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Adrenaline / "People of the Sun"
« on: November 23, 2019, 09:29:42 PM »

You’re probably wonderin’ how ya boi ended up booked for Adrenaline with Cartier against Children of the Moon.

Well, Perry provided the bag, not to mention a cameraman that follows me ‘round whenever I need it, drones with cameras to follow me wherever the cameraman can’t and hidden cameras ‘round the crib to hopefully catch ya boi in some of his more personal moments. I had one condition though - can’t believe he agreed to it to be honest and it’s why you’re hearin’ me like this - I’m 4CW’s Morgan Freeman in the editin’ room with it, except younger, smoother and way better lookin’.

It’s like edTV but instead…welcome to SILKtv.

”People of the Sun”

Her curves could massacre any room she walked into while her eyes and her smile could convince me to hide the bodies and clean up the mess. She was my partner, my confidant but most importantly, my closest friend who was loyal to the bone, a rarity in this business. She looked over at me from her beach chair as the sun radiated off of her skin, givin’ it a brown sugar glow while the sun beat down on me like it was my mama and I spoke outta turn durin’ church service. She had that look though - she wanted somethin’ from me.


Cartier started doin’ that thing where she bats her eyelashes like a lost puppy.


I replied knowin’ bein’ asked for a favor was just ‘round the corner.

“Oil your girl up!”

She didn’t even finish her sentence before she was already in her beach bag pullin’ the bottle of suntan lotion out. Her bikini, if you can even call two pieces of string connected that, made it easy to get the job done. It also probably made any sane man out there jealous that I got to do it.

I sat up off my beach chair, dusted off the crumbs from the Cuabn sandwich I just had that fell down onto my black Fendi swim trunks and made the easy half step over to her, grabbin’ the bottle from her grasp.

“Loooovvvve you”

I know she did but it didn’t change the fact she was suckin’ up to ya boi for oilin’ her up, but again, I ain’t complainin’ ‘bout latherin’ that piece of art which is her body. We were relaxin’ like we usually do before an upcomin’ match, almost always in a hot spot, after all, we’re people of the sun and love baskin’ in its glory. I opened the lid and squirted some lotion onto my hands, rubbin’ it in all casual, our upcomin’ match was bound to come up in conversation.

“ been on the other side from Rebecca in a 4CW ring, what should I be expectin’?”

“Becky? She aiight. Got the skill, got the athleticism, but she got that attitude that she already better than everyone else. You know the type. She got that ‘speak to the manager’ vibe all day. I seen Becky an’ Julie on Twitter already makin’ plans to work wit’ Girls Next Door to become top contenders… that’s two teams ain’t neither had a single match in 4CW, yet they just look right past you an’ me as if we ain’t booked against Children of the Moon right now. So yeah… Bex good an’ all, but she too big for her damn britches.”

“Yeah, I’ve teamed with ‘em once over in Southside back in October. Needless to say, for how much someone like Genie hypes them up, I wasn’t that impressed when they couldn’t help me get the W - if it was us and one of ‘em, we definitely woulda won. I saw when Rebecca faced you at Adrenaline though. Leadin’ up to the show, she had the audacity to throw shade for us losin’ at Bad Company, yet again, those two were in a tag tournament with us for titles in a previously mentioned company and we won it all while they ain’t even sniff the finals. Rebecca really shouldn’t have thrown stones while livin’ it that glass house, ain’t like she had much success when she was in Bad Company, whether Julie was her partner or not. If they were tag team specialists like they try to pass themselves off as, they’d be able to adapt and do it apart too. Hell, ya boi won tag titles with Trixie before I rolled with you and in 2019 we done just as much on our own as we have together as a unit, beatin’ Children of the Moon at Adrenaline will just be another notch under Thot Chocolate’s belt we can add to this years list.”

Cartier turned back and smiled at me as if I was onto somethin’.

“Now you gettin’ it.”

“Whatchu mean?”

“Everythin’ that’s happened outside of 4CW - it don’t matter anymore. All that matters is what happens in that 4CW ring.”

“I get that, thing is though, only Rebecca and you got continued experience in a 4CW ring cause I ain’t countin’ when King’s Road was under the banner as a secondary brand or a one off at Bad Company. So, each one of you got a leg up on Julie and I. I’m just lucky enough to be teamed up with not only the most beautiful of the three women in this match but also, the biggest 4CW veteran of us all, not to mention the PRIDE of this company.”

