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Homeward Bound (But Not Really)
« on: November 12, 2017, 11:05:01 PM »
November 12th, 2017
Los Angeles, California

The thing about ass eating is that it is an art form, and must be perfected. Persephone doesn’t like to toot her own horn, because that’s not the point of eating ass, but she does believe that she’s come pretty close to mastering it. She might even call herself the best and no one who has witnessed her skill would object to such a statement.

If we were to go down the lines of ancestry, it should be believed that someone in her bloodline had created the act, but that’s not the point of any of this at all, actually. This isn’t about ass eating itself, this is about her eating Bryan’s ass.

Because it happened. However, like with most ass eating sessions, it led to a desperate and energetic display of how well their endurance training has been going. As it goes, Bryan is still asleep when Persephone wakes up in the dead of night, after only a few moments of rest. Not that it was Bryan’s fault because her dying in bed almost immediately after just made her realize she had a lot of training to do.

No, getting out of bed, she’s always been a nocturnal creature and with this slow building anxiety coming from an unreasonable dread - well, yeah, it kept her up at night.

Persephone puts on Bryan’s shirt, leaves her room and heads down the stairs of her home. When she sees Junior, she scolds her for no reason whatsoever as she heads into the kitchen. Like clockwork, her nightly routine comes together and she opens the door to let the dogs out.

“Kyle Young, you’re in charge!” She yells to them as they head into the yard, then she goes to the fridge; a nightly sandwich on her mind with some cutted bread. As she’s making her sandwich, she thinks she should get some laundry done, or go outside and finally build that doghouse now that the swings had come.

While she’s making her sandwich, she thinks the sandwich is gross and doesn’t really want to eat it anymore, but she’ll take a few more bites. She thinks that she should wake Bryan up, so that he could finish the sandwich, but he needs his rest. She decides, she’ll give Kyle Young the sandwich instead and heads outside to get the dogs back in so she can do so.

Thing about that.

“Where are the fucking dogs?” She says into the empty yard. She calls their names and, nothing. Usually, she would handle this calmly, huff and handle it accordingly. However, grainy video and a knife slicing across a furry neck flashes into her mind. Her anxiety peaks, and she panics.

“Bryan!” She shrieks, repeatedly screaming his name as she ran up the stairs. She runs into the room, Bryan already shifting awake, but she needs him to act faster. She jumps on the bed, shaking him.

“Bryan, wake up! The dogs are missing!” She begins slapping him on the arms and face; Bryan putting a hand up to defend himself as she yells.

“Get the fuck up, the dogs are gone!” She gets up from the bed again, grabbing her jeans off the floor as she begins to slip them on. “We have to find them before something fucking crazy happens, Okay? So hurry up.”

It’s a whirlwind of chaos, mainly because Bryan was almost halfway through a REM cycle. He groggily looks up from the bed, watching as Persephone races around the room to find her shoes. “Wh- What? What’s going on? Is it demon hours?”

Understandably tired, it takes Bryan a moment to register what she’s saying. In between her shrieks, he can finally start to piece everything together. The covers come off of his body quickly, as he swings his legs out and steps onto the floor. It won’t take him long, just find a suitable shirt, get his shoes and grab his phone. “So the dogs are missing?”

There is something of an answer, as Bryan looks around the room. He curses under his breathe, somehow his shirt has gone missing in the nightly activities. He settles for his hoodie, turning his phone on as he steps out into the backyard. It’s s certainly big, even for the area, but Bryan has no time to marvel at his girlfriend’s home. His eyes laser focused on the phone, as Persephone continues to look around.

“Hey, did you check the app?” He asked, in a still groggy voice. It’s grating, terrible to listen to and even worse to speak. He tries clearing his throat, as the app loads.

There had been a discussion, a thought for a way to keep tabs on the animals without getting too crazy. Bryan wasn’t keen on planting a chip into his dog, but certainly a GPS collar would work. It had caught like fire, Persephone buying several different versions for Junior in the wake of Bryan’s purchase. Right now it’s their one hope to finding the animals.

“Okay, chill out. They’re right around the block, lemme grab the leashes.” He says, already heading into the house. Bryan already knows that Persephone is probably hopping the fence by now. Instead she waits, trusting his judgement as the two leave the comfort of her backyard.

“Just have to go down this block, they’re staying in the same area. I bet if we call for them they’ll start coming.” Bryan says, almost rethinking the thought. The time on his phone had shown that it wasn’t a great idea. Nobody would really enjoy some asshole walking around while yelling a dog’s name at this hour. Instead the two walk, down the sidewalk and to the direction where the app was showing.

