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Author Topic: A Fate forged in Steel  (Read 318 times)

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A Fate forged in Steel
« on: November 20, 2016, 04:55:30 PM »
The night Maddox Lucien was ripped from our hearts and minds

Our Hero, Adrian Tanner Junior, is in handcuffs backstage after Adrenaline. He is sat in a chair in a hallway waiting for the men in black to do something with him when he hears a commotion. He glances up and sees NEXTWAVE Lawyer slash Accountant slash Cousin/in-law Jeremiah Young walk up to the group of FBI agents.

Jeremiah Young: This is fucking stupid.

Man in Black: Agreed.

One of the men in black undoes the handcuffs.

Adrian: Thank you.

Man in Black: But still, we have a rep to keep up. Wanna ride with us in the van for a bit? We'll drop you off at some random point, make it seem like a real thing. It'll be fun.

Adrian: Eh, sure.

Man in Black: Cool.

The men in black, our Hero and his lawyer/accountant/cousin-in-law walk off into the night.


"I couldn't rescue Johnny because by the time they took me out Johnny was already hell and gone. Plus your bullshit accusations only went against him, I was just stopped for jumping some of the FBI guys in the heat of the moment. But hey good try, right? Trying to put a crack in my and Johnny's team so you can mess with him more. Sorry, but I've got more regard for my friends than that, even the new ones that haven't been there that long.

Respect is something of a big deal to me, and I respect Johnny too much to let something like some "crazy" bitch and her asinine schemes get in the way of our tag team and friendship. And I'd be willing to bank on Johnny feeling the same way. I dunno what the deal with Johnny still being in jail is since the trumped up charges you sent his way were fucking baseless and quite frankly, stupid, but I know he wouldn't blame me for something YOU did.

You think I give a shit that JPD or Genie did the Batman joke already? I don't control what idiocy Brandon gets me into, I learned long ago not to try. I just go along with the ride. But honestly, if the shoe fits and all that. You 'claim' you're not the part anymore but you're still running around acting 'craaaaazzzzy' and you yourself rambled about how you were gonna beat me black and blue with your little speshul baseball bat. I know comic books, lady. And you're a Rob Liefeld cover away from BEING one straight out of the nineties shit boom. I just called it how I saw it: fourth-rate batman villain. The fact you're so defensive about it kinda proves my point, y'know? But you keep doin' you, Sativa. You keep doin' you.

And I'll keep doin' me. Which is, y'know, being better than you in almost every facet imaginable. YOU talking about old jokes is hilarious, considering the only thing you had to throw at me was to call me 'bitch boy' and the like.

It is hilarious that you took the entirely wrong message away from whatever-the-fuck that Batman bullshit was from my last promotional though. For me to be 'scared' of you, I'd have to give the slightest of fucks about you, Sative. You're no bogeyman, you're barely a blip on the radar of things that legitimately scare me. You're a clown with a 'mental disorder' who plays at being a good wrestler while I simply AM. You've got to make up ridiculous bullshit about people or call in fake FBI threats because otherwise you ai'nt got shit. The only bogeyman you'd be is the type that fishes golf balls out of the lake when people can't hit for shit.

I am no Saint, nor have I ever claimed to be one. But what I AM, and what you and everyone else in this fucking company seem to keep forgetting or ignoring no matter HOW many time I've proven otherwise- is an amazing fucking WRESTLER. I have yet to be pinned in the middle of that ring, Sative, and I don't plan on letting you or Raab be the first to do so. I am on a mission to prove to myself that I am still as good as I was back before I took my break and so far? Nobody's been able to tell me otherwise. But please keep explaining the rules of the match to me like it's supposed to make a difference. Congratulations you know that using weapons in a normal match gets you disqualified. And I'm supposed to care why exactly?

See this is the thing I'm talkin' about, Sative. You CLAIM you're this violent sociopath who will do ANYTHING to win a match, who thrives on violence and carnage and bloodshed and all that, and yet yourself just said you can't use your silly little baseball bat in 'normal matches' because it would get you DQ'ed. A REAL 'crazy' person wouldn't care about disqualifications. A real 'crazy' person would just DO it and to hell with the consequences.

Like I said, you're a FRAUD. You're a pretender. But there ain't no pretending with me. I can say I'm gonna go into this No Holds Barred match and I am going to win and do it without the crutch of weapons because I KNOW I can! It's not about being sainthood or being holier than thou its about proving to the entire world that I. AM. THE. BEST. AROUND!

And nothin', and no-one's, gonna ever keep me down.

This isn't about some self-righteous bullshit at the end of the day. I'm NOT against weapons and violence and bloodshed. What I AM against is violence for the sake of violence. I like my violence to MEAN something. I like my bloodshed to have a purpose, and there is no purpose in randomly fighting to the death on a random ass Adrenaline. I'm not scared of blood you fucking moron. I've bled for this business my entire career. This business is MY LIFE and I would gladly give it if I had to.

But I don't have to. Not yet at least.

The purity of wrestling has nothing at all to do with Hitler, you fucking one-trick clown. I fight for the purity of the SPORT of wrestling because that's what this is, it's a SPORT. A sport I am really, really good at. But please, keep diggin' that hole for yourself, Sative. It'll be that much easier to bury you in it.

At the end of the day, this is about me, proving to MYSELF- not to you, not to the fans, not to Perry Wallace- to MYSELF, that I can go the distance. That I can BE the man I've always been and that I can DO the things I've always been able to do in the best ways that I can DO them.

