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Steady as she goes
« on: June 05, 2017, 04:50:15 AM »
It doesn’t take long for Adrian to lift the man up and flip him into a Styles Clash position. And then slowly but surely, Tanner falls backwards and into a pinning position, driving Novikov’s head down into the mat.


VASSA: ”That’s the best damn super rare finisher, period, Steve! Game over. Let’s take it home.”

Quickly the referee slides into position and begins to slam his hand down to the mat.









The camera pans back, showing the footage of the ending to the last Adrenaline on a video screen hanging from a wall of the Notorious Wrestling Academy gymnasium. It pans back even further and we find your hero and mine, Adrian Tanner Junior, is the sole occupant of said gym, at least at this point in time. Hitting his fists as hard and as fast as he can into a weight bag, a smile pursed on his lips as he catches sight of the footage out of the corner of his eye as it replays again and again.

Adrian: At 4CW's 100th show, despite everyone and their mother claiming otherwise because Marquis- Johnny Evil and I did exactly what we said we'd do- we made Jett Wilder our bitch and walked out with the W.

He continues throwing hands at the bag, finding a rhythm that fits him, even while talking. Multitasking is cool!

Adrian: At the last Adrenaline, despite everyone and their mother picking Steve or, daresay, Amber Ryan to win the second qualifier for the Ante Up Iron Man World Title match- I did exactly what I told everyone I would do-

He winds up with his all his might and spins a full circle, slamming the weight bag with a spinning backfist that rocks the bag for all its worth.

Adrian: -and walked out with the W! Guaranteeing myself a spot in the Main Event of the next Pay Per View, and a shot at redemption for the 4CW Championship!

He grabs hold of the bag, stopping it in place.

Adrian: At the next show, despite everyone and their mother choosing Jason Cashe to win the match... I think you get the idea by now. Hopefully.

A crooked grin crosses his face as he shoves the bag backwards, doing another full spin in place and nailing it with a discus forearm. The bag rocks backwards until he grabs it once more and stops it. Then he walks over to a table and grabs a bottle of water, downing almost half of it in one go.

Adrian: It finally happened. Jason Cashe versus Adrian Tanner. I'll admit, I've been waiting for this match. Been wondering when it would come to pass. Seems like everyone on the roster has gotten a shot at the "tRoUbLed oNe" save for yours truly. That it's happening in 'Cashe's spot,' in the Opening match- the spot I'm pretty sure Cashe once claimed was more important than the main event of Adrenaline on its best day- is just icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, behind Adrian on the table is a large cake with "Congrats!" written in blue frosting. Adrian hasn't touched it yet. Gotta keep up the workout for the big match after all. But soon.

Adrian: That it took this long for us to meet in the ring is a travesty in my opinion. But here we are, the first two opponents signed to face Bronx at Ante Up battling it out to see which one of us is better individually before we go into the clusterfuck that will be Ante Up.

I'm okay with this.

The Last Original versus the Arizona Assassin, one on one for the first time ever. It should be a barn burner of a match, even if nobody believes I have a chance in hell of winning.

He rolls his eyes so hard a gong is heard randomly and lightning flashes out the nearby window.

Adrian: You'd think by now people would get the gist of what I do. You'd think by now, almost a year into my 4CW career, people would have a little faith. Yeah, you're Jason Cashe. But I'm Adrian Fucking Tanner. I think I've well enough proved that I ain't nothin' to fuck with by this point but nooooo, everyone bets against me. Every time.

And every time, I prove them wrong.

This is gonna be another one of those times, Jace.

He nods his head, a determined gleam in his eyes.

Adrian: This ain't just another match. Well, this wouldn't be 'just another match' if it didn't also have huge ramifications for Ante Up but that's beside the point. This is the guy everyone, everyone looks at as the Marquee attraction in 4CW, the 'Guy' outside of the 4CW Champion -despite what Dakota may think- versus the guy nobody believes in despite how many many times I've show why they SHOULD.

This is your match, Jace. The opener. The place where you thrive the most. The show stealing start of the show where you are at your most dangerous.

And I'm gonna use all of that as motivation to put you directly on your ass and into the ground!

There's the smirk, as he takes another sip of water, dreaming of all the ways he can make 'Cashe's Match' into his own personal hell.

--========================MASK ON - MASK OFF========================--

"Whoooooo I'm a spooky ghost kid- I mean, I'm an evil alternate personality of Adrian's that I use so I don't have to actually put any thought into my trash talking parts! Whoooo lookit me I'm so scary and eViL!

