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I'm in need of some feedback on Lord Raab reformed character. I'm struggling to reach 3000 words lately because I just lack anything to say about opponents in 3000 words I know I'm not even close on touching. I want to know how can Lord Raab be taken seriously again without resorting to changing his alignment which won't be happening cos I know he wouldn't stand out as a heel on top of him not being strong enough to be a heel and certainly without resorting to name calling and insults to opponents which he finds weak.

Is there something I should change? Can any of you think of ideas if it's the character or something else could be the problem with what I'm writing as him? I will take any feedback on board and try to do things differently with Lord Raab. Thank you for your time of reading this if you do and either respond here or via PM to give me some ideas of where I feel I need work.

Adrenaline / Sick of nasty wrestlers in 4CW
« on: December 10, 2018, 04:54:17 AM »
Sick of nasty wrestlers in 4CW. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tuesday 11th December.

It’s obvious that things were beginning to become too much for Lord Raab that he’s seeing 4CW never being how it was in his time where everyone wasn’t this disgusting towards one another and being respectful of his ability to continue wrestling. It’s not a place right now Raab likes to be in and being told to leave a lot because of wrestling results. It’s hard to prepare for matches like Riley, Maddox and Smith who were new to the company and had no idea of what they were like in the ring or what they were going to say to him.

It’s also the reason why today, Lord Raab was stuck in his hired apartment because not only he wasn’t in the mood to go out, but wasn’t really a whole lot to do for Lord Raab who wanted to go to a war museum, but only opens on Wednesday so he had no choice, but to stay in his apartment because of the feeling of not being wanted and he comes out to say this while sitting in a chair.

Lord Raab: “I didn’t come back to be trashed by the 4CW stars just because of results. I mean I question to all of you that is that all you care about? Is that why you guys hate me because I lose matches? I’m willing to bet that all of you are too afraid to continue if you got losses and leave the company. The sad thing is nobody cares about 4CW. You lot just care about achievements and wins.”

Furiated was Lord Raab, hearing about his name being run down a lot of wrestlers in the company and he takes a drink of water before continuing to speak again.

Lord Raab: “Why do all of you need to be so vile and disgusting towards each other? There’s no need for name calling and how people aren’t taken seriously, those comments aren’t acceptable in my book. Eli Carlson doesn’t deserve to be champion for his comments about me and other wrestlers who he has no respect for at all or the fact that he wants to be giving out compliments to other wrestlers. Heck, he even trashes this company in more ways than I can think of as well as other wrestlers because he can.

Don’t get me wrong, he's very skilled in the ring are excellent and he has all the talent in the world, even with wins he gets, but he’s a human being that needs to learn to respect and give out compliments to other wrestlers rather than trashing their ability to wrestle. Eli, shut your mouth and focus on wrestling. I’m challenging you to a match in two weeks time and I’d gladly give you an ass-kicking you deserve.”

It was clear Raab knew he was getting nasty comments from Eli lately just because of his performance in the ring and he was in a rut of not really knowing what to do about it to improve. He knew how important his match against Finn Whelan was, especially knowing he was going to come back with a vengeance.

Lord Raab: “I expect Finn to be the same as everyone else around here, calling me a joke and being a cancer to the company when I’m the farthest thing from being a cancer. Since when is that even acceptable to even use that word as an insult? I’m willing to bet those cancer suffers are far better people than you 4CW wrestlers are. It’s disgusting wrestlers use insults like this just to get themselves ahead.

It’s disgusting to be nasty to one another just to win matches and I know Finn will be nasty towards me because he knows how much he didn’t like to lose to me when really, I’m one of those who learns from losing. I lose matches, so what if I do? At least I don’t quit and leave a company over it which I mean if I did leave, I would’ve been taken as a joke so I rather lose matches and continue fighting than leaving like a pussy. It’s not fun to be here when nasty comments come out for no reason other than trying to win.”

Raab was tired of the insults he was getting from many wrestlers just because of him staying around and still was struggling to get the results he wanted as he takes more of a sip of his drink before continuing to speak again.

Lord Raab: “I know you want to seek revenge against me for defeating you weeks ago and I know you will come out with every insult in the book, refusing to speak to opponents respectfully like I always do, but here’s the thing, when I’m in other companies, I’m a monster who does destroy people because unlike this company, they aren’t ready to see the real me and they don’t understand me.

While I expected 4CW to understand the experience I went through with my life, but they want me to be weak, want me to be the monster they crave and the fact is, I refuse to be like that because I love this company with all of my heart and I can’t ever be that weak person who hid from the world and who hid backstage, throwing out insults in the book to act tough when it’s the cowards who use insults really, making them weaker as human beings.”

Even just a few short words that Lord Raab was figuring out what to say, even though he has fought Finn before, but when they fought, Finn didn’t speak about Lord Raab and things might’ve been caught up with all of that and he continues.

Lord Raab: “You may not respect me, but I certainly do with you because I know you’ve been champion in a place I won’t name as a top champion and you have been champion in this company which it still kills me to not achieved that yet and I know my results are the reason I’ve not had a title shot yet, but unlike you and the rest of the wrestlers here, they don’t understand that I came back also because of the love and passion I have for this company who’ve done no wrong to me and I believe I will be a champion and being in the hall of fame because of my hard work here.”

Another thing that could be an advantage to Lord Raab was that he did beat Finn compared to his brother who lost to him and being one of the only few wrestlers, possibly the only wrestler in 4CW to fought both him and Konrad.

Lord Raab: “You might be also the only guy I know in 4CW who’s fought both me and my brother. I got to say right now, Konrad’s on fire and he seems much better as a wrestler now than when you fought him, especially the growth of his mental toughness. He’s even doing better than me at this point. Point is, you’ve not done much since then apart from wrestling here and winning the Octane title on top of wrestling in Union Battleground. Problem is I want to know why you left 4CW after losing to me? What is the point of leaving if you couldn’t handle a loss?

That is also a question I give to other 4CW wrestlers that there’s no point of me leaving just because of losing matches. I don’t cry over losses, I know I got a lot to learn from them, but I don’t believe the whole shiitake to completely cut your opponent down to pieces of vile comments to win matches. I don’t, but it’s much easier to do that, than to be respectful of each other because to be quite honest, cutting your opponent down with insults is lazy.”

Raab drinks a few more drops of the large bottle of water with sweat dripping to the carpet floor in the hired apartment and continues.

Lord Raab: “It’s lazy because it’s easy to beat someone down with meaningless words and not think of words of excitement or respectful because I respect every wrestler in the ring with what they can do and honestly, you and 4CW are better than that. I know this because you were champion for months in the Wildcard division with positivity, but this business has changed you for the worse Finn. Instead of standing up against negativity, you gave up and fall into the easy pray just because of wrestlers not giving you respect enough.

This match is redemption for you to get the win back and I’m not stupid to know this match should mean a lot more than trying to get a title back. It’s about getting your credibility back and I can respect that, I can respect you a wanting to tear my head off just to get the win back from me and right now, I respect you more than I do with the majority of wrestlers in the company.”

Raab feels he can easily understand why the match was made apart from him not facing new wrestlers anymore that he wasn’t able to prepare for or make much of the comments thrown at him because he wasn’t able to defend himself and he continues.

Lord Raab: “However, it doesn’t mean it will happen this week, doesn’t mean you can act like everybody else because I do think you’re a decent human being who’s gone down the wrong path to be sucked into the hatred and vile nature of this sport. I won’t insult you because you don’t deserve that and I believe you and Konrad do get along still as we speak.

Fact is you can’t allow wrestlers to change you as you did and you can’t leave a company over losses because trust me, you’ll achieve nothing that way and I love this company too much to leave. Does it hurt when I lose matches? Yeah it does, but I feel more hurt by nasty comments than losses. Losses I can come back from and learn from. Hurtful comments are not to be tolerated in this sport whatsoever and I need to counter them back from wrestlers like yourself who need to act like you can say anything they want. I don’t  just want the Finn who was a Octane champion, but I want the Finn who was the respectful Wildcard champion again because that’s what stood you out, not this nasty callous guy to break the rules to win matches.”

Raab was trying to bring up the point as he breathes for a few more minutes before he can speak again.

Lord Raab: “Because the Wildcard champion you were stood you out from being a nasty guy you are today and it’s a problem I have with this company as I mentioned before. I take this match and every match I have seriously because I know I need to change and I know I brought up about me being raped by a woman and people finding it funny, but people don’t understand that men can be victims of it just as much as women can, just they hide it because of comments I got.

But I don’t care what people think as me speaking out in front of millions of people in New Orleans actually got me more attention than I did when I was a monster wanting to hurt people, heck I’m trying to get a charity set up for men who’ve been in a situation like mine to speak up and report it, taking this crime as seriously as it should be as well as women victims.”

It’s true, Lord Raab has been working with Henry to try and get something like that set up as well as wanting to improve to be a great wrestler to get the world to take a crime serious to men as well as women as he speaks.

Lord Raab: “But right now, I’m focused on teaching you something you better learn from me and to give you an ass kicking you want out of me. I will give you a fight and I wonder if you lose to me again, will you leave 4CW again? Will you not bother building back wins you can get? That’s a question you can only answer because I know I will still be around win or lose against you because it’s better that way than me accepting defeat which I don’t to never be champion.

Because that’s what all of you want me to do instead of giving me feedback on how I should better myself as a wrestler on how I can win matches that’s not using vile insults to other wrestlers? I’m not allowing you to take that win from me Finn because tomorrow night, you will see how much I’m willing to stay and prove the world wrong that I’m worth a damn and not taken for a joke like others say.

Because I take 4CW seriously and want to be successful and I know I will have to do more than just talking about it to get a win from you and it means the action of pushing through barriers many wrestlers, including yourself are too afraid to do and just quit ahead instead of doing everything possible within the rules to win matches. I’ve done this video without a single insult towards you because that’s how wrestling should go. That’s how a champion should represent itself here and you will see how this passionate 4CW does in the ring when I will pin you once again in the ring tomorrow night and walk away with a win behind my head because I’m confident and gained self esteem to win this match I know I can do and wait to see what happens after the match. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab with my hand raised in the ring after I’ve beat you again.”

That’s all Lord Raab had to say as the camera gets cut before knowing what Lord Raab is doing which most likely has him going to the gym and work out which is the only thing he usually does before matches.”

Adrenaline / Another day, another new wrestler to 4CW as Raab's opponent.
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:49:58 AM »
Facing another new wrestler once again. Washington, DC. Tuesday 27th November.

Once again just like the last three shows, Lord Raab was facing against another newcomer to 4CW, this time being Smith Jones. It's the same old story to lose a match and face another newcomer and it was beginning to get Lord Raab very bored that he shouldn't always be facing new wrestlers coming to 4CW all the time. He lost matches and there's always a problem for him to be positive right now because he couldn't, especially if other stars think he's a complete joke just because of his wins and loss records.

Lord Raab has been sitting in his hired apartment place for an hour, thinking of literally what to say about Smith Jones because he didn't know anything about him other than his achievements in other companies. It was beginning to frustrate Lord Raab to know he had been struggling for things to say in his videos mainly because he wasn't able to capitalise on his opponents. He begins to speak with pure frustration he has coming into talking about Smith Jones.

Lord Raab: “You know and I got to be honest with you all, I'm getting sick and tired of wrestling matches to face against new wrestlers coming into 4CW mainly because this is the third time I'm experiencing this and I'm beginning to run out of things to talk about mainly because I'm still losing. I just sit there and think, what can I say about myself? I don't make excuses for losses because there's no excuse to make.

Even with my positivity, it still has no effect and blasting everyone around me which I won't do because trash talking to be quite honest is for the week who make things so damn easy to trash people that it's all they ever do since it's the thing to do in wrestling these days and it's pathetic.”

It was one of those frustrations that because nothing's changing, it wasn't anything new really he can say, although his opponent was new to wrestling and he realizes he had been repeating himself on tape a lot due to lack of anything truly new to say and he continues.

Lord Raab: “So I'm facing against Smith Jones and excuse me for me to lash out a bit earlier because of being in the same position as two weeks ago and the PPV, although at least I can say I did perform better with Maddox than I did with Riley Sweet. Once again like I did with Maddox, I have no reason to trash you because why should I have to be like other 4CW wrestlers to trash a wrestler I don't really know much about?

Because it's stupid and it's stupid to make up facts about you that are not true. OK so I know you've won titles in XHW, PCW, XWA and SCW against top wrestlers in those companies on top of the list of wrestlers I'm aware you've defeated in a company you've spent time in the longest and being aware you're still in a company called XWA. It's impressive of how much you've come through and got a heck of a lot of experience in the wrestling business so it should be a pretty good match for the pair of us.”

Even Lord Raab admitted that although, he was getting tired of facing newcomers, he certainly refuses to not allow the challenge to go away from him, even if thinking things to say at this point was very difficult and he continues.

Lord Raab: “I mean that experience can help a new wrestler in the business gain experience by facing you, although I'm not a rookie wrestler because of being in the business for many years, despite the talks about me being around since two thousand and thirteen. My time in the wrestling business has officially been since two thousand, and five I've been around this business and I love every single minute of it. That's something I can say compared to other wrestlers in 4CW who only wrestle just for wins and titles, but I don't do it just for that.

I wrestle because I love 4CW and I pride and honour myself to the company, despite people telling me I'm a laughing stock. People who say that don't give a shit about this company which many wrestlers don't give a damn other than their achievements and they only care about winning a title and taking off once they've lost the belt. I know and aware you've done that in one company Smith, but was there a reason for you to win a title and leave Empire after losing a title match?”

He left that to question as he was concerned Smith was going to turn like everyone else in 4CW, coming to a company just to win a title and then taking off, although he cannot question something he and Smith have in common.

Lord Raab: “What we do have in common and I can't question it is your dedication to XWA. You've been there for quite a few years now and you're always loyal to them and doing everything you can to make you the star you are today for the company. I don't really know much about XWA admittedly, but they are a company I've heard of and a great company too. You never seem to give up in the company and that I respect.

I respect your loyalties and passion for XWA and for this business which not many 4CW wrestlers can really say. Champion or not, you're still sticking around the company so maybe I answered the question for you on that, but I just can't stand wrestlers like that, especially ones who tell me to quit just because of getting losses and don't you all think I know I'm losing matches consistently? I do, but I refuse to quit because cancer has made me stronger in that to continue to fight until you achieved it.”

In a way, Lord Raab did respect Smith Jones already as he couldn't deny Smith's commitments to XWA and could even be representing XWA in the match which he loves to see other wrestlers from other companies coming to 4CW and wrestle, even if he thought Erik Holland's title match against Bryan Laughlin was questionable, but he still loved the thought of random wrestlers fighting against others in 4CW.

Lord Raab: “It's also good to know you're rivalry with Brytain Montgomery apart from your title wins is an achievement to you because of how fierce and destructive the battles you both have were. In a way, that's also helped me think of an achievement of asides from winning titles, that rivalries can be achievements as well such as Dakota Smith which we've had many battles against each other, Jason Cashe who's sadly no longer here as much as I want him back, he had dedication for this company like no other current 4CW star has.

Those are the main examples of what I've gone through here with a title being the only thing I've not done yet and I'm not giving up on that quest to win a belt either. I even promoted this company during a Be Brave conference that I still need to post a video up on 4CW website on what I did to speak up against what I've gone through and I have no shame on speaking about it now, much like me being gay as well due to my dislike to women, although I'm still battling against my demons on approaching them.”

