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Promise of Redemption
« on: March 27, 2017, 04:48:07 AM »
Stanley, Tasmania, Australia. An unusual place to start a promotional for a show that takes place in Charlotte? Sure, but that's the cool thing about being a ten-year vet with millions of dollars to your name: You can go wherever the fuck you wanna go whenever the fuck you wanna go. He doesn't usually bring up how much money he actually has very often because yknow, 'the sport of wrestling' and all that. Adrian is leaning against a railing looking down at the ocean from the top of the Nut, an old volcanic plug turned neat mountain tourist site. He adjusts the arms of his jacket, rubbing one arm up and down the other for heat. He's not a cold weather person. But he needs to be here.

Adrian: Welcome to Australia. Australia has a lot of meaning to me. This place, especially. It's where my career really started. It's where my eldest brother sent me, my best friend, and eventually my sister to- the other side of the fucking world- to make a name for ourselves. Threw us right into the deep end on another continent. I'll admit, I was scared. I was an eighteen year old kid who had no clue what he was doing and my safety net had been ripped out from under me.

And the first couple months? I floundered. Of course I ran my mouth, got into verbal wars with everyone. Got my ass handed to me by guys that would make Dakota Smith shit his pants in terror at, or maybe get a boner from. Who knows with that guy? I've faced worse since then, but I'll never forget the first time the Hellhounds tore my back apart with a barbed wire baseball bat. It was like a rite of passage.

He turns to face the camera proper, leaning back against the railing with his arms.

Adrian: But my rise to the top wasn't a slow burn, it wasn't the learning process my brothers wanted it to be. It wasn't even supposed to be in the first place.

But that's what I do. I do the things that aren't done.

My rise to the top came at the expense of the then Australian Heavyweight Champion. I was a nobody at that point in my career. Bottom of the barrel, still finding my footing. So imagine my surprise when the guy in charge comes to me and says 'we need you.' "The guy who was supposed to challenge the champ walked like a bitch and we got nobody else." He said to me. By rights I was supposed to go out there, get my head caved in and lets the fans have a good show while the 'champ' moved onto bigger and better things. But I was impetuous and impatient and I damn sure wasn't going to let the biggest chance in my three month career go by.

So I didn't.

He lets a small smirk cross his lips. The wind chooses this moment to blow his hair down into his face, so he takes a moment to push it back into place.

Adrian: I took everything BBB had and I kept on comin' at him. I fought through the pain of his star-studded kicks, I struggled with all my might to free myself anytime he went for one of his patented submissions. I would. not. quit. And at the end of the day, the flash pin that shocked the world led to me being THE Australian Heavyyweight Champion.

That's what people, to this DAY, don't get about me.

I wasn't supposed to be anything special. I was 'just another Tanner sibling.' Just another failure waiting to happen, just like my brothers before me.

They don't realize that when I talk about how I fight for the purity of this sport -no it's not a fucking racism thing you fucking elvira-looking retard- its about what I had to do to get to where I am today. Yeah I'm arrogant, I'm cocky, I talk a lot of shit. But I EARNED that right. I busted my ASS to be something more than I was ever supposed to be. People talk about making their own future, 'taking what they're owed' and all that. I've never felt like I was 'owed' shit. Everything I've ever gotten or won, I WORKED FOR. THAT's why this business means so much to me.

Because it wasn't supposed to be me.

He pushes off the railing, arms crossing in front of him as he stares into the camera.

Adrian: When I talk about how I thrive on the competition of the sport, when I revel in the cheers and adoration of the fans at every show I go to. When I say I go out there and strive to make every. single. match. a Match of the Year Candidate it's not because I'm desperate for attention or whatever lame bullshit you morons keep trying to throw at me, its because without their support, and the support of my loved ones I wouldn't be where I am today.

Because it wasn't supposed to be me.

He glances off to the side for a second, lost in a day dream of times past. Then he shakes his head and returns to the present.

