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Ah, that is certainly not only a good question, but interesting to know as well that I didn't know about either. Thanks Aidan for the heads up.

4CW Discussion / Re: 4CW Championship Tournament
« on: January 27, 2016, 08:06:33 AM »
You know, I always wonder how I actually do with Lord Raab's twin brother Konrad Raab in feds like this who is completely different to him. He's a face character who respects everyone in the business.

Of course people know him as Stefan, but I would change it to Konrad. Since I mention him in my recent RP's anyway and wanting to farther this whole brother rivalry, I could see myself in this tournament with Konrad.

I want people to see the differences between the two and you can put me down, but with Konrad Raab, not Lord Raab if there's spots avaliable.

Graphics Shop / Re: RP banner request for Lord Raab
« on: January 20, 2016, 06:25:22 PM »
Yeah that's exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.

Graphics Shop / RP banner request for Lord Raab
« on: January 20, 2016, 03:59:09 PM »
Type of Graphic Want: RP Banner

Style of Sig: Pop Out if possible, but a Normal one would be fine if it's difficult to do.

Size: Any

Pic Base: Green and black mask Delirious

Colors: Green slime and/or vomit sort of colours

Text: Lord Raab The Green Disease German Monster RP

4CW Discussion / Re: A feud request for Fate roster members only
« on: January 15, 2016, 11:43:23 AM »
Want to bump this up for Fate roster members only.

Event Predictions / Re: Winter Wasteland
« on: January 13, 2016, 03:19:48 PM »
At least one good thing about being on Fate now is I can predict matches. I'm not a fan of predicting matches when I'm apart of a roster, but since this is Adrenaline only, I can do that now.

Chris Madison Vs. Jett Wilder ©

Distinguished Archetypes Vs. Art of War ©


Seamus O'Connor Vs. Drew Stevenson

Bryan Laughlin Vs. Jair Hopkins

Darryl Wallace Vs. Magnus Brutus

Memphis Cunningham Vs. Rorie Steele

Kat Jones Vs. Victor Cassius


Bronx Valescence Vs. Jason Cashe ©

Lincoln Cutler Vs. Bradley Stevens Vs. Joseph Sullivan Vs. Duff Briggs Vs. Dick Vs. Luke Jones

Forum Games / Re: What are you watching?
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:07:07 PM »
Mein Bester Feind (My Best Enemy) by Joko Und Klaas.

4CW Discussion / A feud request for Fate roster members only
« on: January 08, 2016, 11:24:59 AM »
So basically, I'm gonna be apart of Fate after the PPV so I'll be new to the brand, but I'm just asking for someone to have a feud with me if they want to. I don't want to have any title shots yet for the Fate title because that's far too early for me, but if anybody is up for a feud, either PM me or reply below so we can work on something to help myself put some segments in the show.

It's another reason why I needed to be on Fate as well because to do segments that I'm useless getting ideas for so yeah, let's get some responses going on wanting to feud with me. Thank you.

Adrenaline / Hiding in a closet
« on: January 05, 2016, 01:00:06 AM »

Hiding in a closet. Seattle, Washington. Tuesday 5th January.

Recently over the past few days, Raab's back doing at what he loves to do best back in his headquarters in Las Vegas, training and fighting inside both an octagon and in the ring for practice matches all week long, just how he liked it. Now however, he's hiding in the closet for some reason,  maybe the reasoning for his opponent lately along with his tag partner as well. Who knows what Raab could do, considering he's been torturing a lot of people lately, especially females who he hated more than anything else in the world.

A large brown closet that smelt quite disgusting, due to the fact of Raab vomiting everywhere inside and of course he's been sick ever since he lost the Extreme TV title match and he even wondered what was gonna happen next after this match and where it would lead him. Nobody knows that outside of the closet was a little kid sleeping for the last few hours of a 8 year old boy.

You knew Raab is in the closet from the shadows from what you can see in the ceiling and there's a bit of lime green light inside of the closet, seeing every mood Raab is expressing and there's not much things to be said, other than a few things he could already counter back, although Raab prefers to fight than talk, but he had to as apart of being a wrestler and he laughs for a little bit as he speaks.

Lord Raab: “And I thought I was delusional before I was this green disease monster, but you are the most delusional man I've ever heard. First of all, Perry never announced me going to Fate. Unless he said it on the show or even posted on the news site, get you're facts right you stupid fuck because you made yourself fucking stupid there, just as stupid as you saying you're gonna be one of the greatest singles wrestlers of 4CW. How can you be when you lost to Cyrus Riddle and Johnny Mental? You are mentally ill just like me Bryan because you make up excuses as to why you lost. I don't any more, that's the difference between me and you. Stop fantasizing about me being on that shit show because it's not gonna happen so stick to what's going to happen in reality, not dreaming about what's gonna happen.”

Of course Raab is trying to take Bryan seriously, but he couldn't when he and Aidan haven't been doing what champions should do. The little boy is snoring pretty loud as he had no idea that Raab is behind a closet as he vomits a bit more in the empty closet that's on it's way being thrown out soon and he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “Do you want to know why I'm inside of this closet Bryan? Because that's exactly what you're and Aidan's tag run has been lately, closet champions. I'm sorry, but Art Of War are the worst tag team this year and if anyone says you guys are the best, they are stupid as well as you and Aidan. I say that because you and Aidan haven't defended the titles since you both won them, making you two mediocre champions and I don't mean your and Aidan's in ring skills because you both have what it takes to be champions, it's because of you both not defending them since you won them. You and Aidan don't deserve those titles.

The best tag team of last year was Deadly Sins because at least Dakota and Ramona had pride for defending those tag titles every single PPV, even when Dakota had to defend the Extreme title on the same night, he still defended the tag title with Ramona as well. Even Jason Cashe is a fighting champion because as much I hate Jason Cashe to my guts, at least defends his title. I mean, you have all these teams out there wanting a shot for the tag team titles, yet you and Aidan done jackshit. If you and Aidan want to prove you are the best tag team, defend those fucking titles and then we'll see if Art Of War are good.”

It really angered Raab because he dreamt for two years holding any kind of 4CW title in his hands and it makes him want the titles even more from seeing Aidan and Bryan sitting on a two month title reign, making him vomit a lot more in the closet because of how disgusting it was for Raab to hear all of this stuff as he growled a little bit from the closet as it made the little boy worry for a bit before he shakes his head as he stood up to look out of the window and doesn't see anything, but he says this.

Little Boy: “Hm, that could've been a dog growling at something from outside. Time to go back to sleep.”

Little boy went away from the window as he went back in his bed and closes his eyes to sleep again and of course throughout the entire time, Raab was talking very quietly, trying to not wake the boy up, but it still was successful as the little boy didn't notice and Raab done it because it did make him mad inside as he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “Ist dir klar, wie glücklich Sie und Aidan zu gewinnen diese Titel sind? Weißt du, wie psychisch und geistig Kranken Ich bin jeden Tag nicht die Heilung dieser Krankheit nicht in der Champion? Natürlich nicht, weil du unter all der 4CW Liste führen keine verdammte Ahnung, wie schlecht ich will Weltmeister werden und ich sehe euch beide, die mir ein großartiges Beispiel dafür, wie Ringkämpfer sollten ihre Titel wie Scheiße behandeln. Wann war das letzte Mal, wenn Sie und Aidan zusammen zusammengetan, auch über Tag-Matches sprechen?

