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The Sons of Fate
« on: October 15, 2016, 04:56:11 AM »
A black van somewhere outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Adrian: So I hate to be a jerk but am I actually charged with anything or what?

Man in Black: You attacked some of our officers, so we should hold you on charges for that alone. But that's honestly just a waste of paperwork and taxpayer's money, so you're free to go.

[The Man in Black reaches over and takes the cuffs off of Adrian's hands.]

Adrian: And Johnny?

Man in Black: Your friend's a bit of a bigger issue-

Adrian: But we didn't actually do anything! Would you take it seriously if an NFL player had an accident during a Monday Night Football game that ended in their death or would you laugh off the ridiculousness of the charge and be on your way?

Man in Black: I'd laugh, honestly. I mean really, there's trumped up charges and then there's this-

Adrian: Right?

Man in Black: -But rules are rules. And we have to follow them by the book.

[Adrian sighs, shaking his head.]

Adrian: Alright, fair enough. These idiotic charges aren't gonna stick though, right?

Man in Black: Most likely not.

Adrian: Okay, I'll get out of the way and let you do your job then. 

[He moves to the back of the van. Another Man in Black stands with him, opening the back of the van doors and letting him out. Adrian waits for the van to drive off before pulling out his cell phone and hitting a speed dial button.]

Adrian: Yeah it's me. I'm fine. Honest! I am kinda stranded somewhere in Little Rock though so- Kinda forgot to ask the FBI dudes for a ride but I just wanted to get the fuck outta there, hah. Still at the arena? Come pick me up, yeah? Yeah. Alright, I'll find a gas station or something and text you the address. Later.

[He started on his way to do just that, happy to be 'free.']


Hawley Lake
Fort Apache, Arizona

[We open on the majestic sight of the sun rising above a picture perfect body of water, surrounded on all sides by trees and mountain hills. There are a few boats out in the middle of the lake armed with fishing poles, but mostly everything else is quiet and still in the early morning hours.  Everything quiet except the sound of boots crunching sand and dirt underneath as we find Our Hero, Adrian Tanner Junior jogging along the road leading around to the campsites and cabins scattered all around the lake, headphones over his ears to both help with the wind chill (it gets cold in the mountains of Arizona in October) and for entertainment purposes, along with black track pants and a blue hoodie with "AA" in bright gold letters on the left breast pocket area.

He continues running for a bit before coming to a stop at a bench set up right in front of the lake. He pulls a backpack out from underneath the bench and takes a couple swigs from a water bottle. Setting himself down on the bench, he turns towards the camera.]


He pauses, suddenly realizing his voice is probably higher than it needs to be. Reaching up with his hands he finds the culprit... He pulls the headphones down across his shoulders and we can catch a glimpse of what he's listening to.]

Some Twitter Troll's Voice: If Laughlin shows up this one isn't even close.

[Adrian rolls his eyes.]

Adrian: Don't look too far into that, Twitter Trolls. I ain't sweatin' either of you. I'm just using everyone for motivation.

[He takes a moment to stretch out his back and the rest of his limbs before continuing.]

Adrian: But hey, Halloween's coming up. Maybe I can con Brandon into going with me as a version of Eli and Genie that DONT spend every moment of their time being fucking five year olds on twitter.

[That would imply those versions exist.]

Adrian: Good point.

Speaking of ridiculous and Halloween: 'Sup 4CDub? It seems like by teaming up with Johnny for the Tag Tourney I've doomed myself to a life of neverending multi-man clusterfucks. But at least this one has some weight behind it!

 A chance to bring one-half, or both, of the Donaldsons down a peg AND walk out with a shot at the World Title! What's not to love!?

[Fingerguns with a grin for good measure.]

