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Ante Up V / Kaz Lives
« on: June 23, 2018, 11:29:34 PM »

The scene opens up on the outskirts of Las Vegas. We see an old, abandoned church on the verge of being torn down with bodies moving in and out of it as they take out what remains. In the midst of these bodies, we spot a familiar blue and purple-haired being. In her hands is a wooden box and she settles it down on a nearby half wall. Inside of the box are old pamphlets, a couple of torn Bibles, and other miscellaneous, but beneath it all, there's something that catches the eye of Kaz Bonham.

A pair of wayfarer style sunglasses. She sets aside the rest of the box to be scavenged and thrown away, but Kaz holds onto the sunglasses, clipping them to her shirt. The day progresses on and Kaz eventually finishes the work, heading back into town, and enjoying the life of the Vegas strip. With the sun high in the sky, Kaz takes the sunglasses from her shirt, and puts them on; they work, but the view is a little different. Kaz looks around at the various signs, billboards, and posters that litter the strip.

What once were posters for burlesque shows and advertisements for casinos are now white canvases with "HARRY STYLES",. "ONE DIRECTION", "TAYLOR SWIFT", and other teenybop idol names. She removes the sunglasses and the world is back to normal, but as soon as she puts them back on, everything changes once more. But perhaps the most disturbing change as Kaz walks down the strip, she accidentally bumps into someone, and as she looks at's American Tommy! She removes her glasses, ready to confront him, but all she sees is a middle-aged man with grey hair.

"What are you staring at?"


She offers an apologetic smile as she slowly lifts the sunglasses up halfway; the greyness of the hair remaining, but the face is unmistakable. Looking at others passing by, they all seem so normal, but in the sea of bodies, every now and again, she spots an American Tommy. A sight that shakes Kaz to her core. She takes off the sunglasses once more and looks into the camera.

"Folks...some strange things have been happenin' lately. All you gotta do is take one look at the past few weeks here in 4CW to know. Octane...she's gone. But the strangest thing of all? American Tommy. I told y'all that American Tommy could be seen as a joke by everyone else, but he was Ignition Champion for a reason. And even though I knew what he was capable of…" Kaz pauses a bit, reflecting on her losses against Tommy, "...I still underestimated him. And I paid for that mistake, but I wasn't the only one."

"Say what you want, but as it stands? American Tommy's a winner. It can be against me, against Cosmo, against anyone...and he's a winner." Kaz gives a nod of respect despite everything. "And lately? He's been more of a pest than usual. That's his nature though. That's how Tommy wants to carry himself, y'all, who am I to judge? Shoot, I go huntin' for Bigfoot. Tommy likes cheatin' his way to victory and pretendin' to be like his pop idols."

" those pop idols, Tommy? You're having your time in the sun, you might even win at Ante Up, you might become the Octane Champion, but just like those pop idols...they all fall eventually. Love'em or hate'em, you can't deny their popularity and their talent, but what happens when that fades, Tommy?" Kaz tilts her head a bit, glaring into the camera. "What happens when you're not hittin' it out of the park anymore? There's a shelf life for your kind, Tommy. And I reckon come Ante Up? You're gonna find out just how little time you got left."

She holds her glare for a moment before perking back up into a smile. "Pop stars come and go, but the 80s? The 80s never died! And neither will Kaz Bonham! You can hold your victories over me, Tommy, keep those close to your chest because at the end of Ante Up? I'll be holdin' my Octane Championship over you." Her joyful smile turns cocky for a flash. "I will say, despite everything, Tommy, I do respect you for tryin' to step up to me though. You didn't earn those victories, but you got them."

"And I gotta do what I've been doin' since I walked into 4CW. I gotta prove myself. I gotta show that what you did was just a one time thing. That means I ain't lettin' you near the Octane Championship." Her smile fades once more. "The brand that I loved is gone, but the belt is still here and I'll be damned if I let someone like you hold it, Tommy. I respect you, but I sure as hell don't like you and I ain't ashamed to admit it. You're a weasel, Tommy."

"I ain't afraid of you, I ain't even afraid of losing the Octane Championship." A nonchalant shrug from Kaz. "If it's my time? Then it's my time, but you know I'm goin' down with a fight. You know I'm gonna do everything to make sure you're goin' through hell and back for this. If you wanna stop pretendin' to be a wrestler and actually want to be one? You beat me fair and square. You're doin' this on my terms; not yours. I let these folks down once before against you, I know you ain't interested in provin' yourself to them, but like those pop stars, gotta shine."

"You gotta want this! You gotta want this more than anything you've ever wanted in your entire life! I worked hard every day for years just to get to this point and when I thought I didn't stand a chance...I came out walkin' as the Octane Champion." Kaz proudly smiles; verbally patting herself on the back. "Now the ball's in your court. This is game seven, Tommy. This is the biggest stage you've performed on. Are you goin' to show these people that you've actually got some substance? Or are you just going to be what I figured you were all along…"

Kaz chuckles a bit and shakes her head. "A one hit wonder." She stands still for a moment; letting it sink in. "So I hope you're ready to fight because these sunglasses are showin' me the reality you live in, Tommy. And it ain't mine. I'm doin' what it takes at Ante Up to make sure our realities stay as far apart as possible. I'm not goin' to be like you. I'm not goin' to be this sad, little man, Tommy." Another shake of the head. "Instead, I'm goin' to stay who I am."

"And that's the Octane Champion. I put down Bryan Laughlin, I put down Bryan Williams, I put down the team of Cosmo Cooper and Jeb Fisher by myself." She breaks for a moment and offers a coy smile. "Sorry, QT." And then resumes her point. "I can certainly put down American Tommy. Like I said, this is the big stage, Tommy. What happened before this? It don't matter none once that bell rings, once those bright lights shine upon you, and once you hear the roarin' of all my Bonham Care Bears out there!"

"This pressure? This hype? I thrive on it! Laughlin said I couldn't do it. I did it. Williams said I couldn't do it. I did it. We're allowed to underestimate you, Tommy, because all you've done is base your career on luck." Kaz scoffs. "That's runnin' out now. This atmosphere? This is what I love. Back me in the corner, tell me why I won't, and I'll show you every damn reason why I can! Because that's the Kaz Bonham way! I ain't lettin' you tell me anything, Tommy. I ain't lettin' you beat me. And I sure as hell ain't lettin' you walk out of Ante Up with the Octane Championship."

"Beat me a million times before, but if it ain't at Ante Up, I'm not botherin' with it. You prove to me that you're worthy of my belt and I'll prove to you why you're not. That sound like a fair gamble to you?" Kaz smirks with her offer. "I'll gladly walk out those doors and let everyone know that you're better than me...but it ain't happenin'. Maybe that's arrogant or ignorant or, shoot, maybe it's both...but I didn't luck into this championship. I didn't luck into defending it time and time again."

"When you fell, when Bronx fell...that made me the longest reignin' champion here in 4CW and I intend on keepin' it that way. As it stands, I got all the hype, all the pressure, and I'll happily admit that I'm the best standin' champion in 4CW right now." Another cocky grin from Kaz and it seems like all of her walking as finally led her to the back entrance of the T-Mobile Arena. She enters the arena with a smile wider than ever as she soaks in the backstage area.

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. Oh...and Tommy?"

Kaz looks into the camera one more time

"I'm all out of bubblegum."

Adrenaline / Our House
« on: June 04, 2018, 01:55:31 AM »

We open on an outside shot of some ancient Victorian-designed house before zooming inside of it where we find the Octane Champion, Kaz Bonham, dressed in some vintage, stereotypical 80s British working-class clothes as "Our House" by Madness plays in the background. Her hair's done up with a bandana covering it as she irons out what appears to be her latest spandex themed wrestling gear. The Octane Championship is perched upon the kitchen counter next to her and she looks up at the camera with a big smile upon her face.

"It's been so long, y'all! I was being to, like, think we'd never see each other again!" Kaz's face lights up once more. "I feel like there's so much to talk about and so little time, y'all. But shoot, that's alright, because when Ante Up comes rollin' around, we'll have plenty of time then! Until that time...I'm keepin' my lips sealed when it comes to American Tommy and his cheatin', no good, wease-" Kaz cuts herself off and turns her head; her smile fading away for the first time, but she quickly brings it back as she looks toward the audience.

"No, no, this week is all about one man and it wouldn't be fair if I talked about Tommy. Because I'm talkin' 'bout a man who worked his way up to come and join some of the best in, like, the entire world!" The thought of being in that criteria brings an extra perkiness in Kaz's voice. "This man has wrestled all over the freakin' world and he's made it to 4CW. Of course, I'm talkin' 'bout Craig Anderson, y'all! Someone who I've just been amazed with every since I started watchin' him wrestle! And now? I get to freakin' wrestle against him!"

"A dream come true, y'all." She tries to contain herself from completely fangirling. "I've had the honor of gettin' to compete against some of the biggest names in wrestlin' and they're all goin' out and doin' gnarly things...but here, y'all? I'm lookin' to do gnarly things here in 4CW. I know I ain't a world class name, but I happy bringin' my class of wrestlin' here to 4CW. Once upon a time, that meant Octane, but now…"

There's some sadness that trails off from Kaz's voice; thinking about the Octane venue going up in flames. "Now...I'm here to represent all of 4CW on Adrenaline!" She nearly struggles to bring back the excitement in her voice. "I might not be fightin' on Octane anymore, but y'all best know I'm still fightin' to keep my Octane Championship! And while it ain't on the line against Craig, I almost wish that it was, y'all. I'd get an opponent who'd respect it." A quick roll of the eye to accompany Kaz's shade. "I'd get an opponent who I know is gonna bring out the best in me!"

"When you look at us, folks, there's no way I've got a chance against Craig. Have y'all seen how good he is?! I mean, shoot, all those flips and everything!" Kaz has a genuine impressed look upon her face. "But when that bell rings, I'm, like, goin' to do everything to show that I belong in the same field as Craig Anderson. I proved myself to be one of the best on Octane, now I gotta do it here on Adrenaline. And to me, there ain't a better name to start with than Craig Anderson."

"It ain't very flatterin' to act so brash, but folks, I need to. With what's on the horizon? I need to step up, folks, because I've let y'all down lately." The tone of Kaz's voice dampens. "And I can't let y'all down anymore. So while I'm excited to face Craig...I know I can't get lost in the spectacle of it." She shakes her head a bit in disappointment. "Once it's show time? I'm, like, doin' whatever I need to do in order to prepare for Ante Up, y'all."

"I believe in myself, I know what I can do, but sometimes, even with my Bonham Care Bears backin' me up...I can still make mistakes. I remember that I'm not immortal and that I can be weak." Once again, Kaz looks away from the camera. "I can't keep doin' that...and I won't be put down!" And like that, Kaz is fired right back up! "It don't matter if it's against Craig, Tommy, Cosmo, or anyone else on this roster, I'm out there to prove myself as one of the best in the world every night! I ain't lettin' nobody, but Kaz Bonham put me down."

Kaz gives a strong, confident nod to the audience. "Craig's good, but the greatest opponent you can face is yourself, y'all...and I ain't losin' this match. Not on Adrenaline, not at Ante Up, or anywhere else, y'all. And again, Craig, I'm honored to be steppin' into the ring against you...I wish things were different, but, like, it can't be rad all the time, dude." She offers a condolence shrug for Craig. "You've been all over, you've done great things, but I gotta do greater things. And beatin' you is one of those greater things, Craig."

"I can't play the underdog anymore, Craig. I can't say that I hope I'm able to put on a great match against you and that it'll be a hard fought match." Kaz softly shakes her head again. "I gotta know I can win. I've gotta win, Craig. Octane meant the world to me and that's last memory of it was watchin' me fail over and over again those last few shows. I'm startin' off my time on Adrenaline with a high note and that means beatin' you on our first night there."

"As great and as strong as Octane was, as much as I tried to make it the most important brand in our industry...I failed. But I'm carryin' that legacy with me onto Adrenaline. I'm rightin' my wrongs, Craig!" She yells out with confidence as she throws her iron to the side and picks up the Octane Championship. "I'm the longest reignin' Octane Champion and I wanna make sure that long after I'm retired, folks still remember what Octane was all about. I'm makin' my mark against you, Craig. And then I'm makin' it against everyone else that steps up!"

"Craig Anderson's one of the best in, like, the entire world...and I'm lookin' to be the best in Adrenaline." It sounds almost humbling from Kaz as she smiles bright again. "I've beaten a lot of greats and I'm gonna keep doin' it as long as this grapplin' heart of mine is still beatin'! For a lot of us graps folk, wrestlin' is all we got and if we ain't bein' the best?" Her smile turns a bit cocky. "Then it don't matter none. Wrestlin' lets me It lets me talk about Bigfoot, malls, and hair metal bands...without? I'm just Katherine Bonham."

Kaz scoffs a bit and keeps up her smile. "Don't get me wrong now, y'all, Katherine? She's great. But Kaz? Kaz Bonham?" She whistles. "One of a kind. That's the person folks talk about and that's who I'm always goin' to be. So, Craig? I ain't losin' at Adrenaline. Bring what you got, bring it all cause you're gonna need it! You're only facin' the best Kaz Bonham in the world, Craig! You're facin' the Graps Goddess! You need this match to makeup for your shortcomin's on Octane and so do I...who's gonna, like, want it more?"

"I can already tell ya." To further drive home her point, Kaz taps on the faceplate of the Octane Championship. "I respect everything you do, Craig, it's, like, totally rad! But what I do is pretty freakin' rad too and I've got to keep things rollin'. I've got to bounce back after my failures, Craig. I've GOT to beat you!" One more strong nod to hammer it in. "I've got to continue to carry this Octane Championship with me everywhere I go because it's my job now to remind everyone of where we came from...and just how great we were."

"It's all ash now, Craig. There's no rebuildin'. It's just movin' onto Adrenaline. This is where we're goin' to make our names all over again." Kaz tries to look strong; getting a bit emotional about the passing of Octane. "I know you're goin' to be great here, Craig, but I've got to be great first. This is my first test and Ante Up is the's now or, like, never. We're two dreamers, Craig, but I'm not wastin' the day away." She undoes the bandanna and throw sit to the ground with purpose.

A slower version of "Our House" by Madness starts to pick up one more time as Kaz makes her way out of the house and she walks to the front of it. She holds up the Octane Championship high above her head as black smoke starts to plume out from the house behind her.

"The flame that ate away Octane? It's now the flame I'm carryin' in my heart! Adrenaline is our house now and I'm always lookin' to be Wednesday's best."

Event Production / Re: Octane E20 Production Script
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:04:30 PM »
Backstage #8 plz

Octane / This Charming Man
« on: April 30, 2018, 07:59:35 PM »

Four white walls with a lone window full of a bright white light beaming toward the center of the room with a pile of flowers. Cue "This Charming Man" by The Smiths and in walks Kaz Bonham with several gaudy gold chains to accompany the gold Octane Championship on her shoulder, holding a handful of flowers as well. She struts into the frame with a lackadaisical attitude and walks onto the pile of flowers, trying to be as moody and artsy as Morrissey himself, but the moment she looks into the camera, Kaz breaks character with a large smile on her face.

"I'm proud." An earnest nod from Kaz. "Say what you want about American Tommy or how he won, it don't really matter none to me, folks, because he won. And that's what matters. If Tommy's gotta play, like, foul to win, then that's his game. It ain't mine, but I ain't gonna be foolish enough to say I don't respect that." Kaz chuckles a bit. "In wrestlin', it's win and nothing else. There ain't no second place. So if people say Tommy cheated me out of a victory, well, that simply ain't true."

She shakes her head a bit. "No, folks, Kaz Bonham cheated Kaz Bonham out of a victory. That's the truth right there and all I gotta do now is look forward to seein' Tommy again and makin' myself better." Another strong nod as she begins twirling the flowers in her hand. "This week on Octane, I get a chance to show that I've gotten better! And I get to do so teamin' with my best friend, y'all!" She jumps in excitement at the mention of QT Reese. "But that ain't all, folks! This week it's QT Reese and me takin' on American Tommy...and Kimitsu Zombie!"