Da ich das letzte Mal überprüft, war es, wenn man diese beiden Tag-Titel gewonnen, so in Wirklichkeit hat niemand wirklich sehen, was Sie beide können in der Tag-Sparte auch nicht. Ich möchte mich auf zu bewegen und sprechen über andere Sachen, aber das ist genauso widerlich wie ich bin ein sehr kranker Mensch, stinkt der Menge an Müll, die aus dem Munde dieser sogenannten Art of War schwappt diese Erbrochenem Geruch. Ich sage nicht, Sie sind ein Witz, weil Sie sind wirklich gut in den Ring und einem sehr konkurrenzfähigen Kerl und das ist, warum mehr als alles sichte ich Sie als eine Bedrohung."

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> Do you realise how lucky you and Aidan are on winning those titles? Do you realise how psychically and mentally sick I am everyday not curing this disease of not being champion? Of course not because you amongst all of the 4CW roster have no fucking idea how bad I want to be champion and I see you both showing me a great example of how wrestlers shouldn't treat their titles like shit. When was the last time you and Aidan teamed up together even speaking about tag matches?

Because last time I checked, it was when you both won those tag titles so in reality, nobody has really seen what you both can do in the tag division either. I want to move on and talk about other stuff, but that's just sickening as much as I am a very sick person, this vomit smell stinks of the amount of crap that spills out of the mouths of this so called Art of War. I'm not saying you are a joke because you are really good in the ring and a very competitive guy and that's why more than anything I am viewing you as a threat.

Of course Raab wanted to change and he was indeed very passionate of winning a title more than ever before, but of course he didn't realise that in the beginning because he didn't really care much for titles, but he does now and it's a feeling of a disease he carries around everywhere until he does win one. The vomit was coming out of the closet, slithering everywhere on the carpet floor and making a huge mess of things as he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “You and Aidan have not earned those bragging rights to be champions because it's nothing to brag about really and it's certainly nothing to brag about on defeating a new wrestler on Adrenaline either. Did you hear me at anytime brag about the win I had against Bronx? No because the records speak for itself which is the point you missed completely, considering my win against Bronx was much bigger than the win you got over Rorie Steele so who has the bragging rights here when it compares to the opponents we last won our matches against hm? Try and answer that one Bryan because you simply just can't compare, considering Bronx was in that War Games match two months ago when he got beat for the title by both Dakota Smith and Jason Cashe.

He lost because he focused more on video games than facing me in a match. He only cared after he lost to me hence why when he challenged me, I accepted it since I'm always up for a fight, fights I do every single day hence why my life is consumed of fighting either in wrestling or in Amateur MMA world and I'm already getting a lot of fights lined up lately, but that's for another day because what's important is the fact you made a big mistake running around to you're so called daddy which I don't believe that's true either that you are his son.”

Another thing that bothered Raab lately was he kept facing nearly everyone that was apart of Perry's family and he knew it's a lot of bullshit just going around lately on this and he was pretty fed up with it and knew it was all because of Perry trying to suck up to the other wrestlers and little boy turned over and Raab spoke again.

Lord Raab: “Jesus Christus, ein weiteres verdammtes Wrestler abgesehen von Perrys Familie. Es ist kein Wunder, warum die Hälfte von euch haben Titel Schüsse bekam oder haben Titel schneller, als die meisten Menschen auf dem Dienstplan. Das ist widerlich und Sie aller Menschen nicht Perrys Sohn entweder sind. In der Tat, es gibt nichts, gleichermaßen mit Ihnen oder ihm. Dies ist nur alle so tun, Familienfürsorge alles, weil Sie irgendwie alles, was Sie auf dem Erhalten eines Titelkampf nach dem anderen will einfach nur auf seinen Schwanz zu saugen. Bin ich der einzige Mensch auf diesem 4CW nicht zu glauben, dies bildete Familie? Weil ich das Gefühl, wir innerhalb von einem Puppenhaus spielen, weil es nur ein großes verdammtes Witz mit Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten Scheiße.

Was meine ich? Es ist eine berühmte TV-Seifenoper in Deutschland und das ist, was ich fühle, ist dieses Unternehmen nicht wrestling, etwas, das fehlt, aber das ist alles gut, weil Perry wird mich nicht erinnern, eine verdammte Sache, wenn ich werde verdammt Kopf seines Sohnes mit jeder Art zu zerschlagen off Waffen Ich kann meine Hände bekommen, auch Würgen Sie aus, Husten alles, roten Blut Sie bluten von Ihnen sind Mund und Sie können Cyrus Riddle, Bronx und Cashe, welche Farbe ich blute, weil es nicht alles, was Sie bisher gesehen haben zu fragen. Sie befinden sich in einem Punkt recht, mein Gesicht nach unten mit etwas, aber mit meinem eigenen Erbrochenen und grünen Schleim genau wie dieser, mit grünen Schmutz über mein Gesicht, auch zu malen und meinen eigenen Urin zu Zeiten."

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> Jesus Christ, another fucking wrestler apart of Perry's family. It's no wonder why half of you have got title shots or have titles quicker than most people on the roster. That's disgusting and you of all people aren't Perry's son either. In fact, there's nothing alike with you or him. This is just all pretend family welfare all because you somehow get everything you want on getting one title shot after another just to suck on his dick. Am I the only person on this 4CW not believing this made up family? Because I feel like we are playing inside of a doll house because it's just one big fucking joke with Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten shit.

What do I mean? It's a famous TV soap opera in Germany and that's what I feel this company is rather than wrestling, something that's missing, but that's all good because Perry won't remember a fucking thing when I'll smash his son's fucking head off with any type of weapon I can get my hands on, even choking you out, coughing all that red blood you bleed from you're mouth and you can ask Cyrus Riddle, Bronx and Cashe what colour I bleed because it's not anything you've seen before. You are right about one thing, my face is down with something, but with my own vomit and green slime just like this, having green dirt all over my face, even paint and my own urine at times.”

While he was talking, you heard some spilling from the background and it was obvious when you see water marks coming out of the closet with the little boy waking up, smelling something bad as he walked towards the closet as when he opened the doors, Raab growled in the little boy's face as he screamed and ran towards his mummy and daddy's room with Raab having a huge smile on his face and speaks again.

Lord Raab: “That's exactly what I expect to hear from you when you are locked in a submission hold to scream like you just shit yourself when you come to face me in Extreme Rules. I have no idea why you wanted this match against me that you have no chance of walking away from, even though Aidan Carlisle, Cyrus Riddle and Jason Cashe have defeated me recently in these matches, but it's not happening again because you like to think you are gonna win because you somehow are better than me, you really aren't Bryan because you don't have the experience when it comes to Extreme Rules in 4CW. You never truly lived it and it's that ego that's gonna cost you because you don't have a fucking clue on how embarrassed you will be when this Green Disease German Monster.