She giggled lightly at my play on words of her Pride Title and importance to the 4CW roster which has had a recent face lift with names comin’ and goin’ over the last six months. Cartier’s eyes lit up a bit though I noticed.

“You really think I’m the more beautiful than ‘em too? Aw, love you boo.”

She knew I did without me even sayin’ anythin’, Cartier just liked to hear it come from me whenever or wherever the chance presented itself.

“Of course girl, I mean look, you absolutely, positively radiatin’ under this sun while Rebecca and Julie don’t come out until the moon does. Maybe that’s why they got that bitchy side to ‘em - Vitamin D deficiency. They probably gon’ call us cocky, arrogant or over confident when really it’s just us bein’ oozin’ self positivity cause we full of Vitamin D, thanks to us bein’ people of the sun and not children of the moon.”

I shrugged playfully while she couldn’t help but chuckle.

“And you know how it is - that whole ‘two-faced’ ish.”

She looked at me confused by my follow up remark and didn’t even have to say a word for me to gather that.

“You never seen that Seinfeld episode? Basically, dependin’ on lightin’ and conditions of the environment, a chick can look “two-faced” meanin’ they look attractive under certain lightin’ but dog as fuck under other conditions. I ain’t sayin’ they gon’ melt like the Wicked Witch of the West when they walk out in the sun, then again, they both wear eighty-three pounds of maybelline makeup, so you never know, but what I’m sayin’ is maybe they live by Whodini’s “Freaks Come Out At Night” which may explain why Nik and Dame wifed ‘em up. Makes sense though cause seein’ how close they are, the Conglomerate either wife swaps or Rebecca and Julie are a lovey dovey Twitter thread ‘bout each other away from bein’ declared Twitter lesbians.”

Cartier was takin’ a sip of her Mai Tai when she almost spit it up from my last comment.

“Yo you too much, SILK, this why people always got they knives out for us… but listen, Children of the Moon thinks the night time is the right time an’ that they right. I’ve known a bunch of midnight ballerinas in my time, an’ lemme just tell you one good reason is the same reason they keep the lights in a titty club down low. Darkness is a ugly girl’s friend. Unfortunately it ain’t a beauty contest on Adrenaline, we gotta have a fight… an’ when I say unfortunately? I mean it’s unfortunate for the Moon Kids. After all, talk is talk an’ talk is cheap, but soon enough that bell gonna ring. Jules done good when I seen her in the QuagCup, Becky I know got a lot to offer in the ring, but you ain’t gotta look no further than the last few weeks to see we got ‘em dead to rights. We ain’t never met as teams, but me an’ Becky shared a ring one time, an’ it was me that got the dub.”

She was right and for that, I could do nothin’ but nod in agreement as I finished oilin’ her up. I noticed her Mai Tai was almost done.

“I’m guessin’ you gonna ask me to get you a refill on that?”

I gestured towards her drink. She smiled, held up the glass and shook it back and forth as the remainin’ ice in the cup hit each side of the glass givin’ off a Maraca like sound.

“This is why we great together SILK and gon’ do fine against Children of the Moon in the ring - you read my mind and know what I’ma do next!”

She handed me the glass and I gave her an eye roll with playful intentions, followed by a smile as I grabbed it. The beach bar was only a short walk away, so no need on gettin’ a waiter. Plus, the cameraman started backpedalin’ while in front of me as I walked to refill her Mai Tai, givin’ me a chance to get some things off my chest.

