  After a few more moments, Hollywood shrugs his shoulders and acknowledges the doctors good point.  ”I see your point, Bones. Spock’s logic can give me a headache sometimes..”

Niles looks at the doctor confused as he continues to try and figure out what’s going on.  ”Spock, what are you—“  The doctor quickly interrupts Niles so that Hollywood doesn’t act out of impulse, giving Niles a hint at who he’s talking about as he continues to play along. 

”It’s ok, Mr. Scott!  I’m willing to bet a BUCK that the Captain won’t give you too harsh of a punishment for starting a fight against the Klingons!”

Whenever there is or has been an opportunity in the story to throw Niles under the bus, that’s usually what happens as the author of this writing doesn’t want to pass up the chance to do it if the writing presents itself.  Niles immediately picks up on the doctors hint and simply smiles and nods his head.  This prompts Hollywood to lash out towards Niles in a rather impulsive way.

”You heard the good doctor Scotty!  The doctor’s diagnosis is usually always right so I’ve got my own diagnosis for you since you obviously can’t keep a space station under control!  Therefore, your restricted from quarters at the time being!  Gives you a chance to catch up on those logs if you know what I mean!”  Hollywood says as he smiles at Niles who continues to remain lost at to what’s going on.  ”Alright Scotty, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a ridiculous evaluation to finish up here!  So if you’ll just wait outside for a moment this won’t take lo—“

Before Hollywood can finish, his eyes roll in the back of his head and he all of a sudden blacks out.  Niles looks surprised and watches in concern, but the doctor stops him in his tracks.

”No, it’s ok Niles.  Hollywood is completely alright.  He just needs more rest!”  The doctor says keeping Niles completely calm.

”Are you sure that’s normal?  What happened?  One moment he seems to be wide awake and in a state of disillusion, and then the next, he just passes completely out.  How the fuck is this normal, doctor?!”

”Have no fear, Niles, this is sometimes common with certain comatose patients.”  The doctor starts to say as Hollywood can now be heard snoring in the background.  ”Especially with Hollywood’s case with him dealing with a former personality disorder, or head trauma, Hollywood is going through is own process of what the mind is pertruting to him right now.  As I was stating earlier, Buck Wringley is going to take Hollywood back to Hollywood’s mansion.  It’s entirely possible that Hollywood will regain consciousness and return to his former self for a little bit.  This is going to be a process, but we all have to be patient in his progress.”

Niles sighs knowing this isn’t going to be easy to get through.  Hollywood truly has been through a lot and he knows that once he comes to, it’s not going to be easy to walk Hollywood through the trauma that he has gone through that led to his comatose in the first place.

”I still don’t know how we’re going to get all this through to Hollywood without him completely losing his shit.  But if anyone can help Hollywood through this process, it’s Buck.  The road to recovery is definitely going to be a long and challenging one.”

”Exactly.”  The doctor says as Hollywood’s snoring becomes annoyingly louder much to Niles annoyance.  Hoping to lighten the scene, the doctor smiles lightly and makes a small joke towards Niles.  ”God I would hate to be the woman that would have to put up with that obnoxious snoring….you can call Buck whenever you want, Niles.”

”Alright, I’ll make the proper arrangements.  Hopefully by the time Hollywood wakens, he’ll be able to process things on a more realistic level, but I guess we’ll see what happens.”

The road to recovery was surely going to be a long one and now that this new journey for Hollywood was about to start, there was no telling just where this story was going to land next as the scene slowly fades to black.

”Hate is a Strong Word….Literally and Figurelatively…It’s Used Way Too Much”

I’m still not completely sure what all has transpired since I woke up from my extended nap, but I really do hate sleeping longer than I need to.  There’s just too much work to be done and Brian Hollywood simply doesn’t waste his time laying in bed.  That being said, it did happen and it’s just fucking shitty, but what can you do?  However, after an extended period of time sleeping, I can definitely say that I’m all but rested up.  That’s not good for my opponent on Adrenaline this week.

Matthias Barrows is nothing but a man who can’t decide what he likes and what he doesn’t like.  It’s almost like the guy is dating himself.  He has arguments with himself and the only way he gets things done is by talking to himself.  It makes him feel better….seriously, that’s a condition but none of us here are judging you…

Barrows, you may have had championship gold in your possession, but since you’ve lost the Pride Championship, you’ve been nothing short of unimpressive.  You’ve gone on week in and week out talking about how you’ve been underlooked and underestimated.  I’m going to tell you right now, don’t you run that bullshit story with me!  That’s completely overdone in the wrestling industry and it’s completely unoriginal!

Just then, Brian Hollywood comes into frame in street clothes attire.  He isn’t wearing any dark attire like he had from just seven months ago and instead, is wearing the complete opposite.  Hollywood looks straight into the camera as he takes a seat in a rocking chair and pulls out a cigar.

Here’s the speal, Barrows.  You have way too much pent up Viagra anger within you.  You said it yourself, you are having a hard time hating me and don’t really know how to hate me.  For someone who doesn’t hate me, you sure as hell use the word so many god damn times!  If I got a dollar for how many times you’ve dropped the word “hate,” I would seriously own a second business enterprise.  But I digress, I honestly don’t even think you know the meaning of the word!

Hollywood takes out a cigar tip cutter and proceeds to chop off the end of his cigar as he kicks up his feet and rests them on his right now completely dusty desk.  Hollywood seems pretty relaxed right now and we really don’t know why he seems so relaxed.  He’s usually pretty enraged by this point in these promos, but for some reason, he’s completely chill this time around.

Barrows, let me give you some friendly advice that I have complete one hundred percent confidence in that you won’t take.  You have no idea who I am, and it’s safe to say I know that very well.  I mean, what kind of man drops the word hate so many times in a promo but doesn’t know exactly what to say to a man like me?  Your talking out of your ass and quite frankly, you’re really bad at it!  You’re no Ace Ventura, so you can just check off the “I can’t act” on the list of things you simply can’t do!

You want to know what makes me dangerous against former Champions like yourself?  I have the awfully bad habit of proving a very big point against them.  I haven’t needed a 4CW Championship belt to make me look good around here!  My popularity, along with my legitimacy to put asses in seats is all that really needs to be talked about here!

Hollywood smiles as he lights up his cigar and begins to smoke it.  He shakes his head from side to side as he enjoys blowing out the smoke from his cigar.

You want to know what makes me so great, Barrows?  It’s the simple fact that ring psychology is what makes me who I am.  It’s what I’ve made a living learning and knowing how to do.  You talk a really big game for a man who was only briefly allowed to have lightning strike for him.  Winning one championship isn’t going to solidify your legitimacy against someone like me!  I thrive off of making an example out of people like you, Barrows!  You are simply angry at yourself.  You’re angry at the situation and the illusion of being angry with your whole “hate” program against me. 

In all honesty, Barrows, my return match is going to be based off of more than just finding a way to hate someone.  I don’t need to channel that personality characteristic to be successful.  I have my own strategies and you haven’t faced a man like me in that ring!  I’ll have you knocked the fuck on the mat before you even know what hit you!  The truth is you don’t hate me because you don’t know how to hate a man you don’t know.  The fact that you don’t know me means big trouble for you because you don’t have a strategy against a man you don’t know what to expect from in that ring.  Come time for Adrenaline, you are going to find just what kind of man I really am!  You are going to witness a return that has been long in the making of happening and now that it is, you truly have no idea how to respond.

I am going to take that lead pipe of yours and smash it with my personal favorite, the Executive Branch, which is my beautiful barbed wire sledgehammer.  You really have no idea who you’re up against, Barrows, and at Adrenaline, I’m going to show you just who Brian Fucking Hollywood really is!  My return has been in the making for sometime now and now that you know what I’m going to do to you, you can now expect me to unleash everything I have at you.  But just remember, you asked for this and you are going to receive everything up front and personal.  Brian Hollywood is back in 4CW and you are just going to have to add another loss to your recent list of unfornate events.  I’m coming Barrows, and there’s nothing you’re going to do to stop me!

Adrenaline / The Return
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”Time after time, history has always recorded the rise and fall, successes, failures and redemption of those that are recorded as the greats.  For one particular superstar, he has been met with trial and error, followed by extreme success and a prosperous career.  Now, after a major fall, one man looks for redemption after reports of his downfall, even death, has been recorded…this is his story…”[//b]


Los Angeles, California

Cedars Sinai Hospital

April 3, 2017

”What….what’s going on?” Hollywood says as he slowly opens up his eyes and looks around his hospital room looking dazed and confused.

To his left, Hollywood’s good friend, Niles Omega, can be seen looking on in great relief as he’s happy to see his friend awaken in the bed.

”Oh my god, Brian, it’s good to see you up and awake finally!” Niles says as Hollywood looks back at him still confused as he tries to figure out what’s going on.

”Niles?” Hollywood questions as he slowly sits up in his bed.  ”What…what am I doing here?  I have a huge headache and I have no idea why I’m hooked up to these damn monitors.”

Niles didn’t exactly know what to say to his friend.  He didn’t know where to begin as he stands up and walks over to where he can have a more fluent conversation.  ”I really can’t divulge most of the details right now, but you’ve been in a coma the last month and a half.  The doctor should be back soon so you can find out more information from him.” Niles says as he didn’t want to overload Hollywood with too much information.  Hollywood had had a traumatic experience and had been through a lot and Niles didn’t want to take the chance of putting Hollywood through the stress of the events that he had gone through.

”I was in a coma?  For over a month?!  But…it hasn’t felt that long since I was asleep. It has felt like I’ve only been asleep for a night.”  Hollywood says as he obviously wasn’t comprehending the fact that he was indeed asleep for much, much longer than just one night.  ”Niles, you and I have known each other for a long time and you know that I can handle anything!  So how about you just drop the safety conversation and tell me what the fuck happened!”

Hollywood was already starting to get restless and impatient.  He had good reason to.  However, that didn’t stop Niles from budging and instead, Niles, like the good, often times ridiculous friend he is, changes the subject quickly.

”What the fuck happened was that you woke up and now I’m going to debrief you on what your currently going to be doing.”

What’s this?  Niles growing a set of balls and being more outspoken towards Hollywood?  Yes folks, the last time we even heard a story revolving Niles, he was always the concerned and tail tucked in between his legs type of friend towards Hollywood.  Hollywood raises his right eyebrow in surprise as he can’t believe Niles was boldly going where no man of his personality has gone before.

Hollywood was speechless…at first.  Hollywood tried to gather his thoughts, but due to the fact of the results of the coma, his thought process was still pretty hazy.  ”I’ll pretend you didn’t just try and talk back to me, let alone trying to change the subject.”  Hollywood starts to say as he redirects the conversation back to the mystery surrounding his hospital stay.  ”Now I don’t know what I’m doing here, but if it had anything to do with my “disillusions,” I’m going to get up from this hospital bed and dropkick you straight in the dick.”

Niles shakes his head not surprised to see Hollywood starting to return to somewhat of his former self.  But….which self was that?  Hollywood’s recent past was no secret.  He was a darker man and a man who raised a lot of eyebrows from people who actually thought he possessed the power to wield the forces of darkness.  Now who is he, though?  Was he the same Hollywood before the events that led him to his coma?  Or is he a man who returned to who he was before the darkness and corruption?  The answer to that thought process for all who are listening to this story, are interrupted as the doctor finally comes into the room.

….sorry folks, you really didn’t think you were going to find out this early, did you?

”Ah, Mr. Hollywood, it’s good to see you finally awoke!”  The doctor says as Hollywood’s attention turns towards the good doctor. 

Out of either a joking manner or sarcasticness, Hollywood responds to the doctor.  ”Bones?  Where’s your uniform?!  Your attire is very unprofessional and I’ll have you know you are not on shore leave!”

Both the doctor and Niles’ eyes widen in shock and bewilderment as they are surprised to hear Hollywood’s unorthodox reply and both become interestingly concerned that Hollywood was now acting like he was a character from a TV show.

”Oh boy….this can’t be good!”  Niles says slowly facepalming.

”Well this is certainly new….I better get my evaluation form because this is going to be a really long…..debriefing!” The doctor says as the scene slowly fades to black.

”The Return Everyone Was Already Expecting”

Well I’ll be!  Damn it feels great to be back in 4CW!  I gotta say, it has been awhile!  What has it been?  7 months?  That’s a really long time to be out of the business!

I’m sure you all are wondering what exactly happened to me.  I’ll be the first one to say, not even I can tell you all in one setting what happened to me.  The details are a little hazy but let’s be honest, who really cares about all that?  The only thing people care about is action and the present and I’m currently in the present ready for action.

This week, I meet a man by the name of Matthias Barrows in the ring.  I’m going to say first hand, I have no idea who this man is, at least from a detailed perspective.  I’ve been in this situation before and I’ve got to say, I’ve been able to win matches without knowing jack fucking squat!  That all won’t change and I intend to get business done in the middle of that ring come time for Denver, Colorado.

Did I mention that I hate Colorado?  Let me be frank…there is nothing awesome about Colorado.  It’s cold here, for the most part, the altitude sucks and the football team here is way overrated.  But what do I know?  I’m just here to walk into Adrenaline, beat a man in my return match and walk out.  You see, to me that’s simple.  Why complicate it?  I’ve always been a man with a plan, but sometimes the plan itself is perfect without detailing it.

Anyways, back to you, Barrows.  From what I can tell, you’ve managed to win a singles championship in 4CW.  Pride Champion?  Wow, things really have changed in 4CW.  The last time I remember, Chris Madison was holding the title hostage. No one could beat him and let’s be honest, I was the person who came closest to beating him. 

Impressive, Barrows, impressive.  I know you weren’t the one to beat Madison…you’re not THAT good enough.  But on paper, you held one championship so I guess you get a little pat on the back for that one.  However, if there’s one thing I’m best at, it’s not only beating former Pride Champions, but causing them a lot of grief and problems in the ring.  You are going to find that I’m not the man you think I am in that ring, Barrows.  You haven’t even been in 4CW long enough, or when I was around to know what I can do…

But I’m going to keep this short and sweet….for now.  Because why reveal all my secrets in my return match?  I’m going to say that you haven’t had a very good time since losing the title Barrows and I can assure you that your fortunes are not going to change against me.  But I promise you, I’m going to give 4CW the return they expect.  So right now, you just stay tuned and thirst for more out of me because it’s coming!

I’M BACK 4CW and I’m coming back for my glory!

Adrenaline / The Anomalies of Perfection
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”Throughout all of written history, there has always been a course where perfection is written clearly on the proverbal wall, in all of its literal and metaphorical senses.  Whether it’s global domination, reaching the ranking of general in battle, or whether it’s professional wrestling, all perfection is exploited at some point.  Somewhere, someplace, no matter what historical viewpoint you are looking at, there are these things called mistakes, or that one Achilles heel that surfaces in some way.  In this sense, it’s in the mortal category.  Even gods themselves have eventually displayed that looming Achilles heel, whether they mean to, or even if they are even consciously aware of it.  It is ALWAYS exploited.  Sooner or later, it runs out.  If history is any indication, it is that inevitable force we all must face and that is a force that will strike whether you are ready or not.  It is UNAVOIDABLE.  The question then becomes, can you handle it?  Or rather, what is the aftermath of such the bitter taste of defeat?  Throughout all forces of history and the path all of us mortals take, it is just the evolution of life itself.  So really, what happens when your luck runs out?”

”St. Louis, Missouri
September 3rd, 2016

I’m just going to say it now, Chris Madison, your manager is a fucking idiot.  I honestly don’t know how long you’ve been able to last as long as you’ve had with a guy like Frankie Morrison.  Really, how is it your moral compass, or your esteem has been so high lately?  How have you lasted as long as you’ve had in 4CW with a guy like Frankie Morrison?  Frankie used to be a co-owner of 4CW until the stress, the work of the life was just too much for him to handle.  So what did he do?  He left because the shit in his life made him cave like a weak, little bitch who can't handle the everyday stresses of life.  More importantly, what was he even thinking he could handle a job like that?  So he goes out and decides that he is going to manage Chris fucking Madison, because why not?  It was a good idea at the time.  It was something fresh and it was something that he could profit from.  Then something happened…Chris Madison started winning match after match again in 4CW, beating some of the most irrelevant and relevant stars in 4CW.  Chris Madison was winning and then went on to win the Pride Championship.  You're reign as Pride Champion, hell your undefeated streak has been impressive, Madison, and I really do congratulate you on that.  It’s tough being perfect.  It’s tough remaining at the top of your game knowing that each and every week you put that streak on the line, it becomes more of a chore than an accomplishment.  It’s stressful because it paints an even bigger target on your back week in and week out.

Hollywood was seen in his all black attire and trench coat once again as this time, the darkness was more present with him as he stands on top of one of the buildings looking out towards the arch from a ways right above a dark and shadowy alleyway.

But that’s all it is.  It’s gotten to a point where people aren’t noticing Chris Madison climbing to the ranks of the best in 4CW anymore.  They aren’t mesmerized or even tuning it to see you become someone in 4CW anymore.  All they are tuning in now is to see is this the week, is this the match that Chris Madison finally loses?  It’s now become a case of seeing when it is that you’re going to lose.  That’s what your streak, your legacy in 4CW has become.  Even when your streak does come to an end, it will be the most talked about, the most memorable thing for Chris Madison long to come.  No one can take that away from you, no one, Madison.  However, now you’re in a situation to where you have to wonder what it is that you have to do to keep people talking and not about the streak.  But what is it that can make you stand out to the point that the streak is something you’ve gotten past?  What can Chris Madison do every week to keep people talking about him?  What a contract dispute?  Seriously?

Hollywood shakes his head as he lets out a slight laugh as he can feel the darkness from within, turn.  It was only a matter of time, but it now appears that the darkness within Hollywood has found a way to keep Hollywood’s head in check in his feelings on Chris Madison as a human being.

Contract disputes.  Classic.  You see Madison?  Morrison couldn’t even see the easiest thing right in front of him.  It was RIGHT in front of him.  Coming from a man who actually used to run people’s contracts and a former businessman who used to have EVERYTHING, the contract loophole should have been the most OBVIOUS part of the contract Morrison should have seen, but he didn’t.  Now why did he miss this?  It could be a number of things and we may never really know just exactly it is, but maybe, perhaps, it has something to do with your undefeated streak.  Perhaps you’ve become so great in 4CW, so great that there just isn't anyone in 4CW worth your time anymore because no one can beat you.  So Morrison, like the good little manager he is, has reached out elsewhere in an effort to get you to compete where you actually might find relevant competition.  But you see, it was because of that streak of yours, blinded by your so called perfection, that has added the pressure of Morrison unable to see those things that are too obvious to miss for any ordinary person.

Hollywood pauses as he looks up to the sky as the starry night it was a moment ago, has been filled up by more and more cloud cover as the moon starts to slowly vanish behind the clouds that are moving in.  Hollywood smiles as he starts to understand the symbolism of the situation.  There are sounds of sirens that are heard in the background that get Hollywood’s attention briefly as he starts to laugh devilishly.

Well isn't that interesting?  I might have done something earlier this afternoon that has warranted special interest in me.  What can I say?  My buttons were pushed.  You have to be careful when you push those buttons to because you never know what you’re going to get out of me.  Anyway…it doesn’t seem to matter what state of mind I’m in, the truth always has a way of getting through to us.  I thought for a moment that my match against you Madison, meant something special to me.  Truth is, there is something more special in place that was really absent to me and now that it has been brought to my attention, it’s become that much more special for me to act upon it.  You can actually thank Morrison for me, too.

Hollywood pauses once more before he sighs and shakes his head as he places his hand over his heart and closes his eyes to recognize the feelings surging through his soul.

Rare is it that I actually have an opportunity to play into the hands of the fates.  You can believe Perry Wallace is out to get you all you want, but the truth is I EARNED this match against you.  You see, Perry hates me enough to not give me what I DESERVE and that’s an opportunity to fight for the 4CW Championship.  I did beat Jair Hopkins, so surely that would warrant me a chance at the 4CW Championship.  Oh well…in time, I will get everything that is rightfully mine.  Truth is Perry Wallace is just a puppet of his own product.  He is weak and he is scared.  We all know this to be true.  I was handpicked because the fates know of the storm that is brewing in 4CW.  Lightning will not only strike you down, Chris Madison, but your streak will come to an end.  If history is ANY indication, this is to come to pass.  You may be built like a machine, but even YOU are mortal.  Your streak is symbolic in the rights that it will paint you as a true warrior of professional wrestling and you have played your part well, but all good things MUST come to an end.  So it has been written…so it shall come to pass.  It ALWAYS comes to pass and this perfect storm only comes around every other eon.  Your streak is fragile, Madison, and my rise in 4CW is simply only beginning.  Your story has played out in its entirety and now it’s time that my story evolve in 4CW.  The storm is coming, Madison, and so is the reality of your mortality.  Soon….Madison…..soon…



The scene opens up inside an office room as Brian Hollywood can be seen sitting in a chair and right across from him sits Dr. Richard WeathersBee, Hollywood’s psychiatric doctor appointed to him after he suffered his head injury back in HOW.  Hollywood looks down at the ground with a still, transed look as Dr. WeathersBee looks at his file with a concerned look.

”Your friend, Buck Wringley, told me about your recent behavior and I wanted to meet with you to discuss it with you.”  WeathersBee says softly trying to keep Hollywood in a calm state of mind.

Hollywood doesn’t say anything at first, continuing to look at the ground.  WeathersBee looks at him for a moment before trying to reach Hollywood again.  ”Brian?  Is everything alright?”

Finally, Hollywood looks to have a little life in him, but he tilts his head like he is talking to someone else.  ”You want me to do what?”  Hollywood remains silent for a few moments as he appears to be taking council somewhere as he nods his head slowly in reply.  ”Very well.”

”Is all of this really necessary?”  Hollywood says as he finally looks up at WeathersBee.

”Yes, it is, Brian.”  WeathersBee says firmly and concerned as he looks directly at Hollywood.  ”This is for your own good, Brian.  People are concerned that you have not only become a hazard to yourself, but to all of those around you.  This is how serious this has become.”

”Heh, I’m a hazard to people now?  Since when have I ever been a problem for someone?”  Hollywood says with a smile on his face.  ”Don’t you see?  I’m only a problem with people who pose a threat to me and what stands in my way of true serenity.”

”And what exactly is that, Brian?  Ever since your head injury months ago, your health, along with your mental health and behavior, have deteriorated.  Your friends are worried about you, Brian, and they want to help you.”

And there was that trigger word again, help, that caused Hollywood’s eyes to widen as he looks directly at WeathersBee and WeathersBee appears to have figured out that the word seemed to be a trigger.  He was on to something, and that was a start as Hollywood ripped into him as his threatening stance grew.

”Don’t you EVER say that again!  Do I look like a guy who needs help?!  If you haven’t noticed, I am completely FINE!  Do I fucking look like someone in distress?!”  Hollywood says as his voice picks up and echoes in the small room.

”I apologize, Brian, I shouldn’t have said that.”  WeathersBee says calmly, but nervously as he tries to keep Hollywood’s tensions from rising.  ”Alright, let’s talk about what's on your mind.  I have it under authority that you have a match this week, am I correct?  It appears to be a pretty big one as you’re taking on the undefeated, Pride Champion, Chris Madison.  Why don’t you tell me what's on your mind in that endeavor.”

”Finally, something that we BOTH can agree to discuss.”  Hollywood says with a smile on his face.  ”You wouldn’t understand it.  This match is being billed for all the wrong reasons.  What this match should be advertising is that inevitable hand of fate.  You see, throughout all of history, mighty generals, even mighty gods, have done battle, but you want to know what all those things have in common?  EVERY single one of them have fallen in battle.  EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM!  It is the natural cycle of life and my lord has foreseen this great event play out and the outcome it offers.  It will not only strengthen me, but it will solidify my whole message on the inevitable.”

There is a pause as WeathersBee’s eyes meet with Hollywood’s.  WeathersBee’s anxiety all of a sudden rises as he stares into the dark, cold eyes of Hollywood like something is directing him towards this feeling.  Through this fear, causes WeathersBee to ask a question that puts his curiosity in danger.  ”How do you know this?  Who were you talking to a moment ago before you were talking to me?”[/b]

Hollywood’s eyes light up momentarily and his head starts to shake.  Hollywood doesn’t answer immediately and it looks as if Hollywood is being distracted with the voices that he is hearing as his counseling continues to be coming from elsewhere.  Finally, in response, Hollywood lashes forward and grabs WeathersBee by the throat and takes him to the ground.  WeathersBee looks terrified as Hollywood starts to preach to him as he stares at him directly in the eyes.

”NO!!!  You don’t get that luxury!!  I could snap your fucking neck and choke you to death right here and now if my lord commanded it!  But you don’t get that treatment, not now.  Until his name is uttered do you get to know the consequences of the uttering of his name!”

Hollywood releases WeathersBee and proceeds to rise up as the room goes dark.  Hollywood leaves the room and disappears as a terrified WeathersBee hits a button in the room that sounds the alarm throughout the entire building as security rushes in the room.

”Please, bring him back here!  He's a danger to everyone around him, but especially a danger to himself!  QUICK!  FIND HIM….NOW!”  WeathersBee says as security fly out of the room quickly as the chaotic scene fades to black.



St. Louis, Missouri
That Same Evening…

So you see, the answer is destined to be revealed.  Chris Madison, you have had a nice, long reign as Pride Champion, but it’s time for that reign to come to an end.  It’s time for you to taste the bitter taste of defeat.  The questions have been asked by everyone, but the answer is about to be given.  It must be stressful, burdensome to carry such a weight of being perfect.  But you see, there ALWAYS comes a price with perfection and it so happens that price is being dealt the blow of defeat.  Any man who carries such a spotless record is bound to lose sooner than later.  You yourself have even stated so.  You state that you are actually prepared for your first loss to be dealt to you but are you really ready for it?  In another time, another federation, you might have been able to accept it because that’s all that you knew.  Even if you’ve become this machine, it’s inevitable that you return to the roots of your past.  We all do.  We all must return to our former nature, back into the dirt of the sand where we came from.

Hollywood pauses once more as he looks up towards the night sky, now being completely covered in clouds as the darkness takes full effect on the scene.

You see, even my former self cannot maintain the sweet kindness that once was.  Don’t you see the darkness within me in inevitable and eternal?  I am not a kind Hollywood, I am not a generous Hollywood, I am a Hollywood looking to take charge of the hand that fate has dealt me.  I am fates new commander, I am the controller of destiny and I am here to smite history into its place!  You wanted a fight from me and that’s what you are to receive!  You aren’t facing a Hollywood who is looking to be just another guy who is trying to make waves in 4CW by taking a swing at your streak.  You are facing a Hollywood who understands that there is to be a balance instilled and one who needs to show you that there IS a price to your perfection!  I know of your past and your struggles to rise as a prominent threat in this business!  You have done that here, but there was a time in which you tried to be as great as you are now.

I am here to remind you of your own past because you MUST face it!  This isn't about fulfilling your contract obligations or because you think I have been handpicked by that feeble and weak ass piece of shit, Perry Wallace.  This isn't about continuing to prove there isn't anyone who can stand in your way of staying perfect, either.  In fact, this could very well be your last match in 4CW.  If your contract rumors are to be true and you are done with 4CW, it will be done at the reality that you are to be defeated.  You still stand in the light of the sins of Unstable’s past and you must pay for those sins.  The truth is that I am going to swing and deal the last fatal blow to Unstable because Unstable truly dies with your defeat.  This may not be about Unstable or The Order to you, Madison, but the truth is you are what's left of a representation that MUST answer for its crimes!  You will be given the fight you want, the fight you deserve but the truth is, the point I am making, is that your story in 4CW has reached its point.  There eventually comes a time where a new one shall rise and dominate in your place and that person is me!  Whether you truly think The Order has anything to do with this match is irrelevant!  The biggest of shockwaves, the biggest of events comes from the least likely of places in people’s minds.  That’s what I’m going to prove when I strike you your first loss and defeat in 4CW.  You’re right, though.  The Order isn't going to help me but the truth is that nothing is going to stop me from achieving what MUST be done!  The Unstable is no longer around and it won't save you.  Frankie Morrison won't save you, either!  You are all alone, Madison, and you will feel that truly after I’m done with you in that ring!  This is the reality you must face, Madison, and it IS the reality that will come to pass!  So it has been written….so it shall come to pass!