Anyone who says they will win before the match begins are delusional because you will regret saying that, considering I will always be better than you in this type of match and I will fuck you up so bad that you will not be able to walk afterwards from the amount of blood you will bleed from weapon shots you will receive from glass, chair shots, barbed wire shots that can leave you having scars like the one on my neck or even the world of fire like my burned face, but of course I placed another mask on me that's stitched in my skin I have to have forever and I'm proud to have these memories of having a real fight with people for the rest of my life. That's how monsters are born and making that little boy cry makes me happy.”

Raab didn't even attempt to move as the parents walked in the little boy's room and they see the Green Disease Monster there and the parents just like the little boy ran away, except that he caught the mother of the child and he shook his head towards her and he smile before he kicked her down, kicking her ribs in very hard as he poured the slime all over the woman before he places his foot on her and speaks.

Lord Raab: “See how I love to beat people up, especially woman? Because women are disgusting who don't belong on this earth, just like the stupid thoughts of you actually winning this match is not gonna happen because of the lack of experience you have and that cum disease Aidan Carlisle, along with you're slut girlfriend, Psyche Devyne will see Bryan having green disease covered all over him like Cashe and Cyrus experienced before, although they didn't get a disease, it feels like it when you get green blood on you're hands, feet and even in you're bleached hair as well. When it's all said and done, I'm gonna show you a thing or two on how to fight in extreme rules and I'm gonna prove to you that I can beat the living shit out of you in the ring, with my fists, knees, elbows and my feet along with weapons to give you a fucking concussion.

Because this sickness is worse than it's been ever before and it grows and grows forever in the ring until I win a 4CW title, the one mistake I've done as the old Lord Raab which is dead and buried because it done me no good to not do the things I do now like beating this woman up and men as well when they got in my way, but I will beat you viciously and brutally to a point you won't be fucking breathing, sending you straight to a hospital. I will either pin or submit you because I can and I will. Tomorrow night Bryan, Prepare to be Raabinated by The Green Disease German Monster, MEHAHAHA HAHAHA.”

Raab turns the whole of the house lights off as you hear more and more screams of the woman getting beaten viciously by Raab himself as you can hear a lot of smashing and hitting with his own fists, enjoying the pain he's giving to the woman who can't defend herself because Raab loves to hurt women, feeling like he's removing the pain he suffers daily from his very bad past with women as he's already covered with her blood on her as he stands over her when the scene goes to fade.

General Discussion / Re: New Year's Resolutions
« on: January 01, 2016, 09:30:29 PM »
I also have a couple more new years resolutions for myself and the first one is quite a challenge for me to overcome. First one is to ignore the hate I get OOC on twitter. I know I've had a lot of arguments over this on twitter lately and a lot of people told me to ignore it and I guess I will try my best when it comes to that.

Another thing I want to improve on is gaining majority of people's respect in this fed especially. I've had a lot of arguments with some people here last year that I want to forget and move on, feeling it's one of the reasons why I'm pretty much hated in the fedding community because of that, especially NFL talk which I admit was really out of order and I apologise for the amount of hate I gave you all for the things I've said about the sport.

I know I crossed the line and I promise you all that I will ignore stuff that I dislike and not comment to just focus getting my RP's done, along with sorting doing segments more often which I'm still very nervous and fear of doing cos of not getting Lord Raab over well along with writing segments not that great and not having great moments with them, but I'm gonna try to overcome this fear I have with the segments. I think I'll start doing more segments when I move to Fate.

Adrenaline / Beatings in a dark haunted woods and vomiting everywhere.
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:19:22 PM »

Beatings in a dark haunted woods and vomiting everywhere. Spokane, Washington. Thursday 31st December.

There's tons of vomit everywhere on the grass and even on the pavement as there's a man who's been totally almost ripped apart open with his mask being torn and it's all because of the last match he had against Jason Cashe and Bronx Valescence, more so when this man got burned with his face by Cashe himself, having more and more hate for him than ever before. He hated him with a passion and it's only fuelling that anger up more each day, more so when this green diseased monster is being a very sick man.

So sick in fact that you can see two women having their tops removed with only wearing their bra in the woods, nobody can barely see apart from hearing the screams and glimpses of the women tied to a tree together as they've already been whipped very hard with some sort of stick from the marks of cuts from the blood running down their stomach's. Of course no man would attempt something like this other than the one they call Lord Raab himself.

He's been beating them and vomiting everywhere he walked because he's so ill and even made himself sick from not eating, drinking or even sleeping since that loss. Also with the fact of his mask being torn to shreds as well which he and Henry had to sow on Raab's face permanently. Raab knew who his opponent was a few days, but it was only announced last minute this morning from Henry that his match against his opponent Bryan Williams was an Extreme Rules match.

Whatever the situation is, he flat out didn't care since he was happy to be back wrestling again, although he's been vomiting more times than anything and even passing out a few times as well as he suddenly did just that to collapse on the mud. He did eventually open his eyes two hours later to say this.

Lord Raab: "Where the fuck am I?"

Raab looked around and hears the women screaming so loud that he got up and sees them tied up and he just decides to leave them for now as he just remembered why the 4CW camera crew were around and he shakes his head to get himself straightened up as he's completely covered with his own vomit everywhere on his clothes, even on his mask as well from collapsing in it as he speaks.

Lord Raab: "Oh yes, all I've been doing all over Christmas is not only fighting inside of a gym, but vomiting everywhere I go since I've not eaten, drank or slept since that loss I had and it's this disease that's stuck within my body from not winning a 4CW title and it's been making me sick, forgetful and paranoid. I made a mistake and I can't turn back the clock so I already move on with this vomit covered all over me and this ripped mask with burns all over my face from the fire Cashe put on my face that I have to talk about the guy who seems to want to follow Aidan Carlisle's path of my world of Extreme Rules, her godforsaken one half of the tag team champions from The Art Of War, Bryan Williams."

He had to go off camera again as the women he's tied around the tree are far away from the camera as the camera crew are told not to look around when Raab is beating on them which you hear the screams and the tears of the rips of their bodies most likely from the vicious and bloody beatings he puts on the two women which he hated the most with anyone around the world and he came back on camera and speaks again.

Lord Raab: "OK here's where I want to not speak positive about people, but in order to take myself seriously as a wrestler, I fucking have to. OK so this guy has won some titles around Boardwalk Wrestling and even holding the tag team title with Aidan Carlisle. Yes I do feel he's got a lot of wrestling skills within him to be able to defeat some of the top wrestlers in 4CW, even with those losses against Cyrus Riddle and Johnny Mental recently, he came back to defeat Rorie Steele on 4CW's anniversary show last week so well done to him, along with being the one to pin Freedom to win the tag team titles which surprised me, considering everyone thought Aidan Carlisle would be the person to do that job. Certainly surprised me on that side of things Bryan."

