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4CW Superstar Hospitalized
« on: April 28, 2016, 11:14:17 AM »
April 28th | 6:25 a.m - 4CW Superstar and former Champion, Jair Hopkins was taken and admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital shortly after the show went off the air last night. Last sight seen of him was him being stood over in defeat by the current and reigning 4CW Champion, Dakota Smith. About a half-hour or so later after being admitted, he tweeted out pretty much an emoji tweet of two thumbs being up and praying hands.

9:45 a.m -- A CT Scan is on schedule to give a complete report but as he was submitted, there were signs of mild concussion, a short state of amnesia as he remembered important details but not much after a portion of his match. So far, only report and showing of mild to medium areas of bruising along the arms, the lower area of his back and the upper portion of his chest. Once again, a CT scan is to come and once done, an update will be given.
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