“Finally, my official 4CW debut - to the chagrin of some, to the curiosity of others and to the excitement of most. Everyone has expectations for myself and what Thot Chocolate is gonna do now that I’m here but really? I’m just takin’ it one match at a time, startin’ with Rebecca Thoreau and Julie Miri, the Children of the Moon. First thing I wanna say is this isn’t personal, at least for ya boi, this is just business. I know ya’ll be feelin’ yourselves like Eden and Leela, already proclaimin’ yourselves #1 Contendership worthy for the Tag Titles but damn, what’s gon’ happen when we serve ya’ll that hot L fresh outta the oven from the Thot Chocolate Pop Up Shop we gonna have at Adrenaline 107? Ya’ll ain’t gonna look so hot then huh? Either way, while ya’ll are figurin’ out rankings in the tag division that apparently Reedvolution built like teams ain’t ever come before ‘em to establish it, I’m out here more worried ‘bout makin’ a statement outta you two. Rebecca, Bex, whatever name you’re feelin’ today, I ain’t gon’ knock you hard, you’ve beat Manny Fernandez, one of the best on the roster in a singles match, beat Bianca for whatever that’s worth but lost in the Warzone of Horrors and also to Cartier, obviously, both nothin’ to hang your head ‘bout. What happened at Adrenaline 105 though? You and Logan get relegated to the dark match? Or was the match that embarassin’ they cut it from TV and Perry’s chalkin’ it up to the Mandela effect? I also don’t wanna hear nothin’ ‘bout you and Cyrus makin’ it a round farther than Thot Chocolate if that’s on your mind, far as I’m concerned, we got the hardest first round draw and ya’ll got a tag team of two nobodies named after a terrible Rob Schneider movie. Also, didn’t Cyrus win it last year with Omerta? Damn, sounds like you held him back. I bet Julie will be wonderin’ if you’re doin’ the same thing to her after Cartier and ya boi take care of you two at Adrenaline.”

The sun was still hittin’ me hard like it’s Myles Garrett with a helmet as I went to the beach bar. I quickly told the bartender ‘bout the Mai Tai refill and leaned against the bar as he whipped up the cocktail concoction. He handed me the drink, cool umbrella in it and all, then I slipped paid for it with a generous tip. I started headin’ back towards Cartier still takin’ advantage of my time with the camera.

“I know what the implications of this match could actually have on the tag division, besides what ya’ll and the Girls Next Door are plannin’, a win here could catapult either team to the top of the tag division or damn near close to it just because of how thin it is on challengers for Reedvolution, but the real question is, what does it mean for the team that doesn’t win? It just means the rod to success becomes that much harder, that much longer but ya boi likes to work smarter, not harder and ya ain’t gotta be an Einstein to figure out we gon’ pull out every stop to eclipse The Children of the Moon’s hopes of winnin’. See, the thing is, Tag Title implications aside, December 4th, at Adrenaline 107, it could be be one of the biggest wins in the career of Children of the Moon, why? Cause it’s against us…  But for Thot Chocolate? Excitement for my Adrenaline debut aside, it’s just another match ya boi and Cartier gotta win on a Wednesday. I expect you two to bring it, why would I expect any less? But are ya’ll gonna bring anythin' we haven’t seen before? Probably not. It took over six months for Thot Chocolate to lose a single tag team match, so we’ve seen a lot and had everythin’ thrown our way - physically and verbally. We’re prepared as we’ve ever been. We’re as ready as we’re ever gonna be. I know the sun gonna be down and the moon may be out, so advantage you guys in that sense I guess but ya boi ‘bout to pull a Neil Armstrong - land on the moon ya’ll worship and plant my flag on it with a big bold black L on it. After all, I want this to be a statement you two remember, the Girls Next Door remembers and Reedvolution remembers next time ya’ll circle jerk each other on social media.”

I finally made it back to Cartier and handed her the Mai Tai as she sat up in her beach chair.

“You ready to hit these waves Silky?”

“Let’s roll girl.”

She put her drink down, I reached my hand cout for her to grab as she got up and we headed down towards the water, the grainy sand in between our feet and the sun shinin’ down brightly on us, ready for whatever was ‘bout to come our way but until then? It was time to have fun and live life a ‘lil.

Cue the god Zack de la Rocha for the outro.

Event Production / Re: Bad Company Production Script
« on: August 26, 2019, 12:38:26 AM »
give us a night two segment as well please.

Bad Company V / "Two Quarters & 5 Dimes"
« on: August 26, 2019, 12:23:01 AM »
“When I’m through with you two, y’all will be able to eat a dollar bill and shit two quarters and  dimes!”

The raspy tone clung to every word like 80 years worth of cigarette smoke and bounced off the gym’s old, paint peeling walls.

“Is this dude Slicky for real? We been at it with these jabronis for hours.” SILK looks towards Cartier after his rhetorical statement.

