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Break Free
« on: September 19, 2016, 07:17:49 PM »
“Bryan… you need to go down the rabbit hole.”


The words echoed in his head again and again. The husky, sultry voice of Aidan Carlisle whispering in his ear. Her lips brushing against his skin and the taste of her still on his tongue. No regrets, they’d promised. No falling in love, they’d promised that too.

But the image of her walking out after stealing one of his shirts was burned into his head and it came with a disappointment he couldn’t shake. The night had been everything he’d pictured; bloody, sweaty, painful, and pleasurable. He was ready to have her on top of him for round two, but she was long gone and he was getting lost somewhere, anywhere.

Then he’d seen it. The Rabbit Hole. A shady looking little dive bar whose sign barely lit up anymore. What were the odds, really? But of all the coincidences… Besides, it was a bar, and that was what he’d convinced himself he needed.

Now he was… however many glasses of Irish Whiskey in and reality was starting to fade nicely. The place was empty except for him and the bartender, and the bartender was busy watching a football game. Good. It meant he could be alone with his thoughts.

“It’s a shame… body like that, I never would have guessed it was attached to a pussy.”

Bryan wheeled on the barstool, almost losing his balance. The place was still empty. But he knew he’d heard it; a feminine voice so close it could have been whispering in his ear. He swore he smelled perfume too, something musky and intoxicating. He downed the last of the glass.

“There you go, big boy. Drink it all away again. Run, run as fast as you can…”

With the raise of an eyebrow accompanied with a squint Bryan tries to steady his vision – currently doing it’s best Blair Witch camera act – but he can see a face. A very pretty face underneath the most vibrant shade of red he had ever encountered.
Whad’ya want?” he manages to mumble with the little control he has.

She smiles, full, perfect lips spreading, light glinting off of the piercings in her lower lip. Her shoulder leans back into the door and begins to push it open, making a slow ‘come hither’ gesture with one finger.

A grin grows on his face as he uses the top of the bar to push himself to his feet and remain stable. Looking around Bryan straightens his jacket and smiles, he knows she’s beckoning him – but he wanted to gloat for a brief moment. Perhaps to nobody but himself and the bartender who has turned his attention from the commercial on television towards Bryan as he slaps a couple dollars on the bar top.
I’ve done this like… two other times and it never ends well, hun. So if you’re going to drug me and chain me to a toilet just throw me in a river

She waited, and waited, and waited. Patient all the way until he finally made it to the door with her. At closer range it wouldn’t be so hard for him to make out the sleek skin-tight nature of her attire. It wouldn’t require much imagination on his part to figure things out. She pulled one of his arms around her waist and let it roam as he pleased.

Wouldn’t dream of it”, Her voice was a purr, soft and suggestive to his ears as she continued to slowly draw him across the street, “I see a face. A face I know, buried under all those shadows. I remember when it looked a little different on TV. Miss the smile of the devil.”

His face scrunched, did she just call him the Devil? His head snapped her way as his look shot daggers into the side of her face. Her perfect, flawless face with smooth skin that perfectly accentuates her red hair and… fantastic outfit. It’s hard for Bryan to concentrate as he tries to steady himself with a deep breath, but she’s all he can smell.
And in that moment, there it was. That smell. It penetrated his nostrils and entered his lungs with the second inhale purposely larger than the first. His jaw clenches and he feels the blood rush through his veins. How is it possible that she smells like this too? There was only one other person that’s ever,
Stop…” he says as she continues to pull him, “No wait… stop…”
She lets out a large sigh and a roll of her eyes as she stops dragging practically dragging Bryan outside.
Who are you?” He grabs her wrist gently, he almost seems desperate and sad.

She studied him for a moment, a long, pensive moment. In spite of the nature of the meeting the look in her eyes was one of keen intelligence. She slipped her wrist out of his grasp, taking his hand and guiding it back to where her spine curved inward just above the ample swell of her ass.

My name is Sadie. We’ve never met. I just know who you are”, She ran her hands slowly up the front of his chest, nails grazing across his neck. “And I have what you need to break free…”

There was a little look in her eyes, a little hope as she took a tentative step backward, trying to coax him to move again. The building that loomed behind her seemed dark. The sign wasn’t lit up, but there it was, ‘The White Rabbit.’