He really didn't know that much about Bryan Williams like with all of his opponents because he didn't stay in the arenas at all as he always comes to arenas last minute to wrestle and then leaves straight afterwards because he doesn't like talking or socialising with people. He goes back to the women and hearing more and more screams, even to a point where they couldn't scream any more because they've lost their voices which you can hear a laugh in the background that's very evil and he continues to speak.

Lord Raab: "But that tag title win was like what two months ago now? Jesus Christ Bryan, you and Aidan would've thought you both would have some fucking pride and loyalty to defend those tag titles against legitimate teams like the so called Wallace boys or even some from the Unstable. Or Samuel could come back to 4CW and we could challenge the pair of you. To this day, I don't know why Samuel was realised from 4CW, even Henry and Samuel don't either, but that's for another day. The point is you and Aidan haven't even defended those titles. I mean is there lacklustre of tag teams these days? It's causing you and Aidan to have a lot of arguments recently over it and it occurs to me that you and her aren't even a real team.

In fact, she's pushing you around more than you do with her. That's pretty pathetic, don't you think Bryan? More so that she of all people although she has an STD disease, she's achieved more than you've done in 4CW. You only got the chance for the tag titles because it was open to all wrestlers around the world to compete. I'd die just to be champion and defending them on every single show. You fucking disgust me Bryan. I mean seriously, is there no competition in Boardwalk for you to come to 4CW or something? Oh, who could blame you, considering that company seems to be going downhill by the minute. I know you've won the Anarchy title from Jay Lamau recently, but that's a 24 hour title right? I don't know why you even bother winning that title, but it shows where you're loyalties lie, doesn't it? It makes me vomit everywhere just like this."

Raab of course is vomiting again at this point just because of him feeling sick both psychically and mentally both from being unable to win the title and the fact someone is holding a title without defending it and he runs towards the women and you hear more and more rips from their bodies, even the movement from the ground was almost making everything shake and then Raab turns the camera towards the beaten women who are seriously injured now from the rips of their bodies that's literally torn everywhere which he laughs as he speaks again.

Lord Raab: "Oh, werden wir mehr Geschichten über, wie viel Sie Cyrus Riddle respektieren hören. Für Götter willen Bryan, schließen Sie das Bumsen. Niemand kümmert sich, wie viel Sie über das Erhalten ihn in den Ring wieder zu prahlen. Ja, ich respektiere ihn als gut, aber das war nach dem Spiel. Ich brauchte nicht zu Respekt für ihn in den Ring im Gegensatz Idioten zeigen hier in der Nähe, weil er es verdient, indem Sie mir im Krankenhaus mit dieser Narbe auf meinem Hals, nicht in den Ring schüttelte seine verdammte Hand. Schau dir das an."

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> Oh, we'll hear more stories about how much you respect Cyrus Riddle. For gods sake Bryan, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares how much you brag about getting him in the ring again. Yeah I respect him as well, but that was after the match. I didn't need to show respect for him in the ring unlike idiots around here because he earned it by sending me in hospital with this scar on my throat, not shaking his fucking hand in the ring. Take a look at this Bryan."

Raab puts his neck right on camera to see the massive scar that's planted right on his throat and he takes it off camera to speak again.

Lord Raab: "Das ist, wie Respekt verdient, und ich brauche nicht zu reden, nur um einen Punkt zu beweisen. Sie sind ein dummer Mensch, um nicht auf Fokus deines Gegners, die es scheint, wie Sie gar nicht kümmern, wie Sie bereit sind, du bist Tag Team Titel gegen ein anderes Team mit Aidan verteidigen. Oh, ich mache Ihnen keine Vorwürfe, da sie ist eine Krankheit, von der Hölle, und es ist widerlich Ich musste sie vor ein paar Monaten zu kämpfen und ich bin sehr überrascht, dass du zwei nicht miteinander, oh Wartezeit, ein Mädchen bereits über Sie, don ' t du? Ich weiß nicht, ihren Namen, aber ich weiß, dass sie, wie die Mädchen des schwarzen Haares dort ohne die Hure Kleidung auf, die andere Mädchen mit der Hure Kleidung auf ein Aidan nachempfunden selbst suchen.

Ich schlug Frauen fast jede Woche, ekelhaft abscheulichen Kreaturen, die auf dieser Erde der Hölle durchlaufen sie existieren. In diesem Fall in Punkt, haben Sie eine Krankheit sowie dem ein anderer, den ich nicht folgen und es heißt küssen ass Krankheit. Ich meine, jeder kann sehen, wie viel ass Sie mit fast jeder in den Rücken zu küssen. Sie kümmern sich mehr um freundlich zu sein mit Menschen, als tatsächlich ringen in diesen Tagen. Freunde sind eine Verschwendung von Zeit fucking wie Beziehungen sind als gut. Ich ringen und kämpfen, ohne dass etwas immer in meinem verdammten Weg mit einigen gemeinen Leute sagen mir, was zu tun ist. Ich weiß nicht brauchen oder wollen Unterstützung von niemandem, weil ich lieber auf eigene Faust zu kämpfen und das ist, was ich lieber wie gegen diese Frauen in den Wäldern mit Waffen und meinen eigenen Händen zu tun."

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> That's how respect is earned and I don't need to talk about it just to prove a point. You are a stupid man to not focus on your opponent's which it seems like you don't even care about how you are willing to defend you're tag titles against another team with Aidan. Oh I don't blame you, seeing she's a disease from hell and it's sickening I had to wrestle her a few months ago and I'm highly surprised you two aren't together, oh wait, you have a girl already, don't you? I don't know her name, but I know she's looking like that black hair girl over there without the whore clothes on, the other girl with the whore clothes on is an Aidan lookalike herself.

I beat women almost every single week, disgusting vile creatures that exist on this earth of hell they go through. In this case in point, you have a disease as well which another one I don't follow and it's called kissing ass disease. I mean everyone can see how much ass you kiss with nearly everyone in the back. You care more about being friendly with people, than actually wrestling these days. Friends are a waste of fucking time just like relationships are as well. I wrestle and fight without anything getting in my damn way with some vile people telling me what to do. I don't need or want support from anybody because I'd rather wrestle on my own and that's what I prefer to do just like beating these women in the woods up with weapons and my own hands."

Raab will never change when it comes to having friends in the business because every time he does, they stab him in the back and he's stayed away since and he hates every single human being around the world, especially women as the cameramen look at the other tree with a hut around as you hear Raab yell in anger along with the women who couldn't move anywhere from being tied to a tree, but the cameramen can feel the hits Raab is doing on the women from their bodies, hoping they won't be next.

Raab comes back, covered in red blood which he gets a knife out of his pocket and stabs his hand to pour out some green blood and smothers the green blood all over the place, covering the red blood he has all over him with the green blood that pours from his hand, dripping on the leaves and the mud itself and speaks again.