"I reckon it's only a matter of time before Tommy and me meet again, a real, honest chance at beatin' him again, but for now, we got ourselves a tag match, y'all! Kimitsu Zombie, a big Adrenaline star moseying on down to Octane. What an honor, y'all!" There's no trace of sarcasm in Kaz's voice as she says this. "A former Pride Champion makin' their way on down to Octane and gettin' a chance to beat have I heard that one before?" Kaz smirks a bit as she strokes her chin before finally shrugging. "Oh, shoot, I remember! And I remember how that went for him too."

"Course, me sayin' that doesn't mean I ain't lookin' forward to seein' you, Kimi. I'll always have a smile on my face when y'all Adrenaline folk come on down to try and show you're better than us Octane folk." A roll of the eyes. "But not only that, she gets to come on down and team with her boyfriend, folks. That's, like, totes adorable! It almost makes me feel a bit guilty that I'm gonna have to beat them." A nonchalant shrug. "But it's still gonna be gnarly, y'all! I know Kimi's been on a real rough patch, folks, but I ain't gonna discredit her for that."

"Because for as much as I try to emphasize that Octane is just as good as Adrenaline...they still got some top notch talent up there. And even if success ain't on Kimi's side lately, that don't change the fact that she used to do Adrenaline AND Octane back in the day...that's pretty rad." A genuine smile from Kaz. "I respect that a lot...but that bein' said, I respect you, but I ain't lettin' you waltz in here and lettin' you think that cause Tommy beat me, you got a chance too."

Another small laugh from Kaz. "You can say I gotta carry QT like everyone else says, but remember what I said earlier, folks? Winnin' is all that matters. All that matters is that QT Reese and Kaz Bonham defeated the 4CW Tag Team Champions." Like a mic, Kaz drops the flowers in her hand and smirks. "There ain't many folks who get to say that, but QT Reese does. Call him whatever you wanna call him, folks, it don't matter much to me...but at the end of the day, you better call him, like, a winner! Because when others left when it got too difficult...QT Reese has stayed here week after week!" There's some serious sternness in Kaz's voice as she backs up her partner.

"That's why I'll never be worried about what QT does. He might be dead weight to y'all, but he's my best friend. Sure, he might always be lookin' for a way to run and hide...but he's right by my side when it's time to go to battle." An intense stare from Kaz as she says this. "And I know he'll be by my side when it's time to take on Kimi and Tom-"

Just as Kaz is getting ready to finish her sentence, QT Reese barges into the room. "Are you still filming this? I'm so BORED." He lets out a large sigh as Kaz shakes her head.

"Don't you have someone to go troll on Twitter?"

"Yes, but hurry up. This is so BORING. Who even likes The Smiths?" With that, QT goes back onto his phone and backs out of the room as Kaz tries to get back on track.

"Like I was sayin'...QT's a great partner to have." She forces a smile after that interruption. "And Kimi and Tommy are great opponents. I was sayin' earlier that Kimi's had a lot of misfortune, but if there's a place to bounce's Octane." Her smile becomes a bit more sincere now. "A show where anything can happen and this might just be what Kimi, like, needs to get back on top on Adrenaline...unfortunately, that means she's gonna have to beat me and, well, folks?" That smile of Kaz's quickly turns into a cocky one. "I ain't lettin' that happen."

"I respect that a lot of folks see me as the top dog here in Octane and truthfully, I'm doin' everything in my power to keep that comin'. So I know Kimi would love nothing more than to go and run back to Adrenaline to tell the world she beat the Octane Champion." As she says this, Kaz pats the faceplate of the belt. "And I'd love to finally find Bigfoot, but I know that ain't happenin' anytime soon. You'll bounce back eventually, Kimi, I know just how tough you are, but it ain't gonna happen on my watch and on my brand."

"Tommy beat me, but I ain't lettin' it happen again. Not with you on his team. I don't care if I gotta beat the two of you on my own...Octane is for Octane only." The topic of brand loyalty brings out some passion in Kaz's voice. "I'd do anything for this show and I'm gonna go out there to show that Octane ain't where folks like Kimitsu Zombie and Bryan Williams and anyone else from Adrenaline come down and act like they're better than us."

Her smile is replaced with a cold glare as Kaz's eyes narrow. "Tommy might be okay with that, but, like, I ain't. Octane isn't a steppin' stone! So I'm really sorry to say, Kimi, but you're walkin' out of here with another loss on your record. And Tommy?" A faint smirk forms at the mention of his name. "Tommy, we ain't finished yet and I know this match ain't gonna settle anything between us. You beat me and you know that I'm gonna be lookin' to get that win back. This tag match? It's nice, but it ain't the real thing. I'm ready for round two though...are you?"

"Cause I'm always ready, folks!" Kaz's voice booms throughout the empty room. "While this match ain't settlin' much, it's gonna settle why Octane is the best brand! I ain't gonna ask you to sell out your girlfriend just for Octane, Tommy, but I'll tell you want to hold this championship?" She unhooks the Octane Championship and holds it up. "You better respect this brand. You better be ready to defend it against invaders like your girlfriend. And so I'll ask you again, Tommy...are you ready?"

Kaz looks up at the belt for a few seconds before placing it right back onto her shoulder. "For your sake...I hope you are. I hope you recognize your place here on Octane. You wanna be the champ so bad? Like, prove it! Don't let Kimi carry win it or nothing matters." Another nod from Kaz. "When you talk about how badly you wanna be the Octane Champion, show that you're ready to hold the belt. Cheat all you want, but there's an entire locker room of names ready to step up when I'm gone...and you better be ready for them."

"That charm of being the longest reigning Ignition Champion is gonna run out real soon, Tommy and when it best hope you've got this belt on your shoulder or those sharks are comin' for you." Kaz smirks a bit. "And Kimi ain't gonna be here to protect you. It ain't sink or's swim or be eaten. Jeb Fisher taught you a bit about that, but it's a lot different when you're on top. So you tell Kimi to bring the best she's got, you bring the best you got, and us? Well...don't worry about QT and me. We'll just keep doin' what we do best."

She offers a playful wink for the camera as her smirk grows and "This Charming Man" starts to pick up again.


Octane / Maniac
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:53:23 AM »

A Saturday night. Sparks from steel work blinds the audience as a figure in a welder's uniform and mask works on something, but they soon come to a halt, standing up from their workstation and lifting up the welder's mask to reveal the Octane Champion, Kaz Bonham. She wipes the sweat from her brow and steps away as "Maniac" by Michael Sembello starts playing. Kaz unbuttons the welding jacket and underneath the heavy coat is a multi-colored leotard straight out of an 80s dance film.

As the pace of the song picks up, so does the movement of Kaz's feet, running in place, hyping herself up, and coming to an abrupt stop to properly greet the camera with her signature smile. "Y'ALL!" She smiles even wider. "The match I've been waitin' for! American Tommy! The man who was helpin' build the foundation for Octane for wrestlers like me. A man that folks wanna laugh at and say he ain't serious enough, but shoot...look at me." Kaz motions toward her ridiculous outfit with a smile. "We ain't gotta look the part, we just gotta act like it, and I'd reckon there ain't nobody better that carries that than you and me, Tommy."

"When I got started, I was just this nobody girl from a small town in Tennessee, folks thought me takin' this wrestlin' thing seriously was just a joke...they didn't think I could do it." Kaz's smile weakens. "And when I quit the first time around...they figured they were right, Tommy. They didn't think I could do it." Lowering her head, Kaz puts her hand on her hip. "So there was only one thing I could do…"

She tilts her head up slightly. "And that was prove them all wrong!" And Kaz explodes right back into that smile; a prideful look in her eyes. "And that's what you've done the moment you took that Ignition Championship! They said you'd be a paper champion, that you wouldn't last a week, and four months later, you had the last laugh, Tommy! I might say I'm leadin' this brand, that I'm carryin' it, but the truth is...if it wasn't for someone like you, Tommy? Maybe I wouldn't be here."

"That's why I'm so excited to finally wrestle again you. I've been waitin' for this for months and I'll's a shame that you ain't got that Ignition Championship with you anymore, but hey...far as I'm concerned? It's still the two best in Octane goin' at it!" The sincerity in Kaz's voice beaming through. "I've been put through hell keepin' my Octane Championship, Tommy, but you did something different and I respect that. And maybe I'm being naive, but I like to think you respect me a bit too, Tommy."

"But you don't, do you?" She shrugs. "See, Tommy, while we have a lot in common, bein' seen as started to think you were better than everyone else. You started thinkin' you were untouchable. And hey, it ain't like I'm a stranger to feelin' a bit cocky every now and again." Almost on cue, Kaz perks up with a cocky smirk. "But I know that on any given night, any given week...I know I might not walk back through that curtain with the Octane Championship on my shoulder."

"I know I've got what it takes to beat anyone on this roster, Tommy, but it ain't a guarantee." She shakes her head. "I reckon you became what you fought so hard against. You fought and fought to show that you were different than everyone else, that you wouldn't be like them...but once you started trackin' the days, when a bunch of dates became more important than perfectin' your craft and bein' the best...that's when you became just like them!" Kaz's eyes narrow. "That's why Jeb is defendin' YOUR title this week and you ain't got a thing to show for it now."

Despite the seriousness in Kaz's tone, she takes a seat on the floor, focusing on her aerobics again as she stretches out. "This should be a champion versus champion match, but beat yourself way before Jeb laid his hands on you. Everyone wants to call you a joke, say you ain't a serious wrestler and then you proved them all right." Kaz glares into the camera now. "You became a parody of everybody else, Tommy!" Says the one in a Flashdance leotard. "And I hope you ain't pullin' that again this week."

"And if you're gonna be like them, Tommy? I've got no problem carryin' Octane all by my lonesome." Finally, a smile reappears. "I'm wrestlin' like I've never wrestled before, Tommy. I'm puttin' everything I got into every single match! It don't matter if I'm facin' Cosmo Cooper or someone people see as a joke...I walk into every match knowin' I can win and knowin' I can lose, so it's up to me to prove myself wrong every single Octane!" Kaz slowly rises to her feet, thumping her chest with her fist as she does so. "That Octane Championship I carry...the one that name after name says I don't's up to me to PROVE THEM WRONG TOO!"

With her temper rising, Kaz's footwork does too. "I can list out everyone I've beaten, Tommy, but just like you did against Jeb, it don't mean a damn thing if I can't back it up." She shakes her head, sweat whipping off from her hair. "But just because you let them win, I know you're not gonna let me walk in and win, Tommy. I've been to this rodeo before. This week is all about dustin' yourself off and sayin' that you got a chance at knockin' the Octane Champion...and you know, Tommy? Seth thought that. Bryan Williams thought so too."

"But the difference between you and Bryan? Bryan delivered on his promise to give me his best. Bryan was gonna make me earn the right to continue bein' the face of this brand and I'm still here." She scoffs. "What's your excuse, Tommy? Cause I ain't interested in listenin' to what went wrong. I wanna know what you're gonna do to make up for your failure. And I hope, I PRAY, Tommy, that beatin' Kaz Bonham is at the top of your list!"

"Because if it ain't? I don't know what to tell you, Tommy. This week ain't bout provin' them wrong, it ain't bout how Jeb beatin' you was a fluke...this week is about beatin' the Octane Champion at the top of her game." A confident nod from Kaz. "Cause I'll be damned if I let you use me as a pawn in your fight to reclaim the spotlight. I know you're gonna be steppin' into that ring with a lot of hatred in your heart, you're gonna want to shut everyone up, and you do that by beatin' me down."

Kaz lets out a soft chuckle. "But that ain't happenin'. I feel bad that you lost, I know how much that belt meant to you, but for me? Carryin' Octane? That means more to me than anything else I've got in my life. More than Bigfoot. More than goin' to the mall!" A glare from Kaz; she's all business right now. "Losin' to you means I'm failin' and I've failed once before in my career...I ain't doin' it again, Tommy. And I certainly ain't losin' to someone who sold out everything they fought for!"

"We started out the same, but we'll be standin' face-to-face as completely different wrestlers. I don't ask for respect, I don't ask for people to take me seriously...instead I just earn their respect by doin' what I do best." Kaz's flashdance starts to pick up even more; the intensity of the aerobics matching her tone. "And that's beatin' them! That's by retainin' my Octane Championship, that's by headin' into a war each week, and comin' out covered in blood, but wipin' away all that dirt and blood from MY championship!"

"I've worked all my life for this spot. I've got a hunger that never left me! People laugh in my face and I've got no problem showin' them why they call me the Graps Goddess! I got no problem showin' them why I'm the face of Octane!" Kaz starts moving along the room as she dances to the rhythm of the music. "Just because I'm standin' on top of the world here in Octane doesn't mean I'm not lookin' to go higher, Tommy. I'm never satisfied and right now, we're standin' on a thin line to determine who the best in Octane truly is."

"Above that line is the knife that divides us; that knife is this main event! And at Octane, I'm goin' to use that knife to cut that line, I'm goin' to PROVE to the world that I can beat you! I'm puttin' Octane on the map as the place that's the BEST in 4CW! I'm not lettin' this brand become a joke, a parody, or anything less than the best!" Kaz makes her way over to a wooden chair, taking a seat in it. "That starts this Friday when I beat you, Tommy! I just hope you're ready!" As she shouts it out, Kaz pulls on a rope right by the chair, and down comes a waterfall of water to cool the passion burning inside her.

"Because you're steppin' into the ring with a wrestlin' MANIAC, BABY!"

Octane / Breaking The Law
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Opening up on a highway road, the camera tracks down a lone convertible driving along, and one more jump takes us to the backseat where we find none than Kaz Bonham, Octane Champion. Her blue and purple hair is tied back, loose strands blowing in the wind, and she's looking out in the distance, a look of determination on her face. In the background is "Breaking The Law" by Judas Priest and after a few seconds of riding along, Kaz turns her head to the camera with a smile.

"Minority State! What a fun bunch of folks y'all are." She says, keeping that smile bright. "I know it can be easy to write me off 'cause of who I am, but I'm all about fightin' back! Makin' sure your voice is heard and makin' everyone know your name! You got your, like, cause to fight for and that's gnarly! Tryin' to make a change is great...sometimes. I think." Kaz shakes her head, trying not to lose track of her point. "But we can get to that later because we'll be runnin' in with an old friend of mine, Seth Daniels!"

"This is gonna be our third time fightin' each other and I'm just as excited as I was the first time around. I know a lot of folks here might see you as not the most approachable person or friendliest, but're a great wrestler and that's all I care about I reckon." Kaz's smile grows a bit, a nod of respect. "So when I saw that I was facin' you for, like, a third time, I was pretty excited 'bout it. I beat Bryan Williams at Carnivale in one of the toughest matches I've been in and now I gotta step right back up for one just as gnarly. I love it!"

"Ain't it funny how this all played out? Our first encounter was you, me, and Zeel Parks. You beat Zeel...ended up formin' this Minority State. Unfortunately Zeel ain't here anymore; just you, Ric, and Adaya. Still, that's one mighty force." Kaz nods again, but her smile isn't as strong at the mention of a potential threat. "And just because y'all haven't been havin' the greatest luck as of late...that don't mean I'm headin' into this match thinkin' y'all are just some rebels breakin' the rules just to break'em."

That being said, Kaz can't help, but smile a bit at the thought of a rebel. "I knew how good you were before Minority State and I know how good you still are. Just cause things ain't goin' your way doesn't mean anything to me. If there's anything to learn here in Octane, it's that anything can, like, happen any given week. Don't matter how much you win or lose." The smile fades some more as Kaz almost glares into the camera. "It's 'bout how you bounce back the next show."

"Cause last time we met, Seth? It was a war. This time?" She chuckles. "It ain't gonna be any different. Now that I got this Octane Championship with me? That just means I gotta fight even harder to prove myself no matter how many times I retain it. And you?" The smirk returns. "You're fightin' to prove Minority State is still goin' strong. Because y'all have been given opportunity after opportunity to prove that...but you just can't get over that last little hump. Y'all come so close and it almost breaks my heart."

"Y'all are so passionate about what you believe in, but the just ain't at full force yet. And I know y'all wanna break the laws of wrestlin'. You wanna try to shift and shape everything into your own little world." Kaz's smirk widens and she laughs again. "But that change is only comin' if you can win, Seth. That changes happens by makin' a statement beatin' the Octane Champion! I ain't tryin' to brag, but I beat Cosmo and Jeb with QT...y'all didn't. I beat Laughlin, you didn't."