While he knows about his achievements, however there's something else he spotted on Smith Jones's profile that can say they have in common, for different reasons.

Lord Raab: “Another thing apart from wrestling company loyalties we have is we are lonely guys and well, I'm trying my best to get some friends to talk to and well, I've not had much luck to a point I've had to restart counselling just to get some friends to talk to that's not just my husband Samuel McPherson and my calming coach Henry Losak. I'm lonely because of what I went through with a woman raping me. It was from that day that my trust for people ended because I couldn't live with myself and knowing being alone at the time was far better than being with people who fake being your friend and stabbing you in the back.

Maybe your reasons for being alone are different to mine, but unlike you, I want to make friends around here, especially wrestlers with 4CW that I can go and talk to, but it seems I have to have an twitter account and I refuse to have one mainly because not only I'm too busy, but I don't want to talk to 4CW wrestlers on a computer and never wanting to talk in person and meet in public because that's what I want to change. I shouldn't have to get a twitter account just to make friends and I still feel it's for children who talk shit there and not knowing it gets you nowhere in this business.”

Raab nodded as he said that as he takes a drink of water while sitting on the balcony of the hired apartment he's staying out since he was still forbidden to sleep in hotels due to his fights in the past and he prefer it to staying in hotels anyway.

Lord Raab: “That's just my opinion as in the old school ways, we had no internet to promote things or to make friends with other wrestlers to get to know them, we went to talk to people themselves and made banners and posters by hand to place in shop windows on top of placing advertisements in newspapers because honestly, that's what I much prefer to do because it's creative way of getting a wrestling company promoted as well as doing videos to promote our own matches as well to be shown on TV.

I'm old school like that and I feel you think the same thing too, despite having an twitter account. I know it's nothing to do with our match, but I'm just telling you about me because well, I've discussed everything with your achievements and what you've done in wrestling. It's helpful to me to learn more about you than waiting until you did a video for our match and personally, I'm looking forward to what you can do against me and looking forward to fighting you in my house of 4CW as I always do with every opponent I have.”

It was beginning for Lord Raab to come up with more ideas without having to trash his opponent as he said, there's no reason for him to do so and always thought it was pathetic to trash someone you don't know anything about or their reasons for their methods of wrestling or anything of a sort as he continues.

Lord Raab: “Another thing is your a tactician wrestler with a lot of powerhouse moves and submissions. That's the type of wrestling I've always grew up doing along with hardcore wrestling which I've moved away from because of achieving everything there is in hardcore wrestling known to person. That makes me excited even more, although you know more high flying moves than me, but not that much more and that totally gets me excited even more, knowing it's about who's the best tactician wrestler.

I know with me saying that, I leave myself open to you using high flying moves on me because of me not being able to climb up the rope and fly due to my size, but I have no shame on admitting that because I'm human and we all have our weaknesses in the ring. I don't know you're weaknesses in the ring as I've never seen you wrestle before admittedly and it doesn't make me proud to say that, but I'm only going by the information that's given to me.”

He already was beginning to feel like there's nothing more to say about the match as he respected his opponent, he mentioned his achievements of his title wins, what companies he's apart of and even Smith being a loner like Lord Raab was, although Raab wanted to change that in him and he continues.

Lord Raab: “I refuse to ever take any of my opponents as a joke because everyone I face right now is a threat and you're no exception to that as I do take you seriously and refuse to underestimate you as a wrestler because I know from the achievements you've had, you already belong in 4CW and that says a lot compared to other new stars who've come to 4CW and not know anything about them.

As much as I feel we'll tear the house down and bring everything we have against each other to win matches, I'm more than confident enough to defeat you because I need to win this match more than you to get myself back on track and hopefully, get myself out of facing new wrestlers every single time they come in and face against talent in 4CW who I can speak a lot more about than just myself. I want to change and that can be started here tomorrow night with me showing pride and commitment to 4CW that nobody can take away from me and hopefully be in the hall of fame in the near future in 4CW.”

He realized it's something he believes he can change on being in there in the future and can easily wait for the time to come and knows the only thing that's holding him back from that honour was him not winning a title yet.

Lord Raab: “Tomorrow night, you will see me do everything to win this match because I believe in myself more than I've ever been in my career because of my growth as a human being of being a better person than majority of the wrestlers in 4CW and I will pin you for the three count because I can and will overcome that, despite me walking away from the match as the winner because you need a win to start your career, I need a win to continue my career forward to being a future champion, to consistently grow as a wrestler without resorting to using petty words to someone just to win a match.

Because it's what you do in the ring that matters than just vile and disgusting words that mean nothing other than proving everyone wrong to win and you will see me win Smith Jones because despite the many wrestlers you've defeated, I refuse to end up being on the list of wrestlers you've defeated and will have a hard time finding a way to defeat this passionate 4CW wrestler. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab. Good luck Smith because you're gonna need it.”

Lord Raab at that point finished up his video a bit earlier than usual as he felt there wasn't anything else he can say much more about Smith Jones because of him covering everything that's more or less the truth than making up lies about someone he doesn't have a clue about other than the information he was given which he used and he presses stop on his video recorder and being done for the day as he ends up watching some action movie on the TV as a way to relax from the stress he gets from wrestling, knowing it's only tomorrow he'll get another win in the bag he believes he can do to lead him to doing bigger things in 4CW.

Needing to change something in 4CW to turn Raab's career around. Baltimore, Maryland. Tuesday 13th November.

It's clear Lord Raab needed to change things in his career to make a step forward after losses against Dakota Smith and Riley Sweet. He hadn't even spoken about Riley Sweet because the truth is, he wasn't able to think what to say to her, and he lost because he wasn't able to get his words out of his mouth on top of his poor performance in the ring. He wasn't out in public for today as he had currently finished building his headquarters in the city. It's only just been built and had a special room to do his video today in a small room where it was designed only for promotion videos of his upcoming matches.

Lord Raab was lost on knowing what to say about his opponent again with him facing against Maddox Ayres this week because he was a fresh face, much like Riley was and knew this week, he had to say something, especially regarding something he did after his match against Dakota Smith which he had never had the guts to do before and he speaks on it.

Lord Raab: “Before I get into details about my match with Riley Sweet, I want to say that I did something that benefited me, or rather my brother helped me with it in October, so I'm just going to say it. A former wrestler who used to wrestle for Supreme Championship Wrestling Amy Chastaine done a Be Brave conference on October 18th and I had a call a day before from my brother to appear there to speak out on what I've talked about.

I accepted his offer and went down to New Orleans to talk about the domestic violence that can happen to men as well as women. It was the first time apart from doing these wrestling videos I was able to feel confident on speaking out in public with some help of my brother Konrad Raab to talk about the times I was raped by a woman, how wrestling did save my life and how I feared to interact with women because of my past on top of interacting with anybody hence why I have no friends.”

It was a little tearful for Lord Raab to say the least to be emotional as he was to admit he went to publicly speak out on the incident for the first time apart from 4CW. He wipes the tear off his face and continues.

Lord Raab: “It made me feel so much better to speak in public with Konrad's and Amy's encouragement which is why now I see Konrad and Amy being good friends than hiding and pretending to be somebody I'm not which is why I became a monster in the first place. It's shameful many 4CW wrestlers can't see I became a stronger person than blaming problems on somebody else and telling me to go back as a monster and use violence again because, for me, it was a weakness I showed that will not be repeated ever again.

It's all out on the official Supreme Championship Wrestling website with my speech I'll eventually post out on the 4CW website on my feelings and how much it took me to come out as much as I have. It was just time to express how difficult it was for me to make friends which it still is and I overcome my fears of public speaking which is why I'm wearing this shirt that states Fortune Favors the Brave because it was pretty scary for me to do something like that and I'm glad I did because I got support from the crowd, especially men who told me they've been in situations like mine too and I donated quite a bit of money to the Be Brave charity too. It's the best thing I've ever done.”

It was still teary for Raab, and he still hadn't spoken about his opponent because he wanted to get those details out there first and now he moves forward to his opponent and details about his match with Riley Sweet.

Lord Raab: “My match against Riley Sweet was the worst performance I've ever had in 4CW, and I don't even know why as I felt confident coming into the match, but it just wasn't enough, and my performance was just not there on that day. I didn't speak about Riley because, to be honest, it's the same situation I've got this week as well with Maddox Ayres on not knowing what to say to new wrestlers, but after I discovered more about Riley, her being The Villain is the most overdone character I've seen in wrestling. She can't stand out from the rest, it's the same old thing we see from other 4CW wrestlers who become nasty and think they are badasses when really, they aren't, despite the win she got over me and congratulations, hope you honestly change your character to stand yourself out from the rest because the Villain shiitake is honestly overdone to the top in this business.

At least I don't have to worry about that with Maddox Ayres who as I said, still don't know what to say about him, coming in from running a wrestling company of his own. I think it's great you've done something like that in your life. It's not an easy job as I should know from being a GM in APW believe it or not, but it helped me learn about the wrestling business a whole lot more. I'm also glad to face you because you aren't like the rest of the 4CW wrestlers I've faced with them being so nasty and vile towards other wrestlers because they feel they can win matches.”

Raab needed a break as he took a bottle of water from the table and drank some of it due to his throat being dry before he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “I already respect you more than the guys in the back regarding you being a person as you are human with how you've had to work for everything you get. That's the work ethic that's missing in 4CW. Everyone only cares for wins and titles, while of course, I do, but it's the passion for this company that makes me drive the fuel to wrestle. You can understand how much 4CW means to me right? It's all out there in my videos if you pay attention to them.

You also won a ton of titles as well in your career, much like myself in other wrestling companies, that shows to me, you're someone I'm looking forward to facing and show the same amount of respect as I'm doing to you. I'm looking forward to facing someone who's gone through the same things as me in 4CW at least to work for what you do. The only difference is at your age; I wasn't even thinking about wrestling, it was a job that saved my life. A job I thought at the time helped me overcome the shame of what I went through, only it made me weak for it.”

Raab always believed him going into wrestling in his twenties was always a benefit to him as he did, after all, was working in a job he loves, especially 4CW, but at the same time, wrestling made him hid from the person he was. He still struggled in the locker room to talk to wrestlers because of everyone being so nasty and vile towards him.

Lord Raab: “I'm not going to be nasty and vile towards you because I have no reason to and it's silly to think otherwise to make up some garbage that won't be true. Fact is I've longed for an opponent who will only care for wrestling for pure competition than using nasty words to gain themselves an advantage because they know they can't with them being nice to other wrestlers to know it can actually win titles, you can ask my brother who recently defeated the nastiest wrestler in a company lately to win a title.

Maddox, you want to feel welcomed to the company and that you will get and deserve because your profile of how you struggled to pay bills and hopping jobs just to find the one you enjoy doing and I see why you're passionate about wrestling, but while you're a nice guy in wrestling, something I can't say admittedly, but I'm someone who's not afraid of praising and complimenting you for finding wrestling as you did, while wrestling was found by the crowd cheers while I was trying to commit suicide.”

For sure, Lord Raab hadn't spoken much on how close he was to committing suicide until the wrestling crowd cheers came from the Koln arena it was known then to change its name to Lanxess Arena. Raab takes a sip of his water before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “However as much excitement, I have to fight you because of me knowing I get some proper competition against you without you resorting to cheating to win, I have to come in with confidence because it's a thing that I need to motivate myself. Of course, I want to win a 4CW title to my name, but I've not worked as hard for it, and I do need to change that on maybe earning myself a title shot which I've not had yet since my return because of my performances in the ring.

Because while you will be the most respected opponent I've fought in a while because of the amount of hard work you understand to be champion, it's just not going to happen this week because I need and want to win against you. I won't have problems shaking your hand before and after the match to let you know you will get a good fight and a great welcome to the company. As excited as you are to compete in the toughest wrestling company to date, I have to find a way to defeat you.”

It was something Lord Raab meant big time as he wasn't going to keep his mouth shut this week, it was the downfall of his match against Riley last time out, and he still struggled to think of other things to say to Maddox because it was just playing predictability at this point and he continues.

Lord Raab: “Because I'm sick of losing matches, I'm sick of being called a joke from others, especially telling me to quit because of losses, considering that's what they'd do with lack of heart and dedication none of them have other than wanting to win titles and winning matches, I'm warning you that most of the 4CW wrestlers are heartless fickle creatures who have no sense of respect or care for you. You have to put all the hard work in to be a successful wrestler here.

I know I'm the last guy to say that with my lack of titles which disgusts me, but it still drives me fuel to compete, but it's me being loyal to this company that does even more, even with the respect I have for Perry Wallace who's said and done nothing to me the entire time I've worked in the company. We've both had breakdowns over different things and having wrestling saving our lives, being pretty much alike on how we got into the wrestling business.”

Raab can only gather a profile from his opponent on what he's read about him as he understands Maddox and how far he's gotten to be the wrestler he is today with the number of titles he's won and he continues.

Lord Raab: “Also, you use pretty much the same style of wrestling moves as I do, only I'm not a high flyer because I can never evolve myself to doing that style because it's very difficult to do, no matter how many times I've tried. How my brother evolves his wrestling style to wrestle as a high flyer at his age, I don't know, but I know I can be technical in the ring too with the number of German suplexes I do in the ring, but I'm also known for being a powerhouse wrestler as well.

But I'm willing to bet that you being a high flyer may very well be your downfall, although I've been defeated by many wrestlers before with your style, speaking in general, I will do everything possible to pick apart on the style you're comfortable with just by throwing you around the ring. I will be wrestling in a frustrated state because I feel exactly like that with my piss poor performance and I refuse to repeat that. I refuse to allow myself to lose against a new wrestler in 4CW again.

Because I will be coming towards you with fire I've never had in my life to fight someone who I clearly respect because you have everything a wrestler can ask for, but sadly for you, only one person will be walking out the winner of the match, and that's me because I need to win to climb myself up the ladder because nobody, but me can do that and showing how passionate I am for 4CW. No cheating, not cheap tactics to win, just a pure wrestling match with us being extremely competitive to be the top wrestler which is another aspect of wrestling 4CW is missing.”

Lord Raab always felt respect and wrestling to win apart of competition was still missing with many 4CW wrestlers and the company, and it needed to be brought back, and Maddox Ayres match will be the start of it, and he continues.

Lord Raab: “It's the start of a whole new revolution Maddox, and we can change the company to show everyone, you don't need to be vile and nasty with comments to succeed, you don't need to be the badass wrestlers to win matches, it's all about confidence and self-esteem on top of having skills to win matches that makes someone like yourself a champion. I'm looking forward to it, and I wish you all the best of luck as I've got nothing left to say to you as I've covered everything I've wanted to talk about.

Tomorrow night in my third home city in  Baltimore, Maryland, I will turn my 4CW career around to win because you'll prepare yourself to be Raabinated by Lord Raab with my arms raised in the ring after I've defeated you via pinfall or submission with nice and giving each other compliments that can make me a winner of the match and can make me have my 4CW career change around completely.”

It's clear Lord Raab had nothing else to say as he cuts the cameras off and goes to his bed in his newly built headquarters apartment in Baltimore, Maryland to get some sleep he needed before his exciting match against Maddox Ayres tomorrow night to see Lord Raab coming out as the winner of his match against Maddox.

