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4CW: The Video Game Official Press Release
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Las Vegas, Nevada – 4 Corners Wrestling will officially enter the virtual world with the first installment of the 4CW video game franchise on June 21st. Developed by Rockstar North, the first installment in the 4CW video game franchise will be released for the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One game consoles. 4CW: The Video Game will give the most authentic experience in a 4CW ring without stepping into the ring yourself. The video game will feature a plethora of features that include:

Play as your favorite 4CW wrestlers: 4CW: The Video Game will feature some of the best and brightest talents currently in 4CW Wrestling from both Wednesday Night Adrenaline® and Sunday Night Uprising®.  Play as some of the most loved members of the 4CW roster including: 4CW Champion® Dakota Smith, 4CW Pride Champion® Chris Madison, 4CW X-TV Champion® Jason Cashe,  Psyche Devyne, 4CW Fate Champion® Synnum De La Cruz, 4CW Tag Team Champions® Jace Savage and Brian Hollywood, 4CW Primetime Champion® Nevaeh, and many other favorites. Other roster members include Jair Hopkins, Jett Wilder, Caleb Houston, Big Boss Hogg, Erron Wilder, Kat Jones, Niobe Martin, CJ O’Donnell, Lord Raab, and many more.

Franchise Mode: Take control of 4CW in one of the most extensive story features in 4CW The Video Game. Franchise mode allows you to take control of one of three unique paths of playability. In Owner Mode, take control both the Wednesday Night Adrenaline and Sunday Night Uprising roster. Book cards, and set feuds for the 4CW roster. In this feature, you are able to play through the cards and feuds in which you book. GM Mode allows you to take over either the Adrenaline or Uprising rosters. Set up feuds and cards and play through those situations. In player mode, take control of your favorite 4CW superstar or created player, and play through a full thirty years of 4CW action. This mode features unique storylines that takes you over many twists and turns in a full-fledged story mode.

Exhibition Mode: Exhibition mode lets you take control of the 4CW roster in a single or multiplayer environment. This quick play option allows you to compete in different match types that have been staples of 4CW. Compete against the system or your friends in such matches as: triple threat, fatal four way, tag team, six person tag team, the steel cage match, tables match, hardcore, backstage brawl, parking lot brawl, ladder match, and many more. Unique 4CW staples have also been included in the game. The 4CW Caged Ladder match will be part of the game. The game will also feature two incarnations of the WarZone match. The first being the Fright Night WarZone, and the other being the WarZone of Horrors. Finally, the infamous four person-sixty minute ironman match will also be featured.

Online Franchise: Take your friends on online with the first ever Online Franchise Mode. Create your own unique league that allows players to compete between brands for ratings supremacy!

Total Creation: 4CW: The Video Game allows you to take full creative control with an extensive creation option. Create your own 4CW superstar with over 10,000 unique items for whatever woman or man your mind can imagine. To further the unique nature of your created character, create their own unique moveset including the option of creating their own unique finisher. Finally, create your own superstar entrance including different pryo, lighting, and your own music.

Other features: Fight in the many unique venues for 4CW history. Take on your opponents in the infamous Jubilee Theatre, which was the sight for Ante Up, Fright Night, and Winter Wasteland. Also go to the unique Bayfront Park venue for South Beach Brawl. As well, you can face your opponents from both the Adrenaline and Uprising arenas. The game also features the option to switch out which versions of the 4CW championships you would want to use, considering that all versions of all championships are in the game.

Downloadable Content: With the games initial release on June 21st, the first of five DLC packs will be release. The 4CW Icons Pack will feature the likes of Roxi Johnson, The Red Pioneer, Lorenzo Porter, and Black Listed (Royce and Demi Griffin). More packs will follow in the months that follow include the future stars pack, the bad ass babes pack, and the iconic matches pack that will allow you to relieve famous matches from 4CW history.

The complete roster for 4CW: The Video Game can be found here:
Bryan Laughlin
Brian Hollywood
Chris Madison
CJ O’Donnell
Cyrus Riddle
Dakota Smith
Erron Wilder
Jace Savage
Jair Hopkins
Jason Cashe
Jett Wilder
Kat Jones
Luke Jones
Rorie Steele
Felicity Banks
Big Boss Hogg
Caleb Houston
Chris Mosh
Devin Hawk
Lord Raab
Niobe Martin
Persephone Marquis
Psyche Devyne
Synnstarr Saint
Tanja Devereaux
Tanya Black
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