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Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E70 Production Script
« on: July 20, 2017, 02:58:24 PM »
Backstage 2

General Discussion / If anyone needs me......
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:58:30 PM »
RP is posted for Adrenaline, but I'll be out of town until next Tuesday so if you need to reach me message me on Twitter.

Adrenaline / Down Mexico Way.....Visiting Old Friends
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:56:25 PM »
“My head……”

A groan is heard as everyone’s favorite Texan, Scott Stevens, groggily comes to. As he slowly pries his own eyelids open his initial concern is that he might be going blind. Around him the world is fuzzy and slowly tilting from side to side. Quickly the thought of blindness is shoved aside by the imminent possibility of death, as his head splits violently open down the center, spilling his thoughts and pain out onto the hard concrete below him.

Or doesn't, he reassures himself, touching his forehead and finding no actual splits or gaps. Scott pushes himself up by one hand and surveys his new surroundings. Concrete floors. Concrete benches. Concrete walls. Hard metal bars cover the only opening to the hallway and freedom beyond. Silently he curses himself for allowing this situation to ever occur. Days until one of most important wrestling matches of his career, probably as he has no watch to check, and he is waking up half hung over from alcohol and half from a right hook in a Mexican jail cell with no way out and no sign of help.

As Stevens continues to survey his surroundings he notices that most of the other men in the cell look none too friendly, typically hanging out in solitude or quietly dozing in the corners of the cell. Stevens hopes of getting out of prison sink even lower as he realizes he’s all alone until he hears a familiar voice….

“He’s alive……HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

 A voices shouts before ending in maniacal laughter. Scott slowly turns around and he sees him.

“This is all your fault!”

Stevens shouts towards the man at the far end of the jail cell sitting on a bench.


The man questions.

“Yes you!”

Stevens shouts as he walks closer to the man whose identity is obscured as his head is hung low under a thick mat of long, dark hair and sombrero. A large poncho is draped over his body, but he is the only other, "gringo" in the cell even with his clothing being to the contrary.

“How did I let you get me into this mess?”

Stevens says in a frustrating matter as he tries to figure out how he is going to get out of here in time to make it to Adrenaline in Mexico City.

“You got yourself into this mess.”

The mystery man says as Stevens turns around quickly and shoots him a look of bewilderment.

“How’s that?”

Stevens asks confused.

“Well you said you were preparing for a Frenzy match, but apparently you couldn’t handle a simple bar fight.”

He says followed by a humorous giggle.

“Getting sucker punched isn’t what I call my ideal training method.”

Stevens says annoyed as he goes to the front of the cell and looks for a guard.

“Well, if you thought more outside the box maybe you wouldn’t be in the funk you’re in.”

The man says and Stevens sighs because he knows he’s right.

“Yeah you’re right. Unpredictability is what I need to prepare for this match and it’s what I needed at the Ante Up pay-per-view because if I kept my head on a swivel I would’ve walked out with the Extreme Championship, but can’t dwell on that as I need to get out of here and prepare myself to become the number one contender to the world title.”

Stevens says with a renewed confidence as he sees a guard and shouts for him to come here.

“I’m sure you will get plenty of preparation after……THREE TO FIVE YEARS!”

The man shouts before hunching over onto the concrete bench laughing hysterically like a hyena as the sombrero falls off of his head and onto the ground which causes Stevens to go ballistic.


Stevens replies as he continues to shout for a guard and grabs a hold of the bars and tries to pry it open as he continues to shout in rage to let him out.   

Many hours before…………………….

A little over a week removed from Scott Stevens’ one year anniversary at the Ante Up pay-per-view, 4CW has now taken its traveling road show south of the American border down Mexico way. The sun slowly sets over the Mexican plains, casting wide shadows across the many bars and small businesses that dot this neighborhood. In one run down shack with no name, just a picture of a beer bottle on a piece of sheet metal, the music is particularly raucous. Loud whoops and hollers flood out through the front door and the cracks in the aging walls to the street level. The building has become notorious for its wild fiestas, bloody bar fights and criminal activities, to the point now that when it opens every evening the surrounding businesses all immediately lock up shop for the day.

Inside men and women talk loudly, drink heavily and grope furiously in the corners. It’s a swirl of humanity pushing themselves to and from the bar and pounding down half clean mugs of brew. In a dark corner, atop the cracked and stained leather cushions of a booth sits Scott Stevens, and directly opposite sits one of his best friends, both with empty drinks in one hand and a shot of tequila in the other.

"To old friends.”

Stevens says as he raises up his shot glass.

"And to being number one!"

Replies the man sitting across from Stevens whose face is obscured by the thick mat of long, dark hair.

“And to being number one."

Stevens says in agreement.


The man says as a grin forms under the hair abyss covering his face before lifting and clinking his glass to Scott’s. They drink and slam their glasses down like veterans, as the man motioning to the waitress for another round while Scott leans back and appears nervous as he fidgets in his seat.

"You know what?”

The man starts.


Stevens says trying to calm the nerves as the waitress comes and interrupts the conversation by delivering another round of tasty alcoholic refreshments.

“Anything else Jose?”

The waitress says in a seductive tone as she leans over and exposes her massive cleavage to the table.

“Maybe after I put the baby here to bed later.”

Jose says with a chuckle which causes Stevens to roll his eyes and Jose slips a tip into her shirt as he cops a feel which causes the waitress to blush some.

“You are still going by that?”

Stevens asks as he takes a drink of his beer.

“By what?”

Jose asks with beer in hand.

“”Jose.” You still using that bogus name down here?”

Stevens asks as he spins the beer with his fingers.

“Jose Gringo is a legend in Mexico, and why would I quit using it when it gets me booze and pussy on a daily basis?”

He says with a chuckle.

“Fair enough.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“As I was saying before, you need to unwind a bit. Really enjoy the good while it lasts man. For tonight, you are Scott Stevens! Everything else doesn’t matter because you have an opportunity at the world championship! Most people don’t get those opportunities and you are getting another one so you should count yourself lucky to be one of the fortunate ones.”He says as he takes a sip of his beer. "The point is Scott, tomorrow that might all be over. You might be fired. You may get eaten by a chupacabra. And hell, we may all be dead. So drink merry and be loud!" he finishes, downing the rest of his drink before calling for another.

Scott finishes his own drink and quietly concedes, "You are right. I guess, I just do not think I can let my guard down. Everything is changing so fast. A few months ago I was headlining a pay-per-view. Now I’m trying to find my relevance in a company that still considers me an outsider. I have been with 4CW for a year and I feel like....like I do not belong. Like I am coasting along and not being me because I’m afraid I’ll upset the boys in the back. I am an intruder, both in my head and in the 4CW locker room. They still ignore because I’m not one of them. And hey, I do not care. They see a lot of guys come and go every month. Hell, every week. Guys who show up for a pay check and take the fall like Van der Roost or the big fishes in the little pounds realize they’ve bitten more than they can chew when they swim with an ocean full of sharks. And that is really, you know, the kind of guys I have beat so far. Guys who do not belong at any level of this sport. Guys who are paid to stuff the under card so the fans have time to get to their seats without missing anything good. Guys who would be better served just staying here in Mexico and joining a local restaurant as a burrito roller. But people like Dakota Smith and Jair Hopkins? THE BUTCHER and J-HOPS? They are former champions. More importantly, they are former world champions and they belong here. They are veterans of the sport, someone who knows the ins and outs. Someone who can brings their A game any given week. Someone the locker room looks up to!"

"So what," he interjects, "just because these guys are former, FORMER, hotshots you can't allow yourself one night of happiness and merry making?”

Scott waves off his pleas with a sweep of his hand, "You just do not understand. It is about respect. And preparation. Dakota is going to bring it hard. He wants this. He probably feels disgusted with himself after falling short at the pay-per-view. While Hopkins feels disrespected by having to earn his shot at the title with sideshows like American Tommy and Viduus Morta. For all of Persephone Marquis’ bitching and keeping her around after she just upped and left, and you reward her with a title opportunity on her first night back? What the fuck? I know I would be pissed off and ready to hurt the individual on the other side of the ring which is, you know, me. I have to be ready to take these guys down. I need to prove that the sideshows like Redd Thunder and Cecilworth Farthington belong only on pre-shows and dark matches while people like Dakota, Marquis, and Hopkins belong on this side show of a card lineup. I need to show them that they have already experienced the pinnacle of their 4CW career, having crawled to the top of the smallest mountain, and now it is time for them to disappear into the ranks of has-beens, not because time is not on their side, but because skill, wit and talent were never on their side. They started an ill fated journey that their meek and broken down frames and slow minds were never fit to complete. This is not a revolution. This is not a shakeup of the establishment. I am not some fucking rookie trying to remake the entire business into his delusional idea. I am just out to prove myself better than those around me. Better than those who have demonstrated that they cannot hack it against real talent. Better than Konrad Raab, Vossler, Max Cavanaugh, and DeAndre Johnson Jr. to name a few."

Stevens says a he hits the table with his fist.

“Didn’t DeAndre beat you recently?"

Jose asks with a chuckle and Stevens is having none of it.

“Fuck you.”

Stevens replies as he takes a sip of his newly arrived beverage.