4CW Discussion / My reason for no show.
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Don't know how or why I missed the fact the deadline was changed to yesterday instead of today. That's all there's reason for me to say for my no-show, taking full responsibility for it.

Adrenaline / How predictable Dakota
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How predictable Dakota. Koln, Germany. Sunday 23rd September.

It was another day where he was in his hometown where it’s been nice for him to be home without paying for hired apartments like the time in Japan with his twin brother living there. It had been a relief where he was more comfortable being in his home city with interacting with a lot of fans and even doing some press conferences and even some interviews with the guidance Konrad gave him the other day on how to deal with interviewers and answering questions which were hard for him, giving he’s never been in the public eye before.

It’s a changed world for Markus Lord Raab who’s more human than the monster he pretended to be as he's gone away from the past and looking towards the future as he's located at FC Koln’s football ground with some of the players and fans on the pitch with him, showing the entire world he had changed. As of right now, he’s wearing an FC Koln shirt with something he will unveil later on today.

He does a few kick ups with the team and does a few training drills with the team as they knew he wanted to do a video in his home team’s ground which with their permission, he was feeling a lot happier than being in the castle sewer to prove how much he’s moved on from that part of his life. Once he takes a break, he begins to speak.

Lord Raab: “Oh it’s dissecting dolls in a hospital now. This is Dakota’s stupidity that gets worse each day. How did I guess you were going to be repetitive with the same old shit you always do. Nothing ever changes, what you’ve done is you’ve proved my point that you’re delusional cunt who does these stupid plays that don’t mean a damn thing to do something dramatic. Nothing you do is realistic by any means, and you only do those sort of stuff just to prove how sick of a monster you are.

You aren’t scary or intimidating at all. Yes Dakota, unlike you, I’m not stupid to know you’ve beaten me many times, that’s why I never mentioned the results of our matches because everyone knows that already, but I also know you can bleed a heck a lot worse than you claim to think. Again, what’s the point you’re making make with the irrelevant plays you do?”

It left for Lord Raab to leave everyone questioning why Dakota does these stupid plays as although he didn’t like to swear; he knows he won’t resort to the world Dakota used towards him due to his husband. He took a bit of a break before he starts to do jumping drills and to go on the ground to throw the ball over his head to the goalkeeper a few times before taking more of a break before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “When are you ever going to give up the lifestyle of being violent and change for once in your life? Nothing with you in or out of the ring has changed other than having some woman with you. I’m not going to insult her because it’s just cowardly to offend someone who doesn’t wrestle, much like you talking shit behind my back on twitter to your buddies including Cyrus Riddle who I defeated in my last match as a monster before I took off to deal with cancer about me. This is the point I meant when you’re too scared to meet with other humans in person other than your woman. You hide that part because you’re too afraid to expose yourself of being capable of being human who has emotions, much as I said you were a disgusting human being, but you certainly don’t act like you give a damn about 4CW.

If you did, at least if I was 4CW champion first time around, I wouldn’t have turned my back on the fans and leave them, knowing you didn’t give a shit about being champion, and I was there to experience it too, you know when you took a break before being inducted into the hall of fame? That shows you weren’t willing to commit to the public eye with the belt, that showed your lack of commitment to being with 4CW. Win or lose a title, I’ll still be around, not like some wrestlers here who purely just come to the company to win a title."

It felt like Lord Raab was comfortable with talking in front of the fans along with the players who thought he was rambling for no reason as he saw the other players and some fans were taking goal shots at the goalkeeper which Lord Raab does as he scores which you see a glimpse of his shirt of Raab thirteen number on the back in the FC Koln shirt as he even talks to the fans, showing his real change and he continues

Lord Raab: “Of course, granted you’ve not taken off after you lost the belt after other times of winning it which speaks my point doesn’t it? Where’s the motivation for you to be champion again? Heck, what's the point of you being in the match where you’ve won in the past for you to win the belt back? What’s the reason for you to win the 4CW title again?

Heck, what is the reason for you to prove to be all bloody and violent once again in the same match you won? If I were pretending to be a monster, I would’ve been in the warzone match for those reasons, but I’m not. I’m not afraid of being bloodied and busted wide open, I’ve never been afraid of pain, and I’m not scared of being in violent situations if I have to be.”

Raab nodded at what he’s said as he attempts to kick the ball to the camera, almost like Dakota was standing in front of him as he shows his hatred towards Dakota who showed that towards Raab who once again passed the ball towards fans of FC Koln team who were having an open day, showing how much he supports and cares about the club and how serious also he took to wrestling too.

Lord Raab: “While you’re reasons is to be champion again, my reasons, of course, are to be champion in this company and to be in that match to prove to everyone, I’m not all out for blood and guts, I’m out to perform a show for the fans to witness me being champion because there’s no other place I call home to wrestle than 4CW and once again, you’re delusional to think it’s not my home, considering I’ve been here from day one. You have no motivations for being in the warzone cage match, no motivation for anything other than being violent due to your refusal to change, heck, you’ve already got a tag team title with Cyrus, why do you need another title for?

You are greedy, but a delusional man who can’t move forward from the future and has to latch off his past tag team just for his team to never be forgotten. I didn’t need to come back and side with Jason Cashe if he was still around to reform as House of Howell, I never needed to go back to fall in my old patterns. I planned to change when I came back and I have no regrets of hiding my past anymore because I don’t need to continue hiding my past like a weak pathetic man which is exactly what you are, a weak pathetic man who’s too scared as to why he acts out in a violent and cut up manner because you certainly aren’t grown for liking dissecting living things and being violent and making others bleed.”

Raab smirks as he knows he’s a much stronger person than Dakota will ever be in his mind, especially him exposing himself being married to a man of Samuel McPherson and telling the truth of being raped by a woman, sending a message to every guy out there to speak up and speak to someone which he did get a lot of questions regarding that since he spoke out in public.

He continues to do some more training along with taking a drink of water as he enjoys being with fans, although he was called over to sign autographs which he gladly does with the fans, being able to answer questions about his past and even his future, before being told to come back on the pitch and do a few more kicks of the ball towards the goalkeeper and doing some jumping drills as well.

Lord Raab: “I don’t regret telling the world I’ve been raped because it opened many people’s eyes to know that men need to be open to discussing the world what happened with them because hiding it causes you to attempt and commit suicide, not willing to learn from the experience. It hurt me too much to hide it anymore and at that point, I wanted everyone to know why I was violent and hated women because of my past and being a stronger person for it.

Which is why you use violence because you’re too weak of a human being to expose why you’re doing things like that. There has to be a reason for it. So I’m not the one being stupid here, you are and that’s exactly why I will continue to evolve and grow as a wrestler, and you stay being the same old stale man who’s done and will continue to do the same shit ever since he came to 4CW because you refuse to change and you refuse to move on from the dissecting rats and dolls nonsense.”

Raab took a quick break from the training he was doing while he was able to talk during training with the microphone he was just given from the FC Koln coach and places it around his head so he’s able to train while jumping over post drills and then dribbling the ball around cones before kicking it into the goal or trying to as he missed one and then waits in line to talk again.

Lord Raab: “It’s also why I will do everything to show you how much I’ve changed by beating you fairly because I don’t need to resort to using violence anymore and I will stay within the rules, especially in front of my home fans, you think I’m going to just lay down in the ring for you? You’re very much mistaken much as you’ve been underrating me the entire time to win just because you’ve beaten me before. Sure you have, but you’ve not beaten this new packaged and better Lord Raab in the win because I’m making sure fighting you is something I will remember regardless if I lose, at least I got to experience wrestling in 4CW in front of my home crowd before I retire and we all have to retire at some point.

But it won’t be at anytime soon as your days of glory are done, everyone has seen what Dakota has done as a 4CW champion, but nobody’s seen Lord Raab with the 4CW, and I’m craving for the chance to do so, I’m craving to prove to be in violent matches and not using any sort of weapons whatsoever other than what I provide with my body with fists, knees and feet to knock you down with.”

It was almost that time for Lord Raab to unveil what he’ll be wearing to his entrance on Wednesday night, but not just yet as he wanted to say a few more things while he was next to jump as Raab does before speaking again while doing the same as he did before.

Lord Raab: “I can easily show you what a joke you’d be by beating you down and walking away from the match as a winner. The only reason why you gained people respect is that of your skills in the ring which is my point isn’t it? If you are good as you say you are, you won't resort to using violence and busting people open to bleed from their skin; you don’t need weapons to win matches. You can do that from beating people in the ring.

Of course, you refuse to show you’re real wrestling skills in the ring along with the disgusting delusional cosplay videos you do for whatever reason we may not know, but I’m gonna prove to you I’m good as I say with all the motivation I fucking have by beating you down with fists and cause you to make you so fucking stupid to know I’m the one who’s taken this match seriously, you have laughed off the fact I’m a threat to you because of the wins and losses, but I don’t give a shit about the past, I care of what I’m aiming to do to you now.”

Raab was smirking at the camera to know he was acting normal and being someone who’s taking the opportunity to be in the Warzone match as he starts to get ready to take off his shirt and what he’s hiding underneath as he takes it off and shows almost the same design, but with grey and blue 4CW design with FC Koln sponsor and 4CW logo on the badge and turning over to see Lord Raab Adrenaline 91 Koln Germany and he speaks.

Lord Raab: “You won’t be laughing ever again when I will make you work fucking hard to be in the Warzone cage match for the 4CW title because these fans here in Koln Germany have seen the amount of work of me being a better wrestler in the ring and out of it. You will see how much of a match I will be when I will do everything possible to get you down and believe me; you will struggle to keep me down more than ever because I’m too motivated and confident to believe you can’t do anything to keep this 4CW German wrestler down.

This isn’t going to be close to what happened the other times you nor I have beaten each other because in my hometown in front of my mum and sister who will be seeing me wrestle for the first time, my husband Samuel McPherson and my son Callum will witness me winning overcoming the odds of shocking my home fans and my family as I have no friends, and I don’t fear the pressure of me facing you Dakota nor do I fear of losing because it won’t happen to someone who will give you a match the fans deserve because you deserve to be beaten for me to win, while you continue to be apart of the event while defending the tag titles, I will be in the warzone match, beating everyone who resorts to using violence in front of me."

They stop training at this point as all players and fans sat on the ground being quiet while they decide to listen to Lord Raab being motivated with him winning the match as he takes a quick drink of water before speaking for the last time.

Lord Raab: “I will win because of the passion I show for the event with fans being behind me and they will give me a fuel of fire to push me to win the match because I’ve got more hunger in me to win it because I’ve changed and as if competing in front of my home fans isn’t enough, then placing me to earn a chance to be a 4CW champion has more than enough motivation lit up my ass to win and I’m more than confident to say that because there’s no possibility of you winning this match with your only reason to be in the match is to win the title and to prove to be violent.

When you do nothing else new with yourself, I have and I will be advancing through because of the support from the fans and my family encouraging me on to beat you without busting you open, without using threats to cut me open which they are threats you won’t deliver on and most importantly, I’ll make myself laugh when I’ll pin your arms to the mat for the three count and coming out with thousand fans cheering for me at Lanxess Arena to see me advance through to Warzone match to win the 4CW title.”

As Lord Raab passes the microphone to the fans and the players of FC Koln to say Lord Raab’s famous quote as they all shouted together.

Fans and players: “Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab.”

They all went off the pitch to the turnstiles with the cameras still on Lord Raab as he wanted to show Dakota and 4CW fans of how interactive he was with them as he makes sure he gets filmed with the fans every single minute with autograph signings and posing for pictures with a ton of cameras surrounding him as the TV and radio station crew did manage to see Lord Raab out training and talking about his match with Dakota.

After four hours of training, two hours signing autographs and posing for pictures, he couldn’t resist doing interviews for German TV and Radio channels which lead for him to be there for another four hours before, at that point, the camera crew turn off to Lord Raab as he goes to the changing rooms which ended him being there all by himself due to everyone going home as he says this to himself while filming himself for a bit.

Lord Raab: “I have to win against Dakota as I have no reason to lose against that weak delusional of a man. He will be having the last laugh, that’s a guarantee.”

After that, he got himself in the shower to shake off the mud on himself and some of his clothes after doing some tackling on the wet pitch from the rain earlier today and changed into his normal clothes before going to his new home, knowing he’d never been used to this amount of media attention, but remembers everything Konrad has helped him with and to be himself as he closes the doors and meets up with his mum, his sister, Henry, his husband Samuel McPherson and his son Callum to spend the rest of the day with his family, knowing he has a high-pressure match against Dakota Smith for a chance to be 4CW champion on Wednesday night.

Adrenaline / The same old Dakota part 1.
« on: September 20, 2018, 04:48:51 AM »
The same old Dakota. Koln, Germany. Wednesday 19th September.

It's a bizarre situation for Lord Raab as he still preferred to be in a title match, but he wasn't going to whine and cry about it like most wrestlers he hears have been doing as he was placed to face against someone who Lord Raab's defeated in the ring once before, Dakota Smith. There's no lie of them having wars against each other in the past, and the worrying thing is Raab feels he's going to go back to his monstrous ways that he doesn't want to go back to, especially when potentially, he could be in the war games cage if he won the match.

He heard rumours the 4CW Adrenaline show in Koln was a complete sell-out from the promotions and interviews he's done, some with Konrad at first due to his lack of experience of media attention and advertising the event with posters and banners surrounding the town. It was also unusual for Lord Raab to be inside of a castle by himself as he's been known for being with fans as of late with his videos which he does plan to do later on in the week.

He's not just inside of the main castle, he's down in the castle sewers where nobody has used the toilet in the castle for years, even just being down there made Raab hold his nose, covering his nose up with his top as the smell was disgusting like it was dump that's never been disposed of from the castle sewer. He walks literally on the water, splashing as he moved each time with a few screeches of rats and even mice in the sewer as he starts to talk.

Lord Raab: “I hate being down here, but I blame my opponent for this because nearly every video Dakota Smith does, it's always either in dark forest, dark basements or most of the time, dark industrial sewers like that's somehow trying to get his point across of being a psychotic person. How doesn't he change at all, despite the achievements he's done?

Because honestly, everyone is bored of seeing videos of you being in dark places to prove you're some psycho who's too scared of literally interacting with the world instead of being on Twitter to do so. You're the same old Dakota as I faced in the past. I know, and I get that you've done a lot of things in 4CW with winning titles of every single title you've held here and proving how dangerous and violent you are. You don't need me to tell you that because everyone knows that about you and I know I could very well get hurt in the match.”

Screeches were getting louder as Raab got close to where the rats and mice were living as he does see some vomit on the floor that's been left there for years. Raab couldn't stand a second of being down in the sewers. Back when he was a monster, he would be able to handle it as he shakes his head from the horrible smell and the blood he sees.

Lord Raab: “We know what you're capable of, but did you back up you were going to win against Mark Storm who my twin brother respects and Andre Holmes? No, you didn't, you and Cyrus let yourselves get beat, and I'm going to ask you something. Why is it you refuse to move on from the past achievements you made with Cyrus? Why is it you refuse to move on from being violent and cutting human and animal meat? Is it because you're too afraid to move on with your life?

Or is it because you're too afraid to be human? The second option was what I was afraid of until I proved my point last week that I got raped by a woman. Since I got that out there, many men even some before I did this video have come up to me and said they got raped too. They weren't able to speak up because everyone mocks and takes the piss out of it, while if a woman came out and admitted it, everyone would react differently. My point was that men can get raped by women as well as women do with men. Let me ask you something, has anything bad happen in your life? Did your parents ever show you, love?”