“That’s right in front of that old bitch’s house.” Persephone pouts, peeking at Bryan’s phone. “Hopefully they’re shitting on her front lawn or something so that this wasn’t a complete waste of time.”

Bryan laughs at that and she would laugh along too, but there was this fear creeping up that they would get to the property and the dogs wouldn’t be there. Their collars left behind or something ridiculous like that. Or maybe they’re there, but everything is a little more fucked up than expected and she would have to promise herself to never get another dog because the track record is becoming morbid.

Instead, though, the dogs are very much there and Junior watches as Kyle Young tries to dig his way to the center of the earth right in front of the elderly woman’s lawn. Bryan calls them along, quietly, in some sort of demanding whisper that catches their attention and has them running to their owners.

A sigh of relief, Persephone watches and Bryan gets them on their leashes and it crosses her mind that she’s grateful to have Bryan around. He has this amazing gift of minimizing situations where she wants to panic and jump ship.

He stands from the dogs and hands her Junior’s leash, almost as a means of saying ‘we weren’t sinking, it was just a small leak’ and she takes it.

“Okay,” she says, looking down at Junior and while she would usually scold the dog, as is the way, she just nods. “Thanks a lot, Bryan. Sorry for waking you up, I probably could’ve done this myself.”

He waves that notion off, yawning as he does. “It’s okay, don’t sweat it. We haven’t had to use those collars much, don’t beat yourself over it.”

Kyle Young and Junior stay around the two, moving around as far as they can go on their respective leashes. They still seem interested in the old lady’s yard, Kyle Young quickly finding a spot to pee on.

Bryan looks on, looking around the neighborhood. Even tired, an idea pops up into his head. “I think the dogs want to walk around a bit, you want to walk around the neighborhood or just head back?”

There isn’t much of a chance to answer, as Kyle Young quickly takes the lead. He must have heard walk or something, the word quickly becoming one of his favorite. Junior is soon to follow, Persephone and Bryan strolling behind their pets as they begin to look around. The cool night air made for a nice time, not bad enough yet to warrant heading back in immediately.

“I wonder what they were chasing.” Bryan asks, looking as Kyle Young sniffs around a small tree. His attention quickly turns to the community mailbox, as he obviously begins to smell the scent of other dogs who have marked their territory. “Gonna have to find how they got out, I’ll fix that tomorrow when I get up. Probably just a loose board in your fence, or something.”

Persephone shakes her head, keeping her eyes on Junior as she speaks. “No, really, don’t even worry about it. I’ll call someone to have it fixed.” And while she’s one to try and fail in small building projects, for the majority of most things, she calls a professional.

The thought of seeing Bryan doing handiwork is very enticing, sure, but also, no. Persephone shakes her head once again with a deep sigh. “Nothing to waste time on.”

She pulls Junior along, back on the sidewalk as they fully begin the walk around the neighborhood. “Don’t need any desperate housewives seeing you fix shit either. I’ve seen that show, you know. Like, a few episodes, but I get the jist of it.”

“Yeah, I get it. The offer is there though, I could probably do a decent job. I don’t have any tools though, now that I think about it.”

The two continue to walk down the sidewalk, Bryan taking a pause from rambling so much. He looks on as Kyle Young finds another spot to sniff and loiter at. The neighborhood is still very much quiet, just these two out with their two dogs.

“So I don’t think we talked about it, and I guess this is as good of a time as any...”

Bryan quickly got Persephone’s attention, the question spilling out of him without any tact. “I don’t know why, just been thinking about what you told me after Fright Night. Do you know why you were so worried?”

It’s an awkward question, sure, but Bryan still isn’t awake. It probably could have been worded better, but he looks on as Persephone searches for an answer. Kyle Young and Junior continue to do their things, oblivious to everything going on.

“Like, I’m not asking why you said anything, cause I get it. It was a stupid thing to do.” He says, trailing off as he still isn’t sure what he means by it.

“I was worried,” Persephone begins, trying her best to sound sure of her words, but really just picking up as she went along with her explanation. “Because I always do expect the worst to happen out of most situations and right when you hit the air I thought, he’s going to miss and break his neck and die.”