Jason Cashe smokes so much fucking weed it's a wonder he even knows how to wrestle let alone he's actually kinda good at it. I remember his ass from APW, where my bestest, most handsome, most awesomest friend and brother ever was one-half of the undefeated tag team champions before bullshit forced him to vacate- man that guy was fuckin' annoying back then. I also remember him losing like all of his matches while Adrian's, I mean, my super awesome best friend went all but undefeated. What a difference a couple years and a different company makes eh?

 Too bad it don't mean shit in the end. All the alternate personalities in the world ain't gonna save you from the epic asskicking you're gonna suffer from the-"

"-What the hell are you doing?"

"Whoooo I'm being you, Adrian! The ReAl YoU! The evil inside you, the ghostest with  the mostest! The darkness you hold deep inside that you won't let yourself see first hand-"

"-Stop it."

"Can't stop, won't stop. You can't hold me back, just like Cashe can't hold back when Marquis pegs him from behind on a regular basis-"


"Whooo you know it's true, Adrian! I'm you after all. I'm the shadow on the wall waiting for you to embrace your inner urges. I'm the-"

"-Brandon, don't make me call Grace."

"...Exit, stage right even!"



The scene comes back still inside the Notorious Wrestling Academy, inside the practice area, where we find your hero and mine watching on as two rookies tie up for what's probably the 40th time in the middle of the ring. One of the rookies throws the other onto the mat with a hip toss. The other kid gets back to his feet, and kid number one goes for another hip toss, but kid number two stops him, turning said hip toss into an arm drag that he then switches into an arm lock submission.

Adrian: There we go, Jake! Just like that! Again!

'Jake' nods, a huge smile on his face, as he and the other rookie get back to their feet and tie up again.

Adrian: When I'm not out wrestling my ass off to prove I'm one of the best damn wrestlers on this entire planet, or training to be one of the best damn wrestlers in this entire planet, I'm here- at the Notorious Wrestling Academy- giving my time and energy into training the next generation of wrestling megastars.

How do you give back to the community, Jace? Maybe pass out your weed connection's number? Get 'em a free Dime of the Good Stuff, start 'em off right so they get as stuck on the stuff as you are?

I ask because, like you, I've done just about everything there is to do in this business. And like you, I can't do anything but want more out of it.

We are parallels of each other, Cashe. I never realized how alike we were until last week. Beyond the 'shit-your-pants' clown drug addict persona is a man who fights to leave every match as the BEST part of it. A man who fights to be remembered as the greatest thing in 4CW, even when he'll claim otherwise. A man motivated by the rush of pure, unfiltered adrenaline that comes from making the fans at ringside cheer or boo their asses off and knowing that you're the one that did that.

That's something I can get behind.

In the ring, Jake tosses rookie number two into the corner. He takes a running start but rookie number two catches him coming in, and plants him in the corner with an STO into the turnbuckles.

Adrian: Nice one Adam!

Adam nods and salutes his teacher, before the two go back to it.

Adrian: At Ante Up, the two of us will fight Bronx, and one other person, for the right to be the 4CW Champion.

You've been there before, numerous times even. I- haven't.


But that's then and this is now. Now, at Adrenaline, you and I square off for nothing more than the pride of being able to say one of us is better than the other. The rest of the company already thinks you've got this in the bag. They're already writing this match off as a win for you, just because you're you.

Well hi, I'm me. I'm the guy who says he's gonna do something, and then fuckin' does it. Despite the rest of the roster saying I can't, I say I can!

So the rest of the roster can look past me all they want, that's what they do. But I'm sure as shit not looking past you, Cashe. This is the biggest challenge of my 4CW career and you can be damn sure I'm not gonna take a chance to add "beat Jason Cashe in His Match" to the list of things I've done that everyone else said I couldn't.

He waves at the two kids in the ring, motioning to both that he's gonna step away for a moment. They both nod and he walks off.

Adrian: Now because you're you, and you're engaged to the laziest, biggest no-selling whiner on the planet, I'm sure you're gonna call me a bunch of names instead of giving me the same respect I give you. Call me a 'tard' five hundred times like you called my partner last show. Maybe make some gay joke about us that hasn't been done by literally everyone else. Be as unoriginal as you possibly can in your attempt to make yourself look verbally better than me as you think you are physically.

