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Author Topic: The Legend of NEXTWAVE: Breath of the Awesome  (Read 371 times)

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The Legend of NEXTWAVE: Breath of the Awesome
« on: April 10, 2017, 04:32:15 AM »
The sky is blue, the air is crisp, the sun is shining bright as our scene opens up to a picturesque view from the top of a large mountain. Your heroes and mine, the trio of awesome known as NEXTWAVE are standing near the edge of said mountain looking out down below. At least two of them are wearing almost matching outfits as Adrian has on a blue tunic with black pants, a bow, a quiver of arrows and a sword sheathed on his back. In one hand he holds a metal shield with a gold triangle split into three tinier triangles on the front. Cecil Kennedy stands near him wearing a matching tunic but in red, brown pants and a small elfin cap atop his head, holding onto a large one-man hang glider with both hands.

And Brandon Young is... wearing a white dress with a necklace around his neck with the same triangle logo hanging from his neck, also holding a one-man hang glider.

Adrian: ...Brandon.

Brandon: Yo?

Adrian: Why are you Zelda?

Brandon: Why AREN'T you?

Adrian: What?

Cecil: What?

Brandon: It's called The Legend of ZELDA, not The Legend of Link! I'm the only one who actually go it right!

Adrian deadpan stares at him for a long moment.

Adrian: I hate you.

Brandon: What? It's true though!

Cecil: I mean, you're not wrong. And yet you still kinda are. The series is called The Legend of Zelda, the Hero is Link. 

Brandon: That doesn't make any sense! If the Hero is Link then the game should be called the Legend of Link.

Cecil: It's like the Metroid series. The games are called Metroid but the Hero isn't the Metroids, it's Samus.

Brandon: Well that's wrong too. Video games are fuckin' stupid. Why do we play them?

Adrian: Hey Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah?

Adrian: Look, it's Godzilla.

Adrian motions with his hands at something behind them, past the mountain top.

Brandon: Wha-

Brandon quirks an eyebrow but turns to look

And the instant he turns around Adrian walks up behind his best friend and shoves with all his might, sending him off the cliff to his death.


Or, y'know, knowing full well the hang glider would catch the wind he watches as Brandon sails on down the mountain, screaming bloody murder.

Cecil: That was kinda mean, man. 

Adrian: Hey Ceece look, it's Godzilla.

Cecil: Fuck you, I'm not falling for that too. 

Adrian shrugs, a wry grin on his lips.

Adrian: Hey Ceece look, it's Mecha-Ken Shiro.

That catches Cecil's attention.

Cecil: Bullshit, the Shiros aren't cool enough to figure out how to make giant Mecha versions of themselves. At least not before me-OH YOU MOTHERFUCKER

Adrian shoves him off too.


Adrian grins as he watches both of his best friends sail down the mountain.

Adrian: Man, those guys are fuckin' crazy. You wouldn't catch me doin' shit like that. I mean, I love flyin' through the air with the greatest of ease but, I did the sky diving thing once. Ain't for me. Especially when you have assholes for best friends.

He laughs to himself, shaking his head. He turns away from the mountain edge, quickly moving away from it in case there is some asshole out there who wants to come out of nowhere and shove HIM off the cliff. Y'know, karma and all that. Once he's far enough away, he puts his fingers to his lips and whistles as loud as he can. It echo's through the air for a long moment, and then the sound of hoofs shuffling as a horse with brownish-red fur and a white mane comes galloping into view. He holds out his hands and the horse slowly comes to a stop in front of him.

Adrian: Whoaaaa, girl. There we go.

He reaches up to pet the horse's fur in a calming motion before climbing up onto the saddle on top of it. He grabs the reigns with one hand, reaching into a pouch on the side of the horse with the other and pulling out his trusty Sheikah Slate Nintendo Switch GamePad. He taps a button on the screen, and a glowing map appears with a bunch of tiny glowing blue dots all over the map.

Adrian: Let's see, where we going next...?

He taps again on the screen and the map zoom in further, showing a gold colored stamp in the shape of a sword above the words [SCOTT STEVENS' DIGNITY]

Adrian: Ahhh, that's right.

He nods to himself, attaching the Sheikah Slate Nintendo Switch GamePad to a holster on the side of his belt, then tugs on the reigns.

Adrian: Alright Epona, let's get this thing goin'.

And with that he's off. Back on the horse where he belongs, and he's gonna stay there until it comes time to fight. Then he'll take out the bad guys with his trusty Revolver and hop right back on, continuing on to his next destination.

Adrian: As we move closer and closer to Adrenaline, one thing keeps popping into my head. Well, its more- the same thing that pops into my head almost every show. Which is... why do people not pay attention to a fucking thing I say. Everything would be a loooot easier in my life if my so-called opponents actually paid the slightest bit of attention to me and the things I say instead of just making up whatthefuckever they want to believe about me.

He sighs, shaking his head as he leads Epona through a trail down the back of the mountain.

Adrian: Scott Stevens thinks I'm arrogant because I 'grew up in this business.' Conveniently misinterpreting, or just plain missing the point of most everything I've ever said in regards to myself.

