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The Circle in the Square
« on: June 25, 2017, 04:51:44 AM »

Vegas. The City of Lights. Sin City. The entertainment capital of the world.
And the place in which your Hero and mine, the "Arizona Assassin" Adrian Tanner Junior, finds himself just days away from becoming the NEW 4CW Heavyweight Champion.

Yes, becoming. No 'hopefully,' no 'potentially.' He WILL BE the NEW 4CW Heavyweight Champion.

Go big or go home.

The Arizona Assassin has spent the better part of the last three weeks preparing for the biggest match of his 4CW Career with little else beyond training on his mind. So when he and his NEXTWAVE compatriots finally arrived in Vegas days before the show- NEXTWAVE manager extraordinaire Brandon Young mentioned they should see some of the sights, maybe take in a show, take a bit of a break before the big show. An idea Adrian eventually agreed with.

An idea he was now starting to regret.

Adrian: I got a bad feeling about this.

Cecil: You too, huh? Yeah I generally cringe at any idea Brandon has that leaves him out of our sight for any prolonged period of time. But, we're here so we might as well see what happens.

Adrian: Unfortunately...

Adrian and Cecil soon found themselves sitting in a casino ballroom awaiting a stage performance of what Brandon claimed was the Blue Man Group- Unfortunately Brandon himself had yet to show up. That always triggered warning bells in both of his other friends and teammates. But they persisted, enjoying the free drinks and appetizers while they waited for whatever scheme Brandon was about to hit them with.

Announcer: Alright ladies and gentlemen, its time for the feature presentation!

The house lights dim as the stage lights turn a blue-ish color. Generic techno music starts to play as the lights strobe at the stage, and three very blue-painted figures take the stage.

Announcer: Leeeeeeeeeeet's give it up- for the BLUE! BRAN! GROUP!

Our heroes share a knowing look, glancing back and forth between the three blue painted Brandon lookalikes and each other.

Adrian: Noooooope.

Adrian sets his drink on the table and quickly hops to his feet. Cecil is not far behind him.

Cecil: Yeah that's goooonnnna be a big fuck no, Jolly Roger. It's not even Brandon doing the dancing, it's- it's... Brandon clones.

Adrian: THAT's the part that weirds you out?

Cecil: ...Not the only part, no.

Adrian glares at his tag team partner for a long moment before shaking his head. The two quietly sneak out of the ballroom to the casino floor outside.

Adrian: Fuckin' Vegas, man.

Cecil: They really will let anything happen here, won't they?

The Arizona Assassin crosses his arms together, using one hand to palm his face.

Adrian: Sure seems like it...


The time is now, our time has come
We show them how, what can't be done
No matter what they say or they don't say
We make a way out of no way
Against the gun, beneath the veil
Yes we can, too big to fail
We are the ones we're waiting for
We save ourselves; praise the lord

The Stratosphere Observation Deck. The tallest tower in Vegas. The highest point one can reach in the entire US of A without a plane.

The top of the mountain, if you we-hill.

So its only fitting to find your hero and mine, Adrian Tanner Junior, here atop the highest point in Vegas, getting ready for what could lead to the highest point in his 4CW career. Staring out at the sky as the sun sets around him, it's a beautiful sight.

How much more beautiful would it be if he were standing here with the 4CW Title?

Adrian: Soon.

As if reading our thoughts, he replies with one simple word. It's a reply that manages to scare a few of the other tower-goers away from the Amazing one. But that's to be expected. The weird looks and the nervous glances are par for the course, especially from Overcompensating Dad and Nosey Nelly Mom who don't have anything better to do than gawk anxiously at a man just enjoying the oncoming sunset. Maybe they should be doing something else, like watching after their snot-nosed brat of a child who's currently harassing some poor sap to death on the other side of the deck. But that would mean they'd have to actually act like parents for once and heaven forbid that's a thing.

But we digress.

Adrian continues to stare out at the sunset as he speaks again.

