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Author Topic: Easy Out! or, I For One Welcome Our New Evil Overlords  (Read 416 times)

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Easy Out! or, I For One Welcome Our New Evil Overlords
« on: January 09, 2017, 04:00:17 AM »
Voice: So...

Our scene opens up to the Tanner-Young family household, where we find a very not-happy Kaycee Young staring down her NEXTWAVE compatriots Cecil Kennedy and Adrian Tanner, who are seated on the couch in front of her as she paces back and forth, slowly.

Kaycee: Explain to me again how you LOST Brandon?

Adrian: Yeeeeaaah, we're uh...

Cecil: We're real sorry about that, Kayc. We're actually not sure how it-

Kaycee: You. LOST. My Husband!

She stops her pacing shouting the words at the two of them.

Kaycee: And all you can say is "we're sorry we don't know how." That's not good enough, guys.

Adrian: We know-

Cecil: But we really don't. One moment he was there-

Adrian: -The next he wasn't. We scoured that damn arena looking for him and the only thing we found was an empty reeces pieces wrapper.

Kaycee: I saw the clip. That doesn't make it better.

Adrian: I'm not saying it does! I'm just saying

Cecil: It's not like this is the first time he's done something like this.

Adrian: Remember when he got "pushed overboard" during the cruise brawl and spent six months on a "deserted island" because he didn't wanna be Johnny Chaos anymore but didn't know how to tell us about it?

Kaycee stops, shakes her head. If looks could kill Adrian would be a bloody smear on the couch right now. As it is she's trying very hard to will the ability to shoot mind bullets into reality.

That's telekinesis, Sativa.

Kaycee: Adrian, you lost my husband! I'm not looking for excuses, I'm looking for answers.

Adrian: I know!

He shouts back, then winces. She has every right to be monumentally pissed at him, he doesn't wanna make it worse by being mad at her back.

Adrian: We're doing what we can. We'll find him. Chances are he'll just wander into Adrenaline no worse for wear next week.

Cecil: It's happened before.

Kaycee: What-

Adrian: Cecil!

Adrian palms his face.

Cecil: What? It's not like she can be MORE pissed at us.

Kaycee: Don't count your luck out.

...This has happened before?

Adrian: No!

Cecil: Yes.

Adrian: Okay, once-

Cecil: More than once.

Adrian: Cecil!

Adrian throws his arms up in exasperation. Cecil just shrugs.

Cecil: It's usually just a day thing though, you know Brandon, always looking for how best to make the next big ridiculously fucking setup for a promo. But he's never been gone this long.

Kaycee: Strangely, that's not helpful Ceece.

Adrian: I told you!

Cecil: Eh, worth a shot.

Kaycee takes a deep breath, sighing heavily.

Kaycee: You're lucky Olivia is easy to fool into thinking her daddy's still on his business trip. Though I guess fooling a five year old isn't much harder than putting one over on the two of you.

Adrian: Ouch.

Cecil: Yeah.

Kaycee stares daggers at both of them.

Adrian: ..Okay yeah that's fair.

Cecil: Agreed.

Our Heroes pull themselves to their feet, anxious to get some separation from the rightfully angry redhead.

Kaycee: Find him, Adrian. Or I will never forgive you. Either of you.

Adrian: We will. I promise.

Cecil: Ditto.

Kaycee nods, moving out of the way for them to leave. They walk out onto the front porch, closing the door behind them.

Adrian: This is bad, Ceece.

Cecil: Then we un-bad it.

Adrian just stares at Cecil for a long moment before shaking his head with a small chuckle.

Adrian: ...Right.

The two men head off to hopefully do just that.


Nextwave presents: I Want My Title Back
As drawn by Benji Tanner, Aged 6


We open up at a children's park baseball field, where a bunch of little kids in uniform are playing Tee-ball against a bunch of other little kids in uniform. Strange? Sure. But it's Arizona, where weather is non-existent and the points don't matter, even if they managed to get snow it probably wouldn't be enough to stop them playing. We cut away from the field to the very top of the bleachers on the other side of the batter's side cage, where we find our Hero, Adrian Tanner Junior, wearing a black shirt with "GENERATION NOPE" in bold white font and holding a small bag of popcorn in one hand. A man who almost looks like an older version of Adrian wearing the same uniform as the kids on the bases, helps a little kid line up his shot on the tee-ball stand. The child rears back with all his tiny might and smacks the ball, sending it flying out into the 'pitchers' mound. The child fist pumps and takes off for first base as the opposing children scramble for the ball.

Adrian: Go Benji!

Adrian cheers at the hit, raising his arm in celebration as the child takes first base.

Adrian: Hello and welcome to twenty-seventeen, assholes! My name is Adrian Tanner and this, is the Adrian Tanner Show! I'm not gonna take up much of your time with this one because let's face it, Max Kael is yet another in a long line of "wrestlers" (air quotes with his free hand) the 4CDub brass has seen fit to throw in my path, and as such it's going to take no time at all to destroy him and move on to the next bump in the road. But I do have some things I need to get off my chest.