Both are in their ring gear as they stand in a weathered ring that’s seen better days. Opposite of them are two sparring partners that their trainer Slicky hand picked. SILK is suddenly caught off guard by a super kick from one of the spar partners.

“Focus god damn it! These teams out here don’t just wanna beat ya, they wanna bury ya!” Slicky, the old trainer, grabs at the bottom rope visibly annoyed.

The second sparring partner shifts behind SILK, looking to atomic drop him. As he lifts him up, he attempts a ZigZag to complete their first round opponent Fred Jameson’s YIKES! finisher but SILK turns his body around mid air to show off his athleticism and counters with a nasty codebreaker. The first sparring partner grabs Cartier, getting her up into a fireman’s carry. He tosses Cartier off his shoulder, looking for a gutbuster to hit Nik Thoreau’s Cardiac Unrest but Cartier hooks his head and drives him down hard with a swinging DDT. SILK is at his feet now, grabs his legs and turns him over for his Trick Turner sharpshooter signature move. The sparring partner taps almost immediately.

“That’s what I like to see! You two will be drinking crude oil and pissing out gasoline at Bad Company!” Slicky can’t help but grin from ear to ear, showing off his teeth that are somehow in worse shape than the ring.

Thot Chocolate now sit side by side on the ring apron, water bottles in hand.

“You happen to catch any of those promos when we got back from the club?” SILK takes a swig if his water bottle before putting it down beside him on the ring apron.

“Yeah” Cartier seems unimpressed as she takes a drink before elaborating, “People really out here talkin’ like we borin’ an’ predictable while shootin’ off the same tired checklists as always?”

Cartier rolls her eyes.

“Let’s see… SILK posted a dick pic, check. SILK spends lots of money, check. SILK shot a promo fulla Big Booty Judys an’ Fat Ass Frannies… check. Guess it’s better to have manly, hairy bodies, huh? Ain’t none of it got to do wit’ 4CW or Bad Company, but okay. Let’s talk about how we supposedly “race baitin’” when we ain’t the ones makin slick tongue-in-cheek slavery jokes. Most of these teams we facin’ be thrown together or has-beens who was good in 2018 or 2017. Meanwhile, me an’ you out here holdin’ gold an’ winnin’ tournaments TO THIS DAY.”

After thinking on what Cartier just said to him, SILK takes another swig of his water before responding.

“It is what it is. Look around this tournament. See whose names is on everyone’s lips. It ain’t the Conglomerate, no matter how many dick suckin’ jokes they make. It isn’t Krayzie and Duce who’ve only teamed up once headin’ into Bad Company and are lookin’ to gain clout off of this tournament cause OCW ain’t ‘round no more. None of these teams from Union - one that are nothin’ more than two bit stoners and the other with some One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest patient named Kaven Drell and his friend with the even scarier name; Toby Wagner, are bein’ hyped up.”

Cartier listens attentively.

“The teams from SCUM that consist of a 4CW castoff and his beluga sized buddy as well as The GRAV3DIGG3RS who didn’t even have the balls to show their face have only brought down the draw of this tournament. Cashe caused fools to back out while the only thing people are wonderin’ ‘bout The GRAV3DIGG3RS is will they actually dig their own grave at Bad Company once they get first round KO’d. People sure as hell ain’t keepin’ last minute replacements like Sky Force on their tongues either or Cyrus and Dawson for that matter.” SILK slings his arm over Cartier’s shoulders casually, showing the level it comfort their bond has. “Girl, it’s Thot Chocolate that be meltin’ in everybody’s mouth as they speak OUR name daily, even more than the 4CW Champions… maybe that’s what happens when people start to realize Manny just had a stroke of tag luck in 4CW by linkin’ up with a talented partner like Tommy instead of Vossler when he and Manny was the Pissmangs.”

Both of them share a laugh but only for a moment as Slicky shuffles in front of them and he’s all business.

“It’s cardio time you jackaninnies!”

SILK and Cartier look at each other, worried what he has in store.

The scene transitions to the outside of the gym on the street. It’s early in the morning showing Thot Chocolate’s determination by being up at this hour to train after their night out at Trilogy. Cartier manages to hear SILK’s song through his AirPods;

“With an intellect and a savoir-faire...”

She smiles in recognition as an old Chevy truck pulls up with Slicky in the back of the cab, megaphone in hand.