Hollywood smiles once more before he lets out a deep and loud laugh finally releases the joy from within as Hollywood falls to his knees and holds his arms up in the air as the camera slowly fades out.

Adrenaline / The 3 Year Anticipation No One was ever Aware Of
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”Throughout all of history, destiny and fate have taken their center stage, taking turns dominating and shining for the entire world to remember for the centuries long after its respective moment has been recorded.  However, there has never been a moment of injustice or untipping balance that has been allowed to be left uncounted for.  Even in the beginning of a new churning in fates atmospheres, as it’s resetting its cycle of happenstance, that moment in time, even in its almost forgotten form, always comes back full circle to allow the events to go down in recorded history as a vital historical centerpiece.”

St. Louis, Missouri

The scene opens up just outside of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis as nightfall has descended upon the city.  Brian Hollywood can be seen staring intriguingly at the Arch from a lonely bench as a small brisk wind blows in the background.  From a side view, Hollywood’s face can be seen and there is nothing distorted or alarming of Hollywood’s presence tonight.  It was almost like Hollywood was just in his past tense form, just an ordinary human being with no dark forces seemingly at work tonight.

There is a great sense of pride, entitlement, opportunity and history all at work here.  Can you smell the sense in the air?  That is the smell of a former, old familiar scent that hasn’t graced my sense of awareness in what felt like an old time of the past.  It is a faint presence, an almost distant memory of the past that is trying its hardest to press through the timeline of the present.  It is eager to make its historical standpoint known and it is a piece of history that is not recognized in the realm of 4CW.  Yet the very moment is a moment that I have not forgotten through the years and I imagine my opponent this week hasn’t either.  For those of you unaware, there is history between Madison and myself that you all are obviously unaware of.

Hollywood shakes his head and closes his eyes almost like he's taken himself back to the exact day, the exact moment where fate set up an event that would go unchecked completely…at least that’s how it appeared.

It’s funny how our past has a way of being manipulated into the spotlight.  That moment in time, in another world, in another corner of the universe, two people who were looking to make an impact upon a company were pitted together.

Almost as if Hollywood is strangely being effected by a certain amount of emotions, which is supposedly supposed to be completely undetectable with this new dark character of Hollywood, closes his eyes once more and shakes his head yet again and surprisingly doesn’t avoid the events of what took place.

I didn’t forget about what happened that night.  I stumbled and I fell right into a finishing move that started us off on the wrong side of the tracks.  I won't deny that.  However, I wasn’t myself that night and I stand by that.  Do you honestly think I would be any better if that happened without any tainting?  You were naïve just as much as I was starting in a brand new promotion.  Who you are today, and who you’ve become, you wouldn’t think that Chris Madison would be anything like the Madison of past.  Yet it happened.   These feelings I am experiencing right now..they are strange to me and somehow I’m vulnerable to their play outs.  This whole match between you and I on Adrenaline, it has somehow unlocked a core event that the fates obviously have a plan for and they are BIG, Madison.  It’s strange to believe that such a small event of the past can be expected to come full circle and play out on a big stage, centerfold, right here in 4CW.  It’s almost ironic, being that our careers are more tied together than anyone else, including ourselves, can actually believe.  I am actually astounded that our paths haven’t crossed until now in 4CW.  I always knew it would come, though.  This is important to the both of us and we both have something to prove, something to complete that we started so long ago.

Hollywood starts to walk right outside of the arch.  The traffic was low due to it being so late at night as Hollywood stops for a split second before taking the journey to the other side of the arch.  With transitioning to the other side, Hollywood is overcome by a different feeling, and this one being on the side of the present day events now as Hollywood focuses on the upcoming battle with Madison.

Here we are, Madison, in the present and ready to fight.  No gimmicks, no bullshit, just you and me ready to finish what fate had started all those years ago.  You may be the current 4CW Pride Champion, you may currently be undefeated, but I know that you ARE beatable.  I’ve seen it, witnessed it, took NOTE of it.  There are not a whole lot of people here in 4CW who have seen the side of Chris Madison that I’ve seen.  You're old Unstable buddy, Jason Cashe, has seen it and besides him and I, no one else is aware that there is a defeated Madison that lies within you.  Erron Wilder couldn’t see it because he didn’t know about it.  NONE of your past 4CW opponents could possibly see it.  All they were concerned about was being the ONE to conquer the streak and become Pride Champion.  Every single one of those people had something in common and their hopes clouded their judgments.  Anyone here in 4CW who looks to conquer the streak of Chris fucking Madison asks too much of themselves.  They are looking for that career defining moment, the big moment that will catapult them to superstardom here in 4CW.  The thing is, though, they are looking in all of the wrong places.  With you and I, there is more than just a streak and a title that sets in our way.  It’s about closure and righting the wrongs of our mistakes of the past.  No matter what happens come time for Adrenaline, no matter the result in that ring, closure will find its way to the both of us.  Our match is bigger than people realize, Madison, and it’s supercard big, it’s match of the year big and people can't and won't comprehend that!

Hollywood walks to a bench on the far side of the arch and takes a seat.  Regardless of the big opportunity Hollywood has here, he remains absolutely calm and there is a certain stillness within Hollywood’s soul that keeps a level head on his shoulders.

The contract disputes, they don’t matter.  The Order and The Unstable, they don’t matter.  The streak itself, even though it is the very importance of your career here in 4CW, it does not matter.  You are going to be facing a Hollywood who KNOWS Chris Madison more than anyone else here in 4CW does.  Despite our rare confrontations here in 4CW, you know that I’m right.  The fact that this match is about closing the history of our past, you should be worried more than losing your streak about what is going to happen when we meet in the middle of that ring.  We both know what we have to do and we both want our own justice for the crimes of our past.  If you ask me, that makes us both dangerous in ways that only the two of us understand.  This match will not be like the others and I know that neither of us will stop at nothing to get the justice that we want.  You want this win and I want this win.  This match is going to go down as one of the greatest matches in 4CW history and we know that, despite how little it may mean to the rest of the roster.  No matter what, though, the fates WILL bring a force the likes that 4CW has never seen all because of what started in APW that is bigger than anyone could possibly realize.  In a way, we seemingly know each other more than anyone else does and that’s what's going to push this match to legendary status.  Look how far the both of us have come since then, Madison.  While we may have taken different paths, you can't help but wonder what would have been had we gone down the same path.  What we could have done, what the fates would have recorded.  What could have been has such an important influence to the curiosity and perhaps if things were different, things in 4CW today would have been altered.  Who knows.  All I know is the past, our past, is what will be disputed when we clash in that ring.  You are a different person and so am I but to the both of us, neither of us will ever have a different perspective on the other despite what the rest of the roster may think.  That’s what makes this match so special and despite our current predicaments, I personally can't wait to clash in that ring with you and battle center stage for the fates to write us in history.  Either way, and I don’t say this or admit this often, but there is going to be that rare essence of respect when we meet.  We may want to tear each other apart and satisfy the end of our own past demons, but there is a personal joy in this personal match up.  So I say, enjoy it while the moment lasts, Madison, because these moments don’t come by very often….until Adrenaline, our fight of all fights shall commence….

A rare moment of personal identity and respect of Hollywood comes over him as we get a rare sight of Hollywood’s true nature, his past nature of what defined him, shines briefly deep within Hollywood, the part of him that was lost to the darkness, before the scene slowly fades to black.


Los Angeles, California

The scene opens up inside of the now abandoned former Warehouse of the operations of Hollywood and Savage as Brian Hollywood and Aamon can be seen center of the Warehouse.  There are a few changes to the Warehouse as it is being molded to the works and liking of Moldark Marek, the King of Darkness.  There appears to be an alter in construction in the background as Hollywood is seen on one of the steps facing Aamon.

”I know what you mean, trust me.  I know that you are excited for this moment as it’s an important event of opportunity for The Order.”  Hollywood says softly to Aamon as a dark undertone remains intact within him.  ”I know what I must do, but this match up means more to me than can be realized.”

”You have defeated the incompetent and false 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins last week.  You have already proven The Order’s relevance and true threat in 4CW.  You are the TRUE 4CW Champion, and you will strike fear and defeat within Chris Madison come time for Adrenaline and become the new Pride Champion of 4CW.”  Aamon says firmly with his few words.

Hollywood lets out a small smile towards Aamon as he knew he meant well but this match with Madison meant more to Hollywood than anyone could possibly understand.  Hollywood takes a seat at the edge of the step as he can hear the counseling of Moldark’s words, faint in the background.[/b]

”Fate is but a personal employee, a trusted advisor of my servitude and an ally of the nature of darkness, my apprentice.  Fate is on your side in this endeavor, my dark friend, and nothing will stop my will and the will of The Order’s dominance within the weak confines of 4CW.”

”Your will and your fear will continue to work through me, my Lord.”  Hollywood says confidently with a smile.  ”Jair Hopkins was an example of how truly powerful I am and what I can do in 4CW.  I have already proven that by beating the 4CW Champion, I have the power to control the very top of 4CW and can take it at will.  It all but proves that The Order is the true force in 4CW and that the Unstable is but a broken down system, a force that is no longer in control of 4CW.”

Hollywood pauses briefly, though, as what is on his mind currently means more than proving a point of dominance.  It is, in fact, establishing a point of the past, something that seems to be more important than anything else.  Hollywood is quick to realize that his thoughts are one with Moldark and that Moldark senses what's on his mind.

”I know what it is that engulfs your soul, my friend.  I know all too well of the past that faces you this week in your fight against the false prophet of reality that is Chris Madison.  Madison is merely human and humans will always display the same weaknesses.  Madison may think that he is high and mighty, but you know the truth and you are going to expose that truth soon and show how much of a fraud that Chris Madison really is!”  Moldark says as his words echo through the darkness with ease.

”This match with Madison is different, still.  I could care less about his streak.  I could take the Pride Championship with ease, but this match has awakened an old past time feeling that must be addressed.”  Hollywood says with a lesser tone of darkness in response.  ”Adrenaline is a chance to set the events of the past right.  However, there is a respect I have for Madison and regardless of the circumstances, I’m going to meet him in the ring and face him as such.  Perhaps if circumstances were different, we could get Madison on our side.  He could be a powerful ally to us.”

Aamon doesn’t say anything but ponders the thought of what Hollywood was potentially proprosing.  Meanwhile, a calm Moldark, who we still don’t see in the background, councils Hollywood on the thought.  ”Perhaps.  This Unstable force may already be dead, but I advise caution, my dark friend.  Madison may be a work, but his manager isn't exactly the work of confidence.”

As there is a lot of talk about what to do with Madison, Hollywood remains firm in his current standing with the match and facing the events of the past.  Hollywood shakes his head calmly and doesn’t appear to have a dark thought against Madison as he really contemplates the upcoming match and how important it is for him, win or lose, and how this match is different than the current quest he is on for power in 4CW.  Regardless, Hollywood continues to debate and wrestle with his old self deep down, a presence that was believed to be gone, and his current darkness that is powering his soul as he is left with a dilemma as the scene fades to black.

St. Louis, Missouri
The Following Evening


The scene once again transitions back to the Gateway of the Arch as a pondering Hollywood continues to sit and dwell on the upcoming match against Madison as the camera zooms closely on him.

Our match this coming Adrenaline is going to be one for the ages, Madison, and I continue to remain locked on what I said.  I truly believe our match is going to break barriers in 4CW that have never been broken before.  Regardless of the accomplishments you have achieved and everything you have and I have done in 4CW so far, is going to pale in comparison to what happens when we lock up in the middle of that ring.  This feeling I have, I don’t know….it’s strong.  You can point and laugh at it all you want but you can't deny that I’m truly onto something here.  This match is going to be special and regardless of all this pointless contract bantering between you and Perry Wallace and even Frankie Morrison, I know this is a match you’ve wanted for a long time.  Now you have the chance to actually come at this thing with all fucking cylinders.  No bullshit, no Order, No Unstable, just you and me.  No funny business, no power hungry attempts to conquer, just you and me with the singles match we’ve always wanted.

I know your back is against the wall with your decision to leave 4CW, but not until this match happens.  You need this and I fucking need this!  This match is GOING TO HAPPEN!  If this is to truly be your last match in 4CW, regardless of what is going on with your contract or that weak minded, useless Perry Wallace, why not make this the match that DEFINES the both of us in 4CW!  If this is truly your last act in 4CW, then I’m going to make the most of it.  I don’t care what happened with the past opponents you’ve faced and their so called failures at taking the streak, our match goes beyond that and the Pride Championship itself.  I mean, fucking hell, our own PRIDE is going to transcend the Pride Championship itself and I’m going to give you the fight you’ve always wanted, the fight that I’ve always wanted.  One way or another, this is going to be the best match you’ve ever had.  We are two very different people since we left APW, and we both have become great in our own right.  If anything, I’m going to show you just not only how much this match means to me in terms of closure, but just how far I’ve come personally since the days of APW.  I hope you’re ready for the fight of your career, Madison, because you’re not going to find this ANYWHERE ELSE, with ANYONE ElSE but ME!  So prepare for the showdown of all showdowns because people are going to be talking about this match long after the both of us have retired and have hung up the boots and if anything, this will be a fight you will NEVER forget after your days of 4CW are over.  That much I promise you, that much I owe you.  Not for 4CW, NOT FOR PERRY WALLACE, but for YOU AND ME!  The clash of the fates, a truly defining historical moment will take place, and fate itself will write it the way we tell it!

Looking into the camera one more time, Hollywood lets out a small, genuine smile, before slowly turning away and walking away from the arch and into the night as the camera fades out.

Adrenaline / One Dagger for Two Hearts
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”Living on the edge can be dangerous, it can be fierce, but most importantly, it can all change with the slightest push.  People don’t truly understand what they have until they lose it.  In this profession, it’s called taking things for granted.  The constant weighed factor always seems to turn out with the most popular question, you know, the one classic response from what did I do to deserve this?  Or perhaps an even better response, is how did it ever get to this point?  Everyone suffers from that psychological deterrent at some point in their lives and it’s so big, that it changes your entire lifestyle.  It turns it upside down and changes your perception on your entire career.  It’s inevitable and it’s bound to happen to the best of the best.  This story today will expose just how true that statement really is…”

Well look at our 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins now!  Just look at him for a second and tell me what you see.  Well?  Have you had a chance to take a look at him?  I think I gave you plenty of time to observe him.  So what do you think?

Hollywood literally waits for a few moments as if he’s really waiting for a response.  Hollywood was selling this well and it was almost like he thought he had company with him as he shakes his head as he remains calm and collected for the time being.

I don’t know what is taking so long to answer this question, I really don’t.  I gave you plenty of time to answer the question…how can you not have an answer right now?!  Alright then, since this appears to need my own insights, I’ll tell you what you see in Jair should see a man who’s having quite the battle with his own soul right now.  Jair is battling the forces within himself and you can clearly tell he’s fighting himself.  I’ve seen all the same tall, tailed signs and it’s the got all the classic setups for a breakdown.  But who exactly is Jair Hopkins now?  Is he the 4CW Champion?  Perhaps.  Is he back on the side of dominating 4CW?  Perhaps.  No, the truth is I’ve stared deep within Jair’s soul and I see despair and loneliness no matter how much he tries to deny it.

The truth is, Jair, you can't hide your feelings from me.  You can't hide your fears from me because I fucking see right through it!  You may have been able to fool everyone else, but you’re not fooling me, Jair.  I see the depression in your eyes…I see the longing for companionship.  You can deny it all you want, but the fact of the matter is, if you were truly alone, and you truly felt like that was the best course for you, it’s a course I’ve become all too familiar with.  You're scared to be alone, Jair, and you can't deny that fact to me.

Hollywood starts to smile as he takes a moment to contemplate the feeling of loneliness as his darkened eyes take a deep look in his own past.  What he's remembering right now used to plague him every day, used to make Hollywood feel the weight of loneliness and how much of a toll it can take through time.

Time is a funny thing, isn't it Jair?  I get it, I really do.  I used to be like you at one point until fate opened up my eyes and gave me the best gift I could ever want.  This newfound darkness within me has not only given me resolve and a vision for a future, but it has eradicated any and all useless emotions from my being that that would otherwise threaten the status quo.  The darkness within me allows me to feel only the direst of feelings.  Feeling that I can use to power forward.  Feelings like rage, anger, resolve, complete peace with my own power.  These feelings empower me, make me a better person and as a result, it has allowed me to root out and eliminate the basic feelings that come with a harsh price tag. 

All these feelings, they give me STRENGTH, they give me FOCUS and most importantly, they give me complete and total control over everything I touch or come in contact with.  You have no idea what you're up against, Jair.  You can sit there all fucking day and tell me you think you know me, but the truth is, you know NOTHING, Jair Hopkins!  Whatever Hollywood you expect to find in that ring when we meet at Adrenaline, you shouldn’t expect to find him at all.  That Hollywood is long dead, I’m sorry to have to spoil that for you.  I know how much you always looked forward to stepping into the ring with him and finding a new way to school him match in and match out.  But this is the part that still pisses me off to no end, and I should warn you Jair, when I get pissed off, it’s amplified simply because there are a few of a certain set of emotions that I don’t have anymore.  So you should know that if I’m going to get pissed or in the slightest bit frustrated, you can't fucking measure me on a fucking Richter scale!  To put it as bluntly as I fucking can, Jair, you done FUCKED UP NOW!

Hollywood takes a step further and stares coldly into the camera.  You could see it within Hollywood’s burning eyes that he meant every word he just said and mocking Jair Hopkins wasn’t meant to be a joke and a purposed cheap shot, oh no, Hollywood was deathly serious about what he just said.

If there is one thing that gets my blood boiled, Jair, it’s your hypocritical perspective.  What kind of fucking feeling is that anyway?!  You say the old Jair is gone?  If that were seriously true, you’d have more to say other than to eradicate me from Adrenaline.  You and I both fucking know that were dealing with different elements here.  I don’t have to tell you I’m a changed man or that I have to cut a ridiculously stupid fucking ass Macbeth like monologue to get my point across.  You seriously have no idea the forces you are dealing with here, Jair.  You can't even BEGIN to fucking comprehend it!  You haven’t been paying attention and the fact that I can shut every emotion off except for my violent and raging tendencies, should tell you that you are dealing with a bigger force then you realize!

You know, I’m fucking disappointed with you, Jair!  I’d at least half expect you to approach this match a little differently.  If you’ve so called changed, and you really believe you’re fucked up in the head, you would see this match for what it truly is!  That’s why I KNOW I have you right where I fucking want you, Jair.  You’re little lone wolf story isn't going to get you brownie points anymore.  You threw that out the window when you made an unstable decision with an unstable mentality and joining a dead force in 4CW.  No, Jair, the truth is you’re a fucking hypocrite who doesn’t seem to have a handle on things in 4CW anymore.  You may be the 4CW Champion, but you’re spiraling so far out of control that I can see right through that haze surrounding you.  This matchup between us will have more implications that you think and that’s why I’m going to show you what happens when you not only fail to recognize and respect what lies in the shadows, but doubt the Prince of Darkness!  You are medaling with forces you can't even fucking comprehend.  It makes no difference if you’re the 4CW Champion, that status of being number one in 4CW isn't going to stop what's coming at you at Adrenaline!  You’re not only facing a darker, ruthless and merciless Hollywood, you’re facing into the very force that is going to surge to the top of the 4CW mountain!  Think of this match as a little warm up of what's going to be coming your way in the not so distant future.  I have control of this outcome now, Jair, and your empty words, nor your unstable empty promises about standing tall is going to save you from what's coming.  The book of revelations shall be opened at the hands of the Prince of Darkness and I will truly show you the fucking forces you are staring down in the ring.  At Adrenaline, Jair, your enlightenment will begin and when the smoke and the dust fucking clear, everyone will know just what kind of threatening force I bring with me.  You can't outrun your fate, Jair, and your fate will take a tragic turn come time for Adrenaline and you will fall to someone who’s power has no bounds and I will unleash my reckoning onto 4CW and topple the very man who stands on top of it.  One way or another, my message will be clear and there will be nowhere to hide when that message is harshly and violently sent for you and all 4CW to see!  The darkness is coming for you, Jair, and after it passes right through you, not only will you have no choice to accept it, but you will be forcefully converted into a true believer of who I am and what runs through me.  Your time is almost up, Jair, and I’m going to be the one to extinguish your flame and everything that is good to the name of Jair Hopkins!



The scene opens up inside the living room quarters of Hollywood’s mansion as the lights are again dimmed very little, allowing the darkness to dominate most of the room which is just the way Hollywood likes it.  He has found himself loving more and more of the dark natures that has filled up his home.  It didn’t always used to be like that, though, and the more the darkness grew within Hollywood, the more power and control the darkness was that has been allowed to change him.  The living room didn’t offer anything good in determining where Hollywood was at, but it was at least known that he was at least in the home.  The doorbell goes off at Hollywood’s front door, but no one was there to open it.  On the other side of the door, Buck Wringley, one of Hollywood’s personal, family friends was seen trying to acquire where Hollywood was.  After a few moments, Buck just lets himself into the house.  Looking around and realizing how quiet it was, Buck called out through the mansion.

”Bri?  Hello?  Ya here man?”

There was no answer.  Buck obviously found it odd that he couldn’t find Hollywood anywhere, especially after learning from Gerald the other day that Hollywood wasn’t himself.  Buck goes into the house and travels down the corridor and scratches his head at where Hollywood could be.  However, after a couple moments, glass is heard shattering which gets Buck’s attention quickly as Buck rushes off towards where the glass shattering was heard.  Buck arrives near the upper deck of the mansion and sees Hollywood on his knees and a piece of glass in Hollywood’s hand.  Buck’s eyes light up and he wasn’t all that happy about what he just saw.

”Bri what in tarnation are ya fuckin doin?!”  Buck says alarmed as the camera now shows Hollywood’s hand and a clear piece of glass that cut him open.  ”What the hell is this, Bri?!  Are ya crazy?!”

Hollywood turns around and stares at Buck as blood is dripping from his hand.  There is no emotion on Hollywood’s face and this worried Buck greatly.  Hollywood just stares at Buck for a few moments before he starts to speak slowly, but also in a way like he’s in some kind of trans.  ”If you are to be in here, you will offer a signal of generosity to the one true King of Darkness.”  Hollywood says to Buck as Buck can't believe what he’s witnessing before his very eyes.  It was like Hollywood was completely gone and this whole unknown ritual was enough to finally warrant to Buck that Hollywood had no sanity left to lose.

”Fer the love of biscuits, Bri, what has happened to ya?!  Gerald was right…ya have changed!  We need to get ya help RIGHT NOW!”  Buck says deeply concerned for his personal friend.  This, of course, made Hollywood go further crazy as the wrong magical word was uttered to Hollywood in which case, Hollywood responds with violent intentions.

What the fuck did you just say?!  NO…NO…NO….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”  Hollywood says out loud in a fit of rage and madness.  This actually scares Buck completely and as Buck stared into the cold, emotionally dead eyes of Hollywood, he realized that he couldn’t be here right now.

”Bri…what has happened to ya?....I…I’m gonna go find ya help..”

”YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING!!  HEY, GET BACK HERE!”  Hollywood yells as Buck immediately runs back down the hallway and disappears as Hollywood looks on with anger filled eyes.  However, he is shortly calmed down as Hollywood starts to hear the whispers again.

”Don’t you worry about him, Prince.  He will come around in time and if he doesn’t, he will be made to!  But come my loyal friend…we have work to do.”

”As you wish, my lord…”  Hollywood says now returning to a completely calm state as a smile crosses the face of Hollywood as the scene slowly fades to black…


This week on Adrenaline, I shall take the first step into my purging of 4CW.  I have been given the chance to prove myself earlier than I ever expected.  Heh…it’s almost like Perry Wallace was doing me a favor.  That’s the thing, though, Perry…you put a match up between the Order and the Unstable because that’s what you do right?  You have never been more cliché then you’ve always been, Perry.  You actually think that Unstable is still not dead?  How can you not see that?!

Quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter what you see, Perry.  You are as blind to the truth as the rest of these pathetic, worthless souls here in 4CW.  The worst part about all of this is that Jair Hopkins actually believes that Unstable is still around!  Man, you’ve gone way off the fucking deep end, Jair, if you actually think there is any life in Unstable.  The fact of the matter is, Jair, that Unstable is dead and there’s nothing that’s going to fucking change that.

You are lost, Jair, and you fail to comprehend that.  There is nothing special about your position here in 4CW.  You are so god damn focused on Dakota Smith that you haven’t even bothered to think about what I’m going to do to you in that ring.  Even if I told you everything I could do to you, you still wouldn’t grasp it because you’re so fucking caught up on Dakota Smith, it’s not even funny.  So I’m going to take advantage of that and expose you for the mortal champion that you are!  Call it a dagger for two hearts…truth is when our match is all said and done, I would have proven how dangerous I am now and taken down the former face of Omerta and what's left of the face of the Unstable all with one shot!  You have no idea what caliber of seriously fucked you are Jair, and I’m going to show you once and for all what happens when you dismiss a guy who has nothing to lose…

Adrenaline / Unstable is Dead...and Soon Shall Jair Hopkins
« on: August 18, 2016, 04:59:18 AM »

”Nothing in life is certain.  If everything was predetermined or laid out in such perfection, the world wouldn’t be anything but a boring, self lazy absorbent, waste of time.  A perfect world, in regards to perfection, don’t let that fool you because even in that regard, your perfect life can still be turned upside down ready to be plunged deep down from that fiscal anarchy cliff. I am everything that is anarchy and I’m everything that defines your life to be anything BUT perfect.”

It seems to me like the hands of fate just keep on ticking down that same path.  There must be some meaning to it because fate isn’t just a random element.  No…it’s much more than that.  If there is anyone in 4CW who knows what I am capable of, it is current 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.

So what are we going to do this time around, Jair?  I could sit here and talk about how I have this golden opportunity to get a chance to defeat you when we match up at Adrenaline, but quite frankly, I’m fucking bored of all of that!  That was another time, in another life that seems so far gone in the distant past.  When we meet in that ring at Adrenaline, Hopkins, you are going to wish you were dealing with the Hollywood of the past.  I have nothing good to tell you in which case you are going find out everything else that I have planned for you, Jair.  This is what I like to call a classic “oh the champion is going to crush you” type of situation.  The fact that you are a two time 4CW Champion proves that you CAN be beaten.  I’m not one to throw around clichés, just ask Kaiden Hawke and Carter Laughlin about clichés, I don’t have the time to even bother pretending that I have any love for them at all.

Hollywood lets out a slight smile as he keeps his face partially in the shadows, the very shadows Hollywood has come to be more than used to.

You want to know what really makes me laugh, Jair?  It’s the fact that you always seem to be late to any party, no matter what it is.  Seems this time around, you were late to the Unstable bandwagon.  The very same Jair Hopkins that vowed to never have anything to do with the Unstable.  However, just what possessed you to join them anyway?  Didn’t you get the memo?  UNSTABLE IS FUCKING DEAD!  It’s obvious that you missed that part.  Or perhaps it was because you wouldn’t have amounted to anything had the real Unstable been around still.  You might be one crazy motherfucker, literally unstable perhaps, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel “”entitled” to join them.  All you are, Jair, is a 4CW Champion who will always be alone.  There is nothing left of Unstable to feel threatening whatsoever.  Perhaps we need to identify some rather “fishy” circumstances.

