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Author Topic: Blazin? That's weak sauce Try the new Scorpion's Sting Hot Sauce only at 4CW.com  (Read 254 times)

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Hi there,

Do you have a craving for things hot and spicy?

Are you one of those that puts hot sauce on food to make it taste a little better?

Are you one of those that can handle the heat of Blazin' from Buffalo wild Wings because it's not hot enough?

Well you are in luck because this weekend only exclusively on 4CWShop.com you can have your very own of the hottest hot sauce on the planet......

That's right, when it comes to knowing about hot and spicy things 4CW's favorite Texan knows a thing or two, and you can experience the knowledge of hottness for only $10


If you order yours now as part of a Christmas Eve special you'll get three other hot sauces half off!

That's four great hot sauces for only $25!

Order your hot sauce now because remember Blazin' is for pussies and Nothing survives the Scorpion's sting!
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