“You get butt-hurt about the smallest things. You haven’t changed and bit and that is why you are going to lose this Frenzy match you got coming up.”

Jose says bluntly.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, friend.”

Stevens says sarcastically.

“Oh, I have confidence in you, the real you, not this cheap imitation calling himself Scott Stevens.”

Jose says as he looks at his friend and motions up and down with his hand.

“The Scott Stevens I know doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of him and takes what he thinks belongs with him. I gave you that scar on your eye and in retaliation you knocked out my teeth and set me on fire.” Jose says and Stevens nods in agreement. “You were ruthless and you have to get in that mind set or you flop like a fish out of water. You don’t want to be like everyone else that has come into 4CW and went the way of the dodo, do you?”

Jose asks and Stevens shakes his head no.

“Respect is earned and why would you respect people that don’t respect you? Because they have they were in the company before you? Because they are big names elsewhere and are given the presidential treatment? Fuck that.”

Jose says as he slams down his treat after taking a sip.

“You need to realize that all these people have one thing in common and that is to eliminate you as quickly as possible because you are a threat to their goal of becoming the number one contender. Unless you want to be prey and become a tragic victim you need to become the hunter instead of the hunted.”

Jose says as he takes another sip of his booze.

“You need to adopt that killer instinct you had against….what’s his name?”

Jose takes a minute before Stevens throws out a name.

“Eli Carlson?”

“That’s it.”

Jose replies with a slap of the table.

“He had something you wanted and you brought the fight to him. That’s what you have to do if you want to survive this match. You have to do this if you want to win this match.”

He says as he wipes his mouth.

“You have lost that killer instinct you had when you hunted the champion and you made him your prey instead of the other way around.”

He says before Stevens interrupts.

“So what do you want me to do? How do you expect to get my mojo back? How am I supposed to become this ruthless individual that you want me to be?”

Stevens asks as Jose cracks a smirk and leans in to deliver the best advice anyone can give.

“By not giving a fuck.”

He says with a chuckle.

“It’s that simple.”

Stevens says sarcastically as Jose nods.

“It really is because when you quit worrying about the opinions of others and you start worrying about yourself and the things that matter most you can do a lot. I mean when you crippled that Houston fella to the point he hasn’t been able to compete long term did you feel remorse for your actions.”

Jose asks and Stevens leans back and thinks.

“Actually I didn’t.”

Stevens’ answer brings a smile to the face of Jose.

“That’s good. We are on our way of getting your mind back in the place it needs to be, but we can’t get there when you’re still a nervous wreck.”

Jose says as he finishes his beer.

“We need more alcohol to calm your nerves before we can proceed.”

He informs Stevens as he motions for the waitress, but she doesn’t see him as the place has become packed with more people. Jose begins to get frustrated before a sly grin forms on his face as a light bulb goes off above his head.

“You’re the one who needs the alcohol so that means get your ass up and go get it.”

Jose yells as he grabs Scott and pulls him up to his feet.

“What do you want?”

Stevens asks and Jose shakes his head as he grabs him and says.


As he pushes him backwards into their waitress who has a handful of drinks that either crash onto the dirty floor or go flying backwards into a group of women. Stevens quickly picks up the waitress and apologizes. He sees the circle of women in front of him that the drinks landed and they are trying to dry off one of the ladies that the beverages showered upon.

“I’m so sorry senora. Please forgive my clumsiness.”

Stevens says remorsefully.   

"Who you callin' señora, gringo?"

Scott’s eyes shoot up from the floor and lock with the object of these ladies obsession. How he missed a titanic Mexican man in the center of their huddle from all other angles he couldn't fathom. Silently he cursed himself because he knows where this could possibly lead to.

"I, uh..." Scott finds himself without the proper words to address a rapidly worsening situation.

"Perhaps," the man starts again, "you think I am pretty huh? Perhaps you wanting to take me back to your place for cocktails," he needlessly and obscenely places emphasis on the last word, "Perhaps, I look like fine woman to you? You make me wet like Jett eh gringo?"

The man asks as he edges forward.

"Look, I am sorry, I will just..." and by the grace of God, Scott ducks hard, sending the giant’s left hook sailing over his head and crashing into a post, splintering the wood deep. Around him the bar explodes into chaos as different rivals, drinking buddies or complete strangers start taking swings at each other. Momentarily distracted by the fray, Stevens never sees the next punch as he collapses to the floor while Jose cackles in the background.

“Now this is how you prepare for a Frenzy!”

Wrestling Talk / Re: NJPW - New Japan Pro Wrestling
« on: July 01, 2017, 01:50:59 AM »
Want Bronx....er.....I mean Omega to finally win the title.

I'm liking Cody's stuff as well.

Pretty much all of Bullet Club.

Rate - Hate - Appreciate / Re: Octane E02 Feedback
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:43:30 PM »
Holy shit your feedback tho... lulz for days

Colin is the man. Lol.

As the image comes into focus we see the illumination of a slow burning flame in a darkened room. As the image zooms back a bit from the flame we noticed that it is attached to a candle but not just any candle, but a candle in the shape of the number one. As we continue to zoom out we noticed that the candle is atop a gigantic cake that says, “Happy Anniversary” in red frosting.

Happy Anniversary?

What anniversary can it be?

“You’re a tad bit late don’t you think?”

A voice from the shadows asks as the sound of a wooden chair sliding across tile is heard.

“This anniversary surely came up fast and who thought that I would last this long in 4CW?”

The voice asks once again as the figure takes a seat and the light from the candle reveals the person’s identity being that of Scott Stevens.

“Ante Up marks the one year anniversary of yours truly being in 4CW.”

Stevens says as he points to himself with a smile.

“That’s right one year ago I shocked everyone when I signed my name on that dotted line as Perry Wallace threw Randy Fields kind of money at me that led me to popping out of a dumpster to attack and defeat Isaac Solo and win my very first 4CW championship, the XTV championship.”

Stevens says with a smile.

“Even though the victory was short lived it was the catalyst that propelled me towards a pretty good first year one run in 4CW as I end the careers of a few wrestlers and even main evented my very first pay-per-view as I challenged for the world championship.”

Stevens says as he looks at the cake.

“Good times.”

Stevens says as he reaches over towards the cake and gets some frosting to put in his mouth.

“Taste good too.”

Stevens says with a mouth full of frosting.

“But all good things come to an end sometime.”

He says as he turns away from the cake.

“You see, a lot can happen in a year and as you saw with me I started out as a blazing inferno as I was taking this company by storm as I was burning the competition around me and slowly as the months came in the light started to slowly fade away. With each heart wrenching loss my unstoppable roll came to a screeching halt.”

Stevens says somberly as he lowers his head.

“The Extreme Roulette match was the jumping off point for me in 4CW, and this match, no this championship has been the jumping off point for others as well. Sativa Nevaeh proofed how much heart and fight she had in her when she pulled a Buster Douglas and defeated the Butcher himself, Dakota Smith, to win the Extreme championship for a second time.”

Stevens says as he raises his head.

“Most of you that see the Extreme championship look at it as a gimmick championship. A title that cannot or shall not be on the same level as a World championship or even on the tier of a Pride championship, but I disagree with the people that think that way.”

Stevens says as he gets up from his chair and disappears for a second before reappearing with a replica of the XTV championship as he puts in on the table next to the cake.

“This championship has launched careers and it has resurrected them. I told you what it did for me, but you tend to forget how great of an impact this title has had for the man who currently has possession of it, and that man is the one and only Viddus Morta.”

Stevens says as he places a hand on the center plate of the championship.

“Yes, the same Viddus Morta that I beat without much trouble many moons ago has found his niche in the extreme wastelands of inflicting pain and punishment on others. Funny how things can change in a year.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“Viddus Morta was one of those guys that was new and struggling, but this championship that you see before me gave him his guidance it gave him his purpose.”

Stevens says as he carefully picks up the championship and holds it in his hands as if he is holding a newborn baby.

“This championship gave Viddus the motivation and whatever else he was missing to finally push him over the top to overcome his funk as he defeated Sativa in the first ever Taipei Death Match.”

Stevens says as he carefully puts the championship back onto the table.

“Since winning this championship he has been on a bit of a roll and he’s looking to continue his winning ways at Ante Up, but that’s easier said than done.”

Stevens says as he looks up.

“As brutal as hangman matches and Taipei Death Matches can be they don’t compare to the Extreme Roulette. You must think I’m crazy, but the logic is sound because in other matches you know who you are facing and what kind of brutality is in store, but in the Extreme Roulette you don’t know who is coming after you or when it’s going to happen. It’s like the game of Russian Roulette as you slowly put the gun to your head and pull the trigger hoping it to click and when it happens you breathe a sigh of relief before realizing you have five more chances to survive, and everyone knows that eventually one of those clicks will be the fatal blow as your reign as the King of Extreme as come to an end.”

Stevens informs as he sits back in his chair.