As you may know, I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe in a higher metaphor, a higher power, one that isn't reliable from a sellout perspective.  No, the fates have a much different answer for our little inevitable clash that will be coming very shortly.  I firmly believe that Perry Wallace himself pinned the two of us against each other because he feels threatened that The Order, MY ORDER, has risen up to threaten the very existence of 4CW.  Perry recognizes that Unstable is dead.  You can carry that stable tagline if you wish, Jair, but it isn't going to change the fact that you're still all alone.

Hollywood smiles as he shakes his head from side to side as his cold and dark smile send a feeling of chills in the background of the scene.

No, the truth is Jair, this is your reckoning and I am poised and in position to do amazing things…things that you couldn’t even comprehend.  Even as successful as you are, a decorated 4CW Champion, you will never understand the origins of what is going to be facing you down come time for our match.  I’m not here in 4CW to fuck around, not anymore.  I have a mission and that mission is simple.  Don’t even think for one solitary second that you are going to walk out of that ring after our match on both of your two feet.  It’s not in the cards, and it sure as hell isn't in the hands of fate for that outcome.  I’m not just a different being, a different Hollywood, I’m much more than that now.  I don’t expect you to understand that.  Kaiden Hawke and Carter Laughlin sure as hell didn’t understand it and they paid with their souls.

This is going to go down only one way, Jair, and that’s with me purifying your soul, your very essence, when we step into that ring against each other.  Times have changed, Jair, and you are going to witness first hand just how much can change when allowing time to work its wonders.

There will be no escape for you, Jair, nowhere to run.  The fates have called upon us to clash once more, but this time, you are going to be up against a force that knows no bounds.  You are going to be facing something that you don’t understand, that you won’t be able to comprehend because you are going to be looking into a pair of eyes that are fixed, hungry and daring to bring the 4CW Champion to his fucking knees.  There will be no warning, Jair, and come time for Adrenaline, you will be dealt a fateful blow by the Prince of Darkness and he has no roadblocks standing in his way.  You are a loose cannon, Jair, and like Unstable, I will see to it personally that I reunite you with the rest of the dead, taintless souls that I knew couldn’t cut it to reign supreme in 4CW.  Unstable is just another relic of the past, and soon shall you as well, Jair.  You can't even see what's coming, Jair, and rather than this just being an opening statement, this will once again be another message sent to the entire state body of 4CW that my intentions are quite clear.  There will be no warning, Jair, and if you're smart, you'll figure that out at some point.  I caution you, though, don’t take too long pondering on it.  If you dare take too long, you'll end up becoming more than an important special EAS broadcasting bulletin.  Rules of the game have no effect on me, nor are they the rules I will play by.  You're time is coming soon, Jair, and what not a better way to make a statement than to topple the guy at the very top of the 4CW Mountain.  The Prince of Darkness shall leave his mark on the very soul of Jair Hopkins and that shiny, prestigious gold around your waist won't be enough to save you from the inevitable that’s coming..



The scene opens up inside the mansion home of Brian Hollywood as the hallways in the home are either dimmed or not on at all.  It was a strange sight as Hollywood had a couple lights on at all times just for him to be able to move about without running into shit.  However, lately, Hollywood hadn’t been all that concerned when it came to the light or even merely running into things.  He had far too much more important tasks to figure out.  Hollywood enters from the kitchen area with a bottle of Wild Turkey Whiskey as he plops right into his reclining chair.  He looks pretty occupied as it appears there are several things racing in his mind all at once.  Hollywood doesn’t even bother grabbing a glass and instead opens up the bottle and takes a swig of it before sighing.

”Why do I even bother with this shit?”  Hollywood says out loud appearing to talk to himself.  ”It’s all the fucking same!  This is all just too much!  I just wish I would have more answers to the continuing decline of my life…”

Hollywood was clearly tired, drained from the war against The Chair and with Giovanni Pierre and the Men in SUIT’s.  It just seemed that there was too many attacks from all different directions converging in one area.  Hollywood takes another drink from his bottle of whiskey when all of a sudden his doorbell rings.  Hollywood rolled his eyes, not feeling like opening the door and instead, just shouts.

”IT’S OPEN!”  Hollywood says as the front door can be heard opening in the background.  There was a slight pause in the scene before a familiar voice can be heard coming from the hallway corridor.

”Hey where you at Brian?  It’s Gerald.”  Gerald can be heard saying as Hollywood just rolls his eyes.

”I’m in the living quarters.  It’s not that hard to comprehend!”  Hollywood says bluntly.

Gerald, obviously not pleased with the rather rude welcoming from Hollywood, makes his way into the living quarters to find Hollywood literally a wreck.  Gerald’s eyes light up with a combination of shock and disappointment as he shakes his head towards Hollywood wondering what in the world is going on with his friend.

”Seriously?  Are we doing this again this week?  When are you going to pull your head out of your ass and bring yourself back down to reality and what the fuck is going on with our fight against The Chair?”

”I don’t know what's gotten you all fucked up in the head, but I’m completely fine!  I kind of have to be.  As you can see, I have a little help keeping me straight.”

Of course, Hollywood was talking about the bottle of Whiskey in his hand as he shakes it back and forth in front of Gerald.  Gerald wasn’t impressed, at all.  Gerald was tired of the bullshit going on with Hollywood and his very regular, erratic behavior.

”WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”  Gerald says finally losing it with Hollywood.  Gerald grabs the bottle of whiskey from Hollywood’s hand swiftly and this doesn’t sit well with Hollywood.  Gerald is able to react quicker as he pushes Hollywood back down into the recliner after Hollywood had stood up feeling enraged.  ”You can't even react quick enough, Brian!  This has GOT to fucking stop!  Drinking away your problems is not going to help the situation we’re in!”

”Do you think I give a fuck, Gerald?!”  Hollywood starts to say as it looks like Hollywood is going through another one of his radical behavior changes.  ”My problems are none of your fucking concern, Gerald.  What I do with my time shouldn’t be any of your business!  Now give me back my god damn bottle or else I will—“  Hollywood just freezes where he's at as his eyes begin to shift back and forth throughout the room as Gerald looks on puzzled, not knowing exactly what's going on with Hollywood.

”Uh…Brian, are you alright?  You look…pale.”  Gerald replies looking on at Hollywood as it appeared Hollywood looked sick all of a sudden.  A few moments pass by before Hollywood closes his eyes briefly before blinking and looking back at Gerald.

”I’m fine…at least I think I am…”

Hollywood wasn’t fine, though, as the reason for his pale look and odd behavior was revealed.  There were whispers in the background of the scene as Hollywood tried to make sense of them.  The whispers were repeating the same thing over and over again and what was being repeated, was Hollywood’s name.

”You sure don’t look ok, Brian.  Perhaps you drank too much tonight.  You really need to get a control over that.”  Gerald says as he tries to get through to Hollywood.  It was something that Gerald had been trying to do for quite some time and it was definitely disturbing that he has been unsuccessful at getting through to his good friend, despite everything that has happened.

”Look Brian, this has gone on long enough.  I am very concerned about not only your wellbeing, but your mental state as well.  You haven’t been the same since you lost your company to The Chair, and even your head injury.  I just think the best thing for you to do is get some professional help.”

Hollywood’s eyes light up with rage and fury in response to Gerald’s advice.  If there was one thing Hollywood HATED to hear, it was that he needed help.  Hollywood quickly grabs the bottle of whiskey and lashes out towards Gerald.  ”I DON’T NEED YOU HELP GERALD, NOR ANYONE’S FOR THAT MATTER!  What I want you to do, though, is leave me the fuck alone!”

Hollywood was definitely in a volatile state at this point and Gerald watched in horror at his very dear friend’s behavior rapidly changed.  ”Please Brian, I am PLEADING for you to at least seek some kind of help!  I don’t know what's happened to you, but that’s not the Hollywood I have come to know over the several years of our friendship!  You do need help and—“  Hollywood immediately cuts off Gerald again, but this time in a very threatening manner.

”ENOUGH!  I have fucking heard enough!  Get out….NOW!”

Gerald just stands there for a moment and tries to reach Hollywood further but just before he’s about to open his mouth, Hollywood doesn’t even allow him to as he violently chugs the bottle of whiskey against his wall as the bottle shatters into pieces as Gerald looks on in horror.

”I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!”  Hollywood yells as it’s almost like he's going to attack Gerald at any moment.  His eyes were flared up, red and bloodshot like his sanity was just tossed out the fucking window.  Gerald shakes his head in disappointment before he opts to finally leave, not wanting any dangerous confrontations with Hollywood.  It wasn’t a good idea in his current mental state.  As Gerald heads for the door, he stops but doesn’t turn around and instead just says one last thing.

”I really don’t know what happened to you, Brian, but if you don’t get help soon, I fear you may lose yourself forever…”

With that said, Gerald finally exits the mansion through the front door without saying another word.  Hollywood himself didn’t say anything as well as he watches the door to his home close.  A few moments pass by before Hollywood’s paranoia ramps up again as he can hear the whispers once more.  The whispers continue to utter Hollywood’s name as Hollywood turns around, wondering just what was going on.

”Who….who are you?”  Hollywood says curiously in response to the mysterious whispers as the scene slowly fades to black.



”I promised two weeks ago that I was going to make an impact in 4CW the very next week with an unwarranted attack and that’s exactly what I did.  The attack on Oswald Pinkman was a message delivered that NO ONE is safe from The Prince of Darkness or my Order.  It seems that 4CW as a whole just doesn’t seem to know the concept of warning.  That’s quite alright, because I’ll get a chance to further show the stupid idiotic morons of this company what happens when they all don’t heed a warning.  How fitting that I have a chance to send a message next week when I go one on one with the 4CW Champion himself, Jair Hopkins.”

Hollywood smiles devilishly as the wind in the background is blowing his trench coat to the side.

”Jair, you and I are no strangers to each other.  We’ve fought many times in that ring and while things haven’t exactly gone my way each time, I have shown you time and time again that I’m not the guy to just shove to the side and write off.  You’ve seen firsthand what I can do.  I’m sure you remember the nice little fire that I started on a certain property of yours.  Oh please Jair, do tell with that endeavor.  It always brings a smile to my face knowing that I made you suffer.  Heh…if you thought that was bad, though,you have no idea how much suffering I’m going to give to you come time for Adrenaline.  That fire pales in comparison to what I’m going to do to you this time around.

I’m not the same Hollywood you’ve fought in the ring several times over in the past.  That Hollywood is LONG FUCKING DEAD!  Now you face a man who has been allowed to morph his very being, his identity into something greater.  You now face the Prince of Darkness, Jair!  I’m not one to cross in my current state and as promised last week on Adrenaline, anyone that stands in my way will not only meet their timely end, but they shall be purified and marked with the king of all darkness!

This is no laughing matter, Jair.  You face a man who is hungry, who is yearning to change the very landscape of 4CW.  It doesn’t get any better than facing the 4CW Champion and a chance to legitimize my threat and just how much hold I already have over 4CW.  I don’t expect you to believe me though, Jair.  But I promise you, changes…BIG changes are in store for you and all of 4CW.  I am only getting STARTED and soon you will meet the work and the brand of Moldark Marek!  Your demise begins…..Soon!

Adrenaline / The Prince of Darkness
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”Birth of  the Prince”

”Nothing to Fear”

”I have nothing to fear for I have placed all my faith, my entire being, into the heart of darkness.  Through it all, I shall rise and become more than just a agent of the dark, but become Darkness’s true heir.  The Prince is coming…”

Saturday Night

8:00 PM

Just outside the former Hollywood Enterprises, a shadow can be seen within the shadows of the tall building of downtown Los Angeles, California, as Brian Hollywood can be seen slowly emerging from the buildings shadow as Hollywood can be seen in his newly trademarked attire, his all black affair clothing and headlined with his black trench coat.  The scene was very foreshadowing indeed as Hollywood’s company had been completely taken over from the ever so Imperial grip of The Chair, Hollywood’s long time arch nemesis and the very man who completely destroyed Hollywood’s life.  Hollywood walks slowly towards the entrance of the building as he stands right in plain sight of the doors, obviously not caring if he’s seen or not.  Hollywood slowly looks up at the doors as he sees his reflection from the glass entrance doors.

”I look into this building and the first thing I see isn’t what used to control this empire potential enterprise, but a man who has not only accepted the cold heart truth of what is, but a man who is no longer plagued by the warm feelings of emotion that caused the demons of my past to my demise.  I lost everything because I allowed myself to feel the compassion and the sting of utter weakness in human decency.  What I felt for the Quinn’s ultimately lead to my mortal enemy to take advantage of my compassion and got his hands on the only thing in life that mattered to me.  That’s a mistake that I don’t plan on making again.  Tonight will mark the beginning of my inevitable rise out of the ashes and rise above all human weakness and compassion and take my place amongst the gods of the Darkness.  I have not only been given a second chance, but I have been reborn, reshaped and redefined to take back what’s rightfully mine!  I am not only going to take back my kingdom, but I’m going to mold it into something even better and I’m going to rule it with the help of my only true ally, the King of Darkness, for the moment I utter his name, nothing will ever be the same again!”

Hollywood opens the door to the former Hollywood Enterprises building as he looks upon the now darkened lobby as he prepares his ascension back into the only place that once made him great.  Just before Hollywood can take that first step into the building, the shadows around him, the darkness that shrouded Hollywood, all of a sudden becomes disturbed by another force.  This force, the center of where the disturbance was coming from, is mysteriously able to push the darkness away as a familiar face, a very close of Hollywood’s, steps in eye seeing view of Hollywood as it is revealed to be Gerald Reeves.  Gerald looks forward as he wants to believe his eyes are being deceitful to him, but clearly sees the mysterious fog of darkness entrapping the figure before him.  Gerald isn’t quite sure who stands before him, but the intrusion of the former Hollywood Enterprises building had Gerald very curious as Gerald shouts out.

”STOP!  Don’t you dare take another step forward into that building!  I demand that you reveal yourself at once!”

Hollywood doesn’t take another step and in fact, turns around slowly as Gerald is taken back at who he sees.

”Brian………what the hell?!  What in the world are you doing here?!”

Hollywood stands in absolute silence as he blankly stares at Gerald absent of expression on his face.  There was no life in Hollywood’s eyes as Gerald was not only taken back at what he was seeing, but the uncharacteristic behavior of Hollywood himself.

”Brian, what on earth on you doing?!  Is everything alright?  You don’t look so good.”

”Whatever you’re doing here, I highly suggest you don’t interfere with my intentions here tonight.”

Gerald blinks and shakes his head almost as if Hollywood didn’t recognize him.

”Brian what are you talking about?!  It’s me, Brian, it’s Gerald Reeves!  Don’t you recognize me?!  What’s gotten into you?!”

”I recognize a man who has no business in being here tonight.  You are not the one I must confront tonight.  So in the best interest of my intentions here tonight and for my King, I highly suggest you turn around and go about your business.  There only needs to be one man who needs to be purified and erased tonight.”

Gerald is shocked and short of thought about the outrageous scene he is witnessing and the fiscal cliff of complete insanity Hollywood has now gone over.  Gerald takes one more step forward as becomes immediately straightforward with Hollywood as Gerald is absolutely certain that Hollywood has finally crossed the line of crazy.

”Alright, that’s it, Brian!  I’ve heard enough of this fucking mumbo jumbo and you’ve really taken this whole identity bullshit far enough!  Just who is this “king” you speak of and do you even know what lies within that building?!”

There is a short pause as Hollywood’s eyes widen as the darkness fills his pupils and prepares to utter the name of names, but with a price as there always is at the mention of the name.  Mystery and anticipation surround the scene as the awaited name is yet to be uttered as a standstill between Hollywood and Gerald becomes absolute.



”All of us have a purpose to fulfill our mission and our meaning in life.  At one point in life, everyone realizes their true calling, their own paths to their roles that they play.  All of those purposes are highlighted with destiny and fate.  Some are revealed the answers early on and some are revealed later on, but are only handed that vision when they are fully prepared and ready to take on the tasks that lie in front of them.  My time, my ticket, has been punched and it’s time that I reveal that mission to the 4CW masses and usher in the beginning of my purpose, and what this means for all of you.”

”You just don’t get it, do you?  You think this is some kind of game that I’m playing Kaiden Hawke?  Do you think there is something wrong with me?  I don’t know what you think is wrong, Hawke, but I assure you, I could never be better!  This truly is something bigger than you, bigger than Carter Laughlin and damn sure bigger than 4CW itself.  There is so much wrong that is filled in 4CW and its high time that I repel those forces of weakness, forces of discrepancies from this poison filled place!

The answer is right in front of you, Kaiden!  You’re despair is my strength and you really can’t even begin to comprehend the forces of nature that you are toying with here.  This whole vision that you see of me, that reminds you of whoever the fuck this irrelevant piece of shit Magnus Gunner is, I can assure you that I am nowhere NEAR this caliber of a person you so mention so much about.  I’m flattered that you can compare me to such a being, but the truth is, Magnus is simply a being where true power did not rule within him absolutely.  No, I am the one who is to define the meaning of true power absolute.”

There is a laughter within Hollywood that is heard as a small gust of wind blows which reveals the bottom end of Hollywood’s trench coat while he remains firmly defined in the shadows.

”Magnus was a loose cannon, having to steep so fucking low to resort to calling himself a god when his mortality was the very contradiction to who he really was.  Magnus was a pawn in whatever endeavor he got himself wrapped up in.  I am no god, nor do I ever claim to be.  I am merely a man, a man with mortality just like everyone else is on this earth.  I can bleed, I can be injured and I can be mortally wounded.  This already makes me far more different than this false god you so braggingly talk about.  The difference between him and I is that I have support in the darkest of places and it’s within the confines of that darkness that gives me the power that the rest of you can’t even comprehend.

This is exactly why you will never be able to fully understand the kind of person I am.  Unlike Magnus, I have credentials that I don’t even need to exploit.  My record, my reputation speaks for itself and that reputation, while lying underneath the silver lining, is about to be reborn with the biggest force of the unknown that you couldn’t possibly understand!  You are going to be stepping into the ring with a man who has let all of his emotions, all of the things that he has been allowed to make him weak, pass into the abysmal past masked by the power of darkness to be solely discarded into the shroud of the forgotten.  I am no longer driven by my weaknesses and it was by releasing these weaknesses that has allowed me to enter a state of total absolution as I usher in the birth of the new dawn, a ceremonial event in which I ascend to the thrown as your true Prince. 

This will be an event that you cannot change the outcome of.  This will be an event of the rise of the Prince of the unknown as he ushers in a new day in 4CW.  My inevitable second coming will not only be an event of celebration and inevitable circumstance, but I shall bring with me the true followers of this new ushering and my inaugural rise as 4CW’s Dark Prince.  You CAN’T stop what’s coming, Kaiden, and you will be the first person to witness this new dawning.  You are just like the others, Kaiden, and the problem with ”just like the others,” is that just like the others, you shall fall and bear witness with the one force that nobody will be able to stop here in 4CW.  You are predictable, Kaiden, and you have placed your faith in the wrong people.  You are all about making a paycheck here, Kaiden, and you really don’t care where your loyalty falls just as long as you make that paycheck bigger.  That’s the very problem I have been talking about here in 4CW and it’s the kind of problem that I’m going to personally fucking stop in this business!”

Hollywood pauses once more as a chilling breeze of wind blows through the area in which Hollywood stands.  Hollywood stands just outside of where Adrenaline 50 will take place, just outside of the Neal S Blaisdell Arena.

”You don’t even have a game plan, do you Kaiden?  No, I can see that you clearly don’t have a plan whatsoever.  Your loyalty is like a stale bag of chips.  Those chips are stale because you can’t hold a hand of chips without it shattering into a million pieces.  You are a contradiction, Kaiden, and I fucking HATE contridictions!  You are everything that is cliché of 4CW Wrestling and wrestling in general.  You really think that Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherell keep 4CW’s talents to their best interests?  Do you honestly think that is going to help your climb up 4CW’s ladder any easier?  That’s the problem with you and everyone like you, Kaiden.  We only arrive back to the point of contradiction no matter which road we are looking down.  I see your path clearly, Kaiden, and it’s a path of corruption and discrepancy.  The only feeling I get when I think of this is the feeling of anger and the darkness fuels that anger for me because in the end, it’s all the fucking same!

Therein lies the answer to my power, Kaiden.  Anger.  Darkness.  That’s what it’s all about.  The Darkness has all the answers I need and you and Carter Laughlin are merely just two names of a long list of people that will be enlightened and purified.  Perry Wallace, nor Kaysie Sherell is going to help you from the wrath that I am going to rain down on you and Carter.  This isn’t your time, this isn’t your moment and there won’t be any way out but to be put down and stamped with the stamp of darkness that will be engraved on your forehead!  No…instead of you placing your services for everything that is wrong with the power of authority in 4CW, shall instead be made in swift action as I use you as an EXAMPLE of what happens when you place your loyalty in the wrong places.  I’ve been talking about the cloud of darkness that is looming over the heads of Perry Wallace, Kaysie Sherell and 4CW as a whole and I will make sure that my rebirth is placed with an exclamation mark of my inevitable rise to the top of 4CW.  In the end, all you will ever be to me, Kaiden, is another statement, another stepping stone along the way of ensuring that my presence and my intentions are made in clear fashion for 4CW and 4CW’s corrupted joke of authority.

You know NOTHING, Kaiden Hawke, and I will make sure by the time our match has come and gone that you understand that you truly don’t hold ANY power, or control of my destiny here in 4CW.  You don’t even have control of your own destiny, Kaiden, and I’m going to execute on that in the worst possible way.  I will break you, Kaiden, and your spirit.  Most importantly, though, by the time our match is said and done, I will have proven to you that I have always had control over you and just what part you play in this beginning chapter of historical enlightening.

In the end, Kaiden, you will find out the hard way that the difference between me and Magnus Gunner is that I have not only been given the power to expel the bullshit that you spew in 4CW, but furthermore show you that there is more to Brian Hollywood than meets the eye!  I am everything that makes 4CW unique and I will show you that there is never a dull moment in the life of Brian Hollywood, for my life has been given new life and that I have been given the most important chapter to display in the history books of 4CW.  The Darkness is COMING, Kaiden, and I shall cast its shadow over ALL of 4CW!  In the end, Kaiden, you will realize that you never even stood a fucking chance!  The Darkness has arrived and I AM THE DARKNESS!”



”You don’t want the answer revealed to you….you are not ready to accept it.  I fear you may never understand it…”

Fearing that his very close and best friend is nearly gone, Gerald Reeves tries with the will he has left to reach out to Hollywood.

”Brian, please…I BEG you see what I see!  I…I don’t even know what I see in front of me.  I fear that everything that I have promised to protect you from, everything that Buck, your father and I have tried to keep you from, is the very thing that is completely taking over you entirely as we speak.  Please, Brian, we had a game plan!  That game plan can still be executed and all I ask is that you have faith and trust in Buck, your father and I!”

”You see, you DON’T understand!  That is the very thing that I swore I would never allow to control me anymore!  You don’t call the shots anymore!  You don’t dictate how this story plays out!  Every time we have played this your way, nothing but bad things come of it.  I have embraced who I have become and you can’t even possibly fathom it because you can never UNDERSTAND it!  This story is no longer yours to play out.  HE is the only one to confide in and only through him will I achieve absolve!  Your friend, gone is he….I fear that you will never grasp that.  Only rewards and absolute can come of this scenario now.  You are in the presence of your PRINCE now and if you don’t accept that, you will fall just like everyone else will!”

The Hollywood Gerald and everyone else knew has now dissipated into complete darkness and is no longer in this reality as Gerald slowly approaches Hollywood.  Gerald walks slowly as there is no light behind Hollywood’s eyes as Hollywood just stares blankly, without emotion, at Gerald as Gerald is now face to face with Hollywood.  There is a slight pause as a moment of tragedy befalls Gerald.  Gerald shakes his head as he stares straight into the lifeless eyes of Hollywood as he finally asks Hollywood the question he is not ready for the answer of.

”What is his name, Brian…..who…..who are you??”

”Fear his name for it shall become the name that you will never forget!  BEHOLD THE KING OF ALL THAT IS DARK…..BEHOLD MOLDARK MAREK and behold me….for I am the PRINCE OF DARKNESS!”

A burst of wind blasts the scene as a shroud of shadow follows swiftly from Hollywood’s hand as he strikes Gerald in the side of the neck, knocking out Gerald as Hollywood holds his arms up high in the air before smiling with a look of relief as laughter shortly follows as the scene slowly fades to black.

”Sometimes to build new empires, you just have to tear down the old one, even the current one, down.  Starting where things used to make sense is sometimes just the best course of action.”

”Whispers of the Past”

The Warehouse

The scene opens to a breezy, cool summer night just outside the city of Los Angeles and the site of a once familiar, prosperous business headquarters simply known as “The Warehouse.”  Some things don’t need a cool name to conduct secret business.  It was quiet as the scene fades into the now abandoned warehouse that once housed the secret, borderline criminal transactions that took place under the control of Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage.  The area was evidenced of a completely ransacked and sabotaged building as the footsteps of Brian Hollywood can be heard echoing through the empty building.  Hollywood was featured in his completely black attire topped by his black trench coat as he stops right in the middle of the warehouse.

”There was once a time where I once prospered at the very top.  This building always featured a reminder of just how much power I had over the city.  There wasn’t anyone who could match my power, my hold on society as a whole.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Even a powerful man like myself can watch everything he built come tumbling to the ground.”

Hollywood shakes his head obviously finding it hard for himself to admit such a devastating blow.  It did nothing to pander his ego, or his reputation, as in the past he would never admit to such a ridiculous rue.  However, these were different times indeed, dark and very much different.  Things were darker, now, and Hollywood embraced everything that was dark and it was hard to conceive the idea of a changed Hollywood.  Nevertheless, Hollywood doesn’t waste any time to move on from the ego piercing memory.

”That’s exactly what they are, though.  Memories.  Lost, shameful memories that have no bearing on today and the man that I am now.  I’m a man with literally nothing, now.  How could a man with such a reputation of mine fall so far?  Corporate takeovers are one thing, but when your hand is forced, you are left with little choice.  That’s exactly what happened to me.  Compassion, love and the human heart are the answers to the big mess that I found myself in.  Even a power hungry man like myself was capable of displaying such weakness.  That’s a mistake that I will never make again!”

Of course Hollywood was talking about Lucy and Tommy Quinn.  Their kidnapping by the Chair’s agents were the big key to Hollywood’s greatest fall.  Hollywood’s head injury sure as hell didn’t make matters better, but it was the feelings that Hollywood had for Lucy that ultimately did him in.  His feelings now were hard to detect, but there was still something there, no matter how little it was.  That was apparent by the slight look on Hollywood’s face.  The Chair had gained the keys to Hollywood Enterprises and it all only got darker after that.  Hollywood shakes his head, quickly dismissing the thought from his head as the fate of the Quinn’s were still unknown.

”Oh what we do for love…such a fragile, shaky phenomena.  So much feelings we allow to define who we are and yet they are the very feelings that illuminate the very barrier of weakness!  Now I stand on the sidelines looking at the top of 4CW inside the realm of the executive picture and see something that utterly makes me sick to my fucking stomach!  It really pisses me off to know that the very person that sits in the thrown of power makes power look so fucking WEAK!  Everyone knows my story and when I actually used to be in that position, I never made myself look so god damn laughable!  It’s only one of several reasons in which case I’ve made my public intentions to return to the prominence that has made me so successful to begin with.  Only this time, I’m taking a very different approach to gaining back EVERYTHING that I lost.  It’s the very same approach I took in HOW and look at where I stand now?  I not only control every single championship in that company, but I hold all the power now and ushered in a new era of power, a new empire and how I did it must be met with due credit.”