Adrian: Here we are. Here we go. Just days away from the Fatal Four way Iron man match for the 4CW Heavyweight Championship. Tensions are rising, words are thrown out, false claims are made more and more-

He turns in place, leaning back-first against the railing now, showing off the front of his "R E V O L V E R" t-shirt, a wide grin on his face.

Adrian: And I for one, couldn't be more excited!

It's Vegas, babe-ay! And even though the cards are stacked against me and the odds are never in my favor I'm going all in even as the four of us go all out. I'm going to do what I do every night in 4CW, Pinky.

He smirks, and the camera zooms out slightly, showing someone standing next to him.

Rob Paulsen, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain: Narf! What's that brain!?

The camera zooms back in on Adrian, closer than before, so close you only see his face and the hands he's rubbing together in front of the camera in an anime villain fashion.

Adrian: Try to take over the WORLD-

Loooooooong pause. Eyes glance around anxiously as the camera stays zoomed in. It's kinda awkward.

Adrian: ...Heavyweight Championship.

He chuckles, shaking his head as the camera backs away to a normal viewing position. In the time it takes to do that Adrian glances off to the side to see the parents from before staring at him again.

Adrian: The fuck you lookin' at?

Adrian leans forward and stares at them like they've been staring at him until they finally turn away. Then he sets himself against the edge of the deck again.

Adrian: Dakota over here talkin' about failure, I would think Dakota would know more than enough about that by now honestly. He's never lost a title opportunity when he's coming in as contender- How'd that work for you and Jair, again? Is that what you told the EMTs when they were prying you outta that burning coffin he left the last ounces of your real career in? Gotta save face, amiright?

He shrugs.

Adrian: I gotta say though, living in the toilet suits you, D. It's creepy and gross and everything I heard The Butcher was. I'm impressed.

Grossed out, but impressed. And a little scared, not gonna lie.

But here's the thing.

He holds up a finger in a 'ah, hold on a minute' gesture.

Adrian: Evil and I- we are a hell of a team, and thank you for that. And we will continue to be into Bad Company and beyond because we are just that awesome. Even when we actually hate each other.

But we've tagged six times in this company. We're four and one and we're the tag team champions.

But maybe, just maybe, for once- one of you unoriginal fucks, could look past THAT and see that that's five, six if you count the draw, matches in... a year of competing in this company. A YEAR where I have busted my ass time and time again, taken everything anyone and their mothers could throw at me and *I*, yes, I have walked out the victor.

On my own.

Because that's how I do.

One hand comes away from behind his back to rest against his chin as he glares into the camera. He glances over at the nosey couple who are staring at him again, and they quickly turn away.

Adrian: You're right in this is my first real shot at the 4cw Championship. But I'm not here at the top of the mountain because I lucked into it. I'm not here because I won one match over three other people.

I'm here because I EARNED it. I've been earning since I signed that contract and stepped foot into my first 4CW ring.

Hell, I've done more in a year in 4CW than YOU'VE done, 'champ.'

He rolls his eyes.

Adrian: What did the last year consist of for YOU, D? Let's see- yeah you beat Steve silly and took her title, only to promptly lose it right back to her. Hmm, seems like that's a common thing with you almost...

Hmm, indeed.

Adrian: What else- Oh yeah, feuded with Jair over 'your' title and what happened there, hmmmmmmmmm?

Images of a coffin going up in flames flash on the screen.

Adrian: Shit son, I had a better outing against Jair than you did!

You're right Dakota, this will be the first time we've met in a ring. And even if you are a shell of yourself I'm still looking forward to it.

But at the end of the day while you'd love it if you could walk out and leave the three of us with only an "I barely survived the Butcher' shirt, instead it'll be you crying in another toilet into an "I watched Adrian Tanner Junior climb the mountain and achieve glory as the NEW 4CW Champion" t-shirt.

Now available on NEXTWAVE.com!