“Now the same thing happens to everyone who happens to win the championship because they have to survive until the end of the pay-per-view before they can unloosen their buttholes and truly soak in the triumph of being the Extreme Champion, but that’s an eternity and in most scenarios the champion isn’t the favorite. Don’t believe me? Ask Sonny Lee what happened to him. Sonny started the match as champion and lost it but regained it near the end of the show, but his hard work was short lived as Jace ambushed him and stole the championship from him.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“I know its cliché but you have to have eyes in the back of your head to survive in a match like this because you don’t know who is coming after you. Perry could sign guys at the last minute to compete in this match just like he did last year with me. You could have guys from Octane compete in this match since they are contracted 4CW wrestlers, or you could have wrestlers that signed up for the Bad Company Tag Tournament compete in this as well as they are also 4CW wrestlers for the time being. Hell, if you follow his Twitter page then you may see, “my friend” Scott Woodson from High Octane Wrestling come to 4CW and potentially compete in this match as well.”

Stevens says with air quotes.

“A match like this has too many variables that don’t play into the champion’s hands, but they play into mine.”

Stevens says with a sly grin.

“You better hope I don’t walk out of Ante Up with the Extreme championship because if I do it’s not going to be good for 4CW.”

Stevens says as he slowly turns his head towards the camera.

“I understand if you may have trouble processing with what I just said as most of you have forgotten what I am capable of when the rules are thrown out of the window. As your Extreme Champion a policy of Scorched Earth will take effect. That means that the chaos I caused when I came into this company will be turned up to eleven as I will not be confined with rules and regulations and be able to make people bleed and break someone not just physically, but emotional and spiritually as well and not have to suffer any kind of consequences.”

Stevens says as a sick smile forms on his face. 

“You know how much pleasure I get knowing I ended the career of Jace Parker Davidson? A man that was a pain in my ass for the longest time. A man who went out of his way to try and stick it to me, but he who laughs last laughs loudest and I always laugh the loudest.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“Everyone in this match thinks they are going to be the one to walk out as champion, but that won’t be happening because I’m in the match, and I am THE man you should be fucking worried about.”

Stevens says sternly.

“Every match that I have been in that have had no rules I’ve either ended someone’s career or they escaped by the skin of their fucking teeth. Fright Night was just a sampling of what I am capable of when I’m not being restricted by rules and regulations and if Eli didn’t sweat like a whore in church I would’ve been your world champion. You see, I may have been on a bit of a losing streak lately, but matches like these I thrive in. Hell, I’ve made my career on them. Don’t believe me? Then you can ask my buddy Scottywood because I’ve made a career out of whooping his ass from pillar to post, but that is if he has the fucking balls to show up to the T-Mobile Arena in Sin City. And if he happens to show up and try to steal my thunder than I will have to remind him he’s going to need more than a syringe filled with heroin to stop me.”

Stevens says as hits his chest to signify where the Hardcore Artist injected it at.

“Being Extreme isn’t some kind of gimmick or a way to please the rabid animals who demand to see blood be shed, oh no.”

Stevens says as he shakes his head no.

“It’s a way of life.”

Stevens says the cliché phrase with seriousness behind it.

“Dakota Smith lives that philosophy. Jason Cashe lives that philosophy, and so do I.”

Stevens boasts as he gets up out of his seat once again and heads towards the XTV replica again and picks it up. Stevens looks at the championship before placing it over his shoulder.

“You see most that are coming into this match just don’t understand the sacrifice you have to make to hold this. They don’t understand the brutality it takes to win it and the toughness you have to muster to maintain it. Most people see this as a trinket or bobble and think they’ve hit it big by winning it, but they fail to realize it’s what you do once you’re the champion or after you’ve held it makes you a success or not. Most people that tried to test their mettle last year in this match aren’t around anymore because the physicality was too much for them to handle. They were weak.”

Stevens says as he pats the center plate of the championship.

“You have others that think by winning this championship it is their meal ticket to either fame and fortune or a resurrection of their career that has faded or hasn’t really taken off in the way they want. These are the people like Jett Wilder’s mother.”

Stevens says disgusting.

“A woman who is going to use the Extreme championship to put herself over when she didn’t do a fucking thing to earn it. You think Mrs. Silicone herself is going to interject herself in this match? Hell no, she may break a nail. The only thing she will be wearing after Ante Up is my nut on her forward that’ll she’ll be calling baby shower, and the only thing Jett is causing to get wet is his pants when he comes face to face with me and begs and pleads for me not to rip his mother a new pussy hole when I go balls deep in it.”

Stevens says with a wink before looking at the championship on his shoulder.

 “This championship makes a nobody a somebody or it solidifies the bad assness of someone we already know. This championship isn’t for fake pretend tough guys like a Johnny Evil. You see, Evil has been trying to find his identity other than being the personal jock holder for Adrian Tanner, and he thinks the Extreme championship can make him someone he isn’t. Evil, just because you grew some peach fuzz on your face and your balls dropped doesn’t mean you’re a tough guy because you’re barely a guy period. You boasted each week how you will take on anyone and everyone and it doesn’t matter where or when, but you don’t realize that anyone with some courage whether liquid or otherwise can make the same claim. You can yell at the top of your lungs to whatever God above and try to prove your toughness by listing injury after injury, but that doesn’t mean dick. Look at these…..”

Stevens says as he points to his signature scar above his right eye before pointing to one on his neck and others on his chest and abdomen.

“You aren’t the only one with scars tough guy.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“Actions speak louder than words Evil and you’re looking at the best of the fucking best when it comes to being extreme.”

Stevens says as he places the XTV championship back onto the table.

“You just like everyone else coming into this match just don’t fucking get it.”

Stevens says as he grips the leather of the belt tightly.

“Calling yourself King, God, Duke, Baron, or the Fuck Boy of Extreme doesn’t mean shit because the championship is the only thing that matters, and when it’s all said and done extreme will be relevant once again because I, Scott fucking Stevens, won it by beating the living shit out of everyone and anyone that got in his way. The extreme battlefield is my playground and you all will realize just like everyone who already has felt my wrath before is that I have conquered royalty. I have made self-proclaimed Gods bleed. I have owned thirsty fuck boys and in the land of extreme I’m the Big Dog and everyone else is a pup gnawing at my boots trying to be me when they can’t.”

Stevens says as he turns toward the camera.

“It’s poetic that this is taking place in Sin City because what I do to everyone involved will make the Devil himself disgusted. I’m coming to Las Vegas to become the Extreme Champion and there isn’t a damn thing any of you can do about it. Some of you may claim victory here and there, but that’s just the battle because I’m the one who will win the war when I’m the last one standing with the championship around my waist. I only won’t just break you physically, but I’ll also break you mentally when you’re the reason why I am the new Extreme Champion. Losing to Scott Stevens isn’t suppose to happen because he isn’t “4CW ready.” He chokes in the big moments. He isn’t suppose to win because he’s a joke. Well I’ll be having the last laugh because that’s what I do best, and when I’ve proved everyone wrong I’m going to let you all know it every single fucking week until someone can prove otherwise and unless you’re my clone that won’t be happening.”

Stevens says confidently as he moves away from the table and motions for the camera to zoom in on his face.

“If you’re a betting man you should go all in on everyone’s favorite Texan because it’s the safest bet in town because unlike the Mayweather and McGregor fight none of these fucks has a puncher’s chance against me. They’re all bark and the Big Dog is all bite.” 

Stevens warns as he looks down at his cake.

“Happy Anniversary to me.”

Stevens says as he blows out his candle and the screen fades to black.

Event Predictions / Re: Ante Up
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:41:21 PM »
JUNE 28TH, 2017







Adrenaline / No Rest, Even On Father's Day...............
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:56:11 AM »
The sound of static is heard before an image of a man out of focus comes into view. As the image of the man becomes clearer and that man is none other than Scott Stevens. Stevens looks exhausted and a little agitated.

“You can’t always get what you want and when you’re a professional athlete certain things people take for granted, like certain holidays, you tend to miss.”

Stevens says as he wipes the sleep from his eyes.

“I am here in Phoenix, Arizona doing the media rounds to promote and hype up not just my match against Jan van der Roost on Adrenaline, but the entire show and the upcoming Ante Up pay-per-view as well.”

Stevens says informing the people who bother to even listen to his promos with an annoyed tone.

“To be honest, I should be back home in the Great State of Texas spending time with my son and daughter, and the rest of the Stevens family celebrating Father’s Day, but I’m here sweating my ass of in the scorching, hot desert because it’s my job, but it’s not like if anyone of ya’ll care about that.”

Stevens says shaking his head.

“I’m here busting my ass to hype up a match that seems to be non-existent. I mean where the fuck is Jan van der Roost at?”

Stevens asks with a shrug.

“He’s a father just like me, and in life we get busy from time to time, but he has a job to do and that is to show the fuck up and participate no matter what the deal is. I know he is a father just like me but that is no fucking excuse to not to your contractual duties. For a person who wants to bring Honor and Respect back to wrestling he’d at least give me the courtesy of showing up to Adrenaline and not waste my fucking time.”

Stevens says bluntly.

“And if people think I’m being harsh or condescending because I haven’t been around much over the last week I really don’t care because I’m here and now doing what I’m supposed to do unlike the Dutch Wonder.”

Stevens says as he yawns before continuing.

“The fact is I’m pissed because you’ve wasted my time when I should’ve been home spending time with my family and preparing for Ante Up, but no, I’m in Arizona looking foolish.”