As he reached to the noises that got louder each time he walked on the water that continuously splash across the sewer, there was a nest of rats one end of the sewer and there were mice on the other end, screeching away with mice making the louder noise over rats as he coughs a little bit, trying to breathe at this point because it was disgusting and horrible as he continues.

Lord Raab: “Just things to think about because unlike you, I was willing to step out of my comfort zone to tell the world about myself. When I was this sickening monster, I was unable to and wanted to hurt and destroy the people around me because I blamed my world problems on them instead of feeling responsible for what happened. Do you know another reason why I told that story apart from me opening up to expose myself as a human being?”

He allowed people to take a quick think of the question which of course, nobody knew why other than being truthful about what happened in his life as he sees even baby mice and rats around, even if some are bigger than his feet were but he had to cough a lot as he got some fresh bottle of water to drink it down before continuing.

Lord Raab: “Because that's how I got to be a wrestler. The day after it happened, I was out in the streets, trying to commit suicide because of how ashamed I was, until I heard fans shouting from what was then known Koln Arena so I stopped dangling myself from the pole and went to crawl through small gaps to get into the arena and then managing to get in to watch a wrestling show, knowing it was what saved my life to see fans cheering on a masked red guy battering the guy who looked just like you with weapons.

Then after the show, I got to meet with a guy called Audric who knew I've been trying to kill myself, who knew I was down in the dumps so once he gave me a weapon to use, it made me feel better to hit someone with weapons, even if I had no idea what I was meant to do. Then in a few months during the months I was training, I had my first match based on hardcore rules where I was an angry person on a revenge rage for the rape that happened months after it and even though I lost, it left everyone talking about the match.”

There was a lot of stuff he told nobody knew with Lord Raab who had changed a lot, especially on the last show where he exposed himself so much more than just Samuel being his husband and having a son. He sees more blood while walking away from rats and mice nest to a dead body being laid there for many years.

Lord Raab: “Now you know why I was that monster because I was angry with myself, but I acted like the whole world was to blame. It was stupid, but I didn't know what to do. My point is it's not weak to admit your faults because you end up being a stronger person instead of being a weak man, hiding himself in industrial sewers, dark forests and dark basements because you hide your past to the world of what happened to Dakota as a kid. You use violence, weapons and making someone bleed to hide that because you're too scared to open yourself up to let the world know who Dakota Smith is outside of the ring.

I know and aware you're going to talk about my wins and losses, that's the problem with you wrestlers in 4CW is you all don't give a shit about the hard work I've put into this business, especially in 4CW which is way more than leaching off my wins and losses. I've not won titles, big deal, I've not long just been back and already, I've got two wins from Johnny Storm and Finn Whelan, an opponent I may add my twin brother lost to and was a former Ignition champion as well.”

Raab knew it was something he notices in all of his opponents to pick apart at his wins, losses and lack of titles in his name in 4CW. It's something he hears a lot because it was easy and he knew he made it even easier for people to pick apart his rape incident and he was happier about it than hiding it. He looks at the blood of the dead body, being laid up in the left-hand corner of the sewer and while going down, he treads on another dead body in the water which made him have blood on his boots that shaped like football boots, except they had no studs in them.

Lord Raab: “So you see Dakota, I've done more than I did as a monster and it's pathetic people keep bringing up the past because it's all they talk about. Everything I've said is in the current day of you refusing to move on from using weapons, violence and making people bleed and be a real wrestler you should be. You limiting yourself to move forward is what can cost your career, and it certainly did by going back with Cyrus as your partner in Omerta while yes, you won the tag titles with him, it cost you in more than a few places.

I won't deny you've achieved a lot in your career in 4CW and being dedicated to 4CW, but have you ever showed pride and passion for the company? Have you ever represented 4CW outside of the company to promote the company? No, you haven't, and your achievements are only known really in 4CW because that's another point I'm making that you refuse to step out of your comfort zone.”

Raab felt like he was repeating a bit now, seeing he couldn't pick apart of his wrestling record, then again, a lot of people in 4CW were picking apart of their personal lives. Not as such with Dakota who doesn't have one as he hides it all. Raab takes another sip of his water, barely able to breathe in the sewer as he hides his nose under his shirt to breathe more to see dead rats and mice in the sewer now too.

Lord Raab: “While this might be a sewer, did you know castles like Hahnen Gate have them too? What a shocker I'm actually doing this video inside of a castle sewer because to prove a point on how stupid this type of scenery you create in all of your videos is as it makes no sense to half of the matches you're in, and I think the time you ate a rat is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen which by the way, nobody should accept by any means because it was cruel.

You show no care in the world for any living things animal or human. I do, and I could very well report you to the animal society because I do charity work for animal society here in Germany. You don't deserve to get nice comments because while I respect you as a wrestler, I don't condone anybody dissecting an animal and eating it to act like your a butcher when actually, you're not. You're a despicable person who pretends to work in a butcher shop.”

Lord Raab never knew what the point was when it came to Dakota who was still the same person as he saw years ago because he didn't want to move on while everyone knows Raab has from a sickening monster to this human being he is. He continues.

Lord Raab: “You don't care for 4CW or the wrestling business itself other than when you wrestle with or without Cyrus in the ring to improve on yourself, to move beyond bleeding and violence and you'll see how happier you will be because I'm certainly much happier now than when I was as a monster. It's easy for you to go back to your past because you know you're afraid of change which is why I'm more than motivated apart from being here in my hometown to beat you to advance myself in the warzone match because I deserve it with the hard work I've put in to get better.

I've evolved myself as a person and changed into someone who cares more about the fans I will put a show on for, especially in my hometown that I'm excited as hell to wrestle in front of my home country I've never gotten to do and dreamt about every single day and most importantly, show you that I'm no longer the green disease monster, no longer a monster for anything other than me being more than human to accept I will bleed, I will be hurt and be willing to admit I can't always avoid being in violent matches unless I have to for good reasons which it would be a good reason to win a 4CW title I always dreamed of having in my records, being likely the only reason why I'm not in the hall of fame right now.”

Lord Raab nodded as he knew although he has tried hard to advance well away from his past, using weapons and being in violent matches is something he can't always avoid. He avoids being a horrible person he once was as he continues while he discovered the water he's walking on was dirty.

Lord Raab: “You're limitations is why I'm going to win because nothing motivates me more than beating you in the ring without resorting to my old self and make my own name that goes beyond beating you with weapons, that goes beyond beating you with panes of glass for a XTV title and most importantly, go beyond beating you with anger and busting you open because I guarantee you, I won't hurt or destroy you. I will do everything possible to beat you because after all, I've done it in the past when I was that monster guy.

This time I will make even more of a message in front of my home fans who I adore so much to make you embarrassed to defeat someone who's won no titles in his 4CW career and showing you that changes can be good and it has for me who's spend more time getting 4CW out there to Germany than just being a wrestler in the ring on top of the volunteering jobs I do in the arena and even out of them now to get closer to the fans than hiding from them and hiding only via social media accounts.”

It was something Raab had always been against with people using social media to talk to people instead of engaging them in person as he takes more of a sip after coughing so much as he steps outside of the sewer now and immediately closes the castle sewer to lock it as he barely made it out alive.

Lord Raab: “I focus on getting better in the ring, and I also hear many people wanting me to leave. That's a coward's attitude of people wanting me to leave to give up my dream of being a 4CW champion. That's the sort of attitude I expect if someone like yourself or Eli Carlson had so many losses instead of learning and growing from them to get better because that's an easy way out, but I will not run away, I've never run away from wanting to be the top wrestler in this company because I came back to win a title in my name, to be in the hall of fame where you're name is.

I've never given up in 4CW as I have too much passion and pride for the company I've started in and I don't intend to fall on the pray of many wrestlers who given up because of people like you not attempting to help wrestlers get better and not allowing wrestlers like me to learn from what I went through and I won't be leaving at any time soon, certainly not when I'm wrestling in front of my home fans and you damn right I'm motivated, seeing that's how I won last week to be in the warzone contender match and you'll be hearing a lot more from me next week where I'm more comfortable and not being inside of a rotten stinking castle sewer to prove nothing other than showing Dakota how stupid he is by doing things like that along with discussing how important and how much the match on top of what awaits me in the future.”

It was something Lord Raab would never do again, but it was to prove a point that even for him, it was stupid to do what he did in the past on top of making Dakota wake up to be more human instead of a disgusting person he claimed to be as he leaves Hahnen Gate castle to head back to his home in Germany to see his husband Samuel McPherson and his calming advisor Henry Losak as he shows his plans about what he has in mind for the clothes he will wear in his hometown on Wednesday night.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E91 Production Script
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I haven't had any ideas for a segment lately, but it'll be fitting for Lord Raab if he has a segment spot somewhere backstage, possibly anywhere before his match with Dakota Smith. Thank you.

4CW Discussion / OK Guys. (Twitter discussion talk)
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I'm sorry to speak on this to potentially cause drama so I'm gonna go and mention it because this needs to be addressed. So while I was on twitter, I saw comments about me where I'm back on twitter with different characters. I don't have a single character on twitter.

Can I ask why are some people are accusing me of doing something without talking to me directly about it via PM's? This is one of the reasons why I deleted all of my IC twitter accounts two months ago because of me being accused of doing something I didn't do and I tell you, I've been much happier since not being on twitter. The only thing I've been doing in this game is posting and doing RP's, that's it.

I don't even use Cooper or Tuberculosis characters or even know who they are. Also, I wouldn't have written this on the boards if I had a twitter account with those characters. Since I don't have twitter, I have no other way to get this across to you all other than to post here publically. That's all, thank you.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E90 Production Script
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Adrenaline / Cologne, Germany 4CW preparations/Motivated Lord Raab.
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Discussions about 4CW Adrenaline promotion for the Germany show. Koln, Germany. Wednesday 29th August.

It was only a few weeks ago when Henry and Perry tell him about 4CW Adrenaline show coming to his hometown in a month's time. Although he was able to do some things on his own to prepare for the event coming up with photo shoots for posters and signing autographs and posing for pictures with the fans, the only problem was he needed some help in terms of interviews for radio and TV channels, posting leaflets to spread around the Cologne and even around Germany area and doing press conference stuff for the upcoming show which was always a problem for Lord Raab because he wasn't very good at doing interviews and press conference stuff as he's never done things like that since two thousand and thirteen in APW.

That's where Lord Raab asked his twin brother Konrad Raab to help him promote events which Konrad had to come home anyway to sort out the whole deal with adopting a son in his life to get his visa and passport sent off which he did the other day. They were at Lord Raab's home, drawing up some merchandise for Lord Raab since he didn't have any at the 4CW stands because he was a monster in his day and refused to have any fans supporting him.

At the moment, Konrad and Lord Raab had their plans of drawing up shirt designs of Konrad drawing up basically what Lord Raab wanted with 4CW logo and just a regular FC Koln shirt with a 4CW logo on it. Lord Raab had a lot more of a design of having FC Koln shirt in red and white stripy colours with the FC Koln sponsor on it, but instead of FC Koln badge on the shirt, it had a 4CW symbol on it and with Raab number thirteen on the back to show when 4CW started their first show.

Konrad also drew designs of a Lord Raab cap, woolly hat and a scarf as well as they usually are very popular in Koln to buy. As he finished drawing them up, Konrad was ready to show Lord Raab as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “Look what I've done.”

Lord Raab looks through the shirt, cap, woolly hat and scarf designs as it only occurred to Lord Raab that Konrad came out with an idea Lord Raab didn't think to suggest as he says this.

Lord Raab: “Oh, I didn't think about having a scarf design for events. That's awesome stuff. I love the cap design, represents everything I want to be in 4CW with the blue and grey colours with a touch of red and white in them.”

Konrad Raab: “You think you want to get those created?”

Lord Raab: “Totally as I love the cap design. I was thinking though with the woolly hat, maybe have a bobble on it like in the old times.”

Konrad nodded as he was following instructions and crunched up the original design he had for the woolly hat and got a new piece of paper from the dining table to draw up a woolly hat Lord Raab wanted, and it was coming out great as Konrad saw some of the drawings of the great football shirt he wanted.

Konrad Raab: “I think your football shirt design is much better than mine.”

Lord Raab: “It's a clash between FC Koln and 4CW design as it's also something to wear while I wrestle in the ring. The design you've done can be used for the merchandise stands, while this design of me is just to be used to walk into the ring.”

Konrad Raab: “I think it'll be awesome you walk out with your new football FC Koln/4CW shirt on. However, I think you should have a special entrance made and music too.”

Lord Raab: “I have thought about that for the Koln show, but I don't know what music to use to walk out from the curtain.”

Konrad Raab: “You can use motivation by Dope as a theme song. I do when I go to Germany to wrestle, and by all means, you can use that.”

Lord Raab nods at Konrad, knowing it was great to use his German theme for the show, but still needs to create his entrance for the show which he needs to think about overtime. They both put their Lord Raab Merchandise picture designs they drew together before grabbing cans of coke in the fridge, and open it with the fizz popping out before they took a sip.

Lord Raab: “Thank you so much for helping me out with all of this as I knew Henry nor Samuel could help me the way you can with the promotion and advertisement of 4CW Adrenaline show.”

Konrad Raab: “No problem. It's about time I help you for a change. So where is it you're going to wrestle next for 4CW?”

Lord Raab: “Tokyo, Japan.”

Konrad Raab: “You and Henry can use my place to stay, but clean up after yourselves and make sure it's tidy and put things where they were.”

Lord Raab: “That's perfectly fine with me.”

There was something on Lord Raab's mind also that was more than just 4CW promotion he needed help with as Konrad saw Markus looking on the ground like something is bothering him as Konrad got concerned of his twin brother.

Konrad Raab: “You alright?”

Lord Raab: “I was thinking about someone else that's on the 4CW roster I could very well be facing in the ring pretty soon, Finn Whelan.”

Konrad Raab: “I will say some of the stuff he says is questionable, but he's not like Eli who was disgusting towards you, he's brutally honest. He knows about you as I've spoken to Finn about you.”

Lord Raab: “What's he like in the ring?”

Konrad Raab: “He's a weapons expert much like yourself who's very deadly in the ring. He might be a small sized wrestler, but he can really pack in a punch pretty hard and will hurt you pretty badly. His weakness is your strength, power and size. He's not a rulebreaker, but he's smart to expose your weaknesses, and the wins and losses factor will come into play here.”

While Konrad was mentioning in more details about Finn Whelan since he fought him in another company a few months ago, Lord Raab writes down everything Konrad knows about Finn Whelan of information he might very well need in the future. Lord Raab's aware of the respect Konrad has for Finn, heck even friends with him at one point. As Lord Raab takes a sip of his coke likewise Konrad, he scratches his head to talk.

Lord Raab: “I doubt I'll be in a weapons match with him, that part of my life is done.”

Konrad Raab: “I get it in 4CW, but he will know you're in Carnage Wrestling company with your team and knows you have the hardcore streak in you. I'm aware it won't be a hardcore match, but I'm just saying to watch out for the young lad.

Lord Raab: “I will don't worry. I can handle him in the ring. He's just in the way of my goals right now, and I need to win because to convince Perry to possibly place me in a title match in my home country. I won't ask, demand or even request it on video tomorrow, but that's what I would like to have.”