Hollywood looks upon the ruined scene of the Warehouse as he ponders two very different worlds that are merely only a state of order away from being one true world of power, absolute power.  Hollywood closes his eyes as he tries to imagine a world in 4CW that can share the same laws he has instilled in HOW.

”Change is a very hard thing to accept sometimes.  Who we are really dictates how we handle our every day state of affairs and how we go about in conducting those affairs.  Truth is after I fell completely, I was lost.  I didn’t know who I was anymore and after one accident, after one molecule of my DNA was altered, that’s when I knew that I was exposed to something of great power.  I’m not talking about power in a financial or state of control, I’m talking about the unknown and what dwells in that mysterious identity.  I had found myself in a state of argument, a state of unrest.  I was fighting myself and that which was starting to change the very fabric of who I was, who I grew up to be.  My identity was everything and when my head injury jeopardized all those years of becoming who I was, it was within that unknown body that really opened my eyes to the secret of what the world hides in the shadows.  I’m talking about the darkness.  I was afraid of it at first because of its volatile nature to take control of everything that it touches.  You know, to dominate completely.  That’s the nature of darkness.  It’s a world we are all afraid to come face to face with and I truly learned of all secrets that cloaked it with its cape of invisibility.  It’s something that all of us fear to succumb to, for fear of losing ourselves and crumbling in submission, forever losing ourselves.  I subjected myself to that very same theory at first, but then it happened…I just let go of myself, succumbing to that very theory and I let the darkness take me, ready to just give up on the world and submit.  That’s when I truly learned that the darkness wasn’t trying to end me.  It wasn’t trying to destroy me or add it to its endless collection of weak souls that had no meaning in the world.  No…darkness had another plan for me.”

Hollywood pauses momentarily as he allows the chilling words to bring himself a sense of control, allowing it to feel the satisfaction of its credit.  It was in this moment that Hollywood’s eyes opened as we see the dark shadow in his pupils form with such definition as his point comes to a center point.

”Don’t you understand?!  THIS is what has made me feel so rejuvenated, filled with that moment of ecstasy allowing the nature of the darkness to work its wonder THROUGH me!  The darkness had a plan for me because it knew how strong I could become if I fully embraced it and the answers to all my questions were right in front of me the entire time!  I don’t expect any of you to understand it!  You can’t understand the unknown unless you subject yourself to it.  My mission is simple and that’s to restore order in 4CW and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  4CW’s “power” couple in Perry Wallace and Kaysie Sherrell are blinded by it but have unknowingly already subjected themselves to a bit of that darkness and this triple threat match that they have put me in will have an answer of how Carter Laughlin and Kaiden Hawke fit into this picture.  The darkness has manipulated Perry Wallace without his knowledge and I’m going to show you all what happens to a cliché like Kaiden Hawke and a natural opening curtain act like Carter Laughlin when they face the force that drives me to the path of the plans that I have for 4CW.”

The little light that luminated the Warehouse is fading slowly as the shadow of darkness starts to take the warehouse before everything that Hollywood once knew and the past success of the warehouse becomes enshrouded in complete darkness giving off the meaning that that past of Hollywood’s life is now completely gone.  There is no memory of that life anymore as the darkness has completely eliminated those events of Hollywood’s life from his head.

”Next week on Adrenaline, you are all going to bear witness to the opening act of the first chapter of my inevitable rise in 4CW.  Kaiden Hawke and Carter Laughlin have been subjected into this new order as pawns and they don’t even know it.  It shall be the birth of what people will come to know of what I have truly become.  But first, I will break down the barriers of the identities of Kaiden Hawke and Carter Laughlin and expose them to the cliché nature of their monikers.”

Hollywood pauses momentarily as he points all around him noting his surroundings are enshrouded in darkness.

”Do you see what I see, Kaiden and Carter?  You’ll tell me all you see is darkness but there is more there than your naked eyes can see.  The two of you only see a dark warehouse and a man standing before you as his voice echoes through the space time continuum of his past.  Heh…there is more that I see in this very room than what you see before you.   Like I have stated before, there is a room filled with all the answers of people like the two of you that have come before you.  They are people who have shared the same roles that the two of you share now.  It’s all the same.  It’s the patterns of force that have flown through all specters of time and the events of their happenstances.  Here, let me point out what I see for the both of you.”

Hollywood turns to his right as he studies a particular part of darkness before him.  To an audience who is painting a picture of this scene, all they remain to continue to see is a dark room with a fog of darkness.  What Hollywood sees, however, is something completely different through his eyes.

”Let me start with the biggest elephant in the room.  The fragrance of your ego is too stenching to ignore, Hawke.  I see right through your fucking bullshit!  I know exactly who you are, Kaiden, and I see a man who is merely mirroring the same ole, come and gone, personalities of a man with an attitude like many others in 4CW.  Your ego is big enough of a target for me to burn down, Hawke.  I might have seen shades of my former self in you because at one point, I was indeed just like you.  I was a man who would do anything it took to win at any cost.  I would leech off of anything if it propelled me to victory.  If I had to get my hands dirty, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.  If anything, though Kaiden, you have a one tracked mind.   It’s a one dimensional mind that will say anything to make yourself come across as intimidating to your opponents and everyone who steps in that ring with you.  I get it, I really do because I was in your shoes at one point.  You are new to 4CW and are itching to make it big, make an impact in this industry.  Unlike you, though, I took risks.  I explored other endeavors to make myself unique and I wasn’t afraid to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  But you though, Kaiden?  I see a fucking shit ton of people just like you standing in a straight fucking line that stretches for miles and miles.  You aren’t different, Kaiden, and that’s what’s going to make you see the errors of your ways.

I’ve been around the block here in 4CW, in this industry as a whole to spot the cliché in professional wrestling.  You’re mouth is what is going to get you in trouble, though.  What exactly have you done to stand out from the rest of the people here in 4CW?  Are you REALLY willing to do what it takes to get to that next level?  Do you even know what it is to get to the next level in this industry?  You talk a big game, Kaiden, but you’ve NEVER stepped into the ring with a man of my stature before.  Even with all my credentials in this industry, my newly reformed birth of who I am now, you’ve never wrestled with before.  You can claim to know me, you can claim to be READY to face a man like me, but you will truly never be ready because you don’t see what I see.  Even now as I stare into your very soul, the very essence of my newfound identity is one that you can’t comprehend.  Do not trouble yourself though, Hawke.  At Adrenaline, I will SHOW you the answers and I will show you just exactly who you are stepping into the ring with.”

Hollywood lets a small smile form across his face as he pauses and turns his head towards the left as he stares off into another part of the darkness.  Hollywood takes a moment to study what he’s seeing as he shakes his head from side to side before clapping his hands lightly.

”Those opening acts never get old.  Heh, I am, of course, talking about you Carter Laughlin.  I look at you and I see a man with no identity at all.  I see a man merely trying to live match to match, but actually not trying whatsoever in improving your circumstances.  I see people like you all the time, Carter.  People of your nature come and go all the fucking time.  You should count yourself blessed that you even have the opportunity to step into the ring with me.  Perhaps I can open your eyes to the truth.  Perhaps I can give you a reason to keep fighting and to find yourself in this industry.  Make no mistake, though, there are definite causes for concern here.  You can easily call yourself a wrestler stepping into the ring battling many people night after night, but there’s nothing else there.  You aren’t even fully one dimensional like Kaiden is, not even close.  Kaiden, while I at least admire his…passion, you don’t even display the will to grasp this business.  Is it possible to call someone half dimensional?  Is that even….no, I’m not even going to wrap my head around that.

There isn’t any life behind that soul of yours, Carter, at least not one with hopes of promise to making a name for yourself in this business.  Again, you are as cliché as Kaiden is, only in the manner that all wrestling matches need a FALL guy, and you are that guy, Carter.  At least, you are the fall guy for a guy like Kaiden.  Which brings me back to the disturbance growing within what I see for Kaiden.”

Hollywood quickly turns his head back to the right into the patch of darkness that seems to be distorting itself in front of Hollywood as if Hollywood sees a discrepancy within it.

”Funny how the answers come to us, isn’t it?  You see, this is EXACTLY what I’m fucking talking about!  I see things right in front of me that no one else can see and I’m talking about, you, Kaiden!  I KNOW exactly the man you are and once again, I’m going to EXPOSE it right now.  This stems back to what’s planted right there in the center of your DNA.  You’re a guy who will do anything it takes to get the win, am I correct?  Of course I’m fucking correct, I used to do it myself.  Let’s be honest here, shall we?  You and I both know that Carter is the weakest one in this triple threat match and I will not put it past you to try and take the easiest way out of this match and find a victory by using Carter to do it.  I will tell you right now that you will not find any success in that avenue.  I will NOT allow you to win this match by pinning Carter and I will take every measure in making sure you deal with ME and if you want any hope of winning this match, which spoiler alert, there is no hope for you winning this match, then you are going to have to go toe to toe with me.  In fact, don’t put it past me to find a way to make this a one on one bout if I feel the need to.

Simply put, Kaiden, I know the type of man you are.  You won’t find a dirty win in Carter.  If I know you like I think I do, this is your big moment to try to seize and make a name for yourself.  If you want any peace or clarity in making yourself a name in 4CW, you want to do it against me.  It is the only logical thing that makes sense out of all of this.  If you don’t take that avenue, Kaiden, I WILL!  I will FORCE you to TRY and go through me and make no mistake about it, I have the fucking power to make that fucking happen!”

As the anger begins to boil in Hollywood’s veins, Hollywood finds the peace to actually smile and shakes his head as he is able to control himself and bring himself to a final calming state.

”Heh, I think I’ve spent enough time here.  This place no longer has any meaning to me.  At Adrenaline, I’m going to instill a new force that will take 4CW by its throat.  At Adrenaline, Kaiden and Carter, the two of you will witness the birth of a new identity in 4CW.  You should count your blessings, be lucky that you two will be able to share in this historical occasion!  Enjoy it, because while you will witness the history of this event, the two of you will merely be pawns, pieces of pictures that will paint an illuminating puzzle once completed just exactly what 4CW is in for!  The birth is almost upon us and it will definitely change 4CW…..FOREVER!”

General Discussion / State of My Mind...
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I promised a few days ago that I would post an OOC of more detail pertaining to my "LOA" week request.  So please stick with me and have something near you that will not drag you down to the depths of shit where I'm at.  So here goes...

First off, I love 4CW, I love all you guys.  It has and will always remain fun to do this game with all of you.  Since my return, I have had so much fun, regardless of my in character fall apart but that's for another time, and this has been something that has allowed me to get away from the hell that my life has since become....adapted to.  The adaption is a pity in itself and it's sad because I never in a million years thought a guy like me who wasn't capable of suffering from the clutching evil of depression could succumb to it, but it's finally done so in an event where the only way you could possibly pull me into that void is by taking everything away from me...

I used to never understand why people would "suffer" from depression, or even what caused it.  I always used to think it was a mental thing that if you actually focused on the negativity in life that you would simply be "labeled" as depressed.  But that is simply bullshit.  I always helped those around me suffering from it because it's not just a case where someone feels "depressed."  I have found that you can mentally actually suffer from it regardless of what is actually going on in your life.  I've had friends of mine say they used to always think it was in their head and that anti-depressants made you weak an enabled.   I always used to think that you could get better on your own if you only had a different perspective of your life.  Over the last 3 years of my life, I have slowly become aware of just what this suffering really means because it's the beginning stages of denial, ignorance and self doubting.  I hit that stage of "rock bottom" officially about a year back.  I never would have imagined myself being in a place that's so dark because of how negative of a place it truly is.  It's tough being at rock bottom and I'm sure a number of you have experienced that at some point in your life.  I always thought, at one point in my life when I had everything, that I couldn't possibly imagine myself being in a situation like that.  I have been taken down a path where the situation in which I couldn't ever imagined actually started being my way of life...

It was a scary thing because I kept asking myself what did I ever do to deserve being here?  All I ever did was put others first, constantly.  I helped people get better, improve their lives and give them the moments worth living for.  I helped them change, I stuck by them through it all and every time I kept telling myself I hoped I would never be in a place like that.  It truly does suck ending up in the very place you never wanted to be.  I kept asking all the cliche questions of "why?," "why me?," "what did I ever do to deserve this?" and so on and so forth. 

It started back at the very end of 2012 after I had gone on leave for two surgeries.  Recoop time took a month each and I was back on my feet in two and a half months.  Yet when I was on leave was actually when it all began.  I had gotten demoted from management because I took a leave for my own personal health and I'm only 28 and this was something that needed to be addressed.  This was an injury I shouldn't be dealing with and something I never thought I would have to deal with until I was in my 50's.  But I was going through hip problems and it was painful to walk on my own and gotten to the point where I needed a fucking cane to walk and that's when I knew I had to figure out what the fuck was going on.  Turns out my left femur, after an MRI, had shown that it was all but deteriorated and that my right side was showing the same signs but on a lesser progression that my right.  I had to stop it but it was too late and the surgeries I had were only merely buying me time and delaying me from the inevitable.  I was told that I needed a hip replacement but that this surgery could halt that progression, at least slow it down because of how actively progressive it was.  It worked, of course.  I could actually walk without limping.  However, a price was paid.  I still have those days where I could be walking just fine and then my hip just goes out on me.  A sharp pain happens and it truly is painful because it comes out of nowhere.  I guess that's what bone on bone pain really feels like.

So yea, demoted because I wasn't around and because my department had been suffering for so much because the higher ups didn't know how to do their fucking jobs and actually allow me the proper time to train people...instead I got 5 hours to train someone on what has to be a weeks training time and then sick them by themselves the next day.  That is wrong and yet they wonder why my department was so behind and why nothing got done.  So I was demoted and even though my customer service was the best in that place, instead of customer service or front end supervising, which I had prior experience in mind you, I got stuck on "self checkout."  I went through that hell once, I didn't deserve it again.  So as a Christmas present, I gave them my two weeks, effective immediately.  After that I fended for myself in finding a place to work.  The economy is so much in the fucking shit can, I couldn't believe how hard it was to actually finding a job.  But over the course of the next couple years, I had bounced in and out of about 5 different jobs and didn't stick around for different circumstances.

Fast forward to about a year and a half ago and that's when I lost my car.  It just up and quit on me.  The costs for actually repairing it was twice as more times over than I even had to my name.  I'm still carless to this day...

Fast forward to this year and that's when everything just came crashing down upon me.  I lost my last job, I have no car, I have no money to my name as I'm dirt ass broke, paying child support with money I don't have as day care for my daughter has requested child support because one parent can't pay the costs cause the state won't allow it.  Dumb rule...very dumb rule but story of my life.  In an update to that, I have to come up with 550 dollars but the 5th of next month otherwise I could be facing contempt and possibly 6 months in jail.  I hate neglect and that is something I have NEVER wanted for my daughter, but I'm behind on payments and haven't been sending in enough money but the money that I'm able to make, as little as it's been, has all been sent towards it so at least I'm able to send SOMETHING.  I already feel shitty as a person and this is something that haunts me every day...

Throughout the past 3 years, however, I have managed to get through all those tough times because I had someone that was there for me.  My girlfriend I have been with the last 3 years has been incredible and I wouldn't have been able to get through that time without her.  She has been there supporting me, helping me up when I get knocked down, but she has been the REASON why I have kept getting up because I still had something left worth fighting for in my life.  That all changed a week and a half ago....she left me...or I guess wanted a "break" because of her mental health and to deal with one issue that has been a presence in our relationship since day one.  That issue, however, wasn't really a big issue because regardless of how small it was, we had each other and we knew we could face it.  She's studying to be a teacher and has one more year left in college and we had been planning to move in together after she graduated.  She made me so happy and all I ever gave her was my happiness.  I literally gave her EVERYTHING in life, everything of me and everything that I was.  I had never said a single bad thing about her and we never really have been in any major fights because we understand each other more than ever and our love for each other could never be matched.  I knew no matter what kinds of things I was going through in my life, no matter how dark of a road it was for me, I knew at the end of the day I always had her.  Now I don't even know and it's the one constant thing I keep asking myself on why, why me and what did I ever do to deserve this?

She was the glue that was keeping me together.  She was the only thing that I had to make sense of my life and where I was at in it.  She wants 2 months to herself and doesn't want to talk to me because it's "too painful to talk to me."  It hurt me, drove a knife straight through my heart because I thought that was the only thing that life couldn't touch, couldn't take away from me.  She said we still have to address the issue which makes no sense on a "break" bc she's just going to come back and that's still going to have to be addressed.  It's something I've told her that as a relationship, we need to work through it and figure out a way to address it that way because time apart won't solve anything.  If anything, I'm afraid that much time apart will cause her to drift away from me and not feel connected to me or close to me and that scares me because we have never gone one day without talking to each other.  I'm also afraid that once the 2 months is up, all she's going to come back and say is that she can't do this anymore and that this "break" is simply just an easy way out for her and a reason to break up because she doesn't have the strength to hurt me like that even though she already has.  I fear that I'm going to lose her forever and that's something I can't deal with.  I understand relationships are hard to get over but that time has a way to mend those broken wounds but this is something that I know I won't be able to handle.  3 years is a long time and I've put so much into this relationship and I don't want to lose her...every day that passes that I don't hear from her is another day that adds to my anxiety and the unknown.  I can't take that blow...I have no blows left to take before I'm completely destroyed and broken...I'm heartbroken and I never felt more alone than I have now...

And now that leads us back to the golden question of just what is the meaning of depression and how do you know if you feel it?  One day, a half a year ago, I was sitting down in the basement of a guy I worked with because it was his business that I was to take over when he retired 3-5 years from now.  We were just listening to classical music as we worked and I was sitting there and it all of a sudden hit me.  The feeling of emptiness, nothingness, hit me like a wave of bricks.  It was the worse feeling I had ever felt and I didn't know why I felt the way I did.  It didn't make sense to me because it happened out of nowhere.  I wasn't ready for it and I didn't know why I felt that way because I had work at the time and a beautiful girlfriend who meant the world to me.  I had life left.  I had purpose and when I was hit with that wave of feelings, I had no understanding of it.  I explained that to someone else and they told me that was what depression felt like because I had described the exact feelings to him and he told me that he felt the same way when he was dealing with depression.  It was strange because I couldn't explain how I felt and he said that's exactly how it feels because you can't explain it.  I was struck with awe and I couldn't believe that it happened to me.

I ended up waving it off, though, because the feeling only lasted for about a few moments and then all of a sudden it went away.  However, from then on I had started experiences more waves of depression and it happened more frequently and in longer periods.  I felt vulnerable and weak...I still couldn't explain why it was happening to me.  Here I was having led the most positive life for so long and the cracks started getting bigger, opening up a sinkhole of depression.  It happens to me more at night than any other time and it's truly a great weight that presses down my very soul, my very spirit.

So here I am...there's my story in the best way I know how to tell it.  I feel alone, empty, useless and I have never been in such a darker place in my life.  I'm not used to expressing my feelings or even talking about my life because while I may be one of the most outgoing people you'll ever meet, I have always kept my personal life closed to those around me, except for those that have been close to me.  I truly cannot describe the constant pain and doubt that I feel on a daily basis.  I wanted to reach out to all of you because I know I have reached a point where I can't battle this alone without having people in my life who mean something to me or people that I know that I mean something to them.  I don't want to fight this dark world alone....I need help....I need clarity and I need to know I have people I can really count on, confide in and help me get through this dark time because I know if I don't try and reach out....if I don't try to ask for help in this fight, I'm going to cross a point of no return and that's a life that truly scares the ever living hell out of me...

So I ask for all of you to help me...pray for me, give me something to hold onto that I can fight to keep going because I feel like I'm running out of time.  I feel like the world is getting smaller and smaller and that the walls are closing in around me.  You guys are like family to me.  I know I'm asking a great deal, but I believe in you guys and I know you can help me in a some way where I don't feel like I'm alone in this world.  Depression is a very serious thing...I know that...and it's something that I never thought I would seriously be fighting against.  I know what it truly is now and it's not just a feeling that you can just brush to the side expecting it to just go away on its own. 

I'm sorry if this post is long and I hope I didn't make you guys depressed along with me with this post.  I just wanted you all to know what was going on and even though this was hard for me to share, I felt like I needed to share with you the struggles I was fighting in my life.  As for my stay here in 4CW, I am NOT going anywhere.  I will remain in 4CW and I want to become a lifer in this fed.  You guys are truly family to me and I mean that wholeheartedly.  This, you ALL are important to me and this is a place where I want to allow the rest of my efedding career to play out in.  HOW and 4CW have always been my home away from homes and they will continue to remain so.  So please, I ask for your help.  I ask for you to give me courage, to give me more to fight for in my life because I really need it.  Any advice, any thoughts or even just hitting me up and talking will help me greatly.  My writing has been effected because I can't concentrate but I want to find a way around that because writing has always been the most perfect distraction for me to just get my mind off of my real life problems.  Writing and acting/theatre have always been escapes for me and I don't want the contamination of my depression fighting life to get in the way of that.  Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  I love you all.  You are all truly great people to me and I thank you for all you've done/help me with as I continue to find answers in my life to fight this great evil..

Your family forever,
---Brian Shay

Archives / Would like to request next show off
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If it's not too much trouble, I would like the next following card off please.  I'm dealing with a lot of personal turmoil right now and I just need a couple weeks to breathe as I figure things out.  I haven't been able to think straight for the last week and my mind is a mess at the moment.  Writing has always helped me through things and maybe I'm making a mistake by asking for a show off but at the same time, my thoughts distract me and have gotten to the point right now where I can't seem to write anything good and in turn is making me suffer.

I don't know what's going to happen in this two week time frame but I hope I can access things better afterward for my well being.  I'll have an OOC post explaining that after awhile so I keep this short and to the point.


Adrenaline / The Lost
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”The Lost”

Lost…such a precarious word…yet it is a word that is the most often misunderstood by people.  I never truly fathomed how much so until I lost my sister, Gemma.  Even I took the very word for granted and mistreated the word.  Now it’s just a word that everyone else uses to define themselves just because there isn’t any other way they can describe themselves when everything goes to fucking shit.  But is it really that badly defined?

The scene opens up inside the broken mansion home of Brian Hollywood as Hollywood can be seen sipping on a glass of his Wild Turkey.  Hollywood pulls a picture frame in front of him from his small coffee table as he admires the frame.  The frame contains a picture of Hollywood and his sister, Gemma, when they were just small kids.  Hollywood brushes the back of his hand down the face of Gemma as he takes another sip of his whiskey.  A tear falls from his face as he shakes his head placing the frame back on the table as he couldn’t hold onto it any longer.

I can’t find any happiness anymore when I look at that picture knowing what happened to her.  I just can’t.  Losing my sister, a part of me was forever lost at that moment in my life.  I don’t care if I was close to being ten years old.  I don’t care if I don’t have that many memories of my sister.  The truth is I can’t get any of it back, NONE!  Her killer finally met the justice he needed to and even that wasn’t enough.  Sure, he died himself, but his death didn’t bring any solace to my life.  I have lost a lot in my life, probably more than anyone else has lost and you would think that it couldn’t get any worse for me.  You’re wrong…all of you are wrong.  So you want to know the true meaning of lost?  I’ll tell you what the true meaning of lost is.

Hollywood finishes off his current glass of Wild Turkey before immediately grabbing the bottle again and pouring himself yet another drink.  He doesn’t set the bottle down this time, however, as he quickly downs the contents of the glass.  Finally, he pours himself yet another round quickly before placing the bottle to the side.  Hollywood stares at the glass before he downs the whiskey quickly.  Hollywood appears to be in pain as he shakes his head from side to side.

IT’S NOT ENOUGH!  Everything comes back and haunts us at one point or another.  I have many demons that I battle on a daily basis and it’s all just come back to me at once.  It doesn’t cure the pain…it doesn’t take away my thoughts and it sure as hell doesn’t do me any justice.  I still remember and there doesn’t appear to be a way out of it all…

So you want to know what the true meaning of lost is?  It’s not just some term some emo mother fucker uses to describe themselves because they justify themselves as depressed, pieces of shit who feel like they are entitled to be just that.  No…you see, you have to lose A LOT in your fucking life to have the right to call yourself lost.  That’s what I am…lost…and even I can’t tell you with a straight answer what it means.  But my feelings?  My thoughts?  They can tell you what being lost means.  It means after everything you’ve gone through, after everything you’ve done to try and make everything better again, none of it is even worth it in the fucking end.  It’s all the same, really.  I’ve been asking myself who I am lately, and I don’t even know anymore…I just don’t know…

Hollywood pauses for a brief moment before he grabs the bottle of whiskey violently as the liquor is starting to set within his body and pumping rapidly through his veins which is starting to mess with his head as Hollywood starts to feel dizzy.  The cap to the bottle was missing and Hollywood didn’t seem to care as it appeared he had every intention to finish off the entire bottle in one night as he pours the Wild Turkey in his glass.  Hollywood stares at it briefly before he actually lets out a smirk.

I don’t even know why any of this matters anymore.  I have suffered and suffered and I’m STILL fucking suffering!  I don’t even know where it all went wrong but none of it is even getting any better.  Somewhere down the line, I tripped and I just started tumbling down like a fucking landslide and I just kept on trending downward from the top.

Landslide would be the best term to describe my 4CW career right now.  I tried to make it work, I really did.  At first I thought that I was on top of the world.  I was a fucking THREAT and I was taking care of business like I always have.  Then it happened….after the 4CW Championship Tournament, after losing the 4CW Tag Team Championships…things just kept getting worse and worse for me.  Match after match, opponent after opponent, opportunity after fucking opportunity, things just kept getting worse and worse.  I was supposed to do something coming back to 4CW and all I’ve done is tarnish my own legacy.  Doesn’t make any sense does it?  You want to know what else doesn’t make any sense?  I’m trapped between two worlds and in one I’m on top dominating and decimating person after person.  I’m a fucking World Champion for fucks sake and yet somehow, I am plagued by a curse…a curse that seems to have been placed on me out of nowhere and the worst part is I have no fucking idea where it came from!

So what’s it going to be this week?  What’s the curse going to do to me now?  I’m facing a man who is looking for redemption himself in Cyrus Riddle.  But the problem with Cyrus Riddle is that he never belonged here to begin with.  Riddle has been jumping back and forth between groups, or stables if you will, and yet some believe there is worth saving there.  Let me tell you about Cyrus Riddle.  Riddle is just another failure coming from a failure of a business that was not only NO threat, but a poison with a reputation for only FAILURES of wrestlers.  That is where Cyrus Riddle had hailed from.  Yet for some reason…people within the very realm of 4CW believe that he can come back and be somebody.  I never understood that…then again, this is also coming from the broken system of broken wrestlers within the confines of 4CW.  I came back to 4CW to restore that very same problem that is plaguing 4CW and I’ve got to say, my head just hasn’t been in the right place.  Although…when has my head been in the right place lately?

Hollywood shakes his head as he downs his next glass of whiskey.  He doesn’t hesitate to grab the bottle again as he pours more and more into his glass.  Hollywood is slowly started to fade as he just lets the bottle continue to pour out into his glass before his glass starts to overflow which causes Hollywood to instantly stop and becomes the most alert he’s been all night.  Hollywood shakes his head back and forth as he tries to keep himself conscious.  Hollywood had gotten some of the whiskey on his pants which causes Hollywood to react in a violent manner.


Hollywood puts the bottle to the side but is starting to see double vision as he has troubles placing the bottle back on the small coffee table but finally is able to land it on the table as he chugs half his glass of whiskey before staring at the last half with a lazy look as his eyes shift back and forth.