Stevens growls in frustration.

“How am I supposed to take you seriously? I mean you’re well-known and respected around the world, but you can’t even take the time to do your fucking job and hype this match up to get the people talking instead it’s just been me doing everything and that’s why I haven’t been given a fuck. You may be well-known, but so am I. You may be respected, but I don’t respect you. You’re a joke, plain and simple. This isn’t Boardwalk and this isn’t Fight One, this is 4CW and one of us is breaking our losing streaks and when I go back home to my little girl it will be as a winner while you’ll have to tell your’s that daddy isn’t “4CW Ready.”

Stevens says sternly as his hand comes forward and the screen fades to black.

4CW Discussion / Re: Bad Company III Information & Sign Ups
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Scott Stevens and a mystery partner.

Forum Games / Re: What Are You Listening To?
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Adrenaline / Welcome Home
« on: June 05, 2017, 02:25:36 AM »


The sound of horns is heard as people are going into work this fine, misty Monday morning in Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas, home of sports franchises such as the Astros, Texans, Rockets, and Dynamo. It is also the one of the leading cities in medical research and care along as being the top when it comes to oil and gas in the United States. Houston as a city has had a rich history from its humble beginnings as a swamp to its days as an independent country. Houston is a virtual melting pot of cultures and people and in a few short days history will be made as 4CW’s Adrenaline comes into town.

The sounds of car horns blaring at bumper to bumper traffic in Downtown Houston continues to serenade the masses listening as we focus on someone jogging in between the cars. The jogger’s identity is obscured as a grey Nike hoodie’s hood is flipped up around the person’s face. The jogger steps into a large puddle of water leftover from the night before that drenches his shoes and the bottom part of their pants, but it doesn’t faze them as they continue their pace towards Polk Street. The jogger comes to light and doesn’t break their stride as they run in place waiting for the light to change and once it does they continue jogging until they come in front of the…..


The video screen in front of the Toyota Center has a promotional video hyping 4CW Adrenaline.

“A beautiful sight isn’t it.”

The jogger lowers their hood to reveal that the person underneath is Scott Stevens.

“I’m not talking about that…..”

Stevens says as he points towards the building.

“I’m talking about this….”

Stevens says as he points around the city.

“I’m home and it feels great.”

Stevens says as he closes his eyes and breathes in the polluted air.

“And win, lose or draw, I’m here to do what I love doing in front of my family and friends and it doesn’t get better than that.”

Stevens says as he opens his eyes.

“It’s been a good while since I’ve competed in front of my hometown, and I’m not looking to disappoint because that was left by James Harden as he disappeared in the playoffs and left this great city with a terrible taste in its mouth. I’ve come home to win!”

Stevens says loudly before composing himself.

“But I know it’s not going to be an easy task because I’m facing a man on a winning streak and people are going to say the same thing about me, but it just isn’t the same. My winning streak if you want to call it that is defeating some local scrub because Keegan Ryan missed his flight and this dude took five bucks to get his ass whooped while DeAndre Johnson Jr. has been red hot. This young man has caught the attention of many in 4CW and he is going to prove to be a deadly, but worthy opponent in the ring.”

Stevens informs knowing this is a make or break match for him as he hasn’t lived up to his potential since coming to 4CW.

“I hear what everyone is saying in the back. The whispers going back and forth between people along with the stares as I walk by. They all are saying that I got no chance. They are already crowning DeAndre the victor before we ever step foot in the ring and I’m sure DeAndre agrees as I’m sure he wants to use me as a catalyst as he moves up the ladder because I’ll be the biggest name he has defeated, but I’m not going to let that happen.”

Stevens says as he clenches his fist.

“I’m not going to be a fucking stepping stone.”

Stevens’ fist begins to turn red as he squeezes it tighter and tighter.

“Maybe I haven’t lived up to the hype that surrounded all the influx of wrestlers from HOW, but to believe I’m not, “4CW ready” like that bum, Johnny Evil, is a fucking slap in the face. That idiot said I wasn’t worth a fuck just like you and the majority of the other members of the roster as they dick ride Jace and sing his praises. For as great as he was Jace didn’t accomplish that much more than I did when it comes to championships. Last I recall I don’t remember the Almighty Jace main eventing any pay-per-views or challenging for the world title, and speaking of him, where is he now?”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“Ever since I’ve come to 4CW I have given it my all against the biggest names the company has to offer, but I have always come out on the losing end.”

Stevens shrugs.

“But that hasn’t stopped me from calling it quits. Maybe I don’t have it anymore. Maybe I’m using the past as a crutch because I know I’ll never be the competitor I once was. Or maybe I’m using that to remember that I still have the fire and the passion inside me somewhere and I just need that one victory, that one important match to spark that desire once more.”

Stevens says as he begins to walk over to a statue outside of the Toyota Center.

“They say the past is the past and it has no bearing on the present, but if you don’t learn from it you are doomed to repeat it.”

Stevens says as he stands in front of the Hakeem Olajuwon statue.

“People say if Michael Jordan didn’t step away to play baseball that the Bulls would’ve won eight straight titles and that the Rockets championships are meaningless.”

Stevens says shaking his head.

“What most people tend to forget is that Jordan played in 1995 when he came back mid-season wearing the forty-five number and that his Bulls were defeated by Shaq and Penny Hardaway only for that same team that defeated Jordan and the Bulls got swept by Hakeem and the Rockets.”

Stevens says as he points at the statue.

“People forget that Olajuwon was the dominant big man during the nineties. People like Shaq and Robinson to name a few didn’t win until he retired. Just like people are forgetting what I’m capable of.”

Stevens says as he turns towards the camera.

“Am I the guy from HOW that everyone wishes me to be? No. Am I the guy capable of getting back to challenging for a major championship and making a name for myself in 4CW? Absolutely.”

Stevens says as he leans against the statue.

“I may not be the Michael Jordan that proved his point by dunking on people all the time to prove his point when he won his first three championships, but I’m the Jordan who added a mid-range jumper and defense to evolve his game as he got older in his career.”

Stevens says as he begins to walk away from the statue.

“Come Adrenaline, I may win or I may lose that is the nature of this game, but I’m still evolving my game to see what works in 4CW because if I want to succeed and be a mainstay in this company I have to find my mid-range jumper and this match with DeAndre can only help me improve and make me better.”

Stevens says as he flips his hood back up and continues his run as the screen fades to black.

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Put me in.

I'll try and squeeze in two RPs depending how my finger is feeling.

Perry said its gonna be a 1 RP limit for this, cause 30 rp is easier to read/judge than 60 lol


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Put me in.

I'll try and squeeze in two RPs depending how my finger is feeling.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E67 Production Script
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BS 2

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Adrenaline / On the road again
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:39:38 AM »
On the road again……

Like the song by Willie Nelson says we are on the road once again towards another wrestling adventure in Four Corners Wrestling. Everything that has happened in recent weeks doesn’t matter as we have to push forward to the next show which takes place from Denver, Colorado. In other words, we are going to a place where the majority of the 4CW roster is going to get high as fuck. This upcoming week is show one hundred and one. That is the first Adrenaline after the big show that show surprise returns and wrestlers making their intentions known going forward.

What will the intentions be going forward for this man……..

As the screen opens up we see a green and white sign that reads, “Meryl’s Diner” illuminating the night sky. Red blinking lights that read, “open” slowly catch our attention as if it is hypnotizing us to come into this establishment and eat something.



“Order for Table 12!”

An older man yells as he taps a bell twice to get the attention of the waitress in the establishment before returning to cook his next meal order. A waitress with florescent red hair in a beehive hairdo, waiting for a Married with Children joke, makes her way through the semi-full diner to the counter and picks up the order which contain; scrambled eggs, two sausage patties, four strips of crispy bacon, hash browns, and buttermilk pancakes with Aunt Jemima’s dee-licious syrup.

Someone is hungry; I wonder who it could be?

As the waitress takes the food to table twelve and places the plates on to the table the recipient of the order has their face obscured by the latest Sports Illustrated magazine.

“There you are hun.”

The woman says as the magazine slowly lowers and the mystery is revealed that it’s none other than everyone’s favorite Texan, Scott Stevens.


Stevens says as he takes a look at the waitress’ name tag.

“Call me Peg.”

She says with a smile before turning away to go get the next order of food. Stevens closes the magazine and places it to the far end of the table. He reaches over and takes out three things; black pepper, ketchup, and Tabasco hot sauce. Stevens puts Tabasco and black pepper onto his eggs and ketchup on his hash browns, and after he has put the condiments away he reaches into his back pocket to produce an iPhone and clicks a few buttons before hitting a giant red circle and placing it against the syrup rack facing up at him.

“By looking at these plates of food you can tell that I am hungry which is symbolic for other reasons as well.”

Stevens says as he shovels a fork full of eggs into his mouth.

“My opponent, Keegan Ryan, is also hungry.”

Stevens says as he takes another bite of his delicious, scrambled eggs.

“He’s hungry for a win just like me.”

Stevens says before taking a drink of Dr. Pepper.

“Both of us have been on Lady Luck’s bad side and our winning percentage isn’t where neither one of us would like it to be, I know I don’t.”

Stevens says as he takes a bite of his bacon.