Adrian: But I MADE it be me. Because I WANTED it. I wanted it more than you, more than BBB, more than everyone else on the goddamn fucking roster. This or any other. I work my ass off so I can say I'm one of, if not, THE best wrestler in this business because I HAVE to. Because I NEED to.

Because it wasn't


to be


Another hard stare into the camera.

Adrian: That's why it pisses me off when people say shit like 'I don't care about the 4CW title cause the Champion is trash,' or 'oh we didn't care about that tag match, we just wanted our friends to win.' Especially when one of those same people has the balls to go onto the tweeter and say "you go into every match as if you're going to win because that's the point.' Hypocrite, thy name is YOU.

And yes Genie, I know that's not the exact quote, it's called paraphrasing. The point is still true. 

He says every part of that last bit except for the final sentence as if he's talking to a twelve year old with down's syndrome. She still won't get it, but at least he feels better for having tried.

Adrian: You fuckin' lazy pieces of shit just get HANDED opportunity after opportunity and you just turn your nose up at it. Or when you didn't win you find some excuse for why you didn't. You 'didn't want it,' 'the Champion is garbage,'  'you were only doing it because the boss asked you to.'

It's fuckin' pathetic.

I expect nothing less from the woman who can't understand how everyone keeps talking about her shitty marriage because she won't shut the fuck up about her shitty marriage, even when people clearly are not talking about it, you talk about it way more than we do you fucking dipshit, but Marquis? I expected better from you.

Well, once upon a time at least.

He shrugs, taking a deep breath of the fresh ocean air.

Adrian: Despite your obvious faults, the 4CDub roster just loooooves to talk you up, 'Queef.' They just love to talk up how 'great' you are. And for awhile, I bought into it. I believed the hype. I wasn't really paying attention to you while I was getting my own bearings being back in the ring full time, but you won the Fate title from the dumb twitter bimbo on the first actual show I was a part of, so I figured you had to have some talent, there had to be some truth to the words everyone threw your way.

But then something happened, then we met in that Pride Title qualifier match and yeah, you beat me. I wasn't on my game there, I was distracted with personal issues. Much like I've been this show, actually.  But you beat me, fair and square. I'm man enough to admit it. But yeah, I noticed something that kinda changed my whole perspective on you. Something that once unseen couldn't be unseen.

Your shtick is fucking terrible.

He cants his head slightly, staring into the camera again.

Adrian: Yeah I'm sure by now you've probably rambled on for forty minutes to a blank space voice over about how I do the same thing every show but at least I'm a goddamn wrestler trying to do wrestling!

This is a fucking sport, the point of the sport is to WIN. When you run around going- 'oh, I could TOTALLY beat the current World Champion and be Champ but I don't want to because he's garbage.' you miss the entire point of the sport.

'I was offered a shot in the Cup but I didn't take it because Eli's garbage I'm Queef everyone's garbage.'

That? That's fuckin' laziness.

He stops, hand resting on his chin as an idea comes to him.

Adrian: Or is it something else...? See I wasn't paying attention to you before but after you beat me the first time I was damn sure paying attention to you from then on. And the thing is- you talk a big game but when it comes clutch time... You fail.

Yeah you beat Genie for the Fate title but I'm pretty sure my 90 year old Great Aunt could beat Genie for the Fate title if she tried. Aunty's got a mean right hook. But I digress. Everyone says I talk a lot of shit, and I do, but 9 times outta 10 I back my shit up. Yeah you beat me in the Pride qualifier but you went and lost the Title match to Bry Bry. And yeah I'm sure you probably made some excuse about you were too upset about facing Cashe or whatever but the fact is you lost.

And honestly, you ain't done shit since then have you?

He shrugs.

Adrian: When I fought Bry Bry, I won. When I fought Barrows' dumb ass, I won. I own victories over the current and previous Pride Champions. Bryan Laughlin- sent him packing from the company. Jair Hopkins, was on my way to winning that match before Eli's fuck ass stuck his nose in.