Lord Raab: "I mean I have to take you seriously because you are the current tag team champion, but to call people who aren't just because they've had a few losses is only what stupid fools say. You've achieved nothing during you're singles run other than that win against Rorie last week and even not achieved much as a tag champion either. It's shameful to call you and Aidan champions when you both are being closet champions. That's not being a fighting champion, it's the fear of not defending those titles against Unstable or is it because you respect Cyrus so much that you are too afraid of losing those titles against him?

Oops, you dropped the ball there because you both are a waste of space and it's no wonder why you and the sex disease are falling apart. You both are better off not being together as a team since you both aren't a real great team to begin with. It's barely anything to brag about at all. I've only just seen what you can do in the Anarchy division in Boardwalk and you can get hardcore, but I've not seen much of it and that No Disqualification match against Drew wasn't a real Extreme Rules match. It didn't involve much if any weapons in the match."

Raab knew it was a different environment when it comes to the upcoming match with Bryan Williams and he hasn't really been that impressed with him at all, not even with Bronx was being brought up the entire time because he has to focus on the upcoming match first and he went away to see the women being placed near a fire that was slowly raising, but it wasn't the usual type of red and orange fire, it was a green and white fire which he never made as he laughs very hard and comes walking back and speaks again.

Lord Raab: "Ich mag es, andere leiden unter Schmerzen, die sie über zu bezeugen und Extreme Rules Match ist eine ganz andere Ebene Kumpel sind, denn dies ist nicht für schwache Nerven und Sie mir in die Domain-Schritt sind, nicht in die Sie tatsächlich verlieren ein eigenes bist dumm Welt kein DQ Match und niemand kümmert sich wirklich nicht mehr, nicht so, dass Sie noch nie wirklich etwas davon erfahren, weil ich krank und empörend Mann, werde ich versuchen, die Grenzen der verdammte Sie brechen, zusammen mit diesem STD Krankheit, wenn sie versucht, in den Ring zu geben, um das Paar der Sie bluten überall, wodurch Sie eine komplette blutiges Chaos in diesem Ring sein.

Ich kann nicht warten, um zu zerschlagen Sie verdammt sind Schädel mit jeder Art von hardcore Waffe ich kann, um Sie aus du bist Füßen, erleben das wahre Grün Disease du in dir sind Hände mit grünem Blut fühlen verschüttet den Ring als Menschen haben erlebt, aber es wird viel mehr mit, wie krank psychisch, geistig und psycho Ich kann, weil ich werden versuchen, Sie abzuwerfen Sie sind Spiel und wird Ripping Sie Körper in Stücke mit eigenen Aufnahmen sind mit und ohne Waffen, geistig fuck up, was beweist, sollten Sie in Boardwalk Wrestling für gute übernachtet haben."

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> I like making others suffer from pain they are about to witness and Extreme rules match is a whole different level buddy because this is not for the faint hearted and you are stepping into my domain, not in you're own stupid world of actually losing a no DQ match and nobody really cares any more, not so that you've never truly experienced anything like this because I am sick and revolting man, I will attempt to break the limits of fucking you up, along with that STD disease if she attempts to enter in the ring to make the pair of you bleed everywhere, causing you to be a complete bloody mess in that ring.

I can't wait to smash you're fucking skull with any type of hardcore weapon I can to get you off you're feet, experiencing the true Green Disease you'll feel in you're hands with green blood spills the ring as people have experienced before, but it's gonna be a lot more with how sick psychically, mentally and psychotic I can be because I will be attempting to throw you off you're game and will be ripping you're body to pieces with my own shots with and without weapons to mentally fuck you up, proving you should have stayed in Boardwalk Wrestling for good."

Laughing all the way though as he finds a very large stick on the mud, covered with very sharp broken pieces of wood that's quite dangerous as he walks over to them and you hear the screams which came back with the green and white fire getting bigger from what you're hearing and the women were on the ground, suffered from a massive beating Raab gave them and speaks again.

Lord Raab: "That's all I do with my life is wrestling and fighting in Amateur MMA matches and there's nothing more I'd do for the rest of my life Bryan. I don't want to do anything else because wrestling and amateur MMA fights mean more than anything in the world, along with enjoying beating people up just for fun to make them suffer and those screams are like music to me on hearing a closet champ bitch screaming because he can't defend himself in this situation like these pathetic humans who got unlucky on getting beaten in the woods from the beatings of wood and tree I've smashed them on.

Funny thing is tree sticks can be used in Extreme rules matches too and I'll have no problems using one on you to make you bleed like a motherfucker, even with these burns on my face along with the ripped mask torn to shreds will not stop me placing the worse beatings anybody will ever get in that ring, showing the world why I'm the Green Disease German Monster from what I do in and out of the ring. I'll chat more about you're pathetic ass later on in the week."

Raab laughs in the distance as you are left with women being beaten with scars and cuts all over their bodies from head to toe as they are only left wearing their bra and panties as the cameramen would rather leave them there in case Raab came back and beat them some more. Lord Raab was nowhere to be found in the woods now as the cameramen were also gone from the distance as the women screamed for help with the scene going to fade.

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If you have a video games console or games for your laptop, computer etc, post it in here.

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Like the other game except counting down.


Forum Games / Count to 1000
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I think everyone knows how this game works. Quite simple to count up to 1000 so I start.


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Just post which thing or topic you prefer and then post below on different things like this.

Mcdonalds or Burger King?

I say which thing I like more which is Burger King and then post below two more things to reply to. So here we go.

Star Wars or American Football?

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Say something to someone above their posts.

Rate - Hate - Appreciate / Segment ideas help
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I really want to improve on this area next year of doing more segments, but the problem with me is that I never seem to have any ideas for them and when I do, I fear that I won't write the character or the segment well. I'm horrible at getting my character over and I honestly have no idea how some of you guys and girls are able to do and get ideas with segments every show so well with great moments remembered all year round.

Because I just can't. Maybe it's my confidence I don't have on doing one every single show. Would love to get some help with this problem I'm consistantly having every single show.

Graphics Shop / Re: Titantron Requests
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Are you gonna RP with us or just do titantrons just wondering?

4CW Discussion / Re: Explanation of me (Lord Raab) going to Fate.
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Na, don't be sorry Cashe, I was eventually going to tell people some point this week anyway because I felt only two people like yourself and Perry knew about it. It's all good dude, don't worry about it.

Yeah that does seem to be a problem with me is asking people because it would be desperate if I asked all the time, but thanks Chris, I'll take that on board as well when it comes to helping me with sentence structure, grammar and punctuation stuff.

4CW Discussion / Explanation of me (Lord Raab) going to Fate.
« on: December 26, 2015, 07:24:05 PM »
I have actually been meaning to tell you all what was going on around about this time anyway which only Perry and Cashe know about, but let me quote a post that Cashe recently done.

With Raab moving towards Fate, I think Raab is going to sell stuff going on like that melted mask or the loss at the Anniversary Show.