“However, fortune has smiled upon you because in our last four matches, you have a victory while I have lost all of mine. Granted you’ve only had four matches in the company, but the point is you’ve won one so that puts you one up on me.”

Stevens informs as he takes another bite of his bacon.

“The question people are asking am I ready to face you, and the answer is yes I am.”

Stevens says as he turns directly towards the phone’s camera a stares at burning a hole as the Texan imagines that it is his opponent.

“Am I banged up? Damn right I am. Dakota and I beat the hell out of one another and I’m still feeling the effects as we speak.”

Stevens says as he instinctively grabs his side to protect his bruised appendages suffered at the hands of the Butcher.

“But that’s part of the business, and a couple of nicks and bruises aren’t going to keep me away from picking up a much needed victory if I want to challenge for the 4CW world championship again.”

Stevens says as he takes a quick bite from the sausage patty as he begins to cut into his pancakes.

“But where does that leave you?”

Stevens asks as he places the pancake into his mouth. Stevens wipes his mouth with his napkin before he continues.

“You haven’t been seen or heard from since you lost to Alexis Morrison for the Fate championship at 4CW’s one hundredth’s show.”

Stevens says as he takes another sip of his carbonated beverage.

“That must’ve been a powerful loss you suffered.”

Stevens says as he takes another bite of his pancakes.

“Your first title opportunity and it slips through your fingers. It’s like trying to hold water because you want to win so badly but the result is all the same.”

Stevens says as he takes an ice cube from his glass and stares at it. Stevens continues to watch until it slowly begins to drip onto the wooden table.

“Each one of those drips of water drives you to thinking what if I did that instead of this maybe just maybe the result would have been differently.

Stevens tosses the frozen ice back into his glass.

“From someone who’s been there it wouldn’t have mattered because in the end you gave them your best shot and it still wasn’t enough. I’ve done that a lot recently in 4CW and lately my usual knockout power has been reduced to a love tap.”

Stevens says as he shakes his head disgusted with his performances lately.

“Does it bother me? Yes, but I’m not going to cry over it because I’ve been in this situation before because I can only get better. I know the next time I face Dakota, Bronx, or any of the others that have beaten me the result will be different, and I’m not the only one who believes that my opponents believe it as well. You see, they gave me all they had and I took it and kept coming and the reason why I didn’t come out victorious was I had nothing left in the tank when they did. When you’ve exhausted everything you aren’t winning much of anything.”

Stevens says with a chuckle before eating another piece of bacon.

“I’ve been in this type of funk many times before and the best solution to resolve it is the next match because if I lose again I just shrug it off and move on because that victory is coming. All it takes is that one mistake and boom!”

Stevens says loudly drawing the attention of the other patrons in the establishment.

“You’re back on the winning path.”

Stevens says as he sees all the staring eyes at him at two in the morning.

“The difference between you and I going into our match this upcoming Adrenaline is the mistake of you being put in the ring with me. You may have one victory in your last four matches but it was a guy that was promoted from the dark matches to the pre-show and he had no business being there while I have lost to the champions and a Hall of Famer of 4CW. You understand what I’m saying to you?”

Stevens asks as he looks directly towards his phone once again.

“Your level of competition compared to mine has been piss poor at best while mine has been the crème de la crème.”

Stevens says as he finishes off his last piece of bacon.

“Do you have a chance to beat me? Absolutely.”

Stevens says taking a sip of Dr. Pepper.

“You have a puncher’s chance just like anyone. Hell, even Floyd Mayweather said Conor McGregor has a chance to beat him since he is younger, quicker, and has heavy hands, but is it possible you’ll capitalize on that one mistake needed to defeat me, not likely.”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“Keegan, your only goal is to be my stepping stone towards winning once again and that’s it. You can come out thinking you have a fighter’s chance and you’ll pull a Buster Douglas and shock the world, but in this reality I’m Mike Tyson, and I’m knocking you out faster than Little Mac did to Glass Joe!”

Stevens says hitting the table which causes his plates to tremor and his glass to topple over.

“That glass represents all your hopes and dreams Keegan. All your chances are running out as the days get near just like my Dr. Pepper is slowly running out of that glass. Your hopes at winning were strongest win the match once announced and it slowly began to fade away as the reality set in that I’m facing a guy who survived a match with Dakota fucking Smith and is here to tell about it.”

Stevens says as he picks up the glass and places it upright on the table.

“That is going to be me standing tall in victory while you are there on the mat before they have to wipe you away for good.”

Stevens says as he wipes up the mess with his once white napkin turning it to a wet shade of brown.

“This is you Keegan.”

Stevens says holding his napkin.

“And at Adrenaline, I’m taking out the trash.”

Stevens says as he tosses the napkin on the table and reaches over to stop recording.

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Until my finger is healed,

Pokemon Go.

4CW Discussion / Re: Second show in the works...
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:42:35 AM »
Bring in a 2nd character for shits and giggles as well. Reserve the Bo Dallas pic base.

80s style video game music is heard playing…..

“Don’t give up! You got this! It ain’t over until the final bell!”

The music continues until a loud thump is heard and the roar of the crowd goes bananas.








The crowd continues to roar as it slowly fades until there is a short pause…..

“Welcome to the Final Bell with hosts Jason Smart and Ryan Holyfield.”

The words from anonymous radio voice man are heard as the beginning guitar riffs of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica begin to fill the airwaves. As the guitar begins to pick up that is the cue as it lead us into the number one wrestling show on Sirius XM. We go inside the Sirius XM  Studios in Los Angeles, and we see the hosts, Jason Smart and Ryan Holyfield chitchatting back and forth with one another while they wait for their signal from the production booth to begin the show. As the music begins to slowly fade, a man in his early to mid twenties begins to countdown from three…..two…..

“And welcome ladies and gentlemen to The Final Bell on Sirius XM radio where we bring you all the exciting news, rumors, gossip and everything in-between from the wrestlers themselves to the ring rats who want their fifteen seconds of fame.”

A man in his early thirties with rusty colored hair with angel kisses all over his baby face wearing blue jeans and a “Gingers Have No Souls” South Park t-shirt says into his microphone.

“My name is Jason Smart and my partner in crime is the top heel in the professional radio industry, Ryan Holyfield.”

Jason says as he points to a man in his mid to late twenties wearing a black baseball cap with #HEEL embroidered in white lettering, jeans, and a hilarious t-shirt that reads “I Rubbed Genie’s Lamp” with a picture of a golden lamp in the shape of a women with cartoon face of Genevie Carlson with a seductive look on her face as she winks.

“The one and only Heel in the radio industry.”

Ryan retorts.

“If you are new to listening to us you can follow us on all social media platforms and send comments on the Facebook page or on our Twitter accounts. The Final Bell @TheFinalBellSXM, Ryan Holyfield, @TheRealHeelHolyfield, and me, Jason Smart, @JasonSmark. Today, we have a lot to talk about from the world of professional wrestling from contract disputes, to new champions being crowned, and roster shake ups from injuries and pregnancies…….”

As Jason continues his introduction to the show, everyone’s favorite Texan, Scott Stevens makes his way into the studio wearing his typical attire of blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a 4CW logo t-shirt. Stevens takes a seat next to the hosts and picks up a pair of headphones off of the wooden desk and places them over his ears and adjusts his microphone and waits to be introduced by the hosts.

“As you all know one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world, 4CW, will be coming to California in a few days as Adrenaline comes to you live for its one hundredth show from the Oracle Arena in Oakland.”

Jason informs the listeners as he looks at Stevens to see if he’s ready to go and Stevens gives a thumbs up.

“That’s a pretty impressive feat considering most wrestling promotions today close up shop in less than a year.”

“Or they claim to be this fifteen year juggernaut when they filed for bankruptcy more times than President Trump.”

Ryan says with a chuckle.

“Exactly, and today we get to talk to one of the superstars of 4CW competing on the one hundredth show, and that person is none other than former two time XTV champion, Scott Stevens.”

Jason introduces Stevens and a clapping background track is heard. 

“Welcome to the show Scott, how are you doing today?”

Jason asks the Texan as he brings the microphone close to his lips.

 “I’m doing good fellas. How you guys doing today this lovely afternoon?”

Stevens asks as he looks around the table.


Jason says while Ryan wants to know other things….

“Awesome, because we have behind the scenes access to the inter-workings of 4CW.”

Ryan says almost salivating.

“I don’t know about that, but I’ll try and answer everything to the best of my knowledge.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“As the one hundredth show approaches how are you feeling?”

Jason asks as Stevens smiles.

“Nervous to be honest. I know that’s hard to believe since I’ve been competing in this industry forever, but these are those special moments that make every rookie or veteran feel the same. Everyone will remember this special occasion and it’s up to you to make the most of it and make your moment stand out and special.”

Stevens says, but Ryan doesn’t buy it.

“Seems like your typical cookie cutter answer to me or is it because you’re saying that because you’re scared because you know what awaits you at Adrenaline?”

Ryan asks but before Stevens can answer Jason changes the question which doesn’t please Ryan.

“Before we get to your match on the card, can you inform us what is going on with 4CW lately?

“What do you mean?”

Stevens asks a bit confused.

