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4CW Releases Three Talents
« on: June 11, 2016, 11:33:25 AM »
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It's certainly looking like it'll be a busy day within the 4CW offices, as 4CW management has announced the release of three talents.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA  - After Wednesday night's Hot Shots Invitational Bikini Contest, 4 Corners Wrestling has decided to release three of the talents involved. 4CW has released Hot Shots Stassi Malone and Trishelle Jordan from their contracts. 4CW has also relieved interviewer Logan Bianchi of her duties as well. We wish all three women the best in their future endeavors.

This news comes about just a few days after the critically panned 4CW Hot Shots Invitational Bikini Contest. The contest, which turned out to be one of the lowest rated segments on the show, was thought by 4CW officials to have been a great idea to bring more viewers onto the program due to the increased competition with the NBA. It seems as though the blame for the failure of the segments has solely been placed on Malone, Jordan, and Binachi's shoulders. More of this situation as it arises.

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