Cyrus is a lie that none of you should believe in, but yet, that doesn’t stop you from believing in him.  Cyrus has been given chance after chance to make an impact in 4CW.  He’s been given a chance to turn his fortune around and I laugh that you all think he’s going to be able to succeed in his quest in doing exactly that.  A win or a loss over me isn’t going to change that outlook.  Let’s be honest with ourselves here…Cyrus has a ticking time bomb strapped to his chest and his career and it’s only a matter of time before he implodes.  Cyrus believes he’s been reincarnated, rejuvenated if you will, and thinks he will return to what he believes is greatness.  He believes that the Impaler Era is upon us and that there is no mercy.  It’s a cobweb of BULLSHIT!  That’s what it is!  If Cyrus Riddle really believes that then he’s just as delusional as people think I am!  The fact of the matter is, Cyrus, when people call me delusional, they usually end up on the delusional side of things.  My mission is clear as crystal.  Yours, though?  You really are delusional if you think you can turn your career around.

The only thing you have turned around is your allegiance.  You’ve turned more times than the phrase man to man has been uttered on twitter.  It wasn’t too long ago when you were fighting in Unstable and then you weren’t.  Then you decided to try your hand in the Omerta club and look how that has been working out for you lately.  Are you even still an active member of Omerta?  Maybe I’ve missed something, but you haven’t exactly been around lately.  It’s only a matter of time before you turn on them, too, and then what after that?  You want to come to the Order next?  Oh I’ll have a spot for you in our little band of fed changers.  You can clean up the shit that we fix. 

I know, bad time to talk about The Order, huh?  We haven’t exactly been “effective” as of late.  You could say we’re sitting on the sidelines for now evaluating everything.  That’s the thing with The Order though, everyone makes a move when I SAY we make a move.  I’ve been caught up with my own business as of late, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about the goal.  The goal is still there, but kinks have to ironed out first and I know exactly where I need to start.  SPOILER ALERT in case any of you are wondering, by the way.  Truth is I’m done playing games.  There has been a lot of shit that has went down as of late and as soon as I get everything back in working order, you can expect to see a lot more of me involved with some unpleasant folks around 4CW.  There seems to be a lot of “control” or power blowjobs going around and I, for one, am going to put a stop to all of that…real soon.  Until then, though…

Hollywood downs the rest of his glass before he picks the bottle back up and proceeds to pour more whiskey in his glass before he realizes there’s nothing left to pour from the bottle.


Hollywood throws the empty liquor bottle across the room as it shatters into several pieces as he hits Hollywood’s living room wall.  Hollywood then looks at his glass and feeling unsatisfied with his anger, decides to throw the glass as well as it hits even harder on the wall and shatters into more pieces.  Hollywood shakes his head as he looks down at the floor feeling angry, borderline drunk and even a bit depressed.

None of it makes any sense, does it?  Truth is I’m just blabbering like I usually do.  What else is new?  Like I said, it doesn’t even matter if I beat you or not at Adrenaline, Cyrus.  One way or another, you will pop up on the wrong side of the radar and you will just succumb back into the shell of your former self…you always do.  I’ve beaten you twice already, Riddle, and beating you a third time really doesn’t mean anything to me.  Even if you are lucky to get a victory over me, you will still fall one victory short of me owning your ass.  The truth of the matter is, I will always own you, Cyrus, and there’s not a god damn thing you can do to change that.  I will always be one step ahead of you because I’m better than you.  It doesn’t get any more bland or blunt than that. 

At Adrenaline we will fight for a third time and whether or not you come up short or you walk out with a victory, I’m going to hurt you..I’m going to injure you and I’m going to show you that you are still just the same old Cyrus Riddle you’ve always been.  I’m at a point in my career where a loss to you won’t even harm me.  I’ve made my reputation in 4CW quite clear and I’ve defined my legacy already.  Whether you walk away with a win or a loss against me isn’t going to change my destiny.  It’s not going to hurt me, it’s not going to give me any more solace that I have right now.  In the end, you’ll still be the stumbling, falsely hyped, failure of a riddle that you are now, Cyrus.  One way or another, you will return to the roots that made you that way.  We all look to our roots for answers, Cyrus, and sooner than later, you will look at yours and realize that you will never be anything more than who you truly are.  A failure.

Hollywood’s head slowly drapes down as he starts to fade further and further as he goes into a brief trans before fading out of consciousness as the scene slowly fades to black.

OOC: I want to apologize for my lack of availability to RP.  I've had a tough week and just over the weekend have been dealing with a very personal matter that has distracted me greatly and has put me into a very dampered state so I want to apologize ahead of time to Cyrus Riddle for not being able to give my best.  I just wanted to let everyone know my current state and my best to Cyrus.

Adrenaline / The Lost Father
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”….Brian, can you hear me?”

Hollywood slowly opens up his eyes, but does so with a struggle.  By looking into Hollywood’s eyes, you could tell they look dark, out of element, but most noticeably, defeated.  Hollywood shifts his eyes back and forth as he tries to figure out where he’s at.  It appears to be some sort of facility but that which was unknown.  Hollywood slowly brings his views to his right and is surprised by who is sitting right there next to him.  It couldn’t be him, though, could it?  Hollywood was surely in a confused state at the current time and perhaps his mind was playing tricks on him.  However, no matter how much he thought against it, no matter how much he tried to think about something else, it didn’t stop him from letting it out.


The man smiles at Hollywood and it surely did appear to be exactly who Hollywood was seeing before him, his father, James Thomas.  James nods his head as he affirms his son’s question.

”Yes, Brian, it’s me.”

Hollywood couldn’t believe his eyes as his father certainly was in his presence.  Hollywood smiles at his father as the two share a moment of eye contact before the brief moment of happiness takes a very dramatic turn.  Hollywood’s smile shortly vanishes after that and he instantly remembers the last conversation he had with his father.

”Get the fuck out of here!  I have nothing to say to you!”

”Please Brian, surely you don’t mean that.  Do you have any idea what day it is?”

Whether or not James was trying to evade Hollywood’s behavior or make an effort to attempt to try to get Hollywood to realize what day it is was unknown.  It may have been Father’s Day, but Hollywood didn’t exactly have the best last memory of his father.  Despite his father trying to reach him, Hollywood continues on the path of anger towards his father.

”Why the fuck should I care what day it is?!  You haven’t even been around lately!  I’m sure you remember our last little conversation.  I believe that was the last time I ever even heard from you since losing everything!  YOU were fucking responsible for EVERYTHING!  FUCKING EVERYTHING!”

Already starting to get out of control, Hollywood’s rage, a rage that has been pent up inside him for a long time, had worked its way to the surface.  Hollywood was a different person now, especially after everything he’s been through as of late.  He starts to grow restless and as James gets into a defensive stance, Hollywood sits up in the bed he was lying in and stares at his father coldly.  James sighs and shakes his head as he does indeed remember the last time he saw him.  In his defense, however, he tries to explain his side of the story to Hollywood.

”You don’t have to tell me about the last time we talked.  I remember it all and I hate the way we parted ways at the time.  You were a wreck then, a proverbial mess and it was like I was talking to someone I didn’t know!  You were somebody completely different but I understood because of the recent head injury that you had suffered.  I tried to help, but you never gave me a chance!”

”Help?  You didn’t help me, dad!  You sure didn’t seem to fucking grateful when I attempted to rescue your flake ass from The Chair!  You walked out on me then, just like you—“

All of a sudden, Hollywood cuts himself off as he literally just freezes in the bed.  His eyes are fixed past his father like he’s in a trans and this sure made James puzzled by his son’s behavior.  There was no explanation for the sudden pause but after a few short moments, Hollywood starts to blink repeatedly like he was under some dark spell.  Hollywood shakes his head from side to side like he was shaking away the current behavior he was in.  As Hollywood looks back up, he looks back at his father again and this time with a surprised and happy look on his face.  James doesn’t exactly know what to make of the situation but proceeds to reach out to Hollywood.

”Brian….are you alright?”

”Dad?  What are you doing here?”

James was indeed confused at this moment as he literally saw his son’s behavior take a 360 degree change right in front of him.  As James is concerned by the sudden turn, he doesn’t dwell on it as he once again divulges in his son’s curiosity.  Knowing that his behavior could change again at any moment, James knew he had to lie to his son in an effort to keep him calmed down.

”You collapsed earlier today.  Doctor’s were worried it might have been from the result of your War Games match the other day.  I heard about your condition and wanted to stop by and make sure you had someone here pulling for you.”

Hollywood’s father definitely wasn’t lying about that part about needing someone to support Hollywood.  After everything that Hollywood has been through in his fight against The Chair, Hollywood was definitely down supporters.  Hollywood looks down with a look of disappointment as he reflects on his recent War Games bout.

”Yea, that was a tough night for me.  I don’t know what happened.  I had all the promise, all the momentum in the world and yet, everything still blew up in my face.”

James nods his head lightly as he recalls watching the Pay Per View.

”Yea, I watched that show.  It was pretty painful to watch.  You’ve been more and more active with wrestling and between your wrestling and your business, you’ve been more and more open about it and not private about it.  Curious it is.  I know about your upcoming 4CW match at Adrenaline.  That’s quite an important match for you.  Given your current circumstances though, don’t you think it would be a good idea if you were just to rest?”

James knew he had to be careful with his choice of words around Hollywood as it didn’t take much to aggravate that other, darker self that was surely stirring within Hollywood.  However, it was already proving to be a failure as Hollywood slowly starts to return to an irritated state.

”What, you now too?!  Why the fuck is everyone trying to be more concerned about my state of being rather than being excited about the upcoming opportunity I have?!  I’m not going to just lay down and rot away and let this opportunity pass me by!  I have every fucking intention to walk into Adrenaline against Jair Hopkins and Lyza Reyes and defeat the both of them to earn the right that was robbed from me back in the 4CW Championship Tournament to get a chance to face off against Dakota Smith and fight for the 4CW Championship!  THAT is what is healthy for me!  THAT is what I desire and I’ll be damned if I’m trumped by some fucking second opinion skeptics!  In fact, as I think about it, why is it that it seems that you people are hurting me more than helping me?  The fucked up thing is that you and everyone else has been fighting like keith fucking sweat to…help me from—“

Without even realizing it, Hollywood had just let the dreadful two word trigger roll off his tongue as once again, Hollywood’s behavior once again starts to change.  The two combo words, ”Help Me and Help You,” were always two words Hollywood HATED hearing from people mainly as Hollywood always thought that there was nothing wrong with him and that he didn’t need anyone’s help.  As Hollywood starts to focus on those trigger words, he starts to become more aggressive and angry as his eyes return back to the cold, empty and dark state that he was in before.  Almost as if his darker presence has taken back full effect, he looks back up and stares at his father before squinting at him with a hateful look.  James instantly realizes that Hollywood’s behavior has once again changed and he tries to get through to Hollywood in an effort to bring him back to his normal, calm side.

”Take it easy Brian!  Take deep breaths, control yourself!  I know you are capable of doing that!  Find that focus, Brian!  Find the very force that drives your persistence.  Do it for Gemma, do it for your sister!”

And it was in that moment that drove Hollywood over the edge.  James didn’t realize it, but it was at the mention of his late little sister’s name that drove Hollywood to the brink of insanity.  James didn’t realize just how dark that memory of his sister was.  It was the very thing he fought for, the very thing that motivated him that made Hollywood so protective of his past.  However, what James didn’t know, was that Hollywood had blamed his father for giving up the pursuit of finding the man responsible for his sister’s death as Hollywood lashes out in anger towards his father.

”DON’T YOU MENTION HER NAME!!  You have no fucking right to say her name in front of me!  You haven’t done ANYTHING in finding peace for my sister, your daughter!  How fucking DARE you use her as a comfort rod!  I’m going to make you wish you fucking did more to find revenge on the man who did this to Gemma!”

Hollywood stands up from the bed and immediately charges his father much to the surprise and unprepared James.  James immediately becomes terrified of his own son as this darker presence drove Hollywood to the brink where his anger, his rage was so much, it blinded him from who was friend and who was foe.  At this time, a nurse enters the room with a sedative in her hands as it now becomes obvious where Hollywood had been at, a local hospital that monitored aggressive patients.  It was similar to a psychiatric hospital, but a hospital that closely monitored the sanity of those on the brink of losing it.

”I will NOT be a subject of a guinea pig to be used as your personal lab rat!  FUCK YOU ALL TO HELL!!”

Hollywood, knocks the sedative out of the nurse’s hand as he shoves his own father down to the ground and out of the way as he barges out the door and proceeds to leave the area in an extreme panic as Hollywood’s father and the nurse look on in extreme concern and personal worry in Hollywood’s wellbeing.

”Please, we need to get him back here!  I’m afraid of what my son is capable of doing in his current state!  Please, contact Dr. WeathersBee and let him know what has transpired here today.  I fear that we are slowly losing him…”


Later That Day…

Hollywood’s Mansion

”I won’t let anyone stop me from what has always supposed to come to pass.  I was always destined for greatness and now that I have been in the height of my career and the success that has come with it, all of that is being jeopardized simply because a few people think that there is something wrong with me.  These people think that I need to be FIXED and that I need help guiding me to the light.  They don’t even understand, NONE of them fucking understand the pain I have endured, the loss that I have bared and the weight of the cross that I have put on my own fucking back.  It’s within these parameters that the system feels it needs to be properly balanced by keeping people like me in line.  These are the same people who have allowed corruption and dishonor to flood their so called flawless and justice system.  I, for one, am fucking TIRED of it!”

Hollywood was irritated and in a very high state of aggression and agitation.  Hollywood looks over to his left and grabs a picture frame that was sitting on his mini coffee table.  Hollywood looks at it as it is a picture of him and his sister when they were in their childhood.  His sister was merely six years old at the time and it was taken merely a few months before she was gunned down by the Demon street gang.  Just by staring at the picture, Hollywood once again starts to slowly slip back into his calm and collected state, however, the darkness within Hollywood remained at the surface.

”There wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for my sister.  She has been at the center of my heart, the very drive that keeps me running.  If it hadn’t been her, I would have never become as successful as I have.  Even when I started to lose everything, it has been her very memory that has kept me going.”

Hollywood plants two of his fingers on the face of his sister as he allows his fingers to slowly slide down the picture frame as he can’t take his eyes off of it.

”This is the answer, the motivation that keeps me going.  That is why I have been so ruthless, such a threat no matter where I go or what I do.  This is what has made me so successful and I’ll be fucking damned if I let the last of my fight dwindle away into obscurity.

You see, that is something that my two opponents can’t possibly fathom.  Lyza Reyes and Jair Hopkins couldn’t possibly understand the very pain I carry with me.  The pain runs deep and it’s a pain that fuels me, keeps me running and no matter what they say, no matter what they do, they will NEVER understand why it is what I do.”

Hollywood finally places the picture back on the coffee table before looking up in front of him.  Almost in an instant, like the picture frame held some kind of magic spell that kept Hollywood calm and at bay, Hollywood starts to shake his head as he can feel the darkness returning, rejuvenating through his veins.  Hollywood doesn’t fight it as hard as he used to, as if embracing the darkness has been something that Hollywood has found solace in.  Hollywood closes his eyes briefly as he attempts to channel the cold, dark adrenaline through his veins.  After a short time, Hollywood opens back up his eyes to show a cold, calculating fire within.

”It’s funny that my opponents aren’t aware of the danger that runs deep within me.  Take Lyza Reyes for example.  Lyza thinks that I carry some type of burden with me around the halls of 4CW.  She thinks that I can’t find success on my own without the help of a tag team presence.  Lyza, do you even realize that I was the very person that was needed by my tag team partner?  Without me, Jace Savage would have been nothing!  I helped him in time of need and I helped him find success!  No matter where I have gone, no matter what I have done, success has ALWAYS found me!  There isn’t any pressure I carry with me into our match this week at Adrenaline and that so called momentum you have, I will eradicate it from existence and show you just what happens when you have to fend for yourself!”

As Hollywood’s darker side becomes more focused he lets out a laugh as he transitions to his other opponent.

”Jair Hopkins you and I are no stranger to each other.  You and I have history indeed.  Yet there comes a time where you have to let go of your past.  The past has a way of haunting us in the future and that’s exactly what it will do to you this week because I’m going to finish what I started in the 4CW Championship Tournament.  It’s about time that someone else got a shot at redemption and it’s about time that someone else gets a shot at the 4CW Championship.  You’ve had your shot, Jair, and I will make sure you get exactly what’s coming to you.  NO ONE is going to stop me this time from achieving what I must do.  There is a war coming to Omerta and it’s not going to be the Unstable but rather…The Order.  Prepare yourselves for Brian Hollywood is about to make his presence known once more only this time I bring a friend….the darkness within!

Adrenaline / That Which Remains
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That Which Remains: A Passageway into Darkness

”The Lost Gem”

A Couple Hours after War Games…

Rome, Italy

The scene opens up just right outside the Roman Coliseum as a pitched tent can be seen along with an ambulance as the camera fades within the confines of the tent as Brian Hollywood is shown being treated by medical staff of the injuries he sustained during the War Games match.  Hollywood is currently unresponsive as he just sits at a medical crate looking down at the ground like he was in some kind of trans.  Hollywood had a good sized nail lodged into the side of his head as fresh blood was still trickling down his face.  There was something different about this scene as Hollywood didn’t appear to be himself.  There was no light behind his eyes as if he was struck just the right way as he isn’t displaying any reactions to the pain as he is being attended to.  Hollywood, wherever the hell his mind was currently at, was still staring in one particular direction and still remained motionless as one of the medical staff started to speak to Hollywood.

Medical Officer: ”Excuse me, Mr. Hollywood, I know you’ve had a rough evening but I need to find out more to the extent of your injuries and if you would be so kind to tell me what happened, I would be greatly appreciative.”

Hollywood remained absolutely silent.  The odd thing about this is that how the medical officer stated his question, Hollywood would be quick to attack him verbally, but that wasn’t what was happening here.  No, the only thing Hollywood was doing was staring down at the ground not evening caring what was going on around him.  He seemed to be so wrapped up in his own thoughts, it was absolutely possible that his state of mind was just repeating the events of earlier time after time.  The medical officer, knowing that this examination wasn’t going anywhere, proceeded to get closer to Hollywood in an effort to find out just what exactly was bothering him.

Medical Officer: ”Look Mr. Hollywood, I know you are still trying to process everything that has happened, but it’s absolutely CRUCIAL that I take these exams.  Please don’t make me force you to agree to that.  I’ve seen your medical file so don’t think for a second that I won’t—“

Hollywood immediately darts his eyes up as the meet with the medical staff almost like a trigger word popped open in his mind.  Hollywood’s eyes were cold, dark and filled with nothing but hatred and anger.  The medical officer continues to look deep within Hollywood’s eyes, but at the same time, feeling fearful for how quickly this scene was escalating.  There was only one for sure fact as to Hollywood’s actions and there was a familiarity about it that the medical officer observes.  Hollywood continues to look sharply through the middle aged man’s eyes as simply shakes his head, but remains in his current mood and certainly not in any kind of mood to even crack a smile.

Brian Hollywood: ”You won’t fucking do WHAT?!  You don’t have the business or the generous pleasure of reading that file!  There is NOTHING in that god damn file that is going to help you figure out what’s wrong with me.  You want to know why asshole?  It’s because there isn’t anything fucking wrong with me that’s what!”

That was all the familiarity anyone needed to know as Hollywood was once again slipping into the darker, locked away subconscious self he had fought so hard to keep locked away out of reach.  The familiarity of all this was strikingly similar to what transformation Hollywood went through after his head injury.  It has been widely speculated that that was the first step to his corporate empire and where he was at now.  Feeling like his life is in danger, the medical officer pushes a little button on his belt and of course, Hollywood just happened to see it happening.  This darker, more merciless Hollywood, saw everything better in his current state and his senses were heightened to ridiculous levels that were unimaginable.  The medical officer tries to plea with Hollywood.

Medical Officer: ”Please Mr. Hollywood, you need to calm down!  We are trying to help you here and all we want to do is do our jobs!”

Hollywood lashes out at the medical officer.

Brian Hollywood: ”Calm down?!  Don’t tell me to calm the fuck out you piece of irrelevant SHIT!  I fucking thought we were done with all this bullshit!  You have no right to detain me and I demand that you release me NOW before I see myself out.  It would be in your best interest to let me go right now otherwise I will remove myself by FORCE and forget who the fuck you are!  You’re a medical officer, you figure it the fuck out what will happen to you if you don’t release me right now!”

Hollywood was furious at this point on the brink of total destruction of everything around him.  The darkness started to fill up and flow through his veins and he wasn’t exactly stopping it this time.  He wasn’t trying to fight it as he had learned to keep locked away in the past.  Hollywood had finally let the darkness take complete control of him.  It also didn’t help with the recent memories of tragedies that were constantly bombarding him.  His friend, Gerald Reeves, knew of this darkness growing stronger within Hollywood and he was always afraid that one day, if it went unchecked, untreated, that Hollywood would easily transition into the person nobody wanted him to be.  This is exactly what made him dangerous in the first place and Hollywood had the entire medical center under high alert.

Medical Officer: ”We are NOT your enemies, Brian!  It is VERY important that we run tests on you!  If not, the current state that you are in is going to get worse and when it does, you will have put all those around you in immediate harm.  So please…let us HELP YOU!”

And there was those two magical words that has always set Hollywood off the reservation.  Hollywood’s eyes widen brightly as he literally shoves the medical officer down and shoved him so hard, the medical officer hits a tray full of medical supplies, some being syringes and needles among some of the items in view.


Hollywood stands up on both of his feet as a few of the other medical officers were in shock and horror in fear of Hollywood’s radical behavior.  Hollywood immediately goes into attack mode as his eyes  shift rapidly around him as if he was in a heightened state of paranoia before setting his eyes upon the tents entrance and proceeds to barge out the front but has no idea what was waiting for him on the other side.  As Hollywood ragefully powers himself out of the tent, there is another medical officer waiting to his right who sticks a needle right through the side of his neck.  Hollywood immediately looks to his right with his eyes bloodshot and filled with rage and that of a man who has completely lost control of himself.  Hollywood starts to yell at the man as the violence within him grows to dangerous levels, but remains in a paranoid state as he grabs the side of his neck.

Brian Hollywood: ”WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO TO ME?!  WHAT DID….YYOU….DDO?!.......”

Hollywood didn’t even finish as he simply falls to the ground unconscious as the medical staff surround him who cautiously keep an eye out on Hollywood before the lead medical officer speaks out in concern to one of his associates.

Medical Officer: ”Get me Dr. WeathersBee’s number please.  I’m afraid his patient is starting to show flashes of his recent past behavior.”

The associate simply nods his head as he runs off quickly to try and get a hold of the good doctor as the medial officer looks down in concern to Hollywood worried that there’s a possibility Hollywood has passed the point of no return…




Hollywood slowly opens up his eyes as his vision is blurred at first and doesn’t know what is going on.  Hollywood looks around as his vision slowly starts to return to him.  He glares his view up at the ceiling at the bright light and it bothered Hollywood at first.  Hollywood looks around and it’s clearly evident that Hollywood is back in the office of his psychiatrist, Dr. Richard WeathersBee.  WeathersBee was the doctor that was assigned to Hollywood to help him cope with his head injury last year and was appointed to him because of his unstable behavior and some other concerning traits that he was being treated for.  Hollywood finally looks over to his right and instantly recognizes WeathersBee as Hollywood sighs and rolls his eyes knowing exactly who the doctor was.

Brian Hollywood: ”Fucking great….you are literally the last person I ever wanted to see ever again.”

WeathersBee lets out a smile and while he was always concerned for Hollywood’s wellbeing, he knew exactly how to treat Hollywood.

Dr. WeathersBee: ”Heh, it’s good to see you again too, Brian!  How are you feeling?”

Brian Hollywood: ”How the fuck do you think I’m feeling?!  I got a nail shoved into my skull.  Nails to the fucking head don’t exactly promote healthy, positive results, you know.”

Dr. WeathersBee simply smiles and lets out a small laugh as it appeared Hollywood’s sense of humor was returning to normal.  Still acting professional, he proceeds to not keep Hollywood waiting when it concerned his immediate help.

Dr. WeathersBee: ”Do you know how you got here, Brian, and why I am here?”

Just as Hollywood was about to answer WeathersBee question like he knew the answer right off the bat, he catches himself and actually doesn’t speak for a bit as now he was no idea how or why he was in Dr. WeathersBee’s office.  Hollywood was trying hard to remember, but to no avail.  Often times, cases like these were common because of the trauma suffered.  In Hollywood’s extreme case, he was dealing with another flare up from the results of his first head injury.  After a few moments, Hollywood just shakes his head as he just can’t simply figure out why he was there.

Brian Hollywood: ”I….I actually don’t remember.  The last thing I really remember is what happened at War Games last night.  Is everything alright?”

WeathersBee simply nods his head in an effort to comfort Hollywood.  He didn’t want him to feel any more uncomfortable than he already was.

Dr. WeathersBee: ”That’s alright, Brian.  From my standpoint, everything is alright, however, it was important that we had this checkup because I believe you sustained a serious injury to your head and it has drawn concerns from me.”

Brian Hollywood: ”Great…”

Dr. WeathersBee: ”It’s alright, Brian.  That’s why I’m here.  I want to see to it that you are fit to return to the ring.  Post War Games scheduling, was there anything on your schedule match or appearance wise that I need to be made aware of?”

Brian Hollywood: ”In fact, there is.  I’m supposed to be fighting for a spot in the 4CW Ante Up PPV match next week.  I’m fighting in a triple threat match.”

Dr. WeathersBee nods his head lightly but feeling cautious with Hollywood already being booked to complete so soon after his injury at War Games.

Dr. WeathersBee: ”Alright, fair enough.  Look, I’m going to be blunt and honest, Mr. Hollywood.  I don’t think you should be fighting immediately after what happened to you at War Games.  I think you should take it easy and wait this injury out.”

Hollywood’s eyes widen as he couldn’t believe what WeathersBee was trying to get him to do.  Hollywood was starting to revert back into his violent state and WeathersBee quickly picked up on this.  In fact, WeathersBee was trying to gauge just how much it was going to take to get Hollywood irked up.

Brian Hollywood: ”Now you listen here, WeathersBee, I’ll be fucking DAMNED if you think you’re going to make me restricted to fight!  If you know ANYTHING about me by now, Dr, it’s the fact that I’m not simply going to sit idolly by and let an opportunity like this slip out of my fingers.  Not after what happened to me at War Games!  That HOW World Championship meant everything to me!  Do you even realize the dynasty I built for myself in HOW?!  It can’t be matched, it can’t be duplicated and if you think for one solitary second I’m going to pass up an opportunity of a lifetime to not wrestle for a chance at the 4CW Championship, then you are in for a really long battle against me!”

WeathersBee simply nods his head and remains calm despite Hollywood’s blood pressure rising.  These days, especially after Hollywood’s head injury, it didn’t take Hollywood long to pull those dark roots from their foundations.  However, there was something else that was troubling WeathersBee today.  It had something to do with the darkness Hollywood has referred to many times in the past.  Where did it come from?  What happened to Hollywood in the stages of its growth?  What exactly changed from the time Hollywood found the darkness and his year absence from 4CW?  All these were pressing questions to him.

Dr. WeathersBee: ”Alright then.  How about you tell me about your 4CW Championship qualifier you are wanting to compete in?  Who are you facing?  What are the stakes?”

