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Bryan Williams

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Throwing The Corpse Over The Bridge.
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November 24th, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Nothing at all, which Persephone didn’t mind much. Her own father had attempted, perhaps maybe five times in her life, to give Thanksgiving a shot before letting it fall from tradition completely. So, it wasn’t something she celebrates, and it wasn’t something her significant other Bryan Williams had an interest in at all considering his recent history.

Thus, all they did for the day was drink, order takeout; some film he seen a million and two times playing in the background while he held her close with thankful mumbling because he becomes adorably affectionate when he drinks.

Yet, still, they haven’t talked about it.

They still haven’t talk about it, and it bothers her.

Yes, she understood there needed to be some space with traumas and scars. Yes, she knew Bryan would open up about all of the skeletons in his closet eventually, as she will do the same. However, there was a corpse in the room of their relationship that hadn’t been addressed yet; it was too fresh, too prominent. Not yet a skeleton, there was a process that must follow.

But Persephone had never been patient, and she was starting to notice its smell.

Divorce. How do you bring that up? She had been trying to figure it out, since first they first got together. She assumed it would all come rushing out on Thanksgiving; some catharsis reached with the help of alcohol. Didn’t happen, though. This climactic scene she pictured; the hushed words growing in anger and volume, some bitter sentence thrown into the air, a late confession that no longer benefits anyone and her, there to listen and catch ever piece that falls - it never occured.

And coming home from various Black Friday sales, a whole day of eating and traveling around town for deals and shopping, there was this obvious tension in the car as Bryan drove; something playing softly on the radio. All day, Persephone had been on the edge, waiting for something to happen; silently pressuring Bryan as best as she could.

All the tension, was from her. And maybe this small buildup that she thought she saw growing in Bryan throughout the day was actually her as well. She sighed out, looking out the window of the car, into the dying night, and she decided, fuck it.

The radio was turned off, and she turned to Bryan; him looking at her quickly before getting his eyes back on the road. “What’s wrong?”

“Why would something be wrong?” Persephone’s tone should be playful, but it didn’t come out as planned. It was flat, and she was frowning. “Just want to talk to you, is all. How you’ve been, buddy?”

“I’ve been alright, all things considered. This day has certainly gone better than expected, that’s for sure.”

Bryan hadn’t quite took in the question fully, but he had started the conversation without even realizing it. It was just easy to say, considering how the last year went for him. The stress of the day had been building up on him, throughout the day he had been able to relax more and more. The weight of everything was slipping away, leaving a man who could actually just enjoy himself.

The car was quiet once again, Bryan’s words hanging in Persephone’s mind. The two hadn’t had much time left on the road, thankfully. The city had been packed all week long, in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Bryan turned, heading down the road back towards Marquis’ home. “Did you want me to turn the radio back on, or no?” Bryan had asked, he wasn’t quite sure if they were about to dive into a big conversation. There was also the chance that she hated the song on the radio, there was no real way of knowing.

“You got that serious look about you, something you want to talk about?” Bryan wasn’t one to not get to the point, he had answered her question and now he was jumping right into what she wanted.

Persephone rolled her eyes and groaned toward her window, upset that Bryan wasn’t understanding the situation. Mostly, however, she was upset that she had to be the one to push the subject at all. It seemed very, terrible of her to even do so. She almost dropped it.

“Bryan,” she looked at him once again after collecting herself, after a deep breath, after making the decision that they were going to have this conversation. “Would you consider it selfish of me to want you to talk about your feelings?”

And that’s the real fear. Many times in a relationship, she handled everything selfishly and she wasn’t sure if this conversation she wanted to take place was more for herself instead of Bryan. Maybe being unsure about the placement of it all on the moral line was answer enough, though.

Bryan furrowed his brow, as he pulled into her driveway. He thought for a moment, thinking over the question in his head. Almost confused, he began to answer. “No? I mean, I don’t think it would be selfish.”

Bryan was still half distracted, totally unaware of what the situation was right now. He had been able to stop being on edge, and now he was caught off guard. Persephone didn’t make a move to leave the vehicle, instead she sat there as she looked at him. Bryan removed the keys, looking right back at her. “I don’t mind, if that’s what you’re asking?” He was still unsure of what was going on.

“What do you want to know?” She would be picking his brain soon, Bryan might as well just let her in. “I haven’t been acting strange today, have I? I’ve been trying to be in a good mood, I’m sorry if I haven’t been.”

“If you have to try to be in a good mood, then you’re not in a good mood at all, are you?” Persephone replied and Bryan scratched the back of his neck as he listened and, that was a tell. He had a few of them, but she took a step back in the conversation regardless. She didn’t want him to feel bad about anything, and this was all coming out very shitty.