"How long are you goin' to wait to make your message heard, Seth?" A genuine question from Kaz. "I didn't think I was ready to be, like, the Octane Champion the first time we met one-on-one and well, three months later, here I am! I told the world that someday I was gonna reach this point...and I did it. What about you, Seth?" She tilts her head a bit. "This is your statement match. You're so focused on tryin' to break the system that you forgot what made you successful in the first place, Seth."

There's a look of disappointment on Kaz's face. The convertible finally takes a stop, right outside of what appears to be a bank. Kaz hops out of the car and walks in with that look of determination on her face once more.

"If you want the world to listen to Minority State? You gotta give them a message worth hearin'. So take what you think should be yours, Seth. Take this victory!" Kaz pumps her fist a bit before pushing through the bank doors and looking around the place. "Octane's a dangerous land. It chews and spits people out like no other. And while you're trying to get away from that? I'm embracin' it. I came into Octane, like, a naive Bigfoot huntin' wrestler and now I'm...well, I reckon I ain't all that different, but now you can put 'Champion' onto that."

Kaz winks at that as she moves through the bank, heading to what appears to be some kind of cartoonishly oversized vault. "Back in January, I knew you were more than capable of winnin' a war against me...but now? I don't know, Seth. I do know that somewhere, the man who fought in flames to try and beat Laughlin exists somewhere in there...but I don't know how buried you keep him, Seth." Her disappointment grows a bit, but she shakes her head and looks toward the bank vault. "Now if y'all will excuse me for a moment."

Rearing back, Kaz lets out her big ol' signature Bigfoot howl and somehow the vibrations are enough to open the vault door up! As it opens, Kaz steps into the vault, and spots what she's been looking for. Right behind some iron bars is the Octane Championship and without hesitation, Kaz pulls the bars apart! She reaches in and pulls out the Octane Championship, a smile back on her face as she puts the belt on her shoulder, and turns back to the camera.

"This? The Octane Championship is something I'm willin' to do anything for. I'm willin' to fight anyone! I'm willin' to fight in any challenge! Because all I got is Octane and the Octane Championship and I ain't lettin' anyone take that away from me!" The intensity picks up in Kaz's tone. "That's what you should be doin', Seth. You're fightin' for your cause, but do you, like, believe in it? Cause I believe in mine. I believe in makin' Octane the best wrestling brand in the entire world! And I can't do that if you ain't doin' your part in steppin' up and tryin' to take me down!"

"I want that fire from you, Seth. The Minority State is great and all, but that ain't you. You were no nonsense, you marched to the beat of your own were someone to fear, Seth! A contender! But now…" Kaz shrugs her shoulders, almost defeated. "I don't know what to call you. I mentioned wasted potential a lot with Bryan Williams and, Seth, I reckon you ain't that different. Because you should've held some gold here in 4CW by now. The Octane Championship, the Ignition Championship, the 4CW Tag Championships...but what do you have to show for it all?"

Nothing. And the silence that follows Kaz's question is all that needs to be said. "I wanna take pride in sayin' that I look forward to bein' in the ring with you again and that I look forward to beatin' you again." She says with a slight smirk, but it fades away soon after. "I don't wanna wrestle against a shell of your former self, Seth. I want you to step up! You said us meetin' on the battlefield was gonna be epic? And it was! I said I had to prove myself against you? And I did!"

"It's your turn now, Seth. Step up, prove yourself to me, prove to yourself that you've got what it takes to beat a champion! To BE a champion, Seth! Break away from the Minority State!" Kaz hypes herself up, making her exit from the vault. "Take what's yours! Fight for what's yours! Hell, fight to show that you're still alive, Seth! Because Kaz Bonham is! Y'all can set me on fire, put me through tables, and cut me wide open...and I'll still show up the next Octane ready for more!"

"I ain't gonna whine. I ain't gonna complain. I ain't, like, pickin' a Twitter fight with Ric or Adaya, I'm tryin' to pick a fight with you in the ring. I'm gonna do what I've been doin' best at...and that's winnin'. This is your chance to show what you've got, Seth! Take that anger in your heart, turn it into something useful. Stop wastin' my time and your potential. I'm givin' you another opportunity. All I'm askin' is this...are you gonna take it?" Kaz stops as she exits the bank, looking into the camera, and smiling. There's an unusual swagger in Kaz's voice. "Or are you gonna let me walk out Octane the same way I tend to leave every show?"

Hopping into the back of the convertible, Kaz wastes no time demonstrating what she means as she stands up in the backseat, lifting the Octane Championship up above her head.

"When Octane is here, what are you gonna do, Seth? You bringin' me that war again? Or is losing with the Minority State the new status quo for you? Cause I think...I KNOW you're better than that! And I want you to prove it! Fight for yourself, not for them! Give me that war, Seth! I want that competition, not a protest! When that bell sounds, you better hit me as hard as you can!"

Kaz's eyes narrow, that look of disappointment turning into one of optimism. The convertible starts moving and Kaz stands firm, belt still high in the air with a hint of cockiness in her voice.

"And maybe that'll be enough for you to beat me."

Event Production / Re: Octane E18 Production Script
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Backstage #9 please

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E83 Production Script
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Backstage #8 for Ana pleaseeee

Carnivale I / Stand By Kaz
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We open to a shot of a pick-up truck parked outside of a wrestling school and as we get closer, we see Kaz Bonham sitting in the driver's seat, staring down at something on the passenger's side. The camera shifts to what she's staring at and it's an online article printed out, the date reading Saturday, March 24th, 2018. The camera zooms out a bit to reveal the headline that reads "KAZ BONHAM RETAINS AGAINST BRYAN WILLIAMS". She stares at it a little longer before sighing and looking out the window; walking by are two students heading into the school and as the camera starts to zoom in on Kaz, a narration begins, and the shot begins to fade in another scene.

"I was twenty-seven going on twenty-eight first time I won a championship." Continuing to fade away from the truck to show Kaz Bonham walking down an empty railroad track by the woods, her Octane Championship around her shoulder. "It happened in the summer of twenty-seventeen. A long time ago. But only if you measure in terms of years. I was wrestlin' in a small brand in 4CW called Octane. There were only 22 wrestlers, but to me it was the whole world."

The narration fades as we step into present time with Kaz smiling at the camera. "What a journey, y'all. I started as some nobody chasin' a dream after college. I wrestled, I had my hopes crushed and buried...I gave up." The smile fades a bit at this point, but Kaz stays strong. "I gave up, I went back home, and I thought that was it...but a year went by and I wasn't happy with what I was doin'. That ring? That ring is my home. It's everything I got. A degree doesn't guarantee happiness, but every time I step into that ring? Win or lose...I'm comin' out of there with some positive outlook."

"Everyone around me said this was just a pipedream, my ma didn't want me wastin' my time, and even my fellow wrestlers wanted to put me down...but I couldn't stay down." Kaz's smile grows wider. "So when I got my first win here, yeah, maybe I was lucky. Then I won another. And another. And another. And I kept on winnin' until I was able to call myself the Octane Champion. But y'all...that wasn't enough. I went from bein' a nobody who only wrestled on the weekends to someone who is livin' their dream, but that ain't enough."

"Because that's what makes me happy, y'all. Being able to wrestle for Octane and constantly improve, constantly face some of the greatest names in this industry? That's what makes me happy. So when someone like Bryan Laughlin tried to put a stop to that...I had to become someone I never wanted to be. I had to be the person who gave up, the person who had to bury this Kaz Bonham." Kaz looks up and away for a moment, stopping, and taking a deep breath before continuing. "But I didn't give up. I didn't let that positive outlook die because Bryan Laughlin brutalized QT. I wanted to...but I didn't. And that's why I'm still standin' here as the Octane Champion."

"This brand is my home. I could get fired tomorrow and I'd still call Octane my home. Y'all have given so much to me and I'm startin' to realize that this debt?" She laughs. "I won't ever be able to repay this debt, but I'm gonna try like hell. That means bein' the best and beatin' the best. I'm so honored to be the Octane Champion and there are so many people here on Octane I wanna prove myself against. Tornado, Tommy, Blaise, Kaelan...I wanna show that I can beat them."

"So when I see that I have to defend my Octane Championship against a man I beat on his first night here...well, shoot, I ain't disappointed." A smirk of confidence appears. "People can, like, say that Bryan didn't deserve a chance at a title shot after I beat him...that he's just ridin' on his name, but say what you want...he won. So that don't matter none now. Mr. Walker sees something rad in him and I already told y'all that I do too." Kaz nods along with her statement. "Maybe week one was jitters for Bryan, but if you think for a moment that it gets any easier? I got some bad news for you, Bryan."

"This strap match ain't anything compared to what I've been through. What Laughlin put me through? Those two months were the biggest two months of my career...and guess what?" Kaz unhooks the belt and holds the Octane Championship up for a moment before resting it on her shoulder again. "I came outta those wars still standin'. I know this ain't gonna be easy, but I know I can do it again. Last time...I was harsh to you, Bryan, I had to be at that time...I wanna be, like, nicer, I wanna be optimistic for you...but I, like, can't."

Kaz's smirk fades away. "You know, Bryan, there was something you said against Adaya that really caught my attention…'I'm here to breathe life into something so promising'." She chuckles softly. "You'll have to forgive me if I can't help, but laugh at that, Bryan. Breathe life? Look at American Tommy. Call him a joke, discredit him, but he's currently the second longest reigning champion in 4CW and he's on Octane! The 4CW Tag Team Champions? Octane! This brand is the best thing goin' in 4CW! If you wanna be part of this so badly...maybe you 'oughta open your eyes and see what's around you, Bryan."

"You're the one who needed that breath. Octane ain't here just to prop you up long enough to lick your wounds and go runnin' on back to Adrenaline. I respect you as a wrestler, Bryan, I understand we gotta be selfish in this business, but don't you dare try and say that you're here to change or improve Octane when you don't know a damn thing about it." There's almost a look of anger in Kaz's eyes. "I haven't been here since day one, but I've spilled blood, gone through tables, and had my flesh beaten to become part of this Octane family. I didn't come here off my name like you did."

"I beat Adaya on my first night here. And I beat you on your first night here. I, like, don't care what your name is...I've proven names don't mean a thing here. Cosmo? I beat him. Laughlin? I beat him twice. And now, Bryan, I'm about to add 'Williams' onto my list again." Kaz grins a bit. "I've told y'all time and time again, it feels like I'm developin' a bit of an ego here, but I need that. I need to believe that I can beat anyone in that ring because I know I can do. Because I don't care who you are...all I care about is that you're bringin' your best to Octane because that's what I do every time I step through those ropes."

"So I really hope you don't make the same mistake you made last time, Bryan. If you walk into that ring thinkin' you're guaranteed to walk out the Octane Champion, I got a match on tape from February that says otherwise." There's no smile or laugh from Kaz as she says this. "You made the mistake of thinkin' you'd run right through me. I might be gettin' an ego bein' here, but shoot, Bryan...I hope mine never eats me alive like yours has. What was it you said last time?"

Kaz glares into the camera for a moment. "That you were going to teach me a me be a better champion, and my were gonna help me prove that I DESERVED to be champion!" She scoffs at this. "I EARNED this Octane Championship by shuttin' mouths like yours, Bryan! I didn't, like, need your help winnin' it, I didn't need your help retainin' it, and I certainly didn't need your help beatin' you. That was a loss you earned and I'm gonna help you earn another one at Carnivale."

"You know, Bryan? If you were as consistent in the ring as you are with thinkin' you're better than everyone? Maybe you'd be the 4CW Champion by now." Kaz clenches her jaw after this dig. "I'll let you be condescendin' to me, Bryan, I'll let you keep callin' me your friend even though you think so lowly of me...and I'll let you keep callin' me the Octane Champion." She pats the faceplate of the belt. "I ain't one to back down from a challenge just because it's hard. This strap match will be gnarly, what you'll do is gonna be gnarly, but you gotta realize that tryin' to take this Octane Championship from me is going to be just as gnarly."

"You'd be a fool to think otherwise. When you step in that ring, when those straps are attached to best believe you're gonna beat me because I already know you won't." This gets a small half-grin from Kaz. "You told Adaya that I've got pressure on me facin' you…", Kaz shakes her head and laughs, "I'm sorry, but excuse me? I beat a two time Pride Champion on his first night when he needed to prove he belonged on Octane...there ain't no pressure on me; that's on you, Bryan."

As Kaz keeps walking along the railroad tracks, the woods begin to vanish as she is now walking along a bridge with nothing, but open waters to her side. "It's on you to show that you're not this mockery that everyone makes of you. I don't think you're a joke, Bryan, but you make it hard with the way you act. You put so much, like, pressure on yourself, you keep sayin' that you're gonna do this and do that, but you never do, Bryan! This is your shot! This is your chance to silence them all!" She stops in the middle of the tracks, looking right into the camera with a fire in her eyes.

"So do it! I'm tired of just talkin', Bryan. I wanna see you actually do something. Your fortune didn't change after you beat Adaya...your fortune ain't even gonna change if you beat me, but it's a hell of a lot more you've got right now." Kaz's eyes narrow. "You told these fans you were gonna give it everything you got and I hope that's still true because at Carnivale, I'm goin' to give more than that. I will drag you corner to corner kickin' and screamin' if I have to! I've slayed the Monster King and I'll slay your montorous ego to keep the Octane Championship."

Kaz stops for a moment, kneeling down, and resting her hand on the railroad track, feeling for any vibrations. She looks into the camera. "So that pressure, Bryan? IT's a lot like a train, ain't it? It's building steam, it's rumbling, it's shaking the ground you're standing on! You're standin' on these tracks and all you got to the left and right of you is nothing, but certain death!" Kaz gets to her feet, picking up her pace along the tracks. "Your only hope is to outrun that and I ain't one to run, Bryan! Call me foolish, call me naive, but I'm facin' my challenges head on! When I step into the ring with someone who says I CAN'T DO THIS...I'm going to be the one to, like, stop that train right in its tracks!"

Then she stops. She looks over her shoulder before looking back at the camera with a wide smile on her face.

"But there ain't no train comin' for me. There is one comin' though. And it ain't you. You're the damsel in distress here, too blind to see that the strap has tied you down to these tracks, so when you hear that train howlin'? That ain't Bigfoot" Kaz smirks. "That's the Octane Champion, Kaz Bonham!"

On cue, Kaz lets out her signature Bigfoot howl that echoes throughout the open land.

"And I'm going to run right through you! Right through those four corners! Because that's what champions do!"

Octane / Just Like Jesse James
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The camera opens up to a tumbleweed tumblin’ on by then zooms out away from the dry soil to show what looks to be some type of old Wild West ghost town. “Just Like Jesse James” by Cher is playing in the background as we push through a set of swinging doors into a saloon and as the lighting settles, we see two figures seated in the corner of the room. In one of the chairs, the figure’s got their legs resting up on the table and their black cowboy hat covering their face. The other figure is slightly more visible, their hand wrapped around a small glass containing a golden liquor.

The figure’s face is masked until they lift the drink up and knock it back, revealing it to be none other than the Octane Champion herself, Kaz Bonham. The blue hair is back in full force, flowing underneath her brown cowboy hat. She puts the glass back down, a smile on her face as she stands up, decked out like Clint Eastwood in the Man with No Name trilogy; poncho and all, but instead of a gun belt, it’s the Octane Championship. She takes the championship off from around her waist and onto her shoulder as she steps toward the camera, a smile on her face.

“Would you look at us? Bunch of outlaws in the cut...and QT Reese.“ She smirks, taking a jab at her sleeping partner. “Been a minute since I, like, addressed y’all proper, but here I stand...through fire and flame...your Octane Champion.” Her smirk widens back into a smile as she pats the faceplate of the belt. “Reckon we’ve been waitin’ even longer for our paths to finally cross in a ring, Cosmo Cooper. Ever since we first met in XHW, I was hopin’ we’d get to wrestle, but seemed like that day wasn’t comin’...but here we stand.”

“Who would’ve thought it, right? Champions. Shoot, I suppose you knew that gold was callin’ for you; you were always workin’ to make sure you had something to call your own...and I don’t think there’s a person on this roster or anywhere else that could dispute your results.” She was genuine; proud of Cosmo. “Me? Well, Cosmo, it ain’t all surprisin’ that folks thought I didn’t have it in me...and after a while, I started to think that too.” A frown forms, but one look at the title wipes that clean. “But I found that confidence you got...the confident that makes me wanna be the best.”