Konrad Raab: “I don't blame you since it's the first time 4CW's coming to our home city for the wrestling show, and I'm excited about it as a spectator, even if I'm likely to watch it at home because of wrestling you know.”

Lord Raab: “Yes, Supreme Championship Wrestling has wrestling shows on Wednesday too. I get it.”

Konrad Raab: “Anyway, I better go since I promised to Fizz I'll be home at ten to have a phone discussion before I go to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.”

Konrad drank the last few bits of his coke before placing the can in the bin with Lord Raab letting his twin brother out of the door. After that, he got time alone without Henry being with him as he goes to watch a bit of TV before heading straight off to bed.


Lord Raab's quest of tackling a vicious wrestler. Tokyo, Japan. Monday 10th September.

It was quite late at night in Japan as he was inside of his twin brother's large apartment which was a blessing for Henry who saved a lot of money since Lord Raab and Konrad Raab made up as being brothers who help each other out with situations. There's a lot of bedrooms and a few bathrooms in the place along with an indoor gym as well. There was plenty for Lord Raab to do, however, while there was, it wasn't the time to do any of that, it was time for Lord Raab to go on camera with his video recorder while sitting on the large sofa in the living room as he begins to speak after he presses record.

Lord Raab: “I never thought I'd see the day where I'm fighting against an opponent who has wrestled my twin brother in the past in another company which from what I heard not allowed to mention or say anything about and defeated him in the ring known as Finn Whelan. I can see why they placed us in the match as 4CW want to test me to push myself a lot to encourage me that if I continue to be where I am, I will achieve something in my career in 4CW.

Anyway, the reason why I wasn't at the Bad Company PPV was a few weeks ago, I got told about 4CW coming to Cologne Germany so without being asked, me and Konrad who I asked to help me out with the promotion side of things because he's an expert on doing interviews for TV and radio stations about 4CW Adrenaline coming to Cologne and promoting it because I believe 4CW wanted to hit my hometown after Japan for me.”

Lord Raab didn't even expect it to happen since it's been a matter of a few years the last time he wrestled in Germany. He scratches his head a bit before coughing to the camera before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “I respect what Finn's done in other companies regarding winning titles in Union Underground and that letter W place where he was the Wildcard and Heavyweight champion. He's an incredible talent according to Konrad who can pack a punch and a very dangerous wrestler with a mindset that's smart. He's also known as an ultraviolent wrestler too which is something I'm known for in my time in 4CW.

However, when I look at all of that on top of him being a former 4CW Ignition champion which is something I am craving for right now obviously which I go on about it enough, I also see where his weaknesses lie regarding what my overall strength is, power and size. Size doesn't matter, that's true, but I outweigh this kid quite a lot, so I have to think to throw him around like a rag doll in the ring on Wednesday night because he's just a pawn compared to me in the ring.

Although he has no tensions of cheating in the match because that's the one thing Konrad told me which I admire in Finn that he wants to be beaten and win matches fair and square. I agree with that because using cheap methods to win matches is an act of a coward. I used to be one of those rulebreakers who do anything to win because back then, I was a desperate fool trying to get to the top. Of course, I've changed my approach altogether because I ended up respecting the company as a whole to change my ways.”

4CW has made Lord Raab change to being a human being he is as he believes in the company, heck they are taking a step out of what they usually do. Lord Raab smiles as the motivation he has never been bigger as he continues to speak.

Lord Raab: “I know you even have connections to your half-sister Elena Riddle who recently got married to Cyrus which is another thing you have over me, friendship. Ever since I got raped by a woman, I've avoided all contact with people wanting to be my friend. That's why I was so nasty to everyone around me because I was afraid of making friends and didn't know how to. To this day, I still don't have any friends in the wrestling business, and it's a habit I want to break, especially in 4CW. The only people I consider as my friends are the fans.

You fans are the only friends I have that want to keep me going as a wrestler, and that's one thing that's strong with you is you have my brother as a friend and others around you. However, it's also a good thing because I can only focus on myself where I'm consistently growing as a performer as a wrestler and as a human being by helping out backstage which I won't get into again just as a way to connect with the fans when I'm not wrestling in the ring.”

Lord Raab did treat like the 4CW fans were his friends since he had no wrestler in the company he was friends with at all due to him wanting to be busy all the time, and Raab felt left out he didn't have anybody to talk to due to his insecurities. Lord Raab took a sip of water before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “Getting back to the match, I can imagine that our match will be a great one for everyone to watch whether that's at the arena or on their TV screens in a country that respects this sport who want to see us tear the house down. However I'm aware you'll bring up my wins and losses, but I didn't come to 4CW to win titles and place myself in the hall of fame. I came to 4CW because of my passion for this place, something not a lot of 4CW stars have.

I can even show you that passion in the ring on Wednesday night of being the mainstay of this company that's never left the company, more I had cancer to remove and had a lot of counselling to learn more things about myself on how to be a human being cos I didn't know how to until I was told I was one, just nobody knew about my relationships and my son.

While I also know you've not had a good run as of late either with losses to Vidus and Nemesis and losing the title to DeMarcus Gresham as of late which is why I will be winning this match because although I'm working on it, I'm confident I can do the one thing Konrad wasn't able to do, defeat you in the ring and with Cologne, Germany event coming up that I've done a lot of hard work on to get tickets sold for the event and the promotion I've done for it, there's no chance in hell I'm going to walk to my hometown in two weeks time with another loss to my name.”

The passion was beginning to come through on how excited Lord Raab was to wrestle in his hometown regardless of who it was against as he smiles on camera, being a little tearful of how happy he was.

Lord Raab: “Everyone will witness two wrestlers who need a win behind their back to advance through with their careers, but I got a lot more motivation, and I need to win because of two weeks time, it's lit a fire up in my ass to do anything in the rules obviously to beat you down Finn. Nobody is telling me to go anywhere, and nobody is going to put me down as I want to knock you down with my fists, considering the ultraviolent nature you have and I will walk away with a win I've not had since I defeated Johnny Storm in the ring a few weeks ago.

I will be making sure you're arms are pinned for the three count with my finishers on either one I'll do to you to make sure I will not only be the winner in Japan this week but with a win I can easily walk into Cologne, Germany, my hometown in two weeks time with a ton of momentum with a chance of me potentially wanting a title shot in Germany and you're in the way of that win right now. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab as I will have my hand raised in the ring Wednesday night.”

Although Lord Raab acted like he won the 4CW title, it indeed was like winning a world title with how excited and motivated he was to wrestle Finn and to get a win behind his back to fight his next opponent in Cologne in two weeks time. He finished things up as he pressed stop on his video, seeing Henry in shock with how motivated Lord Raab was and he couldn't say anything as Lord Raab heads himself off to bed to get some sleep before the match against Finn Whelan on Wednesday night in Tokyo, Japan.

4CW Discussion / Re: Just a couple questions, probably stupid ones.
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It's because it's results week that Perry and his staff team haven't accepted your contract and I can't see why you can't do a CD piece (Admittedly something I need to find time to do for Lord Raab myself regarding surgery and counselling) while waiting to be accepted when I'm sure others have done before. Nevertheless, welcome back to 4CW dude.

Adrenaline / Looking towards the future
« on: August 13, 2018, 04:51:07 AM »
Looking towards the future. Seattle, Washington. Monday 13th August.

It's been a rocky road for Lord Raab, despite the win he got over Johnny Storm which in his eyes wasn't enough, he knew the challenge he has up against Eli Carlson was a very different beast. Sure, he managed to prove people wrong in showing Zombie he would be a threat for the North American title in the future even with a loss, he still showed he cared about 4CW, he cared for the company may be a bit too much, but he doesn't give up, that's something Lord Raab can always take pride in when it comes to the company.

He admits he's not a good person outside of 4CW related activities, but he aims never to go down the path he once went through before coming back on being a monster which was nothing, but false as he repeated time and time again. Lord Raab does see Eli as a threat and knows exactly what he'll say, especially from the way Eli's acting and Lord Raab shook his head while looking out from a space needle, giving himself time to reflect on the loss, not that he cared about wins or losses anymore.

That part of him was done on moaning and complaining like a bitch on top of asking and demanding title shots which weren't something he'd like to do ever again. He takes opportunities as they come as he looks out on the many buildings that were in Seattle. He, however, found out news the other day from Henry about a major event coming up for him. That was for the future though as he's more or less focused on Eli Carlson as he starts to speak.

Lord Raab: “Eli Carlson is a name I've not heard of for quite some time but I'm glad to be in the ring with him as it's about time we're fighting each other. You've been a 4CW champion which admittedly, is something that still drives me crazy I've not yet done in this company. Something I'm working a lot towards getting that goal. I think we can say that honestly, you're another opponent that will give me a tough time to work back up the top because you're a major threat, that's something I can't and won't deny.”

Of course, Lord Raab was a positive person since he had surgery done on his face from cancer and had a ton of counselling sessions that made him the person he is. He's wearing casual clothes of his FC Koln shirt, although he's in the middle of creating a shirt almost alike to his team with 4CW logos on it, wearing jeans and wearing black boots. He still shakes his head as he continues.

Lord Raab: “I got to be honest when I say this, you've shown no respect to anybody you've faced. I know the kind of crap you'll say towards me, but what makes you think you can come back here, basically asking for respect that quite frankly you don't deserve? What makes you think you can go on camera and show no respect to any wrestler you face? You shit on every single wrestler you fought from Bryan Willams to Cosmo and Jeb two weeks ago.

It's disgusting how you've trashed on every single opponent because you feel you're better than them, especially as I know you won't view me as a threat because I've not won enough matches, I've not won a title here, but that does not sound like a former respectable champion action to me. Sure, Zombie was pretty brutal last week, but at least she shows some respect to her opponents, you don't give a damn about anybody apart from yourself you selfish bastard.”

It was one of those times Lord Raab hated the things he's saying because of how brutal Eli was with his words, and he goes to buy two bottles of water as he was furious at Eli on how he approached all of his matches. He takes a sip from his bottled water and continues where he left off.

Lord Raab: “I honestly don't even think you respect this company at all from the way you talk. Guess what? Nobody gives a damn what you did in the past. You've been a fucking disgrace to everyone you've come across, telling them they have no chance whatsoever to beat you in the ring when it can happen any day of the week. That's another problem with a majority of wrestlers in this company the amount of shit you talk at opponents than actually taking time to gather your real thoughts and feel people being a threat to defeat you. I still look forward to fighting you and still feel you're a threat because you have defeated Bryan Williams after all, but I know you won't feel the same, you'll treat me like a dog like you've done with Bryan, Jeb and Cooper.

Is that what you feel Eli? What is your purpose for being back? Last I checked, you only came back to make sure people still talk about you and remember the things you've done. You have all the talent in the world, and you did capture a title in quick time, but to be honest, after beating Jair for the 4CW, you gave up on fighting Bronx Valescence to recapture the belt you lost. I never gave up on this company Eli, you however did because you couldn't take a loss and that you felt you didn't have it in you anymore.”

Raab knew he was really hash towards Eli, especially 4CW stars made him angry and Henry tells Raab to relax and remind him not to say harsh things.

Lord Raab: “I've had so many losses here, yet it still doesn't tell me to give up because I refuse to quit, I'm a stubborn son of a bitch. You really haven't done anything impressive since you've been back, heck you and Genie lost by a count out last week. Sure you could say you got distracted, but it shows even farther you still can't take losses fair and square which lead for you to be counted out as you never wanted to be pinned by Jeb or Cooper.

I've never allowed losses to get to me; I never allowed losses for me to leave 4CW. I only left 4CW for a bit because of a lump I had on my face which turned out to be cancer so I was fighting for my life so I could come back and win a 4CW title, despite the losses I had, I always knew I would go back cos I have faith and being loyal to this company while people like you only care about wins and losses.”

He was a bit calmer now he got most of his angry thoughts out of what Eli's said to everyone around him and spends a bit of time signing autographs and posing in pictures for the fans who still came towards him, and he continues.

Lord Raab: “The only loyalty you have is with your wife, and it seems like you never wrestled in a company without Genie by your side. It's hypocritical of you to say Bryan Williams threw in the towel with 4CW when that's precisely what you did after losing the title. At least Bryan continued to wrestle here after he lost the title, you didn't. I don't understand why you even left the company. If you say to me that 4CW is my addiction, you'd be right as I love this company with my heart.

I made sure I've had the killer instinct to do everything possible to make my opponents aware of who I am and what I came here to do, and I certainly didn't come here and get losses, but it's happened and I got to be more brutal with what I say, even if I hate everything I've said because all of you want to trash people instead of respecting their abilities of putting in hard work like I have the entire time I've been here.”

Raab felt like he wasn't taking Eli seriously as he hated everything he said as he stands up for those who have been trashed by Eli as of late, looking like he has no respect for anybody, but himself and Genie which needed to be stamped out. He wipes himself down with some tissue as he was sweating and Henry told Raab to take a walk for a bit around the space needle. Once he did, he went back to the camera and spoke again.

Lord Raab: “I don't see a future with you, Eli, you've given us no reason why you came back to get people invested in you since you aren't in the 4CW title hunt anymore, especially your only focus has been to hurt people. You don't want to win titles anymore apart from the tag titles which I'd love to be a part of, but because I can't find anybody to be my partner, that's not a goal for me right now. You may have broken people apart mentally, but you can't do that with me because nobody has ever made me gave up in this company and you won't be able to do that because you tell me to quit and give up my quest.

I'm not a quitter like you, I always fight really hard and I will be fighting hard on a disrespectful prick who thinks he's hot shit when not only he's done just as much as I have since I returned, but also should know that anybody can defeat you on you, mainly me as I've proven to have beaten top names because they overlooked me which I know you'll do. You won't go as far as me because I have the hunger and desire to change this company upside down to a point this trash talking crap needs to come to an end, all this disrespectful talk comes to an end.”

Once again the anger sparks up as it was more or less driven confidence anger with him and he clinches his fists just from the tension he was feeling from Eli, and he continues.

Lord Raab: “I will beat the respect out of you because quite frankly, you show no respect to wrestlers and everyone who works their asses off around here, telling you to stop talking shit and getting the job done because I know I can defeat you, achievements in the past don't mean a damn thing anymore, nobody mentions my past since it's nothing to care about, much like the 4CW title run you had, you haven't done anything else. You're not Jason Cashe who's done more than just winning one title, he earned the respect of the 4CW locker room because of the loyalty he had for 4CW and actually helped future talent grow into the stars they were or are today.

That's what I want people to view me as, someone who pushes forward to be remembered and I will be remembered because even when I was away, I was mentioned a lot as well and I prove that every single day that I never quit from wrestling this company. I will die for 4CW because I've been here since day one. I respect you as a wrestler, I respect what you've done, and I do view you as a threat that could very well knock me off my feet, but 4CW company running as long as it has is the reason why I've kept going.”

Henry goes to whisper in his ear about the fact of 4CW coming to his home country in a few weeks time, and Lord Raab smiles as he speaks.

Lord Raab: “Especially when Henry reminded me about a big event for me coming up, and you expect me to quit when 4CW is coming to my hometown in a few weeks time? Oh hell no and that's honestly given me another reason to stay, and I will be staying as long as I can, even if it means I'll die as a 4CW wrestler like I almost did if I didn't leave for surgery to remove the lump and the pieces of my mask off my face.