“Move it! I wanna see you puke today!”

Yet again shaking their heads at whatever motivational speech Slicky thinks he’s making, they proceed to jog.

45 Minutes Later…

“This man tryina kill us.”

Cartier puffs our in short breaths as she and SILK begin to run up to a famous landmark - the 72 stone steps that lead up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art AKA the “Rocky Steps”. They make the run to the top at quite the pace considering the long hours of training already put in. Once they reach the top, instead of doing the Rocky pose and cliche celebration, they put their hands on their hips and look around in confusion.

“Uh, where’s the statue?” A bewildered Cartier keeps looking after asking about the Rocky statue as does SILK.

SILK points to the bottom right of the steps where the statue is actually located.

“Shoulda been Apollo anyways based on his swag alone.”

“Fuck Drago… hope Katya don’t turn out to be some wack Russian robot too, even if our girl Zari is teamin’ with her, I ain’t trustin’ no Russian after that election.”

“I mean, Drago said ‘I must break you’ while they said they’re gonna ‘kill’ all of us. I think cause they newer to the business they let recent success make ‘em think they’re invincible… but even Superman died. That prize money is ours for the takin’, girl.”

Cartier agrees with SILK as they now sit on the top step, looking down at the city where their biggest challenge as a team lies.

“SILK, that $1,000,000 prize is secondary in my mind cause 4CW tag gold is the real goal out here… but it ain’t enough just to win the tag titles for 15 minutes of shine an’ hand ‘em right off to someone else. Nah. We needa go into the Bad Company finals holdin’ the straps after winnin’ our bracket, and come out of ‘em the same way - drippin’ in gold. I’ll be damned if anyone who thinks we fulla ourselves for believin’ we gonna win gonna stop us… hell, I bet they ain’t even the ones who gon’ be there to TRY an’ stop us in the end.” Cartier looks unimpressed as she shows her head, slightly irritated.

“I wouldn’t worry ‘bout some dude named Scott Stevens who not only seems to think the Union Battleground Tag Titles are on the line but in listin’ off the Tag Champs from different companies in this tournament, he left us out - the only DUAL Tag Champs in Bad Company. And his partner, Jonny O’dell? What kinda name is that anyways? Jonny with no H? I’ll take named by parents who can’t read for $1000 Alex. Benchwarmers gon’ be ridin’ the pine watchin’ us win it all.”

“Forget them nobodies, let’s talk about the Mangs an’ how they think they the baddest team to ever lace up for 4CW? Listen, I wasn’t gonna go there too much because I like them, but damn, they don’t even like each other… how the fuck they a real team? They more focused on they singles belts than the tag titles anyways. They wanna talk about how the challenge been out there for any time? Nigga… 4CW been on layaway since April, when exactly was any defense gonna get scheduled? They won those belts legit, no doubt, but after the Tag Team Into The Future tournament, what was there? Wasn’t no defenses happenin’ durin’ the South Beach Brawl lead up, so when was it gonna happen? Y’all had ONE defense since the tag tournament, an’ it was against Reedvolution, like that’s a real challenge. Only thing they ever did was run the empty husks that used to be the Sadboiz out of town after they caught a case of butthurt from losin’ to ‘em. Actually never sent Bianca an’ AJ my thank you card for that, I needa get on that. Point is, y’all actin’ like April through now counts for shit. Y’all basically the offseason champs. Good job winnin’ all the preseason games like you the Detroit Lions, but it’s time for you to play when it counts.”

“We gonna run through 'em all, Cartier.”

SILK’s demeanor like his tone is cool, calm, collected and confident.

“I feel that, but man, before we even get there we needa get through round one. We needa stuff Fred an’ Nik inside a phone booth an’ send them back in time to when anyone gave a damn ‘bout what they was up to.”

“Now that’s a bogus journey.”

They laugh, but not for long. Slicky is back again, screaming himself into a stroke with his megaphone.

“What is this? A vacation?!? Run you nincompoops, RUN!”

SILK and Cartier stand up and dust off their bootys, then get back running up and down the famous staircase. They stay in good spirits while they train, but there’s no doubt it’s a heavy effort.

As the scene fades out you can almost hear Eye of the Tiger in the background.