“It’s a gnarly feelin’...bein’ the best; provin’ you’re the best.” Kaz’s smile fades a bit as she adopts a more serious expression. “But I ain’t the best yet. Beatin’ Laughlin twice, that was the best I’ve done far. My rad journey here in Octane is just startin’ and I’m glad that we’re facin’, Cosmo...ain’t probably how we wanted it to go, but I can’t complain. Probably the biggest tag match here on Octane since the last time I was in one. You, Jeb against QT and me.”

She looks back, thinking calling his name would wake QT up, but no luck and she shakes her head with a grin. “Safe to say last time didn’t go as planned, but shoot...I ain’t that worried. QT...QT’s my best friend. I know y’all may not take him seriously and, well, he doesn’t either, but you know what?” Kaz’s eyes narrow a bit. “I’m proud to call QT Reese my friend and sure, he ain’t perfect, but there’s no one else I’d rather have watchin’ my back.”

“I thought maybe I’d lost myself bein’ all, like, jaded, but that man brought me back. Sure, he might run when the shootin’ starts,” Kaz chuckles lightly, “But he reminds me why I strive to be the best, y’all. Wrestlin’ ain’t ‘bout the money, the fame, or the fortune for’s about payin’ back everyone who supported me. Makin’ them proud. So QT and me might not be the most perfect team, but shoot, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.” A surprisingly confident nod from Kaz. “Cosmo and Jeb? Y’all are pretty darn of the best even. But we ain’t that different, I reckon.”

“I seem to recall y’all havin’ a bumpy start too and, well, QT and me ain’t any different. And look at us now! Y’all are headin’ out to Adrenaline, makin’ a name for y’allselves...I’m happy, I really am…” As her voice trails off, a hint of arrogance channels through her half-smirk. “Cause I’m focused here on makin’ Octane the place to be. Y’all are showin’ why Octane is the best and when they tune in, I’m showin’ them why they should stay tuned in. I ain’t in the business of makin’ people tune into Adrenaline to see me wrestle...this belt?” She rolls her shoulder, highlighting the Octane Championship.

“This Octane Championship means I’m stayin’ here. As long as it’s long as my heart's still beatin’ for sounds rude, but, like, I don’t really care what happens elsewhere. I don’t just wanna be the reason people tune in...I wanna be the reason people stay. And I’ve bled for this brand...I’m here for life, y’all.” The fire in Kaz’s voice builds a bit. “So when I’ve got an opportunity to beat these two who are goin’ ‘round, makin’ themselves known as one of the best tag teams in the industry...y’all best believe I wanna beat them!”

Kaz nearly hollers, almost waking QT up, but he just mumbles something about some obscure 90s boy band as Kaz keeps going. “I told, y’all, I wanna make Octane the best, I’m gonna show everyone we are the best, and with QT Reese by my side...we’re gonna be the best! This is an old west shootout with a bunch of outlaws, y’all wanna prove you’re the best...y’all wanna prove you’re so tough? Well, shoot, come on and PROVE IT!”

This time QT wakes up as Kaz slams her fist onto the wooden table, knocking her glass over, and startling Reese. He tips his cowboy hat up and looks at his friend, “Katherine, SHUT UP!” QT rises up a bit, but a sharp glance from Kaz causes him to back down, just going right back to his sleeping cowboy form. “Wish you stayed depressed…”

“As I was sayin’...y’all might think you’re the best...but I’m the Octane Champion for a reason. Maybe that’s, like, arrogant soundin’...but it ain’t a lie.” She glances at the belt before looking back into the camera with a look of determination. “I know how good Cosmo is. I’ve seen him talk it up, I’ve seen him back it up, and now, I wanna see just what he’s got for Kaz Bonham. But Jeb’s a bit of a mystery. Sure, you’re, like, an Octane original, that much I know...but what’d you do before Cosmo got here?” Kaz looks into the camera, trying to find an answer. “Cause on mentioned you wanted to beat me to help figure out just who the best is…” She can’t help, but laugh a bit at this.

“Folks can rag on me for keepin’ QT around, but let’s not act like Jeb didn’t have his chances to be the best...let’s not act like he didn’t lose his chance at the Octane Championship again and again…” The sternness in her voice is steady. “Pardon my harshness, y’all, but...I can’t feel bad for folks who had their opportunity, failed, and now are ridin’ onto someone else’s hard work. That just ain’t right and I feel bad that Cosmo’s gotta do that.”

Kaz shrugs. “Don’t get me’re still a tough S.O.B., no doubt about it, but...let’s not lie to ourselves now, y’all. Cosmo Cooper is the only reason Jeb Fisher is even in contention for bein’ the best.” Playing a dangerous game, Kaz stays focused. “Now I ain’t tryin’ to spread any information ‘bout ya, won the belts, you beat Cosmo...but without Cosmo? Where would Jeb Fisher be?” Kaz tilts her head a bit before a smile forms.

“But shoot...that don’t make me any less excited to meet you in the ring, Jeb. You’re big, you’re bad, and, like, you’re pretty gnarly when it comes to fightin’...but I reckon I’ve done alright for myself against the big and bad, wouldn’t you?” She holds the Octane Championship up for a moment; a reminder of the fallen Monster King. “And same goes to you, Cosmo. I respect you more than, like, anyone I know. I ain’t ashamed to admit I learned a lot from watchin’ you, Cosmo.” A humble nod of the head from Kaz.

“Even when I was just gettin’ started again, I instantly looked up to you. You’ve done so much in so little time...and now I’m tryin’ to do the same.” Another nod, a bit more serious this time. “And beatin’ Cosmo Cooper might be worth more than any gold. So I hope we do get to meet again...and if things go my way...when we do meet again...I’ll be lookin’ forward to beatin’ you again.” A confident smile from Kaz. “I really do hope you can back up everything against me, Cosmo, cause it’s gonna be an honor to wrestle y’all with my best friend by my side. But don’t y’all concern yourselves with QT. Focus on the biggest, baddest outlaw on Octane...and y’all know the funniest thing about outlaws?”

“We want the gold, we want the glory, we want to tell the world we’re the best, and we’re ready to fight anyone who questions that. That’s what the three of us are.” She smiles, but it vanishes quickly as Kaz takes a step toward the camera, tipping her hat down ever so slightly; enough to still see her piercing eyes.  “We know what we want, we get what we want, and we know where that’s gonna get us when we all meet...gunned down. And Cosmo? Jeb?”

“Y’all are lookin’ at the quickest draw on the Octane roster.”

Retrograde I / Bonham Club
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“Who is Kaz Bonham?”

A flash of a blinding white light consumes the screen and we’re taken to the interior of an empty floor in a high rise in the middle of downtown Houston. A few flood lights are scattered throughout the floor to give it just enough light for a figure to step into frame. There’s no music playing, no narration; the only soundtrack are the footsteps of the figure who enters the light and their bleach blonde hair reveals the figure to be the Octane Champion, Kaz Bonham. She doesn’t acknowledge the camera at first, simply staring out at the downtown scene.

She scoffs as she turns around, adjusting the Octane Championship on her shoulder, and looking right into the camera for the first time. “I found a freedom.” She smirks for a moment. “A freedom in knowin’ that I could do what was necessary to get where I wanted in life. I was never in the business of cuttin’ ties or jumpin’ in front of anyone...I wanted to get to this point in my career; with this Octane Championship...I wanted to be standin’ here with a smile on my face. But you…” Kaz points toward the camera, taking a step forward; unsure exactly who she is talking to. “You took that away from gave me that freedom.”

“The freedom of knowin’ that when I step into an Octane ring...I’m capable of doin’ anything and beatin’ anyone. That I don’t need a smile on my face to do it...I went through hell and back just to get this Octane Championship on my shoulder before you.” Kaz finally lowers her finger, the smirk still on her face. “This freedom allows me to be angry, to be allows me to do whatever I need to be successful in that ring. And I found it all because of you, Bryan Laughlin.”

“I did what everyone said I shouldn’t have. I stepped into a cage with the devil himself with his pride on the line...and I took it from him...and I haven’t looked back one step of the way. You call yourself a monster, Bryan...that must make me the monster slayer. A king slayer.” She says this with a smile, but as her sentence trails off, so does the smile. “But at Octane 15...I did look back on the path I’ve carved for myself. I saw you and Kaelan...I saw two wrestlers I admired from the start. Two wrestlers that made me work to get where I am in Octane…”

Kaz frowns, looking away from the camera. “I offered an olive branch...a chance to bring you back onto an even playin’ field. That was a mistake that cost me.” Kaz stares off endlessly, a look of regret crossing her face. “Y’all live a fast and dangerous life...evident by your marriage,” She scoffs, “And when I saw y’all...I made the mistake on takin’ pity on you. I saw the damage that takin’ the Octane Championship away had done...and that was my mistake...but you, Bryan, you gave me that freedom...the freedom where I don’t feel sorry for y’all. So when I start walkin’ on that path again come Retrograde...I’m not lookin’ back at you this time.”

“It was you, Bryan, who said that Baelin Club had been fightin’ through adversity, that the adversity made Baelin Club tough...but I haven’t seen that toughness. All I’ve seen are sore winners and sore losers who can’t handle that adversity. Y’all calls yourselves monsters, but that’s a moniker that y’all gave yourselves. Because all I’ve seen are children pretendin’ to be monsters. Y’all are good talkin’ a big game...I know this from the first time around, but when I took you down...when I defeated the so-called ‘Monster King’...I exposed you for what you really are, Bryan.” Kaz glares into the camera. “A coward.”

“A coward who goes back on his word...a coward who said he brought back ‘respect’ to the Octane Championship...and for a moment, I’d honestly believed you were right, Bryan. I thought you went through hell to get it, through hell to keep it, and through hell when I beat you for it.” Kaz shakes her head. “I thought maybe I’d be able to respect you; I wanted to bring the same respect that you brought to the Octane Championship...but then you showed your true colors as nothing more than a gutless bastard.”

It looks like Kaz is about to say something else, but the screen flashes again and we find ourselves still in the same location, but in the center of the shot is someone seated in an office chair with their back to the camera. There’s more silence until the chair swivels around and jumping out of it is Kaz Bonham! The Octane Championship resting on her shoulder yet again, but this time it’s on top of a denim jacket that nearly matches the blue and purple of her hair.

“Howdy, y’all! It’s been, like, a minute! I’m so happy to be standin’ here,” Kaz pauses for a moment, taking in her surroundings before looking back at the camera with a smile, “In front of all my Bonham Care Bears! And y’all, I reckon we’ve stumbled across a very strange time in my life…” She shrugs her shoulders. “But y’all...welcome to the show. Laughlin tried to break me, tried to maim me so I’d look and act just like him...but I’ll never be someone like Bryan Laughlin. And I take pride in that.”

“Y’all wanna talk about adversity? Fightin’ through adversity is what’s gotten me here; it’s what got me the Octane Championship. Adversity is the, like, foundation of my career. I wasn’t able to step into wrestlin’ bein’ some big monster...I stepped into wrestlin’ bein’ who I am.” A brief smile forms at the thought. “I know some of y’all might see me as some parody of a bygone era...but if you’re only lookin’ at them from the surface? Don’t be surprised when they pull you down and rise above you. Y’all know how many times someone has talked down to me because of who I am?”

“And y’all know how many times I’ve proved them wrong? Nobody thought I was beatin’ you the first time, Bryan, not even you...tell me are you really, like, foolish enough to still think that? You might see me as smiles and leopard print spandex...but you ought to see me as the woman who defeated you for the Octane Championship.” Kaz smiles a bit wider. “So before you and Kaelan get on Twitter again...before y’all wanna daydream about bein’ champions together...just remember where that kind of thinkin’ got you the first time, Bryan.”

A playful wink from Kaz. “It’d be gnarly to stand here and say that I’m ready headin’ into this one after last time...but flamin’ tables? Now that’s gnarly. It ain’t a big secret that these kind of matches aren’t my speciality.” She tilts her head. “But...I’ve fared well when I’ve got to step into your house, Bryan. I was bleedin’ all over the place at Holy Grail...but I had the Octane Championship by my side the entire time. When I was gettin’ my head were still in that ring, passed out.”

“But things have changed, Bryan. I’ve, like, totally changed! I went into Holy Grail scared...I went into Holy Grail without a chance in the world...and then I left that cage with everything.” As she says this, she pats the faceplate of the belt. “I left that cage knowin’ I could do the impossible. And when you beat down QT like a coward...I knew from that moment...I knew I could do it again. I knew that I would do it again. And at Retrograde, Bryan, I WILL DO IT AGAIN!”

Before saying anything else, Kaz steps to the side, reaching behind one of the pillars in the high rise, and stepping back into the center with something in her hand. “When you tried to make me like you...I, like, learned something...I learned that I’ll never be like you. I learned that no matter what happens in that ring, outside of that ring, or anywhere else...I learned that I’ll still be Kaz Bonham.” As she says this, she holds up the item in her hand, revealing it to be her leather jacket.

Kaz removes her denim jacket and replaces it with the black leather one. “I don’t need to paint my face to be someone else. I don’t need to wear anything to be someone else. I don’t need an alter ego. I can strip the color of my hair, I can dull the color of my clothes. When you ask, ‘Who is Kaz Bonham?’ Is she bright neon or moody darkness? I’ll tell y’all right now...she’s the exact same. I can be this Kaz Bonham or the mopey Kaz Bonham, but that don’t mean a thing because at the end of the day, all I wanna be is Kaz Bonham, the Octane Champion!” As she yells this, Kaz holds up her championship high. “And y’all...that’s exactly who I am! I ain’t lettin’ that dream come to an end anytime soon. I’m just bein’ honest. When I, I’m givin’ you everything I got. When I step into that ring? I’m givin’ you everything I got. And these flames that’ll engulf one of our bodies?”

“They ain’t burnin’ brighter than the fire in my heart for this brand and for this championship! I’ve bled for this belt, I cried for this belt, and I’ve poured sweat for this belt...Bryan? I ain’t scared of gettin’ burned to keep this belt.” She smirks. “But, ain’t gonna be me gettin’ burned. I went through, like, impossible odds to get here...I ain’t lettin’ the Octane Championship go that easily. When I beat you, I didn’t know if I could...but I did. When you tried to break me, I didn’t know if I could keep on keepin’ on...but I did.”

Kaz’s eyes narrow; a hint of her attitude coming back. “And when I had to step into a ring across Bryan Williams, I didn’t think I even stood a chance knowin’ that I wasn’t goin’ in there with a smile...but. I. Did. I didn’t lose my smile, I didn’t become a Bryan Laughlin parody...I’ve been the same Kaz Bonham that first stepped into an Octane ring and the same Kaz Bonham who dethroned Bryan Laughlin.” She looks away for a moment. “When that table is lit...when the fires begin...I’m ready to feel the flames of Hell. I’ve already been there because of’ve made me stronger because of it.”

“I am Bryan’s inflated sense of accomplishment. The overeager underachiever. You said before you were goin’ to kill me on Twitter, Bryan…” Kaz laughs, not looking at the camera. “You said you were goin’ to do it again...but I’m not interested in listenin’ to the words of a coward...a gutless bastard...and a liar!” She barely turns her head, glancing at the audience. “Should I be afraid of you, Bryan? When you’re sendin’ threats through Twitter? When you’re havin’ Kaelan step up and say ‘Bryan’s gonna win!’ That’s...that’s what you’ve got?” Kaz shakes her head.

“Because you know what I got, Bryan? I got the Octane Championship. I got the ability to win. And I’ve got the will to win! I’m standin’ here at the gates of Hell themselves, I’m waitin’ for the fire and flames to take me in, but they’d never be hot enough, Bryan.” She turns to the camera finally. “My Project Mayhem will be me destroyin’ the foundations that made such a monster. It won’t be about anything explodin’ behind’ll be about witnessin’ the implosion of Bryan Laughlin’s career in that ring. It’ll be about the fall of Baelin Club. It’ll be about me doin’ what’s necessary to stay the champion for this brand.”