You can say whatever you want about me Eli, but it doesn't phase me on you trashing me like I know you will because you feel you're better than me when you've not proved that against me yet. I know the fact 4CW coming to Cologne, Germany my hometown that I've been waiting for a very long time is the motivation on top of the loss I had against Zombie I needed. I want to be a champion, I want to be in the 4CW hall of fame with the other named legends of our sport, and I know you'll be in there someday, but your lack of respect is gonna lead you nowhere, but bad places.”

He takes a quick breather as the whole thing about 4CW coming to his home country is the reason why he was making a special shirt for 4CW to wear on camera and he nods along with a smile on his face and continues.

Lord Raab: “That's what I mean about the future is I still have a prospect of being champion here, I still have a future that 4CW is a company where people can come and join in, I might be the only long-term wrestler that always came back and not giving up the fight many people have, but I will beat you down with you shutting your mouth and actually prove your worth and actually prove you want to be here by showing it in the ring against this unstoppable 4CW loving wrestler who does a lot more than plastering my face on camera, I help out selling tickets literally at the ticket booths, serving fans food, drinks and selling merchandise. Has anybody else in 4CW has stepped up to volunteer to help this company to grow more than just using social media?

No and that's why I stand out because I don't need twitter to get fans, I already have them as some came for my autograph and picture earlier as that's what I love as well is for the fans to know they have someone they support and adore to realize I spend just as much time with them as I perform in the ring.”

Raab needed another drink as he needed to breathe for a bit which was a good thing when more people rallied around Raab to want his autograph and picture with the fans which he does gladly and they went away happy as he continues to talk more.

Lord Raab: “You aren't hot shit anymore Eli, and you have a chance to beat me, but it's not gonna be enough to keep this 4CW dog down on his feet, shocking the entire world that I was able to pin a former 4CW champion because you overlooked me and never viewed me as a threat, and I will make you do just that, especially when I took Zombie to her limits last week which you show no interest in fighting her for the North American title, regardless of the things she said which I don't care about.

Nor will I with your disrespectful attitude you have towards wrestlers and this company and that's why I will win because people like you don't deserve to be respected, despite the achievements you've done here, your attitude deserves to be beaten out of you and I'm doing it for all the wrestlers in the back you've trashed, 4CW company you've trashed and most importantly, the fans you've trashed as selfish people will not be champions, future champions like myself will be and you'll see for yourself what happens when you underestimate me.

Wednesday night Eli, you would make the biggest mistake of your life when you overlook and trash me because I've done nothing in your eyes when I will knock your ass down to the mat, showing you need to respect and view people as threats more because it will cost you to advance and I will make sure you will be pinned for the three count with my move, having my arm raised above my head because I will advance to prove myself once again I have what it takes to be champion here, while you continue to find out what happens when you trash wrestlers, 4CW company and the fans.”

Takes one last break before speaking again with conviction.

Lord Raab: “I believe we'll tear the house down and you'll learn your lesson to treat this sport and your fellow opponents with respect. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab. Good luck Eli because you're gonna need it when we know I will win because I'm not easy to be defeated and I will have eyes set on me being a future North American champion in 4CW.”

Raab finishes up the video as of course, he knows he's got a lot of work to do regarding promoting 4CW Adrenaline show coming to his home country after the match with Eli Carlson as he'll likely not be at Bad Company cos not only he couldn't find a tag partner to team with for the tag belts, but he had a much bigger task to promote 4CW in his home country to get his fellow German fans to take an interest in Lord Raab's goal of being champion. However he knows he's in for a tough night and he heads back to the hired apartment to get some sleep, especially when the space needle was due to close. Can Lord Raab overcome the odds to defeat Eli Carlson? Will wait and see on Wednesday night in Seattle, Washington to make every single 4CW star turn their head towards Lord Raab being a major threat in 4CW.

Plants destroying zombies. Las Vegas, Nevada. Monday 30th July.

It's about time things were looking up for Lord Raab since he won his first 4CW match against Johnny Storm a couple of weeks ago, something he's worked long and hard for so that he didn't waste time celebrating it because he went straight back to doing his volunteering job of selling alcoholic drinks to show he was able to be a good person to everyone around him who congratulated him for the win he had against Johnny Storm.

However, he knew it was a much tougher task if not the toughest task he had to encounter since he returned to 4CW months ago and he wasn't entirely sure if this was a bit too fast for him to get the chance to face against Kimitsu Zombie who was currently the North American champion. Granted, it was only one win he had since his return, but he knew he had put in a lot of hard work to get himself there, although he already knew exactly what she was going to say in terms of the title she currently holds.

However this wasn't like any other day with his headquarters with things being at night anymore, he was actually somewhere you'd think it'll be the last place Lord Raab would be, playing games on the computer in Henry's office. Of course, there's no internet as although there was a computer for Samuel and Raab to use, although Samuel does write his blogs online, Raab wasn't a fan of using the internet.

It's never been his style so instead of using internet, he was using the computer to play a game called Plants vs Zombies which was a game where you have plants or other types of potatoes and collecting yellow circles to plant more objects, even getting coins to spend on a few things in the shop which he feels it relates a lot to the match, despite how clean and well lit the room was since it barely was used as while he plays the game, he presses record on the camera to speak although was looking more at the computer screen to play the game, but still can see Lord Raab talking with mashing buttons on keyboard.

Lord Raab: “I can't believe I won a match in 4CW against Johnny Storm. It's been a while, got to admit to feeling really positive about my next match against somebody who seems to be angry at the world, something I can pretty much relate to as I was that guy once upon a time in 4CW which I'm no longer do or instead use anger in a negative way instead of using it for positive reasons like Kimitsu Zombie does.

After all, there's no reason to treat her as a non threat, I can't in this case with what she's done to get herself there, although admittedly not the way I'd want to win the title anymore, but she did it regardless along with the Pride title run she had I can't ignore either. I can't compare that to myself at all to be honest because I've won no titles since I've been in the company and that pisses me off a lot when I get consistently reminded from others I'm not as good as I used to be, I don't seem to have heart anymore, things I expect from Kimitsu Zombie to say about me because she will, no question about that.”

For a bit, there are very tough zombies coming at the plants, even Zombies eating some of the plants Lord Raab planted, although some were destroyed by eating potatoes, but there were some zombies who jumped right over the potato and went to eat the plants before Lord Raab destroys them with the plants firing blue or green peas at the zombies as the level ended with coins to collect and a card to pick up.

Lord Raab: “I know realistically, Kimitsu isn't a zombie, but this game pretty much relates to her name with the plants destroying zombies which seems like an entertaining game to play. Back on topic, there's no question her talent for wrestling is right on top, there's no denying her skills are amazing in the ring, especially the fight she gave to a man who I can't say anything positive about the man due to reasons I'll explain nearer the time if I get to face James Shark. There's nothing wrong to feel angry sometimes, and it does give you the energy to win matches, believe me as I had a ton of anger issues in the past. Some say I still do, but they aren't as bad as before.

However, your using anger as a means to trash talk the entire world the wrong way to trash talent like you've always done because you feel it gives you the benefit of exposing people. You aren't the nice person as I thought you'd be and that's disappointing in itself because you are a better person than that. What about an idea to use anger positively to motivate yourself to defend the title with pride and honour? What about using anger in a way to show the world instead of running your mouth so much to take risks of doing something new?

This is what you need to think about because that's the way I approach my anger, although I've had to go through a lot of counselling sessions to learn and discover about myself because admittedly, I'm still learning about myself every single day, even here and now while I play this plants vs zombies game because unlike you, I know the difference between what you use your anger for and what I use it for and that needs to change because it'll lead you nowhere but bad places.”

Of course, Raab knows she'll likely pick apart at Lord Raab's reason for not taking part in the Extreme Roulette title along with something he already shook his head at after hearing the video Zombie did for the match as he destroys more zombies by using more plants. Raab takes a quick drink of water he had on the other side of the table before he got right back to the game.

Lord Raab: “Yes, it's easy to swing a chair to beat people down but it's even easier to attack a champion backstage and win the belt the way you did instead of proving yourself of being a champion by fighting for the belt in the ring with your in-ring skills because that's how you win titles, not using cheap shots and I never agree with it whatsoever as I prefer to work for title shots. I used to be a hardcore wrestler, heck I was raised and born in that environment but it gets stale after a while because everyone knows this fact about me now I've announced in public how I got into this business, something Kimitsu doesn't understand.

I moved on from that part of me; I know you'll say I should've taken the match but I know types like you to say I didn't deserve to face Donavan to go for the XTV title which I didn't but that's the facts you'd likely twist. I find this funny you want to be violent but have no use for weapons at all. I realise of course wrestling is a violent sport at the same time. However, I use violence for the right reasons like to shut your god awful mouth up.”

It may have seen really brutal from what Lord Raab said, even if he needed to show his face on camera instead of a computer screen at one point but he wanted to have fun playing the game which Raab was, although he was only angry because he found trash talking pointless other to get the last word of everything. He finished another stringent level of defending the house from zombies, even explode them with cherries as he continues.

Lord Raab: “What I also found funny is when you told Donavan that he took no pride in defending the title when actually, he showed more pride in wanting to defend the title more than you have. Not once have you ever mentioned you wanted to defend the North American title as you should do, and I don't see you even being proud to be champion either. Well, I wouldn't be proud if I won the title by attacking you backstage and pinning you to win the belt either. I work for that shit in the ring, not how you won the title regardless of what the rules are.

Donavan was a great champion who wanted wrestlers to step up to face him for the XTV belt; I can't say you've done that with the North American title once, not even against James Shark was your title mentioned. I question if you want to defend your title against people or you want to be a champion who's a sitting duck without stating who you want to face for the title. You barely promote the title outside of the shows while I consistently promote and help 4CW and interact with the fans without using social media to do so which I find social media as a way to promote matches and events lazy when there are other ways to do that. I prefer the face to face interaction with the fans when they come and see me; I prefer sending fans a signed autograph when they send fan mail to my home and most importantly prefer to wrestle in the ring and saying what I have to say on camera.”

It was always something Lord Raab had always been against when it came to social media, especially Twitter as he wants to be different than those who use the site as he does show a bit of his face to the camera for a few seconds to know everything he said was dead serious and he continues to speak.

Lord Raab: “Back in my days, there were no social media sites or even internet for that matter to promote matches and events, we had to advertise things by newspapers or on TV which I always do anyway and making drawn out leaflets to promote stuff like that and call me old fashioned but if I can do that now, there's no reason for social media to exist if I interact with the fans nearly every single day for 4CW because that's the way things should be done, not just talk to fans behind a damn computer where you barely meet them face to face.

Not to mention Twitter especially is a place for cowards to play when it comes to being able to talk shit behind a computer screen which takes no effort to do and I think to myself, what a bunch of lazy ass pussies to hide behind a keyboard and talk shit instead of stating what you have to say on camera, trash talking in my face and fight in the ring to do something about it. I don't have time to use social media when I have a son to take care for, when I wrestle around the world, when I bust my ass in the gym every single day, it's a waste of time, and I prefer to meet friends and talk to them in person.”

Lord Raab felt a bit bad in a way that he felt he was trashing the fans which apparently wasn't the case as it was the way to fit in these days which had become a sad truth about wrestling as he continued to plant the pea-shooting plants and the mushroom to gain enough points and knew he had to get right back on topic with Zombie as it didn't take long for him to complete the level.

Lord Raab: “Point I'm trying to make with you Zombie is you haven't done anything of a sort to get anybody to target you for that belt other than trash talking to get that attention, and there's another thing I don't approve of you doing at times, and that's drinking alcohol while talking to wrestlers. That's not being a professional, is it? That's why you run your mouth because your drunk and that's a thing about you that's likely not pointed out is you need to drink to talk to make you sound tough.

There's nothing tough about your words outside of the ring of course. You're a tough wrestler, yes and you are hard to knock down off your feet, that's indeed something I stand by but if you need alcohol to talk for you, I don't know what to say really other than it's so funny you think people would be hurt by your words when we aren't because most drunk people are never serious with what they say.”

This was when Lord Raab turned to the camera, looking serious at it, almost like he was looking at Kimitsu Zombie.

Lord Raab: “While I'm serious with everything I said, a bit brutal at times yes, but that's the kind of crap people have to put up with every single time you talk because you prove that the only time you give people respect is if they trash talk hard instead of the skill and the threat they pose to you in the ring. That's where it should belong and I will show you just how capable I am in the ring when I face you because unlike you, I actually would do everything possible to make sure that North American title gets the respect it deserves, not from someone who acts like she doesn't give a shit because clearly, you haven't given a damn about the belt.

I do and I will earn myself a shot for your North American title by defeating you in the ring which is putting all of my hard work and heart into beating you in the middle of the ring which I guarantee you with the amount of momentum I have compared to you is massive and if beating you is what it takes to how serious I am about winning a title, so be it because that's where I belong, not talking to someone who claims to be a Zombie when it's just something you call yourself because you aren't a walking dead creature, your a human being and that's something you'll learn very quickly when you face me.”

Breathing very heavily because he knows the type of offence she'll give to him and wasn't phased by it at all as he continues after taking a sip of water from a cup with FC Koln design on it.

Lord Raab: “You'll also learn quickly what I came back for to face the top wrestlers in pure competition and believing that nobody is a low class wrestler which is a piss-poor excuse wrestlers make towards wrestlers who bust their ass to get where they are and work hard to get better in the ring along with my non paid volunteering job I do to benefit the fans, not to myself other than the only time I care only about myself is in the ring to beat you down and show you how to respect the roster.

To show the kind of threat I am when I'll defeat you with a pinfall or a submission because anybody can beat a champion if they believe in themselves which I do. I know I can pull an upset to defeat you in the ring which lines myself up as a potential title contender I will earn the title match against you and force yourself to have no choice, but to defend the title against me and possibly James Shark as well who to be fair should get a title shot against you.”

Raab takes a sip of water before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “I have to defeat you first however because that's the hard work I prefer to do when I earn title shots and being able to say I defeated a champion will go very good on my record of other achievements I've done while being in 4CW without being champion which will soon no longer be the case when I win once again on Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon because I'm fired up to take you down and force you to make mistakes to win as I want to win against you and I want that title you carry around your shoulder to no longer carry the demons I have with no titles won in 4CW to actually winning one because I've never given up that quest and I've never given up in this company to be successful.

Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab with my arms raised in the air after I've made you tap out or pin you for the ring and being viewed as the next North American title contender because I gave it more attention than you have in the entire time you've been champion. Good luck Kimitsu Zombie because you will need it.”

Raab finishes up playing plants vs zombie game and shuts the computer down along with pressing the stop button on his camera to stop recording to leave the computer room area to head back to his house to spend time with Samuel and his son throughout the entire day, although Samuel's concerned about Lord Raab as he seems out of place and he writes something down to answer Samuel's question.

Lord Raab: “I want to beat this bitch, that's all. It's too long that I've not won a title in 4CW and I got pissed off about it. Let's focus on helping Callum build a giant office building with his Lego pieces.”

As he does throughout the entire day until they all went to their beds to head off to sleep to know all he had to do is to beat Kimitsu Zombie for the three count to be on the list to be a title contender for the North American title.

Adrenaline / The American Hero vs The 4CW Hero
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4CW discussions in his hired apartment Salt Lake City, Utah. Monday 9th July.