As he rides down the trail, he turns and stares at the camera like he's in The Office.

Adrian: See this is where you got me all wrong, Scotty. I don't think I'm better than everyone because I grew up in this business. I think I'm better than everyone because I busted my ass to MAKE myself better than everyone! And honestly, I don't even think I'm better than everyone. People do this all the damn time, man. You focus on my 'ego' and you ignore the words actually coming outta my mouth. I have never, ever, ever said I was better than EVERYONE. I learned that lesson the hard way a long time ago.

But I am better than guys like you.

He nods his head, lips pursed slightly in agreement with his own words.

Adrian: See people look at me and they think 'oh he's all ego. He's all arrogance and nothing else.' 'He's got talent but his ego!'

And that just plain ain't true.  I don't have a huge ego because I grew up in this business, Scotty. Growing up in this business taught me that I HAD to be better than everyone else. Or at least as many people as I could be better than. I love my brothers, well, one of my brothers, but they were not easy on me. They didn't give me the easy treatment in training because I was their kin. In fact they worked me harder for it. I already told the story of Bryant sending me half way across the world and throwing me to the giant ass spiders in Australia. He did that to test me, to force me to grow up without him coddling me like most people do to their little brothers in the family business. He sent Christian, my other brother, with me to make me hate myself and want to die. And it almost worked.

But in the end, I persevered. Because persevering is what I do.

Speaking of persevering...

At the end of the trail he spots a campsite bristling with people cosplaying various colored monsters. A few were larger than the others, holding giant spears in their giant hands. He quietly jumps off of Epona, pulling the reigns to lead her into the nearby forest. He puts a finger up to his nose in a 'shhh' motion at her before sneaking forward through the forest to get a good look at the campsite. As it comes into view he catches sight of a number of red barrels with a skull and crossbones logo on them. He reaches back and pulls the bow off of his back and an arrow from his quiver. As he knocks the arrow we can see word 'REVOLVER' etched into the side of the bow. He fires the bow, and the arrow goes wide, not even close to hitting the barrel. It is enough to get the attention of one or two of the 'monsters' though.

Adrian: Shit.

He pulls another arrow out, knocks it, and lines up his shot.

Adrian: Zelda guide my shot. Just not, yknow, Brandon-Zelda.

He shivers, then lets loose with the second arrow. It hits the barrel straight on, and for a long moment nothing happens.

Adrian: Damn it-

And then everything explodes.

Adrian: hOLY SHIT!

Adrian watches in awe, and horror, as the entire campsite goes up in flames and explosions.

Adrian: Jesus Tap-dancing CHRIST!

The screaming and smell of burning breaks him out of his shock stupor, and he slooooowly backs the fuck away from the site.

Adrian: We're just gonna pretend that never happened. Mmhmm. 

He nods to himself, as he climbs back onto the horse. But he can't get the sight out of his head.

Adrian: What the FUCK, Brandon? I said fireworks, not fucking death barrels.

He sighs, then pulls on the horse's reigns, riding as far away from the scene as he possibly can as quickly as he can.

Adrian: Well, that happened.


Adrian: I mean, wait, no it didn't. What happened? I didn't see anything. I didn't do anything. Just riding my horse through the great land of Hyrule. Yup.

His eyes quickly glance side to side. He's sure everyone's fine.

Adrian: Wheeeeeere were we? Oh right, Scotty Stevens and the Little Engine That Couldn't.

 Here's the thing, Scott, and again it goes back to that 'nobody actually ever pays attention to what I say' bit from earlier. Because if anyone actually paid attention to what I say or what I do you'd realize real quick that I take EVERY opponent seriously. I make jokes because I'm a wise ass and it's the way my brain works. But just because I MAKE jokes doesn't mean I think you ARE a joke. There's a fine difference.

The jokes are head games. The jokes are how I get under people's skins. The jokes are how I get into your brain and I worm my way inside of it and once I'm in there I've got your ass dead to rights. Because nobody expects 'the funny guy' to win. Everyone expects me not to take them seriously because I don't in promos. But what you and everyone fail to realize, as always, is what's said BETWEEN the jokes.

He comes to a fork in the road. On one hand, a wide open field of grass with some wild horses playing around. On the other, another campsite of monsters.


Adrian immediately pulls the reigns to make Epona turn to the right, far away from any potential homicide repeats.*

Adrian: You, like just about everyone else, misinterpret my jokes as not taking people seriously. But c'mon man, you even acknowledged my calling myself the Best Light Heavyweight in this Business. You think I got that way from being lazy? From not taking people seriously?

Nah, son.

I got that way through hard work, the same kind of hard work you claim you go through. I am a student of this game. I grew up in this business, yes, which didn't make me arrogant BECAUSE of that but what it DID do, is instill in me things that a lot of people forget or ignore. It gave me the ability to read people, it taught me the ability to tell bullshit from reality. Growing up in this business didn't just give me a pedigree it showed me what I needed to do to be as good as I claim to be.