The point I'm trying to make, 'Queef,' is that as a Real Professional Wrestler, it's my job to go out there and beat people, hopefully for championships but ESPECIALLY when they tell me I can't. I don't run around and whine and bitch and complain about how 'this person's garbage, you're garbage, I'm garbage, this champion's trash and I don't wanna deal with it.' because that's fuckin' stupid and counterproductive.

If everyone's 'garbage' then what's the point? Why are you here? Why even bother?

Shaking his head.

Adrian: I generally think everyone in this company holding a Championship that isn't me is a bastard-coated bastard with bastard filling, but you put me into one of their paths and I'm gonna steam roll right into 'em like a bull in a fuckin' china shop. Because, and stay with me here- THAT'S THE WAY WRESTLING WORKS.

You talk about how you haven't had any real competition, nobody's on your level everyone's garbage, you're so 'talent starved' you have to start twitter wars with people outside the company so they'll come in and lose to you and you haven't stopped to think that the reason nobody wants to deal with you is because you're fucking miserable. And you're not nearly as good as you THINK you are. That's why you shy away from title shots. That's why you joke on twitter about being handed big opportunities like other people and not accepting them. Not because 'everyone's garbage' but because you know, deep down, that you're just not good enough.

Honestly, that's the only way I can explain it away. The only way your shit attitude makes any sense.

You offer me a shot at Eli and I'm jumping at it. If I win, I win, If I lose, I lose. I dunno, haven't fought the guy in a real match yet. Dude's come a long way since losing a defunct title to Cashe in the first match on the show.

But at least I can say I tried.

He rolls his eyes, reaching up to push his hair out of his face again.

Adrian: This business, is my lifeblood. And I say that a lot but it bears repeating for the people out there who think I'm like you. The Tom, Dicks and Bronxy's of the world who think they know me, think they got me 'figured out' when really they don't know fuckin' shit. I have to keep repeating it because the message keeps getting lost in the shuffle. I will DIE for this business, hell I'd probably KILL for this business.

A pause, pondering what he just said.

Adrian: Shut up, I know what I said.

He chuckles slightly.

Adrian: This business, this sport,  means more to me than my own life.  I would gladly give my life to put on the BEST fucking match possible out in that ring. And that's why I hate people like you, 'Queef.' It's not that you're arrogant, 'cause it's not. It's not arrogance.

It's insecurity. Maybe it's the Daddy Issues but whatever it is something got you so stuck that you can't take any REAL challenge head on because you don't know if you're gonna be good enough or not. I think if you TRIED, if you stopped the bitching and complaining and the 'everyone's garbage' nonsense you'd be fuckin' unstoppable.

But instead, the insecurity eats at you and eats at you and eats at you and you pass it off as "nobody's good enough." And you sit around and you coast and the only thing of importance that you've done in the past three or whatever months has been Cashe.

Another small smirk, and a wink.

Adrian: Wulf Erickson, who gives a shit? Braxton? She's a flake. Kash? He was a never was 5 years ago and he did nooooot get better with age.

Maybe if you'd actually taken one of those supposed 'multiple opportunities' Perry's offered you then you'd actually be something right now, you'd actually have a leg to stand on. But you don't. And at Adrenaline I'm gonna kick your other leg out from under you. And I'm gonna pin the 'great' Queef.

Because beating the odds is what I do. I've made a damn career out of stopping the unstoppable, pinning the unpinnable, beating the unbeatable. You name it, I've done it. And yeah, I've lost my fair share of matches as well. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Almond Joooooy! God that candy is terrible.

Adrian: But at least I do it.

And when I do it, I do it very, very, well. But I know, I know, to you I'm 'garbage.' Luckily, I don't answer to you. I answer to myself, and to the fans watching at home and at ringside who came to see me be the high flying technical wunderkid that I am.

And so I'm gonna do just that, Queef. Try and stop me, if you dare.

No really, I'd like to see you try. It'd be the first time you've tried in months.