Yes guys and girls it's true, I'm indeed going to Fate after this upcoming PPV for 4CW and it was my decision because right now, I'm feeling like I'm slacking really bad in the RP's department, being unable to be on par on people's quality RP's and the only way I thought to solve the problem is moving to Fate and do something to improve on my RP's. A lot of people don't like me for continuing, even wanting me to leave feds and this game because of my lack of quality of work due to the losses I get, but I'm still gonna continue cos I just want to do the one goal I've not done here and that's winning a title here with Lord Raab along with having fun too.

I feel if I go on Fate, it gives me the chance to really work on my sentence structure and get the ending of my RP's sorted because I think to myself, if a lower word count could help me find the extra time to read though and spot out the mistakes that I need to work on with the thanks of volunteering from Johnny Mental to help me through with that, it would benefit me more than being on Adrenaline at the moment. I just need to write on a competitive level again and I feel right now, I'm not competitive against anyone and actually, that's another reason why I faced El Futuro as well because I know if I lost against him, I knew where I'd should be going and knew there's more problems than I know about.

I had this decision long before the match came up and now I feel the time is right for me to move. Yeah there's my explanation of it all. Hopefully me and Perry will work together just so things make complete sense in character as to why Lord Raab's moving to Fate like Perry/Drew did. It's just something I have to do and be slightly happy again. It has absolutely nothing to do with losses, it's do with my own self confidence on improving on my RP's and doing RP's cos I haven't been confident with doing any sort of RP's lately.

I know it might've been a shock after reading what Cashe said in the predications thread, but I wanted to let people know from myself that Cashe was telling the truth and he got there before I explained to everyone what's really going down.

4CW Discussion / Re: Role-Plays Moving Forward (Titles)
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Do all RP's get tweeted on the 4CW account or something? I've noticed this lately and just wondered why this was happening.

Entertainment / Re: My TV Total Koln (Cologne) journey
« on: December 22, 2015, 12:10:27 PM »
Finally, I got around on talking about this and I've been very quiet about it and I know all of you either don't like TV Total, not understanding the show or simply never heard of it, but this is just the most special thing I've ever done in my entire life. You see what happened was my partner wanted to do something for my birthday and so on the month of September, I found out from a site that the tickets have gone on sale and boom, magic happened when my partner said to me that she's got the tickets for TV Total show on my birthday nevertheless.

On 4th November, we went on a coach to Koln (Cologne) and we went to stay in this B&B place where we stayed before since we visited Koln (Cologne) before this trip even happened in June and I was happy as anything, being excited more than anything because of this moment.

I woke up on 5th November and realised that not only it was my birthday, but was gonna be the best day of my life was going to come so before we went to the TV Total studios, we went to this shopping place where my partner wanted to go and since I practically dragged her to Koln (Cologne), I thought she can discover this famous shopping market before we go to the studios. Anyway at three in the afternoon, we headed off to the TV Total studios which was in Mülheim, Koln (Cologne) and the place was absolutely massive as it's seen in this picture here.

Me and my partner went inside and there's already a line of people, waiting to get these vouchers which I still got one of them that I actually wanted to keep to get the tickets. We waited for a while to get them and we had to fill our details out and once that was done, we went back to the desk and got our tickets which looked like this.

Then once that was done, we had to go down to a room where you had to hand in everything, except you're wallet and tissues that were the only things you was allowed to bring into the studio before we joined in the line with people to get ready to go in. I was excited as a happy bunny just to go and see the show, even being in tears of happiness at this point, waiting in line just because of being so happy and excited, even at this moment in time thought I was going to meet Stefan Raab which unfortunately I didn't. After that, we had to give our tickets to the man guarding the door and he ripped the ticket up like the one in the picture before we were sent to do some searching to double check every was out of the pockets and even in the wallet too.

Then I took the time to look at the pictures on the wall that Stefan's done in his career and then we got into this studio which looked like this.

Looks pretty small doesn't it inside of this office building and after we got into the studios, we were shown where to sit together because it's not where you had to pick where to sit, you was basically placed where you was told and we had these earplugs on our chairs, wondering what they were for and then we knew when I'll post the link below what they were used for. Before the show started while everyone was told where to sit and going to their seats to sit down, we saw some clips of singers that appeared on TV Total and even some videos of Raab in Gefahr. Gefahr means danger.

After that, we done some practice runs of the cheering and clapping without Stefan at first just so the crowd understood what they'd had to do before fifteen minutes later, we did another practice run, but this time with Stefan coming up from the lift and basically went down a few things with what he does with his foot like when he slides it across on the floor, it means for everyone to be quiet and let him talk and he said we were the best fans in the world which is of course Stefan would say that to everyone, but he truly meant it and said some funny speeches to us fans before he went to the back.

Now a few minutes later, the actual real show began and I think you'll pretty much see the show for yourselves right here on this link. (If you have adblock on you're computer, you have to disable it to watch it.)


After that, I came out as happy as anything, even in tears again just because I truly experienced the best show I've ever seen in my entire life. I heard from my partner's sister and my partner's sister's husband that we actually got on TV a few days after we got back so see if you can spot me in the crowd. So yes, this is my life experience and I was so glad I got to watch the show before he retired on Saturday.

There you have it, my truly great live experience of seeing a show I've dreamed about for five years all thanks to my partner who didn't have to come to watch TV Total with me because I was willing to go on my own, but she did and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have experienced this. Feel free to comment below and see if you can spot me in the crowd if you know what I look like. This was the best birthday present I've ever received in my entire life and no present I will ever get for Christmas and my future birthdays and Christmas will ever replace this because it's very touching to me and it was a day I literally just forgot about everything, but watching the TV Total show.

Adrenaline / Smashing TV's in a abandoned TV shop.
« on: December 22, 2015, 03:32:30 AM »
OOC: I'm so sorry about this RP being awful as fuck, but I just haven't been in an RPing mood at all, all week long after Stefan Raab's retirement who I loved and adored so much on Saturday that it hit me so goddamn hard that I didn't really care enough to put in my best efforts which is my own fault. Good luck Jason Cashe and Bronx V and congrats on whoever wins. It's well deserved for the pair of you who worked so hard on the RP's that I simply just couldn't do this week. Hard enough to even start on these RP's, let alone even getting them done.

Inside of an abandoned Television shop. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tuesday 22nd December.

Three days before Christmas and everyone was buying things around the town centre of Milwaukee, but this wasn't the case for a green masked guy who instead was inside of an abandoned TV shop and it had a few weapons inside as well as plenty of TV's that's yet to be smashed and in his situation, it was a perfect example and he even painted a light bulb that's in lime green colours to see nothing, but a small dark shop that's near where majority of the homeless people are sleeping which the masked man nearly was one if Henry didn't build him the headquarters back in Las Vegas.

But that's there, not in Milwaukee where he has to wrestle which of course Raab was enjoying very much, feeling pure excitement just for his match against Jason Cashe mainly and in reality, he wasn't bothered with Bronx, but he knew he had to take the guy very seriously as he's learned all of his past mistakes when it came to these sort of matches. There's some broken glass that's near the window from Raab breaking into as earlier, he did a dive through the shop window and threw some weapons in the shop to have loads of them all over the shop, even some near the TV's already.