Adrian: You know, I was initially against accepting this match. Not because I don't think I can win because pffffttttbahahahaha of COURSE I can! But more because I didn't believe I'd reached the point of deserving a World Title shot in 4CDub yet. I mean, based on past credentials alone I deserve it more than almost everyone in this match aside from probably JPD- and I'll include Johnny in that list just because he's my tag partner and I want good things for him. But I didn't want to be handed title shots. I wanted to EARN them, the right way. By kicking ass and taking names until I'd worked my way up the hierarchy and forced Perririno to put me into a World Title program.

But then I thought more about it and fuck- if the rest of you yahoos get a shot at the big time, why shouldn't I?

I mean what else was I gonna do, slum it with Fauxdrian on the B-show?

[There's the smirk.]

Adrian: I mean honestly, we've got the Neverending Pigfucking Professional Twitter Trolls, an Actual Troll, a woman who thinks calling the FBI on a dude because of a fucking freak accident during a Sporting Event makes ANY sense at all- you are the SMRT-est, Sativa!,  the big dumb oaf who thought teaming with a woman who thought it was SMRT to call the FBI on something that happens in literally every other full contact sport in History, Emo Goth Kid Who Thinks He's Going to Burn The World #1 and my opponent his Dimestore clone, and whatever the fuck Scott Stevens and Darin Matthews are supposed to be.

Then you have me and Johnny, and the Donaldsons. I'm not going to knock JPD and Tara's accomplishments because while ya'll might be awful people, I do believe you've got all the talent in the world and you two, at least, deserve to be here.

Really this thing should've just been the four of us. And maybe the Twitter Babies just for extra bodies. Someone who can take the pin so the rest of us don't have to for a bit.

[He shrugs, taking another sip of water before staring out at the lake before him.]

Adrian: Man I love this place. Y'know most people wouldn't take me for a 'relaxing cabin by the lake in the mountains type' but I am. I've been coming to this lake since I was a kid and it holds a lot of good memories for me. It's a place I can just... get away from everything for a bit and just- be. It's a place I come to recharge my batteries and Raptor Jesus knows they've needed recharging for awhile now. I knew getting back into the grind would be rough but I never expected it to be this rough.

But don't worry, your hero's rested and ready to kick some fuckin' heads in.

[He rolls his head from side, popping the muscles in his neck as he does so.]

Adrian: I'd like to say I'm gonna steamroll this thing and walk out with everything but- that's wishful thinking aha. Oh I'm aiming to win don't you worry about that, but I also know there's enough talent in this thing to make it not easy. And to even make it into the clusterfuck from Hell Mach Two I have to get past one Bryan Laughlin.

[Stares into the camera like he's on the Office.]

Adrian: Bryan Laughlin thinks of me as prey.


You go right ahead and think that, B-ry. I'm encouraging it and giving you full permission to do so. Because -and here's the kicker- you're doing anything that anyone else doesn't already do! Thinking of me as prey implies you think of me as lesser than you, no matter what you say. Thinking of me as lesser than you is what literally everyone else has claimed to think of me since the Dawn of fucking Time. Or at least the dawn of my career. Every single guy I've ever faced who's thought themselves some form of "God" or "Devil" has always done or said almost the same thing in regards to me. "You're a nobody." "You're nothing." "You're a tiny cruiserweight (even though I'm SIX FOOT TWO) and I'm a 7 foot godking monster of everything and therefor I will destroy you raaargh." 

And every single one of 'em meets my Revolver in the end.

[He makes a gun motion with his hand against his temple, and 'fires.']

Adrian: I keep having to make references to clones because it's literally all I keep seein' everywhere I go in 4CDub. When you've seen one emo goth dork who wants to "plunge the world into darkness" you've seen 'em all. Outside of the fact that your name is Bryan Laughlin and theirs wasn't, there is not a single thing about you that I haven't seen before. Which means there is not a single thing about you that I don't know how to counteract. You're "the Devil," you're "evil, INDEED!" and all that blah-diddly-blah lah-de-fucking dah.

I don't look at you as "prey," B-Ry. I look at you as COMPETITION.