He shrugs.

Adrian: But that's okay. I'd say I expect better from you but again, this is 4CW. I've learned never to expect better of anyone in this company, because everyone will let you down in the end.

So call me names all you want. Belittle my accomplishments, be just like the rest of this fucking company, most of which you already own victories over. It won't matter in the end.

Because I own victories over most of them too, Jace.

It's a tired and cliche trope but when the shoe fits- the phrase 'Everything you can do I can do better' fits pretty well here. You're a multiple-time 4CW Champion looking to add yet another mark to your record book. I'm a multiple time champion in every damn fed I step foot into. 4CW will be no different.

You act the clown but deep down you're one of the best in this business. People love to pretend I'm a clown, right up until I drop them on their faces and beat them in the middle of the ring.

You've won titles everywhere you go, you've beaten the best of the best and that makes you King Shit of 4CW but here's the kicker- So have I.

He walks by an office with a large open window, inside is a man who looks like an older version of himself. He taps on the window and waves, the older man waves back, never taking his hand away from the phone at his ear.

Adrian: People never you let you live down the Williams feud and I get it. Its the one time you looked vulnerable. It's the one time you looked almost human in this company.

And I'm not gonna harp on it like my partner did last show but- did I mention I beat Bry Bry on my first attempt?

He grins.

Adrian: You and I are very much alike but also polar opposites. I give respect where it's due -its just not due a lot of times around here. I gave props to Amber Ryan last show and she calls me a fuckboy and says I'm gonna fail at Ante Up, well have fun in the mid-card with Steve fighting over who gets to lose to Bry Bry this month while I'm Main Eventing, bitch.


Adrian: But I digress.

Like I said, I give respect where its due. You, you're just like the rest of the turds -or should I say tards?- on the roster, the same types of people who can't POSSIBLY give anyone any sort of good vibes because I dunno you'd be seen as weak or some shit who fuckin' knows. I really don't understand it. But again, it's okay.

Because at Adrenaline I'm going to prove that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Like how to say 'ow my liver, please stop punching me in my liver." Or "oh god my neck its lit more than that blunt I smoked before the show." I'm going to show, just like I show everyone that my bite is always worse than your bark.

I want this to be different, for once lord please give me something different, but I know it won't be. I know it's going to be More of the Same, when this should really be something special. But if it has to be More of the Same, then so be it. Because More of the Same just means I walk away with yet another W in my belt, and the best momentum going into Ante Up.

And I'm okay with that.

He walks by another office, this one without any windows but an open door shows another male who looks kinda like an older version of Adrian, though slightly younger than the first. As he walks by he pretends to push a piece of hair out of his face, using his middle finger to do so. He gets an empty trash bucket thrown at him for his troubles. He chuckles to himself and keeps walking.

Adrian: Maybe that's why this match hasn't happened yet. Because at the end of the day it really IS Just Another Match for both of us. It should be special, but it's not. Because you're a clown who just happens to be good at wrestling and I'm the guy nobody ever counts on winning who still somehow wins in the end.

So be it.

Now that I know you are just like the rest of this company it makes it a little easier to accept this match for what it is and not what it should be. It's an appetizer, something to hold us over until the main entree at Ante Up.

My stomach's making the rumblies that only hands can satisfy.


Adrian: What?

He laughs lightly to himself again.

Adrian: At Adrenaline we're gonna throw hands, we're gonna kick each other's asses, we're gonna fight to survive and show the world what we do just like Adrian Tanner and Jason Cashe do.

But only one of us is walking away with the victory.

That's gonna be me, just so we're clear.

He smirks.

Adrian: I know you're gonna do what you do best- smoke ALL the weed and make lame insults at my expense while trying to pad your record. But I'm gonna do what *I* do best too, I'm gonna prove that Jason Cashe ain't as bulletproof as he thinks he is.  That the greatness that he thinks is still a thing is all in his head. Right after I drop him on it a few or forty times.

I'm gonna beat Jason Cashe, the cornerstone of 4CW, the Last Original, in his own match, at his own game.

Because THAT'S what I do.

He makes a gun with his hand, pointing it at the camera.

Adrian: At Adrenaline, I'm calling my shot. I'm gonna prove to the world that Jason Cashe In The Opener is Just Another Guy. And all your hopes and dreams go up in smoke-

He cocks and 'fires' the gun.

Adrian: With a bang.