“He means is what is with all of these recent departures from the company and is Genie single and ready to mingle?”

Ryan says interrupting Jason who shakes his head.

“Look, the departure of the Royal Family is a huge blow to 4CW in the long run, but what can you have them do? I mean Jace hasn’t been cleared to return to the ring since I got my hands on him back at Fright Night. Tara is pregnant so she is out for a good while and who knows if Eli is ever coming back because I know they said recovery time was six to eight months but you never know when it comes to ligaments. They are tricky and delicate that one wrong hiccup and you’re starting over from scratch, trust me I know a thing or two about them.”

Stevens informs them while casually rubbing his right knee.

“And as far as your last question goes as far as I know Genie Carlson is still married to her husband hence why she is taking a sabbatical to be by his side during his recovery period.”

Stevens says which brings a sad face to Ryan.

“Do you think 4CW will be hurting for talent?”

Jason asks and the Texan shakes his head.

“Absolutely not.”

“Why’s that? Four of your major cash cows are gone, and financially that is going to hurt the bottomline of the company.”

Ryan interjects once again.

“True, but this is what happens in the world of professional wrestling. You have people leaving all the time due to injury, contract disputes, burn out, having children and other reasons, and this is the time when new stars are developed. This is when people the audience wouldn’t take notice of before because they have more time to shine and develop as the fat is being trimmed. I mean take a look at Bronx as an example. He has all the talent in the world to be a main eventer, but he had always fallen short and he had always got lost in the shuffle when the old guard returned and others had their moments of brief success. With others gone and focusing on other things he capitalized on his opportunity and became the new 4CW world champion proving what I had been saying.”

Stevens says and Jason nods in agreement.

“It took a second stint in 4CW before Bronx was able to find his bearings and capture the top title.”

Jason says and Ryan nods.

“But this doesn’t always pertain to the creation of new stars does it?”

Ryan asks Stevens and the Texan shifts in his chair knowing where this might be going.

“No it doesn’t.”

Stevens replies and Ryan continues.

“So you could say older stars such as yourself could use this opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity to make your mark and get noticed or position yourself for a future title shot down the line.”

“Yes, that a possibility.”

Stevens replies and Jason interrupts.

“What are you getting at Ryan?”

Jason asks and a sly grin crosses the face of the Heel.

“I’m getting at that there is a person on this show that is waiting to get back to what he is owed. There is a person on this show that feels that he’s being overlooked because people say he doesn’t have it anymore. There is a person who feels disrespected by the higher ups in 4CW, and that person is your opponent, Dakota Smith.”

As Ryan says the Butcher’s name Stevens gets a little uneasy in his chair.

“What? Nothing to say?”

Ryan asks as the Texan hasn’t said a word since his opponent’s name was mentioned.

“So the Bad Ass from Texas is scared of Dakota Smith?”

Ryan says with sarcasm and Stevens finally breaks his silence.

“If I say yes than I’m a pussy right? If I say no then I’m a liar too, am I right?”

Stevens asks as he leans forward on the smooth wooden surface and stares at Ryan with fire in his emerald eyes.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been on a losing streak. I lost to Bronx, I lost to Adrian Tanner, and I lost at South Beach Brawl, but it’s no big deal. I’ve been in these situations before and I always bounce back sooner or later, but this challenge against Dakota is different than any other challenge I’ve had in 4CW, and yes I said the same thing when it came to the world championship, but this is bigger than the 4CW world championship or Eli Calrson.”

Stevens says and the two hosts look at one another confused.

“How is it bigger than the top prize in the company?”

Jason asks and Stevens lets out a sigh.

“Because it’s against Dakota fucking Smith.”

Stevens says bluntly.

“There are some people in this industry that a victory over them puts you on that same pedestal as winning a world championship and Dakota is one of those individuals. Dakota has not just been one of the cornerstones of 4CW since the beginning but he has also been the face and the measuring stick when it came time to test your mettle against the elite of the company. Dakota Smith is not only the longest reigning world champion in 4CW’s history, but also the longest reigning champion because he’s nearly impossible to beat, period.”

Stevens says as he gently rests his hands atop of the table and stares down at his scar ridden body.

“A victory means everything to me because it’s not Dakota Smith I’m facing, it’s the Butcher.”

Stevens says sternly.

“Aren’t they the same?”

Jason asks and Stevens shoots him a look.

“Fuck no!”

Stevens growls.

“The Butcher is the guy that is sick and twisted. He’s the kind of guy that likes to play with his food before consuming it, and at Adrenaline everyone sees him as the cat and I’m the mouse. I don’t blame them for thinking that because for the first time in a long time Dakota is focused on something and when he wants something that’s when the Butcher comes out because nothing will stop him from obtaining his goal.”

“Which are?”

“Fucking you I’m sure.”

Ryan says with a chuckle.

“And you would be right. Dakota is on a mission to reclaim the 4CW world championship, and he’s looking to leave a trail of blood and gore in his path until he gets what he rightfully deserves, and that’s another shot at the title. I agree that he has been screwed over by Perry Wallace because he should’ve gotten a rematch against Hopkins, but he never got it. He even beat Eli Carlson, the world champion at the time, and still he didn’t get a shot at the championship. Like him, I’ve been screwed over many times during my time in Chicago but bitching and moaning about it isn’t going to do anything, and he knows this and that is why he’s looking to make an example of me.”

Stevens says as he grips the edge of the table a little tighter knowing the brutality he is in for when he steps into the ring with 4CW’s Ed Gein.

“How are you going to prepare for someone like Dakota Smith?”

Jason asks but the Texan slowly raises his head and turns towards him and says in a somber tone.

“You can’t.”

Stevens says but Ryan isn’t buying it.

“I find that hard to believe.”

Ryan barks but Stevens doesn’t budge from his statement.

“If you think it is than you can be his appetizer then.”

Stevens says with a grin and Ryan has second thoughts.

“You can watch all the film in the world on the man and you can simulate training sessions but it isn’t the same because the ferocity and violence he brings is immeasurable. Dakota enjoys pain to the point I actually think he creams himself whether it’s being inflicted to him or he’s doing it to his opponent. He doesn’t want to hurt you, he wants to maim you. He wants to make an example out of you were he will literally fuck you into submission to not only put on a show to prove why he is the first and only Hall of Famer in 4CW history but also send a message to everyone that the old dog doesn’t have a few tricks left in him.”

Stevens says as he leans back in his chair.

“This is the defining match of my 4CW career and I am truly the underdog. No one expects me to win, and why would they? Everyone from Vegas to Dakota himself knows he has this victory in the bag and this is going to be a cake walk to a potential 4CW championship match.”

Stevens says and Jason asks the important question.

“Why bother showing up if you’re not expected to win?”

“Because that’s not who I am.”

Stevens says with pride in his tone.

“Don’t you mean were?”

Ryan says smugly which causes the Texan to slowly rise from his chair and grab his microphone as he stares a hole through him.

“The Butcher may be difficult to beat, but he isn’t invincible. He’s strong but so am I. He will put his body on the line and do whatever it takes to win, and guess what so will I. People can mock me for coming up short in big moments, but I only need that one opportunity to catch the Butcher in a moment of weakness and that’s when it’s lights out!”

Stevens says as he snaps his fingers.

“Bronx came up short a bunch of times before he became the world champion and I will do the exact same thing!”

Stevens says oozing with confidence.

“When the Butcher has tasted defeat at the one hundredth show it will be a shock to everyone except me because overcoming the odds and beating people I’m not suppose to is my specialty. However, the satisfaction I’ll receive won’t be from having my hand raised in victory or from proving everyone wrong once again, oh no.”

Stevens says with a sly grin.

“It’ll be from knowing that all that bravado, all that shit talking and psychological posturing was for nothing. He thinks I’m going to be another notch on the belt of Dakota and that facing Scott Stevens won’t matter but at the end of the day it does fucking matter because I’m one of the only guys in 4CW that can take his best shot and tell him to his face is that the best you got? I don’t need to rip open old wounds and scars and threaten to hurt someone because I just do it. Maybe Dakota has lost his touch since Hopkins tried to kill him, but the aura that he once had is gone, and while others piss in their pants at his sight I’m not easily scared. If the 4CW championship is his heart than I’m going to drive a stake through it and put him out of his misery as I use him as a stepping stone to facing Bronx once again. Is it going to be brutal? Is it going to be bloody? Yes it is, but that’s what you have to expect when you step into the ring with a monster such as him. Hopkins wounded the beast and I’m going to take him around back and put a bullet into his rabid infected body because it’s the least I can do for 4CW resident living legend.   

Stevens says as he begins to take his headphones off as a commercial begins to play.

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Adrenaline / You've entered the Twilight Zone
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“You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, The Twilight Zone!”

Location: Unknown

The scene opens up to an abyss.

As we look to the right we see nothing.

The same can be said when we look to our left as well.

Where are we?

The abyss has everything shrouded everything in darkness, but a lone sound is heard off in the distance somewhere……is that footsteps? The footsteps grow louder and louder with each passing step to the point that it’s deafening and you want to hold your hands over your ears to block out the sound but you can’t. As soon as you think that you can’t take it anymore and your brain is about to be smashed into mush by a giant hammer wielded by Gallagher the sound suddenly stops.


