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No, Thanks-giving.
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“No, Thanks-giving.”

Vossler as Philippe "Vossler" Chiari

He’d finally put his phone down after the hysterical night (for him) on Twitter. The supposed infidelity of Jett Wilder having caused Vossler to howl several times of laughter. Just as he’d been having his last chuckle and put his phone down, the silence fell over his apartment. It was quiet. It was dark. It was less dusty than it was before, but most importantly it felt like something that it had never felt like before. Lonely. Among the laughter he’d noticed the name dropping of the holiday, Thanksgiving. A day to spend with all your loved ones and friends so you are able to enjoy their company, the food and more. Thanksgiving.

That’s what it was to someone like him. A European immigrant to the United States. Where it originated from or what it meant beyond this was mystery to him. But this was the first time he’d wanted to celebrate it. That’s when realization kicked in. It was tomorrow. He had nothing prepared, he had no one coming. No one had sent him an invite to come over. He had no family to celebrate it with, no friends to invite him. Vossler was alone.

Vossler picked up his phone again and browsed through his contacts. A small list, admittedly, but a list regardless. He scrolled and scrolled until he’d finally hit the bottom of the list with the last name, Zoe Chaos. Someone who he’d never contacted. Someone he’d never be able to contact again. He sighed. He continued scrolling. Jolon Stevenson. A swipe to the left, Vos wanted to call.

Beep. Beep.


JOLON: "Yeah?”

PHIL: "Hey man. What’s going on?”

JOLON: "Pretty good. Was heading to bed early today, so you kinda made me and the woman wait.”

PHIL: "Oh, you’re back with--”

JOLON: "Yeah. We patched things up.”

PHIL: "Ah, good. So… What’re you doing tomorrow?”

JOLON: "On thanksgiving? Celebrating with the family. What else?”

PHIL: "Ah. You got room for--”

JOLON: "No. I’m sorry.”

PHIL: "Oh that’s… that’s fine.”

A short silence.

JOLON: "Anything else?”

PHIL: "No… that’s all. Goodnight.”


Jolon hung up the phone and Vossler lowered his phone, the light being the only thing illuminating the room and his face. He felt a little defeated. The brisk wind blowing against the windows did very little to help the grim looking situation. Vossler sighed. His phone auto-locked as Vos stared emptily out in front of him, quietly hoping for a call. Hoping for a text message. Hoping for a DM that said ‘Hey man’ and that someone would care.

But it never came.

He was alone.