Adrian: Anyone know where I put my mask that I stole from some other dude at? I need it so I can do my lame Jekyll and Hyde rip off schtick and-

Sorry I can't even finish that with a straight face.

His hand rubs his forehead as it shakes in sadness.

Adrian: No wonder you and queef work so well together Jace, you're both fucking hacks.

Stares into the camera like he's on the office.

Adrian: I don't know how someone who's been, and is, a multiple time champion doesn't understand how wrestling works but hey we all have our ways of doing things.

It doesn't matter that I beat you with a roll up, Cashe. It matters that I beat you. If you're too stupid to understand that, that ain't my fault. If you were too enamored with givin' the crowd a show and you got got, that ain't my fault.

I went out to win a match and win a match I did. I don't give a shit that it was a roll up, I don't care that you 'didn't care enough' about me to actually try in it. All I care about is the record books.

Cause in the record books it says me: one, you: zero.

And that's how it's gonna stay.

He rubs his hands together, cracking his knuckles loudly for the camera.

Adrian: You know why I've embraced the role of underdog in this match, Cashe? Because it's hilarious and also fitting. You all have these great reasons for why you should be the one to win- but those reasons also serve to be your undoing.

Dakota has his 'heart.' He NEEDS this to feel validated about his return. You've got your legacy. Three time 4CW Champion. The Last Original. Guaranteed 4CW Hall of famer. But you ain't done so well in these before, have you? Bronx has the toughest job of all. Bronx has to make people believe he's not- as you called him- a placeholder. Has to cement his own legacy in this or everything he came back for is for naught.

But me?

I lose here, it ain't no sweat, I'll get another shot. I'll earn my way back here, because that's what I do.

Can any of you really say the same? If Dakota loses here does anyone look at the Butcher the same way again? Does anyone take Jason Cashe seriously if he goes 4-0 in Ante up main events? What does it say about Bronx if he ends up losing the first actual title match he's booked in after working SO HARD to get there?

Cants his head to the side. They're legit questions.

Adrian: I take every single match I wrestle deadly serious whether its against a nobody like half of the start of my 4CW career, or its against Jason fucking Cashe! How you gonna tell Queef you're in here against three of the best this company has to offer and then shoo me away like I'm garbage? Yknow what I call that?

Hypocrite. You're a hypocrite. But again that's nothing new around here, most of the goddamn roster are hypocrites.

Oh and- I beat Williams my first actual try, by the way. Just sayin' if we're comparing who's better than Bry Bry and all.

A smirk.

Adrian: Have I said all that I have to say? Bitch have you watched an Adrian Tanner promo before?

He chuckles at his own joke.

Adrian: I'm comin' confident because I have no reason not to be, Jace. Shit I welcome the chance to face Jason Cashe in a REAL match, I'm pretty sure I said that last show. Again it ain't my fault you slept on me and got caught. Maybe this time you'll actually try.

But it's okay, Cashe. Don't take me seriously. Pretend I'm nothing special. Pretend my victory over you was because you weren't trying and not because you're a fucking idiot. That's a-okay with me.

It's just gonna make me standing over you, Bronx, and Dakota's broken bodies with MY hand held high as the NEW 4CW Champion all the much more sweeter.

I am not some rookie you or Dakota can intimidate with your antics and talks of legacy, Cashe. I have been around the block, I've won more championships in a day than you've won your entire fuckin' career. I am the motherfucking goddamn Arizona Assassin and I will put you on your ass with my Revolver and you will stay there and like it!

He probably would, too.

Adrian: Tch, ol' Bronxy V wants to talk about bein' a fraud. Might wanna take a look in the mirror there, buddy. You are the biggest fraud in this match. 'You're not a perfect Champion,' ain't that the fuckin' truth?

See you put on this air of being a 'nice guy' but I see the truth in you, Bronx. I see the real Bronxy V, and I don't like what I see.

