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Kaelan Laughlin
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    NAME: Kaelan Quinn Laughlin (Price)
    DATE OF BIRTH: August 26, 1992
    PROFESSIONAL DEBUT: August 2016; Honor Wrestling
    HEIGHT: 5’6”
    WEIGHT: 135 lbs
    BILLED FROM: Belfast, Ireland
    ALIGNMENT: Neutral
    ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Warrior" Dead by April
    PICBASE: Becky Lynch
    TWITTER HANDLE: @IrishRoseKae
    DESIRED SHOW: Octane (1 RP 1,500 words)

    Kaelan’s personality is that of a sweet and bubbly girl. She’s sheltered and a bit naive to the world as a whole. She's loyal to friends and family almost to a fault. She's very new to wrestling and will try to make friends where she can. She's focused now on living her dream and making it big wherever she can. Just an Irish girl living the dream.

    Kaelan has bright Orange hair that she colored that way to make herself stand out in a crowd. Other than that she's pretty plain in the way she dresses with Tshirts and Jeans. Almost never wearing extremely revealing clothing and focusing on being more of a proper lady, with the occasional novelty shirt of some cute cartoon animal or something of that nature

    Kaelan has a variety of outfits she wears to the ring and they follow the same basic concept. A vest styled top in various colors and a pair of shorts. She wears black tape on her wrists and her kick pads and boots always follow the color scheme of whatever she's wearing. When she walks to the ring she wears a long jacket occasionally but she mostly saves the theatrics for big events


    • Snap Suplex
    • Swinging Neckbreaker
    • Belly to Belly Suplex

    • Texas Cloverleaf
    • Stomps to various extremities
    • Mounted punches

    • Running Knee Lift
    • Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors
    • Running Double Axe Handle

    • Springboard Moonsault
    • Slingshot Crossbody
    • Diving Headbutt

    • When she gets good momentum going she'll give a warrior cry to the fans
    • She’ll curtsy to the crowd after a impressive win

    NAME: GOING OUT IN STYLE Arm Trap Exploder Suplex

    NAME: THE FLYING FOX Contra Code
    NAME: IRISH ROSE Four Legged Clover Submission finish

    Kaelan is one of 13 children. She has 7 brothers and 5 sisters. She's the second oldest, having only her brother Oliver being older. Growing up Kaelan was very sheltered from the world and after her father died her brother Oliver got even more protective of her. She trained in secret for over a year with her best friend Catorina. Surprising her brother Oliver last year when she showed up in the same company as her. Her success in Honor wasn't all that she hoped to be and in the end she went home with her family. She developed a relationship with Dylan O'Brien her brother's best friend and her bodyguard that he had personally picked for her. They were together for over a year in Ireland before Kaelan found out the truth to a dark family secret and it made her break up and flee her home.

    She moved in with Bryan Laughlin and the two quickly developed a relationship. While on Octane together they faced off in a Deathmatch that unbeknownst to both of them resulted in the loss of their child that Kaelan was pregnant with. Kaelan found out about it and kept it a secret for over a year only for it to come out on the Gossip report Tea Time News. The two married New Years of 2017. The marriage hit a huge speed bump when this news came out. Resulting in a brief separation that ended after their Second Deathmatch at Winter Wasteland 2018. Where at the Phe EOTY awards Kaelan announced she had tried to kill herself in that match, and almost succeeded in doing

    Kaelan had success in VPW and CWC. Becoming the VPW Hardcore Champion and then also winning the CWC United States Championship, which she carried for months before being defeated by Andre Holmes. She caused a lot of controversy with her United States Championship reign when she quit VPW and took her title to Rebellion Pro in the UK. It was one of the many things that caused CWC to have a split with some territories.  Kaelan also joined the world of MMA choosing the same branch her brother Carrick fights under Slaughterhouse Vegas. She's had several fights and continues to push herself in her MMA career. 4CW CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD

    -VPW Hardcore Champion
    -CWC United States Champion

    (Other Accomplishments)
    -2018 Queen of Submissions (Phe EOTY Awards)
    -2018 King's Road Wrestler of the Year
    -2018 King's Road Female Wrestler of the Year
    -2018 King's Road Feud of the Year Winner (w/Jett Wilder)

    The beginning beat to “Warrior” begins to play as Kaelan Quinn appears from behind the curtain with a cheer to meet the ones coming from the crowd. She stands on the top of the ramp soaking up all the cheers before she begins to speed walk her way down the ramp. Slapping fans hands as she goes

    POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Belfast, Northern Ireland, KAAAAAEEEELLLLLAAAANNN QUUUUUIIIIINNNNNNNN"

    Kaelan stops at the bottom of the ramp and bounces on her feet before taking off at a run to slide under the ropes. Sliding into the ring and rising up off her knees, flipping her long hair back as she does. Walking to the ropes to lean over them and throw her hands in the air to pose before hopping off as the music fades out and she begins to pace and stretch getting ready for the match.


    The beginning beat to “Hang me High” by Dropkick Murphys begins to play throughout the arena as Kaelan casually walks out from behind the curtain the (championship here) attached to her waist. She soaks in the cheers from the crowd as she taps the golden plate of the title with a grin on her face as she all but skips down the ramp towards the ring. Giving high fives to fans as she goes.

    POWERS: "Coming to the ring… From Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is the (champion belt here) KAAAAEEELLLAAANNN QUUUUUIIIINNNNNN

    Kaelan climbs the steps and enters the ring through the second rope, detaching the (championship here) from her waist as she walks to the ropes and climbs on them leaning over and holding the belt high before going to the center of the ring as the music fades out.

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