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Author Topic: 4CW to Give Eddie Whisky A Go Go  (Read 367 times)

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4CW to Give Eddie Whisky A Go Go
« on: April 27, 2016, 01:14:14 AM »
Online Onslaught - not relevant since 2002

In a move that we can only call "optimistic", 4 Corners Wrestling has signed wrestling trainwreck Eddie Whisky to a contract of undisclosed length.

Last seen in 2013 as a curtain-jerker for DEFIANCE, he was quickly let go after arriving drunk and nearly killing his opponent with a botched death valley driver.

According to his publicist (himself), he's been 'clean and sober' for 'at least a week now. A work week' and promised no more backstage shenanigans.

Whisky, a promising star in 1992 has been a source of endless fascination and punchlines since as he has alienated himself from more promoters than a busload of Juggalos.

Online Onslaught will now start the 'Eddie Whisky Released' pool. Good odds for three weeks, or one pay-per-view.