“It pains me that it even has to be this way, y’all...but Bryan knows what he did. I’d be just like him if I let this slip away. This is, like, revenge. I’m doin’ this not just for myself...but for QT, the Bonham Care Bears, and Octane itself. The respect you lack in showin’ everyone...I’ll pick up your slack, Laughlin.” A wide smile forms on Kaz’s face. “And at Retrograde, I’ll show the world you ain’t fit to be a king...I’ll show them that you ain’t ready for this new era that’s takin’ over Octane.” There’s almost a twinkle in Kaz’s eye as the excitement begins to mount in her voice.

“This is the era of the Bonham Club, baby!” She yells it out and it echoes throughout the empty floor. “And y’all know what the first rule of Bonham Club is?”

Kaz brings her finger up to her lips, shushing the silence, and holding up the Octane Championship next to the arrogant smirk on her face.

“Champions only.”

4CW Discussion / Re: Octane Open Discussion
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mini RP incoming

I'm also a fan of the 1 RP, 1.5K count rule like TD. Forces folks to be a lot more creative I think since you've gotta contain everything into just that one RP and you've gotta choose what you say wisely. I also think it tends to be a bit more challenging since you usually go in relatively blind and that's fun for me. And maybe I'm just a big wuss, but I think doing 2 3K RPs and 2 1.5K RPs would burn me out a bit. The press conference idea is kinda interesting, but maybe a twist in it is that the staff write up the questions? Mainly because I'm lazy/forgetful, I'd probably end up asking the same question at least once a month. Maybe save them for PPVs even?

The lack of a talent gap is fun on Octane. I think there's a lot of folks on Octane who can and do shift up to another level, but the fact that those same folks can get upset on any given show because of the set-up is awesome imo. It allows a lot more variety even if it's short-lived.

The segment thing is tricky because I know it sucks to lose via 1 point because you're too busy or forget to do one, but I think 1 or 2 points is fair. I know lot of folks got busy this week and there are a lot of weeks where Octane is filled, but also some where there aren't many segments. And it seems like Adrenaline never has that issue, but I also know there are more people on Adrenaline than Octane to fill more spots.

I agree with Jake and TD about feuds. Out of my favorite feuds with Ana, the Bronx and Bryan ones worked so well because I speak to them on an almost daily basis and it worked with Mercer cause we had history outside of 4CW. I think staff pitching ideas to the handlers would be great or asking for input for feuds because I know some people might not want to feud/partner up with someone else for all kinds of different reasons. As potentially dork as it sounds, maybe like a questionnaire to see who people would like to work with or even just list potential people out? Then pair them up and let them work up an idea to pass back to staff or pitch an idea to work with and adapt or something along those lines.

Octane / Them Bones
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The scene opens to a dark setting, crawling along a muddied path littered with puddles of water and dug up dirt. A white flash of light blinds the audience before resuming to the previous scene, but now the puddles of water are projecting the events of the previous Octane. A shot of Kaelan Laughlin smashing QT Reese’s tanning lamp into his face and a white flash. A shot of Kaz Bonham checking on the bloodied and battered QT while Bryan and Kaelan Laughlin laugh before another blinding flash of white.

”I can’t believe they forced Kaz to watch what Kaelan did to QT.”

The crawl finally comes to a stop, inches away from a six foot drop. The camera zooms back to reveal a hole dug up wider than your typical grave and with one more flash of lightning reveals a figure seated against the dirt walls. The figure stands with bleached blonde hair flowing over a black leather jacket with a flannel shirt tied around their waist, over the Octane Championship, and a pair of acid wash jeans to complete the look. The figure lifts their head and the haunting yell of from Alice In Chains’ “Them Bones” begins playing as Kaz Bonham stares into the camera.

“Is this what y’all wanted?” There’s almost a look of hatred behind Kaz’s eyes; the peppy valley girl tone in her voice replaced with that of anguish and bitterness. “To break me? By makin’ me watch what y’all did to wanted to put an end to all that glitter and paint, right?” A somber shrug from Kaz. “Well...y’all did it. And all y’all had to do was prove yourselves to be DISGRACES to this brand! By attackin’ QT and myself like the cowards you truly are!” Kaz’s temper flares for a moment before she recollects herself.

“Y’all two ain’t the monsters hidin’ under Octane’s bed at night. You’ll never be the darkness you idolize.” Kaz’s glare lingers for a few seconds before she looks away from the camera. “But I’m not here to discuss the actions of cowards. I’m here for a different purpose. And that’s Bryan Williams.” Upon the mention of his name, Kaz looks back at the audience. “The greetin’ party, but I reckon I must apologize...cause you ain’t facin’ the Kaz Bonham from last month. As much as I’d like to, I ain’t enterin’ this match with a smile.”

A half frown from Kaz. “But I can’t be that Kaz Bonham now. Not after what I was forced to witness. I don’t mind what y’all do to me or say to me, but don’t y’all take out your anger and aggression on someone else.” Her eyes narrow. “Take it out on me. That’s what I want you to do, Bryan. You made your presence felt here on Octane, you started callin’ out names,” Kaz smirked, “And you know how that usually works out when others make that same mistake.”

“But I’m not impressed. Maybe, Bryan, that’d have more impact if you hadn’t been destroyed by a chairshot and pinned while Marquis watched on...again.” The smirk fades as an unseen cynicism leers through. “Cause to everyone here and everyone on looks like you’re just runnin’ from your problems, tryin’ to force your way to the top, and establishin’ yourself like you’re the top dog.” Kaz shakes her head and looks down. “That ain’t how things work here, Bryan. Octane means we’re on even ground to Adrenaline...we’re not in the business of bein’ seen as lessers.”

“For as long as I got this Octane Championship around my waist and when that day comes to an end...I’ll still be doin’ everything in my power to show Octane is just as good as Adrenaline. I’m sure Mr. Walker saw a lot of potential in you, but we all do, Bryan...and that’s the thing.” She lifts her head back up. “But how long do we gotta wait to see you reach that potential? I respect you, Bryan, I do, but I’d be foolish to get lost in the moment of this fantasy because the reality?”

“The reality is that in ain’t this Adrenaline star anymore. You’re just someone comin’ in off the streets and tryin’ to rebuild yourself. You told these fans that you’re ready to give them everything you got.” Kaz chuckles lightly. “Bryan, if that’s so...then what’d you give them on Adrenaline?” She looks into the camera, waiting for an answer. “I’m the Octane Champion for one reason and one reason only, Bryan...that’s because I do what you say you’re goin’ to do. When these fans come to Octane, expectin’ the best...I bring it.”

The volume of Kaz’s voice starts to pick up a bit. “When everyone said I didn’t stand a chance against Laughlin...when I was enterin’ this domain...I beat the pretender monster king covered in my blood and his!” The old Kaz starts to shine through as the passion in her voice can be heard. “I’m not scared of someone panderin’ to their little cult fan club that they need to get ‘creepy’ and ‘spooky’ on Twitter for Retrograde and I certainly ain’t scared of what you THINK you’ll do, Bryan Williams.”

Kaz’s eyes are burning with intensity, but not for long as she calms herself down. “Where I’m standin’ now...they say we’re born into the grave, Bryan.” Kaz bangs her fist on the side of the dirt, loosening some of it. “You know what that means? Means from the moment we’re born...Death is stalkin’ us. That we’ve all got an hourglass tickin’ away...and Bryan, just because you came down here to Octane, that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten this new lease on life.” She shakes her head again. “This just means you realized time’s runnin’ out a lot faster for you.”

“Beatin’ me ain’t gonna slow it down. So I’d advise you to take your words to heart...when you say you wanna give these fans everything? You best do that because, Bryan, let’s face it.” Kaz has a somber look into the camera. “Who knows when that next loss is comin’ to rattle that sand all the way down to the bottom? But you shouldn’t feel too bad losin’ this week, Bryan.” A half hearted smile replaces the somberness. “Because on Octane...we are not equals. The fact that this ain’t a main event match? That says it all, Bryan.” As she says that, she pats the faceplate of the Octane Championship.

“I know folks wanna see me as naive because I talked Bigfoot or always kept a smile on my face, they wanna belittle what I’ve accomplished, and they wanna talk real condescendin’ to me.” Kaz scoffs; feeling disrespected. “And y’all? That’s fine. Let them. It worked out for them so far, right, Laughlin?” She glares into the camera, the mention of his name boiling her blood. “And I hope when that bell rings...I pray that you ain’t makin’ that same mistake, Bryan. Because I don’t have anything to prove to you. It’s you who has to prove yourself to these fans, this roster, and to me.”

“And I think you can do it. I don’t know for certain...but I think you can. Because despite a record of mediocrity, I know one thing for got the heart of a champion.” She nods, looking sincere. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be a champion, but it’s a good start. And I know that once that blood gets pumpin’ through your’ll be everything you say you are...but until then?” Kaz looks away. “You’re just another name on a match card.”

She brushes some of her hair to the side, turning just enough to barely glance at the camera. “A name I’m ready to fight...and a name I’m ready to beat. I know lookin’ ahead is dangerous...but I’ve got to be ready for Retrograde and that starts with me spoilin’ your big debut.” She shrugs. “I hope that one day we’ll cross paths again and maybe even for the gold...but that ain’t what this week is about. I gotta prepare to beat Laughlin one more time, Bryan. You holdin’ me back just ain’t happenin’.”

“I’m not sorry for what’ll happen, I don’t wanna be forgiven for what’ll happen, and I ain’t gonna ask you for it...what has to happen on Octane has to happen.” Now Kaz has turned back completely to the camera, looking straight into it. “It’s my purpose to make Octane the brand where folks like you wanna come and join it. And it’s my purpose to prove that we’re stronger than folks like you. You beat Octane at Fright Night...but this is a new era now. And it’s one you’re not ready for. We ain’t witnessin’ the rise of the new face of Octane.”

Another white flash sees Kaz out of the grave and standing next to it, looking back at where a tombstone would be, but all that was there was more dug up dirt.

“We’re witnessin’ the status quo. I’m glad you’re here, Bryan, but not a thing is changin’.” Kaz takes a few steps forward. “I’ve changed, but what’s gonna happen in that ring? That ain’t changin’. Me givin’ everything for these fans? That ain’t changin’. Showin’ why Octane is the suprerior show?” She smirks. “You get the idea. I intend on leavin’ Knoxville with my Octane Championship above my head and I intend on doin’ the same in Houston.”

As she says that, Kaz unhooks the Octane Championship from her waist and holds it up.

“Welcome to Octane.”

There’s no traces of pride or joy on Kaz’s face; instead it’s a cold welcome and the champion puts her belt back on her shoulder before walking off. But she stops after a few steps, looking at the hole in the ground, and then back at the camera.

“And this grave? This grave ain’t meant for me, Bryan.”

No cocky smirk. No look of remorse. No explanation is needed as Kaz looks into the camera one last time before turning back and walking off as “Them Bones” plays again while the scene fades to black.

Event Production / Re: Retrograde Production Script
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Backstage #1 for Kaz and backstage #13 for Ana pleaseee

Event Production / Re: Octane E16 Production Script
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Backstage #7 please

Octane / Party All The Time
« on: January 30, 2018, 10:16:24 PM »

We start with a shot of a dimly lit staircase, showing just enough light for two figures to be seen walking down with “Party All The Time” by Eddie Murphy playing in the background. As they draw closer to the camera, the figures become a bit clearer and the golden shine of the Octane Championship can be seen. And as they turn the corner, opening a door, in walks the champion herself, Kaz Bonham with QT Reese right by her side. The two appear to be in some recording studio.

“Can you hurry up? This basement smells.” QT groans as he falls back onto a leather chair.

“We, like, literally just got here. We wouldn’t have been so late if you didn’t spend so much time with Mr. Piggybanker!” Kaz puts her hands on her hips. “But it’s okay! We’re here! And now, you got to chillllll cause this party's just gettin’ started!”

A blank stare from QT, “Shut up.”

Kaz smiles as she walks past QT and opens another door, entering the recording room. She steps in front of a microphone, putting on a pair of headphones, and looking right into the camera. “Y’all, would you look at me? A nobody from Tennessee goin’ into the biggest fight of my life in front of all my folks...and I came out as the Octane Champion!” Her smile somehow widens as she pats the Octane Championship. “I didn’t think I could do it, Laughlin didn’t think I could do it...but here we are.”

“But don’t let me make it sound like it was that I just came here, showin’ up as the Octane Champion without havin’ been through the hardest fight of my life. I poured everything I had into that ring...and through the blood...through it all, I became a champion.” Her smile dampens a bit, reminiscing over the suffering from the match. “And now I’m, like, ready to carry an entire brand. This championship on my shoulder means that I’ve got to be the raddest ambassador for Octane of, like, all time!”

Kaz’s smile picks right back up, “Laughlin did a great job and y’all, I’m hopin’ I can do just as well. So it’s only fittin’ that we’re comin’ back to Tennessee, that I’m comin’ face to face with him all over again!” She’s almost joyous talking about the man who cut her open. “But that ain’t a good enough test I reckon. No, sir. Cause with Laughlin comes Kaelan. After beatin’ Bryan, I’m expected to come back, and beat Baelin Club!” A look of nervousness replaces her joy. “That’s...that’s heavy, y’all.”

“Though it ain’t all doom and gloom! Because in my corner is the BESTEST friend anyone could ever ask for!” Kaz spins the camera around and it points right at QT, who has already fallen asleep in the chair. “QT!”

Jumping awake, QT looks annoyed, “Don’t look at me.” He then turns the chair around and presumably goes right back to sleep.

Spinning the camera back, Kaz’s side eye turns to the audience and a faint smile appears. “As I was sayin’...I’m gettin’ to team with my best friend! And they are too! So, like, that’s pretty rad!” Kaz’s smile perks up a bit more. “If I want to keep this championship, I need matches like this, y’all. I need to constantly get better. And while Holy Grail was a huge event for me...I need to treat this one just the same. The same gnarly fight that I brought to Holy Grail, I need to bring to Nashville.”

“And I know that Kaelan and Bryan have that same mindset. That’s what makes this so dangerous. But I ain’t sweatin’. I got QT in my corner.” As she says this, she side eyes again to see QT’s back still turned away. “It’s easy for someone to look at QT and think he ain’t much or that he’s too busy makin’ a fool of himself, but I’ve known QT since I got started. We’ve wrestled over gold together. Ain’t many people in this industry that I trust like I trust QT.”

“He might goof off and shoot, he’ll probably goof a bit when the bell rings, but he’s got what it takes to be a winner. Whether you choose to believe that or not...well, let’s just say I ain’t gonna feel sorry when you count him out.” Kaz smirks, hoping what she’s saying is true. “Cause in a way, he’s just like me. It’s easy to see what we are, what we look like, and how we’s easy to say we don’t stand a chance. But here I am; Octane Champion.”

Kaz pats the faceplate of the Octane Championship again. “And QT, he can be a contender any single given night. The four of us have been wrestlin’ long enough to know that in this business, you shouldn’t count anyone out. You can call it a fluke or whatever...but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss.” As if self-conscious of her own reign, Kaz adjusts the belt on her shoulder. “I know Baelin Club doesn’t want that ‘fluke’ happenin’ at Octane. So I’m warnin’ y’all winnin’ ain’t gonna be a fluke.”

“I’d like to say we’re past the point of thinkin’ I can’t hang here in Octane, but I know that won’t stop.” She shrugs. “That’s why I need to win. That’s why I need to win every single night. I need to constantly prove myself and y’all...that’s what the graps are all about! Cause I’m wrestlin’ until my heart gives out! I’m wrestlin’ until there is nothing left! But the good news? I never planned on givin’ up...and I ain’t startin’ now.” A look of determination takes over Kaz’s smile.

“That’s why I’m lookin’ forward to our match. It’s a chance for me to show just that. A chance for me to show that I can beat Bryan Laughlin again. A chance for me to show that I’m still one of the best by beatin’ Kaelan.” A slight smirk forms. “A chance for me to show why I deserve this Octane Championship and why I’m goin’ to do everything for my Bonham Care Bears to make sure I keep it. Ain’t no amount of blood, sweat, or tears that will take this belt away from me.”

“When the party starts on Octane...I hope y’all are ready. I am ‘cause I love to party all the time!” Kaz’s smile brightens and QT can be heard groaning over her reference. “This tag team party starts with me facin’ Kaelan for the first time and, like, it’s gonna be gnarly! I’ve got nothing, but respect for Kaelan. She’s faced adversity here on Octane time and time again, but y’all have seen just how strong she is. When she gets knocked down? She comes back twice as strong.”