Tag Teams / Thot Chocolate
« on: April 11, 2019, 01:11:30 AM »


NAME: Thot Chocolate
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Cream" by Prince & The New Power Generation


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


"Sweet Tooth" - SILK gets the opponent up in a wheelbarrow lift and Cartier jumps off the top rope and connects with a Codebreaker as SILK leans forward to drive the opponent into the Codebreaker with as much force as possible.


"Thot Fudge Sundae" - Both Cartier and SILK hit a Rear View on their opponent at the same time.


- Slingshot eachother opposite ways towards their opponents for a perfectly timed double slingblade

- SILK will lift an opponent for a backbody drop while Cartier gives them a reverse cutter.

- Double Team DDT

- "Elevated Legdrop" - SILK climbs to the second rope with Cartier sitting on his shoulders. She then stands with SILK helping balance her and jumps off to connect with a legdrop on one of their opponents. Can also be performed from inside the ring to the outside on an a downed opponent in a high stakes situation.

- "Sittin' on Top of The World" - SILK gets an opponent in the electric chair drop position and Cartier comes off of the top rope and hits the opponent with a diving seated senton.

As SILK’s music hits, he sits upwards with a smirk on his face after just obtaining the three count over Hatchet Gully. As he’s announced the winner, the referee brings over his WTC Destiny Crown Title that he had brought down to the ring with him. He places it on his lap and checks his jaw real quick when suddenly “Lifted” by CL hits the PA.

Read: "Could it be?!?!?”

As the fans shift their attention to the entrance way, out from the back comes the current Valor Pro Apex Champion Cosmo Cooper! He looks determined as he stares down towards the ring, hands on his hips. The camera shows SILK who looks on, still smirking but now it seems it’s because he knows why Cosmo is here. He walks over to the ropes and continues to look on towards Cosmo.

Maynard: "Cosmo Cooper is here! It looks as if he has SILK in his sights!”

The camera pans back to Cosmo who points towards the WTC Destiny Crown Championship and then makes a title around his waist motion. We flash back to SILK who nods and holds up both hands, one with five fingers stretched outwards while the other only has two fingers stretched out.

Read: "Seven? What does SILK mean?”

Cosmo is now back to being the focal point of the viewer as he cracks a smile of his own, as if he obliges with whatever SILK’s hand gesture means.

Cut to commercial.

Non-Active Talent / Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy
« on: March 11, 2019, 01:57:59 AM »
Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy

NAME: Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy
NICKNAMES: SILK, The SILKY Smooth One, The Black Anaconda, The Georgia Gigolo, Your Girl’s Favorite Grappler, Young & Hung, The Man With The Third Leg, A Woman’s Wet Dream, C-Note SILK, SILKY Tha Great, Wrestling’s Wilt Chamberlain, Born To Please The Female Species, Fendi-ana Jones, Swag King Kong, SILKY Johnson
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb. 14th, 1994
HEIGHT: 6'5"
WEIGHT: 255 lbs
BILLED FROM: Atlanta, Georgia
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Purple Rain" by Prince
PICBASE: Velveteen Dream

Cocky. A ladies man. Proud and well endowed. Will make the bed quake and your girls knees shake. SILK has an aura about him unlike any other as his tongue can slay an opponent while please any woman within a hundred mile radius. SILK is loyal to those close to him but could care less or not be bothered with those who aren’t an opponent in the near future or holding a title he’s aiming for.

SILK is always dressed sharply and has his own style as he’s never one to conform to what would be deemed normal or everyday, he’s one of a kind in who he is and how he looks, always conveying that through his appearance.

SILK changes his ring gear depending on the show’s importance and the importance of the match itself he’s involved in. He always wears tights, never trunks and it’s always made of silk, obviously. He never wears elbow pads, but does always have matching kneepads to the colour of the attire he’s gone with. The main bases for his colour schemes are normally white, purple and sometimes black but he has gone with yellow and red before, even wearing half finger length gloves for one match. Occasionally he will wear wrist tape as well.

On his way to the ring he always wears his gold round-framed Fendi glasses, sometimes wearing his gold three round-framed pair. He always has a head sash wrapped along his hair line which coordinates with his ring attire and almost always has an expensive designer shirt that also matches his ring attire as well. Earrings and chains as accessories for his entrance attire are usually a necessity as well.