Competition is what I thrive on. It's what I've missed for so long since I've started here- outside of the clusterfucks, I haven't been challenged in single competition since I started here. And I'll admit, that's made me a little lax. It's made me let my guard down, just a little. But at Fright Night, that's about to change. And it's all thanks to you!

[Double thumbs up to the camera!]

Adrian: I mean for one, you showed up- which is more than I can say for over half of my opponents in this company so far so there's that. But you're right, B-Ry. 4CDub is in for an awakening. Unfortunately it's not gonna be the blood and guts fire and brimstone horror show you expect it to be.

No, its gonna be an awakening of a different sort. The Asshole Antagonists are gonna put the SPORT back into the Sport of Professional Wrestling. It's gonna be a coming out party for the Arizona Assassin, where yours truly will finally get to show off just what brought him to the big time in the first fucking place! It's going to be glorious and bloody and violent and as Raptor Jesus as my witness it is going to end with one or both of me and Johnny Evil walking out with all the glory.

I will walk through fire for this, B-ry. I will walk through whatever "Hell" you wish to inflict on me oh great Devil, but at the end of the day it's going to be ME walking on to the Real, Actual Hell in the Warzone of Horrors. You say you're The Devil, you say I don't have what it takes to take you down, to slay the Demon of 4CW. Well that is where you are one hundred thousand percent WRONG, friend.

I say you are a false prophet, and I am going to look forward to busting your myth all over that ring because I CAN do it, because I HAVE done it before. I've faced your type all over the world, for Championships and glory alike, and there's not a single "monster," not a single God or "Devil" that I haven't faced that hasn't found themselves laying up at the mat wondering just where the fuck they went wrong while my hand is raised in victory!

Beating guys like you isn't just what I do, B-Ry. It's one of the things I do BEST. 

[He hops off the bench, a determined stare pointed directly at the camera.]

Adrian: Taking guys like you, guys who think they're some kind of messiah and making them rethink their game-plan, rethink their role in life as I move on to bigger and better things and leave them in the dust? This is the shit that I LIVE for! This is the thing that gets my blood pumping, the thing that gets my motor revving.

You can act like I'm a nobody, look past me, treat me like a lamb being led to slaughter all you want. But I just want you to know, B-Ry, this lamb bites back. And I'm gonna keep biting, and keep biting, and keep biting until you're a broken mess on the floor, wondering when it was you realized you were In Too Deep. That you might have started out the fight thinking you were the Hunter, but in the end, it was YOU who was the hunted, you and your False Godhood, who were laid bare for all the world to see just how much of a phony you truly are.

I am the Arizona Assassin! My aim is true and my sights are locked on the glory that comes first from beating you, and then from walking out of the Warzone with either or both of the Prizes. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some false messiah get in MY WAY of stepping up and beginning the true renaissance that this run in 4CDub was supposed to be!

You're right, we want this for different reasons. My reasons just happen to outrank yours. I don't just fight for myself. I fight for glory! I fight for all the people who come to our shows and chant my name, for my friends and family, for everyone who's ever heard the name Adrian Tanner Junior and gone "hey that guy's pretty cool." I fight for everyone who's ever believed in me and I fight to prove them and their faith in me true.

But most of all I fight to prove guys like you wrong.

[Another small, barely noticeable smirk.]

Adrian: You say you're the Devil. I say you're full of it. I've been the Devil-slayer before. I'll be it again if I have to. Everyone has a weakness. Everyone has an Achilles Heel.

Every Devil has it's Due.

And I will find yours. And when I do, it's game over, 'Devil.'

I am the man with the Golden Gun. My Revolver is a weapon of righteous fury and her aim is picture fucking perfect.

I will set you in my sights, O' False Devil-

[He makes another gun motion with his hand, pointing into the camera lens.]

Adrian: And the bullets scream DEATH as they fly.

[And with that, he walks off, on the path to ultimate victory.]

[See You, Space Cowboy.]