Raab was already standing right in the middle of the shop where the TV's are circled around him with some of the weapons in the middle of the room where he was and even green paint, slime and vomit all around the room, but those items are gonna be used later on as he knew exactly what he's going to say towards his two opponents, especially Jason Cashe who said things that are comparing his twin brother which pisses him off more than anything as of right now and he growled a bit, but also the fact he sees how lazy Bronx was with twitter and playing video games. He really wanted to start with him as he does so, feeling the paint from the light bulb dripping above to his mask.

Lord Raab: “You are a pathetic excuse for a wrestler. I knew exactly where you're mind was at when it came down to playing video games of this Fallout game which most likely is shit, but then again, I don't play videogames because unlike you, I'm not a lazy shit who sits around and not attempting to go down to the gym and train. I'm sorry I called you pathetic, but a man who doesn't care about this match or the title shouldn't be here in the first place. You even called Jason Cashe's title a piece of tin and why? Because you only care about the 4CW title?

Sure, I'm interested in winning that title as well, but the difference is I take great fucking care about receiving any title shot I get these days, especially I belong in this division and that Extreme TV title is the top title for me to win because it's not bland wrestling of following the rules. This is as real as it gets, but it's OK because we know the only reason why you won all, but two matches in GIW is because there was no competition, making GIW a piece of garbage company and it is still to this day.”

Raab smirks, knowing it's the truth about Bronx and he's rather sick and tired of him, bragging how he's that good of a wrestler, when Raab saw the lazy side of Bronx who doesn't take wrestling seriously. He looks at all the TV's he's got around him and sniffs the paint, slime and vomit that come from the buckets and he closes his eyes for a while, embracing the smell of the things around him as he continues to speak again.

Lord Raab: “Oh so you're challenging me in a one on one match before this match has even began because you think you can beat me? I accept you're challenge, but as of right now, it is a legit loss you had against me and I have had a lot of legit losses in my time here which I now admit to, but you just can't handle the little bit of the truth of that, can you? Instead you whine and cry like a little bitch you are, but of course you are Perry Wallace's bitch so it's not that surprising. Now it seems like you are offended on losing to me, saying how it's a fluke like the fluke of you're words of being a real champion and although I should agree about Jason Cashe being a joke of a champion, I actually don't in this case because unlike you, he's proven his name here and you've haven't done jackshit of doing so, especially being handed a title shot you never earned yet again.

It's only because of being a pretender of Perry's dad that gets you those shots for titles, not you're talent although it is there for sure, but Jesus, it seems very easy for you, doesn't it? I'm trying to take you seriously dude as my opponent and I do, but you're proving to be very difficult right now, especially bragging about the shit you do on twitter which I don't give two shits about at all, considering that site is for pussies who prefer to use a computer or phones to talk shit behind people's backs instead of directly addressing them on camera and in their face. I'd rather do this instead.”

Raab picks up the barbed wire and smashes one of the TV's in pieces, although the barbed wire was more bent than the TV itself so he picks up a baseball bat and boom, it does a lot of damage to a television set, showing Bronx he'd rather do that, than talk so much rubbish behind a computer screen as he laughs a bit before he pours all of the green paint bucket on the broken TV set, seeing the electric spark coming out of the TV and he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “Ich habe nie gefragt, Cashe mir zu helfen, gegen Sie zu gewinnen, in der Tat war es eine Beleidigung, weil ich noch nie mit diesem menschlichen Fäkalien Krankheit Scheiße er verschüttet aus dem Arsch viel in Verbindung gebracht werden und Sie eine Krankheit haben, wie gut und es ist einer ich nie und das ist soziale Krankheit. Ich gehe nicht dort, weil die Ausbildung ist Wrestling und Spiele zu gewinnen wichtiger als soziale und ich bin hässlich, so wieder, vielen Dank für die Ergänzung, weil ich ihnen zu nehmen mit großem Stolz, wenn man bedenkt Blicke bedeuten nicht, Scheiße in Ringen, wenn sie taten, würden wir in einer Modenschau sein.

Wrestling soll hässliche Leute haben, weil Ringkämpfe in der Regel dazu neigen, sehr hässlich Tat, vor allem, wenn es um diese extreme Regeln Spiel kommt. Glauben Sie, dass ich einmal die Mühe gemacht über Sie trägt eine Maske, weil es macht Sie handeln hart? Nein, nicht wirklich, weil Sie mit grünem Blut, das aus meinem Körper in den Ring gießen wird, auf die Sie sind Hände und Füße bedeckt sein. Ich bin fertig verschwenden Zeit mit einem faulen Stück Scheiße wie Sie und bewegen auf mit einem echten Meister im Spiel.

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> I never asked Cashe to help me win against you, in fact it was insulting because I never want to be associated with that human feces disease shit he spills from his ass a lot and you have a disease as well and it's one I never have and that's social disease. I don't go on there because training, wrestling and winning matches is more important than being social and I am ugly so again, thanks for the compliments because I take them with great pride, considering looks don't mean shit in wrestling, if they did, we'd be in a fashion show.

Wrestling is meant to have ugly people because wrestling matches in general do tend to get very ugly indeed, especially when it comes to this extreme rules match. Do you think I'm even bothered about you wearing a mask because it makes you act tough? Nope, not really because you will be covered with green blood that will pour from my body in the ring, on you're hands and feet. I'm done wasting time with a lazy piece of shit like you and moving on with a real champion in the match.”

Raab had a lot of hatred for Jason Cashe and before he attempts to speak about him, he pours the slime on the TV's that are actually brand new that've never been used to wait for the smoke coming out of the TV before he attempts to smash it with a steel chair that actually affected both the TV with the smashed glass and the chair, having lots of dents on it as he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “You are stupid Cashe honestly, are you aware that the Raab who was champion in WEW was not me? It was my stupid brother Stefan who captured the Universal and the Titans titles at Legacy PPV. I was never apart of that company and for you're information to get out of you're useless head, I'm Markus Lord Raab and you better start believing in that. I was using my brother's name to get in this business, yeah I used him, but lets not talk about that weak man because you did say I was a champion in SCW and yes I was, but that's the past and I'm focusing completely on 4CW now, especially when you are facing me.

As much as I respect Cyrus Riddle because he's the only member I like, the rest of the Unstable team are worthless. Hell, you wanted to associate yourself with some pathetic Boardwalk wrestlers just so they can wrestle here? Is there no competition in Boardwalk or something for these 4CW pretenders to face. Yes they do have talent Cashe and yes, some of them are champions, but they don't belong with you and all of this happened when you was a special guest referee when you cost Pat Gordon the match when he faced against CJ O’Donnell, doing it just to get attention.”