I see a guy who spent an entire promo period calling his 'best friend' literal trash and then he and said 'best friend' pretended to hug it out in the ring afterwards. How many times did you tell your other 'best friend' she looked like shit before she told you to fuck off?

Some nice guy you are!

Deep sigh.

Adrian: Claim I'm the 'first to tuck tail and run when the going gets tough' but man that's YOU! How many places have you bailed from when you got too much heat, got too much pressure on you?

A LOT if what I've heard is correct.

Shit you even did it HERE.

And yeah sure, you earned your way to the Cup victory and that title but lets be honest here bro- you fought a dude who had already out wrestled himself by the time you got to him. Again not saying you didn't earn that title but, when Eli wasn't twitter fighting with his wife he was praising you to the high heavens. He all but handed you the title, in name at least. Dude couldn't NOT rant about how great you were throughout the cup. He walked himself into a lose-lose situation where you basically HAD to win.

Eli Carlson, the guy who made it his mission to destroy Jair Hopkins and cement his name in 4CW History as the BEST, and he all but gave you that belt.

And Eli Carlson wasn't seen or heard from again.

That's you in a nutshell. You make people mad, you make people outsmart themselves- and then you pick up the scraps like the little yappy dog you are.

He shakes his head, brushing a hand through his hair.

Adrian: You're not this bastion of wrestling awesome people think you are. You're not this rottweiler steam rolling through everything in your path. You're a Chihuahua nipping at people's feet until they give in and give you what you want.

And if you don't get what you want, you go somewhere that will.

But yeah sure bruh, I'm the one who tucks tail and runs.

The longest, hardest eye roll in history.

Adrian: You got me good once, and I'm not denying that. But when push comes to shove comes to fist in mouth, my fist will always be better than yours. My bite will always beat your bark.

Like I said before, I lose here, it ain't nothing. I've proved I can get here- I'll just do it again, because I know I'm that good and I know I CAN.

But what happens if- nay when- YOU lose here, Bronx? Whether it be to me, or to Dakota, or even Cashe. What happens then, Bronx? Will you stay and fight your way back up the ranks, or will you run off for greener pastures- find somewhere that doesn't know your shtick, someone who hasn't already seen the best and worst you have to offer?

I honestly don't know which I'd like to see.

But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you say. it doesn't matter how you try to rile me up. It doesn't matter if you think I'm only a 'jester' or you or cashe or dakota take me seriously.

What matters is what I do.

He leans forward, and the camera zoom in with him.

Adrian: And what I do, is be very, very, fucking good at professional wrestling.

He leans back, and the camera zooms back to normal with him.

Adrian: 'Leave the finger guns to the professional' Pftah. Son I was doing the finger guns before you even knew what wrestling was. And before that, someone else was doin' 'em.

You stole MY shtick.. 'Champ.'

Shakes his head again. Stares daggers at the nosey couple while he's doing it.

Adrian: And even with all that said, at Ante Up, even with the House betting against me- I'm still gonna walk out the victor.

Because the Heart that Dakota claims to want to reclaim? Is not stronger than mine. The blood that pumps through my veins and runs through my own BLEEDS Professional Wrestling.

Because the legacy Cashe is fighting to regain is the legacy I've been fighting for since day motherfucking one!

Because Bronx is a placeholder champion who doesn't have what it takes to stand atop that mountain and take on all comers.

But I know I DO! Because I've been there. I've done that. And I'm gonna do it again.

He points his hand at the camera like a gun.

Adrian: Because this is MY Kingdom. This is MY story. And you're all just bit players in my rise to the throne.

But don't feel bad guys, at the end of the day Dakota and Cashe will still have their legacies. Bronx will still have... his SBB redemption I guess.

And I? I will have the 4cw Championship. And all will be right with the world.

Champions, Legacies, Butchers, they said they didn't care

Images of Bronx, Cashe and Dakota flash by the screen as he gets closer to the camera, finger gun still out.

Adrian: I'm the circle in the square.