I am the BEST Light Heavyweight In. This. Business! And I will not let my goals be derailed by a fucking fake clown and a fake monster with women issues. If I HAVE to get violent, I can and will get violent. But until that point comes, I'm not gonna let some wanna-be "psycho" get the best of me with her silly baseball bat and trivial understanding of how matches work. I am going to win this match on the basis of being the best fucking WRESTLER in this match and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me!

Bring all the weapons you want, hit me with the kitchen sink. I don't care. I've taken worse. I've lived through more.  I am not scared of you or what you can do to me.

This is MY Title and the only way you are taking it from me is my cold, dead, hands.

And better clowns than you have tried and failed.

Yo I'm sorry your dad died but Raab, try to understand, that I do want you want you as a fan!

...Wait. Sorry I've been listening to a lot of Eminem to get ready for this shindig.

Condolences on your dad dying, man. That sucks. I only got to know mine for a short time before fate took him from me.  At least you got some good memories to look back on, yeah?

I think I made it pretty clear WHY I'm holding this belt despite my little personal goal I've set for myself, Raab. But as you've clearly stated you don't care what Sativa or I have said leading up to this match I'll give you a little primer. I'm holding this belt because it was thrust into my lap, literally like -I fell off a cage and landed on top of a dude for a pinfall at the end of Fright Night. I didn't ask to be given this title, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to defend it to the best of my ability. Unfortunately for you and the rest of the roster who wants to come for my belt- the best of my ability means running circles around ya'll with my ridiculous athletic prowess and dropping you on your thick skulls until you stop fighting back.

What matters isn't why I'm holding it or how I ended up with it, what matters is that it's MINE and as God as my witness it is going to STAY that way. Winning titles is what I do, man. Keeping them and making "monsters" and "crazy" people eat my dust is just part two of the plan.  History doesn't care- Well, History cares but the people who read about history, they don't care how you did a thing or why a thing happened they only care that you DID it! And at the end of the day, History is going to show that the I am the XTV Champion, and I am going to continue to BE the XTV Champion whether you or Sativa or anyone else on this godforsaken roster likes it or not.

I respect you Raab, I respect your heart, your loyalty, I respect you want to change yourself for the better, even if it seems hard to do. When I was just starting out in this business my big brother shipped me off all the way to Australia, told me it would help me build confidence. Told me it would give me a head start on what it felt like to be away from everything you loved and cared about, told me it was a good way to experience 'the life' first hand. And it was, it was all of those things, and it helped me learn and grow into the amazing superstar I am now. But back then it just made me angry, it made me upset that my big brother- the man I idolized, the man who trained me, would pawn me off onto my other brother who HATED my guts and a country that I'd only ever heard stories of. It pissed me off that he basically threw me to the wolves and I reacted in typical teenage fashion- I lashed out at everyone around me and I acted like a jackass. But in time, as I grew and found myself through hard work, kicking ass and getting my own ass kicked- I learned that I didn't have to be that guy. I could be someone better. I could be something... better.

I could be the Green Arrow.

...Wait. No. I mean, close enough really. But no. But the point I'm getting at is: I respect you for wanting to be a better person, for fighting for what you believe in, for sticking up for yourself in the face of everyone telling you you just can't do it.

But here's the thing Raab: You just can't do it. Not here. Not against me. You're still learning, still growing, still becoming something new and better but me? I'm fully grown, fully realized. I am the BEST goddamn Light Heavyweight in this business, and I am going to continue to prove that by going directly through you and the Clown Princess of Nothing.

I never said I don't like to use weapons, or that I wouldn't, eventually. I said I didn't see a need for it in a random ass Adrenaline match. Weapons and violence are for blood feuds and when you just hate a person so much you just wanna murderdeathkill them into oblivion. Some random nothing match on the TV show ain't worth wasting my time with weapons and bloodshed and violence for the sake of violence. I'm an Aerial Artist, not a bloodthirsty savage or a "crazy" person like some other people.

Weapons are a crutch. But hey if you're cool being someone who NEEDS a crutch to get the job done then you do you, man. I'm gonna do me and be the best fucking WRESTLER in this match. The difference between me and your brother- you said it yourself already. He lost, I won. And that's what I'm going to continue to do. Win, because i am so, so good at it.

How is it not entertaining, Raab? Please. You can see three people beat the shit outta each other weapons at any random ass wrestling show all around the world. I would rather watch the dude who refuses to use them in the middle of the other two clowns, I would rather watch the guy who wins on his OWN merits without a stupid gimmick as a crutch, because THAT's the more entertaining story. One man standing tall in the face of random violence and winning the whole thing with just his ability and his God-given talents alone, versus two "lunatics" who have to use cheap weapons to get by? Who do you root for in that situation.

You root for me. THEY root for me. These fans may love and support you for being a 4CW Original, but they're going to be chanting MY name at the end of the match, just like they always do, when I'm standing above you and/or Sativa as the Man with the Plan. The man with NO FEAR. The man who doesn't have to rely on anything but my own talent and my own faith in what I can do to get the job D-O-N-E.

Come at me with all you got, Raab. I welcome it, I relish it. I'm ASKING for it.

But at the end of the day only one of us is going to be standing as the XTV Champion.

And that one guy is going to be me, just like it was at Fright Night, just like it's been every. single. time I've stepped foot into this ring since I signed on that dotted line. I am the Arizona Assassin, and your face is locked into my Golden gun's iron sights, and my Revolver does. not. miss.

See you, Space Cowboys."