Brian Hollywood: ”I don’t expect you to understand, WeathersBee.  I have always had a driving goal, a factor that has kept me going in this hobby.  Why do you think I’ve become more ruthless?  I found my true self within the last year and it has made me even edgier and that much more dangerous.  Of course, I haven’t had a chance to tap into its full potential but I promise you, I’m a quick learner.  I adapt quickly and that has always been the key to my success.  Why exactly do you think I have an opportunity to fight for the 4CW Championship?  It’s my reputation, it’s what I’ve done that has impressed others.  My opponents this week are going to find that out the hard way.  I am, of course, talking about Jair Hopkins and Lyza Reyes.  This isn’t just another opportunity for me, its an opportunity to prove why I will ALWAYS be apart of the elite and why I—AHHHHH!”

WeathersBee becomes concerned immediately as Hollywood grabs his head tightly like he’s being attacked from within.  This has WeathersBee puzzled completely and this isn’t the first time Hollywood has been hit with questionable medical complications.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t good and WeathersBee knew he had to get to the bottom of it quickly before innocent people got hurt, even Hollywood himself.  Whatever medical mystery was going on with Hollywood right now was anyone’s guess but WeathersBee wanted to get to the bottom of it before it was too late as the scene slowly fades to black…

Adrenaline / The Status Quo of Business: Mortality
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”The Status Quo of Business: Mortality”

The Streets of Los Angeles

The scene opens up to the suburbs of Los Angeles as the camera pans up and down along a section of street that some homeless people were occupying.  A lot of them looked like just as you would expect, ragged clothes, long overcoats, lack of hygiene and some who just didn’t have the money to keep themselves up as some appeared with long hair and an unkept beard.  Approaching from the North, Brian Hollywood is seen walking slowly down the street as he approaches an area of homeless people huddled up around a fire as they try to keep themselves warm. 

The scene wasn’t a very pretty one and it definitely gave that feeling of depression and the often forgotten people in the world.  These people were exactly the same people who got written off from the rest of society and alienated by the people who just didn’t give a rats fuck about their wellbeing, let alone their existence.  As Hollywood looks straight forward trying not to make any contact, as he was off in his own little world, a man propped up against the wall spots him and proceeds to get his attention.

Homeless Man: ”Excuse me young man.”

Hollywood doesn’t stop and continues to walk sporting his own worries but as Hollywood continues to walk, he shortly finds out that it isn’t easy to just move on unnoticed.  Homeless people were persistent, desperate for attention or anything that could help them.  The homeless man continues to press Hollywood for his attention.

Homeless Man: ”Excuse me sir, please..”

Hollywood stops in his tracks as he closes his eyes and just stands frozen for a few moments exactly where he was.  It wasn’t that he was afraid of the homeless, but it was the fact that being around the homeless right now made him feel weak and the only big reason that was the case was that he had nearly lost everything including Hollywood Enterprises and for one of the first times in his life, he felt vulnerable, human, mortal.  These qualities were alien to Hollywood and he tried hard every day not to think about them but the reality of the situation was that he was indeed living this all out and it wasn’t just a terrible nightmare that he could just wake up from.  After a few more seconds later, Hollywood turns around and a small, but kind smile crosses his face as Hollywood walks up to this homeless man.

Brian Hollywood: ”Were you talking to me, sir?”

Hollywood says as the homeless man simply nods his head.  The homeless man looks back with a genuine smile on his face.  Most of the homeless people around this area where generally kind and had good hearts.  There were the occasional bad apples but they were all human beings.  The homeless are often mistaken, viewed as threatening beings who are dangerous because they have nothing to live for.

Homeless Man: ”I sure was.  I couldn’t help but notice you were walking these streets at this time of night.  You remind me of someone…you must forgive me, my memory isn’t the best.  I swear I’ve seen you somewhere though, but I can’t place it.  Anyways, I was wondering if you would be able to spare some change.  I don’t need much, but a nice warm meal sounds delightful.”

Brian Hollywood: ”I’m not sure if I do or not…”

Hollywood digs into his black trench coat searching to see if he actually has any money.  Hollywood eventually checks his jeans pocket but comes up with nothing as he looks at the homeless man with a half cracked frown and that was all the homeless man needed to see to figure out Hollywood had nothing.

Homeless Man: ”That’s alright.  At least you have shown me the courtesy hardly anyone else would.  I really do appreciate you taking the time to care, though.”

Brian Hollywood: ”I’m sorry, bud.  I know how you feel.  Just be safe and take care of yourself alright?”

The homeless man nods his head lightly as Hollywood turns around and starts to walk back down the street before he all of a sudden stops in his tracks.  He may not have had any money, but he felt inclined to do something more for the homeless man.  Hollywood turns back around and walks back up to the homeless man before leveraging himself up against the wall and sliding down to the ground sitting next to the homeless man much to the surprise of the homeless man.

Brian Hollywood: ”I may not have any cash on me, but I thought I would just keep you company for awhile.”

Much to the surprise of the homeless man, Hollywood was surprised himself as he wouldn’t normally direct his time towards the man.  Things were different for Hollywood nowadays and he was in uncharted, unexplored waters.  Everything Hollywood was doing at this point was just spur of the moment things.

Homeless Man: ”I don’t mean any disrespect, but why are you even bothering your time with me?  What makes you different than anyone else?”

Brian Hollywood: ”I don’t know, I just care.  I know there’s nothing I can really say to justify myself or even to try to right this situation.  All I know is that I can’t just write you off.  I guess you could call me a caring third party.”

As the homeless man looks at Hollywood and is taken back by his humble response, he looks at Hollywood again and in a sudden moment, he actually finally recognized Hollywood.

Homeless Man: ”Wait a minute, aren’t you Brian Hollywood?  You’re the guy who owns Hollywood Enterprises, am I correct in this aspect?”

Incredible!  This man who was supposedly written off by the rest of society actually recognized Hollywood, but Hollywood had no idea who this man was or how he knew of him.

Brian Hollywood: ”I used to…that company is no longer in my service.  You seem to know who I am, but who are you?”

Homeless Man: ”My name is Phil Wexler, your company actually saved my wife’s life.  I never met you personally, but I did write you a letter of gratitude for being able to help my wife with her insurance and paying for her operation.  Unfortunately she was killed in a car accident a year ago and her death benefit went to our two children.  I…I’m terribly sorry about your company.  What happened if I may ask?”

Hollywood remains silent for a few moments as he tries to figure out how to proceed with Phil’s curiosity.  As Hollywood weighs in what to tell him, the last thing he wanted was for Phil to know too much and become a target of The Chair.  Hollywood sighs but as he thinks about Phil’s situation, he seems to remember the letter in which Phil was talking about.

Brian Hollywood: ”Come to think of it, I do remember the letter you wrote very clearly.  I was definitely aware of you and your wife’s situation.  I’m afraid I can’t reveal too much about what happened with Hollywood Enterprises.  I don’t want to put you in the crossfire, Phil, but what I can tell you is that the circumstances of handing over my business depended on the life of a young woman and her son.”

Hollywood looks down as all he can think about right now are Lucy Quinn and her son, Tommy Quinn.  Tommy was merely ten years old and the two of them had been through a lot after The Chair was using them as leverage knowing that Hollywood would break sooner than later as Hollywood didn’t want any more lives lost.  Hollywood had more than a soft spot for the Quinn’s, but he had feelings for Lucy and getting them released without harm by giving up his company was worth more.  Phil nods his head slightly as he pats Hollywood on the shoulder having seemingly understood Hollywood.

Phil Wexler: ”You love them, don’t you?  I can see love within many people and I know true love when I see it.  The signs are all there and despite how your circumstances turned out, you did the right thing.  I am sorry about your company though.  If there was any way I could help you, I would.  How are they now?  Were their lives spared?”

Hollywood nods his head as he is able to allow a small smile to cross his face.

Brian Hollywood: ”Their lives were spared, yes.  They are still recovering from their traumatic experience being captive.  I have them at a safe location right now just in case.  You can’t be too careful these day, you know what I mean?”

Phil Wexler: ”I know exactly what you mean.  It’s crazy what we would do for love, isn’t it?  Anyways, I just wish my wife were still alive..I feel alone now more than ever.  Life isn’t getting any easier.  It’s just, what did I ever do to deserve a life like this?”

Hollywood nods his head in agreement and pats Phil on the shoulder.  In a way, Hollywood could relate to Phil’s pain.  At one point, Hollywood was  a powerful, wealthy business owner and through all of his work to succeed, life definitely owed one to Hollywood.  Was this what it felt like to have nothing?  Is this what the homeless have had to cope with?  So much loss and sadness and Hollywood was finally starting to feel what it was like to actually be a mortal with the rest of society.  He wasn’t in that top higher class percentage anymore.  Now he was discovering a whole new world with just not people, but victims of circumstance and casualties of the system.  Hollywood sighs, though, and starts to understand, from the point of view from Phil, just what lurks in plain sight but is ignored by the rest of society.  This started to anger Hollywood and he was starting to think about what he was going to do in order to change the circumstances he was in and finding a way to pull the rest of the homeless into the light where they could be noticed again.  It was in this light that gave Hollywood something to fight for and for the first time in a long time, Hollywood felt like he had a purpose again.

Brian Hollywood: ”Nobody deserves a life like this.  I promise you Phil, I’m going to get back up on my feet and I’m going to give you a purpose to live and to get you back in a life that means something!”

Phil Wexler: ”Thank you, Brian.  I may feel useless right now, but if there is ever anything I can do for you, I would really love to help.”

Hollywood smiles and pats Phil on the shoulder as he proceeds to stand back up.

Brian Hollywood: ”Sounds good, Phil.  Any help is always appreciated.  You take care of yourself for now, though.  I’ve got some things I’ve got to check on.  Here, take this.  If you ever need anything you call that number ok?”

Phil Wexler: ”Thank you, I’ll make sure to do that!”

Hollywood nods his head as he starts to walk back down the way he came as his cell phone begins to ring.  Hollywood pulls it out of his jeans pocket and answers the phone.

Brian Hollywood: ”Hey Jace, how’s it going?”

Jace Savage: ”Hey bro, just thought I would call and see what you were up to.  Been preparing for our 4CW Tag Team Championship match against the Davidson’s.”

Hollywood nods his head as he makes his way down the streets of Los Angeles.  As Hollywood was dealing with his personal problem with The Chair and his current financial situation, he was also preparing for his match against Ascended Supremacy.  Hollywood thought this would be a perfect chance to get his mind off of everything else.

Brian Hollywood: ”I hear you.  This match is not going to be easy, Jace.  I have a personal, long history with the Davidson’s.  They are as tough as they come and we are going to have to be at our best if we want to take them down.”

Hollywood knew Jason and Tara all too well and this was the fight that he was preparing for the most.  Winning the 4CW Tag Team Championships a few weeks ago was a positive for NewGen, however, Hollywood wasn’t about to let that positivity go down the drain.  Hollywood has been in several matches against Jason and Tara not only in singles matches, but in tag matches as well.

Jace Savage: ”I know man.  I’ve been doing research on these guys and you weren’t kidding, they are the best they come.  However, when have we not stood up against the best?  This match may be our toughest yet, but if there’s something you have taught me is that you can never give up and that if you want something, you take it, even if that means forcefully.”

Brian Hollywood: ”You’re damn right about that!  I have indeed taught you well, Jace.  We show up in that mindset, and the Davidson’s will be the first team we humble.  Besides, those two envious fucks need a lesson in that category and we’re going to give it to them!”

Jace Savage: ”Damn right about that.  I think it’s time 4CW remembers why we were so dominant to begin with and it’s about time we remind everyone just why we are the best damn tag team 4CW has and will always have to offer!”

Brian Hollywood: ”You got that right!  Alright man, I’ll see you in a few days.  I’ve got some business to tie up.”

Jace Savage: ”Everything alright?”

Hollywood pauses briefly as his mind starts to race again.  Hollywood was going through a few bigger problems than he was letting on right now and he was wanting to make sure no one else got dragged in with the rest of his problems.

Brian Hollywood: ”Oh yea man, everything is cool.  I’ll chat with you later.”

Jace Savage: ”Alright sounds good man.  I’ll see you in a few days.”

Hollywood hits the end button on his phone as he terminates the call.  He slips the phone back into his jeans pocket as he makes his way down a dark alleyway as he surveys the area having transitioned himself.[/color]

Brian Hollywood: ”It’s funny just how you’re circumstances can change on the drop of a dime.  It’s funny, I used to be able to make money off of a drop of a dime.  Interesting how things change, isn’t it?  But when it comes to you, Jason and Tara, some things just never seem to change do they?  The two of you have been successful no matter where you guys have gone.  You’ve won tag team championship after tag team championship and for that, I salute the two of you.  However, there comes a time where you end up running into that one particular tag team that just barely edges you out and pushes you to limits you never expected to face.

We’ve had our many battles in singles and tag team competition, Jason and Tara, and there isn’t anyone else in this business who knows you more than I do.  Of course, the same can be said about myself as well.  However, it only takes one match and it only takes three seconds to change one’s perspective.  That is what is going to happen to the both of you come time for Adrenaline.

Hollywood begins to walk down the quiet, dark alley as he begins to make his way up to a high wall that leads to a dead end.  Hollywood surveys it and smiles.

Brian Hollywood: ”It’s quite funny the paths we take, isn’t it?  We’ve all been down a very long highway and we’ve taken many different turns and detours to get to where we are at today.  However, there comes a time in every situation where the road we follow leads straight to a fucking dead end and that’s where the two of your reigns ends.  You may know each other better than Jace and I know ourselves, but we have always thrived when the competition comes knocking on our door for the challenge.  THAT is what makes NewGen so god damn dangerous!  We have thrived in the success business and defending our 4CW Tag Team Championships is what we do best here.  The two of you have no idea what kind of turf you are stepping into.  You think that just because your name is Ascended Supremacy that that gives you the right to just storm in and take what is ours?!

FUCK NO IT ISN’T!  We BUILT this division!  We’ve BUILT our 4CW Tag Team Championships up and we’ve made these titles into a premiere here in 4CW.  I’ll be damned if I let the two of you take that away!  This time it will be ME that finally gets the upper hand on the two of you!  I’ve been waiting for so god damn long to get a satisfying victory over the two of you and now the chance to finally do that has arrived!  Each passing match, each passing loss has only made me hungrier and more obsessed than the last to defeat the two of you.  However, in 4CW this is MY kingdom!  This is MY backyard you are stepping into when it comes to the 4CW Tag Team Championships and you will find out just what happens when you try to write off a team like NewGen!  I hope the two of you are ready because at Adrenaline we are retaining and we WILL send you to the back of the line!

South Beach Brawl II / The Rise of The Order: NewGen’s Resurrection
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The Rise of The Order
”NewGen’s Resurrection”

The scene opens up with a sunset view from downtown Miami, Florida at the downtown Hyatt Regency as the camera fades into one of the top floors of the building.  It was the luxurious suites and the camera pans into one particular room as we see Brian Hollywood standing by the window decked out in all black including his new signature black trench coat.  Hollywood looks out towards the sunset in silence for a few moments before he finally speaks.

Brian Hollywood: It’s beautiful isn’t it?  It’s truly amazing the circle of life is.  As the sun sets for the night, the sun shall rise in the morning and I guess the best analogy to describe that process is what shall occur come time for South Beach Brawl.[/b]

Hollywood slides his hands into his trench coat pocket as he accounts for everything that has transpired so far.  As he thinks about the events of South Beach Brawl, and how close the PPV is, Hollywood takes some time to reflect how things ended up falling into place for the big PPV.

Brian Hollywood: Looking back from day number one of my impending return to 4CW, I would have never expected to be in this position again, but I also returned to 4CW like a fucking hot mess.  I showed back up with certain purpose and urgency and I returned not as the man I once was.  I established my Order and came swiftly into the night riding the bright lightning bolt as it struck upon 4CW’s saturated foundation.  It was clear to me what needed to be done.  I had the very vision in my mind and that’s why I entered into the 4CW Championship Tournament.  However, things didn’t go as planned and for a moment, I almost lost my way.  I can assure you…that will never fucking happen again!

I knew what my purpose was upon my return and I thought I was handling the most pressing issues at hand, but that wasn’t the case.  For awhile, The Order was in the backs of everyone’s minds and I can’t say I fault anyone for that.  That was a fucking mistake on my part and I can promise everyone, The Order will NO LONGER be on the back of anyone’s minds!

There’s intensity in Hollywood’s voice as he becomes more definitive and a focus develops as the camera pans around to zoom into Hollywood’s eyes.  His eyes are filled with a cold, hollow feeling as Hollywood keeps his eyes focused on the sunset.  As Hollywood keeps his eyes focused on the horizon, there is an eerie presence that falls on the scene and Hollywood appears to have felt it descend upon him as a smile of familiarity comes across his face.  Hollywood closes his eyes as he embraces the familiar feeling.

Brian Hollywood: Can you feel that?  That is the presence of comfort!  That is the darkness from within and it craves domination.  It craves recognition and it’s something that I carried with me upon my return within the walls of 4CW.  Something happened to me, a transformation of sorts you could say, and it has made me stronger, more volatile, more alert, more focused and it has come with the added benefits of self inflictions!  I no longer feel for anyone and what happens to them.  I no longer have that mercy for people.  That train left the station awhile ago and I have to say, it has made me stronger…it has given me focus.  You have no idea how liberating it feels to have a companion as I have to divulge in, tap into its endless amounts of quantity and power.  I’ve always known what power feels like, but never fully understanding what TRUE POWER is!  It is the darkness that pulsates through my veins and throughout my entire body and to be able to liberate some of that on people…it feels…it feels… fucking rewarding!

That is why, when I felt like I lost my way upon my return to 4CW, the darkness awakened inside of me to remind me it’s there and to remind me just how much I NEED it!  I used to be afraid of the darkness within me, that’s why I bottled it up.  It’s why I tried to fight it for so fucking long and that was a mistake!  It’s a presence that my former self couldn’t fucking handle and that’s why that Hollywood is dead and gone…dead and gone…

The darkness embracing Hollywood feels like a high, an addiction, a sensational feeling that Hollywood needs to constantly satisfy.  As the sunset becomes complete and complete darkness falls on the Miami skyline, Hollywood opens up his eyes and a complete resolve of Hollywood is evidently seen.  The suite that Hollywood is staying in happens to have two doors that lead out to a balcony and Hollywood opens the doors as the wind is felt on his face and he walks outside holding up his arms welcoming the night air.  Hollywood begins to smile brightly as he leans on the edge of the balcony as his trench coat is blown from side to side.

Brian Hollywood:This is what living is all about!  Life is a great mystery and only the students of mother nature can really unlock all of its potential.  I look out to the west as the sunset has faded knowing what’s to rise in the east and it’s not only the sun, but a rebirth, a resurrection of a force of nature that was so perfect, so dominant, a return of grace and power, that awaits.  This is merely the eve of what’s to return and is shall be glorious!

The Order shall reign supreme in 4CW, but NewGen shall rise from the ashes and ascend back on their throne as fate deals us a favorable hand.  That hand, you all wonder, is the dawning of a returning era, an era that has been lost but not forgotten about in 4CW.  That era shall be bringing the 4CW Tag Team Championships….home.

Hollywood pauses for a moment as he lets nostalgia set in.  A devilish smile crosses Hollywood’s face momentarily before it vanishes as he turns around to look inside his suite room knowing that some things may have changed as he addresses the confusion that may be surrounding some upon his circumstances.

Brian Hollywood: I know that this place I’m staying in, the Hyatt Regency, this particular suite, all seems like shades of what former riches I shared in and the lifestyle I led before my ultimate, inevitable return to 4CW.  I was once one of the most rich, most powerful people in this industry.  I may have lost nearly everything, but I was never completely eradicated from my past history.  That lifestyle may not be held in endless amounts of supply anymore, but I felt like this was a special enough occasion that I would at least pay homage to that past life of mine.  I don’t like what happened to me, at least from a circumstantial point of view, but I have enough money that was stashed away to make some of this possible.  Those surrounding circumstances are for another time, however.[/b]

While the darkness continues to mainly be running at full control, a brief smile crosses his face as if, for a single solitary moment, the former Hollywood was able to garner a brief moment of clarity of recognition to his past life.  That moment vanishes, however, as the darkness regains full composure and Hollywood looks back out towards the city of Miami, leaving that one brief moment in the rearview mirror as if it never happened as the darkness lights up in Hollywood’s eyes as he shifts his focus to what transpires in a few short days.

Brian Hollywood: Forgive me, I still forget that I sometimes still have surges from my former self that absolutely tries his hardest to hammer home.  It’s fucking annoying, it really is.  Regardless, I can assure you all, that won’t be happening moving forward.  Now, onto business..

South Beach Brawl is merely a few days away and fate has aligned all the stars together for history to be made.   History, such a powerful, monumental word, is something that is always destined to be written and made to be corrected.  No one in the history of 4CW has ever been able to capture the 4CW Tag Team Championships and that is something that shall happen come time for South Beach Brawl.  The resurrection of NewGen will be glorious and it shall be a monumental rise that will shake the very foundation of 4CW!  I look at this opportunity and I see promise, but I also see a very sad and tainted division.  Just look at what’s happened to the tag team division here in 4CW since Jace Savage and I’s departure a little over a year ago. I see everything that has transpired afterwards and it utterly pisses me the fuck off!

Hollywood shakes his head as the anger and frustration grows within him.  Anger, rage and hate have become the full, main focus of the darkness that has consumed Hollywood and shaped him into what he has become today with mercilessness, aggression and the non-existing self pity he doesn’t show for himself or anyone else.

Brian Hollywood: Just look at what those, no I’m sorry, OUR 4CW Tag Team Championships have become since our departure leading up to our return to 4CW.  They’ve collected dust and have been deprived of prestige and purpose and that is completely unacceptable!  Look at what Jace and I did in our time in the first year of 4CW with our tag team titles.  We were the longest reigning tag team champions in history as we held our titles for a half year and not one tag team could fucking touch us.  We turned our titles into premiere championships and while they may not have had as much value as the 4CW Championship or Pride Championships, we made it to where they were just as respected.  Now look at what they’ve become!  I could make an argument back then when we “lost” our titles to Black Listed, that we never truly lost them.  I was pinned and the referee was incompetent!  That was only the start of 4CW’s destabilization and downfall to what it has become today.  If I had my way, I would have had that referee fucking fired for what he did!  We weren’t only just the best god damn tag team in 4CW history, we ARE the best and we shall always be the fucking best in 4CW!

Black Listed didn’t even hold our tag team titles that long, either.  It was the start of a fucking joke of the reputation that became!  It’s fucking sickening and to think it didn’t stop there is what makes my blood boil the most.  Take for instance, the now “4CW Tag Team Champions”, Rori Steele and Cyrus Riddle.  They claim they are the tag team champions yet they don’t act like it.  Rori and Cyrus are just as dysfunctional as they’ve made the 4CW Tag Team Championships and it pisses me off like you couldn’t believe.  They beat the very much irrelevant team of Aiden Carlisle and Bryan Williams, who also ironically never did anything with the belts despite the fact they came two months shy of our record, and they don’t have any incentive to defend the titles whatsoever.  That is a mistake that Jace and I will expose in that ring and, if given the option, do it all night long.  It’s a simple amount of time before we reclaim what we never rightfully lost and that’s when the rebuild shall occur.

As Hollywood is deep within his thoughts, loud gunfire can be heard within the city followed by sirens as Hollywood takes a slight interest in what’s happening in the streets of Miami.

Brian Hollywood: Miami sure has a way of providing its own form of chaos and violence doesn’t it?  Jace and I are going to introduce our own version of violence and chaos come time for South Beach Brawl and we are going to sweep into Bay Park and take back what’s rightfully ours.  It’s evidently clear to me that Rori Steele and Cyrus Riddle don’t care what happens to the titles and that will be the last mistake they ever fucking make!

I may not have tangled with Rori yet, but it shall be no different than how I handled Cyrus.  I think about my time spent facing Cyrus Riddle in the 4CW Championship Tournament and how I looked forward to our match and can’t help but to feel the complete and utter disappointment he displayed in our match.  There was so much faith, so much hype that surrounded you and our match, Cyrus, and it’s absolutely unbelievable what happened to you.  It’s almost like you’ve completely given up and if this tag team match is going to be anything like what our singles match was like, then I’m going to have a grand ole time humiliating you once again and teaching you another lesson in what it truly means to be great.  I don’t know what Rori sees in you.  Although, I really don’t know why I’m even questioning myself in that category when it comes to Rori.  There’s no telling how many people she’s corrupted with her one dimensional, cliché like qualities so many women like her possess.  It’s a broken record and it’s a fucking travesty!

I guess that’s what makes the two of you perfect for each other.  You guys make a great team just not THAT kind of great team.  It’s not the definition I’m thinking of, anyway.  That’s another thing that Jace and I are going to once again show the two of you, along with everyone else in 4CW, reminding everyone just how fucking lethal we are!  That’s why, at South Beach Brawl, the first stage of The Order’s plans of reshaping 4CW back to what it once was begins.  We are going to put 4CW back together again, but the only difference shall be how The Order foresees it.  It starts with regaining OUR 4CW Tag Team Championships.  After that, the next phase of my plan will go into effect.  It’s all about starting in familiar territory and it’s something I should have done upon rearrival in 4CW but that can easily be corrected.

Hollywood smiles as he can feel fate bringing all the pieces together and putting everything back together like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle.  As Hollywood starts to become intertwined in his thoughts, he lets out a comforting sigh.

Brian Hollywood: Ah, I can feel the winds of fate patting me on my shoulder!  Everything is coming together nicely and it won’t be long until the gods of fate and time look upon us and entrust us with the keys to the kingdom as we rewrite history the way it was MEANT to be!  The Order is cleaning up the confines of 4CW and at South Beach Brawl, history, as I have always been known to make, shall be etched in stone the way I want it!  It won’t be long now, Rori and Cyrus, before Jace and I lift the burden, as you so fucking have obviously made it come off as, and take back OUR 4CW Tag Team Championships!  All will be as it once was and then MORE…so much more shall transpire afterwards and it shall be glorious!  Soon….Rori and Cyrus…..soon…[/b]

Hollywood smiles as he closes his eyes allowing the darkness to fill Hollywood with success and the cool breeze of fate dwindle throughout Hollywood’s body.  A few moments soon pass as Hollywood’s cell phone begins to ring.  Hollywood pulls his phone out of his pocket as he sees Jace Savage, ironically, calling.  As if fate couldn’t have been better timed, he answers the phone.

Brian Hollywood: Jace my good friend, so good to hear from you.  How’s it going?[/b]

Jace Savage: Not much buddy, just ready to tear Rori Steele and Cyrus Riddle apart!  I couldn’t help but to think about how much our tag team championships have been stained and misrepresented in our absence.[/b]

Hollywood lets out a slight laugh almost as he wasn’t surprised Jace was thinking the same thing he was.  What was funny was that Jace even thought the titles were still in their possession.

Brian Hollywood: Tell me about it man.  I think it’s absolutely shit that our titles have been dismembered the way they have.  So of course, fate has called upon us once again to restore order and balance for not only our tag team titles, but for the division as well.[/b]

Jace Savage: I know it’s absolutely embarrassing what’s become of them.  It makes me sad, angry and all I want to do is caress our titles and tell them they will never ever be leaving our sights again![/b]

Brian Hollywood: That’s an interesting way of putting it!  It’s at least showing them importance and meaningfulness, something no one else has done with them.[/b]

Jace Savage: I just want to do something special, you know man?  I feel bound and bonded to the tag team titles.  I at least know I have some importance, some meaning with the tag team division.  It’s always been where I excel so well.[/b]

Hollywood nods his head as he understands where Jace was coming from.  The two of them turned the 4CW Tag Team Championships into such prestigious monuments and that was just one of the many reasons Hollywood had to taking back the 4CW Tag Team Championships.  He could also sense that Jace was bothered by his recent competition and how things haven’t gone well for him lately.