Ever since Lord Raab returned to wrestle in 4CW, he's had a very tough time getting into the groove of getting some wins under his name, but he was expecting this sort of competition because 4CW was a lot tougher than any other company he's been in. He's currently in his hired apartment with Henry Losak who was still with Lord Raab because of reminding him not to go down the monster road he was at before, although he acted like it in other companies.

But was a changed guy and was becoming more human than ever before with him admitting the other day he was married to Samuel and got a kid together. Not really something anybody would usually say, but he was hiding it from the 4CW public for too long and needed to be said. However, Henry did have a question for Lord Raab waiting for him as he says this while they sit down on the small sofa.

Henry Losak: “I got to ask, why didn't you enter yourself in the Roulette Extreme TV title match?”

Lord Raab: “Honestly Henry, the hardcore, violent aspect of wrestling is buried in the past. I might be violent and brutal in other companies, but I just can't do it with 4CW anymore because I've bled, sweat and tear enough for 4CW.”

Henry Losak: “But you want to win a 4CW title, right?”

Lord Raab: “I do want to badly but I didn't deserve a title shot. I lost two matches since my return and you think I'd step into the match where I want and need my 4CW career to go beyond using weapons and being violent? I had no reason to destroy Eric Donovan when he beat me fair and square.”

If there's one thing that's changed with Lord Raab, it's his realistic expectations and telling the truth about things that he wasn't the lying and nasty monster anymore, he was more and more helpful towards 4CW and he was at the PPV, doing an extra volunteering job that He didn't get paid extra for.

Henry Losak: “Maybe it was for the best anyway with how busy you were on serving food and soft drinks to customers and I think it's great you want to help both 4CW and arenas to sell stuff like that. I bet not many wrestlers take their time of day to help like you do.”

Lord Raab: “While I wrestle matches too. I don't mind because it's a good feeling to help arena and 4CW as apart of a volunteering thing cos of proving I'm a different person who'd gladly do it also to interact with the fans a lot more.”

Henry Losak: “While focusing on your opponents like Johnny Storm this week.”

Lord Raab: “I know a bit about him from the match he had against Caden Walker at Ante Up PPV obviously as I watched it from the monitors while serving up food. He is a very characteristic guy who has some sort of Superhero powers, thinking he's captain of America.”

Henry Losak: “While you're captain of 4CW without needing a title to state that you are, considering that's what you've been planning the entire time since you've returned to 4CW. Everyone can see the changes you've made in the company and you're starting to get a small amount of respect for it.”

Lord Raab wasn't really too sure about that as he thought he needed a lot more time to prove in 4CW to gather respect. Maybe not to get friends too much because although Henry and Raab have had a lot of arguments about Lord Raab getting a twitter account, he knows Henry can't force him to get one. They have a drink of coke to take sips on while having some soft rock music in the background as a way to keep Raab focused on the upcoming match.

Lord Raab: “I'm not really sure, considering I've lost to Eric Donovan, Alexis Mercer and Cyrus Riddle lately, but I'll guess I wait and see what happens. Who knows, some wrestlers in 4CW still hate me and Johnny Storm may not know a thing about me or hate me for my past or me as a wrestler.”

Henry Losak: “Let's not think about it, you need to find a way to get a win on your record.”

Lord Raab: “I know and I will eventually. However, I'm concerned of encountering somebody in 4CW who caused my twin brother and his wife nothing but problems in the past and he barely can get over it cos he's being blamed for something I did.”

Henry Losak: “Who's that?”

Lord Raab: “James Shark”

The deepest secret is that Lord Raab knew he'll never ever get along with James Shark because of the past and he hadn't even told James the truth of the situation, but Henry slaps Lord Raab a bit and says this.

Henry Losak: “Wake up Markus, you're facing Johnny Storm on Wednesday, focus on him, not the past or future, the present.”

Lord Raab: “You're right and Johnny's a funny guy and maybe he's had a win but I'm gonna deny him from winning the match and get my first win on record.”

Henry Losak: “Damn right you will against that idiot.”

Lord Raab: “He's not an idiot, he's just unrealistic with the Captain America cosplay he plays like from a comic book which I haven't read since I was twelve.”

Henry Losak: “How can he be a hero to save America?”

Lord Raab: “Who knows, but I know what I want to do, go into the gym right now and address him tomorrow in a place that's already planned to do my video in tomorrow.”

Henry nods as he couldn't agree more with Lord Raab needing to do time in the gym as they got up from the sofa, drinking all of their coke from their own glasses to put in the sink and go out to the gym and does a lot of workout with both psychical and especially mental training that was advised by his twin brother to do more often to make him a mentally stronger wrestler for 4CW.


True heroes belong in space. Salt Lake City, Utah. Tuesday 10th July.

The 4CW cameras are located in a museum that has plenty of things to see with the earth, near the earth with a lot of people visiting the Clark planetarium to visit many of the different things around the museum where it's very big and one of the top attractions people visit, even from another country, but there's only one thing Lord Raab came here for, the space section where there were interesting facts about spaceships and planets in space but he's standing in front of a glass with a space costume inside and there are fans gathering around Lord Raab to start his video which they knew he was coming from the signs outside as he did sign some autographs and pictures with the fans before some left to do their own thing. Raab stands still and waits for silence as there was and starts to speak about the match.

Lord Raab: “So I haven't had a good start since returning to 4CW and honestly, that comes down to one thing, focus. I haven't been focused on any of my opponents and that's gonna change, despite craving to win matches once again in 4CW. That's also the reason why I didn't enter myself in the Roulette XTV title matches too because I didn't deserve one and I'm done and dusted with the division as I've done everything there was except winning the belt there.

Of course, things can easily change when it comes to Johnny Storm who's my opponent today and it seems like he's very characteristic which is something I lack cos the problem in our family is we aren't good at making people laugh and he is. Also what I have to pay attention to is the fact he's a high flyer, something I'm not very good at when it comes to wrestling admittedly cos it's not my style compared to my twin brother so of course, I'm not going to take him lightly at all, especially when he won against ”

Raab takes a bottle of water from his bag and takes a quick sip of it before scratching his chin to speak once again.

Lord Raab: “There's a reason I'm standing here in front of this space costume and that comes down to the one thing between real world and fantasy, heroes of America. There's nothing more unrealistic to see in wrestling let alone in real life than some guy wearing a dress-up costume, pretending to save America from destruction. It's true I'm not American and I've trashed the country before, but even I know I'm the farthest thing of being a hero in wrestling cos everyone knows I'm not.

However what I can back up is the fact is I'm a hero of 4CW because I've done many things in this company that not a lot of 4CW wrestlers have done yet like being a veteran who's been here far longer than anybody, except there's a couple of things I've yet left to achieve, winning a 4CW and placing myself in 4CW Hall Of Fame which a lot of wrestlers have mentioned to me I will be there sooner than later cos of my commitment to defend the company at all costs without needing a Twitter account cos that place is for children and cowards to play behind a computer screen to talk crap.”

Raab always believed Twitter was a place for cowards to play and didn't really care for people's lives due to how old-fashioned he is as a person as the fans do attempt to get in front of the camera and scream at it as Raab allowed them to get themselves on camera before he pushes them back for a bit after taking a breather.

Lord Raab: “Neil Armstrong is captain America because he was the first man to walk on the moon, doing something nobody had the guts to do before and not only he did that, he also did a lot of great things for his country, even being known as an American Hero because he overcame the flaws he had with motion sickness as a child and never allowed his fears to get in his way to be known as the greatest astronaut ever. I get you're still new around 4CW, but what have you truly done to make yourself an American hero? What have you done to protect America? That's my only question and I may have come across as an asshole but I've yet to see any evidence of you willing to serve your country.

Which by the way if you did, you wouldn't even have time to wrestle if saving America from criminals was something you wanted to do, even becoming a police officer if you had the chance to but instead, we see a grown man dressed up in a costume, wrestling as if he was going to save America. That's why Neil Armstrong is remembered because the history, including his astronaut outfit, is in this museum to be remembered forever for being the first person to walk on the moon but you, I doubt you'd even be inside of a museum to be remembered for saving America because we know that's nothing but fantasy.”

He also knew it was for children to act like a cosplay comic character, but he refuses to bring it up because it was irrelevant to Johnny's wrestling abilities he knows he has and starts to focus right back onto it after the fans posed themselves on camera for a bit.

Lord Raab: “While I used to trash on America in the past, that's no longer a thing as I do respect this country, especially when 4CW that's an American promotion has helped me with my career when I thought about it over time that maybe, I'll be remembered for coming back and still pick myself up and focus on an opponent who I know will be a high flying and strikes mostly, but I have one thing that's a strength to me and he doesn't, power and technical style of wrestling which is why I think this is an interesting match-up because while we're both wanting to be heroes for different things, the styles are completely against each other.

Much like I was hard on you earlier for sure, but you should understand why when men like Neil Armstrong was an American hero you may have been inspired with but I wait until you've done something great for America to speak more about it as much as I pride on you wanting to save this country from a terrible president like Donald Trump, we know you won't otherwise, you wouldn't be a wrestler.

I don't know your reasons for being in this business, but ever since I was in my late teens, I craved wrestling and while I heard screams at a wrestling show and sneaked my way through by crawling into the arena and sitting on the steps, I saw a masked man using weapons towards a regular big wrestler and then I was invited by some guy who knew I had tried committing suicide brought me into the world of hardcore wrestling and enjoyed every single minute of it, even having my first match which I lost two months later cos I was a quick learner on being a wrestler.”

It was another history lesson to everyone who knew nothing about Lord Raab of how he got into wrestling as he takes a quick drink once again to show who's boss, although Raab had a serious look on his face when he stands back from the space costume and speaks about something that comes knocking at his door for attention.

Lord Raab: “However in spite of your whole idea that it's worst situation to face you which it isn't because you've only had and won one match in your 4CW career, what stands out is your someone like me who will never quit or say die because I don't either. I've never given up on 4CW, it was just I had to walk away for health reasons with cancer I had to fight with my life on the line. While you'll bleed for America, I'll bleed and bred 4CW because that's a hero I want to be only for this company. Because I'm the 4CW hero you want to face and I don't know the meaning of defeat but I refuse to give up when it comes to any sort of fight in 4CW cos I crave for the competition and I also might be the only guy on this roster who actually does help 4CW.

I was at the Ante up PPV, but I wasn't in the back talking to the boys and girls who work for 4CW, I actually was serving food and soft drinks to the fans because I wanted to do more than just be known as a hero wrestler for 4CW, I volunteer to help arenas and 4CW to serve food, soft drinks, alcohol beverages which I'll be doing tomorrow before and after my matches because so the fans can see me more than just being a wrestler in the ring.”

Lord Raab takes a deep breath and a quick drink before he finishes things up with him getting his face right up to the camera.

Lord Raab: “Despite you trying so hard to defeat me, that's not going to happen against the 4CW hero because I'm that dedicated and I bet when you take a few more losses in 4CW, you will be quitting and you will leave 4CW because many wrestlers have said the same thing as you and suddenly left a few weeks, months later. Nobody is able to commit themselves to the company like I have and I will prove it to you in the ring tomorrow night on how much I back up my words of being loyal and having a passion for the company that's done me a lot of good.

Especially Perry Wallace has never done anything wrong to me and have nothing, but complete respect for him and do anything he tells me to do cos he's the only owner I've never had issues with, but that, of course, doesn't mean anything when I'm facing someone who's not had a loss yet, but you will have a loss and you will be defeated by Lord Raab because I don't only just want to win, but I need to win as well to be a bit closer to reaching some 4CW gold, but I got to earn and prove myself before doing so and pinning you to the mat will be a thing I see myself doing to the Captain America of wrestling because I have passion and pride for the business and really want to win more matches so I can be named with the fellow heroes of 4CW tomorrow night here in Salt Lake City. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab.”

Lord Raab's finished as he does allow fans to go crazy on camera as it was a way of him being interactive with them as he always wanted to do since he returned and dedicates his time signing autographs and taking pictures with them as he was granted permission by the museum boss to do this sort of thing. After everyone went home happy with autograph and picture with Lord Raab, he went back to the hired apartment before going in the gym to train for a couple more hours before resting up in his hired apartment to watch some TV and make himself food throughout the entire day.

Adrenaline / Another day of wrestling in 4CW.
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OOC: Sorry, had no time to do a CD for this RP due to my partner being over so I'm just doing a promo instead.

It's a nice day in Los Angeles where Lord Raab wasn't actually very far from the location as he was at Konrad'ss house in Anaheim, California as he offered him a special guest room for him to sleep, although it's very noisy where he is due to Konrad's kids running around the house, it didn't bother him since he loved children now from his changed attitude. The room's very small with a wooden cupboard, a TV and bed to suit his needs as he begins to speak.

Lord Raab: "Good thing Konrad told me I could use his house to crash because I'm still banned from sleeping in hotels due to my actions in the past and I accept that because it was my own doing. Of course, I got a tough task this week in facing against Eric Donavan who's been on such an upraise as of late, getting the title in his third match here, defeating Nurse Kinsey for the XTV. Damn you Eric for winning the title before me in 4CW."

Raab puts his head down in shame to hear about his opponent becoming champion before he ever did, but wasn't something to be too down about as he continues to speak.

Lord Raab: "Fact is 4CW must have a lot of faith in the guy if they are willing to give a new wrestler a title shot and it's no wonder why, considering he's undefeated at the moment and I'm coming here with a loss on my record, but it's nothing to be ashamed about, considering I delivered on the actions I said I was going to do regarding not using weapons and changing to be more human, despite Alexis saying I was weak.

In fact, it's a strength I'm proud to have on top of me mentioning that I'm married to Samuel McPherson. There's another truth to the story I've not mentioned. Somehow, it turns out I have a six-year-old son, Callum who I don't remember having any sort of contact with the woman who died of cancer which is a proud thing I fought with treatment on my face, but I had DNA tests done in February and turns out he's my son."

It was another story that's still to this day hard to sink in as he had to love more than just himself which has always been quite difficult for Raab and he continues after taking a bit of a deep breath

Lord Raab: "Anyway was dragging on a bit, but the point is that I've changed so much in the past few months that I'm discovering the man I'm going to be for the rest of my life and that takes a lot of work. Of course, I'm aware I'm facing the XTV champion this week and that division from my past experience as much as I try to forget it isn't the easiest division out there. It's not because you have to defend the title in brutal matches that wear you down.

It's something I never want to experience ever again as I've moved on from it and I discovered I don't need to win any more hardcore titles, I've been a hardcore wrestler ever since I started in this business and it was time for a change. So you won't see me challenging you for your belt at any point, but I do expect a great match and for you to show me why you're champion and why you deserve to be champion because the problem is we've not seen much of you apart from two or three matches you've had and trust me, you still got a long way to go."

Still screaming around the house outside of Lord Raab's bedroom from Konrad's kids being energetic and excited, although it was a sigh of relief they were going to bed soon and he continues from where he left off after drinking a cup of water.

Lord Raab: "I'm always excited to face new talent coming into the business like yourself Eric and I know you may want to move on from the hardcore aspect of wrestling in the future, but I'm going to do everything I can to get my first win since my return here with my support of soccer and my new attitude towards this company that I've grown to love and care so much, heck I still got a tattoo placed across my heart to prove it.

I'm very excited to wrestle in front of the fans again because why else would I be here apart from of course being a champion and being in the Hall Of Fame someday, but I got to beat you to know I can defeat champions around here which is not an easy feat for me and I wish I could do the actions instead of saying it cos it's harder to deliver on the action itself to pin you for the three count on the mat than saying it.