Raab smirks as he knew Cashe was that fuel to him being extremely excited for the match more than Bronx was as he now picks up a sledgehammer and instead of bashing the TV set down, he throws it at one of the TV's which goes up in flames almost as he laughs like a mad man and then he goes down on the floor and grabs the sledgehammer from the screen as he continues to speak again.

Lord Raab: “You know it annoyed me when you first called me Raabies, but now I like it because it's a disease I'd like to have since rabies is a disease after all with all the dogs biting on my arm to catch them if the dogs have already. HAHA, I embrace rabies to suffer from the disease, but I'd rather have a runny nose disease because of the green that will come out of my nose like the green shit people call it that comes out of my body. I'm all green all over now because the colour changed me to become a sicker and dangerous monster than ever before.

It's the sickness of not holding a title in 4CW that pushes me to become this green monster who has a disease of never going away just like this hatred we have for each other never goes away and it's just a disease bug that I am. Oh yeah, I called myself a diseased bug because after all, most insects are green and pour out green blood just like that slime over there that I poured on the TV a while ago. Yes Cashe, you've been in more hardcore matches, but that hasn't been much recently until that Warzone cage match came around and haven't you noticed I've only lost three times in these sort of matches? Because it's been my house ever since last year.”

He has one more bucket to use and that's vomit and instead of pouring it over a TV, he picks the bucket up and pours it all over him, smelling and being completely covered in his own vomit and even attempts to lick at it, laughing maniacally at the vomit before he goes crazy with smashing all the TV's up with a metal baseball bat as he feels violent and dangerous, showing how much he wants the title badly and places the baseball bat down on the ground with the TV's sparking up flames, but it was green flames which Raab used a special green gasoline liquid to get it all in green just like the bright green lightbulb above him as he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “Ich denke, mit Waffen wird hardcore Cashe weil nicht Haben Sie bemerkt, dass die Verwendung Sie Hände und Fäuste als Waffen verwendet werden? Genau das, und sogar die Ellbogen und Knie-Aufnahmen kann sehr nützlich sein, ohne Waffenausrüstung um mich herum, und ich habe noch ein paar Fernseher zu treten, aber ich habe schon einmal geschlagen, ich kann es wieder tun und es macht Spaß, Tidus Geist verdrehen war um ihn so Angst vor mir zu sein, dass er kaum zu sehen in diesen Tagen, und es ist nicht überraschend, er wollte nicht mit mir reden, wenn man bedenkt, er ist eine Schlampe Pussy gemacht von mir.

Dann wieder, du bist eine Schlampe Pussy gemacht sowie, umgeben Sie sich in der Unstable-Bande, noch lassen sich die Frage heraus, warum Sie sich mit anderen Menschen verbinden müssen, ohne sich mit mir auf Sie selbst? Wissen Sie, was das ist? Sie unsicher, und ich weiß, ich bin sehr unsicher mit Frauen, aber auch wenn Niobe ist ein Champion nun hat sie den Wettbewerb nicht ewig auf die Verteidigung der Fate Titel hatten. Schauen Sie in den grünen Flammen und sehen, dass Sie künftig mit dem Xtreme TV Titel ist nicht gonna mit dir sein für sehr lange sind, vor allem bei mir im Wege stehen, wobei im Ring, als viel besser je zuvor, so dass Sie einen Kampf Sie wollen nicht, um mit mir überhaupt zu sein.

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>> I think using weapons is being hardcore Cashe because didn't you notice that using you're hands and fists can be used as weapons as well? Exactly and even the elbows and knee shots can be very useful without using weapon equipment around me and I still have a few TV's to kick, but I've beaten you once before, I can do it again and it was fun to twist Tidus's mind to get him to be so scared of me that he's barely seen these days and it's no surprising he didn't want to talk to me, considering he's a bitch made pussy by me.

Then again, you're a bitch made pussy as well, surrounding yourself in the Unstable gang, still leaving the question out as to why you have to join with other people without dealing with me on you're own? Do you know what that is? You being insecure and I know I'm very insecure with women, but even though Niobe is a champion now, she hasn't had competition for ages on defending the Fate title. Look in those green flames and see that you're future with the Xtreme TV Title isn't gonna be with you for very long, especially with me standing in the way, being much better in the ring than ever before, giving you a fight you don't want to be in with me at all.”

Raab decides to do just that on kicking the TV's down with his foot as the place goes up in green flames right now and Raab doesn't seem like he wants to move from the shop and decides to sit down, feeling the green flames all over the place with pieces of wood and walls starting to rot down as he hears the flames getting bigger, but it doesn't phase him and feels very calm and relaxed for a while until he had to be a little crazy again to finish what he has to say to both Bronx and Cashe.

Lord Raab: “There is nobody out there who's needs to win the 4CW Extreme TV title as much as I do because not I will, I must cure this deadly disease within me that I have to win a title in this company and even if it's not the Extreme TV title, I'm gonna bust my ass just to do so around this joint because it's just long deserving for me and I just need to focus and push myself to the limits that even I've never gone before because it was Henry who kicked some sense into me when he told me I never took any title matches seriously and he's right, I never did and treated them as one big joke like you both kinda claimed, more with Bronx because he knows he has to do the same too to win a title in this company.

I want to win a title in this company more than anywhere else now because I've done everything I could in the companies I'm with and it's only this one I can't seem to do and it's driving me insane, making me sick physically, mentally and even paranoid because of being unable to do this goal and I want to be the one that dominates the match and it's a must thing for me to do. I need to be more violent, I need to be ruthless and most of all, I need to be the one who claims the pinfall or making someone tap out in title matches to win.”

Of course Raab was saying those things as the truth, but he even questioned as to why he was a fucking idiot on not thinking this earlier and he knew he barely talked about any titles he wanted to go for and he's kicking himself for it and has paid the price and he sees TV's around him and going a bit extreme with them as he smashes more of the TV's that weren't broken and now they are all beaten and done as he speaks for the last time.

Lord Raab: “I'm gonna find my way to brutalise everyone in front of me and win that title and I just have one more thing to say to Cashe and Bronx V. Prepare to be Raabinated by the most disgusting, sick and demented monster in the match of The Green Disease German Monster who will inflict the Green Disease in both of you as I'll have slime coming down on both of you and holding that title above my head, finally not being the underdog anymore to win that title.”

It's all Raab had left to say as he knew the flames were really big now and he quickly got up and stood from a far distance on the green flames rotting the abandoned TV shop down to the ground as the scene goes to fade.

General Discussion / New Year's Resolutions
« on: December 20, 2015, 07:34:15 PM »
What are they? It can be anything to in or out of the game and I've already thought of one in this game.

My New Year's Resolution is doing more segments for all feds I'm in because I think that's really costing me very dearly and it's not only because I don't have any ideas and not really a fan of them, to tell you the truth it's also that I fear how I'd come across them like how well they are written, putting Lord Raab over which honestly I'm pretty shit at doing etc. I'm simply not good at doing that and it's something I'm gonna push myself into doing a lot next year. It's not just this fed as I've said cos I have the same problems in other places. So yep, that's mine for next year.

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