Brian Hollywood: Look man, we are going to win back our 4CW Tag Team Championships, I promise.  Things may have been rough for you lately, but this is the first step in restoring your confidence for you and I will help you do just that.  We will no doubt conquer like we’ve always had, but there is more work to be done than just revamping the tag team division.  I hope you know that is something that MUST be done.  We are no longer bound by just one division and we have a lot of work to do but I know I can count on you and I will not only restore your confidence but I will help you find your competiveness once more and help turn you into a threat.  Sound good?  Alright man, get some rest.  I’ve got a few things to take care of so I’ll talk to you later, alright?[/b]

Jace Savage: Alright bro, sounds good.  Thank you!  I’ll chat with you soon![/b]

With that, Hollywood ends the phone conversation and he turns and looks back out towards the Miami skyline once more as he closes his eyes and lets the comfort of darkness take its form once again before the scene fades to black.

General Discussion / ATTENTION: Jason Cashe
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So this is Jason from Survivor.  This immediately made me think of you Cashe! LOL!  Love ya brother!

Adrenaline / This is Who the Fuck I am!
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”This is Who the Fuck I am!”

”So I see my irrelevant opponent decided to skip the pleasantries this week.  GOOD!  I’m not one for pleasantries in the first place.  Pleasantries this week is nothing but cannon fodder, especially when I’m not in the best of fucking moods!  That’s BAD NEWS for you, Lukey boy.  Do you mind if I call you Lukey boy?  Yes, no, maybe?  I don’t give a flying FUCK if you mind or not!  You have NO idea the man you are stepping into the ring with!  After my unfortunate mishap loss a couple weeks ago to Drew Stevenson, I’m the absolute LAST guy you want to be facing this week!

I may have had a tough loss a couple weeks ago, but I assure everyone, there is no alarm for panic.  I mean, panic is something you simply can’t afford in this business and there are plenty on this roster who panic TOO MUCH and end up falling off the wagon.  Funny, cause my opponent this week embodies that very definition of panic and he has an insanely unacceptable tolerance to losing.  What kind of person takes solace in the fact that they are happy with stepping foot into the ring and losing night in and night out?  How in the actual fuck does someone sleep comfortably at night knowing that?  I guess that’s just in your DNA, isn’t it Lukey boy?  Your entire approach for our match SICKENS me, Lukey.  I must say, there truly is a first time for everything.  Never in my illustrious wrestling career have I ever come across an opponent who not only enjoyed the fact that they lose all the time, but I’ve NEVER come across someone who made me really want to put a handicap on a match to actually force myself without trying to purposely show you how meaningless and time wasting my efforts of stepping foot into a ring with the likes of you, Lukey boy, and half assing a match.  That is mind boggling, it truly is.  Oh well, I guess I can just call this a warm up match, right?  I can’t tell you the last time I ever stepped foot into a ring to not give my full effort and know I was going to walk out of the match the winner.  I don’t understand how ANYONE can be in that mindset to begin with!  You really don’t know what kind of a man I am, do you Lukey boy?

Let me just set the record straight for you.  I have never taken the time to really give two fucks on finding out just how long you’ve actually fought inside a 4CW ring.  I haven’t had to worry about doing my homework on you, Lukey boy, because you have that STENCH, that bad fucking ODOR of shit that I could smell your kind from a fucking mile away!  I don’t even KNOW how to half ass a match!  I don’t know what it means to not give it my all inside the ring.  I have always been so calculating, so manipulative and always staying three moves ahead of EVERYONE my entire career!  It’s not something that comes to everyone overnight.  I, too, started somewhere, Lukey boy.  However, from day fucking ONE, I have NEVER not given two fucks about my matches.  Oh no, I have ALWAYS approached each match with the purpose of solely winning and finding ways to succeed, that I don’t know what it means to not have a strategy.

Whether you care to care or not, Lukey boy, I am your WORST fucking nightmare to step into the ring with!  Since you obviously don’t know who I am, I have the rarest opportunity ever to actually TELL you and SHOW you just who the fuck I am!  EVERYONE here in 4CW has heard of the name Brian Hollywood.  EVERYONE!  Even when I stepped into 4CW on my first night, everyone still knew who I was.  That isn’t just something to brag about, Lukey boy, but that’s a RARE commodity a guy like myself has.  I have always had that “it” factor and I have always kept myself relevant and always in the forefront of people’s minds.  I mean, for god fucking sakes man, I became a 4CW Tag Team Champion in my fucking THIRD match in 4CW!  I went on to DOMINATE the tag team division with my best friend, Jace Savage, and we held those tag titles for six months!  If you can’t do the math, we held those championships for a HALF FUCKING YEAR!  No one has even come remotely close to beating that record we set.  Hell, I left 4CW for one year and yet not one fucking team ever beat that longest title reign.  What does that tell you about the caliber of our reign? 

So thank you, Lukey boy, for giving me an opportunity to BRAG and fucking BOAST about doing something that no one else has!  I’m all about making history and shattering records!  That’s just who I am and it has always been in my DNA to do so.  I know what it takes to be great, Lukey boy, and I intend to shatter more records and make more history that others can only dream about.  I have made it a habit, a second nature to be great in this business!  Just look at what I did in the 4CW Championship Tournament.  Success has been what I have always been about and that’s something that you can’t even fucking comprehend!  It’s a shame that I have to take the time to wipe by boots on your face and continue to use you as a fucking doormat like so many others have done here against you, Lukey boy.  I CRAVE the challenge!  I CRAVE the need to fight people that will actually give me a nice challenge and give me that nice accolade to add to my already impressive resume.  But you?  I have never gone into a match knowing that I don’t even have to do more than strike you with an Executive Promise and be rid of your outstanding failure of a career!  Oh well, I guess there is one thing I can take away from this match and that’s knowing that I once again have the chance to make history.  Like I said before Lukey boy, history dealing, history making just REVOLVES around me like a sweet complimentary composure!  It’s what I do and it’s what I’m fucking great at!  Now I’ve been given the opportunity to beat you in not only the quickest time in 4CW history, but I have the chance to beat you quicker than any man has been defeated!  That is the sad and pathetic positive thing about this match at Adrenaline.  I not only speak truth and facts about that claim, but I state an OBVIOUS negative aurora that surrounds you and that isn’t healthy for anyone, is it?

But I digress Lukey boy, I don’t prey upon the negativity of one’s views, but take advantage of the positives and the underlining dogmatic theme you so sickeningly bring to 4CW.  I don’t have time to waste my efforts trying to set you right in the wrongs you’ve so amazingly mastered in the ring.  This is why I continue to be dangerous in that ring, Lukey boy, and continue to be the absolute best in this business that I can be.  I have always adapted wherever I am and have easily caught the constant that is winning and succeeding!  That is why you will NEVER be on my level, Lukey boy, and this is why you won’t even be given a chance to think about it when that bell rings. The fact remains, I am going to slaughter you quickly and all I have to do is blink and that’s the end of you.  I will show up at Adrenaline and not only beat you, but instantly wonder if I even had a match to begin with.  That is what you mean to me, Lukey boy, and that amounts to jack shit!  You are what you believe you are and that is a complete and total FAILURE!  You say you are bad and feel bad, yet I don’t even get that vibe that you even truly care that you’re bad.  You can stop lying to everyone and yourself and just admit you will NEVER be cut from a winning and successful cloth in 4CW!  Your laziness will be your downfall and it sickens me that I feel like I have to do enough work where I have to feel lazy in ending you in that ring.  Your work ethic is shit, Lukey boy, and the fact that I don’t even have to go out of my way to expose that makes me feel like I don’t even have to try.  I have always given a hundred fucking percent in that ring and the fact that I will show up, sneeze, hit you with an Executive Promise and win, makes me second guess if I will even have had a match on Wednesday night.

Just listen to myself and see it from my perspective!  This already looks like TOO MUCH effort from a man who is used to maximizing my abilities out in that ring, yet this feels like I’m relaxing at home taking a power nap and feeling like this didn’t even take much effort to begin with.  That’s what this feels like right now.  I don’t even know why I keep rambling on about this when I made my fucking point literally in the first five seconds I started to speak to begin with.  If you think five seconds is a ridiculously small and mediocre feat, just imagine that bell ringing and me ending you in the first three seconds of this match.  Oh well, I guess we all can’t be successful eh?  I already know I am and that’s all it takes to continue to put myself on top and always be the very best I am week in and week out.  But you?  Continue to be the fucking footnote and stepping stone everyone else, including yourself, see you as!  You ARE the mistake, Lukey boy, and you will NEVER get anywhere in this business with the mentality that so ridiculously plagues your mind.  I’ve had about enough of this as I can even tolerate myself with right now.  You were a poison when this match was announced and you’re an even bigger poison now!  I know where my time needs to be invested in and it sure as hell isn’t in you!  Good fucking riddance, Lukey boy!”

Adrenaline / Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight
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”Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight”

Hollywood’s Old Office

12:00 PM

The scene opens up inside the office that was formerly owned by Brian Hollywood as the camera zooms in to reveal Brian Hollywood sitting across from Mayor Isaac Reedus, the Mayor of Los Angeles, as Isaac sits in the chair that once belonged to Hollywood.  Hollywood looked on as Mayor Reedus rocked from side to side almost in a way of gloating towards Hollywood that the property was no longer his.  Hollywood, who can’t take any more torture at this point, immediately speaks out at Isaac.

Brian Hollywood: ”Did you call this meeting just to rub everything in my face, Isaac?  By the way, that seat doesn’t even belong to you either.  You wouldn’t want The Chair getting mad that you are sitting in his chair, would you?”

Mayor Reedus simply responds with a laugh before addressing Hollywood’s clever ploy.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Now, now, come on Mr. Hollywood, don’t insult my intelligence, alright?  I know you would just bask in the glory of my implosion.  Let me get this very clear for you.  The Chair already knows I’m here and he insisted that I use HIS office to conduct our business here today.”

Hollywood smirks and just shakes his head as he knows it was worth a shot at least.

Brian Hollywood: ”Eh, no harm in trying, right?  What kind of a man would I be if I didn’t at least attempt something, you know?”

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Precisely!  I don’t know why The Chair had lost hope in you, Mr. Hollywood.  He may know you more than I, even longer perhaps, but I’m at least a man who will always believe you will always have at least that one card left to play.  That’s why I called you in here today.”

Mayor Reedus pauses briefly as he looks beyond Hollywood to see Gerald Reeves and Niles Omega standing by the door listening intently to their conversation.  Reedus snaps his fingers together as a security officer steps forward.  Reedus is seen whispering something into the security officers ear before the officer nods his head in compliance and promptly escorts Gerald and Niles out of the room.  Gerald, of course, starts to protest which gains the attention of Hollywood as he turns around to see what the commotion was.

Gerald Reeves: ”Hey, what the fuck is the meaning of this?!  Hey!  You put your hands on me one more time, I’m going to punch you in the fucking throat!”

Hollywood turns back around and faces a completely content Mayor Reedus.

Brian Hollywood: ”What the hell is going on, Isaac?  What do you think you’re doing?!”

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”I’m sorry, but the business we have to conduct today, I’d rather not have any distractions.  So I ordered my officer to remove your friends from this meeting.  Don’t worry, they will be treated fairly.”

Brian Hollywood: ”This involves them as well so I highly recommend that you keep them in here!”

Mayor Reedus just smiles and shakes his head lightly.  This didn’t sit well with Hollywood as he turns back around to see Gerald and Niles escorted out of the office.  Hollywood slowly turns back around and looks on in frustration as this meeting just literally turned into a one on one meet between Hollywood and Isaac.  It was just the two of them in the office as even Reedus’s security officer left the room.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Ah, much better!  Now that it’s just the two of us, shall we discuss terms for a partnership?”

Hollywood’s eyebrow raises up in shock as he was trying to figure out if what Reedus just said was actually what he just said.

Brian Hollywood: ”Did you just say partner—“

Mayor Reedus cuts Hollywood off midsentence.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Yes, you heard that right.  A partnership.  So, what do you say, Mr. Hollywood?”

Hollywood did hear exactly that but he was finding a hard time in actually believing what the Mayor just asked.  It was too easy and Hollywood knew that.  What was the catch?  What was the deal?  Knowing Mayor Reedus and even The Chair, there had to be SOMETHING that they wanted in return.

Brian Hollywood: ”Do you think I’m stupid, Isaac?  I can’t just blindly assume that you want a partnership with me without knowing you want something in return.  So instead of sitting there and trying to pander to me, how about you tell me what exactly it is that you want.”

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Why do you have to assume I want anything from you in return?  Come now, Mr. Hollywood, where’s your sense of business?  All I want to establish here is a bridge between the two of us.  I mean, I didn’t exactly treat you right when I singlehandedly caused the downfall of your company.  I know those investigations landed hard on you.  Hell, Lukas Montana is evidence of that, isn’t he?  How is he, by the way?  I hear he’s not exactly adapting well to prison life.”

Hollywood clinches his fists and stands up and just before Hollywood can make it across the desk, Mayor Reedus holds up his hand and interjects quickly to stop Hollywood from attacking.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”AH, AH, Mr. Hollywood!  Do not take another step forward if you know what’s best for the ones closest to you!  I mean, at this point, I would really tread carefully.  A lot of your friends and loved ones have been hurt already.  Do you really want to add to that list?”

Hollywood pulls back slowly as he looks on with an angry look on his face.  Hollywood just shakes his head in disgust as he slowly sits back down in his chair.  There was no doubt in Hollywood’s mind that he was being toyed with right now.  In fact, a thought had crossed Hollywood’s mind that Mayor Reedus was trying to get Hollywood to fall in yet another one of his traps and he knew that Mayor Reedus knew about his wild behaviors, including his sudden changes in self.  While Reedus may not have known Hollywood’s darker self and his tendencies, he at least knew that a darker half was present within Hollywood.  After a few moments, things start to die down as order returns to a calmer setting.

Brian Hollywood: ”Alright, fine.  We’ll play it your way, Isaac.  However, just know I’m not in the mood to play your fucking games!  So I suggest you get whatever you have to say off your chest right now!  In fact, GIVE me a reason to not get up and walk out of here!”

Mayor Reedus lets out a laugh much to the distain of Hollywood.  Reedus studies Hollywood for a few moments as silence once again takes control of the office.  Reedus begins to tap lightly on the desk as he anticipates Hollywood’s next move.  Reedus nods his head delightfully as he can tell the wheels are turning in Hollywood’s head.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Very good Mr. Hollywood.  You are truly a fascinating human being, you know that?  I mean, I look at you and I just see the constant mystic prowess looming over you!  If there is one thing The Chair has underestimated you at, it’s your ability to keep things unpredictable.  I mean, you haven’t exactly been man of the year with your constant mood changes and that can either be a man’s undoing or a man’s triumph.  So tell me, which one is it right now, Mr. Hollywood?”

Hollywood sits in silence for a few more moments as he stares coldly into Mayor Reedus’s eyes and shaking his head with fury and revenge on his mind.  Ever since Hollywood lost his company, he’s been more ruthless and vengeful and that continuously seems to be growing every passing day Hollywood grows further away from the results he seeks.  In fact, it was the darker side of Hollywood that was slowly taking over day after day.  After a few more moments of silence and fighting the urge to beat the shit out of Reedus, Hollywood finally speaks.

Brian Hollywood: ”You already know what I want, Isaac.  So why don’t we cut through all the bullshit and tell me what exactly you meant by a partnership?”

You can feel the intensity growing within Hollywood as he hated to be bargained with only for the gain of his enemies and not the results that would benefit him.  Hollywood was really trying hard to keep himself under control as he remained sitting just staring coldly at Reedus not blinking in the slightest.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Alright, fine.  Since you obviously won’t divulge in my own curiosity, I’ll go ahead and tell you what I propose.  I understand you’ve been trying to find a way to break Lukas Montana out of prison, am I right?”

Of course he was right and that didn’t even surprise Hollywood in the slightest.  He didn’t care how Isaac was made aware of the escape attempt and was more concerned about what Mayor Reedus was going to say next.

Brian Hollywood: ”I’m not even going to bother to ask how you managed to hear about that.  Instead, I’m going to ask you what exactly you’re planning.  You already know why I want him out of prison.  He doesn’t belong there in the first place.  You framed him, remember?”

Mayor Reedus chuckles as he forgot it was himself who landed Lukas behind bars.

Mayor Isaac Reedus: ”Ah yes, that’s right!  Well, perhaps I want to correct the error of my ways.  However, you never answered my question.  Would you like Lukas Montana to be released from prison?  You know that I can obviously make that happen.”

Brian Hollywood: ”Of course I want him released, Isaac!  However, I continuously sit here trying to figure out what the big play is, the big catch, as it were.  So how about you just tell me so I can make this decision a lot easier!”

Isaac smiles and lets out a small laugh.  Clearly he has Hollywood on the ropes right now and as this conversation between the two hits a stalemate, Hollywood is still left to wonder himself if he should make a deal with the devil.  What does Isaac want in return?  What does Hollywood have to gain out of this?  These questions begin to continuously bombard Hollywood into uneasy territory as the scene slowly fades to black..

Adrenaline / Without A Trace
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”Without A Trace”

”Being great just isn’t something that comes easy, it comes with a great deal of training, preparation, methodical thinking, crafting the perfect strategy and having the ability to fight off all the targets off your back.  You want to know what all of these have in common?  These are all things that Drew Stevenson thinks he is.  You can’t just be a talker, Drew, you have to be able to execute all of it and be able to weather the storm.  From what I’ve seen Drew, you have a serious hard time executing ANY of this!  Drew, you remind me of Darin Zion and that is not only the worst insult you can be given, but it’s also the perception that you don’t want on your shoulders.  I mean, where the fuck do I even start?

I know!  Let’s start with your extreme short time in PWX.  Yes, I muttered the unforgivable three letter words that I said I would never mutter ever again.  So right out of the gates, Drew, you have pissed me the fuck off!  You want to know what one of your problems is Drew?  You have had the absolute poor fucking habit of not being able to tell a story properly.  That was evident in your little “Tap Out Chronicles.”  It just lacked a whole lot of meat and if you ask me, you just weren’t, and still aren’t, driven.  That is a big fucking problem when you’re going up against someone of my magnitude.  So let’s analyze this, shall we?  Your time in PWX was short and nobody ever knew why.  I specifically called you up and wanted you and your Joker’s Wild buddies to come in and stir shit up.  Let’s be frank, PWX was fucking boring and I was tired of seeing all my talent sit on their fucking asses and just give me the deer lights stare every fucking week and it fucking sickened me!  So I gave you a proposition and an opportunity to spice things up.  You showed up and did exactly what I wanted you too, stir shit up.  However, what happened after that is hazy for everyone, isn’t it Drew?  I seem to recall VERY CLEARLY that it was YOU who approached me and told me that you and your guys were going to bow out for the sake of sanity for everyone else.  You thanked me for the opportunity and you took your ball and went home before you ever brought in your ball in the fucking first place!  That wasn’t just cowardly of you, but it showed me EXACTLY what kind of a man you really are!

You see, any man of your nature should have expected there to be major heat, a major shit storm that was going to follow your actions and that’s exactly what happened!  I was fucking STOKED!  I was glad that breath of fresh and volatile air was exposed in PWX!  It was exactly what PWX needed at that time.  However, after several threats from talent, because it was obvious who had the bigger set of balls, you privately met with me and you said you were going to bow the fuck out.  From that moment forward, my entire perspective of you changed, Drew.  I stopped respecting you and your guys legacy and marked you off my list of relevance.  That is something you don’t want on your rap sheet when it comes to me, Drew.  But I digress, not all of us can be intimating, right?

Throughout the entire course of this 4CW Championship Tournament, I kept my eye on you.  You were impressive and you were racking up some interesting, quality wins.  All of a sudden, Drew Stevenson started earning my respect back again.  You were slowly started to white out that terrible rap sheet I kept on you and you were starting to mean something to me.  Fast forward to our matchup, and everything you did, all that work to get yourself back in my good graces, went up in flames.  You have never been good about staying smart, have you Drew?  I mean, you had to dig DEEP and I mean fucking DEEP to pull anything of irritation on me.  The past is exactly that and it’s something that I don’t tend to look back on.  However, the past always has a way of rubbing you the wrong way doesn’t it?  You want to know what I think this entire thing is, Drew?  It’s nothing but a fucking smokescreen.  That’s all this fucking is!  In all reality, I think you’re actually afraid to step into that ring with me because you have no idea what’s going to happen.  It keeps you up at night, knowing that I have always been more relevant than you, doesn’t it?  I mean, everywhere I seem to pop up at, it doesn’t take me that long to make myself relevant.  Why do you think that is, Drew?  I’m a dynamic show of excellence and I have ALWAYS garnered the attention and the attraction to light up a business! 

You and I may not be so different Drew, but we each have our own way of getting that spotlight on ourselves.  We have garnered so much heat, steal people’s thunder and just downright get ugly to get what we want.  However, when push comes to shove and our resumes are lying right next to each other, it’s always bothered you that mine actually sticks out.  That is what separates me from you.  It actually irritates you that I’m back here in 4CW.  You arrived here in 4CW a little before my return and there was so much promise for you.  Hell, you probably looked up and down this roster and thought that this was going to be something easy for you to achieve, to actually ascend to the top and just outright dominate here.  That is, until I came back.  That ALL fucking changed upon my return and because of our history, it has eaten you up inside ever since.  I think you are more distracted by the fact that I’ve been so fucking polarizing and just able to achieve greatness in a way that you can only dream of that it has taken you completely off your game.  That is exactly what you need to expect heading into our match, Drew.  You have ALWAYS known me for a man of manipulation, getting inside people’s heads, yet that is the one fucking thing that has eluded you this entire time!  You are so fucking butt hurt and envious of me, that you have to spend your time trying to tear me apart by the absolute most irrelevant part of my past.  It’s simply not going to work and you and I both know you have NO cards working in your favor here.  I have created The Order, a following here in 4CW, a fucking PURPOSE, while you have done absolutely nothing but run your fucking mouth!  That mouth of yours ALWAYS gets you into trouble you don’t want, Drew, and it has always been your undoing.  It reminds me a lot of Darin Zion, a man whose mouth has cost him defining moment after defining fucking moment and the way I look at this entire thing is how I approach our match.  I have beaten Darin Zion at EVERY fucking turn and you have to go into the ancient historic archives buried deep in PWX’s past to even get lucky enough to find a moment where Darin Zion has ever outshined me.  That approach just makes it that much simpler for me and what I need to expect out of our match.  The underlining fact is as long as I’m around here in 4CW, Drew, that spotlight will ALWAYS be on me and you will just be a man left in MY shadow!

I already have you beat and you don’t even fucking know it, Drew!  I have already manipulated your mind exactly how I have wanted it!  You are so focused on my mention of you in the shadows, and it really is minuscule.  I know that because you have tried so hard into convincing yourself that you are better than me all because our endeavors with each other hasn’t worked out in your favor.  Why do you think that is?  I have always had your number, and whether you like it or not Drew, you will NEVER match up to my stature, or standards.  The problem with you, Drew, is that you seem to talk all this shit, but all I hear is you beating around the fucking bush at every corner.  Every time you try and bring up something even remotely relevant, you don’t even go into detail about it and all it is, well, it’s just small talk.  It’s quite easy to sum up your philosophy of me.  However, you continue to fail to comprehend just who the fuck I am and what the fuck I’m all about!

Thank you for giving me the laugh of the week, Drew.  Once again, you try and use past tense irrelevancies to justify your viewpoint on me and it’s something that’s going to land an Executive fucking Promise into your throat!  All these little tidbits of your past, how you describe it, they are VERY BAD analogies on who I am.  This little guy in your past promotion, you know, the one who I’m supposed to remind you of, you want to know why he failed to execute when it fucking mattered?  It’s because he WAS all talk and no action!  My name, my reputation, I’ve spent a fucking career in getting respected and commended!  I’m not that guy who just talks a big game and expects everything to fall into my lap!  The cold hard truth is, Drew, is that YOU were that irrelevant motherfucking cunt who couldn’t cut it when shit mattered the most!  I think you simply just described yourself, and you are ashamed of the man that you were.  You should be ashamed, I sure as fuck would be!  But there is a clear fucking difference between me and everyone else who supposedly talks a big game and delivers no action based on that talk.

Unlike you, Drew, I HAVE succeeded in this business!  I HAVE achieved a reputation, a career that has clearly defined me here in 4CW, and you have always been jealous at the fact that I was able to do it in such a short fucking time!  No, Drew, unlike you, I actually KNOW what it takes to get business taken care of!  That’s what makes me a big fucking threat in this business and that is why I continue to excel and why I continue to do what I do best!  I don’t just talk a big game Drew, I fucking EXECUTE it!  You don’t care why I came back because you can’t admit it to yourself that I will immediately make an impact here again and continue to make the news into 4CW’s conversation of EXCELLENCE and that fucking kills you inside, Drew!  I have the tools to succeed, Drew, and I know how I need to do it and in what way I need to do it.  THAT is the fucking difference that is standing in between you and that match against Jair Hopkins. 

I hate to break it to you, Drew, but I just fucking get it!  I have that winning philosophy and it eats you up inside knowing that I’m so fucking good at it, that I not only mastered it, but it’s like a script that I’ve studied over and over again and it’s something that is just simply second nature to me.  Winning has been and will ALWAYS be my first nature and to be like someone like me, you actually need to take a few steps back and really analyze this thing deeper than what’s at the surface.  I’ve always been a conundrum to my opponents because it frustrates them why I get it so much.  It’s what separates me from the people who say they are going to step up and do it but never actually do.  It’s because they freeze like a fucking deer when it comes down to that one moment that they seemingly think is so easy to seize, yet it’s a tall order of impossible for them to do it.  Everyone here already thinks I am very capable of being a contender here and it’s only a short matter of time before that reality is delivered to them. 

This 4CW Championship Tournament is that perfect chance for me to separate myself from the rest of the masses, Drew, and the footnote you are so desperately trying to cling to will only lead you to becoming a footnote for me to use when I say what I did to get myself in that 4CW Championship match when I go onto face Jair Hopkins and then eventually, Dakota Smith at South Beach Brawl.  It’s that fucking simple, Drew, and I’m sorry to say, you were never in the game to begin with.  At Adrenaline, you are going to find out why I am so great in this business and you are going to find out why I am the one person in 4CW people admire so fucking much.  You are simply a pawn in a bigger game, Drew, and when it’s all said and done, all your fucking answers will be addressed and there won’t be any doubts after the fact that you have to worry yourself concerning me anymore.  I AM the fucking standard here in 4CW, and you will be quick to find that out.  You will find out firsthand what makes me so successful and what drives me to be the very best here in 4CW.  This 4CW Championship Tournament has always been about me to show everyone how fucking serious I am when it comes to being the one man on top of the world.  It all goes back to that simple philosophy, that simple ideology that defines who I am and just what I’m all about.  This is where your story ends, Drew, and perhaps after it’s all said and done, you can go back to your little drawing board, your little book you’re so prideful of, and fucking tear it to shreds knowing how unsuccessful it has been to you and how it got you nowhere in the end.  Maybe next time though, Drew.  Maybe next time.  The buck ALWAYS starts and ends with me and you will be wise to remember that!  My time has been, is and ALWAYS shall be NOW and you simply just don’t have enough juice in the tank to be as hungry as I am!  I will defeat you at Adrenaline, Drew, and then I shall go onto finish my unfinished business against Jair Hopkins and right all the wrongs once and for all.  You want to learn from all of this, Drew?  You want an ending to this story?  You’ll get that at Adrenaline and then you can go back to the beginning and figure out where it all went wrong.  There is no happy ending with me, Drew, and you will find that out quickly at Adrenaline, that I promise you.  Don’t heal that jaw of yours too quick, Drew, because I’m going to break it again and it will be something you will ALWAYS remember and you will have no choice not to forget it.  This is the cold harsh reality of this business, Drew, and I’m going to show you once and for all just how out of touch you truly are!  That’s MY philosophy and you will be quick to learn it!  My philosophy will always be a winning one, what will yours be, Drew?”