She nods and adopts a semi-serious tone. “When folks would try and put her down...she never did. She stood up and fought back. She fought until she won. I reckon we aren’t all that different either, Kaelan. You’re always lookin’ to claw and fight your way to the top...every single show you’re inchin’ closer and closer and, like, it won’t be much longer ‘till you’re here.” Another nod and brief smile from Kaz. “When you are...I’ll be ready. Just like I’m gonna be ready in our tag match. I know just how hard you’ve fought to get here and while I respect that, Kaelan, you know what I gotta do though.”

“That’s win. I gotta beat you on Octane. I gotta beat you if and when you come callin’ for the Octane Championship. I’m sure y’all are dreamin’ ‘bout fightin’ each other over the Octane Championship, but,” Kaz holds the belt up, “This ain’t leavin’ my side. So I hate that I’m, like, totally ruinin’ something special like that, y’all, but...this is just business.” Another shrug as Kaz lowers the championship back on her shoulder. “A business where you’ve gotta be ruthless and that’s something Bryan Laughlin has perfected. Bein’ in the ring with him...not even huntin’ for Bigfoot has been that difficult.”

“When that barbed wire was cuttin’ me...when I thought there was no hope for me...I realized just how powerful Bryan really is. When he fights, y’all, he fights in such a way that it just drains you physically and mentally...but I was able to beat him.” A Cheshire Cat-esque grin from Kaz. “I was able to take away the Octane Championship from him...but that don’t make him any less of a monster. If anything, that makes him just as dangerous. Just as vicious. Cause he’s gonna do whatever it takes to win this back.”

“Beatin’ QT and me would be a good way to bounce back. He gets to beat me, say that it’s time for my funeral on Twitter again, but you know what, y’all? Ain’t a thing changed with me. Because Bryan can say what he wants on Twitter, I’ll keep bein’ me, and that...that’s being the Octane Champion.” A huge smile, Kaz still taking it all in. “I beat Bryan before...I know that no matter how ruthless he is now, I know that I can do it again.”

Another nod of confidence from Kaz. “So that’s what QT and me are gonna do, y’all. I got the biggest target painted on my back...and I’m makin’ sure that every single person on this roster misses. That starts against Baelin Club. That, like, starts by showin’ I deserve to be in the main event and I deserve to be your Octane Champion.” Kaz takes the microphone from the stand and steps away from the booth.

“Now that I’ve climbed all the way from the Tennessee backwoods, I’m standin’ tall on top of this mountain. I’m facin’ every single challenge like my Octane Championship was on the line. This tag match ain’t any different. Next show won’t be any different.” With her free hand, Kaz lifts the championship up again. “I’ll fight every single night to honor Octane and its championship. I’ll fight to show why Octane is the best in ALL of 4CW! So when the celebration party begins?”

“I hope y’all are ready for QT Reese and Kaz Bonham to crash it!”

Kaz drops the microphone and howls as the camera fades to black.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E80 Production Script
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Backstage #7 for Ana please and thank ya.

Event Production / Re: Octane E15 Production Script
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Backstage #1 pleaseeeeeee

Event Production / Re: Holy Grail Production Script
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Backstage #12 pleaseeeeee.

Holy Grail I / The Grapfast Club
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A black screen fills the entire screen with the beginning of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds playing in the background. As the song plays, “A KAZ BONHAM PROJECT” takes the center stage before fading out and returning with “THE GRAPFAST CLUB”. The title holds on for a few seconds before the black shatters like glass. The next scene is a shot of the entrance of a high school as a familiar voice begins to narrate.

“Friday...January 19th, 2018. Watertown High School, Watertown, Tennessee. 37184.”

The next few shots are the interior of the empty high school, showing the cafeteria, empty halls, and lockers before the narrator begins again.

“Dear Mr. Walker...we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Friday at Holy Grail for our graps. But we think you’re crazy for lockin’ us into a cage, then again, what do you care? You see us as you want to see us...wrestlers in the most simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain...”

As the narration fades out, the next shot is of an empty library with rows of wooden tables and chairs. The sound of footsteps fill the room and in walks Kaz Bonham, sporting a neon green sweatshirt and orange knit beanie. She takes a seat in one of the chairs and looks at the pieces of notebook paper laid out in front of her. A few seconds pass before Kaz looks up at the camera, sporting a faint look of concern on her face before speaking out in a hushed tone.

“A barbed wire steel cage match, Mr. Walker? Shoot...I ain’t even been in a normal cage match, let alone a barbed wire one. Y’all, I ain’t afraid to admit...this is spooky! When I told my folks I was gonna be wrestlin’ in Tennessee, they were real eager...when I said it was for a championship, they ‘bout exploded out their seats...but…” Kaz’s hushed voice trails off, glancing away momentarily, “When I told them it was in this...this barbed wire steel cage….well, you can imagine they didn’t take too kindly to that.”

“And ya can’t blame’em, y’all. I’m just as scared as they are. I gotta step into this cage...I gotta step into this cage with one of the most ruthless, cold blooded, hardest hittin’ wrestlers not just on Octane...but heck, probably the entire 4CW roster!” The look of worry doesn’t leave Kaz’s face as the mounting challenge picks up. “Bryan Laughlin didn’t become Octane Champion by takin’ it easy. I don’t think Bryan will take much offense to this I reckon, but...he’s a monster. I beat Seth...Bryan, like, lit him on fire!”

Kaz takes a deep breath, hoping to calm her nerves. “That’s a lot to process, y’all. But with the Octane Championship on the line...bein’ home in’s heavy. This match is everythin’ to me.” The worrisome look is slowly replaced with that of determination. “I got my family, my friends, and the Bonham Care Bears out there...that’s a lot of pressure, y’all. And while I’m scared of what’s gonna happen...I know I got their support. They’re there for I gotta be there for them. I ain’t lettin’ anyone down anymore, Bryan.”

“I made that promise against Seth...I’m keepin’ it against you too. Sometimes though, Bryan...this’s, like, a lot. A pressure where I don’t think I’m gonna make it.” Kaz lets out a sigh, but it doesn’t affect her mood. “And when.I think ‘bout those folks supportin’ me. Those folks that come out there, cheer for me, and give their all for me...I’m doin’ the same for them!” Slamming her fist on the table, Kaz rises up from her seat. “When I’m down, they’ll be there to lift me right back up!”

“When I failed...when I let them down...they could’ve ignored me…but they didn’t leave. They cheered me on and I was able to take down Seth Daniels! And now we’re here, Bryan! Perhaps the gnarliest match in Octane history and despite the pressure,” Kaz starts thumping her chest with her first, “Despite the fear...despite everythin’...they’ll still be there! And so will I!” One more hit to the chest before Kaz walks off and the screen fades to an empty gym locker room.

“An athlete.”

The narration fades away as Kaz takes a seat on a wooden bench, sporting a blue and purple varsity jacket. “But this ain’t just about them. Bryan, we know what we’re fightin’ for. We ain’t only fightin’ for the Octane Championship...we’re fightin’ to see who is the biggest and raddest of them all in Octane.” Kaz sports your stereotypical dumb jock smirk of confidence. “Pretty gnarly, right? Provin’ ourselves to everyone else.” As the last sentence escapes Kaz’s mouth, she quickly scoffs.

“But we ain’t provin’ anything to ourselves. I reckon we already know what’s gonna happen at Holy Grail. And that’s knowin’ nothin’ at all. We’re fightin’, we’re, like, totally bleedin’ too, but that’s ‘bout all I know.” She shrugs her shoulders. “Ya know, Bryan, when I told my folks ‘bout this..not long after...I sat on the porch with my pa, lookin’ off into the stars...and you know what he told me, Bryan?” Kaz attempted some Sam Elliott-esque voice. “‘Give’em hell, Katherine.’”

Kaz chuckles at the memory, not caring for letting a curse slip through. “Shoot, my pa, he might want me to win this Octane Championship more than I do...but he don’t know. No one knows just how badly I want this.” Her smirk fades a bit. “Cause I’m doin’ for me. Sounds mighty selfish of me, I know, but I gotta do it, Bryan. I gotta come home with that Octane Championship. And I suppose you ain’t handin’ that over with a pretty please.” She lets out a light chuckle.

“Like, that’s why we’re here after all. The graps! It’s the Mad King of Octane takin’ on The Graps Goddess!” Kaz perks up at the thought, but just for a moment. “Just you, me, and that cage. Nothin’ else, but winnin’ matters, Bryan. No distractions. Nothin’. Just Bryan Laughlin. Kaz Bonham. But then again...I reckon that ain’t all, is it?” Another smirk forms. “You got all those fellers up in there. All those voices tellin’ you want to do, helpin’ you out...suppose they ain’t all that different than the Bonham Care Bears.”

“But I know...I know they make you a lot more dangerous than anyone else, Bryan. I hunt after monsters like Bigfoot, but I ain’t ever stumbled across somethin’ like you. The barbed wire cage wasn’t enough, y’all. They helped get you here...shoot, they helped you win on the last Octane!” There’s a look of disbelief on Kaz’s face. “And they’ll be there again at Holy Grail, I’m sure. But you know, Bryan? I know what it’s like...havin’ voices in your head, tellin’ you what to do...what to think. I know just how dangerous that is.”

Kaz gets unusually serious as she speaks. “You can’t keep them there, Bryan, cause they might be helpin’ you now...but when it all goes bad...they ain’t gonna be there helpin’ you. They’ll be breakin’ you down worse than anyone in that ring.” She’s silent for a moment, letting it all settle. “At Holy Grail, I don’t want a broken down Bryan Laughlin...I don’t want a ghoul...I want Bryan Laughlin, the Octane Champion. I don’t want you hurtin’ until that bell’s rung!” A warm smile breaks through. “I want, like, the best I can get!”

Jumping off the bench, Kaz claps like a QB breaking a huddle, and the scene fades with the narration picking up in the darkness once more.

“A basket-case.”

Cutting back into the library, we’re not longer treated to the full room, but a secluded corner. There we find Kaz, seated in said corner, and sporting an off-putting black sweater and matching scarf. Despite this, she’s still smiling as she greets the camera. “We all get a little crazy, I guess. Maybe that ain’t the right term, but...I don’t know what is. But I get it, Bryan. Sometimes bein’ by yourself, talkin’ with yourself...that’s all you got. Only thing that’s keepin’ you sane.” Kaz nods, putting herself in monster-sized Laughlin’s shoes.

“Now they’re gonna make sure you stay Octane Champion. And you know, Bryan...I like your odds too.” A nonchalant shrug from Kaz, knowing the situation she’s in. “But us weirdos...we’re pretty good at standin’ out. We’re good at disprovin’ what everyone else thought about us. So I know headin’ into that cage, I know folks don’t think this country bumpkin has a chance.” Kaz lets out a humorous scoff. “Not like I blame’em...but I think I’ve at least earned the chance to say I can give it my best shot.”

“I’ve made a gnarly livin’ off of shatterin’ expectations others set for me. Holy Grail ain’t gonna be all that different. No one thinks I got a chance at the Octane Championship much less beatin’ you, Bryan.” She lets out a large sigh, blowing some of her hair to the side. “But I’m doin’ it. I can’t grow as a a person if I can’t go in there and beat you, Bryan. I know, I know...I’m makin’ it sound so simple and it ain’t…but I’m goin’ in there guns blazin’. Maybe I’m crazy for sayin’ that...”

“Maybe I’m walkin’ into somethin’ I ain’t ready for. And y’all...I’m ready for that. No matter how horrifyin’ it is...I’m headin’ right into that bloodbath.” Despite the message, Kaz’s smile remains consistent. “I can pray, I can train harder, or study more...but that ain’t helpin’ me much once that bell rings. Once I gotta be toe-to-toe with the Monster King. Y’all, you don’t earn that nickname without good reason. And Bryan crawled through fire and flames to get to that point.”

Instead of standing up, Kaz just sits upright, brushing the hair out of her face. “I gotta do better. If Bryan went through fire and flames to become the Octane Champion? Then I gottta do that too. If I gotta get, like, cut up on some barbwired, if I gotta get thrown against the best believe I’m doin’ that too, Bryan.” A nod of confidence from Kaz. “Zeel said it best...I am some 28-year old weirdo obsessed with malls, Bigfoot, the 80s, but most importantly, y’all?”

“The graps!” This is what prompts Kaz to stand up. “And I’m proud of that. Look where it’s gotten me. The Octane Championship! a barbed wire steel cage...but that ain’t as important!” Kaz forces a big smile. “I’m a weirdo ready and willin’ to do whatever it takes to dethrone Bryan Laughlin. I’m meetin’ him in this steel domain of torture...and I’m gonna be walkin’ out it too.” Another strong nod of confidence as Kaz walks off with determination and the scene fades.

“A princess.”

We open up in a mall, Kaz riding an escalator down, and wearing a much more fitting neon pink blouse with a long skirt. The camera tracks her easily, thanks to the emptiness of the mall. “And y’all, it’s easy to want to skip out on this. To say that ‘cause I’m scared...that I ‘ought just pack my fanny packs and leave while I still can. As if!” Kaz laughs, a bit more valley girl sounding than usual. “I’ve skipped out on a few classes...a few training sessions, but...I ain’t ever ran away from a match.”

Her eyes narrow for a moment, passion burning in them...until she’s momentarily distracted by a mall kiosk. “I reckon deep down past that hard shell...I bet Bryan don’t wanna hurt me...much. But Bryan...hit me with your best shot! I wanna wrestle with the Octane Champion! Not someone holdin’ anything back.” Kaz smiles, almost oblivious to just what Laughlin’s capable of. “I wanna BEAT the Octane Champion givin’ his all. When you knock me down, Bryan...I hope you’re ready for me gettin’ back up over and over again!”

“Heart that’s carried me to this point.  And I got a fire. One burin’ hotter than the flames you put Seth through. One burin’ brighter than anyone else’s here! I got everythin’ to beat you, Bryan...and you got the fight to stop that.” She’s silent for a few moments; adopting a serious look. “I ain’t fussin’ over which Laughlin I’m facin’ at Holy Grail...bring’em all on. Break me down, rip me to shreds, and bust me open, Bryan...cause I’m gettin’ back up EACH and EVERY SINGLE TIME!” Her voice echoes throughout the mostly empty mall, but Kaz doesn’t care.

“If I quit in that ring...I don’t deserve your respect or anyone else’s. I’d just be somebody else’s problem and they don’t wanna deal with me.” A bob of the head, acknowledging how valuable relevance is. “So when I say I’m, like, totally beatin’ you, Bryan...I mean it. I can’t quit on that’s a big one, I know...but I ain’t quittin’. Not ‘till that I’m holdin’ that Octane Championship...or not ‘till they’re puttin’ it across my dead body.” A morbid thought for the princess, but nobody said it was a glamorous job as Kaz veers off and we cut away for the final time as the narration resumes where it left off.

“A criminal.”

Back in the empty hallways of the Watertown High School, Kaz is decked out in a gray trench coat, denim jacket, red checkered shirt, jeans, shades, and fingerless gloves. “Wrestlin’ is why I’m on this Earth. Without it? I’m just Katherine Bonham. A nobody.” She says it with such a matter-of-factly tone. “A Tennessee girl without much goin’ for her. Don’t know where I’d be without’em, Bryan. And in this industry...can’t say how much longer I got this goin’ for me. For us. Given the circumstances this could be, like, my last match!”

“Or...with that Octane Championship? It’s just the start. Only we can go out there and determine what’s gonna happen, Bryan. But I worked too hard to get here to let it slip away. To let you beat me.” The exclamation point on her statement is Kaz bursting through the doors to the outside, walking toward an empty football field as “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds cues up again. “I can’t be scared when Holy Grail comes around. I can’t be scared when I’m starin’ at the biggest, baddest monster I’ve ever been across from. When you look in my eyes, Bryan…”

Kaz removes her sunglasses and stares right into the camera. “It ain’t gonna be fear you’re seein’ in’’s gonna be a hunger. A hunger that I won’t satisfy until that bell rings and I’m holdin’ up the Octane Championship in front of everyone who watched me get to this point.” She almost gets choked up as she speaks. “They saw all the blood, sweat, and tears I poured into that ring...I reckon they’re gonna see some more come bell time.” She stops right by the goal post on the field, a trash can next to it.