Only briefly before the sound of fingers snapping echoes throughout the abyss and a single spotlight appears to reveal Scott Stevens or is it? Stevens is wearing an all black suit from head to toe with black sunglasses shielding his emerald eyes and a sinister grin to top it off.

“Welcome to the Twilight Zone ladies and gentlemen.”

The Texan calmly welcomes in the viewing audience.

“I know what you’re thinking, the Twilight Zone is a silly television show and a song by Golden Earring, but I can assure you ladies and gentlemen that the Twilight Zone truly exists.”

Stevens assures the audience as he snaps his fingers once more and a wrestling ring appears from the abyss.

“Tonight, we venture into the mysterious and cutthroat world of professional wrestling where thousands of men and women compete in a twenty by twenty foot ring to make a name for themselves.”

Stevens says as he walks up the ring steps and steps inside. Stevens begins to walk around the ring gliding his hand over the ropes as he stops as he rounds each corner and as he comes full circle in the squared circle he approaches the center of the ring.

“Beautiful, isn’t she.”

Stevens asks as he gazes at the ring’s beautiful aura.

“In this business, there is a revolving door of chaos: friends, championships, politics, rivalries, etc.”

Stevens says as he gazes upward.

“But the one constant is this ring.”

Stevens says as he points towards all four corners.

“This business is just like the Twilight Zone as the only limitation is your own imagination because you can be whatever you want to be to try and get noticed and over, but this ring is where you prove yourself.”

Stevens says as he points downward to the canvas.

“You can come from a long lineage of established wrestlers or you could be green as grass but until you step between these ropes and put on a match that the viewing audience and your peers in the back stop to watch then you haven’t made it.”

Stevens says as he snaps his fingers and a television appears outside next to the ring.

“And Adrian Tanner Jr. seems to be in a place that he confuses fiction with reality.”

Stevens nods as he snaps his fingers and the television comes to life. As the screen comes into focus there is nothing but static showing.

“That static represents Adrian’s perception of his actual reality because when you believe in something and tell yourself the same lie over and over again you begin to believe in it whole heartedly that it begins to change your perception about everything. Tanner, you are right about one thing and that is us being alike.”

Stevens says but holds up his finger before continuing.

“The only thing that makes us alike is we come from a wrestling family, and that’s about it.”

Stevens says as he walks over to the ropes and leans forward.

“If I’m the King of Not Getting the Job Done then what does that make you?”

Stevens asks as he rubs his beard some.

“I mean you didn’t win the South Beach Brawl either and you came up short against Eli for the world……”

Stevens stops himself before snapping his fingers as if he forgot something.

“Oh that’s right; you’ve never had a match for the world champion have you?” 

Stevens says as a sly grin forms over his face.

“And this supposed victory over me for the XTV championship isn’t exactly what you make it out to be.”

Stevens says as he snaps his fingers and the static on the television begins to clear as it shows us footage from the Main Event of Fight Night. The footage shows Stevens falling from the cage and hitting his head on the ground below knocking him unconscious. The next image shows Mariano letting Adrian fall and as tanner hits the ground he stumbles backwards as his legs give out and he lands on the unconscious body of Scott Stevens as the official on the outside makes a three count and awards the victory and championship to Tanner who has no clue what just happened. The image on the television slowly begins to fade before going back static.

“Good job at beating me there Adrian.”

Stevens says as he gives Tanner a sarcastic golf clap.

“I mean it must’ve been so hard to overcome and defeat an unconscious man to the point you didn’t even know what the fuck was going on. You literally tripped and fell to win a 4CW championship. Only someone with a wrestling ability of five stars could’ve pulled that off.”

Stevens says as he mouths good job.

“You see Adrian, you have this believe that you actually matter in the grand scheme of things when in actuality you really don’t. You say you WILL DEFEAT me and go back to where you belong and that is wrestling in the Main Events taking on the Eli’s and Hopkins of the world and not the Scott Stevens’”

Stevens says with a confused look on his face.

“But you’ve never faced the Eli’s or the Hopkins of the world, but I have. You’ve never been constantly in the main event of anything, but I have. And you don’t want to face the Scott Stevens’ but I am someone you want to face as I have actually done something in this company. Come talk to me when you are a heartbeat away from becoming the 4CW world champion.”

Stevens says bluntly as he begins to walk around the ring.

“It  eats away at you that you haven’t had the opportunities like I have. The reason why you haven’t had the opportunities isn’t because of the fact people look at you as a nobody from some bush league independent wrestling promotion its……..actually that is the reason. You came into 4CW boasting of your prestigious wrestling family and the countless accomplishments that mean nothing to anyone except you and you’ve done absolutely nothing. Sure, you’ve had flashes of mediocre success here and there but you truly haven’t done anything. You were suppose to be the Great White Hope of 4CW, but you’ve turned out to be nothing more than the Great White Hype. You’re all sizzle and no steak and your constant excuses of you saying your little mistakes cost you and it won’t happen again yet it continues to happen. How is losing a rarity when you’ve been constantly losing?”

Stevens asks before shrugging his shoulders.

“The difference between you and I is that I don’t need to boost my confidence with a fake pretend cap of the people I have beaten because what I’ve done in this ring proves what I am capable of.”

Stevens says as he points around the ring.

“It doesn’t matter if I win or lose because I still win.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“I know that’s hard to wrap your mind around but even though I didn’t leave with the XTV championship or the Briefcase I still won by taking out a certain member of the Royal Family.”

Stevens says coldly.

“You want to win by putting on a show, and I want to win by any means necessary. Why do you think I got into the head of Lauryn Wolfe after I broke her boyfriend’s back?!?!?!? To send the message you will end up just like him if you fuck with me. Why do you think I got into Eli’s head like I did? To send the message that you aren’t as untouchable as you think you are.”

Stevens says sternly as he makes his way back to the ropes and leans against them.

“If you went up to him and said I can take that world title from you he’d laugh in your face, but if I said it he knows I can.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“All the grieving and brushing the dirt off of your shoulder can change that. You need a victory over me more than I need one over you because you’re on a losing streak and you want to prove to everyone, but more importantly yourself that you are the real talent between you and Johnny Evil. Unfortunately, as it seems you are the weak link of the team and that is why you will continue to be that while being stuck in the midcard. You can say you’re going to use me all you want to rebound and get your career back on track because if people don’t see you as a stepping stone to something than you aren’t anything. Bronx used me as a stepping stone because my recent success fueled him to being better than he was last year at this time. My dominance over Eli leading up to the pay-per-view made him step up his game and it almost wasn’t enough. So what are you going to do?”

Stevens asks bluntly as he places his hands on the ropes and leans forward with his signature scowl.

“You talk a big game, but that’s all that it is.”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“You claim you are better than everyone and yet we haven’t seen anything to backup your claims of greatness. Your career in 4CW consists of losing, pinning an unconscious man for a championship and Johnny Evil carrying you to your tag title. I’m so impressed.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“Inside the Twilight Zone you can believe anything you want and it will eventually come to fruition for you and when you defeat me you can ride Epona off into the sunset sticking another feather in your victory cap, but in reality I’ll be corralling you behind the barn to put you and your horse out of its misery because that’s what Evil and your family would want. My Master Sword will be too powerful for you to withstand and you will be just another rebound that failed as I take your Triforce of Overconfidence, Triforce of Five Star Matches, and my favorite, the Triforce of Beating People that Mattered because those three things have defined you as to what you are in 4CW and that’s simply nothing. Once I take away the last remaining shred of hope you have at anything in 4CW you will truly be nothing and you will disappear faster than Darin Zion or Alexander Hayes.”

Stevens boasts as he snaps his fingers for the last time and everything disappears leaving only the television a static mess before turning off itself.

Adrenaline / Getting back on the horse
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Something everyone faces from time to time in their life when they are in a combat sport, more so than others.
On March 29, 2017 I suffered another loss in my career.

You’re thinking to yourself you should be used to losing since you are the Lonesome Loser.
It’s funny because the people who call me that are the same ones who end up losing to me.
However, this loss stung a bit.

It didn’t sting as bad when I lost to Eli at All or Nothing because that loss humbled me and I earned the respect of the champion who I thought wasn’t the real deal but he proved it that night. This loss stung to the point that my opponent wanted it more than I did and I didn’t think that was possible. I knew Bronx wanted it because he had the same desire I had coming up short last year to Jair Hopkins and me against Eli, but the biggest difference was the hunger in his eyes when I stared across the ring from him.

Apollo Creed called it the, “Eye of the Tiger.”

It’s the very thing that drives me to be the best, period.

For the first time in a long time that desire that normally fills my soul to be the absolute best wasn’t there. It’s as if Bronx reached into me and took my passion and used it to push himself to make it to the finals of the South Beach Brawl Cup for the second time in back to back years.

With Bronx in the finals that means I was eliminated and back to square one when it comes to challenging Eli, or whoever may be the world champion next time if I was to receive another opportunity at the title, and that eats at me. No disrespect to Bronx because he defeated me in the center of the ring like a man and he’s earned my respect and I wish him the best of luck because he’s proven he’s a legit challenger and contender to Eli’s title.