“Just, I don’t know. Forget it, it’s nothing.” And that was how well she was able to drop a conversation; so gracefully, as she exited the car and closed the door with a slam that she didn’t fucking mean to do. With the slam of the door and Bryan exiting himself, she didn’t want to grab her shopping bags and shit from the back because now it all looked like a scene, didn’t it? Like she was throwing a fit or something, but she wasn’t.

She swore she wasn’t, as she began making her way to the front door; ahead of Bryan and trying to gather the best save she could in her head while she fumbled with the keys.

Bryan knew it wasn’t nothing, but he wasn’t looking to have a fight so close to this holiday. He watched as she entered her house, giving her a few moments of space. Of course he entered soon enough, bags in hand.

“It’s not nothing, you’re worried about something so let’s talk about it.” Bryan said, basically calling out to Persephone. She hadn’t responded, as Bryan stood there in her living room. He sighed, waiting for a moment for her to emerge again, but the seconds were starting to move into minutes. He went back out to the car, grabbing the rest of the bags. Soon enough everything was brought back in, and Bryan was just left to wonder what exactly was going on.

Of course, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out if he could focus. The day was wrapping up, and he was still in a haze over everything. Last year, the shopping, the conversation he just had. There would be nothing more he wanted to get over all of this, last year especially.

He sighed, as he walked up to her bedroom. Knocking on the door frame, he entered the room. “Everything alright?”

Record time, Persephone was already on her bed in a cocoon of warmth. Shoes at the foot of her bed, she was still in the outfit of the day; blanket wrapped around her as she looked down at her shielded phone. She met Bryan’s eyes blankly.“Yeah, everything’s just fine, man.”

Kyle Young and Junior, not initially being given their moment of excitement when seeing their owners, went into the room excitedly - jumping on the bed despite the rules that Persephone went over with them a million times. She didn’t seem to mind at that moment, however, letting them crowd up to her and petting them ambidextrously because she was a goddamn talent, let it be known.

“I’m just tired, I guess. It’s been a very long day, for both of us, I would say so. Wouldn’t you? Keeping that in mind, maybe we should just get some sleep, huh?” And that sounded fucking crazy coming from her, the invitation of rest, because she needed to change, she needed to clean up a little bit, she was sure. She needed to organize everything she bought, she needed to ask Bryan if he were hungry, about twenty times.

There was a lot to do, but she would rather sleep than look Bryan in the eyes and tell him that’s he’s a piece of shit for feeling bad and that he needed to not take his time and open up immediately. She was sure that’s how it would all come out.

She patted the spot next to her. “Come jump on in. We’ll watch some. I don’t know. We’ll watch Catwoman or something and you can tell me everything wrong with it. Sounds like a plan?”

Bryan sighed, any other time it would be a good plan. A great plan, even, but he knew otherwise. Going from asking him about his feelings, to not wanting to do anything else, it was a giant opening for Bryan. He knew that eventually this would be coming out, and he knew that it was now up to him to continue this dialogue.

He moved towards the bed, kicking his shoes off. He didn’t get into bed though, not immediately. Instead he leaned over, kissing Persephone’s forehead as he stepped back a bit. There was a weight to his actions, as he looked at her. “Okay, so, that sounds good but I want to talk now.”

She looked at him, and he was glad to have that distance now, because now he was the asshole. Suddenly wanting to talk, right after she didn’t want to anymore? Bryan knew, but he also knew that letting it hang in the air would be worse. “I’m sure you know that last year wasn’t a great time for me, but I guess hearing it from me would be good?”

He shrugged, he didn’t exactly know what he was doing. His mouth opens, and the words just came out. “I was excited, I finally had a home and friends I could invite over for the holiday. Shit was really good, and that whole day things felt weird between...”

He hesitated, for a moment. Bryan obviously didn’t want to say her name, for various reasons. “There was something off with my ex-wife, I know now that she had been planning this for a while. I walked into an ambush after everyone left. Went out for a few drinks with some friends, and she was sleeping. I came back to an empty house.”

He was opening up now, and it was a bit late to stop. Bryan sat down at the edge of the bed, the memories flooding back. “She had the papers ready, and that’s all that was left. It was devastating back then, but I think now the thing that bugs me the most is the total contrast of everything.” Bryan paused, for a second. “How a place could go from being full of life, and fun, and then just a few hours later it was empty and cold. That still bugs me.”

Looking back at Persephone, he snickered. “Of course, my good luck didn’t stop there. Ended up in jail that weekend, but I know you’re very aware of that.”