He takes a moment to cheer on his nephew as Benji manages to make it to second base right before the pitcher runs up to tag him with it.

Adrian: Speaking of "wrestlers," (again, air quotes) what the fuck is this "Generation Now" shit? You've got three supposed "good" guys teaming up with The Clown Who Didn't Beat Me for My Title, who thought it was perfectly fine to KIDNAP A FUCKING CHILD and don't see anything wrong with that? A literal baby kidnapped by a mental baby, and you fucks are just all too happy to associate with her. Are you idiots fucking serious? By that notion alone the three of you have rocketed up the Stupid Scale and I'm inclined to fucking HATE every single one of you for the rest of your days. How the FUCK do you call yourselves "good" people and align yourself with that piece of fucking trash?

Generation Now is more like Generation Nope, and as one-half of the Asshole Antagonists I am going to antagonize the shit out of you fucking morons until you hate fucking life, because I cannot BELIEVE this shit. You fucking asshats have me rooting for Eli Carlson, something that should NEVER be a thing. That's how much I HATE you fucks right now. You've got me rooting for ELI of all people.

Fuck you, you fucking fucks.

Our Hero shakes his head in disgust. The camera also shakes its head in disgust. A majority of the people watching do the same.

Adrian: Anyone who makes me want to root for Eli and whatsherface deserve to fucking get thrown into the sun.  Metaphorically and physically. Once those tests are done at NEXTWAVE HQ we might just be able to do both.

But I digress.

Max Kael, who the fuck are you and why should I care? Supposedly from some big time wrestling family and yet, you can't be assed to show up for our damn match.

The Arizona Assassin rolls his eyes.

Adrian: If you can't enough of a fuck to even try, I can't really give much of a fuck about you.

There's very little I hate worse in this business than people who don't take it seriously, Max. And if I wasn't using up all of my hatredy allowance on Generation Nope I'd be a lot more angry at the disrespect being shown by a supposed veteran of the sport. As it is it's just- par for the course around here. Just Business as Usual for good ol' 4CDub. You are just more of the same, and I am TIRED of having to put effort into things, and people,that clearly don't matter in the long run. Oh I am still going to put my all into this because unlike YOU, I am a Professional but I am still tired of it nonetheless.

I expected better from you, Max, but then, I expect better from everyone. Unless you're a Shiro, or the Clown Who DIdn't Beat Me for My Title, but I never expect much from people with the IQ of a potato. You, I expected better from. My bad. But this is what I'm talking about Max. I keep getting my hopes up, keep hoping against hope that THIS match is gonna be the one that really pushes me to my limit, that really lights a fire in both me and my opponent to put on that special something that makes everyone stand up and go "holy shit those guys are awesome!" That's what I strive to be every single day of my life, every single I step through those ropes, I strive to be that person. Whether my opponent likes it or not. If I have to drag them kicking and screaming to at the very least a four-star match then that's what I'm gonna do.

And usually what I have to do.

Stupid people will throw that back at me and claim I'm only in it for the fame and the adoration but that's why they are the Stupid and why I greatly enjoy making the Stupid suffer as I actually drag them kicking and screaming, and sometimes bleeding, around that ring.

While Adrian speaks, the child has passed third base and is now making his way towards Home plate, again making it across just barely before the catcher touches him with the ball. The crowd, and Adrian, cheers.

Adrian: Yeah get 'em Benji! That's how you do it!

Adrian grins, waving back at his nephew as he heads back into the batter cage.

Adrian: In that ring I drop bombs like my name was Atom, and by the end of the night you're gonna wish I meant the comic book character and not the actual bomb.  I'm going to have to use you, Max, as yet another in a long line of examples as to why you do NOT take Adrian Tanner Junior lightly, why when you face me you SHOW UP, or you suffer the consequences.

I mean I was likely gonna beat you anyways, but now I'm gonna make it HURT. We could've had a friendly, competitive match, go out there and wow the fans, put on one for the ages between two vets of the sport. But no, you had to go and be yet another nobody who feels he's too important, or too lazy, to show up and work for what's his.

All I do is work for what's mine, Max, and I do a damn good job of it.

At Adrenaline, I'm gonna do another damn good job of it, whether you like it or not. You have no chance to survive, make your time.

He shakes his head again.

Adrian: And before I forget- to the fuckstick who kidnapped by brother: I will find you. And I will end you. You think you're cute kidnapping my manager? Think again, fucker. You just did the worst possible thing you could've done.

Viduu, if that ends up being you? You're gonna need a lot more animal parts and a lot more weird creepy children to save you.

He makes a gun motion with his hand, pointing it at the camera.

Adrian: See you, space cowboys.

You're gonna carry that weight.