He takes a quick breather before speaking again for the last time.

Lord Raab: "Come tomorrow night in LA, I'm going to show how much passion I have for 4CW that I will become a champion and my passion grows by overcoming Eric Donavan and winning this match because I've never been happier than I have and I will be a title contender sooner than later after my performance against Cyrus and Alexis. You better believe in the Raabinator Eric. See you out there."

Adrenaline / The return of Lord Raab.
« on: May 21, 2018, 03:32:55 AM »
Throwing away and burying the green diseased monster to the trash. Las Vegas, Nevada. November 2017.

It was time that Lord Raab goes wandering off in the streets, wondering a lot when he'll return to 4CW, but before he can even think to come back, he had things in his hands that relate a lot about him when it came to who he was in 4CW. Of course, he needed time to himself to reflect on what changes he could do to be the guy people viewed Lord Raab as a very different and better person in his life. He says this to himself.

Lord Raab: “I need to get rid of these clothes as they represent the side of me I never ever want to go back to ever again.”

While he was talking to himself while walking across the alleyway, footsteps are heard as there's a massive puddle of water from the rainfall they had over the last few days as Raab turns around and sees Henry Losak who to this day was still with him, especially he needed him more than before and he says this.

Henry Losak: “What you doing?”

Lord Raab: “Henry, if I'm ever going to change to dedicate myself to 4CW, I need to let the bad past go.”

Henry Losak: “By standing in the alleyway, holding green clothes?”

Lord Raab: “Don't you see what's in front of you? I've got to get rid of my past. You heard what the counsellor said, if I don't get rid of these now, I can never move on with my career. I don't want to be this green disease monster anymore because, from this point forward, the green disease monster is going to be dead and buried.”

Henry knew Lord Raab's right, he did need to let go of the past he still kept holding onto, not even knowing anything about Lord Raab life outside of the wrestling business because he kept that stuff to himself and it wasn't working out and Henry sees Lord Raab looking at the clothes one more time before he dumps them in the trash.

Lord Raab: “Now I can feel I show 4CW who I'm really am.”

Henry Losak: “I still think you need more counselling time first before you can start considering making a return to 4CW. Heck, the counsellor still doesn't know about you.”

Lord Raab: “That's true and I can delay my return a little bit longer, but I'm really dying to come back. I got unfinished business to take care of and need to be a lot more myself which I'm still not. Let's go back to the headquarters.”

Henry agrees as it was hard for him to see the death of the green disease monster in 4CW, but it was a change that's well needed as they both walk away from the situation that Lord Raab needed to do and he comes home to Samuel McPherson which you could say they are a bit too close for comfort, but see them kissing each other on their lips.

Lord Raab: “I've let go of the past Sam. I want to change and it's gonna be for the better.”

Samuel and Raab left the living room and head upstairs to spend time together as this was something Lord Raab eventually had to tell 4CW wrestlers about that he did indeed have a love life, but kept it for so long that he didn't know how they'd react to it and he was still scared to tell them. He went off to sleep about what he did today to let go of his past and move forward with his career he'll have when he returns to 4CW.


Lord Raab's bits of secrets unveiled/talking about the triple threat match. Phoenix, Arizona. Monday 21st May.

A very different motive for Lord Raab because over the year, he had time to reflect on his time in 4CW and willing to change for himself. He forced it way too much last time as the cameras weren't placed in a living room house or even in a hotel room when the camera focuses out, it was shown that Lord Raab without the mask or wearing anything green was actually playing soccer on a soccer field. One thing that was discovered by his twin brother was he loved soccer. He went to a European game with Konrad to watch FC Koln play against a European team.

The grass was moist from spitting the weather had today but has been a hot climate surrounding a soccer pitch as you see him juggling with the ball with his knees and scoring goals with his feet with a goalie that had many years of experience and even the fans had come to take a seat and see Lord Raab being silly as he picks the ball up and places it in his hands as he begins to speak.

Lord Raab: “I'm glad to be back with a whole new look to my life. Before I get to my opponents, let me tell you all about myself I've discovered. I discovered how much of a lie it was when I was somehow pretending to be a monster because I was very insecure of showing my real face, especially after surgery because of skin cancer I had but had an operation to remove not only the lump but also removing parts of my mask just to get the job done.

Just look at me, do you see how different I look to everyone already? Because what you see right now is the real Lord Raab and the real Lord Raab isn't having any fancy nicknames because I have to earn one, not just a fancy name I made up. You see me on the soccer pitch? Soccer is a sport I've always been a fan of. I love soccer and seeing Germany and FC Koln be successful. Heck me and Konrad went to see FC Koln play back in October and we loved the hell out of it which is why I'm here.”

He balances a ball on his neck and stays still for a bit before he flicks his head up and does a header before running with the ball to score, but misses the goal as he runs back to the camera that's placed outside of the pitch and places his face covered with scars.

Lord Raab: “Of course, I'm not here just to play soccer to show you the new part of me, but I'm also meant to talk about my opponents that I'm so excited to face against Alexis Mercer and Cyrus Riddle. Funny story that although Alexis and I have never faced against each other in 4CW, we have back in a company called EWC which I'm sure Alexis has a memory of, although she never explained why she left the company and be in 4CW. I won't deny she has had memorable matches in the company on holding the 4CW fate title at one point before that was taken away with of course matches against Andre Holmes and Nurse.

I don't recall you doing anything else since you've joined the company and I don't recall you winning another title in 4CW, despite being this WEW champion that everyone feared, but I guess you just can't handle the competition. I changed because I want to be more of a human being which is something that's been very hard for me to accept. You, however, are always the same Alexis, being the anti scarlet which well is quite stupid to still have that nickname from WEW and that place has been closed since two thousand and fifteen. Nothing with you has changed and it's not going to change any sooner.

You also never explained why you changed your last name to Mercer to Morrison either. Tried to look for that everywhere, but there was nothing. Don't you want everyone to know that you were once Alexis Morrison? You can be violent all you want, but when will you realize violence can only get you so far to a point you want to stand yourself out and forget about using weapons and busting people open? It's petty that you aren't willing to wrestle in other companies as well as 4CW or even to represent 4CW in tournaments. At least people have spoken about me while I was gone because of that.”

Henry came to pitchside and whispers in his ear about something and he nodded, accepting the request from Henry and goes to show another part of change with him as he goes up to the stands and signs autographs with the fans and plastering their face on camera before having the chance to speak again.

Lord Raab: “See Alexis, you never seem to interact with the fans at any cost because you want to be the same as everyone else, filming in a dark place to show how violent and dangerous you are, but you really aren't at all because if you were, you'd go for the XTV title and show how violent you can really be the problem is you've yet to seek interest in the title and to prove that, you show you want to be a violent wrestler. I don't want to do that anymore because I've changed and the thought of me being violent again scares the hell out of me because I'd go back to how I was.

That's not gonna happen again by a long shot since it's the reason why I've got nobody apart from Samuel McPherson to talk to and I'm confident to say this now because of me changing as a human being, but that man is my husband. He told me to explore my emotions more than just being angry all the time and the feeling I had in my stomach was love and I treasured it to my heart and I've never felt like that before ever.

The point is if you want to be violent, go for the XTV title, go and show your interest by having hardcore matches like I did when I was the so-called monster that turned out nothing more than a false after I've had counselling to make myself a much better person that 4CW needed to see from me. I have no problems showing you what I'm able to do in the ring by defeating you any way possible.”

After he interacts with the fans, he goes down to the pitch and show off his skills with the ball, doing a few kick ups and holds the ball in his hands to go to the camera to talk again.

Lord Raab: “Cyrus Riddle funny enough was the last opponent I fought before I was forced to take a leave from having surgery because I had a lump on my face to remove it along with parts of my mask. I respect Cyrus because I won't lie, he has given me a tough fight when I was the monster. Things have changed with you in a big way because you're married to Elena who's rumoured to face my twin brother on Thursday and according to Konrad, she's a fantastic wrestler. You have done a lot since you've come back, capturing the XTV title in a six-person barb wire elimination match and also joined the Crooked Kingdom with Jair, Cashe and Dakota.

But since that time, you've been going downhill to a point that since you lost the XTV title to Nurse Kinsley, you seem to be lost in the shovel again. I don't understand why you still continue to be violent and I won't get into those details again, but it seems like nearly everyone in 4CW wants to be violent and be in dark places to do their videos. You haven't changed either. Me? It took me a few months to realize being violent was exactly the same as what other people were doing.

You're gonna see a whole different Lord Raab to the previous times you've fought me, especially facing one of your teammates of Jair Hopkins is one of my goals. Being bloodthirsty to rip opponents open leads you nowhere, but bad places, believe me, as another reason why I don't have any friends in the wrestling business is that I hid from the public and not opening up to anyone like I'm willing to now.”

Raab lowers the camera a bit as he goes to sit on the pitch touching the smooth grass and continues from where he left off.

Lord Raab: “I'm going to be a wrestler that's moving well away from being in the violent division because that part of me is gone forever and lead myself towards the path of being pride champion because I do have plenty of pride for 4CW and you see this shirt here? It represents who I really want to be, a 4CW wrestler who's a soccer fan and I'm going to do more for the company than just wrestle in the ring. Have you known any 4CW wrestler that's willing to help sell tickets, sell merchandise and sell food and drink to the fans?

Because that's another part of me everyone will see to go even farther to show my loyalty to the company since nobody else will do it and it's about time I help a company that's helped me change to being a decent human being that will start to do good things and do anything to save it and I hate wrestlers who shit on this place because if there were here, I'd knock the respect out of them.

That's why I'm going to win the match because you two can be blood thirsty all you want, but I'm going to show fans the wrestling they've been missing, defeating you both fair and square without the feeling of busting you both open, the feeling the 4CW fans can see changes in me of a passionate 4CW fan who loves watching soccer and will do a soccer kick to Cyrus and Alexis to a point they'd allow to see themselves change to doing something nobody's seen before, pure wrestling.”

Raab takes a bit of a breather and Henry hands him a bottle of water, showing him the thumbs up of things going so far and he swallows some water and places it next to him and once again, stands up and does a few more kick ups and kicks the ball into the goal before sitting down on the smooth grass to speak again.

Lord Raab: “I'm walking in the match with every intent to win starting from the bottom to work myself all the way to the top and this match is just a start of where I want to be and showing fans that they will see nothing, but fair wrestling with no pain or suffering from my opponents and beat Cyrus and Alexis right in the middle of the ring to show that afterwards, I will have proven my spot on the 4CW roster and backing up win or lose everything I've said and I'm glad to come back and finish off things I've not yet achieved, being 4CW champion and be in the 4CW hall of fame cos I've heard people saying I'm going to be in there in the future.

I've heard people wanting me to return and you are getting my return in the ring by showing you exactly the changes I had to go through and some even just then may have shocked you, but I've learnt a lot about other emotions and right now, I'm happy and excited to get things started, no depressing and angry Lord Raab anymore, the happy and passionate 4CW wrestler Lord Raab is what exists now and when I win this match, it takes me one step above to face the next guy who's in the way of my goal of being Pride champion before going for the 4CW title.”

That's all Lord Raab had to say as he played soccer for a while, showing that wrestlers can be in the lights and after he scores another goal, he closes his eyes with his arms spread out, visualizing the fans cheering for him after he wins against Cyrus Riddle and Alexis Mercer, although the fans are cheering for him anyway as he opens them and nods to the reaction of the small number of people in the crowd, already liking what they were hearing of Lord Raab's changes and he leaves the pitch along with his camera and goes to the ticket office to help the arena sell tickets for 4CW Adrenaline event on Wednesday night.

4CW Discussion / Re: Ante Up Planning (Joint Show PPV)
« on: May 02, 2018, 11:01:00 AM »
Seems like Lord Raab will be back before then as from looking at the show numbers, Lord Raab will be returning to Adrenaline E85 (Since it would be 4CW's 150th show then) and I'm up to work with anyone starting from the bottom of course, working my way to the top. I'm hoping to take part in both shows too. That's why I'm doing a lot of segments right now to get everyone hyped for 4CW's 150th show with Lord Raab's return. So far, I'm planning for Lord Raab to be on both Adrenaline and Octane shows.

Event Production / Re: Adrenaline E84 Production Script
« on: May 02, 2018, 09:04:26 AM »
Been waiting for this. Anywhere backstage again, please. Thank you.

Event Production / Re: Octane E18 Production Script
« on: April 04, 2018, 03:34:10 PM »
Getting closer to Lord Raab's return on 4CW's 150th show and since IC wise that Lord Raab promised he'd check the Octane show as well, place a segment spot anywhere please and I get the segment done tomorrow. Who do you PM segments for Octane to BTW? Thank you.

Event Production / Re: Retrograde Production Script
« on: February 12, 2018, 05:10:11 PM »
That's fine bro, any spot is perfect for me what I wanna do with Lord Raab or at least a preview of his return.

Event Production / Re: Retrograde Production Script
« on: February 10, 2018, 01:59:20 AM »
If you guys don't mind, a preview segment of Lord Raab's return is in order. Any Backstage spot is fine.

Rate - Hate - Appreciate / Lord Raab's pic base
« on: February 04, 2018, 11:36:49 AM »
You guys know how bad I want to come back to RP here for 4CW, especially for the upcoming PPV which I believe is the 150th 4CW show (Correct me if I'm wrong) and whether he'll have a segment spot or wrestle, you can guarantee him being at the show as it wouldn't feel right if Lord Raab wasn't appearing on the PPV in a company that helped his career grow.

The only reason I haven't been back here earlier is down to a simple thing I want you guys to help me with, a pic base for Lord Raab. Some time ago, I did a segment of Lord Raab pulling out of 4CW because he had skin cancer on his face which got removed in August via surgery but he also had to be patched up for other things on his body meaning right now, his face and I'm thinking his body as well is covered with scars.

So I went researching for wrestlers with scars and I think these two would be perfect with the Lord Raab character being completely redone and the name still stays the same for now as I can't think of other names. Right now, that's the only thing holding me back from coming to 4CW.

I also have the other option on the poll as well in case you guys think of someone better, but it has to be with someone that's got scars on his face and body. Give me your thoughts as well as your reasons why you voted for what you've chosen. Staff in 4CW of Eli Carlson and Perry Wallace can also help me with this if they want to as well. Thanks for the help guys. If this is in the wrong place, Perry or Eli can move it to the right place.

Necro Butcher

Jun Kasai

General Discussion / Re: Discord server
« on: October 26, 2017, 09:59:03 AM »
Maybe Perry could create a discord server for 4CW. I'd love to discuss and hear about 4CW business other than the radio show.

4CW Discussion / Re: RPing as Konrad Raab here when required (Part time)
« on: October 20, 2017, 09:06:13 PM »
Believe me Jett, I do want to come back here so badly, but I'm still trying to figure out like the sort of character/gimmick Lord Raab will be when he returns. I can't think of any ideas so far to move that forward along with the pic base I still trying to figure out what suits best for him is another issue in itself, especially I'm far from being the biggest fan of WWE. I just need some ideas of the character/gimmick for Lord Raab and pic base ideas too.

It's so frustrating to be honest that I have this problem still on me wanting to be here full time and no ideas of the type of wrestling character or gimmick Lord Raab would be, let alone finding a face scar pic base to go with the character.

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