Persephone pauses for a moment, realizing it didn’t sounds the best, but she continued anyway. “And I was really, really scared for a second because, just imagine, losing you? That would be a huge bummer.” She lets the last sentence fall flatly on the concrete while they continued walking. She shrugs.

“You got lucky that time, but what about next time? Between the two of us, we don’t have much luck. Next time, you’re dead and I look like a fucking idiot for investing the time. So, just don’t do it again and we’re cool.” And she just really needed to drive it home again, making sure he knows never to try his luck in a similar fashion. Of course, though, she knows her words were just that and if Bryan felt he had to, he would put himself on the line again.

She’ll just build some distance, next time, should he come out okay once again. Or close to okay. Persephone frowned, “I don’t think that really answers your question, though, huh?”

The two had stopped, as their dogs had stopped too. They didn’t really seem to notice, Kyle Young politely laying down on the sidewalk as Junior did the same. Bryan nodded, as he listened to what Persephone had to say.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling with that lately. I don’t know what really came over me, but I stood up there and just felt like I had to jump.” Bryan pauses, realizing how weird that sounded.

He is desperate for a cigarette at this point, but he had promised himself to cut back. The two hadn’t had much time to bring much with them, so the anxiety is starting to creep up. “I knew immediately it was the wrong choice, like it there was a voice in my head just trying to destroy everything I’ve been building up. I don’t just mean my career either, cause you were the first thing I thought of when I landed.”

Bryan sighs, taking a moment to himself. “I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m sorry.”

The two were moving again, this time to head back towards Persephone’s house. It had been enough time, and more than likely the two dogs had expelled any and all waste from their bodies. The two are silent, for a few moments, Bryan finally speaking up. “I was worried shitless for your match too, but I kind of knew that you were walking out with the win. If that makes any sense?” Bryan sighs again. “I’m sorry, I’m tired and rambling. I think that’s like the fifth question I’ve asked you in the last two minutes.”

Persephone wants to keep it going. She wants to tell him that she hadn’t done any crazy off the wall shit during her match, and had been as careful as she could’ve been during a Warzone match. She had been calculating, and never gave into fleeting thoughts.

And what bothers her the most is that Bryan never really cared for his match for him to have put so much on the line. She keeps it all to herself, though.

She lets it all die down in her chest with a sigh when they finally reach her house. “It’s okay. It’s fine, actually. You should probably get back to sleep.” She suggests, going through the door of her home and letting Junior off her leash immediately and thinks to scold her, but scolds herself. She never locked the door before. Bryan follows in behind her, closing the door and taking Kyle Young off of his leash.

“You know I didn’t lock the door before we left.” She frowns, “That was dumb.”

“Mistakes happen, don’t have to beat yourself up over it.” Bryan says, locking the front door. He turns back towards her, a smile on his face.

“And we’re good!” It seems now that he’s awake, for the moment at least. His tired self gone, replaced with somebody who’s still trying to lighten the mood. Bryan looks down at Junior, a scratch behind her ears as Kyle Young quickly comes in for his. “I did want to say something else though.”

Bryan can hear her groan, and honestly he’s groaning internally as well. Probably not the best time to bring this up, but if he’s not keeping anything back, then he figures it’s appropriate. “I just want to say, I know Winter Wasteland is going to be tough for you. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do. If you want me to help you get prepared, I’ll do that. If you want to do this on your own, I’ll totally support that. I just wanted you to know that I have your back. I feel like you just haven’t heard that enough, I dunno.”

Bryan is very sweet, and it’s frustrating. It’s too late, conversations like this are best left during lunches and night is where you talk about snails and small childhood traumas. She rolls her eyes, unsure of how to respond.

“Uh, yeah, it’s going to be really tough, I’m sure. Probably my most important match to date.” She does her best to not let any arrogance spill from her obnoxiously, though she’s sure this all sounds sarcastic. “So, I really appreciate the offer and your support.” But I don’t need any help, is what she doesn’t add. Then, it sounds silly regardless, considering that getting Bryan’s help was her first move tonight.

“Same to you, by the way. Always got your back.” She adds because it wraps everything up nicely in her head. She pretends to yawn then, making a show of it dramatically. “But, boy, am I tired. We should get to sleep, huh?”

Nodding his head, Bryan watches as Persephone passes him toward the bedroom. A quick goodnight kiss, he looks on as the dogs follow her.

Maybe it’s just the events, but something about the night felt off. To him, it would be something of self reflection for the upcoming days. Either way though, sleep is now calling. With a yawn, he heads towards her room, closing the door.