============= =================

The scene opens up just outside of what was once known as Hollywood Enterprises, right on the dot of eleven o clock.  Brian Hollywood can be seen standing on the steps of the entrance as Gerald Reeves and Niles Omega can be seen standing next to him.  There is a look of seriousness, a look of resolve on the face of Hollywood.  Gerald looks over at Hollywood and can feel the intensity growing within him.  Hollywood finally turns his attention towards Gerald and Niles as they wait anxiously to what his plan of action is.

Brian Hollywood: ”You guys ready for this?  This is how you stand up to fear!”

Gerald Reeves: ”I have never doubted your resolve, Brian!  If there is one thing fear doesn’t have a stranglehold on, it’s you!  The Chair has never been able to understand that!”

Niles Omega: ”I still think this is a bad idea!”

Hollywood just smiles and rolls his eyes as he shakes his head not surprised by Niles response.  Niles has always wanted to play things safe, and he couldn’t be faulted for that.  However, Hollywood has always been a man of action and that’s exactly what he was going to get out of this no matter where this lead to next.  Hollywood proceeds inside as Gerald and Niles follows suit and of course, they are met with instant resiliency as a couple of The Chair’s hired security meet them in the lobby.

Security Officer 1: ”The Chair expected you to show here, Mr. Hollywood!  Oh, don’t be surprised!  He always believed that you would eventually grow a pair of fucking balls and meet him right in the middle of the battlefield!  Unfortunately for you, The Chair is out on business right now, but he anticipated your arrival here today.”

Hollywood’s eyebrow instantly rises in surprise as he’s immediately caught off guard by The Chair’s unexpected absence.

Brian Hollywood: ”What the fuck do you mean The Chair isn’t here?!  I’m not going anywhere until he shows up!  Besides, it’s about fucking time I came to learn of his identity!  No more fucking secrets! No more fucking mystery!  He has everything he wants from me, now.  There’s no need about not knowing the man who has been successful of taking everything away from me!”

The security officer lets out a laugh and shakes his head at the absolute absence of Hollywood’s unawareness of just how complex the entire story has been.

Security Officer 1: ”You really don’t get it, do you Mr. Hollywood?  You don’t run the show around here anymore!  You may think that whenever you and Lukas Montana had your little feud against each other that it was a winning strategy, but this is exactly why you were never in the game!  We were anticipating this day, Mr. Hollywood.  Did you already forget that important date with your next meeting?  Yes, that’s right!  The Chair took the liberty to see to it that meeting took place here today!”

The door behind Hollywood can be heard opening as the security officer spots the man that has come into the building and the officer smiles deviously as he points behind Hollywood.

Security Officer 1: ”I think that is the man you are really looking for today!”

Hollywood immediately turns around as his eyes raise in shock as to who is standing before him.  Finally, after all the corruption that has taken place surrounding Hollywood’s loss  of his company, he comes toe to toe with one of the men responsible.  That man?  Mayor Issac  Reedus.

Issac Reedus: ”Hello Mr. Hollywood!  We have much to discuss!”

Hollywood looks on speechless and full of doubt and questions as he stares into the eyes of the man who was half responsible for his suffering as the scene slowly fades to black.

Adrenaline / The Second Opportunity I always Had
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Gerald Reeves: ”How the fuck did he know we were coming?!  How is it that Corporate ASSHOLE is able to stay one step ahead of us, every time?!”

The scene opens up back right outside of Hollywood’s Mansion as Brian Hollywood, Gerald Reeves and Niles Omega are all seen gathering around close to the front door as Niles starts to get into the action with Gerald.

Niles Omega: ”Well maybe if you didn’t show up out of the blue, perhaps we could have gotten in undetected!  I don’t see how hard that is to comprehend!

Hollywood is standing behind both of them holding his hand to his head clearly dealing with headaches and is starting to reach a boiling point.

Brian Hollywood: ”Shut the fuck up, BOTH of you!  First off Niles, it was YOU that was the one who called Gerald in the first place and told him my plan.  Not that I had any problem with that or anything, because I didn’t tell you to just go off and announce it to who you wanted to!”

Niles Omega: ”I was just trying to cover for your ass!  Since I wasn’t able to be around much before all this went to hell to begin with, I wanted to at least help out where I could!  I felt bad about you going under and I still haven’t forgiven myself for letting you down!”

Gerald Reeves: ”If I may be frank here, Niles, you were dealing with a dying mother, you had every right to be gone!  We understood perfectly while you were gone!  You got back in time to help the team where you could!  Shit went to hell really quick when the Men in SUIT’s showed up so stop putting yourself down!”

Of course, what Gerald was talking about was a critical time back when the war against The Chair took a more heightened approach.  Think of it like the United States and Russia back in the Cold War.  Only difference was that both sides fired their entire arsenals at each other and did substantial damage.  Hollywood puts his hand up as Gerald and Niles stop bickering as Hollywood looks depleted.

Brian Hollywood: ”Guys, look, let’s get some sleep tonight, alright?  Clearly we were taken off guard tonight..again, like it’s nothing normal…go home and get some sleep and we’ll figure the next plan out tomorrow.  I’m tired and quite frankly I just want to sleep for one night where shit isn’t blowing up around the next corner I turn.  I know resources are starting to get low, but let’s worry about this tomorrow alright?”

This time, Gerald and Niles look at each other and actually team on Hollywood.  They clearly didn’t like what they were hearing and a direct attack on Hollywood was practically a low blow to them both.

Gerald Reeves: ”Oh no, this doesn’t fall back on us, Brian!  You don’t have that luxury of putting the blame on us anymore!  We ALL took the equal chance in this!  I mean, we were rolled in a fucking SUV god knows how many times and we walked away from that!  Hell, the SUV even blew the fuck up!”

Niles Omega: ”It did?  You guys never told me that!”

Gerald Reeves: ”Yea, it was pretty bad ass, actually.  Ever seen that movie two guns?”

Niles Omega: ”Dude, I love that movie!”[/color

Gerald and Niles were pretty much casually shooting the shit at this point and Hollywood just rolls his eyes like this was just another typical day.  Although that night was pretty cool because Hollywood scored with this really hot nurse and literally had sex in the hospital room when all this traumatic shit was happening, so I guess you could say not EVERYTHING went to shit.  The blowjob was pretty surreal too.  (It was even from someone not named Rori Steele, although people STILL think it was.  Hollywood and Rori never exactly denied it.) 

Hollywood strokes at his forehead and despite that the night didn’t go as well as Hollywood wanted to by getting discovered by The Chair, he couldn’t stay mad at his friends.  Gerald and Niles have been through some of the deepest shit with Hollywood, yet the three all remained.   If there was one thing that was salvaged from tonight, it was Hollywood having in his possession some pretty incriminating stuff involving Mayor Reedus.  He didn’t have the opportunity to keep Reedus out of office when he went through his head injury time period.  That was a pretty fucked up time as well because Hollywood was on the border of insanity through that whole process and also dealt with amnesia as well.  (Thanks for that Max Kael)  Hollywood yawns as he starts to shoe off Gerald and Niles.

Brian Hollywood: ”Alright guys, goodnight.  I’ll get with you guys in the morning.  Say a meeting at eleven at Hollywood Enterprises?”

Whoops.  Did Hollywood say that based off of habit?  It was difficult to not have his company anymore and it was such routine, Hollywood still not accepting that sub consciously.  Gerald and Niles look at Hollywood as they tread carefully with Hollywood’s slip up.

Niles Omega: ”Um…Brian…”

Gerald Reeves: ”I think what Niles is trying to say is that Hollywood Enterprises is kind of being ran into the ground by The Chair…”

Brian Hollywood: ”Nope, you heard that correctly gentlemen.  Eleven sharp, we’re going to get some shit hashed out.”

Was Hollywood going mad again?  Was he actually suffering from delusions again?  Cause if this was actually true, this was the most wild idea Hollywood has had since the war against the Men in SUIT’s.  Was Hollywood already ready for another war?  There’s no way he could fight one right now, especially with a short team.  Lukas Montana was still locked up, Buck was still recovering from being shot and Peter was still in a coma.  Gerald and Niles realize Hollywood isn’t kidding and this plan could very well be a suicidal one.  Gerald, being the voice of reason, tries to help Hollywood reconsider.

Gerald Reeves: ”Are you sure about this, Hollywood?  I know Hollywood Enterprises was your baby, but you know you’re going to be walking into ENEMY territory, right?  I think we need to reevaluate this and actually plan a smart course of action.”

Hollywood shakes his head as he isn’t going to budge on this whatsoever.  Niles doesn’t say a damn thing and good for him because he’s learned a long time ago that if Hollywood has his mind made up on something, it’s made up.  Gerald sighs and throws his arms up in the air.

Gerald Reeves: ”Why the fuck not!  Who am I to really talk to you about really bad ideas?!  I guess we just thrive in the chaotic situations, don’t we?”

Brian Hollywood: ”Spoken like a good war general!  I love it!”

Niles Omega: ”This is a really bad idea…like seriously…isn’t it?”

Hollywood and Gerald looked at each other for a few moments before nodding their heads in agreement.

Brian Hollywood: ”Who knows, maybe you’ll get another overnight stay at the hospital again, Gerald.”

Gerald promptly responds to that with a middle finger.]

Gerald Reeves: ”Stupid bitch.  You are still a traitor!”

Brian Hollywood: ”Let’s see if we can rattle some Chair feathers, tomorrow gentlemen!  Want you guys at your best!  Take it easy!”

Tonight was definitely a night of calm and collected fun.  Tomorrow? Well, shit was probably going to hit the fan.  Since when doesn’t it in Hollywood’s life?  Hollywood promptly heads inside the beaten down mansion as Gerald and Niles takes off down the sidewalk unaware just exactly what they are going to be in store for tomorrow.  Hollywood went into the mansion pretty quickly.  Perhaps he had a woman waiting for him inside?  Who knows with Hollywood.  Wouldn’t be surprised if there was someone in there looking to keep Hollywood’s mind off of shit.  (And before you ask, if you see Rori disappear the same night, you’ll have that answer to that rhetorical no denying question from earlier.)

This sure as hell looked to be the calm of the storm once again and the camera zooms out slowly as it keeps its focus on the mansion as fog started to develop around the now all “too quiet” mansion as the scene slowly fades to black.

============== ==============

”The Second Opportunity I Always Had”

”Well isn’t this just special?  I thought I would never see the day where I lost a tournament and then was given a consolation all because someone couldn’t keep the cylinders going.  Sorry Broxy.  Let’s be honest here though, these unseen circumstances have a funny way of happening when I need them to.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Remember folks, I am the one trying to restore order around 4CW.  That doesn’t mean I don’t already have pull.  I never lost it.  True story.  However, this consolation gives great opportunities for me, but on the other side of that two faced coin, there is always that bad apple waiting to give a fond wave good evening!  That, ladies and gentlemen, describes that other side of the coin to be my opponent, Drew Stevenson.”

“What is it with you, anyways?  I swear, you have this massive hard on for me.  Now hold on brother, I’m flattered!  I mean, I had to gauge my eyes and stick proverbs of Jett Wilder into my ears to get myself through the horrible travesty that was hearing all about your god damn book.  I mean, we get it, Drew, we get it!  You are just writing a book and I’m in it.  (No, I’m not cheating, seriously, you only mentioned five hundred times on twitter.)  Drew, you are the most generic wrestler I’ve ever met, and that’s a really bad thing considering I used to see you as a bullet killer, a pedigree in the business!  You were big, man, and then you kind of faded into the shadows.  Take it from someone who’s been in those shadows, if you’re going to fade into the shadows, at least come back with fire and intensity like you never left!  That’s what I did!”

“Things may have changed with me since my last run here in 4CW, but I’m still the same old lethal and dangerous Brian Hollywood you don’t want to see standing across you in the ring!  I’ve stood against some pretty heavy hitters here around here and while that may have been in a tag team type of capacity, I was still flairing up all kinds of shit here and I didn’t even have to step into the singles division to do it!  Although, we all knew that was going to happen eventually, right?  It was only inevitable about when that time would come.  That time is now, and I’m not going to be stopped from accomplishing the same goals I did when I dominated in the tag team division!”

“Here’s something you need to understand right away, Drew.  Unlike you, if you give me a second chance, a second “try” at something, that’s the absolute WORSE idea you could possibly do to yourself because I step it and I light that shit up and make it look like I didn’t even need a second chance go at it!  So I get a consolation prize for getting to the final four and nearly beating Jair Hopkins?  Alright, I’ll fucking take that!  Even I came to terms with that loss against Jair and I had to sell myself on that really bad.  (I’m a very bad seller folks.  Let’s be honest, if I want to give you something, I’m just going to give it to you whether you like it or not.  I call that acceptable commission.  Means I can just bypass the sell altogether.  Pretty cool shit.)”

“On Adrenaline, Drew, I’m going to beat you like a bad record.  It’s an insanely bad habit of mine and if something ends up in my “L” column, I tend to burn it to the ground as quickly as I can.  Means revenge, redemption.  Now I’m no fortune teller or anything, but If I were Drew Stevenson, I would probably be talking about how I beat Hollywood and not only that, but I made him tap!  Newsflash Stevenson, it’s a pretty big god damn deal when people beat me.  A lot of people feel pretty good about it because I’m usually in the zone and I make for a very difficult defeat.  I make you fucking EARN it!  Stevenson, you haven’t truly “earned” anything on me.  In fact, I am going to go into this match with all intent of purpose to destroy you and make you into a foot note.  It’s called the Chronicles of my boot down your throat.  It’s a pretty big deal, actually.  I can immortalize people with my stamp of approval (which is pretty much a super kick to your face) and then sign off on your next endeavor.”

“In all seriousness, Drew, there’s no possible way you are prepared to take me on.  I can easily rebound off of a loss and when I do, I become extra dangerous to stand toe to toe with because I get pretty prideful and correcting my mistakes.  I recognize we all deal with losses in this business, but if I suffer one, I make a statement the very next match up regardless of my opponent.  I guess in a fucked up sense, that makes me Chris Madison lite.  It’s not a bad analogy but  I guess it’s an equally dangerous analogy when it comes to protecting a reputation in this business.”

“Let me get to the fucking point, Drew.  I came back to 4CW to make some pretty big fucking waves and when I heard of the chance of getting a SECOND opportunity at fighting for a shot at the 4CW Championship, well, that pretty much secured everyone’s fate that stands in my way of doing so.  Everyone loves a good comeback story, right?  That’s why everyone is going to love the fact that Brian Hollywood came back to 4CW and this time in his quick return, he became the 4CW Champion and gave people a serious reason to keep their eyes on him!  That’s just who the fuck I am, Stevenson, and that’s just going to have to be something you’re going to have to accept, one way or a fucking another!”

“Next week on Adrenaline, I make my mark once again on this tournament and get myself back on track to doing what I do best!  Smash records and just continue to be one of the premiere wrestlers here in 4CW!  Greatness doesn’t come overnight, but if you’ve been doing this for as long as I have, you have a pretty good track record to make a pretty big splash upon arrival (or re-arrival, whichever way you want to look at it.)  I’ll be seeing you soon Drew.

Keep that book closed for me as well, thanks!”

Adrenaline / Holly Wars Episode I: The Executive Transcends
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”Holly Wars”
”Episode I: The Executive Transcends”

”In What Feels Like A Long Time Away Ago, In A Time Not So Far Away…”

”Yoda, Yoda, Yoda…we get it, just cut to the punch!  Yoda?  The fuck you talking about?!  I said YADA!  The fuck I’m paying you for fucking up?!”

”I’m sorry Captain!  I’m givin it all she’s got!”

”That’s not part of the shit numb nuts!  Can’t you see this isn’t Star Trek!  God damn no wonder I gave you a red shirt..”

Some kind of commotion can be heard off screen and even some scuffles are heard and some type of a lay off just occurred that sounded like the sound of a bloated lightsaber before Brian Hollywood comes on the screen looking quite irritable.  Hollywood is apparently also seen holding what looks like the leftovers of a red shirt.  Hollywood flings it off screen before he looks forward and smiles.

”My apologies ladies and gentlemen, it appears that this generation is fucking doomed for not knowing proper history that is required to live in this day in age.  I knew there was a reason I gave him a red shirt…figured the guy was trustworthy, but he seemingly coincidentally fucked himself up and I can neither confirm nor deny if it had anything to do with the purpose of the red shirt.  Anyways, I’d like to take you all back to a time period in 4CW history where the 4CWedi created peace and harmony where 4 Corners of the Republic, and their citizens lived in tranquility and prosperity.  That was, until of course, the UnStasith wanted nothing more than to conquer the galaxy under the Empire under Darth Casheidous and his followers known as the Stable Troopers.  Now I would like to bring up the fact that—“

There is commotion off camera as Hollywood was interrupted by the same red shirted guy who was apparently telling him that the UnStasith are currently in power and the 4CWedi were all but wiped out not too long ago.  This doesn’t take Hollywood long to respond to the guy by hitting an Executive Promise on the guy effectively knocking him out.

”This is why you don’t have a last name you pond water scum!  Anyways, forgive the interruption my fellow Senators, I guess not all of us were born to be great. (Please see the last nameless guy off the screen for more referrals.)  Anyways, this story covers the time where 4CWedi Master, Jair-Wan Kenhopkins, became a nobel 4CWedi Master and was one of the most powerful in all of the Republic of 4CW.  He watched over the galaxy of 4CW with his Grillsaber of championship gold and many of the citizens looked up to his greatness and wisdom.  He was so powerful, he could even stop the ones he didn’t give two shits care about, from obtaining….his teachings.  He had so much influence that he even had a swarm of the Republic of 4CW after his unbelievably amazing  powers.”

”What about the rules of acquisition?  Those are very important to know as well!”

Hollywood slowly looks off camera before once again plowing the redshirt with yet another Executive Promise.

”What the fuck is wrong with you people?!  AGAIN, do you have no regard to religion that is holy?!  I swear, before this is over, I’m shipping your ass off to the Delta Quadrant because apparently the Borg must have fucked up your assimilation.  Sigh…why do I even bother with you people…”

Hollywood finally gets squared away as he looks back into the camera picking up where he left off.

”Anyways, 4CWedi Master, Jair-Wan Kenhopkins was honored and revered throughout all the Republic that even Grand 4CWedi FBI Master, PerYO WallDa gave Jair-Wan the keys to the Republic and his ultimate blessing.  Then, the darkness came and Sith Lord, Darth Casheidous came roaring back to overthrow the 4CWedi and take his rightful place back on top of the Empire and eliminated the Republic as a whole and all the rest of the 4CWedi, while sending Grand 4CWedi FBI Master, PerYO WallDa and Jair-Wan into seclusion and out in the shadow of the Empire until their rightful time to strike back would be.  However, since then, Jair-Wan has been out of his element and the Grand 4CWedi FBI Master, PerYO WallDa ended up foreseeing a new prophesy where the one called Briakin HollyWalker would come to restore Order and balance to the force that is 4CW and the Republic before Grand 4CWedi FBI Master, PerYO WallDa ascended into the beyond in the land known as douchebachery and watching you sleep peacefully knowing that he’s watching you…ALWAYS!  Yes, even in the shower and while you shit.  Known fact.  Learn it and be terrified and if you’re not, you will be…you will be… As for the prophesy, foretold, transcend to the top of the Republic of 4CW, Briakin HollyWalker would, and rule as he was destined too with his own knowledge and influence.  This shall come to pass, as it is written, so shall it be!”

”The fuck you talking about?  That doesn’t even make any sense!”

Hollywood rolls his eyes before once again turning towards the redshirt and hitting him with an unprecedented third Executive Promise.

”This is why we can’t fucking have nice things!  What do I call me kicking someone in the fucking larynx?  I haven’t thought that far ahead!  God damn it this is impossible.  This will never make the cut.  Now I understand why Trekkies can’t stand redshirts.  So unoriginal, they don’t even care about last names..for the love of God…I’m not even getting paid for this shit..”

Hollywood shakes his head once more before walking off the camera as an advertisement pops up on the screen revealing what appears to be a sequel called…

”Holly Trek: The Voyage to the Top of the United Federation of 4CW.”


============= ==============
”One More Step Closer”

”As much as everyone knows, the 4CW Championship Tournament just keeps getting hotter as the final four have been revealed.  I may be one of them, but I’ve got to give credit where credit is due and recognize Drew Stevenson, Bronxy V, and of course, myself and my opponent, Jair Hopkins.  It’s been a long journey through the tournament and a lot has happened since the first round.  I defeated the former Pride Champion, Jett Wilder, and former Unstable member, Cyrus Riddle to get to where I’m at.  To say it was a little..too…easy, would be a gigantic massive fucking understatement!  I came back to 4CW to restore order, yes, but I’ve found that my path in doing that so far has been met with me hardly breaking a sweat.  What the fuck is wrong with that picture?!  People were expecting a fight between Jett Wilder and myself and I demolished him.  People were especially expecting a fight, a showdown with Cyrus Riddle and I and I demolished him as well.  Now I find myself in the main event against the former 4CW Champion, Jair Hopkins.  To say I wasn’t a bit nervous to find this out, would be a massive lie.  Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I’m completely pissing my pants and expecting to put myself in overtime to get the job done.  I am afraid of NO ONE!  I have always positioned myself to succeed no matter where I’m at or who I’m facing.  My match against Jair Hopkins is no exception.”

“I’m quite aware of the success Jair found himself after my departure.  I mean, he took down 4CW’s arguably best wrestler, Jason Cashe, to win the 4CW Championship.  I may have come here on a mission to knock Cashe off his pedestal, but I still have to give the man credit for being as good as he is.  Enjoy the plug while you can, Cashe, because changes are in store for you.  This 4CW Championship tournament, while the matches have been alarmingly easy stepping stones for me, has still be a perfect spectacle for everyone to enjoy as its epicness has unfolded.  The main event for Jair against myself couldn’t have ended up anywhere else than the main event.  I told everyone upon my return that I was not only setting my sights on new heights and targets, but that I would once again set myself up for INSTANT SUCCESS!  I have not disappointed ANYONE in my quest to do just that.  I’ve been called many things and I’ve been compared to many things, and instant contender has always been at the very tip top of my resume.  What I do, how I do it and how I go about it, can’t be matched by ANYONE else!  It is merely something that makes me unique and something that makes me stick out through all the superstars in 4CW.  That goal, that vision is only going to get better for me moving forward, especially after this coming Adrenaline.”

“North Carolina, there isn’t a better place in all the land to…duke, see what I did there, it out.  4CW is all about the betterment of competition, the spirit of competition, and it’s something I’ve always prided myself of since being in 4CW.  I’m about changing things up, keeping them fresh and keeping my specters interested in what I’m doing.  It’s something that has always come natural for me, but there was a time where I had to perfect it first.  My return to 4CW is about me perfecting another soon to be natural art of wrestling and something I will continue to craft and evolve in 4CW.  Perhaps that’s what separates me from all the rest is because of what I’m willing to do in order to succeed.  That’s why everyone has seen a focused, determined and very mindful Hollywood.  There will be no one else like me that ever comes along in the future.  That’s why I’m constantly setting records and setting a benchmark for myself in 4CW.  Will there be someone who steps up and match my success and even excel beyond that?  Sure, absolutely.  However, there will not be someone LIKE me!  This 4CW Championship Tournament is all about opportunities and climbing the ladder to the top and grabbing that coveted, top prize.  I didn’t come into this tournament, or 4CW to fuck around, I came back because business needs to be taken care of.  It’s only a matter of time before I reshape 4CW permanently and mold it into my image, the image of the Order.  It WILL happen, it’s merely a matter of time before it happens.  The foundation of 4CW will be reshaped and it will transform all around the stars of 4CW.  It will change some people’s outlooks and it will not even be noticed by others.  In the end, it’s up to YOU to adapt to those changes.  That’s just another thing that has been so special about this 4CW Championship Tournament.”

“This Tournament is not just an opportunity, but a test.  Only the strong will survive and that’s why there are four superstars right now who fit that title.  Facing off against you, Jair, is not only going to be my biggest challenge, but it will be the biggest test to date for me since debuting in 4CW from the very beginning.  I have always been impressed with your in ring abilities, Jair, and I know when the main event bell rings for our match, I’m going to be in for one fucking hell of a fight.  You know what though?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve been craving….no…I’ve been DESPERATELY wanting a challenge in 4CW to truly test my abilities and just how good I am or not here in 4CW.  I know as I progress in this tournament, it’s only going to get that much more difficult but I have, I am and I will ALWAYS be up for the challenge!”

“Since we are on the subject of challenges, though, there must be something I absolutely need to address.  While I recognize the tough challenges this tournament displays, there is one underlining fact that must become public for everyone to know, especially you, Jair.  I came back here to WIN!  I came back here in the efforts of becoming the very best in 4CW.  I know there’s always going to be room for growing.  I also know there is going to be adjustments along the way, but I’m someone who adapts to the environment QUICKLY!  I have always adapted to my surroundings in a timely and swift manner and the goal has always been to make the biggest impact.  That has always been my mission from the very start.  Which brings up an interesting point that I must make, Jair.”

“I know you remember damn well who I am.  I know you also know the level of success I had in my first run in 4CW and while I know it’s hard for you to admit that NewGen was the best god damn tag team in 4CW history, the fact remains that in my absence, there STILL has NEVER been a more dominant, and clear cut best tag team since I left!  Sure, there have been great tag teams that have proven to rise to the occasion, but all those tag teams, including the team of Black Listed that beat Jace Savage and myself, even they fell to their demise.  If there is one thing you are absolutely forgetting about Jair, it’s that NewGen has and STILL holds the longest, most dominant tag team title reign in 4CW history.  So if these teams that you speak of are so great, than why are they still in NewGen’s shadow?  You see, that’s the point I’m trying to make, Jair.  I’m a fucking conundrum and one that isn’t easy to figure out.  Hell, those that have tried, have failed to do so.  Those that came close, by the time that they did, they had already fallen and failed just like the rest.  You see that is what separates me from the rest of the history of this great business and that’s something you will come to find out on Adrenaline as well.”

“I know you’ve had the taste of 4CW Championship gold before, Jair, and that’s what may immediately give you the advantage over me, but the most important thing to take note is that everything I have set my sights on, I have obtained.  I recognize that I’m targeting the greatest prize in all of 4CW, but I don’t target that lightly.  I know I’m in for a fight with each passing round in this tournament.  I know that I’m going to have to dig deep down and pull out some spectacular surprises for all of 4CW, including yourself, to be witness of.  The thing about opportunities though, Jair, is that opportunity is my last name.  They don’t call me the Strategic Opportunist for nothing you know.  If there is but one more thing you absolutely have to know is the mentality of this tournament and the way I see it.”

“You have been 4CW Champion before, Jair, I haven’t.  The difference, you might think, is not in what you think you and everyone else thinks.  It is easier for you to see your path to the finals and fighting for another chance of the 4CW Championship because you’re at least a former champion.  However, for someone like me, it’s something completely new.  Therein lies what should scare you to fucking death, Jair!  I haven’t been there before and I crave to be there!  I want nothing more than to be the 4CW Champion!  I will do what I must to see that vision play out!  Unfortunately for you, you’re going to be fighting a man who has been hungry for a long time.  Ever since I left 4CW, I have NEVER taken my eyes of what has been going on here.  I have plotted my return for quite some time and I plotted my every move, tactics and strategies very carefully.  I’m not here by accident, Jair, and you are going to find that out FIRST HAND!  I’m just getting started, Jair, and I’m afraid there’s nothing that’s going to stop me, let alone stand in my way of success.”

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