Goosebumps down his spine run up to the crown of his head as well, he would probably realize how light headed he was if he wasn’t ridiculously intoxicated. Her nails, like a match, ignited a fire inside of him that was brief as he squinted at the sign.
Wha-“, he leans forward and nearly stumbles into her as she catches him, “What is this place?”
He looks at Sadie and her face remains unchanged so he glances back up at the sign again, what the fuck is going on? Her fingers interlock between his and as they make eye contact again her eyebrows perk as she motions her head back slightly with what seems to be a hint.
Seriously…” this has to be a coincidence, “…if only you knew how weird this is…”

I live in a world of weird,” she whispered back at him, squeezing his hand gently. “Nothing would surprise me.”

When her back pressed to the door she gave a little knock against the glass, a rhythm that was too much for his mind to keep up with. It seemed to take forever, but the door finally opened. The man standing there was huge, smartly dressed. Some kind of security. He looked to the alluring redhead and gave a nod.

“Sadie” led him inside. The place looked like a little book store. Cramped, stacked to the ceiling on either side. She walked him all the way through, to the back where a door was open. There was a flight of stairs downward just inside.

Don’t worry,” she tried to assure him, still squeezing his hand. The sway of her hips with each high-heeled step was hypnotic. The sounds around them grew, unmistakable. This kind of place was… well, generally invite only.

At the end of the hall, another man stood. More slender, even better dressed. He looked first to Bryan, then to Sadie, who’s chin tilted downward so her eyes could find the floor.

“Mr. Laughlin,” the man spoke. “Are you pleased?” He gestured to Sadie.

God damnit, he thought to himself, it always looks like it’s going so well every single time. Then the other foot drops. He swiftly pulls his hand away from hers and a smile grows on his face while he awkwardly moves his arms erratically and takes his black suit jacket off before dropping it to the ground.
You know..” he laughs to himself, “I asked you nicely if you were going to fuck me over…” he sways back and forth while loosening the buttons on his dress shirt and rolling up each sleeve.

Sadie moved quickly to catch his suit jacket before it hit the ground, smoothly stepping in between Bryan and the well-dressed man. She placed her hand carefully on his chest. “No no, it’s okay.” The look on her face had changed to one of intense worry as she attempted to calm him down.

The man, for his part, continued to smile as he held up his hands innocently. “You misunderstand. I just wanted to be sure you were pleased with the selection. If she doesn’t suit your tastes, I can find another.”

Suit his tastes? As his brow lowers he tries to focus his eyes on the well-dressed man then on Sadie. Trying to go back and forth with caution as to not make himself dizzy. What tastes? He didn’t order a call girl, but of course he likes what he sees. Every sense he has is pleased. The touch of her nails, the primal urge triggered by her scent, every single pale skinned curve.
Yeah….” He squints across the room, “Yeah I’m pleased…”
Unsure of the next move he glances behind him at the door and around the room analyzing his situation. Unfavorable for him to say the least.

Come with me,” Sadie whispered to him. Her hand roamed down his chest. Was it intentional that it grazed across the front of his jeans? She curled her fingers through his, squeezing softly before she took a step back.

As they receded down another hall, the well-dressed man made one final comment, “If you aren’t completely satisfied, do let us know.”

For the barest moment Sadie’s grip eased, but then tightened again. It was long walk, or at least it felt that way, before they finally came to another door. She opened it and stepped inside, guiding him in, and closing it behind him.

The room left as little to the imagination as Sadie’s skin-tight clothing and corset. She turned, looked to him for a moment, and then let her eyes almost shyly shift to the floor while he took everything in. There was a bed, of course, and practically every other implement that the devil in him could ever want.

What would you like?” she whispered.

Everything inside of him tells him this is a trap, what’s in it for him? This is how horror movies start, he’s seen enough of them to know. At this point in his life he couldn’t care less. He’s fallen time and time again and this time he nearly fell, but caught himself on the way down… or did she catch him?

Did Sadie stop Bryan from systematically destroying himself and ending up back in the dark place he’s gone or… now that he’s looked around the room … Is this the dark place he’s fallen into?
His head jerks back slightly as he lets out a laugh, “Seriously… I-I don’t know what you want from me. You mentioned the Devil, but I’m not that guy anymore.. I’m just…” he looks around the room then back to his feet before following the floor up her legs to her eyes, “…human.”

She looked into his eyes, but only for a moment or two before she looked down again. A silence hung between them as she thought. She took his hand again, guiding him toward the bed where she sat down on the edge. She invited him to sit, if he wanted, beside her. He could lean on her, lay his head in her lap, lay down and use her magnificent breasts as pillows, or have her do any of the above. That was the point of it all; it was what he wanted.