WRESTLING STYLE: Brawler/Technician whose willing to go high risk, not only to display his athleticism but also because he’ll do what it takes to get the job done.

  • Spinning Back Fist
  • Falcon Arrow
  • Stalling Brainbuster onto Knee
  • Cross-Legged Fisherman Buster
  • Elevated Sitout Powerbomb

  • Kneebar
  • D’arce Choke
  • Anaconda Vice
  • Arm Trap Crossface

  • Bicycle Knee Strike
  • Shining Wizard
  • Slingblade

  • Swanton Bomb
  • ”Your Girl’s Rebound” - Top Rope Rebound Lariat
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Frog Splash

He taunts his opponents, especially women with seductive gestures such as winks to his opponent while they are on the mat as he himself slithers across it, blowing kisses to his opponent after they botch a move, he makes a recovery or he makes them look bad.

B.J. (Break Jaws) - [Stunner]
Bareback - [Olympic Slam]
Trick Turner - [Sharpshooter]

SILKY Smooth DDT - [Destino – Somersault Reverse DDT]

SILKplex - [Croyt's Wrath - Electric Chair Drop Into Bridging German Suplex]

Growing up in Atlanta, Sean was introduced to the street life at an early age due to his mother who worked long hours and a lot of double shifts as a nurse to support him while his Dad was absent from an early age being someone Sean never knew.

Though he ran with future athletes, drug traffickers, murderers and thieves, Sean was always talented with the ladies and very athletic, especially in Basketball. Thanks to the fact that he’s biologically endowed with quite the sizable “unit”, he took to the streets in a different way than his friends eventually did after turning down a full scholarship to Georgia Tech because it wouldn’t pay the bills immediately; turning tricks with women.

Sean’s ties to wrestling go back to the only man he really had as a father figure growing up, his grandfather and mother’s father Leonard “The Lion” Lewis who passed away when Sean was 7. His grandfather wrestled throughout the Southern Territories in the 50’s & 60’s. At a young age his grandfather would take him to local shows, while they never missed any wrestling event on television as well, always watching them in his grandfather’s den during his final years.

Thanks in large part to the people he runs with, Sean’s been a fighter since a young age but because of his profession he’s taken courses in self defense, earning black belts in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga. Sean started wrestling at a local wrestling facility, Georgia Wrestling Factory, in 2016 as a hobby and also because of his childhood love for it.

Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy sees the world of professional wrestling as not only another source of income but also as a way to take his “services” on the road nationally and internationally.

  • None

  • WTC Destiny Crown Championship (x1 - Current)
  • Golden Globe Pro Wrestling Forty-Niner Champion (x1)
  • Seattle Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion (x1)
  • Seattle Pro Wrestling Rookie of The Year 2018
  • Seattle Pro Wrestling 2019 Pinnacle Battle Royal Winner
  • NVR R!ZE Champion (x1)

The opening chords of the intro to "Purple Rain" by Prince begins as the lights in the arena dim. A light fog fills the entrance ramp as deep purple and pink strobes begin to light up the ramp and the entrance way.

♫ I never meant to cause you any sorrow...I never meant to cause you any pain ♫

The crowd begins to buzz as the ramp continues to fill with the light fog.

♫ I only wanted to one time to see you laughing...I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain ♫

From the back emerges Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy crawling slowly and seductively towards the top of the ramp. His gold framed glasses glisten from the reflection of the strobe lights while his bandana looks to be lit up by the strobes as well, giving it a black light effect to make it look as if it's glowing. His shirt is open and his purple silk wrestling pants slightly sparkle as well thanks to the lighting effects. SILK finally gets to his feet and holds his hands out, taking in all the cheers from onlooking women and the jeers from the jealous men next to them. He inhales the love and the hate deeply before continuing his onward journey of smoothness to the ring, walking slowly and taking in the atmosphere fully.

SILK slides under the bottom rope and crawls towards the middle of the ring as a spotlight surrounds him. He makes slow and steady provocative gestures towards the ring mat with his hips while pointing towards a screaming female fan in the front row as he winks towards her and follows it up with a kiss in her direction that makes her knees weak and her heart melt.

The lights come back up as SILK makes his way back up to his feet in preparation for his match.

AGE: Old Enough.

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