I train for every match like my life depended on it. Because shit, sometimes it does. But as good as I am, and I am very, very, good. Sometimes people are better. I've never said otherwise. I go into every match with the intent to make everyone believe I'M the better one but Its illogical to believe there isn't SOMEONE out there who can or will beat me from time to time. That's just the way the game works.

He shrugs, patting Epona on the side as they pass by the other horses.

Adrian: I lost to Bronx because he got lucky. That's all there is to it. He got lucky and he capitalized off it. it wasn't because I 'didn't take him seriously' it was because he got lucky. And that may sound like an excuse but it's not. I applaud his luck, but I also acknowledge the next time we face he will not be so lucky.

That's the thing Scott. When I say I'm a student of this game I MEAN it. You never stop learning. You never stop growing. I can and have made mistakes. But I learn from them, and when next we meet I do my best to fix those mistakes. 99% of the time, it works out in my favor but sometimes it doesn't. It's just the way it goes. Even as good as I am, I can always be better. Because there's always someone else out there who IS better.

For you this week, that person is me.

He smirks.

Adrian: You're 'Texas's greatest import but I'm Arizona's Most Wanted. The man with the Golden Gun, the Outlaw Josey Wales but cooler and with better looks. It may seem like I'm not taking you seriously with the Zelda parody and the jokes but rest assured I am taking you the serious-est.

That's not a word.

Adrian: Quiet, you.

 I'm not going to win just because I'm better than you. I am, but that's not why I'm going to win. I'm going to win because for every strength you think you have, I'm gonna exploit a weakness in response. I spend whatever time I'm not out here making jokes and getting into your head studying tape, learning every trick you've got up your sleeve and then figuring out ways to counter it as best I can. My game isn't just big talk and gun references. It's doing all that I can to make sure I cover every base I can. Making sure I learn every single thing I can about what you can and can't do, and then turning what you can't do it what I CAN so I come out the victor in the end.

It's turning your weaknesses into my strengths, and your strengths into your weaknesses.

This? All this shit, it's just words. What happens behind the scenes when I'm training like my life depends on it, and more importantly, in that ring, is where it really matters. And in that ring there are very few people who are better than me at doing what I do. That's not arrogance, it's just the everloving truth. It's been the truth since 2005 when I first won the Australian Championship and never looked back. And it'll be the truth for as long as I continue to ply my craft in between those ropes.

You were a minor league baseball star, right? You wanna talk sports?

In that ring I take Be Like Mike to another level. Not to say I'm the Michael Jordan of Wrestling but I'm at the very least up there with the Kobe's and Lebron's of the world. You can call it overconfidence if you want but I know my skill level and I know what I can do in that ring, and what I can do in that ring is dazzle fans with the greatest of ease while I run circles around guys like you both physically and mentally. You are the type of wrestler I almost love fighting the most, Scott. The monsters who think more with their muscles than their brains and think their physical strength's gonna be enough to outlast my mental strength. Think they have more heart than I do because they were in the main event of the last pay per view. I was in the main event of a 4CW pay per view too. But you were there too. And so were like 5 others.

I'm not just going to win because I'm better than you. I'm going to walk out of Adrenaline my head held high, my hand raised in victory, because I WANT it more. Because I NEED it more! 

He pulls the reigns of the horse, making Epona come to a stop at the top of a small hill looking down on the other horses. He hops off the horse then pulls the Sheikah Slate Nintendo Switch GamePad off his belt and turns it on. He marks the spot on the map before putting it back on his belt and looking back up at the camera.

Adrian: You? You're the 'lonesome loser.' Everyone expects you to lose. If you win here, hey that'd be cool for you. But lose here and it's just another day for you.

For me? Well, I can't let that happen. I refuse. I refuse to give the idiots in this company even more ammo to use against me. They have plenty already, even if most of it's bullshit. You're right, Scotty. I'm a goddamn Champion in this company and it's time to start acting like it again. It's time to show the world just WHY The Arizona Assassin is as dangerous as he thinks he is.

So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. There will be no luck this time for you. There will be no letting myself get too caught up in the moment and losing out on the chance to put you down like the big dog you are this time. There will only be head kicks and suplexes, pain and destruction and me, standing tall at the end of the night with my hand raised in victory. Don't worry though, I'll make sure this'll be a match of your life. It'll be a match that you, the fans, and the naysayers and haters alike won't forget. It'll be an explosive fight to the finish that'll make us both look good, although one of us'll look slightly better than the other.

That'd be me, if you didn't get the joke.

He pulls the bow and an arrow from the back of his tunic, setting the arrow in place as he aims it at the camera.

Adrian: I'm doin' you a favor Scott. Yeah you might lose again, add another notch to that losing streak, but at least with me in the ring you get to go out-

He let's the arrow fly, and it slams 'face-first' into the camera, knocking it to the ground. He walks over and stands above the camera's view staring down into it.

Adrian: With a bang.

He smirks, making the gun motion with his hands. He 'fires' and the camera cuts to black.

*No Fake Moblins were actually hurt in the making of this promotional video.