The thing that kept me staring at the mirror the last few days was the question I kept asking myself, what now?

Usually I’m good with coming back from a tough loss, but this was different because it was two world title opportunities that slipped through my fingers. First at All or Nothing and then again not winning this tournament and now I’m literally back to square one. I have to start at the bottom where I have to climb back up the ladder of success and you know what? Even though it’s going to be a long climb back up that’s fine with me since most people think it was a fluke anyway and when I do it again I’m going to prove everyone wrong just like I always do.

Location: Houston, Texas: O’Malley’s Pub
April 3, 2017, 7:30 p.m. local time

The sound of a bell gets our attention as the front door to O’Malley’s Pub opens up and a couple in their mid-twenties walks into the establishment and make their way over to the bar.


A man yells as he hits the top of the bar with his fist in celebration as George Springer of the Houston Astros hits a homerun in the first inning and the Astros lead the Seattle Mariners 1-0 on Opening Day.

“That’s what I’m talking about Springer!”

The man says as he takes a drink of his beer as the couple pull up next to the man and have a seat.

“What can I get you?”

The barkeep asks the couple and the man orders himself a pint while his companion orders a half pint. The bartender brings the couple their drinks and the man next to them finishes his and motions for another. As the man waits for his drink, the man next to him speaks and obviously he isn’t from around those parts from his accent.

“Big baseball fan are you?”

The man asks and the person next to them turns revealing himself to be Scott Stevens.

“You could say that. I use to play for them when I was younger. I was signed to their minor league team in Corpus Christi.”

Stevens replies as he grabs his new beer and takes a sip.

“Really now?”

The man asks not believing Texas’ greatest export.

“It’s true. If I didn’t blow out my knee again I would have had a career in baseball.”

Stevens says as he points to his knee revealing the multiple scars that plague his epidermis and the man whistles seeing the battle wounds.

“That looks like it hurt mate.”

The man says and Stevens can’t help but chuckle.

“Well it didn’t tickle that’s for sure.”

Stevens replies before taking another drink of his beer.

“Name's Sean.”

The man says extending his hand.


Stevens replies accepting the man’s hand and shaking it.

“Where you from Sean?”

Stevens asks as he takes another sip of his beer.

“I’m from Ireland.”

Sean responds before taking a drink.

“Which Ireland?”

Stevens asks which Sean answers rudely.

“The only Ireland that matters mate.”

Stevens doesn’t respond and simply nods as he finishing his second beer and asks for another.

“Didn’t mean to offend.”

Stevens says and Sean waves him off.

“None taken, just remember there is only one true Ireland and those British cunts living in the north aren’t Irish.”

Sean says ordering another round for himself.

“Fair enough”

Stevens says as he takes a sip of his beer while watching Dallas Keuchel strike out a batter.

“What brings you to Houston Sean?”

Stevens asks as the game goes to commercial.


“What kind of business are you in?”

Stevens asks with intrigue in his tone.


Sean responds as he sips his beer.

“And you? Are you still involved in baseball or any other sports?”

He asks Stevens as the Texan is munching on some peanuts that sit in front of him.   

“You could say that. I’m not in baseball anymore, but I am still involved in sports that lean more towards the combat side.”

Stevens says and Sean nods.

“You’re a fighter I take it then?”

Sean asks and Stevens shrugs a bit.

“You could say that.”

Stevens says which draws Sean in.

“When was your last fight and how’d you do?”

The woman Sean is with suddenly chimes in.

“Pardon Riley here Scott as she’s a huge fight fan and she just can’t help herself sometimes.”

Sean excuses Riley’s rudeness but the Texan waves it off.

“It’s fine. No harm no foul.”

Stevens says as he quenches his thirst from the dryness of the peanuts he had been eating.

“My last fight was this passed Wednesday and I lost unfortunately.”

Stevens says as the Irish couple have to know more.

“What happened? You get knocked out? You tap?”

Riley asks with intrigue and Stevens shakes his head no until he’s given a moment to respond.

“None of those. I lost after a long back and forth battle.”

Stevens says and Riley nods.

“I see, you lost a heartbreaker didn’t you?”

Riley asks as Stevens has her undivided attention.

“Yes I did”

Stevens says as he hand begins to turn red as he tightens his fist.

“Was the fight important?”

Sean asks and Stevens nods.

“Very important. It was a title eliminator tournament to determine the number one contender to the championship. I had made it to the final four and I thought I had the victory, but my opponent did enough to secure his victory in the end.”

Stevens says as he hits his fist against the bar top.

“I had earned my shot against the champion but fail short and this time I began to work my way back up the ladder to challenge the champion once again only to come up short and end up back to square one. It’s just frustrating sometimes when you get so close and one loss is more of a setback than people realize.”

Stevens says as he reaches for his glass and his grip tightens around the cold mug.

“Sorry about your loss but you can’t let it get you down. You have to look forward toward your next fight with a clear mind set.”

“And I am. I’ve already been preparing for my next fight.”

Stevens informs Sean and Riley.

“Who are you facing?”

Riley asks with intrigued.

“I’m facing a man by the name of Adrian Tanner Jr.”

Stevens says as the name mentioned brings a familiar look of, “I’ve heard it but can’t place it.”

“That name sounds familiar.”

Sean says and Riley agrees.

“How do you think you are going to do against him?”

“I think it’s going to be extremely tough.”

Stevens says after putting down his glass.

“How so?”

Riley asks as she wants all the inside details.

“Adrian, is going to be tough for the simple fact is that he’s hungry for a victory like I am. He’s on a losing streak just like me, but the difference between the two of us is that he is still a champion in another division.”

Stevens says acknowledging his opponents hard fought tag team victory while Sean and Riley think he means lower weight class. Stevens goes to correct them, but decides to play along with it.

“I may have the height, weight and strength advantage, but Tanner has youth, speed, and a confidence to prove that he’s isn’t just the best light-heavyweight in the world but just the best, period.”

Stevens says before taking another sip of his beer and continuing.

“This is the same mentality and intangibles my last opponent had and I can’t prepare the same way for Tanner like I did Bronx or I’ll lose. I have to be smarter and let Tanner’s overconfidence and assholeness get the better of him. When Tanner won his championship no one expected him to win the match and he was a heavy underdog but he shocked the world when he walked out victories over the heavily favored champion. When he won he let everyone know it and his ego is his Achilles heel.”

“I see, and how are you going to exploit it?”

Riley asks with uber interest.

“Every contest he wants to make it the show stealing attraction. He wants to make sure everyone sees him and knows he puts on instant classics and walks out with his hand raised high in victory. When you’re young you always want to put on a show and rub your accomplishments in everyone’s face, but not me.”

Stevens says and Sean has a confused look on his face.

“Why not?”

He asks and Stevens chuckles.

“Because I’m too fucking old that’s why.”

This response causes Riley and Sean to laugh as well.

“I’m not there to put on a show. I’m there to win, that’s it.”

Stevens informs as he finishes his drink and calls for another.

“Tanner has incredible talent, but his ego overshadows his talent because he thinks he’s better than everyone because he grew up in the business. Just because you have pedigree doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the effort. If he put in the effort he may have defeated Bronx and it would have been him facing me last week instead. Just because you have talent doesn’t mean you can’t take your opponents as a joke. Maybe if he treated his last opponent as a threat he wouldn’t have lost but he was too busy playing pocket pull and pulling pranks instead of focusing on the task at hand.”

Stevens says as he takes a big gulp from his glass.


Sean asks with disbelief.


Stevens responds with a nod.

“I can promise you this Sean, when I face Adrian there won’t be a cardboard cut out shooting the bird and laughing because it’ll be me live in living color doing it to him as I’m pronounced the winner and grab that win I desperately need to get back in title contention and I send him back to the division he belongs in!”

Stevens says enthusiastically as he slaps the top of the bar with excitement.

“Here. Here.”

Sean says as he raises his glass and Stevens raises his and the two clang them together before taking a big gulp.

“Victory is within my grasp and championships are in my future.”

Stevens says as the image fades to black.

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General Discussion / Re: Past theme music
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* Entrance Themes
** "Hawaii 78" by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrbaN42tDFE)
** "Turbulence" by WWF Warzone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ToRUpoHFes)
** "Crimson Grin" by WWF Attitude (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZpNxMMBoqw)
** "Paint it Black" by Rolling Stones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4irXQhgMqg)
** "The Way I Am" by Eminem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQvteoFiMlg)
** "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYjZK_6i37M)
** "I Stand Alone and Amazing" mash up by Godsmack and Kanye West w/ Scorpion Mortal Kombat sayings (https://soundcloud.com/jman2k3/scorpion-amazing-and-i-stand)
** "A Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams Jr. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cQNkIrg-Tk)
** "Hate Me Now" by Nas ft. Puff Daddy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKSJN3WWR3E)
** "The Scorpion" by Megadeth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zwEHC8IxPk)
** "Hellraiser" by Motorhead (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M4FG1UXH5w)
** "Forever" (Travis Barker) Remix by Drake (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOA-6P1IMY0)
** "Centuries" by Fallout Boy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBr7kECsjcQ)

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If the micro-fed becomes reality calling dibs on a Bo Dallas pic base.  8)

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