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Author Topic: Always on the outside looking in  (Read 316 times)

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Always on the outside looking in
« on: August 20, 2017, 02:59:16 AM »
As the scene opens up to a beautiful night skyline above a city where skyscrapers and neon lights reach towards the heavens in an attempt to make the creator of the universe take notice. As we move around the city we see billboards, advertisements, and other things to distract us from the horrors of real life as you can spend a few hundred bucks to make you happy even if it for an instant. The image slowly fades inside the city streets where vehicles of all shapes and sizes go about their daily lives whether it’s to work, home, or somewhere else. The same can be said for the hundreds of people scurry around like a bunch of rats trying to hurry to their destination to escape the pouring rain. Throughout the sea of colored umbrellas there is one individual standing in the middle of them as they slowly part to avoid the person and they go about their journey as if the person doesn’t exist.

As we zoom in closer to the individual we notice they are wearing a pair of black and white Nike tennis shoes, blue jeans and a black hoodie all soaked from the precipitation. The hoodie top is flipped up and they have their head lowered to obscure their identity. Dozens of people walk by and not one person stops to offer an umbrella or even a newspaper to shield them from the rain. Not one person seems to notice a person standing in the middle of a crosswalk as they pass by because they are too busy care or are oblivious to everything that doesn’t revolve around them. Like a scene out of Resident Evil the individual continues to stand there absorbing the rain as their head slowly rises but their face is still obscure.

“Look at them.”

The person says as they point to the endless amount of people walking by.

“A man stands in the middle of the street in the pouring rain and everyone acts like it’s just something normal.”

The man says as he shakes his head.

“To these people I’m a nobody, an outsider. Someone who doesn’t belong or doesn’t conform to their rules or standards of what they want. I’m the guy always on the outside looking in.”

The man says with a smirk on his face as the wind blows back some to reveal a mustache or goatee around the man’s lips.

“The same can be said in the wrestling industry.”

The man says as he turns towards the bright light of the city’s downtown area.

“Look around. What do you see?”

The man asks as he points to an Asian woman wearing lingerie.


The man says before pointing to another Asian woman eating a Big Mac.

“Sex selling food.”

The man says before pointing towards the endless amounts of anime on billboards and signs.

“Woman in anime…..enough said.”

The man says as he places his hands behind his back.

“McDonald’s is the King of Fast Food and don’t really need to advertise to sell anything because they are a cornerstone and name brand that will last until the end of time, but that’s not always the case is it?”

The man asks as he turns his head ever so slightly.

“My name is an everlasting name just like McDonald’s here.”

The man says pointing to the advertisement.

“However, I guess it’s not sexy enough on its own and needs some help to put some shine on what some people may say is a dull penny.”

The man says as he chuckles to himself.

“I mean The Outsiders, really Perry?”

The man says as he shakes his head before continuing.

“I say the name as an off handed comment and suddenly it becomes a tag team name.”

The man lets out a sigh as he turns back towards the bright lights.

“I guess Scott Stevens and Scottywood wasn’t good enough for you, was it? I guess not because you decided to sex us up some and make us more appealing to the masses that already know who we are. You decided to brand us like cattle and sell us as the guys that don’t fit in and conform because we are still the High Octane guys in your guess minds. I guess the names of a High Octane Hall of Famer and a legendary family doesn’t mean anything anymore because if it did that’s all it would need to sale tickets for the Bad Company pay-per-view, but what do I know?”

The man says as he turns to reveal himself as everyone’s favorite Texan and shrugs.

“I mean our opponents don’t have a cool tag team name but I guess you don’t need that when your names are Danny B and Amber Ryan. Say it with me…..”

Stevens says as he repeats the names of Danny B and Amber Ryan a few times before continuing.

“I can see why Perry didn’t get his staff of cigarette smoking monkeys in the back to give them a name because you got everything you want in them. Danny B, for example, the international man of mystery has an initial for his last name and what gets the buyers interested in their products than mystery and intrigue. You want to know more about him. You want to know what his last name is and if Danny is his real name even. Then you have Amber Ryan. A strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to prove she is better than any man or woman. However, if that isn’t enough right there to sell you on them than their sex appeal will because one look from Danny B and the ladies get moist and drop their panties quicker than Kelly Bundy. Besides, the last person to be nicknamed, “The Ripper” was a serial killer and a porn star so he’s got to be a serial pussy killer doesn’t he? Plus, what’s hotter than a red head that kicks ass? Who doesn’t like their angels distorted and naughty? They are the definition of Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal if you know what I’m saying?”

Stevens says imitating Will Smith from Fresh Prince in his tone and flashing a wink.

“But with all that glitz and all that glamour it’s still shit no matter how many times you shine it.”

Stevens says as he turns his attention away from the glitz and glamour of the bright lights and stares at the sturdy, concrete road.

“Danny B and Amber Ryan are both well traveled and skilled individuals. They have dominated everywhere they go and I can see why people are betting on them and Vegas has them as the favorites in this match. Both are former world champions meaning that they have been to the mountain top and big moments don’t frighten them. They are former hardcore champions meaning they can take a beating and bring the pain as well. They are both former tag champions as well meaning they are both a well oiled machine as they know what the other one is thinking and finish each other’s sentence because they are that in sync with each other.”

Stevens says as he slowly golf claps for his upcoming opponents’ accomplishments.

“However, when you peel back the layers of those accomplishments you realize they aren’t as sexy as one might think.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“Danny B made headlines a few years ago when he walked into Atlantic City and become that promotion’s top champion as a part timer. However, during his time as champion he really didn’t defend it much and when he decided to prove the masses wrong by defending it in a tournament and he lost it to Darin fucking Zion.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“Amber Ryan is a similar story as she dominated the smaller wrestling companies but couldn’t dominate in Atlantic City. I know you’re going to tell me she is the current 4CW Pride champion, but beating a Bryan Williams who is burnt out and banged up really isn’t an accomplishment is it? Besides, what have you done since you won that championship back in June? I’ll wait……”

Stevens waits for an answer that will never come.

“And that’s what I thought.”

Stevens says as an individual makes their way towards the Texan but the person’s identity is masked by the 97 red colored umbrella they are carrying.

“We both know when it comes to sex appeal out of the Outsiders you must be referring to me because I’m the sexy one out of the group.”

A familiar voice says as the umbrella raises up to reveal Stevens’ tag partner.

“However, sexiness doesn’t always get the job done now does it?”

Scotty asks as beads of water drip from his dreadlocks.

“The last team that had a cute name who people favored and thought they would run through us ended up looking up at the lights and leaving with our boots imprinted on their asses as they took their ball and went home back to SWAC, SWAT, SHIT, whatever it’s fucking called because they realized they are out of their league. Danny B, and Amber Ryan you are out of your league with us.”

Scotty says as he points to himself and Stevens.

“You should listen to Scotty because we held Chicago on our backs for years being the backbone and the workhorse of the company while others came and went just like you will in this tournament. We aren’t one of these teams that’s one and done we are here for the long haul. Sexy isn’t always best, but a good foundation is and we don’t crack under the pressure.”

Stevens says as he fist bumps Scotty as the screen slowly fades to black.