As Kaz starts to talk, she begins taking off the jacket and gloves. “Wrestlin’ in that cage ain’t all that different than a Saturday detention, y’all. It’s only temporary...but I’m leavin’ a part of me in that ring. A part of me I ain’t ever gettin’ back.” Removing most of the costume, Kaz throws it right into the trash; allowing only one person to close this. “I’m breakin’ all the rules for this one, Bryan. I’m doin’ anything and everything to win. You got your personalities backin’ you up...I got nothin’. Nothin’, but a fightin’ chance. Cause I ain’t a brain, ain’t an athlete, ain’t a basket-case, princess, or a criminal...what do I got?”

“ a hunger. Does that answer your question?”

Kaz smirks and turns away, heading toward the 50 yard line as the narration takes over starts to take back over.

“Sincerely yours…”

The music picks up and a freeze frame just as she arches back to let out her Bigfoot howl.

“Kaz Bonham. Future Octane Champion.”

Octane / Everybody Wants To Rule The World
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The camera is greeted by the heat waves masking a lone desert road while “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” by Tears For Fears is playing in the background. The shot lingers for a few seconds until, in the distance, a car can be seen driving closer to the audience. As the vintage Austin-Healey 3000 gets closer and closer, the camera zooms in to reveal the driver as none other than the “Graps Goddess” herself, Kaz Bonham. Pulling up to the side of the road, Kaz parks the car, and QT Reese, dressed entirely like some vintage 50s cowboy with two plastic revolvers walks up to her.

“How long do I have to be here for this stupid Tears For Fears music video bit?”

“Get in the car.” There’s almost some attitude in Kaz’s voice as her sunglass-covered eyes are tracking QT, who lowers his own shades as he’s taken back. “Oh, sorry, I meant, please get in the car if you don’t wanna stand out here!” And just like that, any intimidation factor is wiped as Kaz smiles, patting QT on the head, and turning toward the camera. “Y’all, it’s,! But Kaz Bonham, Bigfoot huntin’ extraordinaire...she can handle a little heat!”

“But if my brief time in Octane has taught me anything? I gotta be able to withstand more than a little heat. Cause last show, I suffered my first defeat.” The mention is enough to dampen Kaz’s smile a bit. “Everything was goin’ rad, y’all, all until my totally tubular night came crashin’ down. And reality hit me, y’all...I learned something all too valuable.” Kaz drops her head, as if suffering a second loss just thinking about it. “I learned there ain’t just a touch of’s a place full of fire! A fire that every single one of y’all got inside of ya. The fire of graps...and that ain’t, like, ever dyin’!”

Kaz lifts her head a bit, her eyes narrowing. “So I can’t extinguish that fire either. I can’t sit here, feelin’ sorry for myself because I lost. I ain’t got anyone to blame, but myself. And that’s alright, y’all...cause I’m comin’ into 2018 and I’m comin’ for that Octane Championship!” And that fire in Kaz’s heart comes back as he explodes back onto the scene with a huge smile. “I gotta look at last week with some pride...I was able to put Zeel Park down, but y’all, that wasn’t, like, enough. But this week? This week is all about a radical redemption!”

“Shoot, this YEAR is about my redemption for one mistake! That’s how much last Octane means to me...I let everyone around me down and Seth...I can’t do that again. I let QT down!” She points back toward the man cranking the AC and muttering that he doesn’t care. “I can’t afford to get short sighted again, but I reckon with a, like, rad championship’s hard focusin’ on just one thing. I’ll be honest, when I got the card, I saw ‘Octane Championship Contender Match’ before I even saw my opponent and I made it up in my mind right then and there,” Kaz’s smile forms into a slight smirk, “That I’m winnin’ this.”

“But I know...I know I can’t be gettin’ ahead of myself here. I know that beatin’ you, ain’t gonna easy. Heck, you’ve proven that time and time again. Last Octane wasn’t easy and this one ain’t changin’.” Kaz shakes her head; confident smirk still there. “If tryin’ to beat you is hard...beatin’ me ain’t much easier! I didn’t pin you, you didn’t pin me, and this week, we see just who is better. It’s gonna be...well, shoot, it’s gonna be, like, a war, ain’t it?” A soft chuckle from Kaz after the realization.

“We’re gonna be scrappin’ and clawin’ our way toward that championship opportunity, but that ain’t all. We’re carryin’ this fire to light the torch of 2018 for Octane, but heck, that ain’t all either! We’re lookin’ to start off this year with not a win...but a message.” Kaz thumps her chest with the side of her fist with each line. “A message that Octane has some of the best wrestlin’ around...that we’re just as good, if not BETTER than Adrenaline, y’all! We’re sendin’ a message to Bryan Laughlin, provin’ that only one of us deserves his time and a shot at his gnarly gold. And most important of all, y’all?” Near the end, she starts pacing back and forth before stopping in the center of the frame.

Kaz takes a step toward the audience, removing her sunglasses, and those intense eyes locked right onto the camera. “We’re sendin’ a message to each other. Seein’ just who can carry this brand...just who is lookin’ to make this year...their year. This main event is all about settin’ a tone for the year, for the entire freakin’ roster, Seth! The tone...for us.” She nods along, staying silent for a few seconds. “You’re one of the best Octane has to offer and I know I still got some time to get to that point...but I promise y’all, I’m reachin’ that point. I’m reachin’ that point, like, sooner rather than later! And I’m reachin’ that beatin’ you this week, Seth.” Another cocky smirk from Kaz.

“Cause while I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ just who the best is between us...I ain’t gonna waste your time or mine...we both know what we’re lookin’ at. Why beat around the bush? I like to think we, like, respect each other not to do that.” A brief shrug of her shoulders. “Cause I sure respect you, Seth. You’re no nonsense, rad, hard workin’, and a great wrestler! You got everything it takes to be the Octane Champion. I don’t...yet. And that’s what this war is all about. The burden of provin’ I got what it takes too is all on my shoulders, y’all.” But that pressure is easily dusted off her shoulders.

“I came close last time, but that don’t mean a thing this week. You were right last time when you said us meetin’ on the battlefield was gonna be epic...but shoot, I don’t think I’m even ready for what we’re gonna go out there and do.” Kaz smiles, already visioning the upcoming war of the graps. “If I wanna lead Octane, if I wanna be the Octane Champion...I gotta be more than ready for it, Seth. I gotta beat you! I gotta show everyone, includin’ myself, that I can go on and challenge Bryan Laughlin! Cause I ain’t losin’, Seth. I, like, can’t.” Her smile drops for a moment. “And I won’t.”

“It’s, like, the oldest tale in wrestlin’...who wants it more? Who is the raddest, baddest, and gnarliest? Well I like to think when I’m huntin’ Bigfoot, when I’m headbangin’ to the best hair metal of the 80s, when I’m powerwalkin’ through every mall in every dang city...well shoot, I like to think I’m the raddest! THE BADDEST! AND,” Kaz takes a step back, throwing her arms out wide, and soaking in the blinding sun, “THAT I’M THE GNARLIEST!” She soaks in the moment, perhaps a bit too long as she quickly covers her eyes and steps back away from the glare.

“Oh my god.” QT’s embarrassment can be heard in the background, but Kaz doesn’t bat an eye.

“No secret we got different outlooks on life, but who cares? We got graps. I can always go to the mall, I can always make fanny packs, but none of that...NONE of that compares to the graps. The thrill when I step in that ring, hearin’ the Bonham Care Bears, and listenin’ for that bell...the bell that lets me know it’s time to show the world just what I can do.” Kaz’s passion for the graps is evident as she barely blinks, broadcasting every ounce of said passion through her eyes.

“So let’s make this a main event for the ages...let’s start off 2018 right. If I got a chance to face Laughlin in my home state of Tennessee then I’m doin’ just that, Seth. And I ain’t lettin’ you stop me. Last time, I lost the battle…” A hard blink, another reminder of her failure. “But I ain’t losin’ this war. You’re gonna give your all, Seth, but I’m gonna give more. I’m gonna, like, everything I got. If the only way for Seth Daniels to beat Kaz Bonham is to kill her in that ring...I reckon that’s what you must do.” The unusual morbid thought prompts another light chuckle from Kaz.

“We’re goin’ ‘till there ain’t nothin’ left…’till one of us is left standin’ alone. And Seth, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend you...but it’s gonna be me. Trust me...I look forward knowin’ what kind of...what kind of hell we’re steppin’ into.” Another smile despite letting a slight curse word through. “This is an opportunity that makes careers. I ain’t lettin’ it slip away. This is a war that means the world to me.”

“And like they say, Seth…’Everyone wants to rule the world’?”

Putting her sunglasses back on, trying to act as cool as one can with a man dressed like a cowboy checking Twitter on their phone can be and despite the heat...Kaz Bonham is looking pretty cool. The opening synth of the familiar Tears for Fear song cues up again...

“I just wanna rule Octane.”

Event Production / Re: Octane E14 Production Script
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Backstage #7 pleaseee

Octane / Last Christmas
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:06:37 AM »

We open to an empty parking lot with a light dusting off snow covering parts of the asphalt and in the distance, the slight sound of sleigh bells can be heard. The sleigh bells get increasingly louder until the source is finally discovered as Kaz Bonham and QT Reese roll onto the scene with poorly painted pieces of cardboard meant to represent Santa’s sleigh. Over Kaz’s shoulder is a big burlap sack to accompany her Santa outfit and next to her is the totally disinterested and already over it QT dressed as one of Santa’s helper elves. In the background, “Last Christmas” by Wham! softly plays.

While Reese is undoubtedly vanity searching himself on Twitter, Bonham puts on her best Santa voice, “Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry Christmas to all! Or happy holidays!” What little can be seen of Kaz’s face past the beard, she’s beaming with energy. Dropping the Santa voice, Kaz’s usual Southern drawl resurfaces, “If y’all can’t tell, I ain’t Santa! It’s me, Kaz!” A tug of the beard reveals what everyone already knows along with a big smile. “And this here is QT On The Shelf!” Looking up from his phone, QT glares at Kaz for a few seconds before going back to Twitter.

“Well, someone is a real grump. But not for much longer! We...well, I figured with this being the last Octane before Christmas and all...we should spread some holiday cheer around! And in the process, I reckon this will, like, cheer up QT too!” Kaz proudly puts her hands on her hips.

“Unlikely.” And QT’s quip deflates her mood a bit.

“Don’t mind him none.” Kaz pushes through his attempt at dampening her spirits. “See, every week, like, I’ve got a bigger match than before! So this ain’t just about givin’ out gifts, it’s about trainin’ y’all! I gotta get movin’, work on my cardio cause I know, like, Zeel and Seth? That ain’t gonna take it easy! So I can’t either! Come on, QT!” Looking back at QT, he’s not paying attention until Kaz grabs his arm and pulls him along.

The next jump takes us downtown where Kaz is leading the charge with QT and his jingling shoes right behind her. “Y’all, Santa’s got it pretty tough. In one night, he travels all around the world just to spread joy. And that’s pretty freakin’ rad! That’s what I wanna do...but y’all, if I wanna be on top of the Octane mountain; no disrespect to Santa, but I gotta do it better.” Kaz nods triumphantly as she passes out her first gift from the burlap sack to a random passerby.

As she walks away, the person opens the up the gift, and looks back at Kaz in confusion, “What the hell is a Teddy Ruxpin?”

“Now I’m sure y’all are askin’, ‘Kaz, how in the world are you gonna do better than Santa?’” She shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly. “I’m, like, gonna outshine him! What he does in one night? If I wanna be the best in Octane, I can’t just give my best one night. I gotta do it every single time I step into that ring! I got the gnarly Bonham Care Bears out there! I can’t be disappointin’ them. Givin’ these gifts out? That’s just the start, y’all.” And almost on cue, Kaz passes out another gift, but the person waves her off, pointing toward their Bluetooth earpiece.

“And I ain’t backin’ down!” Kaz backpedals, holding the gift, and stopping right in front of the person. “Here!” The second time around, he reluctantly accepts the gift, and pulling out a set of scrunchies. “Happy holidays!” She pats the man on the shoulder before catching up with QT. “See? I could’ve just, like, given up, I couldn’t moved on, but I came out here determined, y’all! To give folks as many rad gifts as I can! And I ain’t takin’ no for an answer! Now, I’m takin’ that attitude with me to the ring.”

Kaz perks up, drawing a long sigh from QT, and she gives him a side eye before looking back at the camera. “Y’all, that ain’t gonna be an easy task when I got Zeel Park across from me. I know y’all may look at Zeel and think he takes it easy...and shoot, I’m sure he’d tell ya that too. But I know that teamin’ with him, he ain’t someone y’all want to take easy. No matter how cool, how laid back, or actin’ like he don’t care...he’s freakin’ good!”

“So that means I gotta be better. When we teamed, we got to see a little bit of each other, but folks, that was just the start. And just cause we’re, like, best friends doesn’t mean I’m gonna go easy on him. I’m sure Zeel might like that,” A small chuckle from Kaz, “But I can’t. I made him a fanny pack, I heard what he had to say ‘bout me...but I don’t care, y’all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it’s folks like Zeel I gotta prove wrong.” Her eyes drop for a moment, but recover.

“So I hope when we teamed last week…I hope Zeel paid close attention. I hope that he saw just what I can, like, do! Don’t get me wrong, it’s gnarly huntin’ for Bigfoot or bein’ kind...but I say it all time the, y’all. The Kaz Bonham outside the ring? Well, you’re lookin’ at her!” Kaz jumps with glee in place for a second, but quickly refocuses. “And the one in the ring? She’s the undefeated one. She’s the one who keeps comin’ in fightin’ hard, keeps givin’ it all she’s got, and the one that keeps on winnin’!” Despite the Santa outfit, Kaz’s intensity shines through. “And I don’t mean to, like, brag, y’all, but I can only be disrespected for so long!”

Kaz’s unusual seriousness stays with her as she walks on; QT peeking over his sunglasses at her. “So when I hear people say I’m too old to do something...when they say I shouldn’t be here...I take offense to that, y’all. That ain’t rad. That ain’t what I’m here for. I’m here to show that I do belong and that I can do it just as good...shoot...BETTER than everyone else! That’s what wrestlin’ is all about! Bein’ the best and I’m showin’ that I can be that. I don’t mean any offense to Zeel...but you gotta understand that.”

“And the same goes to you, Seth. Now I reckon you don’t know me from Adam, but I know you. I know, just like Zeel, I know how good you are. You don’t compete for the Octane Championship unless you can hang.”

“What about that idiot Vossler?”

Kaz reaches back to smack QT on the shoulder. “Hush.” Reese winces in pain and rubs his shoulder as Bonham looks back toward the camera. “ I was sayin’. Just cause you lost to Tommy last week don’t mean I’m lookin’ at you any different. If anything, that makes you, like, even more dangerous! Fightin’ dirty, fightin’ with your back against the wall. Wild! But I’m lookin’ forward to that. Cause I ain’t backin’ down from anyone or any fight, so bring it on!” The playful Kaz returns as she brings her dukes up, ready to throw down right there.

“You can say what everyone has said ‘bout me, Seth. I expect it from you, so all I ask of you this Christmas? All I ask for is some gnarly graps! We might differ in a lot of ways, Seth, but we both live and breathe wrestlin’.” She nods in beat with her cadence. “We both wanna be the best and so does Zeel, but y’all...only one of us can make it out there alive. Zeel’s willin’ to make it look easy and Seth’s willin’ to do whatever it takes, so what do I say?”

Just as Kaz is about to answer, QT taps her shoulder. “Can we go nowwwwww?” He sighs. “I’m so bored.”

Kaz looks annoyed, but she takes a step back, putting her burlap sack down, and reaching into it. After a few seconds of digging, she retrieves two gift wrapped boxes. One with “To: QT. From: LITTLE BIGFOOT” written on the tag and she hands it to her friend. He perks up, shaking the box, and begins to pull the bow when Kaz slaps his hand.