Unlike you, I'm not scared of what I can and can't do. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and I know how to exploit my strengths to cover my weaknesses long enough to drop you on your fuckin' head as many times as it takes for an actual professional wrestler to win an actual professional wrestling match.

I am an actual professional wrestler, and I'm damn good at what I do. What are you, exactly? Cause right now all I see is someone who doesn't believe they're good enough covering their own sadness with lame insults and claims that no it is US who are actually not good enough. If you got over yourself, over whatever fear's holding you back, you could be someone.

But you won't, because you're Purse-Phone Marqueef. And you're just like the rest of the roster. So far up your own ass you can't see the forest for the trees.

I'm not gonna say you got lucky last time. Like I said you beat me fair and square. Last time. Last time I wasn't in a good frame of mind when our paths crossed. This time? Not much better actually. But this time I have the bullshit from last week pushing me forward, pushing me to do better, to BE better, so that what happened last time doesn't happen this time.

He casts a slightly bitter glance to the side momentarily, before staring back into the camera.

Adrian: Speaking of bullshit. You know, I wanna say good game and all that. Be a respectful person and show him the respect he deserves for beating me. And most people- I would. Because I might be an asshole but I'm also an honorable asshole.

But Bronx is such a petty little man-baby he can't stop showing the ending of the match all over the tweet machines and snort-giggling with himself and 'Braun' like it makes him out to be something more than he really is. Really taking after his 'sister' with the pettiness. It's funny.

You're not, buddy. You, in fact, got lucky. So congrats, you 'beat' me once. It won't happen again. But by all means continue showing it all over twitter. It doesn't make you look sad and starved for attention at all. Nope.

More eye rolling.

Adrian: But lemme get back to the present issue at hand.

I'm sure you'll probably jump all over me only putting up one promotional and shit but I'm here now and I'm playing to win. Which is more than your half-ass has done in a good while.

Relocating halfway across the world is a hell of a drug.

Adrian: It sure is!

I came to 4CW with a goal, Queef. I came here to reassert myself as the BEST fucking Light Heavyweight wrestler on planet motherfucking Earth. It's a title that's almost as important to me as Actual Titles. The XTV Title was only phase one. THIS-

He unstraps his half of the 4CW World Tag Team Titles from around his waist and holds it up to the camera.

Adrian: This was phase two. Phase three hit a bit of a snafu last week admittedly but I'm a patient man, and I can wait my turn, bide my time. Defend the title I have while awaiting the right option. Not coasting on my laurels like YOU because again I'm an actual professional wrestler and an actual Champion but I can wait for my chance.

Or I can go after the Pride Title, I do owe victories over both of them. You can't say that.

There's the smirk.

Adrian: At the end of the day Queef, it comes down to who wants it more. We know you don't right from the start. I'm just another match for you. But for me?

This is redemption. This is the restart. This is my chance at righting a wrong that never should've been, at fixing the one pinfall loss I had taken up to this point last week, fixing the one blemish on my record. And so you can go on not caring, not giving a damn about anything while whining about not having any 'real competition.' But while you're doing that, I'll be the guy stomping your face into the mat until you're black and blue and red all over. I'll be the guy standing over your broken body with my hand held high in victory, like it should've been from the start.

But hey you don't care, right?


Adrian: Last week my Revolver suffered a misfire. This week is my time to reload, to re-set myself, to re-balance my trigger finger and take new aim at the goals I've set in front of myself. Because while you may not care, I do.

Because it wasn't supposed to be me.

But it IS me, now. And my aim is true. My scope is locked, my Golden Gun is loaded anew with the precision bullets needed to take down the 'Great' Queef, and anyone else who wants to get in my way from this moment forward.

He rubs his hands together, popping his knuckles as a determined look crosses his face, a sing-songy quality to his voice.

Adrian: 'Cause it's a new dawn,

it's a new day

it's a new life, for me

He points the finger gun at the camera.

Adrian: And I'm feeeeelin' gooooood.