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Maddox Lucien

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« on: July 15, 2016, 03:15:24 PM »
My lady has been really stressed out about work and school. She probably took on more than she could handle. She's written a good 20 papers per class this summer. She ended up having to move in due to her brother's huge work schedule, and they live in a bad neighborhood. So he didn't feel comfortable about letting her stay at home alone at night so much. So with one computer at my place, she's had to use it to the max the last week especially.

In the future, next thing will be her finals. Fortunately in one class it's a final essay, another class it's two papers that won't be long. And the Business teacher does tests rather than papers for mid term and finals.

So that's why my RP had to be that short and that brief. Apologies for not being able to give it much effort. Lifes life.

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Re: Sorry
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Your girl is holding you back... Haha nah don't get beat up repeating that to her! Shit happens. Help your girl get her hustle going, you excused as far as I am concerned. But that's just a locker dude saying it so..