While she waited for him to make up his mind, she still held onto his hand. Her eyes lifted back up to his from the seated position. “But is that what you want to continue to be? Or do you want your spot back on your burning throne?”

Burning throne.
He’s literally said those exact words before.
How the fuck does she know that?
Now he squints harder towards her on the bed and begins nodding, “Okay… alright… anything I want? Anything in this entire world?” he raises his right eyebrow and begins to loosen the buttons on his dress shirt again – except this time it’s down the middle. He glances down to Sadie sitting on the bed, noticing both of her hands tightening a grip on the edge of the bed as he let his dress shirt drop to the floor beneath him.
Bring him out.” he clenches his jaw as his jaw bones bulge from the skin on his face, “You brought me here….”
He tilts his head back and extends his arms out to his side, his chest expanding and concaving with each deep breath he takes, he closes his eyes, “So do it then… “


Sirens can be heard in the distance as the camera slowly opens to Bryan Laughlin sitting at a wooden table underneath a lone light bulb. The chain that hangs from the base of the bulb lays still. He sits still looking disheveled, his tailored is weathered and his dress shirt is unbuttoned revealing the tattoo across his throat and chest. His left hand wraps around a glass of whiskey and his right around the a tall bottle of Jack Daniels.

His eye sight fixated on the ice inside the glass, “Randall. It’s unfortunate what comes for you. I’ve brought death to the comically failed campaign as I ran from what my true destiny is. I tried to run a lifelong marathon, but I grew tired. Tired of the fallacy. Tired of the bullshit and the mockery. How do you really stand up for people who cannot truly stand up for themselves? I asked that question time and time again. I grew frustrated walking up-stream with cement block feet.”

But I finally lifted my feet and allowed the stream to take me with the current”, his finger taps a couple times on the glass as his head shakes. Lifting the glass to his mouth he takes a swig of the whiskey and smiles as he puts it back down on the table, “Finally I’ve become what I was again. I’ve become what this place feared when I first walked through these halls. The reaper. The devil. The face that brings fear with the eyes that stare at death.”

Perry fucked up when he made this no holds barred, what he thought was going to be the advantage will now be your downfall. No rules. No regard for my life or yours. You’ll soon find out what many here already know Randall” his eyes break the lock on the glass and look up at the camera, “The devil. He’s real. He walks amongst us as he once truly did and he takes what’s his and leaves the rest for the dogs. Your 4CW champion? He knows the devil. 4CW legend Jason Cashe? He’s fought the devil. They survived as a test of their true will. But the names Randall… the names you don’t know and nobody remembers … I sent them to hell with no time to pack. They lie in the fires and become engulfed in the actual hell this industry brings. Irrelevance.”

I’ve stood on the soap box and spoke prophecies. I told the world to sound the alarm. Scream it from atop the buildings and warn them that the streets will flow red with what’s left of your life. My hands. They’ll systematically destroy you with superior technical prowess. My mouth.” He dawns a large smile exposing his pearly white teeth, “These teeth. They’ll bring your red life to surface and stain the canvas with a crimson pond. Your world as you know it is soon to change, but I’ve been cordial enough to warn you. Polite enough to give you time to say goodbye to those you love. Take your last sip. Feel your last love. Breathe your last gasp of air before I choke it from you.

Another sip from his glass of whiskey brings a sour look to his face as he reaches for the bottle to pour a little more, “They rest of them will mock us. They’ll say everything failed and now he’s back to his old tricks. I already have that all figured out and I’m more than ready to deal with the opinion of the sheep like herd of the 4CW roster – but the truth is they’ve driven me back to be what I am. So I thank you. I thank everyone who kicked my ass in the middle of that ring. I applaud the mockery you all made of what I did. I let the evil sleep for too long and like a weak dam it has become overpowered as the horror of my past has snuck back up on me and taken control.”

You’ll ask…”, he sits back in his chair and holds his arms out, “What’s the difference this time? Why should we fear a pathetic cunt like Bryan Laughlin? This time?” he snaps his fingers, “I’m not alone as I walk this path.”

As he snaps his fingers, almost on cue, a woman dressed in tight latex that shines when the lone lightbulb hits it. Her red hair, matching her lips, perfectly accents her powder white skin as she walks behind Bryan and rubs her hands across his chest .

I was the lone wolf hunting without a pack who sought sorrow and acceptance from a company that cried for help, then denied their savior. So now? I’m not here to save you. We’re both here to send you straight to hell. Enjoy your last days, Randall.”