“Not until Christmas!” She blurts out as QT backs down, still fiddling with the bow regardless. “Now, like I was sayin’ hang with those two? To hang with Santa himself?! Shoot, y’all, we gotta see a Kaz Bonham I ain’t even seen before! I got my sights on bein’ the best here, I got my sights on two in front of me who want the same thing, so I gotta step it up. If y’all liked what I was doin’ before...that ain’t enough.” As Kaz starts getting fired up again, she picks up the other gift wrapped box, and the camera zooms in on the tag: “To: 4CW, Octane, Zeel, Seth! From: KAZ!”

“And this here...this is my gift to everyone. And y’all, I’ll be honest...I can’t wait ‘till Christmas!” As Kaz pulls the bow, QT tries to protest, but it’s too late. And as she opens the lid, the camera zooms in to reveal...nothing? “See, my can’t be contained. And that’s...that’s the GIFT OF GRAPS, BABY! The gift that says this ain’t gonna be my last Christmas here in 4CW...the gift that says I’m, like, headin’ into Octane and I hope y’all are ready!”

“But of course, I gotta get myself a gift, y’all. So on December 22nd, my gift to myself? A win. And I’m sorry, Seth, I’m sorry, Zeel...I ain’t lettin’ y’all stop me. I know y’all will try, it’ll be rad! But…”

Kaz takes off her Santa cap and beard, looking into the camera.

“I’ve given my heart to wrestlin’ and I ain’t lettin’ y’all give it away.”

With that, Kaz packs everything away, much to QT’s delight, and the two walk off with “Last Christmas” closing the scene.

Octane / Working Nine To Five
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The first shot opens with Kaz Bonham’s hand slamming down on an obnoxiously loud alarm clock. She stretches, decked out completely in Bigfoot themed pajamas, and stumbles out of bed. Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” cues up a montage of Kaz starting her morning in the kitchen, pouring herself a cup of coffee and adding enough creamer to just make it milk. The twist of the shower knob, a change into an uncharacteristic business attire for Kaz, and we come to a stop with Bonham stuck in morning traffic.

“The things you do for a 9 to 5, y’all.” Kaz shrugs as she takes a drink out of her “coffee” cup. “I reckon wrestlin’ ain’t all that different from a real 9 to 5. Ya gotta wake up, ya gotta want to push yourself to be the best, and at the end of the day...ya gotta hope for some luck on your side. But more important? Like, ya gotta work with your co-workers! That’s why I,” Kaz turns to the camera with a big smile, “Why I try to be the best pal that I can be to everyone!”

The aggressive honking of cars in the background doesn’t seem to bother Kaz as she continues on. “So when I learned I’d be in my first tag team match here in Octane...well, like, shoot, y’all, I gotta make a good first impression!” Another big smile as she looks in the rear view mirror, adjusting her hair. “I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Brian! But now I get to meet Zion and Zeel Park! Like, y’all, two friends for the price of one match? Sign me the heck up!”

“But, like, of course...I know it’s still a wrestlin’ match, y’all. I gotta take on Brian and Zion while teamin’ with good ol’ Zeel. It’s gonna be exciting! And I can’t really say what’s gonna like I said, this is all about first impressions. I gotta impress Zeel, I gotta show him that I can hold my own!” Kaz pumps her fist up as the confidence builds in her voice. “I gotta show him that if he falls, he can, like, count on me! I ain’t in the business of lettin’ any folks down.”

She shakes her head. “No, I ain’t failin’ anyone. And just cause I beat Brian at the last Octane don’t mean a darn thing, y’all. In wrestlin’, anything can happen! I beat Brian last show and heck, he could beat me every week after that.” As Kaz focuses on the road ahead of her; her face gets serious. “I got a lead on Brian and I’d be a fool to let that, like, slip away. And speakin’ of bein’ a fool, I’d be just as foolish to not take Zion just as seriously.” Kaz shrugs, knowing her words won’t mean much given Zion’s track record.

“Anything could happen...I mean, Zeel’s been hurtin’. This match...y’all make not think much of it, but it means a lot to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. For Zeel or me to walk into this thinkin’ it was a cakewalk...I just, like, can’t do that!” Another shake of Kaz’s head. “But I trust Zeel. I trust myself. I know that we may not know each other, but y’all think that’s stopped anyone before?” A small scoff from Kaz as she smirks. “For all we know, y’all, we could be the Murtaugh and Riggs of 4CW! The Wham! Ferris Bueller and Cameron!”

Her smirk widens back into a smile. “We could be anything, y’all! There’s nothing radder than two strangers workin’ together for the same goal. That’s what graps is all about! It’s why I’m already workin’ on some, like, matching fanny packs! A team that dresses together, like, wins together!” Kaz’s enthusiasm for the fanny packs is almost contagious. “We come from opposite worlds, but I know I ain’t the first to say opposites attract. So when we get in that ring? I reckon we’ll either gel...or we’ll bounce off each other and still kick some butt!”

Following her last statement, the camera cuts to black for a moment and when we return, their following Kaz as she’s apparently somewhere downtown, entering an office building. It’s a cramped elevator ride with the blue-and-purple haired Kaz obviously out of place among the other morning work crowd. As people start getting off on their floor, it’s not much longer before Kaz finds her exit and steps out into a floor filled with cubicle after cubicle. Without missing a beat, she starts walking down with a warm smile on her face.

“Howdy, Jim!” She waves at the supposed “Jim”, who doesn’t wave back as he watches this strange woman walk by his cubicle. Kaz keeps walking until taking a seat in a cubicle, which judging by the family photos on the desk, very obviously does not belong to her. “Ya know, I admire Brian’s attitude in a way...I mean, sure, I don’t think he ‘oughta curse so much, but the message, like, sendin’ is a good one. Early to work, gettin’ ahead of everyone, and focusin’ on bein’ the best you that you can be.”

“That’s what I wanna do too, Brian. A lotta folks here wanna try and shut me down...sayin’ I don’t belong here. Sayin’ I’m too old to be actin’ the way I am, but y’all will have to pardon me for that.” She looks into the camera and shrugs. “That’s just the way I was brought up. I respect others, sure my hobbies are...out there, but shoot, I’m here for a reason. Just like Brian and everyone else. I’m, like, here to show I can be one of the best wrestlers in the whole world!”

As her voice carries down a bit, there’s a hush from the other cubicle as Kaz remembers where she’s at. “And Zion...well, he’s here for a reason. Say what you will, but Zion’s in 4CW, y’all. People poked fun at American Tommy and look at him now, y’all. I understand what Zion goes through.” A frown almost forms, but is wiped away as Kaz puts on a weak smile. “I know what it’s like to say you don’t belong here. No matter how hard I much I prove that I belong...folks are always gonna say I don’t belong.”

A somber message, but Kaz fights through it. “And that’s why I’m still standin’ here. That’s why I’m gonna go out every Octane, give it my all, and prove I’m one of the best. Ain’t very humblin’ of me to say, but I know I can be one of the best. So Brian, Zion, heck, even Zeel and everyone else can count me out…” Kaz smirks. “Cause ain’t nothin’ sweeter than, like, provin’ someone wrong. In fact, I don’t need this stinkin’ 9 to 5! I’m gonna go and tell my boss I quit!”

As she stands up from the cubicle, Kaz power walks her way back to the front of the office and stopping at the secretary's desk. “Can I help you?”

“Yes! I’m actually looking for an executive...Mr. Brian Hollywood?”

The confused secretary looks at Kaz, the camera, then back at Kaz. “’s no one here by that name...who are you?”

“Oh, I’m Katherine! Or Kaz.” A big smile from Kaz as she sticks her hand out.

“ don’t work here.” The office secretary says as she confusingly shakes Kaz’s hand.

“Oh…” Kaz looks around embarrassingly and offers up a sheepish smile, “That’d explain a lot...well, shoot, tell him I quit anyways!” Taking out the scrunchie that was holding her hair in a pun, Kaz slams it down onto the desk! But winces as she creates a scene as others look over at her. “Sorry...I’ll be leavin’ now.”

The camera rejoins Kaz as she steps back onto the city streets. “Y’all, I’m startin’ to think Brian ain’t an executive...well, shoot, least I can go huntin’ for Bigfoot early!” The excitement causes her to jump and clap in glee. Though after the mini celebration of quitting her non-existent job, Kaz goes back to being a semi-serious wrestler. “But Bigfoot is gonna have to wait. I ain’t here to be a joke. I reckon I’m gonna try to be as friendly as I can be, but I ain’t gonna help put others ahead of me...I’m here to win, y’all.”

A determined Kaz looks into the camera. “And that’s why wrestlin’ is a lot like a 9 to’s a dog eat dog world. I’m fightin’ a clean fight...but it’s still gonna be ugly. But it’s gotta be ugly if I want to stand out. So I ain’t worried. I know what I can’s up to y’all if you wanna believe that.” She nods her head. “Cause I’ve been ready for this fight since day one…”

“Ain’t nobody stoppin’ Little Bigfoot!” And just like that, Kaz resorts back to her dork self. “So I’m...” Her smile widens.

“I’m makin’ winnin’ my new 9 to 5!”

And with that, Kaz bounces away as the camera fades to black.

Octane / Kazzie Says Relax
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As the camera turns on, starts tracking a pair of retro Jordans as “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood is playing over top of it. Panning up, the shot goes from shoes to jeans to a woman walking with long flowing blue hair. The woman walks for a few more seconds before stopping, whipping around in slow motion as her hair blows in the wind and we see Kaz Bonham sporting a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer and a shirt that reads “Kazzie Says Relax”. Taking a few steps back, the camera reveals what Kaz was walking toward and now proudly standing in front of. A big sign that reads


The camera is steady on the shot for a few seconds, but tourists of the park start to wander through and out of the shot. Kaz’s enthusiasm tempers down a bit as she tries to look at the camera through the crowd. ”Shoot.” she says and just motions for the camera to come over to her. The crew gets closer and practically invades Kaz’s personal space. ”Like, little close don’t you think?” For the second straight week, the plan Kaz had in mind was foiled before the camera cuts away.

Now she’s seated at the much less crowded “Campsite Grill” and she’s still beaming with her smile despite everything. ”Y’all, I figured since I reckoned it was a bit too expensive to fly out to Hollywood...I did the next best thing and came on down to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!” Kaz busts out some jazz hands at the announcement. ”Ever since I won on Octane, I’ve just been on, like, cloud nine, y’all. Adaya was a fantastic opponent and I ain’t one to brag, but...I think we stole the show!”

“Now I’ve come out the way out here to prepare for my match against Brian Hollywood! And shoot, y’all can call me, ‘Kazzie Dollywood!’ Like some generic action hero, Kaz whips off her Ray-Bans and musters up as serious of a face as she can; looking real tough with multi-colored paint around her eye. “Pretty gnarly, right? And I figured, what better way to train than to come out here to the totally tubular Dollywood? It’s freakin’ rad! So I’ve been hittin’ the rides, I’ve been on the ‘Drop Line’ and the ‘Amazing Flying Elephants’, all helpin’ me get ready for my match!” She says it so matter-of-factly, as if riding rides was the pinnacle of wrestling training.

”Even if they nearly all made me wig out…” Kaz’s face shows the signs of a person blessed to have not gotten completely sick after a ride and she brings back her smile. ”Now you see, like, these rides are helpin’ me prepare for the intensity someone like Hollywood is gonna bring to the ring. He’s the real deal,” Kaz’s smile dampers down for a second, “I’ve only won the same belt three times...Hollywood’s won, like, a billiion! When you look at it on paper folks, it ain’t good for ol’ Katherine.” Her head dips down for a second.

But just for a second as Kaz shoots back up and stares into the camera, “But you think I’m lettin’ anyone tell me the odds? Heck no! Like, when I stood across from Adaya, I even started to doubt myself...but I remember all the Bonham Care Bears that came out to support me and I couldn’t let them down!” Some intensity shows in Kaz’s eyes as her voice picks up. ”And bless Adaya for givin’ me a heck of a I can’t go out there and disrespect her by lettin’ folks out there count me out. I can’t let those odds stack up and beat me down!” As she speaks, Kaz’s volume just gets louder until she’s on her feet.

“All I know in this life is huntin’ for Bigfoot and wrestlin’. And, like, I’d be a darn fool to let anyone tell me what I can and can’t do, y’all! So while I respect Brian...I want him to know it ain’t gonna be easy,” Kaz puffs her chest out, filled with confidence, ”And I know you might be like all the might just think I’m, like, some loser hangin’ onto a lot of dreams that won’t amount to anything.” She shakes her head. ”But I ain’t that. I’ll, like, never be that! Maybe I shouldn’t be makin’ assumptions here…after all, you know they say about assumptions.” A smirk forms on Kaz’s face.

“So I don’t worry about’em. We can all make guesses, but sometimes, I think y’all need a chill pill.” Her smile widens a bit. “You look at someone, you hear how they talk...but you don’t know a darn thing about’em. And that’s a dangerous game, folks. Especially in graps.” Kaz nods in agreement with her own statement. ”See, I don’t know who you are as, like, a person, Brian, just like you don’t know me. You can see me as Kaz Bonham...or Kazzie Dollywood; you see this totally rad chick rockin’ fanny packs and leg warmers. What do you see?”

“It doesn’t matter, y’all! Cause I might dress like this, but I’m defined by what I do in the ring! Just like Brian and just like everyone else on Octane, on Adrenaline, every wrestler out there!” As Kaz’s voice starts picking up volume again, the on goers around her begin to stare. ”So when I step into that ring, if you think, like, I’m a joke? Than you’re in for a rude awakenin’! I’m gonna step into that Octane ring and give it my all just like last time. I’m givin’ everything I got and I’m gonna win! And ain’t nobody stoppin’ me!” Kaz gets so worked up in her rant that she cups her hands around her mouth and lets out her signature Bigfoot howl!

She’s broadcasting her bright smile yet again, but this time the park attendees stare at Kaz, prompting her pale face to flush red. “Sorry, y’all.” An awkward wave from Kaz as the park goers continue on and she takes her seat again. ”But as I was, like, sayin’...I came here to win. I don’t mind bein’ called a joke, I don’t mind bein’ disrespected or counted out...heck, that’s what I expected when I came here. And that’s fair, y’all. I know I’m a bit...out there.” Her smirk reforms at the corner of her mouth. ”But just cause I am...that don’t take away from the fact that I’m tryin’ to be the raddest, bestest person I can be and the most wicked wrestler I can be.”

“So I respect Brian Hollywood. I respect him a heck of a lot. And I know that whatever he may or may not think of me...I’m gonna do what I’ve done, like, all my life! I’m exceedin’ his expectations!” Again, Kaz throws up some excited jazz hands, trying to prevent letting out another howl. ”I stole the show with Adaya and I’m gonna try everything to do it again. I wanna prove everyone wrong, that’s what I’m all about, y’all. It ain’t gonna be easy, but that’s why I’m here in Octane. I’ve got a lot more training to get in today too.” She smiles, again, implying riding coasters as an effective training method.

“I’m steppin’ into Octane this week with something to prove. You might not think I’ve got a chance...and that’s where I’m gonna prove ya wrong. You might not think that I belong in big bad 4CW...but I ain’t scared,” Kaz shakes her head and puts on a look of determination, ”I ain’t lettin’ anyone stop me. I’m Kaz Bonham...I’m the Graps Goddess! I got my Bonham Care Bears to inspire! I got a million reasons why I need to, like, step into that ring and beat Brian Hollywood...and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win.”

“So let’s put on a show to remember for these fans, Brian! Let’s go out there, show why we belong, and, like, have a totally gnarly match!” She pumps her fist up and grins for the camera. “But for selfish know I ain’t gonna just let you, like, beat me. We’re gonna put on a heck of a show, but only one of us can win. And y’all...I reckon that’s gonna be me,” Her grin morphs into a slightly cocky one for just a moment, “Cause once this Dixie Stampede gets rollin’ ain’t stopping! And Brian? You better get out of the way!”

Kaz nearly gets up from her seat again, but stops herself and takes her seat again. “Ah, shoot, I’m gettin’ all worked up again, but y’all gotta forgive me...I get so passionate about these graps. But heck, y’all know what I gotta do before Octane and before Hollywood?”

The cue for the music starts and it begins to play again.

“I gotta RELAX!”

Kaz throws her sunglasses back on, crossing her arms, and leaning back, trying to act cool, but nearly falls out of her seat in the process. She catches herself and regains her composure as the camera fades to black.

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