The slight laughter rang in her ears and she remembered, yeah. Everything had been going pretty well for her - very well, actually. While Bryan’s life was falling apart last year, she was building up her own, only to watch it all fall apart recently. By her own hands, Bryan wasn’t given that choice. Remembering that weekend, she hadn’t really cared for Bryan or his situation at all. She was on the other side of the fence due to some makeshift loyalty, only to end the year off the next month by braiding his hair.

She felt like, an asshole. It felt wrong to have pushed this, every single word of his heavy from the explanation. His revistation of the day, the description of everything becoming dead in his short absence - abandonment. There were certain words she hung onto, something familiar, something childish, but this wasn’t about her. It’s not her turn to speak on anything tonight.

Persephone removed herself from her cocoon, shedding the blankets and crawling over to sit next to Bryan. She shook her head sadly as she looked at him, reaching to run her fingers through his hair in a continued motion; her favorite thing to do lately, honestly.

“I’m sorry, Bryan.” She told him, slowly and surely. “I’m so sorry you missed out on Black Friday.”

He couldn’t help but laugh, it was a good line. “That was pretty annoying, for sure.”

The jokes helped, knowing that she cared helped, but the day and thought of it still made him a little bitter. Who wouldn’t be, in that situation? Persephone pulled him back, the two in a half cuddle as he looked up at the ceiling. “It was a lot to take in, I guess. I’m still dealing with it, I’m trying though. I knew that with Thanksgiving coming up I was going to feel like shit. I knew that allowing myself to do that would be bad, especially in your company.” He paused, again. “You don’t need that, cause none of this was your fault.”

It wasn’t his either, but the situation just seemed to be a pain for the both of them. Still, he was doing his best to break through. Seek the positivity in his current situation, rather than wallow in the past.

“You have really helped, though. I know that, for sure. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now, so thank you for that.”

“You don’t have to thank me for anything.” Persephone propped herself up on her elbow in order to look at Bryan properly as she spoke. “And, you know, I don’t know much, but I know that holding back your feelings on anything or putting up this mask or this front or whatever to maintain every day? That shit kills people. So, whatever is on your mind, whatever is bothering you, tell me everything, okay? I’d help you carry the world if it came down to it.”

She got comfortable once again, getting close to Bryan and laying her head on his chest. “And this might seem bad, all things considered, but I’m going to say it anyway.”

It seemed as if she couldn’t sit still or, rather, she couldn’t keep her eyes off Bryan as she raised her head to look at him once again. “I think it’s shitty the way everything ended between you guys, but I’m glad it ended regardless.”

Finally, finally, she settled down and laid her head back on his chest, saying “Because if that never ended, I wouldn’t have gotten you. So, she can kick rocks in flip flops, I think this is the better deal.”

The two laid there together, as Bryan thought over what she just said. In the end, yeah, everything had worked out. It was just getting over that nagging memory that would be needed. Bryan was working on it, and it was starting to get better everyday. “She totally can. It just sucks still, I guess. That gets better with time though, right?”

Persephone nodded, as Bryan continued to look up at the ceiling. It was his turn to comfort her, as she had just done with him. “I guess this Thanksgiving brought back bad memories. Definitely would have been worse without you though.”

A happy silence between the two, as another thought creeps into Bryan’s mind. All things considered, with his past spilling out between the both of them, a thought that starts to make sense. In his mind it all begins to click together. Normally one would hesitate, but maybe he had been feeling like this for a while. All it took was this little nudge to get it straight.

Sitting up, suddenly, Persephone looked up as Bryan looked into her eyes. It was certainly a sudden change of attitude, one that might have worried her. If she had a chance to process it all, but she didn’t. Bryan was looking at her, beaming with energy as his thought came spilling out of his mouth. “May not be the best timing here, but I’ve just been dealing with this shit. Even with that you’ve been right here, next to me, the entire time. I love you, Persephone.”

There wasn’t much a shock for Bryan, he had accepted that thought. There was no time to overthink it, and try to process the situation. There wasn’t a worry about what she might say, and how she might act. This was it for him, he was right in the moment now.

The sudden change in tone and situation had her surprised for a moment; she let his words sink in, and fall right down to the pit of her stomach. Rationally, of course, as she usually was, she felt scared. Still, she smiled at him, sweetly and just put the fear to the side because Bryan Williams was not going to confess his love a day after Thanksgiving, a year after his divorce, only to not have it be reciprocated and maybe having his feelings in mind was just enough.

“Come here,” she whispered, reaching out toward him to pull him back down; a quick peck waiting for him right before she said, “I feel the same way.”

And, just like that, it felt like the corpse had been buried and everything melted together easily as Bryan brought her into another kiss. All the shit she had to do will just have to wait until the morning.